Hibbert Crossed The Line!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It’s a good thing Roy Hibbert isn’t worried about being fined for his comments after the Indiana Pacers’ Game 6 win in the Eastern Conference finals, because the penalty for his words is surely on the way.

It’s one thing to take shots at the media for not recognizing his defensive prowess the way he thinks we should have, it’s another thing to use an expletive with live microphones and a worldwide audience on NBA TV and NBA.com when you do it.

“Y’all m————- don’t watch us play throughout the year to tell you the truth,” Hibbert said. “So that’s fine. I’m going to be real with you, and I don’t care if I get fined. We play and we’re not on TV all of the time and reporters are the ones that are voting and it is what it is. And I don’t make it, that’s fine. I’m still going to do what I have to do.”

The gay slur used to punctuate his point about the defense being played against four-time MVP LeBron James that wasn’t intended to be a slur, well, Hibbert will try to make amends with Jason Collins and others, but the damage is already done.

Like I said, the fine is coming. The dent Hibbert put in his own reputation, however, is already there. He crossed the line in this instance — and for no reason. Hibbert is playing well enough right now that just going out and dominating the Heat would suffice. He could skip the podium every night and still make his point in this series.

You could almost see this coming, with the increased intensity in the series and Hibbert’s continued escalation of the verbal escapades directed at Shane Battier and anyone who doesn’t believe in him and his Pacers teammates. It’s an unfortunate and unnecessary storyline for the lead up to Game 7, Monday night in Miami (8:30 p.m. ET, TNT).

You rarely need any extra hype for Game 7 of a playoff series, though, let alone the conference finals.

Hibbert’s play has provided all the hype needed through the first six games of this series anyway. He has been an absolute nightmare for the Heat, averaging 22.8 points, 10.8 rebounds, 1.2 blocks and 39.8 minutes while shooting 55 percent from the floor and 81 percent from the free-throw line. He’s absolutely destroyed the Heat frontcourt in this series.

He and Paul George came up with 52 points and 19 rebounds on their own in Game 6, outscoring the Heat’s weary “Big 3” of James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade (44 and 13). Hibbert has been the most consistent force on both ends of the floor in this series, and that includes James.

Hibbert is getting air time with the NBA’s global audience that he’s never had. The first impression is an important one, especially for a player who aims to make a significant climb up the “best big man in basketball” ladder between now and next season, no matter how this series plays out.

I’d hate to see Hibbert ruin that momentum with one liners and verbal missteps that take away from the utter brilliance he’s shown on the court. Finish the Heat off and maybe then you will garner the respect you think you’ve already earned.

If it’s respect that Hibbert wants, he’ll earn it with another monster effort in Game 7 and not anything that comes out of his mouth before, during or after this series is done.

Meanwhile, Hibbert issued this apology on Pacers.com:

“I am apologizing for insensitive remarks made during the postgame press conference after our victory over Miami Saturday night. They were disrespectful and offensive and not a reflection of my personal views. I used a slang term that is not appropriate in any setting, private or public, and the language I used definitely has no place in a public forum, especially over live television. I apologize to those who I have offended, to our fans and to the Pacers’ organization. I sincerely have deep regret over my choice of words last night.”


  1. Lucky says:

    You’ve got that right KwitQrying. Shaq just called Charles a “butt-face” on the Game 7 halftime show. Did anyone else hear that? I wonder how much Shaq will be fined?

  2. KwitQrying! says:

    Sekou seems more upset about the gay comment than anybody.. calm down! Everyone has a right to say what the heck they want!

  3. Chris says:

    I like how he tweeted to Jason Collins to apologize like how people reach out to Jesse Jackson when they say something racist

  4. Marky Mark says:

    It seems that most commenters on here did not see the actual slur…”no Homo”, potentially being “stretched out” my members of the Heat. I’m a proud Spurs fan, and a proud gay man. It’s not that “homo” is an awful slur to most of us…I honestly didn’t think it was that big a deal…but you have to look deeper at the current climate.
    Teens are getting bullied and committing suicide because of their perceived or actual sexuality. Whenever a potential role model like Hibbert says something that intends to distance himself from being perceived as a “homo”, it reinforces a very negative stereotype that empowers the bullies and oppresses the bullied.
    If you’re not gay, then I suggest you don’t have such a cavalier attitude to this issue, because you just don’t get it.

  5. Tikolo says:

    He made a mistake but at the same time he spoke his mind. Too bad you have to know your environment at all times even though you might be speaking the truth. We all are humans and we are liable to make mistakes sometimes and we hope we learn from our mistakes. You are he is playing so well right now that he should continue to let his game speak for itself but I can understand the frustration, because sometimes it is just so difficult for people to appreciate you and what you do and you tend to wonder why. But life moves on it is what it is and we all should move on to the next chapter of Roy Hibert NBA carreer… By the way i love emerging stars in the NBA so keep the good wor Roy. And God Bless

  6. seo says:

    Gotta love the comments section, where Roy Hibbert is eviscerated by folks that say things exponentially worse that what Hibbert said. Hey, the guy screwed up after a huge contest. Apology or not, it’s over, and the guy is probably more contrite than anyone would expect. Lesson Learned. The man is paid to grace the court with some serious D, among other talents, not charm you at a press conference… no, that’s for taking pay AWAY from him, it would seem.

  7. iori says:

    dont act like youre a superstar..you didnt play the way you are playing in the regular season..by the way youre good now coz miami dont have a big man on their lineup..id choose Brooke Lopez over you!i love paul george he is a star not you..and your not worthy to be a star

  8. iori says:

    dont act like youre a superstar..you didnt play the way you are playing in the regular season..by the way youre good now coz miami dont have a big man on their lineup..id choose Brooke Lopez over you!

  9. Shalin says:

    What was so gay or homophobic about what he said?

  10. mack says:

    homo’s r going against nature’s law thats basically slapping the prime creator #1 law.. u gay people are truly a disease

  11. anthphilo says:

    Hibbert got plenty of calls this series. The last foul on LeBron was a JOKE. Hibbert was in the restricted area and leaned into LeBron. He did NOT go straight up.

  12. B Radd says:

    Can’t wait to see Indiana and Oklahoma go at it in a future finals series. To see them in Thetis prime battle it out, would definitely one for the ages

  13. Bryan says:

    This is SO offensive. He should have meant what he said about being stretched out in a gay way. Or at the very least, leave it open to interpretation! How dare he specify! 😉

  14. LebronShouldLeaveifWadAndBoshPlayLikeThis says:

    In any case, I think the offense foul on Lebron is the reason why Miami needs Birdman. Notice in the replay that Anthony was open when Hibbert challenged Lebron? Birdman would have ran towards the rim and that would have been a dunk.

  15. LebronShouldLeaveifWadAndBoshPlayLikeThis says:

    AM I the only person that has seen that Hibbert did not go “straight up”. Watch the replay and slow it down. You would notice that Hibbert had his too arms at an angle towards Lebron. His hands were in LBJ’s face, then LBJ pushed it away from his face. Notice also, that LBJ had the ball to the right side of Hibberts arms, so that would not have been a block. I suggest that if you are not biased, you would see that it would not have been a block, but it would have been a hit in the face. The push off I would suggest seems more of a natural human reaction when someone pushes both arms at your face.

    • HeatGotThis says:

      WE ALL SAW THAT, LeBron is the smartest player out there, he knew, and he was frustrated by it, that was a gift to the Pacers.

  16. F H says:

    It would be that much nicer, if players were allowed to say what they felt, with words of their own choosing(To some extent).. I am not sure why they even interview players anymore, you get the same bs robot answer from them everytime. It just seems so fake.. And political correctness is reaching critical levels in the US, I mean.. “no homo”? Really? If you were just as concerned about what you say, when talking to an actual homosexual, wouldn’t they feel offended by you in that you’re making the fact that they are homosexual such a big deal, that you have to consciously weigh every word you say?. People pick up on stuff like that..

  17. JM says:

    The reporter gets what he deserves. A closed mouth catches no flies.

  18. Grid says:

    Sekou, your Queen James crossed the line too. He said the same thing in an interview a while back. Check out this link youtube.com/watch?v=V2feJrZ-58E. Sekou, you can always put your comment. What say you?

  19. J says:

    i dont think he offended anyone come on billions of people say the f word just a small fine for that any the gay slur isnt even a gay slur
    heat in 7!!

  20. weezy says:

    out there gay people are like “we dont even get offended, why shud yall straight people be more.sensitive than us?” sports writers are very insecure because afterall they get paid for expressing their opinion for sports they r not expert at

    • HeatGotThis says:

      YES, Gay people DO get offended, and saying M.F,’er on national TV IS WRONG, I don’t want my kids exposed to that. Not from someone who is looked up to (at least by Pacer fans) by kids.

      He plays the role of crybaby on National TV very well, hey Roy, YOU WEREN’T GOOD ENOUGH ALL YEAR TO MAKE IT, DEAL WITH IT!!!!

      THIS SIMPLY WAS NOT THE VENUE, wasn’t this his first time ever up there?? Hopefully….. his last!!!

      To all you Pacer Fans…… try going to a game if you love your team so much….. Pacer = lowest attendance at games in the NBA. Heat fans may get there late, but we go!!!!

      Lastly…….. GO HEAT, YOU GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!

  21. krespino says:

    Hibbert has already proved he is the best center in the NBA: He is the best center in the strongest four teams, the teams that made the conference finals. No need for the opinions or reporters on who is the best player, the games showed that. If you’re Dwight Howard and you’re losing the first playoff game at home by 39 points, and even playing alongside with allstars, you are nowhere close to being the best center. Hibbert is the best center by virtue of actual achievement.

  22. Chris says:

    Lebron used the same slang in an interview. Check youtube. No Fine.

  23. Chris says:

    Lebron used the same slang in an interview that you can find on youtube. No fine. No suspension.

  24. Terry says:

    I knew the NBA would be soft on the fine of Roy. Their scared of him like the Ref’s are scared to call a foul on him. I know if I said those things at my work I would be fired. He knew he was wrong when he said it and didn’t care. But I’m not 7’2″ with no brains. Charles and Shaq need to go to because they agreed with his comments.

    • Sickou says:

      No brains? Check the stats and the series man. It seems Roy Hibbert has got more brains than the entire Heat bench and coaching staff because they cannot match his ability to make plays.

  25. mikmaks says:

    as per the writer – If it’s respect that Hibbert wants, he’ll earn it with another monster effort in Game 7 and not anything that comes out of his mouth before, during or after this series is done.

  26. Some Guy says:

    I was expecting some actual gay slur or something. “no homo” is no such thing

  27. Jose Luis says:

    Since when is “No Homo” a Gay slur? how does that offend same sex people? it’s pretty much stating That you did something but not in a gay way? should I get offended if a gay person said he does something not in a straight way? Media is just blowing this out of proportion!

  28. Jutsu says:

    Just found the conference with phrase in it..Still stand by last comment…He said it and reporters going to report…No reason to make it a big deal out of it. If suspended over this that will be joke of a reason. It was in good nature with no offense intend, its just people with no common sense make issues over little things. Same thing as last time take a step back and get some common sense..

  29. Wai says:

    He spoke the truth. Same thing happens with my San Antonio Spurs. The National Press and the NBA drools at LeBron James and Co. I think it was a good thing that someone told you the truth right in your face.

  30. Craig says:

    Roy said nothing wrong, good on him for being honest. Small fine for swearing is enough.
    But the offensive foul on LJ was in the circle, I thought you couldn’t draw an offensive foul from there ?
    Please fill me in on this.

  31. Art says:

    Hibbert made mistake and apologized. What the big deal?
    It’s obvious that Sekou wrote article about that to shift public attention
    from Heat dirty plays and permanent flopping.

    The only line Hibbert crossed located in your crazy mind.

  32. F.O.E says:

    He was right to say that the media really do not play many pacer games throughout the season

  33. sports fan says:

    Hibberts remarks were more entertaining than offensive. No big deal & he did not cross the line for bashing the media. The media derserved the criticism & needs to take some bashing if they’re allowed to bash players in their articles & on on tv. Whether or not he crossed the line with the “no homo” remark, many gay people say that the “no homo” remark was really not that big of a deal & he did not go on a gay bashing rant. Roy Hibbert still made a public apology for everything he said & also tweeted to reach out to Jason Collins so they can talk. No one is really hurt from any of this & tv ratings are boosted.

  34. Seth says:

    Hibbert didn’t want to hurt anyone, he just wanted to get his point acrossed to the people in the room, Reporters!! Good for him for finally standing up for himself and MF Lebron and his sorry posser of DWade and Birdmnan and C Bosh, Where were have they been this series, looks like Lebrons back with the Cavs having to win games by himself.

  35. Carl says:

    I’m a SPURS fan. It’s so refreshing to be a fan of an NBA team not known for being flashy and dramatic, but known to play good basketball. You would never hear of a SPURS player being caught up in this kind of drama. GO SPURS GO!

  36. liljoker says:

    Watching this game makes me think, 2 years from now will these 2 teams become a heated battle to watch every time they meet?

  37. James says:

    The suspension of Anderson is unwarranted. It is just a frustration. The referees decided to call tech-1. They could have called tech-2. but they didn’t. There is no reason for NBA or commissioner to get involved in every call. Just back off guys and allow the referees to decide unless something outrageous happened.

  38. jean says:

    why did he apologize for?? what is the big deal about the “no homo” slur? its just a slang word that i’m pretty sure almost every guy has use at least once or twice in their life. if i was him i would of took back what i said and say something even more disrespectful. give them a real reason to feel offended

  39. jean says:

    why did he apologize for?? what is the big deal about the no homo slur? its just a damn slang word that i’m pretty sure almost every guy has use at least once or twice in their life. if i was him i would of took back what i said and say something even more disrespectful. give them a real reason to feel offended

  40. Dre says:

    A fine is not enough. These players don’t care about money that much. LeBron will keep flopping if the price is ‘just’ 5000 bucks. So, since money isn’t a problem for them, especially for Hibbert that actually said ‘I don’t care if I’ll get fined”, let him pay the highest price. Once you are on TV you represent your Team, and kids look at you as an icon, a role model. A push is a bad image for the game they keep saying… well, what about this comments? The NBA has to do something about it, or it will lose credibility. I am not a Heat fan, and I don’t care who wins the Series.

  41. Le Bron Jabroni says:

    I really can’t stand the person who Lebron James is. His flops, his constant expectant deserving attitude, his arrogance, his dirty plays. He openly disrespects the rules of the NBA saying that if a flop helps his team win, then it’s a good play. I think if any fines are to be handed out they should be for misconduct on the court…. Any time you want to compare MJ to Lebron watch the 2011 finals against the Mavericks. He threw that series harder than the 02 western conference finals.

  42. Flow says:

    In all honesty I beleive that “No Homo” was not that bad… I use it all the time around my friends and colleagues he should not be fined. People are so sensitive now days man up

  43. paul says:

    when keepin it real goes wrong….lol

    he will probably get suspended so Miami wins for sure, which is kind of bs. but since its only Lebron vs the Pacers thats probably a good thing. GO HEAT!

  44. Nash fan says:

    man i luv this BIG MAN! my fave CENTRE in the league! go HIBBERT! get Pacers to another Finals apperance and hopefully a Championship!

  45. Google it says:

    Sekou, I respected your input up until this point in time. The journalists are big boys and should be able to defend themselves against the truth.

  46. Mu says:

    He has a right to be himself, just because he gets payed to do what he does does not mean you control his speech and behavior. Congrats on the win, Not a fan of their team but I like how you don’t back down from bullies…

  47. todd says:

    Roy Hibbert was standing INSIDE the circle and leaned into Lebron..2 technical later it’s a four point swing and game over. Heat will win by at least 20 in game 7.

  48. Russell Eastbrook says:

    He has the right to say anything he wants when that irritating reporter reminds him he was 10th in the voting for Def Player of the Year. Ibaka gets triple votes because of his fancy blocks, Chandler because he had one great defensive year which led to a ring. It’s a disgrace, if Hibbert is going to be fined for saying that the voters should also be fined for their stpidity in the voting results. Being an NBA player nowadays is much more than being a basketball player unfortunately. You have to take so much s…, so much pretention- truly the only thing wrong with saying something like that is the fact that the fine money will go to stern’s pocket when it could be going to starving children. I really hope Stern’s absence will get the NBA back on the right track because where it’s heading right now is destruction. All these timeouts, all these flops, all this wiring, the riding.. we’re just here to watch some basketball but when you make all these players sound like identical puppets it becomes lame. Let them be real man, if you want us to keep watching this and believe that it is real. In all seriousness though Mr. Sekou, true non-simpleton NBA fans will like Hibbert more after this, not less. His legacy is being made, not hindered. I thought that for an expert you would know better..

  49. That's what she said... says:

    If a player said “that”s what she said” in press conference, would he be a misogynist?

  50. truthK says:

    i dont get why people are so fixated about small/bigmarket teams. everyone thinks Miami heat is a big market team, but the fact is its not even in the upper 50% of the nba team market. i think they are at #16 while Indiana is at #24. The reason you think the heat is a big market team is because of this one dude who dominates every player in the league. Even the Cavs became relevant when he was playing there. The media covers certain people for a reason. Who do you think would get more coverage, the president or you? Hibert should be glad that his name is even being toss around these days just cause the Miami heat had no big body to match up with him. Roy Hibert is actually the who is over rated. Against other teams with such bigs, he looks just a regular big man. He should complain about media coverage. He’s actually getting more than what he deserves just because of match up problems. In my honest opinion, if Roy Hibert is actually an all-star level player, he should be able to dominate more. shot around 70% from the field since all he does are put backs and lay ins. but with a merely sub par 50% FG against the puny little Miami Heat is underachieving.

    Bash on me now, I just spoke the truth.

  51. dappa says:

    should be fine n suspended bcaz thats a disgrace to the NBA sportmanship

  52. cp10 says:

    Roy.. u got some learning to do dude, it takes 25 years to build a reputation and 5 seconds to ruin it (this did not ruin it, just u being young that’s all)

  53. Mark says:

    How is saying “no homo” a gay slur? Also I respect Roy for being honest, it’s true that the Pacers are now suddenly getting media attention because of him and George being All Stars (Hibbert last year, George this year) and making it this far against the Heat.

  54. Wesley says:

    I follow the Pacers and they are a good team. They are playing a good team so game 7 should be a good one. I will say all year long they have been in the hunt and haven’t been on TV much. The NBA is all about money just like the NFL it’s business. If we were the ones getting paid we would do the same thing. Get over it….

  55. pay attention says:

    and as good as roy hibbert has been, people need to stop calling him the best C in the league and all that nonsense. He is great, definitely top 5 but look at his competition, bosh? anthony? anderson? lebron is the best defender on Miami against Hibbert and Hibbert is like 6 inches taller. He is playing against inferior matchups, don’t forget what a lame season he had this year and playoffs until the Miami series. Not trying to take anything away from him because he is good, but if Indiana wins, I highly doubt he puts in work like this against Tim Duncan

  56. Drago says:

    The man was right completely the press is acting like Indiana is a joke all this series and thought the playoffs.It’s like they are surprised that the mighty Miami is struggling against them.He should have said it earlier but without the bad language cause that just gives people an opening to attack his character without paying attention to his message.

  57. Alan says:

    No. 1 — Hibbert was mad at the wrong folks. NBA coaches voted for the award he was asked about, not the media. NBA writers don’t decide network TV schedules, so if Hibbert wants the Pacers on TV more, have a great Game 7 and they’ll be all over ESPN/ABC/TNT next year. Besides, most NBA reporters have the NBA package on the dish, so on nights when they’re not covering games, they can see the teams that don’t get on national TV all the time.

    No. 2 — If the NBA tries to fix things for big markets as much as the Indiana fans try to claim, they should do a better job — look at the final four this year. Memphis? Indiana? SAN ANTONIO? Look at the ratings when the Spurs make the finals. They’re ratings death. The NBA’s been wishing they would go away since the mid-2000s. Meanwhile, New York’s team, the Knicks, have won 1 playoff series since, what, 2000 or 2001? The Lakers got KO’ed in 4 games, then LA’s other hope, the Clippers, got knocked out in 7 by small market Memphis.
    Is Game 7 good for NBA business? Sure. Did the players on the court have far more to do with this going 7 games than any officiating, bad as it’s been at times? Bet your butt.

    • A.J. says:

      Actually you’re wrong, the media votes for the Defensive Player of the Year. The coaches vote for the All-Defensive teams.

  58. m. cunningham says:

    Crossed the line? I loved it! Do we really want to see a bunch of GQ dressed NBA players give the normal often rehearsed answers to why a LeBron team lost to a non televised team? This is the playoffs, and 2 teams are playing for something while the media can’t seem to find anything to talk about other then why the Heat won or lost. It’s so refreshing to see the underdogs emerge, If Indy should win game 7 it’ll make my NBA season, and I’m all Chicago Bulls, fan. I don’t like the Pacers or the Heat, but for one game, for one night, Monday night I’ll be rooting for Roy Hibbert, and the Indiana Pacers to win if only to shut those so called media experts up, and watch them eat their words. Go Pacers.

  59. Willie says:

    They need to get off the youngsters back. The man has been playing his buns of all year, and other players as well, but they get over looked because Miami gets all the attention.

  60. pay attention says:

    For all the people above who cannot pay attention and over react, the gay slur was not for saying “MFs”, he said “no homo”…

  61. WiganBaller says:

    Where was the homophobic slur? Yes it was wrong but hell he is right!

  62. TrueNBAFan says:

    “No homo” is not a gay slur. You say “no homo” after you say something that can be taken in a homosexual way. He was talking about how he wanted to have Paul’s back, he added the “no homo” meaning he wasn’t saying it in a homosexual way… would you all really feel better if he had said “Those comments were in no way implying a homosexual relationship with my teammate”? Cause that’s all he said, just shortened.

  63. copkiller says:

    A gay slur? Really? I never knew.

  64. dee dub says:

    it takes a real man to stand up and apoligize even if he was telling the truth. the media does what they do best and set up whoever they are interveiwing

  65. FINALS says:


  66. W/E says:

    Lawl Humphert, the guy is gunna get pwnt by the league and get suspended so that the Heat can win game 7 easily bwahahahha, the NBA wants the Heat in the finals so that move was what they waitied for lol, the pacers are done without Roy Humphert, i mean comon that was unprofesional and his team is gunna pay for it now, everyone in Indiana will hate and rage on Humphert if this happens man i feel sorry for the guy he dig his own grave

  67. Andrew says:

    We are all guilty of using inappropriate language, the harm we cause unintentionally is all too real. Roy’s homophobic comments were unintentional, the only problem for Roy was that most of the world was listening to him speak. His apology and his actions since his comment was made should be publicised to the same extent, if not more by the media. I don’t accept that the damage is done, this is Roy’s opportunity to bring awareness to this issue by highlighting the fact that there are words that we use in everyday life which hold no place in a modern society where we respect each other. Not that Roy’s public relations people are listening, but whatever fine is imposed on Roy, whether it be $100,000 or more, Roy should of his own volition donate a sum much greater to a respectable charitable body advocating awareness and tolerance to people’s right to live in a society without prejudice. Roy has shown so much brilliance, he has the opportunity to rise to the highest platform in the game, lets hope he uses what was a careless comment to highlight and advocate awareness, so that more than being a great basketballer, he can show himself as a great person.

  68. A.J. says:

    When Smith isn’t being a sycophant, he’s riding along the countryside on his high horse. If he’d called the media “big fat bloated pigs” instead, no doubt Smith, himself being somewhat “horizontally challenged,” would have blown a gasket.

  69. purpleman says:

    There goes your chance for playing on The Olympic team…Give Sam Vincent a call!!

    • BlueandGoldblood says:

      He can’t play for the US team anyway, he is a member of the Jamaican team…

      • purpleman says:

        @ BlueandGold He did ask for his release from the Jamaican team.. He wants to lay for Team USA

      • BlueandGoldblood says:

        asking for release and getting it are two different things… he is still at this point on the Jamaican team and cannot joint the US team.

  70. sacrededge08 says:

    Hibbert, although his language choice wasn’t exactly appropriate, was just venting frustration Pacer fans have had since long before him. Indiana has always been a small market, and even during the Miller days with Jackson, Rose, David, amd Smitts, has never got the attention that other big market teams in the league have had. Even if the Pacers were to beat the heat, instead of covering the how well they played all that will be the focus is what caused Miami to lose. If Pacers lose, media will talk about Heat. In the end it’s a lose lose situation and they will never get the media recognition they deserve.

  71. If is so dominating in this playoff why is it that on “Playoff Leaders”, it was always , almost everyday that Lebron James was featured, even if he outplayed James most of the time.

  72. imnotyourfriend says:

    No wonder why blazers wanted roy hibbert so badly but the pacers matched the offer. he is good as gold way better d howard who is drama queen. this guy is serious about his game and when he is on the floor thats all that he thinks about. respect!!!

  73. jaybro says:

    wow this is sooooo ridiculous. brb cant say anything anymore. waste of time article

  74. jeri drake says:

    I am 70 years old so I have been around the block a time or two and My lifetime has shown me that people say what they mean….so Mr. H…it is too late to apologize. You said just what you meant and for me that means don’t apologize. You are an uncouth man. Learn some manners. Act professional. You should not be allowed to play tomorrow nite. You are acting like you expect just a fine. Sit one out and sit out the most important game to the Pacers.

    • tideofunc says:

      septuagenarian, you do a disservice to your peers for demanding the suspension of ROY HIBBERT in game 7 in ecf. your words suggest you are equating HIBBERT’S unfortunate choice of words in a post-game interview, which had no effect on the game, w/the dangerous and malicious attack of the buzzardman on an undeserving TYLER HANSBROUGH, which could have affected the game. your comment demonstrates you have not made optimal use of your years to learn about fairness and equity. contrary to your words, i suspect your true feelings are that you are terrified about the effects ROY has had on your precious heat and are willing to resort to any machination to get HIBBERT off the court for game 7. i just love it!

  75. Marcus says:

    I can’t believe people on here are even talking suspension. That sounds like Miami fans afraid of losing. Do you really want to watch a game seven without the best players on the court? Go ahead and fine him because people are over sensitive, but to think any of these guys should be role model is horrible judgment on your part. If I complained like LBJ at my 9-5 job I would get canned immediately. You should appreciate his intensity and enjoy the game for what it is, a game.

  76. FLuke says:

    what’s is up with all these calls for suspension? does the other team need to have one of its best players out just so the heat could win? i thought lebron was a beast and can do it all. best player and best team, right?

  77. Ste says:

    Honestly in some way Hibbert said what many may think…Nba is too much about markets and marketing, I mean, even on Nba.com you can read almost only news about the Lakers/miami etc or about what they call “superstars”…it’s really frustrating/boring/disappointing. I think in some way this is a bit disrespectful for many good players and teams around the league.

  78. Homophobic Remarks says:

    What about the slurs implied in this article!! While there is no call for Hibbert’s remarks the need by Sekou to refer to Jason Collins is in horribly BAD TASTE. Now that there is an openly gay man in the NBA every homophobic slur now just HAS to be included with Jason Collins. Give me a break!
    Let’s all be a little bit more correct in what we say please.

  79. Myself says:

    this is B.S. Players are human beings too you know. And when did the phrase, “no homo” become a gay slur? the media is stupid, no lie. I thought the guy said the F word or something

    • Myself says:

      I mean isn’t a gay person a homosexual? maybe Hibbert should have said “no hetero” smfh

  80. Brian says:

    NOT SAYING IT IS RIGHT!!! BUT, LeBron used the same slur, AND IT WAS NO-STORY!!!! Look it up on youtube if you need to see it youself.

  81. theholyspectator says:

    this is professional sports..you dont say things like that publicly..even if it wasnt considered as a gay slur which it wasnt..you dont use language like that…hibbert is a idiot for not understanding at least that much..words like that ..that just come flyin out the mouth naturally is from habit..so im sure his everyday language uses words like that…which is fine but not in public where millions are watching…thats how you lose sponsorships and endorsements ..its like goin to an interview or talkin like that with a client, you just dont do that, hibbert just seems like an idiot by how he talks and his body language…big dumb moron…but hes playing well tho…

  82. isiah thomas says:

    i am a Detroit pistons fan and I fell in love with their style of play since last year. I have watched nearly all of Indiana’s regular season games and its no surprise that they are in this position right now. With a few additions to the bench and getting a healthy Granger as a 6th man,Indiana would be in the conference finals often for years to come . I understand Hibbert’s frustration,he could’ve picked less offensive words to describe it but it happens for many of us right. We say things that we shouldn’t have even if we are right about it. Many people would not still watch them next year but I won’t be one of them . It would be an amazing achievement for Indy to make the Nba finals this year. If they lose,its okay,Miami were the only favorites to win the title 2 months ago and Indiana have succeed to change that perception of many and question the Miami Heat’s capacity to win it all this year

  83. Franklin McCants Jr says:

    No homo? No homo really? That’s what people are getting so bent out of shape about. It’s a joke, and if people really think that’s homophobic, you have to hear some of the harsher things people say. Kids say no homo, bros say no homo; its just a joke so people, including gays, need to stop being sensitive about it.

    As far as the media part goes, I noticed last night during game 6, that the commercials only showed highlights of the Heat. Whenever these two teams player, before it went to commercial, it would show scenes of heat players prevailing and pacers players fustrated. People keep saying that the Heat will dominate this series and take in 4…then it was 5….now its 6. ESPN even disrespects the pacers from time to time, even going to the extent of discrediting their efforts by showing uneccesarry love to Lebron. This series ends in Game 7 for a reason, and its that the Pacers are showing that they deserve to be in the finals. I’m a knicks fan, and I knew the pacers were going to win that series, I’m not a bandwagon fan, I just show respect to those team, who arent the Heat, that prove they are a threat in this league.

    • tideofunc says:

      franklin, your words “No homo? No homo really? That’s what people are getting so bent out of shape about. It’s a joke, and if people really think that’s homophobic, you have to hear some of the harsher things people say. Kids say no homo, bros say no homo; its just a joke so people, including gays, need to stop being sensitive about it” are so true. an openly gay poster above said the “no homo” spoken by ROY HIBBERT was definitely not a gay slur. others, obviously not of that persuasion, complain about it and demand ROY’S suspension. trying to equate his words w/the actions of the buzzardman to warrant a suspension is totally, totally ludicrous, as is the $75k fine.

  84. Dave says:

    Love our ultra sensitive society

  85. Sam says:

    I call BS. He used a phrase that is a common phrase in today’s society. The only reason people are up in arms about this is because he used the word homo. But since when has the word homo become a socially unacceptable word?? And if it has the word mono become also become socially unacceptable. Everyone needs to stop being so emotional and chill out, not everything everyone says is an insult. Don’t let it be.

  86. SKris says:

    Fining by the NBA is just placing more money in the pockets of the league. It doesn’t help the fans who were offended and hurt or change anything. Look at all the flops still going on. He should be suspended and exemplified to the youth who don’t think being in the NBA is an honor and a gift to showcase to us sitting at home or in the stadium.

  87. King George says:

    he push hibbert on the air with his right arm. referee near the action see it clearly.

  88. Ken says:

    on another note to if HIbbert should be suspended for that comment Lebron should be suspended for those ridiculous flops hes been pulling this season just play defense my goodness, and suspension for the refs for calling a tech on hansborough when he didn’t do nothing what has the league come to these days. This is a mans league not a league for boy s

  89. timo says:

    Its hard to argue that Roy wasn’t hardly done by in DPY award. Sekou Smith should at least acknowledge this. There were certainly more sexy picks out there than big lumbering Roy Hibbert. But he has now shown everyone who didnt watch Pacers games this year who the real DPY should have been.

  90. Dont Trip says:

    Get ovr it , calls are missed, slurs r made (by everybody -given most in private), who promised u the world was sugar n spice… These Maud Flanders types who r screaming “won’t somebody think of the children” n these same holier than thou parents should be enforcing bedtimes!.. nothing good happens @ night especially not nighttime television.. As far as homosexuals go, didn’t hear the comment but get ovr it -if I got ignorant every time I was called a spic I’d have no time to enjoy tortillas

  91. Whitebeard says:

    I love that comment by Roy Hibbert. He was maligned at Georgetown as an underachiever but I could see then that he’d become a force in the NBA. All players need to be in a system that utilizes their strength’s before they can shine and get the recognition they deserve. I’m “old school” and appreciate the kind of CENTER who plays tough defense and has some post offense. It doesn’t have to be Wilt or Bill, in the post, guys like Artis Gilmore are game changers too.
    He will no doubt be fined by the league for using profanity because the NBA wants to portray a squeaky clean image.

  92. Simone says:

    The media is being too sensitive y’all can’t handle the truth. They are trying to to make something out of nothing. Shame on you Sekou for jumping on the bandwagon. Saying “no homo” is not a gay slur is just a slang and when someone calls out the media they always try to turn them into the devil. Shame on the media and you Sekou for this clearly biased article. Leave Hibbert alone.

  93. Dojam says:

    Memphis is not a bigger market than Indiana, so his argument dies right there… Second, what was indiana’s record during the regular season ?And in the east… Where Miami, while dealing with wades injuries and offensive inconcistency dominated the Conference effortlessly… Be real, It´s not about markets, or money. Gasol’s award was very weird, but even 2 guys on the memphis team have more reasons to be upset (Allen and Conley ), same goes for Lebron,

    The Pacers are having a great playoff run, although I’m not a fan of the team, you got hand it to them, they are dominating the paint like West Conference teams do, playing terrific defence, and George is making a name for himself.

    But also, don’t forget, that Wade looks like a below average player right now, a good quarter wade style in one of the loses, and this series might be over.

    And the whole “he’s wrong to say it, but he´s right, so we got his back” argument, this is just basketball, people need to realise that, unless you want hatred to reign over sports rivalries, if you think that´s a good thing, look at things here in Europe sports wise, where you can´t take your family to watch a highly rated game, and most times, there is trouble with the police and at the stadiums. Again, it’s just sports, not a fight for some high praised right or freedom. And doing or saying the wrong thing for the right cause never makes it right, never…

    As fan, for everything going on in the basketball court, its just great, we got a Game 7 tomorrow, Parker’s Spurs waiting for the winner. Just good times.

    Let´s keep real and for what it is. There is enough trouble in the world, and the NBA is at the opposite side of things, it´s great, hope everyone keeps at that…

    Cheers from Portugal

  94. Nbabigballer2 says:

    There is NO Gay slur in there Sekou , I watched it back to see if I missed it and nope still Nothing! P.s. Refs do favour Miami cause how can Birdman be Suspended for a Game but not get Ejected when it happened? When Mohammad(Bulls) pushed Lebron it was an instant Ejection but Birdman can get away with pushing Hansborough to the ground unprovoked and comeback and push him again BUT then he still plays on as if nothing happened. Refs/NBA really need to stick to the rules and not be Bias towards certain players cause it ruins games

  95. Jay K says:

    Jason Collins is the pioneer to admit being a homosexual NBA basketball player which occurred this year. Some people don’t know the word “Google”.

  96. Look I love good games and all I want is the championship to The Heat.

    Bad words come bad words go…

    About the Hibbert:

    that things happens.

    Lets go Heat.!!!

  97. Be humble and respect the game says:

    Players aren’t afraid of fines cause they’re loaded so he should be suspended as a penalty for this kind of language..It doesn’t even matter if what he said is true(about favourism), he shoud express himself in non- ofensive,violent way and he could still make that point, he simply crossed the line. And yes, this must aplly to all players, anytime in any sport.
    One more thing, his actions effect the hole team and by doing so he unjustfully puls everyone in his cave..
    I’m very disappointed by mr. Barkley and O’neal for aproving of his comments.

  98. GangstaP says:

    My recent comment wasn’t posted because I spoke the truth about this whole situation. It’s funny how the media only lets your voice out what they want to hear and what they want everyone else to hear, the rest is blocked out. So much for freedom of speech and this being a free country.

  99. AlwaysaPacers says:

    OH please people! I’ve heard worse from famous coaches on TV than this. Especially with Bobby Knight and others. He said what he wanted to say and that’s it. Paul George put a exclamation on Game 7 victory with a dunk on Lebron! Birdman and Chris Bosh posters are done.

  100. mamaceta says:

    It seems that the Pacers have really a bad reputation. Hibbert, Hansborugh and even West can do what ever they want on the court and still be allowed to play. But should a Heat player even look as if they are doing anything, here comes the Technical or even suspension. I am tired of seeing such poor sportsmanship from the Pacers but what should I expect when Coach Vogal sets such a poor example.

    • tideofunc says:

      mamaceta: the most ludicrous post i’ve ever read. nothing HANSBROUGH, HIBBERT, STEPHENSON, or WEST have ever done even approaches the malicious intent and nature of the buzzardman’s foul against HANSBROUGH. moreover, he fouled the wrong player as he was pushed by PAUL GEORGE. the buzzardman is not only vicious and out of control but dangerous, too; something the league does not need.

  101. sartes says:


  102. whocares says:

    lol the nba is a joke, hibbert doesnt have to apologize for anything

  103. Bongo says:

    Who is Jason Collins? never heard of him.

  104. justajoker says:

    Is this moderated?

  105. BlueandGoldblood says:

    The unfortunate part of all this for the Pacers is the fact that the probably more important after game comments are being overshadowed in favor of bad PR press… Dwayne Wade said following game 6 “We’ve got guys individually who want to play better,” Wade said. “But we’ve got to try to help each other out in this locker room and not leave it up to the individual to self-will it.” hinting towards he and Bosh not getting the ball enough and how Lebron James was trying to take over too much. James responded to the comments saying “I mean, we can state the obvious; they’re both struggling,” James said of Wade and Bosh. “When you’re struggling, the best thing to get is a layup or a dunk. [Wade] missed a couple of them … Chris is struggling with his shot and him hurting his ankle didn’t help.” Almost looks like that the locker room is starting to crack and the “Big Three” are not on the same page. Hibbert made some less than favorable comments following a great game that really he didn’t need to make because after this series something tells me the world will be watching. The whole gay slur thing is a part of normal slang conversation for a lot of people in his age group but with today’s world of social media everyone knows we can’t be 100% free in speech even if slang doesn’t represent personal views so that was a mistake.

  106. Joshua says:

    When did motha******* ever become a gay Slur Hibbert right the Media, you guy are stupid anyway to make person look bad for putting your stupidity on blast I see…His rep will grown with the fans now for being real and honest and you guy are hating it. OBVIOUSLY!!!

  107. justajoker says:

    A lot of words coming out of his mouth, but it must be frustrating to watch all that overrated Howard, Mark Gasol, e B. Lopez getting all defensive awards and reputation as best big men in the league when they can’t get the job done like Hibbert.
    I didn’t watch the Pacers much this season, just like all reporters, including Sekou, but I’m pleased that this small ball club from Indiana is playing so fine against the big bad floppers Heat.
    As a Magic fan, I hope Vucevic develops and gets dominating like Hibbert.
    That’s all
    Also I noticed so many good things on Paul’s game that reminds me so much of McGrady on his best days.
    Go Pacers!
    Get the job done, one game to go!!

  108. Ron says:

    Okay. If they wanna fine Hibbert for being honest… they should fine LeBron’s flop last night…AND EVERY GAME THIS SERIES….

  109. Eli wol says:

    If he is not suspended for at least the next game.. All lgbt need to boycott the nba! Everyone should feel respected.

    • googergieger says:

      In that case should every LGBT boycott ESPN for not firing Chris Broussard? Or boycott every Warrior game because Mark Jackson is the coach? Please, stop.

  110. alp says:

    I think roy hibbert was just really fired up from winning game 6, came out in the post game conference, still fire up and said some things he shouldn’t have. did he cross the line? yes. will it happen again? i doubt it. i feel like when nba players, or ANY sports figure says something that wasn’t even intended to offend the gay community is taking way out of porportion EVERY SINGLE TIME. but it is what it is. anyways, i think miami is gonna win this series because Lebron will come out with that look in his eyes. whenever miamis backs are against the walls he has that look in his eyes. if he DOESN’T, then it’s all over. dwayne wade, and chris bosh are ghosts, ray allen is in the worst shooting slump of his career… basically is the Miami Lebrons. and i also want to add another fact: people say lebron doesn’t deserve credit for winning a ring because he did it with 2 other “superstars”. truth be told dwayne wade before the big 3 played like a superstar when lebron came it’s like he decided to tune down his game and he has never consitently played like a superstar SINCE lebrons arrival in 2011. Chris bosh hasn’t either. they both have had flashes of their old selves but have NOT lived up to being “superstars”, in my eyes at least. whether you Lebron haters like it or not bron did what he did in cleveland HIMSELF and for the most part in Miami, HIMSELF.

  111. googergieger says:

    I’m gay. It wasn’t a slur. Not everything is a slur. There is such a thing as context and intent. I find it more offensive that you are faking outrage for a cause you care nothing about. Apparently Collins and every gay person should be offended at something that is the equivalent of a, “that’s what she said” comment. Grow up Sekou, or at the very least grow a conscience.

  112. coachpop says:

    Lebron James has said that same “slur” before…. Suspend him!

  113. Ken says:

    This post is wack when did m-fer become a gay slur, and where did jason collins come into relevance in this conversation lol. Pacers are the underdog everybody counted them out, HIbbert just wanted to respect he needed thats about it, these NBA writer’s are mad that there’s an actual team that could eliminate the Heat for the poor performance. Don’t make nothing out of something

  114. dazeylz says:

    Sekou, I’m disappointed that you were not more fair in this article. You are the only Yahoo reporter for whom I have any semblance of respect, especially in sports – you seemed to have both history and perspective of the game as well as an understanding of the politics involved these days. But you let me down here – I read this article all the way down to the end expecting you to balance it off, but you clearly took the side of the media here and even seem to have gotten your digs in? You know very well that Hibbert is absolutely correct about this issue and it’s seriosuly gotten ridiculous. I’ve not seen you point so many fingers out without calling everyone on the carpet. At least end your article acknowledging that repoerters do play favorites, have unfounded/unearned tremendous influence over careers, and perhaps the fans and players should be the ones to vote for these awards.

    WE fans are the ONLY ones out of all of you in sports & media who are NOT profiting, but WE are the ones paying for the tickets, buying the merchandise, reading your articles, buying your sports magazines – we do not have any motive to make profit. Reporters should not have that much power nor influence, they don’t deserve it. That sounds closer to what I expect from you as a more balanced writer.

    but Hibbert is indeed correct. He had to sit there and give reporters their story, after being ignored and forgotten all season kong? Yeah, they probably held his career back by not giving him due credit, so he should sit there and help them advance their careers off the back of his success??? Yeah, I get his anger, and everyone else uses that type of language toward woman all of the time and no one cares, nor takes notice, but swear in front of a reporter under theGreat Dictator Stern, and it’s a crime? Silly. No, should not have been said, but don’t start taking the righteous road now folks, too little too late.

    Sorry Hibbert, you’re right by this fan. Unfotunately I’m a Celtic & routing for LeBron this year, but I respect your speaking up. I’m betting a few other players just might be sending anonymous donations to your fine fund!

  115. AG says:

    Roy Hibbert is the man! go pacers

  116. McDonald says:

    It is what is, the media were too bias to some teams. I think NBA has to change its course and their rules. Commissioner shouldn’t have a power just by himself alone to pose any punishments to players rather than to have a committee that will review whether the game, players, and stuffs opinions from the media. When you hot, you are hot you can say anything and that shouldn’t be taken as serious opinions serious matters. Let the players play and let the fan watch it. For me, Roy Hibbert he didn’t do anything wrong, he just express what he is seeing going on.

  117. jreyna02 says:

    the media acts like they’ve never ever ever ever.. used a gay slur in their lives… political correctness at work here..

  118. joe says:

    Miami exemplifies that when the best players in the league all join up on the same team, that team will be great.

  119. eh says:

    perfect word choice.

  120. George says:

    to all the people that didnt see the whole “gay slur” thing, I read that he said “no homo” after answering a question and the media turned it into this whole thing. Personally, I think they’re being too sensitive.

    • dkh says:

      . small market teams.what about okc. cmon they are that good. let the pacers defeat the heat and everything else will fall into place

  121. dan no says:

    The more the NBA tries to muffle the personalities of players and coaches in a police state like environment, the more people will start to look at other entertainment options. Real basketball is fun to watch. Notice pro wrestling where everything is scripted, has lost in popularity to real MMA fighting. People want the real deal, not Shane Battier pretend stuff, and guys acting like robots saying the same things at every press conference.

  122. McFlyHigh says:

    He cursed, not killed anybody. you guys need to calm down.

  123. AckWrite says:

    HE SAID ‘NO HOMO’ THAT’S IT!? I guess I didn’t see the context he said it in but that’s it? That’s what offended the world?! HE PROBABLY WATCHES THE BOONDOCKS FOR CHRIST SAKE ALSO A TV SHOW ON NATIONAL TELEVISION! What the—You know what forget it. Fine it was in bad taste with Jason Collins (Whose probably also seen said show) coming out recently but this is just ridiculous. Are we saying that every homosexual in the world is a closet case that isn’t proud to be who they are, and that every single slur used is taken as a direct shot against them. They’re not ‘weak’ people, and I don’t think this was a big deal. But in the NBA the Media decides practically everything when it comes to right and wrong.

  124. Ryan says:

    What happened to freedom of speech? And where was the gay slur?

  125. mark Rienstra says:

    You and everyone else in the “media” are making this a lot worse than what it really is… Roy didn’t say anything that i felt was out of line nor that i havn’t heard from other superstars or all stars from the NBA or any other sport. You and everyone else in the media needs to get over themselves, because what Roy said is no where near as bad as the gay slur KOBE BRYANT made toward and official a couple years ago

  126. dan no says:

    Fake controversy. The guy said nothing offensive, if you are intelligent enough to understand sarcasm, and don’t have a vested interest in stirring up controversy. Next.

  127. K. says:

    Everyone who says what he said is true and justified are looking at this whole situation from emotional standpoint. If you looked at the big picture you would understand the leagues perspective and why the penalty system is what it is. What would happen if players could go on air and just speak the way they do between themselves in the locker room or somewhere in private? How much impact would it have on the way nba is perceived as a professional basketball league accross the globe if they werent penalising players for such language? Think about it…

  128. John says:

    Just cause Y’all win that game doesn’t mean you guys are all that…

  129. debimc52 says:

    HEY Wade & Bosh……..IS ANYONE HOME!!!!!

  130. William Fisk says:

    So Roy Hibbert shot his mouth off . Does he know why people don’t watch them play because they are terrible to watch . They were 25th in attendance for a reason . No body wants to watch guys miss lay ups or Hibbert clumsily run up the court . He has a lot to say now but underachieved for most of the season and basically stole millions of dollars from the Pacers. I don’t understand why he has his chest all poked out when the Refs made a horrible call and have been affecting the results of these games. People complaining about the Heat flopping .It seems that Refs don’t blow the whistle until they flop . They had 1 count them 1 free throw in 24 minutes of play and that was a technical foul. This is what the League Office wanted . Also all the people talking small market this and small market that. The 3 largest markets in the NBA are the Lakers,Bulls, and Knicks. The Heat are 15th or 16th when it comes to NBA markets the Cleveland Cavaliers have a bigger market than the Heat . Look it up . People that think Miami is a large NBA market must think Double Clutch Lay ups are illegal too.

  131. GangstaP says:

    I think it’s a great day for the NBA that we finally have someone who hasn’t fallen into the homosexuality conformity. If it’s OK to be gay and to express it, then it should be OK to be straight and to express it. If it’s OK to support homosexuality, it should be OK to go against it. Not everyone has to fall into this blind conformity to homosexuality. If it’s natural to be homosexual, then there should be proof for it which there isn’t. The organs are called reproductive organs. They’re like magnets. Opposites attract. The same are not meant to go together. Stop being afraid, people. If someone says you’re closed minded because you don’t support homosexuality, they’re stupid because they only do it to try to act like they have become some open minded individuals. If homosexuality is going to be legal, so should necrophilia because it can be argued that it’s natural as well. Neither of them are natural.

  132. Someone says:

    this country is too damn sensitive…what he said was just the truth. as for Miami fans arguing he should be suspended… you guys are pathetic for hoping so. what happened? are you so afraid that you’re gonna lose game 7? but you’d better hope he gets a suspension (not happening) coz he is gonna eat you alive once again

  133. UsedtobeHibbertFan says:

    Indiana is part of the small market in the NBA. I’ve thought I want Roy Hibbert to be in the Finals. If you want so much exposure on TV then ask a trade to LA or New York. You need the big market to be on TV always for the big crowds or for more cable subscribers. I guess you will loose game 7 anyway. Don’t worry, you will like another Steve Stipanovich or Rik Smits, two of the greats centers for Indianan Pacers who end their career because of injury.

  134. CWhit says:

    why is it such a big deal of players care of what media has to say about them?

  135. George says:

    Lol at all the people saying he should be suspended! Cursing has been a part of the NBA for years upon years. I guess this is what the new pussified league can do to it’s new fans hahaha I loved Roy’s grit here and the fire he has, reminds me of a throwback center in some ways, quickly becoming one of my favorite players to watch.

  136. Joe says:

    Wow people are really stupid…..I see a lot of people saying who cares if he says this he can say what he wants…..But on LIVE TV with kids watching……ok now thats crossing the line

  137. Chris J says:

    I don’t think this dented his rep at all. He is the most aggressive center in these conf. finals who hasn’t gotten the spotlight as much as he deserves. The media has disrespected him for long enough and saying what he said shows that the heat are dealing with one angry, large man. A combo they are having trouble with stopping. You go Hibbert, keep that intensity up.

  138. Nick says:

    There is no gay slur here. You should edit the article immediately to reflect this reality. Leaving it otherwise is completely irresponsible journalism.

    • Victorgladium says:

      I totally agree on that. We need two sides of a story to get good journalism.

  139. DRE says:


  140. MJH says:

    Hibbert described his defense on LBJ as “no homo” and called the media in general “mother*****”. It’s just a really stupid move on his part.
    He was probably still hyped up from the game and it just slipped out, still very dumb things to say on national TV.
    Also the charge he drew on James was, as far as I understand the rules, a defensive foul. His feet where clearly inside the circle when he jumped up. That would make it a foul on Hibbert or, because he jumped straight up, at least a no-call.
    The tech on James was the right call based on the rules, but isn’t it really sad that players have to hold their emotions in check at all times. He didn’t even say anything, Vogel was openly celebrating, which is ok? But running away is somehow not ok? I don’t really get why they restrict all the emotions!

  141. Steadfast Pacers says:

    Wow all these comments about Hibbert just show how people really do not watch them play. Hibbert is not dirty or lazy. He is like most of the pacers, a character guy. How come no one mentions where all the things he says about the Pacers having love for one another and the things he said about having PG’s back. The media are MF’s and playing true to form for getting all upset.

    “No Homo” is the equivalent of that’s what she said. Obviously he shouldn’t have said it considering it was bound to get him roasted, but its a harmless joke that shows NO ill will against gay people. Hopefully the new spokesperson Jason Collins will say that Hibbert’s comments were not a gay slur.

    If anyone deserves a fine its LeFlop for that diving act against Paul George.

  142. Oh Yeah says:

    There was no ‘gay slur’. That’s just Sekou trying to make something out of nothing. The dude spoke the truth. You can’t handle the truth. The small markets get the shaft every year. We all see it. Miami + refs = victory for the heat. It’s a given.

    The NBA is losing credibility every year. It’s to the point now where the refs have too much control over the game. Refs can dictate momentum at any time. Pay attention to when they start calling touch fouls after not calling anything for 3 quarters. Or, when they start calling technicals for a player expressing his frustration at a call. Or, when the 3 second violations start getting called, or not called. Refs control the flow of the game and they can kill a teams momentum with any one of these tactics. With that much control their biases come out. And yes, they are biased. How do I know? Because they walk on two legs, ie; They Are Human.

  143. hobba says:

    so you are mad because he said the truth ??? better write some good articles about Indiana it’s not always about the cry babies heat team, i’d like him to show you media people what you are worth, you are nothing just some guy who thinks he knows stuff wohoooo big deal !! what did you accomplish to even speak about great players or judge them ?!!! just shut up man and let the stars play…

  144. usmainesun says:

    I am glad you, I mean the author, just represent your own opinion. Fortunately you are not NBA commissioner.
    by the way, why somebody so sensitive to what Hibbert said? Do these people feel they are different from others or the media put then in that position?

  145. Andrea says:

    The NBA should suspend Hibbert. If they suspend someone for a push cause is bad for the image of the game… Well, isn’t this worse? This just proves once again how stupid he is. He has the chance to go to the Finals and put everything on the line because of his ego. No one cares about his (fake) apologies.

    • Joe says:

      Completly right….Everyone says that a push is so dirty yet this guy curses on live tv and they say he can say what he wants the media is stupid…..The haters just twist things around in their minds so it fits into their reality.

    • tideofunc says:

      a graduate of GEORGETOWN UNIV., one of the finest colleges in the world, ROY HIBBERT is not stupid. just because he speaks his mind, which is the truth, btw, and you disagree w/it and dare insult his intelligence illustrates that you are the one exhibiting the criteria of stupidity. GO PACERS!!!

  146. Ray says:

    Where was the homophobic slur at?

  147. mee(a)t says:

    Who cares what the media thinks? Hibbert established that he’s a problem for the heat in Game 1.

  148. S. Benjamin says:

    So Roy Hibbert swore while talking to the media, big deal. I personally don’t like to hear swearing, but people do it all them time and there is clearly fustration beneath the surface. Hibbert as a person should not be defined by one slip of the tongue.

    And as for the ridiculousness regarding the ‘no homo’ comment, I think people are just being way too sensitive and making issues out of nothing. I have no issues with gays and believe that everyone has the right to their own lifestyle choice, but once someone comes out – especially in a sports or celebrity environment – every little action or comment someone makes is blown up. No homo is a slang term that is in no way used to offend the gay community.

    It seems a bit unfair to me that people are having to change the way they speak, change who they are, double-think the decisions they make and sometimes leave their beliefs behind just to please everyone. Let people be who they are and let Roy Hibbert be who he is.

  149. J.R. says:

    Kudos to you Hibbert, Indiana Pacers don’t really get much attention from the league but You boys are making BIG strides this off season and I hope you guys make it to the big show!

  150. STAR89 says:

    there’s no reason for those comments. he just did cross the line and has to be fined. if anybody else talks the way he did has to be fined also. that shows the immaturity on Hibbert and this Indiana team.

  151. Aussie Bulls says:

    Hahahahaha, he says the F-word once in a news conference and you Yanks get so riled up, political correctness overload, it’s just four letters that means nothing. Get over it.

  152. me says:

    get him out of the ghetto but u can’t get the ghetto out of him.what a choice of words.he wants to destroy his reputation before even building it.if u want respect earn it consistently with stats, leadership, and more. keep your ghetto self to yourself u and your family.

    • AckWrite says:

      Alright Sekou, you need to write about this comment next. That’s right, this one. I live in the ghetto and I’m offended. Bust out your keyboard and get to typin’.

    • tideofunc says:

      your comments about ROY HIBBERT and the ghetto are totally objectionable and racist. first, being from the ghetto does not automatically suggest you are a thug, which ROY certainly is not. some of the finest people in this country, not just athletes, are from ghettos and have prospered greatly and made important contributions to the advancement of our society. moreover, i truly detest usage of the word “ghetto” in your context because citizens from those areas are unfairly stigmatized by people like you. based on your words, it seems you feel all poor people are worthless criminals and, you are so far from the truth. fyi, ROY comes from a nuclear family w/2 loving parents, present at many of his games, who did a wonderful job raising him whether in the ghetto or the suburbs.

  153. mrcontrovercy says:

    Wow, okay I guess my computer is a little off. There was only one comment (patty) when I sent mine.

  154. mrcontrovercy says:

    My question to that last post is, don’t you think that (Indiana being a smaller market) it would be big for the league (players/fans/ect.) if the better teams were who we saw/see? Clearly, for the past few seasons teams like Indiana, Memphis, Los Angeles (Clippers), Golden State and a few others are just as deserving! I’m not saying that Mr. Hibbert expressed himself in the proper fashion, but his point has been heard. Let’s see what the league does for televised games for the future.

  155. Leif Kawg says:

    I have utmost respect for his game and agree with the general sentiment here. He’s up against Lebrawn et. al. the media AND the refs – at least us fans are willing to give him a break.

  156. Ken says:

    I’m still trying to figure out what gay slur starts with “m”………

  157. Pompin says:

    This reporter (Sekou Smith) is the biggest fan of Lebron James. He just writes things in defense of lebron, seems to be a flatterer of Lebron

  158. Eric says:

    What slur? Who cares anyway? This is sports! If you don’t have heart and a little anger you aren’t giving it your all.

  159. Dean says:

    What line did he cross!?!!? He said a word that EVERYONE says at some point! But…he is RIGHT! The media is the worst thing to happen to the NBA in the past 10 years or so! You morons pick MVPs based on who’s a nice guy…and not who’s the best player! If you had any scruples at all…KOBE would have 5 trophies…Nash none…Nowitzski none…and this would be Queen James third! I fully support Hibbert’s comments…especially since they weren’t detrimental to anyone!

    • tideofunc says:

      you are totally wrong w/your remarks about NASH and NOWITZKI not being deserving mvp’s. what parts of your obviously biased mvp criteria are lacking for those 2 players? i’d really be interested to see your response.

  160. some random 2nd grader...... says:

    what did he say?

  161. Hmmm says:

    Aaaaand another non-story! There is way too much media in sports and that’s how we start focusing on useless garbage that has nothing to do with basketball. Ridiculous reporting, here. Oh and where is the gay slur?!? I heard a mother slur, but that’s it.

  162. Umm...wut? says:

    Where is the gay slur? Agree with “Confused” — completely irresponsible journalism and Sekou Smith should be fined for _his_ insensitive remarks. They do nothing but inflame a sensitive issue where there was no inflammation!

  163. buddy lee says:

    i like hibbert even more now (no homo) …best center in nba….dominate miami 1 more game

  164. Louie says:

    i don’t think anything he said was offensive. I like Hibbert and the Pacers and I am a SPURS fan. With that said you can see the guy is real and honest. I think him showing frustration at the media and dropping an f-bomb is nothing. Let him keep playing good basketball and don’t fine him. Looking forward to game 7 and to be real HEAT, PACERS are the better team, we will see if the officiating denies them a victory…..

  165. Joe says:

    NFL is perfectly fine, for now.

  166. Joe says:

    NBA, my bad wow, i’m not thinking….

  167. Mike says:

    Good for him!

  168. ray says:

    this isn’t crossing the line its the truth the voting in the nba is so biased its almost comical if the voters watched every single team instead of just the top teams we would have more variety in the awards.

  169. jhrdr says:

    gay slur, really?

  170. jose says:

    indiana better be prepared for more criticism from the media, not only for the commercial importance of a series Miami – San Antonio, but for the game play in miami. I personally think that inexperience will play a role and render Indiana at the mercy of LBJ + Wade will step up his game a notch in spite of his injury. Hope the game is as competitive as the series has been !

  171. MasTER says:

    I would love that Indiana defeat the flopping team of miami. Miami is just Publicity, is like in the west about the spurs, over years everybody said: they are too old, and over years im watching the spurs in the playoff. so this is not about a DREAM TREAM, is about a extremly good game like SAS and Indiana

    • debimc52 says:

      The Pacers are certainly doing their share of flopping as well!!!
      This has been an extremely competitive series, both teams have
      had their share of UPS & downs, emotions have run themselves
      into the ground, however, having said that, this series would NOT
      be where it is now IF & only IF Wade & Bosh had come to play…..
      this has really been disturbing for Heat Nation……..GO HEAT!!!

      • Larry says:

        This series would have been over already had Danny Granger not been injured. Or if Indiana wouldn’t have backed off in game 1 overtime with 2 seconds left and figured Miami couldn’t score. Lesson learned. This series wouldn’t have even happened if the Bulls had Rose and Deng healthy. Miami would have lost to the Bulls. Miami is an overrated team that flops ALOT. Lebron is the ONLY reason they are here now, and had he stayed with the Cavs, I truly believe he would have won it all there too. The Cavs were so close and Lebron abandoned them.

  172. Bat says:

    Clearly, and you show it here, NBA reporters think too much of themselves. Hibbert is showing yo be a great player and that is the most important thing. And not disrepecting egocentric reporters. Cross the line?

  173. Doug says:

    Since when is calling someone a ‘m-Fer’ a gay slur? This is just poor writing and the media trying to put a negative spin on the pacers. This is not a gay/straight thing at all and I don’t think Jason Collins would be offended or should be offended.

  174. Ras Ta says:

    Hibbert spoke the truth; plain and simple.

  175. Pfft says:

    That apology is not in Hibbert’s words. Some PR agent did. Insincere

  176. Interesting says:

    Well the gay slur really wasn’t so much of a slur in my opinion. He was just clarifying he didn’t mean his comment in a homosexual manner. There is definitely double meanings in a lot of the things we say and in order not to offend people we normally take the time to clarify what we mean. That’s all it seemed like he was doing. I absolutely do not believe he said “no homo” in a malicious manner. Obviously, lets be real with ourselves now, that comment could be taken two ways and no straight man wants to be thought of as anything other than that and vice versa. Lets stop being petty here. The cursing was uncalled for on national television and he will be fined as he himself stated. But the “slur”, no, what he said was normal enough no harm meant. I’ve heard gay men say that when a comment towards a straight man didn’t come off as intended. He apologized and that should be enough.

  177. Bob says:

    I agree with Patty. Leave the man alone. So he said a bad word on national TV, so what. We all make mistakes. Yes, he is frustrated at the media. They have not given him the respect he deserves. But they will after game 7.

  178. Tyler says:

    i think its great that hibbert said what he said everyone is hyped for the heat and the spurs but yet forget that Indiana has a hell of a team not to take away from the heat or the spurs im a cavs fan in fact and I love to see players going back and fourth with each other I see no wrong in this just hes a superstar so people make a big deal about it same as if LeBron wade or bosh would of made this comment just get over it

  179. Brandon says:

    Everyone makes way too big of a deal out of someones sexuality and homophobic slurs in sports. Who cares? homophobic slurs are used in so many different ways now and are being taken in a way they arent meant, due to over sensitivity to a stupid topic. also why does a player being gay matter in his career? it doesnt it matters how they play, its bs that everyone wants to make a big deal out of if someone is homosexual or not, and it takes over what really matters and that is their performance in their profession.

  180. Matthew says:

    I missed out on the gay slur so I wont comment on it. I do however feel Hibbert was right with his comment about the media not watching them. I for one as a fan of the pacers am very happy that he made the statement. The reaction as it being awful and damaging his reputation is just a reflection of how overly politically correct our society has become. Go PACERS.

  181. Edub says:

    Anyone else notices that Sekou is ALWAYS the one making these kind of blogs about comments outswide the gam and seems to try to make it bigger than it seems?

    • Hmmm says:

      Gotta get paid somehow. They must have a quota on the # of stories they have to puke out. Irresponsible journalism!

  182. thunderup says:

    He just telling the truth.if you watch him he alters and changes so many shot at the rim i would rather have him then Dwight howard or any center because of his commitment to DEFENSE and hes the best at challenging without fouling.. finishing tenth in defense player of the year votes is crazy.the no ho** comment uncalled for. he said u can fine me for saying mot***** but he was already getting fined for that anyway.

  183. Wow says:

    All he said was no homo and you want to make that into a freaking homosexual slur. He meant no offence by it so there is no reason to be offended. Just pathetic how big of a deal this is being made into.

  184. Zzzz says:

    Oh my gosh let’s just blow this out of proportion again because he said the word “homo”. We all get that it’s not nice and insensitive and all that but c’mon, this is getting absurd. If someone calls someone else fat he usually doesn’t afterwards apologize to fat people everywhere.

  185. lakers gaza says:

    what hibbert said was no lie the media all wanna see miami win there bunch of floppers an dirty players i ope indiana win!

  186. Neil says:

    how is that a gay slur?

  187. Simba says:

    It’s sad that people have gotten so accustomed to celebrities, especially athletes, having programmed, politically correct responses that someone giving an honest, emotionally-charged response like Roy Hibbert will garner all this backlash. I, for one, was impressed with him being bold enough to say what was on his mind about where he finished in DPOY ranking. I’m sure many times when people asks these athletes about if they feel robbed of an award they want to have the same response but fair being reproached for their honesty. It’s a sad world where honesty is met with that response. As for those outraged he used the “mf” bomb on live tv and that kids could’ve been watching, 1) it was after midnight so in all honesty your kids should be in bed and 2) everyone watching has to have heard it at least once before. Grow up and stop acting like he directed it at you. As for the gay “slur” there was no malintent involved there, nor do I think “no homo” is a slur altogether. A slur has to be derogatory and aimed intentionally at someone. “No homo” is mainly used to clarify a statement that can be misconstrued as gay in nature when you’re actually straight. Childish it may be but inherently mean-spirited? I doubt that. Before last night’s interview I was a fan of Roy Hibbert’s game but after that honesty when asked that question, I’m now a fan of him as a person.

    • Simba says:


    • Joe says:

      agreed. ESPN and NFL has really lost any respect they may have had in my view because of their truly stupid political correctness.

    • Christopher says:

      He should be out for game 7 because saying no homo means I’m not gay for guarding James like that so are you saying gay men would be all up on king James ummmmm sit down Roy and wAtch game 7 with me from the house no homo

      • Randy says:

        That would be the only way the Cleveland Heat would win, Keep dreaming.

        Back in the freaking closet.

  188. juan says:

    referees really are the difference on the games when they are in favor of a team there is no way to the other team to come out with the win, the last offensive foul on James is the same that George gets in the previous game on James, no other player in the NBA will get this play to his favor ………..

  189. Notis says:

    Well as far as R.H crossing the line…you NBA.com guys should keep in mind the fact that both the Pacers and R.H himself have not only been disrespected in every way by the media but have also been “criminally” pounded by Heat players throughout each game against the heat…with officials looking the other way!!
    I dont hear any of you guys mentioning the way the whistle has totally protected Lebron & co from serious defensive efforts while on the other hand Pacers players have been receiving every kind of physical abuse without the slightest protection from officials…
    Its normal for a guy that receives this kind of treatment to snap…..
    so maybe he crossed the line…wouldn’t you?
    enough is enough with the way “king” Lebron and his team are protected from anybody challenging them….
    Nike’s poster boy should be treated the same way as anybody else….

  190. Confused says:

    There was no “gay slur” made. Describing Hibbert’s comments as such is irresponsible journalism.

  191. Gerald D. says:

    The poor guy was just telling the truth.. he’s got his heart around his sleeve. its straight from the heart. You cant blame the guy, to a certain extent the media pushed it outa him. The homosexual slur, ok maybe that can be seen as stepping the fine line.. but the ‘M’ expletive? ‘live microphones and a worldwide audience’? cmon! alot of high grossing hollywood movies shown ‘worldwide’ thave used the whole encyclopedia of expletives. do people really care? no. Do i care? no. its been around for centuries. As far as im concerned that’s one of the most real and best things ive seen on these nba interviews. And like what patty said. disrespect (sometimes) breeds disrespect.. hibbert has held himself well against the media, critics, and officials, and so has the whole team. He speaks on behalf of that whole team’s mind and heart. Whatever happens Roy, you got my respect.

  192. PacerNation2013 says:

    I agree that Hibbs didn’t mean to hurt anyone, but still man com’on Pacers just don’t need this kind of distraction right now. You say stuff like that after you take down Miami or after you win a Championship. What happens if his “slur” gets him suspended for game 7? With one word hibbert could have blown an entire season for the Indiana Pacers. Everyone has already said that NBA wants a Heat Spurs finals for ratings, so if that’s true and you believe it why give the NBA their window of opportunity? Grrr.. Pray Roy, Pray you didn’t just wreck an entire season of hard work.

  193. JL says:

    Now anything remotely considered a homosexual comment is automatically going to be in reference to Jason Collins? Come one media. You’re better than that.

  194. krespino says:

    Hibbert is more than 100 % right. Only with this kind of language the media will conceive that something is wrong.
    We are fed up with endlesss flow of media coverage on “superstars” while the real valuable basketball players are ignored. We would be forced to read whatever number of news pieces on Kobe tweeted this, Howard said that, Carmelo… Where are all of those superstars in the NBA conference finals? Would any real basketball team lose their first playoffs game at home with 39 points, (how many players missing due to injury is insignificant)? Lakers did that. With all-star players. Yet, all year long the media extensively covers the Lakers and the like and does not bring teams like Indiana and players like Paul George or Hibbert to limelight.

    • jose says:

      This Hibbert is as big as he is stupid: This is the only way for him to get in the News , been stupid ,alienating Gays and using profanity. He is going fishing tonight…

  195. King Gary says:

    Maybe cause roy hibbert fails to show up in the regular season year after year… Can’t just only play some post season series and be lazy most of the year.. Show complete effort and consistency, just lost a lot of respect for this guy, thought someone with a 4 year education in the NBA could show their intelligence through smarter remarks.

  196. Dodge Carithers says:

    The heat must find a way to defalte Hiberts play-he should be suspended for the next three games for his coments about the officials-and beleive it or not he is a very sly dirty player himself.

  197. emerson says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, MR.HIBBERT. The media guys has to listen the truth sometimes!

  198. billy says:

    since when is motherf*cker a gay slur?

  199. Alejandro from Arg says:

    Sorry Sekou… but Hibbert is right, Indiana didn’t have so media attention and everybody is saying “Indiana is making a pitchj against Miami?” That’s because nobody knows the great campaign their are doing. All this was made by the press…..
    Example: If you compare all the things that was talk at the beggining of the Playoffs…. Houston had more fanfarre that the Pacers (even now that everybody is talkin the possibly Howard and CP3 reuniting somewhere)

    But, I agree that Hibbert way to respond wasn’t correct, but don’t blame a lot, he was hyped by all what happens. I think that a shove in a game, or a insult in the game must be show as this note was made.


  200. Fred Garvin says:

    Hibbert comes off like a punk, this just confirms it. I hope they win game 7 so Tim Duncan can teach him a lesson on being a true baller/person

  201. Straight up Roy Hibbert did not cross the line he is absolutely right… for a player of his defensive caliber to be overlooked and come out tenth in nba voting and for honestly a average defensive scrub like Marc Gasol who in my opinion isnt even the best defender on his team (Tony Allen is) to win the defensive player of the year is nothing but a absolute spectacle.

  202. TWizz says:

    Here we go again… The NBA making a big deal out of nothing. What the NBA need to be doing is something about all the flopping that’s been going on, especially with Queen James. The penalties are not worrying any of these guys. $5,000 to help my team win? Sure, why not. $10,000? Chump change to these guys.. Flops should go towards the amount of fouls a player has available next. Flop 3 times in 1 game, you only have 3 fouls available next game. That would stop flopping, trust me.

    • Hmmm says:

      Good idea! But I say 1 for 1. You flop, you’ve fouled. Add it to the next game if it was determined to be a flop, post-game.

  203. Nero says:

    He can say what he wants.. that’s fine. In my opinion the Indiana and Hibbert don’t have enough respect before and now because they are not that consistent! Hibbert is just lucky that there are only few centers in the league who’s playing well. If Hibbert played in the 90’s he might change his opinion about playing “homo”.

  204. Vikram says:

    Well for his stupid comments, he needs to suspended for Game 7. This would send a warning to people who think they can say whatever they feel like and just pay fines.. which is nothing much for them.

    • Pimpicus says:

      Players get fined, not suspended for remarks made to the media. If they handed out suspensions for opinions there’d be nobody playing…not to mention censorship issues. BTW, in this great country of ours we exercise a certain right called “Freedom of Speech.” And, while the NBA has found a loophole which allows it to generate revenue off of the opinions of it’s money-makers they walk a very thin line.

  205. Raptors says:

    If you want to fine him….. go ahead and fine him…..I am sicken tired of looking at the reports from media how Roy crossed a line…..When Birdman was fouling players like a football players you guys didn’t say anything but the man shows his frustration with the media you have to remind us 1 million time how bad he answered the questions….. NBA we got the point you don’t have to write it 500 times on the website. Once is enough and in all honesty he proved his point. After all you guys want him to get fined BADDD that’s why you keep on writing down everything 500 times …… Good job Sekou!! Lets move on now please. BTW Patty I like your summery!!! Great Conclusion!!!

    • Joe says:

      How stupid are you? They made about 5 articles on birdmans foul and suspended him…..

      • tideofunc says:

        joe, there is nothing “stupid” at all w/raptor’s comment. apparently, you can not delineate truth from horse dung, so the term “stupid” more aptly describes you. if TYLER had flopped when buzzard-man pushed him w/those claws, the avian misfit should have been ejected subsequent to his malicious act and, also, suspended for game 6..

  206. George says:

    yeah and lebron crossed the line with his excessive flopping but i don’t see an article for that. oh well

    • debimc52 says:

      If you would check out the Pacer players rather than having your eye on
      LeBron all the time, you might see more flopping going on than you think!!!!

  207. arcticxx says:

    Whats wrong with that? As if what he said was not true. If indiana flunks in miami, people will say its expected, if they win they wont give them respect. What hibbert said does not mean anything if it came out from some superstar player. Media needs to be fair if they don’t want trouble

  208. MaxVinsanity says:

    Roy Hibbert made a mistake, yes.

    But honestly – his game is speaking louder than words right now.

    Fans will support Roy Hibbert. The big fella has grit, guts and game.

    -Hoping that Pacers will beat the Heat!


  209. LS says:

    Once again, media mountain out of a mole hill. I guess I missed what he said that Sekou thinks he should apologize to Jason Collins about. Play on!

    • Francisco says:

      Collins should apologize to all the teammates who he probably took advantage of , the same way I will in a locker room full of women

  210. Mike says:

    C’mon! Why in the world is everyone so thin skinned these days?? It was one imperfect comment, get over it! Hibbert was right on in what he said anyways. If you can’t see that, you have not been paying attention. The media wants to see Miami vs San Antonio. I’m hoping Indiana somehow wins this series though.

  211. leo says:

    he said nothing but the truth

    • Lisa says:

      I agree, Roy said nothing, but the truth, if the media does not want him answering quit asking questions that put players on the defensive. I think the media takes things to far sometimes. Everything he says is taken out of proportion, if you have a question make it pertinent to the game or the series, not his standings, I for one think you are one of the best big men in the game Roy keep up the good work on the court.

  212. Joe says:

    How is that a GAY SLUR?!?!

  213. Josh says:

    Who cares. Dont you have something better to write about. It seems every single NBA player has an outburst like this is some point. Why are we even surprised?

  214. fredsavage says:

    where’s the gay slur? when did m*ther*ucker become a gay slur? Stop trying to throw this black man under the bus sekou

  215. HEATGOING2LOSE says:


  216. jmoore says:

    its never that serious.. good stuff Hibbert

  217. Timmy says:

    While it is true that Roy Hibbert could have used better judgement when he spoke in the post game conference, let us not forget Shaq’s expletitive remarks post game on LIVE TV. So for me, it is not a real big deal, and if it is, then it should not be isolated like this report, because it is not an isolated incident, current and past players curse and have cursed. Charles Barkley did it as did Shaq, and both are employed currently as commentators. So go ahead Roy tell ’em how you feel!

    • BeFairNow says:

      Agree Timmy, Barkley used to say all sorts of nasty things and now is a Commentator, Spokesperson and potential politician. This is a distraction. How much swearing goes on on TV these days? Ever read Slam magazine? Ever watched South Park? Go Pacers!

  218. Kimmy says:

    I agree. Because he was exactly correct when he said the reporters don’t even follow their games. Frankly, neither did I until the playoffs. And if they lose tomorrow, I still won’t follow their games. But, he needs to limit certain things he says in public. He’s going to be fined either way.

  219. AH1ldy says:

    Where was there a gay slur? He swore, that’s about it…. Looks like someone is making this into something it’s not.

    • celtic533 says:

      I know right.People use that all the time and it has no implications to being a slur

    • Joe says:

      He said “no homo” but they didnt show it in the video

    • S.T says:

      At 3.59 Hibbert said “No homo” after he said that Lebron stretched me out. That has been edited out!

      • 321 says:

        sekou and everyone else who thought hibbert said a homophobic slur is an idiot…”no homo” means that u don’t mean it in a homosexual way. there’s nothing homophobic about it. and as for what he said to the media, who cares. the media deserves it. if they actually did some real reporting they wouldn’t be getting all this negativity. the league has turned into a joke where ure fined for expressing ur frustration. maybe the league should learn from this and fix itself. but then again all that fine money will be gone then won’t it and we cant’t have that can we?

    • tideofunc says:

      AH1ldy: i agree w/you as total confusion regarding this debate continues for me. i watched the interview and only heard one use of profanity: “mf.” i’ve used the word, sadly, many times in my life, usually when frustrated, and have never had any homophobic or racist intent when saying it. please, someone, explain to me how that unfortunate term is either homophobic or racist. perhaps it’s an idiomatic term w/different connotations in different areas. my brilliant wife is confused, also. although she’s only called me the term a couple of times in 33 yrs of marriage, i would like to be able to answer her question correctly on an athletic topic w/o losing face due to ignorance. please, esp fellow PACERS fans, help me answer/explain how “mf” is either a gay slur or racist.

  220. Oscar says:

    Very disappointing. I have been rooting for the Pacers thus far. But if a player of his caliber cannot handle the media respectfully, then I am not sure he deserves to be a champion. Just my opinion.

  221. Patty says:





    • NBArefsLOL says:

      If the NBA really had a hard on for the heat this series would be over already not going to a game 7

      • GJ says:

        Not necessarily. No other series has gone to 7 games this year yet. This series is being watched by more people than any other series in the playoffs so far, meaning its making the NBA a lot of money. Couple that with the fact that prior to the series starting you had the Pacers coming out and slipping in remarks about the way Heat games are officiated, so the refs have to try to make it look like a series. Last season the NBA had the hard on for a Durant vs Lebron Finals showdown that didn’t turn out to be much of a showdown at all, and they made that happen. The refs cost Boston game 2, by not calling the foul on Wade that led to a 4 point swing and the cHeat going up 2-0. The backlash was apparent so they let Boston get back into that series and win 3 straight to make it seem like they were calling games fair, but we know what happened in the end. The refs letting it go 7 doesn’t show anything. I guarantee the cHeat win this series and there’s going to be some controversial calls down the stretch to help them do it.

      • the mandalorian says:

        damm those refs and nba higher ups who control the leaque and games the way they do. I love how the results are always put down to these people but its never the teams or players fault.why follow the competition at all if you think its so rigged

      • keats 80 says:

        Got To agree with GJ in some way 3 or 4 games in south beach with the big 3 would be far more beneficial to the NBA bank account than 3 games In a small market like Indiana, I myself are a big Pacers fan and are probably their only fan ouside of the US, and I hope like hell they beat the heat in game 7, but even I a pacers fan cant see how LBJ was called for the foul with Hibbert. Im not saying there is a conspiracy with in NBA to cheat but it is in thier best intrest to have game 7s and have the Heat go to the finals

      • cool knicks fan says:

        To GJ: Yeah, and the refs made LeBron score 45 points and grab 15 boards.

    • LBJAllTheWay says:

      Yep, he crossed the line for no reason at all. People were already willing to shower him with praise and he calls them MFers and makes a homophobic slur, Whether or not he intended to hurt anyone or not, he did what he did and now the damage is done. To suggest that this was anything more than inappropriate is ridiculous and foolish, even if you write IN ALL CAPS like an idiot,

    • Dv8 says:

      At least he ain’t lying he is telling the truth he just kept it real he came out too raw but he kept it real thats what i think

    • Jas says:

      I hope Mr Stern had his ears open last night and the league takes the same action it took for Chris Andersen. Let’s see if Pacers can live without Mr Roy “Racist” Hibbert. Let’s see if the league is biased in its actions.

      • debimc52 says:

        Yeah……..AND, while they’re at it, they should check out the call missed on
        Hibbert while in the restricted area…….this call was WRONG, LeBron should
        have NOT been given a technical & should have gone to the free throw line……
        another BAD call by the refs, you would have thought that ONE of these refs
        could have come to James defense in this one……this turned the game around,
        for sure!!!!!!

      • AckWrite says:

        Lol so he’s racist now for being angry. I’m sure more than 70% of people in the world say things they don’t mean when they’re upset. You need to chill out with the racists card. And if they suspended him for that comment it would be utterly ridiculous just putting that out there.

      • Victorgladium says:

        dude, making homophombic remarks isn’t rasicm, get your hating right, that’s the least you can do

      • JB29 says:

        Haha so gay people are another race to you?

      • Pimpicus says:

        @Jas… Absolutely no racist comments were made by Hibbert at any point during the press conference. And, since when are homosexuals a race anyway? It’s crazy comments like that which diminish what minorities, particularly Blacks, have had to face world-wide for centuries, not to mention here at home in the U.S.

        @debimc52… Ummm, that play was reviewed at great length and Hibbert was well within his right to go straight up and contest LBJ’s layup while in the circle. Fair play. But, since you want to complain about “bad calls,” why aren’t you up-in-arms about D-Wade’s headhunting this series? Oh! You forgot he took a flying leap at Hill and elbowed him in the head or threw shots at West’s jaw and neck. The tech on James was well earned for his “unsportsmanlike conduct” not to mention the numerous flops that the refs didn’t call. Until the refs/NBA start making consistent deserved calls on the Heats superstars you and those who share your opinion will remain without credibility.

      • JV says:

        How it Roy Hibbert being racist in any way? Are you stupid? I don’t see a problem with athletes speaking their minds if its the truth. If its not the truth then fine them and do whatever, but he apologized and regretted everything.

      • S. Benjamin says:

        Erm… in what world is Roy Hibbert racist? He’s engaged to a causcasian female. And in my opinion, saying ‘No homo’ is not homophobic, it’s just a silly slang comment that has been made to seem worse than it is.

    • Kevin says:

      true bro, Miami is sometime too overated

    • Randy Marsh says:


    • Beads says:

      Actually, If I would be Hibbert, I would have used even more harsh language. Its the media, which can’t take criticism the issue here.

    • Loki says:

      While I agree he’s still gotta keep his cool. What if he says something that gets him suspended? They’ve got a realistic shot at the finals and they can’t afford to do anything to risk screwing it up

    • Srikanth says:

      Agreed. The whole system of fines looks overdone and misused to me. Player expresses some frustration; the league fines him. Somebody argues on a call; the league fines him. Tell the media that the officials did a poor job on a game; brace for a fine. How ironic! If the league decides that you flopped, you’re fined 5K, but if a coach tells the press that players on the opposing flopped, the coach gets flopped. It just feels like some sort of police state.

      • AckWrite says:

        Of course, once your on contract they own you. You pretty much can’t say anything detrimental to the NBA’s image. I can understand Hibbert’s frustration with people doubting them when they’re the best defensive team in the league. But again once your on contract you can’t say anything about that. that’s the game they play

      • Victorgladium says:

        word! I so admired their style of play, and I also think that a little frustration belongs in the game, that’s the beauty of it. I’m christian and I dont take it personal everytime people make fun of religious people on air, so shouldn’t gay people. People are too sensitive. Relax and enjoy the game please

    • Travis says:

      Agreed ^^^^^^^

      NBA pushes for big market teams to make finals. It makes it difficult for teams like the Suns, Pacers, and so many more to get the attention they deserve. It is bad business, the NBA should be about the best basketball, not about lining their corporate pockets. In this day and age, we need corporate greed to get over itself and we just need to have more fun. It is hard for low market teams to have as much fun when they can’t get in the cool kids club because of the city they play for. Expect more like Hibbert to stand up and be fed up until people get their perspectives and priorities straight.

      • Jake B. says:

        you know the Spurs are a small market team right? San Antonio is a small town. I’ve been to a Spurs game, and their stadium is tiny.

      • Marky Mark says:

        Ummm…San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the USA at 1.3M in population. It just overcame Dallas. You may want to rethink your position.

    • adumb says:

      It’s fine, he’s not getting kicked out of the league lol… the most he’ll get is a fine. 25k for them is like 50$ for you and me.

    • James says:

      you’re right. Pacers have been disrespected for a long time now. I’m sick of seeing that. but praying for tomorrow’s victory.

    • nba fan says:


    • Aria says:

      Why are you typing like a fool?

    • Tonice says:

      Im confused on what his anger towards the media has to do with him saying unnecessary gay slurs.

    • keats 80 says:

      In regards to Hibberts coments maybe he felt he had to say something controversial to get recognized?? he would not be the first athlete to do it. Give me Roy Hibbett over All Stars Howard and Chandler any day of the week!!!

    • vc1357 says:

      People who talk in upper case letters have pent up frustrations.

    • Jake B. says:

      uh… San Antonio is a small market. And they’re in the Finals. Again. Bad argument.

    • jose says:

      He got a fine for been disrespectful and stupid .I wait for him to face my SAS….