Typical Miami Losing Streak? One And Then Done

INDIANAPOLIS – Before he knew it, the words had slipped out and Udonis Haslem wound up revealing the secret of the Miami Heat’s remarkable resiliency in responding to defeats.

Bad rest and bad nutrition.

Somehow that has translated into a team that has gone more than four months, and 60 games, without losing two in a row. And that matters right now because, unless the Indiana Pacers figure out a way over the next week to impose a losing streak on the Heat of at least that duration, the Pacers’ season will be over.
As Haslem tells it, the Heat players are so accustomed to winning that, when they don’t, it’s a complete shock to their systems.

“I can’t really speak for other teams, but for us it’s a sickening feeling,” the veteran Miami forward said after the team’s brief workout at Bankers Life Fieldhouse Monday. “We don’t sleep – and we talk about it the next day, how we didn’t sleep. For me personally, I go home and I don’t want to eat.

“It just brings a sick feeling to my stomach and a sense of desperation that we come back and play the next game with.”

See, it’s the magic elixir that cures losing streak: Bad rest and bad nutrition.

“Don’t tell Bill Foran [the Heat’s strength and conditioning coach] that,” Haslem said, with a laugh. “But yeah, it’s weird. We talk about it all the time: Very rarely do we eat or sleep the way we’re supposed to after we lose a game. Especially in the playoffs.”

It’s easy enough to see how Miami might have developed this adverse reaction to scoring fewer points than their opponent. Their 27-game game winning streak that stretched from the start of February to the end of March made losing even once a strange and rare experience for them. Two in a row? They haven’t deal with that since Jan. 10-12, at the start of a six-game trip spent mostly on the West Coast.

Since then, including their 10-2 run so far in the postseason, they are 53-7, an .833 winning percentage. Over a full 82-game schedule, playing at that clip would get the Heat to 72-10, which would match the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls’ all-time mark.

Asked about Miami’s bounce-back-ability, guard Dwyane Wade sounded a little like some coaches, who live for the “teaching moments” that losing can generate. It’s difficult to get a good team’s full attention when the bottom line looks fine, even when it’s really not.

“When you win, a lot of things are masked,” Wade said. “You don’t really look at everything once you win. But once you lose, you get to break down everything. Our attention to detail coming off a loss is a lot better. We’re a mature team and once the coaches put the game plan in front of us, once they point out the mistakes … we take it for what it is, we try to correct it.”

That explained Miami’s shift from Games 1 and 2 in these East finals when Indiana outplayed them in south Florida to their breakout attack in Game 3. As the series shifted to the Pacers’ building, Miami seized the momentum and the math by scoring 70 points in the first half on 62.8-percent shooting. The attention to detail paid immediate dividends.

“We wish we can not come off losses, but it happens,” LeBron James said, at the risk of sounding a little greedy. “We love the fact that, you know, they took the home court away from us and now ‘Let’s see what we are made of.’ This is a great group of guys that’s always loved, I think, the pressure moments of being 1-1; a team taking our home court away and we have to go on the road to win.”

Considering that it can kill their appetites and steal their sleep, it’s more than just taking offense at another team’s success. The sense of something special slipping away – a shot at winning consecutive NBA championships in thise case – becomes tangible, creating the worry that turns into motivation.

“We have a goal,” Haslem said. “We have a dream we’re trying to reach. When somebody is close to taking that away from us, it places a fear in our gut. Then we come out and lay it on the line.”

As for that threat of losing two in a row as this postseason continues, Haslem found the sports cliché that actually applies in this case. “We’ll take it one game at a time,” he said.


  1. Ilovewade&mourning says:

    Why can’t a good team just be confident not arrogant?

  2. Ilovewade&mourning says:

    Why can’t a good team just be confident?

  3. ac says:

    I am so sick of this team’s arrogance. Lebron James could fart in a Banana Republic and somehow it would make headlines.

  4. Got em’ worried.. 2-1 feels better than 1-1.. They Are goin to take A 3-1 series 2nite..It’s goin be very tough and physical but the Champs got this one 2..! F#@K THE PACERS 2NITE..!

  5. Big Al says:

    I really hope that the Heat can win the next two games so that they won’t wear themselves too much. The Spurs were gifted a sweep and no way in the world should Miami allow them to grab a fifth crown. The explosive Parker of late may be their life support, but LeBron should have a much bigger impact in the end. Heat, please repeat the feat.

  6. scooter says:

    They win by flopping. They went a stretch in that 4th quarter where they got about 4 straight calls on Indy by flopping. Just those flops alone are a potential 16 point swing. The Heat couldn’t even win with that kind of cheating. And, I think its interesting the Heat players are advocating for flopping. To me, its an indication that they know it gives them an advantage. And it does. The play they didn’t call was the Wade flop out of bounds–as noted in this article. But prior to that play, I think the Heat were on a flopping tear doing it on both ends of the court and getting about 4 calls in a row go their way. If those are each 4 point swings, its a potential 16 point swing in favor of Miami without counting the possibility of threes. Basically, no team can win if their opponent is getting those kind of calls in their favor–and that includes Miami.

    “It happens,” Wade said. “We would have no NBA possibly if they got rid of all the flopping.”


    “Any way you can get an advantage over the opponent to help your team win, so be it.”

    http://espn.go.com/nba/playoffs/2013/st … e-flopping

    Flopping is the basis for Miami’s post defense. Its the reason they can play small. That’s why the Heat players are all for it and the rest of the league thinks it’s garbage. They did it in the Chicago series against Boozer and it took him out of three of the five games because he couldn’t establish himself in the post against Battier without getting called for a foul. Battier basically took Boozer out of 3 of the five games by flopping. Bosh is even doing it now–although with less success. Their strategy is front the post and on any contact just fall down. They have an entire team of floppers with Battier, Wade, Lebron all leading the way. That’s why they’re ok with it and no one else agrees.

    Also, Lebron is lying. He flops at least once or twice a game–minimum. Its on tape, Lebron.

  7. Grid says:

    Judging from the comments here. the moderator is deleting all the anti-Heat posts and posting all the pro-Heat posts. Probably taking command from the boss and they all want to let the Heat win to boost profit. It’s all fixed!

  8. Adam says:

    The Heat will get crushed by the Pacers, the more younger and determined team. Queen James is just overrated, getting all the media hype, especially from Sekou Smith. Remember, the so-called “decision”? he switched teams to play with other superstars to win a ring, not impressive at all. Except in the eyes of the uninitiated, like Sekou. The truth is, without Wade and Bosh and a lot of superstars, he is just a bum and will never be great. How many superstars did and does Queen James need to win a ring? Not one, not two, not three, but a lot!

  9. resty says:

    My dearest Heat fans, let’s join Beverly in her prayers. Sure They will make to the finals , just pray and see!

  10. Beverly says:

    My Dearest Heat,
    Please know that there are fans out here like me who you may never actually meet who are “praying”
    for you and your families in these situations. And believe me, “YOU WILL MAKE IT THROUGH THOSE

  11. Alphacuz says:

    Though the Pacers played well in games 1 and 2, i think the Heat will advance to the finals in 5-6 games. I wouldnt get to carried away Heat fans as the Spurs are no easy beats, Tony Parker is playing mvp type ball and Heat have trouble guarding small guards (Barea in 2011 finals) Leonard will have a hard time guarding Lebron, Duncans got a better low post game compared to Bosh. If the Spurs want to win they got to slow the game down or the Heat will kill them.

  12. hecklerandkoch says:

    Beat the Pacers first then we talk later : Spurs

  13. jack23 says:

    on the other topic, BLUE COLLAR GOLD SWAGGER, almost everyone was there sayin, BUILT NOT BOUGHT! good to built no problem with that, but lets face it, its been happening on the Lakers and Celtics did this, twice now for the Lakers, i mean is respect people, excuses are welcome but not to the extent that it can ruin the league, some HATERS are saying, because of the refs, Stern, now they are turning into like BUILT not BOUGHT thing,..i respect that, but hey respect others too!!

    • Game Time says:

      “Built not bought” it’s a pretentious saying. All teams are built, but some quicker than others with trades. David West wasn’t originally a Pacer, neither was George Hill and those two are probably the 3rd and 3th most important guys on the team. So basically Pacers have bought talent as well, just not of the Lebron James caliber.

  14. Statistics at this level are not the x factor now because high level teams are playing now it makes the game more no-visible further winnings. Just my opinion.

    The bad sleep and nutrition is essential. You don´t get nothing positive thinking about what you didn´t or you did but rather taking actions like practice and good sleep can make Heat´s game to the right move. I repeat it: ESSENTIAL good meal and sleep.

    Now Spurs are into the Finals and Miami need next win to can achieve the good rest.

    I think Indiana and Spurs have the pressure right now and they will be the beautiful ones who will have bad rest and bad nutrition. Period.

    Let´s go Heat!

  15. pepe says:

    Simpler: No way Indi beats Miami 3 out of 4…No Way…that’s …only in a dream….No realistic

  16. warlord says:

    lets go heat…..it will be the heat to challenge the spurs in the final..this will be a good match-up

  17. EyronFigures says:

    LeBron James is absolutely amazing.. He knows were his limitation is.. and that game 3 is a huge win for them.. game 4 will be a tough series for sure, and i hope heat will get it again to climb the series to 3-1 and be back home and finish the series.. only God knows who will be the champion this year.. but for know, everybody are enjoying what’s lebron doing.. A great player and an all around player.. Let’s Go HEAT!

  18. kevin nicholls INDIANAPOLIS says:

    So many people were jumpin on the pacers bandwagon here in indy, and me iam not a pacer i think miami will win it all there the best team and have the best player i,ve been saying that all year long, i heard so much talk about the pacers are ready and not scared of the heat well after game one i heared nothing then the pacers win game two and now there saying its over were dominating the heat and were coming home to play, well i sat back and said to them get your shine on because as well as you think your pacers are playing its still one , one series and then after the game last night i heard nothing today they were running from me at work, see the pacers and colts always look really good but then they fall apart and never get it done thats what i try to tell people but they don’t listen.

  19. miniminer says:

    Heat in 5!

  20. Willy says:

    Watch Lebrons post game interview when he talks about the two steals, or his two turnovers late in the game. He is basically saying, that is not going to happen again. Anyway, he is the only player in the league who can talk like that and control a game like he does. Larry Bird was the last one that I can remember? He is the King MVP and yes he makes his mistakes, but not in game 3. I pity Memphis if they come back and win, they have absolutely nobody to guard him. San Anton will have a hard time as well.

  21. pedro says:

    most of the people in this group has been to the finals twice together. so they already know what to expect & how to overcome adversities. it’s a matter of keeping your focus & understanding what they need to do to get better still

  22. theholyspectator says:

    dont feel anyone is under estimating anyone here @realist2013 .. lets look at the facts shall we?…based on the article miami is a team that after a loss gets reset and comes out with laser like focus and wins games..they did it against the bulls who many thought woulda went 6 games…when you talk about championship teams, i feel the type of game miami had last night is something that a championship team does…they zoned in and stuck with their game plan all the way thru..games 1 and 2 felt like indy type basketball, slowed down, grind out beat em up inside games..when indy lost game 1 they felt their wasnt much need of adjustments, they lost by a point..miami won that game so their wasnt too many adjustments needed, but when miami lost game 2 they realized ok clearly we arent playin our style and just playin their style tryin to win the game..so that plus many other adjustments (attacking the paint, zonin in on free throw shooting, speeding the game up, etc) miami went ahead and implemented those things and thus made the game into miami heat basektball for game 3, thats why they won so badly..this is what championship teams do…now for game 4, if indy can win that game then we know ok indy does have what it takes to be a champion..sayin oh they made it to the ECF, they stole a game from MIAMI, doesnt really cut it…its great they made it this far and won a game but i was under the impression indy wants to win a title just like everyone else who is left in the playoffs? so ya indy needs to win game 4 to not only be in the series but put pressure on miaimi…so far in this post season and since i believe February of this year i dont believe miami lost more than twice in a row..i could be wrong…but we are talkin about post season here, a veteran championship team like miami is not just gonna let one go out their hands, only way they lose is if miami literally gets outplayed and gets beat by indy fair and square…to be a great championship team you either beat teams by playin their style and winnin or enforcing your style of play and takin away their style…miami did that in game 1 by playin indy style and won game 3 by playin miami heat basketball…miami 4-1

  23. Realist2013 says:

    Wow talk about star struck. The pacers are one of the top teams in the league and getting better as they go. One blow out game and you think they are the bobcats. Im not a pacer fan but evenI know not to under estimate an opponent.

  24. Kimmy says:

    Yep. It’s time to wrap this up. Although I would at least like to see Indiana win one more game-at home. Just for ego’s sake. The Heat are too arrogant for me. Let the Heat win at home, that’ss exciting for them. But I’m still not a fan. I miss OKC.

  25. W/E says:

    The pacers are done, they did great they managed to get a win in the series but its time to get real, Heat will win the next 2, 4-1

  26. ashrafh says:

    Haha, these guys are funny…”we can’t sleep…” Whatever works, though. Although I should wait to see if they win the title, this is probably one of the great teams in history.

  27. Point_Taken says:

    Ok, point taken. Now lets play Miami Heat Ball… let your foes know what you are made of. Another win tomorrow and then close things up at home. Sounds like a Plan.