Pacers’ Hibbert Fined $75K For ‘Inappropriate And Vulgar’ Language



HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Not all speech is free.

Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert found out the hard way on the eve of Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals, when the NBA fined him $75,000 for using “inappropriate and vulgar language” during postgame interviews after the Pacers’ Game 6 win over the Miami Heat Saturday night in Indianapolis.

“While Roy has issued an apology, which is no doubt sincere, a fine is necessary to reinforce that such offensive comments will not be tolerated by the NBA,” said NBA Commissioner David Stern in a statement released by the league.

Hibbert’s apology, issued via earlier Sunday, summed up the big man’s feeling after realizing that he might have offended some people with his remarks:

“I am apologizing for insensitive remarks made during the postgame press conference after our victory over Miami Saturday night. They were disrespectful and offensive and not a reflection of my personal views. I used a slang term that is not appropriate in any setting, private or public, and the language I used definitely has no place in a public forum, especially over live television. I apologize to those who I have offended, to our fans and to the Pacers’ organization. I sincerely have deep regret over my choice of words last night.”


  1. Real NBA Fan says:

    So didn’t hear the ‘No homo’ part in the interview clip so cant really comment there. But concerning the cursing, yes he deserved to get fined. You are allowed to be frustrated and speaking your mind is more than welcome, but you need to carry a professionalism about yourself as well if you want respect as a professional NBA player. 75K though?? Yeaaa……definitely not worth anywhere near that much….the comment was hardly unfair, cuz he was right. Most of the NBA fans wasn’t following Indiana basketball as their team was new and hadn’t really shined yet into popularity. Also, Lebron is one of the greatest players in the league currently, if not the greatest player CURRENTLY….. but he does flop a lot, so trying to deny that is a bit ridiculous. All in all though, congratulations to the HEAT on the win of the ECF…hope the finals is just as exciting.

    • but how can u all be mad ok lebron flops but so do the pacers so do the spurs but noone says nothing becasue there old are what!!!!! this is pissen me off u guys needa stop taken bout lebron

  2. Flopper says:

    lebron Hater tears are so sweat. if Lebron had said no homo..someone would have went after him with a gun. Lebron has become the magnet for Privileged wackos who didnt like the fact he left Cleveland. Notice how the same people didnt hate Garnett for leaving Minn? Why? because he went to Boston and they needed all the help they could get.

    ANyone mad at Chris Paul for going to the clips? nooooooooooooooooooo

    its all reserved for Lebron. or Will Smith Kids.

  3. C says:

    Forgive my ignorance, but what if the perceived “flop” isn’t a flop at all? Do players need to have femur bones splayed in public for refs to consider injuries authentic? #hatingLJmuch?

  4. Speculator says:

    Congratulations to the Miami Heat! Have a little sportsmanship, mr. big 🙂 I thought it was professionalism to congratulate your opponent after having a good* series. Note: *good series. All along, refs were always on the way of the CHAMPS slowing the pace of the game which is favorable to the SLOW pace(rs) team. Spurs v. Heat – in six REPEAT!

  5. Heat Nation says:

    Roy Hibbert said he doesn’t care if the NBA fines him. When he heard that the fine is $75k, he suddenly changed to being sorry, Hahaha LOOOOOSER

  6. Respect says:

    Hey Hibbert… the media was right all along to look elsewhere.. LOL

  7. SPURSFAN says:

    wow 75k fine?! What about the elbow to the neck that could’ve injured someone and that was only 5k? How about giving the Flopping Heats a bigger fine for flopping around like little girls?

  8. David says:

    hey nba where the f@#$ is the fine for lebrons flops.?

    • LaMami305 says:

      Yet where are all the fouls on the pacers? ;/ hmmm all you are so worried about lebron.. You all know the Heats are going to win again 😉

  9. LaMami305 says:

    I’m glad he got fined and what i find amazing is that the Reffs don’t be calling out fouls on the weak Pacers… Heats all day lets go baby lets win game 7! 😉

  10. Jim says:

    Why is it ok to use the terms “homosexual” and “homophobic”. if “homo” in this context, is a prefix??? In my opinion, this discourse is way over the top!

  11. doesn't matter says:

    I wish Reggie was still playing. He could out flop LeBron any day haha he was the master of getting under someone’s skin

  12. gritsngravy21 says:

    I Agree with Hibbert speaking his mind, he could have done without cursing but honestly what is 75k to him? 2 weeks of pay tops maybe? He has a point, nobody cared about indiana or how good he is defensively until now. They are on the biggest stage going blow for blow with miami, and i think the media is realizing he should have been considered more for defensive player of the year. I still havnt seen the clip where he said “No Homo” but thats just a term used by someone to say they are not gay, It shouldnt be taken as a slur. I wonder if he would have said “not gay” instead would they have a problem with that also? Someone on here had a brilliant idea and i cant remember who said it but instead of fining 5k for flopping they should call a foul on the player doing the flopping. I think that would restore order to the game because 5k is peanuts to a millionaire, i cant even enjoy the game with all the flopping going on. sometimes i miss 90’s basketball.

  13. Ronald says:

    Should been on the playground.

  14. sminek says:

    wow. cant balive want have happend with the nba. miss the real nba when trashtalk without TF and shaqvulgarism on live tv was ok.

  15. Rick says:

    I may have missed it due to the attention paid to this fine, but did the Game 6 flopping fines get announced? Specifically, Lebron’s flop in the 3rd quarter.

  16. iori says:

    dont act like youre a didnt play the way you are playing in the regular the way youre good now coz miami dont have a big man on their choose Brooke Lopez over you!i love paul george he is a star not you..and your not worthy to be a star

  17. ballin' says:

    Pacer fans….if you guys think your a better team than Miami you are in denial…. Wade is at 70% missing shots left and right and Bosh missing every open shot…..if these guys were even playing an average game in this series… this series would of been over with a long time ago….you guys are a good team and play great defense but we are just shooting cold…missing open shots and arguably a top 5 player in Wade is obviously hurt…..good teams take advantage of that like the Pacers, but the Heat are a better team when healthy,, period & fact.

  18. biznizman says:

    Ok upon research I did my due diligence and realized that the press conference was not aired live and they edited the reason he actually ot fined for. From what I understand is that he said “No homo” in the press conference. They aired the interview and everyone watching thinks he’s fined for saying “mother f**kers” Again I agree he should have got fined know for saying “No Homo” but I also still believe that 75,000 fine is still way toooooo much. I often wonder why does the NBA fine people excessively. The fine rarely matches the crime. Where does the fine money go. What do they do with that money. Ridiculous.

  19. iceman says:

    What all of you have missed is that LEBRON JAMES said “no Homo” in an interview in 2010. google it and see yourself. Hibbert was using LeBron’s on words describing his teams defense of LeBron during the game. Should have not used the F word. Its offensive but I can guarantee that there is footage of many players saying it and the NBA ignored it.

  20. evang says:

    Seriously, if you don’t realize it is not what he said but how he said it that is offensive then you have not been paying attention and probably didn’t even hear the press conference. Why would anyone think he was talking about a sexual act between 2 men at the end of an NBA play off game. He realized this which is why he said, “sorry”. Now its time for you (and you know who you are) to realize this and get your head out of your ash. Mother “F”ers!!!

  21. blaz says:

    Collins should have been fined for defining himself as “no straight”… 😉 He might have offended a lot of straight people … 😉

  22. Andrejs says:

    Roy Hibbert’s comments were so unneccesary. He took a stab at homosexuals when he said no homo and then he flipped on the reporters when he called them MFs and dissed them by saying that they don’t even watch the games. 75K was the perfect amount of money. I have a question. Where does the money go?

  23. Ricky says:

    The fine is a little absurd and there’s no way he should be suspended. Someone DOES need to teach this grown man how to be professional and not sound ignorant on national television. End of story.

  24. Le2e says:

    Its not so much that the media doesnt cover Pacers games than it is the fact that there is no TV in Indiana. They just run a really long extension cord from Chicago when they make the playoffs!

  25. Tom says:

    Not being a homo is offensive? The truth is offensive? I say no homo all day everyday. I don’t say it with my mouth I say it with my actions and the way I carry myself. It all says no homo and if homos find that offensive all I can say is it is my right to have my actions say no homo all throughout the day every day. Get used to it.

  26. zgillet says:

    I’m not offended by “hetero,” so why would gays be offended by “homo?” I laugh at all you weak people that get upset by words.

  27. homo_who? says:

    I think Hibbert got such a huge fine because he called the media MFs, not really because of the gay comment. And he said it in an arrogant manner, then saying “I don’t care if I get fined”. Now the league makes him “care” with a huge fine slapped to his face. Any sports league needs the media’s cooperation to hype up games & good imaging. Obviously Stern won’t allow players disrespecting the media.

  28. Henrik Jensen says:

    fine here fine there, they think they are the police, thats not what they are, so they should think more about it instead of giving everybode a fine all the time.. com on. its still a sport, and when playing a sport people are aggresive and wants to win, isn’t that right?

  29. Grizzman3 says:

    Offensive or not this is stupid it is an issue. One day Americans are going to get sick of being told what the can and cannot say.

  30. Snake Mur says:

    When is Stern going to fine Lebron for his obvious flop in game 6? Are there two sets of rules for flopping like there is for fouls where star players get preferential treatment? Stern is a joke. Will be glad when he is retired.

  31. Lebron James says:

    So what, still Magic, Jordan, Shaq, Kobe, Hakeem are better than ME cause i have still yet to have gone back to back TITLES

  32. SYDALE says:

    I agree with SubZero…

  33. Rex Womack says:

    First of all, trash talking is one thing, but unrelated ramblings, offending unrelated parties and filthy talk are totally different and should be handled far more harshly! These guys are getting paid millions, it’s a privilege not a right! And by the way I guarantee you that tough guy Hibbert got reamed by GM Larry Bird who trash talked as much as anybody, but didn’t crybaby that he didn’t get enough tv time, he went out and made it happen! And sorry to tell you Pacers fans but the real reason for your success: that’s right a Celtic at the controls! Larry Bird the greatest of them all getting these thugs to play way over there heads! I know your gonna say he’s not the coach, but they said Jordan wasn’t the coach of the Bulls, anybody who watched much of their games knew better! So if they want more air time they need to put together championships! For crying out loud the Heat are the champs, shoudn’t they be aired! Also Hibbert’s comments are offensive, he even said so why are Pacers fans still arguing the matter? He just proved why he doesn’t need air time! Pacers fans are acting like this is the championship, but those Spurs are gonna be a real test for either team!

  34. Diddiedmv says:

    this is bull hibbert got fined for saying no homo but when lebron said it in 2010 it wasn’t a problem and there is video evidence of lebron saying it on it shows that the nba is giving LEBRON JAMES THESE CHAMPIONSHIPS when u make enough anything is possible

    • Tom says:

      That just means times have changed, you could say alot of things 3 years ago that you can’t say now.

  35. SubZero says:

    I’m really getting sick and tired of treating gay people or words like its a hard crime…….Just because people come out saying that they’re gay does’nt mean that we should feel sorry for them or walk on egg shells to console thier feelings…..Thins Gay thing is going a bit too ridiculously too far!

  36. "Oh"B says:

    I have to agree with Roy, no one heard about Pacers until now really even last year when they were knocked out, I just hopes he backs it up in Game 7 and that will suppress everyone whether he is fined or not, though he apologized after the game if he had made his comment after game 7 and they won that would be perfect for him, now he have to wait and face all adversities if they lose Game 7 # Disturb-Yah News

  37. Korey Fey says:

    75k is WAY to much to be fined for what he said. He said “NO HOMO.” I see no logic in why he was even looked at the wrong way for saying what he said. It’s uncontrollable how people are offended; who knows, Hibbert could be offended of people who are gay.

  38. dkaye says:

    will the $75,000 be used to help the victims in Oklahoma? No Tornado

  39. Only In America says:

    So let me get this straight:
    After losing game 3, Hibbert at a press conference calls his team mates pu$$ies and b&tches. NBA response: nothing.
    After winning game 6, Hibbert at a press conference uses a gay slur and other colorful language. NBA response: $75,000 fine.

    Anything wrong with this picture NBA? Roy Hibbert needs to grow up and give his press conferences with better language. The NBA? You have done a fine job condemning gay slurs with PSA and player apologies and fines. So much so that a player had the guts to come out of the closet. Will you now deal with the misogyny? It would be helpful to the women fans of the game.

  40. JimD54 says:

    The flopping fine in the NBA has been instituted not because they want to stop flopping, (they don’t want to stop flopping because they want some player to be able to flop,(LeBron) it a way that the refs can control the games) What the league doesn’t want is for players(other than LeBron) to be able to MAKE the refs call fouls when they don’t want to, that’s why the league fines players for exaggerating the impact of the contact, because it forces refs into making calls they don’t want to make, especially against popular stars who the league want to keep in the game(LeBron), the NBA is all about controlling the outcome of games for the betterment of the League, and whatever team they feel can generate the most revenue for the league (who this year is LeBron and the Miami Heat) will win, period, that’s why the level of officiating we see in these games is so bad, the league wants certain teams on top because of the money they can generate, that’s why there is no way I can be convinced that there was only ONE referee betting on NBA games, not when it is so easy for the refs to control the outcome like they will tonight..

    • Snake Mur says:

      Agree 100%. Started with the Lakers several years ago and now Miami starting in 2006 vs Dallas.

  41. Kidus says:

    Thats Not Fair What the hell? at max it should be 20k but he make 14.5 mill so it wont really effect him lol

  42. Tyga says:

    LOL LOL LOL Y’all are funny mehn. Hibbert’s fine is pure justice. Could be much .. I don’t care. He didn’t care either , so let’s move on. The fact that a player like Lebron James doesn’t get fined just as much as he deserves is a sickening feeling tho. All the same its all about Game 7 today. Lets see what the Pacers can do. Lets see what Miami will do. May the best team win.

  43. I. DELGADO says:


  44. I. DELGADO says:


  45. Grid says:

    Yeah, Lebron did say the same thing in an interview a while back and he did not get fined? Double standard here. It’s getting pretty obvious who’s getting special treatment by the NBA. Here’s the link

  46. SheikhHussein says:

    LJ flopped over PG on game 6 but the league did nothing of it…

  47. WTF says:

    Why gay people get all butt hurt with the usage of ‘no homo’? Saying ‘no homo’ doesn’t mean you discriminate against anybody. Wow 75k is steep

  48. heat says:

    bagay mo! mayabang..

  49. dreadyjun says:

    All I can say is that you wouldn’t see Kobe flopping. At least not while playing basketball anyway.

    • Snake Mur says:

      I am not a Kobe fan but agree with your comment. I think Lebron is looking for a Burger King endorsement deal since his is now the official King Flopper.

  50. J says:

    75k?!?! ouch

  51. 72-10 says:

    What a load of tosh.

    What kind of a world are we living in where a person can’t express his feelings in fear of ‘offending’ people? I think the fines are way overboard and the NBA should loosen up and allow the players the right to show a little emotion. He cussed? So what? It’s not going to ruin anyone’s life.

    Get over it.

  52. Rudy F says:

    Are you kidding me? 75K for saying “no homo”? This is pathetic. David Stern can go shove it up his a**, no homo.

  53. truthK says:

    I don’t mind his stance about the media coverage and he has every right to speak his mind. I’ve been following these press conferences just for the sake of the payer outfits, they are very entertaining, and Roy Hibbert has talked about him being an educated guy from Georgetown several times during his press conferences. He could’ve had his point across without using the word “m** f**” and he would’ve been received by the media well.

    P.S. Not everyone that goes to college can automatically call themselves “educated.” Especially when you’re on a free ride because of sports. I’m not saying that the easiest college degree is inferior to those degrees that require more cerebral activity, I’m just saying that if you got into a university because of sports scholarship, 75% (guesstimate) of the time is that these student-athletes are not there to actually study but to be better in their sport, thus being “educated” is skipped.

    bash on me now, I just spoked the truth

  54. Jaystar says:

    Its funny. “haters” of LeBron used to attack with ‘No ring’, Choker, and whatever they used to say about him, now he’s proved them wrong they use ‘flopping’ which is something that’s been a part of the game since the late 80’s , and is only being apparent now that there’s a fine imposed whenever flopping is caught.

    Bill Laimbeer, Dennis Rodman, Karl Malone, Reggie Miller, hell, even John Stockton flopped so much throughout their entire career that they’re considered one of the top floppers ever. Fact is, players will do everything they can to help their team win. Be it a role player or a superstar, if need be, they will do this. Disgusting as it is to see, this has been around the league & people during this series make it sound like only Miami (specially LeBron) is the only one in the entire league who flops.

    As for the actual article, unfortunately, Roy Hibbert’s remark was not a smart move. The mediia doesn’t watch them? How did Paul George win Most Improved then? Its the same people who apparently don’t watch them, that voted for Paul George.

    If you work for a company (in this case, the NBA is the company.where he’s under a contract with) if you do anything that might tarnish the reputation of the company, specially in national television, expect punishment.

    Is $75,000 too much? Yes, it is. But he said it himself, he didn’t mind a fine. There, he got it. He was ready for this fine right after the words came out of his mouth.

    PS: Before anyone even bothers, I’m a long-time (and suffering) Hawks fan & has been rooting for the Grizzlies to win it all in this year’s playoffs. So I couldn’t care less who wins in this Heat-Pacers series.

    • David Stern says:

      Exactly man, you got it spot on. There will always be negative comments towards any player. Like the fans know it better than the players

      And props to you for sticking to one team, but you’ll probably never see the hawks win a title

    • Grid says:

      Before the fine was set, flopping was all right. Now, it’s not. Get over it, Lebron does flop. And please, you don’t have to pretend you’re not a Heat fan, I know you are. Long time Hawks fan my foot.

    • George says:

      ”people during this series make it sound like only Miami (specially LeBron) is the only one in the entire league who flops.” no but james is certainly the one who told us that he doesn’t need to flop and that he doesn’t do it. what a hypocrite.

  55. JLin77 says:

    Yeah, but did LBJ get fined for his flop in game 6 yet?
    The one where he took a shoulder to his throat.

  56. Lebron says the same thing says:

    Watch video of LeBron saying the same exact thing….

  57. y2jerichoholic says:

    If this is worth $75,000 then LeBron should be fined $1,000,000 for all the flopping he’s been doing this series

  58. k33n says:

    clearly he justified not being on tv all the time with his comments. if youre a multi millionaire nba player, you are inevitable a role model for so many kids out there. thus you better learn to control your temper on tv! the fine is appropriate. the only people he offended were his parents, because they are the ones to be ashamed the most. hopefully his mom will slap him for the action. other than that its over…lets focus on basketball. flopping needs to addressed after this season again, in order to save our beloved sport of basketball!

  59. permichel says:

    Flopping. Cussing. Saying it’s your ball when you KNOW it was off YOU. It is all below exemplary behavior. Public figures are supposed to show the way to being exemplary citizens and human beings. If they understood that and lived by those rules instead of having those rules imposed, often unfairly and arbitrarily by a dictatorial ruling body, we would have more fair games and better players.
    And let’s call it as it is. Flopping is cheating. It is lying. It is trying to make the refs and the viewers believe something which YOU KNOW is not true.
    I swear, I have better street games than these finals games I watch. More fun for sure.
    Where does the money for these fines go anyways?

  60. Hen Yo says:

    How is it possible to report this story and not at all hint at what was said or suggested by Hibbert!

  61. Samo says:

    In Fiba, too much flopping is a technical foul, I’m not sure if it’s the same in the NBA. They should educate and fine the refs who don’t punish it (if it was obvious). Otherwise it’s been around all over the world since ever. Players are being taught of it since diapers.

    But it shouldn’t be money penalties, to these multimillionaires a couple of thousand is next to nothing. A caught flopping should be punished with a technical. If it is so at the moment, then just educate the refs to be more strict about it.

  62. Common Sense says:

    go on youtube and search lebron no homo

  63. Respect says:

    I always wanted Indiana to win the series, not because i hate Miami, but because they are a team with complete and good lineup.

    Hibbert may be right in expressing himself but somebody should tell him that you can get media’s attention by playing well (which they are getting now).

    Lebron/Miami did not get the attention by whining.. they proved it.. they won championship… Its their time..

    If Hibbert thinks its their time.. prove it.. man up.. get the job done first..

    Now I will wish Indiana loses to make them sit back and think..

  64. andykor7 says:

    If you are so arrogant o see that you don’t care about the fine, then stand by it. Wrong choice of words? Yes, you got to apologize for that but how about the arrogant remarks of don’t care about fines? He should be suspended for 1 game instead, since fining him does not work on him. Flops? Both sides are as guilty.

    Actually, I will blame the ref, they simply can’t control the game. If you go up strong to challenge the defender, you get an offensive foul. The refs are ridiculous, big time errors on both ends. I am purely a basketball fan who does not support any particular team but I will love to see solid basketball games and I hate it when the refs ruin the game. I used to play basketball competitively in where I live and losing a game because of the refs is the worst way to lose a game.

    • Pacers says:

      So the offensive player gets to use his elbows and knees without any penalty for it? You do realize that defensive players need to be way more cautious of every small foul, right? Why don’t we just make an nba game a dunk contest? The officiating in this series has not been that bad at all. Sure the refs screw up on a couple of calls here and there, but that hasnt determined the outcome of this series.

  65. Nabi says:

    He deserves it and he should have been suspended for game 7. NBA is an Elite organization and any NBA player should carry himself with respect and dignity. This player has been disrespectful and NBA has been lenient by keeping him play.

  66. Nate says:

    I’m confused at how Hibbert was fined 75K for a totally legitimate statement and LeBron was fined 5K for flopping.
    I’m not a Pacers fan lol..

  67. says:

    No homo is a racial slur now?……what is this world coming too… many people are way to insensitive he was obviously not trying to affend anyone smh….

  68. Rakk says:

    First of all i seen somone get upset over birdmans tattoos ..Get over yourself its 2013 this isnt your short short nba we only dribble the ball right in front and dont go around the back or dunk leauge..Second LeBron needs to stop flopping no human on earth short of shaquille oneal can nock that man down. So he needs to never ever fall again. Second what hibbert said was a joke and Dwight has said multiple times no homo and pause..and they didnt catch it because they dont know slang terms. Three Le Bron earned every single piece of hate he got, and i dont care what happens because of it i hope he looses this series and comes to realize what it means to be a champion, not just jump on a juiced up team. Hibbert is RIGHT TO YOU GUYS DONT WATCH ANY TEAM BUT MIAMI NY AND THE LA TEAMS..YOU COMPLETELY IGNORE THE REST AND PUT THE SPURS ON EVERY ONCE AND A MINUTE. I WISH I HAD 75K TO GIVE TO HIBBERT THATS MUCH I AGREE WITH HIS STATEMENT.

  69. dan no says:

    NBA gets it wrong again. The players union should really step up and defend Hibbert from this witch-hunt. The fine is excessive, and the so called gay slur, is actually a pretty common slang term that really carries no offensive intent toward gay people. Obviously a lot of people didn’t understand the context, and the PC BS has reached epic proportions. The players union should do their job, because almost any player could be next on the chopping block. The NBA is made up of a bunch of young athletes, not politicians. Time to grow up everyone. People have different opinions, values etc. Tolerance must go both ways, or no way.

  70. Duh-doy says:

    He shouldn’t have sworn and saying “no homo” may be dopey but it isn’t even remotely offensive. The NBA needs to be fined 75k every 12 times a day they overreact over something stupid and insignificant… but no… I suppose they would go broke if we did that.

  71. James King says:

    How about that Ref…Gat a FINE !! A defender can’t jump in the air on the offense; and then call it a CHARGE !!! Who is going to hold them ACCountable !!! They can’t even keep up with the time….

    • Queirós says:

      Actually, if you knew the rules, you’d know that in the no charge zone you can take a charge by jumping straight up in the air. That’s the exception! And if you want to go down that road, since when can an offense player lead with the elbows?

  72. DMAND says:

    Was Hibbert fined because he swore at the reporters? He called them Mfers

  73. King James the Flopper says:

    no fine for James flopping on the 7:40 during 3rd quarter?

    .. the league is protecting the image of their poster boy?

  74. James says:

    Yes I don’t agree with hibbert when he said all you mf but the fine was overly excessive. Last time i checked the us constitution protects all of us under “Freedom Of Speech”. I am a Lebron James and heat fan but i don’t agree with the nba fine on hibbert. I really don’t see how “No Homo” is a gay slur.

  75. Tom Bulls fan says:

    Roy hibberts swore in his interview, but I only saw the replays. During the replay of his interview, the inappropriate language was blanked out. How is this different from the:

    Replays of lebron’s motivational speech that was before half time where there was multiple swear words that were blanked out?

    Also if using inappropriate language is an offence:

    should excessive tattoos inappropriate?

    Also should the bird man be suspended for more that one game or even the rest of the year for pushing hansborogh twice( first one being very serious since it could have injured his neck)?

    Shouldn’t flops be either a new possession or in a clear case of flop, be treated a foul for the one who does the flop?

    Is is me or does is seem painful to watch the games because of the missed calls that the replays pick up and the inconsistent calls from game to game

  76. joe k says:

    “no homo” is not a gay slur. Apparently the nba supports players saying when they are gay but fine people for telling them there not. If this honestly offends you, then your just being oversensitive. It may be unnecessary to make a comment like that but its basically just him stating he didn’t mean it in a homosexual way.

  77. kcirsun says:

    Well they will get TV time next season, I do believe they will. But not because of Hibbert. There is nothing expectacular on Hibbert for people to follow. You can say that he is playing well now but he is only doing what a 7feet center of his size is expected to do – anything less is mediocracy. But there is nothing special about him…. if the Pacers are going to get some TV time, it will be because of Paul George period. Sorry Hibbert, you need to just simply do more in the game on the court than with your remarks on the podium to get TV time.

  78. Sid says:

    So where’s the fine for leflop? Oh yeah that’s right. Can’t hurt his image too much right?

  79. theholyspectator says:

    with the talk of collins coming out as a homo a short while back , and weeks later big dumb hibbert comes out with a slur like that and some makes sense to hit him with 75k..i thought it was gonna be maybe 20, but hey nba tryin to get all the money they can get..wonder how they use all this money they be making…the nba is watched by millions, especially youngsters these players are like gods to them, whatever they say or do means a lot to them, positively and negatively..league just tryin to keep it a family show..cant be mad at that..and lol @ all the stupid comments on here regarding flopping lol..chill out ya blogging morons

  80. Black says:

    Ok now why was hibbett just fined and not suspended, for the harsh and very rude statement that was made about the media , and other players then laugh about it I think that was very disrespect ,and not only should he be fined he’s suppose to be suspended also,what goes for one should go for all

  81. pablo pepper says:

    Roy is a no BS guy, but shouldn’t drop the FBomb with press. Only way to redeem himself is to beat the Heat in game 7.

  82. Flop, Flop, Flop LeBron has replaced Koby as the greatest flop actor of all time…. Something should be done, seriously! Ruining the game big time. Do the refs really think those smaller guys can barely touch LeBron and push the big faker 10-15 feet back sliding onto the floor. The head jerk is really too much. A 5% annual earnings fine would put a stop to it.

  83. Logic7676 says:

    2 things. First LeBron’s “flopping” is pretty much a necessary part of the game. LeBron, like Dwight Howard, is constantly fouled, exaggerating the impact of the foul is the only way refs notice and sometimes call the fouls.

    If “No Homo” isn’t inherently homophobic, then I guess I should go around saying “No Black” everytime I have a Grape soda, or pour Hot Sauce on my fries.

  84. Ken says:

    i hope this makes you sleep better tonight skeou lol

  85. SKris says:

    I hope that money goes to something good like Oklahoma relief and not David Stern’s retirement.

  86. Anthony Fernandez says:

    Wooow 75k for vulgar language smh that is BS!!!! AND LEflopper gets only gets fined 5grand for a pivotal game..and birdman

  87. Eturnal718 says:

    I was very upset when I found out about this with fine with Roy Hibbert. “No Homo” is not even meant to be used as a slander to ANYONE that is Homosexual. It’s just a term that is used to clarify that something you said was not meant to be taken in a homosexual manner. Roy shouldn’t be fined for using a term that the public doesn’t even understand in the first place.

  88. KJ says:

    Check out youtube of Lebron James saying the exact same words in 2010, funny nothing was done by the league. So apparently they fully back Lebron using the alleged “hate speech”.

  89. Ali says:

    Paul George at 6:38 “Well Said..” Lol. But when did he say no homo?

  90. Uberbunk says:

    he was being childish clowning

  91. Do the Spurs way: small market, less talk, respect others, show it with your games and win championships.

  92. Just do the Spurs way. small market, less talk, no media spark, and win championships! Pacers have the talents, just play the game and earn respect.

  93. giftprolific says:

    You dont have freedom of speech! Get it right, When you are a player for an NBA team…any time you are in a press conference you are working for the team. Your conduct is expected to be set by the team. That is NOT free speech.

  94. I M My Own Fan says:

    Want to be in National TV? If the answer is “YES”, then the answer for Hibbert or any other team(s) is very simple. Work much harder and earn your spot. Once your team wins a championship (or multiple championships), nobody will dare to ignore you. Boston, LA (Lakers), Miami, NY (Knicks),, Chicago and San Antonio were championship caliber teams or teams that have All-stars. For instance, prior to the Duncan era, how often were the Spurs on National TV? Before Miami winning it’s first franchise championship, how often Miami was in National TV? Think about it, you want people to know you, “WORK” for it, don’t just complain!!! If your TEAM want to be in National TV, show us that you can win a championship(s) and I’m sure NOBODY will go unnoticed.

    • Sickou Smitrh says:

      exclude Miami, they only won 2, the rest have impressive records.

    • BlueandGoldblood says:

      Oh riiiigghhttt, that’s why we hear about the Spurs as much as the other teams winning MULTIPLE rings right? or how about when the Pistons won? San Antonio is already in the finals and no one aside from Spurs fans have mentioned them mostly all season. Winners get attention? not really unless you are in a major media market, its a superstar league and unfortunately the media determines much of who becomes a superstar otherwise… If Hibbert were on the Celtics, Knicks, Lakers, or your Heat he would be considered the best center in the league whether it is right or wrong. Pacers have been in the playoffs 3 years running now, have 3 either prior or current All Stars, and have gone 8-8 against the Heat in their last 16 games so it’s been happening for awhile now without any of these “casual” Heat fans even knowing who Paul George was. What we are doing now is going to help out with the hardcore fans who don’t get to see Indy much. Knowing how good we have been even without our top scorer all year in Granger the media has sold this team out every chance, what I don’t think everyone realizes is it has fueled this team and should continue to do so in game 7. Pacers V Spurs should be awesome for all REAL basketball fans.

  95. GoHeat!!!! says:

    This is not about Lebron James, but I understand now, Every time someone from the opposite team has something to happen to them, it’s Lebron’s fault. Please let everyone suffer their own consequences, without involving others. Lebron received his technical.

    • Damian says:

      Haven’t you realized by now…EVERYTHING is Lebron’s fault!

      • jimbo says:

        Life is just easier when we can blame everything on LBJ. Infact I’ll start spreading the rumour that the National Defeciet is all the Kings fault cuz he gets paid too much.

  96. Yeszin says:

    Lebron James is the best right now, but what´s going on here is incorrect. 75K???? Really? James flopped already more than 75K in the season!!!!!!! Did he have to pay???

  97. Jerry says:

    Hibbert knew he was saying something wrong. It wasn’t a slip of the tongue. The amount of the fine might be high. James gets away with murder when driving to the basket, let alone worrying about flopping. The game is really hurt when so few offensive fouls seem to be called on James and, for that matter, many players.

  98. koolzayman says:

    WOW. 75,000 is a bit much. Didn’t think it was that serious but OK lets move onto game 7.
    Hibbert made a good point and said a term thats used everyday in normal conversation. If stern doesnt want players speaking their minds then stop with all the press conferences. NBA is starting to ruin itself with so much policing

  99. nba lover says:

    If ppl could just focus on Pacers and stop talking about Lebron. I’m a Heat fan but Hibbert is right about them not getting enough tv time.But all the Lebron haters are funny. Hating never stops greatness!

  100. Mike says:

    Getting fine for cussing on television I’m fine with, but players should have the right to express their opinions about anything on television even if it involves shadiness of reporters, believing the refs rigged the game, administration and etc.

  101. cp10 says:

    Damage control!

  102. Jim Carney says:

    America is suuuuucccccch a Police state!!!! You Can’t say or do anything!!

  103. Even says:

    @Pacer Pride

    NBA doesn’t need good influenced players. They need good players who can play ball. So why put up a topic with “Andersen is a bad influence on all kids”? lol as all you can play ball you have the every right to play at the NBA.
    Note: im not a Miami fan

  104. Mark says:

    Since when is “no homo” a gay slur?

  105. hibbert says:

    I believe the NBA is a joke because the guys cant play physical without a foul being called. Lebron gets to do anything he wants nowadays. We really dont even no who the best teams are because the damn game a controlled by the stupid refs. Let the players play it is not about the refs.

  106. Maishe says:

    He was absolutely right for what he said. He has his own opinion, and he knew the consequences he was up against for saying that. And it just so happens to be a $75K fine. But at the end of the day #HEATNAITON!!!

  107. karl z says:

    It’s amazing how much people still hate the Heat (or a winner for that matter)….they would justify the unprofessional ramblings of a big dope like Hibbert….the comments were 100% uncalled for and unprofessional…and George backing him up, just shows his immaturity as well….they are not champions and have not had to play through the turmoil that the heat have….Lebron has in fact been the model of professionalism since the championship last year…Wade a dirty player?….are you kidding me….have you seen the elbows that West throws around.

    The Heat will rise to the occasion tomorrow night and turn the Pacer’s smirking look of confidence into tears….they have caught us with almost our entire team in a slump….it’s the only reason why we’re even having this conversation at this point

    Hail to the real Champs

    • Wade Smock says:

      I am from Indy and love to just watch ball and as everybody that plays or ever played the game knows this. YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME. PERIOD. We all have leaned back and put our weight against anothers body and in the same motion pushed off as we took the shot. Thats an advantage we can all use and no one will see us as a cheat. James said “any advantage” even a flop is OK in his mind if it helps you win, he’s all for it.
      If only their was really a basketball God that was watching and made everybody get what they deserve. I am sure James would think and act as we all know the King should and is more than able to do. I believe him to be a good person and maybe in time he along with all of us will grow up.

    • jimbo says:

      “Heat playing through turmoil” ??? I was thinking the exact opposite. Maybe that’s why a lot of people hate the Heat, a team formed by money and good weather. The entire (Heat) team is in a slump right now because of strong defense from the Pacers. There are reasons why teams get in slumps not just because they didn’t eat their Wheaties. I’ll give credit that Lebron is the best player in b-ball right now but it may take more than Lebron to win and full team like the Pacers. If not, at least they’ll be worn down enough that the Spurs will get them.

      • MiamiFan says:

        Dude… Stop hating… Get over the “Decision”.. It wont do you good to have that kind of hatred in your heart.. get over it and enjoy the show… Dont cry too much..

  108. Charles says:

    The reason he was fined so much is because he used foul language during a live NBA post game press conference. Yeah $75,000 seems like a lot of money but could you imagine the fine the FCC would have given the NBA if this had been aired live on TNT or ABC before 10pm. I’m not sure of exactly the time the press conference aired but they play day games all the time and air those post game press conferences live all the time.
    What I really want to see is how much Lebron gets fined. The FCC should probably regulate NBA flops as well. Which is worse teaching a kid foul language or how to cheat? lol.

  109. mikmaks says:

    well indi have the respect but they just don’t have a lot of fans like lakers or the heat. this gay slur thing is not really a great way of attracting more fans. and their Pro players, kids are watching at home.

    • BlueandGoldblood says:

      if you read the majority of the posts his comments have made more fans for himself and the Pacers and has the basketball world talking…Hate to break it to you but the “kids” watching are all talking worse than Roy did

  110. Idiots says:

    Anyone who comments while cursing deserves a fine. To all the Lebron haterz: he gets fined from time to time. What did he do to deserve a fine in game 6? At most Lebron should of gotten a technical following his charge. Wade is not a dirty player
    he is a smart veteran. He know how to work the game. Lots of players do the same things he did including many hall of famers. Maybe the pacers should quit crying and cussing and just go play hard. Much respect for Paul George,,,his game speaks volume

  111. Why Fined? says:

    Its just slang it isnt like he mean’t offence by it…. The NBA is wack af but its cool he didnt get suspended ….

  112. U.B. says:

    Roy is of course right about the press, but he failed to get his point across, at least diluted the message, by his immaturity. He could have said “why ask me, I didn’t vote. You are the ones who voted, ask yourselves” and he’d have made a stronger statement. Hopefully he will grow up.

    I think the bigger issue that makes NBA a joke lately is the flopping. They need to address that properly next season. A superstar paying $5K (if that) for a potential game changing cheat is like me paying $0.50 fine at work to get a promotion. It’s a joke.

  113. Jordan says:

    love how lebrons name gets mentioned even when hes not involved. seriously peoplel? no one cares about your opinions on lebron anyways. be a little appreciative for what he is and what he isn’t.

  114. TrueNBAFan says:

    All this fine is gonna do, is make Hibbert fight harder in Game 7 to try and make a bigger wave then this BS story.

  115. Brian says:

    Wondering if the funny slur and the mf bomb he used will also backfire on him in terms of not reaching the nba finals.

  116. krespino says:

    Media circus talks about the “celebrity players” all the time. Some players are treated like movie stars, not NBA players. While a contender team like the Pacers and its players are almost never covered. Every tweet or picture posted by Kobe makes the news, sickeningly, or every stupidity about Dwight Howard, but those are watching the conference finals on TV, Roy Hibbert is the real player that is crashing. Hibbert’s message is right. And paying the cost for sending out his message is his decision.

  117. DWADEVA says:

    He spoke the truth, im a heat van but i agree he shoulda been in the top 5 but also he didnt care if he got fined but i bet u he didnt expect it to be 75K lmfao

  118. Edward Bowie says:

    When are they going to fine the Heat for disrespectfull play during games?

  119. Baller123 says:

    The NBA should start fining players based on their salary, fining a max salary player 75k doesn’t really mean anything to them-that is roughly .1% of roy hibbert’s contract. If a 475k player gets fined that much it is 16% of their salary. The fine should be a percentage of the players salary instead

    • jimbo says:

      I think generally they do take that into account, and generally low paid players avoid technicals and trash talking at all costs.

  120. Brandon says:

    Roy Hibbert should be suspended for game 7. Just a fine for the comments is ridiculous. This a proffesional athlete once again setting a bad example with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. 75k is nothing to an NBA PLAYER…SUSSPPPEEENDDD HIMMMMMMM for game 7 and do the right thing David Stern

    • jimbo says:

      Miami fans have talked so much trash and they think their team is invincible. Now there is a game seven and Miami fans are shaking scared over Roy Hibbert!!!

    • blogstuff says:

      Why does the nba need to suspend hibbert? So that the heat would win? He does have a point you know. Indiana deserves way more credit than what they are receiving now. The way the media just favors those big market teams is BS. I think this is unfair for hibbert because he does have a point and he gets fined for 75k while players who flop to take advantage and to possibly alter the game only gets fined for 5k. The punishment for flopping should be suspension. And a fine, if stern badly needs some cash. And this is coming from an LBJ fan.

    • Rissa says:

      OH PLEASE. There are “bad examples” everywhere. Just because an individual isn’t acting in a way that you support is merely your opinion, and the majority of the time it will not actually affect you at all. I’m certain there are plenty of individuals out there who are much more influential than Roy Hibbert and much worse examples. If the worst that comes from this is that someone is offended….who cares?? Get a spine. Or go through life complaining about and attempting to eradicate everything that you don’t agree with. Because obviously everything is about you. And considering that Hibbert is one of those individuals whose OCCUPATION is BASKETBALL, I agree there should be more concern about the actual game and violations such as flopping than what the players are saying after the game. They are paid to play the game, not to be sterling examples to the general populace.

  121. lawlz says:

    lebron said the same thing in an interview, no fine for him, look it up. unless all $75k was for the cuss…then that’s stern’s prerogative.

  122. TT says:

    Really??? How the hell is “no hono” offensive??? Is it the word “no,” the word “homo,” or the combination? Which individual now feels degraded because Hibbert clarified that he wasn’t gay?

    Offensive words like the “F word” or the “N word” that are actually offensive – we don’t even use those in regular sentences. No homo prevents you from misinterpreting a sentence. If someone answers a question with, “Yea, sure – no sarcasm,” does this offend sarcastic people?

  123. nba says:

    Postgame conference is another way of making money by waiting and catching anyone say or act that nba not allow. postgame has no meaning. win is win lost is lost.

  124. StopIT says:

    Can’t you guys stop baching LeBron and the HEAT?
    Clraly Hibbert is arrogant and it is only showing now due to small exposure as he said.
    But body language and all, Hibbert, Stephenson and Paul are as mcuh arrogant as they are.
    So stop your bashing.
    Haters and all.

  125. BlackDove- says:

    look at their choice of clothing.
    D-Wade could take a tip
    Pacers Represent Represent

  126. bbbbaaallllllllllllllllllll says:

    i wish you told us that the language is at the end of the vid.

  127. Rasheed Syed says:

    Anger only brings negativity.
    100% agree with NBA’s decision and Pacers direction on this issue.

    If Roy had said the same statement without inappropriate words then this story would have never made it to headlines.
    Beneficiary is Roy for speaking up, showing emotions and now the whole world knows what he thinks, believes, and stands for whether you agree or disagree. His way of expression was inappropriate, bitter for some and awful to other for which he is paying the price.

    NBA fan,
    KB24 fan.
    Lakers fan.

  128. nonI says:

    HIBBERT FOR MVP!!!!!! 😀

  129. kobe says:

    hibbert gets 75,000 fine and lebron gets to do what he wants the NBA is a joke

  130. Dre says:

    He should have been suspended.

  131. KB24AllDay says:

    in my opinion Roy is right. he is speaking from the heart. we need more players to keep it real like that. david stern needs to get his panties out of a bunch and stop fining people for every little comment. he is acting like these players are slaves and everytime somebody do something he doesnt like he wants to whip em. this is the conference finals, its getting heated out there, why dont they fine some of the media for some of the stuff they have to say. they act like they are there to talk trash and pick sides. thats why roy hibbert is not wrong.

  132. NZBaller says:

    Hibbert does have a point though. Danny Granger said it last year too, the pacers barely get any games on T.V. when they are clearly a top-6 team in the league. Although he shouldn’t have sworn, I feel as though it was justified.

    • Arky says:

      Because even their own fans don’t care enough to go to their games.

      They’re also pretending they played this way all season (especially Hibbert) which is NOT true. Hibbert was terrible earlier in the season, really really terrible.

  133. Game Time says:

    Well he’s getting the press that he wanted lol. $75K is excessive,, but I think he should know better than to curse like that at a press conference. Pacers play great basketball, but I’m kind of tired of their “we work harder than others, and we deserve” attitude. We know they don’t get the press that Lakers, Miami, NY or other star packed teams do. SO WHAT? Do you want to be on TV more or do you want to win championships?

  134. Dojam says:

    He didn´t care if he would be fined, he did care if he’d get suspended…

    It works for me, Game 7 is on, now let´s talk and watch basketball!

  135. JB says:

    To fine him is normal, but come on, stop to bark at him ! At least we have someone speaking his mind ! Maybe these series don’t need it, but NBA does need to let players express themselves. When I see how easily you get a technical nowadays… Remember the 90’s, how MJ and the others used to speak with the refs and trashtalk each other ?

  136. gmenfan54 says:

    Just another example that money and fame do not give you brain’s or common sense.

  137. Hibbert sux says:


  138. George says:

    ok now we got to wait for the leflop fine too.

  139. lol says:

    how did he find out the hard way, he said he didnt care if he got fined, and he did bring up a true fact, smaller franchises like Indiana and for instance Phoenix, Milwaukee, Golden State etc, dont get nearly as much camera time as say teams like New York, LA Lakers, Miami etc, good on him for speaking out

    • jimbo says:

      You said it, seems like Miami, NY, LA, Boston, all get the most National coverage.

      • PetrGSW says:

        I agree but you can’t hate on the TV stations for favoring the teams, that have more fans.
        I would love the Warriors to get more TV time, but how do you want to force it?They simply make more
        money by showing the teams you named because these teams have bigger fanbase(however bandwagon these fans are)

  140. SB says:

    Ok, he apologized lets move on to Game 7.

  141. Pacer Pride says:

    Stern needed some extra cash! LeBrat James is Stern’s bread & butter so LeBrat gets away with everything. Wade is a dirty player and doesn’t get called out by the ref’s. Andersen is strongly a bad influence on any & all kids watching him. It’s all about money & ratings!

    • KD325 says:

      Lmao “Lebrat” fits him perfectly.

    • Sam says:

      Lamest comment ever

    • Murray says:

      LeBron got fined just the other day for flopping….there you go already your comment is pointless

      • Peter says:

        I don’t think there is any denying the fact that Lebron gets away with more calls than any other player in the entire league.

        – He frequently commits fouls against opposing players that don’t get called
        – He frequently gets calls for soft touch-fouls that would never get called against anyone else
        – He constantly blatantly travels and never gets called for it
        – He frequently complains are rarely ever gets a T

        On top of all this, he’s so used to getting BS calls that every time somebody touches him and he DOESNT get a call he has a hissy fit.

      • chris says:

        then go apply for a referree… 😉

    • Chad says:

      Why can’t you just admit that a player is good? I mean, what in the world happened to basketball fans? Back in the Jordan days, you Pacer fans didn’t completely bash Jordan for being better than any Pacer that has ever lived, so why bash Lebron for doing the same thing? And for you to call Wade a “dirty player” while you name yourself “Pacer Pride” I’m going to guess that haven’t really watched any of the Pacer games, have you? The Pacers are a rough and tough team, which means every single play they run would be called a foul if ran by other teams. The NBA doesn’t call 90% of the “fouls” that the Pacers commit, because that’s just the way they play. I could literally count 20 different occasions in EACH game of this series, where a Pacer threw in elbow, grabbed someone’s hand and yanked them down so they couldn’t jump for a rebound, forarmed someone in the back so they couldn’t jump straight up in the air, or screened while shoving their body into a player; all plays that if, say, the Lakers did it, would be a foul every time. But will you ever admit that? Nope, because you have this blind spot in your vision where you justify how they play and accept it. Now, if you could only learn that playing rough will never be enough to make up for your lack of skill.


  142. Myself says:

    hahaha what a a load of B.S.

  143. Fred says:

    I have no idea what he said but this PC BS is out of control.

  144. Heath says:

    This is an outrage!!! “no homo” is not offensive language. It is a method to clarify a statement made towards another man without romantic feelings. I wish there was something we as fans could do to stick up for Hibbert and his right to freedom of speech.

    • SoFlaFan says:

      Sorry, it is very offensive, so is saying M F’ers on National TV. These players make a lot of money, from we fans, and our kids, like it or not they are role model’s. That kind of talk is way out of line. If he wants to play cry baby, he’s needs to do it elsewhere.

      The only outrage is that he isn’t smart enough to know better.

      • Peter says:

        Actually it really shouldn’t be offensive…

        ‘Homo’ is short for ‘homosexual’ which is globally accepted term any person who is attracted to people of the same gender. How does shortening an ethically sound word suddenly make it offensive?

        I live in Australia, so I am an Australian. Am I offended of somebody calls me Aussie? No. Why would I be?

        I can think of certain words that homosexual references that could very well be considered rude, this just isn’t one of them. A 75k fine for that is rediculous.

      • BW says:

        Sorry SoFlaFan but if you’re looking to the NBA (and sports in general) for good role models for your kids, you’re going to have slim pickings. bewteen the drugs, hookers, dui’s, weapons charges etc. I dont see where you would want your kids taking after them (not all but most).

        Secondly, your kids might also want to learn that there is going to be “offensive” things in this world and that there will not always be someone there to coddle them and help them through it. Its called having some thick skin and letting it go. There are a lot more injustices going on in the world right now than someone saying “no homo”. i’m sure if someone in the homosexual community said “no hetero” absolutely no one would care

      • Le2e says:

        SoFlaFan sounds like the cry baby, he gets offended when someone else says a word that is no way directed at him. Instead of expecting other people to bite their tongue for your kids sake, why dont you raise your kid yourself and teach them that its not right to do that? Hate to break it to you, but your kids’ friends are a worse influence on your child than any professional athlete. Better fine them too!

    • Toro says:

      In your terms maybe it is not, but times of political correctness made this kinf of comments very offensive. Every comparison involving sexual minorities especially gay is going to be penalized, that for sure, these days.

      • Peter says:

        I am not sure why Hibbert would make a reference to homosexuals in a post game discussion. Clearly the league thought the reference was meant to be degrading and therefore the fine. I agree this should not be tolerated however I also agree the fine to be excessive relative to others handed out.

    • eris says:

      It isn’t a means of clarification, it’s a joke that alienates people based on sexual orientation, whether or not the speaker means to be exclusionary.

      Freedom of speech doesn’t excuse you from using offensive language towards a marginalized group. Personally, I’m glad NBA acted against casual homophobia and that Hibbert publicly apologized.

  145. LeBron James says:

    Haters gonna hate

  146. admin says:

    Cuss and get fined $75k… flop and potentially change the outcome of an important game.. get fined $5k… Logic

    • MackDaddy says:

      exactly right!

      75k was waaaaayyyyy over the top. Good on you Hibbert for speaking your mind. PC outta control!

    • jimbo says:

      75k seems a little steep. Birdman could have killed hansborough had he hit his head on the floor, dring that ruckus.
      Hopefully this fine will fuel Hibbert to a game seven win. BTW- Birdman’s tatoos are offensive to me, will he get fined for those?

      • Melo says:

        Haha very funny. Where’s the logic in fining someone for their tattoos?

      • hoops says:

        Real talk most NBA players have Demon Inspired tattoos but none of them get fined for worshipping the devil but Roy gets fined for saying he’s not gay

    • Hmmm says:

      No doubt! Flopping is ruining the game in a much more serious way, than cussing. Players have been flopping for a long time but it’s reached pandemic proportions. Give them a foul for every caught flop, including STARTING the next game with a foul if it was determined to be a flop post-game.

      • Murray says:

        what are you talking about? Flopping has been around since the pre-Michael Jordan era.

      • dan'o says:

        @Murray: agreed that flopping existed then. In the league it seemed to be culturally shunned as “unmanly” or something similiar. Vlade Divac and the increasing numbers of international players seemed to bring flopping from places where soccer (and horrendous flopping) are king. Seeing it as a mechanism to win and having success with it drove it to mainstream nba. I was very glad for the flopping rule, but hope it increases in severity to really discourage the practice– it is a MAJOR turnoff for the sport.

    • SoFlaFan says:

      Really??? Did you realize two Pacer’s and ONE Heat player were fined for flopping??

      • jimbo says:

        Really! What the League needs to do is: in the event of a possible flop they need to allow the refs to review the footage and decide whether it is a flop or not right on the spot. There were several games this year that were decided (win/lose) by a flop and the consequence doesn’t happen until after the game is decided.

      • fpejr says:

        They can’t fine half the team… if they did ppl would go postal…. I mean ppl are bout to go postal cux lebron got fined… imagine the rest

      • hoops says:

        Dywane Wade flops at least 4 to 5 times every game and he still hasn’t got fined. What a NBA conspiracy

    • Game Burn says:

      Probably because a player flopping doesn’t HURT ANYONE, outside of a players reputation. Making rude remakes on TV can be disheartening to young fans, and offensive. So yeah, logic.

      • Brad Pacheco says:

        Kids use that term all the time. Way before Hibbert came out and said it. Whats disheartening to young fans if seeing their team losing a game to a clear flop. Who wants to watch a sport where everyone just falls to the ground and acts hurt only to get up two seconds later with no injury. There is a reason why soccer is not a big sport in the USA.

    • #1 Lebron Fan says:

      Flopping may determine the outcome of winning the game, but offensive comments might change the game. The same people you offend, are very well the same people out there buying tickets to come watch them play, and support them. Its almost like saying “don’t bite the hand that feeds you ” unfortunately in his position, he should have used a better choice of words. I have watched him since Georgetown, and respect him as a player, but he has to be careful…..P.S. I love LEBRON……

      • hoops says:

        but Roy didn’t offend no. He just said No Homo which means that his contact on LeBron wasn’t gay. How is that offending gays?

  147. PC says:

    So where’s the fine of Lebron’s flop?

    • Game Burn says:

      Probably forgotten with PAUL GEORGE’S FLOP!

    • Justin says:

      I’m a Spurs fan and I respect the Pacers their a great time like the Spurs, your right its not fair they fine Hibbert for comments he regret saying and not on the so called king james for flopping -.-

    • Justin says:

      Great team*

    • Tim says:

      Still complaining and begging refs to help you more after game 6. Paul pushed Chris Anderson on Cole then no fine for Paul, just a suspension for Chris. Looks like that is the only way to eliminate Miami Heat. Suspension+Refs+ Crying..Lets Go Heat. Bosh has been beaten NO CALL. Same for LJ..

      • EnoughAlready says:

        Let’s face it, even if Miami (who when home) gets the calls for Lebron (because ESPN has investments in Miami winning) and everyone says that they legit calls.

        Bottom line is that Chris Bosh has not shown up to even attempt to defend Hibbert. 7’2 280 vs 6’11 235 says a lot. Heck, I have to think about going in the paint against someone like that too.

        So to say Bosh is getting beat down is crazy. If he can play big against Chicago, then play big against Hibbert….or like the saying go, “Go Home…”

  148. Gary says:

    He deserves the fine for the gay slur, but good job on the nba for not suspending him in making a fair game 7…However, his comments about the media…COMPLETELY TRUE!!! He should have finished higher in the defensive player of the year balloting; very unfair. Indiana is a solid and fun team that deserve more tv time.

    • TrueNBAFan says:

      What gay slur? “No homo” isn’t a gay slur idiot.

      • Kenneth B says:

        It´s a borderline gay slur, knuckledragging moron

      • Maris says:


      • John Muir says:

        okay, but: “y’all mutha-“effers” in referring to the media members interviewing you on national, Live TV, is inappropriate. To be honest, I never even heard the alleged “gay slur”. I heard Mutha-“effer”. Think of the children, Roy

      • B-Baller says:

        “no homo” isn’t a gay slur, but that doesn’t mean it has any place in basketball or on live television. What does being gay or straight have to do with playing basketball. In college one of our teammates was gay. Who cares, who people like to date has nothing to do with basketball and the his comments were stupid. Shows his inexperience in the spotlight is all it does.

    • SoFlaFan says:

      As fair as game 6 was, really?????

      • Brad Pacheco says:

        Really? Birdman should have had double techs for game 5 and missed game six and this series might have been over. Stop whining.

    • KnicksFan187 says:

      “No Homo” is not a gay slur or should it be offensive to gay ppl!. i think its stupid that u cant say what u want cause u will offend someone. first of all if u belive that being gay is wrong they call u homophobic. doesnt matter if u were raised beleiving that way of life is wrong. its an attack on straight people. if u want to be an indivisual in todays society they “the Homos” will call u out as being a biggot or discriminating against thier way of life. 75000 is alot of money. i wonder how much it would ve been if the “no Homo” wasnt said and only the MotherF@#kers was.

    • #33baller says:

      Wow so if you clarify that you are not gay you are being offensive to gay people. That one player came out of the closet and did not get fined for offending straight players.

      • A5 says:

        I strongly agree that the way he handled himself was innapropiate ; however, was his comments worth a $ 75,000.00 fine. I surely don’t think it was for his cursing, because I have seen many athletes curse on TV and not get fine that amount. We live in a society that wants you to gravitate to the way everyone is doing things and if you disagree they cast you out.That’s my word..

    • sam says:

      what gay slur? And when did he say “no-homo”? Either way, even if he said “no-homo”, wasn’t he just saying that he’s not gay? I think he’s allowed to say that he’s not gay, if he’s not, isn’t he?

    • Tim says:

      As Barkley said he can play good against small teams how about teams with true centers.
      Remember this guy is 7’2″ and Haslem 6’8″ . 6″ difference. Anderson 6’10” 4″ This is like an adult playing with kids.