Parker Sticks With ‘Crazy’ Clutch Play As Spurs Claim Game 1 Victory


MIAMI – Twenty-four seconds can be a long time. Same as 48 minutes.

Having patience when others might panic, staying poised long after others have turned to prayer, the San Antonio Spurs waited out the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the 2013 NBA Finals for a 92-88 win.

They kept their heads in ways that few opponents do, and much longer, when facing the offensive onslaught and defensive pressure of the reigning champions. They did what they’ve done for most of the past 14 years or so, back to when they started winning titles of their own: Playing with passion but without extraneous emotion. Letting games come to them. Trusting in each other and in their system.

Do that often enough, to where it becomes not just second nature but first, and it’s amazing how every once in a while, time will cooperate. And … stand … still.

“Longest 24 seconds I’ve ever been a part of,” LeBron James said afterward, shaking his head, grinning and dying a little while starting to purge the play from his memory.

Those 24 seconds — “26” was what it felt like to Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, and he was more right than he might have imagined — produced the final points of the night and snuffed whatever big-finish scenarios Miami might have had in mind.

Twenty-four seconds, San Antonio’s last possession, super-sized.

It began with 31.3 seconds left in the game, off a pair of free throws by James. It ended at 5.2 seconds — so yeah, 26.1 elapsed on the game clock by the time the ball came out of the net. But what was remarkable was all that took place in between, with San Antonio point guard Tony Parker‘s agony and ecstasy in less than half a minute.

Parker’s first priority was to run the clock, leaving as little time for Miami as possible while getting a legitimate, efficient scoring chance. That last part proved, err, a little tricky. The possession began to get away from him in a decidedly un-Spurs-like way.

“We waited too long for him to play that pick-and-roll,” said teammate Manu Ginobili, “And they are so good guarding that and helping and rotating and long arms on the ball, and he lost it twice. … So I was trying to just chase him around to get him an outlet.”

Only Parker turned the other way, toward the right sideline. Only a few seconds remained when he slipped and went to one knee on the hardwood, Curly Neal/Harlem Globetrotters-style. He managed to keep his dribble but, yikes, James was on him.

“Tony did everything wrong and did everything right in the same possession,” James said. “He stumbled two or three times. He fell over and when he fell over, I was like, ‘OK, I’m going to have to tie this ball up.’ He got up and went under my arm. I got a great contest and he even double-pumped it and barely got it off.”

Parker stepped through James’ defense and under his arm, leaned in and released the ball. Multiple replays were needed multiple times to prove the ball left his hand before the shot-clock lights triggered.

“It was a crazy play,” said Parker, who finished with 21 points — and was the only player in the game to score in double digits (12) in the second half. “I thought I lost the ball three or four times. At the end I was just trying to get a shot up. It felt good in my hand.”

It looked like a dagger to the Heat.

The moral of that possession, though, and what turned it into a microcosm of the game was that Parker stayed with the play until something special happened. Pretty much what the Spurs did too, only with the game.

Of Game 1’s first 41 minutes, San Antonio led for a mere 5:45 and not at all from 2:48 of the first quarter till 7:47 of the fourth. But it played methodically and stayed clean — its four turnovers tying the mark for second-fewest in playoff history. The first one came 13 seconds after tipoff, an instant reminder to the Spurs of what not to do against the champs.

“They played most of the game five-on-five,” Ginobili said, “and that’s what we want.”

In other words, Miami most of the time was facing San Antonio’s halfcourt defense rather than getting out in transition, scoring off breakouts or alley-oops. It had three fast-break points in the first quarter, three in the second, three in the third — and none in the fourth.

The Heat’s turnover pattern went the other way: two in the first, none in the second, two in the third — and five in the fourth. That’s as many giveaways as field goals in the period. Miami missed all five of its 3-pointers in the fourth, including two dubious ones from Chris Bosh and a force from James. It managed but 16 points, 36 in the second half.

“We didn’t really make adjustments,” Parker said.

No, they waited. For Miami’s fatigue to seize up on them — Dwyane Wade admitted to it, citing the seven games against Indiana that wrapped Monday, and James concurred. For Miami to make a mistake, too, like missing an ill-advised shot or not getting an arm on a Parker desperation double-pump.

Tim Duncan stayed patient through a scoreless first quarter, scored 12 in the second and finished with 20. Parker stayed patient with the Heat’s traps and was careful not to force plays. Kawhi Leonard, stuck shadowing James, stayed patient through James’ early triple-double — he had it with 10 minutes to spare — yet, in plus/minus ratings, Leonard wound up plus-6 on a night when the league’s MVP finished minus-3.

“They’re going to put you in positions where you feel uncomfortable offensively and defensively,” James said. “And every time you make a mistake, they’re going to capitalize on it.”

It’s what the Spurs do. They embrace time, stretch it in their favor and every once in a while, they stop it.

“We don’t really worry too much about what’s going on in the game except the things we can control,” coach Gregg Popovich said late Thursday. “What one can do is continue to play D, continue to rebound and just hang and hang and hang.

“It’s a 48-minute game. In the NBA things go back and forth many, many times. The ability to move on to the next play is what’s really important if a team wants to be really good.”

San Antonio did that in Game 1 — hang and hang and hang — until there was no next play for Miami at all.


  1. Lakers4life says:

    Wheres LBJKingJames lmao

  2. estela de Jesusl says:

    I’m 80 years old grandmother. I bet my bingo money on the spurs. That last shot of Tony Parker almost gave me a heart attack but I’m happy.

  3. uksdlo21 says:

    Ive watchd alot of playoff games and n da finals some refs let players play and some like 2wait Rull tgey step in and change da flo wth calls like joe crawford how can u lwt a refferee WHO blantly has an ego problem as a ref. Dnt worry heat fans If hrs refferin game2wich he probly will ullall will get some calla but at the end joe doesnt shoot da ball or play da game. Spurs. Play a poised game

  4. Go Spurs-Spurs All The Way!!!

  5. David says:

    In game 2, probably Wade or LBJ will stick on Tony Parker from start. LBJ used to shut down Derrick Rose and there’s a big chance that TP will be too. Just can’t wait to see how Pop and Spurs will adjust to adopt.

  6. KJ aka Mr Soft says:

    No matter what they say, Spurs proved the bworld on why they are capable of winning it all.. Thats the only thing they care about. Solid Spurs..

  7. jmmcbride08 says:

    Some are saying this shot will make more history than Sean Elliott’s Memorial Day Miracle Shot, but the naming of the shot is going to be key if it’s going to stick in the minds of fans. I’ve dubbed it “the D-Day Disaster Shot”.

  8. realitycheck says:

    Spurs didn’t even play well and still won while heat “dominated”. Heat fans call Parker’s shot luck because they don’t know what clutch is. Anybody notice tiago shutting Birdman down?

  9. notaheatorspursfan says:

    like ive said before, spurs in 5. the heat will fail. arrogance doesnt deserve championships.

  10. Reggie says:

    The ball looked mishandled, but the call could go either way. Depends on the officials. These guys have flaws, but to think their going to root for a team. Maybe, but probably not NBA – college or high school hoops.

  11. Dpaul says:

    I feel the RING for HEAT this year…. LJ your still my idol and don’t worry game is in your hands…

  12. Roger Santos says:

    Glad to see others share the same opinion on the FACT that Parker did travel right before taking the shot!!!

    • yeahisaidspurs says:

      That would be opinion, not “fact.” Funny how much trouble miami homers have making that distinction.

  13. GuidoDemian says:

    it’s amazing how “lucky” is to finish the first 3 quarters down by only 3 points….and come out on the 4th playing some cold-blooded D and extreme focus (as they did the entire game) and “win” with NOT the last possesion , and it was not even a 3.

    miami gave spurs ONE chance to control the game and it was that 4th quarter. NO TEAM SHOULD EVER give A SINGLE CHANCE to the spurs , because this happens.

    it amazes me how spurs hanged on almost the entire game by losing only by 3 on every quarter, with %53 percent on most of the game’s field goals by MIAMI.

    tim didn’t play half the game , which i was concerned on how they could stay alive and mantein that 2-3 point diff . manu barely made some lay-ups , kawhi almost didn’t make shots, danny green had only some 3s …

    miami has the most athletic and though team in NBA, combined with one of the most feared starting line-ups that can easely take 20-3 on the first 8 minutes vs any team…INCLUDING SPURS.

    but spurs don’t need that to win ball games…. they can miss shots, take less shots, miss FT…and still be PERFECT during the WHOLE game like they did yesterday. and by PERFECT i mean DOING WHAT POP TELLS EM TO DO.

    if parker talked like MJ….i would believe him like one of the most focused team-leaders in NBA history.

    “No doubt, we will win this ball game” – MJ at that INDIANA series with the Bulls.

  14. Vanessa says:

    I lift my hat to Spurs – they closed off the game well. However I know Heat will rebound and win in 7. Go Heat!!!!

  15. chris says:

    i think that was a travel. i used to hate parker because he had a ugle jumpshot but now his jumpshot is as good as it gets and its beautiful.

  16. Filipino Idiot says:

    Miami has more problems of shutting down TP than Spurs shutting down LBJ

  17. beebuzz says:

    If Heat really wants to win then they would have to give more minutes to RAY Allen!
    Starting lineup should be James, wade, Allen, Birdman and Chris Boss

  18. OKCKD35 says:

    I don’t think the heat will be swept, they can still win the series, just hate the homer heat fans where everytime they lose the other team is “lucky” in game 1 they were out-executed in the 4th quarter and it cost them the game.

  19. Dan says:

    In the 4th Quarter, when everything was on the line: LeBron was scared of the moment [choking issue], Wade was ready to throw in the towel [retire] and Bosh wasn’t going anywhere near the rim [afraid of Duncan]

    Clearly, the Heat will be swept, bahahaha

  20. Willy says:

    Oh ya and another thing. The Heat are tired? come on man, how old are these guys? Oh thats why they lost because they are tired in the last quarter, is that an excuse? Get out a here boys you are done. DWade keeps saying he hopes he can continue to keep up that kind of energy? What, what else do you have to do man? its the playoffs, you play hard until you die, then you go home and sleep. Just don’t like the way the Beat are talking right now. Toasted Heat.

  21. Willy says:

    He didn’t walk, no double dribble. The coolest thing about this video replay is Pop in the background, just standing there with his arms crossed like nothing is happening. Now thats cool. Pop is cool, aint’ nothin cooler than Pop. Cool breeze as we say down south. Spurs care alot, but they really don’t care, they will win.

  22. trololo says:

    Lmao! lucky shot? look at his composure and tongue out.. thats the killer instinct like MJ and kobe. no rattle or choke.

  23. I don’t think tht the Spurs should’ve won this game, the Heat have won it this game is going to be tough 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Johnny Wadd says:

      You don’t think the Spurs should’ve won? Glad to know what you think doesn’t matter.

  24. sanjay says:

    The travel by tony parker was not called in the end. And spurs are having a favor of referees as a nicer team. Duncan looks coy but some dramatist in his own right! Ginobli another flop king! Heat have lost battier at a crucial time. His defense and 3 shot making was essential to the heat. spurs are just leaving him open! He had 3 open looks that he missed yesterday!

    Heat cannot win like this. They have to out hustle spurs and play physical basketball. They have to mark folks man to man, force turn over and run trasitional offense.
    Bosh has to be closer to the rim. His 3 shots should come in first half and not other half. I rather have james take the 3 himself. Wade/bosh/james/haslem/bird must pound the paint and that is the only way to shut this team down.
    Do not give 3 pointer to green and let others go to work.
    Heat must come to dispatch spurs in game 2 and send a loud and clear message saying that we are coming to get you.
    lebron needs a monster game 35 plus game to prove a point.

    It is all been too soft from heat and that is falling right in to arms of spurs!
    Get to war, if not now when?

    • Joyful says:

      You may have watched an illusionary game. How fast did Duncan get two fouls? How many did Lebron and Dwade have? Did Manu get face raped on a dunk attempt and several other drives? I saw Lebron holding Jerseys on Duncan and Parker. I saw Lebron Push Green into Allen for 3 FTs. Try using replay.

  25. Stanley says:

    You guys keep saying Parker double dribbled and kicked the ball, It’s easy to see that when you repeat the play 10 times and even in slow motion, it was a really fast sequence with many bodies around, it’s really hard to call those plays live.

  26. vivek balivada says:

    Respect Spurs and respect NBA officials, rules!

    You win some, you lose some…these close games are worth every bit for the individual fans…. Parker’s unpredictable, unbelievable game-sealing jumper sealed the fate yesterday for heat…Like as James said: “Tony did everything wrong and did everything right in the same possession,”

    Where this shot falls in the canon of huge Finals shots will be determined, in part, by how the rest of the series plays out. History tends to be written by and about the winners.

  27. Bru says:

    I like the objectivity of fans … If Lebron made a play like Tony did , everybody would say that it was great play ( not lucky ) and everybody would say that it was the greatest play of the playoffs . Tony did it and people say that he is just lucky … Respect please

  28. Don says:

    Watch the slow mo video of that shot and you’ll clearly see it’s a double dribbling violation. 🙂

  29. Killerpanda says:

    In my opinion that was the ideal game for the heat to win. Game 1 at home, spurs haven’t played in 9 days, spurs missed open 3’s, kwahi had close to no offense, ginobili was average, Lebron triple doubled, wade put up numbers, and even bosh showed some production. I don’t think Miami has much room for improvement, but if the spurs play the way I have seen them play some games in the playoffs, the heat will be lucky to get one.

  30. Mo says:

    To moderngreece. Super dubious call? Are you kidding me. That was the easiest call to make in the game. I don’t believe there is a conspiracy. But at this point in the playoffs the team that can get away with most borderline stuff or blatent stuff generally wins when they are matched up so well. The same thing is going on in the Hockey playoffs. The Heat aren’t hands down the better team but if they want to win they’ll have to make the outcome not based on reffing. They need to execute to win, especially in the 4th quarter.

  31. hipster says:

    I fully expect LeFlop to come out in full flopping mode next game. He will flail and flop all over the court and will also just try to bulldoze the Spurs while he’s driving to the lane.

    The refs love the Heatles, but the Spurs are a much better TEAM.

  32. Bootyman says:

    You mad Le-BRO-n?

  33. vivek balivada says:

    Parker simply awesome! It was a great game and one for the ages.. Go Spurs Go!

    Daniel Almeida, if you can’t take a loss in NBA, then yeah you shud quit watching it rather than hating it!

    NBA is the best…

  34. moderngreece says:

    everybody keeps talking about Parker’s lucky shot…which forgets that the game wouldn’t have gotten down to the last possession if it weren’t for the super dubious call that gave Ray Allen 3 free throws…i m not saying its a conspiracy and bla bla bla I am just saying that you can’t call this a lucky win when they are ourrebounded, shoot the 3 horribly, get in foul trouble early and still win…i call this the better team won as it is so often the case in basketball games

    • OKCKD35 says:

      agreed, not to mention 2 quick terrible fouls on Timmy to put him on the bench for a quarter

      • OKCKD35 says:

        don’t agree with your point on the Ray allen call, he was fouled, defender has to give him space to come down from the jump shot which he did not

      • Joyful says:

        What seems to be overlooked is Ray Allen was fouled because LBJ pushed green in the back as he jumped out to contest. Miraculous LBJ minutes played to foul ratio, hes untouchable and can do what he wants. There are also several instances in last 5 minutes of him clearly tugging Duncans Jersey while he went up.

  35. Miami Fan since 03 says:

    dwayne wade needs to take over…lebrons not clutch and always chokes…give flash the ball and let him go to work

    • Miami fan since LeBron?? says:

      no one is stopping him from stepping up. keep making excuses for this overrated team, you will eventually see your precious overpaid & over hyped one man team go down in flames. everyone says the Spurs are old, well then, old guys rule in this case. Also, consistently winning is getting old for the Spurs, btw.

  36. Mo says:

    I’m not a fan of either team but the only chance the Spurs have of winning this series is if the refs continue to put away the whistle in regards to Tim Duncan. The clear no-call when Joel Anthony went for the dunk pretty much summed it all up. Tim Duncan is a good player but not the player he used to be. The refs give him way to much respect b/c he’ll be a hall of famer. The sad thing i saw was him foul a guy then the play right after he started complaining the refs b/c they didn’t get the call their way. What a joke. Kevin Garnett is in the same boat. These guys don’t have the athleticism to stick with the younger guys but the refs give them the opportunity to stay in the game.

    • CLA says:


      Your kidding right? If the refs are on anyone’s side it is LBJ. He is a great basketball player but, give me a break with the refs comment. Lebron gets away with mugging, pushing off, etc.. the entire game and you are talking about TD getting some respect from the refs. Every possession there is a foul or two that does not get called on both sides of the ball and if they called them all the game would be about 10 hours long. As long as they call it the same “both ways” then it equals out.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        seriously, I cant believe hes only been fined for flopping once, that and he always over reacts to foul calls and never gets the tech called on him. Tired of LBJ getting away with whatever he wants because he is LBJ, they let the Grizzlies absolutely Mug KD, yet anyone touches LBJ its a foul

      • Mo says:

        You guys are both bias to LBJ. You point out LBJ but can’t deny Tim Duncan is getting away with clearly obvious fouls. He is one step behind everyone else and has to make up for it somehow. At this point he should almost foul out every game. I don’t expect the minor stuff to be called. Just the super obvious stuff, and LBJ doesn’t get all the calls. The offensive fould he got when going to the rim against Hibbert should’ve been a blocking call. Hibbert was clearly jumping forward to meet him, not going straight up. If Hibbert went straight up he would’ve gone flying backwards. Thats just simple physics. The number of calls generally equal out in the playoffs but that is not good reffing. I’m a ref and its considered an unfair advantage if it keeps a player in the game or one team is getting away with more. Generally only 30% of all calls get called. So you let the little stuff go and you call the obvious stuff. Nobody can deny that it wasn’t a foul when Joel Anthony went for the dunk. Just saying by not calling the obvious stuff against Duncan, he is kept in the game and the advantage goes from the Heat to the Spurs. You make the call and the player adjusts or gets benched. I do completely agree that LBJ does embellish but so does Ginobili. Alot of the players do. The question is where do you draw the line. Overreacting is not flopping and KD does it too. But everyone knew they were going to get eliminated w/o Westbrook. A moot point.

    • Marco29 says:

      Seriously? He took his first foul from a charge by Wade. Then, there have been numerous “And 1s” due to contacts fom Birdman and LBJ that have not been called.
      The only debatable time is in the last minutes when he got blocked by Bosh and still got the foul.

  37. KD says:

    Tony P MVP!!!!

  38. Dizzly says:

    Tony Parker had kicked the ball and double-dribbled twice on this play…

  39. joe says:

    When will Stern issue the fine for profanity he used during the interview?

  40. sanjay says:

    The heat have to find a way to shut down parker completely! That is the only way to win this series! they also cant have duncan shooting easy jump shots. Bosh cant shoot 3 late in the quarter. Bosh has to fight under the rim like he did last year!
    James have to get in to 30’s. Wade have to get back to his old way in a game or two! The spurs first have to be blown away in a game to unsettle them. They are having too easy time at the moment.
    Miami should not have let spurs hang around after they had a 9 point lead.
    James have to completely shut down parker, wade will take on ginobli, bosh have to fight with duncan. It is left to others to win the series. Nole/chalmers have to wake up for the heat. battier must shut down green. haslem take on leonard.
    Heat have to hustle and stop playing softball and too much respect for this spurs team.

    the only way to beat this team is by one to one hustle.

    Heat are the defending champions and they must go to out to bury whoever want to snatch it from them.
    It is more than a basketball game. Only then they will win!

  41. Bill says:

    Your calculation is misleading. It should be from the time the Spurs picked up the ball after they inbounded it (which we can agree should be same as when James finished his free throws) to when the ball left Parker’s hands, not when the ball went through the net and the person stops the clock. You can see from your game recap video that when the ball left Parker’s hands the game clock had about 7.7 left but they let it run down to 5.2 before it was stopped. So if you add the 2.5 back it was about 23.6 seconds for the entire possession.

  42. Don says:

    I jus wanted to laugh.. Hahahahahah

  43. W/E says:

    What a great game, thank god we got the Spurs in the finals they are such a great team, it looks like LBJ is all alone again vs the Spurs, thats bad news for him am telling you.

  44. candy says:

    Spurs have proven yet again why they are in the finals. Its well played and they have just begun. Heats now have to really play for this title. Spurs taking the title at home.

  45. Ricky says:

    Look at the play… Isn’t that a discontinue dribble call or double dribble as you say it…

  46. Big Al says:

    How is that not a double dribble? Tony fumbled the ball with two hands… and then dribbled another dribble? I know you can pick it up after you fumble… but dude, you cant dribble it again? Am I missing something?

    • Big Al says:

      Ok, I reviewed the play. Wow! Tony handled it perfectly and with precision. Its especially funny to see LeBron James drop his shouders after Tony makes the shot, it was a dagger thru the heart! That tells me everything, Spurs in 4!!! Yes, I SAID IT & I DECIDED! C`est magnifique Tony!!!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      missed call maybe, but the heat lost by 4 not by two, so it doesn’t really matter

  47. JimD54 says:

    Those Heat loving referees really have their work cut out for them this series, they couldn’t get the Miami floppers to the line last night, and the Spurs don’t make stupid mistakes or turn the ball over so it’s going to be hard to take this series, but hang in there Heat fans, the refs love you, they’ll think of a way to neutralize the Spurs for you..

  48. R40 says:

    oh yeah now i see everybody became a huge spurs fan, right?
    I am a heat fan, but i’ll admit that the spurs deserved this victory because the heat didn’t play like a defending champ should play in the 4th quarter.
    BUT, to all the Heat-haters, i just want to remind you, last year the finals began the same way against OKC, and this year when the Bulls took game 1 everybody was saying that Miami isn’t good enough to reach the finals.
    So everybody chill, the Spurs were the better team in this game, i hope miami can learn from this and come back strong at game 2.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      last year against OKC danny Crawford bailed out Miami in game 2 on a no call on LBJ as he blatantly fouled KD on his last second shot which would have won the game. never got back to OKC. Also last year OKC had home court, Miami didn’t lose game 1 on their own floor, now there is a chance the series doesn’t come back to Miami after game 2

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        nobody remembers … get over it okc fans

      • OKCKD35 says:

        obviously people remember if its being talked about. Danny Crawford is a total Miami heat homer, I cant wait til you all lose and they break up your team, Wade is a shell of his former self, and Bosh now thinks he has the touch from outside. then it will be back to LeBron, looking like a muppet, flopping and crying.

    • Andrew says:

      You cannot compare okc and the bulls to the Spurs. The Spurs play team ball all around….very simple technique, but people don’t grasp it. Very unselfish playing. They have four championships and have seen it all. Thats why the big three play so calm. Call them old, boring, or whatever, but they will be the last ones standing. The bulls…no Rose, OKC…. no westbrook. Come on man…… I am a Dallas Maverick fan by the way and I don’t like the spurs. Seriuosly though….spurs are dangerous….too many weapons right now. Again, very simple……they play team ball, play defense, and have been here too many times. Goodluck to your heat…..

    • Angelo says:

      OKC won the first game last year beacause they were clicking in all cylinders. their shots were dropping. this time, it’s different. the Heat had a better game. the spurs was the one struggling and yet they still managed to win. wait until San Antonio’s 3s start to fall down. isn’t that scary? Green hiting 5 treys, kawhi with 4, the red rocket smoking them with another 4 trey, neal with 3 treys, manu with another 3 trey, TP with another 2, so does Diaw. and don’t get it wrong. they are more than capable of doing that.

  49. not a kobe fan either says:

    to all who said heat in 4, wake up!
    you prolly meant heat in 4 straight losses.

  50. Bulls are rose says:

    I kept replaying the last 31 second over and over for like ten minutes, unbelievable the way he managed to get up after he fell over, go PARKER carry the SPURS for the title.

  51. Mehr says:

    Miami must play harder. They played so soft and careless specially in 4th quarter.

  52. SM says:

    If Miami want to pay like this, then the 2011 Final will be repeated.
    Miami used that experience and won the championship in 2012 but yesterday they play soft specially in 4th quarter.
    They seem so relaxed and careless.
    Although St-Antonio is not as hard as Indiana but they use a very good technique to control the tempo of the game.
    All Miami need to do is to play harder. take care of every position and go into paint as much as they can.
    Miami should win the series in 6 games if they play hard.

  53. realist2013 says:

    Great game solid D from both sides. Love the calm approach the Spurs took on a warm up game from a 9 day rest. Scary part is they are just getting started.

  54. Jordan says:

    I know it doesn’t make any difference now but TP fumbles and actually double dribbles on that play as he falls down…

  55. MathSimon says:



  56. DriveFerFive says:

    I figured Spurs would take Game 2 after warming up in Game 1 from their vacation. Shouldn’t be any more talk of James blowing through Leonard now, kid’s got game!…….. it’s 3 till 5 in ‘Ol Santone

  57. El Ueapo says:

    3 more times is doable. Go SAS!

  58. not1not2 not 3 not 4.. shut up clown says:

    Miami tried to come out strong with their flopping and making sour faces at those refs after calls on them. And even tho spurs missed all those open look 3 pointers they came on top. all bandwagon jumpers better hope “big 1 3/4” don’t fall in depression now or its a sweep. Spurs will come out stronger and with better range. They won and didn’t have to pull lane excuse of rust that they already have in these playoffs. Clowning.

  59. TP-Parker in the house ripping it up in so beach!!! Go Spurs-Spurs are the better team!!!
    Spurs All The Way!!!

  60. Oh no please!Don´t let that damn spurs win the title i hate the nba now!

  61. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    Lebron and the heat are not worried – The let that game slip away, the heat had a HORRIBLE 4th quarter as a team, but judging on how the heat were in control for the first 3 quarters the spurs should be lucky they stole that game. HEAT IN 6! Nothing changed of my prediction.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      you must not watch the spurs, pop always makes great defensive adjustments in the 4th quarter, it was san antonios great rotation defense that had Miami missing shots as they were contesting everything

    • Marco29 says:

      Spurs didn’t even have a good game and still won. Miami wasn’t able to pull away even though they “dominated” the first 3 quarters. This is no good sign for them. Most important is to dominate the end of the game and that is clearly what Spurs did.

  62. Big Al says:

    It’s Bosh’s fault. He was too chicken to get in the paint, relying too much on jumpers, not to mention that ill-advised three-pointer late in the fourth that pretty much sealed the deal for the Spurs. There is no more Hibbert, so don’t be scared to get inside next time.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      agreed, bosh shooting 3’s in a 4 point game with 30 seconds left, it wasn’t luck it was bad decision making for the heat

  63. B-Ball4Life says:

    Man…what an incredible game! The Spurs played great but they didn’t deserve to win. Such a lucky shot from Tony.
    No worries though for Miami they will at least will win one at San Antonio to regain home court.
    LeBron was amazing! Let’s go Heat!

    • RB3 says:

      ]Its not luck. he got it off in time and it went in, just like any other shot. it was just bad D by LeBron. it was just the sequence of how he got the shot off that made it look lucky.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      even if parker missed that shot spurs still would have won, they were already up by 2 and Miami bricked their last shot.

    • SpinDoctor says:

      Correction.. Miami needs to win at least 2 on the road to regain home court advantage.
      The NBA Finals is using the 2-3-2 format, unlike the previous 2-2-1-1-1.

  64. Axel says:

    Thank you very much for this article. Steve, again you nailed it!
    Against any other team in the league – maybe other than a healthy and fully recovered Bulls – Miami would have gone on a run from start to finish. They started red hot and scored from anywhere with anyone on the court.
    The veterans from SA however just remained calm and clawed their way back – no, I have to correct myself, they just waited for Miami to miss shots and then grabbed the opportunity. So what can Miami do the next game? 1) they will have to start as sharp as they did in game 1 and never drop which is nearly impossible in a game of 48 min with a tough opposition as the SPURS are. 2) Dont give the Spurs an inch
    3) Hope for fatigue to kick in with the Vets. Doesn’t sound very good, does it? Yes, it was a very tight game with a nail biting decision in the end. But because the Heat dominated almost the whole game without really pulling away (at most 9pts), what more could they have done?
    LBJ – Superstarlike but not enough. Why? Becasue when it mattered most he produced TOs and missed shots. Not many and simply human? What would a certain MJ or KB would have done in that particular moment. Your lead is cut and then turned into a deficit…??! I can only picture one type of MJ or KB in that moment: doing whatever it takes to dominate! And why didnt LBJ do this? Only he will know. But I guess not even he does. There is no doubt that he possesses every skill the worlds best basketball player needs BUT – mental strength and the calmness in the crunch time. That’ s what MJ and KB and tonight the SPURS vets as a group had.

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      What’s wrong with you dude? Mental strength-So I guess you haven’t had a chance to watch the season or the playoffs this year. LBJ doesn’t need to prove anything because he’s done it already more than Parker & Duncan together (no disrespect to them they are both great players). Get real. If Parker would have missed that last shot we would be speaking about how bad of a player he is and that he is making bad decisions late in the game. Just a lucky win…C’mon you hater!

      • guardjugg says:

        The ball fell in both hands twice but has been dribbled again and finally settled the 3rd time

      • OKCKD35 says:

        spurs 13-2 in the playoffs Miami 12-5 in the playoffs. seems like San Antonio is playing better, Indiana was the only good team Miami has faced til now and they went to a game 7. they got a terrible bucks team, and injured Chicago team, what has Miami proved in the playoffs this year except it takes them 7 games to get through Indiana without danny granger?

      • justorion says:

        delusional child

      • #Spurs101 says:

        ARE YOU KIDDING??? LBJ is a great player but more than Parker and Duncan combined? 16 straight years in the playoffs, 4 championships, Defensive player of the year, both named to all-nba or second-nba, both Finals MVP and the list could go on. C’MON MAN! Oh and one more thing since you are a Lebron fan from Miami, Those two swept him in the finals!!#C’MON MAN

      • JustLaughing says:

        To #Spurs101:

        Could that also mean that it would really take 2 STARS to beat LBJ? Just a thought…

      • JG9 says:

        To JustLaughing:
        The finals is a game between two TEAMS, not STARS. Yes, LBJ played great but as a team, they failed to execute down the stretch which the Spurs did. Another LBJ fanatic, Spurs beat the Heat, not Parker/Duncan beat LeBron. Again, this is a TEAM game, not a game between STARS. Just a thought….

  65. J says:

    damn it!! 😡

    heat in 6!!

  66. Jumppong says:

    just an hours past. James told that he is a different player during the day he is in Cleveland. now he is 5-0 against spurs in the finals. looking forward if he can prove what he says or he will eat it!

  67. Marie says:

    Love it!!!!

  68. rg dazzle says:

    SPURS definitely look like the defending champions in this game 1, hopefully through out the series.

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      What? Are you kidding me? Miami dominated this game. All the experts said it themselves. Did you listen to Pop at the press conference after the game. He said they were fortunate to win that game. Miami had a bad 4th quarter and that shot from Tony my god how lucky was that. Anyways. This is going to be one hell of a series. LETS GO HEAT!!!

      • HotHeat says:

        No one saw or even talks about Parker’s double dribbling on that last play, the official review looking if he shot within the 24 sec but no one notice he double dibble when he felt down

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Bad sign for Miami if the “dominated” the game and still lost. Obviously they did not dominate the game as everytime they started to pull away the spurs countered and kept the game close. That’s how you win on the road.

      • #Spurs101 says:

        Dominated the game huh? More turnovers, sloppy play, poor execution, oh and a loss. Pop said that because its called being humble. As for the experts, most of them are like the teenage girls in high school who chases the flavor of the week. As for the play, I can show you’ll the link so you can see that there was no double dribble. And again, for who dominated check the final scoreboard. Your playing with the big boys fellas!! #BuiltADynastyNotBoughtIt

      • Joyful says:

        They also reviewed Allens 3 pointer and clearly LBJ pushed Green in the back as he closed out, causing the contact. Let’s take those 3 away as well….

  69. Angelo says:

    kinda silent here, huh… LBJKINGJAMES? any bandwaggoners?

  70. #Fan says:

    This was a good game, with a great ending.
    I Hope game 2 be the same. I really don’t want to see a blow-out [from neither team]
    lets keep this finals close and unpredictable.

    Lets hope for a entertaining series


  71. Matt says:

    Spurs win, while only shooting around 40% FG…They will shoot better. If the Spurs win game two it’s goodnight Miami.

  72. outsid3 says:

    Interesent but not reading on mail.

  73. …..And if somebody cuold take this words to Miami I would really in love:


    You have to penetrate more and more. You have to take every posession in your hands and take one on one.

    From a fan of your game.

    • Alfonsocs2 says:

      Of he do that, Spurs will kill them. To defeat SPURS, Heat needs more that 1 “STAR”

    • OKCKD35 says:

      and If someone could take these words to LatinoHeatFan :

      If Lebron takes over every play and does not involve his team he should have just stayed in Cleveland. He has already proved he cant win it on his own.

    • Spurslatinofan says:

      Heat fan, please get off your dad`s computer. Your not helping yourself or your Heat.

  74. “You born like a champion. You don´t become a one”

    Author: Me.

    • Spurslatinofan says:

      You need to go back to school. ” You born like a champion”, que que???

    • Angelo says:

      Funny how Heat’s fans focus on Parker’s “lucky” shot. First of all, even if that shot did not go in, the Spurs would still be up by two. and with the disappearing act of James and Wade in the fourth, I doubt they could have converted anyways. then there are those saying that the Spurs got fortunate and how Miami controlled almost the entire game. Yes they did, and that’s how scary San Antonio is. They were struggling with their 3 point arsenal and yet still managed to win. Please don’t compare this to last year’s Finals. OKC won the First game because they got hot, while SA won with sheer effort and mental toughness.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      you make no sense, So Lebron was born dunking a basketball? He didn’t put in any kind of work or practice, just won a trophy because he was born entitled to it? you should write your own book called “stupid quotes that make no sense, my life story” by heatlatinofan