Confident Chalmers Leads Heat Rout


MIAMI — Mario Chalmers has no problem asserting himself on the big stage.

It’s been in his blood since he was a teenager, but it became evident when he was starring in college for Kansas’ national championship team and more so last season, during the Miami Heat’s championship run.

Chalmers went off for 25 points in Game 4 of The Finals last season against the Oklahoma City Thunder, draining nine of his 14 shots en route to a win that helped the Heat move one step closer to closing out the Thunder in Game 5.

That’s why performances like the one he delivered Sunday night at AmericanAirlines should surprise no one. The Heat point guard relishes the opportunity to take and make the big shots, make the big plays and accept the challenge of dealing with a future Hall of Famer like Tony Parker the way he did in the Heat’s 103-84 rout of the San Antonio Spurs in Game 2 of The Finals.

Chalmers led the Heat with a team-high 19 points and helped limit Parker to 13 points and just five assists. His layup and free throw with 3:11 to play in the third quarter was the turning point as the Heat went on a 33-5 run to blow the game open. They went from trailing by a point to coasting by 27 points to tie the series at a 1-1 headed to San Antonio for Games 3, 4 and 5.

Chalmers walked over and told a struggling LeBron James that now was the time.

“I felt like we had them on the ropes at the time,” Chalmers said. “I told them let’s go for the kill.”

James might have had the highlight play on Tiago Splitter and Chris Bosh broke out of his funk and finished with a double double (12 points, 10 rebounds). But it was the Heat’s role players who saved the day. Guys like Ray Allen (13 points), Chris “Birdman” Andersen (nine points) and Mike Miller (nine points) showed up.

And in this series, James is convinced that Chalmers could very well be the Heat’s most critical performer, even with “Big 3s” on both sides.

“‘Rio has to play big for us in all facets,” James said. “I think that especially defensively, he’s guarding arguably the best point guard in the league. But I think he also has to make Tony work on the defensive end. He can’t be passive. He has to shoot his shots when he has them.”

Chalmers won’t bite publicly when asked about an individual matchup like the one he’s locked in with Parker right now, but his history against the other top players at the position suggests otherwise. He’s never backed down.

“It wasn’t nothing about Tony Parker,” Chalmers said. “It was the fact that we lost Game 1.We never want to lose, especially in The Finals. My mindset was just to do what I can for the team and go from there.”

It goes back that intestinal fortitude, the big game moxie that Chalmers has always exhibited.

“Mario’s got guts. Come on,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “He had that all the way [back] in college. He’s got incredible confidence in his game. He’s shown that throughout the years, even when it’s sometimes — I wouldn’t say irrational. You have to have guts to play with our guys. If you don’t, you get swallowed up. The good thing about it is the other guys were fine with him making plays. That might be different the next game. As they make adjustments, everybody has to be alive. Him being aggressive helps us, no question.”

There’s no strategy involved. Just plain old guts.

You either have it in you to thrive under pressure or you don’t.

“We have a lot of those guys,” Spoelstra said. “You can’t teach that quality, the big game guts. They feel most alive in these situations when you typically feel the most pressure. Drives me crazy sometimes in December and January. But when you get to this time of year you like it.”


  1. Mike says:

    Heat will be back in Miami in Game 6 with 3-2 advantage, then another blowout in game 6 like they did on OKC last year

  2. HeatWillWin says:

    I agree with Team South Beach, you haters always have something to hate about the heat, or LBJ or Wade Or Bosh. If they win is because the other team got bad calls, if lebron scores 40 point he is a selfish player, if he gets a triple double but only scores 18 points he is not aggresive enough. You people need to chill out and concentrate in chearing for you team, I am a 100% Heat fan for life, but I really like and enjoy waching the way the Spurs team play, they are one of my favorite teams, after the heat of course, but you dont see me here talking bad about the Spurs,I do not have anything negative to say about them. You guys need to be real, the better team will win, and there is nothing you can do about it, this year the Heat are the better team and everyone should appreciate the way they play ball, always fighthing for loose balls, running up and down the court, they are a hard working team and they diserve it. GO HEAT 2013!!!! LeonGreen you are the biggest crying baby in the world, I bet you where one of those that could never make out of the bench and live your life complaining and looking for excuses.

  3. Pops says:

    if the heats 3 shooters step up, its game over

  4. @ teamsobeach-so called commonsense & al-LMAO-ok kid-not that i have to answer to u but my wisdom (knowledge compared to wisdom is menial by the way-just to let u know) of bball personally goes back to the “70’s & so on-when they really let both teams play all out man handle ball-i prefer no calls period unless it gets like wrestling-hey even let a few of those calls go-just do it consistent for both teams. bird is a bench player & his 5 fouls meant nothing for impact-Green’s 4 & 2 early as he started off hot 5/5 on 3’s was more impact. Not blaming all on refs-Spurs played thru TD early foul trouble bs in gm 1 & just couldn’t do it gm 2-looked like they gave up- i say that & i like them.Yeah Parker only 1 foul in gm 1 & 0 gm 2. 1 stars TP low fouls compared to 2 stars lbj & wade is a big impact difference. Look everybody knows & feared Spurs could’ve swept heat if they went all out-that’s a fact-there’s just too much $$$$ invested in this series for it to go only 4 gms-fact?!?!? By the way kids, i’ll say what i want on here like everybody else-especially cause i say The Truth…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go Spurs!!!

  5. lilgen says:

    chalmers has been i reckon miami s most consistent since the start of indiana series… loves the big moment ayy… hitting his three ball which is key to the starting line up

  6. notaheatorspursfan says:

    (sarcastically) great job heat… all you did was prolonge the inevitable… this is going to be a 5 game series. sa will close it out at home. thats right they will win 3 in a row. but the games will be close. chalmers wont have another game 2. neither will the heat get hot from behind the arc again. in my opinion thats how they beat sa.

  7. Game Time says:

    It was a good strategy (and a bit risky) for Miami to rely more on the role players for pts. It paid off and now for the coming games Spurs have to worry about containing James, and be aware of the other threats as well. On the flip side Miami will still have to do their best to contain Parker, but worry about Spurs 3 shooters.

  8. Wade_Legend says:

    I can’t wait to see how the bloggers will start to slowly back down from the spurs in 6 prediction last week. Some have been writers for years and they still don’t know how to pick the winner. The Heat are the 2013 NBA champions!!

  9. woo hodges says:

    They had d nerves to doubt chalmers. Talking about Cole out doing chalmers. Plz. Chalmers has never back down even when James and bosh is yelling @ him. He said dat was initiative he needed. He came hard in Sundays game. Way to show dem rio

  10. Big Al says:

    Spurs wouldn’t have swept, nor will they win the next three games. Get real!

    If Chalmers can do that against Parker, then SA will virtually be out of it. If LeBron scored like his normal self, then today’s blowout would have been even larger. If the Heat can be this consistent, then they can win at least two road games and finish it off in South Beach.

  11. clifford washington says:

    good game amrio my anchorage ak fam im so happy for you and keep it up see you soon

  12. justin says:

    ALOL, the sperms wont bounce back and they wont win the series, theres a reason why Miami has been to 3 championship series in 3 years, LBJ will.prevail and whom ever they put around him. They lead the whole first game and got to comfortable in the fourth and gave it up, should be 2-0 Miami. They just showed last nite how much greater of a team they are not only did they win but they won by over 20 points. The sperms are to old and slow, there done and got exploited, MIAMI ALL THE WAY

  13. Airy says:


  14. jack23 says:

    Dont ever CLICK MY NAME: i have Click your name and its stingy, game 1 hype of bloggs are over, its HEAT time bro, get outta here, your Spurs will get crashed again,..41 will be the number…LOL!!

  15. J says:

    he needs to be consistant

  16. Also why is it that for both of gms 1 & 2 wade & lbj have a total of 3 fouls combined-2 for lbj in gm 2 & 1 for wade in gm 2 & 0 each for gm 1. Yet Spurs hot shooter Green foul trouble each gm-3 in gm 1 & 4 in gm 2. It seems on paper both gms were called even but the key is who they’re called on & @ which point in the game-like Duncan’s early bad calls in gm 1 yet they still won. As physical as both lbj & wade are how do they both have next to no fouls after 2 gms-again 0 fouls on them in gm 1. Spurs would have probably sweep heat if calls were completely consistent-especially w/ heat key players taking them off the floor @ key points in the game like refs did to Green when he was hot in gm 2.
    Go Spurs!!!

    • Team South Beach says:

      It was just a mater of time, when the Heat lost game one it was because of how great SA is, but when they beat down SA with Miami’s trademark agressive defence then is the refs. Wade and Lebron had 2 fouls each and birdman had 5 in game two, Miami had a total of 17 fouls to SA 14 in game two. Duncan had 1 foul called and Parker had 0 fouls in game two. Stop crying and give credit when credit is due, SA won game one because they played better, Miami won game 2 because they played better, now quit embarrasing yourself with with your lack of basketball knowledge and stupid remarks.

    • AL says:

      not the officiating again; spurs got blown out & it had nothing to do with bad calls. I tell you this ,the spurs are the most dangerous team the heat have faced. They don’t have the talents of OKC, the size & defense of PACERS, but they are disciplined , experienced & have a deep bench. This is going to be a very competitive series which our beloved HEAT are going to overcome & prove once again that they are the best.

    • Pakyaw says:

      U expect Lebron to be in foul trouble,guarding a perimeter player?and shoot outside most of their game..(green,Leonard)..pity a fool

  17. Johnny Walker says:

    its ok. the spurs got the split they needed. Go Spurs!!!

    • AL says:

      Yes keep telling yourself that. First the Spurs are going to sweep & now they will win 3 in a row against a team that has not lost back to back games since January .dream on.

  18. Well Spurs-would’ve like to see up 2-0 going back to SA but 1 out of 2 still is damn good against the ecc-Spurs still did some of what they set out to do in miami. After sloppy offense in game 2 & still kept it close most of gm-u best believe Spurs will be on fire next gm especially Duncan & Manu-Spurs will be fine.
    Go Spurs!!!

    • Mike says:

      Lebron is strugling at that time,
      Duncan may improve, but Manu? he are having even on just dribbling the ball

  19. Huseini bio Salifu says:

    Mario was very big tonite for the heat!??!’

  20. zeero says:

    please be consistent chalmers,go heat!

  21. SoFlaFan says:

    Way to go RIO!!!!!!!!!!!

    And….. oh my…. we had a Spurs flop, not even touched!!!

    White Hot Heat…… next!!!!!