Will LeBron Be More Aggressive?


MIAMI — As expected, the Miami Heat theme of the day, just 14 hours after the conclusion of Game 1 of The Finals, was LeBron James‘ aggressiveness, or lack thereof.

James scored just 18 points on Thursday, the fewest he’s scored in a playoff game since the 2011 Finals. He attempted the same amount of shots (16) as Chris Bosh, and only got to the line four times. He attempted only four of the Heat’s 18 shots in the fourth quarter.

In today’s Film Study post, I addressed one possession in which James could have attacked Tim Duncan off the dribble, but instead passed back to Bosh at the 3-point line. And on the final possession of that post (Bosh’s missed three with 1:02 left), James could certainly have tried to score over Duncan.

On Friday, both James and Heat coach Erik Spoelstra were asked about the MVP’s aggressiveness and willingness to pass to his teammates.

James: “I had some more opportunities where I could have maybe been a little more aggressive or look for my shot. But I don’t want to take away from any plays I made last night. I was able to still find my guys for some shots.

“We missed some shots. We had some wide-open clips where I had two defenders guarding me. Two plays in the third quarter, I was able to find [Mario Chalmers] for two open threes that he just missed, two great shots. I found CB for four really good looks that he missed, that he’s capable of making.

“My guys are open. I’ve got this far with them, I’m not going to just abandon what I’ve been doing all year to help us get to this point. So I know those guys will be ready to shoot again once they’re open.”

Spoelstra: “He’ll do whatever it takes. He’s as a cerebral a player as there is in this league. He’ll read the game as necessary.

“I wouldn’t bet against our open shooters. So we just need to make sure we’re getting the shots that we want to.”


  1. KingGuich says:

    King James has to step up shooting this evening! Want 45pt games like Boston Game 6 last year, not 18pt game 1!! Even though it was a pretty triple-d, lebron has to have more importance out there scoring. I´m scared he has not the same motivation as last year´s posteseason, where he averaged 30pts, just 24 in 2013! Lebron can not simply loose this finals AGAIN… three looses might make a poisionus dag in his career

  2. Go Spurs-Go Take It!!!

  3. humhumnumber1 says:






  6. mayo says:

    the time is over miami is empty tank SPURS IN FIVE!!!!!!

  7. YANG says:

    Lebron is good no doubt or like they say great but SPURS are 2 hungry now. Parker is playing with a chip on his shoulder and knows an opportunity like this would not come again. He is going to seize the opportunity that is given to him. Timmy is playing great for being 37; almost like his younger days. Manu can facilitate the game without having too score so much on the offensive end. Our young guys are stepping up this year on the grandest stage and helping out unlike last year. We know what’s at stake and will win in 5 or 6 games.

  8. Show time says:

    I wanna say the maimi heat should put more effort in game two because if they really lift the trophy they should put in their best in the remaining games.

  9. MACKY says:

    very simple difference, just attitude and discipline that’s downed Miami in 4th quarter..
    I watched game, Miami lost their confidence and no more focus to play in a championship character, afraid to attack, flat footed, panic moving, its like pre season game??? very loose guard, no fouls???

    Tips: if Miami win game 2 it will 50/50 situation but if loss, it will be 4-0 shame,

    mind set, spurs will use again their 48 minutes game,

    Miami to play like game 7 in indiana series to defend their title.

  10. Chris Ross says:

    Of course he will. He gets criticized like that. Too bad that’s what it takes for him to be aggressive.


  11. nbafan says:

    Spurs played one of their worst games in game 1 and still won. Another Spurs sweep please!

  12. JimD54 says:

    The problem with Miami is that they are worn out right now, Indiana took a lot out of them and the Spurs know it, Lebron is tired, Wade is hurt and tired and the Spurs, fresh off of a nearly 2 week vacation, are going to keep running at them all series long, a game tomorrow, one day off, a game Tuesday, one day off and then a game Thursday, by next Sunday in Texas even Lebron will be dragging the floor while Tony Parker and the Spurs will be zipping down the lane like race horses…The refs are going to have a hard time pulling Miami out of this one…..

  13. Chaos Theory says:

    But in the Finals, it is a different monster.
    You may have noticed that in all the times the Heat won the championship, they did not have home court advantage.

    They would have to win at least 2 games in SA’s home floor to get back at the series, which could be a tall order when games 3 to 5 will all be played on the road. A split on Sunday will still favor the Spurs.

    So yeah, the odds are still against Miami.

  14. Look out for the Bleh Bleh Bleh says:

    Heat defeated Spurs 2-0 this season + an exhibition game. Spurs are gonna get a few. It would be hard but possible for Spurs to win a title this year.

  15. Big Al says:

    Man, the Spurtards are really having the time of their lives. So SA stole Game 1. Well, so did Chicago, and we all know what happened afterwards. Sweep? 1-4? Puh-lease! You won’t deter the MVP like that ever again.

  16. sanjay says:

    lebron my maan heat cant win the series with you scoring 18 points. you need to get in to 30s from now on fella. Just go and look at jordan!

  17. sanjay says:

    tony parker travelled how many times I cant recall!

  18. FUnny:) says:

    this world is really funny… all the haters in the world please watch naruto so you will be enlightened… your hate kills your soul slowly… this world needs love not hate.

  19. & The Spurs didn’t play @ the top of their game is what’s most scary & still won! I knew Kawhi would be fine & do a great job on lbj-great 1st game! Nobody on heat can handle or slow Parker down, it’s just not happening! Keep it up Spurs. Spurs are a better team! 🙂
    Go Spurs-Spurs All The Way!!!

  20. justine says:

    It’s not about aggressiveness. It’s about leadership and understanding of the game.

    Leadership not just for a quarter but for 48 minutes of every game. Leadership off the court. Leadership during practice. It reminds me of the story of Kerr almost coming to blows with Jordan during practice. The 3 point shot Bosh took was wide open. He can make those shot. He made those shot. It comes down to mental toughness. Le Bron should demand the ball every possession of the 4th. Not necessarily to score but to be involved in every play. That’s what leaders do. That’s what Duncan. That’s what Parker did in 2007. That’s what Wade did in Heat’s first title. That’s what he did last year.

    It’s obvious James knowledge of the game is nowhere near Duncan’s even Wade’s. He is slow to adjust during games.

    But its not over yet. Heat can still win the title. James just have to play the way a leader should every minute of every game.

  21. dissideoperations says:

    Go lebron. disside.com

  22. Road Grader says:

    Lebron didn’t get fouled because he initiates the contact when he drives to the basket. He was 1 on 4 on one play and he was just shoving Danny Green out of the way. Using your arm to push a man out of the way is not a foul? So, thats ok, he keeps doing that he will only shoot a few frees each game.

  23. xyco delubyo says:

    lebron dont have any effort to win!!! maybe paid to lose game 1 and the series

    • lebron says:

      Yeah LeBron lost the game for money… Stop trying to make excuses for a good defensive job done on LeBron, simply the spurs were the better team and this is coming from a heat fan.

    • Game Time says:

      Triple double = no effort? He obviously was trying to play more team than hero…but we needed a hero.

  24. tanibanana says:

    OKC won the 1st game last Finals as well…
    Heat went game 7 against Pacer, while Spurs had a long rest.
    All is well so far.

  25. JimD54 says:

    sixerssssss is right, If there’s any coach the refs would be scared to cheat it’s Pop, and the Spurs are too good for Miami to beat without their usual ref help. This next game will be a smoker, the Spurs are playing with house money and are going to come out hard going for the jugular, and for Miami, this is like game seven, they will be playing for their lives knowing if they lose game 2 there will be no parade in South beach this year… Tomorrow night will be something to see, if the refs don’t decide Miami needs the win to keep things interesting…..

    • zero says:

      Too many complains about officiating…just watch….your team won and youre anticipating biased officiating
      in game 2?

    • Crazyfrog says:

      ItS funny coz all the fans of 29 teams joint forces against miami and said spurs are their last hope hahaha haha all loosers enjoy now ur first 1 and ONLY win

      • Pakyaw says:

        Nah, mostly all these haters are from la,Cleveland,Boston,Chicago and now Indiana… Am I right haters?…

      • Joel belza says:

        Right !!!

      • Game Time says:

        It’s crazy but true. I’ve never seen a team more hated than Miami and I’ve seen the old Detroit team back in the day.

  26. Kimmy says:

    Nobody can be the Heat.. This year.

  27. ChiefKillua says:

    lechoke clutch time=zero… flops=better ..Bosh taking the shots lmao nice for spurs.. 4-0 or 4-1 to end this series..

  28. digitioli says:

    Spurs won despite the bad calls against them and the no calls against james – it’s pathetic to watch this guy getting away with fouling and then complaining and flopping. No denying his talent, however, his constant pushing off, hand slapping, moving screens, and flopping not being called makes a mockery of the already suspect officiating. Gotta give it to the Spurs for being the pros they are to not let it get to them, stay focused, and just win.

  29. hipster says:

    I expect LeFlop to come out in full force on Sunday.

    Lowering his head and driving head first into Spurs defenders, knocking them back and while it’ll be a clear charge, he’ll flop and flail like a little girl and get the blocking call. If he doesn’t get the call he’ll whine. Mark my words.

    He shot 4 free throws last night. I’d be surprised if he shoots less than 20 on Sunday.

    • sixerssssss says:

      pretty good prediction even though i hope it doesn’t happen! after last nights game i’m starting to think maybe the refs are just scared of poppovich so they’ll actually call a fair series this time.

    • chico says:

      Again??? You must be one of the LA Fakers fan… lol. like to see your post after the game on sunday.

      • Adam says:

        And I suppose you are a Heta fan? I’d like to see your post after Game 2 and we’ll see what say you when your team is down 0-2. Spurs fans love a bit of a challenge to a boring opponent.

      • Game Time says:

        What’s a Heta fan?