Birdman Should Sit For Manhandling Ref


When the Eastern Conference finals shifts back to Indianapolis for Game 6 Saturday night, Miami’s Chris “Birdman” Andersen needs to spectate from his hotel room or his aviary or whatever other perch he can find outside Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Because the NBA needs to deliver a one-game suspension for Andersen’s actions in a second-quarter skirmish.

Not just for what Andersen did to Pacers reserve forward Tyler Hansbrough, either. For his tussle with referee Marc Davis.

By now, the sequence of events involving Andersen and Hansbrough is widely known: Miami’s tightly wound big man, while trying to rebound, got nudged from behind by Indiana’s Paul George. Only he didn’t get George’s license plate — he apparently thought Hansbrough had delivered the bump. So as the two ran upcourt behind the play, he bumped “back” at Hansbrough, the collision sending the Indiana player sprawling.

Hansbrough, startled at first, took exception and Andersen was all too willing to continue what he had started. The two closed the distance between them and bumped chests, at which point Andersen sharply shoved Hansbrough back with two hands.

OK, that should have been enough to eject Andersen right there. The only difference between what Andersen did on the shove and what Chicago’s Nazr Mohammed did in shoving LeBron James in Game 3 of the semifinals was that James went sprawling, sliding several feet in what Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau referred to as a “flop.”

Hansbrough’s mistake, even as the NBA seems ripe to wring out flopping, looks to be not (ahem) selling the play to refs Danny Crawford, Jim Capers and Davis. He couldn’t even had he tried, because teammate Roy Hibbert was there to catch him.

So Andersen delivers two blows — both of which sure looked to be “unnecessary” and “excessive” — and yet, upon review, gets slapped only with a flagrant-1 foul. But the skirmish wasn’t over.

One of the referees, Davis, gets in front of Andersen and moves him backward away from Hansbrough to stop a possible escalation of the beef. What does Andersen do? He pushes back. He grabs Davis’ wrist with his right hand. He pushes on the referee’s arm with his left. All of this physical contact with a game official because he’s steamed, because he didn’t like getting bumped from behind or because, in some misguided way, he’s trying to ignite (incite?) his Heat teammates and/or the crowd at AmericanAirlines Arena.

That was the most disturbing thing about the incident. Andersen did enough to be ejected then — or, a little late, suspended now for one game — with his hits on Hansbrough. But he crossed the line by getting physical with Davis.

No way should any NBA referee be subject to that sort of wrestling or manhandling, lest people assume they’re just part of the act in Andersen’s dumb WWE display.


  1. Tom says:

    A good overhand right would have knocked some tats off Birdman in that situation.

  2. Chris says:

    OMG someone put hands on someone please suspend them and fine them Mr. Commissioner for the children

  3. Brain32 says:

    This is how it should had been:
    Anderson gets ejected from the game
    FT’s for Pacers
    END of story, no suspension, no tech for Tyler…

  4. Rob says:

    And Noah has never “manhandled” a ref? Or Shaq? Or Kobe? Or Dwight? Comon, unless Steve didn’t notice, Davis was pushing Andersen a lot harder than Andersen was pushing him. That’s a bs call, Steve.

  5. kageron says:

    Birdman initiated everything and made the whole chaos and only got a technical foul in the first place LOL! seriously Miami team is the flop team and this refs should stood and make something realistic when it comes to their calls. It’s hurting the sport and the fans.

  6. Jeff says:

    look, birdman just warned ‘borough, b/c those guy known for his tries to get over physical. so, birdman warned him,
    and shoving him, he said: “no stepping on dwade, bro”, and “even dont think about touching Bron’.
    may be it was a little bit too much with a referee, and chris must have stopped, however as for
    ‘borough, it was an excellent warning to not joke with heat’s players. Loved every piece of it. Birdman, birdman!!!!!

  7. J says:

    if hansbrough had done the following:

    fly into the 3rd row

    lay there for 5 mins

    hold head in pain


    hobble around/limp

    act like he brokeback and neck

    and then get up and faint

    andersen would have been ejected suspended fined and thrown in jail


    heat in 6!!!!

  8. blahh says:

    This article is biased. It exaggerates what shouldn’t be exaggerated just to make the heat look bad. Clearly a miami hater (and I dont even care about Miami).

  9. DSB@WW says:

    Let me just point out one impression I have about “BIRDman”. He is weak, he would never go after a player he perceived to be strong the way he has routinely gone after Tyler Hansbrough in this series. “BIRDman” has sensed an apprehension in Hansbrough to defend himself, eliciting more antagonistic confrontation by “BIRDman”.

    “BIRDman” is more bird than man and as any bird he looks for easy prey. Like a school yard bully, he will choose the wrong prey one day and his true character will be exposed. I only hope his covers are pulled on just as large a public venue.

    Tattoos don’t make you a thug no matter how many or how asinine you make yourself look.

    I used to like this player, not any longer. Not that it matters to anyone else but this is my opinion and the first time i have ever posted an opinion about any subject online.

  10. blackchiney says:

    This series has been handled poorly from the start. Refs have been in the headlines for blown calls, over turning each others calls etc. Theres no doubt this series has been the most physical we’ve seen all playoffs due to the officiating of the games. These players are human and there are times when stakes are high and emotions are high that players will say enough is enough. Both teams are guilty of cheap shots that go unnoticed. Chalmers nudged West moments before the incident. West twice has thrown cheap elbows are Chalmers injured shoulder. Its the refs lack of control that lead to this “chippy”series. Chris Andersen should not be suspended. He should be fined at most.

  11. Pierre says:

    Last time I checked, you’re not allowed to lay one finger on a ref. Didn’t Rondo got suspended for that?

  12. Devon Smith says:

    If Nazr Mohammed was Fined/Suspended, I would say yes. But he wasn’t, so I say no. Regardless if LeBron flopped or not, based on the intent, Mohammed then later Birdman’s intent was to shove the player in frustration. A fine, no suspension. ***Heat Fan***

  13. Kyoz@ says:

    Oh yeah, Andersen push 2hand so he should suspended.
    Hansbrough push Andersen with only left hand so he should not suspended.

    And this article was ugly try to bring personal contact that ref go to push Andersen back to be Andersen intend to harm ref.

    Is Steve Aschburner a Pacer fan?

  14. shade_z says:

    this was just a regular shove not sure why everyone is making a big deal about it. i don’t think a suspension is necessary at all, a flagrant foul yes but a suspension will be out of question.

  15. Haters says:

    Stop all the hating. Birdman push off hansbro he didn’t shoot an elbow directly. With King an that dude from Bulls, King fell to the gorund, handbro DID NOT. Jeff G said the same thing in Bulls series that if King didn’t fall then no ejection. So ya’ll stop crying cause your teams on vocation.

  16. Oakley34BLAM says:

    Much ado about nothing. The ref instigated all that contact with Anderson, which, I imagine, is why he was not ejected for being physical with an official. As for the Hansborough contact…well he did get a flagrant 1. It’s a physical series between two physical teams (and cmon…of the two the Pacers are clearly the more physical in their play)…let these guys keep playing. Attempts to curtail physicality is one thing, but the refs can’t let these games get to that point and then have suspensions handed down…either Ts should be called early to stop it or they should let em play. They seem to be lettin em play, as they should…it is the EAST finals. Wouldn’t be proper without some blood and tears.

  17. Dylsta says:

    I don’t believe how bird man reacted was right, buuttttt why was paul george not given a foul for a push in the back when getting the rebound? I’m not terribly happy about the officiating in this series, i understand they doing their best but come on cuh!!!

  18. SynByn says:

    As a Heat fan, I think Birdman should be suspended. If Nazr Mohammad got ejected for the push on LeBron, Andersen should get suspended 1 game.

  19. Freida says:

    Unfortunately, he should have been thrown out of the game. So should West when he purposely in either game 2 or 3 went over to Chalmer’s shoulder and bumped his bruised shoulder on purpose.

  20. leonard says:

    Lebron endorsed actions of anderson. isn’t it a circus. he talked so much about the bulls “non-basketball” plays but its good and justifiable as said in his postgame interview if its one of his teammates to defend cole.

  21. Chris says:

    yes, this situation its like mohamed and james in the bulls series. mohamed got ejected from the game and what did the refs in the game??? nothing. it should be suspended for game 6

  22. Gustavo Hofer says:

    He will not be suspended because he is a player that is unbalanced in favor of miami

  23. Hawks Fan says:

    Th refs reviewed the play and called it (Flagrant 1) and that is the end of it. This article is irrelevant, and maybe the writer should be suspended by the league. This is a competitive series and the best team will win.

  24. chon69 says:

    It sums up what is really wrong with the people that leave comments when they redirect or deflect and talk about something other than the subject. Bottom line is Chris Andersen should have been ejected for his altercation with Hansbrough and suspended for touching the referee! Ask Nazr Muhammad!

  25. RH says:

    Such whiners. Several games already this series Miami has gotten FAR more points in the paint and yet still shot FAR fewer free throws than the Pacers, and – unless a team is intentionally fouling someone a lot to put them on the line – such a discrepancy is an unspastic indicator that the officials are putting the brakes on a team. And such a discrepancy has yet to happen to the Pacers this series. And, last night, Tyler Hansbrough didn’t even get a simple personal foul for taking Mario Chalmers’ legs out from under him for getting in the lane too often, and yet you think a little vigilante justice, designed to set Tyler straight without gimping him, warrants a SUSPENSION? I mean, it would… if the officials had done anything about Tyler’s downright dangerous cheap shot on Chalmers. It would be a shame if Andersen gets suspended and yet Tyler doesn’t even get a retroactive flagrant for starting the ball rolling earlier… and it would just encourage Tyler’s style of play, which is FAR more goon-like than Andersen’s (until push comes to shove, when Tyler suddenly acts the victim).

  26. Faruque Khan says:

    I am a heat fan but I think Anderson should be suspended for one game. Its only fair.

  27. Dave says:

    I am a die-hard fan of the Heat (and this Pacers team has earned my respect) and I believe he should have been tossed. It does resemble the incident with James in the Chicago serious. These new rules fall under the heading “Respect for the Game.” I’ve disagreed with some of the calls regarding hard fouls on drives to the hoop and similar plays. A good hard foul isn’t disrespecting the game. However, incidents like this one serve no purpose and I believe the spirit of the new rules was to get rid of this useless garbage. I love the Heat and I still believe Anderson should have been tossed.

    • Birdman Blows says:

      Dave, a die- hard Heats fan with common sense. I’m a die-hard pacers fan and for us to be where we’re at is amazing. Giving your Heat such a run for their money is great basketball and fun to watch. There’s no place in the NBA for unnecessary playground BS from any player on any team. Emotions are running high, I get it but part of being a Champion is being able to use that emotion to win. I think in the playoffs when players lose it like Anderson did punishment should be more severe than other times cause every team in the playoffs earned a spot there and there is no place for it. The hard fouls, missed calls, flops, trash talk, etc… That’s all part of the game but excessiveness like Anderson displayed last night should not go away without repercussions. Glad to know there’s some decent Heat fans out there. Good luck in game 6

  28. Shawn says:

    Bridman should be suspended. It’s nothing personal. the officiating should be fair. This is the same type of push that got the Bulls big man suspended. For some reason Miami does not get the same foul treatment, yet the are quit to cry about others. Birdman needs to be sent a lesson. He keeps provoking guys, intentionally. Play the game fair and square, you have the MVP, you are the champs why all the antics? Enough is enough.

  29. Dave C says:

    There is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT that Anderson should have been punished for pushing the referee.

    Rajon Rondo was suspended for a game because he bumped into a referee on purpose.

    Anderson grabbed and pushed a referee.

  30. cesar says:


  31. jwb_grdi says:


  32. cesar says:


  33. Tyler Hansbrough says:

    He should be suspended.

  34. leonard says:

    Rondo got tossed for bumping a referee. How much clearer can the rule be.

  35. Birdman Blows says:

    Birdman should have been tossed for the initial bump tackle he did in the first place. Than suspended a game for the shove, and find and suspended a second game for the manhandling of the ref but because its Miami doing the dirt nothing will happen. Impacted the outcome of the game cause the only other big they have is Bosch and with him having to play extra minutes he’d ended up in foul trouble too. The nba knows this though and they won’t let their franchise player James, whoms first foul came with 3:38 in the 3rd, yeah right, not win a championship again. Rigged league by greedy owners and a corrupt commissioner. Disappointing for anyone with aspirations of ever going to that level of play, better off playing European ball it’s much more clean and not corrupt like the NBA. Don’t even get me started on the ball that was clearly off James thigh in the fourth quarter, or the obvious shoving and pushing the Heat got away with in the second half. Pacers never had a chance not cause they got beat by the heat though, they lost game 5 as soon as they’d won game 4 back home. Scandalous

  36. George Samayoa says:

    This whole debate is useless. Violence = entertainment. Be it in basketball or in society. Why to you think that boxing is a relic and mma is en vogue? I say we should dial back the rules to the 80’s and early 90’s when teams like the detroit bad boys were all the norm. Basketball today has simply gotten too soft and any and all dissenting voices are either silenced or ignored for this new brand of softer, kinder b-ball. Physical competition breeds violence, and for all those who disagree… learn your history. Bread and circus baby!!! Watch the cream rise…

  37. rd5 says:

    Chris Anderson should absolutely be suspended for game 6. There was no incident that he can even claim lead him to lash out. It was almost like he was just head hunting Hansbrough, or maybe any Pacer 2nd tier player, to make a statement/fire up his team. If the league ends up not suspending him it will be absolutely unjust. Giving Hansbrough a T for being the victim and restraining himself after that was already a joke.

  38. hipster says:

    Birdman is exactly like Dennis Rodman but without all the basketball skill.

  39. Marc says:

    All this the-refs-are-biased-towards-the-Heat same old tune has to end. Tyler gave Wade a cheap shot at his bad knee and nothing happened. The Pacers, Steve and Reggie have to stop crying, man up and talk about basketball and look at their own mistakes.

  40. indina fan says:

    the bird man should be suspended because when Miami play against Chicago one of the Chicago players push LeBron and got suspended so he got to suspended the birdman should be suspended

  41. Justina says:

    I agree that Chris Anderson should not have just gotten a slap on the wrist. He should have been ejected from the game and since he wasn’t he should be given a one game suspension. When it comes to flopping, Miami Players should win an Academy Award. Why is it that the officials fall for such obvious acting?

  42. Bollocks says:

    He should be suspended without a doubt. That doesn’t belong in basketball, not to mention he did it to the wrong player. He cheap shotted him to the ground then pushed him after getting in his face. Everyone saying he shouldn’t be suspended for that is a bias heat fan, or just doesn’t understand the game. This isn’t wrestling or football, this is basketball and he should handle his business through his play not going nuts over a nudge in the back it happens.

    • Sam says:

      This comment doesnt make sense.. basketball was much better back in the days of the bad boys when what andersen did wouldnt even warrant a personal foul, these are grown men, they can handle the physicality of the game or they wouldnt be there, the league and the refs are ruining basketball with all the flag. calls and technicals and fines, let them play, its how it used to been when the game was more entertaining than ever….

  43. lebron james says:

    he should not be suspended

    • hipster says:

      Well the King has spoken so I am sure Queen Stern will abide.

      LeFlop, you know if Birdman had pushed you like that you’d have flopped backwards 15 feet. At least Hansborough can take a push like a man instead of a crying little baby girl like yourself.

      My neighbor’s neutored Chihuahua has more balls than you LeFlop! And he’s much tougher too.

  44. Pablo Neruda says:

    The dude is out of control

    Dennis Rodman

  45. duncan fan says:

    Birdman is a cheap player and Tyler did nothing wrong last night. Suspend BIrdman next game atleast. All Tyler did was get shoved twice yet he gets a T? Refs are horrible sometimes.

  46. jeremy says:

    It is pretty cut and dry. The league rules are

    E. Physical Contact- Suspension

    Any player or coach guilty of intentional physical contact with an official shall automatically be suspended without pay for one game. A fine and/or longer period of suspension will result if circumstances so dictate.

    Rules are rules Anderson should sit a game.

  47. I despise Lebron and his supporters says:

    I don’t see why players won’t start just pushing each other every time they get upset if Anderson is not suspended.

    Lebron is such a dirty player/ egomaniac. Many elite players have subtle face shots in their game.

  48. Ian says:

    Birdman struggling with the ref is my focus, like the article now posted on The Hansborough altercation was no big deal and absolutlely does not warrant a suspension; anyone who says so is probably a victim of today’s P.C., padded protocol (i.e. sissys) or a heated fan (no pun intended). It seems the NBA suspends players for far less, e.g. Amare Stoudemire coming off the bench when Nash was pushed to the floor by Horry some years back (Suns-Spurs). Amare was suspended in a crucial, crucial game for running over. This was physically resisting a ref, and isn’t physical resistance at least just as (or more) serious than one of these players or coaches questioning the ref’s judgment after a game? When that happens they get fined, so therefore something else needs to occur here. When a ref puts his hands on you and pushes you in a direction, and you’re not in the middle of a brawl or some player is coming at you swinging, then you go where the ref says. If the player does push back continuously, then I think he deserves suspension IF the NBA is going to be consistent and send the message. But, let me be clear, in a perfect world, if it were up to me, I’d say let the emotion fly like the old days and no suspensions (he didn’t shove or punch the ref). But, in this world we’re in, since that’s not going to happen I think consistency has to be the way.

  49. RJ says:

    Additionally, Andersen is being held back by someone who is in the neighborhood of 6 feet tall. You think he notices who is holding him back? Generally it’d be a teammate or coach. I know there are a lot of time I won’t notice someone directly in front of me who is 9 or 10 inches shorter, especially in a game. And especially if I’m upset. Much praise to Davis for having great character, slapping him with the flagrant 1, and letting it go.

    Also, you want Hansborough to sell the fall? Why? Seems like you’re biased.

  50. Celts 13 says:

    Anderson got away with it, just like Wade got away with his foul. It’s a game involving Miami, do you expect anything less?

  51. Jorgy MV3 says:

    Bye Bye Pacers the bottom line is you cannot beat the HEAT!!!! hahahahahaaha So shut the H*** UP!!! GO MIAMI!!!!!!!! Finished off the Pacers….

  52. Jorgy MV3 says:

    Shut Up Pacers Fans… hansbrough deserve that shove and more than that because he is a dirty player.. And dont say birdman is insignificant player.. He is perfect from the fiels since the start of the series…hahahaha.. So the bottom line is Bye bye PACERS.. better luck next century.. hahahahaha.. Ur just another repeat of reggie millers legacy..

  53. OKAY, I'M UPSET says:

    This is by far the dumbest thing I’ve read from Aschburner.
    Consolidated Miami hater, I don’t know what you’re looking for, but I can only see a non-sense post.

  54. SixersFan says:

    I want to know why TNT doesn’t show replays of when the Heat get fouled. They never show them. They didn’t show George Hill’s 4th fould either. Why? Because they know that they are totally bogus.

    • Roe says:

      I thought I was the only person that noticed that. You are right. Replay are never shown when the Heat players are fouled and no fouled is called. The commentators also call out fouls on Heat players…there commentators right. They all hate the Heat.

  55. OLD MAN says:


  56. Andrew says:

    Wow Steve Aschburner, way to make a neutral, point and counter-point argument like is supposed to do. Good job not taking sides. Sure it’s true and you’re right, but seriously dude. Unbelievable.

  57. spursfan88 says:


  58. Heat fan says:

    No one and I mean no one gets more bad calls than Lebron James. Yes he is a flopper. That’s because he is smart and knows how to play with the NBA rules. This whole article is a SHAM!!! This man should NOT GET PAID to write. It is so obvious that the league favors these types of writers who do their best to write in a way that would produce what the league really wants!! GAME 7’s !!! Yes, that’s right. You think this writer does not know the role the Birdman is playing for the Heat now? And how important his role is? So he is suggesting they suspend him in Game 6? C’mon man!! How more obvious can you be???

  59. Ian says:

    Lebron DID flop. Plain and simple. Review the video and play it in slow motion.

    Andersen is a joke to the sport of basketball, and the fact that he is not suspended yet shows that the NBA will bend over backwards to accommodate Miami with exactly what it needs and I’m tired of it.

    Give that thug the punishment he deserves. Suspend him for 3 games.

  60. Le2e says:

    Dont forget, Lebron spoke out against the refs after game 4, several times in the same manner as Tom Thibs and many others taht were fined for their opinions but no fine for Lebron… The face of the league cant get punished like the rest of the members, it looks bad for marketing purposes.

  61. andrew says:

    The ref did more to him if anything, but i do think he should be suspended for pushing hansbrough twice. There needs to be punishment for him, i seen this coming just by the way he acts he thinks hes the hardest guy on the court. The NBA needs to do something or he will never learn

  62. HTG Fan of Neither says:

    If that had of been Rasheed Wallace he would of been suspended for the entire post season. If he doesn’t get suspended there definitely is some sort of bias.

  63. Sensational Gibberish says:

    Wow, this is such rubbish. The ref (who is so much smaller than Anderson) manages to push him out of the way. This is because Anderson let him, he didn’t wrestle with him nor did he try to side step him and keep coming at Hansborough. Players who want to continue fighting will break through refs and players holding them back. Anderson knew he had gone too far so. He doesn’t deserve a suspension. He should have got hit with a flagrant foul and then a technical afterwards for the push.
    Lol@ Physcio-T, he didn’t do anything wrong and he got a technical foul, hope they review that and take it away. He didn’t even fight back, was a little shocked.

  64. Patty says:



  65. mnai says:

    im a miami fan, but i do agree birdman should be sitting next game, mohammed did the same thing last series to lebron, pushed him down when he wasnt looking, cant call it one way and not call the same thing later on

  66. googergieger says:

    So when the Pacers might finally get something to close to fair refs in game six, at least you hope. Anyways, now you want Anderson to get suspended? He should be suspended two games, in all honesty. And they should start suspending officials that clearly have an agenda. Two games in a row now that officials names have trended world wide on twitter, majority of comments suggesting a clear bias in favor of Miami. Does the NBA even care? I mean one can argue the only way the NBA will start caring is if people stop watching but it seems they are so deluded, they’d just push their manufactured superstars and superteams down the throat of the “fans” left. Last time I commented on the fact majority of fans on twitter agreed with the fact Miami is getting unfair help, my comment wasn’t approved. Probably won’t be this time. Wonder how the propaganda machine sleeps at night.

  67. Banks says:

    The clear difference between Birdman push and the Bulls Nazir push was that Nazir did it AFTER the play whereas the ball was still in play with Birdman, therefore its a legal foul, but since the guy fell to the ground, it became a flagrant foul because there was no play on the ball….

  68. abraham says:

    birdman thought it was tyler and had no problem going after him because that kid has a rep for playing like a goon. at least anderson holds his own. C’mon man….

  69. hipster says:

    If Birdman had pushed LeFlop that hard, LeFlop would have slid backwards 15 feet.

    Hansborough took the push like a man. LeFlop reacts to contact like a little girl.

    The NBA is definitely making every effort possible to give the Heat this series. First D-Bag Wyade is not suspended for a MMA-style flying elbow chop to the head and now Birdman won’t be suspended for this.

  70. TheRock says:

    Just fine them. They will know the pain.

  71. Winston says:

    Anderson should be ejected from the remaining playoff games and fined to the point it hurts. What is next? Punching the refs? I think we need to draw a line on the court you do not cross. We need to disapline players who are playing for their next years salary I think the NBA needs to put a price on it (heavy fines) to control it

    • Marc says:

      Fighting the refs? You could start your “discipline” by spelling it the proper way. Did you see Tyler giving a cheap shot at Wade’s bad knee? This is playoff basketball, man. It has become way too soft since the 90’s to even soften it more

  72. MichaelG says:

    How is joke not ejected or suspended for Game 6?

  73. Let's go Heat! says:

    Suspension or not, just give whatever Pacers fan and haters crying for. Heat are still able to burn Pacers in Game 6. haha

  74. kanuk says:

    first of all, i’m a fan of neither of these teams.

    but i have to say that hansbrough is a punk. even though he wasn’t initially the suspect in this, he constantly attempts to dish out nonsense that he can’t stand up for. he’s one of these meatballs that is saved by the refs time and time again by causing aggravation and then backpedaling. i’m glad andersen was in his neighbourhood this time and i thought chris’ reaction was appropriate on a larger scale of what this tyler kid tries to bring to the games he’s involved in for which there is no place. tyler is just an aggravator and needed to be put in his place.

    all this aside … so what? a little dancin’ never hurt anyone. davis is more than capable of handling himself and seemed quite alright to my eyes.

    steve, you best watch some nhl playoffs if you think this incident is rough stuff. just ensure you have some warm milk & blanky nearby if it gets to be too much for you … 😉

  75. Brandon says:

    He didn’t manhandle the ref. You’re one of the worst bloggers on this site.

    Nazr shouldn’t have been ejected, two wrongs don’t make a right. Take your butthurt nonsense somewhere else

  76. akon says:

    Am a spurs fan. so not really a pacer or heat fan nor do i hate them. but the fact is a “SHOVE” is a “SHOVE” if you going to eject one player for shoving then the other player should be as well. its the bottom line nothing else matter. it comes to rules if the rule says excessive physical contact requires an ejection and mohamed shoved james then anderson should be ejected as well plain simple its called consistency in your rules and regs created by the nba. FOLLOW IT. and the nba will be good.

  77. Niko says:

    Should he be suspended? Yes. This is not even a question. Anderson’s initial knockdown of Tyler was not a basketball play, and neither was the shove afterwards. The double technical totally wrong, because Tyler instigated nothing, and didn’t even retaliate. EVEN with that, anderson made 2 non-basketball plays in a row that had clear intentions of harm, as well as needing to be restrained the entire length of the court by a referee. This was the turning point in the game, and it shouldn’t have been if the referees just did their jobs.

    This is should not even be a question.

  78. Levinouah says:

    this guys is full of trash… anderson wasn’t even being physical with the ref, if he was why was he getting pushed back, im sure a man of anderson’s size could easily have resisted the ref’s push yet he was still being pushed back.
    “He grabs Davis’ wrist with his right hand.” you can’t even see his right hand in the video. come on man you are such a biased writer.

  79. beerslayer82 says:


  80. RH says:

    Yep, Steve, I too remember how identical it was when LeBron charged over and got in Nazr’s face (while merely pretending to be looking away talking to an official). What an actor. And I remember when the officials looked at Hasbrough crosseyed for submarining Chalmers last night, after Mario had gotten into the lane too often in the first quarter. That was so mean of the officials to do that to Tyler. Almost as mean as Birdman retaliating for that unwhistled dirty play, with a less dirty (because it wasn’t designed to injure, just hurt) move of his own on Tyler. If the Heat start clawing eyes and submarining people in the lane, or pulling that bush league move that Pittman did for them the other year, then you will have a wolf to cry about.

  81. beerslayer82 says:

    Of course Birdman SHOULD NOT BE SUSPENDED. I’ve never heard of this Steve Aschburner til now but one thing is clear, he is a gigantic moron and typical keyboard warrior. Who knows what foul things Hansborough said to Andersen to deserve the shove but even his own team mates did not have his back and the ref rightfully gave him a technical for it. Birdman also got a flagrant so it’s over, quit bitching about it! Birdman is an inspiration. Amazing story this year. By the way, their is nothing wrong with a little WWE entertainment in ANY sport but the ref was not man handled at all. Obviously Hansborough’s words went too far and the ref knew this and understood. Carry on. 🙂

    • TRU*NBAFAN says:

      Wow, the way the whole thing played out really destroyed your theory huh? Have another beer..

  82. Its’s playoffs what do you expect…

  83. Darryl Beveridge says:

    Bottom line is you aren’t supposed to TOUCH a referee…PERIOD! NBA is full of it….Stern runs this puppet show and he gets what he wants….Finals will be Heat vs Spurs…..

  84. Roy says:

    Not a fan either team. Chris Anderson deserves to be tossed for a game. Obvious call, this shouldn’t have to be argued.

  85. juan ghetto cruz says:

    your good as bias f….in writer.. your bulls was dump already by the heat.. so stop hatin.. were goin to the finals.. baby.. to all heat/lebron haters.. shut up!!!

  86. reynol pers says:

    It will not matter the outcome will be the same . Heat win so who cares

  87. Richard says:

    Anderson should be SUSPENDED, just like Wade should have been suspended but the league wants the Heat in the finals., rules be damned !!! LETS SEE IF STERN HAS ANY GUTS (DOUBTFUL) AND SUSPENDS ANDERSON !!!! HE IS A CREEP !!!!!!

  88. sports fan says:

    There’s a double standard here. In order for the nba to maintain consistency in officiating then Birdman should’ve been ejected OR Nazr should not have been ejected. When you consider LeBron’s size there’s no way Nazr could’ve pushed him that far. The replay shows LeBron pushing off with his right foot to exaggerate the fall, so LeBron completely flopped. Birdman is bigger than Tyler & even if Hibbert wasn’t behind to catch him it still didn’t look like he was going to fall to the ground. Birdman is more important to the Heat than Nazr is to the Bulls & the Pacers are a bigger threat to the Heat than the Bulls were. This is why Birdman wasn’t ejected. My observation is objective & unbiased since I do not favor the Heat or Pacers.

  89. Tony G says:

    I think this article is as big of a flop as Vlade Divac. What “manhandling” of a ref took place? LOL. Give me a break!

  90. Mark says:

    As usual the Indiana Pacers do not get the same breaks (calls) as the Miami Heat get. Birdman (whom I enjoy watching play) should have bee removed from the game for a flagrant attempt to incite and escalate the emotions of the opponent. This is one three blown calls in this series that should have been easy to make and favor the Heat. The second is the shotclock reset in the previous game when the refs refused to make the correcting call since it was clear the ball hit the rim. The third and most egregious mistake that the NBA did not even comment on was the elbow to the head of Lance Stephenson by Dwayne (cheapshot) Wade. This should have been a flagrant 2 foul with wade sitting the remainder of that game, but the NBA does not whant the Indiana Pacers in the finals. They think it would lower TV ratings and the Pacers have no national stars. Although I would point out the first year the Patriots went to the SuperBowl all the idiot TV personnalities said the same thing. Why won’t the league call the game evenly, forget the manufactured stars and make the palyers earn the title star instead of being annointed star.

  91. Stewie says:

    Just shows what Flopper’s Miami are, Lebron falling down like a kid in a sandbox, Hansbourgh doesn’t even take 2 steps back! Miami are manipulating, made up crybaby’s that get favored at ever turn.

  92. djles73 says:

    sometimes I feel like these crybabies out from elementary school.
    it is nba playoffs for chirst sake!it gets physical.if a guy like TH is inyour face you would toss him away if not punch him right in the face.eject/suspend somebody who deliberately fouls/hits an opponent.this was a quickly settled confrontation between two big guys.nothing more.why bring up staff that happened last week,last year ever blah blah blah…
    heat will win next with or without birdman,only will be more painful for those pretend to be tough guys pacers if the birdman won’t be around and yet heat will win battle in the

  93. JDog says:

    Suspend for 2 games is what he needs. 1 game for 2 incidents with Hansbrough and 1 game for ref. Won’t happen though…if he doesn’t get 1 that will be total bs. Someone on here talks about wanting to see the best game possible, so don’t suspend…what kind of fool is that?! lol Must be a Heat fan. Can’t just let the game become MMA…need a new sport for that.

  94. Ro says:

    Just a question to all of the highly intelligent people out there making comments – If the NBA is fixed like you say it is, why would they have called LeBron for that moving screen and fouled him out of game 4? Just wondering your thoughts on that. Please inform me of the league’s master plan to have the Heat win

  95. Mike says:

    Hansbrough got a technical? Since when does getting clobbered to the floor, then pushed merit a technical?

    • Jeff says:

      just suspend the bird man…….it is pretty cut and dry that should happen….although he should have been tossed right after the incident last night…..come on man.

    • sam says:

      For sure bird man should be suspended for Game 6

    • theking0522 says:

      LeBron got a technical after being pushed by Mohammed in the Bulls series. I didn’t hear you whine about that one….LOSER

  96. daniel says:

    Biased? The main announcer is completely for Miami… everytime the HEAT MAKE A SHOT HE IS SUPER ENTHUSIASTIC AND WHEN PACERS DO..NOTHING? WTF… THIS IS HARD TO WATCH WITH THIS IDIOT STILL ANNOUNCING… (MARV alBERT)… get outta here and go bite some more prostitutes backs!!!
    -talk about band wagon… he’s almost as bad as that 99 yr old ref!!!

  97. KSV says:

    Suspend Birdboy and give Tom his money back.

  98. #BullsFAnDAN says:

    tucan anderson should be in jail. The FBI found X-rated child pics on this computer. Why is he not in jail? He is a freak and a felon. A child abuser his no place in the NBA or in our society.

    • ---11--- says:

      He wasn’t onvicted therfore found NOT guitly. Stupid hater!!! I’m sure you are a sick freak.

    • Cullen says:

      That is incorrect. You should know your facts before making such severe accusations

  99. SirGray says:

    I have never seen writers and commentators act so bias in my life. Steve Kerr is like Tommy Heinson when he use to commentate Boston Celtics games. Boston could do no wrong. And I was a Celtics fan back then. Steve Kerr should definitely NOT be a commentator for the NBA Finals, IMO. Bottom line, if the refs do there job and call the push when Paul George pushed Birdman everything would have been taken care of. Let’s face it, the Pacers have done a LOT of pushing on offense as well as defense. For example, Hibbert is so comfortable pushing that he just pushed Mario Chalmbers last night and the refs finally called it. But when Hibbert pushed two players out of bounds and laid the ball back up and no call was made, it makes it looks like the league is fixed. I don’t want to see wrestling, I want to see basketball. I do agree, Miami has done some pushing as well. But not to the extent that the Pacers have. And what does it say when Dr. J. says, “the Pacers are going to have to rough the Heat up tonight”? And “Non-Lebron” fans are so afraid that if LeBron wins a few more championships more people will say that he is better than Jordan hands down. But some will probably never admit it no matter what. But IMO, once he finishes out his career and with the pace he’s going now. There’s no question James will be better. Championships or not.

  100. matt says:

    Bunch of loosers expressing their frustrations after loosing a great game. Atleast give some credit to heat for winning their battle.

  101. Edward says:

    If Anderson deserves a 1 game suspension, does George get 1 too? Come on, have more sportsmanship and stop playing dirty!!!

  102. OldFan says:

    I’m done with the NBA until Stern retires. Way too much favoritism. Good luck to the Spurs and Pacers though they’ll probably get stopped by the refs.

  103. jOLAN says:

    Is he going to get fined for these public comments criticizing the refs? If the teams cant do it, why should the nba writers? The nba has the worst refs. There is no respect, and everyone knows there is corruption there. The fact that people cant criticize the refs just puts emphasis on it. Let people speak their mind on the refs. if they complain and there is nothing to complain about, they will just look stupid anyways.

  104. KINGKONGJAMES says:

    I don’t need to flop. I play an aggressive game. I don’t flop. I’ve never been one of those guys.

  105. Dude123 says:

    There’s no need of such an article from No body cares.

  106. Boss says:

    Refs botched the call. Birdman should have been ejected on the spot and Hansborough shouldn’t have got a T. It would be fair if they suspended him for the next game but who are we kidding? It’s the Heat and the league likes to play favorites. They won’t change a damn thing.

  107. MATor says:

    So many pathetic bandwagoners.

  108. James says:

    He makes a great point… how can nazr get ejected and chris not? it is the same thing… i don’t think he should be suspended because it is too late. but he should have been ejected, all for the shoving and the reaction with the ref. they might make it up by suspending him though. dunno if that’d be…. the rule thing to do.

  109. eCabi13 says:

    fine or suspend Andersen. That’s OK. But what about the dangerous play Paul George made. He shoved Andersen into Cole who was at the height of his jump causing Cole to fall awkwardly. And while they’re at it, look how many times Hansborough goes under players who are up in the air (Chalmers). Instant Karma when he twisted his ankle landing on Battier who was at the floor at that time for some reason…. OR, review nothing, let these great athletes compete, and let’s just ENJOY this awesome series!

  110. Lms says:

    mimimi, mimimi. Stop crying guys. This series has been fair enough, Pacers getting calls more than Heat.

  111. bigaj79 says:

    Everybody needs to quit crying for suspensions and right on birdman because thats how playoff bball was back in the 80s and 90s and that made the game exciting to watch lets go heat

  112. GangstaP says:

    I’m gonna move on to the NHL because there is too much nonsense in the NBA now. The officials are one sided, the league seems a bit rigged, Stern is a dictator, and all of this is basically predictable now. Players are ruining the game with their flopping and trying to get undeserving calls from the refs. LeBron plays like a monster, no doubt. But it’s sad that a player of his stature needs to flop to be able to win a game or cry about ever call made against him or missed against him.

  113. Kagutsuchi says:

    this writer is really a heat hater no doubt!!!

  114. juan says:

    Steve you from your article you seem like such a heat hater. The reason the guy from the bulls got ejected is because he pushed Lebron after the ref killed the play and the fact that he pushed lbj with so much force to knock him down. Also birdman didn’t hot the ref.the ref was trying to break it up.of course of your on a heated moment and someone grabs you, your first reaction is going to be, get off me. Stop trying to incite BS with the trash you are writing

  115. kirby puett says:

    what andersen did to tyler was not right and even wrestling with the ref . question why was he not ejected ? mohammad did shove lebron and he was ejected . just goes to show you that who the refs and the nba is for . another thing that really irritates me is all the whining and complaining when they commit a foul miami is the worst team in the league to whine and complain if you commoit a foul shut up and play ball . really miss the true superstars ‘ the jordans the magics the birds the wests the jabbars these players were the real superstars . something really needs to be done in the nba thats gets rid of favortism with the superstars . really the nba needs better refs and really need some rule changes for example the defensive 3 second rule absolutely stupid rule . takes away from teams trying to play good defense . I M a really big fan of the nba but its really decreasing cuz of all the partiallity to the superstars and who the refs and in the nba wants to win . Im beginning to think college ball is better cuz its called more fairly and they the refs do not favor the better players wake up refs and the nba .

  116. Mawar says:

    Steve, u r definitely not a heat fan and thats alright, but writing things like this wont help the Pacers win. Its the playoffs dude, fights and arguments are going to happen, whether u like it or not.and stop bringing back the sorry chicago bull, let their season rest in peace. Lol

  117. Bri says:

    The entire NBA is becoming WWE. Flopping, the carrying, the fantom fouls, superstar treatment, officials letting teams back into Hanes to make em more interesting, etc. It’s not only Anderson or Battier playing like a dBag all year long.

  118. kirby puett says:

    fact of the matter is the refs and nba want miami to win cuz of all their superstars and that sells when they are on t v . its really a shame that the nba has got to this point . either the refs are that bad or its quiet obvoius who they want to win . to be pro refs they are not good . just because you are a superstar dont mean you can get by with fouling and flopping . nba refs need to call it right .

  119. ---11--- says:


  120. Paolo Agnelo says:

    Steve A. Stop being soooo dramatic and stop all your should be and shouldn’t be.
    This are the playoff and are suppose to be physical.
    Obviously the referee didn’t think it was so violent to eject the player.
    That’s why they review the play, they took a decision and that was the end if it.
    Now the game is over and we all move on.
    Should we now suspend also the referees for making the wrong call?

  121. Rocks says:

    Let Birdman play so that the Heat don’t have any excuses after losing the series.

  122. sleeplessbull says:

    you are completely right. and would have any other player have done that – not playing for the heat that would be the case… but the nba favorite heat wont get punished.. its a deal!!

    • KingJames#6 says:

      It really bothers me when people say that the Heat are the NBA favorites. In fact NBA always favors the underdogs. As for officiating went, different crews call it differently. Why did Anderson not get ejected is becuase of the context of the whole game. Nazi got ejected for the shove on Lebron not becuase Lebron sold it or flopped but becuase that series was very aggressive and already had many altercations before that incident so the refs in the context of the series made that call. This series however is not as aggressive and up until that point of Birdmans shove there was no other serious altercations, so in the context of the series it was the right now, granted Birdman should get a fine as well. The other thing people need to realize is that the NBA is a superstar driven league and becuase of that the league and the refs will always protect the superstars. So say the 4 time MVP Lebron will always get the benefit of the doubt. Same thing with Kobe, Durant and other superstars. Thats why the Grizzlies didn’t get the benefit of any wistle since they have no superstars. If you want to hate on the heat watch a Lakers game (not from this year) or watch Durant get calls. They get a whistle everytime any defender even breaths on them, but Lebron gets hacked going to the basket all the time but only less than half get called. Much like Dwight Howard becuase of their size and strengh the refs don’t always see the contact, but when old Kobe and the flimzy Durant get thrown all over the place they get calls.

  123. Sickou says:

    The Birdman is an insignificant player and doesn’t deserve any attention. Come to think of it, if he were that good as a player, he wouldn’t end up in several teams. I have more brains in my smallest fart than he has in his whole head.

  124. NBA Fan says:

    C’mon people, basketball is a contact sport, the NFL and NHL are far beyond the NBA. Why NHL can go along with fights on the delights of the crowd and NFL can tossed the players around? Because of flopping, the contacts become excessive in the NBA, it becomes more of acting in Hollywood than the sport we used to know. Don’t be so soft, as tender as babies, I loved these two white guys on both side, physically going to each other since the series began. Why suspend Birdman, I’ve remembered Hansbrough tossed Toronto Raptors centre Jonas Valanciunas who just cameback from a hand injury, no call or foul was called. Both the Birdman and Hansbrough played the same physical game because that’s what they are paid for. They are enforcers and defensemen, and pushing around people is their job on the game. Lets wait for the game tomorrow, I prefer to have a game 7 for this series since the Spurs sweeps Memphis. It’s business and it needs profit, so a game 7 will earn more money for the NBA, and both teams. I’m a Heat fan but I also loved the Pacers going against Duncan and the Spurs for the NBA championship. The Pacers will always be a strong contender for the coming more years.

  125. diluk says:

    cry baby Steve

  126. dasean cartwright says:

    Stop hating the pacers are playing dirty n physical but once we give it back now here comes the tick tack fouls n b.s. calls from the officials man up n play the game yall try to dish out bums

  127. heat on d roll says:

    Steve, I was really thinking you are a good writer…it makes me rethink you are still a biased one….choose another career in WWE or similar show, where somebody really reads your views…

  128. oj says:

    i have posted this earlier before steve´s article. So here is it again and it´s an Undeniable Truth,,,,

    May 31, 2013 at 4:58 am
    Don´t want to say the Heat didn´t deserve to win the game and the series (they are the team with better players). But if we check the REf’s calls we can see that the Heat are beiing favoured by the Refs and the Comission that sets fines punishments. Check what Birdman did to Tyler and then compare with this

    Birdman stayed on the game……

    nothing more to say

  129. A curious fellow says:

    I agree, he should’ve been ejected. Of course, to see Psycho T be on the receiving end of it was nice. Karma and all that.

    But the overall play had me puzzled why he didn’t get ejected.

  130. Jason says:

    The difference between Mohammed on James, Andersen on Hansbrough is that in the latter case the player getting fouled is a role player and not a superstar. Clear double standard. No matter what the league does it won’t change the fact they allowed Andersen to finish the game. It looks bad.

  131. AAA says:

    But I must say , that referee was pretty strong to hold his own .

  132. Wes says:

    Does Anderson have a history of techs, flagrants and/or ejections? Wonder if Riley instructed him to initiate a little dust-up. Was trying to find tech foul stats somewhere on and came up with zip. Anyone know where those are housed?

  133. Mike says:

    Let it go man…Tyler Hansbrough always play hard and start trouble anyway. This is the play off and do not try to mess it up. He was punished for it and that’s enought.

  134. Ro says:

    Wrestling or manhandling? Steve i love reading your articles and i really like your creativity with journalism, but come on… Different to that of say, Rondo. Because the ref approached Birdman. What do you expect when you put your arms around an angry (bird haha) man?

  135. Blerry says:

    What a stupid post.. Hansbrough did nothing but he’s such a dirty player, constantly giving cheap shots, that he deserved that shove from Andersen, and more!

  136. Sergio says:

    The difference would be that Lebron was not engaging Nazr.He was talking to the ref when he was pushed.Tyler was doing his usual fake tough guy routine and went chest to chest with birdman

    • Le2e says:

      So lebron initially throwing him down is not engaging huh?

    • Game Time says:

      Exactly! There was a confrontation between two. It wasn’t a blind side like Nazr. Plus look at the vid an Hansbrough puts his hands up like he’s going to do something then retracts them. Then Birdman pushes him.

  137. sanjay says:

    steve is totally biased. There is no way anderson was trying to hurt any official. In fact official over did it. It is just that anderson targeted the wrong guy! There was no hit or anybody. A fine is just fine. A suspension is totally uncalled for.
    In case of nazi it was deliberate ploy to unsettle lebron. Anderson shove was to push up chest butting tyler! The chest butt came in retaliation to the shove( it was anderson mistake). They have to leave at that and move on.
    had an elbow been thrown it demanded a suspension or ejection period!

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….”trying to hurt”???? You can’t touch the officials….like the cops….can’t touch ’em

  138. KaplanLBJGF says:

    Yup. Just a Flagrant 1 after those actions. And LBJ’s flopping was only recognized (after all the years of flopping) only if you’d put 2 Pacers players along with it (Battier not getting the call after all these years is beyond reason). And yet still, Heat fans think the officiating is biased against them. Who’d expect the Pacers (or even, *gasp*, San Antonio) to win against this team anyway?

  139. Allegiance Irrelevant says:

    Bulls fan or not, Chris should have been tossed for the way he shoved Tyler. It is an EXACT parallel to what happened with Nazr & Lebron save Hibbert catching Tyler. For him to also get away with grabbing and shoving a ref is inexcusable, no matter which side of the “rigged game” argument you land on you dont touch the refs. Everyone can understand accidental contact, but nothing in that scufle was accidental. One game suspension MINIMUM for that.

  140. damion says:


    • ---11--- says:


    • Raptors2014! says:

      When you use punctuations, people tend to actually read your post. In this case, all credibility is lost for you, no matter how great your argument was. For the record, I couldn’t get past your first setence…oh wait. By the way, I think your caps lock is broken.

  141. Gman says:

    Tyler shouldnt even be in the NBA for all his wrestling tactics in his career.

  142. Giddi says:

    The league is soft enough, do we really need bloggers on the NBA blog to beg for suspensions even though there is clearly a difference between the shove this game and in the Bulls series.

    One guy was standing after the shove, one not and if you get shoved its not a flop, it’s called “selling” and that is done since the beginning.

    The flopping topic and term is the most annoying thing of this 2012-13 season, even more than the Laker stories.

  143. sam says:

    terrible flop by norris cole. h8 the heat.

    • Mike says:

      are you stupid? paul george pushed birdman into him as norris coming down. Birdman thought it was hansbourgh and got him back. think again bud

  144. PacerNation2013 says:

    and before Miami fans start talking “oh well PG started it” give me a break he is about half the BMI of Chris Anderson and if that meth addict cant control being “bumped” perhaps he should have stayed out of the league. NO PLACE FOR THIS WHAT SO EVER..

    • KunJay says:

      You are such a loser, “No place for this whatsovere” really? Whose the team that likes to play physical and impose their “will” on people? Don’t back down and complain about it now when things got equal. David West calling chalmers dirty, calling Battier dirty..NOW? Man up son.

      • pacernation2013 says:

        It’s not about being physical. In my opinion Tyler should have and could have made that meth addict his bitch, for blind sidding a player who had NOTHING to do with anything. As far as D West, bring any player against him ANY player 10 cents to make them his bitch six ways from Sunday!

      • theking0522 says:

        PacerNation2013 sure like to curse a lot….Moron and whiner…Go and cry to mama. Your team is losing..LOSER!!!

      • 34yr fan says:

        equal??? Who on the Pacer team has pushed a Heat player with both hands lamebrain???

      • 34yr fan says:

        push the cop….go to jail !!

    • Game Time says:

      So what do you say then about David West picking a fight with Chalmers? Not only that he knocked him in the shoulder the game after it was bruised. Typical pretentious hypocritical Pacer fan comment.

  145. Ricky says:

    Well here’s a BIG EGO PACERS FAN writer… Why not go straight to the point and tell it to the commish to suspend the BIRDMAN… hahaha… sore loser…

  146. W/E says:

    lol, fun, the NBA should train referees to have HUGE WRESTLER BODIES!!! they should be able to shove and bodyslam players who oppose them, the refs should be FEARED! They should train and bring Brock Lesnar to be an NBA ref!!!MAN THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

  147. PEter says:

    i guess you have never seen the refs try to stop them from fighting? idiot. stop writing for the nba lol

  148. Roger says:

    I don’t agree that anyone including a ref should be handled that way… At the same time, WHAT GIVES THE MIDGET REF PERMISSION TO GET INVOLVED AS A POLICE OFFICER IN SKIRMISH’S WITH 6’10 GIANT ATHLETES? If you don’t want to get hurt, stay the heck away… YOU’RE A TOOL STEVE ASCHBURNER!!!!!!

    • Pale Porcupine says:

      Did you ever attend school or participate in any type of thinking? That is what the officials are out there for, to stop conflicts. That is their job. Please try thinking, it will help society.

      • SixersFan says:

        And they were terrible at it last night. The second round of technicals West, Haslem,etc would have never happened if the refs did their job and thumbed Andersen. They totally lost control and it was their own fault. This series has become the WWE complete with scripted endings.

    • 34yr fan says:

      idiot !!!!!!

  149. PacerNation2013 says:

    And YESSSS he should not only sit this game but should have been ejected from the last game as well…

    • indina fan says:

      that’s it he should be suspended for not only this game to the last game to I COULD NOT AGREE MORE

  150. PacerNation2013 says:

    Heat won the game and they are still complaining about bias??? No wonder no one can stand your dirty team.. Take your win and shut the hell up. Learn the game not the hype!

    • KunJay says:

      Really? Don’t play the tough guy act if you can’t back it up when you get pushed back. This is what we call fake tough guys, just like last year, don’t start something you can’t finish.

  151. SportsLife says:

    Manhandling the ref? LOL all he did was stand his ground instead of getting pushed away immediately. Get over it

    • 34yr fan says:

      you are not supposed to touch, let alone ‘grab’ a ref……players have called for a tech for ‘touching’ a ref……

      • Erlo says:

        The ref initiated contact … it can no longer be considered the player touching the ref. Read the rule book.

      • New Yorker says:

        The ref didn’t toss him for it. End of story. Nothing better to write about, huh?

    • TRU*NBAFAN says:

      You can’t put your hands on the ref in a confrontation PERIOD. Laugh at manhadling as the word being used if you want to. He put his hand on the ref during the scuffle and that is a clear RULE. Like it or not, Refs have to control the game. Now whether they call ticky tack fouls to get teams out of the game, is a valid debate.

  152. jeremy gato says:

    A couple of months back you were at the wheel of this heat bandwagon, now you’re hating?

  153. whaaa says:

    bulls lost. get over it steve. you are almost more biased than reggie’s commentating.

    • Kamote says:

      because Lebron did flop. just an actual fact.

    • damion says:

      reggie miller is such a hipocrit they str8 cheated the knicks with bad officiating yet still they say there is no politics in the NBA ! refs never call in favor of the other team in miami and they have a cheating way of giving back calls that dont amount the the momentum being shifted from the bad calls prior they want lebron to win and make it more appealing to owners that want to buy into little city teams that anyone can win! they took pride in destroyin my NEW YORK KNICK TEAM ON TV WITH NO RESPECT FOR THE FANS! AND AS FAR AS THE NBA GOES IF ITS NOT ON MSG I WONT EVEN WATCH THE GAME I CALL A BOYCOTT AND IM SO SERIOUS EITHER THEY STOP USING FAVORTISM IN GAMES AND CALL FAIRLY OR PEOPLE SHOULD STOP SUPPORTING THE NBA AS A BUSINESS

      • tanmia says:

        % 100 agree.I am Miami fan and I hate commentating cast Reggie and friends and showing everything negative miami side and positive pacers side on tv.

    • Pacers Fan says:

      Amen. Listen, I love the Pacers, but this is PLAYOFF BASKETBALL. It has to be more intense and physical. So yea, did Birdman go to far? Sure, but in the end of the day I want to see the best basketball game possible and that includes that guy being on the floor. Same way I didn’t like them giving a 6th foul to James – we were winning and playing good and now all everybody talks about is;’ what if..?

      • New Yorker says:

        Agreed. I’m rooting for the Heat, but it was nothing to do with this. This is Play-off basketball, quit calling sissy fouls. This was fianlly done in game 5. He pushed the guy away, big deal! Get over it Steve. He wasn’t trying to injure him. I didn’t like when the Bulls guy got tossed either. Men up and let’s play.

      • sanjay says:

        i agree.. nazr mohammed should have not been tossed out… so did andersen. and also, mohammed’s pushing is more punishable in the sense that he pushed lebron while he was talking to the ref and not even interested in fighting him… while birdman and hansbrough are both aggressive to fight… with regards to the manhandling of the ref…. c’mon man!!! we all know that’s always their role when a fight is suppose to break out..

    • Taranis says:

      You don’t think pushing another player or grabbing an official should result in, at least, a one game suspension? I’m sure you would have been more than okay with it if Nazr Mohammed got suspended for a game, and he didn’t even touch a ref.

      • KunJay says:

        Did you see the ref pushing him back when Hansbrough was half court away…

      • Pretty Tony says:

        As a Heat Fan, I agree that Birdman should have been at least ejected from the game for the initial and secondary contact with Psycho T. Tyler got screwed on that technical foul. He should be suspended for contact with the ref. Those are the rules and they should be uniformly enforced. A Birdman ejection kills Miami’s rebounding and shotblocking and the NBA will not set M iami up for failure. The officiating in the East FInals is disgraceful across the board. Whatever happenned to may the best team win? The NBA’s motto is make the largest profit generator win. It’s a sad day for NBA Fans when Tim Donaghy seems to be the most trustworthy person in the league office. Shout out to Jose Censeco.

    • Benji230 says:

      Mate your article is a load of rubbish you are talking nonsense. Your just plain. Enough with all the dramatics. Chill the heck out.

      • Benji230 says:

        plain wrong

      • Pale Porcupine says:

        The author is correct. Birdman should get suspended for the way he handled the ref, not what happened between him and Psycho T.

      • 34yr fan says:

        …he will be suspended

      • Adrian says:

        Two much non-sense talk when we have all the facts:

        1) Anderson did (at least) what Nazr Mohammed got ejected for ( and then suspended)
        2) Anderson didn’t get ejected.
        3) Contrary to his declaration, Lebron FLOPS over and over (unless he didn’t look for the meaning of the word in the dictionary, but then he should keep quiet, at least)

        1) Anderson will NOT get suspended.
        2)No home court advantage for the Pacers in game 6, from the referees officiating

  154. Gary says:

    Hansbrough vs Andersen 2013 = Hansbrough vs Haslem 2012. Harsher punishment AFTER the fact. Way to go, Officials.

    • randy says:

      this is whats wrong with nba. anderson throws elbow to the back warrants an ejection alone. the two handed shove, which was the same excact thing mohamed got ejected for. putting hands on ref and slapping his wrist, while tyler did nothing. yet he goes to replay and gives a double tech?? why did tyler get a tech?? u saw the replay and CLEARLY birdman crossed the line 3 times… stern u wonder why people think this league is RIGGED? Its just PATHETIC catering to certain teams with superstars….

      • peter says:

        I agree. Andersen should be suspended. NBA favors the Heat to win in this series I am not a PACERS fan but I hope
        they win this series.

      • Ray says:

        I agree 100% with you on that Anderson should be suspension for one game and I don’t care, If you with certain teams or not the NBA need to lay down law for every teams and every players in the League I don’t care if you’re LeBron James, D-Wade, Paul George, Russell Westbrook, or Kobe the NBA set a simple to those players that my opinion. The league need stop being pathetic certain teams they didn’t do that, When Michael Jordan was playing or Patrick Ewing, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and them, so the league to stop being soft and laydown the law and go for every players and every teams.

      • sanjay says:

        I’m sure your grammar alone is enough to get you suspended…