Feel Their Heat, Spurs Are Finally Cool


All the latest hot things usually turn up in Miami — clubs, music, dances, swimsuits, celebrities.

It is only fitting then that here come the Spurs. Better late than never.

The trendiness of Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker is the basketball equivalent of the Grand Canyon and Gov. Chris Christie’s waistline — a long time in the making.

Perhaps the ultimate irony is that the Spurs could finally achieve the fame and across-the-board appreciation that has eluded them by beating a high-profile Heat team whose long term goal is to be, well, them. A real dynasty.

Yes, the Spurs have already won not one, not two, not three, but four championships. Yet it is this SPF-rated bid for a fifth that is at last getting them more notice than another bronze belly button on South Beach.

While it is Miami’s Bought Three of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh that still moves the needle on TMZ and Twitter, the Built Three of San Antonio is getting an overdue moment in the sun. It is as if that box of old clothes somebody found in their attic suddenly drew nodding approval on the runaways in Paris and Milan.

All those years when Duncan was as reliable as a metronome with his forceful low post game and nine All-NBA first team selections, he was supposed to be as exciting as oatmeal and now he gets applause as another middle-aged 37-year-old who decided it would be wise to drop 25 pounds.

All those years when Parker was regarded as merely a French affectation, a jaunty little beret that coach Gregg Popovich would occasionally rip off and stomp upon during timeouts, and now he’s suddenly being celebrated as the best point guard in the game when, in fact, he’s been performing at that level for some time.

All those years when Ginobili would throw himself regularly around NBA courts like a crash-test dummy with no regard for his own safety and now he’s earning respect for picking his spots to wreak havoc at a time when he appears held together with duct tape and glue.

For all those years, the Spurs have been accused of being dull, boring and always a ratings-killer when they showed up under the bright lights of The Finals.

Maybe so much of that had to do with the style of play that hung those four championship banners from the rafters in 1999, 2003, 2005 and 2007. They were deliberate with their inside-out game. They played through Duncan — their would-be-forward-who-has-always-been-a-center — and did all the right things exactly the way a coach would draw them up on a blackboard.

Or maybe it had to do with a hypocritical world that spends so much time criticizing and tearing down players who do much preening as look-at-me individuals and then won’t appreciate a team that plays like a team.

Of course, the Spurs themselves don’t care what anybody thinks.

“If people think we are boring or not, or they appreciate it or not, I really, truly do not care,” said Ginobili. “I just want to do good and be the last team standing and try to win it. If it’s good or bad for somebody — not my thing. We just try to play good basketball and win.”

That good basketball and all those wins has earned San Antonio everything accept the acclamation it deserves. Another Finals win by Miami would only put the Heat halfway to San Antonio’s total before the series begins.

Dynasty is a word tossed around cheaply. A win by the Spurs would give them a rightful claim as the dynasty of the past 15 years. The Spurs’ five championships would equal the Lakers’ total during that span and give Duncan and Kobe Bryant a draw as individuals. The difference is that while Bryant won his first three with the long-gone Shaquille O’Neal, the core of Duncan, Ginobili and Parker would be up to four and counting.

Perhaps a game in which the rules have changed to open up the gates for penetrating point guard and the shift in offensive philosophy by Popovich has allowed Parker to zoom his way into the public’s consciousness with gaudy numbers like 23 points and 7.2 assists through the playoffs.

Perhaps it’s the way they move the ball as if were ticking — passing, passing, passing to find the open man and keeping defenses frantically off-balance by knocking down 3s. They share the ball, share their institutional knowledge of a well-run franchise from the ground up and share the joy of playing the game at its purest, least egocentric form.

Or it could be the kind of respect that even won over some of the critics of Muhammad Ali late in his career. Longevity and persistence eventually wears them down. These were the same Spurs who were bounced in a 4-0 sweep by the Suns in 2010, unceremoniously upset as a No. 1 seed by Memphis in the first round in 2011 and were whipsawed in four straight by OKC a year ago after taking 2-0 lead in the Western Conference finals.

This was a team that was supposed to have been swept under the rug by now, having not appeared in The Finals since 2007. They are not glamorous like the Heat, not full of youth and potential like the Thunder, not young, strong and bullish like the Grizzlies and don’t have the overhyped Lob City cachet of the underachieving Clippers.

It might just be that nobody expected to answer the bell and see the Spurs still standing on the doorstep that made them finally so welcome.

“It didn’t matter before, it doesn’t matter now,” Duncan said. “We’re going to do the same things we’re doing. We’re excited to be here, and whether people like the way we do things or not, we’re here.”

The fact is, they’ll never be as hot as the Heat, but at last the Spurs are cool.


  1. Go Spurs-Spurs all the way!!!

  2. Jayson says:

    Go Spurs Go. This will Cement The Dynasty of our Spurs Team. Spurs Is A Example Of True Brotherhood. No Retreat No Surrender That’s The Spurs Law Awooh Awooh. Even we Lost to the Playoffs in 2010, 2011, 2012 The Spurs Never Give Up Our Team is Still The Same. I Like Anything That Only Relies on Trade Not Mentioning Ehem. Go Spurs Go Old School Will Rule This Final For The Very Last Time. Godbless Us All…

  3. BoogieBomb says:

    The Spurs aren’t underrated…the casual fan doesn’t know much about them because they don’t get on TV a lot. Anyone who knows anything about basketball respects the Spurs, as we should.

  4. notaheatfan says:

    spurs win the series in five games. remember you heard it here first.

  5. Blah says:

    Spurs in 6 or 7. The Heat are awful.

  6. ac says:

    This is going to be a great series! I’m tempted to narrowly give the edge to San Antonio because they’re healthier, better rested, and LBJ’s supporting cast’s struggles against Indiana (Despite that game 7 thrashing, I’m not buying that D Wade is at full health). But on the other hand, Miami matches up a lot easier against San Antonio than it does against Indiana’s size. Can’t wait for the showdown!

    Keys for San Antonio to win the series:
    1) Handily outscore Miami’s bench (10+/game)
    2) Kawhi Leonard (If he can keep LBJ at 25/5/5 vs 28/9/8 that will be clutch)
    3) Shoot the 3 well and often
    4) Contain Miami in transition

    Keys for Miami to win the series:
    1) Fluid ball movement like they had in game 7
    2) Chris Bosh needs to shoot better from the field
    3) Defend 3 ball
    4) Somebody from the bench averaging double figures in the series (against Chicago Norris Cole gave them 11/night and as a result they won in 5. They had nobody doing that against Indy)

  7. Bob says:

    The east is a joke, Big Al, and we’ll see that in the Finals.

  8. glennrobinsonbigdog13 says:

    it is in this series, that people will know the very little known Kawhi Leonard!!!!… talking about underrated defenders… Kawhi, with that 7′ 3″ wingspan and great defensive abilities will not stop but slow down Lebron James to a point where he will have to rely on sissy Bosh and melodramatic Wade. I do not understand why these Heat floppers have some people blind!!!! they do nothing but complaint and cry to the refs….. That being said San Antonio in 5

  9. Big Al says:

    As expected, Spurtards have flooded the comments section with unreal predictions. San Antonio was just lucky that LA lost Kobe and OKC Westbrook, and the remaining teams they had to face simply didn’t have enough experience and proper leaders. The West also wasn’t nearly as hostile and physical as the East. Miami seemed more black and blue than red and white. While Derrick sat like a rose, Chicago had to turn into thugs to have any sort of chance, but they were only able to pull a fast one in the first game before being essentially swept. Then Indiana had the brutal David West and the elbowing flopper in Lance Stephenson. The rest of the East couldn’t beat the Heat in basketball, so yeah, why not add some MMA?

    • Loki says:

      Spurs would have beaten the Lakers with or without Kobe. It just wouldn’t have been a sweep. Spurs also would have made the finals Westbrook or no. You see how OKC’s role players barely stepped up in even the Houston series? Kevin Durant looked like a one man show, Westbrook would just make it a two man show. San Antonio’s roleplayers would still be contributing and in the end SA’s experience would win out. Think about it, OKC’s X-factor last year was Harden, you think Kevin Martin could give them a run like Harden did? Hell no, Spurs were destined for the finals this year. Miami had a far easier trip to the finals than SA but you Heatards would never admit it because it’s the Miami Heat. They could plow through college teams to get to the finals and you’d still be all “YEAH SEE HOW DOMINANT THE HEAT ARE?!”

    • 34yr fan says:

      earth to LITTLE al….earth to LITTLE al…….hostile and physical???? I guess that is why the West ALWAYS bets the East in standings AND records head to head…..but that doesn’t matter now LITTLE al….does it?????

    • 34yr fan says:

      LITTLE al……it is all of the heater fans with the unrealistic expectations…… and after the first game loss nothing will change…empty boasting from empty heads

    • 34yr fan says:

      what an excuse maker ! …..GOOD….’cause you are gonna be using them more and more as “last years” champs see the series slipping away…..This is the true picture….The Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference –(Miami’s division)– was/is the WORST division in the LEAGUE…period.. Total wins …..besides Miami’s record…..was 114 !! that is for 4 teams combined…….Now let’s look at the Spurs’ division in the Western (spelled ‘better’) Conference…..the combined wins for the ‘other’ 4 teams is 171 !! the BEST in the League…..so ….I would say that the #’s speak for themselves……it was a 57 game disparity…..and the Spurs actually had some competition ……..and btw……that line about the ‘brutal’ David West and the ‘elbowing flopper’ in Lance Stevenson is funny …….because they fell 1 – game shy of Beating your heaters and that should show you that Miami is NO dominant team at all…they ‘barely’ survived the Conference Finals…. unlike the Spurs who REALLY took care of business…..Good Luck to the Heat…….Spurs in 5

  10. Fazza says:

    Can someone explain why people count spur’s 99 trophy as being part of this current dynasty? Only pop and timmy remain from 99, so surely then UD spo and wade 06 counts as heat’s first? Lakers tittles with Phil get broken into two, the Shaq ft Kobe dynasty and the Kobe ft pau repeat, why isn’t that just one dynasty? Couldn’t think why, and it’s not because of the best player on those other teams changed, because so did the spurs, Parker is the best player on spurs and he won the 07 finals mvp…… So the only reason I could think of was that wirters gloss over it because it fits their narrative to do so.

  11. defdun says:

    Finals forecast is pretty straightforward:
    LeBron can’t do it alone not against against tough defenders Kahwi Leonard/Danny Green and some serious team defense. Sure LeBron will again go for his usual numbers, but won’t be able to expand them.

    Neither can the tandem TP & TD do it alone, but they will put up their usual stats as I can’t see anybody on the Heats roster stopping them from performing up to their 2013 playoff averages.

    So its up to how the role players can contribute. Sadly Wade and Bosh have mutated to role players in these playoffs, but if they have 20/6/6 or 20/8 nights as they often had that will make the difference for the Heat and those games will be won.

    Same for the Spurs where Manu also dropped to a role player level – but if he gets 20/6/6 and others like Green, Splitter and Leonard can contribute in double figures these games will be won by the Spurs.

    For the Heat to win games it just needs top performances from the former Big3. For the Spurs to win it, it needs their former Big 3 AND another 1-2 players stepping up as the X-factors.

    Due to what we’ve seen from Wade and Bosh, I think the Spurs can pull this off – also because Popvic is such a magician on the sidelines.

    Spurs in 6.

    Let the better team win!

  12. Big Al says:

    Face it, Spurs fans; your team isn’t as good as last year’s Thunder that quite easily lost to the Heat. Had Westbrook not been injured, OKC would have beaten Memphis and you, and we would have a repeat of the previous season. Maybe if it were David Robinson’s era, you would have a chance, but no big, skillful man means business as usual for Miami. Accept it before it hurts you even more.

    • 34yr fan says:

      accept this LITTLE al……it is sad that you are so lame….. don’t you have to go home now? mommys’ calling…..time for dinner!!

    • sdadsad says:

      jeez like really? one any team especially the spurs will get better over time and they have, two , no big skillful man, like tim duncan, hall of famer, and arguably best pf of all time, who even at this age is have a marvelous season, no it will not be business as usual for the heat. Accept that before it hurts you even more. Giong to be a great series.

      • sdadsad says:

        jeez like really? any team especially the spurs will get better over time and they have, two , (no big skillful man?), you mean like tim duncan, hall of famer, and arguably best pf of all time, who even at this age is having a marvelous season, no it will not be business as usual for the heat. Accept that before it hurts you even more. Giong to be a great series.

  13. Viper33 says:

    Spurs aren’t as good as the thunder team Miami beat last year and Miami’s better than that team winning 66 games and 27 in a row. I also think the Heat played better teams in the bulls and the pacers than memphis. Memphis looked slow, and GS definately less experienced. The heat will crush the Spurs. Either 4-0 or 6-2. The two being if wade and bosh play subpar.

  14. 007 says:

    I love the old clothes in the attic metaphor that’s what they are. Then someone picks up and wears the clothes 20 yrs later calls it ” “vintage” and now everybody wants a Spurs.

    I KNOW the heat are going to win but at the same time. As a fan of the game ( not jus iso 1 on 1 plays and big dunks from guys who can’t make a simple jump hook) The Spurs are a gift to the game of basketball to see actual offensive sets the ball moving and players moving with a purpose not just to get the _____ out of the way of the superstar so he can go 1 on 5. You see high/low, off ball screens, stagger screens, great help defense, etc. Watching a spurs game you can see an actual game plan. Kudos to the them but unfortunately there is a ugly shrek looking guy built like Karl Malone but w/ the skill set of John Stockon all in one who is ready.

  15. Buck says:

    I think its funny to say spurs got the easy road with injuries in the west when rose has been out for two seasons. Bulls didn’t even have deng or heinrich. Granger was out for pacers all season as well. Rondo was absent and carmello tore his shoulder. Lets not pretend the heat had to run a gauntlet to get to the finals.

  16. Lance96 says:

    People forget during the regular season when the Spurs sent home Duncan Ginobili Parker Leonard and Green, the HEAT BARELY won with their full cadre of players. In fact it was two turnovers in the last 2 minutes of the game that gave the Heat the first win by 4…the game in SA was about the same…although the Spurs lost it was Bosh’s 3 with less than 15 seconds left that won the game…its going to be a good series…and LBJ is one man…last I checked it was a team game….He can motivate and get in his teammates faces but the Spurs have been getting it done for years…Sit back and watch the teaching begin…this series is about coaching…Pop vs Spol…Are you serious? Spol got a paid stacked team…Pop works with what he has…

    • desi fan says:

      In my eyes, putting the “big 3” together in Miami, is plain misuse of league rules.

      The league has a salary cap for a reason. So that no team piles up on superstars, and makes it unfair for the rest of the teams. Now I know Lebron thinks he’s making a great “sacrifice” by taking less cash, etc. but look at reality. Does he really need the cash? Nope. Out right cheating the rest of the league.

      • 34yr fan says:

        …these are the “bronbron” rules in full effect…..like the boston greenies did with garnet and allen……BOTH of the teams (and Cleveland as well) were the worst teams in the league the following year….disgraceful indeed !!

  17. Don says:

    LBJ will cry again.. Spurs in 5!

  18. SPURNATION says:

    A fifth championship for the Spurs. LeBron will be 0-2 in the finals against the Spurs. POBRECITO.

  19. SpursVsHEAT says:

    The HEAT did beat the spurs, WITHOUT wade and lebron…

  20. Darrell says:

    Ok honestly it’s know point of arguing about who’s better then who. If you ask me they both pretty good team if they wasn’t then they wouldn’t be in the finals. It’s not how long you been playing at this point or how many rings you got or how many you don’t have. The truth is some of this comments are pointless. Not everyone knows about spur because they wasn’t born during that time or dynasty, and miami big three hasn’t been around as long as spurs. My point is miami is this genaration & Spurs old genaration let better team win..

    • 34yr fan says:

      lame point…

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….Your team is OLDER than the Spurs…just live with it…….and the “superfriends” cartoon has only been on TV for 3 yrs now but dwade has been there a pretty long time …….do you know anything about the age of the players??………

  21. jLiz25 says:

    Give respect to both of these teams. Despite of the ages, the SPURS find their way back to these finals.
    We’ll be able to see how the HEAT team beat the well-rounded SPURS. You just can’t blame LeBron & Co. to take away championship trophy to Duncan and the SPURS, it’s his time now to take over the league. And to solidify LeBron’s greatness? He must be able to beat one of the all-time greats first, just like what JORDAN did.

    • 34yr fan says:

      your heater team is the “older” team…..starting 5 AND the whole team……but don’t let the facts get in your way with you bronbron lovefest !!

  22. J says:

    why do people preety much say that the spurs are stupid
    they are awesome
    heat in 6!!!!!!!

  23. wowoip says:

    journalists, it’s not because you think that spurs are “finally” cool that they “finally” are. they were cool and are a legendary team before you decide that they deserve it. this decade is for the spurs, others can’t match. hype boys won’t agree but hey, who cares. it’s basketball

  24. Jerome says:

    10 division titles in 14 years speaks for the Spurs Dynasty in one of the strongest divsions with the Mavs and Rockets. they always had to get past the Lakers, Kings and Suns in order to make it to the Finals. Look at the Divsion the Heat is in: Orlando, Washington, Charlotte. Ridiculous! The Heat have always had the easiest road to the finals.
    And do also not forget the Finals in 2005 against the defending Champs from Detroit. Just take a look at the rosters: Big Shot Billups, Rip Hamilton, Sheed, Big Ben, Tayshaun Prince, McDyess against Manu, Parker, TD, Big Shot Rob, Brent Barry and Bruce Bowen. Y`all must ‘ve forgot…

  25. Jerome says:

    10 division titles in 14 years speaks for the Spurs i one of the strongest divsions with the Mavs and Rockets. they always had to get past the Lakers and very strong Kings and Suns with back then in order to make it to the Finals. Look at the Divsion the Heat is in: Orlando, Washington, Charlotte. The Heat have always had the easiest road to the finals.
    And do not forget the Finals in 2005 against the defending Champs from Detroit. Just take a look at the rosters: Big Shot Billups, Rip Hamilton, Sheed, Big Ben, Tayshaun Prince, McDyess against Manu, Parker, TD, Big Shot Rob, Brent Barry and Bruce Bowen. Y`all must ‘ve forgot…

  26. MFFL says:

    Heat will probably win in 7 or 6 depending on how Wade plays during the series. My Mavs will stay the only team to have beaten the Heat in the big 3 era. Unfortunately Lebron is just too good now

    • 34yr fan says:

      awwwwww ….poor dwade…… he is milking this for all of the sympathy he can get …..and setting up the excuse for the lost finals…AGAIN !!

    • 34yr fan says:

      MFFL ….hmmmm…….must be some kind of weird acronym for M. Cuban………the first year was bronbron’s “go to your room” year, by the front office

  27. Marko says:

    For the last couple of years the Spurs plays the most exciting basketball I have ever seen. If you wanna see lobs and fast break dunks watch the highlights reel, if you really love this game watch the Spurs.

  28. Dan says:

    Spurs will take either game 1 or 2
    Heat will take 1 from the Spurs
    Spurs will win in 6
    This is going to be a great series. Cant wait…

  29. Pedro Goncalves says:

    D-Wade will be the key, also TD’s age as he might tire if the series is 6 or 7 games long. If D-Wade is 100% fit Heat wins, no doubt. If less that 50% no way LeBron can carry Heat all by himself.

  30. magicmike says:

    in Pop we trust. Spurs in 5

  31. Mark says:

    Miami is a slightly better skilled and more experienced version of the same Thunder team that defeated the Spurs last year. Not enough has changed to expect anything different. Also I have to agree with (the other) Mark, in that the Spurs, although maybe the best organization in basketball, don’t qualify as a dynasty. I thought everyone agreed that it takes 3 championships in a row to be a dynasty…

  32. Whats the difference between an exciting team and a boring team? At the end of the day its who ever that gets the ball in the hoop more times and scores more points that wins. The Spurs play good, old school, selfless team basketball and I guess I am the only person that appreciates it.

    • Silver says:

      same here! you’re not alone.

      People who think Spurs are boring doesn’t appreciate true sense of a team, and don’t have that much of knowledge of the game. They only wait for highlight plays and likes egoistic dramatic look-at-me players.

    • Jason says:

      I am a SPURS fan. I don’t mind watching some highlight reel things, but I’ve always loved the way the SPURS played because ultimately Basketball is a team sport and it takes a team to win a title. And I’ve been to 15 spurs games in san antonio and loved every minute of the game. To see how they fought from a 16point deficit against a hot shooting team like the Golden State Warriors with 4 minutes left in the game shows you that just because you can shoot, you better be able to have an all around game and win as a team.

  33. ism says:

    I think the Spurs already are THE dynasty since ’99. Even with one title less than the Lakers, their level of consistency is off the charts. I like watching glory in the making, which is why I’d prefer to see Miami fight and win. The Spurs reaching the Finals now is already glorious, but the Heat – read LeBron – have the potential to become at least as big a dynasty as the Spurs. It’s really exciting to see how it plays out. I will root for the Heat but applaud if the Spurs take it. My team is not in the competition anymore so don’t call me fickle.

  34. jonathan says:

    SPURS on 4

  35. Link371 says:

    Very well said! I can’t stand people who complain about superstar ball hogs and than can’t appreciate or even understand why San Antonio is so good. Ego left at the door and fundamentals brought to every game!

  36. Raymond says:

    Fran!!! I enjoy your articles man keep up the good work!


  37. Mark says:

    Maybe U’ve been under-estimating the Spurs along with the majority of people, to write this way! U seriously cant think that real Basketball Lovers have thought like this about the Spurs… Also a small point, doesnt a Dynasty imply that u r on top & in Power.. No team has Ruled the NBA, the last 15 yrs!

  38. Seriously says:

    I’m not a fan of either team in the finals but I am a fan of basketball and this finals is perfect. The ultimate selfless team vs The Superstars. The way the Spurs have operated year after year… Whether they won or not is just remarkable. Duncan proved in this playoffs a high basketball IQ can beat a young body.

  39. douglas says:

    To me the spurs are an exciting team . Just don’t get why people can’t see that. They penetrate constantly manu and parker , the have apost game they are deadly in 3 point what more do you want. I could still remember how parker totally destroyed lebron and the cavs in the finals by penetrating into the basket. Spurs are much more intresting then say a team where 1 guys hog the ball and the others watch…. if this SPURS team was in celtic instead of SA there would be a different story. But for basketball fans like us watching a SPURS game is never boring.

    • 34yr fan says:

      jealousy I guess….everybody like to beat down the Good……makes ’em feel better with their shallow, empty lives…

  40. Mard says:

    hmmm…best team of the 2000s? lakers or spurs?

    I say:

    Spurs from 2000-2010: 3 titles

    Lakers: 5 titles

    Lakers are the best of the decade, and the better dynasty based on titles.


      How about consistency in getting into the playoffs? Just a thought…

    • Kei says:

      But Lakers cheated on 2 titles so only 3 titles counted. Even the ref admit they favour the lakers, and you know in the nba the ref is always RIGHT.

      • Bored says:

        Given the refs cheated, was the Lakers responsible for it? So the Lakers weren’t the ones who cheated, they got cheated on too. Get on with your life, the Lakers are going to be one of the best teams in the NBA. Somthing the Heat will never be.

      • 34yr fan says:

        yeah, @boring ….cheating is cool….just “get on with your life”….and you just go back to your video games, OK??………..

    • J says:

      its not just about titles!!!!!!! though that is the big thing

    • Brian says:

      If you based it solely on titles than sure Lakers. But it is also about consistency, in that decade it was the Spurs who held the most victories and if you remember correctly it was always a battle between the Spurs and the Lakers on who would come out on top. That core of the Lakers had changed over time and fizzled towards the end of the decade; so yes I would say between those two the Spurs is the favorite team for that decade.

  41. Reggie love the spurs says:

    I love this article. I’ve been waiting for this match up all through the playoffs. This is truly the only way the Spurs will get the respect they deserve. By beating the mighty Heat on national TV in front of the entire NBA community. The Spurs are a true dynasty full of stars who are proud and will go to the NBA Hall of Fame because of the respect they have given the game. The NBA should give them exactly what they have given them. Respect.

    • Marco29 says:

      I agree this series is exacly what Spurs needed to validate their dinasty because apart for the Pistons in 2005, they have only beaten weak Eastern teams. If they beat the star-studded Head, I hope they will finally get the credit they deserve.

      • sick says:

        Finally the spurs will lose in the Finals… 🙂

      • 34yr fan says:

        that is because the rep from the East is ALWAYS a weak team….just deal with it……they have won in every way possible….5-6 & 7 games …..whatever it takes…..the 7-game series was against the best of the 4….. a team without ‘stuperstars’…….that says alot and Should show the East teams how to be the best……..be a real TEAM !!! for cryin’ out loud…..enough of this star cr*p…….this is a TEAM sport ….if what you like is individual stars, then go watch golf or tennis or WWE ?!??!?!?! lol…….

      • 34yr fan says:

        PS: @marko….The Spurs don’t to “validate” their dynasty…..only others – writers and so-called fans like you- need to do that ….The Spurs just keep on winning with the TEAM effort…………….So, do you think the bronbron will stay in Miami when the ‘contract’ is over????? just a thought…..lol…..lol

  42. mimi says:

    The Spurs are a fundamentally sound team that plays basketball consistently, with a true team mentality and skills that stand the test of time. To incorporate defense in the core of their philosophy is the tribute Coach Popovitch would be proud to be remembered as his legacy to the game. They transcend the superstar hype of the “watch me, buy my jersey and shoes” wannabes that seem to make all the headlines and fill the stands with fans who don’t know great basketball if it landed it their laps. Please continue to give the Spurs their due, and thank you for saying what I have expressed for years as a Spurs fan and lover of their basketball spirit !!!!!

  43. Brad says:

    Boring. Just boring.


      Maybe you just watch highlights. that’s what only excite you.

      We watch basketball and appreciate the game.

      btw, why go here in the first place?

    • 34yr fan says:

      yes you are boring brad……go back to you video games, please…..

  44. camotee says:

    Well said. Couldn’t agree more

  45. bballfan777 says:

    Heat in 6. I may get proven wrong and they do it in 5. The Spurs have done a good job beating the matchups in front of them. But the Warriors played with their PF and C crippled. The Grizzlies were thankful to make it to the 2nd round with Conley as the only threat on the perimeter (Poindexter gets some nods).

    Yet the Spurs are the SAME team getting beat ousted the past three years. I think luck of matchups is why they are here at this point. People talk about the weak East because of reg. season records. However, I think the Pacers, & Knicks could be where the Spurs are if in the West with Westbrook out If Westbrook is healthy we wouldn’t be talking about the Spurs!!!

    Not a Heat fan. I haven’t been a fan of one team since Run TMC. But the Heat’s ability to turn up defensive pressure and run a dynamic offense based on cutters, screens, drive and kick to 3 pt. shooters, as well as 4 players who can create off Isos will be too much for Spurs with 2013 Lebron running the show.

    • dink says:

      spurs in 6 , and all you wagon jumping heat fans can shut your mouths . Heat haven’t played a team like the spurs yet and have been getting to the finals because the east has been awful the last few yrs while the spurs have to play much tougher west competition all season . Spurs are too deep and possess that size ( splitter, Duncan etc.. ) that gave the heat trouble last series . Spurs swarmed LeBron in 07″ with multiple guys and beat him and they’ll do it again this yr . As I said , spurs in 6 .

      • TrMac12 says:

        In your dreams. Heat in 5! Heat has learned to defend the post and perimeter (more) just like Pacers-Heat Game 7.

      • Game Time says:

        Spurs have faced the same level of comp this playoff as Miami. Both had one really tough series and two fairly easy ones. Spurs being vs GS and Miami being vs Pacers. Also if you think Lebron is going to be stopped by San Antonio, when two of the best defensive teams in the league couldn’t then you’re a noob.

      • 34yr fan says:

        who are you callin’ a noob youngster???

      • 34yr fan says:

        …..heck , they WERE almost stopped by Indiana……and no one would mistake them for SA

    • Marco29 says:

      Ok, and who did Miami beat? Bucks:, no comment. Bulls: I guess you can say they were crippled and played without their superstar. Pacers: caused them a lot of problems on the inside and were missing Granger on the weak side.
      Would we be speaking of the Heat if Rose had been healthy? Concerning OKC, even with RW, I am not sure they would have beaten the Spurs.
      Anyways, previous rounds don’t count anymore. Now, we will see two deep, healthy and weel coached rosters facing each other. Miami has a slight edge coz they have the home court advantage. Also the way they can turn up theur defence is impressive but, a part from LBJ, I think Spurs win all the matchups.
      Spurs mission will be to win one of the first two in Miami. After that, it will be wide open.


        If Wade is half himself you will be destroyed! Mark my words silly Spurs fan. Your team got swept in 2010, as the number 1 seed lost to a number 8 seed Memphis in first round of 2011, got beat up by OKC last year which we beat 4-1. Common sense is your team is old and my team is the best and the defending champions that won 27 games straight and 25-5 against the Western Conference. Your team is consistently losing in the playoffs the last 6 years! My team reaching the Finals now 3 in a row. Miami in 5, 6 max!

      • joao14194 says:

        The heat, well coached??? LOLOLOL
        If the Heat were well coached they would be almost unbeatable, but the fact is that Spo doesn’t know what he is doing, he’s living on individual talent, night in and night out, the team is on auti-pilot. Anyone can see that, except for Heat fans… Put spo in a team like the Pacers or the Nuggets and you’ll see how little he knows about what he’s doing.

    • 34yr fan says:

      …..isos……yes hero ball …..that is ALL of the glittery superstars’ calling card…..junkyard basketball. & runtmc…..borrowed(from a west franchise) ….NOT original….just like the heaters of today….NOT original…….wrong about the Eastbrook thing AGAIN as many other haters are….pacers and nyc couldn’t beat the spurs in a 7 game series….your MIAMI got beat by Dallas on the Biggest stage 2 years ago(conveniently forgot that already??)….much worse than losing in the conference finals OR first round……..AND the heat have done a reasonably good job of beating lesser and wounded teams(chicago….remember them with all of their wounded??) to get here. Now the best in each Conference get to see who is better in a seven game series…..May the best team win …..no matter what ANYONE(of course myself included) on these blogs THINK (want/hope)!!

  46. bill says:

    wow that’s so cool i cant believe that happen

  47. Arky says:

    Hang on, if we’re counting San Antonio’s 4 championships over the last 15 years or so, why are we saying that a win by the Heat would only put them at 2? Sure, aside from Wade and Haslem the 2006 title team bears little resemblance to 2013… but the 1999 San Antonio title team bears little resemblance to 2013 too.

    Also, enough already of the “San Antonio are underrated” articles. Every article about San Antonio the last two years had been about that. We do all know how good they are. And no, they aren’t underrated due to being in a small market. They do have a tendency to shun publicity but that’s largely their own choice. Is OKC a bigger market than San Antonio? Heck no. But Durant and Westbrook and even Harden- while he was just 6th Man Harden, not even Houston Harden yet- got more coverage than Duncan and co because they played the game and Duncan and co chose not to.

    Also, enough of the “bought vs built” thing. San Antonio have been well run for years but the foundation of it all is having the #1 overall pick twice in years where there was a clear MVP-calibre talent available. That took no skill at all. Without Robinson and Duncan there’s no dynasty and making a couple of good later picks in Parker and Ginobili becomes a moderately interesting sidelight. And the Spurs have done their share of intelligent free agent signings and trades. Constructing the Big Three and their support system took a lot of front office skill as well, including some drafting.

    • Marco29 says:

      Agreed about the 2006 title. I don’t understand why it is not mentioned in the article.
      Concerning the underrating, I think it has more to do with their style of play, the way they hate the buzz than the fact that they are a small market.
      As for the Draft, don’t forget Robinson was the #1 pick in 1987 and Duncan in 1997. That is not so unnusual. Orlando had #1 pick rights in 92, 93 and 04, Clippers in 98 and 09. Lets see if the Cavs build a dinasty having had #1 picks in 03, 10 and 13. Picking the right guy as #1 and keeping him for his entire carreer is not so obvious. Look at Greg Oden, Kwame Brown, Michael Olowakandi or even Andrea Bargnanani who have been #1 pickes since 1987 and had no impact at all on the league. not mentioning some who never made it to the elite. And when they are superstars like Shaq, Lebron or Howard, they don’t stay with the team that drafted them.
      Sure the Spurs were lucky to get Robinson and Duncan (due to Robinson’s injury) but it has to come from their flair as well when you see all the steels they made in the years after with Parker, Manu, Bowen, etc.. They accpeted to wait 2 years for Robinson, drafted international players like Parker, Manu, Splitter, etc…How many teams have done that?
      You have to give them credit for their patience and long-term vision. They could have bown apart their core after the diaspointing runs in 10 and 11 but didn’t and now they are back in the Finals.
      As for the Miami Big 3 you cannot tell us it has not been put together in a completely different way. We all saw the “Decision” and free agent aquisitions from that summer in 2010.

    • E-SY says:

      Finally some sensible comments out here, thank you!

  48. yo says:

    Reasons why the spurs are always underrated?

    1) Their core is not american, nor black (no racism here, but a normal observer would pick an high flying/showmaking guard like carter or gay over a mental/european-like guard as, for example, stockton or the always forgotten pistol pete).
    2) they always won against the lowest pitch eastern contender: beginning of 2000s in the east was as awful as now. Let’s admit it, aside from the boston move in 07 (now paid at high price by ainge, having a weak bench and ageing core) the east after jordan is no contender against the west, numbers talk.
    3) as for point 1, nobody wanna see fundamentals and “find the right guy”: the NBA is business, and business is generated by crazy plays made by the kobes and lebrons and stuff. The NBA itself doesn’t give credit to the spurs, why observers should? Proving so, i remember a hang time blog entry last year, where the writer openly hoped for a OKC Miami Final instead of a (arguably) much more serious Boston – SA competition.
    4) Coach Pop: like every true general of his time, the guy is feared, admired, but not beloved. He doesn’t like NBA rules either! He hates the ASG weekend (and break), he wants to rest players despite TV agreements, he’s not keen on answering obvious questions by the “journalists” on and off the court.. and.. well.. hack-a-shaq?
    4) and most important for me, they’re serious organisation with no outside basketball scandals.. MJ left twice, shaq out from the court was (and is) as good as on it, kobe with his justice trouble, now the hype on the heat… SA keeps working, right picks, serious staff, immense job in pre-season… others get media attention elsewhere.

    Props to the Spurs, they’re inspiration for basketball lovers all around the world. and if there’s anybody here that is not putting Big Fundamental as best 4 of all time, well, let’s talk about soccer.

    • Game Time says:


      Parker and Duncan are black
      Stockton is not a Euro player
      Pistol Pete played ages ago and is not forgotten by hardcore NBA fans
      Pop hates hack-a-Shaq, but had no problem with hack-a-Howard and also wack-a-Bogut?
      No Basketball scandal? Well if by that you mean individual player scandal I’d suggest you take a look at why Parker is no longer with Eva.

      The only thing you got right is that Spurs are a fundamental team, and Pop doesn’t like ASW.

      • Kei says:

        Wait, their core is white? So Duncan is white? Then I guess Parker is Asian then.
        Or do you mean their core is so white washed like Oreo?

      • 34yr fan says:

        ????? His break up with a hollywood girl is a scandal????…..you are so lame, dude You are reaching….lol…..lol….. & …..Yes …Pop hates to ‘have to’ hack a whoever BUT it is the best way to show that the other ‘big men’ in the nba are only that ….big men…..not all around basketball players ! One of the MOST fundamental parts of basketball……hit a shot with NO ONE trying to block or get in the way. Soooooo …..all these so-called superstars have to do is practice, practice, practice shooting foul shots………..you would think they could afford to employ the services of the BEST shooting coach available and use the off season practicing instead of making very, very lame movies….hard to even call Shaq’s hollywood stint a movie though. AND any one who reallly loves the nba doesn’t much like ASW cause of things like the Brandon Jennings shenanigans ……..

    • E-SY says:

      The way I see it, you are allready talking about soccer…

  49. RAPSFAN22 says:


    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      Spurs in 6 or less ???? HAHAHA
      People don’t understand, LeBron is PISSED because of what happened in 2007, when the spurs swept the Cavs. The spurs are too old and they don’t have a single player who could guard LeBron. Heat will win 6, maybe even 5. I respect the spurs, they are hands down the 2nd best team in the NBA, but this is LeBron’s time now! He did not come this far to lose in the finals ever again, especially not the same team that swept him in 2007!

      #GO HEAT

      • busa-boss says:

        go heat….GO HOME HEAT

      • noob says:

        yeah you make sense lol
        so the 3rd best team took em to 7 but the 2nd best team gonna lose in 5?
        yeah i guess i understand

      • DEAL WITH YOURSELF says:

        The greatest trick the Spurs ever pulled is convicing the world they did not exist.

        And believing Spurs are too old to guard LeBJ? You’ve been tricked again.

      • Silver says:

        The greatest trick the Spurs ever pulled is convincing the world they did not exist.

        So you’re believing that Spurs are too old to guard LeBJ? You’ve been tricked again.

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        @ noob, the 2nd best team ‘took’em to 7′ because they had an X factor in the giant Roy Hibbert, which exposed Miami’s biggest weakness..rebounding. The spurs on the other hand are an entirely different matchup for the heat. Lebron is ready for revenge from 2007, the spurs don’t have a chance.

      • chris10237x says:

        So the Heat will win because “LeBron is mad”? Is that all it takes to win a championship? Why wasn’t he mad in 2011 then?

      • KMB says:

        your last reply to someone’s comment had to be a typo… at least I hope it was. You said the Spurs had an x-factor in “07 in the giant Roy Hibbert,,,ummm he didn’t come into the league until 2008 and has always played with the Pacers…if you’re gonna defend why the spurs were a better team in 07 the least you could do was have the players correct…geesh

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        Yes, the heat will win because LeBron is mad, everybody knows he plays much better when hes angry, and to the other idiot, I was referring to the pacers when talking about roy hibbert. All these HEAT-HATERS just sound like idiots, you have nothing to say other than wishing the KING fails … HAHAHAH
        #GO HEAT

      • 34yr fan says:

        ….so what !!!

      • 34yr fan says:

        the Spurs will be happy to dispatch bronbron if is pissed or just chillin’ with his ‘stuperfriends’……..lol

      • 34yr fan says:

        @LBJKINGJAMES….(btw…LBJ is already taken as a nickname of initials….check your history) ….Are you fanboys still on the ‘Spurs are too old’ thing when YOUR bronbron team is OLDER as a starting 5 and OLDER as a TEAM and the Spurs have the youngest starter on the floor……when are you gonna learn…or should I say ….when are you gonna learn how to add and divide…….. But I do believe that the HEAT are the 2nd best team in the league hands down……I know this because they are the best team in the 2nd best Conference …..Hands Down !! ……..lol………………PS: If he can lose to the Mavies he can lose to the Spurs…..and I hope you don’t expect a series like last year when it was a just a shooters’ game….. this year CB will have to be a real center…..never mind….just joking…..he will NEVER be a real center….just a jump shooter ….. a tall jump shooter

      • Angelo says:

        could Heat’s fans post their e-mail address or facebook names, if they are so confident of their “LOCKOUT CHAMPIONS”, so that they won’t be able to run and hide when the Spurs beat Miami in 5 games or less…

      • sdadsad says:

        its not all about just “being pissed” and spurs if looked at are not that old and even the old players like parker are incredibly fast. A great matchup and close series.

      • Cheryl McDaniel says:


    • Lance96 says:

      @LBJKIN6JAMES…you have a man crush on LBJ because you keep commenting about HIM an dthen saying the SPurs…if thats the case its 1 against 5…but let me add this to the argument…Bench advantage…Spurs, point Guard Advantage Spurs, Coaching Spurs, execution Spurs, experience Spurs…LBJ is on a mission yes but if the rest of his team doesnt show up what will Spurs doubters use as an excuse as to why the Heat lost? Im not a Spurs of Heat fan…I am a student of the game…you base your opinion on your heart and emotion rather than fact logic and statistics. It will be a hard fought series….may the best team win…Hope its the Spurs because Princess James is one arrogant SOB


        @Lance96, The Heat have been to the finals now 3 years in a row. If thats not experience I don’t know what is…. Miami is the best team in the league Period! Everyone knows it but the hate is blinding the haters. How can a team make the finals 3 years in a row and be disrespected by haters. Until you beat the Champs your not a champion, and the Spurs are 6 years removed from being Champs so Spurs fans have some respect for a team that won 27 games straight and going 25-5 against your so called tough western conference. Miami in 5, 6 max!

      • oldscool says:

        well said! Spurs is an example of what real, clean basketball is. excellent team work , focua and experience. It’s not about show it is about playing clean and wining as a team. LBJ need to learn that. I am tooting for Spurs in 6.

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        @ Lnace96 …
        Your a student of the game, but you have a lot to learn kid. You make no sense and are just another HEAT-HATER wishing the KING fails. Watch & learn what Lebron does & have a good ride on the Bandwagonn of the Spurs!!

      • 34yr fan says:

        how did you like that ….LOSING in the Finals to Dallas…..very proud I bet ….huh??