‘Birdman’ Sits, Heat’s Anthony Next Man Up

INDIANAPOLIS – Miami forward Chris (Birdman) Andersen got his wings clipped for a night – he’s missing Game 6 of the Eastern Conference championship series Saturday for his altercation Thursday with Indiana’s Tyler Hansbrough. But it’s not as if NBA headquarters poured salt on his tail for the rest of the playoffs or his career.

“I’m not going to change who I am and how I play,” Andersen told reporters after Miami’s morning shootaround. “I just have to keep my composure a little better and be smarter and make the right decision the next time something like that happens.”

The next time “something like that happens,” if Andersen keeps his composure, it won’t happen at all. He started the incident with Hanbrough in the second quarter of Game 5, throwing a blindside shoulder into the Pacers forward as the two headed upcourt.

After Hansbrough got up off the court, the two banged chests. Then Andersen pushed Hansbrough back with a two-handed shove. Referee Marc Davis rushed over to push Andersen away from Hansbrough and the Heat forward briefly pushed back, grabbing at the ref’s wrist and arm.

That – resisting efforts to bring the altercation to an end, the league said – might have been the biggest reason Andersen’s flagrant-1 foul was upgraded to a flagrant-2 and he was hit with the one-game suspension. If his composure had kicked in at any point before that, he might have stayed eligible for one of his team’s biggest games of the season.

“I can’t regret anything. It is what it is, bro,” Andersen said.

The Birdman will be cooped up at the Heat’s hotel during Game 6, while coach Erik Spoelstra and the rest pick up the slack in rebounding, defensive and finishes at the rim that have made him so valuable of late. Spoelstra said backup big man Joel Anthony would get minutes normally reserved for Andersen but allowed for the possibility of other lineups and options.

Pacers coach Frank Vogel said his team would be prepared for a variety of Miami looks. “It’s not just going to be [Anthony],” Vogel said. “They’ll play [Chris] Bosh a little more at [center]. They’ll give [Udonis] Haslem more time. They’ve got plenty of different lineups they can throw at us that I don’t expect them to have any dip.”


  1. Patrickmarc says:

    suspension for soft bumping ? Nobody is hurted,
    are they crazy ?

  2. Garrett says:

    Despite the fact this is playoff basketball, Anderson is an absolute punk. Not because of his apperance but because of the way he acts on the court. He is constantly getting in others players faces, shoving, throwing elbows. And the NBA refuses to take any action on this despite their constant worry for their players, and leagues apperance.

  3. BlueandGoldblood says:

    With all these excuses, I can’t wait to hear what Heat fans say after they choke again game 7…

  4. J says:

    heat need a better center than joel anthony he stinks

  5. javier says:

    congrats nba since the spurs series ended early you have stretched the miami series to 7 games. with probably the worst called game ever. and to add the most lobsided commentator ever in reggie miller. its like having magic doing a laker game live on tnt. absolutely horrible.

    • AuthotWritesLikeAregularFan says:

      Agreed. Its painful listening to Reggie Miller. He is unprofessional as a commentator. Way too biased.

      • KB says:

        Are you guys listening to the same thing I’m listening to? During the Knicks-Pacers series, you would have thought Reggie was pulling for the Knicks. He’s definitely not bias towards the Pacers.

  6. Big Mike says:

    Birdman is a nutjob.

  7. porteño says:

    calling “physical” even what is unsportsmanlike conduct seems to minimize the facts; who must distinguish between the two are the referees; as flagrant 2 were not applied immediately, referees there were in a mistake and in a problem, because the penalty was applied to the Bulls Nazr Mohammed; chiefs now are trying to repair it with the suspension, which doesn’t matter in today’s game 6; going beyond, I unfortunately guess that Heat coach is managing the no-basketball attitudes to make games migrate to what he calls the “team style of playing” and putting away and saving the big three from the fights and faults (Allen, Chalmers, Battier seem to be also in this rhythm, or function); Andersen is a good player, but he prefers his easy glory’s ten minutes and represent more than he does yet, with a square meter decals and different hairstyle: by his behavior looks like a small child; East decision in Monday

  8. Little General says:

    Anderson should just man up and apologize for pushing the wrong guy, he should’ve pushed Paul George instead. I can understand that he wouldn’t apologize if Hansbrough was the one pushing him from behind but Hansbrough didn’t do it. Anderson made that dumb mistake and should just apologize like a real man.

  9. blessed says:

    what is the real reason for punishing a player after the game is all said and done. My opinion is that simple, when a player commit an unacceptable conduct, the refs punishment should be accessed immediately instead of after the fact.

  10. jfack says:

    that was a pretty hard blindside shoulder from the bird. couldve hurt someone if it wasnt tough old hansbourough.

  11. Nash fan says:

    Pacers will win the last two easily…. no doubt!

  12. go rockets says:

    with birdman or without heat wont win game 6… indy is just too good on homecourt.. and no, he shouldn’t be suspended, but indiana is better anyway so they’re going to win series. go pacers

  13. Danny says:

    You don’t even regret the fact that you’re sitting this game out for pushing the wrong guy? You ain’t too bright huh?

  14. Max says:

    Excuse me used wrong word, the Official IS serving time in prison. too late did not help the
    Suns beat the Spurs. I think the NBA should have to draw “STRAWS” TO SELECT THE OFFICIAL FOR FINAL GAMES!

  15. Max says:

    Birdman should not have shoved that one last time, then he and Hansbrough would have been even. Look what team is waiting to play the winners between the Heat and Pacers? Remember 2005???that official is not serving time in prison for throwing game 5. Who does the Spurs know?

  16. AuthotWritesLikeAregularFan says:

    This author writes this article like he is a biased fan who in this case would be a Pacers fan. He suggests that Birdman pushed Hansborough for absolutely no reason, like it was on a whim. Watching the full replay shows that Paul George pushed the guy and the sheepishly ran off. When Birdman turned he saw Tyler. Clearly Birdman did not ‘start it’, he retaliated. He was mistaken as to who did it, but he obviously is not crazy. Someone pushed him hard, and he turned and pushed back. He should apologize to Tyler though.

    But this author is too unprofessional, like a school girl who thinks her boyfriend is always in the right.

    As for the pacers fans who constantly say that the Heat play dirty, maybe you should watch the replay and u will see what Paul George did. I reckon they do that a lot (notice the ref did not call a fowl on George pushing Birdman?) it is kinda hard to get a rebound when people are pushing you around.

    • AuthotWritesLikeAregularFan says:

      Instead of *fowl, I mean foul.
      also I mean: *and then sheepishly ran off

  17. Craig says:

    They got this right, you dont hold or push or touch the ref.

  18. debimc52 says:

    First of all, if the NBA had really looked at this, they would have seen that
    George instigated the shove into Andersen & a whistle should have been
    blown, which would have halted this entire altercation…….yes, Andersen
    responded rather harshly but this entire event could have been avoided
    HAD the Refs done their job……the Heat have other weapons & will not
    be affected by this, therefore, I see it as a mute point! GO HEAT!!!

  19. birdman is the best bench player in the NBA in my opinion


  21. Thalygart says:

    I always say that its hard to be a referee but what the video showed he was first pushed, if the refs saw that one, then it wouldn’t have gotten to that…they saw that video…then the one who pushed would have gotten the T also as it started the ball rolling…but it was not as the Birdman…it’s done…it’s there…he will do better next time, do better next time refs…do the review and decision making better and involve everyone who started the ball rolling…Nice one though Hansbrough for not fighting back and keeping your cool.

  22. Jackson Phil says:

    Pacers players remind me of Detroit in 90s

  23. Anderson should’ve got ejected from the game

  24. Eric Skinner says:

    Anderson got what he earned, a slap in the face, Pacers get vengeance, and there is one less problem in the paint for the weakest frontcourt team in the NBA. No size, scared of Hibbert, West, and Hansborough, and the NBA knows it! Pacers in 7, and that’s all I gotta say about that, so sick and tired of my favorite team since I was a kid getting tossed around like a rag doll by Sterns, the refs, and the so called “Great One” Paul George for life (my favorite player since he was a rookie). Any complaints, bring it on!

  25. Bananhana says:

    Yes, it’s bad behavior and shouldn’t be in basketball.

  26. Costa says:

    I am a heat fan, and this was the right call. Birdman started everything.

  27. Bruce Iron says:

    First of all, this has nothing to do with the way Birdman plays.. He is a good player, when he is playing basketball. Pushing a guy on the ground and then again when he gets up, for no REAL reason, has nothing to do with playing basketball. It’s is simply an athlete being unable to take his aggresion out the right way. He should have shown his frustration by throwing down a dunk or rejecting a shot instead. Secondly, if they don’t have a penalty for pushing other players (and the ref) then guys would be doing it every time they get pissed off. I think it shows how professional Hansbrough is that he didn’t go back at him.
    Anderson should have just been rejected at the time, then there would be no suspension.

    • Le2e says:

      I think you get an automatic 1 game suspension when youre issued 2 techs and/or thrown out of a game. But I 100% agree with everything else you said.

    • Greg says:

      The refs allow the pacers who are naturally a big, physical team to play their way withoutmany fouls against a miami team who is smaller and natural running team and penalize the heat for small ball infractions. Like how you call two fouls on the best player in the nba in a tight game within the last minute! Are u kidding me! You foul lebron james out a game that both players toes touched! What lebron’s toe fouled his toe. They treat indiana like the reigning champs!

  28. birdman likes kids says:

    lol im not going to change what i do who i am and who im attracted too.. hahahaha

  29. ugproduction says:

    While Birdman was a little reluctant to get on the side..Let’s not forget that the pacers is a physical team.The mindset coming in this series is to beat the Heat physically like the every other Heat opponent been planning but failed. Did David Stern and Stud Jackson missed the previous play where Davis West Hit Birdman in the face!? Indiana is known for creating trouble since the Detroit debacle the league should keep both eyes opened on this team.

    • Love of the Game says:

      Really? The only team handing out dirty plays has been the Heat. Battier has given David West and Roy shots to groin and knees. Wade deliberately elbowed Lance in the head. And now Birdman came unglued out of nowhere. Please do not compare this Pacers team to the one in Detroit. Different players and different coach.

    • Charles says:

      I can not stand the Heat but I’ve seen David West do a couple screwed up things to Anderson. You can tell he definitely doesn’t like the guy. I forgot exactly what game it was but Anderson went up to get a rebound, except the ball bounced up and went in and David West was behind Anderson and when he jumped up West shoved his forearm into Anderson’s lower body and tossed him to the floor. I missed the first 2-3 games so I don’t know who started the cheap shots first but it seems a little unfair to only suspend one guy when I’ve seen a few players taking cheap unnecessary shots. I wonder if Anderson would have got suspended if he had ran into and then pushed George instead of Hansbrough. I guess Anderson should have waited and just knocked somebody down hard on the other end, preferably David West.

    • KB says:

      You’re really bringing up the Detroit incident?!? That was 8 1/2 years ago! This is a COMPLETELY different Indiana team! Different coach, all different players.

  30. chandler says:

    i think this is the right call becase is started and accelerated the situation

    • Love of the Game says:

      League had to make up for the missed call. Only problem was it definitely shifted momentum in Game 5. He should not have been playing.

  31. Rafael_Certero says:

    excelentes declaraciones del BIRDMAN, haciendose responsable de sus actos y aceptando la responsabilidad y consecuencias, y lo mejor, aprendiendo de sus errores, diciendo que no los cometera nuevamente, excelente,

  32. FINALS says:

    Miami definitely going to win tonight! Jax you are right!

    • Love of the Game says:

      After Malice in the Palace, I think Indy deserves to watch this extended postseason. Hoping Pacers get game 6 tonight and force game 7!

  33. Jax says:

    the nba messed up on this 1… hes doing exactly what the heat need out of him and he shouldent change anything.. we will see him back for game 1 of the nba finals cause the heat end it tonight!!!!!

    • Cait says:

      How could the Birdman not be suspended? Rondo was suspended last year for “bumping” the same official. Birdman hit Tyler, pushed him, and then manhandled the referee. why are people questioning this decision. The only question should be why Wade was not suspended.

    • Cait says:

      Go Pacers! Force Game 7!