Blogtable: What Chance For The Spurs?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Week 31: The Spurs’ Chances | Better next year: Warriors or Grizz? | What ails the Heat?

The Spurs win the West! What kind of shot do they have against the East?

Steve Aschburner, What, the West suddenly is the D-League? Yes, Memphis has flaws, Oklahoma City was hurt, Golden State overachieved as it was and – ha! ha! – some people actually expected the Lakers to still be standing at this point. But none of that has a thing to do with San Antonio’s fitness to win it all. The Spurs have the best coach in the NBA, the best point guard these days, an echoes-stirring Hall of Famer and role players who do what they’re supposed to. I see San Antonio as a toss-up vs. Miami now and a favorite vs. Indiana. So yeah, a big chance.

Fran Blinebury, I’ll make this short and sweet.  Spurs in six against either one.

Jeff Caplan, I believe the Spurs have such a good chance to win it all that I’m declaring them the favorite right here, right now, no matter which team prevails out of the East. If it’s Indiana, give me the Spurs in 6. If it’s the Heat, give me the Spurs in 6. No player has elevated his game to a higher degree than Tony Parker and no team is playing more cohesive, efficient ball than the San Antonio Spurs.

Tony Parker (Noah Graham/NBAE)

Tony Parker (Noah Graham/NBAE)

Scott Howard-Cooper, Definitely give them a chance, enough that maybe the question should be “How much of a chance do you give the East winner against the Spurs?” Beating the Grizzlies in the Western Conference final, at a time Memphis had been playing so well, would have been impressive enough. Sweeping the Grizz is an incredible run-up to the championship series. And now San Antonio gets to rest while Miami and Indiana knock each other around for at least two more games and possibly longer. The Spurs, of course, are voting for longer.

John Schuhmann, I give them a great chance against either potential opponent. If they play Miami, they have the pick-and-roll game, ball movement, and weak-side shooting to take advantage of the Heat’s aggressiveness. They also protect the rim very well when Duncan and Splitter are on the floor together. Against Indiana, I think Tony Parker, with his mid-range game and floaters, can take advantage of the way the Pacers defend pick-and-rolls. The Spurs scored pretty easily against the league’s No. 1 defense in the two regular season meetings, and Parker had 33 points and 10 assists in the second of the two. The Heat could change my mind in the next few days, but right now, I’m leaning toward picking the Spurs no matter who the opponent is.

Sekou Smith, I give them an even shot against the Heat and will go as high as 75 percent against the Pacers. Any fears I had of the Spurs being too old were doused with their back-to-back undressing of younger, “more athletic” upstarts in Golden State and Memphis. The Benjamin Button All-Stars showed me that they have every intention of finishing what they started in the playoffs last year, when their run was interrupted by those young guns from Oklahoma City. The Spurs have an experience advantage over the Pacers that would be pronounced in The Finals. They’d have no such advantage if they matched up with the Heat. But based on the way they handled the Warriors and Grizzlies, they’d have just as good of a chance to walk away with the Larry O’Brien trophy as the Heat in a best-of-seven series.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: A great chance. No matter which team comes out of the East. Honestly, what kind of team do they not match up against? They’ve got one of the best post players of all-time, they’ve got one of the best point guards in the League, they’ve got a killer sixth man, they’ve got wing scoring and defense, they’ve got depth, and they’ve got arguably the best coach of his generation. They might not be the most exciting team in the League, but they are one of the best, if not the best.

Akshay Manwani, India: It would be a good series no matter who the Spurs play, but I think they will eventually run out of steam. Compared to both Miami and Indiana, San Antonio’s an older outfit. Miami will beat them with their athleticism while the Pacers are a very physical team who are simply relentless on the boards.  But yes, like I said, it will be a fascinating 2013 NBA Finals.

Eduardo Schell, NBA España: It’s 2013. An odd year like ’99, ’03, ’05 and ’07. Just watch the trend here and bear in mind that the Cocoon-type swimming pool at San Antonio is still giving eternal youth to Duncan, Ginobili and Parker. So the very well-coached Spurs have a chance. They work as a unit, an orchestra – a true TEAM aiming for a Hollywood ending for this dynasty. And with the curse lifted off T-Mac, anything can happen.

Adriano Albuquerque, NBA Brasil: A very good chance. The Spurs actually look like the best team in the league right now. Against the Grizzlies, they showed that they have multiple ways to win games and if you negate one of them, they will only come back stronger. The keys to beating San Antonio, exposed by the Warriors in the second round, are guard speed and outside shooting, and neither the Heat or the Pacers have both of these. Also, no one seems able to slow down Tony Parker. The Spurs look like the favorites right now.


  1. hexalion says:

    Spurs Fans our time has come again after 6 years of waiting……prediction spurs in 5 or 6 why ? coz they are well rested…with fresh legs to run up and down the floor i can hardly wait a running game strategy while the heat are all bruised, banged and worn out keeping them busy with less time to recover from the Pacers series…hope that STERN and his minions do a fair job in officiating and see LBJ`s GREATEST FLOP with a WINK….hope that we wont be robbed again…….

  2. joe r. says:

    i am a spurs fan and even if i wasn’t neither team is going to be able to handle tony parker. people are talking about the age of the big 3, so what? all of the spurs younger players are stepping up and contributing. the spurs are playing as a better team unit than the heat and pacers.if anybody has been watching the playoffs they could see that

  3. Black and Silver says:

    i see the pacers as a bigger threat than the heat, wanna know why? the pacers have a legit center, the heat doesnt have any, and the pacers have a good point guard, the heat doesnt even have a legit point guard. on the other hand the SPURS has multiple centers, the best point guard, and the best coach, and the best system and they are well-rested.

  4. nbafan says:

    Not a Heat fan but on the record here, Heat are a 60% chance to win it all against the Spurs.

    Kinda depends on shooting though as Spurs can get very cold sometimes even against unimpressive D, yes I’m look at you Manu and Green.

    If the Heat’s swarming D can shut down Tony because Manu is shooting bricks like recently then Spurs won’t win a game.

  5. Gary says:

    Look how Indy has already pushed. Mia 6 games currently. and might go 7, Ind would never push SA to that they”d. lose in 5. To the Spurs so obviously. whoever wins the east is the best in the east DUH??? &!WHEN SA BEATS THAT TEAM, THAT. PROVES THEY”D ALSO WOULD BEAT THE EAST RUNNERUP DUHHHHH?????? ? DO THE MATH PRETTY BASIC

  6. Gary says:

    The Spurs are too deep, too versatile best bench, best big 3 ” best coach , smartest team too many ways to win, SPURS IN 6 VS EITHER


    I’m just tired of those HEAT haters. Of course all of those SA fans want the Pacers. WHY? Spurs will PAWNED Pacers in the FINALS. In other word, I meant SWEEP. But the HEAT? of course they wouldn’t want the Heat.

    Despite having an OFF game with, shooting less than 40%, out-rebound by 10+, and bench players–Allen,Battier,Cole– in a deep slump against the BEST DEFENSIVE team in the NBA, Miami kept the game close and lose by less than 10.

    Let’s just get REAL here. What chance do you think the SA have against the HEAT with Lebron looking for a revenge. That’s what the haters think anyways. They see HEAT as a flashy team, that’s all. They overlook how they’ve become what they are today. Do you think SA is the only team with the experiences? SMFH. Do you think a team with Lebron, Wade, Bosh, Battier, Allen, and especially PAT RILEY will let their team lose? Dream on.

    Tony? so what? Timmy? so? Manu? are you kidding me? Bring whatever you guys have up, they may look real good, but they ain’t gonna BEAT THE HEAT.

    Spurs are turning back the clock. They are a damn real good team, one of the best in the NBA at their age. But they WILL NOT beat Miami in the FINALS. Spurs will take 2, 3 games at MOST and that is the FACT. Said it again and gonna say say it again, HEAT in 6. And I’m not even taking side.


      Speak for yourself, and deal with the truth!
      Deal with the Pacers first (the Granger-less Pacers).
      I see your pain dude. Good luck on your troubles.
      Watch other teams some times, and have a better understanding of the game.

      Hey, you’re a real joke when you said “I’m not even taking side”. Coz it’s obvious that you do.

  8. Spurs are sweeping there opponents

  9. Tenebro (rohan) says:

    SPURS WILL BECOME NBA CHAMPION THIS YEAR. world champs baby….. from your number 1 fan here in the PHILIPPINES…. TENEBRO ( former ROHAN)

  10. mintball says:

    Thanks to Russell Westbrook !!! we wont have this conversation if he didn’t got injured nuff said

  11. REVENGE says:

    lol..spurs will win it for team can beat them when reaching nba finalz..and how come lebron being called as the best player now?.he cant even shot freethrow well..

  12. david says:

    wa the hell happen to my post

  13. thefinals says:

    The spurs is great,they have an excellent coach,the best PG in either indy or heat,balanced scoring great type of plays, if it’s indy in east. i give it to spurs in game 5. if it’s can’t say it will be easy for them to win the is unpredictable. wade is hurt,bosh is inconsistent. battier and allen are lacking in 3’s, udoh and andersen sometimes can’t take hibbert and west. but how come indy(the best deffensive team)can’t beat them in large numbers or even take a commanding 3-2 lead? who else is the main man? it’s LBJ. he learns to his mistakes,and he always improves.there’s no way he will easily give it to spurs, and ther’s no way wade and the others will not adjust if they reach finals. they are the champs and you don’t under estimate the heart of a champion. WE’LL SEE.

  14. Thalygart says:

    If Heat will not find stategy (not overact ) or the others stepping up, then it will be trouble for the Heat. I support my team, and I do agree officiating is a hard role. It’s easy now to criticize when were not out there to watch the players run to and fro. I agree that the fines are way too low and that it should be high enough to hurt to discourage flopping, but there should be ways of governing it as they might still have wrong calls moving forward. I am a heat fan and I see a great game, no matter how great a team if they don’t execute and others won’t step up, then they will have problems especially with teams they are vulnerable with. If they get their act together then Heat will win if not….but I still support my team go Heat!!!!!! Clean play…step us guys.

  15. Jujment says:

    I hope the Spurs win it all. if they do when they ask coach “what were the keys to winning it all”,I hope he responds with the rest they got on the day he flew the starters back home against the Heat in the Regular season. Just to stick it in Sterns face!

  16. spursdankeschoen says:

    @Akshay Manwani
    ur expert are you?


    Just shut up and enjoy!!!!!

  17. Brandon says:

    The Spurs are an efficient, cohesive, and consistent machine of a basketball team. No one outplays them. While the Lakers were injury-plagued, and continued to be plagued with injuries throughout the Playoffs, and the Golden State team is very inexperienced, they easily dealt with the TOP defense in the league: the Grizzlies, the same defense that kept the Clippers and the Thunder way in check. Everyone was pulling for the Grizzlies to win, but the Spurs swept them.
    The only way they’re losing the Finals is if Paul George or Lebron James turn into complete monsters in the Finals.

  18. Henry Lara says:

    SPURS ARE BEST TEAM IN NBA! ! ! We’ll see how old they are in the finals..

  19. Drey says:

    One thing that’s great about coach Pop is that he learns from experience and adapts to the game very well.
    During 2010-11 and 2011-12, even though the Spurs won top honors at West during the regular season, their weaknesses were exposed during playoffs and fixing it appeared too late for them at that time.
    This 2012-13 season, they solidified their defense and enhanced their transition game. and even though they had the chance to be on top again, coach Pop did not mind losing 7 out of their last 10 regular season games. Why? He prepared the condition of his starters, made adjustments (after Capt. Jack’s exit)…and behold his creativity… he played mind tricks on everybody!
    He made people (and the league!) think that the Spurs are running out of steam going to the playoffs, what with losing 7 in the last 10 games…
    And now the Spurs are 11-2 in the playoffs, and having enough rest, preparing for the Finals.

    I wonder what trick he’s pulling next…

  20. Brent Kitson says:

    Hi Sekou
    Spurs doing really fine, Miama v Indiana very close.Just pleased to see Spurs playing a great team basketball game.Would be a great swansong if S.A. win NBA,,,,,notably under the Master coach G.P.
    Here in the UK we aspire to follow the example of the great players in the NBA.I follow the NBA knowing I can see the very best in basketball,,,,,,whoever may win…….My heroes include Larry Bird,Michael Jordan and David Robinson
    but one day we’ll all look back at Tim Duncan , Tony Parker and LeBron James as greats…
    Thanks again for the NBA
    Leeds Basketball Juniors Coach

  21. phairlever says:

    When Westbrook went down the seeds essentially shifted and everyone knew they had a better shot. The Spurs, like everyone else in the west, would likely have lost to the Thunder. But the upstart Warriors would have given anyone trouble, like they did the Spurs. In my opinion the best four teams from the west at the start of postseason were the Thunder, Spurs, Warriors and Grizzlies, until Westbrook. Some were picking the Griz to take the west. So to say the Spurs are weak because they have gone through lower seeds doesn’t hold water. They took care of business against the best that was left in the west. And now that the battle is joined in the east and the Heat look beatable, the Spurs have a good shot to win against either team.

  22. Alan Klopman says:

    Yes, Miami has struggled against Indiana, but most of those who commented have forgotten Miami won 27 games straight and finished with the best record in the NBA. For all you Miami haters, Miami still has the best team in the league, and even with a sub-par coach, they have enough talent to win it all. Miami in 6 against the Pacers and Miami in 6 against San Antonio.

    • dd def says:

      too bad win streaks and regular season records don’t win championships. because while those are great accomplishments, and they really are, they don’t mean a thing in the playoffs.

  23. MIA says:

    For those who actually think the HEAT are gonna lose your WRONG keep saying the SPURS IN SIX go ahead but when we get to the FINALS lets see who is gonna TAKE WHO IN SIX. lets go ahead and forget that LEBRON IS UNDOUBTELY THE BEST PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE go ahead. And lets also forget that last year they were down against the PACERS( 1-2 )and the CELTICS ( 2-3 ) and yet who came out Victourous???OH RIGHT THE HEAT!!!! This year it wont be any diffrent.
    go ahead and HATE……….2013 NBA FINALS CHAMPIONS=MIAMI HEAT…

  24. Juan Ma says:

    Lebron James Fined for flop 1 vs 0 Spurs team
    Now tell me …. is that the best way to win? shaking like little girl??
    Go spurs GO!!!!

  25. moakster says:

    Ok, I was born in San Antonio, am a life-long Spurs Fan, but have lived near Houston for a decade. T-Mac needs to go ahead and get sized for his ring! Stop saying they are “too old”… Duncan is consistently the best Power Forward every year (I stopped counting after 10!!), Tony Parker!!! where do I start?? RIDICULOUS SKILZ!! Ginobili is HEALTHY… be afraid, he’s unconventional and deadly, Bonner? the big guy can drop 3’s and do damage, and not to mention the BEST BENCH in the league! If Diaw, Splitter, and Leonard are hot… Miami or Indiana are going home in 5-6. POP has built a LEGACY… it’s their year.. again!

  26. Mark R says:

    1. Spurs never get respect because they’re not a highlight team.
    2. Duncan is the best power forward of all time and his averages still match young star big man in the league while he is over 35 years old.
    3. Spurs have the best coach in the league since Phil retired.
    4. Spurs get the job done with no complaint and don’t care about publicity like LA,NY or any other big market team.
    5. This 5 will be the big shot the Spurs have against Heat or Pacers to win another ring, THEIR 5TH CHAMPIONSHIP.


  27. josey says:

    Spurs all the way! They have a lot of experience and agreat coach! The heat won’t tied with the pacers! There having trouble with an inexperienced team (pacers)! Pacers coach isn’t betterthan popovich! This is the spurs best and last chance! How many agree?¿

  28. Lushie says:

    Players age has smaller impact than the number of years the trio of Tim,Tony and Manu play as teammates compared to Heat’s LBJ,Dwade and Bosh. Spurs trio are more cohesive, more fluid, and less NASTY in their games .

    I think Spurs will prevail against any East team !

    GO SPURS !

  29. G says:

    I love to read these posts…especially when people belittle the Spurs. During Regular season the Spurs don’t come up at all…they just continue to win and humbly celebrate. Then they get to the playoffs and all you hear is “they’ll spank the Spurs in the next round”. Well we’re running out of rounds here. The Spurs are back in the Finals, where they belong. They deserve to be where they are because they did it as a team. Not very many of the NBA organizations have that…TEAM. Miami definately does not. Good Luck to the Great San Antonio Spurs!! Keep doing what you do.

  30. Dee-sided says:

    Is June 15, 2013, the Heat’s 2013 NBA Champs Victory parade? Sweep the Spurs in 4.

  31. Nate says:

    Spurs in 6 vs Pacers, and 5 vs Miami

    I’m not a Spurs fan, but I am a fan of team basketball and that goes to the Spurs. Not only are the Spurs a more complete team but Tony Parker is playing the best Bball of his career, and Duncan just turned back the hands of time during the playoffs. Miami’s (I’m not even sure they’ll beat Pacers) biggest flaw is their lack of size and for the Pacers, they lack a true Superstar that can take over games when need to.

  32. OKC1 says:

    If not for Westbrook’s injury…the spurs would be back home, enjoying their off-season. Now that they made it to the Finals, I will call my shot. HEAT in 6!
    The Spurs are too old to play transition basketball, which is the way the Heat beat everyone. Allen and Battier will come through their slump to hit the big shots they need to.

    I’m not taking anything away from SA, but the heat are just too good, too young, and too athletic!

    • Nba 1 says:

      OKC1 I understand your pain. Even If westbrook was there Spurs might have taken them easily. Moreover they might have lost against Grizzles itself. The only reason they made it last time is Kawhi Leonard and Dannie Green are not good last year and this year they are playing really good defense. You guys Sixth man of the year last year and this year martin was a big flop for your team.

    • Drey says:

      Heat is not too young you know.. I pointed out already that the Heat are older than the Spurs. Check the age of the players. Numbers don’t lie. and if the Heat is too good, they should’ve swept the Pacers which has Granger in their lineup. LBJ is too athletic, his teammates are average (meaning, same as other NBA players).

  33. SJ says:

    Some of the folks who mentioned that Spurs big three are old ….

    For a moment break the stereotype and start watching the Game.

    Seems like you guys are simply making comments by reading sports news

  34. Drey says:

    Just for the sake of letting every one know who is the OLDER team between SAS and MIA, here it is:
    Aaron Baynes – 26
    DeJuan Blair – 24
    Matt Bonner – 32
    Nando De Colo – 25
    Boris Diaw – 31
    Tim Duncan – 37
    Manu Ginobili – 35
    Danny Green – 25
    Cory Joseph – 21
    Kawhi Leonard – 21
    Patty Mills – 25
    Gary Neal – 28
    Tony Parker – 31
    Tiago Splitter – 28
    Tracy McGrady – 34

    Ray Allen – 37
    Chris Andersen – 34
    Joel Anthony – 30
    Shane Battier – 34
    Chris Bosh – 29
    Mario Chalmers – 27
    Norris Cole – 24
    Udonis Haslem – 32
    Juwan Howard – 40
    LeBron James – 28
    James Jones – 32
    Rashard Lewis – 33
    Mike Miller – 33
    Jarvis Varnado – 25
    Dwyane Wade – 31

    Now, who’s OLDER?

    • CavsFanatic says:

      The old people on the Miami Heat team are do nothings and aren’t really worth much. The old guys on the SPURS team are the people that carry that team.

      • 305!!! says:

        Like your mon and grand mother.

      • SJ says:

        That’s true.. that big three in Miami is younger than big three in Spurs.

        Its just that big three in Spurs are playing like they are 5 yrs younger in this play off.

    • OKC1 says:

      the superstars are younger for the heat…that’s the difference in win or loss

      • DEAL WITH YOURSELF says:

        Just hope that the Heat “superstars” go consistent.. because they’re not. (LBJ exempted)
        That’s the difference.
        Put into mind that basketball is a team game. Supporting cast is as important as the stars.

        Anyway, they should beat the Granger-less Pacers first.

  35. Derek says:

    Spurs make me barf

  36. Raymer Nivar says:

    It’s really hilarious how whoever wrote this article disrespects an organization like the lakers, whoever wrote this obviously does not realize the talent Kobe Bean Bryant posses, he averaged around 27 points per game this season, lets say he just dropped 27 points those couple of games i guarantee the lakers would have won atleast 2 games if not this series, especially where kobe bryant is known to thrive and is a scoring machine in the playoffs, double teams on kobe equals more opportunities for dwight and gasol, not to mention with KOBE in the line up the spurs margin of victory was 3 points, As for the spurs they are playing good basketball good ball movement and their game is pretty much near flawless , the heat however is just an overpowering team, the heat would just obliterate the spurs no ONE on the SPURS can STOP LEBRON JAMES, all the heat has to do is get the spurs out of rhythm and this can be an easy 4 game sweep, but first they must get past the indiana pacers who are playing very good and interesting basketball, It’d be a much tougher series and probably head to game 7 with bigs like HIbbert And Duncan both teams will have a hard time getting in to the paint, but the spurs hvae better perimeter shooting than the heat, To sum this all up a FULLY HEALTHY LAKERS SQUAD would have maybe swept the spurs or beat them 4-1, if the heat proceed to the finals they will probably win in 6, and if its pacesrs spurs probably game 7 with the spurs winning the title. That is all

    • Drey says:

      “Fully healthy Lakers squad would have MATBE swept the Spurs or beat them 4-1”

      You know what, quick-fix teams does not win championships. Remember 2004 Lakers? with Malone and Payton? they lost to a Detroit team that has no superstars, but played cohesively. Ow, how bout that quick-fix Heat team (2011) on their first year. they lost to Mavs which was also team-oriented.

      Quick-fix team doesn’t give you quick ring.

  37. KUSH says:

    That 27-game win streak don’t mean a thing without a trophy and the Heat can’t beat the Spurs this year. Miami have a lot less to gain. The Heat are just looking for another ring. The Spurs, a legacy. San Antonio in 4

  38. lOBCITY says:


  39. jquico says:

    Hey Dude!… Don’t make any argument…. just simply relax and accept that it’s a spurs time again this year. Nothing can hold to the unstoppable SPURS.

  40. Drey says:

    @Akshay. Please watch the San Antonio-Memphis series again… you might have missed the physical plays against the Grizz.. or maybe just watch videos of tony parker, kawhi, manu or even tim and tell us again how athletic they are. and of course, watch the overtimes in the series and tell us who ran out of steam.. thanks

  41. Kade63 says:

    There are many things to like about the Spurs, but the one BIG thing to admire is the fact that they did not go to Cleveland and Toronto to BUY their team. They built it with draft picks from the ground up.

  42. Spurs says:

    First off everybody keeps saying Miami this and Miami that….shouldn’t they make it to the finals first? If they even make it.

  43. Spurs says:

    Miami beat a 8th seed bucks and barely survived a depleted Bulls team? Go Surs Go!

    • 305!!! says:

      you have to be another spurs idiot fan. Miami beat the bull 4-1. Do you know how to count?? barely?? IDIOT

      • DEAL WITH YOURSELF says:

        305, you are disrepectful, like you are uneducated (probably so).
        It’s clear that you are a crazy fan for the Heat, even calling people they ought not to.

        And it’s clear that you just have a bit knowledge of the game.

        And your posts shouldn’t be allowed here.
        Calling the attention of the moderator…

  44. New Guy says:

    I would like to see Spurs and Heat in Finals, but if it’s Spurs and Pacers, Spurs in 5 or 6 because they know how to win. Not saying Pacers don’t but Spurs have more Experience than Pacers.

  45. David says:

    It would be interesting series against either Indiana or Miami. Forget records – When you get this far in the playoffs it’s match ups. You would have to give Miami an edge as they have home court advantage and have an athleticism edge. Against Indiana? Do not for a second count them out. Duncan vs Hibbert? Paul George vs Ginobli? Leonard vs West? Parker vs Hill? Intriguing match ups. all around. And how cool would it be? Indiana and San Antonio two of the ABA’s most powerful tipping it up for all the NBA marbles. You would have to give San Antonio an edge on experience (One forgets how young that Indiana team is) but their defense is the real deal.


  46. Mo says:

    Listen I know the Spurs are a great team, yes they will not be swept by Miami, this may even be a 7 game series. But I think everyone forgets what Miami is capable of and I know we have not seen the best of them yet. Miami has a nuclear bomb called, Lebron James. They have a quiet and deadly storm called Dwayne Wade. I think we forget the potential they have in the great Chris Bosh and a bench that can shoot, shoot, and shoot some more. Please hear me, this will not be easy for Spurs or Heat, but one thing is for sure, Miami will prevail.

    • Drey says:

      You’ve been watching too much Miami I can say, and then hoping that the players’ potentials would eventually be “seen”. Just hope they win the series vs Pacers, so that that “one thing is for sure” is still on track.

  47. joseph says:

    Why do the Spurs have to match up to anyone? Everyone should try to match up to them!! Four Championships with the same core—historic.

  48. rodyaugu says:

    Aren’t those the same people that didn’t give the heat a chance against OKC. They said OKC have more depth and size, but one thing they didn’t mention the heat have the best basketball player in the world. good thing the game doesn’t play on paper.

  49. Sam says:

    The Spurs, even if they are a little old, have, I think, a very even chance of winning the finals against LeBron and the Heat. Even though I am a Pacers fan, I think the Heat and the Spurs would be an amazing matchup, better than the last years finals against the Thunder. It might even top the 2008 Lakers vs Celtics. But whatever the outcome of the East Finals, I think that the Spurs have even, if not a little higher, odds for winning the 2012-2013 NBA Finals.

  50. Guillen says:

    Come on! Really…. OKC lost a huge player in Westbrook and that was the series. Memphis inexperienced team not ready for this show with the Spurs. When the Heat take care of the Pacers which they are on game 6 as expected. The Spurs will face a Defense in the Heat that is fast and will make you pay. The best player in the NBA. Besides Miami beat them as we’ll in both meetings if I recall in reg. season. Heat in 6 all that rest give me a break.

  51. John says:

    I think the Spurs will have match up problems against Miami. While Parker and Ginobli are great players, they will have a hard time matching up against Wade and LeBron. And while Duncan is a better player than Hibbert, he will be a much better match up for Bosh. Hibbert is taller, much more active and faster than Duncan which is causing the Heat a great deal of problems on both the offensive and defensive side. Indiana almost seems like a team put together to take on Miami. I think the Spurs will be a much easier match up for the Heat than Indiana has been. The regular season record confirms that as well.

  52. hipster says:

    A “Cocoon” reference?

    What decade is this?

    Speaking of decades, if the Spurs do win, Duncan will have won a championship in 3 different decades.

    I wonder if anyone else has accomplished that.

  53. Ssssssssss says:

    As i thought, Sekou Smith was the only US ‘expert’ (LOL!) to give the heat a chance…

  54. Cheryl McDaniel says:

    And which one of those teams is your team, hater? Is your team even in the playoffs?

  55. DOMINO/INDY says:


  56. Giddy says:

    The Spurs are not as old as everybody want us to blieve(Cori Joseph, Tiago, Leonard etc.)
    They have the best Coach in the NBA and a wonderfull Homecourt.
    The Heat have Le-Brone but even Jordan couldn’t win it alone and all the Spurs have to do is shut down D-Wade
    The Purs in 5 or 6

  57. jimbo210 says:

    Please believe that every single spur has celebrated and enjoyed the western conference title, but now that it’s been a couple of days, they are back on the mental & physical grind to close out whoever they play. Wouldn’t be surprised @ all if a SWEEP happens in the finals!!!! Remember where u read it 1st!!!! Jimbo210g…..

  58. Diego says:

    I don’t get it why all the folks here are talking about Spurs “age”….they’ve been old for about 8 years and still keep coming into the playoffs…please stop the nonsense…Tony Parker is the best guard right now and Tim Duncan is playing like he is fresh out of college….I’m sorry to carry bad news for you guys, but San Antonio Spurs is your next NBA champions.

  59. W/E says:

    THe spurs ARE THE BEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE RIGHT NOW, they are getting their 5 th championship this June, the Heat are struggling big time vs the Pacers lol, they are gunna get pwnt by a the Spurs who are a better coached and more complete team with better players than the Pacers.

  60. hector says:

    People forget that Oklahoma could have beaten the Spurs if they had the same team as last year. With Westbrook injured and now Westbrooks injury. It was a given for someone to take adbantage. The Heat beat the Thunder in a six game series with all of these pieces together. And Tony parker is not the better player in the league by far. They do have the best coach, i do agree. But coaches dont win the games, players do. At the end the speed of the Heat will be the death of the Spurs. Heat will win the Indiana series in six as last year and will advance and beat the Spurs. Both Wade and Lebron can guard e

    • realist2013 says:

      Im a Rockets fan but I dont talk out of the side of my neck. Im a bigger fan of the game and I call it like I see it. Spurs lost last year due to injuries and did better than I expected. Secondly OKC is a good team but westbrook is their only attacker and without him to spread the floor and get ibaka his garbage points in the paint and take pressure off durant yeah they arent ready. Cant believe they let Lamb rott in the D league.
      the spurs maintain their offense and D with or without their big 3 pop is a HoF coach and has had them like a well oiled machine since the Rockets champ years. Show some respect for a superior force

  61. Jay says:

    So all these haters say the Spurs got the Finals cuz’ it was a weak West? all the injuries oh please that is all BS. If your team only has 1 “good” player and that’s all they rely on then don’t bother coming to play. what makes the Spurs is that they are and play as a team, they don’t need ” Star” players to win games, they are all ” star” players to me in my book why because they come out and do their job and they are the best team to do it. Pop does not play his starters 99% of the game like the rest of the teams do. OKC, LA, Memphis, Knicks, Celtics, and especially the Heat play their starters 99% of the time against the Spurs, why? because their reserves CAN NOT do what the rest of the Spurs team can and put a whooping on any NBA teams bench LOL. RE: Miami aggressive? not, they play DIRTY. With all this said lets just see what are the results of the NBA Finals and lets the “Best” team WIN.

  62. Bob says:

    This is pretty funny. Just two days ago ESPN had a feature article calling Miami one of the best teams of all time, they lose one game and everyone hops on the Spurs bandwagon.

    You wait, Miami will blow out Indiana tonight, then probably win Game 6 unless Joey Crawford and his clown team show up again, then everyone will hop on the Miami bandwagon once again.

    • hipster says:

      What are you talking about?

      If anything, the refs are “encouraged” (I.e. directed) to make calls in LeBron’s favor.

      Do you even watch the games or just read the headlines afterwards?

  63. Ian Russell says:

    Spurs vs Miami. bear in mind that the spurs never lose in the finals since ’99, ’03, ’05 and ’07 championship.
    it would be a great series knowing that the defending champion going up against the team of the decade san antonio spurs. That IF they will survived the PACERS.

  64. BadCaLL says:

    I’m a Heat Fan but i gotta say the favorite to win the nba finals is the Spurs in my opnion right now… .they been playing good team basketball…but i hope Miami wins it all again.

  65. lokomoko says:

    EFFICIENCY – no doubt on that.
    HEART – for the retiring TD21, they will play their all.
    DISCIPLINE – no question on that again.
    BENCH – quality players eventhough Heat have bench gunners but inconsistent, nor Pacers definitely don’t have.
    TACTICIAN – no question that Pop is the best among them this season. Managing injuries whole season to make it to the last dance.

    Age won’t matter on this last dance of theirs as they will give it all for the retiring TD21 just like what they did to Dave Robinson on TD21’s rookie season.

  66. 305!!! says:

    The Spurs are too old and too weak and too slow to win againts the winner of the east. The east will win in 5 or a sweep!!!

    • hipster says:

      Good thing basketball is a team game. Ask LeBron how well his individual speed and strength matched up against the Spurs the last time he met them in the Finals. I’ll give you a hint about the results- LeBroom. (In case you didn’t get that reference, it was a sweep).

      And actually, the Spurs average age is lower (regarding both starters and overall) than the Heat. And the Spurs have plenty of speed and strength. Duncan is gonna push The Bostrich all over the place, D-Bag Wade is gonna get owned by Parker (who by the way, is faster than anyone on the Heat), and LeBron is gonna be introduced to Kawli , who won’t stop him, but is a good defender and will make LeBron work hard for his shots.

      That’s only IF your beloved (and manufactured) Heat beat the Pacers. Good luck with that!

      • 305!!! says:

        The Spurs only got to the finals because the Thunder did have Wesbrook. Evreybody knows that is true!!!

      • 305!!! says:

        Spurs are garbage and will not win more than one game against any of the two in the east. Parker will get smoke by D-wade and you can never compare that trash kawli to Lebron you looser!!!

  67. realist2013 says:

    Funny how people act like the Spurs just got good this season LOL. Career beasts. You complain so and so was injured again as if they’ve never dominated these teams when healthy. Yet these eternal arguments get reversed when its the other team.
    The heat are just a stock pile of hired guns that intimidate and try to muscle opponents with a stock pile of offensive weapons. Bosh is being Schooled by a true center. Mario chalmers is the new D fish riding the hype thinking he’s a force yet he gets destroyed vs elite point guards. I like both teams but I the Spurs are my pick for their unwavering historic ability to play team ball. Spurs in 5.

    • hexalion says:

      realist that`s very true, i see comments from idiots Heat Fans and THE Spurs gets the haters…FOR THOSE WHO LACK BASKETBALL INFORMATION LET ME GIVE YOU THIS AND READ CAREFULLY…..THE SPURS since 1998-99 season has not missed a PLAYOFFS ever present ever contending to the NBA CROWN.. ….after 2007 till last year the SPURS had a very good chance of claiming number 5 title but very unlucky of injuries and not so good of a support cast…still they gave other team a hard time…And now they sweep LAKERS who were ailing GS WARRIORS who were young Physical MEMPHIS still no credit is given because they are healthy that`s why they dominated the WEST…LOL the spurs were on top 1 or 2 or 3 spot on the west every single year since 99 season even with injuries…they are a school….they play team basketball they are franchise players and will go on to win the FINALS…..

  68. AZ says:

    Team work, playing together for a long time and current form of Tony Parker makes Spurs favorite in this season. The only problem they won’t sustain if the game goes for best of seven because of their ages. However, Maimi Heat like a Real Madrid has got more individual charisma rather then team work. Lets hope for the best final in 2013.

  69. nappy says:

    No matter what happens the SPURS are the most fun to watch in the way they play TEAM ball .I’m rootin 4 the SPURS !

  70. TooHot says:

    If Westbrook was healthy the Grizzlies won’t be there to get swept and the Spurs won’t be standing where they’re now. But as a Heat fan i agree that the matchup with San Antonio is awful

  71. Alan Hollway says:

    I think most people miss the point a great team will beat a great team of individuals, look at Lakers 2004, so normally I will say the spurs, but there are the odd exception and that exception is when a team has the most dominant superstar. Chicago Bulls were not a great team and got carried by a superstar in Jordan and with the exception of Scottie Pippen did not have a great support cast. The Heat have Lebron who stands head and shoulders over anyone else. However in saying this, I think it’s not a simple case of stars versus a star team. With a Heat and Spurs match up, I really think it will come down to how some support cast perform and some other strategic plays. We know Lebron will shine, but can the heat get more from three point land. I think this is where the roles of Battier and Allen will be crucial.the spurs need everyone firing and the bench to play big and so far they have,The X factor for spurs is Splitter he has to rebound and keep pressure of Duncan. Also Ginobli if he stars it will give the spurs that unpredictability. Heat and Spurs matchup will be exciting, but look for some of the lesser lights to make a difference. spurs have to get more out of Gary Neale and if Parker plays the same way he has and Duncan does his usual thing, the Spurs will win in 6 or 7 but if Lebron dominates and Battier and Allen shart shooting from downtown then it could easily be the Heat in 6 or 7 as well.The pacers cannot beat San Antonio and that series would be a wipe out.

  72. Muhamed says:

    Miami will take pacers in 6, if it does go to 7 miami will still take it in 7.
    SA will eventually give out, TPs not gonna be able to keep up with the athletic ability of mario chalmers or with the whole miami team to win them 4 out of 7.
    Its just not gonna happen for SA. Miami 2013 NBA Champions.
    -Respect to Gergg Pop and SA for making it this far

  73. Gary says:

    Spurs in 6 regardless which team neither. team can stop parker or Ginobili or Duncan & our bench is way too deep vs either east team watch & see SPURS GET 5TH RING THEY ARE UNDEFEATED 4-0 SO FAR IN FINALS LIKE MJ” THEY DON’T LOSE IN THE FINALS!!!

    • Vip81 says:

      Well they won’t beat Lebron this time he’s a bit better than in 2007, he can singlehandedly destroy the Spurs even in a seven game series, he did that in 3 diff. Series last year. …the Spurs are gonna be tired after 3 games vs the Heat, then Lebron is gonna steamroll those old wankers. Expecting a turnaround game 5 vs the Pacers, be it a close or a blowout game for Miami. Also don’t discount the fact that the Spurs might come out rusty as hell after such a long pause… Heat in six.

      • CRAZYFUN says:

        So, your saying that LBJ will beat the Spurs alone? Your not very smart are you? This is the PLAYOFFS…. NOT REGULAR SEASON…. Look at the playoff stats for both teams and tell me Miami or LBJ is going to beat the Spurs…..Not going to happen. If everyone is healthy and the long time off isnt too much time off….Spurs in 5 either team. Maybe 4.

      • hipster says:

        Ask LeBroom how many games he won the last time he met the Spurs in the finals.

        Basketball is a team game and the Spurs are a great team. LeBroom is a great individual player, but Wyade is fading fast and The Bostrich is gonna get owned by San Antonio’s bigs (including Bonner).

      • Drey says:

        Vip81, basketball is a team sports. Understand that first. Even MJ did not win by himself, but he’s got leadership that binds the Bulls. LBJ lacks that innate character, that’s why he joined other superstars.

  74. DonLimpio says:

    People forget that Miami faced San Antonio twice this year with or without Lebron,the results you all know.If Miami makes the final Miami in 6.

    • Johnny Wadd says:

      Don Limp,
      Keep in mind none of the Spurs big three played either and your Heat struggled on the second game( Spurs) bench. I will dare say Spurs sweep. Thug ball might win games but not championships.

  75. klasnana says:

    The Spurs have a chance against the Pacers but will die against the Heat.

    • CRAZYFUN says:

      Please be on here once the finales are done so I can laugh in your face…. please be here ok? Please….

  76. Sickou says:

    Are you kidding me? The question should be, what kind of shot for either Miami or Indiana against San Antonio. Only Sekou Smith, the ever Queen James and Heat lover, of course (what do you expect) said the Heat have an even shot. The rest are mostly saying either team in the East will have a hard time against the Spurs. The way the Spurs are playing, the Heat’s big three (or missing two), won’t have a chance against them. And besides, Eric Spoelstra is not a smart coach, Greg Popovich will outsmart him, unless Pat Riley steps in.

    • Spurs will win says:

      The fact that you’re calling Sekou ‘Queen James’ and ‘Heat lover’ essentially cement your status as a naive, biased, and pretty much idiotic person. Oh, and a Heat hater, though I won’t fault you for who you cheer for and against. Just know that your comments aren’t rooted in intelligence, even if the Heat lose.

      I think the Spurs will take it, but LBJ is still the best single player by a considerable margin – that fact is not debatable.

  77. Jayson Bungayon says:

    Go Spurs Go. Spurs Make This A Happy Ending For All Of Us. What Ever Happens Spurs fan Till The End. Go Spurs Go Nba Champs Once Again.

  78. MFFL says:

    I would love to see Tracy McGrady get that ring

  79. adriat1c says:

    this is ridiculous. Spurs struggled with Warriors who could have easily gone up 3-1 but their stupidity and lack of cohesion cost them game 1 and Spurs closed the doors in G5 and G6 with some good basketball. GS lacked height to compete against the Spurs and they resorted to jumpshots and 3’s that eventually dried out after which Spurs grinded them. Memphis on the other hand has the height but has no outside shot at all and they really missed Gay just for that series against the Spurs. Spurs defence closed down Gasol and Randolph and suddenly Grizzlies had no attacking options to turn to.

    On the other hand Pacers and Heat both have adequate weaponry to fight off Spurs. Heat has plently of good shooters and they cut into the paint very well. pacers are perhaps less equipped than heat, but they play strong defense and they rebound offensively. they also have better shooters than grizzlies. east teams are definatelly not underdogs, i would give 50-50 chance to pacers and 70-30 chance to heat

  80. AJC says:

    I would say that of the two teams, the Spurs seem to be the most professional, the most poised and the team that plays more like a team here. The Heat rises and falls on the accomplishments of one person, Lebron James, and if James has an off night, then the Heat usually fall. The Spurs play team ball and no one person is the focus of the team. Even Jordan’s Bulls, Magic’s Lakers, Bird’s Celtics or the Bad Boys could survive an off night by one of their stars, but the Heat seem all collapsed around James. Team Basketball is what wins Championships and the Heat doesn’t have that team philosophy, and in the end it may doom them to that single Championship. I’m not calling the series, but James isn’t going to have multiple 50 points a game triple doubles around the Spurs, and if they can’t adjust, and play team ball, then they wont go home as the victors.

  81. antonkanton says:

    I’ve been a spurs fan for 6 years and i live in australia. i am so glad we’ve made the finals but it all comes down to who is the ready team. the spurs bench has to step up and perform; if the spurs starters dont fire, then it comes down to them. hopefully its not a blowout. i want a 7 game series

  82. Tarkovsky says:

    Remember last year when only ONE of these guys picked the Heat to win… Nuff Said.

  83. tsester says:

    As long as Crawford and the rest of the gang wont rig the finals, it will be an interesting match up to whoever the spurs will meet in the Finals.

  84. B.E.A.S.T.S. says:

    three stars vs three hall of famers, veteran supporting cast vs fresh face supporting cast, rest vs fatigue…spurs in six

  85. Vip81 says:

    Lol Miami has not played their best yet w the exception of one game….Lebron is gonna kill Indiana now, Spurs will be owned as well!

    • CRAZYFUN says:

      IF Miami plays like they did in game 3 against Indy then the Spurs will have a good fight… But don’t think for one second that the Heat is going to “Kill” anyone in the Finales…. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. SPURS IN 6

  86. nbafan2013 says:

    im going to be bold and say heat its completely even! lebron cant be matched…but saying that, parker will show up charmers a treat! duncun will be tougher than bosh….other than that though…..its all going to be decided onthe day!

  87. Ok my vision about this one

    Scenario 1: I give them a 50-50 chance against the Heat. And why? Just 1 name and 1 position: Tim Duncan Center. The weak spot on the court for Miami. Tony Parker played a marvelous CF and if he can play 4 final games on that level…..the Heat are in big big big trouble! But …..who on the Spurs side can stop Lebron? or DWade? And if Tim Duncan gets into foul trouble it’s like there is a red carpet in the paint area for Miami, free baskets allowed.

    Scenario 2: This is a tough one. But if the Pacers are able to knock the Heat out of the finals I guess that the Spurs are just the next team to beat, ain’t that right mr. Vogel? The momentum and confidence that Pacers will posses at that time is making the Spurs an underdog, watch my words! It will be energized jevenile against old experienced legs. I would say Spurs have only 40% chance here.

  88. EDWIN SAN JOSE JR says:

    spurs 2013 nba champs

  89. Marco29 says:

    What gives the Spurs the best chances against either East team is how well they have played lately in close games. TD and TP are on mission and made clutch plays against GSW and MEM. I think they are good enough and have the coach to make almost every game a close one and make the decision in the final minutes. If it’s Indy, they will be missing a go-to guy to compete in those final minutes or OT a little bit like MEM. If it’s Miami, LBJ, their only true competitve edge, will have to be clutch when it counts which has not always been his trademark and he will also need as much help as possible from Wade, Allen and Battier. I agree with the prediction of Spurs in 6 against whoever wins ECF.

  90. Carthy says:

    I think a lot of people believe the Heat have another gear. They lose a game or look bad for a period here and there, but then shift gears and leave their opponent in the dust (kind of like the Roadrunner and the Coyote). But I like the Spurs having a good rest, plus everyone pretty healthy; meanwhile, the Heat have 2 or 3 more games to get injured and/or worn out.

  91. J says:

    50%50% against heat
    it will be heat!
    heat spurs in 7
    heat win back 2 back

  92. Skolimowski says:

    In soccer there’s a saying: soccer is 11 against 11 and, in the end, Germany wins. In the NBA it could go like this: basketball is 5 against 5 and, in the end, the Spurs wins.

  93. DK says:

    Adriano Albuquerque, NBA Brasil: “The keys to beating San Antonio, exposed by the Warriors in the second round, are guard speed and outside shooting, and neither the Heat or the Pacers have both of these.”
    I’m a Spurs fan, but this is one of the worst “expert opinions” I’ve ever read. Guard speed and outside shooting? The Heat have one of the fastest lineups in the league, and stuffed the roster with shooters to punish teams for doubling Lebron. Rayray, Battier, Rashard Lewis, Mike Miller? And that’s just the bench.

    • CRAZYFUN says:

      Thats the point… If Heat play the Spurs…. The Spurs WILL NOT double on LBJ. LBJ can score 80 points every night if he wants but no one else will. Thats what the Spurs do… they shut everyone else down.

  94. tzijlstra says:

    I am very happy that the Pacers reached the East final and truly hope we will beat the Heat, this is a tight series and awesome viewing so far.

    Should the Pacers go through, and it is still a big if, than the Spurs will be in for a physical battle against a pumped up team with loads of believe but ultimately I think the Pacers bench will lose the series for us. I think the starting line-ups are quite well balanced, but time and time our bench demonstrates to lack scoring power. Of course there have been exceptions, but overall I think the Spurs will take advantage of it.

    Whatever happens though, I am really proud to be a Pacer and we have had an awesome season!

    • CRAZYFUN says:

      I’m a Spurs fan but would love to see George Hill and the Pacers in the Finales…. would be very cool!

  95. Ren says:

    BTW, I am really impressed with Leonard and how he is playing. His personality seems to be a perfect fit for the Spurs organization styles. Effective yet humble. This is one thing I also hope T-mac and realize at this time of his career. Even if Spurs will this ring, and T-mac gets one, I think it will make him more motivated to get another one. A ring that he has part to contribute to the team, and unlike this year that he just joined in the playoffs. I mean you will be happy that your team won, but any pride individual will want to be contribute more to the success of the team.

    I hope Coach pop and incorporate Blair some more minutes next year because I think he can be a Malik Rose type of player that he once coached before. He might also be useful against Lebron at the low post too. (if heat wins). Miami should win because Indiana at times are lack decision making during crunch time.

    The only thing I can criticize the Spurs is in the long run, I worry they will become weaker at the low post. On any team, you need to retain and build your low post presence especially defensively. Tiago has improved offensively and improved his movement w/o the ball, but he is and I think is never the type of rebounder that Robinson can give you. I might be bias because I love rebounds. On any days, I will take 20 rebounds over 20 scoring points. : ) Luckily Spurs got the high IQ player like MANU that helps out on the rebounding when it matters most. And of course Leonard is a high IQ your player too. In this league you really don’t see many of these smart player. Many of them are atheletic, but lack the basketball IQ.

    Before I used to watch a lot more basketball. Towards the end of this season I was able to catch up some of the updates. I really like Noah from Chicago. He reminds me of a young Kevin Garnet but just lacking the offensive skills like KG. Also love Paul George is impressive. If he gains more knowledge about mixing up his game with movement without the ball and taking those open jump shot more confidently, he will be a lot better.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see the finals. Seems like I didn’t mention Parker, but he has grown so much that is like a super star. The most effective point guard especially when he belongs to a great team like Spurs. If he always remember to not overly aggressive of being out of control penetrating that he will be fine. TD finally didn’t hesitate his mid range shots. Yes, keep shooting it when you’re open, don’t worry about missing it.. If you practice it, you need to use it at game time.

    I see Spurs are very serious this time and ready. Can’t wait to see the final.

  96. Art says:

    Heat fans are saying that Parker is not as fast as Wade & LeBron.
    How it’s possible to be so narrow-minded?
    While dribbling Tony is the fastest player in NBA. He is moving at over 20.9 miles per hour in the open court and nobody else even close.
    Are Spurs the old team? Maybe. But Heat is older. They are 2nd oldest team in NBA after NY.
    Spurs really have good chances against both teams and reason #1 is Popovich.
    Indiana is better than Miami and San Antonio will have against them big advantage only in PG position and bench (Ginobili). So 4:2 is probable & 4:3 possible.
    Miami have only 2 weapons: Lebron and refs. If officiating is not an issue Spurs can beat Heat 4:1 (actually it’s not happening because with fair officiating Spurs will play Pacers).

  97. the truth says:

    Spurs over either team in 6….

  98. Tsiory says:

    They haven’t reached the finals for five years, and they haven’t finished at the top seed in the regular season. Saying that “they look like the best team in the league right now” is kind of annoying. They’re a good team, but not the best.
    Miami proved that, over the past 3 years, since the big 3, they’re ONE of the best team. We will see who is REALLY the best this season, just need to be patient.

  99. Tsiory says:

    They haven’t reached the finals for five years, and they haven’t finished at the top seed in the regular season. Saying that “they look like the best team in the league right now” is kind of annoying. They’re a good team, but not the best.
    Miami proved that, in the past 3 years, since the big 3, they’re ONE of the best team. We will see who is REALLY the best this season, just need to be patient.

    • CRAZYFUN says:

      Miami has only won the finales once in 3 years….. how does your 3 year stat make them the “best”? The Heat are good not the best…. sorry. Look at the conference standing this year and tell me which conference was the best? Yes, Miami had the “Best” record in a SECOND PLACE conference.

  100. Ren says:

    Comparing to Miami, Indiana, and Spurs, there is no doubt that Spurs has the best team work. This requires knowing your team and playing enough years together and having a great system. That’s even Miami who has the super stars can’t do. It just takes time. They can win games, but that’s not because of great team work. It’s just different kind of basketball. But credit to Lebron, he definitely was the reason to win it all last year. I see great improvement in his decision making and knowing what shots he can take.

    Miami will have a better chance against the current Spurs. I am a Spur fans, so I can’t help to be bias. Of course, I will pick Spurs to win it all, and let me say it now, if they win it this year, they have the best chance to finally Repeat if they can incorporate T-mac in the system, and condition him. That will give them better chance to survive another few years. T-mac needs to conform for the benefit of the team so Spurs can even be better. With T-mac performing too, you basically get 3 superb penetrator knowing what to do with the ball.

    I don’t think Duncan will retire yet. As long as he has the will and wants to play, I see atleast 2 more years in him. Think about it, why would they bring T-mac in if Duncan will retire soon. That’s my bet. If Spurs can win it all, Coach pop will immediately think about what he definitely craves for “a Repeat”… that’s making history.

  101. I appreciate sports writers when they state important facts or statistics. We can also see it is a challenge to write without somehow showing their team preferences. In basketball, we go by the famous quip – ball don’t lie. In the end, the team who will hold up the Larry O’Brien trophy will be the best in TEAM basketball – a very good coach guiding five very consistent & title-hungry players ably supported by purpose driven role players. The ball will not lie and the last team standing – whther it’s the Spurs or the East Champions will surely deserve their prize. “Benjamin Button All Stars ???” I think is not a good way to describe the Spurs Mr. Smith.

  102. MIke says:

    Odd Year – Spurs wins championship.

  103. KeCe says:

    I’ll go with Fran.

    Fran Blinebury, I’ll make this short and sweet. Spurs in six against either one.

  104. ballsohard says:

    So if we look back at one of the first Open Court scenes, there was a discussion about who will be WEST champs, and the question was Lakers or Thunder??? And only person who gone out of question was Reggie Miller and he said Spurs! All respect Reggie you know what you are talking about!
    If we look at finals direction, i think if Indiana is East champs, then no doubt about it, Spurs are favorites, and probably will win that series in 5 or 6! If Miami win East, then everything depends how LeBron and Wade is playing, because these two guys are only Heat advantage! And of course how Ray Allen and Battier is shooting the ball, if so well like in first two rounds the i will go Heat way in 6 if not, then Spurs in 6! Hope for great finals between Spurs and Heat, because both teams have advantages in different positions! But first Heat have to beat Indiana!

  105. thunder the fudge up says:

    Thunder up! also, Spurs it up!

  106. thunder the fudge up says:

    Thunder up! Spurs it up!

  107. Big J says:

    for the last 8 years if your a true basketball fan and are updated all year long then all the reporters along with all fans know that the spurs have a high percentage every year to go to the finals and win who ever they play its going to be a great series but sa will win but it will take all 7 games

  108. samkennedy says:

    As a former soldier, I’m really really really really really really impressed with the way the “big three” of San Antonio took a back seat during the presentation. I learned from my time in the Army that a crucial yet overlooked character of leadership is being humble while leading from the front. Tim, Tony, and Manu standing in the background was the first thing I noticed when this was on live, and all I could think to myself was wow, that is probably more impressive than them sweeping the Grizz.

  109. not a kobe fan either says:

    timmy > bosh
    splitter > birdman
    leonard < james
    green chlamers

    so that’s basically it,

  110. not a kobe fan either says:

    timmy > bosh
    splitter > birdman
    leonard < james
    green chlamers

    so that’s basically it,

  111. Steven D. says:

    It’s very sad to see Tracy Mcgrady as amazing as he was reaching the finals in this type of fashion…

    • nbafan2013 says:

      its sad for us, but he said he is extremely happy to be in his position! so i feel good for him also….hes like a kid again, just in an older guys body

      • Mijisu says:

        May not have been a great way to get there… but he deserves to get a ring… Happy for TMac

  112. Leganuite says:

    I wouldn’t bet againt SA – when in final on an odd year (4:0).

  113. Bruce blomberg says:

    The spurs could beat either team in a 7 game series and. They’re well rested for whichever team they’re going to face.. They would have a better chance to win it all if they step on to the court against Indiana. If they play the heat they need to take it one game at a time and their big men need to step up and play well. Overall, if the heat make it to the ship, I think Lebron raises another banner… Sorry spurs fans..

  114. Dutella says:

    It will be the Spurs all the way. They have the necessary players to go either way. Fast or physical. The way they played the last two rounds showed it. Against Golden State they showed they can go against a fast team with great shooters. Against Memphis, they showed they can go against the best defensive team.

    So if they play Miami, they can go big. And that’s Miami’s biggest weakness. Look at what Hibbert is doing to them. If they go against pacers, they can stack the deck with shooters. We all know that Miami is struggling against Pacers because their shooters are not connecting, and if Ginobli, Leonard, Greene, and the Red Rocket starts connecting, it would get interesting.

    And like Whitaker said. They have the best and most respected coach.

    Go Spurs!

  115. installer-x says:

    I like the Spurs to win it all this year! One more for TD!

    On different note, if the Warriors weren’t too banged up coming out of the Denver series or if they met the Spurs in the 1st round the Spurs would have been in trouble.

  116. Letty says:

    The Spurs have a great chance, they play as a team,& they share the ball!
    The ones I’m worried about are these referees that don’t call personal fouls when it happens or call the fouls when nothing happened, etc
    Does anyone know the direct number of these referees to complain like that person who called the judge while watching Tiger Woods on tv and said Woods didn’t put the golf ball in the exact spot?
    I may need it when I watch the Spurs vs pacers or Heat?!!

  117. theholyspectator says:

    if its pacers its an easy win…both play the grind out heavy d type game…pacers are also inexperienced and they prolly will have the jitters…if its miami, which is what im leaning towards…than miami will def be ready since spurs will play similar type of game with timmy postin up as how hibbert is doing to miami right now…i think miami can contain tony p…the role players will be x factors for both teams…wade has got to step up..that knee must be killin him, hes not been the same wade from what we saw in the reg season…dwade may just retire after all this, last postseason and this postseason his knees have been major issues…al tho last year he exploded against indy..i have no idea whats up this year tho..hes health is a serious issue right now…but back to the point…spurs have a 50/50 shot against miami but if against indy 80/20 shot..and if it is indy vs not watchin way too boring of a series to watch…ill just wait til tony p or timmy have an appearance on letterman and hear em talk about the championship

  118. Pooya says:

    I think it is difficult to pick the winner in the match up between Spurs and Heat. It is going to be all about execution and health. Heat has better players, but Spurs is a better team. It would be interesting to see what wins the championships.

    I also think that it is too early to count Indy out. They have been resilient so far, and have more to say in the coming days. They don’t have what takes to win against Heat though.

  119. AllSpurs says:

    Very well said. But don’t forget that San Antonio is not just about the veterans Tim, Manu and Tony.
    Their supporting casts are very efficient and effective at any given time. 7 game series is not about speed
    and youth. Spurs are resilient enough to adjust offensively and defensively against any team.
    I am pretty sure you witnessed how this team manage to beat the younger, faster and
    sharp shooting Warrios team. Also, do not forget how Spurs swept the more physical and bulky Grizzlies.
    So, think it over again…

  120. Gillsy says:

    The best thing for the ageless Spurs is how long the Heat Pacers series is taking

  121. AllSpurs says:

    @Akshay Manwani, not sure what you talkin about?

    • Kalbo!! says:

      Yeah! He’s got SOOOO MANY people sharing the same view… -.- I can’t believe you posted that kind of statement here.. Another parot bandwagon of the “SPURS ARE OLD” line of the people with low basketball IQ. I’m sorry to say it here but you indians really had proven to me overtime since time immemorial how idiot you guys can be… And Akshay clearly added up to this impression… I’m sure i’m not alone on this… Don’t get mad at me… Instead, get your brains together and prove the world your not a stupid race…

      • GameIsBig says:

        Hey, dont diss an entire race/country because of 1 person and his dubious views…

        But @Akshay Manwani, seriously??? They beat 2 “younger” teams in games with multiple OTs and yet being “old” is THE deciding factor???

      • spursfanfromindia says:

        wow! u choose to ignore all the other fans, most of them from USA, who say spurs are too old and pick on the guy from india just because you think basketball isn’t big in india and indians dont know much about it..and after all that you have the guts to say that indians are sir have mastered the art of being a hypocrite and idiot..most fans who are on the heat bandwagon from the USA who say spurs are too are a disgrace……….oh! and i’m a spurs fan from india who unlike all your above experts didn’t jump on the spurs bandwagon after the grizzlies sweep #getyourheadstraight

      • Kalbo!! says:

        Me, hypocrite and idiot? I’m not sure what he’s talking about… Does he even know what those words mean? I don’t even know why the other fans got involve on this… I never said basketball isn’t big in India… What made you think that I don’t know that there’s a lot of americans who bandwagons on Heat and says Spurs are old? Those are irrelevant to my point… Duh? Just another addition to the collection…

        If you guys read my comment very well, you should feel me… I don’t want to hate Indians and I don’t want to have this impression but it just gets proven to me time and time again… Let alone this recent poor soul… Now your negotiating the fact that Spurs have many fans in India so I should think twice in criticizing your race? Not gonna work, dude… That’s not how you should deal with it… Why don’t you just take it constructively and in a positive way? Take this as a challenge…

    • Drey says:

      @Akshay, please watch the San Antonio-Memphis series again… you might have missed the physical plays against the Grizz.. or maybe just watch videos of tony parker, kawhi, manu or even tim and tell us again how athletic they are. and of course, watch the overtimes in the series and tell us who ran out of steam.. thanks

  122. Jantsen says:

    Well, guys, lets face it: San Antonio has advantages in coaching, experience, depth, and a great team-oriented mentality. They play a tough defense and a sweet offensive game. Tony Parker will simply dismantle any guard or defensive scheme. That said, I have to admit that the Pacers’ smashmouth defense is very dificult to deal with and the Heat have LeBron James. That’s a nightmare in itself. However, I believe that San Antonio has everything they need to win it all. Spurs in six.

    • lol says:

      Not saying that the Spurs don’t have a chance, but look at their players that do the most scoring and are the leaders. Tim Duncan at age 37, Manu Ginobli at age 35 and Tony Parker at age 30. The Heat’s big three are under 32 years old and they also play great defense and have a team first mentality. And don’t write off Erik Spoelstra

      • CRAZYFUN says:

        Bro! Havent you been watching the playoffs????? AGE DOES NOT MATTER!!!!!!!! Especially when you have 10 DAYS off till the finales. Did you not see the Spurs Dismantle a VERY YOUNG, VERY FAST and GREAT SHOOTING Warriors team??? Did you not see the Spurs DISMANTLE the best defensive and most “physical” team??? I think all Heat fans have been BRAIN WASHED by the media into believing that the Heat are unbeatable……. They are having a HARD TIME beating a Pacers team that was 16 games behind the Heat in the regular season!!!! And by the way this Pacer team was 7 games behind a number 5 seed Grizz….. The West was a BETTER and STRONGER conference this year. Our top 10 teams in the west were over .500 were as the east had only 7. our top 5 teams were well over .600 the east only had 3 teams over .600 barley. Please wake up, stop listening to the Media and watch all the games like a good little NBA fan and you too will see THE LIGHT!

      • Agree says:

        Age does matter for INJURIES!! Already, Westbrook is down, Lee is down, Tony Allen thought he was down, now will one of the Spurs go down? Or one of the Heat? Or will the injuries stop?

  123. Karlo Garcia says:

    How funny people are on the Spurs bandwagon until the playoffs start. Regular season Spurs too old, boring etc!!!!!!!

    • Drey says:

      How funny when people comment and unconsciously show their lack of knowledge of the game. All they wanna see are plays that will be shown in highlights. There’s more than that in basketball. if you want just highlights, that’s boring for fans who’s got true knowledge of the game.

      and by the way… the Heat are much older than the Spurs. Don’t believe it? Maybe because you just watch highlights…

  124. rank says:

    After the 2007 season, we (spurs fans) have heard enough from the media and other fans. We always hear ‘too old’ and ‘chokers’ among other hate phrases/words against the spurs. Even making the playoffs every year, is still not enough for those haters/bashers and the media. And NOW, everyone is jumping on the spurs bandwagon. Wow.

    • Marco29 says:

      you’re right. It’s funny to watch eveybody switching sides now and a little bit of a sweet revenge for the comments and disregard from the past seasons and even this one. Let’s hope Spurs win it all and TD walks away with a 5th title.

  125. Beelol says:

    Miami will beat the spurs in Finals. I see this situation from last year when all of you guys writes Miami off when they’re down 2-1 against indiana, 3-2 vs boston and losing game 1 in the Finals of 12′. So just have a good time with the spurs sweep series victory against the grizzlies and wake up when the Finals starts.

    • CRAZYFUN says:

      Dude, we’ve been “AWAKE” its you that have been asleep all this time and having been paying attention.

      • Drey says:

        Beelol… don’t forget what happened in 2011. the Heat lost to Mavs, which by the way played more as a team than bannering individual greatness.

  126. bib says:

    The media will put the Spurs as favorites so if Miami loses Lebron wont look bad and if they win he’ll look better

    • coop says:

      a valid point…

    • A curious fellow says:

      Can you explain me why you have missed every writer on here saying Miami’s season is championship or bust? Do you honestly believe the media would cover Lebron like that?

      I wish I had such a knack for willing suspension of disbelief..

  127. willie says:

    Spurs will win versus the PAcers, in 4 or 5 games. however, the spurs oldies are no match for the miami heat. green and kawhi negates ray allen’s shooting. parker and ginobili aren’t as fast as wade and LBJ, and the spurs team is not as physical as indy.
    Heat in 6.

    • DJ3 says:

      If they play Indy, spurs in 4. If they play Miami, spurs in 6. Tony is unstoppable right now, and kawhi is a good defender who can get LeBron in foul trouble like LS. Manu = Ray, and Timmy >>>> Bosh anyday. Wade would have to step up big for the Heat to have a serious chance.

      • lol says:

        Kawhi Leanord? Guarding LeBron? You have to understand that LeBron has almost 30 pounds and 4 or 5 inches on him. Unless Kawhi has turned into the best defender in the leauge, I highly doubt that he could contain LeBron

      • Not a heat fan says:

        They said that about rose when they played the heat in east finals then lebron guarded him and lock down!

      • Agree says:

        I agree with DJ3. Kawhi is 6′ 7″ almost 6′ 8″ and can get LeBron in foul trouble. Sure hes not as heavy or athletic as LeBron, but look at what LS is doing and hes only 6′ 5″!

    • Shaynaynay says:

      parker is faster than wade

    • dennisisdennis says:

      Did you just say Dwayne Wade is faster than Tony Parker? Lebron isn’t even faster than Tony Parker. Parker could blow by lebron for sure, lebron has the length though that is needed to contain he’s not the fastest Guy in the league because he’s the best , and Wade has noticeably lost a step over the last couple of years.

    • CRAZYFUN says:

      Parker not as fast as Wade and LBJ?????? Dude, your in for a RUDE AWAKENING! I won’t bother to educate you because it will be a waste of time…. It’s obvious that your a Heats fan and you have it in your head already that NO ONE can beat your AWESOME HEAT….(even if they barley beat a number 3 seed that was like 16 games behind them in the regular season) how odd…..

    • Drey says:

      Ok willie.. I respect your opinion. but get the facts right first.
      What can you say about the Spurs oldies matching the Heat oldies?
      check the roster please! who’s got more 1982-and-earlier in their roster???
      Spurs has 6.
      Heat got 10! check it to believe it dude… as in 10 players are more than 30years old!!! who’s old now?
      you think the way akshay think (which by the way, doesn’t get positive feedback here).

    • Vince V says:


      SPURS 3s% > HEAT 3s%


      • Vince V says:

        SPURS 3s% > HEAT 3s%

        SPURS IN GAME 6!!

      • iahn13 says:

        you forgot
        LBJ > SPURS

  128. Eric Lenhart says:

    While the Spurs are a better team in the west division and would be a good team in the east. Against the Pacers the team would certainly have the upper hand with Tony, Manu, and Timmy D. I strongly believe that if the Spurs will not only loose to the heat but it won’t be pretty. Take the spurs lineup and not a single one can compare to the Heats dominating force. I’m not a bandwaggon and don’t like the Heat because anyone can buy players and be good it takes a real coach to make average players do great things.

    • artifex says:

      “it takes a real coach to make average players do great things.”
      So, you basically say that Spoelstra is a better coach than Popovic?
      If the Spurs have an advantage than it is the coach, I’d say.
      Otherwise, I’d take it to a third possibility to any of the remaining teams, because at this point anything can happen. Also, there are not average players left to carry a team, this is the superstar stage, and any team has them, though not all on same level, not all expected at the level they play at now (see vid on playoff surprises incl. 2 Pacers…).

      As kop said, sweeping through doesn’t lift the teams chances. New round cards are mixed. I felt Spurs struggle against GSW but they came back strong, but who knows of the finals.
      I defenitively look forward to it no matter what (my teams are out anyways…).

    • CRAZYFUN says:

      I don’t believe you know what your talking about. “Take the Spurs lineup and not a single one can compare to the Heats dominating force”! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA OK DWade is averaging 14.3 ppg in the playoffs… Tony P? 23ppg No “Dominating force” there! Bosh is at 13.5 ppg Tim Duncan? 17.8ppg No “Dominating force” there Ray Allen is at 10.5 ppg Ginobili? 11.5ppg no “Domination fore” there! LBJ is the only one who “Dominates” LBJ is NOT going to beat the SPURS by him self! Spurs will “DOMINATE” the HEAT…. Watch and learn!

  129. kop says:

    Think about it. A year ago, the same Spurs team swept through the first two rounds and took a commanding 2-0 lead over OKC. In 2008, the Celtics struggled through the East and seemed destined to be beaten by the mighty Lakers.

    • lol says:

      Exactly, the Heat got the toughest draw of the postseason, they got to play the only teams that beat them multiple times! I’m surprised that people are hopping off the Heat bandwagon because they are having a tough series against a very good team in Indiana.

  130. David Peddie says:

    Good verdicts above especially Steve Aschburner and Lang Whitaker.
    I think the Spurs will win whoever they meet in the finals. Hopefuklly pacers getthrough would be a better final.

  131. zeusfiction0 says:

    All of a sudden sports reporters, after ignoring SA all season in favor of the drama queens they adore, LAL and MIA, they jump on the SA bandwagon.

    LAL–too big. Golden State–too young/athletic. MEM–too physical.

    Parker has been the most consistent and best PG over the past several years, ignored for the bigger market PGs.

  132. zeusfiction0 says:

    All of a sudden, the sports world wants to jump on the Spurs bandwagon after virtually ignoring them all season.

    LA–too big. Golden State–too young/athletic. MEM–too physical.

    Parker has been the best, most consistent PG for years–ignored for the starred celebs in bigger markets. Sports reporters opinions no more or less reliable than anyone else’s.

    • chalice says:

      Now IS the best time to jump on the bandwagon. I think most die-hard basketball fans are not surprised by the Spurs going to the Finals (after Westbrook went down, that is). I figured that Spurs would win against the Grizz simply because its revenge for Grizz taking out the Spurs a couple of seasons ago in the playoffs. I think Miami would be a better series than Indiana because it will be LBJ looking for redemption after being swept in the finals while on the Cavs. That being said, don’t underestimate Indiana. They look good right now.

      • Eric says:

        I loved reading this post because I absolutely agree with you. I want lebron to get his chance to redeem himself with a much better team behind him. He had no shot against the spurs big 3 in their prime with that cleveland team. Lets go heat! You guys have to realize James is not going to let them lose game 6. Look for wade to play with a ton of pride too. Heat by ten next game at home!

      • Let's be real says:

        The Spurs would have been bounced from the playoff along time ago if it wasn’t for timely injures to other teams stars…

  133. Latasha says:

    Spurs will take Heat one game at a time.
    That is IF Heat can beat Indiana, and there is no way they will.

    Indiana – Spurs : great finals for true Basketball fans.
    Miami….has nice beaches, You got to give that to them….

    • DJ3 says:

      Indiana – Spurs will be a slaughter house for the Pacers. Miami – Spurs would be the potential triple-ot game 7 matchup everyone wants.

    • A curious fellow says:

      I certainly hope that the finals will not be spurs vs pacers. It won’t be fun to watch at all. Though I would be happy for the spurs because they’ll probably win it all then.

      Definitely prefer the Spurs against the Heat though, the team with the least haters against the team with the most. Those, truly, will be great finals.

      • David Lloyd says:

        Well to be honest, the Heat are “hated” because they are whiney-butt, whiney babies, not because of who they are but what they are. The Spurs on the other hand are “hated on” because NO ONE believes (except Spurs fans and some critics) they actually have a chance against either team in the East; for shame! Apparently some of you weren’t watching the game’s, but maybe just the box scores. San Antonio was up, they were down, they dominated, they won their games and they handled their business, in style; what’s not to like or appreciate about that? I guess some of you might would think that the Jersey Nets or New York Knickerbockers are a better team than the Spurs also (no offense to either of those teams). The thing is the SA Spurs are a consistently productive team, leading at the top of the West year after year, or do you guys not notice that either? You don’t have to be flashy to win a championship, you just have to be consistent, persistent and want it. Give the Spurs their props, better yet, don’t, just keep doing what you are doing and they’ll keep doing what they do..WINNING.

      • Team South Beach says:

        It is quite simple, the Heat are hated because of envy, because they are a really good team and fans would love to have their players in their teams. Because haters are a bunch of irrational hypocrites, they are idiots who justify their hate by saying that they don’t like this player because he is this type of person or some other stupid thing like that. How could you know what type of person they are? you have never meet any of them? You don’t know who they are or what do they stand for, you don’t know what type of parent, son, husband, friend or citizen they are? Haters are just full of it, plain and simple.
        Spurs are not hated, you are plain wrong there, they are disrespected, because their game is not flashy and they play in San Antonio. But the Tim Duncan Spurs will go down in history as one of the most consistent teams and one of the best teams in league history. It is just that haters are casual fans and they do not know the game so they fail to recognize greatness when they see it. I am 39 years old and I have been a basketball fan since I was a very young kid, I remember the Bulls and MJ had a LOT of haters too.

      • Agree says:

        I personally think this spurs team is better than the Bulls team that won 72 games. They only did that for 1 season, and they were only good for 8 before it started falling apart. Yeah they won 6 chips but whos to say this team wont? They have been great since 99, even though i didnt start watching until 06, i know how great they are because they have been a contender all 14 seasons since then.

      • dd def says:

        I would love to see spurs vs. pacers for the battle in the paint (kinda why I hoped a little bit for a MEM/IND finals) and cause it’d be cool to see 2 different teams then last year. but really, the only way you can say the spurs aren’t fun to watch is if you haven’t. the way the move the ball and find the gaps in the d is beyond impressive. if you’re just trying to catch the highlight reels after the games than yeah, probably not for you. but if you’re just a fan of basketball and enjoy watching it be played the right way, and very fluidly at that, then it doesn’t get much better than the spurs. easily one of my favorite teams to watch. and what puts them in the conversation of “best team” is the fact that they’ve been this good since I was just starting to watch bball 20 or so years ago, they were always this good, and they’re still this good. can’t think of another team who has been such a consistent threat, especially for so long. not to take away from what indi or Miami have done/are doing. but that’s my case for the spurs.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you, Team South Beach, for your biased answer.

  134. the chosen 1 says:

    lebron james is the bst what ever team he plays for

    • GW says:


    • Marknsat says:

      The problem is… Lebron may be the best player… however… he’s clueless about playing on a TEAM… let alone AS a team.

    • Vince V says:


    • Drey says:

      and he (LBJ) lost to the spurs in 2007. so LBJ teams up with other superstars to get a better chance coz he doesn’t have the character to lead the same way as the real #23 did.

      • Spurs will win says:

        So many extremely naive LBJ haters. MJ had Pippen and Rodman (3/6 champs), 2 hall-of-famers, with a HOF head coach, among a ton of other fantastic role players. Pure ignorance to dismiss all that. I’d pick playing alongside Pippen and Rodman in their primes over Wade and Bosh in their declining years in a heartbeat.

        I still think/hope the Spurs will win it all this year, but LBJ being the best player by a considerable margin is not debatable right now.

  135. Spurs Fan says:

    Well said everyone! So pumped for these finals!

  136. Diego says:

    San Antonio Spurs, your next NBA Champion. It is simple thye are the best TEAM in the NBA, I’m a Miami Fan but I have to be honest, this year not even Miami or Indiana have or any other team on the East conferecne have a chance against San Antonio. I’m happy for Pop and T-Mac.

    • Not a heat fan says:

      The west had no comp this year really it was sad to watch everyone get hurt the spurs will be challenged by whoever they play but i do not think they would be in the finals with a healthy west conf. Any you can’t tell who will win all the young teams that were suppose to beat them do not have the weapons miami or indy have i see a great finals this year!!!

      • mason says:

        the eastern conference was a joke this year the miami heat were obviously the best team in the east ya, but they played a young and small bucks team, then the bulls without obviously D rose and noah and hamilton until later that series, now they play the pacers who win simply becaue they work harder than other teams pacers are their problem right now, if heat win they play a well rested spurs team, a win is a win but the heat beat the spurs with a game winning basket by bosh from three… i dont think the spurs are gonna let that happen again. heat are not winning it this year!

  137. tool says:

    i like the comment of whitaker.

    • Zac says:

      please stop calling the spurs the best team. they played the injury-plagued 7th seed (without Kobe Bryant), the injury-plagued 6th seed (Lee, Curry), and the 5th seed (with a lot of rest before games 1 and 3). Won 2 critical games in OT against 5th seed.

      NOW WHAT?

      that doesn’t impress at all.

      • dennisisdennis says:

        Yeah cause Miami didn’t struggle against a team even more depleted than the two you just mentioned. Remember the bulls? They didn’t even have a star to suit up and still won two and Miami needed referee help to win another. Try watching more than just the heat you might learn something.

      • wowa says:

        I agree in 100%!!! I dont get it how fast everybody forgot how they struggled with Wariorrs!!!

      • francis says:

        wow so much hate. when memphis beat spurs with an injured ginobili and duncan, people say they are done and old. now they beat some team with injuries and still no credit is given.

      • Rock says:

        Well please tell me who is the best “team”…..not who has the best “player”. Not a better team, coaching staff, bench or “system” of pure basketball than the San Antonio Spurs. Miami played a young Bucks team along with a 6 man roster Chicago Bulls Team .and now the have been officially challenged by a solid Indiana team. But again these are the World Champs…..Who ever get the Spurs will Lose in 6!

      • CRAZYFUN says:

        Your Wrong! Spurs beat the BEST DEFENSIVE team in the Grizz. The Grizz were the number 5 seed out of the west but they had a better record then your number 3 seed Pacers by like 7 games! The Heat had a better record then the Pacers by like 16 games! You better go back and LOOK at the facts buddy.

      • Agree says:

        It is TOTALLY impressive. Tim Duncan slaughtered Dwight which is why they won. Tony Parker sliced Stephs ankles which is why they won. Tony Parker carried the Spurs through regulation and Tim came up BIG in OT.

        NOW WHAT?

        That is impressive.

      • Vince V says:

        Its funny how fans perfer a exciting team who loves dunking rather than a team that keeps winnning!!! Dont hate on the spurs…..when we lost last year (West Finals by the way), yall called us old eventhough we were injured……..Coach Pop took care of his team and wrote a huge check to Stern for resting his starters (Miami rested players against the spurs as well and didnt get fined FYI)….NoW is it Spurs fault that Kobe wanted to carry the whole team then gets injured? (Good job Lakers on your trades! Easy way out ha)…..Is it Spurs fault that the young Warriors cant handle the experienced Spurs? Spurs easily took their shooters out of the series who had no other option?? Is it Spurs fault that Zach cant managed to dribble both sides of the court and cant score when Bonner, Boris, and oh yea Old Duncan are guarding him?? ha Is it Spurs fault that the Memphis traded all of their shooting guards? ha What? Yall think 2 big centers can beat the Spurs haha Lebron got swept by the Spurs in 2007….he couldnt do it by himself….so now he has all the help he needs because he needed it especially end of the games but still Spurs are too smart and experienced for the flashy Heat (If they beat the Pacers ha)

      • dd def says:

        you really think the lakers would’ve stood a chance otherwise? you really think the warriors would’ve stood a chance otherwise? how about the spurs being a top 3 team almost every year? or is it every year that the best players are conveniently swept out of their way with injuries?

    • UFO says:

      Spurs stands great chance against Pacers. I dont know about head to head to the Heat tho. Miami defends pick and roll as good as anyone in the league, but again clear advantage inside for the Spurs, and sure Pop will exploit that.

    • Larry says:

      Zac’s boring and un-educated. You play who you play. Can’t control that. Just stop crying and focus on getting YOUR team healthy or hush! (laffing)