Heat, Pacers Hit With Flopping Fines


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Not all flops are created equal, as LeBron James and David West (above) and Lance Stephenson (below) illustrated in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals.

The fines handed down by the league, however, came down the same. All three of those players were slapped with a $5,000 penalty for the extra flair they showed in their flops, Hollywood-worthy acting jobs in all three instances.

There were just four flop fines (Tony Allen of the Grizzlies vs. the Spurs in Game 2, J.R. Smith of the Knicks vs. the Pacers in Game 1, Derek Fisher of the Thunder vs. the Rockets in Game 5 and Jeff Pendergraph of the Pacers vs. the Hawks in Game 5) before this current windfall.

The message from the on high is clear to us: Enough of the dramatics!

Unlike foul calls that can be interpreted a million different ways, no one can dispute the acting jobs turned in on these flops. All three of these latest fines were well-earned.

Now we’ll see if the fines will curb the enthusiasm of the Heat and Pacers in Game 5 tonight in Miami (8:30 p.m ET, TNT) …



  1. DesFly says:


    • let the players decide who wins says:

      will lebron get another fine for flopping in game 6 (trying to draw a charging foul from paul george). my hats off for the refs for seeing it for what it is and not blowing their whistle. one of the better officiated games in the finals. put the same refs for game 7, david!

  2. aleckz says:

    Giving fine for a flop to these player is well accepted. But i think, every wrong call by the referee must also be fined so that they will be more accurate in their calls.

  3. Neutral says:

    As like as a soccer game, those “actors” needed to suspense for one game or more because the “acting” might change the result of the game.

  4. ahaha says:

    LOL synchronized double-flop!

  5. MAURICE says:


  6. Zzultrix says:

    If the league is serious about stopping the flopping then they should make it a techical foul and the refs should be instructed/encouraged to make the call on the floor. That way a guy gets two and he’s ejected. That makes an impact on the players and they will stop. Also, if the refs miss some and they likellythe league can review the game and give the tech that way the techs add up and result in a suspension which can really effect the team.
    Also, as I understand it flopping is not falling to the floor per se. Flopping is dramatically overreacting to contact (or lack thereof) to try and fool the refs into making a call. It involves throwing the arms in the air and diving to the ground. It is poor sportsmanship and makes for a weak game.
    Since one foul (or flop) can change the momentum of a game and have an effect on the outcome a few thousands in fines is not going to change a thing. It cant. For it to change the punishment must also be potentially game changing.

  7. Joel says:

    A clear message? $5000 is loose change for most of these guys.

  8. Cripple Rapist says:

    complaining about flop…. It’s been there way back…. longer than I’ve remember…. here’s some actors to name a few…. Vlade Divac,Shaq,Allen Iverson 90’s, Lakerss 80’s celtics 80’s pistons 80’s… some are genuine contacts but some were best actors’ flops… So don’t complain…. It’s been there already…

  9. J says:

    they all deserved it
    players that make more should be fined more
    maybe they should be fined in thousands of what they make in millions
    say a player makes 10 million then they will be fined 10 grand sounds acceptable

  10. LBJ says:

    I never flop…

  11. miami fan says:

    how bout we watch the game tonight and let the star players of NBA, particiliarly this two competitive teams, to present a fun to watch basketball game tonight. Isn’t that what makes basketball a fun sport? Now if you wanna sit home and cry all day just watch some other sport than.

    But hey, Miama all the way!!! lol

  12. MVEE says:

    they becoming soccer players now…

  13. #BullsFAnDAN says:

    miami is not an nba team but a bunch of crybabies. Add them to the wnba.

  14. nick says:

    i just wish that james played in the early 90’s against the bad boys,knicks and pacers and he did the same
    thing he is dong today…king james stop flopping and complaining when calls are not going your way…the nba then and
    now is to soft and they cry about anything to the refs or the league. man up and play ball like men..tonight pacers are
    playing 8 against 5 because refs will control the game and give Miami the advantage because they are the champs..
    that’s why I don’t like the nba today

  15. You kidding me? says:

    dude, Stephenson’s looks more like he’s avoiding the elbow Allen swung at him.

  16. Thaddeus says:

    I am just hopiing they follow through on the head fakes fines (Dwyane Wade, Manu Ginobili) if they are following flopping. These guys still get away with it in the league. They should also call flopping on the calls they make on the floor not just non-calls.

  17. googergieger says:

    James has been flopping all season and nobody on this blog or on T.V. has said anything about it. Now that the officiating has gotten too horrible to hide and ignore, this pathetic display of feigning fairness does nothing to adress any real sort of issue. Mainly the fact Miami and other teams have been getting preferential treatment all season to the point where their seeding and advancement hasn’t been earned anything close to fair. Miami isn’t the only team mind you. OKC is another. Lakers shouldn’t have made the playoffs, but still. Every game is being seen with a bigger and bigger microscope. It started with the Chicago series where a lot of people were angry about the bias Miami had working for them. Now it is starting up again in a series Miami should have probably been swept in. Eventually someone is going to grow a pair and the only question is, is it going to be a player/coach/etc or a sports journalist finally finding some integrity and doing their job? One hopes it’s both, and one hopes we can finally get some focus on the sport and not the scripted reality t.v. show this league has become.

  18. SGVP says:

    A fine of 5K for these players is like cents for lay people. They can afford it. Use a game ban for these players and we will see and end to these flops.

  19. DONOTENTER says:

    stephensons flop was almost as bad as wades

  20. Johnny says:

    If the flopping rules were in effect of last season the Thunder would have won. Queen James has always been a flopper and it shows today. KD nor Westbrook has not been warned of flopping this season, true street ball players.

  21. about time for fines

  22. JimD54 says:

    The flopping fine in the NBA has been instituted not because they want to stop flopping, (they don’t want to stop flopping because they want some player to be able to flop, it a way that the refs can control the games) What the league does not want is for players to be able to MAKE the refs call the flops when they don’t want to, that’s why the league fines players for exaggerating the impact of the contact, because it forces refs into making calls they don’t want to make, especially against popular stars who the league want to keep in the game, the NBA is all about controlling the outcome of games for the betterment of the League, and whatever team they feel can generate the most revenue for the league will win, period, that’s why the level of officiating we see in these games is so bad, the league wants certain teams on top because of the money they can generate, that’s why there is no way I can be convinced that there was only ONE referee betting on NBA games, not when it is so easy for the refs to control the games..

  23. Fuuu says:

    Lebron is the best player in the world, but he really has to stop with the flop and the traveling if he wants to be in the conversation of the best players all time.

  24. Andrejs says:

    I completely agree with ee. David Stern has been waiting too long to fine LeBron and Battier is the biggest flopper on the Heat. David West did not flop at all and should not have been fined. In my opinion, I think the fine should be 10K because these players make over a million a year and 5K is as much as 20 dollars to me personally.

    • Kimball911 says:

      How did west not flop. There was very little contact but he went flying??? let me guess stephenson didnt deserve it either.

    • ac says:

      Agreed, no “clear message has been sent.” Lebron makes 250K/game from his contract alone, which doesn’t count endorsements or money he makes from safe investments. 5K is a joke to professional athletes. Should be one game suspension without pay.

      • SGVP says:

        I agree with ac. I just the posted the same. Flopping calls on these 3 were correct. Let the refs call it or review it right then and there and treat it similar to a flagrant 1 at least, if not a flag 2. They also can review at the break or end of game if they want to. They make a foll out of everyone and it should be harshly treated.

  25. sanjay says:

    battier is smart. battier only falls to the floor when there is proper body contact. He may fall hard but he is no amateur like that stephenson. What he did was ridiculous!

  26. Celts 13 says:

    I’m not sure why Battier hasn’t been fined for flopping. He spends as much time on the ground in games as the basketball does.

  27. ee says:

    after watching this series I agree with vogel Miami are the biggest flopping team in the nba , and I do not support heat or pacers

  28. ee says:

    thank you david stern about time lebron got fined for one of his 20 flops this series, shane battier is surely next he is up to about 30. not sure why david west was fined though he plays like a human male should

    • Pacer's Fan says:

      Totally agree. Go Pacers!

    • Naptown says:

      I do not know why David West’s foul was upgraded to a flagrant. The refs reviewed it during the game. How is what David did the same and Dwyane intentionally elbowing Stephenson.

    • AM says:

      So Lebron had to be fined, but not West? come on, don’t be so biased, both players flopped in that play

  29. 34yr fan says:


  30. Game I Love says:

    Well, LeBron did say yesterday that this was a winning strategy.

  31. Loki says:

    Fines? Lawl, the flops can turn the tide of a game completely. Why wait till after the game? Catch em in the act!

    • Pacer's Fan says:

      It would be better if it was just a technical on the spot.

      • Sintido kumon says:

        Agree,a T on the spot free throw and then ball possession…you can give them fines but that’s nothing to NBA players,they’re getting paid a lot of money…give them a tech,two techs from flopping,give them a suspension with no pay…

  32. Edjumacator says:

    This is part of David Stern’s legacy. He always admired Vince McMahon. NBA officiating stopped having much to do with rules 30 years ago. It’s about the Drama.

  33. Jonesing says:

    So let me get this straight: Battier was not fined for any of his flops. Dwyane Wade was not fined for flopping out of bounds. Dwyane Wade was not suspended. Ok, gotcha. Also, we all know that if David West had stood his ground on the supposed double-flop that the refs would have just called a foul on him because LeBron was on the ground.

    • AM says:

      Gold Swagger, or Jonesing, whatever you want to be called, just because you post the same thing with a different name you are not going to be right

      • Jonesing says:

        I had to use a different name because my comment kept getting deleted. I do not need to be validated by anyone else. Simply stating my opinion.

      • Jonesing says:

        Sorry. I had to switch names because my comment was not being posted. I am not on here looking for validation.

      • Jonesing says:

        Sorry, I reposted it with a different name because all of my comment kept getting deleted. Just disregard the second one. Not looking for validation

  34. Jonesing says:

    Danny Crawford tonight = Guaranteed loss for Pacers.

    • Game I Love says:

      I predicted he would ref yesterday. Typical pattern:
      Step 1: Heat legitimately lose a game
      Step 2: Heat publically complain about calls or claim non-basketball plays were committed against them
      Step 3: They are not fined for such criticism, but in the next game Danny Crawford or Marc Davis officiate in Miami and make sure no more wrongs are committed against the Heat
      Step 4: Heat win the next game

      • Meccanoo says:

        Hahah you are pathetic. Sure Miami might lose or win game 6 but still you cant say anything about foul calling, James and Wade handles the ball most of the time but where as KG Pierce and Rondo do. I do see how odd that is but still that is not a fact sorry.

    • ee says:

      whatever u absolute moron

      • Game I Love says:

        It is not moronic at all. Remember this post when you watch the game tonight. If you watched last year’s ECF you would know this is the case. It looked the Cs were going to win a game so Danny Crawford called KG for a tech without a prior delay of game warning, called Ray Allen for a tech because he turned away and said “No”, and they blatantly ignored a foul against Rondo that would have won Game 2. Additionally, LeBron and Wade combined for 20+ free throws and Rondo and Pierce never attempted one. What is listed above is the general pattern and Danny Crawford is always the head official. Scoff if you want, but those are the facts.

    • Game I Love says:

      When will he punished: not for flopping and not for dirty plays. It is hilarious that Heat fans complained about the officiating in Game 4 when calls were missed on both sides. Go pacers!

      • bigwes95 says:

        Just look at the starters’ fouls for both teams and tell me that Indiana had the same amount of foul trouble. Lebron got 4 fouls in just the 4th quarter! Give Hibbert that many in the last quarter while having all other starters with at least 4 and the other team has only 3 people with 4 or more fouls. doesn’t seem bad, but if George had 5 instead of 4 and Hibbert fouled out basically in the last quarter, wouldn’t you be saying that the Heat got all the calls? actually you guys did that after game 3 even though Miami still had more fouls called on them.

  35. jose says:

    What is the referee’s name who penalized LBJ with his 6’th foul?

    • ee says:

      who cares he clearly stuck his legs and hip out into lance Stephenson and im a nyk supporter

    • Naptown says:

      Joey or Stafford. But it is not a punishment. The game should be called the same from minute 1 to minute 48. It was a foul. He fouls just like every other player in the NBA. Paul George and Lance Stephenson were in foul trouble the whole game.

  36. Gold Swagger says:

    LeBron: “Anything to get an advantage over the opponent, so be it”

  37. Gold Swagger says:

    So let’s get this right. None of Battier’s flops have resulted in a fine. Dwyane falling out of bounds with no one around did not result in a fine. Dwyane jacking Stephenson in the head did not result in a suspension. Ok, just so I have that straight. We all know that if David had not turned around like that the refs would have called a foul on him. If he stood his ground and LeBron was on the ground, David would have been whistled.

    • Naptown says:

      Typically, the only time flopping fines get handed out is when they get tweeted about a lot or get lots of views on youtube or ESPN. Even so, Battier has been on the ground an awful lot in this series. If you watch carefully, he also face guards and plays illegal defense much of the time.

      • Game Time says:

        Probably because he’s playing guys much bigger than him in West, Hansbrough and Hibbert. He’s not flopping, he’s trying to draw the foul or get the call. Flopping is when you are excessive with trying to get a foul call. Like when there’s absolutely no contact but you are acting like you got hit.

  38. Jean_Phi says:

    5000$ for Lebron would be like 10 to 15$ for the rest of us.

    One of these calls can make you win a playoff game so I think these fines are not disuasive at all.

    • 34yr fan says:


      • Chin Chin says:

        Totally agree. The league should enforce a suspension for flopping. $5k is nothing if you steal a game.

    • Game Time says:

      People complain that stars don’t get the same treatment. Lebron get’s fined and now it’s not big enough.

    • Sam says:

      All of these figures are based on quick googling, but are probably pretty close. James is worth about 110 million. So 5000/110000000 = about 0.0045% of his net worth. CNN reports the median net worth in the US is around 77,000. Seems a little high, but even at that figure, that would mean 5,000 to LeBron would be about $3.50. Or if you’re 25-34 like LeBron then avg net worth is closer to 50K meaning 5K to him would be about $2.27 to you and me. So that would be like the police expecting a $2 speeding ticket to keep people from speeding.

      • Banks says:

        It don’t matter how much Lebron makes, its the RULES, the poorest player in the NBA will be fined the same 5,000 because that what the rules are.

        If a speeding Ticket is 200 bucks, they are not going to charge Lebron 200,000 bucks for speeding just because he gets paid more.

    • Melo says:

      That’s because his flopping hasn’t reached the level of 20k or 30k fines, if there is such thing. And I don’t think LeBron wants to lose 5k, even if it’s just “15$”. At least he got fined, so that shows that the NBA aren’t turning a blind eye

  39. fourputter says:

    I’m surprised Battier wasn’t fined for flopping. His style of play would ruin the fun of a pick up game.