Allen Finds ‘Pure Joy’ In Latest Finals Trip


MIAMI – Boston has the Stanley Cup Finals, Ray Allen has the NBA Finals. And if that’s something less than a fair bargain for the more basketball-specific among that city’s sports fans, well, it’s better than the alternative of TD Bank Garden dark and closed for the summer.

This has turned out to be a tough Finals for folks in Boston regardless, what with Tim Duncan – the prize who got away in the 1997 draft lottery – showing up for his fifth shot at a ring in the same time their beloved Celtics have participated twice and won once. But the Allen wound is more fresh and, in a sense, deeper.

When the veteran shooting guard and league’s all-time 3-point scorer signed with the Celtics’ latest hated rival, the Miami Heat, 11 months ago, the blow was delivered by a lottery ball randomly popping to the top of a hopper. It was Allen actively rejecting a bigger contract (two years, $12 million). It was Allen knowingly, consciously and some have characterized as bitterly swapping Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett for LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, Southies for South Beach, Ubuntu for Udonis.

After so much success for that group in green – the 2008 title, seven more Finals games in 2010, a .692 winning percentage in the regular season – Allen’s departure saw the Celtics barely break .500 in 2012-13 (41-40), qualify as a seventh seed and exit the playoffs in the first round against New York.

Allen, meanwhile, slipped smoothly into life and success with the Heat. He played in 79 games and, after a lifetime of starting, came off the bench in every one of them with no ill effect on the quality of his play. At age 37, he averaged 10.9 points, shot 44.9 percent overall and 41.9 percent from the arc. His points, rebounds and assists per minute were little-changed from his production in Boston and he led his new team in 3-pointers attempted and made.

He was a vital part of Miami’s attention-grabbing 27-game winning streak, the second-longest in league history, and status as this postseason’s No. 1 seed overall. Now he’s back in The Finals, one more trip than Pierce or Garnett, possibly one more ring if the Heat outlast the Spurs.

Right about now, if they haven’t already, Celtics faithful might want to click elsewhere. Some of what follows is sure to hurt:

“Just pure joy. This is my third time and this feeling never gets old,” Allen said of getting back to the NBA’s championship round.

“The first three rounds, you feel like, there’s that sense of the season being so long and so taxing, you feel everything in your body. But once you get to this level, it’s where the true fun starts. You see what you’re playing for. This is where, in between your days, you sit back and reminisce about how far you’ve come, this stage you’re playing on, how far you’ve been away from it, watching it as a young kid. Now being here, you’re in the moment. You get to enjoy it a little more.”

Allen hasn’t intentionally rubbed salt into the wound of his departure from Boston when he’s met with the media here so far. No visible rancor over his apparent icy relations with point guard Rajon Rondo or the offense he took at losing his starting spot to Avery Bradley.

Still, he has made it clear how satisfied he is with the results. Initially he backed away from the word “vindication,” before finally embracing it.

“I knew when I assessed the situation at the time, every player going into free agency wants to win. And as you get older, you try to see everything,” Allen said. “You try to look at the situation a little bit closer. You step out on the limb every summer and a guy says, ‘Am I going to go to this team or that team?’ For me, I guess there is a little bit of vindication because being here is what my whole hope was of doing last summer.”

Coming off the bench, as part of a fleet of 3-point threats with Shane Battier, Mike Miller, Mario Chalmers and even old Seattle teammate Rashard Lewis, Allen’s minutes dipped from 34.0 last season to 25.8. His shots in absolute terms were at a career low 8.2, but on a per-minute basis, he got up the most 3-pointers since his second season in Boston.

Allen’s touch dipped through the first three rounds (36.5 percent of his 3-pointers) but in Game 1 Thursday against San Antonio, he hit three of four. Over the last six games he is shooting 44.4 percent from out there. And he coolly made three late free throws after Danny Green fouled him at a then-critical time.

This whole, long season has been a period of adjustment technically for a player whose game is based on precision. The distance from the arc to the rim hasn’t changed but all sorts of angles and timing have.

“Just knowing where the scoring zones for me were going to be,” Allen said of adapting to the Heat attack fueled by James and Wade. “I was used to certain shots at certain times and I just had to re-think how those shots were coming. A lot in the corners. Just paying attention to the game a little bit more.”

Allen has a player option to return next season for $3 million and said he hasn’t decided what he will do. And he doesn’t spend much time thinking about what he’s already done. Or to whom he’s done it.

“Each time you enjoy ’em,” he said of The Finals. “They mean the same. The goal is always the same. Once you want to win, it’s hard to say you want to win MORE. You have to live in the moment and make sure you have no regrets.”

Allen has no regrets. Boston fans have the Bruins.


  1. I pray that Ray Allen will be able to come out with his second NBA Championship ring. I hope he breaks a few more three points record for the NBA Championship also. I think Allen is doing an outstanding job coming off the bench with his professionalism to inspire others also.

  2. Deadpan Guy says:

    I’m a Boston Celtics fan and I know that it means absolutely nothing to Ray and his family what any of us think. Fact is, he’s happy and that is all that matters in the end. Move on people … he clearly has.

  3. ohyeah says:

    Boston Celtics even tried making a trade just to let go of Ray Allen

  4. Manuel says:

    I still don’t understand Boston fans. In order to not be a traitor, Ray Allen should have gone to another team instead of Miami? He is a traitor because he chose Miami…and if that would have been the Lakers, Memphis, OKC, NYK, etc, would he still be a traitor? Nonsense, that’s why I hate ALL Boston sports teams. I’m Dominican and I’m happy that Manny and Pedro got out of there. I wish Big Papi goes to another team, ’cause boston DOES NOT respect their players.

  5. NBAGrlFan says:

    I’m not so mad at him leaving the Celtics, but him to go to the enemy strikes a huge cord. I’ve noticed a couple of vetereans who go to Miami in hopes of winning a championship. Prime example: Juwan Howard. His image is tainted after this.

  6. you're all fools says:

    Danny Ainge made it known he was trying to trade ray allen for so long, THEN signing terry before they signed ray, all you fools that call him a traitor need to blame the GM….. Danny ainge had no idea how to keep the players faithful, unless he gives burnt out old players big contracts…. celtics will be nowhere unless they get rid of ainge and build the faith of loyalty the fans have and instill it in the team.
    If i were a player that was told day in day out, that if we can trade you we will. I would want to leave to…. Blame youselves Celtics.

  7. Boston34 says:

    I’m a die hard celtics fan but I feel like people need to give the guy a break , he’s on his last legs and needs another championship. It’s not the first time vets do this. chill out lol

  8. FourLeaf says:

    Okay I’m a Boston fan and I just have to say it’s about time we stop bashing Ray Ray for signing with Miami. We all know he left the Sonics to sign with Boston because he wanted to win. So why are we surprised that he made that same decision again. If it were any other team than the Heat we wouldn’t be making a big deal out of this. As far as I’m concerned that man gave us some of his golden years and in turn he helped the C’s win a title. We should be grateful that the best shooter in the history of the game wore a Celtics uniform and gave us Celtics fans something to be proud of. Oh but how quickly you fan boys forget right? Show some gratitude..Best of luck in south beach Ray Ray.

  9. MIKE says:


  10. MIKE says:


  11. Karthik says:

    celtic fan Allen is great player and salute what he has done for celtics but i don’t agree with his decision as an individual.

  12. KingGuich says:

    hey men whats wrong about it? ray´s not the same in miami his role is much lower hes not more the type of guy that can score you 11 threes in the finals, just a good complement for king james & company. It´s not about loyalty, is about rings folks!

  13. Brennen Wilson says:

    as a die hard celtics fan I can say that if Allen wanted to leave he should’ve gone with the third option, the clippers. Heat built this team before the new CBA so after next season the heat will be saying bye bye to quite a few players either bosh or Bron will end up signing else where

  14. Jos says:

    celtic didnt give allen his starter spot back, instead they gave it to bradley. how would u react if u guys are in his shoes?

  15. Miles10 says:

    Ok. More and more fans are now rooting for Spurs. Fine. To discredit Ray’s accomplishments? That’s way beyond the border. Going back to the article itself, Ray’s words simply mean the enjoyment being in the finals once again. Every player feels the same anyway.
    At this point in time, I give credit to Heat haters for something they’re unconsciously doing or saying that most don’t really recognize. They just pump up arguments that increase the Miami Heat’s publicity. Flopping, betrayal, old age, whatever negative descriptions people tell. Fact or fallacy these mentioned terms are, it won’t slow Miami anyway. Any more haters bother trashing Heat over and over again? Many fans are simply getting irritated hearing those, including me. But come to think of it, they won’t stop anyway.
    With all these vague stuffs I said, I hope my point is taken. Enjoy Game 2 whatever the result would be!

  16. mee(a)t says:

    i think sometimes people forget that playing for the NBA is a job…emotions are not needed

  17. chris says:

    What’s funny,,some of you people sound crazy as hell,with any job,,you will leave if your not seeing any progress for your work,,the man wanted another ring,& you wanna talk Loyalty,,when its family & God that is when you talk being Loyal. Good move Ray

  18. Aldo says:

    There is no loyalty in the NBA is a business. He did what was best for me and his family. Anyone would had done the same. If your desire is to win. What if a year later he gets traded to the timberwolf. No guarantee in this business. So you have to be self fish and think about you and your family not the fans.

  19. bazz says:

    He went from being the top guy off the bench in boston, to being another guy off the bench for the heat. He is replaceable. Interchangeable. Of course he’s on a team that can win a ring, so he did well for himself. He also, in doing so confirmed his own diminishing capability and importance, and his top objective: winning a championship. If he doesn’t, his season will be a failure.

  20. Tom says:

    Ray Allen is pathetic, taking a pay cut to ring chase and bailing on the celtics. Almost as bad as fisher.

  21. No haten here, just rooting for the Spurs. I’m die hard Celtics fan & fan of the game & i’ve liked Spurs since the Admirals days.

  22. & The Spurs didn’t play @ the top of their game is what’s most scary & still won! I knew Kawhi would be fine & do a great job on lbj-great 1st game! Nobody on heat can handle or slow Parker down, it’s just not happening! & No miami big-bosh, bird, haslem, or anthony just can’t handle Duncan-& to think we could have drafted Duncan in Boston. Keep it up Spurs. Spurs are a better team!
    Go Spurs-Spurs All The Way!!!

  23. humhumnumber1 says:

    ho.. if you want to say that a guy who lets down the team who gave him a title as soon as a better team is in the league.. yes, it’s always good for this type of guy i guess. except for fisher ! he manipulated good but the westbrook knee ruined his little plan 🙂

  24. BAM says:

    All these Heat haters, I am not even a heat fan, or a james fan. But I am a basketball fan. To think people have gone sooo low. Ray Allen is the best 3 point shooter in the game, that man shoots about 100 shoots a day. He is a great player and I have respect for him. So when kobe had SHaq, derick, gary payton, Karlon Marlon, nobody said nothing, please. People now a days just like talking mess, James will win and thats no doubt about that.

  25. […] ESPN Boston – Grab bag: Spurring hope? | Boston Globe (Sunday Notes) – Tracy McGrady, in his first NBA Finals but as a bench player, reflects on his star-crossed career | – Allen finds ‘Pure Joy’ in latest finals trip […]

  26. cerebro7 says:

    Knicks Fan here..
    So much hatred for Lebron/The Heat. Don’t you guys have anything else better to do than just be obsess to see em fall? Its pretty pathetic and pitiful…

    ps. I present you the Los Angeles Spurs. formally known as the Los Angeles Pacers. (since eeeeevery Laker fans that I know is going for the Spurs. (and the Pacers before) LOL.

  27. cerebro7 says:

    Knicks Fan here..
    So much hatred for Lebron/The Heat. Don’t you guys have anything else better to do than just be obsess to see em fall? Its pretty pathetic and pitiful…

    ps. I present you the Los Angeles Spurs. formally known as the Los Angeles Pacers. (since eeeeevery Laker fans that I know is going for the Spurs. (and the Pacers before) LOL.

  28. JamieB says:

    Stop calling Ray a traitor. It’s really the Celtics that have a problem. They recruited him and Garnett to create the Big Green 3 along with Pierce and they won instantly. But once Allen wasn’t producing as much, he became the subject of various trade rumors, with an actual trade almost taking place in 2010. He was used, so really, no one could and should blame him for leaving.

  29. J says:

    great article! he deserves another ring hof for sure
    heat in 6!!!

  30. J says:

    great article! he deserves another hof for sure
    heat in 6!!!

  31. mortimer says:

    I don’t really like the Heat but Allen is one of my favorite player in the NBA, Boston did everything wrong with him, they just spit on him, and he was just right to move … big big loss for the celts but they are responsible for that and calling Allen a traitor is just pure joke regarding the way he was betrayed in boston


    Ray Allen can care less what any of you fools think or say. At the end of the day, its HIS life and if he wins a few more Championships, well its HIM going through it, living, enjoying treasuring those moments. He’s the one in that court at the time the clock hits 0 and he becomes world champions!! where will you be…in your couch at home!! LOL You guys can talk about him all you want , close the web and go back to your own perhaps mediocre life. You all will never know what it even feels like to win the NBA title or what that moment feels like. So, yeah…Ray Allen doesn’t and shouldn’t care about what any of you think of say. Conciser yourselves irrelevant! LOL

  33. walter berbeder says:

    evrey joy and hapiness is not all about gold or’s about loving the game you all ray allen haters right now specially the bitter boston celtic fans leave the guy alone it’s a FREEWORLD anyway..u

  34. HeatwillBeat says:

    I’m a heat supporter and yet I hate Ray Allen all he wants is an easy way to yet another ring, year I like it here WELL maybe if you don’t leave us you could have one non-heat supporter respect you

  35. kamotz says:

    spurs in 8,heat in 7

  36. So its not ok to go to the team u want but its ok if you got traded by the heartless owner??

  37. Juan Veliz says:

    Boston fan here. Someone said up here in the comments, ‘Fools gold’. I just laughed at that, and at how true that is. Ray Allen is certainly overrated; he’s nothing but fools gold. If you really watch basketball and watched him play, all he does is hit three’s. He can’t really dribble, he can’t really create his own shots, he can’t really dunk or layup. He has a horrible jump shot if it isn’t from three. He’s just a catch and shoot guy. Most importantly, he misses a lot. He’s only the best shooter of all time because of how many tries he gets. Look at his percentage, it’s awful. In the 30%’s I think? Even when he was in Boston, I didn’t like him as a player. He could have 1 good game, and 50 bad ones. He’s just a lousy player. Albeit, I only started watching him when he came to Boston; perhaps he was way better in his earlier days.

    • Mike says:

      Basketball is a team game. Ray Allen has to be one of the best team players I have ever seen because he helps his teammates get open by being a decoy. Opponents hate when Ray is on the floor because of this. So, although maybe he isn’t the best at every category, he is still amazing from 3, the line, and ‘most importantly’ opening up his teammates.

  38. chaka says:

    go allen do your thing, let the haters hate. you are the best in the world and we all know it.

  39. KOMANDIRA says:

    Allen was never a franchise player. He finally understood it in 2007 that he needed a few better players on the team to be able to win… So if Celtics fans feel like he is a traitor, please don’t he would not have brought much positives this season.

  40. Jimmy jazz says:

    As a celtics fan I don’t hold any grudges over him leaving, not after Ainge was looking to trade him mid season.

  41. Carlo says:

    As a Celtic fan i will never call Ray a traitor. I wish good luck to him and to his try to get another title. The Spurs play better and play as a team. MIami has just the best player but can’t win alone against the best rotation of the ball i’ve seen in recent years. Anyway, haters from both sides are really boring…

  42. JOSE says:


  43. Kimmy says:

    Does anyone know what brand of gum Ray Allen chews? It seems to never lose it’s flavor. He chews on the same stick for 4 quarters? it’s annoying to me. Just sayin…

  44. Mobb says:

    rondo has some issues and thats ok. but dont hate on Ray for leaving he was uncomfortable with the whole situation, besides players have been leaving organisations for years why hate now, Karl Malone and Gary Payton tried to win a ring with Lakers then lost in the finals though luck, Payton then won with miami in 2006 is he a bad person too? whether or not you like Ray Allen he wanted to play and he got opportunity to play for title contender, and still Ray Allen scored more points in less minutes played this season than Jason Terry did in Boston and Terry did start 30 games wheres Ray was playing from the bench.
    now McGrady has opportunity to win championship with Spurs playing 0 minutes, and Tracy deserves ring based on his career if not know then he should have gotten it in the past 10 years. would you hate Nash if he was in Miami ? why? Nash was going for the chance at winning championship and ended up in Lakers hoping for a ring.

  45. MiamiChamps says:

    here comes the heat haters again!

  46. Ethan Cua says:

    Allen should stay with this team. I don’t want him to play for anyone else except this Heat team. I like him in this team.

  47. carter says:

    even though the heat are stacked, they will loose to the spurs they almost lost to the pacers where as the spurs swept memphis. i think that says something about the spurs skill and determination

  48. Pri says:

    Ray Allen is a great player from several perspectives as a three-point and Free-throw Shooter. His decision to leave Boston was a choice made so that he could make the most of his last years in the league. Celtic fans may look at this as betrayal, but the truth is, Ray just moved to a new team for new personal achievements in terms of rings and championships to come.

  49. Max says:

    Ray Allen is just a great guy. I liked him when he was a Sonic, then a Celtic and now with the heat! No put on show of behavior, just a very great and nice Basketball player that has the NERVES to walk up to the Free Throw Line and knock down FREE POINTS. Same can be said for Steve Nash! FREE THROWS WIN/LOSE BASKETBALL GAMES. CANNOT MAKE A FREE SHOT,SIT ON THE BENCH! To win must limit turnovers and make all FREE THROWS. THEY MOST OFTEN DECIDE THE WINNER. TAKES SELF CONFIDENCE!!!Mike Miller, Ray Allen, James Jones if I need a 3—- one of those would be who I trusted the most! A MVP SHOULD ALWAYS BE A PLAYER THAT CAN MAKE FREE THROWS. FREE!!!!!!! LEBRON IS GETTING BETTER ALL THE TIME. PRACTICE AND SELF CONFIDENCE. I FORGOT DERK, THAT “DUD” CAN KNOCK DOWN FT’S. GOT TO MAKE AT LEAST 90% of FREE THROWS! How many pnts. did A TEAN LOSE BY? Check turnovers and missed FREE THROWS!

  50. steagle says:

    Hindsight is 20/20. We always love to talk about current issues and how it’s going to affect the future but sometimes we forget to look in the past and see how things worked out. Everyone hated the Perkins trade, as it broke up a unit that had championship aspirations written all over them. Well I agree that it was a very risky move, look what has happened since – Jeff Green has turned into a bonafide star, a true replacement for Paul Pierce, who only has 1-3 years left on the clock. If we had kept Perk, there was a greater chance that he would have left Boston than stayed, and as a business owner, you have to get the most for your money that you can. Ainge did the right thing, but it took a few years – and some perspective – to appreciate that now.

    In the same way, Ray Allen leaving might be a blessing in disguise as well. He was really struggling that last year in Boston, couldn’t handle the ball, constantly getting blocked or turning it over on drives to the hoop, then the bone spurs. He was still shooting great, but couldn’t be relied on like he used to be in the Boston offense. Those are the facts. What do you do when one of your star players isn’t performing, and is reaching the twilight of their career? You have to bench them, at the least – or potentially trade them. Boston was very clear they did not want to trade him and offered him a max deal, but it was also clear that he would have to come off the bench. So what? That’s what almost every single player over 35 does in this league anyway. (Pierce, KG, Kobe, Dirk, Duncan, Nash being some rare exceptions). Even Pierce might come off the bench next year to make room for Jeff Green, if Pierce is even around next year.

    Anyways, it’s easy to be angry and I was too for a good deal of time, and I still think the way Ray handled it was childish and spiteful, but ultimately, it was probably good to get him off the team, get some younger blood more experienced, and start building for the future. Boston is going to be a dangerous unit with Rondo, Bradley, Green and Sullinger, let alone any of the vets who stick around. Bring on the future.

  51. Who Cares says:

    Seriously who cares, its not like Ray would of made a difference to Bostons season this year.
    I’m boston fan. And its gonna be real funny when the spurs win.

    Move over LeBron, Tony Parker best player in the leauge and finals MVP

    • Spurs Don't Have A/C...CAN'T BEAT THE HEAT!! says:

      I hope YOU, “Who Cares” & other less knowledgeable STANS of your ilk, have revisited your posts since the aftermath of Game 2?!? The only one’s laughing will be the HEAT!! And since you thought it would be “real funny”, my guess is those will be “REAL TEARS” on your face when the Heat repeat!!

      You see, people who don’t know the game fail to realize, not only is Lebron the best physically, but ALSO mentally!!! “I’ll bet ANYONE $5 to a bucket of doo-doo (and the bucket ain’t gotta be full)”, Lebron has already correctly predicted how Pop is going to play him defensively in Game 3, and will be MORE than ready to counter it!!! ANY HATERS…I MEAN TAKERS?!?

  52. Ray is a beast i love that guy!!!

  53. Oliver says:

    This really gets me. Everytime a player decides to leave a team, people call him all kinds of name. How many times team don’t resign a player who have dedicated his whole carreer to an organization, leaving him high and dry under the pretext that they wanted to go in another direction or wanted to young? Is it fair then? Is it a reason for YOU, the same fans who bash these players, to stop rooting for YOUR favorite teams? It is a double standard. I wish Ray Allen all the success in these final and for whatever else he decides to do. He is the best 3 point shooter in the league’s history, about to have another ring, and a great individual in my opinion. Let the man live geee!

  54. Dgreen says:

    I agreed with ” Pierce and Garnett will remain a better image regardless of how many more rings Allen gets over them.”
    Ray should remember that Boston has revived his career. Yes I was always liked Ray but after what it did to the Boston community he is a pure traitor. He should be able to understand the Bradley situation beside he not a starter in Miami. What is the point? I could understand him if he didn’t have a title. I like what KG did to him at the game opener in Miami. That is on his book for ever.

  55. Rhedz says:

    Ray aint no traitor…boston fans and the boston team are the ones being stupid…he was a free agent if im not mistaken or his contract was done…it really doesnt matter which team you play…what matters is who you playin with and what purpose are you playing for…some players play for money..some play for what they call loyalty..some play for stats and records..*like season mvp and player rankings) … but most of them including say lebron, bosh..Ray Allen..plays for championship rings…

    People tend to forget the main goal of the game itself…its winning championship…this players did not violate any rules in nba…its just that people and fans are used to one player one team in bird, bill russell and jordan era.

    Dont hate the player…hate the game…

    Ray deserves to be in the finals, a true future hall of famer…if the heat and ray wins the finals then al would be good…the heat including ray did put hard work this i guess they deserve this opportunity, this chance, this shot at the finals…

    For those people who are still bitter about rays case…get a life…ray have one and hes enjoying it…you can hate him but the fact of the matter is that he gets a shot and you losers would prolly never get into the level where he is now with the heat. Move on and just enjoy the game…stop judging others..start looking at what have you accomplished in life rather than looking at others business…

    Good luck heat, good luck ray…

    Keep those 3s coming…

    Hope you resign with the heat atleast for 1 more season..

    Burn them spurs down …

  56. kish says:

    all allen was asking is respect thats the thing that the boston celtics didnt gave he is not asking for more trade clause that seals the deal nice work pat

  57. joe says:

    Never has the talent of the magnitude the Heat have come together so fast at one feel swoop than with the Heat. These championships they win are just because all the best players agreed to join up together. Would you have respect for MJ’s titles as much if he joined Karl Malone and Isiah Thomas to win, as opposed to developing Pippen for 4 years and then Rodman joining three rings later?

  58. Willing to Read says:

    As a Celtics fan, I too was disappointed with the ray allen situation.

    To be fair to both sides, Ray Allen was not treated like the all time 3-point leader and veteran that he was.
    Danny Ainge, not only shopped him around for trade bait, but had already decided to bench him for avery bradley and Doc rivers said his number one goal was getting Jason Terry.

    It wasn’t until they realized that Ray might actually go to the Clippers or the Heat, that they remembered that he was the only one on that team that could spread the floor night end and night out.

    So after 3 or more years of not knowing where your family would be located next season, Ray took matters in his own hands.

    As far as the C’s go. Ray’s play was declining a bit, as they relied on him to play defense on the other team’s best players, like Kobe, etc. and he did an good job on them.

    The biggest problem for the C’s this season was the lack of size in the post, no help for KG and the injuries, not only to Rondo, but to Barbosa and Sullinger, wich left us undermanned in the playoffs. Barbosa is the the type of go-hard player without a conciense that we could have used along with this length and speed in the backcourt against New York.

    Avery Bradley didnt show up until 2 minutes left in the last game, when he woke up and remembered that he was a defensive stopper and got a couple steals to make the game interesting. It was he first playoff series since being injured so hopefully next year, he’ll remember his worth and also improve on his jump shot.

    • SoFlaFan says:

      Well said…..

      As a Heat Fan, we’re glad to have Ray, mad respect for him, and his talent. We love Ray and we look at Boston’s outcome this season as the result of bad karma.He gave so much to Boston and they were set to toss him, instead he came up in a better place, for him and his family. So Fla loves ys Ray Ray!!!!!!!!!

  59. No Regrets says:

    Boston made the right choice, one might argue they should have made it earlier, and gotten something back
    Ray made the correct choice too, at this point in his career
    so did the Heat, except that they might come to regret the next year option
    Life is like that sometimes . .

  60. LeBron4life says:

    HEAT WILL REPEAT in 6 or 7

    I hold nothing against Ray Allen. I used to be a Celtics fan, but after Ray-Ray (as we call him in Beantown) left, I got fed up with the organization, and then became a Heat fan. I do think Ray should have re-signed, but Danny and Doc were unfaithful to him, he’s unfaithful to them. Allen was the 1st out of the Big Four to be in trade rumors, and the organization treated him unfairly. Bad move, Ray, but now I’m happy. HEAT ALL THE WAY!!!

    • LeBron4life says:

      I was also fed up with the Perkins trade and Rondo’s anger management issues.

    • Wow says:

      You know what you are. Just a stupid bandwagon fan. A true fan would stay with the team that they love and not just switch to the team that just won a championship. You are just like Ray Allen, a traitor.

  61. Jag says:

    I have mixed feelings about Ray Allen as a Boston fan. I felt bad when Avery Bradley was opted to start instead of him but at the same time, Boston was doing the right thing as Ray hasn’t been productive and he was injured at that time mainly because of his age. When he left Boston, there was a huge mark of hatred of fans not just towards him but also to the organization as well. But i guess it’s just another business for those big money makers in the league. What a big blow it was when we found out that he joined the Miami Heat but hey, like i said… it’s just another business.

  62. krespino says:

    The hate for Ray Allen is well-grounded. Not only for Celtics fans but for all basketball lovers. There are values in sports like character, loyalty, paying your dues, etc. Any player can opt to change team… That seems right but it’s not that simple. You are 36- 37 years old, this team and its fans have made you one of the symbols of the team for years; and you are seeking a championship in another team only because the other one seems sure to win. That’s ugly.
    And who can tell any team’s championship is guaranteed… Nobody would know that rondo would be injured later in the season. And with a healthy Rondo and Allen in the roster, it would not have been unrealistic to think the Celtics could have a chance. Can anyone think of Tim Duncan, during the last 5-6 years when they were not successful, deciding the leave the Spurs for the purpose of playing in the winning team? Nobody can. That is the difference in characters.

    • Max says:


  63. Crazy says:

    Can’t believe how much venom from hurting Boston Fans..He was and is not a traitor.. He was Free agent that decided to push forward with a winning team. Boston was and is going down, another decade of bad moves, bad players and aweull season is coming for Boston..
    Can see why people complain so much about Miami when even Boston was made.. Ray and KG signed with them.. so what is the difference..?

    For all you wanna be ballers here, when you play bball in the playground, tell me if you want to go to a bad team or pick up by a bad team…? no right? NBA is not palyground bball bu the same applies. Respect where respect is due.. Ray is the best 3 pointer shooter of all time – Even before Boston he was lethal.. ‘nough said.!

  64. B.A.N.K. says:

    If my company offers me more money but I took less and join my company`s rivial. That says a lot for my company.

  65. Kei says:

    Cs fans calling Ray a traitor are really bias. Celtics Organization must be treating Ray so well so he took less money and join their rival team. I guess the trade bait and siding with Rondo never happened. Besides I think Ray chasing Ring is pretty pointless, he already got one. And two for him won`t make a differences. He`s not Mike or Lebron or shaq that will be compared by how many rings they got.

  66. Filipino Idiot says:

    All you Boston haters can kiss Ray Allen’s butt when he gets another ring this year, you mad cuz he’s good, I don’t see anybody mad when Brian Scalabrine left Boston

    • steagle says:

      No one was mad because Scalabrine didn’t go to Chicago to make a personal statement against Boston.

      • celticfansareBITTERfans says:

        Oh, and Ray Ray made one? Lol, first Miami-Boston game this season he even approached Pierce, Garnett, and Rivers before tip-off. And who was the bitter guy? I believe that loser KG guy. Haha, real funny man please get your facts straight!

  67. sanjay says:

    allen needs to step up and get few more pointers as bosh is struggling. Allen can also drive to the rim. Come on allen, we need more from you and you can do it.

  68. SynByn says:

    Its funny how the Boston fans are calling him a traitor when the Celtics were about trade him off. They even signed Jason Terry before he even made his mind up. Maybe if the Celtics showed him respect he would have stayed.

    • steagle says:

      If you were a business leader and one of your key employees was wishy-washy about working for you, and you had a major project on the line, you would do the same thing Ainge did and hire a backup person who could take over should the need arise. That’s just business bro. To take something like that personally, especially in the NBA where it’s all about money, is childish. Ray Allen acted like a child when he lost his starting role to Avery Bradley. Instead of supporting Bradley and Doc, he gave them attitude. He has a lot of pride, for good reason, but when you’re an aging star and there is a rising talent on your team, you have to sacrifice for the greater good. He was unwilling to do that, clearly, just listen to the interviews Doc gave after last year’s season ended.

      I won’t call Ray Allen a traitor, because there is barely any loyalty left in the NBA at all, but I will say he acted childish and bitter. He turned down a max deal for his situation at that time and intentionally went to Boston’s biggest rivals, because on a personal level he wanted to kick dirt at the Celtics. What’s ironic is that he’s still a bench player on the Heat! Nothing changed, except his location, and his much smaller paycheck. If Miami doesn’t win the title this year, I can’t see how Ray will be happy with his decision, since a loss this Finals probably means the end of this current Heat lineup anyways.

      • celticfansareBITTERfans says:

        if there was someone who is bitter, IT WOULD BE YOU LOSER CELTICS FAN! You were the one who said it was a business decision, then great tell that to the rest of your stupid minions. They, I mean ALL OF YOU beanies, put him through all of that so you had this one coming. And wait what? Bradley a rising talent? LOL you are a joke, that guy is overrated. Making 1 or 2 statement blocks doesn’t make you a good defender.

      • Not a laker fan says:

        @steagle you’re not thinking rationally. You talk about business, then why say Ray’s decision is childish? In business, leaving your own company and joining others to make bigger benefit is ot strange at all. In Ray’s case, the benefit would be the NBA ring. In fact, your thought about Ray should stay in order to show loyalty, maintain friendship with Doc, etc etc is rather childish. Ray already knew he would play as a bench when the Heat management approached him. He was offered less money than Celtics offered. I think it takes a lot of time and heart to make a decision like that, decision that will change your life and maybe hated by your old teammates.

      • steagle says:

        @Not a laker fan – if it’s everyday business to leave your team because another team is more successful than yours, then why aren’t people like Kobe, Dirk, Pierce, etc. jumping ship, especially considering their age? The big difference between those players and Ray Allen is that Ray is like a contract worker, going from gig to gig, and the other guys are lifers, sticking it out through the good and the bad to become legends in their cities. I’m not saying one is better than the other necessarily, but when you look at payers like Robert Horry, who won a bunch of rings with different teams, and then someone like Karl Malone, who failed to get a ring with the city he gave nearly 20 years to, who’s going down in history? Who’s the name people will remember 100 years from now? My money’s on Malone.

        Ray can go wherever he pleases – I’m sure if Miami breaks up this core group, he’ll be gone in a jiffy to the next contender. But each city he leaves reduces his legacy just a little bit more. Where is his jersey going to be raised when he retires? Certainly not Miami or Boston. Milwaukee? Seattle? Maybe, but usually franchises don’t retire jerseys for players who played a big chunk of their career elsewhere. But you guys are right – it’s Ray Allen’s decision, I’m just a guy on a computer giving my opinion, in the end he has to live with his decisions and as long as he’s happy with them then so be it.



  70. nba 555 says:

    Oh and one more thing how can spurs sweep!!!!!!! you people are insane!

  71. nba 555 says:

    Miami in 6 or 7 people what are thinking spurs winning is ridiculous also i’m with ya HEATREPEAT

    • NHbleedsGREEN says:

      spurs have never lost in the finals bro LeBron has watched the other team celebrate a finals win ON HIS HOME FLOOR 2x in 3 finals appearances. Hope it happens again so all the Miami Cheat fans can see what a real champion looks like. Go spurs!

      • Max says:


      • celticfansareBITTERfans says:

        Hahaha, this NHbleedsGREEN guy is clearly a bandwagoner! Now that his old dirtbag Celtics team is gone, he’s with the Spurs all of a sudden. You can hate LeBron (and the Heat) all you want, but what you’re saying doesn’t mean a thing to them. Hell, even Coach Pop said it. You are just a bitterly sour no-good loser Celtics fan.

  72. NBA 1O1 says:

    @LS yo bro allen had 3 -3 pointers in game 1 whatwvwr miami is definetly going to win game 6 mabe 7

    oh and HEATREPEAT i’m with ya

  73. Austin says:

    This hate for Ray Allen is ridiculous. I absolutely loved the Big Three era in Boston, but if you have followed the Celtics at all during the time, you would know that Ray Allen almost always considered as the first to be shipped out come trade deadline. The Celtic’s office, along with issues with Rondo, is what drove Ray out of Boston. In my opinion, it’s quite childish to hate a man for leaving under those circumstances. If you guys had really wanted Ray to stay, you would have treated him better.

  74. LS says:

    Ray Allen is a traitor. It seems the Celtics organization made him a good offer to stay and yet he turned it down to play with the HEAT, of all teams! He really is struggling – during the regular season and in the finals, for sure. Quite honestly he looks like an after-thought in their rotation. Because I don’t like him nor the Heat, I hope the Spurs not only beat them but sweep them. The Spurs are more cerebral and skilled in their execution and they definitely have the better coach.

    • celticfansareBITTERfans says:

      REALLY? After putting Ray Ray in the trade rumor mill for what? 2 years? For making an overrated Avery Bradley a starter instead of him? Lol clearly you don’t know the NBA because it’s not about the money here, it’s about winning! And the last time I checked, the last time your loser Boston team was a contender was way back in 2010. I sure hope Pau Gasol does the same thing as Ray Ray and leave that no-good Fakers Circus Show and move on to a better team.

    • Stop The Hatin says:

      They never gave him an offer, that’s the reason they signed terry, they didn’t want ray and they would’ve replaced him whether or not he signed with maimi.

  75. Ray is just the best shooter ever and those guys in boston don’t like it he left, which I understand. However you shouldn’t hate on him. I get it why he left. He didn’t want to come of the bench for boston because well in boston he should just be a starter and for miami he play behind wade which is a huge difference. Also boston isn’t what is used to be anymore and miami is the place to be right now. They will probably get back to back championships and they will be the same kind of team that the bulls where when jordan played there. You will see those 6 rings will be for miami in a few years from now :).

    • NHbleedsGREEN says:

      never WAS the best shooter in the nba ever!

      • celticfansareBITTERfans says:

        better check your facts straight, but i guess it won’t change a thing cause you’re just a bitterly sour celtic loser fan.

  76. HEATREPEAT says:


    • Wow says:

      Really, you think the Miami Cheap will win in 6. Definitely not! The Heat are a bunch of Fakers that only win because the refs love them. James is not a good player, but the refs give him everything. Ray Allen is traitor. The Spurs are a great team that win even when the refs help your Miami Cheap. Spurs in 6.

      • stop hatin says:

        “james is not a good player”
        ARE YOU KIDDING ME THAT IS THE DUMBEST THING I HAVE EVER READ..lebron is by far the best player in the game and will go down as one of the best to ever play it. you need to stop commenting if all your going to say is stupid comments

      • Stop The Hatin says:

        Haaaater. You a celtics fan? LeBron is better than your entire team COMBINED. And it’s Miami Cavaliers, not Miami Cheap. What are you, 10?

  77. HEATREPEAT says:


  78. axel says:

    ray allen is a good player but a traiter. and knowing that miami is bostons rival i cant belive he went ther. i hope spurs swept miami 4-0 .if i was with the celtics i wouldnt brimg him back

    • heatalldway says:

      a totally heat hater!! 4-0 even in your dreams will not happen.. taking back last year when bulls and okc won in game1.. i wish it will not happen to spurs..

      • You Speak without Wisdon says:

        Miami just blew out the Spurs in game 2. LOL Heat haters are pathetic!

  79. Jochen-Celt says:

    even tough this was his personal decision, he acted like traitor to his fatherland… you can have one more ring, you can have more relaxing weather, but there always exists human mind and respect, loyalty and the love of people… he didnt respected that…. we hate Ray now… not really hate, but just forgot about him, his days in our prideful Beantown… he never existed in Beantown

  80. HEATREPEAT says:

    All of you hating because HEAT are going to repeat again. If Allen wants to switch teams it’s his choice. And to say has no honor with boston? come on be real people. Boston was a team to fall apart after they won their last championship. He fits perfectly with the Miami Heat offense. If your team had a chance to grab Ray Allen and fit him into the rotation, you would be greatful. Just because he’s playing with LBJ aka the BEST player in the world, Dwade, and Bosh doesn’t make him a bad guy. He made the choice to go to Miami. get real people.

    • NHbleedsGREEN says:

      that’s why the Celtics were a game away from the finals last year and easily could of beat the fakers if the NBA didn’t tell the refs they had to win it in 2010

      • Stop The Hatin says:

        no, but it is why they have been mediocre at best since ’08 and never really had a chance in ’10

  81. Silas says:

    Your all just haters. Nuff said.

  82. charliepoop says:

    Lots of bitterly sour boston fans.

  83. underdog says:

    lost respect for the guy.. No honor… Leaving his guys in Boston who stayed with him even when he showed age.. There is no glory winning in this Miami team.. I’m happy the basketball Gods are punishing them right now for taking the easy road for a championship.. If refs are to help the Heat just as much as they helped them in Game1.. this will be a sweep.. but Joe Crawford will be officiating in Game2 so I guessssss it’s a Heat win for Game2.. remember the 2007 incident between Duncan and Crawford? the one where Crawford was suspended indef by the league for throwing out quiet Duncan for laughing?.. tsk

    • Krishawn-MIA says:

      there is no such thing as an easy road to the championships….

    • D.Allen says:

      Easy road???? The great Celtic teams drafted Bird, Ainge & McHale…they traded for D.J. and Parrish and other contirbutors. The great Lakers teams traded for Kareem, McAdoo & Wilkes while drafting Scott and Worthy. The great Bulls teams drafted Grant, Pippen, Kukoc & Jordan while trading for Cartwright, Levingston, Hodges & Kerr….and acquiring Rodman the next time around. In todays game the players have FREE AGENCY!!! James waited 8 years for Cleveland to surround him with championship talent. But they never did…so the modern players used the FREE AGENCY to create what management did not do for them. Thet created their own Bird, D.J. and McHale…their own Magic, Kareem and Worthy…their own Jordan, Pippen and Grant. They came together and created their own big 3. And just like it was not easy for the other great teams I mentioned above….it’s not easy for them either. They will have to earn it!!!

    • You Speak without Wisdon says:

      Wont you feel stupid when the Heat win LOL. They Just blew out the Spurs in game 2. LOL stupid Haters!

  84. Patty says:


    • bunbury says:

      get all the facts before start writing. since when leaving a team after your contract expires means that you’re a “traitor”. don’t teams trade players all the time. wasn’t allen in trade rumors all the time. hypocrites!!! ray allen stated the Celtics didn’t show desire to resign him. I bet the Celtics had a replacement in mind, terry. i’m not a fan of allen, I hate the heat but you all write senseless stuff.

    • manny says:

      A team will jump at the opportunity to trade their payers for better talent. Why should players wait for teams to trade them. Make no mistake teams are only interested in winning and if Boston could get howard , or james or Chris paul or wade on a trade that included ray Allen the team and the fans would love that.

    • the mandalorian says:

      you all talk like if ray still played for boston you would be winning another championship. his time with boston was over, boston had to move on and ray did the right thing. Celtics fans, how do you react to ray ray when you watch replays of your 08 win

    • Dan-Cristian says:

      Why don’t you all Celtics fans said that when Allen and Garnett left their teams, came in Boston and won a title for you? Weren’t they traitors that time? Wow hypocrites are you!

      • Wow says:

        Actually Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett were traded from their old teams, and they didn’t request the trades, so they weren’t traitors. But Ray Allen leaving the Celtics as his own choice the joins the Celtics archival, the Heat, is being a traitor.

      • Stop The Hatin says:

        You mean Ray Allen, leaving because his team didn’t want him, to a team where he could win, is being a traitor? Then I guess everyone in the NBA wants to be a traitor because everyone has done that or thought about doing that when they weren’t winning. Even Paul Peirce, Kobe, Dwight. Everyone.

  85. Isaac says:

    As a Boston fan, I have actually been quite satisfied with watching him struggle in the playoffs from the line and from 3. His Defense is always suspect, and his ball handling is lousy. I always thought Ray Ray (as we call him in Boston) was overrated. Except for an amazing game 2 against LA for the 2010 Finals I believe Ray is the reason Boston lost that Finals. I never really liked him as a player, and as a person he seems to have a shallow personality. So when I see him suddenly missing free throws throughout the playoffs, missing huge wide open 3’s at important moments, and getting blown by when on the defensive end, I can’t help but think: “How does it feel Miami? Thinking you bought gold but really its only fool’s gold.” They could have Allen all they want, they were a better team last year when they relied on Mike Miller. At least Miller can rebound and play some spot defense.

    • 7617 says:

      I don’t think the best shooter of all-time is overrated. Get your facts straight.

    • Fly says:

      As a former boston fan, i can tell that Ray Ray was not the reason why the Cs lost the 2010 Finals? THE REAL REASON WAS DOC RIVERS COACHING: he should have gave more time to Big Baby and Nate Robinson (Shrek and Donkey). these 2 guys contributed over the first 6 games in the series, ant then whrere left aside on game 7. this has nothing to do with the 2010 finals, but overall Cs management messed up by letting go Tony Allen, Big Baby, Nate robinson, Leon Powe and Perkins. at that time with the big 4, the Cs had a balanced team.

    • FettaFetta says:

      The reason the Celtics lost the 2010 Finals was because Perkins went out with that injury. That doomed them, not Ray.

  86. lakerslakerslakers says:

    he was made for that team. they should call that team the miami need-helpers

  87. Jose says:

    Is very easy to feel full of joy when other men carry you to the finals.

    • Sonic Jones says:

      I agreed to that!!!!!!!!!!

    • yes…but the sad truth is they are not gonna win the finals

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        Your wrong about that, Lebron did not come this far to lose in the finals ever again. Especially not the same team that swept him in 2007 when he was 22 years old.

    • what? says:

      once a traitor, always a traitor.. I don’t mean Lebron, we’re talking about Ray Allen here! 3 mil to come back next season? That’s twice as little as Steve Nash and he’s much more productive and younger.

      • what? says:

        I’m a Lakers fan and used to have a great respect and good imageof Ray Allen even though he played against the Lakers. But now all that changed! I thought players play for good image after they won a title. Ray Allen won a few titles, whats the point of getting more if that distorts your image as a HOF? Pierce and Garnett will remain a better image regardless of how many more rings Allen gets over them..

      • Ian says:

        He’s won a title.. not a few

      • LebronFan says:

        @what? did you really just say what’s the point of winning more titles? are you mentally ill? athletes play to win. they don’t care about the image they project to nobodies such as yourself.
        @jose ray allen was never a guy that carried a team anyway… 3 point shooters most often are the guys that need others to create for them, so what’s your point? he’s been carried pretty much his whole career since he left seattle.

      • Mark says:

        Stand on his shoes and try to realize how it feels to win, or lose in the NBA. Maybe u’d disregard ur pride too

      • atafj says:

        hello ding dongs, why do people get so mad when a player leaves for another team, they don’t owe you anything, its a job. in case you didn’t notice boston was not his first team, or his second team for that matter. lakers bulls and celtic fans always act as if they are the only teams in the nba. and if a players leaves one team for a team that isn’t the lakers bulls or Celtics than they committed a cardinal offense to the heart of the game of basketball. get over it he didn’t do a thing wrong. and if he did than show every player that arrived through free agency on the team you like the same treatment you are showing ray allen. that means nate robinson, carlos boozer=bulls, Dwight howard, steve nash, metta world peace= lakers (btw the lakers only have one starter that was drafted by them), kevin garnett, ray allen=Celtics

        maybe its time to stop being hypocrites, cause its really annoying to listen to

    • SoFlaFan says:

      That’s just garbage, Boston showed disrespect for Ray, replaced him in his role, his contract was OVER. There were a lot of factors that made up his mind, a big one was his son’s health. His son has thrived since relocating to Miami, I admire him for that. Like it or not there is a different vibe in Miami, they ALL play as a TEAM.

      Get over it Boston, and Heat Haters, why is it you don’t bash Crybaby Howard, now there’s something to dislike!!!!

      Go Heat!!!!