LeBron Takes Pacers To Low-Post Woodshed


INDIANAPOLIS – What the Indiana Pacers endured Sunday night against LeBron James and the Miami Heat — what a global audience saw in all its gory, err, glory in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals at Bankers Life Fieldhouse — ought to have the rest of the NBA feeling afraid. Very afraid.

James in the low post is simply unfair.

This isn’t James, mind you, with a fully developed post game. No one would accuse him yet of boasting a complete arsenal of moves, be they Kevin McHale‘s up-and-under slipperiness, Hakeem Olajuwon‘s footwork and Adrian Dantley‘s rump routines. This is James all raw and athletic; pounding his dribble and bulling his way back; back on the low block until he can just about flick the basketball over his shoulder and over his discouraged defender, who in this case happened to be Indiana’s best player, Paul George.

The man’s torture chamber still is under construction and it’s already more hideous for those who dare to enter than most in the league. Sure, Pacers power forward David West is more polished and experienced at the brutish game down low, but the sense that this is simply wrinkle No. 439 in James’ growing mastery of the game could prove a lot more demoralizing — to Indiana short-term, and to everyone else over time.

LeBron James' shot chart in Game 3

LeBron James’ shot chart in Game 3

“It was something we wanted to get to, to just help settle us and get into a more aggressive attack,” Miami coach Erik Spoelstra said of the tactic. “We wanted to be a little aggressive, a little more committed to getting into the paint and seeing what would happen.”

Mayhem happened, basically. Not anything frenzied or chaotic, but steady and lethal — like logs fed to a buzz saw. Resistance was futile, the results grim.

“I made a conscious effort to sit down in the post tonight, try to put pressure on the defense,” James said, his 22-point, four-rebound, three-assist game more monstrous than monster. “Spo and the coaching staff wanted me to be down there and my teammates allowed me to do that.”

It didn’t happen immediately. James spent the first half of the first quarter – the first eighth of the game – in his familiar perimeter-oriented, pick-his-spots, get-his-teammates-off gear. But, at 20-19 Heat midway through the period, James backed George down, then spun to bank in a shot from five feet. He went down there again a few possessions later, missing from six feet. And then twice more in the first few minutes of the second quarter for a short hook shot and a layup. George, giving up at least 50 pounds to the brawnier James, stoically tried to hold his ground and pester James’ rhythm and shots, mostly failing.

He had managed to keep the matchup above water through the two games in Miami because their duel there played out in the open floor. But, taken inside, he seemed younger and smaller and shoved back a ways on his budding-star learning curve. George was working so hard defensively, too, that much of his offense went missing (3-for-10 for 13 points, although with eight assists).

“I mean, I saw I had a 1-on-1 matchup,” James said. “They didn’t come down in the post all game [to help], so I just tried to take advantage of it. My teammates gave me space. … Tried to anchor myself down on the block and go to work.”

The fruit of his labor was remarkable. By halftime, James had 18 points and the Heat had 70, the most it had scored in a half so far in the postseason and the most given up by the Pacers. Miami was shooting 62.8 percent, had turned over the ball once and led by 14 points.

Heat veteran Udonis Haslem had 13 points in the half on his way to 17, his biggest offensive night in the playoffs since Game 6 of the 2006 Finals. Haslem was in a groove, both inside and particularly from the left side, hitting eight of his nine shots as reliably as a two-thirds Ray Allen or something.

But really, it could have been anyone. Eventually, it was a little of everyone. The Heat drifted away from James in the post but didn’t miss it, because Allen and Shane Battier hit 3-pointers to oil their hinges a little for what’s left of this series and postseason. Also in the second half, Mario Chalmers and Dwyane Wade played like their aching shoulder and knee, respectively, were distant memories.

For a defending champion that allegedly was so vulnerable as the series shifted to Indianapolis, outplayed in Games 1 and 2 and home-court advantage gone, Miami looked pretty invincible and inevitable again. And left the Pacers grasping for LeBron-in-the-post answers by the time the teams meet again in Game 4 Tuesday night.

“We just have to push him out further,” said George, who’s going to need help from bigs and diggers because he can’t handle this challenge alone. “We understand that’s where he can operate and get easy baskets. I just have to do a better job of battling him down there.”

Center Roy Hibbert tried to shoulder a lot of blame for Indiana’s struggles defensively, noble but not quite accurate. “We have to do a better job of helping Paul out,” he said. “LeBron can’t get five or six dribbles to get a post move. They really spread us out, so I wasn’t able to get down there as much.”

Hibbert wasn’t but James was, generating fright footage that should have both the Pacers and the rest of the league flinching.


  1. james says:

    Grid said Lebron does not have an impressive career if he did not team up with other stars. Haha! Wonder how he defines impressive.

    Before Miami, 2 MVP awards, 1 trip to the Finals, 2 trips to the Eastern Conference Finals, winning one of them.

    No season with a Missed playoff run.

    I think that’s already quite impressive with or without the Miami switch.

    How many MVP awards does Garnett, Kobe, Barkley, David Robinson, Karl Malone have anyway? Lebron already had one more MVP trophy than any of them even before he went to Miami. Did any of these 5 players have/had an impressive career for you Grid?

    • Grid says:

      But did he win a ring with Cleveland? Will he able to win a ring without Bosh, Wade and a countless of already known good players? The things is, he took a short cut because he could not do it in Cleveland, despite the supporting cast he had. Come to think of it, contrary to what fans of the Queen claim, he did have enough supporting cast in Cleveland, they would not reach the Finals if he did not have the support. But the thing is, your Queen needs not only support but superstar support. He needs better teammates called superstars for him to win a ring. He just wasn’t good enough to make his old teammates better that what he needed was support from other superstars. How many superstars does Queen James need to win a ring? Not one, not two, not three, but more!

  2. james says:

    Its been 3 years and people are still hating the Heat because they are a “manufactured” team. The celtics that won the 2008 Finals is a developed team as well. They were not manufactured. They knew all along that Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen would play with them. but are just under DEVELOPMENT STAGE when they were franchise players for The Timberwolves and the Sonics, respectively.

  3. reality says:

    Can the pacers beat the heat if the refs were not there. NOOOOOO so please shut up and enjoy the heat great players. If you guys would rather watch Indiana over the heat you are a liar.!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not even a heat fan and I love to watch the greatness off their team. Stop being a B**** and realize that if you had a team and a chance to buy players you would to. Simple.

  4. TheDon says:

    lmaooo all yall need to get off the Heat’s nuts!!!!!! Yall just mad cuz yall team is not playing anymore!!!! hahahahahaha

  5. landy says:

    Yall talking nonsense lol teams bulit not bought shut up indiana isnt ready for the heat Lebron too RAW only thing indiana got is big men nd that ain’t enough to stop the king nd Dwade nd Bosh miami will continue to go to the finals ND WIN THE FINALS

  6. Adam says:

    you deleted my post? You’re a one-sided moderator. I bet you love Queen James and the Heat and wished you’re his Queen

  7. Grid says:

    Heat got all the calls. Well, come to think of ti, do you think Stern would let the Pacers get into the Finals? not much money in there. Of course, you would let Queen James and the Hate, I mean, Heat in there to match against the Spurs. The Queen is just overrated, too much hype from the media, especially from Sekou Smith. Took a short cut by switching teams to play with other superstars to win a ring. That is not an impressive career. He will never be a bona fide superstar, but he can be a famous athlete. To the Pacers, if you ca beat the Heat, that would be a delight and will get you in one of the elit teams in the NBA.

  8. Destiny says:

    Get out of here all of a sudden lebron and the heats paid for their championship. When they went to the finals in 2011 and lost to the mavs why the didn’t pay that time. Lakers have one of the biggest franchise in nba history, how come they did not pay to get swept by spurs this year. All of ya Indy fans are funny and just don’t got no respect for the game. Knicks are a bigger franchise than Indy, but there is no complaint when ya beat them. Any team in the nba could easily buy a championship with the type of money they receive.

  9. kinggotti says:

    Iam sick n tired of these haters saying that pacers n spur r team build , it aint our fualt pat riley had a plan for the miami heat , it aint our fault james didecide to go to Miami , and also bosh , Pat Riley had a plan so he did it , now all these hater hating cuz we winning championships and there teams are sorry as hell . Indiana have no chance in beating the Heat nor does the spurs. This is going to be lebrons payback for 2007 finals when he was in cleveland and got swept. #HeatNation.

  10. BullSheat says:

    it’s plausible ref can control by NBA but they can’t tell Pacers nor Miami to miss the shot so the best team win. and Miami have the edge to win the series…

  11. TheseThreadsAreComedy says:

    Attention: Due to all the negativity Labron has decided to leave Miami and start all over in a new city. He will come to the team whose fans welcome him the most………..fast forward………. WOW! look at all these Labron lovers all of a sudden. Pro sports is no longer a draft and build industry. The big three could have chosen to play anywhere but picked Miami because Pay Riley made it happen by creating cap space and whatever else a GM needs to do. True Miami is a young basketball town (25 years) but again as GM Pat Riley has done his job and attracted fans. Miami is a unique town with plenty to do… as with all our sports teams we love them but don’t expect us to show up unless you produce a winning product.

    The rest of the country is envious of the HEAT. Enough with all the conspiracy theories and accept the fact that Miami has executed better than the other teams to earn there place.

  12. Umi says:

    everyone talking about dwyane’s elbow, but not west’s elbow to chalmer’s shoulder. ok.

  13. ABN says:

    heat will win

  14. Wolf says:

    The free throw numbers should be showing you that the Pacers are playing a slightly more physical paint offense, not that they’ve somehow won over the referees. The differences in the first two games were only 7 and 6 attempts respectively…that’s a 3-7 field goal attempt difference, not nearly enough to cry havoc on the part of the refs. What you’re likely seeing in the large gap (16 f/t attempts) in game 3 could be signs of desperation by the Pacers (wantonly attacking the basket with the intention of drawing fouls rather than actually scoring), or for the conspiracy theorists, remember that closer games draw higher television ratings and more money, so don’t be surprised to see literally any team get a boost in a highly publicized game in an attempt to close the gap and make things ‘interesting’. As for the technical fouls, who cares, 1 point, everybody freak out. The placement of the tech and/or tech related ejections should be scrutinized, not just ‘I don’t think player x did anything to deserve that’. If the tech legitimately affected the flow of the game or seemed unnecessary and got a player ejected (thereby altering the outcome of the game) then the tampering case could be argued.

    The Heat will likely win this series because LeBron simply will not allow the team to lose, he is too focused and too much of a threat. As long as one or two starters are shooting well and a bench player can be vaguely threatening the Pacers’ defense will be spread too thin to make a serious impact. Obviously the attempt to play tough and tight D had the Pacers unable to make offensive contributions in any capacity to the Heat’s output.

    They will also win because the League will not allow them to lose, hence the Wade incident (obviously David West’s likely retaliatory chop on Chalmers merited punishment but I personally loathe that little idiot so I’m morbidly glad that he got away with it) where the league issues a retroactive flagrant as though that has anything but token meaning at all. However the possibility of his absence means nothing, LeBron could have easily had a high scoring game behind the great shooting from the rest of the team and they still would’ve won, though not as brutally.

    Lastly, shouldn’t the flopping ‘problem’ reflect poor officiating by the referees, not some kind of childish style from the players? Fining them 5k is so stupid, that’s a drop in the hat for starters, why would they care at all. It’s a way for the League to act like they’re solving a problem without actually acknowledging the relatively poor officiating that has plagued it for the past decade or so. Granted officiating such a fast paced game under scrutiny is very difficult, but unless the refs begin to differentiate between fouls, ‘selling’ fouls, and outright flops none of it will stop. It’s just a part of the game anyway, players on all teams do it on occasion. If they get away with it, so be it, if someone is at fault it is the referee who decided to call the flop a foul, but it’s not really cheating, just being opportunistic or exploiting a loophole in a sense.

    Deal with it.

  15. Mladen says:

    LBJ deserves a better teammate than Wade. Wade is a dirty player heavily protected by NBA. Stephenson felt it best. Rondo and Rip Hamilton before him, One of the fans this year was thrown out of the arena because of his “majesty” request.

    If any other player than Wade did what he did to Sephenson it would be a flagrant foul and consideration for suspension. LBJ also didn’t get a technical when he pushed Pacers player after a foul.

    Heat cannot beat Pacers without refs help. The only truth and nothing but the truth.

  16. jack23 says:

    TRENDING EXCUSES FROM PACERS:…BUILT NOT BOUGHT!! lol when Lakers took Gasol for Shaq, D12 again, did all of these bandwagon HATERS react?..did you??!! NO!! because you only hate HEAT, you are just jealous and backfire on all your thoughts and negative comments when the big 3 emerges, and until now you can not move on to another life,..everything you blame from Refs to Stern, now this, BUILT???? not BOUGHT???…c’mon you built this wannabe superstar of George?..no problem with that, but lets give a damn time for the HEAT also, …RESPECT people!!

  17. Go Heat! says:

    Woo! Go Miami Heat! Plow your way to the finals! I don’t care if people call me a bandwagonner or what. I don’t really care. We all have our own opinions and mine is that Heat should go to the finals. So what if I like a team with three great players? Then I’m a proud Bandwagonner or whatever! Go MIAMI HEAT!

  18. RamonBraganza says:

    I am an NBA fan. Heat deserves to win because they played well. Pacers should play better next game. LBJ is just being a player who wants to be good at everything. He didn’t wake up with that physique, basketball skills or mental toughness. He has those because he worked for it. If other players will work as hard, then probably they can have those things as well. But now, LBJ has it and he is in a team with good back up. We know that if he drives or post, he can kick it out to shooters or drivers, Pacers should think about it more and have a better defensive strategy on that. If they want to win against Heat, they need to give more.

  19. NabsSTFU says:

    Pacers bandwagoners need to stop whining immediately.

    Game 3 made it clear that the Heat have another gear they could reach. In first two games, the Pacers deserved the credits for playing a great basketball but you can’t deny what the Heat are capable night in and night out.

    Give the better team credits. Stop whining. I ain’t even a Heat fan but the Bulls fan but I don’t mindlessly hate on the Heat unlike Pacers bandwagoners.

  20. jack says:

    Enough for all criers. Heat is the best team and will demonstrate tomorrow. Is there any better player than LJ in the world? Yesterday he show he is. Playing in the low post? That flexibility makes him the very best in the world.

  21. huh says:

    Those hatin on heat as if they don’t deserve to win must have forgot why they came together. Wade was a top player in league even having top finals performances in 06 finals. He carried team for years. Lebron had multiple league mvp awards and carried cavs to playoffs for years and league best record without much of a supporting cast. Bosh is a top big man and carried raptors in playoffs but due to big3 of pierce, allen, and garnett on a deep celtics team didn’t have much chance of championship alone so they got together to be better and they are on road to achieving what they envisioned. Hate if you want but I respect that and enjoy the show they put on every night

  22. Eric says:


  23. Wow says:

    so many heat haters cant accept the fact that the heat is a great team and lbj is the greatest player in this generation.
    they always have excuses when the heat won; because of refs , flops, fouls, free throw etc. – check the stats firsts heat haters.

  24. NBAFANAN says:

    Haters usually have two types, reasonable ones and ‘pure haters’ with no clue why they really hate.
    The second type basically=’stupiders’. Please dont be the second one and think first before comment.
    Also, please open your minds and dont be minded.

  25. Mistercalvo says:

    I laugh at all of u haters, Lebron is getting his second ring this year and no Pacers or Spurs gonna stop him.

  26. Vdst says:

    “Haslem was in a groove, both inside and particularly from the left side, hitting eight of his nine shots as reliably as a two-thirds Ray Allen or something.”
    Ouch, the reading / mathematical part of my brain !

    Also the fact that the article is about Lebron and not more about coaching is obvious pandering to the crowd favorite. 5 starters all within 8 points of each other in double digits. That is coaching! Keeping Hibbert out of the lower paint on the defensive end, presumably by moving Bosh to high post / baseline, also a coaching move.

    At least he broke that elephant sized pun ‘ brawnier ‘ into the writing.

  27. Sean says:

    Game 1 was lost by Vogal by not having hibbert in on final play. Game 2 was won by Pacers. Game 3 was a blow out by heat……how is this rigged for Heat to win??..should be 2-1 Pacers if wasnt for bad coaching……Upset Pacer fans making excuses for their team…i get it…you guys have a great team but you have no bench players…. Heat are just a better team….face it….oh and you can thank Lebron for making Paul George most improved player bc that who he works out with in the offseason…fact..

  28. Heat Fan says:

    whats funny is that the heat are spanking the pacers without making 3 pointers. Paul George and that squad are good but not great enough to top the heat in a 5-6 game series. Lets BE REAL. GO HEAT

  29. yankuba saidykhan says:

    home or away court advantages heat has them all

  30. Patrick says:

    There was a ton of flopping on miamis end last night, it kinda made it hard to watch. This is coming from a fan of the nba not a team in particular.

  31. Josh says:

    Like it or not…Heat will be in the finals again

  32. JamesRigs says:

    Real fans don’t trash talk the opposing team. They cheer on their team and think constructively how their team can improve, and hope to see those improvements. Both teams are great. I think Pacers has an advantage in skill and chemistry, however the Heat are champions and have the heart of champions. Go heat go!

  33. Willis Reed says:

    Fans of the 29 out of the 30 teams of the league always talk about the outcome of games being predetermined So the Heat can win. So what’s stopping the league from fixing all the games so when the Pacers won game 2 that was fixed too because most people want to see a competitive series. How about the Pacers win over the Knicks in round 2 the calls were not exactly even . I have watched all the teams this season in multiple games and I have learned something. That the NBA doesn’t care who wins or loses . Every team in the NBA has people that flop, get calls they don’t deserve and have won games because of bad/uneven officiating . Then People are complaining because Dwayne Wade didn’t get suspended . Well earlier in the season Wade got suspended after a groin hit on Ramon Sessions. Serge Ibaka had a even more outrageous groin hit on Blake Griffin and did not get suspended or fined even though it was a flagrant foul in game. Dwade’s play was retroactively called after the game was played.

    I don’t understand how people in one sentence can say the Heat are so talented . Then in the next sentence say oh David Stern is fixing games . For whom is he fixing these games for is he fixing the games so the Pacers will have a better chance of winning because they have gotten a few questionable thru out the series. Remember Dwade fouled out of Game 1 and Lebron had 5 fouls a guy who never gets called for fouls. In game 3 Chris Bosh had a great start until guess what happened he ended in foul trouble.

  34. Lk20z3 says:

    Jajajajajaja heat haters keep it up we still are going to win so dont waste ur time…

  35. Mitra says:

    Miami won last night because of the following reasons:

    1. Improved free-throws and shot percentage.

    2. LBJ’s performance in the low post

    3. Other Heat players rose up to the occasion and scored points

    4. Indiana’s sloppy performance (perhaps, they looked like a bit clueless).

    I emphasized in my last blog that points 1 and 3 are extremely vital for Heat’s success. But Paces are enormously talented side; so they would make adjustments in game 4. It would then be interesting to see how Heat responds and sustains their superior performance in game 3 carrying it over to game 4 (other Heat players besides LBJ must perform well again).

    I am a Heat supporter but I have strong respect for Pacers as well.

    I think Game 5 will be decider for the series.


  36. fvfv says:

    Pacers are 6-1 at home. Pretty good record. OOPS! I almost forgot they are 2-5 away.
    Does not require a brain surgeon to to figure out what the pacers chances are away. Good Luck.


  37. Chris says:

    I love how everyone is claiming the pacers should win because they didn’t “BUY’ their team. You do realize that this is a business and you can’t make money without spending it right? So teams that trade for players are lesser then teams that got LUCKY and were able to draft and keep good talent. So i guess the pacers are tainted to because they traded for david west and George Hill. Memphis to because they traded for Marc Gasol And Z-bo. All the lakers championships over the past what 15 years should have a asterisk as well because i dont recall them drafting pau gasol, shaq, HELL they didn’t draft Kobe. Its absolute nonsense you people are talking, your mad at 1 business within 30 businesses that spends money to be successful. The Pacers are a hell of a team and they are to respected but there is more then one way to build an contender. As a basketball fan i just appreciate the match up. Its the hollywood superstar athletes that get alot of attention because of their star power and the blue collar team that isn’t a flashy but do all the little things to make sure their team comes out on top. I’m not a heat fan but I’m not gonna attack them for making trades and creating a team the way they know how. People need to realize that teams like OKC and Indiana aren’t the rule they are the exception. You need a lot of luck to get the right guys, the right coaching staff, pay them all and then just hope they stay and grow together. The bobcats and the kings have been trying to build a team from the ground up and how has that worked for them….???????? My point exactly. The NBA needs teams like Miami and the Lakers the same way MLB needs the Yankees and the NFL needs the patriots and the cowboys we need those teams that rub most people the wrong way it makes us cheer harder when our team plays them, it makes our athletes work harder to beat those guys. The heat are not a lesser team for having superstars take less money, less shots and less individual acknowledgement to win. If you don’t like them so be it but at least make sure the reason is valid.

  38. Lochie says:

    Everyone just sit back and enjoy one of the greatest players to ever play. You all criticize now but when it is said and done he will have earnt his respect. He is in his peak now so stop hating and just admire pure talent.

  39. Heat Floppers!!!??? says:

    They don’t get fined (so where’s the flop?) and they’ll be back-to-back champions – what more can you ask for?

  40. canadiantrip says:

    ALIBI = Loser’s Best Friend

  41. Nbalover777 says:

    Every game it seems like there is something new pacers fans have to complain about. Yes wade should have been fined or suspended but do you not realize that usually when wade is not playing we play better as a team. People think that it’s easy to play with your friends especially when they have the same talent but look what happened to us in the finals against Dallas, we were humbled and realized it needed to be about the team and not talent alone. Secondly all I remember is everyone calling the heat soft against more aggressive teams like Chicago and Indiana, but it’s funny how when the heat actually fight back everyone has something to complain about. It’s just like a bully once you show you not scared and punch back you actually see that they the soft ones. Respect to the pacers for what they have accomplished in the season and how they fight but they are so boring to watch. What a horrible finals that would be pacers and spurs. And if you think the refs are on the heat side check the free throw stats for each game! We have to foul down low you guys are to big make them earn it at the line. Great series between both teams though but I Love my Heat since the Tim hard away, pj brown, Dan majerle, Jamal mashburn, Zo days! Lets go Heat




    People say this and say that about Miami but lets get serious they are not the only team that was built from money smh lol they are just the only team that’s being successful. And another thing every team has a flopper and Hansbrough is theirs

  44. John says:

    Lots of silly comment about the HEAT not being built. Let’s make a list of HEAT players who took less money to be on South Beach, and almost all of them ALOT less.
    LBJ, Wade, Bosh, Ray Allen, Haslem and Battier (probably more)

    I’m a big fan of the Pacers and Spurs. I like the way they developed talent. But I also have to give props to professionals who put winning ahead of money and the HEAT players have done that.

  45. andresHEAT says:

    Dwayne Wade, Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole and Udonis Haslem all developed by the Heat. Ww wee able to get the best players in our team because we have a great President in Pat Riley. He did his job and ensured both parties were winners in the deal. Now, most people hate the heat becuase of it, but to all of them I say. THE Heat are the best. I respect what Indiana is doing, an they will get better, However, as long as we have those three players together. The Heat are the team to beat.

  46. truthbetoldforsure says:

    Pacers fans are such cry babies. Pack it up the series is over in 5 if Heat wins the next game.

  47. Joel says:

    LIVE LBJ D’ GREAT!!!!!

  48. Neutral says:

    I wasnt impressed with Lebrons game for a superstar. But after after his games i have come to realize that he is an architect on the court. He is really like the nervous system for this Miami Heat team. His influence is felt thru all the player. He lacks the style but he gets the job done.

    • Neutral says:

      Pacers is a tough team and may just be the team to knock off the Heat. Pacers had an interesting game plan to win. that is, to contain the Big 3s supporting players. It works well for games 1 and 2 but Miami because of their depth is able to adjust to any challenges. The key for Pacers is to stick with their game plan, hopefully Miami’s supporting players may perform as badly as games 1 and 2. However Lebron James is the factor that Pacers cannot overlook. He is really bigger than the Big 3s. He is unpredictable and can cause any other player to raise their game.

  49. BasilValdez says:

    Now Heat won, then you’ve bunch of excuses. You all Pathetic!

  50. ML says:

    Great Article. As great as Lebron James has been the past couple years, he’ now just starting to develop an efficient low post game. If anybody doesn’t see that, they shouldn’t even be reading these articles to begin with. And also much respect to UD who has been the heart of this heat team ever since the 2006 championship.

  51. Let's go Heat! says:

    Ball don’t lie. Why haters always talk about attitude of LBJ, dirty play of Wade, great role players joining the Heat, but not focus on skills of Heat players (and Pacers, if they are)? So, I conclude that haters cannot challenge big 3’s talent coz they are so good. But challenge bad calls, flopping etc. I understand your thought, HATERS.
    Heat in 5!

  52. Floss says:

    All these Pacer fans talking about teams built through the lottery….. let’s see the year after Miami won the 1st Title they went 15-67 bc D-Wade was hurt the entire year. That draft the Heat drafted Michael Beasley which didn’t work out and they drafted Mario Chalmers! Pat Riley could have went out and got Amare Stoudamire to pair with D-Wade but he saved the teams $ to get ready for the Free Agent fest that included D-Wade, LeBron, and CB! They picked up Norris Cole in the draft, Dexter Pittman which we traded to the Grizzles and we have a protected lottery pick for next years draft and who the heck wants to play for small market Hick town of Indiana anyways let’s be real. All this talk about the Heat buying their championship is malarky, lol. Dallas Mavericks proved that. Heat are focused and not over confident anymore which makes them SUPER dangerous!#HEATNATION#championshipmindframe

  53. Kike says:

    Wow! a little nice shooting chart. How fancy.

  54. pp says:

    go heat see u next year indies better luck next time

  55. notaheatfan says:

    I don’t remember the heat having such a following. Hmm guess the bandwagon has no weight limit to how many fair weathered fans it can carry. Just saying. Enjoy it for now I guess.

  56. notaheatfan says:

    the west will win. the east will lose its that simple. the heat had quite a season but it will be all for not. I’m not a spurs fan either. the super teams are not unbeatable.

  57. Popsy says:

    It’s good to see the Heat’s role players play their role! They were missing in games 1 & 2.

  58. kowdogg says:

    I’ll admit I was wrong about the King in the paint. Never wanted to see him post up often, just wanted him to always think drive to the basket before attempting 3s and long 2s. It looked very scare. No disrespect to the pacifiers, I mean pacers, but they are taller and bigger, but slower, turn the ball over too much, and don’t shoot well enough from the perimeter to really beat Mia. If Mia consistently presses the issue in the paint, the pacers don’t have a chance. Their bigs will simply get in foul trouble and they don’t have a long enough bench to handle Mia without their bigs.

    Spoltra’s lack of coaching is the only reason the pacers had any chance anyway.

    Sorry haters, it’s the Kings league. Long live the King.

    • May says:

      Disrespectful to the Pacers again. They made it to the ECF for a reason! It is also disrespectful for a man to refer to himself as King.

    • funny nba says:

      You must be a 12yr old kid Lebron James Fan Boy and doesn’t know anything the sports you’re watching. NBA is not like your XBOX, kid.

      Your lebron james admitted that its his fault why thet lost in game2 and its not about the coach. Those clutch TOs are not part of the coaches plan.. its all about the player carelessness.. Yes its your lebron fault and stick it to your thin head and stop blaming the other guys

  59. W/E says:

    LOL at the Pacers, they gave false expectations to everyone that they can handle the Heat, its the same old story as last year, same with the Bulls lol,the Heat will win the next two games, they have way more talent Pacers are gunna get PWNT and go fishing.

    • May says:

      why do all heat fans just disrespect their opponents. The other teams should hand them the trophy. clearly they do not belong in the same arena as them and their purchased trophy.

  60. jordan says:


    • May says:

      Spurs vs. Pacers – two actual teams, rely on one another, and do not succumb to dirty plays – we all know Stephenson would have been suspended if he hit Wade like that

      • kodi says:

        May please stop.. enough is enough.. I mean 220lbs 6’4 Dway as you all say would hit him in the back of his head and he goes down and gets up and played the whole game after.. If he had hit him he would’ve had a concussion, simply wade hopped and glided to the side as he was gliding his back forearm brushed the back of his head (it was inadvertently) so please stop going on and on about all these fouls.. Go watch the clip again..

  61. Neutral says:

    Miami will likely win game 4. They were leading in the final mins of games 1 and 2. But they did a poor job of maintaining the lead. As a result game 2 slip away from them and game 1 almost slip away. They are a different team now and ready to close out. Game 4 might b close but the heat will finish the 4th quarter better

  62. Vanessa says:

    Heat in 5, 6 max!!!

  63. Smarterthanyou says:

    Also most hear must be just too young to know that MJ got all the calls so did Magic and so did Bird.

    Its a simple fact that MVPs are superior and get the calls…..stop crying and get better or get run over. Only the best should win, should survive.

    Underdog???? Blah…that is for the trailer park world to think there is hope!!!

    • May says:

      Does this make it right. If the NBA wants the Heat in the Finals the Pacers should just have to accept it. That is so messed up.

      • Let's go Heat! says:

        Anyone force you to watch the game? Call police or you just run away from NBA.

  64. Smarterthanyou says:

    For all the cry babies saying the league/refs want Miami in the Finals.

    Do you even have a grade 8 math skill level??????

    Before you post simply go look at the fouls #s for both teams. The REFs have been HORRIBLE period, ZERO mathematical chance they like the HEAT at all…..Pacers are getting larger percent of calls….its PURE MATH!! look AT THE NUMBERS instead of being ignorant!!!

    • May says:

      So you think those three technical were legit – the refs have no choice but to whistle Miami for those fouls they are fouling on purpose because that is their only defense on Hibbert and West. Why do you need to insult people and call them dumb?

  65. JJP says:

    Pacers in 7

    • theholyspectator says:

      you lost your mind man…did you not see how badly they lost last night? i admit i was thinking the same too after game 2 loss..but when miami plays miami heat basketball, when they put on a show like how they did last night, no one…NO ONE is beating them…lets put all the ref, fouls, people wanting miami to be in the finals talk to the side cuz that stuff is just talk for the cry babies who hate miami talk..lets keep it real. games 1 and 2 we didnt see nothing like what we saw in game 3..some bits and pieces..but not a complete game, this was the first true complete game by miami in this entire playoffs…in the first two series..miami didnt really have to be locked in for the full game..but in this series, against indy..they had to..and they did…game 3 after a 1-1 split is the most important one…miami has yet to lose on the road..so lets see here, whats the common logical thing to do here if your indy? double on lebron when hes on the post..ok we all know lebron will find the open man, thus creating open looks, less pressure shots and then if that doesnt go you got guys cuttin to the basket for high percentage shots..miami had bodies moving around, had people cuttin and then addin lbj posts game..lol..your tellin me indy will actually win the series? maybe one more game..but thats it…and for their playoffs lives its gotta be game 4…if they win game 4 that puts pressure on miami to come back to indy in game 6 to win, cuz we know theyll win game 5 in miami..at the end of the day it comes down to which team makes the best adjustments after a loss and sticks with the game plan..clearly miami did that now its indys turn, and this is where the veteran ball club feel comes into play..this is where you see greatness come out of players, the experience the 3 years of chemistry together comes out, and oh ya the championship mentality comes out…indy has none of those more than miami.. and i feel miami likes to play under pressure..they want the situation and circumstance to be difficult and stressful on them, forces them to play at their higher level…its crazy but that is i guess how miami heat basetball comes out…so ya if miami pulls out game 4, the series is pretty much in the bag for miami..this is pure realistic no fan boy talk….and once again lbj shows why hes the best basketball player on earth..paul george was gettin so drained from guarding him, i dont see how he can put up 20+ and guard lbj in the same game…its way too much…good learnin experience tho

      • kodi says:

        wow.. this guy should be writing for NBA.COM.. Simply you erased all the talks of refs that refs this and you stuck with simplicity of statistics and fact from all 3 games and broke down the truth about Miami heat bball… It’s funny like SHAQ knows what it takes to win back to back and he said in the beginning Miami in 5 and it seems though its going to happen. Miami is so dynamic and consistent with their defence. LBJ.. wow what more can you say.. Thank you for the comment.

      • May says:

        You do remember your team lost to the Pacers by 20 and then won the series right?? Charles Barkley said it himself the NBA wants the Heat in the finals. The pacers have held their own against the Heat all season – that is why they won the season series. Go Pacers!

  66. GO Pacers says:

    Well, Pacers fans remember that the Pacers lost games by 20 to the Hawks and Knicks and came back with victories. Law of averages suggests that it is not likely that the Heat will shoot the ball quite as well as they did last night. Tighten up the defense and get the next one. Blue collar, Gold Swagger!

  67. JimD54 says:

    It kills me how Lebron can play 43 minutes in a 48 minute game and not foul anyone, between that and Dwade playing in a game after the whole world saw him intentionally elbow another player in the head, I guess Barkley was right, the league wants the Heat in the finals……

    • May says:

      Exactly. Heat fans do not want to admit the bias they have gotten last year. Can they really say those techs were legit. The Cs and Bulls got the same treatment. Yes, the Pacers have shot more free throws. They should have shot even more. If your game is in the post, you are going to draw more fouls than Bosh, Haslem, Wade, Battier, and Ray on the perimeter. Those techs were ridiculous, Wade’s upgrade to a flagrant 1 was ridiculous, and we all know David Stern wants the money and ratings of Heat being in the Finals.

  68. darsnider says:

    Im tired of this referee did this and referee did that the free throw disparity is huge yet its the referees fault, bosh went for a layup and hibbert decked him , no calls same thign happened on the next play but roles reverse hibbert got the call , the pacers are getting to the line more, i admit battier totally sold some calls, but west did elbow chalmers on hsi bad shoulder and it wasnt unintentional , he placed hsi elbow out in such a way chalmers would get hit, west plays rough at times and argues when the calls are against him, the elbow wasnt malicious he got a flagrant one, thats it heat haters look for an excuse when they arent winning but in truth pacers are getting more calls in games simple as that, the heat just figured out if your going to play mam to man defense with hibbert gaurding the lane, then its simple let james get down low and abuse paul george, hibbert cant help becuase he will be tempting defensive three second calls all day, if the double it leaves a shooter open and maimi shooters are streaky but dangerous, they get hot its over ala mike miller in the finals game 5 , thats the only advantage the heat has over the pacers but its a crippling advantage last night they let lebron dictate the game and the heat were able to basically dismantle them from the inside out, the simple matter is if the heat are hitting shots pacers lose, heat missing pacers have a great chance of winning, but if they let lebron get down low its a slugfest

    • NBA says:

      If West did that he should get a flagrant. Nothing you team didn’t do to Rondo when he dislocated his elbow though. And I would point out there is a big different between hitting someone’s shoulder and hitting them in the head – what if he had severely injured Stephenson. You cannot let this stuff go on because he is a star. Call if fair.

      • damian says:

        @ NBA, if you have time, or can get access to it, look at a slow replay of the play in Game 3 when Wade drives through the lane and throws down that dunk. Look closely at Stephenson and what he does (he’s kind of behind Hibbert on the play)….he tries to trip him while Wade was in full motion. He missed but If he made contact it wouldn’t have ended well for Wade. Shouln’t the league review that also?

  69. Jintan says:

    I want to see Spurs vs Miami. This is probably the only matchup (specially on that big stage) where Miami could actually lose. Lebron’s post game maybe developing but when it comes to post game Duncan is a genius and everyone knows it. They should just let Lebron shoot and pressure the other guys. Lebron cant win in “cleveland mode” against Spurs.

    That series will be super interesting.

    • sam says:

      Cleveland dint have Bosh or Wade. You are in your own Dream world . Good for you!

    • Smarterthanyou says:

      lmao…who on the Spurs can stop Lebron??

      We also know Pacers are a better defensive team then the SPURS period. The HEAT will run circles around the SPURS and you know it.

      • kodi says:

        LMAO.. spurs vz HEAT.. Rabbit vs. Tortoise…. lol.. The dynamic agile heat speedsters are going to run away in four games.. Pacers are a btter team than spurs… Heat the best.. remember Heat beat all teams in the league.. ALL.. I’m sure you all remember the wining STREAK..

      • NBA says:

        Spurs have a very fast pace. Kawhi Leonard can guard LeBron. Who on heat can guard Parker?

      • kodi says:

        NBA please use a diff name obvious you are hater…. WHO CAN GUARD LBJ… NO one.. right now.. no one can guard him.. OMG.. this guy is serious..

    • blackmamba38 says:

      You are really wrong. The miami can easily beat the spurs. Have you seen the last game of spurs vs miami? the heat defeated spurs without the presence of lebron, wade and chalmers. How much more now ??

  70. jonas de ramos says:

    That’s what were talking about! With a lot of people doubting the Heat, Almost everyone showed up and turned on the Heat game. Indiana got confused on how to defend LeBron’s post up game which showed why he is unguardable 1 on 1. George obviously can’t guard him, neither West even if you put Hibbert on him, he’ll take him from the perimeter and opens up the other guys. And he hasn’t fully developed his post up arsenal. Not to mention guarding George who had a tough time playing his game. Indiana Whiners got a dillema now.

    • Go pacers says:

      There was no confusion. The Pacers were forced to have to actually guard Haslem, Bosh, and Chalmers which gave LBJ more room to operate. The Pacers will figure it out. I just wish people would show some respect for this team. As others on this board have said. Built not bought!!

      • Damian says:

        Your ask for respect for your team, and then you blatantly disrespect another team. How exactly does that work?

      • Basketball Jones says:

        How did they disrespect the Heat?

      • Damian says:

        I didn’t say they disrespected the Heat, but “Built not Bought” is a reference that can be aimed at a number of teams in the NBA, including potentially the Heat, depending on how you look at it.

  71. Rumbler says:

    How do these Indiana fans blame the refs every game with a straight face when the Pacers have had less fouls called against them and more free throw attempts in each game? I guess there can never be a foul called on the Pacers and every call has to be against the Heat for the Pacers to have a chance? And for all those claiming Miami’s fans are all bandwagon fans yeah I’ll admit some people jumped on board over the last three years but there are a ton of Miami fans that were there from the beginning. We’ve seen the evolution from the Rony Seikaly’s, Willie Burton’s, Kevin Edwards’s, Jon Sunvold’s, Tellis Franks’s, Alec Kessler’s Glen Rice’s all the way to the Tim Hardawaway’s, Mashburn’s, Mourning’s etc.

    • NBA says:

      Because we know the NBA would prefer the Heat in the finals. If there was a game 7 in Miami, they would do anything to make sure Indy loses. Really disillusioned

    • Damian says:

      Of course some jumped on board, That’s how teams get fans that aren’t from Miami, people jump on board when they like a player. Hopefully eventually they stay on as fans even if that player leaves. I don’t know what happened with Mourning and those guys as honestly I was too young to appreciate the NBA but I know a whole bunch of people also became fans when Wade turned into a superstar. How is this any different?

  72. Miami Heat Fan says:

    to all heat hater fans and cry’n babies, Cry and Whine all you want, for you have only 8 to 10 more games to whine until HEAT will REPEAT.

  73. devincio says:

    go Miami !!!

  74. ko0kiE says:

    the pacers have not enough offensive firepower beyond their starting 5 and I don’t think they can stop the heats offense 3 more times.

  75. Michael B. says:

    im sure Heat will win, with history facts of course, teams who are 1-1, the one who takes game 3 is the one who wins 73% of the time, by the way lebron, bosh and haslem, who i owe an apology cuz i didnt trust and in fact had an excellent game, where the torch, birdman played great too, and battier and allen hit those 3s, a high scoring game for miami, lets go heat

  76. Patty says:




    Indiana looked like a different team. I fault the coach of the Indiana Pacers. The coach should be fired.
    The Indiana Pacers are Pitiful.


  77. ProsNcons says:

    Man, I love how two friends stick together. Love how LeBron defended wade’s knee. Hate the heat or not, these guys real.

  78. Cripple Rapist says:

    @NBA Fan so you didn’t saw West elbowing chalmers on his shoulder??? You’re being blinded by your hate… Just cry loser… Want some tissue????

    • Fan says:

      I think your comment is rude. No, I actually did not see it, but if that did happen West should have been given a flagrant foul. The heat repeatedly hit Rondo’s elbow after they dislocated it. I do not want the Pacers to get unfair treatment. I want the game to be called equally and punishments to be fair.

  79. thejerr says:

    sooooo….. no fines being givin for all the flops last night… not even a review of them? uh… look at the second half for example, shane battier was just jobin out there. every minute he was in the game he tried to get a foul drawn by flopping casue he oculdnt hit a shot till later on. near the end of the 3rd or middle of the 4th u can see everyone on the heat start getting the acting bug cause it was working so well for shane….. this is seriously messed up and as a huge basketball fan i cant believe no ones talking about this more…. wtf ( ps if lebrons gonna be able to lower the shoulder a bit to create space while driving the same rules should apply when george does the same exact move to lebron, refs kinda took george outa the game the second half by punishing him for being aggressive, omg i could go on, so mad right now. i dont even care who wins, but call it the same for both teams wowy

    • hahah says:

      even so indiana got more free throws and still got blown out. u expect them to win all their games with free throws?the refs even tried closing out the game thirs quarter to help pacers catch up within 7 points or so at one time and they still got blown out at the end of the game by 18 hahahah sad blind boy .

    • Fan says:

      Just accept it. Everyone has decided the Pacers have no chance are boring. Unnecessary techs will be called, Dwyane Wade will be allowed to strike people in the head. David Stern wants the Heat in the finals – more money, more ratings. I look forward to 3 years from now when the league will be competitive again.

    • Ilovelebronjames says:

      Stop hating!!!!!!! LEBRON JAMES CAN STOMP ON ANYONE.

  80. DriveFerFive says:

    Lebron is a great player, better overall than Jordan IMO…. but I have to ask, does a 22/4/4 line deserve all this hype???…. and meanwhile, all Tim Duncan gets from NBA.com is an article dredging up a possible divorce???…… I’ll go with Pacers to win this just to see David Stern and NBA.com staff writers cry and moan because their Lakers and Heat aren’t in the finals

    • NBA Fan says:

      Completely agree. Its like the Pacers and Spurs should just go on vacation now. Give the Heat their trophy they bought it anyways. The Spurs and Pacers built their teams and developed talent. We all know NBA wants heat in the finals it has just been a contest of who gets to play them. Tim Duncan is a four time champion and first team all nba at age 37 – but who cares he does not play for the heat.

    • sam says:

      If you think Stern likes the heat you are smoking some crazy stuff

  81. Swagpersonified says:

    This game was great for the heat, getting their confidence back up etc. But in my opinion, and I support both teams, Indiana may still have the upper hand. I mean look, the two wins the heat have include Birdman going 7-7 and haslem going what, 8-9 ?! No offense to them, but an offensive showing like that will probably never happen. The only way the heat will pull through is if wade and bosh steps it up. And wade is somewhat injured and bosh is doing his bet to knock down shots, and Indiana still is close. The heat may pull through, especially if they get random offensive showings like those, but if you look at the teams, player for player and skill for skill, Indiana has the definite upper hand

  82. NBA Fan says:

    I am a longtime NBA Fan, and last night was the first time I felt sincerely disillusioned by the NBA. How was Dwyane Wade not suspended or, or at least, fined for his actions last night. Anyone watching could clearly see that Wade deliberately elbowed Stephenson in the head. If the roles were reversed, does anyone really think that Stephenson would have been playing last night? J.R. Smith was suspended a game for elbowing Jason Terry, why does the same rule not apply? If anything, Wade’s elbow was worse because he was not even in possession of the ball. He was not suspended because the league did not want to risk money, ratings, or a possible Heat loss. LeBron James was absolutely right the Heat are not “just another team.”

    • Patty says:

      NBA FAN,


    • Game Time says:

      Are you stupid or just playing dumb?

  83. Danger high voltage says:

    hahaha haters will blame the flopped and refs. in 3………….2…………..1…………0 hahahaha

    • NBA Fan says:

      I am aware the Pacers did not play well enough to win. I just do not like the double standard the league has for the Heat. The office suspended J.R. Smith. Wade has a history of punk plays. He should not have played last night. I do not think it is a secret that Battier, Wade, and Lebron sell calls and act like a crime has been committed when they do not get to the line.

  84. […] a chance in Game 3. James and the Miami Heat made a concious effort to establish him in the post, and it paid off quitehandsomely. Per NBA.com: “It was something we wanted to get to, to just help settle us and get into a more […]

  85. NBA Official says:

    Someone explain to me why J.R. Smith was suspended, but Dwyane Wade was allowed to play last night. Total double standard. Both players deliberately elbowed someone in the head. If anything, Wade’s actions were worse because he was not in possession of the ball.

    • NBA Fan says:

      Easy. The NBA did not want to risk the Heat losing a game. They want the Heat in the Finals. Sad, but true.

      • Patty says:


      • kodi says:

        Did any of you guys check out the free throw statistics.. wow.. it seem though you guys haven’t.. I will leave it at that..

      • blackmamba38 says:

        enough of that flopping and suspension issues.. just accept the fact that miami is the best team and nobody can beat them… hhahahah GO KING JAMES!

    • ryu says:

      c’mom guys…. too much of a fan doesn’t forgetting the correct call. The league could have just let it go and let the next game begin but they realize that it is not fair and so they gave a warning shot to wade for that action. JR’s action was called immediate on the game and so it clearly an offense he must pay and it happened on the season regular game. Don’t be such a looser and a cry baby. This is a really good series so wy don’t we just sit back and relax, okay?!

    • RUNEGOOD says:

      Please explain to me why David West didn’t get suspended for deliberately elbowing Mario Chalmers. And this was a much harder, forceful hit. At the speed that this game was played, he’s lucky he only hit his shoulder and not his neck/head area. He should have gone to jail for battery for that play. But no suspension, no flagrant from the league. The Pacers and Bulls are both dirty teams and the league does nothing about it. The NBA just doesn’t want the Heat in the Finals. That’s why the refs allow them to get beat up night in and night out and not call fouls, but they’ll call ticky tac fouls against the Heat all game long.

  86. NBA Fan says:

    As a long-time NBA Fan I have become disillusioned by this playoff series. More so than any other time, I have felt like the NBA is purposefully trying to push a team to the NBA Finals, or control the outcome of games. There is no way that Dwyane Wade should have been permitted to play in that game last night. Everyone could clearly see that Wade intentionally elbowed Lance Stephenson – it was another dirty play in a long list of dirty plays – dislocating Rondo’s elbow, shoving Collison into a goal post, blatantly pushing Richard Hamilton, kicking Ramon Sessions in the groin, etc – none of these are basketball plays. Wade should have been suspended, but because he is “Dwyane Wade” and plays for the Miami Heat he was permitted to play. If the roles were reversed, do you really believe Lance Stephenson would have been allowed to suit up? No way. This allowance reflects poorly on the league and shows that certain players and certain teams will be shown preferential treatment. LeBron James was right the Heat is not “just another team” in the eyes of the league office.

    • Go Pacers says:

      Well what is new really. Even Charles Barkley admitted, that the NBA really wants the Heat in the finals. Look at those three technical fouls in game 2 – What did Sam Young even do to warrant a technical? There will not be flopping fines handed out tonight either. My family makes a joke about how many “unnecessary groundings” the Heat will have during a game. Battier, Wade, and LeBron all blatantly flopped last night. Sure, the Pacers did not play well enough to win. But letting Wade play effected the outcome of the game.

      • Ilovelebronjames says:


      • pakyaw says:

        u listen to charles barkley?..really?..bwahahhahah!…. u just made yourself “shaqtin a fool” for believing what charles said….tsk..tsk..tsk..

      • Not a whiner says:

        Lol u do know the halftime report team always has an antagonist and a protagonist right? They don’t agree on everything because arguments make a show more interesting. And since ur pointing out what Charles Barkley said, then why don’t u also point out what shaq said’ that lance was flopping on that play

    • bigwes95 says:

      Maybe you should watch the Lakers in the early 2000’s and see how much they were favored, especially against the Kings and Blazers. and when you say a team plays dirty, why is it the only one you, or anyone, ever talks about is Wade? sure they flop, but every team does, just watch the spurs with Manu, but people don’t complain about them. And yes, Wade should have been suspended for that foul, but the pacers have gotten more free throw attempts in all three games, and the Heat have been in foul trouble the whole series except game 3 and they just happen to win by around 20. You point to one foul in this series by Wade, but most of the fouls are in the Pacers favor, so you don’t really have room to complain, because in game 3 the pacers had 16 more free throws but still lost by 20, please explain to me how Miami is being pushed in with getting more fouls and less free throws in every game so far.

      • May says:

        The Pacers were in foul trouble in game 1: All of the starters had 4 or more fouls. 3 had 5.

      • bigwes95 says:

        Only one had 5, and that was Hibbert. Miami had LeBron with 5 and Wade fouled out. If you had George or Hibbert foul out and then the other had 5, then it wouldn’t have came down to a game winning basket. especially if Hibbert fouled out then Lebron would just attack the paint and score, and if George fouled out then it would be their best perimeter defender and scorer out as well.

  87. sayuki says:

    This is why its called a playoff series anything happens at any of the games pacers celebrated too early, lbj presence down low and a spread heat offence did the trick added to that vogel didn’t send help for george, it is what it is a heat win!..

  88. alberto says:

    the Perces are a good team that’s for sure, but one thing heat team is a lot stronger than they, in the second game leaving the things not very well in the last minute, but that’s history in the next game indiana play strong but perhaps more because the heat will have these set the heat win this series

  89. Big Al says:

    Barely pulling off the victory in Game 1 and ultimately losing the next, this is a very convincing win for LeBron and his team. As long as the role players do what they have to, the Heat will get through the Pacers and beat the Spurs.

  90. Esteban says:

    That game was absolutely marvelous. only 1 turnover in the first half against the best defense… 65% FG first half. Imagine that plus Allen, Battier, Chalmers and Cole hitting at least 2 three pointers…

    • pakyaw says:

      this is what i been saying to all low basketball IQ in here.. u have to beat the heat 4x in a series,how can u beat them if hey always come strong from a lose game…since they form the big 3,the heat never been beat 3x in a series (except boston last year went to game 7 and dallas finals 2011)..lets be realistic here…

  91. Heat 0183 says:

    I am sorry Pacers fans, but Reggie Miller is getting blind I mean he never sees the fouls committed by the Pacers. He even was able to say that Wade was acting when he was pushed in the base line. Poor cry baby he’s jealous because Ray Allen has broken all his records and in one occasion he said that Curry I a better shooter than Allen.

    • BTTChaseGuap says:

      Dude U Crazy…Stephen Curry Iz A Better 3 Pointer Shooter Than Ray Allen….Did He Break Ray Allen’s Single Season Record For Most 3 Pointers Made….

      • Game Time says:

        So because he beats a single season record he’s automatically the best? Ok well based off performance for ONE season Andrew Bynum is the best NBA center.

  92. sanjay says:

    Jesus christ. Did anyone notice?, for some reason the game 2 loss has been taken very personal by real “heat fans”!
    It is not clear “the fans”, traveled all the way to indiana for this game. During ‘TNT’, show the heat mob were screaming their voice hoarse, ‘let us go heat’, ‘let us go heat’, and dejected pacers fans gave upp!!

    pacers are a good team, come on now!

    That is something new to viewers!

  93. sanjay says:

    hey hey heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, thanks. The moderators there have no sense of humor or freedom for me to express myself(#1draft is witch-hunting on me and have I have no voice).
    I want to talk thrash to 3 bojos who think they know basketball but they do not know all the stuff( raf,nolio and that new dude indiana pacer).
    you are some fan. putting those pictures take lot of effort.
    Heat have found the chink in pacers armory, they got to keep exploiting this! Next game is critical and heat cant forget this formula!
    And 3 pointers need to rain in here( today it was really enough).

    The post jame of lebron was refreshing to watch! He just extended his career easily by another 5 years( he can easily go till 40 with that game now).
    If you smell what lebron is cooking down lowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Eric says:

    Does LeBron have a more polished post game???? Yes. But this would be “detriment” to opposing teams is fool’s gold. Ever since last year, this is what I noticed about teams that double team LeBron in the post…THEY USUALLY GET BLOWN OUT. How many points did LeBron score in the post??? Ten. He ended up with 22. LeBron was scoring in the post, but he wasn’t dominating. Last night’s performance wasn’t Tim Duncan or Shaq in their prime when on any given day they score 40 points with their eyes closed. The problem with Indiana last night was their reluctance to play Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem close….too many UNCONTESTED jump shots did them in. Why???? Too concerned with LeBron in the post. Just my opinion on a great series.

    • kodi says:

      Because LBJ was on the post and at time they try to tripple team him and hence the open jumpers for players like bosh and haslem.. I guess you didnt watch the whole game..

    • bigwes95 says:

      It’s not always about how much he scored, but think of all the energy George used to try and stop him, just look at his offensive game. It shouldn’t be a surprise the one game LeBron goes into the post that George has a terrible offensive game. Not only this, it also opens up teammates, which is why Haslem and Bosh had open shots. LeBron didn’t go into the post that much, think if he went in their 20 times a game like Shaq or Duncan shooting about 70% from the post, which is what he did this game, going down only 6 or 7 times. if he went in two or three times more, so between 15 and 20 like Duncan or Shaq, then he would have scored around 20 or 25 in the post. Then add on his other scoring places, like his mid-range and vastly improved 3-point game, then you basically have a guy who is unstoppable.

    • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

      Because lebron didn’t need to score 40 points, did you even watch the game Eric? I guess you haven’t realized that LeBron isnt a selfish player that only goes out to score 40+ a night like kobe. He is a TEAM player, not a ME player. Hate it when people try to compare LeBron to other players and say he isn’t better because he doesn’t score alot of points.. If he wanted to shoot 25-30 shots a night like kobe he would be scoring 40+ a night, but that aint his game.

    • HAWAII FIVE-0 says:

      In my recollection, LeBron in the post gave OKC alot of problems in last years Finals. Like every post-game interview in NBATV, You can not take away everything from MIA, you have to focus on stopping one and live with the results of the other. UD performance last night was superb, but for the pacers, they would take that than LBJ continuously pounding PG down in the block. Like JVG has said all along in ESPN, this is a make-or-miss league. Badluck for Indy UD made his shots, but they just gotta live with that. Now, they do need to make defensive adjustments on LBJ on the post for Game 4. If not, its blow-out city again in the fieldhouse. GO HEAT GO!!

  95. cesar says:

    that is why you cannot compare lebron to kobe or mj because he’s now the greatest player ever played the game in every postion he wants in this era…. hail the king! go heat….

    • kodi says:

      well said.. so so so true..

      please check his achievements link is below.. this is for all you LBJ hater..
      click on the link below and scroll donw to NBA Achievemetns:


      • May says:

        Nobody is questioning his ability. The Heat make it very hard to get behind them. The Indy 5 and Spurs are likeable and respectable teams. Read the list the person posted above. Accomplishments are not everything if they were we would be talking a lot more about Tim Duncan.

      • kodi says:

        Accomplishments are what greats players are made of.. Lebron is way ahead of all.. Nothing taken away from Oscar Robertson… If you all dislike or hate LBJ, just do so. Don’t come out and talk trash without even looking at his stats.. I mean it makes you all look ridiculously dumb.. Accomplishments are everything in a career of a player, at the end of the day all athletes are judge by their career accomplishments..

  96. IMBA JAMES says:

    Finally they did what they did to THUNDER in the finals last season. JAMES IN THE POST
    as far as i remember, this is how HEAT beat THUNDER in the final.
    james on the post devouring durant, and now the prey is paul george.
    good luck double-teaming him in the low-post, coz HEAT will be ready to launch 3p-barrage :))

  97. blackmamba38 says:

    to PACERS fans see you next season hahahahhah the miami will surely grasps the 3rd championship for this year… PACERS better luck next time… GO KING JAMES!

    • NBA Fan says:

      It is still offensive to me that he refers to himself as King James, there is only one King his name is Jesus Christ. Show a little humility.

  98. Maroko says:

    Incredible performance by the Heat and it was great to see finally LeBron in the post

    @ Sanjay : You can comeback to our Heat board, we are waiting for you Bro 😉

  99. […] Indiana 114-96 to …SB NationNBA: Heat offense puts away Pacers 114-96 in Game 3Salt Lake TribuneNBA.com (blog) -CBSSports.com (blog) -Indy Cornrowsall 1,351 news […]

  100. Dafe EGhagha says:

    I always knew this would happen, after the loss I said the Heat would make the adjustment. I am so sorry for Wade’s injury and how he isnt himself but he came out last night and kicked Pacer behind. Two more to go guys,

  101. J says:

    that game was perfection
    heat in 5!!

  102. cruzero says:

    what a game from the miami heat, it is like the CHI-MIA series, chicago winning one game, then they think they can handle miami. I like what lebron did, teaching george how it’s done, maybe now george realizes that he is not on LBJ’s level. even thought the refs tried to close the game up giving the pacers bunch of free throws in the 3rd. Pacers cannot handle the HEAT in a 7 game series. heat in 5.

    • Spurs Fan says:

      Why is it wrong to think you can beat the Heat. Should everyone just bow down. Maybe we should just hand them the championship trophy now. They bought it.

      • Ilovelebronjames says:

        Are you really that stupid? Don’t be jealous. I didn’t know when you make shots and when u hve Lebron James on your team that you buy it. Hahahahahahahahahahah HATERS

      • Cait says:

        Not hating it is true. You act like the Bulls and Pacers should just give up. Let’s Go Pacers!

    • steve says:

      mark my words, paul George is going to come back in game 4 and have a BIG game. he knows he didn’t play well on both ends of the floor. I could see him having maybe 25-30 pts, 8 asts, 6reb kind of night. he knows Indiana needs him at his best to have a shot at beating Miami

      • Cait says:

        True. Heat will not shoot the ball at above 60 % again. Defense will improve. Blue Collar, Gold Swagger.

      • HAWAII FIVE-0 says:

        PG rebounding from his Game 3 performance is gonna the best thing to happen to Indy.. Hoping for Game 4 to be a battle-royal! GO HEAT GO!!

  103. BOxstOppEr says:

    Wheres that guy who told that he disagree Lebron is the greatest player????What else paul Goerge does???they just win they think they are a Champions..LOL Poor PACERS Team.Look that spiderman in PACERS??? LOOK DAMn SAd..LET”S GO HEAT…!!! 2013 NBA CHAMPIONS…

  104. nbapacersfan says:

    As my username would suggest, I am a huge Indiana Pacers fan… so it’s difficult for me to say this. I was at this game and I’m on this forum now to say congrats to the Miami Heat. Not for winning the Eastern Conference Championship (it ain’t over yet!)… but for winning this game the way they did.

    I watched in person as my team’s stellar defense got absolutely shredded. Pacers are going to have to tighten up and take care of their s**t… no excuse for playing that soft in a game this important!

    So Heat fans, I give credit where credit is due. Now, let’s lace ’em up for game #4!


    • kodi says:

      Thank you for writing this.. It shows so much about Indian fans… True at heart..

      • Thank you for just being honest and admitting that we watched an amazing display of basketball prowess last night. It’s fun to watch. Pacers are a very good team , but the Heat are in a league of their own.

    • HAWAII FIVE-0 says:

      Now thats a good old Loyal NBA sports fan. Kudos to you. Cant wait for Game 4. GO HEAT GO!

  105. theholyspectator says:

    so their you have it people..miami heat at their best!! we all knew heat would play their game and take over…pacers had no answer..defense wins championships..as long as you can score!!! but game 3 they didnt have neither. lbj post work is a fine work of masterpiece. and this is how indy will lose the series..indy doesnt have that one guy who can pull them out of deep holes ..they just collectively crash the boards or get open looks..so well see that again tomorrow night and miami will close it out in game 5.. nice try pacers..maybe next time! heat 4-1…oh ya heat are perfect on the road thus far..

  106. Boom!! says:

    The only reason why Pacers got fans and celebrating their win is because their team has been fallen in the playoffs. True story 🙂

    • Cait says:

      Not as easy when you are not a free agent destination and you go through malice in the palace. Larry Bird built this team from the ground up and George, Hill, and Hibbert have put in the work. Have some respect.

      • May says:

        No one respects Indiana. That is why they got 3 nationally televised games all year. The NBA wants the Heat in the Finals. It will take more for the Pacers to win than the Heat. Go Indy 5

  107. Miami Heat Fan says:

    Miami Heat is ON!!! so HOT in Bankers Fieldhouse. Heat in 6 or perhaps in 5, maybe maybe…:-)

  108. BMW says:

    I don’t like how Indiana has the refs in their pockets. The series’ foul situations verify my worry: Game One — Indiana 24-32, Miami 16-25. LeBron had five fouls, Wade fouled out. Game Two: Indiana 26-32. Miami 18-26. Game Three: Indiana 30-44 Miami 24-28.

    Miami had 16 more fouls called against them and still won by 18? Hmmm. Indiana, you can have the refs. I’ll take LeBron.

    • Krishawn-MIA says:

      Hey im a Heats Fan, and you’re kinda right but the refs sometimes can only call things they way they’re angled, we won So lets move on

  109. Coach K says:

    Haslem really is the difference on today’s win, Having him more involved than previous games, having that extra body down low plus him spreading the floor with his mid range jumpers really opened up paint and get’s hibbert and west out of their comfort zone.

    • Patty says:


    • Cait says:

      Last I checked Hibbert and West still dominated on offense.

      • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

        Last I checked hibbert and west were dominated in the paint and had zero impact on defense. Last I checked they lost by 20 points. Nice comment Cait.

      • HAWAII FIVE-0 says:

        Last you checked?? — Yeah maybe in game 2. 4-12 shooting seems dismal dont you think.. Know your facts! Google can really help you out!

  110. TooHot says:

    Todays performance was simply toooo hot to handle. We wont keep that shooting percentage up but our shooters wont miss forever either. Ray warming up yo!

  111. aron says:

    Boom! Suddenly the Heat are up 2-1. It’s not surprising. Heat won against a tough Boston side last year with a healthy Rondo and the Celts with a 3-2 advantage. The Heat clearly are not the same team since 2011. Grace under Pressure seems to be their motto.

    Fans get overconfident. The players on both sides don’t. The game isn’t over yet so its still is anybodies game.

    • Cait says:

      A healthy Celtics team?? Ray Allen needed surgery, Pietrus needed surgery, Jeff Green missed the whole year, Chris Wilcox missed the whole year, Avery Bradley was out and needed double shoulder surgery, Stiemsma’s feet were both injured, and Pierce’s knee was injured. Just like this year: No Rondo, No Rose, No Granger, numerous Knicks injuries, No Kobe, No Westbrook, asterisk next to this championship??

      • HAWAII FIVE-0 says:

        So, if Spurs won titile this year there will be an asterisk to it?? and how come your blaming that its the teams playing in the final fours’ fault about the injured superstars?? Dont forget First time Miami went to the ECF and Finals, Rose was playing MVP-type season, and for Boston? My goodness, they were up 3-2 going to boston in the ECF?? Are you freaking ridiculous?? If they wasn’t able to close out Miami by then its on them.. Please, stop with the hating and acknowledge credit were it is due.. SMH

  112. Kei says:

    Every time people doubt wade, he just comes back better the next game.

    • HeatfansinceWade says:

      Agreed! Miami in 5, 6 Max!

      • Basketball Jones says:

        The Pacers beat the Heat by 20 last year in the playoffs and the Heat won the series. No need to overreact to one win. Plenty of people are playing with injuries, not just Wade.

    • Coach K says:

      And D-Wade has Knee issues to deal with, but played solid..


    • Game I Love says:

      He should not have even been playing in this game. You cannot intentionally strike people in the head. Cheating!

      • May says:

        Agreed. Cheating! What if he would have really hurt him. Someone’s head is off limits. Refs are their to protect players and so is the league office.

      • Kei says:

        what about the elbow West gave Chamlers? That was intentional and an obvious missed tech. Now I did not say wade’s foul was unintentional but if you want to take wade out same goes to west.

      • Basketball Jones says:

        Did not see it, but if it did it should have been given a flagrant. That being said, what hitting someone’s shoulder is a lot different than being off the ball and elbowing someone in the head. What if he had seriously injured him or given him a severe concussion. He gave that speech to Rondo about punk plays (funny since he dislocated his elbow) he has been the kingpin of punk plays.

      • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

        So elbowing someones INJURED shoulder isnt a dirty play? Ok basketball Jones, all of your posts are ridiculous.

  113. JAMES says:

    its very scary to see that Lebron’s post game is finally developing. Their is honestly nothing that he can’t do. Today was a great win for Miami because they won as a group. The previous two games , they didn’t play so will but its nice to see that they are getting back into their strive. Once Ray and Shane get hot, you know that the Pacers are in big trouble.

    • Basketball Jones says:

      LBJ is a great player, but he would be a lot more likeable if he carried himself like Paul George, Tim Duncan, Durant, or Rose – humble. Pacers vs. Spurs would be a much better reflection of the league.

      • Game I Love says:

        If you have Wade, LBJ, and Bosh you should not need Battier and Ray. Why these role players play there is beyond me. Riding coattails. Go Indy 5!

      • Ilovelebronjames says:

        Well let’s see Lebron has an ego yes but he’s also been signing autographs since he was 13 year old and having superstars like shaq telling him he’s gonna be unstoppable. Maybe if he had a “dad” figure he wuld present himself diff. He’s very smart and knows what to say just has an ego cuz he’s amazing!!!!

  114. JWill says:

    LeBron James simply can not be stopped. This is nothing new as every NBA team has felt it as the Miami Heat have beat every NBA team at least once this regular season. No one can defeat him, the only thing that can is only himself. The true test for the Miami Heat will be Game 4. Will they be able to take a commanding 3-1 lead this series or will they play home court with the series 2-2 with a chance to visit the Spurs in the NBA Finals(Memphis isn’t going to win, sorry). Only time will tell…

    • Patty says:



    • Fan says:

      He has lost two finals series so apparently someone can stop him.

      • heatlb6 says:

        Lebron lost 2 finals because.. (1) he was with cleveland facing a miami heat in the spurs with no help besides “varejao”.. (2) he lost with the heat when only wade and him were performing and figuring out whose team it is. Once that issue was settled they went on to a championship and a third season with 66 – 16 respectively, a 27 game win streak 2nd longest out of any of the 4 major sports leagues, and only lost 4 times in 50 something games.. Your crazy.. What your looking at is MJ bulls for our time.. No other team is winning this trophy for a long time..

      • Basketball Jones says:

        WE shall see

    • Basketball Jones says:

      The Pacers did win the regular season series against the Heat – did they not?

    • noli says:

      They beat NY only once in 4 meetings this year. I’m a Heat fan, just stating facts

  115. AM says:

    I’m still missing some rebounds from bosh.

  116. EyronFigures says:

    Im Glad HEAT win! it is a sign we are waiting for.. hopefully heat will win this series,maybe at 5..and take the SPURS vs HEAT in the FINALS..time for KING JAMES to Revenge! Let’s Go HEAT! 2 more wins! YEAH!

    • Fan says:

      Do not worry the trophy you purchased will be given to you in a week or so. Miami Heat: Not just another team.

    • Basketball Jones says:

      Agree with you fan – but if you criticize the Heat you are just deemed a hater. I have no problem acknowledging LBJ’s talent, but I do not have to like his attitude or lack of humility. I really would like him to stop referring to himself as “king.”

      • FML says:

        his name “LeBron” means “King”. It’s an African name, check it out. His mother gave him that name so you can hate all you want, he’s gonna let his game do the talking

      • The Rock says:

        Why does he have a crown on his logo. He says things like today: You have to pick your poison with me! It is not likeable. Just like cheap shots from Battier, Wade, and Cole are not likeable either.

      • Basketball Jones says:

        Let his game do the talking?? Isn’t he the one who said not 5, not 6, not 7 before his team had ever played a game!

  117. sanjay says:

    This is exactly what we have been waiting for. lebron james with that athletism, physique and quickness to go to work in the paint. Once he is doing that ,the big man of pacers have no chance. At least 2 are needed to guard him which will leave open the shooters and the drivers! Paul george could dance with him on the floor but not under the paint period.Even for hilbert, he is too quick and will result in a foul and he going for free throws( james can miss few in the beginning but once he gets in the groove, he will start hitting free throws). What was more interesting to note was that, lebron was on the left side of the paint and laying it in with left hand with a quick left turn. He is more powerful on the right side. so watch out for that side of the paint where he can take a turn and dunk ( ala shaq here).

    It was nice to see his close game with floater and may be hook in the next game!
    This is the right formula to beat the pacers and heat must keep at it!!!

    • NBA says:

      The Heat won last night for 3 reasons 1) They shot the ball above 60% in the first half 2) Pacers defense was subpar 3) Dwyane Wade should have been watching from his hotel room in Indy

      • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

        Exactly, they shot the ball above 60%, even if dwayne wade was in the game it wouldn’t have mattered. When the heat shooters are knocking down shots they can’t be beat.

      • Jonesing says:

        So as long as it does not matter people should not be punished if they do something wrong? What a system of justice you are proposing. Plus, we will never know what impact that would have had on the game. What would you be saying about Wade if he had seriously injured Stephenson or given him a severe concussion. He calls out other for punk plays and says his son is watching and then he pulls stuff like that… Please.

      • LBJfan says:

        Why can’t you guys move on from that Wade-Stephenson thing? Why don’t you just watch the succeeding games. if the Pacers win, they win. When the Heat wins, they win. Don’t dwell on something that’s already been done. It won’t change anyway. 😉

    • Basketball Jones says:

      Go Pacers! Keep fighting. Rely on what got you here – defense and togetherness. The Pacers have had two other 20 point losses this season – just get the next one and focus on the task at hand. It would be a dream to see the Spurs and Pacers play each other in the Finals!

      • Go pacers says:

        That’s right. Together! Go Indy 5.

      • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

        So your dream in the NBA finals is to see the spurs win 4-0 against the pacers? Sounds pretty boring to me, the spurs and heat will be a good even series.

  118. AKA says:

    Paul George aka BBQ chicken as shaq says. Waiting for Pacers fans and haters to come on here crying about refs or anything else when they had about 14 more FT attempts lmap.

  119. pacernation2013 says:

    Is this writter nuts??? You really think the bigger stronger more physical pacers are going to fear a bunch of FLOPPERS???? NOT TODAY NOT EVER..Nice try NBA, nice try…

    • KunJay says:

      Didn’t see you calling him nuts when he made his article about the Pacers beating the Heat on Friday…biased much?

      • kodi says:

        LMAO.. when are these Pacer fans going to realize this serise is over.. Funny how every body hates LBJ and the Heat.. Over all its another team for Heat to beat.. GO Heat..

      • AM says:


      • GO Pacers says:

        I watched the Pacers every year that they struggled through the lottery. I just have more respect for teams that build and develop talent. How hard is it to be the Heat when the best the player in the world talks to his two best friends (also top 10 talent, at the time) and convinces them to team up. What did the Heat front office have to do to accomplish that. What talent has been developed by the Heat? The Heat are the best team in the NBA and they should be. I just look forward to when the new CBA is in effect and two top 5 players are never on the same team again

      • Pacer Fan says:

        The Heat are right, they are not just another team – no other teams player would have been able to play after deliberately striking someone in the head. Sad that ratings and money control the game.

      • NBA says:

        Go Pacers! Go Spurs! Power to the teams who have gone through the lottery and come out a better team and have developed talent no one thought would make it.

      • Basketball Jones says:

        It would be a dream to see the Pacers and Spurs in the finals. Two teams built not bought that are based on teamwork. We have seen the Heat in the finals the past two years. As a fan of the NBA, I have loved watching the Pacers play this year.

      • NBA Fan says:

        Let’s Go Pacers. Tighten up the defense for the next game. I want to see teams that are built not bought.

      • NBA Fan says:

        Get it done Pacers!

      • Game I Love says:

        Reasons I would rather see the Pacers win:
        “Not 5, Not 6, Not 7…”
        “It’s pick your poison with me”
        “D-Wade is not a dirty player” – dislocates arm, kicks in groin, pushes into goal post, elbows in head – all intentional
        “I cannot be compensated for what I do on the basketball court” – just offensive
        everyone who criticizes Heat is deemed a “hater”
        there team was purchased when 3 friends decided to join forces, no draft, no player development, no work
        made fun of Dirk when he was sick
        “Pacers are not our rivals”
        “We are not just another team”
        “I do not foul, I do not foul out”
        They rival the Clippers for most flops per game
        Battier face guards, flops, and routinely plays illegal defense
        ECF 2012 – Lebron and Wade attempted 20+ free throws, Rondo and Pierce played the whole game without shooting one
        Teams that play in Miami play 5 on 8 – ridiculous technical are always called in that building – what did Sam Young do to warrant a technical
        Charles Barkley – “We all know the NBA wants the Heat in the Finals”

        Go Pacers!

      • May says:

        Love the list: I would rather see any of the other 3 teams hoist the trophy this year!

      • May says:

        repost NBA Fan:

        I am a longtime NBA Fan, and last night was the first time I felt sincerely disillusioned by the NBA. How was Dwyane Wade not suspended or, or at least, fined for his actions last night. Anyone watching could clearly see that Wade deliberately elbowed Stephenson in the head. If the roles were reversed, does anyone really think that Stephenson would have been playing last night? J.R. Smith was suspended a game for elbowing Jason Terry, why does the same rule not apply? If anything, Wade’s elbow was worse because he was not even in possession of the ball. He was not suspended because the league did not want to risk money, ratings, or a possible Heat loss. LeBron James was absolutely right the Heat are not “just another team.”

      • Cait says:

        I keep seeing “Pacers got more free throws” they should their game is in the paint. Bosh, Haslem, Battier, Allen, etc. predominantly take jump shots. Plus, Roy, George, West, and Stephenson were all in foul trouble in game 1. 3 ridiculous techs. Barkley’s right: NBA wants Heat to win!

      • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

        @Game I Love. Its funny that you had to go back to ECF 2012 to say Wade and LeBron attempted 20+ free throws because wade and lebron aren’t getting calls and getting to the free throw line.

    • sick says:

      Don’t CRY my friend.. LOL

      • Game I Love says:

        Charles Barkley said it best: “WE all know the NBA wants the Heat in the Finals”
        Let’s Go Pacers!

      • Kike says:

        Not only the NBA but also ABC, the network has spent a big lot of money on popular teams that would eventually lose if Miami is not in the finals.

      • Cait says:

        Right. The Pacers I think got 3 nationally televised TV games. Most fans out of Indy do not even know who plays for them!

      • Jonesing says:

        Like I said, the Heat will win this series. League already knows Memphis is not coming back from 3-0. Spurs have not gotten great ratings in the finals. They cannot possibly risk a Pacers-Spurs series. The horror. If Pacers win another game it will be to fill time before the finals start on June 6

    • Ilovelebronjames says:

      If the pacers are bigger stronger and “more physical than the Miami HEAT then tell me why the Miami HEAT blew out the pacers at home? Also let me tell you something…. NOONE is stronger or more physical than Lebron James and if u dunt think so then ur just another hater. Ray Allen and Shane Battier will come out.

      • Basketball Jones says:

        Last I remember the Pacers beat the Heat by 20 last year and the Heat still one the series. This is only one game. Go Pacers

      • NBA Fan says:

        Right. But if you say anything against the Heat it is like your are committing a crime. Go Pacers! Tighten up the defense and keep fighting!

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      I would be afraid because the Heat have not lost a single away game in these playoffs.
      Which means doesn’t matter if you steal home court advantage, Heat have away court advantage ^^

      I can see the finals now, they’ll split the first 2 games, win 2 out of the next 3 away, and clinch the title in game 6 on their home court.

      • Pacer Fan says:

        Do you know how many games the Spurs won at home this year? If it will be that easy, maybe we should just tell the rest of the league to take the next several years off. NBA fans can just watch as David Stern hands out the Heat rings and LBJ’s MVP trophy every year.

      • Basketball Jones says:

        Go Pacers!

      • Jonesing says:

        And the pacers had not lost a single home game until last night – there is first time for everything.

    • NBA says:

      Agreed. Multiple Heat players sold fouls again. Battier should get a flopping warning, but he will not just like Dwyane Wade was not suspended like he should have been. All of the other teams should just bow down to the self-professed “King” and let them have the trophy they paid for. Just take pride in the fact that the Pacers were built, not bought.

    • Just a fan says:

      Come on guys, best team wins a championship, it doesn’t matter if they’re built or bought. Let’s say LBJ would have taken his talents to Indiana, Pacer fans would have tell him to go to another team because they’d rather wait for talent in the draft? No way right?
      Now, the NBA wants the HEAT in the Finals? So the whole season it’s a travesty? So you can actually buy a championship in the United States? Doesn’t that happen only on Third World countries? Come on!
      This is a great series, two teams battling hard and that’s it, let’s not make this a life-or-death situation.
      Go HEAT!

      • Game I love says:

        Is LBJ the best player in the NBA of course. But the Heat is not a likeable team. I would much rather watch a team that had to work to get somewhere. LBJ, Wade, and Bosh sat in Beijing and decided they wanted to play alongside one another. Larry Bird had to make careful picks with a lower budget. The Spurs and Pacers have had to work harder to get where they are and that is why I am rooting for them.

      • The Rock says:

        Go Pacers!

    • AL says:

      Bunch of floppers ,watch George flopping in 3rd quarter (exactly 9.29 mark). Fact not bias, the heat won their 5th consecutive game on the road in these playoffs, handing the Pacers their 1st loss at home. what was it this time ,bad officiating or lack of Granger. Pacers are excellent defensive team but the Heat can hang in with the best of them defensively and are superior offensively. GO HEAT. They win game 4 and it is adieu Pacers, they wrap it up at home in 5 & you can keep blaming officiating …………

      • Cait says:

        Nope. The Pacers did not play well enough to win. Does not change the fact that Wade should not have been playing. It is a double standard and attention should be brought to it.

      • Game I love says:

        You are being biased if you do not admit those techs and lack of suspension were the league not wanting to see the heat lose.

      • Jonesing says:

        Really hope Pacers win tomorrow night!

      • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

        Even if dwayne wade was out the heat still would have won. All the players on the heat were on point and playing extremely well, they blew the pacers out. If wade was out the game might have been a little closer but heat still would have won. When miami’s supporting cast is knocking down shots they are impossible to beat, and they were knocking down their shots last night. But I get it, you pacers fan look for every excuse as to why they lose a game.

    • ML says:

      no the writer’s actually very observant and nonbiased. When the pacers won game 2 they got credit. Heat win game 3 so the writer saw and wrote what he observed. As great as Lebron James has been the past couple years, he’s just now starting to develop an efficient low-post game. If you don’t understand that, then don’t bother reading articles at all. And much respect to UD (haslem) who’s the heart and soul of the team since the 2006 championship.

    • Naptown says:

      Let’s Go Pacers. Indy -ana

    • Jonesing says:

      “Some guys have been doing it for years, just trying to get an advantage,” James said Monday in the lead-up to Tuesday’s Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals. “Any way you can get an advantage over the opponent to help your team win, so be it