Kidd Retires As One Of The All-Time Greats


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Few players in the history of the NBA have held the distinction of being the standard bearer at their position the way Jason Kidd did during his 19-year career, which came to an end today with the announcement that veteran point guard was retiring.

He has been more than just a great player during his career. Kidd has been the prototype at point guard of his generation and arguably the greatest all-around athlete to play the position — name another point guard who graduated high school as a first team USA Today All-American in two sports (baseball).

Kidd didn’t get the chance to revolutionize the game as a “big” point guard. Magic Johnson took care of that while Kidd was still playing with toy cars. But he did continue the renaissance for the position, which is arguably the deepest its ever been right now with an assorted bunch of point guards who grew up with Kidd as the standard.

Everyone from Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Russell Westbrook, Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose, and Deron Williams to the new breed of Kyrie Irving, Stephen Curry, Jrue Holiday, John Wall and Mike Conley have grown up with Kidd as the ideal role model of who and what a true point guard is supposed to be.

A 10-time All-Star who led the NBA in assists five times during his career, Kidd finishes his career second all-time in assists and steals behind John Stockton, another point guard Kidd will join in the Hall of Fame one day. Kidd served as a bridge between the Magic, Isiah Thomas-Stockton era at the position and the current renaissance.

At 40, Kidd joins the man he shared Rookie of the Year honors with in 1995, Grant Hill, who announced his retirement over the weekend on TNT, in leaving the NBA after nearly two decades as a staple on and off the court.

“I think it is the right time,” Kidd told “When you think about 19 years, it has been a heckuva ride. Physically, I want to be able to participate in activities with my kids so it has taken a toll. It is time to move on and think about maybe coaching or doing some broadcasting.”

Jeff [Schwartz] and I and my family had been talking this past weekend,” Kidd added of his agent. “We talked a lot and we felt it was the right time to move on and so we notified the Knicks. They were kind of taken aback. We told them [earlier] that I wanted to come back and play. But this weekend was when we got a chance to relax [and really think about it]. It is the right thing to do.”

Kidd won a championship with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011 and also two gold medals with the U.S. Men’s Senior National Team in Olympic competition (Sydney in 2000 and Beijing in 2008), as well as three other gold medals during international competition with USA Basketball.

Perhaps the most impressive accomplishment on Kidd’s resume is the back-to-back Eastern Conference titles and trips to The Finals (in 2002 and 2003) with the Nets, the first ever and only trips to that high ground for the franchise. Kidd elevated a franchise to a championship level and in my eyes never got the credit he deserved for doing so, at least not in the way that Steve Nash did while winning back-to-back MVPs in Phoenix for impacting that franchise in the same way.

Acknowledging his contribution, Nets GM Billy King released this statement: “Jason Kidd was the captain of the Nets during their most successful period in the NBA, and is considered the greatest player in the Nets’ NBA history. On behalf of the entire Brooklyn Nets organization, we congratulate him on his Hall of Fame career.”

Kidd was a first or second-team All-NBA pick 10 times in his career, five each, and will go down as not only one of the best NBA point guards of all time but one of the all-time greats in high school (Bay Area legend at St. Joe-Notre Dame), college (Cal, where his No. 5 is retired) and in the NBA (the Suns, Nets, Knicks and two stints with the Mavs).

A liability as a shooter early in his career, Kidd refined his stroke in his later years and reinvented himself as a clutch 3-point shooter, draining shot after big shot during the Mavericks’ title march in 2011.

An acknowledgement of Kidd’s greatness is in order. We’re saying goodbye to not only one of the great players of his generation, but one of the greatest players the NBA has seen in any generation.


  1. Joe says:

    Truly sad moment, i remember him when i used to play basketball as a 12-year old, he was in Phoenix back then…… One of the best PG in NBA franchise…. “Mr. Triple-double”. My favorite player. Respect !

  2. Drob50 says:

    I got to see kid in a game against the lakers about 4 or 5 years ago when Jefferson and Carter were his main running mates. I’ve never seen a player dominate the ball like he did, you don’t appreciate him when watching him on TV, he was so big and fast. Even with Kobe & Carter on the floor I couldn’t help but watch him. He was a true leader. Amazing how he retires the same week as Hill. I remember them both entering the league, I was 11! I turn 31 next month and I can’t barly run down the street without my knee swelling. how they played so long at such a high level is crazy! End of an Era!…. GO SPURS!!!! aussie aussie aussie!!!!

  3. Hey, Kidd! Can I have the time left on your contract? You don’t need that, right?

  4. M. James says:

    This is shocking! What’s a good game without Jason Kidd? I wasn’t originally a Kidd fan, but when you see what he brings to the court, you’d be hard-pressed to find a point guard as efficient as Jason Kidd. Instead of retiring, he should give it one more year in L.A.. He may get that rock.

  5. J says:

    i salute you jason kidd
    i feel sad now litterally when i seen it on sportcenter i was sad 😥
    what a legend
    hall of fame! hall of fame! hall of fame! hall of fame! hall of fame!

  6. BlackDove- says:

    HA HA

  7. Teimuraz Kipiani says:

    JK really is one of greatest PG in NBA history and greatest universal guard like Oscar Robertson. His basketball IQ always was highest in all-time NBA. About Nash and Kidd – they are totally different players: Kidd can guard NBA best players, he collect 8725 rebounds (first in NBA), 2684 steals and 450 blocks; Nash always was thick guard – in 18-year career he collect only 3600 rebounds, 892 steals and 100 blocks. In my opinion, JK is member of POG’s Big Three – Stockton, Magic and Kidd. Thank you and good luck, great legend

  8. Ravs says:

    Kidd should start coaching…He’s a great leader and I would love seeing him on the sidelines!

  9. Mark Jibb says:

    Thank you Jason Kidd for all the great years in basketball.

  10. derick says:

    but he’s just a kid…

  11. Jonny says:

    Thanks for 19 great years, have been following Jason Kidd since he was a rookie and I was 12 years old down here in NZ! Will never forget the first game I saw him play on TV vs Phoenix where he and Tony Dumas had huge games to help the Mavs win an epic battle.
    All the best to him for a happy life after playing.

  12. Sam Hurley says:


  13. GoBulls says:


  14. GoBulls says:

    I’m pretty sure Kidd played more games than Nash has this past regular season.

  15. gametime says:

    Much respect and good luck to J Kidd 🙂

  16. Jumppong says:

    Mark CUban would Be Happy lol

  17. dylan19 says:

    Another legend retire…Love his game…He deserve MVP more then Nash…All the best Kidd…

  18. vinicius says:


  19. bulbulito says:

    certified hall of famer,and one of the greatest PG in NBA.

  20. Sando Kid says:

    He was fun to watch and I’ll truly miss him such a great basketball player.

  21. Filipino Idiot says:

    Best starting 5 in the NBA
    C: Tim Duncan
    PF: Vince Carter
    SF: Tracy Mcgrady
    SG: Kobe Bryant
    PG: Steve Nash

  22. BigPerm says:

    Not just one of the greatest point guards of all time. One of the Greatest allround Ballers of ALL TIME!

  23. Jason Kidd says:

    Thanks fans for your comments, it means everything to me 🙂

  24. camotee says:

    damn! and I mean damn! what an excellent player…if he was still in prime and going up against the point guards now, they’ll burn him! the only player I know who can sprint while dribbling, change direction, but doesn’t change speed. you’re gonna be miss. I grew up wanting to play like the way you play! what a role model!

  25. NBA Memes says:

    Definitely a Hall of Famer. He once averaged over 8 rebounds per game. Just simply amazing.

  26. Kimmy says:

    Good, another spot for a new player to show their stuff. Retirement is good.

  27. rasheed syed says:

    NBA finals Lakers Vs Nets…
    He played his heart out. As a Lakers fan I have high respect for him.
    His statements were funny too during post game on live T.V statements about Shaq. Shaq dominated that series but Kid won my respect. During that finals I use to detest him but after finals I liked him and respected his hard work.

  28. cris says:

    Man all of my all-time favourites are retiring, first Grant Hill now Jkidd. It is literally down to Kobe, Garnett, Ray Allen, Tmac and Tim Duncan for me.

  29. nehpets says:

    One of the best PG if not the best ever and SURELY, BETTER THAN NASH. He made an impact in every team he was with. a great person too. it’ll be weird to watch NBA without the KIDD. Muh respect to J KIDD.

  30. kent says:

    first hill, then jason kidd.. all of the players i grow up with are leaving the nba… next in line… timmy, pierce, nash, garnett, kobe, dirk…. 😦

  31. Phillyfromg says:

    court vision has a name: jason kidd !!!
    one of the few skilled white guys in the nba

    True legend!

  32. joey says:

    At least he was robbed on a MVP… Nash was superb but never took the Suns to the finals

  33. joey says:

    forgot to mention all the triple doubles he did…

  34. Filipino Idiot says:

    This made me wonder WTF are guys like Tracy Mcgrady and Vince Carter still doing in the league 😦

  35. I’ll miss Jason Kidd 😦 😦 😦

  36. KBforever24 says:

    no no no. good luck J Kidd

  37. Nbafan says:

    A true gentleman with great sportsmanship but not as good as Nash or other high calibre point guards like i thomas or m johnson

    • Jamie says:

      Look at the Triple Double count, he contributed as much to his team as any of those other players. Stats don’t always count for everything but he HAS to be considered top 5 All time. Consensus HOF.

  38. LS says:

    Jason Kidd needs to start a university for point guards – he was indeed one of the best that’s played the game.

  39. Tedddy says:

    You really need to learn how to edit. Second paragrapgh senetence first sentence, like really?

  40. Tyrone says:

    I only wish this legend left the league with a fistful of rings. Big time respect for ol’ Kidd!

  41. Shervin says:

    خداحافظ مرد بزرگ
    Thank you for all these years…

    From Iran with huge respects

  42. Jason Kidd a great legend!

  43. truthK says:

    I remember growing up wanting to be a Jason Kidd-type point guard. He is truly the definition of a point guard.

  44. Raw says:

    Going to miss him he deserved more championships however with the Miami Cheat lurking about he never got the oppetunity.Hell the Miami Cheat have devil worshippers on their team also in Lebron James,Dwayne Wade,and Chris Bosh who probably sold their souls to win a few championships.

  45. Shirley (B-U6) Nat says:

    J- Kidd huge respect, a great career. Especially for his role on the Dallas run in 2011. ________________________________

  46. Rrafael Gomez Luna says:

    Thanks Kidd for the bad memories ”Nets” and the good memories “Knicks”
    Now, Knicks fire Woodson and hire Kidd as our head coach!!!!!!!!!!

  47. newyorksteelo says:

    Absolutely one of the greatest point guards ever, and a huge reason for the Knicks success this year, especially in the first half of the season. I once personally met Jason Kid briefly back in 2003 and he shook my hand (don’t think he will remember me lol). I was in awe of his presence. A great role model and mentor which is why he should be a coach. Best wishes from a fan of yours since the beginning of your career.

  48. Bryan says:

    i NEVER liked kidd as a player, he was too whiney and flopped too much. Also had a big mouth, but his talents were up there. Definitely would’t say he’s better than Parker or Paul but he got close. Overall: Decent Player

    • Mutually says:

      Kidd had a big mouth? Whiney? What were you watching? This guy is humble and brought success to every franchise he’s been to whether it was the Mavs, Suns, Nets, or Knicks. Also, if you’re going to complain about flopping then complain about every super star. I’m guessing you only watched him when he was past his prime….

      • Kei says:

        Byran was compare kidd to Parker/paul? Ha! Obviously born after 2000 and never saw Kidd at his prime. If you ever saw Kidd at his first Mavs days and suns days(remember that 4 point guards and Danny anige at coach?)you will be amazed!

    • Pau says:

      Respect.Focused on his game when it mattered most. Most dominant PG I’ve ever SEEN play. The Nets always had a chance to win their games when he was there. HOF baby!

  49. Bruno says:

    Sooo sad. Truly a great. One of my favourite players ever! Get him in HOF next year!

  50. Cory Littlejohn says:

    Jason one of the greatest players of all time, and my favorite player of all time. The ultimate teammate and great competitor who never cried or complained while playing. The NBA game will never quite be the same again,.

  51. joe says:

    The way he beat LBJ in the finals solidified his already HOF career.

  52. Jim says:

    JKidd put on a lot of great shows. Best of luck to him moving forward.

  53. Djo says:

    J Kidd was is and alwas will be one of the best of all times at his position. He is definitely the standard described in this article. I am a real fan of his and was really ruling for Dallas during the 2011 finals only for him. I was happy to see him win a title since he really deserved it. Thank you for all those years on the court J Kidd. Let’s hope we can see you coach a good team or at least here you on some broadcast. It would be good to see him on Open Court.

  54. Loki says:

    I’m actually kinda bummed. Jason Kidd was a joy to watch, not only that I feel old seeing that he’s retired 😦 funny that he and his co-rookie of the year retire same season

  55. WhereWinningHappens says:

    True legend.

  56. Ugarte says:

    gonna miss the old man on the team this year, big contribution in the locker room and proof that hard work pays off, went from being called”Ason” Kikd (because he had no J) and ended up being 3rd all time in 3PT FGM. Much respect.

  57. krespino says:

    Steve Nash should be inspired, and follow suit.
    If Nash will finish his contract with the Lakers it will mean a lot of humiliation of Nash by the youngsters.
    There is absoulutely no need for Nash in the NBA at this point and he is in fact hindering young valuable points guards.

    • Nash4Life says:

      Steve Nash and Kidd are totally different players. Nash takes care of his body much better than Kidd does, He doesn’t drink and follows an excellent diet while Kidd is out getting DUI’s. Kidd had man boobs this season while Nash looked fit. I do think Nash should hang the gloves up soon but he has another year at least.

    • GW says:

      Iraelite well said. nash4 and nbafan where’s the need to take anything away from 2 great players that have done so much through their careers? just straight up respect it and move on

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