Specialness Of Finals Sinks In For Duncan


MIAMI – His hair is more closely shorn now and, if he did let it grow, probably would show some gray. He’s actually leaner than he was way back when, thanks to an offseason diet-and-workout tweak to benefit his knees and his general odometer.

So yeah, Tim Duncan is older now even if his game, so grounded in fundamentals, seems relatively unchanged. Duncan’s perspective has grown up with him – the first time he participated in The Finals, in 1999, he was a 23-year-old kid, two years removed from college, and for all he knew, the San Antonio Spurs would keep showing up and winning titles through his career.

Actually, they kind of did for a while – Duncan got back in 2003, 2005 and 2007, by which time his status as a future Hall of Famer was secure. But it’s been six years since he and his team last stepped onto this stage. And the fellow who routinely brushes off talk of his legacy admitted that, y’know, it does feel good to be back.

“It’s felt like a long time,” Duncan told reporters after the Spurs’ practice Friday morning at AmericanAirlines Arena. “Yeah, I definitely appreciate being back out here, to see The Finals banners all around and to see the patch on the jersey and all those little things. The last couple of days it’s really been sinking in.

“I really do appreciate it more now, having been gone so long.”

How long? If San Antonio manages to wrest the 2013 championship away from Miami – it got started with its Game 1 victory Thursday – Duncan would become only the second player in NBA history to win rings in three different decades (John Salley is the other).

And as Fox Sports Florida’s Chris Tomasson also noted, Duncan would wind up with 14 years between his first and his most recent title. That would tie him for third place on the NBA’s all-time list with Sam Cassell. Robert Parish spaced 16 seasons between his first and his final ring, while Kareem Abdul-Jabbar holds the mark for biggest championship spread at 17 (1971 with Milwaukee, 1988 with the Lakers).


  1. That’s what I love about them. So good yet no one seems to care less they’re facing the world’s most hated basketball team.Thanks for the update

  2. Thank for the update!!

  3. JOHN says:

    David Stern and the media are completely ruining the NBA. I said it from Day 1 when LeBron went to Miami; overrated. Don’t get me wrong, LeBron is a really good basketball player, but he will never be “The Greatest of All Time”. He may end up being the GOAT but it will be based on the biased media people. Just turn on ESPN. What do you hear? “The Heat need to do this in Game 2” “LeBron didn’t do this” “LeBron needs to do that”. Besides Tony Parkers amazing shot at the end of the game, there’s no talk about the Spurs winning and that’s what I’m afraid is going to happen WHEN the Spurs win the championship. They’ll get their moment of glory right after the game, but it will soon be overshadowed with talks about the Heat and what they’re going to be doing next season. The Heat are done. I agree with Jason. They Heat aren’t and never will be a dynasty. They’ll never be like Bill Russell’s Celtics teams, or Magic’s Lakers teams, or Jordan’s Bulls teams. Completely overrated from Day 1 and David Stern made sure the Heat won one championship so he wouldn’t look stupid for letting LeBron and Bosh come to Miami.

    • James Bouwer says:

      I agree. Lebron james is simply a eugenics experiment that is fueled by the anti-christ. Just look at his tattoos of the beast, the masonic/illuminati number thirty three, the amount of illuminati hand signals, closeness with Jay Z who is evil. Also, look at all of the other symbols such as wade being number three, james number six, and all of the three, six (666) references. Oh, and they won 66 games and lost 16 games. There is a lot of manipulation in the NBA. I have a theory that Beverley was paid to hurt Russell Westbrooks knee just so the OKC would not be in the finals again, because a Heat/Spurs game would draw such a wider viewing audience. Everything is done for ratings. I think in the first round there were a lot of fixed games just so there could be a packed game six schedule on friday night. So much is rigged, but I gotta say I am hoping the Spurs get the go-ahead to beat the evil Heat (because I do think they are evil). It would be perfect to have the spur crush the head of the serpent.

  4. SM says:

    This is a guarantee that Miami will win this series either 4-1 or 4-2.

  5. Jason says:

    All I got to say, is that as a San Antonio Spurs fan, I do believe Lebron James is a good player, but he hasn’t shown his complete dominance of the sport yet like MJ did during his time. I mean MJ took 2 years off and came back and still managed to do well and win games with his TEAM. Yes, Everyone that won a championship did it as a TEAM even though the Star player did most of the work, it was a TEAM win. So my point basically is that even though San Antonio’s big 3 does well, they win as a TEAM. And when they answer questions, its always a TEAM thing first. For Miami to win, it will take a TEAM effort, because the SPURS knows how to close games with the BEST POINT GUARD IN THE NBA TONY PARKER, THE BEST 6TH MAN IN MANU GINOBILI, AND THE BEST FORWARD/CENTER TIM DUNCAN, AND ARGUABLY THE GREATEST COACH GREG POPAVICH. Just saying that in my opinion. My Belief is that San Antonio will win the Title. And lastly, the only thing I can’t stand is people calling the Miami Heat a Dynasty. Please stop calling them that. The organization has 2 titles, but their BIG 3 has 1. In the Last 16 years, The LAKERS have 5 and the SPURS have 4. Can someone tell me how Miami is a Dynasty??? just wondering.

  6. In fact no one on heat can handle Duncan-not bird, not haslem, not anthony-no one!

    • Pops says:

      Its funny how you say no one can cover Duncan.. Same thing happened in the Indiana series saying that they can’t handle Hibbert but adjusted and found a way to take the win. Miami in 6 or 7

      • machocuzz says:

        How can u say that, u cant put Hibbert and Duncan in the same League. Hibbert hasnt done anything on Duncan career past or present Duncan has seen every defense managble and knows how to attack it .A For sho Hall of Famer will be ready for anything. GO SPURS

  7. & to think we could have drafted Duncan strait to Boston-need i say more. Great respect to him for his accomplishments & more for how he carry’s himself-a Champ @ heart w/ selflessness! Lil bosh can not & never will be able to handle Duncan ever! & The Spurs didn’t play @ the top of their game is what’s most scary & still won! I knew Kawhi would be fine & do a great job on lbj-great 1st game! Nobody on heat can handle or slow Parker down, it’s just not happening! Keep it up Spurs. Spurs are a better team!
    Go Spurs-Spurs All The Way!!!
    Oh & yeah, Let’s not forget the Spurs phenomenal De#####!!!

  8. NotSpursFanYetLoveEm says:

    Why da fak do ppl say Spurs are boring to watch? I’ve always thought they’re the most exciting team to watch. You know why? Because they always have big moments and great poise in those moments. Other teams don’t even get the chance to have those big moments.

    The greatest games to watch are games of the greatest. If you prefer the Knicks or the Clippers than, oh well, you just won’t have that many games to watch.

  9. J says:

    true legend!
    heat in 6!!!

  10. latigo rapper says:

    Lebron will go back to Cleveland. GO MIAMI CAVALIERS! hehehe. GO SPURS GO! 🙂

  11. JimD54 says:

    I think Tim wants to feel confetti on his head one more time before he goes out, and Tony is going to do all he can to help him and the rest of the Spurs bring this in, Miami can’t handle strong big men and although Tim is getting up there he’s still in very good shape and can run all game, and as with Hibbert, the Heat have no one who can play against a strong big low post player, the Spurs should have this, if the refs don’t do them like they did Boston in game 2 of the eastern conference finals last year when the heat went to the foul line 47 times……I still can’t believe those refs gave them 47 free throws

  12. chiell spurs fan says:

    if spurs win championship this season they proved to all nba bandwagoner that u cant win championship just talent or just 3 great player on your team..that’s why i love spurs they play 5 players even 10 players in there roster and all have diferent roles and a great coach who knows what the players can do and dont go spurs go!!1 game at a time

  13. Art says:

    The same as new millennium started on year 2001 & not on 2000, the decade started on 1991 and ended on 2000. It means that Salley won rings (1989, 1990, 1996, 2000) in 2 different decades. If Tim wins this year he will be the first who could do that in 3 decades.
    But the most important is that he, Pop, Tony, Manu and all Spurs players will prove again that you don’t have to cheat to win a title.

    • Ren says:

      I wouldn’t say the Heat cheated. It’s just a different type of approach to getting the ring. Obviously the $ pays a big part, but Lebron was really going after his 1st one at that time. Lakers also use to buy in players. It’s a pity with Kobe, Howard, and Gasol they barely made the playoff. This shows playing like a true team is so important.

      Watch out the Lakers next season if Kobe comes back healthy. But most important is rather or not the coaching system fits the players. Honestly I doubt it, but who knows

  14. miami heat champs says:

    haters gonna hate miami will win.

  15. david says:

    we don´t like lebron because of his arrogance. Go Spurs

  16. Tim Duncan era.

    If the Heat lose the finals I don´t see them to continue San Antonio´s path in terms of keep together ten years more ( Wade Bosh Lebron)

    By the way…If the Heat lose I don´t see them do the same thing what Lakers 80´s did in terms of get mult championships as Bird did along with Magic 30 years ago.

    Besides….If the Heat lose the finals once again I don´t see them to recover and stan up for to continue next year togheter. That is to say that I see the Heat could let go Lebron Bosh and Chalmers.

    I said.

    Good luck on Sunday 😉

  17. Bored says:

    Dear Timmy, I am not a San Antonio Spurs fan but I just want the Miami Heat and Queen Lebrat James to lose. There’s nothing in this world that would bring me so much joy but that. If you and your team could sweep them, that would be a delight. Love and kisses, Bored.

    • Loki says:

      We spurs fans appreciate the love but the whole “I’m rooting for this team just because they’re going against the heat” thing is getting old.

      • Bored says:

        Dear Loki, you should be thankful some people hate the Heat. If not for them, there wouldn’t be alot of people rooting for the Spurs now. Come to think of it, the Spurs doesn’t have a huge fan base even if they have won several championships, so be nice. Love and kisses, Bored.

      • Chris says:

        That’s what I love about them. So good yet no one seems to care less they’re facing the world’s most hated basketball team. Still kinda silly but hey if you want to see the Heat lose that bad my Spurs will be happy to crush them for you. Enjoy the finals, it’s going to be fun ^_^

    • HOLY_Fart says:

      I Agree! 100%! the miami heat are just lucky they won against Bulls if only DRose is back then they wouldnt be in the finals now.

    • chico says:

      You must be a LA Fakers fan… lol.

      • joao14194 says:

        And you must be a Miami Cheat fan… LOL

      • Bored says:

        Dear Chico, just because I hate your Miami Hate and your Lebrat James doesn’t make me a Lakers fan. Your hate for the Lakers has overwhelmed your basic judgement. I don’t blame you because whenever someone says something against the Miami Hate, Hate fans could not retaliate in a sound and intelligent manner that they resort to name calling and cheap attacks to divert the issue. It only shows their mindset – they think the Miami Hate are already the best team in NBA history. Not there yet. Love and kisses. Bored.

  18. Filipino Idiot says:

    Bosh is not a superstar caliber player, that’s why he shuts down in big games.

  19. Loki says:

    Miami better bring their A game on Sunday Because I don’t see them taking all three games in San Antonio. Im hoping the Spurs crush them Sunday but just saying Miami’s fate rests on this series