Heat’s ‘Birdman’ Grounded For Game 6


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Miami Heat won’t be able to lean on Chris “Birdman” Andersen in their quest to finish off the Indiana Pacers in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals Saturday night at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

The backup big man was suspended for one game without pay by the NBA this evening for a Flagrant-1 foul on Pacers’ forward Tyler Hansbrough that was upgraded to a Flagrant-2 foul, a penalty announced by NBA Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Stu Jackson.

Losing Andersen is a blow for a Heat team that has struggled to find consistent help for LeBron James in this series. Andersen is a perfect 15-for-15 shooting in five games against the Pacers, averaging 7.2 points, 4.6 rebounds and 1.6 blocks in just 18.4 minutes. His energy and effort on both ends of the floor have been critical to the Heat’s cause.

Things went overboard, though, Thursday night in Game 5. Andersen was shoved from behind by Indiana’s Paul George, while chasing a rebound, and instead of checking to see who delivered the blow he went after Hansbrough, knocking him off of his feet as the two ran upcourt after the play.

Hansbrough and Andersen went chest to chest immediately after Hansbrough got back to his feet. Andersen followed that contact with  a shove to the chest and then had to be restrained by official Marc Davis, who Andersen was quick to shove aside as he continued barking at Hansbrough.

The video of the sequence went viral immediately. And even though there was no suspension, we all knew what was coming. The Heat’s paper-thin depth up front will be tested Saturday night. The Pacers will attack with Roy Hibbert and David West, as they should.

No offense to the Birdman or his legion of followers, but the Heat aren’t going to win or lose Game 6 based on Andersen’s contributions — not if Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade continue to struggle the way they have against the Pacers.

The Heat need a better all around effort from the entire supporting cast, and the usual spectacular work from James, if they have any chance of snatching another game on the road in this series. If the series does go to a seventh game, Andersen will back for that tilt Monday night at AmericanAirlines Arena.

But he’ll sit for Game 6, as he should, for allowing his emotions to get the best of him in what has turned out to be an unbelievably tense series for both sides.


  1. Denis says:

    I’m not going to argue with anyone about which team fake fouls or play dirty. I guess that both did but I don’t believe that the work of the judges are fair at all. If after review the game tape it were found that a particular judge call a play wrong for one team and at the same played same circumstances weren’t call for the other team that judge should be fine at the same way that players are fine when they commit flagrant fouls by the way it is the appreciation of the same judges there are too much on the line at the play off to judge be unfair or have interest in the game.

  2. ross says:

    Everyone stop crying. It’s just a game your favorite team will not win em all.

  3. Staci says:

    Birdman is so entertaining to watch! He’s a badazz. He awesome!

  4. Alexandra says:


  5. tasha says:

    im glad that birdman is suspended from game 6 and i am glad for tonight lmao

  6. nbafan says:

    Another example of the refs on the floor failing badly. It should have been a foul on George but call missed, then it should have been a flagrant1 on birdman but call missed, instead for some baffling reason Hansbrough, who did nothing, got flagrantly fouled, merely got to his feet, did *not* step forward to chest up birdman even, made no threatening move, gets shoved again *ends up with a tech foul!* because the refs are too dumb to work out what was going on so resorted to the pathetic double-T. The refs missed 2 very obvious calls then end up fouling the victim? How they keep their jobs shows what a dearth of reffing talent there is.

    Birdman has to sit, but that’s because he shoved the ref who should have made the right call on George in the first place!

    PS. Hansbrough does have a rep as a hothead but that is no excuse for the refs missing obvious calls.

    disclaimer: I am not a fan of th Heat or the Pacers.

  7. Frank says:

    I fully agree on the fact that all the LOSERS under age 13 love the Miami Heat. Isn’t that the way losers think? If they cannot be as good as someone they will hate that team. If a team is LEGITIMATELY better than Miami Heat… Well… let’s hate them.
    That’ s why Heat fans should fully embrace a fist pump to the bum from HATE coming from the army of REAL FANS and enjoy the show that is causing so much pain in the bum bum of pathetic Heat fans and their insignificant team.

    Down with the Monarch King!

  8. ddquest says:

    I think they finally got that call correct, the refs didn’t handle it very well. Rick Fox shouldn’t be talking, I remember him acting like a high school kid in the tunnel or halls off the side of the court.

  9. Eric says:

    The NBA official is a huge joke.
    The player should get whatever they deserved why bothered to do officiating after the game?
    If the Birdman ejected on the game 5, the outcome may totally different.
    NBA after-game decision just make the real games artificial.
    NBA obviously think they can not officiate the game well during the game.
    Its a huge shame on NBA and a big joke for the sports.

  10. Kendall says:

    it was the right call no matter you’re a heat fan or not that was called for that play “birdman” deserves that

  11. Frank says:

    I fully agree on the fact that all the LOSERS over age 13 hate the Miami Heat. Isn’t that the way losers think? If they cannot be as good as someone they will hate that guy. If their team cannot possibly be as good as the Miami Heat… Well… let’s hate them.
    That’ s why Heat fans should fully embrace the HATE coming from the army of LOSERS and enjoy the show that is causing so much pain to a crowd of pathetic fans and their insignificant teams.

    Long life to the KING!

  12. I recommend 2 games suspension

    for the RIDICULOUS hairstyle & EXCESSIVE TATTOOS !!!!!!!!!!! :-))

  13. Sean says:

    I think that Paul George should have been penalized as well, he is the one that instigated the incident anyway. What is the league trying to say, George can do what he wants? The guy from Chicago Bulls pushed Lebron down right in front of the refs and he got fined and not suspended. I think that they are just anti heat and t was just wrong for them to do that.

  14. carcrash says:

    Seemed like the right call by the league office. It was not a basketball play in any way, so a flagrant 2 was possible. But it was only made certain by the physically violent interaction with the refs. Yet the refs stayed cool. Even the double tech in the game was the right call, because it ensured that neither would retaliate. Just because the Indiana player Hansbrough seemed to be cool, he chest bumped too, hard to tell at that moment how hot headed he was. So the double T just to keep the peace was appropriate.

    After the fact, when its cooler heads in an office in NY, not in the game surrounded by the action and energy of the fans, then the right call was made. It was statutorily a flagrant 2 (not a basketball play) but not that bad considering THESE ARE THE CONFERENCE FINALS. So the game should be high energy, high emotions. So maybe OK to leave it a flagrant 1 because of where we are in the season. But the way Anderson acted to the refs, that was over the top, sealed the deal, F-2, one game suspension.

    Seemed exactly right, at the time, and after the game.

    I think the finals are going to be exciting no matter who plays the Spurs! That is going to be a hell of a series: a young tough tired team against a highly skilled, fantastically better coached team. The Spurs truly play team basketball, always five guys. Both Indiana and Miami have great players, but they drift towards one on one play. Even one LeBron against five Spurs wont work. But the Spurs can’t always keep it tough against a younger tougher team. And its seven games, not one.

  15. movin101 says:

    The push was an attempt to start a fight is what the NBA views the incident as. The suspension was meant to send a message. I think it was a good call. This isn’t hockey!

  16. gee_money says:

    yea the nba should start being fair to all teams. it shouldnt be regardded as a miaami heat supporters union club. they just want indiana out but they want them out in game 7 that way one more gme for them to make money off the fans. stern should just resign. he has done a lot of good work so the sooner he hesigns the better for him before everyone criticises him

    • 34yr fan says:

      …..he has…..you didn’t know???……pay attention IF you are a so-called fan…… but you are probably just a bronbron goupie like most heater followers

  17. Temyong says:

    I know what will happen, birdman got suspended to spice it up a little bit and have a G7, but still NBA will let Miami win…

  18. Banana Slamma says:

    The only thing “Birdman” is good for is supplying KFC with a surplus of chicken tenders or become part of an ugly piece of modern art.

  19. JDog says:

    And what’s up with all the bad calls by the refs regarding possessions? Shot clock violation when there wasn’t. Heat ball. Ball off Wade or whoever it was last game…Heat ball. Always seemed to lead to Heat runs whenever the refs make those bad calls.

  20. Bananhana says:

    It’s right. He should be suspended. That’s Basketball, not Wrestling.

  21. JDog says:

    I’m sorry, but he blind-sided someone and KNOCKED THEM TO THE GROUND. That alone should’ve warranted an ejection. Only difference between that and Nazr on Lebron was that Nazr had his arms extended for a shove versus a shoulder. Same result…went to ground….let’s not be biased and say Birdman had no intent. It definitely wasn’t a basketball play…it was a blatant attempt to put someone on the ground.

    If Birdman was smart…he’d have waited until Hansbrough touched the ball and did something. Could’ve gotten a simple foul and less speculation on intent. But, he wasn’t/isn’t that smart apparently.

    • 34yr fan says:

      bronbron got ….’blindsided’ because , as usual, he was already Whining to the ref about his well deserved T…… maybe he will be more aware of what goes on outside of his little bubble next time????/

  22. Winston says:

    This is a slap on the wrist. They should have tossed him for the remaining playoff games including against the Spurs if that is the way the cookie crumbles. The tussle with the refs should cost him a heavy fine.

  23. Arturo says:

    Here we go straight to game $$$even….very $$$mart move….

  24. truballer says:

    you will witness heat win game 6 tonight! lol

  25. truballer says:

    heat will win it for Birdman game 6!

    • Neutral says:

      Bull’s Nazr Mohammed shoved Lebron and got ejected….but Birdman stayed in the game…its really double standard refereeing….

    • 34yr fan says:

      yeah…..they wil ‘win it’ for a 1st yr player from another good team…….really????

  26. Butthurt Heat Fan says:

    Don’t worry my fellow butthurt fans! I’m sure the refs in game 7 will wipe our bleeding bum holes with more bad calls toward the Pacers. We just need to “Donate” some contributions to the NBA and we’ll have Game 7 in the bag. Until then, Go Miami Heat (and Refs)

  27. mj says:

    Coach spo need to play his bench more….I mean you have rashard lewis that has playoff experience and can make big shots, mike miller, james jones, why cant he put them in the game to spread the floor out exspecially rashard lewis. I dont understand his coaching techniques. It seem like he dont know what he doing? Coach pop plays his bench more than coach spo. How you going to know what they contribute if you the players dont play. You have veteran players that can help you so Lebron James and dwade can be fresh in the 4th quarter. Cmon Coach spo think about it…trust your bench.

  28. Mami says:

    You deleted my comment….Why?…. I have to write it again…… Unfair decision. Where was NBA when Miami Heat was hit….NBA was blind?…..NBA needs money & money & money…. What’s shame!….Enough!…Ambition….NBA STUPID……


    • 34yr fan says:

      learn how this bloggin’ thing works mami….OK………. and btw…..Heat weren’t hit at all ……are you blind as well??

  29. Mami says:

    You deleted my comment….Why?…. I have to write it again…… Unfair decision. Where was NBA when Miami Heat was hit….NBA was blind?…..NBA needs money & money & money…. What’s shame!….Enough!…Ambition….NBA STUPID……

  30. Maria says:

    You deleted my comment….Why?…. I have to write it again…… Unfair decision. Where was NBA when Miami Heat was hit….NBA was blind?…..NBA needs money & money & money…. What’s shame!….Enough!…Ambition….NBA STUPID……

  31. alex says:

    I’m not gonna say what Birdman did is right because NBA is not fighting sport but come on that guy Hansbrough from Indiana is always playing rude and gives alot of fouls, again im not saying he deserve it but come one suspending Anderson is the solution??? why didnt they suspend Noha when he pushed Andersen on purpose i think on game 3 against the Bulls? why didnt they suspend Mohammed on game 3 when he did the foul on LeBron and then pushed him? Sometimes they over exagerate things when there is no reason. Why Hansbrough didn’t walked away before he got pushed by Andersen???

    • alex says:

      Hansbrough neved avoided the encounter so why is now Andersen being suspended?? just for pushing him away? i dont think is fair, why didnt he just get ejected??

      • 34yr fan says:

        …..For getting pushed……….???? You can’t figure that out yourself?? …….Hope you don’t have kids yet…… you would have a hard time explaining right from wrong !!

  32. Philko49 says:

    Stop me if you’ve heard this:It’s a business.Large money is being spent and made.You can expect this to have a bearing on what you’re watching.It’s not the WWF yet,but it’s headed in that direction.The players, the press, the referees,team management,the coaches are all looking over their shoulders to see what effect their actions are having on the profitability of the sport.You wanna see sportsmanship? Go to a high school game.And even that is getting iffy.

    • 34yr fan says:

      ah yes ….Sportsmanship…..that is what is Always lost when the bucks become Big bucks and then….. HUGE BUCKS……so sad…..would like to see players really playing for the good of the sport ….for its beauty and precision…….. for its legacy and its future…..but that takes players with integrity , and there are not too many of those these days…. besides ….it seems that in this western society you are judged by how Much you have Not how good you are….just sayin’

  33. Mike says:

    The official has made a big to suspend birdman. You had three referee review and decided it was flagrant 1. I said that again three best referee and you gonna tell me they were all wrong. Maybe the Executive just don’t care about the fan and the Miami Heat. Pacers played hard and commit a lot bad play….bur again sometime let it go….this is Eastern final. How many times Lebron has been hit and you don’t call it….you as Executive taking this decision you should be ashamed and fired.

  34. John says:

    Well deserved suspension, he pushed the Tyler, aggressive with the ref, and continued mouthing off after that. Deserves ever bit of his suspension.

  35. Fabs52 says:

    the refs even reviewed the play in the game and called it a FLAGRANT 1. Why would you even change that? If the refs call a foul it’s a foul, if not, than it’s not. And after a review in the game I don’t think you can even argue to change that call or maybe the refs should get suspended, too!? Come on now!

  36. Big Al says:

    Stephenson should have also been suspended. He clearly elbowed Wade on the chin just for the purpose of hurting him. At a ripe age of 22, his horns and tail have grown tremendously. This douche is an animal by nature, way worse than an angry bird in Andersen.

  37. SM says:

    Birdman played very good in this series but this could be a chance for J. Anthony to get some minutes and play.
    Anthony is a good defender and I expect him to have a good game if Spo give him some minutes

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….Anthony???? Did you heater fans even acknowledge Udonis’ great game…….sheeeeeeesh !!

  38. Michael says:

    And why was’nt Dwayne Wade suspended?

  39. jimmymackey says:

    I was wondering if anything would happen with that foul, but I didn’t realize anything could be done after the fact. Although I watch these games live, I like how my DISH Hopper puts the scores on my screen while I’m watching another show. That won’t happen for the last game of course, when my DISH office comes over to watch it with me and now that Birdman will be out, I doubt they will be in the championship.

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….yes ….with T’s , after the game all “T’s” are reviewed by the league……..it is in the rules

  40. Heatr#1 says:

    Look at Shane battier if someone touches or runs in to him in the paint he’ll fall and get the foul.

    • Fabs52 says:

      the refs even reviewed the play in the game and called it a FLAGRANT 1. Why would you even change that? If the refs call a foul it’s a foul, if not, than it’s not. And after a review in the game I don’t think you can even argue to change that call or maybe the refs should get suspended, too!? Come on now!

    • 34yr fan says:

      ……don’t they ever hurt their butts on the hardwood???? ……or do they have special high tech ‘butt-pads’ stuck on their cheeks ???? just wonderin’ ???

  41. mike says:

    I think its a fair punishment. That push ignited the Heat to a victory the only fair thing is to remove that spark from this next game. I am rooting for the Pacers but anyone who thinks it should be more than this 1 game is just flat out wrong. Lets see both teams at full capacity for an awesome game 7.

  42. OctoPPus says:

    It will be very interesting – the question is :


  43. Sapa River says:

    To all Pacers fans, watch you gonna lose big time….and to all Miami Heat haters, go get a life …why do you hate them? Bec there are three all star players… most championship teams have at least 3 all stars in their roster. Stop complaining, YOU, yes You get a life.GO MIAMI HEAT!,,,

    • 34yr fan says:

      ……because of …..”the decision”….that’s why…….made a mockery out of the whole process…and I suggest that you and all you bronbron groupies GET a life as well ……. fair enough???

  44. Game Time says:

    Sekou how do you know Miami wouldn’t have won off Birdman’s contribution? They sure as heck did in game 1. And no one expected UD to have two big games. I agree that missing Birdman is not a reason/excuse for Miami to lose, but don’t make it sound he’s the equivalent of Tyler Hansbrough for the Pacers.

  45. Joel says:

    Not only did Birdman shove Hansbrough, he was also fighting the official who tried to restrain him. He is lucky he wasn’t tossed from that game and is only getting one game.

  46. FACTS says:

    Can someone please explain to me how Pacer fans/ Heat Haters are trying to argue Miami is getting all the calls and being favored when the Pacers have had 122 personal fouls called on them total so far and the Heat have 126. Seems pretty damn close to me except the Pacers have four less. I agree the officiating has been terrible. The refs seem to think they are bigger then the game and are missing a lot of calls and are too fast to their whistles at other times but its pretty much the same for either team. Its a tough series and people need to grow up and stop complaining. The refs are being CONSISTENT and even. May the best team win.

    • 34yr fan says:

      good research and good point…..but as far as the refs being consistent ???? consistently bad—–bad calls AND missed calls all over the place….

  47. eddie says:

    I am neither a Heat fan nor a Pacers fan but I was completely appalled that the refs didn’t eject Anderson immediately. You can’t use emotions to justify violence. The game was officiated with a terrible degree of inaccuracy. I hope the rest of the playoffs see better officiating. Otherwise the eventual title winner will face undue conspiracy theories. Basketball should not move towards the bs that surrounds boxing.

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….Agreed….BUT….I am not a heater fan ………but all this talk about the T’s takes away from the incredible game that Udonis had …..it must have been one of his greatest playoff games ever and Nobody is talking about it……Anyway….Haslem (and his teammates and coach…and fans?) knows how well he played and I think he should get his props…..GREAT Game Udonis….keep playin that way and the heaters win the series….PS: pacers did NOT shoot well enough to win …… and I think that is what their coach would tell them ……and they should know it themselves….

  48. GMoney says:

    All comments are for the suggested fans of a particular team. LeBron is a great p[layer and will go down in history. But he fouls a lot and bulldozes over people. He should get the shaq rule, you cant get ever call if you come charging into the hole. Too strong a big for all those who guard him. When stevenson bulldozed him in game 4 he did not like it and wanted a foul. No matter what antone say the heat should have already clinched with all the superstars they have on their team. Pacers have to take a page out of the book of the 04 Pistons, the Lakers had a dream team that year and got punished. Pacers have all the skills to do that, they just need to focus and play fundamental basketball. You got to take it out of the hands of the refs because you are not suppose to be here. If the heat dont get out and run, it will be hard for them to win anygame. THEY ARE TO SMALL.

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….yeah, that ‘bulldozing” is a load of cr*p……takes alot out of the game…..tired of seeing it ….and it is ALL over the league……but bronbron uses this tactic waaaaaaaaaay to much

  49. LS says:

    I’m glad – he’s gross looking!

  50. Chris says:

    Very easy call here. Not only did he push him down and then push him again, he also pushed the ref in his attempt to get back to Tyler. Tyler didn’t push. They both bumped chests and Tyler and Anderson both had words. If Miami doesn’t want to be seen as constantly getting most of the calls in this series, this should be a no-brainer. Take your bias out and look at the play.

  51. Veritas R says:

    Terrible commentary by Sekou Smith in what is quite a pejorative-laced article. What Smith really ought to be commenting about is the state of the regulation of the officiating in this league. How soft the NBA become? It is becoming quite painful to watch. To think that even the referees are not happy with how the game is being officiated – they will tell you that quietly off camera. Moreover, they do not like it how the Vice President of Basketball Operations is so quick to undermine their calls of the game. It utterly undermines their authority through extreme micromanagement. The message being sent to officials is one where they cannot be trusted to make a call based on their own judgement of the situation. The league needs to understand that the current regulation of the game – over officiating is just one aspect – is growing discontent with referees, players, coaches and fans alike. It is unsustainable over the long run. In the play-offs, the absurdity of over regulation and micro-management becomes further highlighted.

    • 34yr fan says:

      their authority and credibility is VERY thin…….I guess you know some refs if you KNOW what they think …..what a stooooopid statement

  52. If i'm the Pacers says:

    If I’m the Pacers I’m going at Dwane Wade’s knee. Jab step, Jab step, Step low swing hip laterally into leg every time if I’m Stevenson. Paul George needs more motion on offense when being guarded by LeBron. He needs to have run LeBron tired enough to miss in the 4th. Hibbert’s doing great and they need to try to incorporate him earlier in the shot clock.

  53. As What I Saw, Its Normal. But D-Wade and C-Bosh and LJames are Really Playing Dirty. Just Accept The Fact. Im A heat Fan But They Are Playing Dirrrrtttyyy!!

  54. Art says:

    Why Anderson is suspended only for one game?
    If he punished for pushing Hansbrough it means that he received nothing for pushing the referee & vice versa.
    Miami fans are complaining that Bulls & Pacers are more physical than Heat. It’s true. Miami prefer to play dirty. Maybe they are the best team in NBA, maybe not, but the dirtiest for sure.
    Wade had to be suspended for multiple games for elbow (World Peace missed 7 for less).
    Never (at least last 20+ years) officials helped one team as much as they support Heat now. Actually (more or less) they do that in each and every game and no one superstar was treated as nicely as LeBron.

    • 34yr fan says:

      that is what happens when all accept that ”superstar” treatment is acceptable…..it just goes on and on……and ruins the beauty of the sport ….imho

  55. gniewkosynrybaka says:

    Commissioner Stern should be fined by NBA for commenting on bad officiating after the game!

  56. Tom says:

    Paper thin Heat? Surely Spoelstra should turn to the experienced bench of Lewis and Miller when Wade is clearly labouring and disinterested, not to mention Allen’s shooting slump.

    Seriously though, Flagrant one is enough, if that, everyone is comparing it to Mohammed in the Bulls series, which shouldn’t have been an ejection anyway, just another LeFlop

    • 34yr fan says:

      …..has Lewis even played ? ……wow !!….another ringchaser…….just like rayray……..what about the fossil ??…..you could use the dirty play of Howard with his reputation……. I’d love to see the 40 yr old run……lol…….lol

  57. Don says:

    Miami heats up after the D’ Bird attacked!!! Hockey style huh!

  58. Brain32 says:

    Wow I knew it will be hard to explain to my kids someday that basketball use to be a man’s game but NBA just rose that to the level of impossible.
    I mean seriously…suspension? For THIS? You have gotta’ be f’n kidding me…

    • 34yr fan says:

      nope…..if you want pushing and trying to fight …..watch “Raslin'”…..with your ‘kids’

  59. msbombay says:

    Getting suspended for pushing someone… Call should have been an ejection in game 5. Stupid refs missed it and now the NBA decides to suspended someone for a frustration push. I’ve seen people punching each other and not get any suspensions… Confusing how these decisions are made.

  60. Marc says:

    Let’s get this game for Birdman. Knock those fouling bastahds off.

    • 34yr fan says:

      yeah….let’s win it for the former Denver Nugget and longtime heater ……lol….lol………….. how bout they win it for the TEAM…… remember that concept….although it may be a little confusing for you with all the ‘hero’ ball the heaters play…….seems like half the time it is like the last shot of the quarter or somethin’…..

    • 34yr fan says:

      hero ball is playground basketball…….nothing but one-on-one over and over……now THAT is boring basketball…..3 basketball standing around just standing around …one setting a screen for our ‘hero’…..it has it time and place but there is just soooooooo much of it that it gets Boring….

  61. kevin says:

    Anderson is the sole reason this happened…….so ……I say since ya are such a big boy Chris…..how about you play that move on Nate Robinson……….LOL
    Anderson solid player……but looks like he will eventually get his stupid a## kicked… ………real bad

    • SoFlaFan says:

      NO, Paul George is the sole reason, he’s a sneak and dirty player…….. he pushed Birdman in the back from behind Tyler, and it looked like the FIRST attack came from Tyler, it WAS Paul George.

      Have no fear….. HEAT GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!

      • 34yr fan says:

        It happens ALL of the time…….if you just watch you might see it in real time and quit whining about strong play down low…… But of course you wouldn’t know about basketball in the paint…..your team has none

  62. BOXER says:

    suppose to be suspension must be awarded at the opening season , this is a EAST championship, it will ruin the quality of the games.. STUPID ACTION BY NBA COMMISSIONER ..

  63. Wade Smock says:

    Sounds like the league got it right. The Birdman flew off on the wrong guy.

  64. Hoopzaah says:

    Indeed this is playing along with the Heat… He should have been kicked out, like Mohammed was… You touch the King, you go out, you touch Psycho-T and there’s a technical for each… It’s a sad fact.
    But worst than the decision making is the blindfolded weirdos that make a fight out of this (naming other calls, even in another season?!?).
    I don’t have nothing against the Heat, great team, marvelous ball play. But would love to have two small market teams in the finals so that the commish and his troops could test their shinny new CBA. But hey! May the best win!

  65. Gene Randall says:

    Looks like the league at it again: a few years back when Robert Orey blaster Steve Nash and Amarie R
    runs to help his friend the league interfered with the on court call and Amarie got ejected. Series to LA, just like the league wanted. If Byrd Man is suspended for a game then under todays standards Orey should have been banned for life. Dirty players are out their, but the Byrd Man is not one. These people are just barely men, really big boys. Just let them play and let the league keep their collective noses off the court. The league has no business to be in the business of determining game outcomes. David S. really seems to think he is emporer of the league. He forgets that its the players the people tune in or come to see, not him.

    • 34yr fan says:

      just so you know…..Gene……Nash ran INTO Horry not the other way around……AND Stevie put on the “oh I’m so hurt show” just like T Allen did in the last series…..only difference is T Allen can’t get the calls that Nash gets so he was fined for truly “acting” like he hit his head………. PS: ALSO…..Nash is the one who bent over to steal the ball from Parker and broke his little nose on Tony’s melon…… and bled like a stuck pig …….. and the refs wait and wait and wait for the bleeding to stop like the game couldn’t proceed without him pig…… it was really funny that he thought Parker ‘hit’ him with his head……lol funny

  66. Ohbirdybirdy says:

    Definitely disagree with the flagrant-2 on this one, but maybe Bird’s reputation precedes him. Seems questionable to suspend any player from such a key series, as for MC’s comment, Indiana came into this series knowing they’d have to play dirty to win, the same approach the Bulls took in the last series when they started getting desperate, personally I still think this series is in the Heat’s hands. Stop hating on the Heat and calling them a one man show, they’re a fantastic team with a fantastic coach in Spoelstra, yes that may come from the fact there’s a lot of money in Miami, but you’ve got to appreciate top level basketball like the Heat deliver.

  67. sam says:

    and what about the anti flopping rules? david stern i am still waiting? or is this new rule a farce?
    obvious it doesnt matter the heat players or the heat fans !!!

    • SoFlaFan says:

      Did you miss West, Lance, and LeBron getting fined this week????? That’s Pacer’s 2, Heat 1

      Soooo……. Pacer’s win the FLOP AWARD!!!!!

  68. bigdaddy says:

    Wow, what’s next Howard- David Stern? Pole dancers at half time? Thanks for making a mockery of the game. Fans? Fans? If you don’t know how officiating to influence the outcome of a game while still trying to make things look balanced works go back and start over at elementary school baskball.

  69. mamabi says:

    I really don’t want to ge into if Miami is flogging team or if the Pacers play hard basketball. But we are in the conference finals. It’s about making it to the NBA finals! We all knew that the games will get chippy at some point. Let the players play the game. Noone got hurt during the series. Both teams play hard basketball and are giving their best. Pacers are a real test to the Miami. Miami is showing the Pacers in what they still need to improve. What happened to the times in which the players decided alone by their game if a game is won or lost?

  70. gorgeous888 says:

    Well the NBA want the series to go to 7 games they need to keep revenues up!!

    Pacers have been a lot dirtier in last year series but got away with it but then it wasnt such a big draw for NBA!

    I think people become floppers because the referees are rubbish at seeing what some of the players do on court and the really good players resent the culprits not being caught so they resort to flopping!!! Maybe better referees – and on that point most of the guys look like they should be cashing retirement cheques is that just me!! By the way I am 60 so it is definitely not someone younger saying this!!!

    • 34yr fan says:

      couldn’t agree more about the refs…….and how about getting refs that are the size of the players so they can get a ‘better view’ of the game????

  71. Danger high voltage says:

    So haters will now stop crying about anderson’s issue…

  72. The heat can win without the Birdman! Is this some kind of ploy hoping this will help the pacers win the game? Well, I’m here to tell you it won’t work!!

  73. bobby says:

    This is total BS! If anyone should be suspended then it has to be Paul George for shoving Birdman in the first place. He is such a dirty player and always talks trash. Well LBJ is going to teach him a lesson in basketball like always.

  74. Little C says:

    How come Paul George did not get suspended for starting this whole thing?

    • James says:

      Because contact like that happens on every possession.

      Birdman got touched, he attacks somebody who wasn’t involved, and you want to blame the person who touched him for Andersen getting violent? PG was playing the game when he made contact, Birdman stopped playing and started a fight.

  75. Tigris says:

    I just want to know if Nazi was suspended for the push on James. If not why is bird man suspended?Selective justice I guess…….

  76. Casey says:

    Psycho T showed rare restraint. He maintained discipline after being attacked. I was impressed. The other guy was way out of control.

  77. EmilsG says:

    Let`s start with the fact that HEAT are the best TEAM and I mean TEAM in NBA. It`s not a one man show, no doubt James is more then great player, but without WADE he still would be ringless. If you look at WADE series averages and totals, they are very impressive. And his defensive and offensive presence is always a majer factor.
    Talking about FLOPPING, those who say that heat are the biggest floppers, don`t know anything about NBA and game of basketball. HEAT are selling the actual fouls, if you dont show it no one notices it. during the game there are many fouls that dont get called, like game 5 when Stevensen hit WADE with elbow, Game 4 when West hit WADE on the head when he went to basket.

    MC: calling WADE the dirtiest player in NBA is simply STUPID. And according to your said shaq also is under 13.
    P.s. Anderson deserved a suspension…!
    GO HEAT…!

    • James says:

      Selling is flopping. the Heat are dirty, you can’t deny that. OKC and Memphis are as dirty. Wade actually isn’t that dirty anymore, he has moved on to flopping instead. LeBron could have won with any decent lineup, Wade is good, and used to be great, but LeBron doesn’t need him. I don’t even like the Heat, but don’t cheapen LeBron’s career by giving Wade credit for any of it. Wade doesn’t contribute half the time. Wade could retire right now and the Heat wouldn’t miss him. Ray Allen has been more valuable than Wade.

      • 34yr fan says:

        ….the West is Nothing like the plodding East…….alot more “selling” in that conference…..

  78. blackmamba38 says:

    I don’t care about the suspensions and floppings. If the pacers will win tonight as they will host the game, definitely the miami will get a chance on monday night in their home court heheheheh

  79. sam says:

    1 game suspension only!! really, stern is afraid the pacers can beat them in 6 and 7, but he had to suspend him for that and obvious on the court an ejection, really what are marc davis and crawford looking at the replay? and the T for tyler, thx god that that this T is now deleted but how ridiculous to give him a T for what, to get the hit from behind. hey heatfans only the result is important not to play the game. the hole game was called for the heat look at the fouls they get and not whistled for them , out of bound from lbj, augustins foul against lbj what is the weight difference between lbj-augustin, damn floppers, or what about the taunting from lbj against hill after the block?the refs were afraid hill can make the layup so they called it offensive foul, is it possible to call the same on the other side against lbj?he did this all the time, but this is a def. foul for lbj. is ok nba were amazing cheatings happens and bandwaggons fans from florida are … disgusting
    the hole world is laughing exept the heat fans they saw an intentional elbow from stevenson against wade , are that dumb?wade had to be suspended for his elbow for sure and stevenson elbow was clear an accident

    • 34yr fan says:

      …really….double T’s…..r u kidding me………glad it was rescinded …….BUT they should have gotten it right after lonnnnnnnng look they took……what did they Not see……..the refs should at least be reprimanded

  80. Adam says:

    Tweetie Birdman deserves it.

  81. 1N87 says:

    @MC I really enjoy how you speak for everyone with your knowledge. You are far wrong but yeah I like how you speak for everyone. Needless to say they are FAR from a one man show. 13 points in a single quarter is called TEAM defense. LBJ carried them on O but overall it was a TEAM effort. Get your facts straight. Also SOFLA has a good point. It was the same type of dirty play, regardless of the fact. If the heat are an abomination to basketball then I guess the bulls in the 90s were as well and you’re an abomination as a fan of basketball.

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….Hey, DESPITE what happened with Chris and Tyler……. Udonis won the game along with Mario …. imho…..James had a fantastic game and Allen shot better…….but without an incredible performance by Udonis …the outcome would have been in jeopardy …….That is just the way that I saw the game unfold…..If he plays 3/4 as good the nest game ……Heat win

  82. People says:

    I keep reading some comments about how everyone hates The Heat, Actually that’s not true. I’ve been a Heat fan since 2003 when Dwade started playing there. But I guess for most of the hating commentators that was when they were in kindergarden. Anyhow, yes Birdman deserved a flagrant 2, because such actions are not sportsmanship. BUT The Pacers are just as horrible with all the elbowing. Aggressive basketball as the Pacers have showed, is only recognized as weakness and inability to play fairly by the rules.

    • 34yr fan says:

      it is NOT hate OR jealousy …..it is just that the difference between the treatment they get and what the “other” teams get is obvious to most folks outside of S Fla……. just look at how well they are liked in the northern part of Fla…… just to start with…..

  83. amigo says:

    what a call …. birdman should be ejected straight away….seven against five ….let’s be fair….

  84. Ahmad Toure says:

    It is so not fair because they should suspend Paul George as well since he is the one who got it started.

  85. Schwanbeck says:

    What is wrong with MC??? Haha. Just looks like you dont like the best team in the league because they beat you no matter what you do. Dont say “everyone outside florida” you cant just take them all ryt? Ur insane hating miami because they’re just as good as anybody. And “wade widely considered as dirtiest”? Come on man. Where the hell did u get that stuff from? The 2006 nba finals mvp doesnt even do trash talking much like jason terry, charles barkley, nate robinson and so on. How could you consider that widely when in the first place it is only you who knows about that? Be fair. Be transparent. Dont hate miami for being the BEST TEAM.

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….how about ALMOST everyone…..as in the majority in my home state think they are prima donnas …..those are facts baby…..just so you know ……not every one is drunk with the bronbron show….

  86. J says:

    it should have been a flagrant 2 in game 5 not a suspension just an ejection

    heat will finish it in game 6

    go heat!!!

  87. nba fan says:

    they let miami heat won game5 , before suspending Andersen……sorry pacers fans , with the refs at the back of heat u will not win, even if pacers will get game6………….wanna bet.

  88. duncan fan says:

    Tyler did the right thing and he got shoved twice by Birdman. The NBA did the right thing, he should have been kicked out of game 5 to when that happened, Heat are lucky.

  89. teo says:

    iam a heat fan since 05…birdman deserves to be suspended

  90. Renaldo says:

    Whats going to be interesting is how Miami responds to this suspension. Although CA isnt the best on the team he’s certainly a difference maker. Now its up to the rest of the role players for Miami to match that energy that Chris Anderson brings of the bench. I think the flagrant 2 should’ve called in the game because that foul really changed the tone of the game. Well see if the Pacers go crazy on the boards or if Miami is going to close this series. This game is going to be one for the ages and it may create a new rivalry!

  91. EDalton says:

    He should have been ejected from the game. That was a joke of a play in today’s NBA. Birdman is just about 20 years too late. He would have fit in just fine in the 80s and 90s but not anymore. The league won’t allow stupid plays like that anymore. He will be missed but I don’t think many sane people in the world think the Pacers can finish this series off in Miami if they get it to 7.

    • 34yr fan says:

      …how about fining the officials after they looked and looked and looked at the replay and called a 1 instead of the right call … a 2…… aren’t THEY supposed to be held to some kind of standard????

  92. Bird33 says:

    Birdman 1 game suspension is on par with other similar fouls. Plus it makes for potentially higher revenues for a game 7 series. D Stern is not stupid.

    Go pacers !!!

  93. james rice says:

    your officiating is an abamonation in this series the refs are very anti heat. the bird was out of line and deserved to be kicked out when he pushed the ref. .Dear Mr.stern please get your officiating corrected. thank you if you care to read this lifetime nba fan 67 years old james t rice port st.lucie fl.

  94. Todd Kobrin says:

    Neither an Indiana nor a Miami Fan, it´s the conference Finals, it´s getting rough, Hansbrough is a dirty player as well because he hasn´t got much skill but come on guys, even without the incident with the ref, Andersen was the aggressor twice and there was no hard foul before and nothing. Getting pushed while rebounding might be standard in NBA games but that was losing his temper. And while so many say it´s the conference finals, I say: yes, and therefore any player has to keep his composure and his temper under control. A suspension is definitely the right call and maybe it will help the Pacers to force a game 7, but I believe they would have done so anyways. And all the Heat Fans, jeah the Pacers would have won game 4 even without that offensive foul call against LBJ, for sure.

  95. Xenon says:

    I think they should make an example out of any player that touches a ref! The discussion shouldn’t be whether a one game suspension was right or not, it should be… “do we kick this guy out of the nba for putting his hands on a ref?” I think that should be the discussion any time any player from any team at any time does that, game seven of the finals… he put his hands on a ref he’s gone for good!

  96. Saeed says:

    Birdman’s suspension was right. BUT, I think they should look at what the nasty PG did which ignited the brawl between the two big guys. PG always wildly loses his battle to James and therefore got nasty on the Birdman.

    • James says:

      PG was playing the game, the brawl was not a brawl. It was a moronic confrontation caused by Birdman’s stupidity and mental problems. Incidental contact like that happens on almost every possession, professionals just play on, or at the most tell the other player to clean up the contact. You don’t see Pau Gasol or Tim Duncan flipping out when somebody touches them, its the NBA, if Birdman can’t deal with it then he shouldn’t be playing, which is why he won’t be in game 6. Birdman had no right to floor a guy because of typical contact on a rebound. He is supsended for resisting Mark Davis. Birdman is simply a moron and isn’t mentally stable to handle playing professional sports.

      Heat are a great team, but their personalities are not very likeable. Understandably Lebron is great, and so naturally he has his fans. But the rest of the team is pretty obnoxious. Chalmers is cool though.

    • SoFlaFan says:

      Exactly right…… Paul George is a dirty player, he got him from behind and caused that whole mess.

  97. HeatFansDon'tExist says:

    The only reason the Bull got ejected for pushing Lebron is because he pushed Baby Bron Bron. Otherwise, he probably would’ve just gotten suspended for the next game like junkie Birdman.

  98. jack23 says:

    you see?..all the mess had been cared of by the commis but you some fans dont appreciate, look who is arrogant now?..you beloved followers of PAcers, and by the way who was had that dirty tactics then last years semis isnt it Granger who grabbed LBJ jersey then?..who the hell is West then?..you always point to Heat as the arrogant team as you said, but look at how Indiana, and Hansbrough play?..are they not arrogant too?..c’mon hate on someone who deserve it…but dont overplay someones arrogance as the whole team is,…stupid fans,…

    • 34yr fan says:

      yeah…someone needs to stand up to the Queen because the league front office won’t…..

  99. JesseB says:

    Ooooh, surprise – the refs went easy on the Heat and the league is trying to play nice after-the-fact. Big Daddy Stern just had to make sure his team got the 3-2 lead before he pretended to be a tough guy.

    • Vernus says:

      You Heat haters will NEVER be happy and satisfied !
      You will ALWAYS and ALWAYS whine and cry about SOMETHING !

      I am saying this as a none heat fan. Them being SO good is the only reason why yall hate them like this.
      It’s their time and it’s their stage ! wait for yours instead of hating.

    • Dennis says:


      Watch the full games please. If you know something about basketball you will notice justified calls and missed calls on BOTH sides. Watch a lot of elbows been thrown around by both clubs. It’s just a hard series.
      Don’t blame the refs for the pacers not showing up each game after they got a win.

      • 34yr fan says:

        …if that is true then why does the Queen do that after HE and his ‘buddies’ don’t show up after they get a win ??…….bronbron can say things about the officiating without a fine but others , including coaches , get fined……lame….

    • pennydsz says:

      That is right! he should have been ejected after the faul.

    • J says:

      thats not true stern would love a particular team(s) but he wouldnt tilt something to benifit his fav team

    • Lt. Col. Kurtz says:

      You’re absolutely right. The special treatment Miami is getting, combined with the bashing of the Lakers and other 2-3 teams at least is making me sick. NBA used to be an exemple in fairness, but not anymore

      • 34yr fan says:

        bashing of the fakers??????? whaaaat ????? …still cryin’ about being swept????? Maybe if the la la bays had some team play instead of hero ball all the time they might be contenders and not some barely eighth seed to be fodder…..

    • Myqello says:

      As you can see in game bulls-heat mohamed was ejectej and suspended. Birdman was only suspended and play to the edn of the game!! Nba is not only game and fun!!! This is MONEY!!! Stern and Riley loves money!!!

    • Onema says:


      Didn’t Lebron James get fouled out for stepping on the foot of a defender “who went the wrong way” in game 4 at a critical part of the game? It was a foul and it was called foul even though it was a “minor” one. Now I do believe that the refs should have called that a flagrant 2 after reviewing the play. But make the comment in a proper way.


      I don’t see how the suspension was disrespectful to the official. It is no different from the league giving out flop “rewards” after a game has been played. What Chris Anderson did was wrong and players have been suspended for shoving alone. In this case Anderson pushed Tyler Hansbrough down and then he shoved him (for something he didn’t even do). Roy Hibbert caught Hansbrough after Anderson pushed him.

      An officials job is not to seperate players, that is a secondary thing they have to do to keep players from fighting.

    • bfG says:

      Oh yeah cause the Heat can’t have a 3-2 lead over the Pacers, they’re too much of a bad team … stupid …

    • Rafael Godinho says:

      Right on.

    • Floridian says:

      Hate all the way you want! Did you see who pushed Birdman on that position and he went down with Cole…Paul George pushed hiim in first place why do not you mention about that.

  100. Larry says:

    I think the suspension is really for the disrespect of the official that was trying to restrain him. All the other stuff was bad but pushing against the ref is a real no-no in that league. They get a technical foul for just looking at the ref the wrong way or making a bad gesture at the ref.

    • nbafan2013 says:

      yeah you are totally right….birdman is a bit of a douche anyway…but swiping away at the official is out of line, and he even got angry at spolstra for a moment! i wish they would show the whole event here so we could see how unprofessional he became in this moment. Then all the heat fans would see what a twonk anderson is.

      • R M Vaughn says:

        Let me say that i agree that Birdman only got suspended because he disrespected the official.
        However, nobody seems to notice that the officials respect James nearly ALL of his flops end in a foul for the pacers and he calls his plays aggressive but i think he just stops just short of fighting
        . He hates to look small and takes defeats badly. I would like to see a game where the standards are the same for EVERY player
        and not different from that of the mvp and his team

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….I Remember Rodman getting just that……a T for looking at the ref after the ref made ANOTHER ridiculous call !!

  101. helterbrand13 says:

    there’s a lot of elbow, pushing and shoving going on this series, “Birdmand” is frustrated obviously and acted inappropriately, the unnecessary hit and push was did by him and he obviously need to be punish, i like how the series is competitive and quite honestly its really fun to watch.i like birdman energy and it will obviously be missed. i’m not sure if him being in the line up will make a different if wade and bosh wont show up… nonetheless his energy will be miss and this could be a chance of india’s big man to take over the game.

  102. Tom says:

    Should’ve been a flagrant 2 on the court, it’s no different to the ejection for the Lebron push in the Chicago series. I wouldn’t underestimate the impact of no Birdman for game 6, he’s been huge with boards, blogs and never missing this series.

    • Zac says:

      totally agree. In addition, Birdman kept fighting the ref of, so he should have been grounded for the rest of the series.

      i think it is advantageous to the heat that he didn’t got ejected then. They will lose in indiana and have him back at home. no problem. 2 games would have been fair.

    • Floridian says:

      It is DIFFERENT! 1- James was already hit buy tech before he was pushed and went down. 2- Birdman was pushed by George Paul and went down with Cole before he pushed. 3- Check out how West keep elbowing Chalmers, Chalmers hurt his shoulder with all those elbowing Refs did not bother to even call.

      • Anonymous says:

        Chalmers isn’t hurt, he’s probably faking it to gain your sympathy. The way he kept attacking the rim in game 5 support my claim.

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….that’s what happens when the little guys try to hang out in the paint along side of taller players…..his shoulder is right where the ‘elbows’ of the tall guys are….just sayin……….its tough in the paint…….if you don’t like it …..stay out and let the ‘bigs’ for Miami do what is ‘supposed’ to be Their Job !!……

  103. Jacques Durceille says:

    I am amazed at this suspension. They should have just left it at fragrant 1. It is the Conference finals, things are going to get chippy, this does not deserve a suspension. Maybe Paul george should be suspended too right? for the push in the back. There is a lot on the line. Nobody got hurt, just a shove, let them play. Legacies are at stake.

    • SoFlaFan says:

      Looks like everyone forgot the dirty plays the Pacers made last year…….. remember UD?? Pacers being told by Byrd not to play soft? He taught them to play hard, and they sure are good at creating fouls out of nothing.Talk about acting!!!

      • MC says:

        What are you talking about @SoFlaFan? The Heat were the dirtier team in last year’s series, too, and they are the biggest floppers in Basketball! How can you even say the Pacers are acting? They aren’t! They don’t even argue calls. Battier and Chalmers are recognized as two of the biggest floppers in the game. D-Wade is widely considered the DIRTIEST PLAYER IN THE NBA! The Heat are a one-man-show and are an abomination to the game of basketball. Everyone outside of florida over the age of 13 hates them and it’s not because their good, it’s because they are arrogant and think the rules don’t apply to them. Go Pacers!

      • the heat were dirtier…full of flops…especially king LeFlop

      • lol says:

        @MC I haven’t heard anyone say that Dwayne Wade is the dirtiest player in the NBA, and people over the age of 13 do like the heat, just because you don’t like the heat, doesn’t mean that everyone else hates them too. And you do realize, that the reason that LeBron and Bosh went to Miami, is so it’s not a one man show. And please explain how they are “an abomination to the game of basketball” About the Pacers not arguing calls, have you been watching the games lately? David West argues with every single call, and Lance Stephenson flops every other possesion. The pacers were the team that accrued the most fines for flopping during the regular season, so how would the Heat be the biggest floppers? Please explain, but in general, we can’t take your comment too seriouly since you are a low-self esteem pacers fan who complains that the pacers don’t get calls.

      • MJ VAZ says:

        Why mention last year??? – You just have to look carefully at David West’s use of his elbows.
        And what about Tyler’s???

      • HEATovaYOU says:

        Man look at all you salty heat haters… that was not a suspendable offense. Grow up wussies, people like you are the reason why hard fouls have gone away from the game. When you play pick up games at the park to you cry when you get hit and ask for freethrows? Man up or stick to watching tennis, basketball is and will always be a contact sport. “an abomination to the game of basketball.” Wow you Pacer school girls really do get emotional… An abomination who are also the defending champs… Keep your cell phones on vibrate, because you definitely will not have rings. HEAT IN 6.

      • GangstaP says:

        @lol If the Heat were fined as much as anyone else, then according to records they would be the team which flopped the most this past season and also in these playoffs. Get off of that bandwagon you blind fool.

      • King Bryant says:

        King LeFlopia… His new name!!!! The Heat play desperate cheating bball. They will do n e thing to cheat their opponent out of a big win.

      • 34yr fan says:

        ….you wouldn’t believe it even if you DID hear it–(that Dwade is a dirty player that is)….you would just be in denial, you would just argue otherwise …….and YES ……very few outside of S. Florida like the heaters because of the ‘decision’ garbage….just sayin’…

      • Anonymous says:

        Wade is such a dirty player! He kicked Ramon Sessions in the groin earlier this season, and there are many videos on YouTube to prove this.

    • FLuke says:

      odd. maybe suspend george “for the push in the back”? if they do that, then wade will hardly get to play at all. he always pushes off in a rebound play. he even does it on his own teammates.

    • Bongo says:

      @ Jacques
      Man, this suspension is well deserved, He crossed the line 2 many times in the sequence of events. 1st by the blind-side shove and then with the push and then on top of that not restraining himself.
      If Nazi Mohammed gets suspended for his push that made a 250 pound lebron james fall (FLOP), than this is a suspension also.

      I dont favor any of the teams so im viewing this with no bias.

      • HEATovaYOU says:

        WAHHHHH, WAHHHHH I’m going to send pacer nation a box of tissues. PLAY BALL!!! Even without Andersen HEAT in 6!

    • Floridian says:

      Furthermore He was PUSHED by George Paul and he went down with Cole…This is a BS, and unfair move on NBA part to make Miami Heat shorter and eliminate the only guy protecting the board.

      • Carver says:

        Pushed are you serious have you watched the paint at all. Pushing happens on every play when you are getting post position. Bird DIDDLER had a durg flash back and lost his mind. You have to susspend him here with everyone watching including millions of children. You teach them that you don’t play the game like a thug, slamming people to the groud then shoving them, when they get up with 2 hands. If that is what you want the NHL play-oofs are on and you can get your fill! Everyone in life has choices now Anderson must live with the consequences of his, what did you think he was smart HAHAHAHAHA

      • Anonymous says:

        Anderson looks like and plays like a thug. No wonder the heat signed him to their dirty roster

    • A says:

      You must be a heat fan:) that was the same play that earned Chicago Bulls’ Mohamed am ejection from the game. This isn’t football, shoving to the chest =suspension period.

    • Cullen says:

      I’m not stating whether or not he should have been suspended, but are you actually comparing George’s nudge in the paint during a rebounding situation to Birdman’s shoulder check? Get real

    • Jeffro says:

      He deserves the suspension.

    • showbaba Canada says:

      You said it right. Why the suspension now?

    • dj says:

      Shove someone twice, then push a official? Obvious result is obvious.