Pacers Get ‘Encouraged,’ Get Even


INDIANAPOLIS – Facing the NBA defending champions with virtually no wiggle room, at risk of going down 3-1 in a best-of-seven series with most of what remained of the series on the other guys’ court, caught in the crosshairs of the best basketball player in the world, the pressure was on the Indiana Pacers to find the psychological and emotional trigger that might make the improbable possible.

And sure enough, there it was, scrawled in marker on the white board in the Pacers’ dressing room at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, about an hour before tipoff of Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals:


Grown men facing some of the most dire circumstances possible at this point in the season, nerves frayed, joints aching, pride on the line, fortunes to be won or lost. And the Pacers’ coaching staff goes all Ward-to-Beaver and Andy-to-Opie.

Disneyland gives its “cast members” saltier pep talks before holiday weekends.


Must have been the third exclamation point, because it worked. The Pacers held off Miami’s attempt to grab control of the series with a 99-92 victory, turning it into a two-out-of-three affair starting with Game 5 in south Florida Thursday, in part because Indiana is the kind of team that can respond to something as simple as that white board message.

“Not one guy in that locker room didn’t believe we were going to win this game,” Pacers center Roy Hibbert said, after anchoring (23 points, 12 rebounds) the group effort. “We showed fortitude and we picked each other up. We never held our heads down. We know they’re the champs. … We’re never going to give up.”

Hoo boy, does this stuff play well in the heartland. Especially on those rarest of nights when LeBron James fouls out.

Fact is, there were plenty of reasons for the Pacers to ignore or lose whatever they were supposed to get from the atta-boy stuff:

  • They should have been discouraged that Paul George, the team’s 2013 All-Star, was bogged down and sidelined with foul trouble. By halftime, he had been on the floor for all of 14 minutes. He was 1-for-3 for three points, with the refs’ whistles doing to him this time what James’ post-ups had done in Game 3.
  • The Pacers should have been discouraged when their over-adrenalized 11-0 start fizzled away completely, replaced at halftime by a single point. What they were doing better than Miami (rebounds, protecting the paint), they weren’t doing better enough. The things Miami was struggling with (James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh shot a combined 5-for-19 in the first half) were almost certain to change.
  • Indiana should have been discouraged by the Heat’s 9-0 run early in the third quarter that threatened to break things open. Instead, the Pacers stiffened behind veteran David West, who went to work for seven points in Indiana’s own 10-0 run across a timeout.
  • The Pacers should have been discouraged later in the period when, in a scramble sparked by James’ remarkable block of George Hill‘s layup, George went hard for the loose ball and got his fourth foul. Coach Frank Vogel was discouraged enough to get T’d up.
  • They should have been discouraged by a timekeeper’s error that incorrectly stuck them with a shot-clock violation, wiping out a basket that would have left them up 83-72 with 8:25 left. But no, Miami chipped away until they were tied at 83-83 (James 3-pointer) and again at 86-86 (Wade three-point play).
  • That’s when Ray Allen hit a 3-pointer from the left corner with West doing everything but tackling him. Discouraged? Indiana should have been forlorn at that point.

But nope, they stayed encouraged.

“We just talked about keeping our composure,” West said. “I don’t think we got rattled.”

Turns out, behind all those discouraging developments, the Pacers had been finding figurative rays of sunshine. Smart trends and happy results about which they actually could … BE ENCOURAGED!!!

Offensively, they were getting better opportunities than they had in Game 3. They moved the ball better and, if they still struggle to deliver the ball to Hibbert in the post, they watched him grab six offensive rebounds to set himself up.

The biggest board came with 90 seconds left, when he missed a 13-foot jumper but got it back and, in making his layup, drew James’ fifth foul. His free throw made it 94-89.

Defensively, the Pacers found their comfort zone again by throwing bodies and numbers at James, deploying George, Lance Stephenson and Sam Young on him. It helped, too, that Miami didn’t send James into the post the way it had in Game 3 (he was 1-for-6 this time) and it helped that, again, James appeared to be picking his spots to attack.

“We just didn’t let each other down. We had very few breakdowns,” West said. “This is a group thing here. … Guys were just communicating far better than we did the previous games. We were a lot more attentive. We had our antennas up. We didn’t allow them to space. We were there on catch a lot of times. That’s more of us just being locked in.”

There was plenty to be encouraged about in terms of X factors because the unpredictable Stephenson stepped up with 20 points, pesky, physical defense and the tenacity that made him Indiana’s best player in the elimination game of New York last round. His corner 3-pointer to end the third quarter jolted everyone for a while. His 8-footer that rattled around the rim before making it 96-92 was just as big.

Then came the topper: With a minute left, James went to set a screen but put too much hip into it and was called for an offensive foul. It was his fourth of the quarter and his sixth of the game. For only the second time in 128 career playoff games, the four-time MVP had fouled out.

Clearly, that was something over which the Pacers could be encouraged. But no more so than by their 49-30 rebounding advantage, their 50-32 edge scoring inside or the defense that held the Heat to 39 percent shooting.

It was an in-character victory for a team that believes in its character, the single greatest source of encouragement in that room.

The big test now comes Thursday in Miami, with Game 5 and growing speculation over what stirring words will be scrawled on the visitors’ white board. Something about resolve or resiliency would suit them, unless it’s really rousing like KNOWLEDGE IS GOOD!!!


  1. Art says:

    It’s so funny that Heat fans complain about officiating. Just day ago they asked stop talking about that.

    Miami is definitely a good team, but not the best one. They were just lucky having Bucks in 1st round and injured Bulls in 2nd. Even without Rose but healthy Hinrich & Deng and fair officiating Bulls could beat them. Pacers don’t have their best (before his injury) player – Granger (ok now the 2nd best) and still play better than Heat.

    Next year if Bulls & Pacers are healthy, Heat is not even a contender, so cheating era is almost over.

    • david says:

      the only dominate game was by the heat……the other games where a dog fight right till the end with indiana playing at there best ever miami didnt even start playing at there best in the series just wait and see

  2. ac says:

    It pains me to say it because I truly hate Miami, but I still think they’re winning this, though now I’ll amend my initial 6 or a game 7. I’m pulling for them, but I don’t see it happening. However, the longer they last puts San Antonio and Grandpa Duncan in great shape to win their 5th.

  3. reynol pers says:

    Heat nation lets stop using excuses we got beat 2 times and that’s that. Now what is the Heat prepared to do??? We are waiting to see what you will do Wade and Bosh and the rest of the players. This lost will erase everything you did last year if you don’t get it again. Long summer will make you humble again if anything. This is what is happening you guys play like you have won this already.WTF

  4. ,vnmh says:

    Memphis Grizzlies for the Title.

  5. Vanessa says:

    I always said Heat in 6 and I STILL believe it! I am a true Heat fan – no bandwagonist!!! Heat will prevail and show Pacers who they really are. We just allowed you to win 2 games because we didn’t want to sweep this series. Go HEAT!!!!


  7. phillyboy88 says:

    Dave West had 5 fouls as well! I guess all the call were in the Pacers Favor! (sic)

  8. josh says:

    man i dont know why i bother reading the nba comments, its either A ignorant miami haters crediting everything to the refs, B arrogant miami bandwagoners making ridiculous claims and completely ignoring the fact that miami in fact is about equal with every team in the playoffs still and then when ever they lose bitch about the refs relentlessly because lebron got fouled or got a foul whatever (despite that offensive foul you can clearly see his leg extended) its quite irritating

  9. SM says:

    What is going on with some of Miami players?
    Bosh 1 of 6 with 3 rebound
    Wade 5 of 15
    Ray Allen, Shane Battier and Noris Cole all playing bad. Haslem was quite in game 4?
    ??? what is going onn ???
    You had the opportunity to win game 4 but it was your own mistakes causing the loss.

  10. GamberT says:

    Go Heats!!!! we’ll get them tomorrow…. then I want to hear all those soaring with hate now, then we’ll talk

  11. David Goliath says:

    *your team

  12. David Goliath says:

    MH fans are delusional. I don’t get how they fail to take notice of bad calls when their team is winning. As soon as their team loses, it’s like “woe is us…the universe was conspiring against our team!” Really? MH is not invincible nor are they unbeatable. They had a great record this season…hoorah! But they are capable of having a bad night and last night was proof of that…Chicago ending their winning streak was proof of that!!! All officiating aside, the majority of MH’s key role players did not step up. That’s why they lost. Keep depending on LBJ, solely, to win these games and see if you won’t find yourself fishing by Sunday.

  13. nbapacersfan says:

    So far, over the course of this series, I really don’t think the calls have been that biased toward EITHER team. I mean, sure, there have been several bad calls or missed calls… but I don’t see them stacking up against one team more than the other.


  14. Tomas says:

    Listen up, all u who can’t enjoy a good game for once!

    Sport is a civil war fought by two sides for the spectators to enjoy a good show by the legends of the day!

    Stop this bashing nonsense and let’s move on.

    The pacers won this war because they hit, and hit hard last night.

    I thought the heat pushed back as champs, but not just enough to have the final say.

    Looking forward to a 5th round – let’s see who’s in the driver’s seat game!

    Great athlectic performance by booth teams!


    PEACE 🙂


  15. sanjay says:

    heat wont win this series playing like this. They need production apart from just james and few bench players! They need to increase the pace and pound the paint on the offensive and on the defensive end contest every shot and tighten the zone like celtics did last year! IF some players are in foul trouble both anthony and miller can be used. miller can shoot and rebound and joel can defend better! they have to play game 5 , with knock out attitude/elimination attitude. Do not have to panic but play with purpose, aggression, energy and poise!

    They let go a crucial piece in turiaf who was an excellent rebounder/defender!

    They cant afford a slip as pacers have nothing to lose!

    This game was there for the taking for miami with 6 points lead. How miami lost is just ridiculous!
    Miami played well in patches but still had chance to win the game. They failed to cash inn on the opportunity and let us hope it wont prove too costly!

  16. Kevo says:

    Also, shut up with all of the “refs did da Pacerz werk” talk. When the Heat don’t get their calls, all of a sudden, it becomes a rigged game. Get real, everyone knows the NBA is in for the Heat, so stop whining (I’m sure Lebron and the Heat aren’t…*sarcasm*)

    • Stradio says:

      It’s clear from all interviews that they’re not whining. And it’s hard to put into words how stupid you look when you say that everyone should stop whining about the NBA being rigged, then whine about how its rigged for the Heat. Seriously, just stop making yourself look bad.

  17. Kevo says:

    dwightairballhoward is just mad because his precious Heat aren’t running through the competition like he thought they would. Go away troll, you contribute nothing to the internet except inane comments.

    Not a fan of the Heat, but I still say Heat…IN 7 GAMES. Would be a nice surprise to have the Pacers make the Finals after all of these years though.

  18. young says:, pls pls pls replace the guy who did the commentary for this pacer/heat highlight. i beg you. he’s really (x10) horrible. i believe many fans out there feel the same.

  19. GSW fan says:

    AHAHAHA all you heat fans crying about pacers and bulls being physical…imagine if miami faced spurs or memphis in the finals, they would get killed in the paint from the big man’s physicality. also why you complaining about the refs when they been on your D for ages. both teams still have a chance at the series, but this will end in 6 for sure

  20. TheMessiah says:

    King James will be slayed by Saint George in 6th.

  21. WIlmz says:

    It will be impossible for a team like Pacers to be in the championship.. Hey have no talents just brawn.. If they will upset the Heat then they will be eaten alive by the Spurs.

  22. Big Al says:

    Miami have been slated to be floppers, but clearly, Lance Stephenson is the ultimate faker in this game. He did it at least three times, including acting to get an illegal screen call that fouled LeBron out. He also placed his foot where James’s will land, a la Dahntay Jones to Kobe. He is dirty, like his teammate David West, and for that, they don’t deserve to win any more games. Spurs swept Memphis without being thugs. It’s unfortunate for the Heat to play both basketball and UFC against the Bulls and Pacers, but hopefully, they’ll be strong enough to go through.

    • nbapacersfan says:

      Of course that flying elbow from Wade was just a fluke. **rolls eyes**


    • phillyboy88 says:

      Dirty? When in the freak-in-frack has David West EVER been dirty? You are a freakin’ idiot! And if you somehow really believe that Lance strategically PLACED his foot knowing that by the trajectory, the weight of the subject, the temperature in the room, and the velocity by which he was moving that if he placed his foot in just the right spot, LeBrina would definitely fall on his foot, turn his ankle and “he” (Stephenson) would be called for the foul (sarcasm, in case you’re not getting it). “Yeah, that Stephenson sure is a dirty player”! Idiot…

  23. Keyon says:

    All you Heat fans that are complaining about the refs cheating for Indiana are ridiculous lol. If Pacers win this series (which I think they will) y’all are gonna be complaining about the refs cheated your team the whole series. The Pacers have outplayed the Heat for most of the minutes this series outside of Game 3 and could easily be up 3-1

  24. Victor says:

    wow the NBA really wants to stretch this series… so many obviously terrible calls, it’s insulting. I guess we have some basketball games to entertain us till the weekend. Good for sports bars!

    Heat in 6 games because the NBA Finals need to start next week monday or tuesday

  25. ShakAttack says:

    Go Pacers!!! Beat the HEAT!!!
    Actually, I am rooting for Heat to loose more than Pacers to win (if that makes any sense!!!)
    I think Heat is consists of overpaid, undeserved, underachievers cry babies. James is best dirtiest player in current league, who should be awarded numerous Oscars for his floppings. Enough said!!!

  26. Patrickmarc says:

    Pacers are organized to beat Miami. They have skilful hands.

    Miami looks waiting until Pacers miss their shot,
    and nobody wants to make fault on R.Hibert or D. West.

    Ray Allen is not in the rhythm yet.

    Bosh looks old on his knees sometimes.

    Lebron is like an army in one man,
    but they also need Birdman to score,
    until Ray Allen start an incredible serie,
    seven shots long distance in a row, just to enjoy the team-mates.

    • Bballmom says:

      Ray Allen is playing like he did last year. If he had played well last year Celtics would have beaten Miami. He misses when you need him most. Don’t count on Allen in the playoffs.

  27. Rick Venable says:

    Indiana playing their style of play has won games two and four. That would have won game one if the coach hadn’t made the mistake of taking Hibbert out. If they continue to force their kind of play they can beat the Heat. I still think the Pacers can beat them in six or seven.

  28. Don says:

    Now where are those who said miami in 4???

  29. Fuuu says:

    Stop talking about the ref, the series has been great, every game down the line.

    You can always pin someting on the ref’s, i think game 4 wasnt that clean of a game but for both teams, the 24 vioaltion on the pacers its just absurd. I agrred with the foul of lebron on West was nothing but the last one, you must be a idiot to think that not a foul, look at the replay he stepped on him, his foot step over lance’s, and made him trip.

    This series has been great just enjoy, i think its up to the Miami win this one or lose, they are the most talented team, the pressuer is on them.

  30. Yash Kalwani says:


    • dwightairballhoward says:

      yeah go refs you can do it ill pay you double to keep helping us out – Frank Vogel

      • Jrich says:

        dude you clearly didn’t watch the game you troll. Paul George got terrible calls in the first half and played like 14 mins. the heat didn’t capitalize and also the shot clock viol. call. heat didn’t take advantage again. refs were bad both ways. you clearly know nothing

  31. EyronFigures says:

    Nice Game 4 in the ECF and the series is even now..2 more wins for both teams and i wish the HEAT will win on GAME 5 and game 6.. I hope so:) Let’s Go HEAT!
    Let’s finish this series and face the SPURS for the First Time in the NBA FINALS! May God always help us and bless us in the upcoming GAME SERIES:) God Bless Heat.. God Bless America!

  32. JustAFan says:

    watching this series, i won’t be surprised if the Pacers win against the Heat. most of the calls made were in favor of the Pacers especially when the game is on the line. just look at game 3, the pacers had more free throw attempts than the Heat, but the Heat still won coz of a big margin. the Heat will lose because they’re competing against 8 guys on the floor, 5 from Pacers plus the refs…sad to see the defending champs go down this way…I think the NBA should also fine those refs for making such calls!!! just one bad call will change the outcome of the game or the whole series…

    • Kamote says:

      Haha… now this is funny coming from Heat fans. The officiating will be always be on Miami’s side, you just aren’t as used to getting calls against your team. That’s what one loss can do to your perception about the league.

      Now I will be waiting for Heat comments that goes “the league is biased against Miami” hahahaha

      • Basketball Jones says:

        I know it is hilarious! Just ignore that Paul George was in foul trouble or that Lance had 5 fouls. It is simply impossible that LeBron would foul out. Go Pacers!

  33. i am starting to feel nervous about the whole series. Can Indiana deliver the next blow and with it take the series?

    • dwightairballhoward says:

      Lance stephenson said(While flopping) the heat are floppers

      • Jrich says:

        hes trying to make up for all the times the heat did. itll be tough. i dont know if its possible to even get as many chances as much as the heat flop on a consistant basis.

      • Game I Love says:

        Well, Battier had a sequence of 5 in about 2 mins. that sign last night was hilarious: Most Valuable Phlopper! The heat yesterday said they condone flopping: “Anything to get an advantage over another team, so be it”

  34. OctoPPus says:

    GO PACERS !!!!

    • dwightairballhoward says:

      go refs we’ll pay you double next time -Pacers

      • Game I Love says:

        So you think the 3 techs were acceptable. You think it was likely that Lebron played 41 mins without a foul in Game 3. You know Paul George was in foul trouble the whole game right.

  35. D says:

    oh no, that voice again…

  36. James says:

    this team deserves the ring with the way they are playing. cinderella story in the making. Lets go pacers!

    • dwightairballhoward says:

      the refs should get the ring, there doing all the work for the pacers anyway

      • Game I Love says:

        Are you kidding me? The Heat get preferential treatment all of the time. Why do you think the Cs, Bulls, etc. have complained so vehemently. Players gets called for ridiculous techs in Miami. In Game 3, Lebron was not whistled for a foul for 41 mins. 41 mins!! Finally, refs who were not afraid to make calls against Miami.

  37. J says:

    every time lebron shoots a jumper 2 or 3 it makes me grimmish (is that the right word?) why cant it be like nba2k13 on ps3 where u can just attack the rim non stop and finish 95% of the time with lebron i get that roy hibberts there but come on attack the rim!!!!!!!!

    heat in 6!

    great article!

  38. Art says:

    What’s going on? Who allowed to foul out Lebron? 4 fouls in less than 7 minutes! Didn’t he play as usually? Rules changed? Nobody now can push other players? Even LeBron? Are you sure? And Wade too? And they are not allowed do traveling? Even on the last minute? Why you don’t worry? What if some ref decides that he can give them all fouls they deserve? Who will play in the second half? It will not happen? It was one game experiment? Couldn’t you say about that at the beginning?

    • Game I Love says:

      Well don’t you know that LeBron never fouls out. He acted this same way last year against Boston.

  39. Sickou says:

    You deleted my comment Sekou?

  40. reggie says:

    Go Pacers!!!! Great effort so far!

    • dwightairballhoward says:

      go refs you won the game for the pacers

      • Jrich says:

        yea def trying to help the pacers out by blowing the shot clock violation call. 4 point swing. the refs were terrible for both teams.

  41. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    At the end of the day the heat did what they were supposed to do, they won 1 game in Indiana.. The pacers would not have won that game if LeBron didn’t foul out… either way HEAT IN 6!!!

  42. Hello, Im Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green says:

    Oh how I hope Indiana will make it to the Finals. Pacers-Spurs in the Finals for ABA teams sake.

  43. Stradio says:

    Sometimes it seems as though NBA referees are perpetually trying to make up for terrible calls on one end by making an equally terrible call on the other.

    • TRU*NBAFAN says:

      I think that is somewhat true. I think bad calls on both is a smoke screen to direct the game a little. I don’t think it is about their preference for miami as much as it is a marketing tactic to keep the series going and dramatic, the series going back and forth like this definitely keeps people watching the next game.

      Expect this in the finals too.

  44. Yours Truly says:

    Heat my friends are overrated.

  45. greg says:

    im so sick of the nba & its rigged league! When the pacers win its because miami didnt play their best, but if miami when its because they are dominant & the big three cant be stopped! no one talks about the bogus officiating & how obvious it is that david stern, refs, & espn are all for the miami heat! truth is lebron will never be better than jordan, rrussell, robertson, kareem, magic, or kobe!

    • dwightairballhoward says:

      are you stupid the only person you mentioned thats in the same leauge as lebron is jordan, your as biased as those officials were

      • Jrich says:

        yea because the person with the most points in nba history isn’t in lebrons league. whos stupid now

    • Game I Love says:

      True. Wade should have been suspended. I am just hoping Pacers overcome and keep fighting. Saw a poll this morning showed 63% of Americans want Pacers to win.

    • MTB says:

      I’m sick of it too!! so sick of the officiating – and even the commentators during the game – you would think that Reggie Miller was never a “Pacer” the way he glorifies and brands Lebron as “amazing” and Marv Albert with his “best player in the world title” or was that Jeff Van Gundy?? — HE IS NOT THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD!!!! The refs let him GET away with everything! I was shocked that they actually called that 6th foul on him – because he usually averages about 10 a game but gets called for only 3 – and then goes to the line like 10 times too.. He would not be able to get to the rim and mow these guys down – and go to line (because the ref called a “block” instead of offensive) – IF the refs were not looking out the way they do — I also agree that they do not give the Pacers their props when they win — it is always Miami had a bad game!!! SICKENING!!!

  46. me says:

    Anyway, this is a good series. I always believe that james and wade cannot win this game by themselves. The rest of the heat need to contribute or else they might end up eliminated. I think the pacers need to keep on pounding inside with west and hibbert. they need to work harder and never give up till the last buzzer. This might go to the full, nice…

  47. me says:

    This game was badly officiated. The refs made too many bad calls (the 24 sec violation against the pacers and the sixth foul of james to name some). I do not like joe crawford officiating, i think he is too vindicative and aloof. There is a sense of i own you guys so you better get in the line attitude in him. Remember the 2 techs against duncan in the past( of for looking at him and another for laughing on th bench. He was suspended for the rest of the playoffs after that but i dont think he learned from it cause you can see it in him everytime he officiates the game.

  48. Sickou says:

    The Pacers showed resilience in Game 4. If they keep that up, they will be able to finish the series with a win. On the other hand, I am pretty sure Sekou Smith’s next article will be a lament on that illegal screen call on Queen James, making a big fuss about it. Sekou, your Queen and your favorite team the Heat are having a hard time with the Pacers. They’re not playing at a level of that of a defending champion. So yes, it’s now time to blame the refs. If they lose in Game 5, blame the coach. If they lose the series, say the game’s fixed.

  49. 3ptdagger says:

    Indiana has turned into the World Champion 2004 Detroit Pistons, a team that won by playing as a team. Homecourt hasn’t proven to be an advantage for Miami. Is Dwayne Wade too hurt or getting too old to play well hurt? In Miami’s Game 1 win, Birdman shot 7 for 7. He didn’t even attempt a shot here. In their Game 3 win, Haslem shot 8 for 9. Miami will need someone else to step up, or there’s going to be a huge upset. I’ll be curious to see how Indiana matches up against the Spurs, ’cause Hibbert is going to need all the help he can get against Duncan. The Spurs also have a much deeper bench than Miami.

    • dwightairballhoward says:

      its real hard to win when the refs are in your pocket

      • Cooper says:

        Are you kidding? Paul George was in foul trouble the whole game. Missed shot clock violation. Everyone knows that every NBA team gets bad calls in Miami.

  50. Folks of Indiana:



    • TRU*NBAFAN says:

      waa waa

      • Cooper says:

        The Heat think they are privileged. When whistled for a foul they look like a wrong has been committed. Perhaps, the heat should not have been bragging that they use flopping to their advantage.

    • Michelle says:

      Ha ha! Specific Heat supporter comment. It seems that you are kind of scared of these 2 teams.
      As you see in the rest of the comments – Heat is indeed overrated and gets A LOT of help from the referees.

    • Jrich says:

      You should watch where the ball hits the rim to reset the shot clock instead. clearly the refs weren’t so get over the bad calls. they were on both ends

  51. I agree with Paul George that you win games IN the court no outside with the trashtalk.

    But being NEUTRAL you heard Charles , Shaq, Michael Jordan even Bird. All of them are according on Miami is the best team, the best basketball game.

    All of them know more than everybody about basketball and….All what Indiana have now is refs and the MEDIA with them.

    Finally I stay with Micheal Jordan words said years ago:

    The game is not over unitl the clock is in 00.

    • hahaha umad cuz ur heat got crushed by the pacers? hahaha

      • Basketball Jones says:

        Well right now the Pacers have one a 7 game series with the heat (reg and postseason) 4-3. Go Naptown!

      • Basketball Jones says:

        LeBron James had one foul in 41 min in game 3. He fouls just like everyone else in the NBA. I do not think the Heat helped their cause by saying they have no problem deceiving officials. Did anyone notice that the Dwyane Wade dirty plays video has gone viral – 550,000 views yesterday?

    • Cooper says:

      Let’s Go Pacers! LBJ fouls just like every other player. Paul George was in foul trouble all night, so was Lance. Refs missed calls for the Pacers – missed shot clock violation was a 4 point swing and Lance picked up his 5th. Get game 5 in Miami.

    • James says:


      • Basketball Jones says:

        yet when Pacers fans said it was not fair that Wade wasn’t suspended, or that three technical were not legitimate, or it was not right that LeBron had only 1 foul in his first 40 min in game 3, or that Battier was getting away with flopping – they were “haters”

      • adrian says:

        Bro when the ref let the the teams play instead callin fouls we went up by 11 twice. So how did they help us. The reason the heats stayed close was because of the stupid fouls they called against the Pacers