Report: Kobe Aiming For An Opening Day Return, Will Recruit Dwight Howard

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — While the Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers and San Antonio Spurs occupy the minds of most NBA fans right now as the conference finals end and we get ready for The Finals, Kobe Bryant is quietly plotting his comeback in Los Angeles.

The Lakers’ superstar is deep into the rehabilitation process from season-ending Achilles surgery and has set his sights on an earlier than expected return to action, telling Dave McMenamin of the in an exclusive Monday interview that he’s hoping to return for the Lakers’ 2013-14 season opener:

“I hope so,” Bryant said . “That’s the challenge. With the tendon, there’s really only but so much you can do. There’s a certain amount of time that they deem necessary for the tendon to heal where you don’t overstretch it and now you never get that spring back.

“So, you just have to be patient, let the tendon heal and then when that moment comes when they say, ‘OK, we can take off the regulator so to speak and now it’s on you to train as hard as you can to get back to where you want to be,’ that’s going to be a good day.”

In addition to plotting his own return, Bryant plans on being an active recruiter for the Lakers’ biggest free-agent target, center Dwight Howard. Howard is sure to be entertaining suitors from coast to coast July 1 when free agency kicks off. Bryant and Howard got off to a rocky start as teammates this season but appear to have grown closer throughout the tumultuous ride.

Bryant said he’ll step in when needed and make sure to impress upon Howard the importance of the big man being a part of the master plan in Los Angeles:

“For me, you kind of let him do his due diligence and then move in and talk to him and figure out if this is a place he wants to be,” Bryant said. “We all want him here. But then that’s when the selling begins [after Howard is courted by other teams]. You don’t start the selling process right before he goes and does all this stuff. You want to get the last word. You want to have the final word and the closing argument.

“I’ll give him a little opening statement, but then I have to make sure I have the final word.”

That has to be music to the ears of Lakers fans. Having the man who has served as the face of the franchise for much of the past decade and a half work this hard to make sure Howard serves as his eventual franchise successor speaks volumes about where Bryant is in his career.

With the Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, Atlanta Hawks, Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are  all reportedly preparing recruiting pitches for Howard (who, along with Chris Paul and Josh Smith, are the headliners in the free-agent class), the Lakers have to be prepared with a pitch of their own. The more input and influence from Bryant it seems, the better.

Only time will tell if it works out for Bryant on both fronts. We’d be foolish to doubt his resolve as he attempts to come back earlier than expected from his injury. In fact, convincing Howard to stick with the Lakers might be the more difficult of the two tasks.

Howard has managed to avoid doing any interviews since the Lakers were swept in the first round of the playoffs by the Spurs, so anyone assuming what he might do is going off of sourced information and little else.


  1. Jordan says:

    dallas might push for brandon jennings and possibly dwight howard this offseason.

  2. Gameon says:

    I love you guys, you all make my day. “The NBA fan family” is awesome!

  3. Patrick says:

    Dwight in Miami! Chris Paul in the other side of the wall in LA! Wade out of Miami! What? Uh!… … … Oh! It’s my room! I just woke up! What a dream! But, what? Cavs brought Mike Brown back!? Man, I thought THIS was a nightmare!

    Kobe “Skywalker” is surely making his downhill, but he knows the game and can offer some support. I think no rings anymore for him (not with D12 and/or D’Antoni), but make the basketball that interesting game we love. Like in the 80’s and 90’s: “I Love this Game”. If he says that D12 is worthy (miss you James-42) the talk and press pressure, than I’ll wait for the results. But for me, no D12 and no D’Antoni anymore. Being Kobe I’d be after another arrangement. Nash is Ok, for me.

    He has everything to be a very good head coach. He will come with his Phill “Yoda” Jackson at his side.

  4. FacePalm says:

    I’m disappointed that the comments for an article about Kobe, Dwight, and the Lakers is full of Miami fans ranting about the potentially unstoppable roster they could have. It’s actually somewhat annoying.

  5. STUnTmAn says:

    pg chalmers
    sg harden
    sf lebron
    pf bosh
    c dwight howard

    dont forget, once Rajon Rondo will heal, he will join his teammate Ray Allen at the heat for a chance to make no money and win some more rings. So good bye chalmers, norris cole, and juan howard and welcome Rajon Rando!

  6. Comrade24 says:

    The scariest thing that could happen for fans of other western conference teams (namely, Lakers, Thunder, Spurs,) would be for Howard to leave the Lakers and join up with Harden in Houston. THAT team would be scary with Dwight Howard, just scary, and unlike these fairy-tale scenarios that these whack jobs have painted above, Houston actually has the financial ability to sign Howard. Look out next season if that happens, the West may just have a new top dog.

  7. JD Drew says:

    Mark my words.
    1.DH is Gone. And after watching him this season, frankly it’s no loss to LA
    2.Kobe will NOT recover in time for the season opener..
    3.Kobe will never be the same again.It’s downhill for him from here on end

    LA needs a top tier bench deep enough. LA needs to offload the couple of journeymen on their roster. Kobe reflects the franchise so essentially I am saying they are finished as a legit Conference/NBA Finals contender for the next decade

  8. Jordan says:

    Howard will find a way to play with Chris Paul. They will probably end up in Philly (the only team that will really have the money).

    The Heat will resign LeBron as well as Wade. Wade will always be a member of the Heat organization. They need to let Bosh leave and sign Josh Smith. He’s a better player. Then start Birdman at center and LeBron can go back to playing his real position. Let’s go Heat!

    • ATL Hawks 13' says:

      Hawks have the cap space to sign two players to max contracts. Not saying they will sign D12 and CP3, but it’s more likely than philly. I would’nt just throw bosh out the door like that, he’s still in his prime and with Dwayne becoming older, he could wind up being a bigger piece for the Heat then you think. Will certainly will miss J-Smooth and I wish him all the best wherever he signs.

  9. BCS says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Dwight play a full game at 100%, yeah he runs the floor, plays a bit of D and grabs a few boards but we want more, he has no heart! If he had a little Rodman in him (as crazy as he was) he’d be dangerous and easily worth the ridiculous contract NBA players get these days!! How’s this for a stab in the dark,,,, I’m willing to bet the Magic win a title before Dwight even figures out what team he’s on haha…

  10. MiamiHeat2014 says:

    nash to miami for chalmers.
    dwight for haslem and a 2nd round draft pick
    and wade for paul george.

    I am close with management they said the deal should be complete by 1st of july

  11. tomtom607 says:

    I’m sorry miami fans, wade will not retire with the heat. it would be bad for business if they kept him more then another 2 to 3 years. Lebron I do think will stay if cleveland doesn’t make the right pick this year. But thats up in the air to, Indiana and Chicago and Brooklyn are big and physical and they are also YOUNG. Witch Miami isn’t, this is the last chance for a ring with this current roster. I am a fan of the game, and looking at this from a business point of view, its bad for business.

  12. Yayo903 says:

    The Thunder should consider pursuing Howard, since they lack an offensive big man. Its the only missing piece that they don’t have. I doubt Perk or Howard would even be willing to come off bench if it did happen though. Chances are slim to none.

  13. Slin says:

    Howard is a clown. Lakers will be better off unloading him for quality player(s). Heck, they should try to get Chris Paul! Trade Nash and Howard out for Chris Paul + quality players (wing player & big man).

  14. champ says:

    the heat will lose and james will go run off and cry and sulk like the little child he is

  15. Laker Reason says:

    Since the Lakers are keeping D’Antoni they should not pursue Howard. They should go after CP3 or Josh Smith. Preferable Josh Smith. Also Andre Kirilenko would be a great addition!

  16. dennis says:

    the therory of Dwight Howard going to miami explains why it will always be good even after lebron james retires

  17. sanjay says:

    lakers are too old to compete and howard is not a good fit for this team with a coach who does not know how to utilize big centers! phil is not coming back to lakers to solve their woes.

    If they want to play around big men they have to change the coach.
    lakers have to trade few pieces. gasol has to go and their bench has to get younger! They cant compete like this with any of the western contenders as they are all getting younger!

    they have serious chance of not making it at all next year! And the whole lakers franchise has ominous signs of being non contender for foreseeable future!

  18. jhat says:

    Why not get rid of Bosh and attack for D12? Bosh is defense is not even to be discussed his post play is just as bad as his defense Heat need rebounds and post play and size, Bosh cant give them that get rid of him and go after D12 with a real contract(20m/season), Dwade Lebron and D12 together would be deadly much better then Dwade Lebron and Bosh…

  19. WINIT1 says:

    Dwight to Cavs. Kyrie Irving needs a good Bigman to help him develop.

  20. just be says:

    spurs are gonna win the title is time for duncan to one another and retired. and the heat got lucky in game 1 other wise they would’ve been eliminated in game 6, if you gonna talk smack about the lakers: then get your tickets and go back where you came from, if you can’t handle L.A.

  21. TruthK says:

    Gahhhh. The NBA was doing fine without this Laker drama. Why do you have to ruin it Mr. Smith??? Why??!!! Seriously, these Laker fans are the worst!!! They were all happy and arrogant when Dwight was traded to the Lakers, proclaiming that they are a championship team. So many predictions, blah blah blah. What happened? Almost missed the playoffs for the second time in the kobe era without the help of the NBA. The final few games of the lakers were officiated terribly just to get them over the hump since out of the bottom teams in the west, the lakers would sell more games than any of those teams. Anyway, back to my point, it’s not what the lakers need, it’s what the Lakers don’t need And that, my friend, is Kobe. Seriously, this guy is probably the G.O.A.T. -Greatest Overrated of All Time!!!! Imagine if the organization stuck with Shaq and kicked kobe out instead? Won’t miss the playoffs, prolly won another 1-2 rings, Pau and Shaq would dominate. Remember, if they had kicked kobe out before, they could’ve traded him for another SG than can score at least 20ppg easy. And with all that shot attempts available to go around, they would definitely be more successful. Remember, that 20ppg shooting guard is only a complimentary player to Shaq. (See what Miami did with Shaq and a 20ppg SG in Wade???). Don’t come in here all red face and start defending your Kobe withought thinking. The good thing about arguing with kobe fans are that they are blind. Before you come in here and talk about the 2 MVP finals he got with Pau, try to remember how he actually played in those games. He was deadweight to the team!!!! If it wasn’t for Ron Artest, they wouldn’t beat the Boston. A 6-24 game???!!! On a game 7? Clutch? Oh please!!!! And the first one he got without Shaq, Pau played a lot better than kobe that finals series. I’m not saying Kobe is not a good player, which he really is, I’m just saying that he is way overrated. Coming in to the league shooting airballs, if it wasn’t for the dunk contest and media, I doubt you will jump on his junk. I was a kobe fan when he first entered the league. He’s flashy and just came out of high school to play ball in the NBA. I even have his first 2 shoes. Buying it over AI’s. But the dude was a fluke. First two seasons, I saw what he was all about. A selfish egotistical player who is only half as good as he and the media projects. Don’t tell me that he’s a terrific scorer. When he was the only one who takes shots in the team, of course he’ll have high point totals with a very low FG%. Even Bosh looked like a terrific scorer in Toronto!!!!

    But yeah, it doesn’t matter if they take Dwight or not, what matters is they get rid of Kobe. The lakers will be the lakers and they will sell merchandises even without kobe there.

    • Lakers Need Brian Shaw says:

      What U thinking…???
      Kobe overrates ???
      Basketball is team game, early years Kobe was very young but very talented. He prove it to be great from 2 years season from the benches. He came from high school which is mostly they players from high school wasn’t have great socialize. That Master Zhen thought the different between Kobe with Jordan “Came from College” Kobe was so exited to make his leaders/first choice of the team with immature leadership , Kobe want That make cost Lakers was loose against Detroit in Final 03-04. Master Zhen out then Shaq was trade. Shaq move and play with many other great player in they’re prime but He only win 1 others champion.
      But If Kobe still give Shaq lead the team, might be different story with shape Roster they have.
      Kobe game is fantastic and he proven became a beast and warrior players, With all kind of injured his still a Super-Star. Master Zhen was back after seen how far Kobe was change and his determined. They Got Paul and they still have Fisher the “Laker Heart” with Odom inspired the game. We all known Kobe is terrific scorer and great challenge, last he is Clutch Man. Not all players can be beast every game. on game 7 Kobe was the Defense shield of the team which he defense the best man. he grab 17 rebound “if I’m not wrong” but overall in 7 game he was the best. He is great players.
      I know Kobe getting Old, his career will be ended soon, but more then half of his career years the Vote from all GM, will choose Kobe among the rest NBA player to have the ball when the ball on the line or last second.
      Laker’s should go 50%-50% with pursuing Dwight.
      D’Antonie is not type of Coach experience with great Center but Point Guard also his coach risk by not limiting old player can cause injured longer. He did in Phoenix, NY and Lakers land.
      Chris Paul is better choice with present Coach. will be brutal with 2 frontier old against young gun. Let Nash on the benches.
      Laker also need veteran Center on the benches, Lakers will fun to watch.
      IF Lakers can have Brian Shaw or Master zhen will be Lakes advisor “not a coach”. I rather take Dwight and trade Gasol & Metta with 2 or 3 players from “Toronto, Cleveland, Detroit, Washington, or New Orleans. for young and good defender players. also Cut Luxury tax. sign veteran player with very hungry with titles then keep player as coach need it.
      Kobe need new teammate who can Post up, screen and last play drama like him. Again Kobe is Old Kobe, he know how to put the game, but he is not robot play more 35 min/game as same as Nash more then 30 min/game.
      I hope the best to choose What is the Lakers need, I love if Dwight and Gasol still together with healthy roster….

      Good luck and wish U the best KOBE, I’m Lakers 1 fans appreciated for what U have done with the Lakers, I think becaz of his greatness on the game, lift the LAKERS Merchandises in almost 2 decades and that’s why many Lakers fans want to watch the game on away from STAPLES.

  22. Eric Salas says:

    This is whats gonna happen in LA. If D12 dont sign with the lakers then they have no choice but to try go for CP3 and Josh Smith period.

  23. theking0522 says:

    What a difference a year makes!!! Last summer Lakers fans where talking about championship..Now they are talking about being contenders is Howard is back and Kobe is healthy.

  24. jay reed says:

    Stop hyping up D12 his best days is behind him, if you cant make free throws at least dunk the ball under the basket, stop trying to make circus shoots you are not a guard. Just play your game and stop being a baby.

  25. H2O says:

    Miami really needs a tough big man so that Bosh will play on it’s real position which is the PF. Maybe they can acquire Andrew Bynum and let go of Anthony. I believe that Bynum’s play will be back after his injury. Then they will keep Chalmers for the PG, anyway its still LBJ who will facilitate the team. So their starting 5 will be:

    PG: Chalmers
    SG: Wade
    SF: James
    PF: Bosh
    C: Bynum

    second line-up
    PG: Cole
    SG: Allen
    SF: Battier
    PF: Haslem
    C: Andersen

    other players would be: Miller, Lewis, Jones and perhaps 2 rookies.

  26. Heir says:

    Bring the answer AI in to help sew up that bench!

  27. Lakerssince95 says:

    Heat is full of has beens that will be no good in a year or two. Only good player on the team is james and chalmers. andersens okay but wade and bosh are detoriating. howard will be going to the rockets unfortuanately. lakers need to pick up monta ellis…

  28. jonzor says:

    wade will stay on miami,pierce in celtics and so as harden on rockets….DH will leave LAL and go to houston.

  29. MC Sarcasm says:

    My brother-in-law’s cousin has a friend that has a friend who works in the Heat marketing department handing out bobble heads and she says that D12 AND Kobe are coming to Miami for Joel Anthony. Plus the Heat will get draft picks.

    Heat starting lineup:
    Norris Cole
    Mike Miller
    Shane Battier
    Jarvis Varnado
    Juwan Howard


    HEAT CHAMPS IN 2013/2014!

  30. big thangz says:

    Wat is everyone worried about.. let the ballers ball all those players are stopable …u guys look dumb arguing about them when they don’t care there the ones making that money not us lol

  31. 2k says:

    Rockets will never trade Harden unless its for LBJ

  32. Garrett says:

    Why all of yall be puttying crazy team together the heat aint getting d12 or james harden the lakers aint getting all them players. Be Smart

  33. Javale_lol says:

    As a Warriors fan, I think it would be better to just let Dwight go. Why? Cause you can’t have two captains in one ship. Yes, the Heat are successful with Wade and Lebron, but that’s because the Heat have a REALLY good coach that can handle them. Mike D’antoni just cant.

  34. Toocrunk says:

    This is a OLD video, but it’s nice to re-visit it. Kobe states they need length and athleticism. Look no further than JOSH SMITH! Trade Metta World Peace and get JOSH SMITH! PG: Nash SG: Kobe SF: Josh Smith PF: Gasol C: Howard. Now that I think about it the Lakers could do a lot of good trading with The Hawks. Metta world Peace and Pau Gasol for Horford and Devin Harris or Lou Williams. Josh Smith will be easy to get given he is a free agent now.

  35. Michael Surla says:

    Dwayne Wade will never leave miami he doesnt need money and he’s after legacy and want his jersey retired at miami… I have been heat fan since alonzo tim hardaway days and i know they will never do that to a warrior that never let the heat down… We love DwADE in my opinion you and udonis haslem are the backbone of heat’s success…

  36. STUNTMAN says:

    those ppl who think Josh Smith is a stretch 4 must have never watched a Hawks game, Hawks fans pull their hair out every time J SMOOVE pulls up for a jumper

  37. sanjay says:

    lakers with that roaster has no chance man! west is getting younger! There is no guarantee that howard would stay with that cast! Miami might be looking at gasol, if they can get him cheap! They will go for one big men even after winning second time! Miami inside the paint is too slow with both gasol and howard clogging the paint! they do not have a great balance really! Lakers need lot of changes to compete just not fit kobe!

  38. Anna says:

    Who cares!

  39. OctoPPus says:

    to win Miami there must be olso a Superstar Team !

  40. OctoPPus says:

    or let Howard go to PACERS – w Hibert they would dominate the rim !!!

    get Rondo or Chris Paul as pointguards ….

  41. Heisenberg says:

    Not really a big fan of Howard. He better get out of the Lakers organization before its too late. Houston is his best destination. Full of potential.

  42. OctoPPus says:

    LA should take

    1 – for Nash – CHRIS PAUL

    2 – Make Howard stay

    3 – Josh Smith

    4 – Manu – would be great, or someone in that range

    ……………….. to make a PROBABLE CHALLENGE for champs !

  43. Joshua Nieves says:

    dwight should be out of L.A.!!!!! He is not a Leader first off, and he is a bad virus, with all his negativity all the time!!

  44. Michaelp says:

    Howard is not much of a hall of famer type of guy. He doesn’t compete and put everything on the line to win. Shaquille is right. Dwight should bring his best game every night. Dwight is still a man child after all. No expectations.

  45. True Fan says:

    Kobe should just retire so dwight could flourish and grow in lakers, as long as kobe is in lakers howard will never live up to his true potentials. a ballhog will only hamper his progress. enough said

  46. Herbalizer says:

    Howard is a bum. He’s a selfish player only only cares about his own touches. Fame and money, that’s what he’s about ! A good player will make his teammates better or adjust to them and complement them. Howard doesn’t so either ! The Lakers pushed Pau away to make room for him when Pau was clearly outplaying him ..He then disappeared because they made him play out of position, ran plays away from him and relayed him to a bench role. The guy will play his 10th season next year and what has he accomplsihed ? Sure, he can rebound and block some shots, but he can lose a game with his horrible free throw shooting (that is getting worst with time) and slows the pace down to a complete halt because he can’t run up and down the court ..which makes for an innefficient and boring system ..We don’t know yet how Bynum’s knee will come up but if he can overcome it, this will become a bad trade for the Lakers ..Making Howard their franchise player will begin a tough stretch for Lakers fan !

  47. NoLakersFan says:

    Who cares what Koby has to say or what he does. The Lakers are a washed up, out of contention team for a long time. Look around the league. Everybody else outside LA has moved on.

  48. Heatr#1 says:

    Wade made a vow to retire with the heat.

  49. Beast says:

    Wade is the heart of the miami heat

  50. Drago says:

    Who ever gives Howard a max deal is going to hurt for years to come.You cant build a championship team around a crybaby.And also he does not have the technique of a Tim Duncan or Kevin Garnet witch makes him a dud on the long run.The Lakers could make something they are not a bad team a couple of decent trades and some luck and they can go at least to the Western finals.

  51. CP3 staying in LA…this time with the Lakers. Josh Smith will follow suit. D12 staying so with Pau Gasol. All, including Kobe will have a paycut for the ring. All will have huge endorsements anyway so to heck with the paycut.


    The banner will be raised again in Staples Center….not once, not twice but possible 3 times. GO LAKERS.

  52. realist2013 says:

    Well first off D12 would be walking from 30 million as the lakers are the only team that can give him the 115 million max deal everyone else can only do 80 including the Rockets who he’s been eyeing.
    Secondly he doesnt want to be second fiddle to anyone which is part of the LA bust. Harden would gladly split that load for the youngest team in the nba with wingman Parsons. The mavericks I dont think are a close second option to be teamed with Dirk. I give Goldenstate a strong third option with steph curry david lee and klay as well as a young supporting cast. Only time will tell. Let the courtship begin

  53. zeus says:

    lakers need josh smith and cp3 let dwight get traded and nash too because he is too old ,

  54. Pops says:

    D12 needs to man up and take over the laker franchise when kobe retires.. he is still immature

  55. NBAfan24 says:

    Lets face the facts- come free agency 2014- Heat will resign lebron over wade to rebuild team. why rebuild you may ask- because they will not be able to afford all 3 super stars due to lux taxes.

  56. Mobeen says:

    hi my bro’s a big fan of miami! I myself am a chicago bulls fan!!!

  57. Laker fan says:

    i think dwight is’nt worth a max contract , lakers would be better off getting a few key role players with that money , maybe sign josh smith to play power forward and move pau gasol to center where he can flourish as a low post scorer , amnesty world peace and sign iguodala , either way i don’t think dwight is worth the money he’s being offered

  58. Stern H8r says:

    Thanks for making sure we didn’t have to go a full week without hearing about Kobe. This was an amazingly important story during a great Eastern Conf. Finals Series. Dude, could you not find anything that interested you more than a has-been trying to lure a never-will-be to a team that won’t be great again until both of them are gone.

  59. Resign d12 fire d’antonio keep gasol

  60. Marco29 says:

    Lakers could let D12 go and rely on Gasol as center. They should bring in josh Smith and try again for Chris Paul, This time Stern won’t object.

  61. arafat balt says:


  62. cesar says:

    Its better Miami signs Greg Oden than Dwight Howard…

  63. cesar says:

    Dwight to miami kinda impossible man… as i know he will play to rockets..he doesnt want to be with kobe….kobe is a ball hog

  64. kb-47 says:

    this man clearly dont know what he want let alone be a laker… to much prestige behind being one of the greats…. shaq wilt kareem….. he not built for that….but i do respect his effort… simply puttin it, it aint enough

  65. Nando says:

    Try to keep D12, go after J. Smith, Mo Wiliams and T.Ariza.. Let go Metta,Gasol,Blake and fire Dantoni.. Problem solved!!!

  66. VJ says:

    I don’t think Wade is going anywhere….. He is the Miami Heats Star Shooting Guard, without his support and Bosh’s support and the rest of the strong deep bench – Miami would not get where they are. That too with great difficulty.
    On the lakers front Dwight would be smart to stay and try and win few rings with Kobe and Pao too …… maybe bringing in some other star names shouldn’t hurt them for a deep bench….

  67. YOGI Bear says:

    Hey MIAMI,

    Nice starting five… Since your at it, why dont you include CP3 as well??? Your a DREAMER!

    LAKERS will get Dwight and continue the BIG MAN legacy… GO LA!!!

  68. Jackson Phil says:

    If I was DH go to Houston or Dallas Or Miami than be told by KB what what to do or think for the next 2 years.

  69. john says:

    i believe that dwight has to go to Rochets!there dwight can play good basketball beacaue there is no so much pressure from the press!
    pg jeremy lin/patrick beverly
    sg james harden
    sf chandler parsons
    pf motiejunas donatas
    c dwight howard

  70. spawn says:

    let D12 go… go back to high school. lol

  71. dwaynejade says:

    Good day! To Lakers: Sign dwight howard then together with meeks and blake to Pacers for george hill, david west and lance stephenson… trade pau gasol, goudelock, morris, worldpeace,Ebanks and duhon for Wolves barea, pekovic, kirilenko, Budinger and williams…. Pg Hill Sg Bryant Sf Kirilenko Pf West C Pekovic Bench Nash,Barea, Stephenson, Budinger Williams, Clark, J.Hill and Jamison

  72. dWyNeRz says:

    lakers paying 30mil for kobe to play the game even if he cant get his team to atleast top 5 team in the west… lakers need Billy Beane, nuf said 😛

  73. egyle says:

    paul pierce to LA, welcome home son

  74. oinker says:

    Let D’Antoni go! he dont know how to play defense

  75. J says:

    go to the rockets or warriors great talent just add d12 and poof u have a championship contender


    Welcome to Miami (Bienvenido a Miami)


    yeaahhhhh y’all banwagoners hahahaha…. ur dreamin again before d12 gasol meta bryant and nash dream come true what happend to the playoffs sweep by the spurs u already knoe what is spurs is.. Now idiot banwagoners here dreamin again keep dream folks maybe ur wish is granted.. but let see what wil happend to playoffs again hehehehehe.. yeaahhh welcome to miami yeaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

    • dhype says:

      commenting like a 4 year old?? like a typical heat bandwagonner
      youre a disgrace where u come from

  78. james b says:

    im long time Lakers fan!! and i watched numberous of inter-leagues games. i think the Lakers is as good as they are right now! without injuries, they could have easily make it to the finals THIS YEAR (2013). In the last 10 games, they beat the Pacers, Grizzles, and also Spurs (that is with missing starts players). its all about injuries…im not trying defend the Lakers! But with the current roster the Laker had right now, without injuries, tottally Healthy…they can beat anyone!!! If the Laker management smart enough to keep the same roster next year… they will win another TITLE! Despite Kobe recent injuries, despite Howard missed FT!! Nash, Kobe, Dwight will outlast….dont forget my favorite man…World Peace!! Poor him because of WP’s injuries, otherwise WP would bring at leat a win for the Laker in the firsdt round……….GO LAKERS…

  79. Nore says:

    I also see Dwight go – my prediction is either Houston or Dallas – but why not consider to sign in Cleveland?

    I mean of course its a small market but when they draft Otto Porter, as i would do then Dwight would play with a starting line up of:

    PF – Tristan Thompson
    SF – Otto Porter
    SG – Dion Waiters (needs to improve FG% though)
    PG – Kyrie Irving

    With Dwight thats a damn good line up – and don’t forget the future picks of Cleveland and there big trade exception!

    Not a cleveland fan just sayin’ that Dwight should consider all options.

  80. AG says:

    I want Dwight Howard to stay with the Lakers. If he goes somewhere else, he joined the Lakers just to ruin their reputation. He needs to stay and stitch the scars he inflicted on Laker fans.

  81. johnny henderson says:

    i think the lakers are crazy to let dwight go. they should and need to try they’re best to sign him again. he was injured tge entire season and yet still played at a high level, i think they should just tell him how it is, the lakers is his team kobe only has a year or two left they need to build a team around a dominate young star, and i think dwight is crazy not to sign witg tge lakers again yeah they cant offer much money, but they offer strong players and a good team that has a chance to make the finals amd get another championship, after kobes gone hes the face of the lakers which means more money for him. i say if the lakers get the same roster as this year HEALTHY and drama free, i see a championship coming they’re way. the lakers amd dwight have a connection already the have team work itd insane for them not to sign him or him not to sign with them. point is dwight is coming back to LA no doubt

  82. Gillsy says:

    As much as Kobe wants it I really don’t think Howard wants to stay, he wants to go somewhere like Houston where he can get a pay day and a team is already starting to form.

  83. kb-47 says:

    a lakers u need a scoring sf paul pierce is available
    the truth
    get josh smith
    pau gasol\
    let dwight go…

  84. kb-47 says:

    isnt paul pierce a free agent…
    steve nash
    pierce- home town kid
    let dwight go

    • Stephen says:

      you’re stupid to even consider a future celtic hall of famer to go to LA

      • KMB says:

        Not stupid at all considering that Boston is considering to be disrespectful and thinking of getting rid of Pierce who should definately retire a Celtic…this isn’t the first time that a possible trade for a Celtic to the Lakers has been mentioned…

    • Wow... says:

      pierce is a good idea, but did you forget he is as old as kobe?

  85. Cripple Rapist says:

    No way!!!! Dwight is all yours…. Don’t put that Dirty Garbage Crying wanna be SHaq to South Beach… I’ll stick to bird man…

  86. mister says:


  87. Joaquin says:

    Remember the guy who posted on every article that Howard was gonna be traded to Miami? I miss that it was kinda funny

  88. Lee12 says:

    Howard just want all the Lakers to defend well.

  89. BigMike says:

    In my view, the Lakers shouldn’t bother to pursue Dwight; too many limitations and the current Lakers roster (not enough consistent 3 point threats and another low-post operator in Pau) don’t suit having Howard. Move Pau back to Centre and you have low post offence and some decent rebounding/shot-blocking…. push hard to acquire Josh Smith who is a stretch 4 and has good energy and versatility (saving some $ over Dwight). This gives you Gasol, Smith, Jordan Hill and Earl Clark; not a bad big man rotation. With the extra $, go for a Small Forward with shooting range and some athleticism. Will be an overall better balanced line-up.

  90. MambaForTheWin says:

    its funny how the only people who think dwight is a cry baby who doesn’t know how to win who should go elsewhere are fans who don’t know what their talking about. I don’t know about anyone else but I listen to one of the greatest of all time and he says dwight should stay.

    • Francisco says:

      change your name dude, espn exposed that kobe is a poor closer only 31% at closing time

  91. Hopefully Kobe Bryant could return at the start of 2013-2014 NBA Season. I’m hoping that Dwight Howard will sign with my team Los Angeles Lakers and will win the Championship next season. This will be our 17th NBA Championship next season. Go Lakers.

    Ray Duque III (GMBD), USA

  92. Mamba talks says:

    If a man played in the NBA for 8 years and still can’t post up or shoot free throws, then he’s done.

  93. Kei says:

    Seeing how Kobe treat Howard during the season.(howard’s fake injury, big boy pants etc..) D12 will be stupid to come back to Lakers.

    • PC says:

      You must mean stupid for the Lakers to take him back. I kinda want to see Dwight Howard return though. I want to see his potential. Everyone grows up at one point in time; just a few slower than others. Everyone always deserves another chance, until they take it for granted. Which Dwight Howard is kind of doing. He must lower his pride and play to win. It is about a team as a collective unit, and not about individuality.

  94. all3n iv3rson says:

    Dwight is a big immature cry baby

    • eo says:

      true so was allen iverson

      • Ryan says:

        Allen Iverson was not a cry baby far from that. he had a heart of a champ. the dude got hit so much and so hard when he drove in the paint never complained…stood up and dropped 40 points on the opposing team

  95. silencio says:

    Howard is going to leave. Most likely sign with the rockets, mavericks, or warriors.

  96. Rapido_ratrat says:

    let him go kobe..he is not a winner like you.

  97. CRYsis says:

    Well let’s hope. If the Lakers can get a better coach and a healthy line-up, then they have a chance.

  98. B-man says:

    Talk now is cheap. Self proclaimed Mamba stated his case all season to D 12. 12 shots per game if you are lucky. Be my Tyson Chandler. Who are you kidding Kobe? What you saw was as real as it gets.

  99. yo check it says:

    let the Dwightmare begin, again.

  100. noyb says:

    If Kobe’s smart, his pitch is “It’s your team now.” Kobe will never be the same again after this injury. He’ll be 80% at best, period. Time for LAL to build around Superman.

  101. CornHole says:

    really feels like dwight is gone & LA is insane to pick Dantoni over howard… i mean even if you think Howard isn’t going to be your main man he has a better shot at being a main guy than Dantoni has at becoming a decent Lakers coach. baffling management these days, it’s sad.

  102. Jeff says:

    I think he’s going elsewhere! The only think in LA’s favor is that most of the other teams bidding are Small market Franchises. The Coach may play the biggest factor.

  103. Hoops4all says:

    If the Lakers can get a few free agents that summer that are legitimate scoring threats on the perimeter, then I think they will definitely be contenders next year. But simply getting Howard back with a few new pitch in players means absolutely nothing. Kobe will have to score 40 ppg again and will eventually run out of gas and get injured- there goes one one of the best players of al time. GO LAKERS!!

  104. Face of the Franchise says:

    Kobe has indeed been the face of the franchise, some might even argue he ‘is’ the franchise – especially with the great Dr. Buss no more. He has indeed served it well. He as been, arguably, the greatest fighter ever in the game.

    He also has a lot of wisdom … what is it that you guys call it ? … yeah, IQ !

    Who am I to question Kobe if Dwight Howard is indeed the goal to pursue ?

    I have my doubts, but I am sure I am wrong.

  105. MIAMI says:

    dwight wants a ring. hes going to SOUTH BEACH!!!!!!!! we will take him and he will take less money for the ring like ray allen did. then we will trade dwade for harden because the rockets need leadership and experience… TITLE TIME!!!!

    pg chalmers
    sg harden
    sf lebron
    pf bosh
    c dwight howard

    we will have top defense and have sixth man future hall of famer and allstar juwan howard of the fab five. next year will be too easy

    • Deadpan Guy says:

      If you are not in an institution yet, one beckons.

      • mrclean says:

        heh, well said

      • ChadAUS says:

        i agree, my friends dads brother in law is a uquipment manager at the heat, he knows Pat Riley really well. He has told me that D12 is ken on signing a 2 year deal worth next to nothing to win his rings, and then they’ll shop dwade cos hes getting old, witg the intention of swapping dwade for harden. orthough it could be a huge long shot, you’ll remember hearing it here first, D12 will be at the heat.

      • GW says:

        several beckon. You have many choices ”MIAMI” Wade will retire in south beach. End of conversation

    • some random guy says:

      I’m a heat fan. and i have to be the first to say you are one person in the list of bandwagoners i don’t really like. you guys come miami because james. trading the man who put miami on the map and made james come down. miami don’t need dwight, we are good as we are. stop trying to make a Laker team out of the heat

      • Thor says:

        All ready are

      • bestone3 says:

        some random have some random thoughts…The Heat pick up 3 of the top 5picks from that draft to play together and you are saying don’t make the heat like the lakers…No team has ever done what prince james and dwayne crash and burn wade and chris long neck bosh did…so save that horse s#$% !!!

      • witness says:

        No not quite

      • Christopher says:

        I agree I was here with the heat when little Timmy was on the squad and they just jumped on when James came and he gave this team there first ring ever ever let me say it again ever 2006 with the help of Shaq so they won’t trade him that would hurt there fan base

      • Game Time says:

        I can’t believe people still fall for the “I’m a crazy/obsessive Heat fan who makes dumb statements to make us look bad” comments. You know he’s not a real fan…

    • S3S says:

      The HEAT will never trade Wade. He is to the heat what Kobe is to the Lakers. What Timmy is to the Spurs.

      • HeatfansinceWade says:

        Wade is Heat for LIFE PERIOD! Bandwaggoners need not disrespect! Go jump on a next team if your gonna bring that garbage.

      • eohgoeringeorngm says:

        hell yeah! @s3s couldn’t agree more! been a Miami fan since early 04, dwade is my idol and my boy he aint goin nowhere, he may have been born n raised in chitown but SOUTH BEACH is his home now. bandwagoners need to stop tainting my team, I really hope howard and chris paul somehow land on lakers, purely because it will mean all these …..’fans’ will pack their bags and start following lakers! (and stop ruining the rep of Miami) HEAT NATION

    • G says:

      Howard is not a leader…….

    • pattymillsmvp says:

      i also heard about this blockbuster trade. my cousin is admin at heat headquarters and apparently the deal is already done. d12 to heat and also that sick point guard from the spurs Patty Mills. Talk about the big 5!! New lineup:

      PG Patty Mills
      SG James Harden
      SF Lebron James
      PF Chris Bosh
      C Dwight Howard

      Miami champs for sure. 3peat!!!

      • Old School Hornet says:

        I seriously dislike heat fans like you. Disregarding Wade for all he has done for the Franchise. Wanting them to just get rid of him like he’s yesterdays lunch. You must be a Colts fan as well. I felt like complete and utter trash the way they did Peyton and now you come on here and suggest the Heat do that.

        Do you and ChadAUS work together? You both have the same impeccable knowledge of Miami.

      • KB24 says:

        My you Heat fans ever shut up?

        As a Lakers fan I never thought I’d root for the Spurs, but they’re really the only ones who could shut you guys up now

      • skrutz says:

        This guy posted under a different name already. Apparently, he has friends of friends in every management position in the NBA! You’d think a “done deal” would have been announced…

      • kay says:

        You really think they gonna get rid of wade? that would be really stupid. Im a knicks fan and I know better than that.

      • Highflyer24 says:

        Harden not leaving rockets. mills going 2 stay in S.A. and eventually start for parker when he retire. Chris bosh gonna get traded eventually. and Dwight Howard only goin 2 MIA if LeBron leave or MIA clear their entire bench for him. and the champs 3peat??? naaaa. If the Pacers can get this close 2 beating Miami other teams are going 2 believe they can stick with or even beat Miami. So you can cancel that.. Hopefully my Lakers can be 1 of those teams

      • Mark says:

        Like your cousin in Admin. would know!…
        I’d love Patty Mills to get a starting gig but maybe He’ll have to head elsewhere.
        There’s another Guy (7′) from down under & I really hope He’s not traded to the Spurs!
        As i wanna C Him on the court also!!

    • Old school Hornet says:

      No offense but that has to be one of the dumbest comments I have EVER read online in my life.

      Dwade will retire in Miami, He won 2006 finals MVP and gave them their first championship.

      If they would of won against the Mavs he probably would have won that MVP in the finals in 2011 as well.

      Its mind blowing how short some peoples memories are in this world or they talk like ChadAUS(completely out of there “bar b que chicken” – shaq voice)

    • ALLDAY says:

      lol not you again

    • Ariel says:

      MIAMI won’t let WADE go, and as a loyal Heat fan I disagree with you mr. bandwagoner

    • eo says:

      dude shut up think of something intelligent to write

    • Jack says:

      Lol… so you’re keeping Chalmers in your dream team next year?


      • ChadAUS says:

        i feel like ive been disrespected here, in not lying these are real trades approaching. D12 will fit well and so will harden if its pulled off. i like the idea of Patty Mills also seeing him pla1y in the Aus Olimpics team. ive been a mia fans since 2011 so dont call be a bandwagon or what ever that means, GO HEAT!!! D12 LeBron Harden Rio Birdman Allen Kevin Garnett, we will be unstoppable again!! three peat

      • Wow... says:

        at chadAUS, your ridiculous. A heat fan since 2011, the same year Lebron came to miami. smh these bandwagoners…

      • pattymillsmvp says:

        Chad is right. I would know because my cousin works at Heat HQ. It will happen and I think its a bad move by Houston. Heat looking good with LeBron Harden Rio Birdman Allen Kevin Garnett and Patty Mills but hopefully they get some picks too.

    • Tony says:

      Lmao at trading Dwade comment. See that’s the kind of comment that stops me from becoming heat fan ever because I don’t want to support the same team as these bandwagoners who have no clue how team operation goes.

      First of all heat will not trade Dwade no matter what because even if Lebron is the 1st option now, Dwade is still the face of the franchise – that’s the sacred ground Lebron will never reach in his career right after the moment he decided to skate cleveland. Why do you think from Dwade’s personality he’d openly say Lebron is the main guy? it’s because he knows Lebron could never take him over where he has established in this team.

      Secondly Rocket just had an amazing season with a bunch of new guys, it has no reason to trade their 1st option for Dwade, they can get experience easily somewhere else.

      Lastly, heat ain’t getting howard because it just doesn’t have the space and he isn’t gonna cut like what big 3 did, because he is definitely not going to do that just to be a 3rd/4th option on a team.

    • NeilD says:

      Nothing wrong with dreaming, but this is the NBA, let’s keep it realistic!!!

      • FBGBF says:

        YOU guys gta b kidding me! this is the nba! I don’t care how much wade has done in the past the heat will trade 4 a good deal!!!! and with LeBron james sweeping the floor there aint much for wade to do although I will not deny the fact that hes a plus n if they cud end up with howard for wade they will take him in a sec!!!!!

    • Hmmm says:

      No, several institions don’t beckon unless you need one for each personality. The same guy is pretending to be different people. Notice how in both comments he says “Dwade”, instead of Dwyane.
      People crazy.

    • eohgoeringeorngm says:

      HELL NO! so fed up of all these bandwagoners saying how we should sign all these superstars, it’s ridiculous and all it does is make my team look stupid. MIAMI FAN FOR LIFE. MIAMI. not Dwight howard or james harden or lebron james, MIAMI.

    • Esteban says:

      Man, I wish that was true

    • "Stoooop it says:

      That’s your brain on drugs

    • ed so says:

      Bro, Don’t be a damn seller …. this is d wade house .

    • Dieter says:

      What’s up with all the talk about Harden going to the Heat??? He’s the franchise player for the Rockets, why in hell would they trade for anyone not called Lebron James? The Rockets want Harden on their team, Harden wants to be in Houston, what’s so difficult to understand about that? The only thing the Heat needs is a healthy Lebron James, they dont need Harden, Durant, George, Paul, … Why are Heat fans so egoistic? Why do they want all good players on their team, and win every game with 100-0? I’m getting sick of those wannabees, its even worse than Laker fans and the Knicks organization together.

    • Quentin says:

      You sound stupid my man. Anybody that goes to miami goes there to get favoritism from the refs and to be all on lebrons junk. miami fans you know it’s true. Why not go to other teams that contends for the title like indiana, okc, CHICAGO, NY,BRK But miami players that only wants to play for gold makes me sick. play for honor, integrity, MEANING! Not to only have the only championship ring you have being about how that was lebrons team smh.

    • thelosttoe says:

      Ha! That’s hilarious. First off the NBA would never let that happen because it goes against everything the collective bargaining agreement established second the Heat could never afford that roster without inbelieveable financial issues, one word to describe your post… Delusional…

    • J. Wade says:

      Ray Allen got more money to go to Miami, and their is no way that Dwight Howard would go to Miami because he will get more money to stay in Los Angeles.

    • Eric Salas says:

      That comment is the most stupid comment I ever heard u have to be a drop off cuz how can u make a statement like that when they have 3 players that already took less and u think D12 being his frist free agency experience he gonna settle for less just for a ring u so dummmmm dude

    • Unknown says:

      First off you’re a Moron for thinking that; you need to go back to playing your video games. First off Harden wants a huge contract, that why he left OKC. 2nd off Dwight is too young to think about take a huge pay cut like Ray Allen. If he would have gone to Miami it would have been last year because of the one year contract. If he goes anywhere it will be to a team who needs him and can afford him. Last, Miami is has no money to buy or get a big name player because of the Luxury Tax. Typical Miami fan you are, you have no knowledge of your NBA team but be the first people to talk. You probably have no clue on which the rest of the Miami players are. Here in Chicago we call you Miami Heat Fans all Bandwagon Fans.

    • TheStarMiddleschooler says:

      Miami Must be Sniffing Fumes…

      • ChadAUS says:

        i think you all will need to respect me once july 1st comes around and D12 is in the heat uniform. i know cos i indirectly know Pat Riley, theres some real lies coming into this posts about me but this is true, def d12 and maybe harden.GO HEAT! fan sin 2011 i know whats up, patty mills can replace rio at point, i laugh now thinking how silly u guys look not agreeing with me, i’ll have the last laugh u wait and see

    • MackDaddy says:

      Bosh is overrated and overpaid…. get rid of him and then use that cash on Howard.

    • Murray says:

      you cant be an actual Heat fan. Because an actual Heat fan would want to see Wade retire a Heat. Plus, where do you think the Heat are going to get the money to pay for all these guys????

    • uncommonlife says:

      Kobe doesn’t feel the same way

    • Comrade24 says:

      The Heat have as much chance of getting Dwight Howard as the Lakers do of keeping him and signing Chris Paul. The issue is neither team can afford it. The Heat would be unable to add Howard’s hefty salary to their payroll. They’re financially in the same situation the Lakers are, over the luxury tax, and forced to seek out good talent at a reasonable price. It’s not just a matter of Mickey Arrison saying, “okay, i’ll dig deep into my pockets and sign Howard”, per the new CBA, they would be unable to take on that much additional payroll even if they wanted to pay the luxury taxes to sign him. Plus, come on. lol The Heat don’t need him. They’re nigh unstoppable without the services of a true big man. If they were able to sign Howard, he would just clog up their offense and give Lebron less room to attack and perform those jaw-dropping dunks we’re all accustom to. The Heat will be just fine in the offseason, they really don’t need to make many changes. The Lakers, however, have lots of moves to make and very little flexibility to do so. it will be an interesting offseason for the Lakeshow to say the least.

    • lol says:

      LOL Are you serious? Heat fans are so pathetic. If he leaves again his image will never recover. Why would the rockets trade a superstar for a washed up SG who averaged 12 ppg in the pacers/ heat series. cant wait until next year when your name on here will be SPURS. #Heatfans