Bosh In Need Of Redemption


MIAMI — Gregg Popovich didn’t need nine days to figure out a game plan for the Miami Heat.

The San Antonio Spurs’ coach needed to watch just nine minutes of footage from the Eastern Conference finals matchup between the Heat and Indiana Pacers to find the weak link his team could exploit in The Finals.

Heat center Chris Bosh made the job easy for him, sticking out on offensive and defensive possessions where he wasn’t engaged in the action. He also played smaller than you’d expect from an eight-time All-Star and a $100 million man who has already anointed himself a future Hall of Famer.

Bosh played to the Spurs’ script in San Antonio’s Game 1 win, making just six of his 16 shot attempts, grabbing just four rebounds and coming up woefully short in the fourth quarter. He missed a wide open 3-pointer with 1:02 to play and the Heat trailing by four, a shot the Spurs will let him take anytime in this series.

“We had an opportunity to get into the paint,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “He was open … probably for a reason at that point. But we had a couple of different options, triggers to get guys into the paint or to get into another situation. You know what, we’ll take that shot. He’s been making those. It’s an open shot in the fourth quarter. It didn’t come down to that.”

Sure it did, for Bosh, who needs a redemption game in the worst way in Game 2 Sunday.

It came down to that and all the other missed opportunities to assert himself, both in the conference finals (where he averaged 11.0 points and 4.3 rebounds against Pacers big men Roy Hibbert and David West) and in the 47 minutes leading up to that 3-point miss in Game 1 against the Spurs.

The Spurs left Bosh open the way you would expect them to leave Joel Anthony, the Heat’s former starting center, open in the same situation. It’s not so much a sign of disrespect of Bosh’s game but a nod to the obvious. Bosh is struggling mightily this postseason — the last big-time game he had was in Game 3 of the conference semifinals against Chicago when he finished with 20 points, 19 rebounds and two blocks in the Heat’s 104-94 win.

Bosh hasn’t scored more than 17 points in any game since then and didn’t even manage double digits in the last four games of the conference finals. He hasn’t had a double-digit rebound game since then, either — a stretch of 10 straight playoff games. That’s unacceptable for a player in Bosh’s tax bracket.

Even more perplexing is his reluctance to challenge the Spurs inside. Tim Duncan and Tiago Splitter are classic big men but not the rugged forces inside that Hibbert and West are. And yet Bosh rarely ventured inside in Game 1. He missed all four of his 3-point attempts, taking as many as Ray Allen, and only four of his 16 shot attempts came inside the paint, where he was 1-for-4. The only real damage he did against the Spurs was with his mid-range game, going 5-for-8 on those shots.

It’s clear that Bosh has allowed his solid 3-point shooting effort in the playoffs (15-for-31 for 48 percent prior to Game 1) to convince him that he’s more effective from distance. That’s why he claims his confidence hasn’t wavered in recent weeks or after he came up empty in Game 1.

“It’s a part of sports,” he said of his late miss from deep. “You really don’t have to think about it. You just react. And that’s something I always lived by no matter what the situation is. I have confidence in myself and my teammates have confidence in me, every shot that I shoot I expect it to go in. Some do and some don’t.”

But sometimes those numbers can lie. They don’t always tell the true story. And the Spurs want, better yet, they need Bosh to believe in them. They need him to play into their hands by drifting on the perimeter and allowing them to lock down the lane defensively.

Bosh has been non-existent in the pick-and-roll, mostly because he hasn’t shown any inclination to roll to the basket. That allows the Spurs to collapse the lane the same way Indiana did against LeBron James and Dwyane Wade and leaves the Heat with one less body around the basket to help on the boards.

Bosh has to find a way to leave much larger footprint on this series. Some way, some how, he has to be a factor.

“Anytime you get into a series, you have to recognize how a team is playing you. And sometimes it’s not your series,” Allen said. “I’ve been in several series where scoring-wise it wasn’t really in my direction – teams were taking me out. So it’s important you find a way to have an impact. Shane [Battier] came in the game last night, he altered shots, he got loose balls, he got us second-chance opportunities, and he had a great impact on the game. So each one of us has to find a way to have that impact on the floor.

‘With CB, there’s so many opportunities in the paint,” Allen continued. “We’re going to have to rely on him, we’re going to need him. And if he doesn’t score a bucket for us to to be efficient and effect the game, that goes for all of us. We have to be willing to make that sacrifice. I don’t think his confidence has wavered. I just always say I can make it easier on him out there when that ball comes. Especially early, trying to get him into the paint a little bit more. When the ball comes to him, just get that second-chance pick-and-roll where I can come off and get it back to him, so he can get something a little short or something rolling to the rim so he can get some easy buckets.”

The choice is simple for Bosh: he either makes the adjustment to his game and acquaints himself with the painted area or risks more performances like the ones he’s turned over the past 10 games. He either does a little film study of his own, breaking down his own shortcomings and highlighting the things he can tweak in his own game or continues to be the Heat’s weakest link in this postseason and this series.

But there’s no doubt about it, more than anyone else, the burden is on Bosh to change the course of this series for the Heat.


  1. Vinsanity says:

    People been sayin’ trade bosh for howard or kevin love for more productive player cause chris bosh is apperantly weak or soft but what u all people need to understand is that chris bosh is chris bosh thats his game i can say thesame thing about howard who just dunks and can’t post, kevin garnett shooting all them jumpers near the trey’s but thats their game. And spo LBJ and the heat knows that. so what u all people need to do is just shut yo damn a$s mouth up and just watch the game just watch a damn good basketball game.

  2. Kal says:

    good to see he’s Miami’s problem now…
    – Toronto fan

  3. JamieB says:

    @ realtalk: More like realcopypaste actually; you’ve posted the exact same comment in many other blogs here. Bosh has admitted his support role for LeBron and recognizes him as the best player. Wade is injured and is aware of his limitations. Both these guys lured James to join them, and they know that he is gonna take the limelight at South Beach. Dwyane has no reliable jump shot, let alone a three pointer. Chris can shoot, but his job is at the post where he was pretty much AWOL in Game 1.

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  5. realtalk says:

    Truth hurts, but I think both Bosh and Wade have let the fact that LBJ is obviously the Heats leader and has repeated as MVP effect their play, not to say they are sabatoging, but maybe their egos are bruised knowing that from now on its LBJ’s legacy and they are supporting cast, body language speaks volumes, and at times they both seem to be doing more harm than good on both ends of the floor.

  6. yellow_monkey says:

    believe it or not ? heats’re all know in the 1st game which they can’t beat TD because they don’t have fast-break game,actually thunder could beat spur last year because of their fast-attack game that make spur formation can’t set,and it’s because of mario charmer injury .no fast ball, no real steal player just chuck norris !!!!!! and some awkward rebound
    that’s a problem !!!!!

  7. Samuel says:

    He’s trying to be like Dirk, but he;s not even closed. And never was a superstar just another player like buzzer.

  8. sanjay says:

    cut all three big guys salary to get some body who can play in the paint and rebound.

  9. sanjay says:

    wow @ verk is no sense tell it as it is guy. No, bosh is needed for miami style of play but what they can do is all big 3’s salary to get a bigger man around 7 to 8 million bucks which should be doable.
    They do not need a big man to play whole game. They need a big man to give 20 to 24 minutes like bird is doing now but only a bit more.
    No body can run away even james.

  10. sanjay says:

    @wesley stokes!
    you have a point the problem heat do not have a big center and the opponent has a very good center. Bosh moving away helps them to pound the paint and hold the paint both on offensive and defensive end. had battier been hitting his 3’s bosh
    would move to the paint like he did last year.
    He had to spend 70% of time in the paint as opponent have big men. But others have to help him do that as allen has acknowledged. I am sure they will do more as series goes on.

  11. Irahadi says:

    Method neat! Several incredibly valid points! My spouse and i appreciate a person scripting this submit and the other website can be great.

  12. john says:

    Just trade bosh for a handfull of table scratch..

  13. Verk says:

    For a guy getting paid as much as Lebron and more than Wade, he needs to step up or he’ll find himself on the first flight out of Miami once the season ends and in a place like Charlotte or Sacramento. If he wants to stay on a winning team he needs to play like a winner. Eventually management will see that his production isn’t matching his salary and will find a cheaper version. There are plenty of stretch fours in the game these days that aren’t as costly as Leborn

  14. Big Al says:

    Fans admire Bosh for giving up his 20+ ppg as a Raptor to help the team score a crown, but certainly, his rpg shouldn’t suffer. Leave the three-pointers to Allen, Miller, maybe Battier or even Jones if he gets playing time. Be in the paint and don’t come out clucking. Who do you expect to rebound your missed jumpers? Duncan can afford that sometimes because there’s a Splitter that can look after the rim for him. You are the center, so start acting like one. If Miami loses this final altogether, don’t be surprised if you’re headed to Tradesville while Old Pat works on getting Al Jefferson.

  15. sanjay says:

    bosh can do his thing in first 3 quarters where he will get plenty of opportunities to shoot but he has to spend 60% of his time working on duncan and being under the rim like he did last year with OKC.

    He is taking 3’s because battier is bricking them. Had battier made at least 2 of 4 open looks he got, heat would be 1-0 now. They are also giving too much space to spurs and they need to choke them.

    All must pound boards like they did in game 7! And moreover lebron has to take over for a quarter and cant have just 20 plus points. With offense struggling we need 30 plus from lebron. He cant be satisfied with just overall performance.
    he has to grab the bull by the horn and send a message. In finals if he drops 40, it will galvanize the whole team, unlike other series. And game 2 is an ideal opportunity to do it.
    There are some chinks in spurs armory as well and it has to be exploited by the heat. Either parker or duncan has to be completely shut down and it is left to cole/wade/james to pull it off!
    we need to see game 7 mentality come game 2!
    let us bring it heat.

  16. OctoPPus says:


  17. OctoPPus says:

    hope SPURS close HEAT at home ~ last year – in G5 it’s good !!!

    GO SPURS !!!!

  18. MiamiHeat123 says:

    Chris Bosh is a future Hall of Famer ??? Seriously ???

  19. krex says:

    Curious if Toronto would take him back for Valanciunas

  20. SM says:

    Lets not exaggerate about Bosh. He played well during the regular season and the first 2 series in playoff.
    Performed bad in Indiana series and in game one of the final, ok in offense weak performance in defense.
    All he need to do is to get more rebounds, play harder in defense, don’t over react on fake shots and attack the rim in offense. He should be fine. He is a better player than Duncan and all other big men of Sours.
    Miami will win this series either 4-1 or 4-2. Labron and Wade are the best and Miami is the champ.

  21. Mo says:

    If Miami want to be a contender next year, they must trade Bosh or even give him for free, and get a real center like D. Howard

  22. Mehr says:

    There is no doubt that Bosh need to play better like he did throughout the season but the main reason for loosing the first game is the 4th quarter where Miami team was careless and they did not take care of the ball and each offensive position.
    Generally Miami is a mush better team than spurs and even Oklahama is better than spurs.
    All they need to do is play harder at both end like they did against Indiana etc..
    Miami is the undoubtedly champion and will win the series.

  23. Rafael Godinho says:

    I’m gonna make one those ridiculous onyric projection exercises:

    “Next year, Miami will trade Bosh and Chalmers for Duncan and Parker, the Spurs will do it, because they’re old anyway. Then we will trade Joel Anthony plus Ray Allen for Roy Hibbert, all of this regardless of cap and tax implications. Lineup will be:


  24. SM says:

    Bosh played good during the season and also in the first 2 series in play off.
    He did not performed well in Indiana series and in game 1 of the final his performance was bad in defense. in offense he was ok except the bad 3 pointer shot he took at the end of the game. If that shot would have gone in, Bosh was Superstar in all articles. So don’t judge players wrong.
    Don’t make it bigger than what it is. He helped Miami throughout the season very well.
    All he need to do is to play better in defense and penetrate in offense more.
    He is better than Duncan in his good games.
    Go for more rebounds, go straight up in defense don’t over react for fake shots, attach the rim strongly in offense. You should be fine.
    Miami will win this series either 4-1 or 4-2. Labron and Wade are the best and Miami is the champ.

  25. LBJ? says:

    Where are the people that blame LBJ for the loss? The man had a triple double but only slightly more than 10 points. He shouldn’t go for nice box score statistics but get the ball in the basket.

  26. June 7 says:

    the moderators are letting people post the most ridiculous things and they wont let me post something that makes sense.

  27. Wilt #13 says:

    I think everyone would agree with me on this one:Trade Bosh for Al Jefrisson[if thats how to spell it]
    Or Paul Milsap or even Unis Kanser[Who has the most skill and future] I mean Bosh is a great player,But for a center he really is not the weapon the Heat need.
    Get him into the post,Make him work hard there with duncan and splitter!
    LeBron and Dwade will take care of the rest,Get him going and this will be much much easier.

  28. Lil bosh can not & never will be able to handle Duncan ever! & The Spurs didn’t play @ the top of their game is what’s most scary & still won! I knew Kawhi would be fine & do a great job on lbj-great 1st game! Nobody on heat can handle or slow Parker down, it’s just not happening! Keep it up Spurs. Spurs are a better team!
    Go Spurs-Spurs All The Way!!! 🙂

  29. Maza says:

    Come to think of it, Bosh is probably the reason why Wade Is playing so poorly this postseason. Bosh is a no show down low and the ‘wing’ players have nobody to feed it to when the defence collapses on whoever is driving in the lane (e.g LBJ or DWADE).

    Coach Spo work this out man! Run plays for Bosh and expose what’s really going on there!

  30. Nick says:

    I have to say:

    Stop it you lame, claim to be Heat fan, I’m a Heat fan and I have no problem.
    You guys keep blaming Spo and Bosh for the loss.
    You guys say Bosh fault, etc. Say he should stop jacking up 3s, well remember last year? Without those 3 the Heat wouldn’t won. And Spo is doing a good job.
    Do I like those shot? NO, but I have no problem with that, the problem was turning the ball over and stop attacking the paint in the 4th!!! You guys say those thing but did you guys even notice the drought in the 4th, not due to 3s or not.

    You guys should just leave them be, enjoy the game!! Stop saying stupid thing like trading players!! In case you haven’t notice, they need a big man that could shoot to open the lane for King James and Flash. The individual rebounding issue is not the problem because they have like 3 guys 6″8-6″10, they can rebound together, and the ball just happen to find LBJ more, that’s all there is!!!

    So stop saying “I’m a Heat fan but….” you are not Heat fan,

  31. Shawn Kemp No. 1 says:

    yea yea blame it all on Bosh. where were Lebron and Wade in the fourth? but of course Bosh is always the scapegoat.

  32. oj says:

    why bosh playing like point guard lol. who is the center?

  33. J says:

    also he is a power forward/center not a center/power forward
    heat need a center like javale mcgee yeah he isnt a star but he plays d blockin shots bosh making jumpers lebron and d wade doing there thing haslem as a role thats what is best for udonis i think and guys like allen chalmers battier and cole shooting 3s u have a complete team also javale can only get better and he rebounds

  34. Rj says:

    I can’t believe that Bosh got all the blame for the 1st game, I agree Bosh should stop shooting 3’s. James should also partly blame for being dishes ball to Bosh while he could go straight to the hoop, James also made critical mistakes at the end of 4th quarter. Hey, no problem coach will make an adjustment in the next game, let see how these big three response on Sunday.

  35. JV says:

    Trade Bosh for Valanciunas!!

  36. lilgen says:

    As a heat fan, i agree with the article, but lebron took 5 threes and made 1 and some where contested, its just not bosh, and those threes were actually open… when your open like that your initial reaction as a shooter is to shoot it and why wouldnt you when you are that open and you can make em… the boys need to attack the rim more now that hibbert and West arnt there… but ive seen the boys come back from loses like this and make good adjustment so ill be expecting less threes from bosh and lebron and more drives (hopefully)

    • Bruno says:

      He was very open though. So much so that he almost had a line a couple of times. Now Bosh isn’t a great drive at all. I hate seeing him fall down so much, but he should take a few dribbles and take a high percentage shot within the 3 point line. That’s his shot.

  37. NyK says:

    I know we’re only one game into the finals and it might be a touch early to start suggesting potential summer trades, but I can’t stop thinking about one possibility: Chris Bosh/Ray Allen to the Lakers for Dwight Howard. Who would object to this? Kobe? Lebron? Dwade? The Laker system currently being run doesn’t call for a dominant big man but an athletic big with a quick first step and decent mid range jumper. Allen would benefit from Nash, Kobe would benefit from Allen Spreading the floor.

  38. mike says:

    Game 1 lost a good sign for Heat, look at last year..

  39. latigo rapper says:

    If this disappearing act of Bosh continues, then the probability percentage of a sweep will be higher.

  40. AG says:

    if the heat lose, there will be an article

    if the opponent facing the heat lose, there’s no article or a very minor one

  41. JReyna says:

    Heat fans are like laker fans lol quick to throw their players under the boss and call for trades lol… wade is playing just as bad this playoffs but where are the calls for a trade? Sit back heat fans and just watch greatness at work.. GO SPURS GO!

  42. Luke says:

    The only missing about MIAMI is that excellent PG and solid complete center, they have plenty of scorers but dont have solid PG and center. Bosh sholud be gone, better have a center who can’t score a trey than having him trowing treys and shouting if he makes it, looks like lucky shot. Shape up BOSH use your hieght inside the paint, play better D and try to train solid low post PLAY MAN….don’t be coward, attack the basket make some shoots inside….

  43. siruku says:

    As a Heat Fan (and more precisely, as a LeBron James fan), I have been really happy with the amazing games that I’ve seen this playoff season in both conferences. Isn’t that why we watch the NBA? To see the world’s greatest athletes battle against each other in a competitive spirit? Last night’s game was close the whole way, and had one or two possessions been switched (a shot rattling out or a rebound been collected), the results could have easily been reversed. In the end, the Spurs turned out to be the better team, but not by much.

    It was Wesley Stokes’s comments below that reminded me how fickle some Heat fans could be. I think the Heat played marvelous basketball yesterday, true to their “Identity.” Their defense was stifling, their offense was fluid, and each player did what they were supposed to do. If each game continues like last night, with both the Spurs and the Heat playing great basketball, then the series will definitely go the distance and maybe a few lucky breaks will determine the ultimate winner. I can only hope that that is the case, as long as those lucky breaks tend towards the Heat.

    • alo says:

      Bosh wasn’t “at the very least average at defense” he had no defense. He wasn’t olajuwon-like either. His post moves aren’t as smooth.

  44. theflowson says:

    Bosh has changed so much from his days as a Raptor. I understand that there are compromises being alongside Wade and Lebron, but his regression and playstyle is so much different.

    As a raptor, Bosh was a borderline nightmare match-up for most bigs. People forget that he could face up and drive past most bigs for a layup using either the left or right hand. He could also post up very well and finish with a baby hook on either hand or maybe hit you up with a spin move. He also had the mid-range jumpshot which he has probably gotten better at. He was Olajuwon-like in his skillset and play. But most important of all it seemed like he played a lot tougher and bigger, crashing the boards very often (he was a double-double player as a Raptor). He wasn’t the best defender, but he was at the very least average.

    As a member of Miami, all he seems to do is shoot jumpshots. Bosh is a very good mid-range jump-shooter, probably more so than as a member of the Raptors but he seems to be allergic to the paint now. Long gone are those days where he used to take bigs off the dribble with his quickness/explosiveness and back them down in the paint. He doesn’t seem to attempt those kind of moves nearly as often anymore and I am not sure why. He seems to have lost some weight from when he was a Raptor and plays a lot softer, even defensively. He doesn’t crash the boards nearly as often as he used to.

    However, despite all of this Bosh is still very essential to this team and they need him to step his game up. To be fair to Bosh, he is playing out of position. Him stretching out the floor is still very important but he needs to be more than just a mid-range jumpshooting threat because he does have the ability to impact the game in so many different ways and has the ability to be almost unguardable and a terror matchup (as silly as this may seem). The heat need to get a legit centre so they can shift Bosh to the power forward.

    Coming from somebody who has watched Bosh throughout his whole entire career, I am not sure how to explain him going from a legit big to a jumpshooting guard trapped in a 6″10 frame. He was a very consistent 20-10 you could count on back when he was the star of the Raptors. He was heavily schemed for in scouting reports because most bigs could not keep up with his quickness and he at least had enough toughness to battle in the paint. People forget he averaged 24-10 at one point … no one in this league is averaging even close to that besides LBJ and Durant himself.

    It still amazes me that Miami is a great team despite having the most obvious and major/ glaring flaws. It is probably because they have the best player in the world. Miami have no size, no interior presence, not a good rebounding team, a very average bench but yet they are still very hard to beat which perplexes me.

  45. Rom_do says:

    Bosh just simply lacks Baseketball IQ…. He seems to be lost and kind find his rhythm – Bosh just memorized his steps – like new dancers in Dancing with the Stars….

  46. Deported Fool says:

    The team, meaning Miami, has pushed Bosh outside the paint. They create more space for the driving and kickng of the ball out to the 3 shooters. He is a victim of the style of play, so what does he do, he starts practicing 3’s. I blame the coach 100%.. Doesn’t matter how much money he makes you have to be able to tell him to drive to the hole. He made one move that was brilliant. Then back outside again. Sekou stop writing these helpful articles for the HEAT or get a coaching job! Its called pick and roll, not pick and stand there with your hands open waiting for the ball so you can throw up another brick air ball.

  47. Ramirez says:

    Chris Bosh and 2 first round pick for Dwight Howard

  48. tanibanana says:

    Coach Spo should move Bosh tp 4 and stick with Birdman as center.
    And give Haslem more minutes than Bosh.. Bosh does not deserve 30+ minutes.
    Birdman does.

  49. Gomer Pyle says:

    The reason we lost Game 1 is because Lakers has dumped Bandwagoner Justin Beaver (Yeah i said Beaver deal with it!!)

  50. Bu says:

    interestingly 90%+ of the comments here support CB played too soft & not the right way. Rarely happens in this blogs here.

    If Ray Allen even comment like that, there’s something really wrong with CB’s game clearly. He played differently in Toronto. Even his game changed a bit in Miami but he still rolled to the hoop & try to draw fouls & go inside. This 3 point shooting thing came out from last yr’s Celtics series & the team has been doing plays like this every now & then. Let’s just say “easy way out” for CB. Who wants to do the hard & dirty work inside?

    CB is not a great post up player but he’s good enough to draw fouls & get rebounds & has length. He should def be in their getting another 4-6 free throws & another 4-5 rebounds. Then use his 3 point shot as a “pay the price” every now & then or “decoy” in critical plays.

    To a certain extent, he seems to be still uncomfortable playing diff from the ways he did in Toronto, where he’s the “man” & has to do everything. Now, it’s always James on the spot light, runs the show, then Wade, then Spoelstra, then Riley.

    That’s why I still watch bball bec if too much ref rigging & the “super friends” creamed everyone, that’d be so boring.

  51. Chris Bosh says:

    I don’t always heat 3 pointers, but when I do… I scream and celebrate as if I won the game for everyone. Stay butt hurt my friends

  52. usbuck says:

    Bosh needs to be in a system were he is the focus. Wade’s injuries have completely hampered him the last two seasons. And LeBron just can’t catch a break. Hence, Bosh should be traded. Wade needs to have his minutes, during the regular season, cut by 20 to 30%. Then when the playoffs start he is healthier. And LeBron needs to learn that his unselfishness is not always the best way to play. There are times when superstars should take over. And NOW is that time!

  53. June 7 says:

    Bosh is key to the team. All you guys are saying is that they need Bosh to win a championship. Bosh has adjusted to paly with Lebron and Dwayne. Have you not seen him play without them during the season? He beat Atlanta by himself. Stop hating and appreciate what he brings to the game. If you love the team then you should love every player if you a true fan.

    • hdpe says:

      yup… truly love what he’s doing…… hope he brings that same agame again on sunday…

      go spurs 😀

  54. dyeronal says:

    NAH… heat just lose game 1 thats it,move on man,it is a long series tho…LETS GO HEAT win or lose

  55. kent says:

    i think bosh wants to be a dirk nowitzki, his idol.. lol funny bosh

  56. kent says:

    i think bosh want to be dirk nowitzki, his idol.. lol funny bosh

  57. HEATfan-tastic says:

    I have every confidence Bosh will deliver a supreme performance in the remaining games of this series, since the championship is at stake and he is a solid fighter.

  58. Alex says:

    Seriously it is inexcusable for a Centre of any team to average less then 6 rebounds a game, at worst you should be averaging 10-12 rebounds. Even the Centre of the Charlotte Bobcats averaged more rebounds in the pre-season. Trade Bosh and bring in someone like Noah or Kevin Love.

    • Bruno says:

      Noah probably wouldn’t want to go to the heat. He hates Lebron so much. xD
      Also why would the timberwolves ever trade bosh for love?

  59. Vladimir says:

    hey come on! heat also lost game 1 to okc last year. it’s just one game. right now i don’t really know who’s gonna win, but heat is definitely the team that could make proper adjustments including the bosh thingie. waiting forward for the game 2!!!

  60. Rebounds says:

    What the Heat need is REBOUNDS. I understand Bosh has been shooting well from 3’s but that’s NOT HIS ROLE. The heat have great 3 point shooters already – i.e. Allen, Miller, Battier and even Chalmers and Cole and James – They don’t need Bosh to be out on the perimeter. It doesn’t take a genius to work out – if your power forward is out on the 3 pt line and there’s a miss, that’s one big guy missing for the rebound. That’s why PFs and centres usually play closer to the basket – for those boards and second chance opportunities. The Heat’s weakest link is rebounding, not 3 pointers. I’ve seen bosh with some very pretty moves near the basket, he can do it, just needs to set his mind to it and the coach needs to have a say in that as well. The closer he plays to the basket, the more rebounds will come his way!!!!

  61. Matt Bonner says:

    Bosh is trying to emulate me. He can’t.

  62. skincrawler says:

    Bosh plays like a small forward. Lebron needs to play powerforward, with birdman at center. wade at shooting guard and Norris cole at point guard. Keep Boash but cut his pay to about 5 mill or get rid of him.

  63. ingo says:

    It’s too easy to throw Bosh under the bus. Where was Wade in the 4th quarter? And Lebron? Only four shoots in the 4th. C’mon! And turnovers? It’s Bosh’s fault too. He had a bad game but wasn’t alone.

  64. KunJay says:


  65. Art says:

    Why Bosh should play well? He likes the weather & beaches but Miami want to trade him anyway. With his current performance & 60M+ for next 3 years it’s almost impossible.

  66. Wow says:

    The moron contingent are out in full force today. Give Bosh the ball on the wing and he’ll pump fake the Spurs into the penalty all day.

  67. wesley stokes says:

    43 pct from 3 point range thus far, and people are saying he shouldnt shoot 3s??? a pf who can shoot 3s is extremly dangerous. and why people expect him to play big as a center is beyond me. hes a pf, on a team with no center, so he fills the void. i hate the heat, and hope they lose, but i hate the fans more than the team itself. team knows how play and i respect that. the fans are just idiots, one second praising a guy, next hating him. real miami heat fans, do not take offense to this. as a die hard chicago fan, i know what it is to have fake fans. cant tell you how many times people said to trade drose this year, when i dam well know next year, theyll be praising him again.

  68. THE HARD FACTS says:

    stop letting bosh shoot the 3 pointer!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Qiang says:

    Though I don’t like Heats at all since the Heats’ philosophy of building a NBA is against marketing principles, I have to admit that James is a great player, Wade is a good player (or used to be a great player) but Bosh has never been and will never be a great player. His great years was with team Toronto that says everything. In this league, you can find a guy like him on every team even better one. I was laughing when I heard that he anointed himself a future hall of the famer. The game one has proved that Spurs are not Pacers, a team built by two or three stars can last longer as a team built as a whole. Go, Spurs! Teach the management team of the Heats the lesson.

    • ugproduction says:

      HAHAHA @ marketing philosoy comment.. I can tell you re brand new to the game. This isn’t walk street man. The NBA is about positioning yourself to win.. Have you heard of marketing warfare? Where were u when bulls had 3 hall of hmfamers playing together. Where were u when the Lakers had four playing together..,Spurs has TD.PT.David Robenson Boston had KG.PP.Ray Allen.Bosh and Lbj were FEE agents grown men who chose what was best for both.

  70. joe says:

    Its all on spo he needs to get d wade more shots and CB in the post and LbJ needs to look for wade more on the cuts if he cuts 1 time and does not get it he wont cut the nest time lbj rather get the ball to ray 4 three then wade on the cut they miss him on that cut two three times a game

    • 0_o? says:

      put Bosh on the post and he’s gonna shoot step back and fadeaways. let him RetirE

  71. SJ647 says:

    Heat Fans explain something to me. When Bosh was playing in the lane more you guys said that he was limiting Wade and Lebron and that he needed to step back and hit his mid-range shots so LJ and DW could slash to the rim. SO why do you want him to change now that you lost after one game? He is doing his thing, if anything tell Wade to step up and play a bigger role.

  72. JTO says:

    If Bosh had been shooting 48% from 3 point range coming into game 1, it’s not serious to suggest he shouldn’t keep shooting them. 48% is probably a better clip than what Battier or Allen had been hitting 3’s. That means he’s opening up lanes for Lebron and D-Wade. I can remember him hitting a few big 3’s in pivotal moments in the conference finals – very timely. On the other hand, he does have to play more physical and grab more rebounds. Lebron shouldn’t have 15-20 rebounds. Chris Bosh needs to be in the paint rebounding and outletting the ball to LBJ and Wade and the wings. Lebron needs to be in attack mode all night. He’s such a team player – he should learn to be selfish. 16 shots and 4 FT’s isn’t going to get it done. He needs to shoot the ball 25x’s a night and get to the stripe 8 -10.

    • Jake B. says:

      That’s the thing. He can’t grab rebounds when he’s out on the perimeter shooting 3s. The heat have enough shooters. Bosh needs to move in at least to that mid-range jumper. Fake and if the defender bites, drive in for a dunk or at least draw the contact for FTs.

  73. goonbrook says:

    Its funny how Bosh carried the heat to victory against the celtics last year and was praise for shooting threes lights out against the Pacers but know he’s not a superstar come on son. The coach needs to be fired because they do not give bosh plays and he ain’t no Pop, Coach just riding James COTAIL. Lebron got mvp so he should do what mvp’s do like jordan did for the bulls win.

    • sosodef14 says:

      Um Ok that’s different because Jordan had scottie pippen and dennis rodman who by far are better complimentary players than wade and bosh, plus Jordan had more complete teams than the heat do, so if anything LeBron has to do a lot more than Jordan did especially the way bosh and wade are playing.

  74. YAYA says:


  75. Vanessa says:

    Bosh is a great player but something is seriously wrong with his game now and this is too crucial a time for that to happen. He is definitely afraid of contact and i think the physicality of the Pacers has worn him down. But that’s no excuse – he needs to step up! I don’t think he should be traded (no matter the outcome) but I do think he needs to reinvent himself in the off season and come back a different player. He s too comfortable with the perimeter shooting and needs to instead go straight to the net and draw a foul. You must be a little more aggressive and physical Bosh and stop promising to do better next game (we need actions not words). Spo need to try Rashard Lewis – we may all be pleasantly surprised!
    Heat in 7!!!!

    • Stonewall says:

      Bosh is a joke, he has one good game in every ten. If Miami need to win he need to spend more time on the bench. Miller need more time on the floor because of his rebounding ability and the three pointers. Bosh will be traded in the off season, better believe it.

    • 0_o? says:

      yeah don’t TRADE Bosh, let him RETIRE or AMNESTY him. then get someone like J-Smooth or Hickson

    • ugproduction says:

      Well said. A man of Bosh size should live and breathe on the paint. But it apprears that the man is allergic with contact. You LBJ your team and still you can’t take advantage of that and get 100millions bucks for shooting jump shots and make post game excuses!Thats unacceptable.

      • ugproduction says:

        *you have LBJ on your team and still can’t take advantage…. Common now BOSH! 100million plus buck and Johachim Noah has more heart than you.

  76. greatflapper says:

    Chris Bosh is not a superstar, It so happen the Raptors adopted him to become a franchise player.
    He made to the all stars due Raptors fan other than that he is not a superstar.

  77. kanuk says:

    bosh is simply a role player. he needs to play his role. rebound and try to play some sort of post game. he gets constantly beat on defense (he is worst on the team) and rarely rotates when he’s suppose to. why bron and wade put up with his 3pt shots is beyond me …

  78. realist2013 says:

    I laughed every time the Heat were getting pumped off one shot made here and there as if they were blowing the Spurs out and the game was over, while the Spurs were just straight faced and going to work on a “rust game” and still won. Thank you Bosh for playing like Rasheed Wallace.

  79. sean Jack says:

    Wow sekou you are truely a fool. Chris bosh had five rebounds last night not 4 like you the expert wrote, just check the box score you fool. You deserve to be fired and deported back to Africa where you belong. Just stop writing about Basketball. Just because your black doesn’t mean you know about Basketball. You are a disgrace.

  80. John says:

    Bosh aint no big three…quit shooting jumpers and threes..

  81. Shakey says:

    The Heat have to come up with plan B beacuse Bosh is done, he will not get it don on TD, TD is efficient and knows how to play the game , so, plan B without Bosh or series is over

  82. HonestGuy says:

    This dude needs to step up.

  83. sam says:

    bosh is not an allstar…if he finds the hole it is luck

  84. R-Dawg says:

    Bosh should be traded this summer for a defensive big man. Tyson Chandler would be a good fit. I hope Bosh doesn’t cost the Heat the series. He’ll probably pick it up for next game.

    • Anthony not Carmelo says:

      They need a defensive rebounding big man that can average at least 10 points. Tyson Chandler is getting older and is
      certainly not getting healthier or better. Tyson can have big games. But Lebron can rebound just as effective if not better
      for the long run. Tyson averages only 6 or 7 points and rebounds a game, with a few block shots .

    • KunJay says:

      Nah baby give me Kevin Love all day, Chandler? you crazy

      • goymon says:

        Tell it to the managemant of heat to get all the good players like kevin love, howard, chandler etc. to replace bosh for a while to improve heat defense just to win the finals but still they cannot beat Spurs. LOL. You crazy Heat fans always blaming players/coach if they loss a game. We love to hear that. LOL! Just admit the truth that they loss the game, not every game is lucky for them.

  85. terry says:

    Byron Mullens

  86. Suresh says:

    Bosh is becoming an liability for this Heat team. LeBron is trying his best and Wade was good in game one, but Bosh come on bro I know u can do really better than your performance currently… I saw u for a number of seasons in Toronto and u had the A game , but now ur drifting into becoming a mediocre player.

    • john cheung says:

      I too watched Bosh for a number of years in Toronto.He was a 20 and 10 guy every year. However when the game was on the line and he rarely delivered.Especially if his jump shoot doesn’t go.Times and times he tried to drive to the hoop and lost the ball.I got so upset that I turned off the tv many times.Bosh think that he is a great player,but he need to improve his ball handling skills,not 3pts shooting skill.

  87. ShawnKemp says:

    A big man that can make threes: priceless. A big man that shoots threes: worthless.

  88. Adam says:

    Sekou, let your blame game begin. Your beloved Miami Heat and your Queen Lebrat James had a taste of a championship caliber opponent in game 1, and it’s now time to blame the loss on something. A few weeks ago, the Heat seemed invincible, now they’re just “another” team. Let’s see who to blame…first, Chris Bosh. Next Dwayne Wade, then Eric Spoelstra, the the refs, then fatigue, then David Stern, then the boogie man, the list goes on Sekou so don’t worry of they lose the series. There’s a lot to blame!

  89. ashrafh says:

    As a Heat fan, I have to say this guy Bosh is pulling down the team. Trade him and his soft a*s and get a real center that can pull down at least 9 rebounds, which is not even that great

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      EXACTLY what all heat fans are thinking…

    • Jarrod says:

      I completely agree! He is playing so soft.. His celebrations after hitting a shot just after going 0-9 is incredibly annoying also. Do something that warrants celebration Bosh!!! Please stop shooting 3’s!! If the Heat lose this series, I would put all the blame on Spolstra if he continues to allow Bosh roam the 3 point area.

      • truthteller says:

        if I were lbj,and heat doesn’t replace bosh and spo,i would go somewhere else.heat needs a coach like pop or thibodou,and a real center,like Kenneth fareed.

      • scott the magician says:

        HAHAHAHA completely agree…..stop screaming and yelling and flexing when ur game stat line is 7pts 5rbs on 2/12 shooting!!! lolol

    • NHbleedsGREEN says:

      funny how when bosh was the reason the cHEAT beat the Celtics last year in games 6+7 everyone loved him.

      • Larry says:

        Actually LeBron won game 6 by himself. The only reason the celtics series went 7 games was because Bosh got hurt on a soft dunk against the pacers in the series before that.

      • Peter says:

        Bosh beat the Celtics? Nice laugh there.

        Bosh hit a series of fluke shots that he normally wouldn’t hit in his dreams, but Lebron dominated Boston in game 6. In fact as a Celtics fan, that game single handedly earned a degree of respect from me for Lebron that I’ve never had before – much as I disliked him, he earned it.

        Bosh is nothing. He never was anything and he never will be.

      • Peter says:

        To clarify, by that I don’t mean that Bosh is a terrible player. What I mean is that (contrary to image) he is not a superstar and really shouldn’t even be an All-Star.

        Bosh could never lead a team deep in the playoffs as the #1 guy on that team, yet at the same time he doesn’t make other guys on the team better the way a guy like Jason Kidd / Rajon Rondo / Chris Paul does.

        He’s a high calibre starter but really he’s at the Al Jefferson / Carlos Boozer level and that’s really about it.

    • KunJay says:

      I’d trade Bosh for Kevin Love in a heart beat. Like right now.

  90. NoWESTBROOKnoRING says:

    Thankyou so much spurs. So good seeing Lebron get beat. Sweep them

    • okc1 says:

      trade him for perkins

    • scott the magician says:

      thanks for writing this.
      at work last night I was walking around and EVERY SINGLE guy stopped me and complained about bosh.
      why is he shooting 3’s all game? why does he think hes a shooter suddenly? why is YOUR STARTING CENTER getting 5 rebounds a game?
      AND THE ANSWER IS: for he and wade, they are watching LeBron play. bosh needs to bring it back to his 24 &11 days in Toronto and make the game happen, DRIVE, POST UP…be a fu@#$%& star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE U CAN BE!!!

    • Tim says:

      It is STUPID to let him keep shooting threes while we have Allan and Miller on the floor. Bosh seems to forgot his position. Spo cooling down Allan is another problem instead of just resting him. Spo CAN NOT MANAGE this team. LJ needs to step up again. If Miami lose they will not able to keep LJ.