Malone Has MJ, Magic Out Of His Top Five


MIAMI — Karl Malone is no stranger to controversy.

He courted plenty of it during his Hall of Fame career with the Utah Jazz.

But his revisionist history in regards to his top five players of all-time, shared on The Dan Patrick Show,” is sure to stir things up a bit. Malone left both Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson off of his fave five in favor of Oscar Robertson and his Jazz running mate John Stockton, respectively. Malone had Wilt Chamberlain at center on his top five along with LeBron James at power forward and Scottie Pippen at small forward.

That’s bold stuff, considering Jordan and Magic were the greatest winners and players of Malone’s era. Pippen played alongside Jordan, making Malone’s snub of MJ even more of a head-scratcher.

“I’m gonna shock the world. I have to put Scottie Pippen at the 3,” Malone told Patrick. “Scottie Pippen led the [Bulls] in every statistical category when he was there without Jordan.”

I can’t come up with a top five of all-time that doesn’t start with MJ and Magic. So for Malone to craft his without either one of them is extremely troubling for me. Obviously, it’s just his opinion. But Malone doesn’t talk for shock value. He must truly believe what he says when excludes two players universally regarded as the best at their positions in the history of the game off of his list.

Come on, Mailman, you don’t really believe the words that came out of your mouth … do you?

UPDATE: In an interview with ESPN’s ‘Carmen & Jurko’ show in Chicago, Malone recanted his statements about Jordan on the interview and via Twitter, where he tweeted the following:


  1. Will says:

    It’s no crime to leave MJ off the all-time starting five! When will people get off his JOCK! Probably never! The Jordan hype is ridiculous!

    Any number of players could make up the starting 5!!!:

    *Olajuwan, Duncan, Dr.J, Kobe and Magic would give any other starting 5 trouble!
    *Jabbar, Garnett, Bird, Pippen, Robertson is a helluva team!
    *Chamberlain, Malone, Worthy, West, Stockton would reek havoc

    It’s no guarantee that because MJ is on a team they automatically win! When MJ started winning rings none of the teams he and the Bulls beat are on anybody’s all-time team list! Get off his JOCK already! Geez!! MJ is not the greatest!

    -Waits for inevitable cry baby response from Jordan Jockers with their panties in a bunch-

  2. Theron Rucker says:

    the one thing about mike is that its seems after his 1st championship… he won at his own will.. (besides wizard days) 3 straight retire and then 3 straight again… and on a separate note.. the 3 player thing came way before Boston (Allen, Garnett, Pierce) it was with Houston (Drexler, Barkley, Olajuwon).. but mike is better than Lebron in that regard… it seems he needs so much help and it is so hard while Mike does it whenever he felt like it

  3. frank says:

    I coached basketball for over 30 years, and to this day there has never been a player to equal the agility, speed, and quickness of direction then Michael Jordan.
    His ability to keep his team together, and his undying hustle, not to mention his jumping and shooting skills. He was even a good rebounder.
    But most of all he was a great clutch player.
    Just look at some the old films so that you can see Michael in action. Unfortunately, because you haven’t seen him in the past few years, you tend to forget how phenomenal he was.

  4. Bored says:

    Malon is indeed nuts. Lebron James on his best list? Ridiculous!

  5. Baller says:

    What happened to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The leading scorer in NBA history…
    For some reason, everyone leaves this man out of the top whatever lists.

  6. Crazy Boy says:

    My all-time list:

    AT CENTER : From Boston and Orlando – GREG KITE
    AT SF : Jerome LANE
    AT PF : Michael Ruffin
    AT SG : Jerome Allen
    AT PG : Kevin Ollie

    This team will made no points versus any Team, that’s true!

  7. sharanney says:

    People are seriously arguing about Lebron over MJs efficiency when Lebron is scoring nearly 9 points less per game than prime MJ alongside wade bosh Allen, rarely getting doubled? If that’s your argument for Lebron, your struggling. See his efficiency on the cavs.

  8. Joshua McCalmon says:

    LeBron is defenitely NOT the greatest of all time. Do your homework on MJ’s numbers and come back and see if you still think the same way about LeBron. If I had to choose top 5 players, it would be:
    1. Michael Jordan
    2. LeBron James
    3. Kobe Bryant (In terms of amount of rings, 5, I’d put him over LeBron)
    4. Magic Johnson
    5. Larry Bird
    6. Scottie Pippen
    Also, MJ’s career point average was 30.1, and LeBron James current point average is 26.8. I give it up to Bron’ for winning his first championship last year and for being the worlds best basketball player of this era, but overall MJ will always reign as the GREATEST OF ALL TIME.

  9. Carvin says:

    It’s hard to take these statements too serious because they were all great players otherwise they would never be in the NBA,
    Then again some of the best ball players I’ve seen never made it to the NBA for different reason that had nothing to do with talent. But I notice Bill Russell was included and he kicked Wilt’s Butt time and time again and he has more championship rings than finger. Now back to MJ, he took the team he had and won, he didn’t chase a ring, Take a look at his teammates and he never had a Shaq. He had a bunch of role players with the exception of Scottie, that’s why he had to score points, but a lot of the big games were won by his teammates hitting the last shot. Kobe and Lebron both have had a more talented cast to work with but as they used to say big games are won with the heart. Karl Malone had his chance twice to stop the Bull and it didn’t happen. Add him to the list with Patrick, Barkley, Reggie and Shawn Kemp.

  10. Kronos says:

    For me , I respect his opinion. It is his opinion, not a public consensus.

    For me my All-NBA team would be:

    PG : Oscar Robertson ( I know, I skipped Magic)
    SG: Michael Jordan (Nuff said)
    SF: Larry Bird (The guy’s a legend)
    PF: TIm Duncan (This is picking for someone whose natural position is at PF, the guys got the fundamentals)
    C: Shaquille O’Neal/Hakeem Olajuwon (Either one, they’re both dominant for their whole careers)

    But if you consider a Magic-less and a Jordan-less team:

    PG : Big O
    SG: The Doctor (Yes, him. Not the Black Mamba)
    SF: Larry
    Pf : Timmy
    C: The Diesel / The Dream

  11. realize this says:

    pg – john stockton
    sg – jeff malone
    sf – jerry sloan
    pf – karl malone
    c – mose malone

  12. JUNPINOY says:

    Why would you include the MAN who cost you two NBA rings?

  13. JediNate says:

    Why do people always complain about someone else’s point of view? Let him choose whomever he wants, it was him being asked the question and not you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Eric says:


  15. Dubs-City says:

    Makes total sense to me. If my career was built on John Stockton’s back then I’d pick him over Magic. The real shocker is he left himself off the list.

    My picks for the all-nba historic team would be:

    PG – Magic Johnson
    SG – Air Jordan
    SF – Larry Legend
    PF – Wilt
    C – Bill Russell

    6. Lebron
    7. Kobe
    8. Kareem
    9. Mailman
    10. Stockton
    11. Hakeem the Dream
    12. Bernard King

  16. SpurFan3303 says:

    I would so Pick

    PG: Magic
    SG: Jordan
    SF: Pippen
    C: Robinson

  17. Truth says:

    I agree with Malones list! MJ and Magic most overrated players of all time. Thanks and good bye.

  18. Xun says:

    Stockton was his teammate and Jordan was the one who denied his rings. Stockton is too close in Malone’s social network to be excluded and not too far aways from Magic anyway, If Malone includes Jordan, it would imply submission and surrender, which is something a tough guy like the Mailman would never do.

    I’m surprised people would expect objective answers only because they came from superstars. Malone is a brilliant player, but he is still subject to social protocols and his own emotions.

  19. DroppingKnowledge12 says:

    Anytime you say “Top 5” there’s tough choices at all positions but since everyone else feels the need to give their opinion so will I.

    PG- Oscar ( Dude averaged a triple double for a season, various times)
    SG- MJ ( No explation needed)
    SF- Kobe( Laker fan.. I just can’t find it in myself to leave him off)
    PF- Duncan ( Tough decision but he is the best at fundamentals)
    C- Shaq ( Most dominating force of his time)

  20. twat says:


  21. DR BBAL says:

    My favourite 5:

    PG: Magic
    SG: MJ
    SF: Bird
    PF: Rodman(YES RODMAN)
    C: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

  22. jiovany says:

    malone’s has been sore loser ever since those finals he had against mj
    dude makes me sick

  23. Blakey says:

    That’s what you call bitternes, he excluded the greatest player of all time, MJ, why? ‘Coz MJ denied him of what he dreams of, an NBA ring, not once, but two times. So don’t scratch your head Sekou, just say, you already expect it,lol:D

  24. Rrafael Gomez Luna says:

    In my 40+ years of watching basketball, the best playmaker that I have seen is John Stockton, but if I were to start a team I will choose Magic Johnson, because to me he is the greatest player of all time.
    At the shooting guard position the Big O, because his triple double capability.
    At the small forward position Pippen, because his all around greatness, plus the ability to suppress his ego, in behalf of the team and Jordan’s super ego.
    My power forward will be Kevin Garnett.
    At center the monster named Wilt Chamberlain.
    Coach Phil Jackson.
    GM, somebody that Phil Jackson likes to work with.

  25. DonJuan says:

    I dont get it, the mailman was asked for his opinion and is being thrown under the bus for it. when you ask for someones opinion, remember that is theirs, dont get your feelings hurt because their opinion doesnt match yours. if thats what malone thinks then let him say it, its not like there were only a few greats. There are plenty of greats to go around. Some greats had a lot of support on the court that cannot be done alone. As to others had limited support on the court which limited how great some other people think they really are. Nonetheless, if you ask for someones opinion, respect it. Dont grab an opinion and throw it into the frying pan.

  26. Michael says:

    Karl u r d best…. but realy!!!! No MJ?????, thats like playing B-ball without the ball!!!!!!

  27. I only read this because I thought it would be Moses Malone’s top five.
    Who is this other guy?

  28. Brian Pryor says:

    I am certain that the legends of the hardwood, will always create controversy with the atheletes post thier era, but MJ [JORDAN] would have dominated in any era………..

  29. Andriy says:

    1. Wilt Chamberlain
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Kareem Abdul Jabbar
    4. Larry Bird
    5. Magic Johnson

  30. Lan says:

    C – Ely Manning
    PF – Drew Brees
    SF – Tom Brady
    SG – Joe Flacco
    PG – Ben Roethlisberger

  31. 007 says:

    I have no issue w/ the Mailman chocies. His starting five was still pretty solid top to bottom. If I had a jordanless/magicless first 5:

    1. Isaiah Thomas
    2. Kobe Bryant
    3. Lebron James
    4. Kevin Mchale
    5. Hakeem “The Dream” OLU

    Nuff said…..

  32. JPA says:

    PG – Magic Johnson
    SG – Kobe Bryant
    SF – Jordan
    PF – Tim Duncan
    C – Shaquille O ‘Neal

  33. Trey Duce says:

    I mean they did ask Malone for “HIS” top 5….so what if he didn’t include MJ and Magic

  34. 93 'til... says:

    there, I said it!!!!!!!!!

  35. 93 'til... says:

    ben wallace ben gordon… just kidding!!! nate rose butler deng gibson & noah. THE BULLS B—CHES! one love

  36. Starbury says:

    No particular order best 5 for each position:

    PG -Magic/Stockton/Zeke/Nash/Payton
    SG – MJ/Kobe/Big O/Reggie/Iverson
    SF -LBJ/Bird/Dr.J/Dominique Wilkins/Pippen
    PF -Mailman/KG/Duncan/Barkeley/Dirk
    Center -Wilt/Shaq/Kareem/Russell/Hakeem

    • Starbury says:

      D-Wade, J-Kidd, Joe Dumars Bob Cousy, Pete Maravich, Tony Parker, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Dennis Johnson, Bill Walton, Artis Gilmore, George Gervin, David Robinson, Sam Jones, John Havlichek, Jerry West, Elgin Baylor,Gail Goodrich, Connie Hawkins, Moses Malone, Dennis Rodman, Patrick Ewing, Kevin Durant, Nate Thurmond, Bob Petit. These are my honorable mentions to round out my top 50

  37. lerock says:

    maybe malone chooses pippen over mj bcoz the bulls will loss to jazz if there is no scottie,he plays on jazz thats why he knows mj cant beat him if he has no scottie backing and stockton over magic? what would you choose?your father or your neighbor?

  38. lerock says:

    pg-javale mcgee (foolest of them all)
    sg- jared bayless(alley opps man)
    sf – carlos boozer (the ref puncher)
    pf – kendrick perkins (tragic bronson)
    c – dwight howard (wilt stumble ling)

    nerver mind about greatest players because theres too many of them,lets talk about rare players who are great in making

  39. Exie says:

    Every1 keep saying how lebron is the best because of his stats but elgin baylor had supereior stats in almost every category, he is no argue the best small foward and kobe is the best scorer ever

  40. kobe24 says:

    Honestly everybody is disrespecting the legends , lebron isn’t even that good to be even mention with the greats . And for kobe to not be on the list is out rageous . But this is the list from someone who champshipless , like lebron should be .

  41. jacob says:

    It seems like no one is pointing out that not only did he “snub” both MJ”s.. . HE SNUBBED HIMSELF.

  42. Gaz says:

    My top five all time: My alternative (favorite) five players (past and present)

    PG – Stockton Rondo
    SG- MJ Drexler / Kobe
    SF – Bird Pippen / Pierce
    PF – Barkley Nowitzki
    C -Shaq Olajuwon

  43. Beli says:

    Man, people think that MJ is a god. He was an incredible player, but he was not as a complete player as LJ is. A lot of airhead reporters wanting to make things controversial and interesting are the ones who had put MJ on a pedestal. Who ever knows about basketball, and I mean the ones who have played the game, coached it, etc knows that Lebron is far better player that anyone so far in the history of the sport. But still, is crazy that Malone omit Michael from a top 5 list. And Magic was good, but he was not better than Stockton or Chris Paul.

  44. Ben says:

    Good list, Karl. Finally someone with a brain. Such a rarity among NBA and its fans.

  45. Victor says:

    I agree somewhat with Malone when it comes to Stockton at PG.
    Magic was an allround threat, yes. But in composing an all-time team, there will be many of those.

    My top 5 would be:
    PG John Stockton
    SG Michael Jordan
    SF Lebron James
    PF Dennis Rodman
    C Wilt Chamberlain

    The reason I get Rodman in there is his extreme rebounding ability. I feel adding another high scorer (like Malone) will just bring too many scorers into the lineup. Look at Bosh and Wade in Miami – they are (high-scoring) superstars in their own right, but have been moulded into to team players around James.

  46. Will says:

    So he left off MJ and Magic, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Maybe Malone is upset that he could not beat MJ in the finals twice and would rather go against him than to play with him. I think people are making too much of a big deal out of this. Honestly if MJ had to pick his starting five we all know Malone would be no where on that list due to his respect for other power forwards such as Barkley. Malone can pick who he wants just like anyone else lets stop making it out to be such a big deal and trying to get something started.

    • Nelson says:

      I agree with you 100%. He probably didnt put him in there because of the Finals they went against each other. But everyone has their top 5’s. Personally I would say 9 out 10 people would put MJ in it. But its everyones choice.

  47. BionicMoose says:

    Man… I was watching that video they have on this article, and how I miss watching Jordan play, well, more like I miss those times, when there was good basketball, no flopping. Now it’s a bit different, there are almost no nail biters, like before. To me that was one of the greatest teams, the Bulls of that era. How would the heat match against the bulls from that time? Flopbron James has no chance if he were to play back in those days, he would be ridiculed by all the drama and flopping. Seriously, a 240ish lbs. guy gets all shocked by a little shove from a smaller guy, wuss. Anyway, I miss those days… There will never be another Jordan, simply… because Jordan is Jordan. He mah dawg, you hear.

  48. jackdnei says:

    The top 5 are:

    1) Jordan
    2) Jordan
    3) Jordan
    4) Jordan
    5) Jordan

  49. Jhon says:

    MJ is the Best of the Best…he’s the greatest player of all time…Done!

  50. Kobe > All says:

    My Top 5

    PG – Magic Johnson
    SG – Kobe Bryant
    SF – Larry Bird
    PF – Tim Duncan
    C – Shaquille O’ Neal

    My Second 5

    PG – Jason Kidd
    SG – Michael Jordan
    SF – LeBron James
    PF – Kevin Garnett
    C – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

  51. Markus says:

    Thats Malones choice, not yours. Why people can´t give credit to his view of the things? He was a professional basketball player and hall of famer, he doesn´t understand the game? Thats mad, because the most of you I guess didn´t play in the nba, even they didn´t play on the streetball court behind their house…

    Karl, you are the Best!

  52. Kobe > All says:

    My Top 5

    PG – Magic Johnson
    SG – Kobe Bryant
    SF – Larry Bird
    PF – Tim Duncan
    C – Shaquille O’ Neal

    My Second Team

    PG – Jason Kidd
    SG – Michael Jordan
    SF – LeBron James
    PF – Karl Malone
    C – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

  53. walter berbeder says:

    its just his own pick–leave the guy M..alone…hehehe he dont know what he’s saying or talking..

  54. MyTop5NBAll-Time says:

    c – “Superman” O’Neal
    pf- “Dream” Olajuwon
    sf- “King” James
    sg- “Air” Jordan
    pg- “Magic” Johnson

  55. Pedro antonio says:

    I respect his opinion everyone knows that MJ did not let him to win the championship they tried to do their west but bulls and MJ were great. He’s jealous. There’s no point to compare Magic with Stockton, MJ and magic they are the greatest players.

  56. Eric says:

    Why does a retired fifty something year old use twitter? Like really?

  57. sanjay says:

    Malon like fishing and he was sent fishing twice by MJ! Malone had chance to win again with lakers but he got injured and it cost them!

  58. sanjay says:

    Iverson> stockton and he cant be there by any stretch of the imagination! Mail Man delivered not only wrong mail but to wrong address as well!

  59. CeeGee says:

    No offense but Lebron hasn’t prove anything yet. He only had one ring coming from a short season in which some people can put an asterisk on it. I’m not saying cannot get more than one but not on this list.

  60. Lakers Fan says:

    My Dream Team:

    PG – Magic Johnson/Isaiah Thomas
    SG – Michael Jordan/Clyde Drexler
    SF – Larry Bird/Scottie Pippen
    PF – Karl Malone/Charles Barkley
    C – Hakeem Olajuwon/Patrick Ewing

    RES – Chris Mullin/David Robinson

    Honorable Mention: John Stockton, Shawn Kemp, Shaquille O’Neal

  61. best says:

    Mj, Kobe, lebron, dirk, wilt

  62. wowoip says:

    i take stockton at pg over magic ANY day, any games. no disrespect for magic but if we are talking pure pg player, sorry stockton schools him.
    i take mj, always. unlike kobe, he will not try to be a hero player if others teammates do the job.
    my top 5 (only players i’ve SEEN play)
    c- shaq
    pf- duncan
    -sf lebron
    sg- jordan
    pg- parker (ho yes, definitly)

  63. J says:


    heres mine

    current players
    pg chris paul
    sg kobe bryant
    sf lebron james
    pf tim duncan
    c dwight howard

    retired players
    pg magic johnson
    sg michael jordan
    sf larry bird
    pf karl malone
    c wilt chamberlain

  64. Baller says:

    Seriously people? Kobe is just not important right? Great, well here’s what I think…
    PG- Magic Johnson
    SG- Kobe Bryant
    SF- Michael Jordan
    PF- Lebron James
    C- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    Now that’s an unbeatable team.

  65. Jonathan says:

    This article is very poor because it does not accurately reflect what Malone said. After stating this starting five he went on to say he was just trying to get a response out of Dan Patrick; trying to “get his goat”
    “If the powers that be think I didn’t have Michael Jordan in my top five they must be smoking some stuff and it aint legal yet” – Karl Malone

  66. sanjay says:

    lebron will blow past every record keep hating! lebrons playoffs average are almost jordanesque ( now he is 3rd and will get to 30 soon. May be after these finals) and he still has plenty of time to over take them all!

  67. sanjay says:

    damn too many periods period!!!!

  68. Gillsy says:

    I agree Bird should be small forward and Timmy Duncan at power forward. I don’t have that much of a problem with the Big O over MJ even though I would have picked MJ they were both as good just in different decades but Magic over Jonny is a head scratcher.

  69. sanjay says:

    Anybody who is not including Bill Russel in their list needs their head checked. He was incredible player and had all around game. He could do all and there is a reason why wilt only won 2 trings! he could score at will, tremendous defender, greatest rebounder and an on field coach! What more you want? 11 finals out of 13 attempts is ridiculous and one missed out due to foot injury! He nearly had cent percent result which is unthinkable in history of any sports!
    No list is complete without Russel period. You can drop Wilt but not Russel period!

  70. Tim says:

    C – Shaq
    PF – TD
    SF -LeBron
    SG – MJ
    PG – Magic

    C David Robinsson, Hakeem
    F Durant, Malone, Pippen
    G A Hardaway, Jason Kidd , Kobe

    Ray Allen, Hakeem, Barkley

    Coach Phil Jacksson
    Ast Coaches Pat Riley and Erik Spo

    Franchise = L.A Lakers

    This team would be unstoppable!

  71. Richard Blaise says:

    1st 2nd
    PG- Magic Oscar
    SG-Jordan Kobe
    SF-Lebron Pippen
    PF- Duncan Karl
    C-Shaq Wilt

  72. MJ IS THE BEST EVER says:

    Jealousy…bad thing…

  73. fabsix says:

    Jordan won six championships but none without pippen….and guess what…Jordan never had a single winning season (over .500) without pippen ever…Malon knew Jordan was gonna be Jordan, but he may feel that pippen was the one that just edged the bulls over his team…

  74. jessica mendez says:

    jordan left malone off the nba championship list

  75. Profit says:

    Much respect to the mail man , But MJ is at least since the mail man was playing and since my memory not only the greatest basketball player but one of the greatest athletes. As for Lebron great player no doubt , but great players come in to a place and make them champions . Kind of like Jordan did with the Bulls and Kobe with the Lakers.

    Point –> lakers won 8 divison titles, 7 conference titles 5 NBA finals since he got there.

    Lebron had to not only sell out to Miami but they had to include Bosh, in order to start achieving things. If Lebron would have stayed and did something with the CAVS he would have made a real historic name for him self, He would win 9 Finals and to the majority of the America IT’S great BUT NOT THE SAME Mr. JAMES.

    question How would we think of Jordan if he joined teams with Bird or Malone and Stockton and won 12 Finals , would Jordan have the same respect , More respect or less ????

  76. Geoluo says:

    My top 5 would have been

    1. Magic
    2. MJ
    3. Lebron
    4. Tim Duncan
    5; Hakeem the Dream

  77. Ultimate Kyrie Fan says:

    PG: Kyrie “MR. FOURTH QUARTER” Irving (I know I’m biased)
    SG: Michael “GREATEST OF ALL TIME” Jordan
    SF: Larry ” LARRY LEGEND” Bird
    C: Hakeem “THE DREAM” Olajuwon

    It’s not the statistically best team but it’s gonna win every game. These guys will work together to win games. It’s not always about stats.

  78. Bird best SF! says:

    Guys keep on forgeting Bird. It’s disrespectful!

    • J says:

      i will never forget larry legend bird

    • RealTalk101 says:

      Nobody in the rigged anti handcheck era deserves top 5 mention outside centers and power forwards, Lebron top 5? What a joke. His entire legacy is bridged to hype road. They changed a game tactic all the great scorers faced to change his effectiveness, to me he always will have an asterisk on anything he accomplishes.

      PG – John Stockton
      SG – Michael Jordan
      SF – Larry Bird
      PF – Tim Duncan
      Center – Hakeem

  79. Tiago Barroso says:

    All these haters of Lebron James… They love Jordan more than his own family! So manny Skip Bayless…

  80. weiner says:

    Jordan’s PPG is higher than Malone’s IQ

  81. One million comments count them all says:

    Value of this post and discussion: zero.

  82. maykeliskofild says:

    3 words…..NO RINGS, BITTER….nuff said

  83. wooderson says:

    Michael Jordan shouldn’t be in anyones starting 5, he hogs the ball and would render the other players ineffective offensively, simple as that. give me Robertson and and magic at the guards and lebron at the small forward anyday over Michael Jordan in the team at all. maybe MJ can come off the bench. oh and we all know that shot against the jazz was an blatant offensive foul.

  84. Tony T. says:

    Wilt Chamberlain has some of the most dominating statistics in NBA history, especially during his earlier years. Jordan may be the most famous player in history, and many would also say he is the best, but there are still those who believe Wilt is the best, and it’s just a matter of opinion.

    What’s wrong with having the Big O over Magic? The Big O has posted some amazing stats as well.

    The questionable part, in my opinion, is having Pippin and Lebron in there. That’s just me though.

    But again, you have to remember that he named his PERSONAL top 5.

  85. xyz says:

    PG Magic Johnson
    SG Michael Jordan
    SF LeBron James
    PF Tim Duncan
    C Kareem Abdul Jabbar

  86. Aficion says:

    What’s the big deal even if he did mean to leave off Magic and MJ? How is he not entitled to his opinion without everyone browbeating him until he agrees with them? Besides, the best team isn’t always made up of the best players. It’s made up of the players who play best together. Personally, though I think Kobe is great, I’d leave him off a team because he just doesn’t sync with certain styles. Same with MJ. No matter how good any player is, there are rosters he’ll be left off of because he doesn’t fit with the other 4 guys, or the style the coach wants. Seriously, some of you people really need to stop blindly worshipping players and start questioning a bit.

  87. Cookiemonster says:

    LOL….. Those are Malones Choices,.. Whats the Big Deal….Let it be.

  88. It's his choice says:

    It’s Malone’s opinion. Just because you don’t agree with him, doesn’t make his choices wrong. Get over it and respect his response. Let’s move along to a better story.

  89. Zoran Petrovic says:



  90. John says:

    Who could beat this team?

    1. Magic
    2. Michael
    3. Bird
    4. Rodman
    5. Chamberlin

  91. Steph says:


  92. Goran says:

    Malone should be quiet. He doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  93. Mattizle says:

    My top 5…

    PG: Sleepy Floyd
    SG: Isaiah Gangsta Rider
    SF: Sweet Pea Daniels
    PF: Popeye Jones
    C: Yinka Dare
    and if there was a 6th man: Sam Bowie

  94. Salomon Bockenheimer says:

    Oy vey, what a pick by Mailman. I do understand his choice of Stockton over Magic regardless of the fact that I don’t agree with that opinion, but ommitting the greatest player of all time? Something’s wrong here.

    Btw, I wonder if anyone’s aware if Karl has ever been put in an institution after finishing his carrer? I mean, that strange choice of his must’ve in a way been an indication of some mental issues caused by losing each an every Finals series this fine player and an undoubtable competitor’s been at. I just wonder if it was the case here, because if it was then and only then his choice comes an obvious one, a situation where pathological loser shows favoritism to other losers and put them over the untimate winners. So it’s gotta be mental.

  95. 6'9 PG says:

    PG Magic
    SG MJ
    SF LeBron
    PF Hakeem
    C Shaq/Kareem
    Just my opinion so calm down.

  96. Julio says:

    I remember of the 97/98 season Finals. Pippen almost got out of one whole game because some hurt on his back. Once Malone and the Jazz have lost that game, he may remember very well how different was the game with and without Pippen on the court. Bulls would never win that game without Scottie Pippen. Maybe that’s the reason of his choice.

  97. Gelo says:

    PG: Muggsy Bougues
    SG: Earl Boykins
    SF: Spud Webb
    PF: Nate Robinson
    C: Every Johnson


  98. Antonio says:

    Dream teammates arguing. As many people say: Jordan didn´t just win, he ruined franchises, cities and dreams from other players who wanted to win the ring at the same years. He was just to hungry. Hehe.

  99. toygun says:

    magic, mj, bird, duncan, russell.. 2nd team of oscar, kobe, james, malone, wilt.. 3rd team of stockton, west, irving, garnett, shaq

  100. GANDONG says:

    He picked the players with weaknesses and that’s how he was. He can’t deliver in crucial situation. Lebron had a ring because of Wade, like a big brother who defend his bullied brother. Phil Jackson gave the set play to Tony Kukoc over Pippen, remember?. The rests were like Malone.

  101. Max Power says:

    My starting 5…

    Michael Jordan
    Air Jordan
    His Airness
    Number 23

  102. romeocharlie says:

    KM won’t make it in an all-time all nba 3rd team…

    his opinion doesn’t matter because he has no championship to brag…

  103. mikke says:

    Much respect to Stockton and The Big O but Magic and MJ is much much better than them

  104. Fritz Mamaril says:

    C – Wilt Chamberlain
    PF – Karl Malone
    SF – LeBron James
    SG – Michael Jordan
    PG – Magic Johnson

  105. dwaynejade says:

    I saw this column at Yahoo,com, I think Malone chosed Stockton over Magic, its because Malone Played entire of his career with Stockton and his the one being ask regarding top five players of all time,.. now if i’m the will be ask i’d choose them
    PG John Stockton 13.1(ppg) 10.5(apg) 2.7(rpg) .2(bpg) 2.2(spg) i pick Stockton because i’m choosing LBJ @ SF
    SG Michael Jordan 30.1(ppg) 5.3(apg) 6.2(rpg) .8(bpg) 2.3(spg)
    SF Lebron James 25.1(ppg) 6.9(apg) 7.3(rpg) .8(bpg) 1.3(spg)
    PF Tim Duncan 20.2(ppg) 3.1(apg) 11.2(rpg) 2.2(bpg) .7(spg) best power forward
    C Hakeem Olajuwon 21.8(ppg) 2.5(apg) 11.1(rpg) 3.3(bpg) 1.7(spg) better defender than Shaquille O’neal
    my second top 5
    PG Magic Johnson 19.5(ppg) 11.2(apg) 7.2(rpg) .4(bpg) 1.9(spg)
    SG Kobe Bryant 25.5(ppg) 4.8(apg) 5.3(rpg) .5(bpg) 1.5(spg)
    SF Kevin Durant 26.6(ppg) 3.1(apg) 6.8(rpg) .5(bpg) 1.3(spg)
    PF Kevin Garnett 19.1(ppg) 3.6(apg) 10.1(rpg) 1.3(bpg) 1.4(spg) choosing Garnett over Barkley and Karl Malone is difficult because two of them are more scorer than Garnett, but Garnett is better defender than Barkley’s .8(bpg) 1.5(spg) and Malone’s .8(bpg) 1.4(spg)
    C Shaquille O’neal 23.7(ppg) 2.5(apg) 8.1(rpg) 2.3(bpg) .6(spg)

  106. John says:

    Malone’s list isn’t “revisionist history.” It’s just a joke. For the record, there’s nothing objectionable about picking Stockton over MJ as your dream team point guard. Stockton was perhaps the best PG of all time, and might be the right choice for that role. Obviously Magic beats Stockton in a one-on-one game. and I’m not mad at him including Robertson in his list, but at SG, it’s very peculiar, and as unbelievably great as Oscar was, his value as a 3-point shooter isn’t very proven. But for SF, you have to take Lebron over Pippen, and for PF, you have to take a real PF over Lebron.

  107. Sean says:

    Jordan is a given on any team, if U leave Jordan off of your all-time dream team than your team would lose to whichever team Jordan was on. I personally don’t have as big a problem with Stockton being picked over Magic. I would take Magic ten times out of ten to build a team around as a franchise player, but to build a team around that actually functions as a unit and has good chemistry I would put Stockton in with these guys cuz he wasn’t a franchise player type of guy, he was the best #2 guy in history and he knew how to get others involved and take a back seat. In a team this loaded you’d have to have some great role players. My Team, C – Shaq, PF – Duncan, SF – Bird, SG – Jordan, PG Stockton

  108. Hamza says:

    Kobe,m.jordan,lebron,wilt , team would beat this team ever, unstoppable!

  109. slob says:

    Matt Bonner
    Brian Scalabrine
    Andrew Bynum
    Mark Madsen
    Brad Miller

  110. ReadTheArticleFirst says:

    Maybe you guys should all read the complete article before ranting at Malone. In the end he stated he was just messing wit Dan Patrick since Dan is an MJ fanatic.

    My top 5:

    C SHAQ (too dominant and consistently demands double teams which means free shots for the others)

    PF Duncan/Barkley– Any one of the two would get the job done

    SF: Lebron (no one else comes close because this guy is a truly gifted superstar who is not selfish; his athletic prowess
    and figure stature combined with skills like a 6’4 guard makes him special; he could score 40-50 regularly if
    was as selfish as MJ (who is my favorite player))
    SG: Jordan- no need for clarification; however, Kobe can almost be slotted in here. They are so similar they even seem
    to walk the same.
    PG: MAGIC/ISAIAH — on any given night I would prob choose magic since he has some of Lebron’s qualities i.e. size
    but could actually handle the ball, rebound and sees the court well

  111. johnny edwards says:

    These are the top 5 EVER at their position. C-Shaquille O’ Neal PF-Tim Duncan SF-L.ebron James SG- Michael Jordan PG-Magic Johnson. This team would be 82-0 and sweep through the playoffs.

  112. Deadpan Guy says:

    I dunno, Oscar’s stats are pretty amazing. Maybe not many of us witnessed his play, but some do say he was the purest scorer ever. Problem of course is that Jordan was also an awesome defender and straight out winner so, no I’ve just talked myself out of backing the big O.

  113. Jared says:

    The weirdest thing about this list is Scotty Pippen.. Really? Scotty Pippen?

  114. carlos says:

    Malone is RIGHT, The problem is that many has a LOVE for those two that will bend over backward.
    Tim Duncan would have to be in that list.

  115. Thomas says:

    Its Malone opinion. That’s who he feels could win it all. Id sure would rather be apart of a team so I could be remember… Am not sure of any of them 91-98 bulls player names. I do know this though if his starting five for the game is Stockton Malone lebron wilt pippen on the either side the ball it will read Jordan bird magic etc………….. In my mind I could never be on Jordan, magic or birds team for there would be no one left worth beating.

  116. AL says:

    Only way to settle these lineups… NBA2K13!

  117. LAKERFAN says:

    Chris paul

    my top 5

  118. Paulo says:

    C. SHAQ

  119. DC says:

    so someone else picks their five includes Jordan
    , they beat Malone’s five, he looses to Jordan again

  120. vince says:

    lebron as power forward? hahahaha

  121. Dave Simmons says:

    Wow some of these top 5s are interesting. I can’t believe Larry Bird is not on a lot of them. Lebron most definitely should not be on any. My top 5 would not be defeated by anybody

    1)Magic Johnson
    2)Michael Jordan
    3)Larry Bird
    4)Dr. J
    5) Kareem Abdul Jabbar

  122. sports fan says:

    pg – Magic backup – Isaiah
    sg – MJ backup – Kobe
    sf – Bird backup – Pippen
    pf – Duncan backup – LeBron
    c – Hakeem backup – Kareem

  123. LISTEN UP says:

    AFTER SEEING THE COMMENTS, IM NOTICING NO LOVE FOR THE BEST SF LARRY BIRD. LeBron being better than Bird is like saying Kobe is definately better than Jordan, or that Howard is better than Kareeem, or that CP3 is better than Magic, Come on guys!

  124. Min ho says:

    C – Marlou Aquino
    PF – Alvin Patrimonio
    SF – Kenneth Duremdes
    PG – Johny Abarientos
    SG – Jojo Lastimosa

  125. Find a Poster From the 90s... says:

    … any poster from the 90s – and you’ve got about a 75% chance it’s Karl Malone getting dunked on. Why does he like Stockton more than Magic? Loyalty? Friendship? Ignorance? None of these. He prefers his teammate because he was humiliated on defense more times than any other player in NBA history.

    (Yes, he was an offensive monster but if there was an award for ‘Overrated Defensive Player’, there would only be two nominees: Malone and Kobe.)

    All of that said… choosing Pippen and James at 3 and 4 is spot on. Why no love for the Admiral? An exceptional player, who shut down Hakeem and Shaq time and time again.

  126. Big Mike says:

    Karl Malone is jelly….MJ has six NBA titles vs Karl Malone’s 0…do the math. MJ was and still is numero uno. LeBron will never touch him. even today 10 yr old kids know who Michael Jordan is…he is the real KING….LeBron…not so much.

  127. LISTEN UP says:

    My Opinion for Top 5.

    PG-Magic Johnson
    SG- Michael Jordan
    SF- Larry Bird
    PF- Tim Duncan
    C- Kareem-Abdul Jabbar

  128. GetYourMindRight says:

    he picked a team that would win.

    everyone here is considering big names before the reason of creating a team
    and thats to win as a team

    a team of champions is not the same as a champion team
    and im sure this will be exposed during the finals GO SPURS!

  129. whoosh says:

    However, if I were to pick my top five they would be:
    Magic, Lebron, Pippen, Barkley and Shaq

    I think Magic was the best player ever to play the game as he had an all-around game. Lebron is the best player in league. Pippen was a top guard on both sides of floor. Barkley was a top forward. Shaq was the most dominant player ever. Best of all, these guys would play well off each other and no one would cry for more touches.

  130. Brad says:

    I don’t mind MJ and Magic not in the list, but Lebron on his list? Malone must be nuts.

  131. whoosh says:

    I have no issues with Malone’s list. To pick his teammate over Magic isn’t so horrible, Stockton was a top PG in the league and a pure PG. Can’t really go wrong with OR. Jordan was a great scorer but with Malone’s lineup; you do not need it. And I’d take Pippen over Jordan for the simply reason he can score nearly as well and plays much better defense. MJ was the best scorer in the NBA of his era; which many confuse as the best player. Today is a good example: Lebron is the best player and Durant or Melo are the best scorers. There is a huge difference between the two. With Malone’s guys you do not have to worry about enough basketballs to go around. You would if you had Jordan on the team. He is just used to be the main 1, 2, and 3 options.

  132. james ward says:

    Too many people think that basketball was invented about 1980. Here’s my all time best:

    PG – Oscar Robertson
    SG – Michael Jordan
    SF – Elgin Baylor
    PF – Karl Malone
    C – Kareen Abdul-Jabbar

    If I needed a second five it would be

    PG – Earvin Johnson
    SG – Kobe Bryant
    SF – Larry Bird
    PF – Tim Duncan
    C – Bill Russell

  133. Johnson says:

    You guys all forgot Kobe. And LBJ shouldn’t even be there YET.

  134. Priyedarshi Jetli says:

    It depends on what one has in mind on an all time team. I count 8 positions in basketball, not 5. These are point guard (PG), off guard (OG), all round guard (AG), center (C), power forward (PF), all round forward (AF), small forward (SF) and a multi dimensional player (that does not fit in any of the other categories) (MD). Based on this here are my first five teams:

    First team: Magic Johnson (AG), Bill Russell (C), Julius Erving (AF), Isiah Thomas (PG), Tim Duncan (PF), Sam Jones (OG), Elgin Baylor (SF) and George McGinnis (MD).

    Second team: Michael Jordan (AG), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (C), Larry Bird (AF), Bob Cousy (PG), Bob Pettit (PF), Dennis Johnson (OG), James Worthy (SF) and Dennis Rodman (MD)

    Third team: Oscar Robertson (AG), Wilt Chamberlain (C), LeBron James (AF), John Stockton (PG), Karl Malone (PF), Walt Frazier (OG), Dominique Wilkins (SF) and Robert Hory (MD)

    Fourth team: Kobe Bryant (AG), Hakeem Olajuwan (C), John Havlicek (AF), Jason Kidd (PG),

    Third team: Oscar Robertson (AG),

  135. alexiscastillo says:

    my mine would be
    1.oscar robertson
    2.peta maravich (mj and kobe are ballhogs)
    3.larry bird
    4.tim duncan
    5.wilt chamberlain

  136. bodjee says:

    1. Isiah Thomas (Detroit)
    2. michael jordan
    3. Lebron James
    4. Kevin McHale
    5. Hakeem Olajuwon

  137. Erasmus Darwin says:

    My Line-Up:

    C – Hakeem Olajuwon
    PF – Tim Duncan
    SF – LeBron James
    SG – Michael Jordan
    PG – Jason Kidd

  138. john says:

    It seems like the mailman has lost his head sometimes he needs too just keep his mouth only an idiot would ever say something that stupid

  139. Henrik Jensen says:

    there is such a difference of a fave 5 to best 5 ever…..

    My fave five includes Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell and possible James Harden or Dwayne Wade.

    If i where to pick the 5 best of all time:
    My List would look more in the direction of:
    C) Bill Russell
    PF) Tim Duncan
    SF) Lebron James
    SG) Michael Jordan
    PG) Kobe Bryant (Why, because he is better than Magic Johnson was)…

    He say his fave 5 is those players, he does not say it has to be the best ever… come on, read the article before you sprout out comments…

  140. Juan says:

    ENVY, that’s in his head knowing that he doesn’t have a ring 😛

  141. Owen says:

    The guy gave his top 5…. his opinion! Why make a fuzz out of it?
    Would you make a fuzz if he said he liked pepsi more than Coca Cola?
    MJ and Magic could be the greatest, but you can’t expected everyone to like em, right?

  142. Berne Mandaku says:

    Best Starting Lineups


    Chris Paul (PG) 6’0”, 175 lbs
    Kobe Bryant (SG/SF) 6’6”, 205 lbs
    LeBron James (SF/PF) 6’8”, 250 lbs
    Kevin Durant (SF/PF) 6’11”, 235 lbs
    Dwight Howard (C) 6’11”, 265 lbs

    From then,

    Isaiah Thomas (PG)
    Michael Jordan (SG/SF)
    Magic Johnson (EP)
    Hakeem Olajuwan (PF/C)
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (C)

    From then, then

    Jerry West (PG)
    Oscar Robertson (SG)
    Elgin Baylor (SF)
    Bill Russell (PF)
    Wilt Chaimberlain (C)

  143. SHAQ says:

    Scalibrine all the way

  144. DRoseIsKing says:

    1. Jordan 2. Bill Russel (11 Rings?!) 3. Magic 4.Kobe 5.And with the most total points and most MVP awards (6) KAREEM Abdul-Jabaar

  145. eric says:

    i can see whats the point on malone here..
    stockton is a role player and a court general.
    magic on the other hand is an all around player who can play multiple position..
    if i want a pure point guard i go to stockton over magic..
    though i cant agree putting oscar robertson over MJ..
    MJ is a monster!
    my 5 would be..
    center – haken olujowan (is my spelling correct?)
    Pf (Lebron or Malone)
    SF pippen
    SG MJ
    PG stockton

  146. fan says:

    2. kobe
    3. jordan

    …but to me kobe is the G.O.A.T simply the best to bad he has all these haters

  147. wtf says:

    Why is this news?

  148. Berne Mandaku says:

    Karl Malone is just hating on Michael ”G.O.A.T” Jordan, because MJ and the Bulls beat them two consecutive times in the finals back in 97 and 98. Karl needs to respect Greatness. For me, my All-Time starting would be Isaiah Thomas, Michael Jordan, Erving ”Magic” Johnson, Hakeem Olajuwan, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

  149. bballfan777 says:

    Let’s not forget that Malone was adamant about not playing on the same court as Magic when he announced his HIV status. And of course he despises MJ for denying championships. Malone and Stockton are one player! Without Malone no hall of fame for Stockton. Without Stockton Malone, with his limited post game, would have been a 12 pt. 10 rebound player. Malone can say what he wants but if we remember bball history we know he is biased.

    My five. Magic/or Robertson at point, MJ at 2 guard, Lebron at 3, Duncan at 4, and Olajuwan at 5. I don’t think Wilt or Russell would have the same impact in a modern league where being 7 ft. isn’t such an advantage.

    • bballfan777 says:

      Its hard to leave Durant off. I do not believe for one second rings define greatness. Rings are a combination of individual greatness, team chemistry, coaching prowess, and the luck of avoiding injuries and favorable matchups in the playoffs.

      Durant is a 7ft (oh I’m sorry 6,10 1/2 with a 7 ft. wingspan). 2 guard that can do everything on the court. As of now he backs up Jordan on my all time team. Jordan’s drive to prove people wrong as a competitor was beyond intense and Durant hasn’t transcended that! (yet)!

  150. kwas says:


    • jimmy on says:

      Lebrun James ? He’s not even among the top 50 … A big loser who can’t even scores when his team needs him.

  151. Jackson Phil says:

    KM is jealous and bitter.

  152. Marcus says:


    2. Vince Carter (Toronto)
    3. Dominique Wilkins
    4. Shawn Kemp
    5. Shaq (Orlando)

    Team Fully Torqued

    • bballfan777 says:

      LOL. good picks for purely highlights! If its for highlights though I have to say Tim Hardaway at the point though (possibly Iverson, Tony Parker, or Steve Nash also). Maybe we could slide in T-Mac as the back up 2. Got to get Barkley and Rasheed Wallace in as bench players just for the technical fouls and comedy comments in press conferences… “ball don’t lie” lol!

  153. KNICKSALLDAY says:

    Starting Top Five:

  154. OGLebronFan says:

    C Kareem
    PF Tim Duncan
    SF Larry Bird
    SG this is a real dilemma b/c both Kobe and MJ are ball hog volume shooters…I would like to give it to Ray Allen but its gonna have to be MJ as SG
    PG LeBron James

  155. KNICKSLife says:

    Karl Malones top five
    Brian Scalabrine at the 1
    Kwame Brown at the 2
    DJ Mbenga at the 3
    Earl Boykins at the 4
    Joel Pryzbilla at the 5

  156. Boere says:

    Dont act like Magic is really that deserving of an all-time top 5.

  157. Art Nelson says:

    Old School best 5
    1. Wilt Chamberlain
    2. Bill Russell
    3. Magic Johnson
    4. KC Jones/ Oscar Robertson
    5. Elgin Baylor/Bob Cousy
    Second String

    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Julius Erving
    3 Larry Bird
    4 Kareem Abdul Jabbar
    5. Rick Barry

    Honorable mentions
    Pistol Pete Maravich
    Nate Archibald
    Dennis Johnson
    Charles Barkley

    I have watched NBA basketball since 1963 when I was 8 years old. I consider a top 5 player as one that could dominate todays game. My all time 5 would win at least 75 games today.

  158. dante aguila says:

    This is my all time 5 lineup:

    Hakeem- Center
    Duncan- Forward
    Bird- Small Forward
    Jordan- Shooting Guard
    Magic- Guard

    2nd 5 lineup:

    Shaq- Center
    Dirk- Power Forward
    Barkley- Small Forward
    Kobe- Shooting Guard
    CP3- Guard

  159. sanjay says:

    wait a minute! Allen iverson is 6th highest average per game player in the history of nba last time I checked.
    it is a toss between west and iverson if you want to still have a pure point guard. I am sure allens speed was way better then west( sad to say was he can still play. look at duncan at 37).

    My man needs some practice thats all ( heat are you listening?)

  160. sanjay says:

    if john stockton went to hall of fame, how could they over look equally talented and great player in his own right my man Ron harper?

    he has 5 rings and same stats as stockton! In fact better before the injury!
    A versatile player and a great team man!

    Ron must go in to hall of fame period. Give him his due!
    I have no problem with stockton being a hall of famer but Ron Harper should have joined along with him!

  161. jr says:

    You think people will take word from losers like karl Malone.Cheessseeeee

  162. Boge says:

    First off, everyone is taking this as their top 5. Your top 5 and your starting 5 could, and probably should, be different.

  163. sanjay says:

    Kobe cant come inn as there is MJ and lebron!
    MJ does everything kobe does but kobe a better 3 point shooter,.but during clutch both are more or less equal. Kobe is also a great defender but tad less then MJ and leb. Kobe shoots more 3’s then MJ, which will be compensated by lebrons 3 point shooting!

  164. Santiago says:

    Talking about a team I’d go for:
    1. Magic Johnson
    2. Allen Iverson
    3. LeBron James
    4. Tim Duncan
    5. Hakeem Olajuwon

    Magic and LeBron can distribute the ball and I need a fast, sharp scorer as Iverson that can get the ball and drive anyone crazy. Obviously, Michael is (in my opinion) second greates ever after Magic (I am a Celtics and Heat fan). I’d also go for Olajuwon cause he can give so many different options (both offensively and defensively).

  165. sanjay says:

    no center can replace Wilt. No hakeem nor karim abdul and duncan is way off and well below shaq( all are incredibly great in their own right). Allen iverson an all time great and I will take him over stoktcon anyday( he is a great player but iverson was on another planet at his peak). kidd/nash miss out here!
    If you want to have Magic then bird will miss out!
    MJ has to be there at the cost of robertson.
    now lebron is a beast and can do all he has to be there!
    If lebron is there and iverson has to be there, then pippen misses out!
    if you leave iverson then you can plug in pippen!
    But for some reason, I am not confident of running this team on no pure point guard who can handle electric speeds!
    lebron and jordan can guard 6 foot plus guards but not small ones. Hence iverson with electric speed, prolific scoring and facilitating is the right fit and has to come at the cost of pippen!

    if you wanna live without pure small pg, then it is a toss between pippen and russel as i have mentioned different combinations! russel won 11 and was tremendous all around player himself! He put the blue print for all around game that everybody followed later!
    MJ,Magic,Wilt,Russel, lebron, iverson/pippen. Jesus, no body is beating teams with this combo!

    Dig it mail man?

  166. Kroleandr says:

    Imagine what a lineup of Magic\MJ\Bird\Duncan\any great center-Dream, Shaq etc WOULD Do to this Malone’s five?

  167. My Top 5 – Kobe (mid career) – MJ (mid career) – Lebron (early career) – Howard (early career) – Shaq (early career)

  168. sanjay says:

    Malone is clever but not right. He took lebron as he is 1-2 punch Mj/Magic ! oscar Robert is awesome but he is no MJ for sure! Magic is greatest all round player and purely not a pg! If pippen is there stockton has to go! If you put MJ in place of robertson then you cant have wilt at the center! Because none of the old pgs have speed anywhere closer to todays rampaging pgs. stockton will be eaten alive by rampaging train wreck west brooks, I have no idea how quick is chris paul. parker is also deceptively quick, rose is fast, nate was another train wreck.
    stockton could be swapped for kidd but both have speed issues! Allen iverson could come in here as he has numbers to prove!
    if that is the case it will be lebron,Mj,chamberlin, iverson and pippen!
    lebron can play multiple positions/score and feed, Mj can score/defends, pippen defend and more, wilt will dominate the paint, iverson will move the ball and run amuck. Hard to beat this team for sure!

    Another combo is Magic( move the ball all around), MJ scores /defend, lebron will do the same and defends, chamberlin, pippen. the perimter athleticism and variety might compensate for small guys speed!

    MJ, Magic, ( no leb, no pippen) chamberlin, russel, oscar robert!

    MJ,Magic, Leb( no pippen), russel, oscar robertson( no center but they can compensate with their variety and guys sharing the paint). And leb and russel defense will be ridiculous as well!

    Another phenomenal combo is simply MJ,Magic, chamber, russel, lebron ( jesus this team is ridiculous) Did I hit the right button or what?
    No disrespect to stockton and great bird also missed out!

  169. Charlie says:

    So I guess people didn’t hear the interview live because if they didn’t they wouldn’t have taken it so seriously .

  170. Blake Howden says:

    God forbid not to select MJ. -.-

  171. Chacher says:

    It’s too difficult to choose an all time five. We all have our preferences, and so does Malone, but being serious, it will be good to choose taking account on several aspects, for example, skills, to me the best skilled forward is K.D. but he fails in other aspects; statistics, here there are big names like LBJ . But for example, in leadership: there are aspects like leading a team to championships, Stockton-Malone they fail here, or increase the level of the teammates, here Lebron fails, and also another aspect is to be mentally tough, to overcome difficulties, and yes, Lebron has grown up in this aspect. And we cannot forget the sacrifice,a devaluated aspect, the defense.
    To me the best five with all those characteristics are Magic, Jordan, Bird, as power forward I choose Mc Hale or maybe Duncan, (but Lebron is still rising) and as center I choose Bill Russell, (the center is the most difficult position, there are many big names like Mikan, Chamberlain, Jabbar, Olajuwon, also Shaq, and D. Robinson)

  172. Nick Thakkar says:

    I think it’s justified to take the Big O over Magic on this team but definitely taking MJ over Pip. Magic was great but he could never compete with the Big O statistically. In fact, there isn’t a single point guard who could; people forget he was considered the greatest player of all time before MJ came along. Anybody that was at any point considered the greatest player of all time deserves to start on the “greatest team ever” question.

  173. gritsngravy21 says:

    this was tough but my top 5 is as follows

    C- Wilt Chamberlain
    PF- Dirk Nowitzki
    SF- Kevin Durant
    SG- Michael Jordan
    PG- Magic Johnson

    The center positon was tough i grew up watching Shaq and hakeem dominate but i picked wilt. When lebron stops flopping and crying everytime a defender bounces off him with no foul call he can join my team until then Dirk is gonna light it up from long range

  174. Dan K says:

    Jason Terry
    Kwame Brown
    Kawhi Leonard

  175. old_school65 says:

    The author is either uninformed, or desperate to get a reaction from people, or both, because if you read the whole transcript of the conversation, you’ll see that Malone PURPOSELY left Jordan off the list because the show’s host, Dan Patrick, not only admitted a Jordan man-crush, he said he’s the equivalent of Jordan on his own show. So Malone did it just to mess with him.

    The saying is true: don’t believe everything you read. Hey Smith, why don’t you act like a real journalist, and not some tabloid hack.

    Here is the link to the actual conversation:

  176. Tom says:

    Something is wrong with Karl Malone. This is the top 5

    Magic PG
    Jordan SG
    Hakeem C
    Duncan PF
    Lebron SF

    O. Robertson PG
    Kobe SG
    Wilt C
    K. Garnett PF
    Bird SF
    Shaq C
    West SG

  177. dont hate says:

    Whats wrong with your on personal top 5, its an opinion, you cant take it away, i have my opinion on a top 5 with different players, i respect his opinion on his top 5, but there will always be haters on a top 5, whether you choose kobe over mj, duncan over russell, it shouldnt matter, its an opinion its your problem if you dont agree

  178. Kmaloneisjealous says:

    Karl Malone is jealous of the NBA championships that were taken from him and the years he was second fiddle to Magic and the Lakers. He’s a whining loser who has a bunch of regular season awards and none from the post season. At least he didn’t put his useless self on that list.

  179. ejbalance says:

    Olajuwan – C
    Tim Duncan – PF
    Jordan SF
    Ray Allen SG
    Magic Johnson – PG

    an open Ray allen complemented with this line up is an automatic win against Anyone.

  180. kde019 says:

    My Top 5

    G – Allen Iverson
    G – Kobe Bryant
    F – LeBron James
    F – Dennis Rodman
    C – Shaquille O’neal

  181. Oldhawk says:

    Not taking anything away from Robinson but that was a whole different era in basketball, for someone to average that in a full season nowadays would be incredible because most teams aren’t relying on one player to do everything and most defenses won’t allow it.

  182. sharanney says:


    PG – Magic
    SG – MJ
    C – Hakeem
    SF – Pippen
    PF – Duncan

    absolutely dominates all teams on both ends of the floor. 3 pt shooting from pipp, 3 players who were the best all-time of their position in MJ, Pipp, Hakeem….

  183. Good All Around Team says:

    Every one of us is entitled to have an opinion so just respect the man`s opinion, he clearly choose to think of a team that plays TEAM BALL rather than HERO BALL/BALL HOG types because that is where his accustomed to. His top 5 are good picks mainly because each and every one of them are great defenders and shares the ball pretty well. I think MJ is great and one of my all time favorite, but id rather have a defense first, share the ball kind of team.

  184. My 5 Killa says:

    PG – Allen Iverson
    SG – MJ / Mamba
    SF – LeQueen
    PW – Duncan
    C- Hakeem

    Pts Per Game – 116.8

  185. MoneyStern says:

    How is this even debatable he had Pippen and Lebron in top 5, what a joke.

  186. DeRise says:

    1. Magic Johnson. 2. Michael Jordan. 3. LeBron James. 4. Moses Malone. 5. Kareem Addul-Jabbar.

  187. Marvin says:

    PG: Allen Iverson
    SG: MJ
    SF: Larry Bird
    PF: Kevin Garnett
    C: Hakeem the Dream

  188. TK says:

    Top 5 Defense

  189. john says:

    Here’s the deal. The vast majority of people who pay attention to sports claim MJ as the greatest ever, even the majority of his peers. There will always be opinions that disagree but I think just the sheer number of people that claim Jordan as #1 is a testament all to itself. Also I think cash money walks is the greatest athletic competitor the human race has ever seen. Nuff said.

  190. TK says:

    Top 5 at each position, not necessarily best team:

  191. Shane says:

    We should all ascribe the proportionate amount of weight to Malone’s opinions as his number of rings demands.

  192. Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

    By the way I still think MJ should have been called for the push-off on that game winning shot against utah. So for all the LeBron haters saying he gets all the calls and influences the refs, MJ DID TOO!

  193. Tony says:

    typical mainstream American attitude. someone gives their opinion that doesn’t line up with their EMOTIONAL beliefs so it must be crazy. Malone sir, you must be a communist for such a remark. ha. what a garbage of a sports piece and intellectual one for that matter.

  194. Jerome says:

    Any time you see Scottie Pippen on your top five, you know something’s wrong.

  195. djbugz says:

    doesnt matter if he puts in the 5 worst players in NBA history , its HIS list not anyone else’s. you are free to have you own of course but dont criticize others for having theirs.

  196. olanski says:

    nice choices of Malone..but among the five, Lebron is the sole flopper..

  197. JJ says:

    C – Muggsy Bogues
    PF – Darrell Armstrong
    SF – Marv Albert
    SG – Manute Bol
    PG – JaVale McGee

    • LOLZZZZZZZZ says:


    • bogie man says:

      C- Manute Bol (1/2 twin towers)
      PF- Shawn Bradley (2/2 Twin Towers)
      SF- Ed O’Bannon
      SG- Adam Morrison
      PG- JaVale McGee/ Sekou Smith

  198. ChampionsDontLeaveTown says:

    Malone’s Cowboy hat must be on too tight!! “Pippen led the Bulls in every category with out Jordan”…so what?! Bosh did the same in Toronto after the carter trade…no one on the bulls wins a championship without Jordan…and…for that matter neither does Hakeem if Jordan doesn’t retire. How you leave the Jordan off that team is facsinating!

    PG) Ervin SG) Michael SF) Larry PF) Tim C) “Birdman” lol (Impossible to determine the 5 spot – Wilt/Russell/Shaq/Hakeem…very tough.

    • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

      Timmy on the 4? Cmonnn, bosh on the 4! Kappa. But all seriousness gotta take Wilt on the 5.

      • Marcus says:

        Don’t forget Jordan doesn’t win a title without Pippen… How many titles did he get before he teamed up with the all time top 50 player?

        I’ll give you a hint: Starts with Z and ends in ERO.

  199. Victor says:


  200. daveycr says:

    Coming from this twisted, pervert Hall of Famer?! Are you kidding me?
    People are shocked that Malone knocked up a 13 yr old when he 20yrs old at La Tech. By the time he was 20 he had three kids. Twins when he was 17 and a child with the 13 yr old when he was 20. To date, Malone has made no public comment with regard to his son, who is now an offensive lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League. In 2008, The Buffalo News reported that Bell’s first and only meeting with Malone came shortly after Bell graduated from high school. According to Bell, Malone told him at that time that it was “too late” for them to have a father-son relationship. Malone challenged the court’s ruling with regard to Bell, claiming that the judgment holding him responsible for $125 per week in child support, plus past and future medical expenses, was excessive. What a creep.

  201. nka says:

    Who cares what Karl Malone thinks?

  202. the black mamba says:

    my starters and subs
    1: Magic/Stockton

    • Paul Friedericks says:

      Almost Perfect!!!
      1: Magic/Stockton

  203. Ryan says:

    My dream 5: PG: Magic, SG: MJ, PF: Lebron, SF: Dr. J Center: Kareem

  204. philraymond says:

    SG Smush Parker
    PG Kenny Smith
    PF Kermit Washington
    C Javale Mcgee
    SF hedo-turkoglu

    • bogie man says:

      Not bad, but id play at McGee at PG, he can really handle the rock

      C- Manute Bol (1/2 twin towers)
      PF- Shawn Bradley (2/2 Twin Towers)
      SF- Ed O’Bannon
      SG- Adam Morrison
      PG- JaVale McGee

  205. TREVOR WILLIAMS says:


  206. Ken from toronto says:

    First “Bill russel” 11 championships should clearly be the best player ever if we are measuring MJ23 over KOBE or LeBron.
    Second, Best player overall would have to be by position, how would you say MJ is better than Magic or Shaq or Wilt or Oscar, you just can’t different positions… Basket Ball is not a one man team.. 5 positions, 5 players.

    Bill Russel 11 Rings, can someone imaging LeBron or Kobe winning “11 Rings” they would be the best player ever to play this game. Ask yourself this now, why aren’t we calling Bill Russel best player ever? Think about it, the flashy players get the ratings, this would be like a QB in foot ball.

    Check this out and think about (

    The NBA had alot of guys that didn’t even get mention that achieved more than MJ23 or Kobe or Lebron.. Respect is earned.

  207. NBA fan since 1997 says:

    My all time greats:

    C: Russel/Kareem
    PF Duncan/Malone
    SF Bird/James
    SG Jordan/Kobe
    PG Magic/West

    As you see I wrote two at each position because I really can´t write only five…Btw. These kinds of All five´s is nonsense because basketball in 60, or 80´s was absolutely different…ABSOLUTELY…You guys at HangTime should name the starting five of each decade and even this won´t be really right…

  208. KingJames says:

    My all-time starting lineup is going to include players that played after the addition of the 3 pt line (leaving out Russell, Chamberlain, Robertson, etc.)

    PG – Magic Johnson
    SG – Michael Jordan
    SF – LeBron James
    PF – Kevin Garnett
    C – Shaq

  209. Paul Gay says:

    All-Time 1st and 2nd My Teams

    Bird Bobby Jones
    Duncan Hondo
    Russell Nate Thurmond
    Magic Clyde
    MJ Jerry Sloan

    Big O Dan Issel
    Dr. J Wilkins
    Chamberlain Parrish
    West Lou Hudson
    Kobe Dennis Johnson

  210. zeusfiction0 says:

    Such a non-issue. Media has to fill in something for empty NBA non-game days, and we chomp at the bit to get into this silly “controversy.” It’s Malone’s preference.
    My personal, I have Magic and Maravich as my guards. Personal preference. I’m not blinded by rings, stats, endorsements, etc. End of story. If I’m Malone I wouldn’t justify why or why don’t I have a particular person on my list.

  211. zeusfiction0 says:

    Such a non-issue. Media has to fill in something for empty NBA non-game days, and we chomp at the bit to get into this silly “controversy.” It’s Malone’s preference.
    My personal, I have Magic and Maravich as my guards. Personal preference. I’m not blinded by rings, stats, endorsements, etc. End of story. If I’m Malone I wouldn’t justify why or why don’t I have a particular person.

  212. Belgium says:

    1. Magic
    2. Jordan
    3. Bird
    4. Lebron
    5. Shaq

  213. Claudio Vieira says:

    I started playing and enjoying basketball since I saw MJ Playing, ad for me It´s a no brainer, It’s Mj + 4. But Since I can’t decide who to choose from a few players, these are my favourites:

    PG – MJ – Magic Jonhson
    SG – MJ – Michael Jordan
    SF – Scottie Pippen / Kobe Bryant / LBJ
    PF – Sir Charles / KArl Malone (I dn’t like the Jazz but i Like him)
    C – Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon / Shaq

    I almost didn’t see Larry Bird, Kareem, Oscar, Wilt, and a lot of other great players, so I must choose the ones I know.

    I need to leave a small note to one of my all time Favourites, Dennis Rodman, I know he´s not comparable to any of my choices, but, in spite of the bad boy fame and all, what he did best, nobody did it better… Ever!!!

  214. pasigiri says:

    Hey what’s your favorite color?
    Are you crazy? Everybody knows red is the greatest color ever!!! You should have your head examined.

  215. bunbury says:

    COME ON.

    C- this is obvious and everyone should agree- WILT CHAMBERLAIN. shaq is next though.
    PF- karl Malone is a valid candidate but you must go with- TIM DUNCAN. although he is really a center.
    SF- even though I don’t like him, but he deserves it- LEBRON JAMES
    SG- very, very close between Kobe and MJ- but you have to go to – MICHAEL JORDAN
    PG- MAGIC JOHNSON. who’s a better point guard???? gary payton, Stockton, kidd, or maybe the overrated Derrick Rose.

  216. DannyBoy_910 says:

    5. Shaq – Most Dominant Big Man of All-Time
    4. Tim Duncan or Sir Charles – 2 of the best PF ever. I didnt say the greatest, just my choice for this lineup
    3. Lebron – The Best All-Around Player we’ve ever seen
    2. MJ – The G.O.A.T
    1. Magic. – enough said, 5 rings, played 5 positions.

    • herb_daily says:

      I like the squad except for The Big Lazy at center. I love Diesel, but even he will tell you that Hakeem the Dream schooled him big time. He plays better D, hits the outside shot and there will be no hack-a-Hakeem. The rest of that squad is solid!

  217. jack says:

    does nobody think Iverson should be dicussed.

  218. KARLMALONE says:

    What you gonna do Sekou, FINE HIM for his opinion?

  219. D.wagerz says:

    It doesn’t matter what five you pick because you can always match that five with a five that would take them to a game 7 triple ot and possibly beat them……..

  220. pickyourbusts says:

    michael olowokandi
    darko milicic
    sam bowie
    adam morrison
    kwame brown

    • herb_daily says:

      Sweet squad!
      Chris Washburn vying for 6th man minutes……

    • bogie man says:

      Great Choice

      C- Manute Bol (1/2 twin towers)
      PF- Shawn Bradley (2/2 Twin Towers)
      SF- Ed O’Bannon
      SG- Adam Morrison
      PG- JaVale McGee

  221. Mike says:

    I’m Celtic biased, so keep that mind: my frontline all Celtics, guards are a bit tougher:

    C – Russell
    PF – McHale
    SF – Bird
    SG – Jordan
    PG – Stockton

    I’ve got three stoppers in Jordan, McHale, Russell, the ultimate dish man in Stockton, and points galore with Bird, McHale, and Jordan.

  222. eo says:

    same old story big star big ego and to have the big ego you must have a small brain, he is just not including mj because he thinks he was better than him, just like shaq making untrue statements about other players because they all think they were the greatest players of all time

  223. Athdtthethetnetb says:

    G: Kobe
    G: MJ
    F: Larry Bird
    F: Lebron
    C: kareem

  224. Ken says:

    My Top 5 for the last 15 years would be Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Shaq Oneal, Steve Nash/J Kid, Gasol/D Howard

  225. raheem092 says:

    Without Pippen MJ may have won 2 rings. So yes i would choose Pippen. However, i do believe Malone is still sore about MJ’s bulls preventing him from a ring.

  226. Jantonio says:

    Here my starting 5 and second team

    1. Magic Johnson / Stockton
    2. Michael Jordan / Lebron James
    3. Tim Duncan / Kevin Garnett
    4. David Robinson / Wilt Chamberlain
    5. Larry Bird / Scottie Pippen

    Here you have a GREAT diversification of offense and defense. You have to love the synergy of the Twin Towers in this inclusion since they worked so great together in that 99′ championship. Magic and MJ really need no explanation..they are an auto-inclusion and do not believe they are subjected to Hero Ball…since Jordan and Magic many times have found ways to be effective when the shot wasn’t dropping for him. Larry Bird will definitely stretch the defense so Duncan, Jordan, and the Admiral can pound the ball inside. This setup is very synergestic in my opinion.

    • bunbury says:

      talking about molding positions in order to have the players that you want. LeBron is not a SH; therefore, Kiobe goes in there. you have to make a decision whether you want pippen or LeBron in the SF category. oh, garnett better than the mailman. I don’t think so. I liked robinson, he was one of my all time favorite players but I don’t think he should be in top of Olajuwon or shaq. his knee injury in 2007 prevented him from being best of them all though.

  227. bcglorfindel says:

    My favorite memory of Jordan is still his last game before his second retirement. The one where the Bulls are down by 3 with seconds left and Jordan hits a shot, then steals the ball from Malone and hits another to put the Bulls up by 1 and win Jordan’s 6th championship.

    Don’t suppose that colors Malone’s picks at all, huh?

  228. Dauntae Williams says:

    Starting 5
    PG: Jhon Stockton
    SG: Michael Jordan
    SF: Kobe Bryant
    PF: Lebron James
    C: Shaq

  229. Darnell Turner says:

    You know MJ was a great player, but the reason he is regarded as the best player ever has very little to do with his on the court accomplishments and more to do with his marketing strategy. Oscar Robertson (only player to average a trip dub for the season), Wilt Chamberlain (averaged 30ppg and 22rpg for his career), or Bill Russell (11 championships). I’ll take those three for sure over MJ.

    my top five
    Jason Kidd
    Oscar Robertson
    Larry Bird
    Lebron James
    Wilt Chamberlain

    • sharanney says:

      During Oscar’s era, they literally had 33% as many possessions…. when you factor that in plus just watching them play, it’s obvious that MJ was not only the better and more dominant, but even better all-around player. The year MJ played Point for Chicago, he averaged 32/8/8 which is incredible and closer than anyone in the modern league has come to averaging a triple double. He was also obviously the better scorer, defender, and 6th highest rebounding guard of all time. Oscar was great, but no way do you take him over MJ if you want to dominate, win championships.

  230. kuyabest says:

    He is Malone… and I also have man crush with LeBron. His selection is just fine with me.

  231. dd def says:

    I guess mine would be something like:

    1) Magic
    2) MJ
    3) Pip
    4) Legend
    5) Chamberlain

  232. theballerguru says:

    I don’t know why all the fuss about Malone including John Stockton on his top 5. Stockton is the single best pure PG of all time. Keep in mind I said “pure PG”. While Magic played PG, he was more of a combo player that has played all 5 positions at different times. The same could be said about Oscar Robertson in terms of a combo role throughout his career. No one has ever played, understood, and executed the role of point guard full time on both ends of the floor better than Stockton. He defined what it meant to be a floor general and literally made all of his teammates better from playing with him.

  233. Olaf Tulen says:

    PG: Magic Johnson
    SG: Michael Jordan
    SF: Lebron James
    PF: Carl Malone
    C: Wilt Chamberlain

  234. J.D.Dutcher says:

    My man Sekou keeping it real!! ANY Top 5 without MJ is pure comedy and most certainly a grudge or shock talk. Adding Scott Pippen is just a flat out insult that leads me to believe there is motive behind his selections.

    All other’s are definitely debatable. You could argue with Magic for purely redefining the PG position and the creation of “Showtime”, you could argue Isiah Thomas (yes, I am biased) for simply becoming the epitome of a PG WITH Back to Back Championship rings, and you could argue Stockton, who just flat out produced, year after year, a true floor general in all sense of the word.

    On the other hand, It’s hard to be a GOAT at your position when you haven’t reached the pinnacle (RINGS), especially with another HOFer by your side your entire career!

    Sekou, I can hear you now in your Chris Tucker voice “C’mon Mailman, ARE YOU HEARING THE WORDS COMING OUT OF YOUR MOUTH?!?!” Utter Rediculousness!!

  235. Dillinja331 says:


    When Rose was healthy, Miami beat the Bulls in 5 games. Rose was 1 for 15 shooting with Lebron covering him in the 4th quarter. You’re either trolling or a blind super fan.

  236. krespino says:

    There is a reason it’s called opinion. Malone is entitled to his opinion and he is more entitled than probably all commenters and media writers put together; he was there, on the court, he played the game with some of those guys. HE would be expert to talk on the matter, not us; we only formed our opinions from articles we read, videos we watched. Criticising Malone for his opinion on comparative performances of NBA players would just be a dumb thing to do. If Malone is contradicting the cliches, maybe we can learn from him.

  237. darko says:

    Shows a good feel for chemistry, five guys who D up and distribute.

  238. BballLover says:

    It’s easy for me to leave off M.J. if I’m Karl Malone, since Michael took TWO, count em’, TWO rings away from Malone. Yeah, Pippen was on both of those teams, but as you said, it’s an even bigger snub on Jordan that he picks Pippen. They were always the top scorers, MJ and Malone, from what I remember, so there just seems to have been plenty of competition, at least in the Mailman’s mind, for him to not add MJ. And as you said, it’s his opinion, so I don’t see what’s so troubling about it (and he probably doesn’t want Magic on the team because he’s still afraid of contracting HIV from him).

  239. glowinrims says:

    1. Magic Johnson
    2. MJ
    3. Lebron James
    4. Tim Duncan
    5. Wilt Chamberlin

  240. andrew says:

    not putting jordan in his team of 5, i can actually understand because malone was not asked to pick the 5 top players but to craft a TEAM of 5, and i believe that in a team where you already have so many commanding players, adding scottie makes more sense. on a team with with and oscar, and lebron(who is unselfish btw and will play for the good of the team), you need a stockton to facilitate and a scottie to do everything else, including being “like mike” when he has to. but scottie just doesnt have such a big ned for ball presence like mike does and if you are picking a team of 5, i would probably pick magic over stockton for defensive versatility, but malone is stockton’s teammate so that’s easy to understand enough. nice pick malone!

  241. Muiz says:

    Starting Five:
    PG: Magic
    SG: Jordan
    SF: Bird/LeBron
    PF: Duncan
    C: Russell or Wilt

  242. whaaa says:

    C Dikembe Mutombo
    PF Nowitzki
    SF James
    SG Jordan
    PG Magic

    It sounds silly, but every 5 here consists of 5 very good offensive players. As a result I put Mutombo in 5, because he is the best defensive player in my opinion. He is very tall, great rebounder and shot blocker. My first choice on PF was Nowitzki, because he can shoot the three and he also has size at 7’0″. I also thought about putting Shaq at 5 because nobody dominated like he did in terms of physical power and strength, with a great offensive game, however then I would have to have a 4 like Rodman for defensive purposes so I stuck with a center protecting the rim. The rest is pretty easy. I did consider Bird and Stockton for 3 and 1, however I picked the athletic and more gifted options.

    • bunbury says:

      following your logic of putting the best players that will complement each other, i’ll put steve kerr over magic Johnson. he’ll make pay for double teaming shaq, Jordan, or LeBron.

    • Charles says:

      Mutombo also makes the 5 because not only was he a good defensive player and shot blocker but he was the best nose breaker in the game.

  243. garrett says:

    were is kobe Malone kobe is the second best player in history

    • jack says:

      I agree. Where is Kobe??????…… the second best to play the game

      • jack says:

        also maybe even the clutchest ever. i mean who do you know has made more buzzer beating and game winning shots than him? nobody

      • Marcus says:

        He simply has taken more (almost double) than anyone else. Percentage is low low. Lower than Melo, Lebron, Dirk, and CP3. Lebron is within 9 of Kobe at a higher percentage with about a decade of playing time left over Kobe. Melo is the most clutch. 51% on GW shots.

        Just facts. No opinion.

      • Ruff says:

        Like Mcado85 said kobe plays to much hero ball and tries to do too much on his on. He is one of the best but not an efficient team player.

      • Kobenisme.... says:

        Speaking efficiency, Kobe does a lot is simples, the team mostly trust him and he is the man show on his prime time,
        Others team know he will be the last person to hold & throw the ball, so they triple him most of the time. Don’ bother Kobe “warrior” He is play against his Pain a lot in few seasons.
        I love him as 1 on 1 show, he can make 81 point, 63 pts. in 3 quarter, 50 pts. straight few time, 40 pts. average in 1 month in different season. he did 12 3pt, in the game, which him unique then Jordan, Even Jordan is best leadership and complete “Offense & Defense” but Jordan have best teammates ever which play together in long season.

        TOP 5 ? don’ really care top 5 which most of them dominant of the game, great leader and success. But they are in different style of the game. We should drop as statically players such;
        Stockton, Oscar, Malone/Bird, Wilt/Kareem, and Lebron.
        If go to successful :
        player Kobe, Jordan, Magic, Pippen/Duncan, Russell
        If go Man to man show
        Kobe, Jordan, Magic, Bird, Wilt.
        If go Defense mind set
        Payton, Jordan, Pippen, Duncan, Hakeem/Howard

    • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

      kobe is a one man show. Why have kobe on there when you have 4 other players that are better than him and you know for a fact kobe will still take 30 shots a game and be a ballhog.

      • dhype says:

        coz hes built to play like that u D*ckhead, hes a scorer u cant compare other players roles

  244. kde019 says:

    What’s wrong with Malone’s choice? We all have our own Top 5’s.

  245. Mo says:

    I am asking Malone , will a team of Magic, MJ, Malone, Bird, and Hakeem, beat his favorite teem or not?

    • hipster says:

      That’s a sick team right there!

      I’ll take Duncan over Malone though- better defense, more length, higher basketball IQ.

  246. Hunter says:

    Get off Malone’s back! It’s his opinion. And quite frankly Oscar was SCARY GOOD!

    • dd def says:

      oh ok. sorry, we didn’t realize you were here. we’ll listen to you and all of your clout.

  247. Ann says:

    If I remember well, he never won a championship with Stocton. MJ outplayed Stockton every time they were on the same court…….and Stockton in the top 5 over MJ ?
    Magic could run circles around Stockton in so many categories….. That’s just silly Mr. Malone. Silly, Sillly…..

    • BballLover says:

      it’s not Stockton over MJ since they dont’play the same position. It would be picking Stockton over Magic.

  248. Vinny says:

    I could see this being his top five of who he would want to play with, thus the inclusion of Stockton, even though he didn’t include himself in that five. But honestly, you can’t go wrong choosing between Magic and Stockton.

  249. mcado85 says:

    Malone picked a team that he thought would be a winner in any generation.
    That’s his right.
    Why do people want him to pick their team and not his own?

    For example
    John Stockton is a better pg than Magic ( hey i’m a life-tine Lakers fan so I love Magic).
    Stockton was not a superstar but he has superstar stats.
    Stockton was not surrounded by 4 HOF teammates. (like Kareem, Worhty, Mcadoo, Jamaal Wilkes)
    Pippen is a better shooter than MJ and doesnt require the ball in his hand to make plays.

    Malone selection is about team play not hero play. For example Malone’s think the world of Kobe but is Kobe on his list? No.
    Why? Kobe plays hero ball. Jordan played hero ball.

  250. eric says:

    Such a shame… This is why he will remains as a Good-Player-With-Out-A-Ring.. Jordan will always be there to stop him. Imagine if Rose is healthy, James will never gets his ring either.

    • Andrew says:

      lol at the last sentence u said. like seriously ??

    • kde019 says:

      As far as I can remember, Rose’ Bulls has not won a series against Miami, yet.

      • dd def says:

        have the rose led bulls even played this Miami team in a playoff series?

      • theking0522 says:

        @dd def…You are an…Well, let me stop. Yes!! The Bulls played Miami in 2011. Remember that Rose was MVP that year? And yes..The Heat beat them.

    • Don't give a fuk says:

      rose stop stop lebron… remember 2011 chump… rose was mvp that year and what happend… LeBron crushed the bulls

    • amir says:

      It is vice versa 🙂

    • KMB says:

      The last sentence of your comment is certainly your opinion but purely laughable!! Rose, with the team he’s working with vs Lebron and the team he’s working with?? And even if you put them one on one it’s still not gonna happen. Rose is explosive and a great player no doubt but Lebron is just way too much for Rose to handle… and Im not a Heat fan or Lebron fan

  251. Game Time says:

    I’d leave Jordan out too if he cost me a ring. As for Stockton over Magic, that is actually understandable because Stockton was a lot better than people give him credit for.

  252. William says:

    mailman is a hater !

  253. dave says:

    Mailmen deliver mostly junk mail.

  254. Win says:

    a simple explanation hahaha… Jordan denied him the championship twice!!! ^_^

  255. LabMonkey says:

    Sounds crazy but what about Stockton-Malone, Jordan-Pippen and Olajuwon.

    • dd def says:

      that actually sounds really well rounded. the best pick n roll of all time, the best everything else especially fast breaks of all time, and the best post moves of all time. seems straight. we’ll have to give it the ol’ NBA 2K test lol

    • Josh says:

      I agree. They fit positions. They can co-exist on the offensive end, they are very good man-to-man defenders and the all-time best team defenders.
      Lebron needs extra 3pt shooters to be effective, Magic could not hunt point guards in the era of perimeter threats. Oscar\s and Wilt\s number would be diminished in a hypothetic all-time matchups. Duncan is a center not able to provide the dynamics of prime Malone.

  256. ezVen says:

    If there was a person who woudn’t have MJ as the best SG, it would be The Mailman

  257. Ro says:

    Wow. Stockton over Magic isnt THAT bad. But anyone over MJ is a bit silly.
    C – Hakeem/Kareem
    PF – Duncan
    SF – Bird
    SG – Jordan
    PG – Magic/LeBron

    So who is the Mailman’s GOAT then? Interesting. I bet we get some good ‘fives’ from people on here. I couldnt decide between my Center and PG. Magic is one in a million, but Bron can do more on the floor. Just my opinion, not trying to downplay any of the all-time greats

    • Jahari Fleming says:

      What about the Black Mamba and lebron can’t run the point as good as Magic, but he would still be in my top 5… Anyways mine would be PG- Magic Johnson, SG- Kobe Bryant, SF-Michael Jordan, PF- LeBron James, and C- Bill Russell

  258. Malone is a fool says:

    His reasoning for putting Pippen in at the 3 was that he led the Bulls when MJ wasn’t there…. well who led the Bulls when MJ WAS there? He’s just jealous and holding a grudge that MJ dominated the Jazz and blocked Malone from winning the big one.

  259. RA-V says:

    If Malone understands tha game of basketball like this – no Wonder he has ZERO rings…

    • KunJay says:

      Him having no rings has nothing to do with his understanding of the game. Stockton over Magic is a no brainer, it was his team mate. The rest of his picks you can’t go wrong with any of them, one thing to note he chose team players over good scorers.

  260. Diego says:

    This is a comedy..c’mon Malone, we all know you are still mad at MJ for not letting you win a single Championship, but still had a great career so don’t act like a gossip girl.

    • Another Diego says:

      Can’t really be to mad at him for picking the big O over Jordan the man averaged a trip-dub in a season

      • lin says:

        Oscar: 181 triple doubles. Michael: 28 triple doubles.

      • Shooter says:

        Oscar: 1 Championship. Michael: 6.

      • avner says:

        Greg Kite has 3 titles to bob lanier,pete maravaich.lou hudson,dave bing,karl malone,charles barkley,reggie miller,patrick ewing,john stockton 0 combined!!!!!!!!!! what titles has to do with “who is the best”? if that was the case, Bill Russell was the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Titles has to do wityh much Luck,Timing,teammates etc….this is not Tennis or Gulf!

    • KunJay says:

      Yes Shooter that only means Jordan had a better team around them. I would pick Oscar Robertson over Jordan like i would pick Lebron over Kobe. Scoring isn’t everything.

  261. hipster says:

    LeFlop over Duncan?

    That’s the real head scratcher.

    • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

      Remember when lebron dunked over dunkon?

      • aaaaaa says:

        Remember when Nate Robinson dunked on Shaq? Does that mean Nate is a better player? No, it just means they got dunked on. It is really not as big of a deal as you’re making it seem.

      • bOOyaH says:

        remember how many rings “dunkon” have over lefake?

      • theking0522 says:

        @bOOyaH..Remember how many rings Horry has over Dunkon?

      • genoa says:

        Remember when Duncan got 3 finals MVPS and is a perfect 4/4 in the finals?

      • KunJay says:

        Remember when Lebron got 4 MVP in 5 years?

      • Cocoloco says:

        Remember that Kobe has 5 rings already, Duncan 4 and Lebrick just 1 ring.
        The only one that has to prove a lot here is Lebrick not Kobe or Duncan they already have their names on the History books as big winners.
        I’ll be lmao if Lebrick lose another final again….

    • dhype says:

      remember leflop doesnt deserve some of his early mVPs coz of favoritism

  262. vs says:

    Sekou and you, do you believe what you’re writing? Oscar Robertson averaged triple double for a season so why can’t he be in Karl Malone team over MJ. Oh wait… You know what? Somebody asked Karl Malone to pick his top five players and he picked HIS TOP FIVE. And now everybody began to judge his choice and tell him what to do whith his choice. But that was his choice. And it is obvious that Malone has a tendancy to look at basketball as a center-power forward driven. That’s why he choose Will Chamberlen and Lebron as his main force and 3 smaller guys that can play great defense and in the same time to put the ball in hands of their bigs. Constantly. And really, I mean REALLY would you think that Karl wouldn’t choose his longtime teammate at point guard.

    • dd def says:

      dude relax and pay attention to context. people are merely saying they’re perplexed by his decision, not saying he’s a bad person for it. and it’s WILT not Will Chamberlain. Anyway, yeah, loosen up buddy. I don’t know why you’re getting ready to lead a crusade over something so trivial. I guess that’s how exciting your life must be.

  263. Cordell says:

    He holds tough grudges, shameless….Stockton over Magic???? Big O over MJ? Real head scratchers. This is the same guy that bludgeoned the head of Isiah Thomas when he was crushing Stockton in a game.

    • Major Tom says:

      What’s wrong with Stockton? He’s the ultimate PG.

    • tideofunc says:

      disagree w/his omission of MICHAEL JORDAN, THE GREATEST EVER but amused by his actions directed at isiah thomas. my top 5 includes: MICHALE JORDAN, BILL RUSSELL, JERRY WEST, MAGIC, AND LARRY BIRD/OSCAR ROBERTSON*

      *since this is my post, i reserve the right to have a combination of LARRY BIRD AND OSCAR ROBERTSON for my 5th choice.

      • Erlo says:

        Greatest ever … you mean Lebron….must be a typo.

      • sharanney says:

        Lebron greatest ever? Lebron’s finals average – 22.5 PPG, MJ’s single lowest scoring finals game – 22 points. Lebron has yet to have one finals that sniffs the butt of any of MJ’s first 3, putting up 32/11.4 against LA and 41 ppg w 8.5 boards against Barkley. MJ won the scoring title every season but rookie (not including wizards) – 10 times. Lebron? 1 time and has yet to be the best scorer in one finals. MJ is 6/6 w 6 fmvp’s finals. MJ averaged 32/8/8 the one year he was point guard, closer to a triple double than Lebron ever has. MJ won scoring title and DPOY in the same year. 2nd all time in steals, 6th all-time guard in rebounds (biggest misconception ever is that LBJ is a better rebounder when he plays forward and MJ guard!). On top of that, he dominated the league, whereas Lebron himself admitted Kobe was amazing and better for the first 5 years of his career. Sorry, prime MJ slaughters Lebron and Lebron will be lucky to end up #5 overall.

      • johan924 says:

        Lebron is the greatest to ever play the game, no one said hes the greatest scorer that would be MJ, there is more to the game of basketball that scorring.

      • dhype says:

        lebron greatest???

        CMON get OUT of Lebron’s BUT*!!

      • facts says:

        I just love how people misuse statistics.
        Lebron’s final average is lower then Michaels, so what. His last playoff run is just as good as any of Michael’s. Last year’s finales he has averaged 29 10 7, which is as good as it gets.
        MJ was a better scorer, and he has always wanted that scoring title, but basketball is not just scoring, LBJ is much better organizer, he doesn’t have to score every time. And LBJ is a better rebounder, not just because of the numbers, but the way he guards the basket.
        Also, averaging 32/8/8 was much easier in Jordan’s era (not saying it’s easy at all), just adjusting to today’s pace of the game would say that it is 29, 7.3 7.3, which is slightly better then Lebron’s career average, and slightly worse then his best season. And on top of that, you can always pick out a number that says, “oh LBJ never did that”, well Michael never had 60% effective FG%, his best is 55, not even close. I never understood that reasoning, MJ won every nba finals, so LBJ would have been better player if he had failed to lead two teams to finals. If MJ had managed to lead team to nba finals when he was 22, he would also have lost. I’d say that at same age Lebron has 4 finals, MJ had 2, in titles, we will see how it will fare after these series.
        Yes, MJ is still better overall, but Lebron has a good chance to overcome his achievments. And I don’t know what it means that KB was better then LBJ in his first five years. So what. LBJ was 23 after five years, neither has michael been the best player in the league when he was 23 (first 3 seasons)

    • atafj says:

      id rather have ray allen on that team to be honest, because too many of those players need the ball in their hands to be effective, unlike ray allen

    • The Big Brain says:

      What do all the players Malone chose have in common? They are all consummate team players, able to share the ball. When you’re talking about absolute greatest players in the game, this is huge. That’s why I believe he chose Pippen over Jordan. Pippen led the team (to a lesser extent than Jordan) when Jordan was gone, and then played behind Jordan without complaint. I don’t believe Jordan would play well behind others.

      • Rami Mihail CHREIH says:

        What about the Dream Team when MJ played beyond Magic or Lary Bird or even Barkley… This IS a biased opinion based on the fact that MJ being the best player ever all Bulls coaches up to Phil Jackson made their plays centered on MJ. But in the Dream Team (the original Dream Team) the greatest thing was that all the star players like Magic, MJ, Larry Bird, proved that they CAN play for the others they can rest for minutes as role-players without getting the ball and just obeying coach-directions.

      • bogie man says:

        Wilt- team player… really?!?! Awesome no doubt, but Team player?!?!?

    • nosnhoj says:

      does it mean that the mail man had a man crush on scottie?

    • all3n iv3rson says:

      to be honest, these are HIS top five. So seeing as how he could put whoever he wanted, who cares if he didn’t include mj or magic, get over it!

    • Ken says:

      I don’t care how good Karl Malone was at basketball… dude’s a joke.

    • genie kelley says:

      They sure beat the hell out of Malone when he played. He is just being vengeful….BS

    • Peter says:

      Wasn’t Oscar Robinson the only player in NBA history to average a triple double for a season? Didn’t he do that three seasons in a row? Whle not everbody agrees, I think Malone’s pick there is pretty warranted.

    • KunJay says:

      I don’t see any head scratchers, Stockton his team mate, kinda obvious. The rest are although you could fit many people in his picks are curious depending on what you looking for. They are all the ultimate team players, they are All NBA first defensive team, and they have great size. I think personally i would only change Stockton for Magic, that would be a treat watch those guys share the ball, unstoppable.