Hibbert’s Tweet About Battier Exactly What This Series Doesn’t Need


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals was any indication, we should be in store for an entire series that could go down as an instant classic.

That would eliminate the need for any off-court hype-including Twitter beefs, random pot shots through the media and any of the other extra-curricular foolishness that can sidetrack some good ol’ fashioned playoff-level drama that happens on the court.

And, yes, I’m talking to you, Pacers center and (Hang Time Podcast fave) Roy Hibbert:

Calling out Heat forward Shane Battier for being a dirty player isn’t a crime. Surely, Battier has been called worse throughout the course of his college (Duke) and professional career. Doing it now, though, with Game 2 of this series just hours away (8:30 p.m. ET, TNT), is just completely unnecessary.

Pacers coach Frank Vogel has enough to deal with, what with the fallout from his decision not to play Hibbert at the end of Game 1 still on the minds of many, when LeBron James won the game with a layup at the rim. Vogel doesn’t need the spotlight to get any hotter than it already is, courtesy of Game 1 and his misinterpreted comments about the Heat before the series began.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, a devoted disciple of the “process,” certainly could do without the off-court histrionics.

I think we all could.

Enough of the hype already fellas. Just play ball!


  1. joseph dela cruz says:

    prediction only
    BUCKS in 4
    BULLS in 5
    PACERS in 6
    SPURS in 7

  2. da real says:

    In my opinion it was a dirty play but I don’t think it matters the Pacers are the much tougher team than Miami but Miami just has the individual talent advantage but are the softer team with exception to Lebron and probably Birdman. But with all that said the Pacers will win in 6.

  3. dan says:

    you can kick a guy in the balls, you can upcut thier balls (norris cole) but if you throw a punch u get suspended for 20 games

  4. Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

    Miami was just letting hibbert know that they aint gonna back down from him and all of them (except bosh) aren’t gonna be soft in the paint and are gonna take it hard and right at him. Hopefully bosh cant get more than 2 rebounds this game because that was a disgrace. Thank god he scored 15 or 17 points.

  5. Sandy says:

    The heat instead of practicing should practice their flopping!!! Didn’t get the refs attention and that is good. They are dirty players how do you think they got where they are?

  6. Aleksander says:

    I just have to say, that i have watched the last play from James for like 10 times and I think that James had committed a traveling violation.
    A copy from rules: To start a dribble after establishing a pivot foot, the ball must be released from the player’s hand before his pivot foot leaves the floor or he has committed a traveling violation.

  7. truthbetoldforsure says:

    Pacers are such cry babies. All they do is whine and make comments while the Heat only talk about winning the game. Heat is not just another team they are the world champs of last year. Coach Vogel decision was right not to play Hibbert in the final play but Heat are not just “another team” Mr. Caoch. Even Durant called them champs Vogel should have said the same.

  8. Vidagr8 says:

    It not battiers fault hes got to do what he got to do its on the refs to call it down the middle each year the nba look more like the wwe last years finals was horrible it reminded me of that paqman and bradley fight if lebron would have gotten the knee by george he wouldve gotten the flagrant or a tech

  9. Gary Flick says:

    Respectfully disagree…

    I understand that it’s 2013 and everyone is all about peace and what not (I’m a military veteran turned uber hippy myself), but the NBA playoffs differ from other sports wherein the game completely changes after the regular season. Football is brutal from preseason to the SuperBowl (or at least it was until the NFL started breastfeeding quarterbacks and receivers) and baseball and golf have less contact than cheerleading, The NHL has the same ‘step up the physicality’ mentality, but you still expect to see a fight in hockey pretty much every other game during the regular season, unlike basketball, which is generally serene for 60 games (save your major rivalries). The physical difference between the beginning of the NBA season and the playoffs truly is night and day and it makes for an increased intensity that is only rivaled by the difference between International friendlies and World Cup matches in soccer.

    Trash talk is the fuel to the fire that is the increased intensity and I welcome it with open arms. Every shove, every elbow and even every Tweet take the intesity meter up another notch, and that is why I watch the NBA playoffs more religiously than any other sporting entity. It’s like watching a time bomb that won’t hurt you if it blows up. It’s awesome.

  10. usmainesun says:

    This is a free country, which all Americans are proud of.

  11. Bubba says:

    Wow. Miami Heat is the dirtiest NBA team. They want to cheat to win Game 1. Come on. No talent besides Wade, Lebron, and Bosh.

    • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

      A hard foul is cheating? Really? They got called for the foul and gained nothing from it, so explain to me how they cheated please. They were just letting hibbert know they aint soft and this will be a physical series. Which is completely fine when your going against a bigman that is excellent at protecting the rim.

  12. Irony much? says:

    “Enough of the hype already”….and yet there this whole post is dedicated to a single tweet that isn’t really trash talk but being presented as one.

  13. Victor says:

    7 foot 2 LAMAR ODOM LOL!

  14. Hibbert's right says:

    Battier is a disgrace – flopping throughout the game, trying to injure players, holding opponents non stop, trying to sell calls, game after game
    what happened to clean, physical play? too much tolerance for this
    do the refereeing chiefs in the league like what they’re seeing every game? because a lot of fans don’t
    oh and sekou, take a hike dude – instead of calling out a dirty play, you call out hibbert – if you had gotten that knee, you’d still be down dude

  15. lisa santiago says:


  16. Hero Khang says:

    yo Battier always be talking for no reason and is the dirtiest player in the league… he bothers me so much

  17. jc says:

    This is actually a clever move. People will now be watching closely at how Battier plays.

  18. Loki says:

    Lebron whined in a regular season game about dirty plays after Chicago ended their win streak and people are telling Hibbert to grow up? There a double standard for Lebron or something?

    League is growing soft. Yeah Hibbert should’ve kept his mouth shut, but Lebron is the face of modern basketball, and when he acts like a crybaby it makes the whole league sound soft.

    • Loki says:

      When you’re that much of a superstar, have to remember you don’t just represent yourself or your team, you also represent the NBA and the sport itself.

  19. Matt says:

    “Hibbert’s Tweet About Battier Exactly What This Series Doesn’t Need” by Sekou Smith. HATER!!!

  20. Matt says:

    Shane Battier should be disqualified from play

  21. Game Time says:

    Is he serious? I could see if he was STANDING in the lane and Battier drove into him with a knee. Shane was in the air BEFORE he was. Basically he’s late on defense and want’s to throw shots at Shane for taking a knee. Stupid.

  22. Jerry says:

    Pacers in 5

  23. charles says:

    I think it’s exactly what the series needs. Clearly the big man feels his team is not being treated fairly. If that same play was made on Lebron by say Stephenson, he would be out of the game immediately. If we don’t want soap opera, then lets get the refs to call the game in an equitable and just manner. Hibbert is as important to the Pacers as Lebron is to the Heat.

    • Le2e says:

      Well said. Lebron gets brushed by Agustine and flops the deck and they called that an O-foul yet Battier knees hibbert in the junk and the foul goes on Roy, makes no sense. No flop fine for lebron either, the favortism is evident.

      • Game Time says:

        Because Battier was already in the air. What are they going to start calling charges when you JUMP into players now?

  24. AJ Mills says:

    I’m a Heat fan and personally, I don’t like the dirty stuff.

    And yeah, I still think Hibbert is kind of a whiner. But this article is just stupid. Game 2 “just hours away”? He tweeted that yesterday. What’s the point?

  25. deeemo says:

    After all this hoopla around him, this guy must be feeling so important right now. He won’t make that huge difference in game 2 now I think. LeBron and Wade will just slice him down and Bosh will exploit his turtle like speed. Mark my words..

    • Loki says:

      Wade? Lol, that’s funny. Wade is still a superstar but he is the last player the pacers need to worry about right now. Bosh is only a legit threat if he’s consistent. It’s the role players who I’d be more worried about. Birdman was killing it.

  26. Nba03432 says:

    Battier acts like he plays clean but he is dirty im 100% with hibbert on this one

  27. ThisIsIt says:

    Not to mention too much acting from Wade. He always swips the floor. lol

  28. Andrejs says:

    The Miami Heat and especially Shane Battier will be going at Roy Hibbert with their knees and feet in Game 2. Especially after the OT Game 1 loss Roy shouldn’t have tweeted that at Shane and the other thing is that the Heat are extremely motivated to defend their championship. I’m looking at Game 2 loss in Miami.

  29. Steve says:

    Hibbert was right. Battier did throw an unnecessary knee at Roys’ junk. I hate to say it but I don’t think the Pacers can beat Miami, even though I am an Indiana fan. I just hope that the Spurs are not too old, and that they can beat the heat.

  30. Lee says:

    Its hard to play ball with dirty ball players and its not just SHANE add DWAYNE to the list. Some people don”t want to hear the truth. they also are the biggest floppers in the league especially LEBRON and DWAYNE. Let the truth be what it is.

  31. Another Oakley says:

    Battier is their enforcer, like Oakley was for MJ. He comes in to foul. I thought the elbow he threw at Hansbrough was a technical 2, worse than the thugging Hibbert got.

  32. muz says:

    7’2 cry baby haha

  33. YeahOkay says:

    How come any time anyone says anything remotely negative about the Heat they are called a “hater”. Man these band wagoners really have no comeback.

    • AJ Mills says:

      How come any time anyone says anything remotely positive about the Heat they are called a “band wagoner”.
      Man these haters really have no comeback.

    • Hater4life! says:

      Idk. How come any time anyone says anything remotely positive about the heat they are called a “band wagoner.” Man these haters really have no logic

  34. Vidagr8 says:

    Miami should be owned by the nba their not gonna give him the same calls hibbert got against the knicks refs gonna make it interesting for the fans before they give it to the heat.Whit that being said hibbert better SPEAK UP !

  35. Dirk Pantollana says:

    If you dont want to get hurt Roy. Play chess instead!

  36. Michael Clark says:

    Maybe you guys have never played basketball at the highest level but the things that you call dirty are just playing basketball. Most of the time when a small guy drives in the paint against a very large center he always try to gain an advantage by pushing off or anything that he can get away with without being called for an offensive foul. That doesn’t may a player dirty because he put his knee into you, that’s just playing the game.

    • Le2e says:

      You havent either, and you are completely wrong. A knee to the stomach to create space is def an offensive foul

    • Game Time says:

      And how would you know Le2e? Anyhow he’s right because even in HS and college I was told the go hard in the paint. Putting your knee up like that BEFORE a defender arrives let’s them know NOT to jump towards you. How stupid is Hibbert to jump towards and already airborne Battier and cry that he got hit. I swear people have no clue about how basketball is really played.

  37. Erlo says:

    Haters gonna hate. Heat are going to win it all again this year. NEXT!

  38. CATAS says:

    sekou… your wrong.. BATTIER INTENTIONALLY FOULED HIBBERT WITH THAT KNEE. shoulda been a flagrant

  39. really? says:

    Let’s see if I have this straight. Kevin Garnett can say whatever he wants about La La Anthony on the court where he can’t be caught or fined by the league, and it is “proof that he is a crafty veteran who can get under your skin”. Roy Hibbert comes out of a film session, goes on twitter, and tells the Heat to bring it and now he is the bad guy for “stirring the pot”? I know that writers have to put something out there to keep their contract, but could they spend a little more time manufacturing stories?

  40. Cynthia says:

    Battier is already well known to be one of the dirtiest players in the league. So I don’t see how this is supposed to be surprising, let alone trash talk. I do like how Roy basically said to keep it coming, he won’t back down.

  41. Madness says:

    works out everyday and by the kick he falls down like a girl. A lot of players by one puch or one kick drops them to the ground to let the ref know he fouled him what a baby. I play ball everyday and a lot of elbows and kicks come my way, but i still stand tall. If the ref sees the foul good, if not ill keep playing at my best.

  42. GangstaP says:

    Battier is just a dirty player in general.

  43. Snoop says:

    Indy just need something to help them out…firth vogel try getting the refs on their side now this’ them boys don’t have chance to beat the heat

  44. jonas de ramos says:

    Man, Hibbert needs to grow up fast. This is the playoffs. He should watch videos of the old Pacers-Knicks rivalry in the 90’s especially when the Reggie Miller-led Pacers thrashed the Knicks in the playoffs.

  45. 2sday says:

    Waaawaaawaa Come on Big Guy – you and your team have delivered WAY worse than a knee to the tummy – remember last year Wade bleeding above the eye? Haslem bleeding above the eye? Toughen up and play basketball! Now if this were the Heat complaining about tough play ya’ll would be calling them out. Be consistent.

  46. LabMonkey says:

    Looking at the plays of Battier towards Hansbrough and others, it’s obvious to me he’s a dirty player (Battier), he’s always praised for his basketball IQ and everything, but just look at the extra moves he makes that are not basketball plays. I agree with Roy and everyone should back off Indiana’s back, if Miami had lost the game it would have been on Wade.

  47. Taga-Pasay says:

    If players don’t want to get hurt in a game of basketball, all they have to do is quit and play ping pong.
    Just shut up and play!!!

  48. silverandblack says:

    battier is the dirtiest player in the nba. i missed the game and i can already tell you battier was in the wrong.

    • AJ Mills says:

      That play was dirty, no doubt. But Battier … dirtiest in the NBA? What?

      • Game Time says:

        I don’t see how it was dirty. Shane was in the air before Roy, who basically was late rotating over on defense. If the guy is already in the air and you run into his knee it’s intentional? Wow.

  49. stonymilovsky says:

    Dam right Roy is right,

    Maybe the refs will read the paper,
    Battier”s combination of flopping and dirty play makes him enemy number 1 on my heat hate list.
    Sekou is usually in tune with the real ins and outs of the NBA but this piece has the ring of a CNN article.
    Pick a point and try to make it rather that talk about something real.

  50. Polite Platypus says:

    Dirty plays by Battier and Cole should be brought to attention. He is doing the right thing, and stop being such sissies about what this will implicate in the future of the series. Don’t play dirty or you will be called out deservingly so.

  51. Peter says:

    This league is getting rediculous soft. That comment was absolutely nothing. Just like the one by the coach which Lebron had a hissy fit about.

    Plus Miami are a dirty team in general – one of the dirtiest around. Wade is a thug, Lebron whines about everything, Bosh cries like a baby when something doesn’t go his way, and Battier will do anythinig to get a competitive advantage.

    Battier I can actually respect though, because unlike Wade he doesn’t do it with the intention of injuring others.



    • MV3 says:

      umm no hes not. Centers are allowed to jump straight up and keep there arms straight up when trying to block shots. and thats what hibbert always does. not his fault if the offensive players jumps into him and hits the ground hard.hes well within the rules to jump up and contest.

      Go Dwaaaade!!!

  53. Lets Go Heat says:

    Man you call this trash talk, should go back into the NBA history and checkout some great rivalries. Its funny how media takes over everything and ppl believe in it. Watching some of the Pacers-Knicks games in the 90s, sh#t felt like the whole arena would explode. Just play basketball and stop being so sensitive. LETS GO HEAT.

    • Steve says:

      I always enjoy Mr Smith, but here I am puzzled as to why he is saying that this is exactly what this series does not need ?? What is this about ?? Hibbert gets hit with a deliberate MMA flying knee and he politely says that he did not appreciate it and that he will not bend, and this is exactly what this series doens not need ?? I’m not following.

      In any case, I think it should have been a flagrant on Battier the same way they call a flagrant on a guy who deliberately and forcefully takes a player down while the latter is flying to the hoop. There are defensive and offensive foul so the logic should work both ways. I respect Battier’s skills but I don’t respect dirty players’ characters. Being dirty is an alternative to cover up weaknesses. We all know Battier’s not dunking on anybody driving to the hoop, certainly not Hibbert…so Battier elected to do something else, and I am not impressed.

      So according to Mr Smith, Hibbert should have just remained silent and look like a sheep who will be intimidated at will. Oh…OK…Way to show your teammates you are a leader.

      • Victor says:

        i think what “Mr. Smith” is saying is that hibbert (and the Pacers) really should not be crying to the media because they’ve already put there foots in their mouths enough times. Rather they should stay quiet and focus on making the impossible possible.

        They’re heads aren’t in the game! They’re building up the excuse machine for their failures just like last year’s semi-finals

  54. basketballfeverfromTurkey says:

    Yeah maybe he shouldn’t have said that but what he said is true though. Battier’s knee. It was intended to hit Hibbert. No wonder the refs. watched replay to see if it was flagrant or not. It was dirty. Hibbert looks like big dinosaur , like he is playing agaist the infants. Everybody on the floor look small and slim compared to him. Heat would be frustrated a lot in this series. A lot !

  55. Realist1234 says:

    There was also a blatant low blow, WWE style, on David West. I believe it was Norris Cole as he was trying to drive by West on the right wing.

  56. Treyy says:

    Man I Like for The Heat To Win The Series…….. PAcers Nowhere Near The Heat In Talent

    • Polite Platypus says:

      Nowhere near huh…seems to me that they lost the game by 1 point.

      • Erlo says:

        Yea? And Chicago won game one … what is your point? Oh … you don’t have one. Heat are too talented for ANY team.

      • Loki says:

        Erio Sounds like a bandwagoner scared of the idea of the heat losing.

  57. Bstarr says:

    YEAH!!!!! Finally some venom and trash in this series. Now the real playoff Bball matches between these 2 can start.

    I just hated it when Frank Vogel was taking back his words (calling Heat just another team or something like that).

    This ain’t exhibition basketball!!!!! Show us some nasty now!!! Especially now the Celtics & Bulls are out. If I want to see a boring match I’ll watch the Spurs.

    So Pacers it’s up to you! Just do it!!!

    • Victor says:

      The Pacers made Larry Bird quit and he called that roster “soft” on the way out….

      that Pacers team from the coaching staff to the bench are a bunch of Lamar Odoms!!!

      Just like last year in the semi-finals… the Pacers haven’t grown up, they’re just a bunch of kids whining about officiating, talking trash in the media, and playing dirty in the game

      As long as they act like this they will always be a bunch of Lamar Odoms

  58. steppx says:

    except he’s right.

  59. Lola says:

    See I’m okay with Hibbert doing that. I swear its really sad if Miami needs something to fire themselves up. I mean its basketball, playoff basketball at that. I don’t mine trash talking from any NBA player as long as its not something that is crossing the line.

    So, if the heat needs for someone to fire them up to play even better, then they do not deserve to be here

  60. DJ3 says:

    He tweeted that yesterday. So it isn’t “just now” hours away from game 2. It was most likely after practice or meeting yesterday.

  61. Luis Mi. says:

    Exactly!!!!! Just play ball!!!!