Another Look: LeBron, Heat in A Foul Mood After Late Call In Game 4


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You can’t play hero when you’re on the bench with the game on the line.

And that sixth foul on LeBron James in the final minute of Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals eliminated any chance of the four-time MVP duplicating his late-game heroics from Game 1.

But that foul call looked different to folks depending on their area code.

It was definitely a foul anywhere near the 317, 812 and 765 and basically anywhere in the state of Indiana. But in the 305 and 954 (and the rest of the South Florida), Lance Stephenson stumbling over the foot of James on a screen at crunch time looked like the tick-iest of tacky fouls on a night filled with a number of questionable fouls called on both sides.

Seeing the reigning MVP exit the game on a call like this one, though, was sure to start a few arguments around the basketball world.

The officials are an easy target, especially when you lose.  And I’d argue that the Pacers outworked the Heat top to bottom in Game 4 anyway and that there is no guarantee LeBron could have rescued the Heat again, had he been on the floor.



  1. Bryan says:

    clear foul, but just a step on the foot? i know the man got tripped up but it didnt look intentional….. oh well, the past is the past!

  2. W/E says:

    GOOG CALL, HE STEPPED ON THE GUYS FOOT AND TRIPPED HIM, it was accidental but so is most of the contacts made that lead to fouls, that is a FOUL, u cant TRIP other players by contact thats a FRIGGIN FOUL.

  3. JimD54 says:

    LeBron stepped on the man’s foot, we all saw it, that is a foul, the refs called it, even against a basketball god who never fouls anyone, it is a foul, but look at it this way Heat fans, Indiana is going to get cheated tonight like nothing we’ve ever seen before, the refs will have to cheat for Miami to beat Indiana, Indiana is a better team, but Lebron will do nothing wrong tonight, he will not foul anyone no matter what he does, and the refs will see to it, The league wants the Heat in the finals, more money, more money…

  4. RS says:

    Sorry, but tripping is considered a foul in basketball. Plain and simple.

    Does not matter if it’s a star or bench-warmer, 1st quarter or final minute of the game. Foul is a foul.

  5. Pretty Tony says:

    I am a Heat fan and hear is my take on the nights most talked about calls:
    1. DWade travel call – Good call
    2. Indiana Shot clock violation – Bad Call
    3. Lebron’s 6th foul – Good Call

    Just because the refs do not make a call on a consistent basis does not make the call a bad one. I feel that most superstars are given too much lenienc y on foul and other violations for the sake of keeping them on the floor for the fans. A foul is a foul no matter if it’s committed by Lebron or Norris Cole. The only home court advantage is the one created by “Selective Officiating.” I say blow the damn whistle when the infraction occurs and eliminate the perception of a “Fixed League”. MJ – crossover, Iverson – carrying. Point made

  6. Sheehab says:

    People, honestly, it was a foul, but it was surprising how they actually called it, cuz those types of calls never get called. So you cant say that it was a wrong call, but you can say why call it now when they never call it 99% of the time.

  7. Luis says:

    Good call. If the players wasn’t Lebron, would it even be an article about this? Let’s try to be fair here (starting by the journalist) and treat each player the same way. He is the start with the best treatment by the referees…by far.

  8. after reading through all the comments. Bottom line is that there will be calls that won’t be famous and calls that will be missed. Officiating has its flaw. It is human. They try their best but still there will be. Heat has alot of fans, has alot of haters to. At the end of it all. There will one winner. And let us just watch enjoy and don’t get to emotional. This guys don’t care what you think or do. They will just keep playing until it’s over. NBA has its interest. You can never put a stop to that. It is business, sports and entertainment. They make sure that the league and the games keeps getting interesting. So enjoy the game.

  9. BadCaLL says:

    wtf u guys talking about the shot clock ?? that bad call was more important cus it was 56 seconds left and Wade wud of scored took away…Pacers Won cus of the Refs…Miami will take Game 5

  10. Surprising call!!! In soccer game, referees would have been sanctioned.

  11. LB says:

    I’m no referee or nothin, but I’ve played bball most of my life and I’m pretty sure the rules on setting screens is that your legs have to be square with your shoulders and LBJ extended his leg….So it was the right call. And all those commenting on the Lance Stephenson flops….those were irrelevant because they weren’t called anyway…they were blatantly obvious and I think he wanted to get under Miami’s skin more so than get a call.

  12. jim says:

    What is the debate he moved his foot to make hinself wider and was late doing it (see above video) the way you want obviously look like a wisconsin or msu screen lol

  13. its clearly a foul on lance stephenson and not lebron james.

  14. chubbena says:

    Sekou Smith you are so PREDICTABLE!!

  15. Romark says:

    That 6th foul for Lebron is NOT a right call… ! LUTO!!!!

  16. Garry says:

    I Know Im going to get so much hate for this lol, Michael Jordan ain’t never foul out of a playoff game, it’s so many factors that set him ahead of every one.

  17. cajungirl says:

    everyone knows James doesn’t normally get fouls call on him, he is a flopper most of the time.that’s why he runs and crys to the refs when he does get one against him . Miami is just another team and can be beaten any time. they all have gotten such big heads and thinks they are better then any other team and they look at the refs like how dare you call a foul on us. so when James fouled out I had to laugh .it’s sad when you sit and watch any team play the Heat and you can see the refs not making the calls on the heat.all the announcers know the heat gets away with a lot of stuff. they play Dirty and the refs just let it go on.if any other player on another team would flop like james does they would get a fine but not James. I sure hope the pacers beat them and if not I pray the SPURS put them in there place .

  18. 15-2_Run says:

    I cannot believe there is an article about this foul. Yes there was a lot of bad calls but this happens. Just because it’s Lebron James. Serves him right for flopping/crying all the time.

  19. dreadyjun says:

    Mr choke did it again. Best closer in the game, NOTTTTTTTTTTT!

  20. JJ Atayde says:

    If you will place so much weight on this call on Lebron, which was surely not a “tacky” foul, as you refer to it, you should certainly put the same weight and value to the the 24 second violation which was clearly an error of the officials as the ball certainly hit the rim before the shot clock expired. This could have caused Indiana the ballgame! What Lebron did was certainly a foul if you base it on technical rules on what a foul is. Just because it was Lebron, you think the refs should exempt him? No. Basketball purists, would agree that that was a foul as he moved and impeded and caused the opposing player to fall on the floor.

    Lebron has been too spoiled and I’m glad the referees clamped down on him.

    Lets stick to basketball in the pure sense, and trash all the PR that superstars tend to get.

    Indiana beat Miami in that game. Only 6 players scored for the Heat and that is what killed them. Basketball is a team sport and Lebron is only one of the pieces, “of the next team” that is Indiana’s way. They should leave with the cards dealt to them and work within the breaks of the game.

    THE HEAT LOST. (Emphasis on the period).


  21. J says:

    stephensen flopped he flopped 3 times in that game as steve kerr said about battier its not a flop if u get away with it and stephensons flops were ovious he needs to be fined for violating the flop rule 3 times in 1 game!
    i hate it when refs make calls that are just dumb
    oficiate properly

  22. moredsor says:

    Without a doubt, to the letter of the rules, it was a foul, but if they’re going to call such incidental contact then the game would be decided by the last man standing instead of basketball skills. Incidental fouls should not ever be called! Stephenson was already faked out by Wade and had zero chance of defending Wade in that play even if the contact had not occured.

    I have been disgusted in the refs this playoffs, and not because of my team losing – I don’t even have a team as such, and I have watched every playoff game to date ie. I just love the game. Bad calls on flops, regular foul calls on flagrants, flagrants on players going for the ball, thin skinned self centered (the refs that is) tech fouls on players politely asking for information, tech fouls on coaches pointing out the refs have screwed up (and video evidence to back them up!), etc etc.

    That shot clock missed call is unforgivable for 3 professionals, it could have decided the game and they should hand back their pay check for missing it. They clearly got the out of bounds call on Allen/West wrong too. I am tired of the refs having such a big impact in the sport, again this is in matches I don’t care who wins, I just want to see the players decide the game.

    I wanted the Pacers to win purely because I want to see more matches, but winning with LBJ on the bench due to a ticky touch foul is simply bad for the game.

  23. Stephenwhatttt says:

    Please fine lance stephenson for FLOPPING!!

    • Schemer21 says:

      He’s having a huge series but i totally agree. 2 flops in that game. He should be fined. Just play the game!

  24. Alex LEUNG says:

    That is a good call. I watched it many times last night in replay and I can only conclude that Lebron was deliberate to step onto the opponent’s feet. The move was not only a foul, but also could have injured the opponent. So, that’s a very good call and shame on Lebron, an MVP should not have done that!

  25. Schemer21 says:

    Couple of things.
    Firstly, that call wouldn’t have been an issue if Lebron hadn’t gotten himself a technical earlier in the game, he got in to it with Stephenson when he should have know better. To be honest i’d question the technical on Lebron more than the 6th foul. There really wasn’t much to it. (Stephenson is having a huge series by the way but those 2 flops he pulled, Lebron and Ray Allen, he needs to be fined by the league. I like what he’s doing but there is no place in the game for flopping).
    Secondly, technically it was a foul. That’s the rules. The poll after the article makes me laugh – the second option ‘Bad call. You can’t make that call at that timeof a game of that magnituted’. What?? That’s bascially saying that there are instances where the rules don’t apply.That doesn’t make sense!
    And lastly of course, I didn’t see any Miami players protesting the shot clock violation call!
    The referees will never get it 100% right 100% of the time. The best you can hope for is that if they are getting some calls wrong then they get them wrong on both sides. That’s what happened here, inconsistent calls but equally at both ends.

  26. Aaron says:

    I played basketball for many years and if you step on someone’s foot it is most likely not intentional but it is still tripping (which is a foul), on top of that I have seen people tear ligaments in their foot because of that so don’t tell me it is sticky tacky. If you want to talk about making bad calls how about the 24 sec shot clock that hit the rim that was a 4 point swing and the ball that they gave to Miami saying it went off of West. You could clearly on one of the angles see that it was millimeters away but he did not touch it, it was off Allen. I am not an Indiana fan or Miami fan, I am a basketball fan and I hate to see missed calls like that because it really looks bad for the NBA which I know Stern has rigged at times.

  27. Doremon says:

    didn’t KG get called for the same thing last year when Boston played Miami during the final minutes?

  28. Keo says:

    The refs favoured the Heat throughout the entire game… not just with stupid little fouls here and there (Indiana over the foul limit with nearly 8 to go in the 4th without doing anything), but also the more obvious shot clock and out-of-bounds call… just because james gets ejected on a so-so call with one minute to go and down 4 doesn’t make up for it; and people are trying to say miami lost because of the refs…. smh

  29. From Hungary says:

    There were many questionable foul call or missing call both side but at the end when James fouled out and Wade got that traverse call (first was callable second was fail..) I felt that this awesome and exciting game (i could watch it hours longer !) being ruined by calls. Maybe if refrees not so intensieve earlier the end is not as close but really i loved every minutes of the game except the last 3 minutes. Turnovers, big moments, big plays and annoying end where not the play decide…
    Sry for bad English.

  30. Chap says:

    LeBron turned his ankle on Stephenson’s foot earlier in the night, I think he took it personally and was trying to set him up for the same thing. In addition a moving screen is a foul. LeBron is playing unbelievable perfect basketball but that was a good call.

  31. Sas98 says:

    If your foot lands on top of the foot of the player you are attempting to screen, that is BY DEFINITION a moving screen, because the player you are screening got to the spot first! Otherwise your foot wouldn’t be on top of his foot! It’s not complicated.

  32. tomheinrich says:

    the guy travels (3-4-5 steps at least 5 times a game while driving) and it never gets called. One call doesn’t go his way and he cries…poor baby! Stay in Miami please!

  33. tomheinrich says:

    Oh for crying out loud. This guy takes 3-4 steps at least 5 times a game while driving and never gets called for traveling. One call DOESN’T go his way and he cries? Please stay in Miami you doofus!

  34. kent says:

    dont forget the 24 second violation shot clock call, the last touch by allen, which is crucial and west cannot believe they gave the ball to miami

  35. MANO says:

    How about they write about the flopping that is going on and why they don’t deserve any fines for it on both sides of the court. Pathetic NBA.

  36. SY CHAN says:

    It was definitely a foul. LBJ put the foot at the wrong place intentionally.

  37. iknowthings says:

    might have been a “tacky” foul, but a foul nonetheless. it’s being talked about so much because it was in regards to lebron. i mean a foul like that on lebron? no way? after all (lebron lovers) are used to him not getting any fouls against him. hes a star, yes, but should not get special treament on the floor. props to the ref for not being intimidated and making the call.

  38. Todd says:

    How is this a questionable call? He literally stepped on Stevenson’s foot! In what NBA game is that legal? It’s true though he is Lebron, I guess for this game they decided to call all the fouls they should always call on Lebron, but never do because he is Lebron

  39. Pir says:

    Look at the last 10 secs of the video, it is so obvious that LeBron stepped on Lance

  40. aendy says:

    Lebron´s heroic game winning play in game 1 ???
    What´s heroic in taking a layup doing a crystal clear travelling violation???
    Why didn´t any experts write oomments on this?

    • J says:

      cause it wasnt aa travel its a legal basketball move
      talking bout travels
      d wade did not travel!!!!!!

  41. rvman says:

    As a non-heat and pacer fan…. that call was very questionable.. just a screen…. HOWEVER… there were a few more calls going Miami’s way.. most notably the shot clock violation that shouldve been reset coz the ball hit rim… also the out of bounds call where they reviewed it … they saw it come off ray allen’s elbow and they claim it hit david west before going out… i dont see it changing direction as it grazed past d west.. overall bad officiating game for both sides.. but pacers deserve the win because hibbert delivered late

  42. Move on says:

    …game 5…move on!

  43. James says:

    I was a foul
    1. Lebron left foot stepped on Stevenson’s foot (look at last slow mo relpay)- if you deny it you are blind,
    2. Lebron stepped way wider than shoulder width apart, definitely
    3. Lebron’s right foot moved during the screen so he was not set.

    The miracle is that the refs saw/called a foul probably only seeing Lebron’s overstep, barely, and left foot moving. Normally that would not be called, the hidden/sneaky foul was when Lebron stepped on Stevenson’s foot- which was probably to fast for the refs to see. Either way, good call.

  44. Cs Fan says:

    The call was good. It should be made more often, that was dangerous play. Look at the way James set his pick, not the hands or shoulders, but his feet. It is clear he intended to trip him up on his switch or stop him with the pick itself. Cheap play. James clearly got a foot in on the guy and tripped him up.

  45. GPK says:

    LJ did trip him. Was it a good call in a playoff game? Probably not. Maybe it was the court karma coming back on the heat for Wades flying elbow that was not called…

  46. laker4life says:

    this article is kidding right? miami were given heaps of bad call ie shot clock violation that was clearly not a shot clock. the ball out by west which was out by allen and i guarantee you i could have found several bad refing calls against the pacers. pacer out grinded the heat and won fair and square. heat people get over it and move on to the next match.

  47. BeFairNow says:

    This article is clearly biased and irresponsibly puts attention on the refs. How come fines go out to guys like Thibs, Vogul and Doc for saying next to nothing yet the NBA writers can clearly question the Refs in a public forum when Miami is the perceived victim. If Lebron didn’t want to risk fouling out he should’ve avoided the five fouls leading up to that point. Spoelstra risked playing him in foul trouble to get him to five fouls and the gamble didn’t pay off. One call doesn’t foul a guy out, six calls do.

  48. Peter says:

    This has been a poorly officiated series, I don’t see why one foul should be talked about more than others. If the correct calls were made throughout the game this would be a completely different series.

  49. ZZZzzz says:

    “maybe a touch” are the commentators blind? if you look at the last slow motion replay it is obvious James steps on his foot, anyone who cant see this is a heat/james fan or are trolling.

  50. Greg says:

    It’s actually a great call no matter how you look at it. The fact that the ref was paying enough attention to see James step on the defenders foot is amazing! The refs are getting paid good money to do their job and make the “RIGHT” call and replay confirms that James stepped on his foot. It really is a “no-contest” argument here…..he set-up a pick, and stepped on the defenders foot…’s a foul! I think the real issue, is all the Heat/James fans are spoiled and used to LeBron getting most foul calls (defensive and offensive) to go his way.

  51. Derek says:

    “On LBJ Late foul” This is breaks of the game, unfortunately for Miami fans this ain’t goes to their side….

  52. Pat_on_the_back says:

    Oh, why am I not surprised?.. NBA referees are better selling chips and drinks. Kobe also fouled Ricky Rubio without a call that cost wolves the game.

  53. Wade Smock says:

    Maybe it was Labrons ego that got in Lances way.

  54. A.H. says:


    Lebron gest so many calls in his favor and PHANTOM Calls that no one sees then WHINES for calls on top of it. If some one else moved on the pic they would have called the foul so why not Lebron. Maybe this will be a growing experience for Lebron and he can truly join the Pantheon of the greats who didnt whine/ look for every call to go their way/ throw their bodies into people for a foul with no real attempt at the shot. etcetera etcetera.

  55. rhyous says:

    Yes. It was a foul. He stretched out his leg to try to get the pick and he had to hurry and do it.

    It is actually the ball handler’s fault, though, and almost everytime this call is made, it is the ball handler’s fault. The dribbler should know better than to make the move before the pick is set. He led the defended into LeBron’s not quite site pick. If he would have waited 1/2 a second to make the move, LeBron would have been set.

    • Ini says:

      How abt the definitely wrong call of shot clock violation against the Pacers? This is even if u don’t favor that foul call against Lebro!

  56. voiceofreason says:

    hey pacers fans, you do realize that on the ” shot clock violation mistake ” isn’t on the refs. The timekeeper at the fieldhouse, who by the way is supposed to be from the home team, did not reset the shot clock. So it is not so much on the refs, but more on the timekeeper.

  57. AQDAS says:

    These things happen, but the call on Wade in the final moments was equally crucial. Miami was def on their way to a W. Miami could’ve won Game 2, but the 2 turnovers were bad and rare. Really, Pacers should’ve been swept.

  58. Jackso says:

    Reverse the roles (James and Stephenson) and we are not talking about this. Yet Stephenson (who had 5 fouls) played almost as important a role in this game as did James. All these James apologists should stop talking about this non-issue. The greatest players in the world should be held to the same standards as everyone. James did a lazy screen and stepped on his foot very solidly. Foul and goodbye. This to a guy who makes a habit of dooping the refs.

  59. Jag says:

    That was a good call. Replay shows that LBJ stepped on Stephensons foot intentionally… look at where LBJ’s head is lookin’ at before he got close to Stephenson… (he was looking down his foot)

  60. Mike says:

    I’m just surprised they called a foul on LeBron at all, given what D’Wade gets away with. I swear, the Heat could “play defense” with chainsaws and the other team would be charged with a penalty for getting blood on the floor.

  61. AAG says:

    Is Lebron still clowning Dirk from the 2011 Finals? coughing after he just loss?

  62. digitioli says:

    I hear you Art.
    I have written countless comments on the officiating that never get published on this blog, and those comments weren’t fan boy biased – it ruins my and anyone who really understands this game and knows the rules enjoyment of it.
    The fact is that the officiating in the NBA is a joke, and is completely not credible.

  63. manny says:

    We cant blame the referee alone Miami was up 5 and then one on one bad plays that allowed Indiana to tie the game

  64. Art says:

    Why Sekou Smith wrote this article at all? He was quiet when LeBron fouled Butler but Bulls player was called for foul in many occasions. Sekou didn’t mind that refs ridiculously favor Heat in all games with Bulls or Indiana. Mr. Smith didn’t question how come Wade was not suspended for elbow that was worse than one World Peace missed 7 games.

    But now he wants publicity about questionable LeBron 6th foul. Suddenly comments about refs become very welcomed. Doesn’t Sekou do it to exonerate officiating in the next Heat games?
    Because you have to be blind if you can’t see that Lebron moved on screen and push Stephenson. I agree, he did that just slightly, much less that usually. So what? If refs missed his hundreds fouls they can’t give him one because he deserves it less than before?

    There were a few calls that favored Indiana in this game but overall Heat fans can complain only that refs gave them less help than before.

  65. Carl Moore says:

    I find this call a little justice maybe against the Heat for how the refs totally screwed the pooch in last years finals. I didn’t like either tam in the Finals last year, but after watching it I must admit that was the Worst I’ve seen in 40 years. After all the missed fouls & bad calls maybe this is karma finally kicking in.

  66. Jay says:

    There’s nothing wrong with this call. You screen with your body, not by sticking out your leg. This is only getting this much attention because it was at the end of a game.

  67. RAPSFAN22 says:

    Um why is this call even being questioned lol. He clearly stuck his leg out causing Stevenson to trip which is a foul no matter who does it. I don’t know if people notice but when fouls actually get called, the Heat lose lol. LeBron is an aggressive player, how does he have zero fouls in game 3 and gets fouled out in game 4, that is way too extreme. I really just wish games could be called properly no matter who is playing instead of having all these refs pretty much decide games no matter what the players are doing. That shot clock violation was pathetic, The Heat are not a unstoppable team but you will see what happens. The league already fears that if Indiana wins, ratings for a finals between Indy and Spurs would be extremely low. So why not push this series to the max and eventually have the Heat win so that the Finals would have a bigger audience. It’s all business and its pathetic. The best refereed series so far has been the spurs vs grizz, and thats because the league did not care who won, knowing that neither team is a big draw. Its just sickening to see the greatest sport in the world fall to this nonsense, hopefully when Stern is out things will get better, but I doubt it. Atleast real basketball fans still have March Madness, where the competition is real and every player is playing for the love of the game.

    • Chris says:

      March Madness is the worst basketball on the planet. Watching 12 year olds play is better. These college “players” have absolutely no idea what they are doing on the court. I actually stabbed myself with a fork this year (by accident) when I slammed my hand in frustration watching the Finals and seeing how bloody awful both teams were. I watched about 20 minutes and gave up. The lack of even basic thought or fundamentals is simply painful. I can’t even express how awful I think March Madness really is.

  68. nlc says:

    All Heat Fans are blind and one sided…. I’m not a Pacer’s fan nor a Miami fan. It is very clear that Lebron steeped on Stephenson’s foot. No matter how small it was, or he is the MVP, it is clearly a foul and should be called.

  69. GOOD CALL!! says:

    It’s not a ticky tack call when you’re guarding an explosive player. If a player steps on your foot setting a screen while the person you are guarding is exploding to the basket it should be called every time no matter who it is. Wade doesn’t need extra advantage and the defender doesn’t need an extra disadvantage. Either way the call goes the game is being influenced; it was the right call and it should always be made no matter who it is.

  70. cp10 says:

    Love the blue jacket LJ, no need to use area codes Sekou, we’re edumacated

  71. m. dalgart says:

    This is the first time watching NBA Finals, in which the Ref. has called a foul, close to time expiration.
    It also appeared as a “Make Up” Call, due to LeBrons discussions with Refs during the game.

  72. G says:

    Whether Lebron stepped on Stephenson’s foot or not, Lebron was moving and stuck his knee out on that screen, which is an illegal screen anyway.

  73. Jimmy Buckets says:


  74. Drew says:

    One more thing, Stephen A Smith said that the Pacers would be lucky to win a game or two. The Pacers blew game 1, won game 2, and won game 4. They are muscling up to the heat. This idea that the Lebrons and Kobes of the NBA should have free reign to the basket because of who there are needs to go. The reason I stopped watching the NBA years ago was the lack of defense. Reward the teams that truly play basketball.

  75. Joe says:

    Technically, it is a foul. Given the game situation, it’s one’s opinion on whether or not it should be called.

  76. John says:

    Lebron Jame’s foot (not body… look all the way down to his left foot)… James intentionaly stepped on top of the foot of the deefender and tripped him. Forget the hip check, forget getting there ‘early’ he jumped his leg out extra far, and stepped on the indiana pacer defender’s foot..

    why does no one else see this?

  77. Majg16 says:

    Regardless of all the iffy calls (going both ways) Nobody other than maybe the states of Indiana and Texas want to see a Spurs-Pacers Final. It will be extremely boring and will not be good for the networks. A boring team and an exciting team is fine but two “small market” teams will be brutal. I am a Heat fan big time and I of course want the heat but If they lost and there was a Lakers Bucks final, whatever at least one exciting team. I really hope Miami pulls this out and goes to the finals.

  78. Drew says:

    the bottom line, if a pick on Lebron caused him to trip (the replay shows he stepped on the Pacer player’s foot), and no foul was called, Lebron and all the experts would have been crying about it.

    The bottom line is that there is no Kobe and possibly not Lebron in the finals and that is bad for the NBA. All players should be treated evenly.

    I didn’t watch the whole game but from previous games there are always bad calls BOTH WAYS.

  79. reynol pers says:

    Also I ma really happy that Chuck picked the Pacers because that man cant pick a winner if his life depended on it. His track record in Vegas and on TV is the worst there is.

  80. reynol pers says:

    Heat fans stop using excuses we got beat and that’s that. I am a Heat fan but we have to stop using excuses and play to your potential or this is going to be a long summer. We won 2 and they got 2 that’s the reality it does not matter who fouled who it is what it is. Now that being said lets play Heat basketball in game 5 and lets end this already it is time to run up and down full speed. Also use Joel Anthony as much as he is a liability in Offense he will stop Hibbert better than the fools we have there now. Look last night when he went into the game he stopped Hibbert. And also last year we won with Joel on the floor.

  81. Q says:

    Ok Listen I understand there is fouls in basketball its part of the game. Please help me understand this when Roy HIbbert jumps straight up bumps you with his chest, but because his arms are straight a long 7’2″ straight its not a foul. Lebron 6’6″ jump straight up it’s a foul. The screen Lebron set called a moving screen ok. When West and Hibbert set screens they push off arms fully extended to roll to basket not a foul. Lebron clearing out after a rebound brushes West with elbow foul. David West drive to basket pushes off with elbow, (oh yea Stevenson amd George both Georges push off with elbow) its not a foul. Listen im from Indianapolis but a Heat fan and yes I may be bias but really you have to be blind or not no ball if you think these ref’s arent up to something, not just this game but all 4 games have been called with the Pacers in favor, I just ask to call it fair call it both ways after a game like last night I can’t wait till football season.


  82. sam says:

    they call that on Kevin Garnett at least twice a game. it was clearly an offensive foul based on todays standards.

  83. KDTrey5 says:

    A few things, is it a foul – yes, Lebron stepped on Stephenson’s foot (there is a picture in the first comments for the non-believers). A funny thing is fans complaining about the refferees for making the right call in this situation.
    Second thing, this article wouldn’t be written if it wasn’t for Lebron James being involved in the action. Why? Because he is Lebron. If you think that fouls on stars should not be called then there is no point of playing in the playoffs – just give the rings to the team with the biggest stars.
    The refs made bad calls, they are humans after all. Surprisingly, there are less bad calls during the playoffs then the regular season (I’m an OKC fan and I hate it when KD gets a foul for every player that touches him a little bit).
    Also, the refs should be penalized for missing obvious calls.
    The Heat fans should not complain about the refs because, after all, they are “the best” team, right? How about looking at your “center” averaging 1 rebound per 10 minutes .

  84. Mitra says:

    As I predicted, Pacers came back to game 4 in a big way. I am a Heat supporter but I respect Pacers a lot. This is a very talented team, and I was sure after Game 3 that they would make certain good adjustments to counter Heat in the next match which they did successfully. Their act was made even easier due to inept performance of most Heat palyers.

    Heat was defeated by themselves. The repetition of Game 2: lost free-throws, poor perimeter shooting and over-reliance on LBJ -added to this is inefficient defense in most parts.

    Without LBJ this team looks like “just another team”. I continue to be disappointed by D. Wade and CB’s performance. Battier and Ray Alan were a kind of visitors. Nori Cole is in growing stage. Only silver-lining is Chalmer’s play along with hard-fought effort by LBJ. Let alone other bench players like Andersen etc.

    This is not good enough to stop Pacers. Just think about the game plated by Davis West and Roy Hibbert -simply amazing.

    This series is definitely tilting toward Pacers unless there will be something magical happened for Heat in the next three games (or, two??).


  85. NBA Fan 101 says:

    Stephenson just acted as if tripped by wade with his buzzer beating 3 point shoot. Take a second or third look guys.

    Anyways, pretty bad call by the refs I believe this time. Also, stop Stephenson from flopping in the playoffs will yeah.

  86. carlos says:

    The ref should have an “in service” about how to call a playoff game. There were calls that no even when my little kid play in the YMCA were called. Even though the bad calls are both ways that disrupt the tempo of the game and definitly less fun to watch.

  87. digitioli says:

    James hip checked, was moving and stepped on his foot – clearly a foul with any 1 of the 3 violations.
    The Heat still got the majority of calls in the game as many have pointed out including the no call on Wade on the Stevenson 3 to end the 3rd quarter which no one has mentioned. Can we please have fairly well called games for the rest of the series?!
    I’m dreaming…

  88. MACKY says:

    as I watch so many time by maybe 20 replays.. wow! its very tough call. I do not see intentional force by Lebron, if you will see it again, naturally he will step defense like that,but the call was made so it became legit bcoz the ref called it. But if you see again, if theirs no made call, its nothing. their more physical moves without calls than this. For Miami its just challenge to them. how to make it better in game 5. I can credit to Indiana, respect also home game as simple as that.

  89. Fritz says:

    Questionable to call at that point in the game – but it is a moving block into a moving defender.

    Missed calls on the other side:

    And-1 on the Stephenson´s corner 3
    24- second violation (how could they miss that one??? clear as day in live play on screen, ball bounces hard right)
    out of bounds clearly off Rayray

    Fair win in the end…

  90. Chris says:

    Watching it last night, somebody needs to get a hold of this series. That was one of the worst officiated games I have seen. I’m a Miami fan. That was a shot clock violation they missed. That was a foul on LeBron. That was an offensive on Paul George on his dunk for wrapping his arms on LeBron and preventing him to defend. DWade did not travel. That was a foul on LS for taking down to Heat rebounders and falling down himself so as to not get called for it. They gave a technical to LeBron for reacting? That was quick.

    Now that I think about it, the officiating in this series has been horrendous. Don’t even tell me Chalmers flopped on the David West elbow because regardless, he didn’t go down on the floor, nor wave his arms. Sure he showed pain in his face but kept running through the screen.

  91. Neil Young says:

    If you only foul out twice in your career, don’t you think that’s a little fishy? Should the five other fouls he committed be ignored? Don’t get stupid technicals for whining. Why is there such outrage when he actually gets called for fouls? Because he is so “perfect” how could that possibly happen? Please. Players defending Leblowj always get stupid touch fouls on them, now its his turn.

    I cannot believe how much complaining there is for this guy. This should not be a headline, or even an article. It happens. Get over it. It’s interesting to see when they actually call fouls on both teams. How do you explain other teams always being in foul trouble against the Heat, and Leblowj hasn’t fouled out since the 80’s?

    The bigger elephant in the room is who wants some of David West?

  92. Dr. Tvd says:

    All I’m gonna say is D-Wade crossed Lance up. If he hadn’t tripped over LeBron’s foot, he woulda fell anyways

  93. MACKY says:

    Basically ref also is just human, he can commit mistakes any times, I never seen a referee he who is perfect to give call all the time, but I trust the referees are just doing their job and I trust they work balance. example, if they made badcall to Team A they will find ways to get back against team B to make it balance. That is fair if the game is just down 4th quarter. But in the last 2 minutes crucial scoring, it will be become unfair if calls are miskten by the referee. B/w Miami vs Indiana series, both deserves to win, I cannot question coz both are competitive. But ref. think about business?, which team is more exciting to watch? which team will draw more global fans in NBA sport??? I didndt yet wath game 4 so exciting to watch as per your different views.. I will see also, which team got bad calls??

  94. AJTren says:

    The bigger issue than Lebron’s foul call is the fact that the players’s are having an impossible time knowing what is a foul and what is not! The officiating in the entire playoffs, particularly last night, has been very inconsistent and very confusing to watch. Players are allowed to push and shove in the post or on rebounds, but when someone gets minimal contact and loses their balance its a foul (which most falls like this are probably flops trying to get a call).

    • hipster says:

      I understand what you’re saying, but there is also a big distinction in the point you are trying to make.

      Establishing position in the post or blocking out on a rebound has typically involved a lot of contact. The defender and the player posting up are allowed to jostle for position without a foul being called.

      Setting a pick is entirely different. You have to establish position and then essentially just stand still. You can’t stick your leg out or hipcheck the player you’re screening. So LeBron’s contact may have been much less than what a couple of centers in the post might experience, it was clearly a foul because he stuck his leg out, stepped on the foot and hipchecked Stevenson.

  95. Adambball says:

    I have seen this enough. There is no point arguing over this at all. It was not a good call, but referee made the decision trying to make it fair to both team. Obviously heat fan would say it wasn’t a foul, and Pacers would agree it was. The fact is that overall Pacers dominated the game and the calls are definitely fair throughout the series.

  96. WOW says:

    He deserves to sit the bench after he picks up dumb fouls like elbowing David West straight in the chest

  97. aexiphixion says:

    Much respect to the Pacers for the hard fought win but Joe Crawford needs to retire and stop making games unwatchable with ridiculous foul calling.

  98. Nathan says:

    We all complain and whine and b*tch when the refs don’t do their job. Then when they do, we’re right back down their throats again. That call, whether right or wrong, absolutely did not impact the outcome of the game. That did not happen on the last play. Inside the final minute, the Pacers closed, Miami did not. Pacers made their shots down the stretch, and the Heat missed some critical ones. You cannot blame referees for calling a foul on a person that takes them out of a game when you have PLENTY of capable individuals to close out a game. Taking LBJ out is not a cop-out! The Heat did not play with the same level of dedication and concentration and desire in the final minute that Pacers did. When a call like that happens, you go on playing your game and finishing the task at hand!

  99. Said says:

    I am happy this call was made. It was a deserving call especially since the officials did not count the basket off the rebound (they called it ‘clock violation’), when indeed the ball did hit the rim for a new shot clock. Indiana had many unfair calls to them. I don’t think that because Miami is the defending team, or because Lebron is the MVP, the officials should favor them. Pacers is proving a point, they are a strong team, ready to beat on the Heat! So, stop whimping on calls made to Lebron. Heat is just another team and Lebron is just another player aswell!!

  100. Dan says:

    That was a tough call. He did step on the foot, but Wade went the other way away from the screen. But, that made 2 iffy calls on Lebron in the game. He was called for an offensive foul in the first half that was questionable too. I’m not a Lebron fan at all, but those were very ticky tacky fouls.

  101. Lebron hip checked him. No question. It was definitely a foul

  102. hipster says:


    LeBron and DWade’s collective ego is so big it’s made Heat fans blind!

  103. sagaliba says:

    Stephenson didn’t “stumble over” the foot of James, LeBron stepped on his foot, forced the ref to call the foul!

  104. M. Adams says:

    The refs are too big a part of these games lately. The league has got to reign this aggressive reffing in immediately, it is becoming a 6th and 7th man.

  105. Latasha says:

    Good call.
    24 sec. violation call…..Not so good…..

  106. Sickou says:

    I said in other forums after Game 4 that I am pretty sure Sekou Smith’s next article will be about that illegal screen call on Queen James, making a big fuss about it. Well, I am right. Sekou, your Queen and your favorite team the Heat are having a hard time with the Pacers. They’re not playing at a level of that of a defending champion. You’re looking for excuses, so yes, it’s now time to blame the refs. If they lose in Game 5, blame the coach. If they lose the series, say David Stern wants them to lose. Get a life.

  107. Fuuu says:

    The NBA is amazing!

    A OBVIUS CALL is turned in discussion and controversy just because the fans favorite team lost.

    Even the Poll says its a foul, HE STEPPED IN LANCE’s FOOT, stop complaining and trying to make it a controversy just because is the Heat and Lebron, he step and made him trip

    FOUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Dissapointed says:

    So many people fighting off topic…?

    The basic issue was should it be called, not was it a foul. Surprised to see so many people posting that it was definitely a foul.

    If the guy didn’t trip I would have said they’re crazy to call that, Lebron barely moved even if legs were a bit wide. Doesn’t matter that the play went the other direction, the guy tripped, it was because of Lebron, it was a good call in my opinion.

    So many Lebron haters, get a life.

  109. ray says:

    is this seriously an article? why is the nba so biased in favor of Miami if you switch any of the pacer players and they foul out this late in the game there would be no article deeming it unfair wheres the article on the obviously blown call on the shot clock violation where the ball clearly touched the rim? that call hurt the pacers just like james fouling out hurt the heat. we get it you love LeBron but can we get back to unbiased basketball.

  110. DonnyC says:

    Um, Lebron sticks his leg out to trip Stephenson. They got it right on Inside the NBA on TNT. Watch the slow-mo there is no way that isn’t a foul.

  111. it will all end as expected says:

    Does Lance Stephenson look like some one who will be a star player? He will not be remembered after this series…reality check!

  112. it will all end as expected says:

    I mean common…really? Pacers? Does that look like a championship caliber team to you? Common!!!! This whole series is for Miami to loose – that is the reality of it.

  113. it will all end as expected says:

    Pacers will loose… Heat will go the finals vs Spurs….

  114. googergieger says:

    Miami has been getting close to everything and you make an article on James fouling out? First of all, the game prior he didn’t have one foul called on him and apparently that is just accepted now. Secondly, should have fouled out way before that call. Thirdly, it is ridiculous how Miami isn’t allowed to face any adversity. They are kept in every game until they can go on a manufactured run. Where either Miami will win in a manufactured blow out, barely win, or the other team will barely win. It is horrible how bad Miami is allowed to play and how great other teams have to play because of the clear bias that is getting lazier and lazier when it comes to hiding said bias. Especially when articles like these pop up. Smh.

  115. m says:

    I’m fan of the Miami heat but last night there’s was a lot of bad calls for both teams , Thees ref’s like to control the game after the shoot clock violation to indiana. They star calling fouls on Stevenson and that help the Heat make a good run. After the heat tie the game they call foul 5 and 6 on lebron. They are the ones that decided the games not our favorite players.

  116. TTKIN says:

    Dude who cares. Lebron has fouled out twice in his entire playoff career. Are you trying to tell me that is all skill and a ref has never missed a call against him? IND wouldve won whether it was a foul or not.

    Miami Heat fans are too quick to blame that game on the refs and not on Dwayne Wade who was basically invisible the entire game. Let’s remember Wade blew a wide open layup in the first half.

  117. notafan says:

    I’ve looked at it in slow-mo and froze to the time of the foul called and even in real time speed, and you can clearly see James sticking out his leg to make contact. Screens are set with your upper body and at the time of the whistle, the only contact made was with his protruding left leg on Lebron James. Correct call.

  118. ron says:

    Heat in a foul mood….because there is rules to the game?
    Anyhow, probably a GOOD thing LeBron got his 6 th foul. He probably would have a turnover or 2 in the last minute of the game……..

  119. Dean says:

    Are you HEAT fans blind?!?!? It’s as plain as the nose on your face! Queen James stepped on Stephenson’s foot…intentionally…and he knew it!


    Queen James walked right off the court…without crying or arguing…a first in his career! Perhaps, he is growing up! If he continues in this direction…manning up…I will cease and desist calling him Queen James…NOT!

  120. Manny says:

    Its all about perspective.

  121. NO way says:

    That was a terrible call and everyone here knows it. Being a Pacers or Heat fan shouldn’t blind you from actually getting the facts straight. I could just list 10 reasons why it was a bad call but everyone here knows it. So I’ll just say that instead of humiliating probably the best basketball player on this planet , show some respect as to HOW the coach and Lebron himself reacted to such a terrible call and in such a late game situation. Is it just me or would have the whole arena sued the refs if it was all the way around? Yes Heat played terrible but despite that the Pacers are getting way beyond themselves in this series and playing a little like The Bulls did before, too much aggresiveness, drama and manipulation.

  122. docpj1 says:

    I am not a Pacers or Heat fan, so I can call this one like it is. Lebron not only stepped on his foot, but you can see he made a special effort to stretch his leg out farther than normal to do it, and he was still moving when he set the screen – so it is a multi-foul. Good call.

  123. Hoopzaah says:

    A foul is a foul. Is it at the last second or at the first. You just can’t spread your legs on a pick&roll block like that, unless you want to throw the defender into the ground. Wade didn’t go on the pick, James hesitated and stretched more than he should to block the defender. Good call. Haters hate every single day hahaha.

  124. surprised says:

    I’m surprised there isn’t more commotion about James picking up four fouls, all questionable, in the fourth. Indiana won by playing big boy basketball. More points in the paint and the rebounding deficit was exactly what it should be. The fact that Miami played a horrible game and still lost by seven points is respectable but if their shooters are not shooting the spacing is gone which is exactly what Indiana wants.

  125. TrueBballFan says:

    It’s interesting that the last time Lebron fouled out was in game 4 of last year’s conference finals when they were about to go up 3-1 on Boston. A series that should’ve ended in 5 games was extended to 7. If you’ve watched basketball as long as I have, you’d see that when the league has an incentive to extend a series, the majority of the strange and lopsided officiating will always favor the underdog. Year after year, without fail, this occurs. With a sweep in the west, there’s an enormous amount of money to be lost if this series were to end in 5 games. For this reason, officials are instructed by the league office to call the game very strict on MIA in game 4. However, that will change from game to game. This is a business and It’s all about the money. It’s not illegal for the league to instruct officials to call the game a certain way. That doesn’t mean Indiana only won because of officiating, but they were given an advantage because of it. Every Heat star was in foul trouble. Indiana did play better but still could have lost. The lead official Joey Crawford (company man) was there when the league needed him last night.

  126. Daniel says:

    Clearly a Foul.
    for two reasons if you forget the foot (3 considering that)
    1st: Moving during the screaning.
    2nd: Legs wide open. (he has huge shoulders, but….)

  127. joey says:

    who called the foul? is it tim donaghy?

  128. KaplanLBJGF says:

    Wow, now the Heat fans are looking into the officiating LOL. James did step on Lance’s foot. Heat fans we’re so just used to getting calls their way, that this one game makes them think the officiating is flawed. Well guess what, it still is, and they’ll make sure Miami will go to the finals.

    Winners = Whiners

  129. Noit says:

    This is amazing. The refs are calling fouls on LBJ the refs are fair now. Go refs! Give them a fair game!

    My bulls and heat series was so skewed.

  130. Noel says:

    The Heat players need to remember that a lot of people are against them since time the big three played together.

    They need to play better to win.

  131. Sandy says:

    The heat is well known for their flopping! Wade, Battier and Bosh!!~! Heat is on the floor more then they play. They fall down, look at the Ref and noticed they were not going to call it! Jam,es, they didnt lose because you were fouled out, who do you think you are?????? You spend more time looking to see if the TV is on your face and when your on the bench your chewing his fingernails and swallowing them. Gross.

  132. TG says:

    First and foremost.. it was clearly a foul.. he moved out his leg causing lance to stumble… the only reason it’s a big deal is because usually refs let stars slide.. especially if their name is LeBron James and if he already has 5 fouls.. however the real problem with the officiating was the 24 shot clock violation that allowed Miami to bounce back in the first place… that was disgraceful and how 3 officials missed the ball hitting the rim is what should be in question. Btw.. I’m a Nets fan… so there is no biased opinion here….

  133. Johnny says:

    He did trip him but in a game like that, You can’t call that petty foul

  134. Raisul says:

    That was a foul, I don’t even get the argument. The guy clearly stepped on his foot. I love Lebron. He’s a hard worker, but that’s a foul.

  135. Just my opinion says:

    I agree that was a bad call, when we look at it through instant replay. As one who has refereed, in live play, and depending on where the referee was when he called the foul, it looked like Lebron stuck out his hip. I am not concerned about the other calls throughout the game, I am just focusing on this one, and it was a bad call, but again I must reiterate that in live play, it looked as if it was an illegal pick.

  136. heatvsPacers says:

    That was NOT a FOUL. Period. Bad Call. Bad Calls the whole game both ways. Horrible. Still no excuse because The HEAT need to shoot better than 39% from the field, but still bad calls all around.

  137. jul3z says:

    Take away the team fanboyism and look at this play as pure basketball, makes the call much easier to see. Lebron sticks his leg outward position whilst already in a stable set screen. This would be a moving screen or offensive foul, take your pick depending on what you would call first. Secondly this is only an issue because it is LEBRON JAMES! why dont any other players in the finals get this much attention on plays that had so much more meaning to the game.

  138. heatvsPacers says:

    That was NOT a foul on Lebron. Period. Bad Call.

  139. hipster says:

    You Heat fans are incredible!

    You’re the first to call other fans “haters” (a word I absolutely hate) when they point out foul disparities in the Heat’s favor. You call them crybabies and complainers- “wah” is a common word I see Heat fans using.

    But when the calls don’t go your way, and rightfully so in this case, you throw a full-on hissy fit like a fat, crying little girl who’s fat mom just denied her a 4th Snickers bar. LeBron fouls all the time but never gets called. On the other side, an opponent barely breaths on him and LeBron’s shooting free throws. Same with D-bag Wade.

    You Heat fans act like the Heat should never lose a game- ever! That’s ridiculous. Just because LeBron, D-bag Wade, and The Bostrich conspired for 2 years to create a team of SuperFriends so that winning would be easy doesn’t mean the other teams are going to just lay down and die. LeBron’s idiotic response to Vogel’s inconspicuous statements are a perfect example of that. I guess his ego and sense of entitlement is rubbing off on Heat fans.

    Get over yourselves. Just because you live in Fake City, USA with fake tans, fake boobs, McMansions everywhere doesn’t make you better than everyone else in the county. In fact, it makes you shallow and hollow inside. You have no soul you freaking materialistic morons! Got to the tanning bed (if your fake boobs can fit inside) and cry yourself to sleep (if your plastic surgery didn’t affect your tear ducts too badly)!

  140. rich says:

    Heat $uckS thats’s all I can say

  141. Den says:

    It was a tricky call but I would say that made up for the 24 second violation AND the “last touch by David West” call in the forth.

  142. Bhadz says:

    00:53 of the video, Lebron steps on Lance foot so it’s a GOOD call in my opinion

  143. Installer-X says:

    after seeing the video again, yes it’s a foul, good call by the refs. I was actually routing for the Pacers to win so my Spurs are well rested against a battle worn Heat. But during the game I was kind of disappointed how the game was won due to poor officiating. There were numerous blown calls and the refs looked like tried to even things out between the two teams. I’d like to see Wade’s travel call, it looked like a traveling violation real time but after the replay I wasn’t too sure.

  144. zgillet says:

    It was the right call; an illegal screen is an illegal screen. LeBron is the one who got the first five fouls…that doesn’t change anything.

    I don’t even care if he stepped on him, LeBron threw his hip out and checked Stephenson, who actually didn’t flop for once.

  145. Owen says:

    Seems to me that the quality of officiating is going down. A LOT of “questionable” calls that had big impacts to games have been made in the last three seasons. Tsktsk.

  146. dan says:

    lebron james tripped him that leg was moving, why is james screen someone anyways. it was a great call. lance got tripped up because he did not know lebron sticked leg out moveing screen. good call

  147. lame says:

    it was an accident.. i don’t think they should call it too.

    Stevenson really got lucky in the game. he went the wrong way of the screen and got lucky.

    the referee could say Stevenson was trying to run tru the screen too. and it cld be a foul.

  148. joao says:

    I`m a big fan of NBA, never liked basketball, ladies game, but NBA IT WAS a lot different. I play HANDBALL, a sport that many americans doesnt know, but everybody in the world plays, I`m from brazil, the football country, real football not the handball sport that americans call football hahaahha, and HANDBALL is a sport that foul is part of the defense, there`s not ladies calls by refs, nba it was like that, but someone gave the refs to many power, 3 refs and always giving a hand to the host team, is ridiculous whats happening to nba.

  149. Jarro21 says:

    The missed shot clocked changed the game because had they not called a violation, The shot would have counted and then miami scored and got fouled. It was a 4 – 6 point swing. Totally changed the momentum.

  150. stick a fork in them says:

    the heat have the worse fans in the league, they are done…..first time they dont get every call like usual and they moan an whine

  151. Common! says:

    If this was not a foul, was a tremendous play by Lance Stephenson; but for me this was a foul, and a tremendous play by Lance Stephenson and the Indiana Pacers. Finally i see the Pacers awake on the defensive end, they look smarter this time!

  152. nasir says:

    I can not believe there is even an article on this issue. I am a big fan but I always want the best team to win. I believe he has gotten away with a lot of foul not being called because he is Lebron. The NBA should man up and make the right calls and stop playing around. It sometimes feel like they are fixing the whole thing.

  153. Howard77 says:

    It depends on the ref. They nailed KG a handful of times on that same type of play in the Knicks Celtics Series

  154. JB says:

    I am still baffled as to why Chris Bosh does not challenge Hibbert. I have seen Chris Bosh go to the rim a few times this series against Hibbert, and he tends to be fouled or he scores. Its ridiculous.

  155. Neek says:

    It was a bad call, in a series of bad calls, in general this series has been officiated horribly for both squads. Anyone trying to say that the officials are leaning one way or another clearly has spent the past week watching a different series.

    That being said, in a general sense…. anytime you find yourself discussing the officials or the coaches (have to take a stab at Vogel, this series should be 3-1) the morning after a game there is a problem. Let’s ignore the facts that Chris Bosh didn’t hit a shot inside the arc, Roy Hibbert came out big again, the Pacers were +19 on the boards, and that there have been 8 fouls called on the Pacers in this series (2 last night) from Shane Battier deciding to fall down and yell. This game was all about Lebron James fouling out on a bs call.

  156. Mike says:

    Hey why are we talking just this foul…(it was a foul)…What happen with the 24second violation?? Please let the people play their game, be fair with them…and to be honest, Lebron is flopping too much, he should be penalized. My question what happen with clock violation?? Why anybody talk about that??

    • heatvsPacers says:

      Lebron is flopping?Almost the ENTIRE pacer team started to flop at one point.
      Even the biggest flopper himself, (which he said so live on air, Mr. R. Miller said so)

  157. ImJusSayin says:

    Bad calls all around, I love the sport but its getting harder to deal with the BS. That was a tacky foul agreed, but how many blatant illegal screens came before it? Why on my HDTV can I go back and see from the overhead cam promo shot before the commercial that the ball clearly did not touch west but the refs did not even see that angle? And to the Indy/heat die hard fans do you guys really think stern is not going to leave without giving his precious SA Sterns a goodbye ring.

    • rich says:

      Yeah right, the most boring contender in the league ?! Stern hate the Spurs and so do I !

  158. Shawn Kemp No. 1 says:

    He stepped on his foot, EASY CALL, whether it’s in the first or the last minute of the game.

  159. gmakh says:

    That is definitely a foul but LS is an awesome actor lol. The guy was flopping all over the place all game

    • ECF says:

      and lebron isnt? Unfortunately, most of these guys are. I personally have never been a lebron fan because I feel as though he does this. He doesn’t need to, he plays amazing basketball whether he plays clean or dirty…I would prefer to see him play clean. He reminds me a bit of Kobe in his younger years when he was a ball hog…hopefully lebron can learn to just trust his game, deflate his ego and not get so hung up on the theatrics, i think the interview was a good start!

  160. Janet says:

    I would love to ask a question, is that referee a professional referee? I have never seen such unfair, unprofessional, ridiculous refereeing in my entire life time. There were many calls which were ridiculous including Lebron’s and even that of the Heats coach. I was more concerned with who will be injured and what injustice was being metered out, than watching the game. This game wasn’t an enjoyable one. I think the NBA should take a stand to prevent referee’s who are bias, racist, unprofessional and incompetent. The integrity of the game is slowly dying. Hated this game!!!!

    • hipster says:

      You say the referees are “racist?” Do you even know what that word means?

      Nearly all the players on both teams are black. In fact, I think the Heat’s white players (Birdman, Mike Miller) play more than the Pacers (don’t even know their names).

      How is there any racism going on you ignorant fool?

    • Oh Please says:

      Janet, I realize you are probably just a bandwagoner that hasn’t been watching the NBA very long (you just love the Heat, huh?), but if you think the calls in that game were the worst you ever seen, you still have a long way to go, even as a bandwagoner.

      Miami is the dirtiest, floppingest team in the NBA, and most of the time they are the beneficiary of the refs blessings.

      The irony of Miami fans complaining about bad calls is equally stunning and ludicrous. The irony of Miami fans calling other players out for flopping is absolutely delicious.

      The calls were bad on both ends, but the better team won last nite. End of story. If the Pacers win, the crying will be epic.

  161. Al says:

    Not only did he step on his foot, lebrons back leg was still moving. The screen was never set!

  162. kwp 968 says:

    finally a game where the ref made mistakes for both sides and the heat whining, come on, most of the heat gets away whit most of the calls

  163. TheHeatles says:

    as a heat fan we cant cry over spilled milk, the game is over so stop complaining because we will get payback in the next game, and everyone knows that the heat always respond well after a lose and i am expecting a double digit win by the heat. Series over in 6 that was their last win. FIRST ROUND 4 – 0, SECOND ROUND 4 – 1, THIRD ROUND 4 – 2, FINALS 4 – 2 heat with the repeat

  164. mary says:

    the refs cheated, period point blank, can we get some real refs in the game please?! too many fouls called, just let them play, if it’s not an obvious foul or hack please dont blow the whistle!!!! let them play! miami should have won that game, but because the refs want another few bucks in their pocket, my fav team lost! thats ok, heat in 6! holla!

    • Mary says:

      24 clock violation call???? Now that was a MESS UP and a free gift to Miami.

      Miami is lucky the series in not 3-1 at the moment.

  165. Richie says:

    Great game Pacers. And I think they would’ve pull it out with LeBron on the court. That call was much like a charge/block call. 50/50 at ANY time of the game BUT the 4th quarter. Refs need to know where they are in the game as much as the players. No one questions the fact that LeBron got 4 fouls in the last 7mins of the game! Pacers were poised to take this game anyway, now this foul stirs the pot with controversy. LET’m PLAY REFs….PLEASE!!!!!!

  166. willie says:

    it was not at all arguable and not ticky tacky. i’m a miami heat fan, and i thought it was a foul. refs got that right. a foul is a foul, whatever the so called ‘magnitude’ of the game is. why is this even the topic? we can’t reverse the decision anyway.

  167. josh says:

    bad defense he lost wade an they bail him out,,,oh he stepped on his foot wah wah you dont call that foul period i am a ref and i would never make that call,

  168. mary says:

    hibbert an indiana pacers are cry babies, period! they are immature and insecure! the comments hibbert made just showed me his true self! he is insecure and immature, why do you need your old coach from college to help you with ideas on your game when you are already in the pros?! wow…what an insecure over grown man with mental problems! i will be glad when the heat finish these clowns off! they are arrogant and that other one sticking his tongue out after he shot the ball should have been fined for sticking his tongue out, gross!

  169. TheHeatles says:

    the nba has become a freethrow shooting contest and the pacers won it last night with all of the calls the refs gave them

    • ron says:

      Uh…..the 24 clock violation call was a call the refs gave to the HEAT….Be happy LeBron got his 6th foul, he would stunk it up for the heat with one or two turnovers in the final seconds…….

  170. SM says:

    Whether it was a right call or not, the referees did not do a good job in this game and their judgements were bad for both teams.
    But as a Miami fan, I am not concern with that call at all. Miami players again played bad and that include Bosh and Wade, s.Battier and R. Allen.
    They cant win this series if they play like that and there is no point to blame referee or anybody else.

  171. daniel says:

    watching last nights game made me realize that indiana will not come out victorious on this one. it took their absolut best game of the year and it was still a close game. look at the stats and youll realize that the heat played one of their worst games of the playoffs. everyone can talk about the officials but it all came down to execution at the end of the game and the heat were not able to pull it off. it is true that some calls were very questionable but saying the heat lost cause of the refs is complete bs. roy hibbirt destroyed them in the paint and that was not the refs fault. either way the heat are going to find a way to fix their mistakes and win both next games . and anyone saying the heat are overrated dont know anything about basketball. the pacers are a great team, just not better than the defending champs miami heat. @heatin6

  172. Mike "O Magic Fan for Life" says:

    The call was fair…it was a foul. The 24 second shot clock violation is an example of a BAD CALL…there should be a fine issued to each ref for blatantly missing a rather easy call…You want to talk about a pace changer that was it…the Heat didn’t have a chance whether Lebron was in the game or is no doubt they didn’t deserve to win that game as they were out hustled on almost every play…

    • GG says:

      yes everyone forgets the pacers were up four with less then a minute left, but somehow the heat were gonna win if lebron was in. it was a good call cause it was a foul, he tripped lance causing him not to be able to recover on wade or switch on lebron but it did not effect the outcome of the game. be real heat fans.

  173. Willy says:

    They are very sensitive about the feet this year man! He stepped directly on top of his foot man! You didn’t see that, it was a foul! Not a normal elbow to the mouth but a foul, same as when Lebrain twisted his foot as well, the other player was under him. Too many twisted ankles this year everybody limpin around like Festus. It used to be cool to walk like that,not anymore.

  174. djles73 says:

    it was a bad call along w many others.indiana played well tonight but early foul torubles for the heat had a huge impact how they played last night.yes tha shotclock violation call was a joke as well.I like the way LBJ and Wade reacted,they are champs and just wanna put this night behind.They know they are better and will prove next two game.By the way noone mentioned that even the birdman got foul trouble and that’s why he had no impact last night.
    Either way isn’t it funny that LBJ got ZERO fouls 2 nights ago on same court against same opponent and last night he fouled out…That is just nonsense!

  175. Gene says:

    Relative to the poll question: The poll is poorly written, as it presupposes that the call was correct, but maybe wrong for that time in the game. My position is that it was not a foul and should not have been called at any time during the game. An official cannot disregard the play of the game, and this series has been physical and sometimes brutish – so (even it the call was correct, which I disagree with) how can a game play itself out for 47 minutes in the paint and highly physical and wait until the last minute with the game on the line and call a foul that is never called?

    • gsw fan says:

      i personally agreed with the call, but i also agree with you that they shouldn’t have such inconsistent officiating throughout the game. i personally believe that joey crawford felt that he messed up on the 24 second call and instead tried to make it up later for the pacers cuz hes the type of ref where he thinks hes in control of the game.

  176. Raymond says:

    it was clearly a foul, can’t y’all see the recap ? it’s clearly that lebron step on LS foot while he’s screening.
    if you said that it was not a foul, then try it sometimes when you play basketball. when you got screen and your foot got stepped by someone 🙂

  177. Game Time says:

    It was a horrible call, but it’s over. Let’s see how Miami gets their payback with another blowout. Pacers lucked out.

    • Mark says:

      There was at least 3 indiana flops that should be fined that game. and at least 1 miami flop as well. why no controversey over the travel call that wasn’t a travel? Battier hit that 3 and made it a 1 point game.

    • Joe says:

      Yea cant wait till the pacers get the butts handed to them the next two games

    • kevin_e says:

      actually heat lucked out if it wasnt for the last 1.7 sec of game 1 series would be 3-1

  178. JC ACV@ says:

    Look at hibber pushing down Crish Bosh on putback- no foul call, Stephenson flopping on ray allen shove, Lebron Jaames foul against west when he did not touch him, although he did raise his elbows- and to foul out on that call is ridicilous – its the playoffs, Im a Knicks fan and hate both these teams but honestly the refs killed Miami today. Hibbert is still overrated you never going to know what you are going to get from him.

    • AR says:

      Flop by Stevenson. First one in the series. Miami has the most floppers in the league. Battier, Lebron, Chalmers, Bosh, Wade. So quit complaining about the flops.

  179. Ian Eric says:

    Sloppy screen, bottom line. Fans: if you say that that call cannot be made on the MVP, then Lebron by the same token shouldn’t be setting such a suspect screen in a situation like that (5 fouls, final minute, Heat down). That’s the consequence of your own position: if he’s the MVP, then he is naturally held to the higher standard of smart basketball. Lebron stepped on his foot, no question, and that produced what looked like and became a moving screen. So Lebron brought it on himself. He wasn’t careful, and he effectively tripped Stephenson. You can’t be so much a Lebron lover— he is the best in the world, of course— or a last-few-seconds-ideologue where you expect refs to always turn a blind eye to a call they’re paid to make. If it had been another player on the Heat, this discussion wouldn’t be happening. Sometimes the greats screw up. Lebron made the sloppy screen probably thinking, in the back of his head, ‘I’m Lebron, therefore, I can do this move on Stephenson.’ Now you can’t blame Lebron for thinking that way; that’s just the human element and he is the best. But by the same token, that egoism should be checked at times. Are refs always supposed to kowtow to Kobe, Lebron, and the like? Always? Always in situations last night’s quintessential moment? No, not always; you can’t really uphold most always/never/etc. positions. Not if you intend on making a sound argument. Finally, just speaking to where the series is now: isn’t it more exciting knotted up? Sure is! And I don’t see how anyone can deny that! It would be a shame (a sham!) if it was not an understandable call to make on Lebron, but it was.

    • Joe says:

      All you needed to say was I agree with the call. Instead you make a fool of yourself rambling on, for example ou said “Lebron made the sloppy screen probably thinking, in the back of his head, ‘I’m Lebron, therefore, I can do this move on Stephenson” Um no…..who thinks with 5 fouls Lebron was thinking that? How dumb are you. Another funny thing was you said “sloppy” there was nothing sloppy except the fact he accedentally stepped on his foot. And before that you said the refs are paid to let Lebron get away with calls late in the game. This foul out really proves your piont…..Think before writing another comment please.

      • gsw fan says:

        just admit that there were bad calls on both sides instead of trying to defend lebron

      • Ian Eric says:

        I was speaking speculatively about the subconscious elements (“in the back of his head”) involved, if you can grant a little latitude, Joe. Let me explain, since you’re confused: I’m not saying Lebron is consciously thinking that he’ll foul Stephenson (he’s thinking just the opposite). But refs give love to the big dogs in moments like that, and they do make make-up calls for missed fouls. Lebron got careless and forgot what happened earlier and the refs got him; you don’t step on a dude to set a screen. If you’re interested in thinking, Joe, you’re telling me that Lebron doesn’t have an ego that impacts the game? Maybe an ego that led him to overlook things? Get real, smart guy; think deeper. YOU DO NOT know if Lebron ‘accidentally’ did what he did; either way, it was careless. Besides, last time I checked, accidents often constitute fouls, but you gotta get out of your playground rules mentality there, Joe. Plenty of players do stuff like that and try to stay under the radar, like to Curry in the Warriors/Grizzlies series. It was a sloppy screen- watch the play. Finally, that’s not what I said- refs getting paid to take care of Lebron. No. I said the refs are paid to make calls people don’t like and do, DO absolutely sometimes skew calls because it’s Kobe or Lebron, for example. This time a superstar got called and a welcome to reality.

    • Joe says:

      Wow you really said if it was another player there wouldnt be an argument…..You really think if the best pacers player (in your opinion) was called for that in the opposite situation there would not be an argument if that was a foul or not? If you really believe that I pitty you.

    • Joe says:

      How is it even possible to pruposely step on someones foot if you did not even look down to….please tell me how because that is impossible and you just said it was

  180. aron says:

    Video clearly shows Lebron’s trip on Lance. Good call by the refs. James misjudged the distance in setting up the screen, extending the foot was a clear attempt to compensate in the failed attempt. Lots of questionable calls on both sides.

    Hopefully the Heat gets to win this series. This is a good wake up call for all the Heat fans that thought the Pacers are just a walk in the park ball club. Irritating when they insisted the Bulls were tougher. Ha ha!

  181. Daniel says:

    more than the lack of my understanding what cost him the match to Miami was whistled steps that D-Wade is clearly not any, and were bleeped when shooting battier

  182. Montana says:

    The Greatest Tragedy in Sports part 1 on YOUTUBE
    The same thing!!!

    More games, more money!!!

    Bad calls are more money!!!

    • gsw fan says:

      the miami vs ind game isnt on the same lvl as kings vs lakers cuz that game was clearly fixed with all calls favouring the lakers giving them a free ring, but last nights game had calls for both sides

  183. i thought in pick & roll basketball…the ballhandler is supposed to allow his screener’s feet to be set before attacking the screen…..if lebron is moving and not set….it does not matter….it will most likely be called a foul on him….the refs already had the trigger finger all night with the whistle….d. wade should have waited for the lebron to be set…i think blame should partially go to him as the ballhandler on that possession…would have been more of a debate if you ask me if lebron was stationary…..but when it comes to the rules….i don’t see a clear debate here….

  184. ariel says:

    what about the 24 sec shot clock that the ref called?

    whos bias now? hahaha

  185. gasp says:

    He placed the screen while stepping on Stephenson foot, it’s a foul.
    He moved the screen, it’s a foul.

  186. Ninja says:

    Big story was Hibbert down low. Can he keep doing that? If so we might have the worst finals ratings of all time.

    • Cooper says:

      Actually, recent polls on Sheridan hoops and Sports Nation show that the majority of Americans want the Pacers to win. 65%

      • Maura says:

        I like Lebron how he plays the game, overall versatility and athleticism, but cheap actions I hate them.
        Let us accept the fact that he extended his foot way too far until he step on LS left foot. Refs should do the call always for dirty act like this.
        Clean game should be practiced to preserve the game and let the best team win.

        How I see DWade play and that exit foul for James it makes me say ” GO PACERS GO”
        You are the better and deserving team to win.

      • Stradio says:

        Most of those people don’t want the Pacers to win, they just want the Heat to lose. Most of those people aren’t real fans of the game of basketball, otherwise they would be able to appreciate seeing the games best player on the big stage against the dynasty Spurs.

      • GG says:

        Us wanting to see to heat vs the spurs dont mean the refs shouldnt call the game. a foul is a foul, it dont matter who commits it or when

  187. Ricky says:

    There were too many bad calls that game, too many bad calls in this series for that matter. My favorite one was the shot clock violation call. How did they miss that? Here’s my idea. If players can get penalized and fined for contesting a bad call, then refs should get fined for making bad calls and maybe face a suspension after so many bad calls. Let’s be fair here, nobody goes to games to watch the referees, but since they impact the game so much, they should be punished or reevaluated after making bad calls that can cost a team a win. Officiating in this series is beyond horrible. There was a foul on LeBron for example where LeBron just breathed on David West and got called for the foul. Isn’t this supposed to be a mans sport?

  188. steppx says:

    its pretty rich the Heat complaining about foul calls. Yes it was a bad call but so were several against indiana (the expired shot clock for example…a MORE important call)…….so stop whining.

    • Game Time says:

      Having a star player foul out is less important than a shot clock violation….ok bud.

      • gsw fan says:

        watch the game then talk…that 24 second violation let miami score 4 quick points and lance had to go to the bench with his 5th foul

    • Joe says:

      Dude nothing is more imporatant than losing your best player dowm by 4 with a minute left

    • Ya Bad Call says:

      So your admitting that there were many calls blown last night? Then why would you come back and say stop whinning… Of course when the refs infuence the game the losing team will complain… The winning team should complain too… It takes away from the quality of the game… Ya the winning team is happy, but it’s a cheap win… Even as one sided of a fan as you appear to be could admit, that it would have been a sweeter vistory with lebron still out there and no contriversy over this and D Wade’s call… Could the Pacers have pulled it out without the help???? Who knows… We all got Robbed…..

  189. Ninja says:

    How about you write an article on the ridiculous call on the shot clock violation. This is a judgement call. How do three officials and the clock dude miss that? Of course it doesn’t matter since it didn’t have the impact it very well could have had on the game.

    • gsw fan says:

      it did have a huge impact because it caused a 4 point swing and stephenson had to go to the bench with his 5th foul

      • DJ3 says:

        he didn’t have to, thats just your coach making a decision. he couldve played if he was important, alot of key players do especially when you need them.

  190. Not a Heat hater says:

    I think it would not be such a close game it wasn’t for that missed call on the 24 second violation which started a clear shift of momentum for the heat. These are 2 excellent teams and any game could go either way, but the Pacers are just the better team this game and I think the refs bailed Miami a little too often with their calls. Which is the case in every Heat game.

    • Game Time says:

      How does a shot clock violation shift momentum? It doesn’t. Do you mean to tell me the Pacers were so messed up over a missed reset on the clock that Miami was able to come back? If so then then this team is also lucky to have won.

      • Pardon? says:

        It does, look what happened. Layup (easy one) gone for Indiana and two FT to Chalmers (who knocked the FT down all night, good for him) is a 4 point swing. But not only that the Heat then go on a run and tie the game at 83, a stretch where Reggie Miller on TNT makes it clear the missed call has affected the Pacers flow. So yes, it affects them. I would way the momentum shifted back in their favour after they tied it at 86 on a three point play by George.

        Entertaining game, GM 5 is the big one!

      • Cooper says:

        It was a four point swing. Lance picked up his 5th foul and had to come out of the game. Definitely shifted momentum.

      • DJ3 says:

        More like Game 7 is a big one! This can’t be over in game 6, IT HAS TO GO 7!!

  191. LOLakers says:

    The Pacemakers can only win with the refs handing them the game! If the Heat didn’t keep facing everyone 5 on 8 (3 refs) then they’d win every single game! I get it NBA, you want to make a series that should already be over interesting especially since the Fizzlies couldn’t keep up with the Sperms but just let them play! It’s all about the Finals anyway, the conference finals are just a formality. Besides, if the Heat get hot not even the refs can stop them and then you’ll look really stupid when you desperately give away bad fouls!

    • ECF says:

      you realize that there were bad calls for both teams right? At the end of the day you can’t blame refs for calls, that is part of the game and there are plenty of people on the heat that could have stepped up after he was fouled out, but they were outplayed….it happens.

    • Cooper says:

      Ridiculous. What about the three uncalled for technical in game 2. Paul George’s foul trouble. Lance Stephenson’s foul trouble. The missed shot clock violation that caused a four point swing. The missed out of bounds call that was clearly off of Ray Allen. Or even worse, Dwyane Wade not being suspended in Game 3. The Heat were out played. They are not untouchable.

    • gsw fan says:

      funny you are complaining because the heat always get the favourable calls and when they finally get some calls against them, 99.9% of thier bandwagon fans cry about it

      • DJ3 says:

        funny you are hating now, when the warriors get knocked out all of their fans start crying because they dont have a star

  192. Toly says:

    Lebron clearly stepped on his foot. not intentional but it is a foul.

    • Game Time says:

      It’s a very small foul. I mean in a tight game if those are the kinds of calls that will be made the sport is going to be ruined.

      • gsw fan says:

        so you expect the refs to swallow their whistle? i find the call reasonable, but at the same time i get what you are trying to say

  193. Good Call says:

    If this was the other way around and Stephenson had stepped on LeBron’s foot while George made a move to the rim no one would be complaining about the call. You can’t step on someone to prevent them from getting around a screen and you can’t stick your leg out on a screen. Period. There is absolutely no question in this call.

    • Joe says:

      Except you and the other pacer fans?

    • No Question? says:

      Odviously there is a question, or the announcers wouldn’t have questioned it, Lebron wouldn’t have, this web-site wouldn’t be, and you wouldn’t have posted about the QUESTIONABLE call. Of course it is questionable, the question is, was it the right call. Without doubt it was the wrong call… Anytime the refs take out a star off a team and favor the ending of a game over a “QUESTIONABLE” call is a terrible thing for all fans… All NBA fans lost something, even the Pacer Fans… What a Shame…

      • Good Call says:

        There was reasonable doubt in the moment. When the play happened in real time it was difficult to see whether LeBron committed the foul or not. When we zoom in and look in slow motion it is very obvious that a foul occurred. How can you say that a foul didn’t occur? It is impossible that it was not a moving screen if LeBron stepped on his foot. You can’t say that LeBron was in that space and stationary if he stepped on Stephenson’s foot. It is absolutely impossible.

        It was a small foul, but it was a foul, and fouls should be called. “He’s LeBron James” is not an excuse for not calling a foul. What you are telling me is that players should be able to get away with small fouls to keep the game close. That’s against the spirit of the game.

      • DJ3 says:

        So if I step on your foot, and stay still, I’m still moving? That doesn’t even make sense! If it was Kobe you would be arguing against it right now.

      • alo says:

        DJ3 You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. If you step on his foot, that means you got there later than he did. Regardless, if you step on someone when setting a screen and caused him to trip, it’s a foul.

    • TRU*NBAFAN says:

      Agree. Whether it was a ticky tack foul or not, or should these kind be called at the end of crucial games is another debate, but he did stick out his foot to disrupt the screen, so the call is legit.

    • nbafan2013 says:

      exactly….screen rules are feet planted shoulder width apart, with no swinging or moving other than to steady yourself. This was a foul, and people who cant see that are morons

  194. Owsik209 says:

    no foul! period!

  195. haha says:

    good call. he extended his left foot and tripped LS.

  196. KunJay says:

    I do not like to complain about refereeing but that was sad. I’m trying to figure out what has changed, because the Chicago series was just as physical if not more than this one, there were flagrant fouls everywhere, there were players ejected and the Heat was never in foul trouble. How is it that they’ve been in foul trouble all 4 games this series? Every time they even try to contest a shot it’s a foul. Last night wasn’t one sided there were mistakes both sides but Indiana has definitely gotten the best of the calls.

    • Chris says:

      The Pacers are a bigger team than Chicago. Although Chicago is more physical, Miami has to foul more against the Pacers because of the size advantage.

    • amitpal says:

      The pacer are more skilled than the bulls. Roy hibbert and david west r more skilled and tougher to guard than noah and boozer. Boozer backed u down a littke and settled for a fade away. David west backs u down and then uses his stregnth to his advantage and draws the foul. Physical doesnt always means both team will foul more. U have to be skilled to draw fouls abd thats what pacers bring. And dont givr me pacers fet more calls. Its even both ways and if it wasnt for that bad goal tending call miami wouldnt have been thetr in thr first place.

      • DJ3 says:

        Learn to spell before trying to talk basketball.

      • Adam says:

        One thing about Roy Hibbert, he seems to get away with a lot of 3 second violations on the defensive end, and because he has his hands straight up he gets away with a lot of fouls too, he doesn’t jump straight up, he jumps into the players so initiates contact a lot and gets away with 10+ fouls a game because of referee interpretation.

      • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

        West doesn’t back anyone down lol, did you even watch the game? West shot more shots from mid-range than in the paint. Also saying hibbert and west are tougher than noah and boozer is hilarious. Noah trumps both of them in toughness.

  197. Knicks Nation + the heat says:

    That foul was a joke. the officials favor indiana i swear.

    • The Hammer says:

      Don’t get excited about The Heat, they are not getting help from their role players. The Heat is handicap at moving the ball, sharing and lookig for the right shot in fact even when I don’t like Miami I would want them to face our Spurs right now becuase Indiana has a better game. Miami is just an elite team with stars and at times it has proven to be the wrong combination. Go Spurs!

      • Erlo says:

        You mean, the team that won it all last year? What are you talking about? This doesn’t even make sense.

      • me says:

        you mean the team that barely beat the celtics because the refs kept on making lots of bad calls? when LBJ by himself had almost as many free throws as the entire celtics team? LBJ is good at drawing fouls, but I watched that game, too many foul calls that weren’t actually fouls went his way. This particular game had bad calls that benefited both sides, but that last one is not a bad call.

    • huh? says:

      LOL! Thats a good one

      • Carlos says:

        No Miami is not handicap at moving the ball they are handicap at getting rebounds and don’t think that for a single second your spurs will beat the Heat because I don’t see the Spurs finishing first in the NBA or the Spurs having three all stars on there team. The Pacers aren’t better than the Heat either.

    • amitpal says:

      And how do you explain the goal tending call? If anything the miami heat get more calls than anyone else. Battier flops entire series and still draws foul by flopping. I must admit that lance stephens is starting to flop a lot to. Miami always gets more calls. Whethet that was a foul, it normally isnt called but it is a foul. If u watch in slow motion lebron slides his leg over and trips stephenson. Had u watch inside the nba u would have seen that. All of the guys agreed that was a foul. Cheap ticky tack foul but it was a foul.

    • Cooper says:

      So they favored them with the missed shot clock violation? Or when Dwyane Wade was permitted to play? Or when they continue to let Battier flop on every play. Paul George was in foul trouble on night.

      • Helder says:

        Yeah, miami allways gets more calls!! sure… really?? then why does the pacers have a good margin lead in attemped free throws then miami? you talk about paul george was in foul trouble, then what about wade or bosh who were also in foul trouble or even james getting for the second time in his CAREER fouled out?? I admit that was a bad call on that shot clock violation, and that last james foul could go either way, but the first fouls he gets are plain simple wrong. that technical for just giving a litle push to a guy who’s whapping on is hears!? ( stephenson ) and other ones for plays he almost doesn´t touch the opponent. The referees should stop calling on sissy plays. It’s playoff basketball, it’s supposed to be physical. The wade flagrante i keep telling it wasn’t intentional, he hits him with his elbow but he was trying to jump around him and not bumping. then what about that bad call, or should i say phantom call on wade for a 3 point play that made pacers tie in the final moments of game one. There were bad calls on both sides, but in general the pacers got a little more help. But i’m not saying that it’s on purpose. That’s just bad calls

      • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

        Did you not see all the flops by stephenson? Did you not see the whack to the head on d-wade by david west? Paul george was in foul trouble… and like bosh, d-wade or lebron weren’t? So many biased people writing these comments it’s ridiculous. With david west hitting d-wade in the head I guess he shouldn’t be allowed to play in game 5 huh cooper? I don’t see heat fans whining about west shouldn’t be playing. Stop contributing to the reputation of bad pacer fans cooper, your a joke.

    • Basketballman says:

      you should be the referee and heat will surely win..

    • gsw fan says:

      anyone can tell you are just some bandwagon that knows nothing about basketball…just look at your name. welp one of my 16 playoff teams are out of the playoffs time to hop on to another one

  198. dave says:

    I’m a Heat fan, but I have to admit the Pacers deserved the W.

    I think it was a bad call, but it didn’t matter, the Pacers were the better team last night.

    • Paul says:

      I am a Pacers fan and I agree with Dave. It was a bad call and the Pacers were the better team last night. Way to be a standup man Dave..

      • Cooper says:

        Not a bad call. Moved on the screen, feet were wider than shoulders, and he hipped Lance. Anyways, the bad shot clock violation caused a four point swing for Miami.

      • DJ3 says:

        No, it was a bad call. Anyone who knows basketball knows it was a bad call. Those types of calls rarely happen, and for it to happen late in an important game, its a bad call.

    • Erlo says:

      Yep. Pacers deserved the win. Biggest heat fan, and Lebron fan, but the Heat looked BAD last night. That being said … I don’t think they will play that bad again, and realistically the game was still a 4 point game before fouls/foul shots to bump the margin of vitory. Pacers should be scared. They played great and Miami played terrible. It should have been a blow out especially considering the start.

  199. Stern H8r says:

    I don’t like LeBron James….but that was that a great presser with good answers to questions about called fouls. Maybe he is growing up.

    • Gene says:

      I always wondered how or why people takes these things so serious. “I don’t like Lebron James…” It’s should be all about basketball, if you don’t like the way an individual plays so be it; but this I don’t like foolishness, is taking it out of the reams of “BALL.”

    • Gene says:

      Stern H8r-So you hate David Stern – what’s that all about?

    • JOSE says:

      Lbj its like jordan you couldn’t breath next to jordan or they call a foul on who ever. Lbj the same thing but when they call a foul on them o.m.g they want to die

  200. K says:

    Am I the only one seeing that James stepped on Stephenson foot qhile setting his screen? And then he says it’s not a foul…

    • ewinston65 says:

      Thank you!

    • Game Time says:

      He didn’t step on his foot, just next to it, but whatever.

      • agh says:

        naw it was straight on his foot.

      • cowboy says:

        look at the video again. i saw him step on that guys foot. there was more then one foul on that play too.

      • Carlos says:

        Lebron stepped next to Stevenson. Stevenson is the one that go tripped up over Lebron’s foot because Lebron was already set for the screen.

      • Kike says:

        OK, now they are going to say it’s a “photoshop”

      • I Told You says:

        Yep. I agree! Dude stepped all on Stephenson’s foot. Funny thing is…LBJ did the same thing in the 3rd Qtr and they gave Stephenson a foul?!? Seems like incidental contact to me. Oh well. A loss is a loss and a win is a win…You play to win the game and ‘No’ Refs, missed calls or made calls will EVER change that. On to the next one. Heat seem to be lucky not to be down 3-1 if it weren’t for the broken defensive stance in Game 1. On to the next on.

    • MG says:

      I am confuse, stepping in somebody’s foot still a foul??? Should we forgive it because after all He was proclaimed THE KING

    • alp says:

      did you also see the fact that wade denied the screen and stephen actually lost his balance before running into lebron? lebron stepped on his foot because lance stephenson was out of sorts.

  201. Jrich says:

    Makes up for that bs shot clock violation call where the pacers scored. 4 point swing

    • Pardon? says:

      Yes!! I’m surprised that this mistake isn’t getting talked about more. If the refs hadn’t butchered this call I don’t think Lebron being in the game would have mattered at all. There was an immediate 4 point swing (easy layup gone and Chalmers hits two FT) and then Miami went on the run that tied it at 83. The Pacers looked lost after that missed call, and were close to losing. You can’t say it was only because of the missed call but you can see the change in pace and flow because of that. At least there was a chance the Lebron foul was legit, (and to be honest I think it was a really tough call for Miami) but there was absolutely NO way the call against the Pacers was right!

      Heads in the game refs!

      • manny says:

        not only the call fouled out James but it eliminated a potential basket that could have tied the game.
        To make things worse wade was called for I don’t even know what was that all I know battler 3 point did not count.

      • Sunsman says:

        Good call…. stepping on a defenders foot when setting a screen is always going to a violation if there is contact between the screener & screenie. Maybe Stephenson was told that James was hedging in his screens and that he should look to draw an offensive foul and maybe we should give him some credit for making sure that contact occurred and that James got called for trying to get too much on the screen. Cause we all know that James sometimes gets there a little bit late and sets moving screens – this is the NBA and normally he won’t have to worry about getting called for it.

      • Another Heat Fan says:

        there were alot of bad calls that game, that false shot clock violation was the worst, but that james foul call was up there.

        The shot clock issue looks like it was either a hardware issue or some1 missed it and the refs arent used to catching something like that. To be honest i don’t know how they could have dealt with it. Count the basket? I don’t think that would have been fair because the violation horn blew. Maybe they should regain possession with a new 24, but it’s best if this doesn’t happen again (again, i’ve never seen a referee override the shotclock but i suppose if they did it wouldnt be a continuation it would be an in bound play)

        As for the run that followed, no it wasn’t a 4 point swing (i mean the call didn’t lead to a fast break) and why wouldnt the heat make the subsequent baskets anyway? It’s 2 points, not a 4 point swing and the run would’ve still been there.

        And as for Lebron fouling out like that, I shall only commend the referees for ruining what could have been a game for NBA history regardless of the winner. Maybe Lebron gets blocked? Maybe he makes it? Maybe paul george makes a steal? None of that matters because the game ended with a bad call and a yawn.

      • me says:

        it was a good foul call. Lebron moved into place after the pacers guy whatever his name is already started moving. And put his foot like 2 cm from the pacers guy’s foot. According to the rules:

        ” If the opponent is moving, you must get to your position and give him enough distance to stop and/or change direction. The speed of the player will determine the distance. You cannot just jump in front of a player at the last second.”

      • me says:

        on closer inspection of the video, his foot wasn’t 2 cm away. He actually stepped on the guy’s foot. That’s an even clearer foul.

    • ECF says:

      AGREED! Sure, lebron gets an article but because the pacers one people forget the shot clock violation call?

    • Cooper says:

      Exactly. That was a four point swing, plus Lance picked up his 5th foul. Paul George was in foul trouble all night. And the ball clearly did not go off of David West at the end of the game.

    • slider821 says:

      yeah that shot clock missed call was ridiculous. How do three referees miss that??

      If this season has told us anything, it’s that we need at least 1 more ref, ideally; 1 more on the floor and 1 working a video booth so replays don’t take so long and ref’s inability to do their job doesn’t affect the game as much.

    • dan'o says:

      Not to mention the botched possession call that went to the Heat (clearly Pacers ball from the replay we all saw.)

    • AL says:

      What about that flagrant foul on Wade?

    • NoWestbrookNoring says:

      Hope the PACERS win. It would be so amazing to see Lebron go down with his head hung low like a sellout should

    • alp says:

      make up calls are stupid and ruin the game, more so than missed calls. ok the shot clock thing was a bad call i agree, but then the makeup call on Lebron HANDED the pacers the game on a silver platter, especially considering lebron had just hit a clutch 3

      • Charles says:

        Makeup call….are you talking about Lebron’s 6th foul?? I just got done watching that video and anyone who doesn’t think that was a foul is either blind or incredibly biased. Lebron clearly tried to throw his hip into him but I don’t think that is why they called a foul, I think they called a foul because he was looking down then purposely stepped down on top of the defenders foot.

    • Floridian says:

      How about tons of fouls to Bosh no call. Even Kerr one of the Heat hater said those were 100% foul. No need to mention about West keep elbowing Chalmers annd hurting his shoulder w/o any call.

    • BballLover says: