The Play Of The Game: What Would You Do?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’ve got plenty of time to debate the final play of the Miami Heat’s 103-102 overtime win over the Indiana Pacers in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals. Game 2 isn’t until Friday night. So let the second-guessing begin.

The question is simple, should the Pacers have had their rim protector extraordinaire Roy Hibbert on the floor for the final play of a game? There were just 2.2 seconds to play and LeBron James spun to the basket and finished with the lefty layup to win it, thanks to Paul George‘s defensive gaffe (he overplayed the pass after seeing Ray Allen fly past him to the wing on a beautifully designed play). Pacers coach Frank Vogel has already said that if he had it to do over again … kudos to him for coming clean, many of his colleagues around the league would bark at us for questioning him.

Watch the play (above) again and play coach. Would you rather go small and give up those last two layups LeBron scored (the first was a driving layup on George Hill) or do you take your chances with Hibbert, praised by Vogel recently as the best rim protector in the game, and force the Heat to beat you with a lower percentage shot from distance?

George answered the question for me when he admitted afterwards that he needed to force LeBron to take a jumper rather than give up the clear lane to the basket. Had Hibbert been on the floor, that path would have at least been a bit cluttered. Tyler Hansbrough, who was fantastic earlier in the game, was chasing Allen on that last play but did not close off the lane the way Hibbert might have if he were in there.

I know it’s hindsight now and that everything but what Vogel did looks like a better option now. Sorry. That’s the way it works when we all get to play armchair coach after the fact.

So again, what would you do?


  1. baboy says:

    pacers just got lucky.. ray allen missed FT, wade “foul”, you name it… what else? paul george phantom fouls man..

  2. Esso says:

    Stop crying babyPacers . The Amigos are your Nemesis (like Thunder ) . Next time , Andersen , LBJ and Wade and even Bosh will constantly attack the rim forcing foul troubles for your starters . It’s done !!! You played at your max , D West will play ugly tonight .
    Furthermore , LBJ made a triple without dominating the game . Heat in 5 . See you during the regular season because Rose ,Deng , Hinrich will be back , Brooklyn and Wizards will grow stronger .
    You’re done

  3. Bryan says:

    calm down people, i watched the game and i dont even like these two teams. my point is, the pacers played a strong game but were outplayed in the last second by a more experienced team, and a smarter coach. miami won fair and square…..

  4. Basketballfan says:

    It does not matter to Lebron if Hibbert was on the floor or on bench at that time. LBJ is capable of doing these kind plays. He did them before and is doing now. No surprise in that. So, do not talk about coach’s decision and just enjoy the play. There is no luck.

  5. BIGBOY11 says:


  6. Pizzo says:

    This was a pretty game between two great teams, but it also was a great fight between the coaches, who worked all night creating schemes for good % shots; coach Spo was just a little bit better

  7. the black mamba says:

    indy will prove tough or heat im pretty sure it will be a 7 gm series
    oh and before saying lebron is the better than kobe and michael compare their rings 6>5>1 or mj>kobe>lebron

  8. Grid says:

    Heat just got lucky. That’s all.

  9. Two costly plays says:

    1. When Indy was up 99-96, off a heat miss Roy Hibbert allows Chris Bosh an offensive rebound and and an and-one. Yes there was a bit of a shove on the back from Bosh but with the size he has and at that point in time that is just unacceptable on Roy Hibbert’s part.

    2. Yes, leaving Hibbert out was questionable on the last play. However, knowing there’s no help, Paul George should’ve at least fouled Lebron. This was an epic game and it’s so sad that Indy let it slip with an uncontested clean lay-up from Lebron.

  10. BasketBallFan says:

    Great last play by LeBron by taking everything what is allowed by NBA referees. Unfortunately, it was obvious travel violation – the dribble came too late after receiving the ball (2 steps were made prior the dribble). The offence gets quite an advantage in this situation and it is hard to defend if the player is allowed to pick-up the speed without a dribble. It is quite common in NBA to ignore traveling violations to honor more spectacular version of “basketball”.

  11. Andres Velez says:

    I rather die with Allen or Bosh wide open shot than Lebron with an easy lay up!!!

  12. Winston says:

    Forget pointing fingers. What I find interesting is the Pacers fought the Heat to a stand still on home court.

  13. smh haters..talking about lebron traveled. lmao stop making excuses for the indiana loss. embrace it ! lebron is great! indiana will lose in 5! facts are facts they just dont have enough to beat the heat. it takes more than size to win a game! the heat have more power offensively plus they can match the pacers defense any day. all indiana has is size in hibbert but one on one with both please!! chris bosh will demolish roy lol. stop whining ! So all you lebron and heat haters get ready to switch to the next team that plays the heat and pray that they lose. indiana is done…….oh yeah most of yall were with the bucks…and bulls..praying they would get the best of the champs lol yall on the bandwagon with the pacers..getting ready to watch the same thing happen over again. let me help you out…BECOME A HEAT FAN!!!!

  14. theholyspecatator says:

    only reason why miami almost lost the game really is cuz miami was being sloppy most of the night, they had almost 20 turnovers…thats ridiculous! expect game 2 miami to be much sharper and have the same kinda energy level that they had when they came out after halftime and put indy right on their heals..i think we saw the best indy could play..if they can continue to play the same level they played last night then miami might be pushed to a game 7…but miami ultimately winning…indy is a great team, but they are just a few ticks below miami…whats interesting is also, miami at times tends to play less aggressive at home vs away…theyll come to indy sunday with a 2-0 lead and just needa steal 1 and theyll be good..but hats off to indy and people needa chill about coach vogel and not puttin in many things coulda many people were shocked thats how the game ended? lol..its nba basketball people

  15. Just a fan says:

    I guess I’m one of the few people around that believe it was a good call by the coach. Just take a look at who the Heat had in the game. LeBron was always going to drive on that play. If you leave Hibbert in and George was able to stick with him on the play then no matter the rotations you end up with a double team on James and one of the Heat players on the court wide open. Take a look at the other four guys percentages, even Bosh’s (most likely to left open in this scenario) 18footer % is scary. So for me good call by the coach, and I’m not gonna blame George either, every young star in the history of the game has made some tragic mistakes (Magic in ’84 is probably the best example) what really matters is how you handle and if you grow from that mistake and personally I believe this kid has what it takes.

  16. lbj 6 says:

    james didn’t travel..does for sure..if he did, the pacers would have complain about that stop making excuses..just accept the fact that the pacers lost this one..and there’s still 6 more games to be played..

  17. xavier says:

    If I was spo I would space the floor with Cole allen and battier, bron for the drive and bosh for the mid-range jumper.
    If I was Vogel I would always try to protect the rim (There was lebron on the other team), I would put Hibbert at the rim and Hansbrough on Bosh, Hill on cole Stephenson on allen, battier was off but if the ball went towards him George would have to have an extra effort and challenge the shot however he could.

  18. lebron is the best says:

    That las play is a clear travelling infraction by lebron! He makes 2 steps before dribbling

  19. daniel says:

    lebron traveled end of story

  20. Jean_Phi says:

    A lay-up is a no-miss shot so I’d rather give Lebron or Bosh a jumper than a lay-up.

    Maybe Indiana would have lost anyway but we’ll never know. I think Vogel made a bad choice on that one.

  21. Costa says:

    wow….travel?cant believe people are saying this
    no way

  22. Dirk says:

    Indiana controlled the game, and the tempo the entire game. Indiana is young and can play the minutes required. Paul George’s To’s & over commitment on that last lay-up was the key. Vogel is one of the better coaches in NBA. Hindsight I understand what he was thinking. At time I was screaming. Miami is great, but Indiana is better. Miami knows Indiana can beat them. Indiana will split in Miami. The Heat will not win in Indianapolis! Game 3 is on Race Day which will be crazy. Probably a half a million extra people in town. Indiana win series.

  23. Kobe Bryant says:

    Good job lebron I watched your game while I’m fishing in my pond

  24. BlueCore says:

    Game was INTENSE…. :)…. both teams played well.

  25. bigboy11 says:

    Miami looked rusty,they were giving the game to Indy the last 3 plays in regular time Allen missing that free throw and lebron not stepping out to guard George before he made that lucky 3pt. Cole stealing the ball and losing it again on the floor the game should not have gone into overtime

  26. W/E says:

    Vogel should just kill himself. Lebron had the easiest lay up of his life there what a ridicoulous ending for game 1, pacers commited suicide on the most important play of the game.

  27. Bu says:

    LBJ did not travel. Watch in slow mo please.

    If Hibbert was in there, he would hv been switched on the play & not necessarily be protecting the rim. Besides, he’s a 7 footer & look at who was on the floor: James, Bosh, Battier, Allen & Cole. All can shoot the 3. They basically went small & gave a setup of going for a jumper as there was little time for a drive. So Vogel did the logical thing to cover the shooters with the right people instead of going for height.

    Pacers did well to cover everyone including Allen where there was no confusion on covering James. George did overplay by mistake as I’m sure he’d rather hv him take a contested jumper than a layup.

    We’re talking in hindsight & how would you draw it up if you’re there as coach Vogel BEFORE the play???

  28. resty gomez says:

    well well, all is said and done! What is important is Miami won and will win again!

  29. Frank Vogel said that Roy Hibbert is the best rim protector in the game and he don’t use him, so the blame for Indiana losing should go on him. Was it because of the 5 fouls he had, I don’t know, but take a risk and if you foul LeBron James and send him to the free throw line, I’d rather him make 2 foul shots then have an easy lay-up. It was a sloppy game (42 turnovers combined from both teams), a lot of fouls being called. I’d like to see the refs tone it down a little for game 2.

  30. JustABaller says:

    Heat Fan,
    I think he did the right decision in taking Hibbert out because if he was in the game, all chris bosh had to do was move around, he would be wide open because in the timeout before, they had Roy Hibbert standing right under the rim. Bosh is too fast for Hibbert. Plus, the game should have been over if Allen didn’t miss that clutch free throw, But as a Heat fan, I will take the W.
    Heat in 5,6

  31. JimD54 says:

    The Pacers could have played better, Miami couldn’t have, the Pacers are big and strong on the low block and they have a lot of big bodies coming off the bench, by game 5 or 6 Chris, Shawn and the Birdman will be worn down, Lebron will be taking 3’s to avoid the contact and Wade’s knee won’t let him guard anyone, if the Pacers keep up the pressure Miami will wilt

    • AJ Mills says:

      Miami couldn’t have played better? For the season their 3FG% was 39.6, and last night it was 27.8%. Free throws 75.4% for the season, 64% last night–including 3 misses by one of the top ten best free throw shooters of all time. The Heat can definitely play better.

  32. Gary says:

    If it wern’t for a demonic rule that allowes one team to call “time-out” and be able to automatically advance the ball to the other end of the court, Indiana wins the game. Just another discusting “rule” that should be eliminated.

  33. steppx says:

    TERRIBLE OVERCOACHING BLUNDER. You DO NOT take out your best defender in the last second. MORONIC amateur night blunder.

  34. Zac says:

    its rediculous to allow running from the 3pt line to the basket with just one dribble.

  35. JC says:

    Brilliant on LeBron for knowing exactlly what to do on that play… Bad on Vogel because LeBron did exactlly the same thing the previous play… Th eKing looked a little off at times in the fourth quarter but all the greats come through in clutch time… Vogel should know that…

  36. JROC says:

    What would I have done? FED WEST IN THE POST!!!!! Stevenson forced the game too much instead of dumping down to West on the mismatch and spotting up to shoot off the double. FEED WEST and the game is over in regulation!!! Horrible coaching and player execution.

  37. Miles10 says:

    The Pacers have tremendous respect for Bosh’s offensive ability to knock down mid or long range shots. Two seconds could barely make plan B on the floor. I won’t give Vogel thumbs down, nor thumbs up. LeBron simply delivered it, period.

  38. El Stone says:

    LeTravel strikes again.

  39. Kingslayer 01 says:

    most important thing to remember is there is only 2.2 on the clock. Roy Hibbert needed to be in there to stop the penetration because moving the ball for a jump shot could have taken more time and provided more chance for the defence to recover. In effect Hibbert would have forced more movement taking up more time.

  40. Benny Profane says:


  41. Tiago says:

    What i would do? I would have done a foul in regular time when indiana had less than 5 seconds to shoot and Miami was 3 points ahead! instead they let them shoot 3 and throw the game to OT. Awful decision, Even if Indiana scored the 2 free throws Miami gained possession and could waste at least 2 or 3 of the 5 seconds remaining. Indiana would never score in 2 seconds with no time outs left. Spoelstra was sleeping on the bench.

  42. SportsLife says:

    It was not a travel. All you have to do is look in the rule book. The ball does not have to hit the ground people, it only has to be out of his hand, which it was.

    I don’t blame Vogel. 2.2 seconds left, most of the time that’s going to be a jumper from somewhere. Lebron made an amazing read and an amazing finish. Add to the fact that it was only a one point game and Hibbert was one foul from fouling out, you wouldn’t want him to be the one taking the foul to send Lebron to the line after he blows past George, in case it went to a 2nd OT, which leads me to

    George, or Young, either one, as soon as Lebron made his cut, should have fouled him. He wasn’t very good at the line tonight, make him go to the line to win it. Odds are he misses one the way he was shooting tonight and you go to a double OT, but once he cuts past you you’re giving him pretty much a 99% chance (with a layup) to win the game. Should have fouled. I don’t blame Vogel for his decision. It just happened to be a perfect play and a perfect read by a good coach and amazing player, mixed with a defensive gaff by George and the lack of awareness to take the foul instead of giving up the free layup. Granted the though in the defensive minds could have been “don’t foul time will run out before he gets there” still I love the Lebron, but it’s Lebron, send him to the line force him to make two shots.

  43. SM says:

    May someone also talk about Miami coach SPO!!!
    Miami can get a better result and win the series easier if play with bigger line-up.
    Using Shane in position 4 and play against West is biggets mistake for Spo. That strategy may work against some teams like Oklahama but would not work against Indiana.
    They should start the game with Bosh and Anthony in position 5 and 4 and then Birdman nad Haslem.
    Use only 4 big men in position 4 and 5 against Indiana. Playing with their big men, is a guaranttee for winning the game for Miami.

  44. twoj247 says:

    This was just poor thinking from Indiana. Roy Hibbert wasn’t in the game to possibly stop that from happening, Paul George played very risky defense causing the layup, and Sam Young didn’t even help out on one of the best finishers in the league! Young watched as he layed it up. Instead Hibbert should have been in the game to stop an easy layup and Young could have at least hammered LBJ to send him to the freethrow line where he has not performed well in the clutch.

  45. FTP says:

    Why didn’t they just swarm Lebron? 2.2s is panic time and jump shots can be forgiven if they managed to sink them. Bad loss for Indy.

  46. xclause says:

    enough for lebron,,why cant you see who design the play..nice job coach spo..thats all!!

  47. Lincoln says:

    To behonest Vogel would have thought there was no time for the lay-up and they had no choice but the jumpshot. if that’s the thinking then the entrie defensive play made sense.

    My verdict on this game is it was the best of the playoffs so far. I think both teams played to the ability they can reach in this series.

    For those saying that the Heat only had 30% shooting percentage and they’ll better it…They wont, they had that low percentage because they’re against the best defensive team in the league.

    This is a tight series versus a very driven pacers and a banged up heat. Lebron will get the Heat through but based on this game tonight you should not expect the Heat in 5, inf act you’re dreaming.

  48. Truth be told says:

    I don’t wanna take anything away from LBJ, clearly the most efficient player in the league today, but that is a travel..

  49. Hatersgohell says:

    if u know how to play basketball,u’ll know that it wasn’t travel. it’s called gathering. hatersgotohell!! u should be ashamed, keep looking for excuses ur team lost, travel? referee? coach? home court advantage? cmon. just accept defeat as u accept when u win. but sorry. heat in game 4! birdman birdman!

  50. chris says:

    1. i think paul george overplayed lebron, he should have given him a jump shot. if james makes it, ok, but you cant give him an open lane with 2 sec left.
    2. hibbert MIGHThave been able to challenge the lay up, but i think a foul or even an and one would be the result.
    3. miami’s spacing was really good, i would have tried to double james on the inbound and let battier open. if james gets the ball back to battier, thats still hard to do and very little time left for battier to get up a decent shot.
    All in all i dont think it was a mistake by vogel

    • chris says:

      and as far as the travel is concerned, we all know, and the players know, that in that kind of situation there will be no call. but still, it was very close and i think the heat would not have had a reason to complain if the refs had called a travel.

  51. RCM says:

    Review well the slow motion of that last play and its clear LBJ travelled. Lifting his pivot foot before the ball landed on the floor. He was so quick that its almost unnoticeable.



  53. Don says:

    Sweep? Miami just got lucky. Besides,its their home court so they should have won better than that..

  54. WadeBrotherJames says:

    Frank Vogel said: It will not happen next time. as if here is NEXT TIME you’ll have a chance to beat MIAMI man………. They are 46 for their last 49 games this season… Think up man…. HEAT in 4.
    spoelstra is a genius ! Lebron is a Monster, Finisher. ….and Andersen is Birdman…

  55. ism says:

    Had no chance to watch it, yet, but:

    a) I probably would have had Hibbert ON the floor, but
    b) since February it seems the Heat never lose their composure, which means a game-winner from mid-range is also likely with this team.
    c) great players step up when it matters the most, and this was a fine example. It doesn’t matter if Hibbert is there, in the aftermath the only question will be if the Heat superstars, mainly LeBron, stepped up when they needed to, no matter how.

  56. BMW says:

    I watched the play five times in a row. Not even close to a travel. All you haters will say anything in trying to lessen the impact of an unstoppable force. Those of you calling it travel obviously have never played basketball: Watched, yes. Played, no. In the spin move, if he had held it, yes, then travel. But he caught the ball with his feet spread, which then makes either foot a pivot foot, then the ball in motion to the floor. Then the ball picked up on his left foot, right foot, score. No travel.

  57. ktc says:

    Bottom line, Paul George should have fouled Lebron, send him to the line and make him earn his victory instead of serving it on a platter. It is unfortunate to have over played the defense in the first place because he wanted to be a hero, but in that situation you need to keep a player of James caliber in front of you or that will happen 9 out of 10x. I do not like to reference a little dirty play but look at Manu Ginobli’s hard foul on Tony Allen the other night. If I remember correctly it was not extremely pivotal for Manu to stop the shot, but as a veteran he knew that 2 points is still 2 and there are no easy baskets in the playoffs. So what does he do? He hides his arm and yanks Tony Allen down, no fragrant called and who wins that game? Oh right, the 2-0 San Antonio Spurs. I don’t even like the Spurs but damn they are a great team.

    Tough loss tonight but I still think they have some kick, Heat in 6.

  58. Fuuu says:

    I am a Knicks fan, soo i dont care who win’s this series, i watch just for the fun off a great game and last night was an amazing game! one of the best i seen this year,

    Just enjoy the series and do as i learned a long time ago, dont bother coming here arguing with miami fans because they dont even know what a travel is but they will annoy to death lool

    AMAZING game looking forward to game 2!

  59. ivansaldajeno says:

    If I were Coach Frank, I would have kept Roy in. Nuff said…

  60. ivansaldajeno says:

    If I were Coach Frank, I would have kept Roy there. Nuff said…

  61. mjb77 says:

    Congratulations to the Indiana Pacers for handing Miami a win.

  62. exactly says:

    if hibbert was on the floor?
    I think miami still wins..why? cause thats the way it used to be…ask god..

  63. Ryan03 says:

    This will be a great series, Heat in game 7, unless coach vogel able to have solution for the great plays of the big 3 and good shooting of d supporting cast, else were gonna see Heat again to be the champios this year.

  64. Zac says:

    what a stupid defense. they should have doubled on james instead of placing an inbound defender on the ball. what can the inbounder do in 2.2 seconds? Nothing!

  65. willie says:

    hibbert should’ve been there. oh and yeah, LBJ didn’t travel. his right foot was his pivot before dribbling

  66. J says:

    miid range is low percentage layups are best so keep hibbert in take your chances

  67. willie says:

    hibbert should’ve been there.

    • jose says:

      Indiana should feel really fortunate that the game got to the point of been decided the way it was!!!!
      Actually this game was missplayed by Miami.
      1. IF Ray and Battier had made a pair of threes… least …….
      2. IF George had failed the Three to tie the game…
      3.IF, George had failed one or two free throws….
      4. IF Wade had not fouled George……
      5. IF the umpire had penalized Gill for fouling hard Lebron…..
      6. IF the officials had penalized Agustine for fouling Cole whne trying to get the ball to Wade…

      The game never had gotten to the LBJ magistral play…..

      Indiana was really fortunate…even though the lost their last shot at defeating the Champs…

  68. Xenon says:

    Indiana should’ve fouled Ray Allen, it’s not like he can shoot free throws! (just kidding, that’d be the worst possible outcome)

    Here’s the thing, you play the team on the floor not the what ifs. With Lebron James on the floor you guard the rim, that’s all there is to it. It’s always better to force a jump shooter to beat you than to let a powerhouse like James get to the basket.

  69. NBA fan says:

    Traveling, esp. close travels, happens far too many times in the NBA that if the officials are going to call them every time, then basketball can easily be as boring as the chess game. So let the game goes on with just a small portion of travels get called which makes the game very interesting.

  70. GoHeat says:

    Good effort by the Pacers. Like it or not though, they aren’t exactly Miami caliber, they might still a game, but that’s about it. For those who mention the pacers being “tortured” by bad calls and calling James’ layup a travel – go study stat sheets and a rule book. You have no clue what you are talking about.

  71. neutral says:

    I think George taught James will settle for a jump shot that’s why he stop momentarily. But James is more mature now, always look for high percentage shots.

  72. tochi says:

    Heat will sweep the Pacers 4 – 0. Paul George had a great game 1 but fall short and the defensive lapse that he made will haunt him coming to the next games. Even though Coach Vogel tried to encourage him and told him that he was great, I highly doubt that he will recover from this. Heat and Spurs is going to be fun in the NBA Finals. Lebron can redeem himself from being swept last 2007 NBA Finals which was his 1st Finals appearance.

    • HEAT 3:1:6 says:

      Agree, Thumbs Up! for the BIG Win, let the HEAT SWEEP the Pacers… You don’t wanna mess with the Birdman!

      Great game for the HEAT All Stars! Ready for Game 2…

  73. its me says:

    call the travel

  74. Sara says:

    Looks like a travel to me…so I would have called travel.

  75. mattchew says:

    this was a horrible game from both teams!! i don’t see heat having an easy series!!!

  76. rondyardosa says:

    Lance Stephenson, who’s the choke now?

  77. Charro says:

    For me there 2 times traveling on this drive!!!! It makes the spin impossible to defend.But yes I keep Hibbert on the floor “floating” 12 feet from the ring on a last play for sure.

  78. SHAKE_n_BAKE says:

    GREAT GAME, THIS IS WHAT THE PLAYOFFS IS ALL ABOUT !! That layup from LeBron would have to go up as one of those ‘Greatest Playoffs Plays’ in history. To all those people who think that Vogel should have used Hibbert as rim protector, who knows….LBJ might have had a step on him aswell depending on where C.Bosh was spaced. Or then again there could have been a block, or even possibly a foul. But this is how it was meant to go down, so I am very happy for LBJ and Miami.
    As for the LeBron naysayers and haters, why dont you just let it go and accept that he made a great play which was a tribute to his court awareness to know where P.George was. I mean, give the guy a break…triple double and game winner!
    And personally I think that it wouldnt have been close if it was not for all the Miami turnovers and missed opportunities (free throws and 2nd chance points). This game surely HAD to have been played to more of an “Indiana tempo”. If Miami dont want to see such a close situation again, they need to start to make free throws, stop turning the ball over so much, and shooters need to start shooting. Cos unfortunately, the rebounds column is always going to favour Indiana with Hibbert and D.West.

  79. Andrew says:

    Whatever defensive gaffe was made by George or not, the help defence HAD to come, and unfortunately for the Pacers it didn’t.

  80. mark says:

    lebron greater than ^…. the truth

  81. Gallo says:

    How are you supposed to defend this guy,if he’s allowed to travel at the start and the end of the play?Come on.It’s already unfair, because he’s so good.And by traveling he becomes unstoppable.However.Great Game.

  82. travel says:

    He definitely travelled. He starts with the right foot, plants the left and the right comes up again before the ball hit the ground. I constantly see LeBron get away with this but it isn’t fair because it gives him an extra step on the D.

    Pacers should have won.

  83. PBJ says:

    You DOUBLE TEAM LEBRON ON THE INBOUNDS with whoever was supposed to be defending the inbounding Battier. I will live with a Battier three over an uncontested Lebron layup, any day of ETERNITY.

  84. Corey B says:

    Lebron knows how to adapt to the defense. If he sees Hibbert out of the game at the time, he obviously has the speed and strength to take it to the hole against George. Vogel underestimated Lebron’s (and Spoelstra’s) ability to read the defense to see that opportunity and draw up that play for the win. Hibbert should have been in there for the final minute.

  85. jay kim says:

    Maybe, the experts of this organization have their opinion but that 2.2 second was just for him. Whoever made the glorious plan, it was made for him. However, I was very impressed by the performance of Paul as well.

  86. Philip says:

    I am sure most people would say leaving Roy in the game since we all know what the result is. If you were to ask them, with 2.2 seconds left, would you draw up a play to drive to the rim or take a jump shot?

  87. Philip says:

    Would’ve done the same thing for the last play. With 2.2 seconds left, the probability of the opposing team taking a jump shot should be higher than driving to the rim. And I also wouldn’t expect P.G. to overplay defense on LBJ and gave him a chance to drive a layup. Also give LBJ lots of credit. He IS one of the greatest.

  88. Wow Simply Wow says:

    if he hits the shot good for him. This series should be 1-0 Indiana.

  89. Wow Simply Wow says:

    i cant believe they gave up a layup to beat them. Keep Hibbert in the game at least make james shoot it.

  90. Siapco says:

    James totally traveled. Gathered up the dribble and took three steps. If the refs called it, pacers wouldve won. The pacers probably scare the hell out of the heat right now. all those turn overs but still able to get to over time..what a good matchup

    • heat heat heat says:

      if you watch the video he did not traveled! If he traveled then all the drive in the basket by any players will be called traveled. smh

    • Waiter is my Boi says:

      The heat had more turnovers and missed more free throws than the Pacers, your point is moot. The Pacers played just about as well as they can while key Heat plaers had quite nights (Ray Allen was sub par and Mario Chalmers didn’t play the second half, not to mention a bad shooting night from Battier). I think peopl are getting a little caught up by the close finish and are not looking at the facts. Miami SHOULD beat the Pacers in 5, they have much more room to improve than the Pacers do for the remainder of the series. Also George was huge today, don’t count on him to continue to perform like that on the best defender in the game, he can be streaky at the best of times. In saying that how ever many games this series goes for, it will be tightly contested and great ball to watch, but very hard to see the Pacers seriously challenging the heat.

      • AJ Mills says:

        This is a really good point. Heat shot under 30% for threes … and they were still able to win? Miami can definitely play better than they did tonight, but I’m not sure the Pacers have many additional gears.

        But weren’t they even on turnovers? 20 each.

    • nala says:

      James planted his right foot and that makes his left foot the pivot foot. He stepped his pivot foot and dribbled, you call that traveling? Educate me. I’d be happy.

      • nala says:

        oh, i’m sorry. please count the number of steps James made. that’s a total of four, right? why don’t you try to perform a lay-up with your left hand. what will do to make it is to pick the ball (after dribble) and step with your left foot then right foot for take off to make it to the rim and that exactly James did. 1st step pivot foot. 2nd step right foot after dribbling. Pick up the ball and last two steps. Was that illegal? Maybe that’s why the others above called you whiners.

    • Be real says:

      It’s over. Stop arguing the non-calls, or bad calls. both teams has a bit of it.
      But heat is the team hammered by the bad calls man.. haha check replays!

    • mikmaks says:

      Then we can say if Wade wasn’t called for that outrageous foul on George, that winning play with Lebron is not needed. And Miami has the same number of turnovers. Bottom line is you can say this and that, the Heat won. Unless you have a time machine.

  91. James says:

    Noone could have predicted that lebron. Would have the awareness to make that move and know he had enough time to do it. We were all thinking pull up and he just made a move and flew to the lane. Great play and great coaching

  92. pattymillsMVP says:

    LBJ GOAT. Don’t blame Vogel blame the beast LBJ. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

  93. VeeKay says:

    I was surprised when Roy Hibbert was taken out of the game. It would have definitely been harder for Lebron to take a contested jump shot had hibbert been there protecting the rim. May be the jump shot would have been gone through as well…may be not, we cannot know that now. But would have been a better showcase by Pacers than what it was.

    Paul George was outstanding in the Second Half, so was West in the first half and most of the second half. Miami’s 3-pt shooters, especially Ray Allen and Battier, had a below-par performances. All in all…this series can be expected to be long….and grinding. A treat for the fans!

  94. atthebuzzer says:

    indiana anticipated the drive to the RIGHT maybe.. lebron lowers the shoulder. basket. it was an excellent play designed to give ray allen a corner three if tyler went to help on lebron.

  95. miami heat fan in Philippines says:

    Bad defense by Paul George that’s all. don’t blame hibbert in that last play. But this series is very close each game. My prediction Miami Wins in 7.

    • jose says:

      Yes ; 3 more wins over Indiana and 4 more over SAS…You guess right!!!!

      • TRU*NBAFAN says:

        That’s great that you believe SAS will beat the Grizzlies, but if you are already counting on beating SA….substance over hype any day.

  96. BOb says:

    I would force him to Lebrick a shot

  97. Boo says:

    Travel? Dribble/left foot, picks up ball right foot, left foot, right foot, then layup. or was that too fast

    • Hubie Brown says:

      Two steps, then you get to use a pivot. “Three” steps is not in any way traveling because technically your third step counts as a pivot. Hubie Brown always mentions this when players take three steps. No travel. Good no call.

  98. some random guy says:

    when i didn’t see roy in the game i was thinking what is indy’s coach thinking, because they was a play earlier that miami scored easy with no one there to stop them. Indy got out coached i’m sorry. i rather take my chances with a 50% jumper than give up a 99% lay-up. it was a good game otherwise. and to the guy about bad calls… it’s the NBA… ref’s are humans… bad calls were on both side of the court. i’m sure if miami lost you wouldn’t have said bad calls for miami.

  99. I'm still shaking. says:

    It was a mismatched. If i were the pacers coach I’d stick to Hibbert in the center and have the heat shoot in a long range any day!!!

  100. Hibbert in ( No Layup) Hibbert out ( Layup) ..hmmmm says:

    It is not hard to figure out. Vogel made the same mistake earlier in the game. He took Hibbert out for Sam Young, and Lebron drove straight to the basket…

    Sam Young is obviously not the answer in crunch time, and the Pacers had WAY too many turnovers.

    Clean that up, get some buckets from Hill and Stevenson, and they’re in good shape

  101. bball says:

    Sorry for the cliché, but didn’t Lebron travel? Both his feet moved before the ball touches the ground.

    • Giddi says:

      pleae read the rules, the ball must be out of his hand before he lifts the pivot foot, not touch the ground. smh people still don’t know the rules.

      Section XIV-Traveling
      f. In starting a dribble after (1) receiving the ball while standing still, or (2) coming to a legal stop, the ball must be out of the player’s hand before the pivot foot is raised off the floor.

      • eric says:

        the ball was not out of his hand….he had not even started his drive yet

      • james says:

        Your rules is for an amateur basketball, not for the professional NBA basketball. A one-two step lay-up or drive is not a travel in the NBA but will definitely be called a travel in the Olympic basketball games or in the United States NCAA games. Just some clarifications on this matter.

  102. EyronFigures says:

    I’m so nervous when the clock is running out..OH My GOSH! but still Miami Heat survived.. Vogel think that even though hibbert is out,he is cinfident with his team..but the situation is nit yet over and James drove it.. and he win it! Im happy for HEAT! i hope heat will win this series.. and i will always believe in them.. Im laughing how Birdman plays tonight.. he is incredible.. he is tough.. a very deserved standing ovation on him..heheheheh!

  103. André says:

    Some guts and US no traveling rules (first foot before the dribble)….Nice job though.

  104. RDuB says:

    Hibbert definetly shouldve been in.

  105. guapito says:

    I would put david west and paul george guarding lebron and let battier inbound the basketball without a guard fronting him.

  106. fjhedkbkehbsrbl says:


  107. refsbad says:

    call me crazy but i’m pretty sure lebron travilled on the play.

  108. DirtyJones says:

    The best player in the world, Great play action by spoesltra as well

  109. fjhedkbkehbsrbl says:


  110. gatekeeper_yo says:

    Young should have challenged James in the air and test Lebron’s stroke on the line. Anyways, the heat in that play had a very good proper spacing. Great Game Great Game.

  111. silencio says:

    MIAMI in four… this was the pacers best chance to steal a game,

  112. Byrd says:

    I would gamble and keep hibbert in the game force miami to shoot a jump shot if they hit it kudos to them if not we win the game. King james is not gonna miss a layup but he can miss a shot.

  113. LeggoHEAT says:

    How sweet it is, I wouldn’t have known how it should’ve been done but I approve of that one 😉

  114. Showtime14 says:

    What would I do? Well, if I were one of the refs I would call the travel…

    • Sunsman says:

      Sorry mate, in today’s basketball that is called a gather step, then one two layup. As for the catch, Lebron, shifted his right foot somewhat, however it seems to be more of lifting up onto his toe as he pivots – not enough for a travel violation, especially in the nba when a superstar is going to go for the win.

      Case in point was the four step shuffle that Tim Duncan had against the Suns a couple of years ago in game one…. where Duncan shuffled his feet twice before hitting his only 3-pointer for the whole season to win the game. No ref was going to make that call then, no way they’ll put a travel on James in this one.

  115. LBJKIN6JAMES says:



    • eric says:

      a wide open layup is why he is king??????

      • LALALA says:

        a lay up is all he needs to separate victory and defeat. no matter how fancy a shot is. As long as it goes in the basket its just 2 points.

        Youre probably one of those people who called him LeChoke before and now that he is hitting game winners… like the 3 pointer he made last year while his knees had cramps. You got nothin to say… U are pathetic

      • Heatfan#1 says:

        He is KING for being able to create that shot with 2.2 seconds left on the clock.

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        Lebron is leaving his haters speechless! LOL

  116. Mamz says:

    I would have definitely put the rip protector at the rim. Any professional NBA coach especially one who’s seen Lebron finish with the drive vs. Orlando earlier in the season should have known that 2.2 seconds is enough for a drive.

    Regardless, I feel bad for the Pacers, that was their chance. While Miami has been playing big Uncle Jack all season long – grabbing everyone by their tails Indiana was more of an underdog, little brother with a trick up their sleeves. They gave it their all this game, played it like it was a game 7… when you give it your all, make an incredible buzzer beater, and still lose, it is way too demoralizing to win 4 out 6 especially against a better team – oh and for a team who doesn’t have a true alpha aside from the coach, how much credibility remains when the leader proclaims a victory at the end of regulation?

    Battier/Allen/Cole and Chalmers WILL hit some 3’s next time around. With that being said, Heat in no more than 5

    • IndyGuy says:

      They’re not Demoralized. Far from it. Go watch Coach Vogel’s press conference. Their spirits are high. They know they can do it. It was rough tonight but they know it’s possible now. That it’s not something out of their reach. Don’t expect them to come into Game 2 sulking. They’re motivated. We don’t give up this easily. Not when there’s games to be played.

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:


        HEAT IN 5!!!!!!


      • Frans says:

        Agree. Indiana made Miami look vulnerable all game long. The way the Heat was playing made me think a bit about Lebron’s Cleveland when they made the finals and lost. He had a decent support cast then, but not extraordinare. With Wade’s aching knee and Bosh not delivering like he should Lebron is back in a Cleveland position. And Miami was lucky that Birdman was stepping up. I think Indiana smelt the blood on wednesday and their teamplay can beat Miami.

  117. Lebron is too good says:

    You can’t not let this monster lebron to the rim ,he will destroy you. Prop to lebron he might or will become one of the greatest

  118. HeatfansinceWade says:

    Miami wins! thats all that matters. Dont blame the coach if James had missed we would call Frank Vogel a genius. Miami in 5!

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      HELL YEAH ! HEAT IN 5!

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      No one would’ve thought lebron would take it to the rim. The play was likely gonna be a shot for james or bosh.

      Vogel made the right call, but paul george over extended and allowed lebron to get past him too quick after the in bounds.

      If paul george was infront of lebron, it would have slowed him down enough that either he would have to shoot or his layup would be after the buzzer.

  119. not a kobe fan either says:

    Bad decision by Vogel. Prepping for another probable overtime and benching Roy when Wade is already fouled out. smh.
    Indiana was tortured with all the bad calls too.

    • LebronFan says:

      bad calls? the last i checked the free throws were 32-25 in favor of indiana. what bad calls are you talking about? the refs were pretty much on the ball the whole game

    • Again with the bad fouls.. haters, whiners..

    • Why cant you just take it as it is.. tortured by bad fouls? tsk tsk.. dont ruin the game, stop whining against it… and i think vogel amde a right decision, George just let James slip through.. this is gonna be a great series!

    • AJ Mills says:

      After the no-call on James’s layup and the “foul” by Wade on PGeorge, I don’t know how you can claim the Pacers were tortured by calls.

      • jose says:

        Yes man, we are going to make adjusts : We are going to RAIN thress next time so that the game never gets to be decided by our MVP ,LBJ…count on that hater….And what about your KOBE honey?…
        How does it feel watching your Nemesis LBJ instead of your gone-with the -wind Mamba? GFYS

    • basketball studies says:

      were we watching same game? Indy tortured by bad calls u cant be serious

    • Aram says:

      lol, you haters. just stop watching NBA, go watch something else because right on this decade you will live in a nightmare.

    • HeatAllTheWay says:

      bad calls you say? How about the lay up of King James prior to the game winner. The refs should’ve called a foul on Gill. What your saying is nonsense. Just a hater and a whiner. lol

    • KunJay says:

      Stop trolling with the tortured by bad calls? The Chicago series was more physical and there weren’t so many phantom calls Wade Fouling out? Lebron 5 fouls? How about the nonexistent foul on Paul George on the last play? That first game was your chance, just like the Bulls expect a different Miami Heat on Friday.

    • FUEGO says:

      Bad calls? lol did you watch the same game? When do you call a foul at the ned of a game like the one that was called on Wade, when in fact he didnt even touch him like that. Your buggin out

    • Victor says:

      Bad calls? You mean like the phantom foul against Wade that caused him to foul out? He didn’t even touch Paul. Sorry, but that last-second shot shouldn’t have even been necessary.