Game 7: Legacy On The Line For Wade?


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — One game doesn’t make a legacy.

One play, one moment, in one game, in one season does not make or break a career.

So why does it feel like there is so much riding on Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals for Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade? The growing mob of skeptics is writing him off as too old and battered to rebound from the struggles that have plagued him throughout this postseason and this series in particular. They’re ready to stick a fork in him and declare what had been the “Big 3” the “Big 1 and 3/4.”

Sure, there is much riding on this game for the other stars involved — LeBron James and Chris Bosh from the Heat and the Indiana Pacers’ trio of Paul George, Roy Hibbert and David West. The coaches, Miami’s Erik Spoelstra and Indiana’s Frank Vogel — and their respective franchises — have much on the line as well.

It goes deeper than that, however, for Wade. This game is about his legacy and whether or not he can bandage that busted right knee of his up tight enough to dial-up a throwback performance and help carry the Heat to victory on Monday night at AmericanAirlines Arena (8:30 ET, TNT).

Does he have the energy and intestinal fortitude to play through whatever pain he’s in and give the Heat more than the pedestrian (at least by Wade’s own lofty standards) 14.5 points on 44 percent shooting, 4.8 assists and 4.5 rebounds he’s delivering through the first six games? Can the Heat still “Call Tyrone” (Wade’s middle name) or do they need to look elsewhere for salvation, not to mention help for LeBron, in one of the biggest games of the Heat Big 3’s run together?

Wade says he and Bosh need bigger roles to help the Heat advance. They need more touches. And they need someone, presumably LeBron (even though he didn’t mention him by name in his locker room comments after Game 6), to facilitate this process since neither one of them has been able to do it on his own.

“We’ve got to do a good job of making sure me and Chris have our opportunities to succeed throughout the game,” Wade said. “That’s something we’re going to have to look at as a team.”

We’ve got guys individually who want to play better,” Wade said. “But we’ve got to try to help each other out in this locker room and not leave it up to the individual to self-will it.”

It’s hard to tell if that’s a plea for help or just a proud man stating the obvious. The Pacers have clamped down on anyone in a Heat jersey not named James. That’s why we have a Game 7, which is the ultimate proving ground for Wade and Bosh.

For the folks fortunate enough to make it through a conference finals Game 7, it changes lives in some instances. For superstar and future Hall of Famers like Wade, one championship secures your place in history. Two makes you a living legend. Three puts you in that rarefied air that only a select few occupy.

This stage is that great. Wade knows because he’s been here before. The reward carries a world of opportunities with it, a bevy of exposure that would not otherwise be available. Wade knows this better than most, having thrived in the Game 7 spotlight as early as his rookie season with the Heat back during the 2004 playoffs.

It was his star turn during the first round against New Orleans, back when Wade operated as the Heat’s point guard and wasn’t wearing all of the aches and pains that a decade’s worth of superstar work in this league that he does now.

Wade’s career record in Game 7s is 2-2, with each of those four games serving as defining moments throughout his career.

It probably seems a bit harsh for a player who is clearly struggling with an injury, but Monday night’s Game 7 could be one of the last of Wade’s career with him in a (super)starring role. The beating his body has taken over the years makes that a very real possibility. He’s younger than guys like Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, but in a similar predicament at this stage of his career. Like those elder stars, he carried a big load before finding playoff success (first with Shaquille O’Neal) and after that mini-run ended, carried the burden again before James and Bosh arrived.

That said, Wade has a way of surprising us when we doubt him, when things appear to be at their worst. So you’d be a fool to assume that he’ll do anything other than summon whatever raw energy it takes to be effective, to play like the man we used to call “Flash.”

Surely, he won’t go out with another 3-for-11 shooting performance and that measly 10 points he produced in Game 6 … that’s just not his profile or the Game 7 legacy you expect one of the league’s all-time great players to leave with us over what will be an extremely long summer for the Heat if they can’t hold off the Pacers.

One game doesn’t make a legacy.

But for every play and every moment in this one Game 7, Wade needs to act as if it does.

His career doesn’t depend on it. The Heat’s season, however, and perhaps this entire Big 3 experience, probably does.

And that’s a pressure far greater than anything the Pacers will bring Monday night.


  1. pokoko says:

    pokoko you rock nice messiging

  2. pokoko says:

    the heat rock go heat! lebron is going to put parker where he belongs in the thrash.because… YOU KNOW WHAT MY PEOPLE SAY NANANANANANNA AAHAHAHH

  3. notaheatnorspursfan says:

    hope you bandwagon folk enjoy the FAIR WEATHER as you watch your favorite team the heat fail in their quest for another ring.

  4. D says:

    dwade is dwade. he proved it

  5. blackmamba_38 says:

    Poor pacers. They just took the game 7 for granted. Its pretty obvious with the difference of 23 points, with paul george got
    only 7 points and hill with 13 points, whattt? as if they were not playing. Pacers fans now are quiet coz they lose lots of money for betting hheheheh… I was not surprised that the heat won, i was very positive that they will make it and they did. I thought
    it would be a challenging game but was not. Shame on pacers and pacers fans heheheh… Go heat!!!







  9. Cripple Rapist says:

    Dwade flip the switch On for his A GAME, simultaneously flipped the Switch OFF for the HATERS… LOL Let’s Go HEAT…..

  10. Neutral says:

    Although i must say. the heat has been battle tested.

  11. Neutral says:

    Yea but its not over yet

  12. Kilroy2James says:

    Lol these pacers are silent

  13. Oddy says:

    After entomb Indiana at Miami Arena in game 7, now it’s over.All pacer fans and Heat haters seat in front Your TV to watch Heat vs spurs in NBA final. Let go Heat! Let go Heat! Let go Heat! Let go Heat!!!

  14. Oddy says:

    Now it’s over. All pacer fans and Heat haters seat in front Your TV to watch Heat vs spurs in NBA final. Let go Heat! Let go Heat! Let go Heat! Let go Heat!!!

  15. DA_TRUF says:

    da champ emerged.

  16. Leo Estaniel says:

    It took us seven games, but it’s finally done. We are going back to The NBA Finals!!!

    Mr Bosh, just get me the ball. Flash, hang on we’re almost there. And King, just do what you said you’ve always loved to do. Win!

    Let’s go Heat!!!

  17. Ram says:

    Guys take it easy, they all make million dollars and play ball. We make close to nothing and watch these games pay money and fight over and get stressed out.

  18. MattSyd says:

    Dont worry about what the haters say d-wade.
    We have faith in you !!

  19. notaheatfan says:

    i dont think you can call the “super friends” a legit legacy. i mean when a team is absurdly stacked like miami, the road to the finals becomes a cake walk. id like to see the pacers advance but you know what they say ” money talks”. perhaps “vegas” thinks spurs vs heat is “sexy” as opposed to sa vs indy. lets throw out the bribes, the crooks, and the conflicts of interest and may the best team remain standing.

  20. Kwaku Azar says:

    Wade does not have to prove himself. He could be sitting in street clothes like the Chicago superstar.

  21. johnson says:

    he was injured all year yet he still put up 22 ppg at 55% fgp
    9th leading scorer on a team that has 3 potential hall of famers
    if there is someone to blame its bosh, what the matter with does he have a reason 4 not playing good, no he is just not good , he is 2 small , to many jumpers , needs to drive and foul out hibbert,

  22. johnson says:

    Amanda I totally agree with u

  23. MartinfromAustria says:

    There’s so much I could say about tonights game, but I will only say this: thanks for a miracoulos season so far and keep it going, I still believe in you Miami Heat!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Amanda Bynes says:

    This is way too funny, Dwyane Wade is injured! He has a severe bone bruise and is the same type of bruise that Amare took MONTHS too let heal. He is obviously physically limited. Now, he can deffinately have a MUCH better game than game 6 and he knows that. He didn’t necessarily complain about touches but said he and bosh need more opportunities. Meaning that they need more plays utilizing them. Either way Dwyane Wade is one of the best to ever play this game, 3rd best shooting guard of all-time. How can you put so much blame on someone who has to deal with a huge injury? Wade will deliver on defense like he has all series, and hopefully he will persevere and be very effective. All you haters need to watch basketball, not ramble nonsense.

  25. Vanessa says:

    Let’s not give up Heat fans! We need to stick with them all the way through and I KNOW they will play like a championship team tonight. I believe in your talent Miami Heat!!! Let’s go Heat!!!!!!!!!

  26. Vanessa says:

    Wade is obviously hurt and is mentally affected by this; Bosh just cannot match up with the Pacer’s size and needs to be more aggressive; Lebron is working hard and needs more help! I dont know how anyone could say Lebron needs to involve the other players more because he is the most unselfish player on the team. I pray for Heat’s win tonight and I hope that they maintain the chemistry that they have had all season because the mental aspect is just as important as the physical aspect.

    Coach Spo needs to go deeper in the bench and play Miller and Lewis who are very good players on both ends. Wade needs to sit out most of this game because he wont get healthy by tonight and it is frustrating to watch him play poorly. Come on coach, you also need to step up and make better decisions!

  27. vincent says:

    My messge for the heat in general is to leave it all on the court….things will sort them selves out from there…!!!
    Play hard …and win…..
    Play hard…and win……

  28. breatheeasy says:


    we all know the refs wont let the pacers win.

  29. W/E says:

    Wade fails big time this year, the guy got old too early and he got no outside shooting

  30. Luke says:

    Heat fans, don’t worry because Lebron will win 8 championships at least with the heat

  31. MIA says:

    For all those HEAT fan siding with lebron or wade ,quit it .This is a darn team we are “HEAT FAN” not “LEBRON FAN” OR “DWAYNE WADE FAN”. we cant fight and side against our own this is GAME 7 we need to come together not break apart DWAYNE WADE WILL COME THROUGH and LEBRON WILL FIND HIM AND BOSH so COME ON THE SPURS are waiting

  32. Lushie says:

    DWade will have a comeback game tonight. Its his home court and veteran like him knows what’s at stake here. Not only NBA finals but also his leadership!

  33. Freida says:

    Wade and Bosh have disappeared. LeBron needs help. Miami Heat will win because LeBron is the best player on the earth and he will WILL this team to win!

  34. Wade show these idiotic spurs and pacers fans you´re the man,kill them badly you´re a legend!

  35. baboy says:

    the referees decide the game.. one call could change everything in this game..

    • Art says:

      Exactly. Officials will try to give key Pacers players early fouls to force Vogel send them to the bench. Heat just can’t compete with Indiana starting 5.
      Pacers should stay calm when referees will ‘miss’ Heat fouls. It’s part of the game. I mean the game Mr. Stern plays and media support.

      Why nobody said that when Lebron received last technical in addition to elbow he purposely kneed Hibbert in the groin, so it should be a flagrant foul.
      In every other attack James does offensive foul. To please Stern official miss almost all of them and crossed a line a long ago. When fake king receive a foul media orchestrate complains that he was called incorrectly.
      Never in NBA history MVP was one of the dirtiest player and a flopper.

  36. HEAT says:

    I think Wade & Bosh were bought out!! They got paid to throw the game!! How in the world can you miss those easy shots!! Leave them on the bench and bring up James Jones & Mike Miller.

  37. IspeaktheTruth says:

    Well I filled Wade, every Batman needs a Robin, so give the man more touches, Wade did ring a before LeBron, so give the man touches and Wade do need to step his game up though. LeBron can not and will not win if they do not give Wade and Bosh more touches. Bosh needs to handle Hibbertt. Them Big 3 making way to much money for this to be happening. but give them more touches LeBron

  38. james says:

    Everybody is talking about the big three but what about the supporting cast? Battier and Allen are shooting very poor….I don’t understand why spoelstra is insisting on playing with allen when he has miller…he’s taller, shooting the ball well and a much bigger threat on a 3 point perimeter…he shot 3 for 3, from the 3 point line so the pacers would be concerned when he gets the ball at the 3 point line…it is an advantage…i would play with miller from minute 1…

  39. KeCe says:

    Spoelstra should limit Wade’s minutes. I don`t see him playing like a winner. His body-language is all wrong. Give others a change to step up.

    I sure hope this game 7 will be a hell of a fight 🙂 I’m favoring the Pacers this Series!

  40. JediJesus4 says:

    Wow im really to hear people saying that Lebron is trying to win it alone. I feel like the reason Lebron is trying to do more is bc Bosh and Wade (and some other important role players) are in a slump, not the other way around. I like Wade but the other night him and Bosh werent effiecient on their attemps, 4 of 19 i beleive, so what is Bron supposed to do? Im pretty sure Lebron is one of the most unselfish superstars in the league and will do whatever needs to be done to win

  41. Mike says:

    Miami will prevail at the end and Wade still has the grace of being a great player from God. May God give you victory and provide to Wade and Bosh their best as usual…Go Miami…in God We Trust…in Heat We Trust.

  42. beastmode says:

    If heat loose they need to trade lebron before he leaves for nothing in return in 2014 the man has no loyalty

  43. darko says:

    Down picks off the ball between Bosch and the Flash; some point guard drive and kick or drive and circle; James pick and drifting uptop with his radar on and some cutters; James dedicated to posting; careful time management for D.Wade; and a real management rethink for next season. Anyway its just a post streak (semi) meltdown. . .

  44. Dee says:

    Nobody is talking about coaching. Spoelstra has been out-coached more than once in this series. He has NO answer for Pacers physicality and has NO control over his superstars on the court.
    For instance, he finally decided to bring in Miller in the 4th quarter when Heat was down 13 pts, which was a good decision but LATE decision. Miller scored 2 quick 3s reducing the lead to 7, then another Lebron’s 3 make it to down 4, then Pacers called a time out. Then, that was the LAST time Miller got the ball for the rest of the game. Can someone explain this to me????

    Isn’t it the coach’s responsibility to make sure the right people get the ball late in the game???
    Am I missing something here????

  45. reynol pers says:

    Miami wins by a blowout and all of this garbage written here is forgotten. Bet your money on the Heat the cream always floats to the top. Stars will be Stars and Miami has them. Just relax and watch the show tonight.

  46. Nikolay Velickov says:

    i think that Wade will be stopped by indiana defenders again

  47. Jmoney305 says:

    I added a very nice long post but for some reason it has yet to be posted, what’s going on?

  48. PACERS says:


  49. Miles10 says:

    I love game 7’s coz it is the real test of mental toughness. Did I say mental toughness? If I remember it right, such term was mentioned by LBJ himself about describing what playoffs is all about. The Heat have been there. Too bad they have too much monkeys on their backs who would throw tons of bananas especially when they’re playing bad. More especially now that Bosh and Wade are not producing stats coz of their injuries.

    I smile broadly whenever I see loud comments of people who always root for any team the Heat faces. Boston, Chicago, Indiana, NYK, OKC, SAS, etc etc. Rooting for 29 teams? Wow, be my guess lol.

    Going back to the main topic which is the pressure on Wade. His achievements so far proves that he had already been in such situations before, he might overcome it again, might not. Regardless, that shouldn’t be a ground for removing his status as a great basketball player.

    Bring back the excitement once more!

  50. david says:

    the only thing to blame for there struggles in this series are the rebounds ….you cant win a game if your getting dominated on the boards………….but wade does have to be alot more aggresive and score the basketballl with at least 50% from the field

  51. Caitlin says:

    Lets go pacers! I have been hoping all postseason to see Pacers and Spurs play. Two favorite teams!

  52. Jmoney305 says:


  53. Montana says:


  54. timothy mcclendon says:

    Stop giving Miami excuses they are not the only team that have someone who is hurt tell the truth they just not that great as all you writers think.

  55. dbrand says:

    Wade is not himself, he IS getting touches and he is not making them. He has no energy you can see it on his face during the game and on defense he has been a liability. I say play Mike Miller. Miller plays with great energy, plays good defense, can spread the floor, and can rebound better. Lebron has no issues going to Wade, Wade is just not playing at the level we are used to seeing him play and it is hurting the Heat.

  56. Ruby Asuleen says:

    We will see a good game 7 ?

  57. Ruby Asuleen says:

    Is the Miami Heat..with its stars #1 #3 #6 is on the BRINK?
    I wish for game 7 to be fair and good.
    Leb.James will be better focus tonight on DW and CB all three brought
    great games to Miami FL-Leb.James shouldnt go against Roy Hibbert all by himself
    doing so will deem the lights of the Miami Arena.

  58. a dutch maimi fan says:

    Making comments like Wade did here about not getting touches (what ?!?!) is almost the same as blaming his teammates. This statement hurts the team so much more than when he´s just playing bad. And what hurts me is his lack of energy on the court. Injured, sure, but at least pretend that you want to win a game. He´d better step up in game 7.

  59. Andrea says:

    D Wade will show up. I am not sure about Bosh, cause Hobbert down low is killing him, but Wade knows what he has to do. He will play good 5 minutes probably, not 48 of course, but he will have an impact on the game. And LeBron comments were more about waking them up then being selfinsh. It’s all about match up, and will now. If the Heat moves to the Finals it will be different for Bosh, cause he won’t have a 7.2 down there. This Pacers are tough, but Miami hasn’t played is best game yet, while Indiana has done everything in their power to stay alive. With the season on the line I will never bet against D Wade and the Heat.

  60. Samuel says:

    DWade has gone from “Slash” to “Trash”. More touches and do what? Dude, you better be happy to ride that coat tail for another ring. The Heat may win this series and ultimately win another ring but it won’t be because of anything Wade does or doesn’t do. LeBron James has to be “Superman” every night and hope for the best. More touches, Please!!

  61. PD Bball fan says:

    I love Dwade but I don’t understand why he made that comment after game 6 when he shots about 27% in the game and CB shots about 13%. They need more shots when they’re playing but they were just working around the court couldn’t make the shots. Why didn’t he say Miller needed more shots in that game? he has to accept the fact that he hurts, he can’t do what he used to do. Old Dwade would have 20 or more in take 11 shots combine with free throws.

  62. ---11--- says:


  63. Hanson Ade says:

    I pray for this boy everything he’s playing and am confident that he’s weakness would be turned to strength in game 7
    My prediction is Wade will have 26 points
    This will change every negative impression into positive one
    Wade ride on I appreciate your effort

  64. djbugz says:

    wade is injured and that plays a big part to how he performs, had he been 100% would the pacers win? we will never now ,but one thing is for sure if wade can score the same way as he used to during the play offs and bosh gets some points in the HEAT will be hard to beat. game 6 was just a really bad day for both wade and bosh it wasnt the touches that made it bad its just that they were missing most of the shots they were given. if bosh didnt have a 1/8 shooting night and wade didnt shoot 3/11 the score will be different but its was just one of those nights when everything was just bad for the heat. just to be clear im in no way blaming wade , bosh or anyone for that matter it was just a bad day thats all and it happens event to the best teams in the NBA one in a while.

    • Nate says:

      Once in a while??? Wade and Bosh have been invisible almost this entire series! What playoffs series have you been watching? People are talking about Bosh and Wade just needs to step up and get out of their funk, but why not give credit to the Pacers Defense? The Bigs of Indy, Hibbert and West have basically shut out Bosh, and the wing and team defense of Indiana is doing the same to Wade. Indy is daring LBJ to beat them by himself, if the other role players don’t step up, like Birdman and Haslem, then the Heat are done. You take away those two games that Haslem and Birdman contributed and scored 15+ points and this series would’ve been over already.

      • djbugz says:

        ok to make it clear i never once said anything bad about the pacers defense and yes the whole series was bad for both but what i was talking about was how bad it was at game 6 and not the whole series and even you would agree that game 6 was by far the worst of all. anyway just watched game7 and i think i proved my point just fine. nuf said.

  65. SM says:

    Labron, Wade and Bosh are the best big 3 in NBA. It is just Wade and Bosh did not performed well in Pacers series.
    They should be back in game 7. Wade and Bosh will step up and help Labron to destroy Pacers in game 7.
    Miami Heat should win it with double digits point difference with a combined over 70 points from LBJ, Wade and Bosh.
    Go Heat you are a much better team than Pacers and St-Antonio.
    You deserve to be the champ.

  66. bryce says:

    To put it simply, indiana is built to beat the heat. Same cant be said about the spurs. If miami can finish off this new arch-rival they will cruise through the finals. But if indiana pulls through miami you watch the spurs will sweep the way parker is playing. Indiana cant guard him.

  67. I like reading a post that will make people think.
    Also, thank you for permitting me to comment!

  68. MiamiCavaliers says:

    haha.. what legacy?.. this is lebron’s team now.. wade turned aside his right and legacy to lebron when he asked them (bron and bosh) to join the heat.. haha.. if the heat win, its lebron’s legacy not wade’s..

  69. PACERS says:

    Commmon people is there such thing as LEGACY with this TEAM MIAMI? I dnt think so……..LOL LEGACY with this team is a BIG DREAM. WIN 4 to be recognized….lol MIAMI 1? is this legacy?

    • djbugz says:

      legacy of wade not the whole team like it says at the title. someone who has been an elite player for most of his career and has two championship rings is entitled to a legacy when they retire if im not mistaken, after all not every NBA player gets a championship ring not to mention 2 of them and even some of the best in NBA history doesnt have a ring yet they left their legacy behind when they retired.

  70. HEAT 3:1:6 says:

    The HEAT went all wrong with their plays in Game 6 of the ECF. As a Heat fan, I see Big Superstars got clamped out of their will to win this series by doing it on their own, especially LBJ.

    The more experienced Miami’s BIG 3 vs the underdog Pacers’ BIG 3 is no doubt incomparable. Though I give credits to them, but they are way too far from getting into the Finals. They have much to learn from the depending Champs,

    LeBron, Wade, and Bosh will re-gain their triumph this Game 7, They have learned from the past, they know what should be done to win and close out the Pacers, and surely they don’t wanna lose again.

    With the addition of Ray Allen, ‘The Birdman’, American Airlines Arena is gonna rock the whole world!

    Game 7: Mon 8:30 PM ET — Watch it!

    • Caitlin says:

      Pacers won because of their defense and team work. Give some credit. They are for real!

  71. Hoopzaah says:

    I’m by far a Heat and/or “three super amigos” fan but hey, the man is hurt, he’s playing against the best defense in the league (others said it was Memphis, well, it didn’t look like against the Spurs hehe). Probably there’s more about what’s going on with Wade than what’s on the media but everybody has the right for a personal life.
    Again, i’m not a fan of any of them but, man, i’ll never forget things like this

  72. eqmoney says:

    D’ Wayne Wade: Remember this, you miss 100% of the shots that you don’ take! Go for it in Game 7!

  73. NBAfan says:

    Alright Wade…lace up those Li Nings and watch Lebron do his thing and be blamed if the Heat lose.

    What legacy?

  74. yhame says:

    wade is hurt and you will not going to play the same game that you used to if you are hurt…
    if wade is 100 percent healthy, even bosh struggle this series is over..

  75. HeatFansDon'tExist says:

    Did any of you know Bosh has a sprained ankle? I’m sure that has nothing to do with why he’s playing poorly, right? I can’t stand the Heat. I’m not even close to a Heat fan and neither are 90% of you “Heat” fans. But stop bashing players who are injured. Bosh can’t handle bigs regardless. Wade is great when he is healthy. Of course he’s getting less shots because that’s how the offense is now. All the highlightsduring the seaon were them whipping the ball around leading to open 3s and now they can’t because the Pacers are stopping it. So they resort to pointing fingers. This is what happens when the refs are some what close to calling a series fairly, the Heat are reminded that they are, and I quote, “Just another team.”

    • Caitlin says:

      I think pacers defense has more to do with it than injury. How could Wade play well against bucks and bulls? Go Indy!

  76. xyz says:

    I’m a Miami Heat fan, but how can Dwyane Wade complain of lack of touches, when he can’t even finish a lay-up? He’s playing downright pathetically. Bosh on the other hand is clearly out-matched by Hibbert (both defensively and offensively). So this is the reason why Lebron is taking over, he sees his main 2 guys struggling, his 3-point shooters can hit their open shots and he’s practically forced to create somehting. Even if Miami does beat Indiana in Game 7, I don’t think they have a chance against the Spurs, who are playing excellent basketball. Kudos to Indiana and Frank Voghel (regardless of Games 7’s outcome). They play well as a team and they really deserve a lot of respect for what they’ve accomplished. D Wade’s injured, but I remember a guy called Kobe Bryant playing through severe injuries and he brought it each and every game.It sometimes comes down to sheer determination, which “Flash” and our soft center/power forward are clearly lacking.

  77. mister says:


  78. basket man says:

    I bet you guys Heat vs Spurs it is right i bet you

  79. john says:

    go heat! silence this weak critics! Spurs vs. Heat on finals!

  80. Drago says:

    Miami is better than Indiana and they will probably win by 20 in game 7.Those guys have the game and most importantly have the necessary experience to go to the finals.Indiana could choke in Miami easily and also the Heat can make a mean shooting streak like they did in earlier games.Miami can shoot a loot better but Indiana is already maxed out.

  81. Ed Mah says:

    how come my comments not published ?

  82. Sergiy lopAtyuk says:

    Wade need to step up, his complains about bigger role is ampty when his persetege is so low .

  83. HeatAreChamps says:

    I agree that there is some problem with the egos but we should all remember that Wade, LeBron and Bosh are three great players and anyone can perform whenever needed. These were comments after a humiliating loss and it is quite natural that players take out there anger commenting and stuff. But, it will all be sorted out. There ain’t no problem.
    As for the Spurs,
    Heat is gonna burn the spurs just like Thunder last year.
    And……fcrs gona win the game 7 monday night.

  84. ill says:

    It’s funny how it’s easy to spit on a guy that we used to support before just because he’s struggling in the series. Everyone at some point in his life has been knocked down. But we really measure the value of a Champion when he gets up when he is knocked down. The result don’t make a champ but his heart. D Wade is a Champ no matter what he’s going through. Remember.

  85. J says:

    the heat are still the big 3 not now oviously but only caused wade is hurt and bosh is outmatch by hibbert and the pacers are the best defensive team in the game today so come finals bosh will play better wade could play better and the heat will win back to back because there the best team in nba and have the best player in lebron james now im not saying the heat are garenteed to win it all cause the spurs and pacers have terrific chances but heat in my opinion have atleast a 60% chance to win game 7
    heat in 7!!
    back to back!

  86. Overrated says:

    Did I mention, overrated??

  87. Dylsta says:

    Wade + Bosh will help Lebron WASH these pacers away from any chance of next game i just got dat good feel about it!

  88. NBALogics says:

    Wades injured I’m more pissed at Bosh because there’s nothing wrong with him and he’s not giving Lebron help. The Reason why the Heat could beat the Pacers without Bosh is cuz they attacked the Rim. They need to do that + Shane and Allen need to get on fire.

  89. Auris says:

    LETS GO PACERS!!!!!!we all waiting for your win!

  90. Rhedz says:

    What the heat needs are better play execution and if possible accurate so they could avoid turnovers…they need to bring hibbert out of his comfort zone. Aggresiveness in defense, good ball rotation and good floor spacing, good ball movement helps out and avoids forced shots which gives high shot errors. Good and accurate basket transition and looking for that open shots in perimeter would help. Aggresive rebounding and a good box out. Avoid fouls and technicals as much as possible…no flop moves…less turnover would mean alot. Good rotation of starter and bench.

    If james would continue facilitating, slashing and rebounding and putting good defense then heat will win
    If bosh can kncok permiter and 3s and can bring hibbert out of the painted area then heat will win.
    If anderson and haslem can box out more and rebound and put a good defense on pacers slashers and cutter then miami will win.

    If ray, miller and chalmers and cole gets those 3s then maimi can win.

    If wade can step up on defense and offense also battier then heat will win.

    If cole can facilitae good ball then heat will win.

    If joel anthony and lewis can provide valuable minutes off the bench then heat will win.

    A good bench production and less turnover would reall save the heat..

    Praying they can pull this one off…

    Lets burn them pacers to the ground…

    Heat nation!!!

  91. Thomas says:

    Honestly everything that is going on with wade is all mental, He has no confidence in his game right now. So for him to ask for more touches doesn’t bother me any because it means he’s actually gonna try to get involved in the game and come out with some energy. I guarantee he drops at least 20 pts tomorrow. He will come out attacking with energy and his D will be on point. He has to much pride to come out tomorrow and not show up ready to fight for it all.

  92. OutKast says:

    Miami Heat will win in Game 7.

  93. jj says:

    im a big dwade fan and just like everyone else is saying i think hes hurt. i dont believe hes done for good, he had a pretty good season but people also need to understand that ray allen is on the team as well. wade doesnt need to play the whole game like he used to. yes he needs to play better but i believe his knee is really bad. he doesnt look like the same wade of the season at all. he will play well in game 7.

  94. Daniel says:

    Wade is injured. And the style he plays, he needs every bit of athleticism he can get. He’s not the type of player that he was, because of this injury. He should have sat game 3-5 so he could be in a condition to play his heart out. Wade is one of the best players in the league today, but that’s while he’s able to play HIS game. with his injury he can’t. And I’m rooting for the pacers, because George has deserved this!

  95. D-Day says:

    If Miami lose this one the press will crucify them before they even hit the locker room.

    If they lose, the man that boasted 7-championships-or-more will have a lot of criticism to face – after all, this incarnation of the Heat is substantially better than the team he got on arrival.

    If they lose; we might get a second decision and end up seeing LeBron and Kyrie giving it a shot.

    This game 7 isn’t really about Wade – his numbers are good for anyone in the league, much less somebody that’s injured. This game will set the scene for 2014 in more ways than just deciding who might get some jewellery.

  96. Cat says:

    Trade him.

  97. Chad says:

    This is just what I don’t understand, the amount of people that see one incident in a single game (or in this case, a few incidents in this playoff run) and then jump the conclusions about how everything will play out for the rest of time. D Wade and the rest of the Heat have always had trouble against Indiana, because they’re just bigger than they are. It’s not fair to expect Wade to be the same driving player that he used to be, when the lane is filled with 2-3 guys who drastically out weight him, who is programmed to foul hard consistently. The Heat are going to be fine, win or lose. Wade isn’t going anywhere, and his legacy surely isn’t on the line.

    You HAVE to look beyond the one playoff series you’re basing all of this on. No one was saying his legacy was on the line prior to this series staring. “The Big 3” were all individual super stars brought together. Since they were brought together, they’ve CONSISTENTLY improved themselves as a whole. Yet, now, for some strange reason, this ONE INDIVIDUAL GAME, can change everything, alter your career, and destroy your legacy. This is all hype, which is BAD for the game. I don’t know what Wade has to do to stop all this hype, I mean they win a championship, come back and follow that up with the best record in the entire NBA, and now they play for a spot in the NBA Finals again. How is that, alone, not enough to set a legacy in stone? I understand that the Heat are the most hated against team in the league, but I’m not quite sure why. Is it such a bad thing to be extremely talented and what you do, and be aware of it? Obviously it gets over looked when the Pacers do it, probably because a lot of people don’t know who these players are, but when your constantly in the spot light, you SHOULD embrace it. No one should be hated for that.

  98. Big Al says:

    It’s really more on Spoelstra’s job being on the line here. The 3-3 deadlock is totally unexpected and if Miami end up losing this series, then I’m 99% sure that he will be fired. Despite the crises of Wade and Bosh, Erik hasn’t been making the most out of his lineup. Miller and Rashard need to be used more. Mike’s still got the hot hand at the three, and it showed when he made two straight shots from downtown early in the fourth quarter of Game 6 to bring the lead down to six points. Lewis can certainly contribute as well, like what he showed when the starters rested late in the regular season and the second unit went at a few games by themselves and proved to be successful. The bench is a huge improvement compared to when the Big 3 joined forces.

    Everyone knows Wade’s injury and can understand why he isn’t performing near his best. What’s really on the line here for Wade are a third ring and the rest of his career. If he doesn’t get physically better, then I won’t wonder if he retires earlier than Kobe. There are less really great shooting guards in the league right now than I can count with one hand, so it will really be bad for the NBA to lose Dwyane rather prematurely. His legacy is already there, but I’m sure that he wants to make it a lot better than it is now.

  99. ahmad says:

    Heat with wade can beat the Pacers & go to final

  100. Sickou Smith says:

    Sekou, your Queen James and your Miami Heat are going to lose Game 7. And it will be the last time we’ll see the “Weak Three” together. Nuff said. And a lot Miami Heat fans are going to comment saying I’m stupid or dumb, yeah right. Save all that after Game 7 because it’s going to be a Spurs vs Pacers finals.

  101. cHeat says:

    D Wade is done, but anyone betting against the cHeat is in error. There is no way the league allows them to lose this one. The NBA wants their most popular team to go as far as they possibly can

    • ML4 says:

      I dont dislike Dwyane Wade but this Miami Heat team was established to win championships and he is suposed to be one of the key players to lead them there. He didnt pull his 15M dollar a year weight last season and he hasnt done it this year either. Wether this is due to the fact that his knee has been troubling him should make little difference because if he cant play up to the expectations someone like a star player is suposed to, he shouldnt be there.

      Just to throw it out there Andre Iguodala would be a much better fit for this Heat team. Iguodala is more of a Scotty Pippen than Wade and thats what LeBron needs. Iguodala is an excellent defender, a good shooter, he’s good in transition and he would be a better support roll for LeBron than Dwyane Wade.

    • Aramis says:

      Oh yeah moron. watch another game. people like you so paranoid watching basketball. play plants vs zombies! Lmao!

    • Marco29 says:

      The league would certainly prefer Heat in The Finals after loosing OKC already but I hope the refs will make it a fair fight. Indiana deserves its chance.
      I wouldn’t count Wade out. He is injured but he has the pride to make a contribution when it matters. Why is he the scapegoat? What about Bosh? He too has to step up. Allen too.

    • Caitlin says:

      It is sad. Pacers are the better team!

  102. casper says:

    ok! here it is mr Lebron, u gotta move back in time to 1998 when Jordan played against pacers. game 7 will u establish yourself as top depend on player or will lose the game? here is your test and when i am not your fan i will like to see your best perf ever. are u just another team or sth special with champ mentality? good luck!

  103. John the dunker says:

    Wade is a loser. He will never admit its his fault. Nobody can bitch about him but he can do that to others,

    He needs to grow up and be a better sportsman.

  104. every bulls fan is cheering for indiana says:

    good luck wade do your legacy proud, i know you will surprise us you will do what wade does

  105. ChUK says:

    We’re talking about the same guy, that scored like 40points/game in the 2011 FINALS, just to watch his efford go to waste, by the disappearing act of James.
    Have more respect!!!

  106. Wiz Khalifa says:

    y’all need to shut up. Wade is injured badly, most people wouldn’t even be playing. Of course Wade should still have a better game, Miami needs to post him up more and at least give him some more iso opportunities. Putting this on Wade is stupid, he is doing whatever his body permits. We all know about his heart and determination, lets hope he can pull through and do what he has done all his career, SILENCE THE CRITICS

  107. KUSH says:

    san antonio’s got this

  108. Us buck says:

    Wade is pathetic! He should just man-up! And Bosh! Enough said!

  109. Dreiu says:

    True of False? After game 7 Pacers fan will become a Spurs fan…^_^

  110. y2jerichoholic says:

    Looks like Wade is going down the same road as Shaq, his prime is over and now he’s going to start fading into mediocrity

  111. All i get are buckets says:

    Heat will win with ease tomorrow. Best sure bet going

  112. Jonas says:

    Guys cool down.. HEAT will win in Game 7.. you bet..

  113. AG says:

    wade to the milwaukee bucks by trading or free agent!

  114. Nabi says:

    Wade is still a great player, nursing injuries in both legs have slowed him down and we shouldn’t be harsh on him when he has been the force behind the Heat. Yes Lebrone is the best Player in the NBA but wade is one of the greatest player and we should give him some credit for Lebrone’s success. We owe it to him, we owe him respect and gratitude, and I am confident in his ability to lead us to another victory. Go Wade

    • ball to the sack says:

      we dont owe him anything. he is paid mega bucks so he owes his team and fans. he does nothing in the games this playoffs except standaround and wait. then he gets the ball and misses the shot. why would they give him the ball then?

  115. ball to the sack says:

    wade needs to eat some concrete and harden up a bit. stop crying and play. he might need some quick setting concrete though so he can be ready for the next game

  116. budoki says:

    ahhh wade the one who got angry after the coach scolded him for not running back on defense…the arrogance on this guy. if he had honestly appraised his team on how bothered he is with his injury then the team would have able to adjust accordingly not relying on his ego/injury denial arrogance. he is the extreme opposite of d.rose. agree?

  117. Art says:

    It’s a good sign that Sekou Smith and other Heat fans are looking for a scapegoat already.

  118. sanjay says:

    10 point is not good enough but he missed couple of free throws. He can step up and push it to 14 to 15 and better defense on george hill. If one of the shooters of pacers is shut out and one big guys is checked, pacers will struggle.

    Lebron knows they need all to get it done. Wade and bosh will get better touches and it will happen plenty in the first half! But lebron must try to take over and have is say for one quarter at least! IF heat have a lead try to stretch it. If they are lagging behind, attack the paint and get to the lane! This time referees will call on pacers no doubt( they had a free ride in game 6). And take those 3 point shots without fear, and there will be plenty to come. James will take, so will ray, chalmers,nole!
    And miller has got the touch. And we might see a miller time at home! He does not need 48 minutes to make his point. He needs 6 to get 5 of his 3 pointers going and that is a good news!!!
    and there is bird man!
    And battier you are the best defender and get to dirty work not worrying about what others think of you! Do your thing this is game 7!!!!
    Go heat!

  119. Leo says:

    Thank you HEAT!! NBA needs help. We need more game 7’s. Help our ratings, make our fans happy, please make the next round a full spread. Imagine, final championship game 7, d OT’s… (sigh), a game-winning shot… MJ’s legacy was not made overnight, he worked it and the crowd roars.

  120. cari says:

    wade good, but i will not call him a legend.

  121. Jules Verne says:

    I’m a Milwaukee guy who’s always been a fan of and rooted for Wade. I respect the way he’s played the game and carried himself. The guy is a warrior and a self-made hall of famer.

    That being said, I’m deeply disappointed in his recent post game pouting about touches. I let his sideline meltdown with the coach last season slide. But, I can’t excuse/defend his toxic, team-chemistry destroying finger pointing about touches. Wade put this whole thing together. He recruited Lebron. He asked for this. He asked for and got the best player on the planet to join him. And now, he’s complaining about playing second fiddle. What did he expect? He’s never been a pure/great shooter. He knows he’s best/most effective closer to the basket. So, take shots closer to the basket…and if he can’t do it because of the knee, then he should sit down…and not complain…Be a good teammate.

    I understand he’s a man of great pride and very frustrated right now. But, if Lebron comes out tentative, deferring too much and too focused on giving the ball to Wade and Bosh and they continue to shoot it like they’ve been shooting it and shoot the Heat right out of the game and lose to the Pacers Monday night and everyone asks what’s wrong with the Heat and Lebron gets blamed (which he would because the guy is darned if he does and darned if he doesn’t) and leaves, Bosh gets traded, and Wade finds himself languishing on the injured list of a Heat lottery team for the next few seasons until he finally hangs it up…..He’ll have no one to thank for this but himself…..

  122. Gene says:

    Wade is the only player on the team complaining about touches. Haslem is not, ditto the Birdman, Rio, and R. Allen. Miller and Cole should, but Wade!!! At first I thought it was a joke, but it is his character. Last year, as a result of poor play, he publically attack Spo, now this year the same poor play only the attack is aimed at Lebron. Pat Riley is going to stick something in his mouth, because that type of attitude cannot be tolerated in a championship environment. More than likely one of them will have to go, and D Wade may not be tradeable with his maximum contract and diminishing abilities.
    Give the Pacers credit, they have brought out the absolute worse in the heat, with Spo looking and acting lost and 20 million dollars in salary cap money producing next to nothing.

    • Ian says:

      accept hes making 16 mil this year.

      Ya’ll crack me up, theres no point in even arguing with you how good Wade is. As much as Ive liked watching the Heat with LeBron he did ruin superstar DWade, even before he came to Miami. Robbed him 08-09 Mvp, Came up short in the Finals 10-11, on and on. Anyways I do like the turnout winning another chip. Wade is actually right here on his comments tho, he needs touches to get a flow going. Lebrons playing to much hero ball, that has never and will never work. Look at KD this year, Melos Knicks, ect. Dwade does need to step up and hit big shots, but its not just him. Stop hating, Miami wins tomorrow, we’ll be good.

      • roy says:

        yeah that 08-09 mvp throphy should be on wades living room .anyways that 2011 mvp should be in lebrons

  123. googergieger says:

    So is James not going to get fined for his flop? I guess the outrage and obviousness of the flop wasn’t big enough. So the league is back to protecting him? Poor Pacers heading into game seven. They should have won this series by now, but league wanted it to go seven games. James isn’t going to be called for one foul in game seven. Whoever the Pacer’s most effective players are, are going to be put in foul trouble immediately. Predictable written all over this one.

    • roy says:

      have you watched a game in this series?dont complain if you don’t us all a favor.

  124. bib says:

    Its LeBrons team, not Wades. His legacy is on the line, the media will try to place the blame on Wade if they lose

  125. King Wade the Flopper says:

    Excuses, excuses, excuses!

    he is OVERRATED! Wade alone without Lebron and Shaq, Heat is nowhere to be found in the finals..
    Wade is inconsistent and a big CRYBABY, and oh, did I mention a Great FLOPPER?

  126. James says:

    I think Wade will rise one more time, but he needs to quit asking for more touches – not when he’s not producing with whatever touches he got.

    Spo must play the hot hand as he did. This may be the final game of the season and Spo cannot afford to give “touches” if Wade & Bosh cannot produce early on. Time to bench Allen as well and replace him with Miller.

  127. truth says:

    miami will go on a level tomorrow

  128. joao14194 says:

    it would be awesome if they got eliminated and lebron would just take off back to cleveland 😀

  129. kcirsun says:

    I became a Miami Heat fan because of Wade when I saw him during his rookie year. This Wade right now is not that Wade anymore because of his knee injury that he does not even what to talk about. I am not saying that he should discuss the details of it but he needs to accept that it is hampering him. I do believe that he can play better in game 7. With all due respect to the Pacers and the Pacers fan, Miami has the credentials to rise above adversity and could still win this. Now I am not saying that the Pacers have no chance of winning this series because they do, but we can only say so when the game clock in the 4th quarter of game 7 reads 00.00 and the Pacers have at least 1pt more over the Heat, only then can we say that the Pacers have proven themselves. Until then, this game is still Miami’s to loose and not for Pacers to win.

  130. theholyspectator says:

    i never thought id see dwade become this bad in the playoffs…he was doin so well in the regular season..but im pretty sure both him and bosh will step up, i just dont see them not steppin up and playin a great game tomorrow night..and if they dont, it would be the biggest upset we have seen in nba playoff history..oh boy..since when did the nba become like a dramatic soap opera..its so entertaining..only thing tho is if miami does in fact lose to pacers this year of entertaining basketball is know how many millions will not watch the finals?

  131. ed bell says:

    Lebron hurt wades legacy in 2011 finals if lebron showed up wade would be 2 time finals mvp right now as simple as that how short peoples memories are

    • roy says:

      damn right. not making excuses for wade.but when LeBron did NOT showed in the finals of 2011 wade didn’t say “I WENT BACK TO THE 2008 MIAMI HEATS”.thats why wade took this shot at bron .what they need to do is shut up,play together and step UP.

  132. kcirsun says:

    If Wade can make the shots he is given, the ball will come to him more… but missed layup that could have been dunks…you miss those then the ball will have a tough time going to you again.

  133. Michael says:

    I believe Wade knew it when James joined him, that one day this will be the situation – James’ individualism.

  134. AG says:

    he’s averaging about 14 points a game right? i think they’ll need 20+ from wade to win the finals if the Heat manage to go there.

  135. Eddie says:

    Whoever says Wade is overrated is an idiot who doesn’t know about basketball. He’s had a hall of fame career with two rings, Finals MVP, and a skill set that most hall of famers wished they had. He’s just injured and unable to come through physically. Let’s see what Game 7 brings and what Wade and Bosh can do to overcome this slump. They just need to be aggressive and take it to the hole, no matter what happens. If they do that and the team tightens up their defense, Indiana will go down. Otherwise, it will be the end of the Big 3 tomorrow. I sure hope not. GO HEAT!!!!!

    • Maris says:

      im a fan of dwade. he got lots of opportunities including easy layups he didnt convert. dont blame anyone. take responsibility for your failed actions and resolve it. thats what grown ups do.and i can tell he is in pain. then let someone play who can help win this series. Spo is playing wade out of respect …. series need to be won. put the best player in.lebron needs help. please…

  136. Alex says:

    Miami will get another chip, this is what great teams do. dont be Haters and make fair judgments, Miami All the way

  137. Alex says:

    Lebron is the greatest who ever played the game of basketball.

  138. Tasmanian Devil says:

    The worst thing D Wade can do right now is feel sorry for himself… He needs to recommit to the team and take whatever opportunities he may get and finish plays. That’s what this team needs right now.

  139. Tom says:

    Miami heat think of this as last year when u were playing game 7 in eastern conference finals I still rememver u we were down more than 10 points and come back winning thanxs to chris bosh 3 pointers do it again this year and win and than beat SAS we can do It we have done a lot evertime were down we come back and win go Miami heatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  140. Matthew says:

    Wade is a superstar “role player” that does not quite understand his role. He obviously needs to score the basketball but more importantly he needs to play some DEFENSE!

  141. Sickou Smith says:

    Uh oh. Sekou Smith is now blaming DWade, Yes Sekou, your team is on a tight rope, but don’t blame it all on Wade. There’s still more – the refs, the coach, the floor, the guy selling the popcorn, the mafia! Thinks some more!

    • name says:

      The refs are doing their best. Sure some calls may be bogus, i won’t deny that but you can’t blame the refs bro. Nor the coach. Also, The floor? the guy selling popcorn? comon, that doesn’t even make sense.

  142. Game Burn says:

    Wade can’t be serious. He needs more touches? Getting him 20 shot attempts just to get 20pts is not going to help Miami win. He’s had his looks (open layups) and missed.

    • Heat 0183 says:

      Wade can be missing shots and Bosh can not be attacking Hibbert, but Lebron needs to realize that he needs the two if he wants to go to the finals. The Heat are at his best when the ball is moving not in the hands of someone for almost the entire clock, Let’s go Heat

  143. Jimmy Buckets says:

    and i mean that as in he has ALWAYS been OVERRATED

  144. Sickou Smitrh says:

    Wade is done. A has been. Bosh is done. He’s always been soft. The big three is now the weak three. Pacers will knock them out. I’m just wondering, what happened to Heat’s fans’ predictions? “Heat in 3, maybe 2”, “Heat don’t even have to play their starters, their bench alone would beat the Pacers’, “Heat will sweep Pacers’, “the Big Three is just too much for the Pacer to handle,”. Well, we’re in Game 7 now and your predictions have all been wrong. And the sad truth is, if the weak three are not going to step up, they’re history and it’ll be the last we’ll see of them.

  145. Jimmy Buckets says:

    again i will say OVERRATED!!!!

  146. Jimmy Buckets says:


  147. love says:

    Heat fan here there’s nothing wrong with loosing someone has to lose, but i never want to see my team lose because of no energy, lack of effort and playing with no heart, bring everything you have and may the best team win.

  148. kcirsun says:

    We can throw out all stats right now for Wade, he just needs to step up and deliver as the star he is suppose to be. This is no longer about who is in the shadow of who, remember that they made the decision to come together and win multiple championships and that is what they should embrace. It does not matter who has the ball, what matters is what do the other two stars without the ball are doing….standing around is not gonna help. Bosh needs to attack Hibbert from the inside, we have seen him play against better defenders before with the likes of Shaq or Garnett and a whole lot more while he was in Toronto, heck we have seen him play against more stronger and mobile centers. Bosh needs to attack Hibbert and West from the inside, it does not matter if they block some of his shots because it will give pressure to those Pacers guys and maybe even foul trouble. As for Spo, he needs to recognize the player that is Miller. Miller needs to have a fair share of the playing time of Allen simply because at this point he is much more effective – at this point he is more athletic and taller. MIller could even take some of the time that Wade has which could in the long run work for Heat better at this juncture because Wade can rest his knee a bit more in preparation should they get into the Finals. Spo has been boating about his deep bench – bring it, why the hell is Spo not using it.

  149. Kal says:

    Wade has proven himself. two rings, three trips to the finals, amazing stats, a lot of heart shown, his legacy is what it is.

    LEBRON JAMES’ legacy is on the line… again… period.

    • Mozgov? says:

      LeBron James carried the entire team this post-season. The Big 3 Legacy is on the line, yes. But not LeBron’s. He already proved his legacy by overcoming the most adversity a professional athlete has ever had and winning a championship.

      Wade needs some time off, treat his knee and come back fresh next season. Coach Spo should be careful about Wade’s minutes in the regular season, because they’ll be needing him the most in the playoffs

    • Jim-Bob says:

      Wade has ridden coat tails of 2 players better than him, Shaq and LeBron to Championships. Wade is over rated and no, he hasn’t shown any heart. He is a prissy self obsessed drama queen. Same as Bosh. If it wasn’t for LeBron, Heat would be out ot he playoffs already.

      • 3 says:

        right he road shaq to his first ring but he won the finals mvp, had one of the top 5 highest scoring averages for a player in his first nba finals, and the highest PER of ANY player in ANY nba finals ever.

      • TheStarMiddleschooler says:

        I agree with you on Wade Jim but BOSH? COME ON! like gosh…He’s only a dinosaur…he cant carry a WHOLE team….

  150. Frankie says:

    Wade suffered when LBJ was brought across. Any player that is the star of a team then is put in a shadow behind a great will struggle. His confidence has taken a great hit. Where he didn’t question a shot, now he does. Where he had an abundance of confidence, he now doesn’t. It has nothing to do with his age. He is as fit as he was 5-6 years ago. If LBJ leaves, you will see his stats go back to where they were prior to the trade.

    • MV3 says:

      Agree with you there.

    • Game Burn says:

      I like your point about his confidence, but fit as he was 5-6 years ago NO WAY!

    • Saeed says:

      Oh really?
      So what do you say about his improved FG%?
      What do you say about his spectacular 2010-2011 season?
      It is definitely because of his injury. And his improved FG%, definitely could not be +51% if he did not have LeBron and Bosh and had to take 25~30 shots where inevitably nearly 10 of them can easily be low quality ones. If Wade was not injured, the Heat could beat the Pacers in 5 (Even without Bosh). The Heat have more drivers-to-the-basket now and this can partially distract defender’s attention from Wade to others who can easily been seen open for a layup if Defenders double him. His struggles is definitely because of his knee injury.

      • Nate says:

        This is the pure and simple truth. Wade has slowed down a bit because of age and injuries, let’s not kid ourselves, but the Heat are struggling against the Pacers because they just don’t match up that well with them. We already know that the Heat’s biggest weakness is their lack of size. The NBA is a game of match ups, and Indiana being a Big team and also really good defensively is the perfect matchup to beat the Heat. The Heat were able to win 2 games because of their superior skilled players, and barely got a win in game 1. The Pacers are bigger and they’re going to pound the inside and out rebound the Heat, that’s a fact. Game 7 comes down to two things, 1. The Heat wins if their Star players outshine the Pacers, or 2. The Pacers play to their strengths, defense, rebounding, and inside play to slow down the Heat and take the series. You could never count out the Heat just because of the talent on their team, but I think the Pacers will take Game 7 because they’re a better overall team and they don’t have that much pressure on them as the Heat do. Finals = SAS vs Indy, Spurs in 6.

      • Narrew says:

        I agree with everything you said. Nice, insightful comments. Then you got to that last sentence and tossed it all in the toilet! His struggles IS? Lol!

    • APHX10 says:

      I guess that makes it a case of “careful what you wish for”. This is what Wade wanted…to play with his friends and Olympic teammates LeBron and Chris.

      The way I see it is it’s just been a bad series. Everyone can go through it, and as bad as they have played they’ve still been in the game. They know what’s on the line and as worried as I am, I believe they will come out Beast mode, and sometimes this little slump will prepare them to take on the Spurs with extra confidence.

      Go HEAT!!

  151. EyronFigures says:

    Let’s go heat.. Wade please step up with bosh.let’s help james to overcome this last game..this will be a do or die game.. a win or Go home.. we should win this game.. i know you are a great player.. let’s play hard and ray to LORD that we will be survive this series.. 5 more wins to get the ring again.. you said before that this season will be yours.. first one is for alonzo, 2nd one is for lebron and this one is for you.. so let’s make this season unforgettable.. as mush as possible, we have to win it..ok?let’s GO HEAT! God Bless MIAMI!

    • Larry says:

      Yes, pray. Because if there is a God, which I personally don’t believe there is, he has nothing more important to do but make sure the Miami Heat win. Does that mean God doesn’t like the Indiana Pacers? Has he put a curse on Paul George? Perhaps God, lol, is now punishing Lebron for leaving Cleveland? Get real loser, of all the things in the world to pray for, you want him to make Dwayne Wade to have a good game? Whatever.

      • KUSH says:

        not wearing a Heat jersey?

      • Kidd4Life says:

        Forget you then. There most definitely is a God. But lets not get into this right now. Wade will win his 3rd ring this year. Sadly but truly Wade will get his goal. Game 7 will show you his drive for it and we both know “WOW” is coming back

      • Stolniik says:

        Nah.. Perhaps he is wearing a Straight Jacket with a faded Lakers logo from a time where they ‘used to be good’? 😛

      • Maris says:

        indiana fans together with ROY ‘NO HO’ HIBBERT talking. trailler trash arrogance.

      • Christopher says:

        Maybe the guy already prayed for everything else and his last prayer was for Dwade I’m just saying unless you were in his house and heard him do all of his prayers then u would be a creep that’s not good so I shall pray for you as well

      • TheStarMiddleschooler says:

        How do Laker Fans change a Dead light bulb? they don’t! they just bring in Used Ones!

  152. kcirsun says:

    Apologies for the resend there were some type errors on the first one….

    Look, Wade can say whatever he wants to say about not having touches but what we have seen from him so far are layups missed which before would have been dunk, missed open jumpers and missed free throws. You talk about touches, Wade definitely have more touches than Cole who has been used sparingly but Cole managed to find his spots and score. We never see Wade make those great cuts to the basket where James or Chalmer finds him for those baskets that he made during the regular season. There is no force in his drives or attacks to the basket. It is obviously because of his injured knee. However, what he need to do first is to acknowledge it. Then with whatever he has left use his star ability to find his spots. At the moment he has too much standing around and too much dribling, that is all that we see from him. Once he recognize his injury, he can then start choosing what are the thing that he can still do effectively and focus on them. Those splitting two defenders thingy is not gonna work right now because he does not have the strength to dribble low enough because of the knee. But what he can do probably is attack in burst of energy and cut to the spots where he can effectively make his basket. Where are those? We live it to Wade. He is a star who is paid star money, therefore whatever touches he gets he is expected to deliver.

  153. sleeplessbull says:

    before reading this i was gonna say.. Wade will come back… he is Wade.. but after this comments by dwayne… he is done.. finished…

    next game again.. Indiana Pacers vs Miami Cavaliers!!! let the good times role lebron!! 😉 but what am i talking about.. i hate the Heat!!! lets go pacers! 😉

    • citystar305 says:

      All I want to say to my Heat Nation GO HEAT!! If you are not a Miami, Indy or San Antonio fan, you should be taking he 5th right now.

  154. kcirsun says:

    Look, Wade can say whatever he wants to say about not having touches but what we have seen from him so far are layups missed which before would have been dunk, missed open jumpers and missed free throws. You talk about touches, Wade definitely have more touches than Cole who has been used sparingly but Cole managed to find his spots and score. We never see him make those great cuts to the basket where James or Chalmer finds him for those baskets that he made during the regular season. There is no force in his drives or attacks to the basket. It is obviously because of his injured knee. However, what he need to do first is to acknowledge it. Then with whatever he has left use is star ability to find his spots. At the moment he has too much standing around and too much dribling, that is all that we see from him. Once he recognize his injury, he can then start choosing that are the thing that he can still do effectively and focus on them. Those splitting two defenders thingy is not gonna work right now because he does not have the strength to dribble low enough because of the knee. But what he can do attach in burst of energy and cut to the spots where he can effectively make his basket. Where are those? We live it to Wade. He is a star who is paid star money, therefore whatever touches he gets he is expected to deliver.

    • Myheronc says:

      Well said Kcirsun, well said. I said as I watched DWade struggle with holding onto the ball and trying to get to the basket and draw a foul on Hibbert; his skills have peaked and now they seem to be in decline. He’s trying to do the things that made his career but they don’t seem to be working. If the Heat lose this series I foresee the break up of the Big Three down to possibly the smaller 2.

      • dustin says:

        Wow, a guy misses a few shots and all u doubters act like his career is over. If he had made those shots u people wouldnt be sayin nothin. Its a few missed shots, it happens, he will find it again and be fine. FYI, lebron didnt go on the second longest win streak in nba HISTORY by himself. Flash was a huge part of that. Lets go flash!

    • Maris says:


      • Anonymous says:

        It’s not that Wade should retire, but he needs to acknowledge that his body is not what it used to be. He has lost atleticism over the years, but he has developed his shot as well. If he can adjust, then the Heat wont be beat

  155. realist2013 says:

    Wade is still a great player but with lebron and bosh and all their self created hype they put more pressure on themselves. Lebron tries to win it alone. He needs to be the point forward and set up his teammates. Right now with wades knee issues he cant drive the lane and or resort to his post up game which is where he flourishes. Bosh is just too light to do anything other than pull hibbert out of the paint on offense to open the lane for lebron and co. Soon as Ego’s are checked they should do better. Not for either team just observations from a b-ball fan

    • V says:

      Unfortunately, that is very true. I too have noticed the egos conflict which has resulted in the short comings of Heat in the playoffs. If LeBron’s focus and the big 3’s chemistry stays on point through out the game, this Heat roster is untouchable. Great article Mr. Smith!

      • Caitlin says:

        Pacers are a team. Heat are 3 individual egos!

      • V says:

        If Heat choose to play like a team, Pacers are nothing. They have the best record and they might claim the ring again this year. That’s Jordan status.

    • Well said realist2013. Lebron is a good player but he is trying to win this one all by himself. That’s why Wade is asking for ome more touches. The few chances other do get sometimes are simply not enough. I’m pretty sure that he will try it tonight on his own again. If he does and they win game 7 the media will praise Lebron and forget about the rest of the team…..what will that do with the mood of Dwade, Bosh and others on that team?

      A couple of days ago I responded to another blogger here on Hangtime who said Dwade & Bosh are the ones to blame if the Heat loses this series. It was Lebron himself that messed up game 2, I did not hear a thing from any Heat fan after that game, crickets all the way! And now that there is a possibility that the Pacers can win it all it’s suddenly that Dwade is old and Bosh is not good enough?? What about the 1 man team who is forgetting that this is a team sport? Pacers seems to understand this very well!

      • Maris says:

        omg, another LEBRON HATER.

      • Christopher says:

        Your so rite fam and people can call you a BronBron hater but your really stating facts Bron had to crucial turnovers that could have sent the game to overtime or even won them the game all I’m saying is we all know Dwade has a bad knee so any points he makes is a plus so his backup should come in and pick up the damn slack this is a team sport this is not golf

      • Esteban says:

        More touches?? Really? Wade is like 20% FG shooting this series. Are you sure you’re watching these series?

    • Game I Love says:

      Blue Collar, Gold Swagger!

  156. mee(a)t says:

    At this point Wade is done surprising. Last time he did that, he scored like 40 points against the pacers during the playoffs. The team is different, wade is different. But not in a good way…

    • Maris says:


      • Hooshang says:

        Wade will do fine if LeBron lets him. LeBron thinks he is playing tennis. Forgetting that basketball is a team play. It is not a one man show. He should give others a chance to play. LeBron does not even give Chalmers a chance to bring the ball up the court. He wants to be a point guard all the way to the power forward. It cannot always work. The other players feel as if they are excluded from the game.

    • Caitlin says:

      Different because of pacers defense!

      • TheStarMiddleschooler says:

        Different because of the pacers defense…True….Different because he hurt his Knee? Definetly

  157. Willy says:

    Heat Melt Down! Its over baby! Pacers and the Spurs! Lebrain was cool in responding to Tyrones comments. But could you imagine Tim Duncan talking about Tony Parker this way after a loss? NOT!

    • LakersWillWin says:

      LMAO “We need more touches”

      Sounded like Pau and the Lakers earlier on when they weren’t playing aggressive and Kobe had to take it into his own hands. Play aggressive and BronBron will get you the ball! Quit your bitchin’ and play ball Wade!\

      To be hoenst though, this is the same situation that plagued Los Angeles two years ago. This will be the Heats 3rd consecutive trip to the Finals which is a lot of basketball under those legs.This fresh Indiana Pacers squad have a great shot (given that the NBA isn’t rigged) to win it all.

      • Kei says:

        Where’s the Lakers?

      • Another Heat Fan says:

        LMAO your name xD

        LMAO you couldn’t be more wrong

        LMAO Kobe would stare down and blame and pressure his team into failure and make management trade them and fire the coach whereas Lebron and Wade are like brothers.

    • WHERE IS THE POWER says:


      • Game I Love says:

        Praying that God’s will be done. Let team win that best reflects His glory!

    • Caitlin says:

      Go pacers!