Heat Turn Up The Defense To Punch Their Ticket Back To The Finals


MIAMI — The Miami Heat didn’t let Game 7 come down to shot-making. That’s a good thing, because they shot 39 percent.

The No. 1 defensive team in the league was the No. 2 defensive team on the floor on Monday, because the Heat found another level. And with a 99-76 victory over the Indiana Pacers, they’re moving on to The Finals for the third straight year. This game was about energy, on defense and on the glass. The Heat brought it from the start, reminding us how disruptive they can be when they enhance their speed and athleticism with relentless effort.

The Heat just haven’t been the defensive force that they were last season. Maybe it was a championship hangover or maybe their improved and top-ranked offense just didn’t need as much help to win games. They’ve been able to turn it on defensively — a couple of games or a couple of quarters at a time — but the consistency just wasn’t there.

In Game 7, it was there. The Heat attacked the Pacers’ Achilles’ heel — their inability to hold on to the ball under pressure — and made it impossible for them to find any offensive rhythm. Only once before garbage time set in did the Pacers score on three straight possessions, something that they did 10 times in Game 6.

“We wanted to really impose our energy defensively,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said, “and really get to our identity of pressuring them, hopefully making them make mistakes.”

The Heat’s defense was a swarm, attacking the Pacers’ pick-and-roll ball handler, and then recovering to attack the poor soul who got the ball next. At times, you had to count the Heat players on the court just to make sure there weren’t six or seven of them.

“They were a lot more aggressive on their back side,” David West, accountable for six of Indiana’s 21 turnovers, said. “They were there on the catch. They didn’t allow — particularly to Roy [Hibbert] — a lot of space.”

Hibbert scored 18 points on an efficient 7-for-11 shooting, because he was effective as a roll man. But he was surrounded on his post catches and when he tried to crash the offensive glass. For the second time in three games, he tallied only two offensive boards. More damaging were the turnovers. Indiana had nine in the first quarter and 15 by the half. They scored just 37 points 46 first-half possessions, making it almost inconsequential what the Heat were doing offensively.

LeBron James scored 32 points, but it was Dwyane Wade who typified the Heat’s night. The guy who struggled through the first six games, drawing criticism – and Larry Hughes comparisons – from all angles, was the guy who really got his team over the hump in what will be remembered as a fantastic series, despite the Game 7 margin.

After shooting 11-for-34 in Games 4-6, Wade was a solid 7-for-16 on Monday, though he still struggled with his jumper. He was 2-for-9 from outside of five feet.

But he got 17 points in the restricted area or at the free-throw line. They were energy points. Wade attacked the paint and attacked the glass. Five of the 17 came from his own offensive rebounds, of which he had six, three more than any other player on the floor. Those six boards produced nine second-chance points total.

With the season on the line, Wade answered the call. This wasn’t his best game, but he did not lack for effort.

“That’s probably the hardest he’s played,” West said. “We knew he, at times, was in and out of the series, just in terms of his impact.

“I thought he beat us in the effort department and he physically played harder tonight than we had seen in the previous six games.”

The effort didn’t come without a big assist from James, who took on the Paul George assignment defensively and looked to get Wade involved early. James knew he needed some help to get through this game, and he didn’t want to run out ahead of his teammates and wonder if they were going to join him.

“I called a couple of sets for him early in the game,” James said of Wade, “just to get a feel for it. And it showed throughout the whole game that he was in the rhythm.”

That was more than enough for the Heat, who beat the Pacers at what they do best, grabbing 15 offensive boards and getting to the line 38 times. In Game 7, Miami held Indiana (eight offensive boards, 20 free throw attempts) in check in both categories. Really, that was more important. The game was won at Indiana’s end of the floor, where the Heat out-defended the best defense in the league.

“They taught us a lesson,” Pacers coach Frank Vogel said. “They’ve won it all, and they know how to ratchet up their defense at a level that just imposes their will on a basketball game.”

If the Pacers can learn a lesson from Game 7, maybe the Heat can too. When they play that level of defense, it doesn’t matter much if the shots don’t go in.


  1. famometer says:

    Heat will sweep the finals: 4-0. After having gone through tough serieses with Chicago and Indiana, it will be a cake walk against Spurs.

  2. JDub says:

    Any true basketball fan will tell you that Indiana was set up to beat Miami, and nearly did just that. Miami had the benefit of playing Chicago before hand, which prepped them for a physical series with a bigger team. Thanks go to Chicago for that! I love to read the fans of any team that are just here to get a rise out of people. Makes me laugh. A true basketball fan, and a heat fan that is being honest with themselves, will tell you that Miami has an abundance of talent, but no fundamentals. I am a die hard Miami fan since the days of Mourning and Hardaway, and while I love the excitement this team is bringing, I can’t stand the lack of basic basketball skills. The main problem that i hope is addressed before next season begins is the lack of rebounding. I don’t know how many times (aside from last game) I’ve seen someone from the Heat pull up to shoot, and before the ball leaves the shooters hands, the rest of the team is running the other way. They are a great, great team, but they are hurting in basic areas. Luckily, their talent has carried them past that! Anyway, no need to address that now….we have the Spurs to think about! Go Heat!

  3. Erwinius says:

    Yeah great series. Indiana receiving a bit too much compliments? Maybe so since none of the Heat’s players reached their normal playing levels except voor LBJ. Where as Indiana were all playing on the top of their skills.

  4. dre says:

    good series for both teams hope the heat learned how to beat bigger teams heat will win because LBJ has something to prove against Spurs so wade and bosh spice will have to play way better. Lbj has proven that he can get his no matter what just hope the critics will leave him alone.

  5. alp says:

    Lebron is still hungry from 06 when cleveland lost to the spurs… he’s gonna go ALL in

    • Loki says:

      Yes I’m sure Lebron since the year the Heat won their first championship without him.

      07 was when the Lebron led cavs fell to the Spure 06 was Dallas vs Miami

  6. almas2000 says:

    Guys congrats to all of you! Well deserved win! Keep it up!

  7. HeatFanFromMiami says:

    I’m a Heat fan and this series has also made me a Pacers fan. They worked really hard and it looked grim for the Heat. I said the Pacers were going to give us trouble because of what I saw in the regular season and I was right. With the draft coming up the Pacers have a shot at building a more sound bench to take the load off of the starters.

    • jose says:

      Here in Miami we are MACHOS and we hate whinning people. Go with your new masters, crying man…..

      • Loki says:

        You know how many people in Miami cried after game six? A lot of y’all are off and on, when they lose you cry and blame the refs, when they win you boast about it and bash anyone making ref claims. Don’t be a hypocrit man every big money team with a bandwagon has crybaby fans

  8. eazytan says:

    i love the part where the birdman moved away, when West was on a post backing him down. West fell hahaha

  9. blackmamba_38 says:

    The heat haters are gone, they were just very disappointed with their team pacers hahaha finally, the flopping, favoritisms,
    and suspension issues stopped. Simply because they saw how pacers poorly executed the game hahhahha to pacers fans
    do not wait for the year for them to get the title coz that will never ever happen heheheh Go Heat!! Go King lebron!!

  10. Bs says:

    As a Heat fan I hope they stop flopping and play grown mans basketball. There is no need to squander such talent with foolish play. Bosh trying to flop caused a West layup, and Dwayne’s flop caused a turnover. Oh and Mario’s flop caused George to shoot an uncontested three. FLOPPING WON’T HELP YOU WHEN THE FINALS MIAMI, MAN UP AND PLAY THE GAME

    • jose says:

      HEAT Fan? …….what kind of heat fan talks about flopping and stuff now…in the moment when we are to celebrate and refering to good things…You are a hater in desguise, bringing again the conversation about flopping: You are flopping now , , covering yourself with your first statement HATER……..Go where your NO-HO or your KOBE_MAMI affair are planning to FISHING

    • Lenny is a long time Heat Fan says:

      Agree. Why doesn’t Wade just play ball. Didn’t cost us this time, but it was pretty stupid. Not sure Rio’s was as much of a flop. he did take a forearm to the chest. But please Heat, just play thru the missed call, as good things may still happen if you stay on your feet and play ball. And your fans will take a lot less abuse on these boards if you just play ball!

  11. eazytan says:

    why no mention of R.Allen? He finally hit his three’s!

  12. DangerClose says:

    Miami Heat the best “FLOPPING & DECEPTIVE” team in the NBA. They should be competing in Hollywood for best actor…………hahaha.

    • alp says:

      the dallas mavericks did the SAME thing in 2011, nobody said a word about it… i mean for christ sake, they had brian cardinal in the game FOR FLOPPING PURPOSES…

  13. Mike says:

    Big congrats to the HEAT and thanks a lot to Wade great performance and Bosh rebounds. Gos has answered my prayers and gave you the strenght and ability to perform & win this game. Thnals a lot guys u really made me so happy. The Pacers are a really good team and Miami has learned something from that. We get better everyday like LBJ said. Hope we ready for the Spurs and Bosh will shine….thanks to all of you guys and many thnaks to Ray Allen, Miller, Cole, Birdman, Charmers, Eric S and Pat Riley. I will continue praying for you guys…lets’ get another Championship.

    Mike M from Baltimore.

  14. Brian1975Mungofa says:

    Great game Miami. Now go get the Spur in 6 or better.

  15. Mitra says:

    I am a strong Heat supporter; but I agree to the view that Pacers will have their day soon- may be in the next year. They are enormously talented side and with a bit more play-off experience, they will become a serious contender for championship final. Congratulations to Pacers for such a great series-you inflicted a lot of pain and anxiety on Heat fans and brought in a lot of hope and joy for Pacers fan.

    On the Heat side, it is still necessary to have a hard look at the cast for the next season. If you want LBJ to bring you glory and fame, think about the other seven-eight players who can consistently support him at the high level. Think about bringing in fresh and young legs. LBJ is expected to play at this level of excellence for at least next five to six years. If you want to keep him, give him enough tools and instruments to rein in NBA.


  16. Cripple Rapist says:

    @Nbais-a-joke If NBA was a JOKE Why bother posting comments??? Haven’t you feel the HEAT??? I bet you’re crying right now…. Oh my… I see tears in your eyes… Want some tissue???

  17. LOLakers says:

    Nobody can stop Miami!!! Not the F**s, not the Bulls***s, not teh Pacemakers, not the Sperms!!! All will BOW down to the King!!!! You might as well get used to Miami being the champions because Miami is going to 10-peat!!!! I guarantee it!!!

  18. ko0kie says:

    they should rather keep David West than Danny Granger.. he had a phenomenal playoff run and is key for this frontline to work. give him the credit that he deserves… CP3 probably wished he could pair up with his old buddy again and dump blake griffin 😛

  19. ko0kie says:

    it obviously helped that the heat went already through a game 7… but nonetheless, they put more effort in game 7 and that was the difference. I’m not a coach so I don’t know why they didn’t attack they paint this way in the previous game 6… indiana’s bench is weak, any player of the starting 5 sitting is a plus for miami especially if its hibbert or george..

    anyway….this was a great series, fun to watch.. very thrilling. Indiana really improved their team from last year and they only will get better. I guess there will be some more Miami-Indiana Series in the future..

  20. Cade says:

    What a bunch of happy Pacers’ losers!!

    The true greatness of Joe Frazier was overshadowed by The Greatest, Mohammed Ali, who stood in his way. Likewise we’ll never know how great Hibbert, Paul, and West would have been had not the overshadowing figures of King James and a healthy Dwayne Wade been in their path.

    And now the Spurs.



    cry baby.cry.i dont want to explain myself.ARE YOU WATCHING THE GAME???!!YOUR TOO SOFT FOR NBA!!!

  22. Jarrod says:

    I hate to rain on the Pacer fans parade but how long to you think that team can be held together? The Pacers will not pay the luxury tax and those up and coming stars (Paul George) will want to get paid. It’ll be tough to keep Hibbert, George, & Granger on the same team. Just look at other small market teams like the Grizz and the Thunder. Good bye Gay & Harden!! Pacers future will fall victim to the luxury tax! 2.5 mill isn’t going to cut it for a player like George.

    • ko0kie says:

      they do not need granger…Hibbert, West and George are more instrumental to this teams success.. they need 2,3 solid 3-point shooter,

      • Jarrod says:

        They won’t be able to keep all of those guys. George is going to ask for Star money! Hibbert arguably the best big man in the league. There will not be enough chips in Indy to keep David West’s $10mill/yr or Granger’s $13mill/yr. I think they will have to move West and Granger when George asks to restructure his contract.

  23. MIA says:

    i knew tht was comin im not happy till D wade is hoisting the trophy! 3!

    • kobeballhog says:

      here comes the haters making their excuses lol remove that big L on your foreheads, games 1 to 6 Indiana gets more calls gets more foul shots why don’t you complain then? now Miami won the free throws you come here hating?

  24. Nbais-a-joke says:

    Defense turn up?what are u watching last night? FT 38-20. in the first half fieldgoalatt. 39- 21 for heat, a ridiculous 3 sec def call, every momentum changing call against Indi, every little push from e.g. PG against Lebbrick was a foul call the push from Allen against PG at a fastbreak was a non call, the ref had the same angle like the Tvcamera a non call; Ok ist was not so obvious like Marc davis or danny crawford or our best Joey Crawford but ti whistle every little touch against the top player from indi and only one against Lebrick an d 2 against wade is ..jes.. ridiculous
    what is more ridiculous:
    where is the punishment for the f?§ing flopping?game 6 and 7, jes also for indi, but what are u supposed to do when one team is flopping all the time the ref are calling it, jes i will also start flopping, the flop from chalmers and wade are really sh§t. i want a good bbal game and the this. are u heat bandwaggon fans really proud of this? they are the best team? really , di the best team and best player need to flop all the time? do they need the cheap calls to win?do they need help from the refs(it seems so because after every clear foul and flopping they discuss it with the ref,where is the T for that?Now they can smile while the nba is happy and the refs did their job.

    Evrey little push was a foul call for ini and every little push was a good defense , come on
    i thought nba is better, but this is a shame for the sport.
    i am from europe bandwaggonfans so i am not pacers fan
    i loved this game, but this is WWF, where fixed game are made

    last time here last time watched the NBA-jokes
    This heat team will never mention as a great team, it is too obvious why they are in the finals and also won last year.

    Thx to the ref and nba this game/sport is dead

    • Lenny is a long time Heat Fan says:

      I don’t rcall you mentioning the two blown goaltending calls that went the Pacres way in Game 6. Oh because in your mind every call for the heat is a conspiracy, and every call for the pacers is obviously justified. Learn to watch a game objectively. There were MANY blown calls, both ways, but people like you just cannot accept that. When I see a bad call, even in my teams favor, I get upset. When a ball obvisouly bounces off of you and you take the ball it just seems like cheating to me. Yes, I saw that call go Miami’s way, but I also saw many hacks against the heat (and the pacers) that were not called, when much less hacks were called fouls. It is a shame that you are so blinded by hate that you cannot see the bad calls the other way. And what was up with ejecting Cole. But I’m sure you are good with that.

    • Porky says:

      I n case your selective amnesia still bothers you, flopping was institutionalized in Europe in football and in other games and exported by the European basketball players to the NBA.

  25. kobeballhog says:

    just like what I’ve said all along to these heat pacers blog, the pacers team is just a bump on the road, and I was right, now where are all the haters gone hiding to? refs won it? David stern won it? flopping? give all your excuses haters, Miami is on top and still playing.

  26. jzarecta says:

    I am glad to see Mike Miller finally contributing to the rotation. Both 3’s were awesome on game 6 and game 7 he actually defend West even better than Battier.

    I wonder how the PF would play against Tiago Splitter. Udonis, Birdman, Mike Miller and Bosh … even Joel Anthony would play a good roll if they can get their positions straight.

  27. Rob says:

    @French Jujubean: If you’re just looking at the numbers, read the reports, too. Heat attacked the paint and lanes all game long – whilst Heat only shot 8 more shots, this is not representative due to garbage time. Indiana had 10 more turnovers and 7 less rebounds, so even just by the box score, the heat had 17 more possessions. Of course there going to get to the stripe more! Look at all the numbers, not just the obvious ones. It makes you look stupid.

  28. OzSonicsFan says:

    Great dominating win for the Heat. Exactly the kind of win that will have them pumped for the Finals opener!

    Bosh shot poorly, but his effort on the boards and blocks made up for it. and Wade coming in strong was a clincher for the win. LBJ will always get his.

  29. flopsRus says:

    NBA Finals, Spurs vs. Heat, coming up! Who will be able to keep their feet?

  30. the miami loss in gAME 6 because miami wants miami fans to celebrates in hometown so here is it congrats miami go for the goal catch the 2013 trophy

  31. dwaynejade says:

    how to defeat the spurs? Pure man to man, never double any player, guard duncan(bosh) Parker( its either lebron or wade) if wade, Lebron should defend leonard then chalmers on ginobili ( i think ginobili is more of a shooter and slasher than low post player unlike leonard… guard parker!!!! because his the facilitator on their team, and let wade or lebron guard parker the two best defender on miami heat, never go for 2-3 zone because for me the spurs are the deadliest shooter team on the league, another thing if your guarding the spurs always put some one in the middle of the court (from free throw – inside) spurs like to play pick and pop or roll specially with ginobili attacking and with spilitter playing,.. fight every screens parkers love to play on screen…

  32. Congrats Miami. A well-played game 7, fair and square win.

    Frank Vogel…..good coach but you need to work on your tacticts….you should have benched Hibbert & George in the 3rd and let the bench players frustrate the Heat with some hard fouls.

    But Spurs – Heatis a good final match up.

    LOL thanks to the coaches who rested their players we didn’t see these 2 teams in full force against eachother this season.

    Coincidence or a well registered scenario with an exciting denouement ? Well who cares, thank David Stern Spielberg.
    This will be good to sell the league’s image in a positive way!

    Happy finals to all NBA lovers

  33. dwaynejade says:

    Congratulations to Miami Heat’s Players, Coaches, Management, Organization and Community!!!! Relax for a while but be ready because NBA Finals is the Most exciting situation to be!!!

  34. blackmamba_38 says:

    Poor pacers. They just took game 7 for granted. I just thought it would be a challenging game but it was not. Was there george hill in game 7?? was there paul george?? as if they were not playing coz really they scored very disappointing. To all pacers fans your time will never come , you’re just like with the bulls hehhehe The heat proved it again that they are really the best team… ever… Congratulations to all heat players and heat fans… Shame on pacers fans hahahahha

    • Loki says:

      Yeah shame on true fans with no expiration date on their loyalty. I hope Lebron leaves so we can see how many true heat fans there are. Im sure there’s some loyal and I know a lot of cool peeps who are heat fans, it’s just a shame the ones who plague the media make Justin Bieber fans tolerable

  35. J says:

    woo! he he!

    birdman missed ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! 😡

  36. RamonBraganza says:

    Congatulations to Pacers for job well done this season. They showed a lot of talent and heart. Continue to grow and you’ll probably be in the finals next year. But for now, Go heat! Win em all!! 🙂

  37. Ren says:

    It’s sad to see that the Pacers weren’t mentally prepared to take the early hit from the Heat. You know that’s coming, and it was sad to see the Pacers togetherness crumbled so soon starting the 2Q. Actually, the 1Q started but Heat was a mess in their shots %. Once their FG% picked up, it was over for the Pacers.

    But that’s okay, young teams most of the time need to learn to fail first. Hopefully the Pacers can really learn from this experience and become better.

  38. EyronFigures says:

    Great series, a very competitive team and hard to beat, that’s the PACERS and I truly admit that this team can beat anybody.. to all the pacers fan, goodluck and better luck next tym guys,i wish you all the BEST for your TEAM but for now, i know someday the pacers will become a champion soon..This big win is for KING of SOUTHBEACH, THE HEAT! and I am very blessed to witness this kind of competition.. Let’s go HEAT! i a very proud of you, you guys show to all the heat haters that they are wrong after all the acquisition that you have been through in this series..and now,it TIME for the another memorable and competitive game with the SPURS!beat the SPURS and get that championship KING JAMES.. 4 more wins to go.. Let”s Pray for our MIAMI HEAT! once again, thanks for the entertaining and unforgettable GAME 7 of 2013 ECF.. We will see you again INDY PACERS.. God Bless MIAMI!

    greetings from the PHILIPPINES!

  39. jack23 says:

    I believe you @nbapacersfan, your time will come be patient, PG is MONEY player you had, take care of this guy, he’s tough, it so happened that James and Co. are there in their path for glory, next season Pacers,..this time being Miami Fan, we will enjoy being in the Finals once again,..bring on the SPURS!!

  40. Willy says:

    Get ready for the Spurring action Coach Lebron.

  41. ben says:

    congrats MIAMI

    thanks Dwade for your great performance

    one more series for repeat

  42. ncocruz says:

    congrats miami heat, they are the under dogs in the finals the reason being is first is COACHING, then experience, maybe fatigue. but i like their chances,one way to repeat this year is the defense they showed into todays game. if they do it against the spurs, they can repeat, they should play fast, so the spurs cannot set up their deadly halfcourt offense. and if wade and bosh shows up, they are deadly.

  43. Ninjadudz says:

    The Pacers are better than the Spurs

  44. Indeed, it was a great series to watch between two elite teams.

    I expect the Pacers to be the second-best team in the East. (That’s right. Sorry, Chicago Bulls, even having D-Rose back won’t win you the Central Division.)


  45. French Jujubean says:

    also, 38 free throw attempts for Miami to 20 for Indiana. That kind of officiating was expected unfortunately. I haven’t seen the game, so I may be wrong. But I see the numbers.

    • Bs says:

      That’s because the heat got into the paint more than the pacers, also the Heat surprisingly had more offensive rebounds. Plus Indiana had a surplus of turnovers limiting their shot opportunities.

  46. nbapacersfan says:

    Miami Heat 99 / Indiana Pacers 76

    Congratulations to the Miami Heat and to their fans. While we’ve had our differences on these boards, I think we can all agree this was a great series featuring two extremely talented teams.

    To my fellow Pacers fans: Each year we knock on that door a little harder… our dues are being paid… our time is coming… “Be Encouraged”!


    • Shane says:

      LOL!! You’re probably one of those Pacers fans that hate the Heat and got nothing bad to say now. KNOCK AGAIN NEXT YEAR LOSERS!!!!

      • Captain of captains says:

        That’s problem with some Heat fans. If you don’t applaud them all the time you are a Heat hater.

      • Bs says:

        I’m a heat fan but you need to stop Gloating like an Idiot. Pacers gave us a run for our money, and gave us a great series. Paul George is an up and running Superstar and the pacers will soon be on top of the East. In the future I predict the Thunder, Pacers, Warriors and Rockets to be the dominant teams in the NBA

      • Loki says:

        Why do I hate Miami? Their “fans” and the media. Anything that is held in reverence in the way a God is is overrated. Spurs have won 4 championships and I don’t even see a fraction of the ridiculousness when the spurs win that I do from heat fans. Honestly I respect the heat’s game but the behavior of (most of) it’s fanbase makes it hard to even want to be a fan. Constantly showing up on other team’s fan pages to berate them, double-standards, and overall immaturity. Lebron fans can barely appreciate another players game because they’re so obsessed with him. Honestly, make it easier to like the heat please. And no I’m not just a hater because they have success, if that were the case I’d hate anyone who was successful, I like the spurs, they’re a highly successful organization.

        Thank you
        One annoyed basketball fan

      • Shane: please, let us be gracious winners. For the most part, these Pacer fans are being humble and eating the crow so lets not rub it in. That is not who we are.

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      Helluva series! Indiana has the attention & respect of the heat and the rest of the league, But with all due respect, Indiana is going to have to wait their time, because this is Lebron’s time, and it will be for the next 4-5 years.
      Not 1, not 2 …
      #GO HEAT

    • Peera says:

      Congratulations to the Heats and their fans.
      I think this Pacers team has a very bright future. The Pacers front court has been so tough both defensively and offensively. The heats need to adjust their tactics every game to win this series.
      Both teams had learned from their losses and applied different tactics to win the next game. That is why each team won every other games in this series and the Heats won the series because they won the first game.
      So if the Pacers comes back again next year, try to win the first game of the series.

    • Balby says:

      Finally. A True Pacers fan.

    • cesar says:

      This is a good expirience for pacers for the future… unless WEST dont sign a contract to other team (CLIPPERS with CP3?) they have a good chance “again” next year…

    • Vip81 says:

      Thx, right back at you Pacers fans, your team proved to be a worthy adversary for the Heat… If both teams remain healthy, Granger comes back, it’s gonna be an even tighter series imo. Go HEAT!

    • lester says:

      I absolutely agree to that. I am a Heat fan and I believe it was a great series. A battle between two great teams. Congrats to the Miami Heat but also hats down to the Indiana Pacers for a fight well fought! I can see a bright future ahead of them especially Roy Hibbert and Paul George!

    • IAMAHEATFAN says:

      If i can give an award, i’ll give this man the SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD. (anyway, hopefully we’ll see you again next playoffs)

    • In the Heat says:

      I salute you for your sportsmanship with that kind of post!

      It was a scaringly exciting series. As a HEAT fan it was impossible to rest not knowing if our stars and roleplayers would pull their weight against a bigger, confident and prepared Pacers team. I was afraid of the Heat meeting the Pacers on the run to the finals this year – you guys were the biggest threat. This series was the “true” final for the HEAT. Definitely a harder opponent than the Spurs, if you ask me.

      Looking foreward to more exciting Heat-Pacers playoff series in the years to come.

    • Santi says:

      Hats off to Pacers for reaching this far and for the entertaining series. Gotta admit they taught Miami (and us Heat fans) some lesson. Now imagine how far can these Pacers go with a deep bench.

    • bryce says:

      Yup it sure was one heck of a series! As a heat fan, you pacers had me worried. #untilnextyear

    • BleedingHeat says:

      Pacers have a bright future. For now, kudos to the Heat.

    • neutrality says:

      The Pacers earned my respect since last postseason, and they will even have a higher chance of winning next postseason if they continue to improve their roster. Vogel is great in coaching the Pacers as well!

    • SportsLife says:

      I think the Pacers, with Granger back and a little more help from the bench are going to be extremely scary for the Heat if the Heat don’t do something about their Big man problem. Next year should be very exciting in the east, Bulls with Rose back, Pacers with Granger back, New York (as hot and cold as their shooting is),, and the potential of Atlanta having a Chris Paul/D Howard combo, or the Cavs potentially having D.Howard with Verajo and Irving…ooo boy the East looks to be exciting, Still think the Heat will be the best of the bunch, but the gap is closing, in a hurry.

      Heat beat Spurs in 5.

    • MxV says:

      Yep, this was a great series and next year it’s gonna get even better when the two clash once again in the playoffs. The Pacers need to definitely get better at a lot of things offensively. Their defense is always going to be there for years to come as long as they have the same core.

      I’m a fan of both teams for different reasons; Pacers for their defense and being a traditional team / Miami for their offense and their unconventional small ball plays.

      Pacers keep your heads up! Keep on striving and sooner or later you’ll finally get the ultimate goal by all teams.

      Good luck to the Heat on the finals.

      — Really can’t wait for next year to see the Heat and Pacers clash again in the playoffs.

    • Santyeloso says:

      Not all of Heat fans are A**holes like Shane…

    • FRANK THE TANK IN THE MIA.... says:

      to the pacers play by play announcer who said the heat fans dont deserve to have a team! Get off of our Bus then because were Final’s bound. You can listen to our announcer work another week, Idiot!


    • Hardhooper says:

      I agree, GREAT series. Hats off to your boys, they gave us all we could handle and definitely earned respect.

    • jose says:

      You did great Indi….I am a LBJ fan.

    • Lenny is a long time Heat Fan says:

      The Pacres remind me of some of the great Heat Teams of past. We could win everything except the playoff series against Jordan’s Bulls! All I can say is your time WILL come, just like ours did. I think with a bit more experience, Hibbert is going to be frightningly dominating. My favorite NBA person of all time is Larry Bird, and I think he did a great job putting together a Pacrer team that may win it all soon. As for the many posters that say all Heat Fans are terrible, I think the trueth is that there are many Heat fans like me that love basketball, but are to busy to post, unlike the few obnoxious fans with their garbage postings. Those Heat fans offend me too. In all fairness, I have seen some rather rude Pacer fan postings, but I am certain these too are the minority. Thank you Pacres f ora great series, but not looking forward to playing you next year, as you play us tougher then any other team.

    • SoFlaFan says:

      Waiting for the NBA to overturn the ejection of Norris Cole, that was an outrage!!! If you don’t agree, you weren’t watching the same game!!!!

      Thank you Pacer Fan, to Lance…. who choked???? Lastly, I never doubted my Heat, a true band of brothers!!!!

      Go Heat!!!!