HT Time Machine: Future All-NBA Team


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The 15 players selected to the All-NBA team every season earn a place in NBA lore that is rarely celebrated the way fans do All-Star bids.

Weighing the two, however, is a battle that shouldn’t be a fair fight. An All-star nod is often based on reputation and how well someone is playing early in a given season. The All-NBA team measures the best of the very best the league has to offer in a season. The team consists of the 15 best players (by position) in the league.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Thursday, the NBA released this year’s squad.  But what about the future? What might that team look like in say, three seasons, when Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan, stalwarts on All-NBA teams the past two decades, are no longer active?

What is the makeup of the All-NBA team in the future? What does the league look like three seasons from now?

We take a look, courtesy of the HT (Hang Time) Time Machine, at the future All-NBA Teams …

All-NBA First Team

F LeBron James, Miami Heat: No one was sure if LeBron would stick around South Beach after the Heat won those back-to titles in 2014 and 2015. But he watched his good friend Dwyane Wade retire after the last one and vowed to finish his career in a Heat uniform as well. There are no signs of his skills diminishing either. He bounced back masterfully after the Heat were beaten soundly by the Memphis Grizzlies in The Finals in 2013. James has reinvented himself as the epitome of a point forward during the second act of his Hall-of-Fame career, leading the league in assists this season with 12.7 per game. He’s still chasing Michael Jordan‘s six championships standard, though the comparisons to Magic Johnson are much more appropriate, and at 32 he still has plenty of time left.

F Paul George, Indiana Pacers: Three straight trips to the Eastern Conference finals without a breakthrough performance would be a mental and emotional setback for most stars, but not George. He’s done nothing but build on that All-Star berth in his third NBA season. George has blossomed into the closest thing to a legitimate challenger to LeBron’s throne. He interrupted LeBron’s MVP flow in 2015, when he stunned the hoops world by averaging a triple-double (24.2 points, 10.2 rebounds and 10.0 assists) while leading the Pacers to a franchise-record 63 wins and finished as the MVP runner-up this season. The only threshold left for George to cross is to lead the Pacers past LeBron and the Heat into The 2016 Finals.

C Marc Gasol, Memphis Grizzlies: Gasol served as the backbone for the Grizzlies’ 2013 championship team, though Zach Randolph walked away with Finals MVP honors, and solidified his status as the most complete big man in the game with his performance each season since. While he’s never piled up the kind of impressive numbers that would allow him to stick out historically among players at his position, Gasol does have three Kia Defensive Player of the Year awards on his mantle and a championship on his resume. If Ed Davis can replace Randolph as Gasol’s tag-team partner in the low post, the Grizzlies could have another run or two in them before it’s time to break this veteran crew up and start over.

G James Harden, Houston Rockets: The two-time (and counting) scoring champ, Harden has supplanted his former teammate and friend Kevin Durant as the league’s most prolific scorer. He’s averaged 30 or more points in three straight seasons, including this one (31.7) and has led the Rockets to the playoffs in each of his four seasons in Houston. Harden has evolved into more than just a scorer, too, leading the Rockets in assists (7.6) and steals (2.3) while adjusting to playing alongside Patrick Beverly in the starting lineup instead of sixth man Jeremy Lin. Harden’s career went to another level since he radically changed his look in training camp before the 2013-14 season by shaving off his trademark beard and mohawk in favor of a bald head and clean-shaven face. Who knew?

G Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors: With his ankle injuries behind him, the sweet-shooting Curry finally claims the first-team spot from Chris Paul and a crowded, star-studded point guard field. Curry’s work as a shooter — he’s shot 45 percent or better from beyond the 3-point line every season since 2011-12 — overshadows the fact that he’s become the consummate playmaker and leader for the league’s most exciting team. Curry put together a 20-10 season at the point (23.6 points and 10.4 assists), the only point guard to do so in the past three seasons, while leading the Warriors to a top four finish in the Western Conference playoff chase for the third straight season. With Curry and Klay Thompson (still the league’s best-shooting backcourt) as the catalysts, the Warriors are trying to crash the conference finals party.

All-NBA Second Team

F Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder: Durant and the Thunder never have recovered from that deflating 2013 playoff fizzle after Russell Westbrook went down with a knee injury. Durant and Westbrook remain two of the league’s most striking talents and they’ve been super productive. But the supporting cast issues have continued to be an issue in Oklahoma City. The Thunder haven’t advanced beyond the conference semifinals since then. Durant has finished in the top three in the scoring race in each of the past seven seasons, losing out this year in a tight race with his friend and ex-Thunder teammate, Harden. Durant’s famous “I’m tired of finishing second” diatribe from a few years ago won’t go away this season.

F Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers: Maybe it wasn’t all Chris Paul after all. Griffin’s continued work on his low-post game has paid serious dividends for the Clippers since they made that blockbuster deal with the Boston Celtics for Rajon Rondo and the now-retired warriors Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce at the trade deadline in 2014. Griffin refocused himself defensively and as a rebounder, averaging 22.7 points, 10.3 rebounds and a surprising 2.1. blocks in earning another All-Star nod. Clippers coach Brian Shaw (as well as team president Phil Jackson) have had a huge impact on Griffin’s reconstruction of his game. Garnett’s influence certainly helped, too. Griffin learned some lessons from his playoff battles the past five years with the Grizzlies as well.

C DeMarcus Cousins, Boston Celtics: Cousins is the latest in a long line of big men whose careers have been bolstered by playing alongside the maestro, Paul, one of the greatest point guards and leaders of his generation. Cousins was in danger of playing himself out of the league in Sacramento, where his attitude and antics overshadowed his All-Star talent and potential. But joining forces with Paul and Celtics coach Doc Rivers on a revamped Celtics roster after the Big 3 era ended saved him. Cousins has been a (mostly) model citizen in Boston, bruising his way to a 20.9-point, 13.4-rebounds, 2.1-block season for a team that finished fourth in the Eastern Conference playoff chase.

G Chris Paul, Boston Celtics: Wherever Paul goes, the fortunes of his team seem to rise. He did it in New Orleans … and with the Clippers … and is doing it with the Celtics, who stopped their decline with that blockbuster trade with the Clippers at the trade deadline two and a half years ago. Paul has avoided the nagging injury issues that plagued him earlier in his career and has helped rescuscitate the careers of both Cousins and former No. 1 overall pick Andrea Bargnani, who have formed a dynamic inside-out big man duo for one of the best teams in the league. Paul did it all for the Celtics this season, averaging 18.4 points, 9.3 assists and 2.3 steals, while also shooting a career-best 44.2 percent from 3-point range.

G Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers: That extra help Irving and the Cavaliers hoped would come in the free-agent summer of 2014 never came. LeBron decided to stay in Miami and the Cavaliers were forced to forge ahead with a backcourt of Irving and Dion Waiters and All-Star big man LaMarcus Aldridge, who demanded that trade from Portland two years ago and got it. Irving is still fighting the injury issues that cost him all but a few games at Duke and more in his first few seasons in the league. In fact, he’s played just 68.5 games per season in his career. But when he’s out there, it’s an absolute showcase. He captured MVP honors in the 2016 All-Star Game, dazzling the crowd in Paris the same way he does crowds in NBA arenas. The next step? Taking the Cavaliers into the  league’s elite.

All-NBA Third Team

F Kevin Love, Los Angeles Lakers: Love wasn’t the big man Lakers fans had in mind to bridge the gap between the Kobe Bryant era and the future. But no one’s complaining now. Love is in the middle of the storm for a team that surprised everyone this season by making the playoffs with a young point guard, Trey Burke, and a high-flying future All-Star in Andrew Wiggins assuming huge roles on a rebuilt team. The Love-for-Pau Gasol trade was a gamble for the Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves, as both teams were in need of the right fit for their respective needs. The ex-UCLA star Love is averaging 24.3 points and 13.6 rebounds for the Lakers, who have slugged their way back into the playoffs. The Timberwolves are still in Lottery-land.

F Derrick Favors, Utah Jazz: Favors has been on a steady climb since moving into a starting role for the Jazz after Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap departed the premises during the free-agent summer of 2013. A no-frills performer who avoids the media glare at every turn, Favors has a hard time doing the same on the court. The league’s leading rebounder in each of the past two seasons (15.3 this season), Favors also averaged 16.3 points, 3.4 blocks and 1.9 steals for a Jazz team that battled all the way down to the last week of the season for the eighth and final spot in the West. He finished third in the voting for the Kia Defensive Player of the Year award and is living up to the hype that suggests he might be a young Dwight Howard.

C Dwight Howard, Dallas Mavericks: Howard got what he wanted in free agency in 2013 — a fresh start in Dallas. Playing alongside a slowing Dirk Nowitzki has forced Howard into a leadership role for the Mavericks that he struggled with in his one season with the Lakers and at the end of his tenure with the Magic. There are those who will argue that Howard is still the best big man in the game when healthy, but he has never quite regained the edge he had before that back surgery that marked the end of his time in Orlando. And truth be told, he has simply been passed up by Gasol and Cousins. Still, he averaged 18.7 points, 12.2 rebounds and 2.8 blocks for a Mavericks team that won 50 games for the first time since their 2010-11 championship season.

G Jrue Holiday, Philadelphia 76ers: Holiday’s work as both a scorer and facilitator helped separate him from a crowded field of point guards. The Sixers All-Star is also a relentless defender, arguably the best defensive point guard in the league, and has matured considerably since making his first All-Star team in 2013. At 6-foot-4, 220 pounds, Holiday has evolved into one of the best physical specimens in the league at any position. Unlike almost every other player on this list, Holiday doesn’t have the luxury of playing alongside another (former or current) All-Star. He averaged 23.2 points, 9.5 assists and 5.6 rebounds this season, leading the Sixers in the first two categories and finishing third in rebounds. The quintessential combo-guard, Holiday can thrive at either spot.

G Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers: Lillard, the 2013 Kia Rookie of the Year award winner, has only gotten better since then. He’s averaged 19 or more points in every season and watched his scoring average rise with every new campaign. He averaged 24.7 points, 8.2 assists, 4.4 rebounds this year. Most impressive, however, is Lillard’s improved shooting stroke. A 43 percent shooter as a rookie, 36.8 percent from beyond the 3-point line, Lillard shot 49 percent this season, including 43 percent from deep. Mature beyond his years, even as a rookie, Lillard is the face of a Trail Blazers franchise that got back in the thick of the playoff chase again this season after a four-year hiatus. Where they go from here will depend heavily on where Lillard can take them.


  1. Leody says:

    I am already laughing when u said memphis is the champ for 2013. where are they now btw? fishin?

    and to read that Paul George gonna average triple double has made me stopped to continue with the rest. u shud just play NBA 2K13 and made ur own team. LMAO

  2. Requiem says:

    Spot on (except for Phil Jackson as Clips president; MJ as COY will be more likely)

  3. bob pat says:

    WTF, where is rondo people? have u seen the guy play. he=next magic johnson

  4. pinoybasketball says:

    i like the way Sekou presents his way of telling the future of the NBA. over the past 5 yrs, NBA teams are trying their best to shapen their rosters and to be recognize as a force to reckon with. no one knows the D12 is going to LAL and even LBJ 3 yrs ago, he shook the entire nation that he will take his talent to South Beach. this is a futuristic article that it might happen in a chance that we don’t know it might happened for a reason.

  5. Zach says:

    After yesterday’s game I’m still confident Randolph can beat the spurs and win finals MVP status. #wishfulthinking.

  6. NBA Fan 35 says:

    My MVP and All NBA teams 2015-16

    MVP: Durant




  7. Carmelo Anthony ? Derrick Rose ? Rajon Rondo ? I think that anyway they will be in one of the top 3 teams in 2015/16 ,,, no?

  8. john pinili says:

    dude durant is just 24… and no he wont be 2nd team for the next five years.

  9. Mark says:

    1st Team; Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, Lebron James, Anthony Davis, Steven Adams
    2nd Team; Derrick Rose, James Harden, Paul George, Kevin Durant, DeMarcus Cousins
    3rd Team; Damian Lillard, Stephen Curry, LeMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love, Dwight Howard
    Predictions! who’s going to remember this anyway? Lol, still I should explain my 2 wild cards…
    A.Davis to be Dominant in Offense, Scoring EFF, Defense & Rebounds…a future Top 5 PF All-Time! Maybe even better! He just moves so well, He may put on 10 – 20 lbs of muscle, shoots great, huge WS numbers 10 & 10 !!
    S.Adams all-round Dominant C! A very strong 6’11”-7″0″ traditional C, who can also shoot the ball, another 2 way player!

  10. Brad says:

    KD Second Team? seems legit…. KD is the second best player in the world right now and i dont see him dropping off that quickly!

  11. alpongso says:

    love this article. great job, man! hahaha

  12. B Radd says:

    Paul George is a cross between T-Mac and Kobe just better looking. The NBA’s Denzel, Nas, Obama, R Kelly? Paul George, Kyrie Erving, James Harden, DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis are the Stars in this era hands down

  13. Nitin Ramesh says:

    For all those worried about Derrick Rose, he should be back sometime during the 2016-2017 season. I mean, come on, isn’t expecting him by the 2015-2016 a bit ambitious…

  14. nope says:

    What the… Are you high or something when you wrote this?

  15. B Radd says:

    Pure point guards such as Paul I think are things of the past. Hybrids such as Rose and Russell just don’t come out on top. Lillard is to small after wear and tear. Which leaves us with the special kind of point guards like Parker and Rondo who seam to follow a young Derrick Fisher but we are talking about the future and majority left out a new kind of talent that is Kyrie Erving and in my opinion will tear the roof, lower the floor and tear down the house not the grind house though, especially with Conley’s new found confidence after dismissing the great CP3 in the 2013 playoffs. Special point guards are the true winners and they won’t be AI or John Stockton. Maybe the 2 headed monster Mike Bibby/Bobby Jackson could of been but Kyrie is the future in point guards of today.

  16. Luis says:

    Pffffffffff Durant and the Thunder never have recovered from that deflating 2013 playoff fizzle after Russell Westbrook went down with a knee injury.” please, i think he has a biggest future than almost all you picked in the first team…

  17. H. Factor says:

    Wow what a weirdly wonderful imagination Sekou….NEWS FLASH …David Kahn HAS BEEN FIRED and there is NO WAY Flip is going to make the Love and Gasol trade….. Funny article

  18. NBAFAN!!! says:

    Sekou Smith what did you smoke when you made this predictions???

  19. Zach says:


  20. Sedrick smith chi town says:

    No D. Rose ??? Yeah right best pg in the game

  21. B Radd says:

    Last Bit… I don’t about you guys but Iguodala plays extremely well alongside Kevin Durant in the World and Olympic Games. Just a hint for them scouts that might have missed this. Also, Kobe and Manu play extremely well to get her in All-Star games. Kobe you just might want to be amnestied and see the possibilities in a Spurs Uniform. Pop is the best coach in the NBA right now in my opinion. L.A. Should start rebuilding with small pieces and look to land a generation younger than CP3, Dwight Howard and Josh Smith. Key word Mr Mitch Kupchak, Chemistry… The key word is chemistry…just saying

  22. Lushie says:

    Nice one Sekou. But you missed Westbrook and Brooke Lopez..

  23. B Radd says:

    Houston is the the real deal for any free agent. They have the pieces in every position. Dwight Howard would be the perfect fit and bringing Josh Smith if he so chooses to be the Chris Bosh of the Houston Rockets. James Harden is the leader of this big three version.

    Restricted free agents, Andre Iguodala should try signing an offer where ever CP3 decides to go. CP3 seriously should go where a true fit for him would be and that is New York. He played great basketball along side Big Man, Tyson Chandler. But the only way for CP3 to succeed is alongside Carmelo Anthony. What to do with Amar’e though is trade him for smaller pieces but I personally would love to see him in a Brooklyn Uniform alongside Deron Williams at what would be a natural position at Power Forward.

    I’d love to see Iguodala in a Bulls or Knicks uniform but see Boozer on the trade block. Boozer just couldn’t get it going and I believe Boozer would be solid defender alongside Andrew Bogut in Golden State. He would fit perfect in a leadership role with triple threat scoring sensation of Curry, Thompeon and Barnes. Which Then makes David Lee the Odd man out. David Lee just might be exactly what the Bulls need.

    And then there’s Andrew Bynum, the Cavalier in my opinion…why? Nerlens Noel that’s why. Go Kyrie! Go Dion! and maybe Paul Milsap at small forward, eew boy…I like. So much possibilities. What do you guys think. Lakers might pull a fast on just like the Miami Cheat, friggin 3 all stars with 2 alpha males, the rest of the league can’t compete and is why I really don’t care for the ending. There is nothing really to get excited about went the Heat play, almost a boring game seeing all the best ballets on one team. They are supposed to compete against each other, not run down every team in an uneven match. Can’t wait to See Indiana when these boys hit their prime. Love the NBA as a kid and love it even more now! Make it happen and shout out to my favorite player of all time. Who you ask? Every friggin one of them. Peace!

  24. Derek says:

    Cousins lacks work ethic to be on any of the three teams. James Harden and Paul George will not take away a 1st team spot from KD. Marc Gasol will never make first team bc it will always be given to a PF that has been penciled in as a C (ala Tim Duncan)… That is unless Dwight Howard reverts back to his old self. Blake Griffin should not have made the (2nd or 3rd, I can’t remember) team this year so I can’t really say he won’t in the future but he needs to develop an offensive game. Chris Paul will have too many miles on his knees to be on future teams after 2015. My 2 cents.

  25. MiamiHeat123 says:

    Oh come on man, Grizzlies is 2013 NBA champion ??? Zach Randolph is the Finals MVP ??? Go home, you’re drunk

  26. Nycolas says:

    Derrick rose??

  27. FU says:

    You keep on talking about KD’s game and his inability to lead his team… As if you forgot that your monkey king failed the same way when he was alone in cleveland that he came crawling under wade’s pants just so he can get a ring… this article is crazy! Love the creativity thou

  28. desi fan says:

    Sekou.. You’ve out done yourself this time..!
    An extremely entertaining read. Hope some of your predictions do come true though. *Fingers crossed*

  29. chaboyclutch says:

    talk about prisoner of the moment …. picking geroge over durant ? ridiculous

  30. chaboyclutch says:

    sekou idk how high is your baskteball iq but it must not be more than below average ….. So you believe durant will not be in the first teams ? your nuts and then second an mvp like derose can not make these temas ? really? barring he returns to the form he was in before he left

  31. Marcelis says:

    Sekou……. You must be kidding me, No Derrick Rose or Rajon Rondo. Derrick Rose Must have suddenly fell off the face of the earth for him to not be on any of these teams. Before Rondo tore his ACL he could have been an MVP candidate. This is not one of your best blogs.. You may need to do some revisions. ASAP!

  32. elliot wilson says:

    So stupid, cp3 is not going to boston. grizzlies arent winning a championship, dwyane wade is not retiring after only 13 seasons

  33. fabian says:

    my teams
    first team: Curry,rose,george,james and lopez.

    secod team: griffin, harden, lillard, irving and love

  34. ZULU says:

    Boy Sekou , did you wake up the dead with this ‘dream’. Love it.

  35. brandon says:

    where is melo

  36. ZO says:


    • OKCKD35 says:

      Melo should def be up there. hes a baller, might be getting a little old by those years, but will still have the mid range game to remain successful.

  37. This was a great read, Sekou…very imaginative but, overall, a great read. I look at it like this…no one knows what’ll happen so it’s ridiculous to criticize one’s predictions. Let’s face it…guys like LeBron, KD, ‘Melo, CP3, etc. are looked upon as the elite but in the blink of an eye, that can all change. I’m a fan of D-Rose, Westbrook, Rondo, AND ‘Melo and none of these guys made the cut and who’s to say they’ll still be looked upon as deserving in the next few years…I believe the likes of Steph’ Curry, Damienn Lillard, Paul George and many others WILL have something to say about it. But even THOSE guys might not B in the conversation…we could B talking about George Hill, Dion Waiters, Harrison Barnes, Kawhi Leonard, hell, even Meyers Leonard for All-NBA teams, who knows! In the words of the Big Ticket, Kevin Garnett, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Great stuff Sekou…I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out!

  38. pediap says:

    and.. derrick rose??

  39. hammer says:

    No Rondo? He would’ve been all NBA 1st team this year if he didn’t get hurt. Chris paul isnt going to the celtics because they have rondo so half of this doesn’t even make sense

  40. This is hilarious says:

    Hahaha great job, Sekou! You really let your imagination go in this one. Great read. 🙂

  41. oh yeh says:

    1. How do you figure the Griz are gonna beat the heat?
    2. Paul George is for one not going to be better than Kevin Durant, and second the only player who has the capability of avging a trip dub in a season is lebron…if he can’t then no one can
    …and 3. Sekou you’re a very smart man for creating this….I’m sure you’ll get all the attention in the world with these extremely controversial and at times completely unrealistic projections.

  42. ACA says:

    I like what you did there Sekou. A few years out instead of just next year so people won’t remember these predictions…

    Also, can I have some of the stuff that you’ve been smokin? That’s some good granola right there 🙂

  43. mike says:

    Jrue will be a great defender? No idea why people currently consider him a good defender. Whenever a godo PG plays the sixers Turner has to cover him because Jrue is an awful defender. You think he will become the best in a few years? lol. Some imagination.

  44. Max says:

    Damian Lillard over Westbrook, Rondo, D-Rose and Tony Parker? Seriously?

  45. Gabriel says:

    No Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, Tony Parker, Rajon Rondo, Durant and Chris Paul on second team, Stephon Curry on first… The predictions were intriguing and exciting, but altogether unrealistic.

  46. Diego says:

    How could you forget the Scoring-Machine Carmelo Anthony???? He should be taking Paul George or Marc Gasol place along with Kevin Durant. They both should be on the First Team.!!!!!!

  47. okcthunder1992 says:

    wayyyyyy too many “if”s in these predictions. no way that Russ and KD aren’t 1st team and no way that Harden is without any predictable defensive improvements

  48. john t says:

    a lotta egos got hurt with this speculation.

  49. Peter says:

    Ok, somebody is going to have to explain to me why Paul George is being hailed by all of these as some type of Basketball-god-to-be…

    From where I’m looking at it George has put up numbers similar to those of Josh Smith and a 36 year old Paul Pierce, neither of whom made the All-Star game this season. In fact if you factor in his defensive prowess as well as his overall numbers, I see an Andre Iguodala – a very good player who was a borderline All-Star all of his career.

    Somehow though people talk about George as if he’s averaging 30/8/8 while shooting 55% FG and 45% 3PT…I don’t understand?

  50. Petar911 says:

    You are wrong about Lillard, he is way too overrated

  51. lews says:

    lol! this is funny! putting george ahead of KD… thus sekou loves the pacer that much?! LBJ and KD will dominate F position for the next 5 years…

  52. Emil Dub says:

    NOT SURPRISED-Brian Shaw as a head coach, Steph Curry on the 1st team, Jeremy Lin as a sixth man, Irving’s injuries, Pau traded, Jrue on the third team.
    MILDLY SHOCKED-Paul in Boston, Cousins on the 1st team, Aldridge in Cleveland, Grizz over the Heat.
    FLABBERGASTED-Rajon, KG AND PP for Paul?!?!??, KD is still #2, Love in LaLa Land, No Carmelo, No Derrick Rose, No Russell Westbrook, No Spur.
    HILARIOUS-Dwight in Dallas as a leader!!! LMAO!!, Andrea Bargiani and dynamic in the same sentence. Blake Griffin as a defender, Paris All Star Game (but nice thought), Paul George’s triple double season (NOT…GONNA…HAPPEN), Marc Gasol on the 1st team (there has to and should be someone better in 3 years, please)
    NO COMMENT-Derrick Favors, Harden shaves.

  53. Chi CIty says:

    This is blasphemous! It should look like this:
    All NBA First Team (Derrick Rose, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard)
    All NBA Second Team (Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin, Marc Gasol)
    All NBA Third Team (Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Paul George, Kevin Love, Joakim Noah)

    • Chi CIty says:

      Honorable Mentions (Rajon Rondo, Tony Parker, Kyrie Irving, Steph Curry, Brook Lopez, Deron Williams, Chris Bosh, Greg Monroe, AL Jefferson, Ty Lawson, etc)

  54. GCHeat says:

    LMAO, the grizzlies beat the heat in this years finals, jajaja, ohhh my laughing so hard….

  55. Trey says:

    OK really? Durant on the Second team?Come on now. Hes in the top two best scorers in the league. Theres no way hes second team.

  56. Stan says:

    haha, this was definitely an entertaining read, but at least 80% of this is nonsense. Paul George averaging a triple double? How will the Grizzlies beat the Heat when they can’t even beat the Spurs to get into the Finals? And why would Wade retire? He’s got plenty left in the tank. What about Carmelo? The leading scorer is just going to drop off the Earth?

    Come on Sekou, this is less likely to happen than Dwight Howard becoming a mature NBA leader.

  57. Sarik says:

    What a joke. Kevin Durant in a all NBA 2nd team and Russell Westbrook not even mentioned. Its evident you dont know your game Mr. Sekou…..And ya honorable mention: Mr. Sekou Smith fired from his job in 2014 for not knowing his game

  58. Big Time says:

    Fun article to read..
    Maybe 50% of ur predictions might come true, like Lebron staying in Miami, D-Wade retiring, K-Love in LA, Harden being scoring champ.
    If anyone will avg triple double in the season, it might be Lebron since he’s the closest to it and he seems to take his game to another level every season.

    Also, Memphis winning championship in 2013 was quite bold considering they’re in a hole against Spurs.

  59. Fred says:

    oh and before i forget, sekou said that the grizzlies will beat miam and become champions. i don’t see that happening either. the spurs and miami will meet in the finals and maimi will take it in seven. i see the series going to it’s full potential because you got great matchips. duncan-bosh parker-wade ginobli-james. those are the matchips that would make the series go seven games. if memphis were to somehow pull the upset then what would the matcup look like?
    gasol-bosh randolph-james conley-james. i like the matchups of spurs-miami better than grizzlies-miami you ask me. unless grizzlies can tie the series by winning games 3 and 4, i don’t see them going to the nba finals.

    • Fred says:

      oh and before i forget, sekou said that the grizzlies will beat miam and become champions. i don’t see that happening either. the spurs and miami will meet in the finals and maimi will take it in seven. i see the series going to it’s full potential because you got great matchips. duncan-bosh parker-wade ginobli-james. those are the matchips that would make the series go seven games. if memphis were to somehow win this series then what would the matchups look like?
      gasol-bosh randolph-james conley-wade. i like the matchups of spurs-miami better than grizzlies-miami if you ask me. unless grizzlies can tie the series by winning games 3 and 4, i don’t see them going to the nba finals.

  60. REALTALK says:

    You have to put Derrick Rose in here. This guy is going to come back strong this next season, especially with having the time that he needed both physically and mentally. Iman Shumpert might just be the best overall perimiter defender in the league by that season. Last thing, I can’t see Kevin Durant not being on the first team.

    • W/E says:

      Kevin Durant is OVERATED, the guy got exposed when Westbrook got injured, his team wouldnt even make it past the first round without Westbrook, the guy is just a 6,10″ volume shooter, he aint Lebron, he got no all around skills and no team leading qualities.

  61. dj says:

    your crazy sekou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahhahah

  62. Fred says:

    wow, i have read all of the responses believe it or not and you guys just crusified this guy. why call him stupid and tell him that he must be smoking crack? it’s his opinions. This is what makes this country great. The fact that you can make comments and other people can either agree or disagree. However, I don’t agree with some of the comments that you guys made on calling sekou names. that’s crazy. the guy is only saying what he thinks will happen. What if some of his predictions came true. I don’t think personally that chris paul is going to the celtics especially that the clippers are willing to throw alot of money his way to keep him. i don’t think paul will walk away from all those millions. i would love him to come to the big apple. we can sure use him. then dwight howard going to dallas. i don’t see that happeining either. i do see him leaving the lakers and going to the clippers though. rondo will stay with the celtics. i see cousins going to boston though. keven durant will dominate especially when wesbrook comes back. when westbrook plays, durant is at his best unless westbrook just gets injured left and right, durant will not be dominant. where’s melo? where’s rose? i see love going to the lakers. he’s not doing anything in minnesota. taking about minnesota, i would like rubio to come the big apple too if paul don’t come. i think if new york had a decent guard and decent center, they would be alright. maybe even a championship team. they came far this season but next season hopefully will be the year for us Knicks Fans !!!!!

  63. Jason says:

    You smoke too much bro.

  64. German Amaya says:

    Where is Brook LOPEZ?

  65. LOL X J says:

    Ideas are CHEAP….. Please know what is going on, before you make a decision of what is what! Waste of my time reading it, well, I am already wasting my time posting this comment !

  66. MarkKC says:

    Damn, that’s a bad imagination bro! get a life man!

  67. Dr, Strange says:

    Kawai Leonard! Hello?!!! He’ll be way better than Blake, or Favors in 2015.

  68. J sizzle says:

    The moin points here are that RUSSELL WESTBROOK, KEVIN DURRANT, AND DERRICK ROSE will all be fighting for 1st and 2nd team every year, acccordingly. Also, if u dont have King Lebron winning the next three chamionships – u r high.

    • J sizzle says:

      Also, u predict the fall from glory of Carmelo as well as i do. the most over-hyped over-rated allstar in the game. awful player. cant win championships with him. EVER.

  69. SevWoods says:

    Seventh Woods will be drafted in 2016.

  70. Joe says:

    Oh my gosh people, stop crying about Rose. Nobody knows how he’ll play when he comes back. He could be a lot worse, and in 2-3 years all of those PG’s except CP3 will only get better.

  71. Ian says:

    This has got to be the worst work of journalism I have read. I usuallu love Sekou’s articles; this one, is just plain aweful. I love imaginative thinking, but please be realistic.

  72. MandrakeTheMagician says:

    Well, this vote is a shame. Chris Paul was not good enough this year and by far. BUT he is american. Tony Parker was the best of them all and as he is not american, he won’t ever be in the first team.

  73. nxtgenpg says:

    Wheres Rajon Rondo? A Point Gaurd that shows up every game, gets his teammates involved, and scores when needed. Not to mention how he played a major role in the 2008 playoffs where the Celtics won the finals.

  74. hulunbei says:

    this is the worst sports article I have ever read! Predict KD’s failure, predict Kobe, TD, and KG out in 3 years? DH not recover from back injury? Are you cursing them? Let along the possibility that they may still be effective players in 3 years (Karl Malone, Jabaar, Jordan remains high level of performance at their 40’s).

    Besides, just based on the current success of paul george and Pacers into ECF, and zoom in the predict a season triple double for paul george? Only the fans with very limited time of watching NBA will think that way. Paul George will NEVER be a player in 1st All-NBA team.

    Good pick on Damien lillard, but Derrick Favors, Jrue Holiday, and DeMarcus Cousins who? The had their chances now, and didnot blossom, they are not going to be improved so much as to be in the all-NBA team unless the NBA are shorthanded (it happens, circa 2004).

  75. MiamiChamps says:

    What an imagination men! KD should be in the first team not george! howard is not going to dallas! chris paul boston celtics??? damn imagination 🙂

  76. Hmmm says:

    Admit it Sekou, you have a bit of a man crush on Jrue Holiday. It’s ok to admit it. I’m surprised that you didn’t have him traded to the Grizzlies.

  77. kevin says:

    how do the lakers get the #1 pick in next years draft? so they get Andrew Wiggins

  78. steven davis says:

    Wow Sekou, you really put some thought into this. It will be interesting to see, but James might just win 4 in a row by then…

  79. dawly says:


  80. Not an imaginative person here! says:

    Such a stupid article! You think the Memphis Grizzlies will make to the 2013 NBA Finals and beat the Miami Heat?

  81. medmate says:

    loving this! sometimes i wonder off like this also.

  82. dom says:

    haha rondo not going anywhere… sorry smith

  83. W/E says:

    Dwight Howard will be a 17ppg 10 rbpg 2 blpgr player for the next 3 years, he already lost the crown as the best center in the league anyway and after 30 when he starts losing athleticism and gains weight he will become a bench player, like Kendric Perkins, hes gunna average 3.5 ppg and coaches will use his big body just to shove players on defence. Kevin Durant will become the next( ringless) Kobe Bryant,ppl will realise that he is exactly the same shot jacking ballhog who needs a superstar teammate or else his team is a total mess and the guy is just putting numbers just for himself on bad FG%, until Westbrook gets back next year the thunder will struggle for the 8th-7th place.

  84. embryoplant says:

    dazed evening sekou loved it lol
    peace out

  85. fadil says:

    sorry to say this but in 2015 LBJ would have 2 rings and his numbers will start to go down….SORRY he wont age well

  86. wade says:

    sekou in 3 years? you don’t even know if there might be another damien lillard or major injury on any of your favorites and the heat?

  87. Carlo says:

    Very interesting article and predictions. You really let your imagination run wild.
    Couple of things though: Miami is not going lose to the Grizz this year, there down 0-2 to the Spurs right now!
    Where’s Derrick Rose?
    Do you really think Paul George is going to avg a triple double in a season!?
    (Probably one of the most improbable feat to repeat, next to scoring 100 points in a game)
    Although I do agree that at some point James Harden is going to shave his beard and come out like
    like a beast that year.

  88. howcanthisbe says:

    Wow, i can see many are shocked to see the absence of Melo and Rose, agree too.

    i believe Holiday is no way appearing in there… John wall deserves a place.

    this will be my prediction

    1st team (Healthy age)
    1) “Uncle Drew”
    2) KD
    3 Lebron (Captain)
    4) Kevin Love
    5) Blake Griffin

    2nd team
    1) Rose
    2) Melo
    3) DeMarcus Cousins
    4) Kahwah Leonard
    5) James Harden

  89. JAJO says:

    And Melo ??? KD all-nba second team?? this isn’t real!! come oooonn

  90. Paul George ahead of KD?
    No Rose, no Rondo, no Kawhi Leonard, no sense…

  91. Coachtae says:

    Lol no Melo no Rose no westbrook no rondo this was disrespectful to those players

  92. dandan says:

    ha! you gotta love the thought and imagination that has been embedded into this article.
    in this saying this, it does raise a few questions…

  93. Your Boy Soy says:

    Ok first off derrick rose is definitely going to come back strong… thats a premier athete hes to good not too. James Harden is not gonna average 31 points a game.. hes not michael jordan. Second off.. Carmelo Anthony should be on the first team second team possibly, that man does crazy things.. Paul george instead? Come on now dont get too carried away hes not gonna be averaging a triple double.. hes not lebron james….

  94. MD says:

    Kd and melo is going to win a mvp before Paul George. And I remind you that its hard to belive that anyone else is going to win MVP with lebron in the NBA.

  95. ginobi says:

    Where’s Tim Duncan? Three years from now he’s still gonna dominate.

  96. Alvaro says:

    I hope you´re joking, if not you have no idea basketball.
    That Harden´s thing is just crazy, and the OKC´s too…

  97. coop says:

    It makes for an interesting read, i think that is all this piece is intended for….so all the people who seem to be getting carried away with what is written, thats probably the idea…to start debate

  98. Heat fan says:

    Man this article was good, but I don’t think grizzlies can beat spurs and then the heat. I LeBron would win MVP for the next few years and the titles.

    Also Paul George’s triple-double average was insane, but I do see him becoming a great force in the league due to his God-given miracle of his growth spurt. The Kevin Love and Pau Gasol trade is shocking as well.
    Also I don’t see Jeremy Lin as a sixth-man. He proved in Linsanity what he can do so I think he would love teams to where the coach would give him the go sign and he can work with a bigman. I’d say all NBA 3rd team on the Mavericks with Dwight Howard and Dirk Nowitzki.
    I like the Derrick Favors part, I really think he;s going to be a future all-star.
    But most of all, where’s Derrick Rose? I expected him to be in the all NBA 1st or 1nd team.

  99. Don says:

    It will be impossible for anyone to select Paul George over Kevin Durant. But the article was entertaining. Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose are somewhere laughing at this article.

  100. Mark says:

    Wheres D wade? o.o

  101. Scalabrine says:

    you forgot about me, SCALABRINE will come out of retirement to win another championship

  102. Space says:


  103. WOW! says:

    NO DROSE, KD’s not in the first team and russel westbrook! Im still suprised it says cp3 went to the celtics where did rondo go?

  104. pro-x11 says:

    scary how your imagination shows that you don’t really know about basketball, just the surface and the hype.
    it sounds like a stupid terribly unbalanced video game

  105. Dom says:

    This is just silly, I love Paul George but no way he averages a triple double, not with the work he puts in on the defensive end, and probably wouldn’t even he was Steve Nash on defense. Please keep this story saved somewhere to see if any of these fantasies come true.

    • Fred says:

      you read my mind. i’m going to save it to see if sekou is right on his predictions….

  106. Sanay IS AWESOME says:

    Paul George over Durant?
    Rondo, Rose, Parker they are all better than Damian Lillard and Jrue Holiday!!!

  107. Sanay IS AWESOME says:

    This is can not be it!
    D-Rose baby!

  108. WHOT? says:

    Paul George above KD?
    Rondo? Rose? Parker? Even Rubio before Jrue Holiday….

  109. Anes says:

    Derick Favors??

    No Monroe ?

  110. Brd33 says:

    Interesting article. I like it. Thanks Sekou! I’d be cheering the Celtics and the Clippers if this went down lol

  111. T.S. says:

    Sekou i usually read your pieces here on hang time because they are far the most realistic and accurate articles, but these predictions will never be real just by the intro, memphins winning? it’s more likely for jordan to come back and play at 50 that lebron letting this one go, and forgetting d-rose, that’s just not right

  112. Ahmad Huss says:

    KILLA lillard is gna start a revolution in the NBA , keeping Aldridge with blazers and Batum becoming a lock-down defender with pieces like jarrett jack / Gerald Henderson and a more experienced Leonard … I think they might be like the pacers of Grizz now

  113. alex says:

    Where’s Carmelo Anthony

  114. Julien Lebron says:


  115. jeff says:

    – There is no chance Paul George morph into a triple double machine.
    – marc gasol will win defensive player of the year only once and won’t be 1st team NBA.
    – Lilliard will pick next year and will be 17pts – 8 guy for the rest of his carreer
    – Memphis won’t win the title this year, absolutely no chance, I have them down going to the final but looking on how the spurs destroy them for 35 mn in game 1, and the fact that they have no offence

  116. Dominique says:

    KD and Westbrook will take over in the next 2 years that for sure!!

  117. donatelo says:

    Sekou Smith Sekou Smith is your imagination too exuberant

  118. Luis Board says:

    You’re a damn joke

  119. Mike McGinley says:

    Don’t forget Kahwai Leonard of the Spurs!

  120. Paris B. says:

    Now i’m pissd why is kd and kyrie on the 2nd team kyrie is better than steph believe it or not

  121. engin says:

    I think a Grizzlies championship is not likely but the most surprising and weird move is not to keep Durant in the first team. It is just coming from the eagerness to change something.Of course he is going to make first team for the next 6-7 years at least if Nothing in terms of health goes wrong.

  122. Thomas says:

    Amazing, great work. well off course tons of players are missing, but who knows might actually be more accurate than some of the predictions before the 2015-16 season 😉
    still laughing about curry´s shooting streak 45% from threes, and all the magic johnsons with “triple doubles”

  123. Weor says:

    Yeah, no. None of this. Bad. Bad. Bad.

  124. Where's the best pg says:

    What a joke… Where is Derrick Rose? Surely he’d be nab first team before Steph curry?

    • W/E says:

      Curry is already better than Rose, better shooter more potential, D.Lose was all about athleticism, now hes done

  125. St Patrick says:

    I admire the creativity and sheer precision of potential stats. I’m from the UK but look the the USA for light hearted, witty sports journalism. Am I missing something though – where’s Russell Westbrook? Look at the Thunder without him.

  126. Flying MIND!!!! Expert says:

    How about Derrick Rose…..
    hmmmm I know what happens…..
    You forget Derrick Rose cuz on this time…. His better than Lebron

  127. snsdmonkey says:

    No Westbrook, Paul George over KD, I think you pretty much just went with this year’s form team. John Wall?

  128. Bloodnest says:

    Lol this overlooked the roster of teams such as the Bulls so much. The article had forgotten Derrick Rose. It should have also at least included Noah, he’ll be a prime time center if he’s off the injuries, he’s already the true DPOY. Then there’s J.Butler, I believe the guy will ascend the ranks quickly next year. It’ll be the Jordan-Pippen complex all over again with Rose-Butler. His defense is already proven to be elite, and his offense is tremendous just that he hasn’t been all too aggressive and hadn’t had much playing time early in the season. He’ll be the long term starting SG for the bulls.

  129. KEVIN DURANT, IN THE SECOND TEAM, hed be 27/8 in his peak, hed be the best player in the world, let alone the best scorer in the wordl, cmon sekou, durant isnt even in his prime yet and hes still the second best player in the world. plus hell be a better facilitator, and rebounder, and defender by the, cmon man. plus you forgot, melo and d-rose!

  130. LOL says:

    this is probably the most funniest article i have ever read in NBA

  131. well... says:

    wtf no melo in two years?

  132. Ben says:

    Wow man, you stoned right now?

  133. Dave says:

    i stop reading and say “what? Harden shaves his beard and now he’s bald ?” naaah.

  134. Well notice no Derrick Rose is he injured forever?

    Boston Celtics get Demarcus Cousins and Chris Paul-you been smoking crack?

    Lebron will always be a beast and alot of people will join Miami due to its weather and ideals. Paul George has more potential but Harden will not do anything more with the Rockets. OKC will get better and will be the equivalent of Miami without the break-down of Dwayne Wade. Lakers and Celtics are going to end up like Cavs or Pistons if they don’t think future, every great side has to go through torrid times. Irving and Lillard are ones to watch out for as their sides can build up to be great playoff teams, slowly and surely.

  135. drose anyone says:

    what about derrick rose,im certain he’ll be back from knee surgery by 15/16

  136. john says:

    Rajon Rondo?

  137. kingjames420 says:

    george would not be on the 1st team kyrie will be hes clutch hes a better shooter better dribbler hes better than chris paul or curry in the years to come for xur and KD is always gonna be in the 1st team for sure the guards on the 1st team would be kyrie then either curry or harden. and of coures lebron james would be the greatest of all time after his career is done,and it would be spurs and heat this year with heat winning in 6.derrick rose would still be their but he aint gonna be as explosive as before with the knee thing but who knows?JORDAN came back better than ever after the injury.carmelo would also be their. the first team on forwards would be LEBRON then either melo or kd not george u must be a pacer fan huh.And the only player closest to average a triple double would be LEbron JAmes only not George u must be dreaming.

  138. Jason Tu says:

    LOL. Thats all i have to say.

  139. Joey says:

    I do not normally comment on these, just read the articles, but this has to be one of the most ridiculous articles NBA has had. I see that the 2013 are blinding him of what the future has to hold. The fact that Paul George is ahead of kevin durant? Why? Just because KD was eliminated in the second round? I highly doubt george will be a better player than kd in the 15-16′ season. This article is poorly written and reflect current player status. What about Rose? Did he suddenly disappear from the league? I suppose that the Grizzles are supposed to stay consistent enough to make it to the finals or near the finals for the next 4 years. This article makes no sense and really should never have been written because it neglects to include A LOT of the greats of the game today and somewhat diminishes their reputation.

  140. kit says:

    sekou you have no idea what you are talking about, or how to identify talent

  141. J says:

    that… was… AWESOME!!!!
    i loved it even though some of it would likley not happen for eg i dont see d cousins being an elite bigman , the spurs will beat grizz, pierce will prob retire as celtic, kd second? come on and paul george will NOT average a trip dub
    but that was as i said AWESOME!!!!
    Hangtime Forever!

  142. Bulls Fan 73 says:

    You forgot D.Rose, so it is meaningless…

  143. Chris says:

    That is such a stupid list… this is more how it should be (doesn’t have to be perfectly PG, SG, SF, PF, C)
    1st Team – Derrick Rose, James Harden, Kevin Durant, Lebron James (mayb or 2nd team, age 31 by then), Marc Gasol
    2nd Team – Chris Paul (age 31), Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony (age 31), Kevin Love, Dwight Howard
    3rd Team – Kyrie Irving, Steph Curry, Paul George, Blake Griffin, Demarcus Cousins
    this is MUCH MUCH more accurate than Sekou Smith’s stupid list, how do you forget Derrick Rose, Carmelo, and Russell Westbrook

  144. jerry1125 says:

    if paul georg aeverages a triple double in a season i will eat my shoe, if paul george averages a triple double and finishes 2nd in the mvp i will eat both shoes….

  145. darren james constante says:

    where is derrick rose from you prediction i don,t think this things will happen…

  146. Billy says:

    I will not choose Stephen Curry over Russel Westbrook for the NBA first team, too many injuries with this young kid even though he’s so talented, but the explosiveness and toughness from Russel Westbrook beats every PG on the court….and where is Derrick Rose? no respect to the former MVP at all

  147. jerry1125 says:

    lol at durant in the second team and westbrook in none!! what you got against the thunder?

  148. Trent says:

    replace Cousins with Andre Drummond and you’ve got it close.

  149. mohamed ali doghman says:

    Nice job, but forgetting Spurs’s faces like Parker or even Leonard is unforgivable.

  150. This Was Interesting says:

    This Was Interesting

  151. Alex says:

    Completely baffling how you’ve managed to conjure up a future in which Kevin Durant ISN’T the best player in the league

  152. Kapal Mukha Mo says:

    that’s my wish paul will be in celtics.
    i hope it became true.

  153. the man says:

    wow… i thought your wish will be granted. if cousins and paul in celtics they will became a strongest team in nba.

  154. Bstarr says:

    Uhm Sekou….no Derrick Rose???? Can you explain that? Are you thinking that he is still injured in 2015-2016??
    And what about Russell Westbrook…..I don’t think that Damian Lillard will be better than him in the next 3 years.

    DeMarcus Cousins as a Celtic…..I’ve been saying this all year too. But more as a duo with Rondo and both in the second team.

    But Paul George in the first team and Kevin Durant in the second ……naaaah no way man!

    There are some repairs needed in that time machine. But nice blog man!! (LIKE)

  155. Celts 13 says:

    Awkward, but interesting read.

    I can’t buy into a CP3 – Rondo focal point trade.

    Also, Rondo and D-Rose didn’t make this list!?

  156. mattchew says:

    joke must be drunk

  157. Erdem Altınbilek says:

    There is no way of Kevin Durant and Chris Paul dropping to second team.

  158. Bird says:

    Really D. Rose and R. Westbrook fall off that bad. I usually like your articles but this one here………..

  159. ced says:

    No more tony parker ? losing duncan does not mean taht spurs will be out of everything .
    And the bulls like rose or noah ?
    And westbrook ?

  160. Scotland says:

    Fun read, an insight into the mind of Sekou!

  161. MackDaddy says:

    Maybe aliens took Rose and Westbrook… because I’m pretty sure those bad boys are a hell of lot better in this Sekou alternate reality than Holiday and Lillard even at 3rd team!

  162. Geovanni Manuel says:

    What about Carmello Anthony? Are you kiding me?

  163. GEE says:

    Sekou, I respect your uhmnnn, IMAGINATION, But where are the talents like Derrick Rose, Westbrook and ofcourse Carmelo Anthony???

  164. lololol says:

    sekous are you kidding me? no derrick rose? i believe future first team will be G derrick rose G chris paul C dwight howard F kevin durant F lebron james

  165. Sean Santangelo says:

    No d rose!!! That alone voids this article. What a joke! Triple double for George huh? I hate James, but If he isn’t doing nobody is! Terrible predictions!!!

  166. Kevin says:

    Yeah right

  167. NBA fan says:

    I like your blog but i dont agree at all by not consider Derrick Rose. He will return healthy and will do a better performance than Curry. The most younger player to be a MVP will come back with force

  168. Unknown says:

    Nice one there. But you are a fool for leaving Carmelo and D. Rose out. No one knows the future. Foolish Predictions.

    • coop says:

      if no one knows the future why are you criticising for leaving players out…you essentiially are then predicting the future…

  169. Aaron says:

    ahaha, great article!
    didnt really consider future players tho or currently injured players such as Andrew Wiggins or Rajon Rondo or Derrick Rose, im sure atleast one of those guys would be in there…but love the creativity!

  170. paul says:

    Wow! What can I say? The only thing constant in this world is change. So who am I disagree to your predictions? The important thing is, I was entertained. Good job! 🙂

  171. Wendss says:

    Al Jefferson will go to Boston

  172. Thunder Fan says:

    I realize this is a bit of fantasy fortune telling and in good fun … but seriously, no Westbrook ?
    He has improved each and every year and been a lock on the 2nd team 3 years running now.
    More likely he will go up to 1st team than to drop out entirely.
    No way Jrue Holiday or Damian Lillard move ahead of him.

  173. Salot says:

    nice imagination..but grizzless will never win championship..maybe heat or spurs..

  174. RubyHora says:

    Even as a non Spurs fan, cant see a way for Grizzlies to get past this round…
    PS. replace George and KD

  175. Realism says:

    Stop dreaming with Demarcus Cousins to Boston Celtics



  177. Mads G. Helbo says:

    Wow – no Derrick Rose?

  178. mn says:


  179. Mads G. Helbo says:

    Oh, boy you forgot Derrick Rose…

  180. WE HAVE ALL DREAMS says:

    .zZz…zZz…..zZz… nd then u woked up

  181. elias says:

    that’s so silly. the grizzlies are 2013 champs?! how about Derick Rose? what happened to him? idiot

  182. polscholes says:

    The American…Dream
    Stop it now ! Parker in the 2nd Team ???? WTF ! no way he ‘s been far away better than Paul this year….and is still in the playoffs
    Then you got Griffin in the 2nd ??? The guy has not shoot, ok he can dunk thaht’s all
    And the best, Hollow Dwight in the 3rd He has done ….absolutly… NOTHING this year…
    What a joke !

  183. Doremon says:

    This was actually very entertaining. Loved the article Sekou

  184. t-mac says:

    did russell westbrook retire sekou ? are you kidding me lillard and kyrie cant keep westbrook out of an all nba team do you see the intensity that russell plays with every night he is similar to iverson no posessions off

  185. Derrick Rose says:

    Derrick Rose? Quite possibly the worst article I have ever read in my entire life. Derrick Rose might be the best player in the world that year and he isn’t even anywhere to be seen. And Steph over Kyrie this is a joke.

    • W/E says:

      Rose will come back as a bench player as a substitute to the Bulls new starting PG Nate Robinson.

      • moester says:

        HAHAHAHA good joke bro. nate will always be better as a spark plug off the bench despite his awesome showout in this years playoffs for the bulls.

  186. Deffs says:

    No Derick Rose?! Must be joking?

  187. Bilaly says:

    The guy forgot Derrick Rose! hahaha.

  188. JDogg says:

    No Farried?

  189. Good job says:

    Good work Sekou! Loved the article. This was more like wishful thinking maybe on your part but hey, that’s what’s it’s all about.

    • castro says:

      dude u are dreaming there is no way KD will be in the 2nd team

    • Thaddeus says:

      His wishfull thinking probably brightened or confused someone today and for me it was both. I think seeing the “Hang Time” Grizzlies go to the finals is a bit of a stretch but like any other predictions you have got to make bold choices. The only thing I don’t agree with is Jrue Holiday in for Derrick Rose and Paul George averaging 20-10-10 where he has to deal with Danny G coming back

  190. Nomad says:

    Wow. Three years from now, at least six guards will be better than a 27 year old Russell Westbrook? And LOL at KD being second team.

  191. Number1HoustonRocketsFan says:


    • NBA Fan says:

      I do believe some of those comments but not that last one. Dwight Howard has put Houston and Dallas as the teams he wanted to be on since he was in Orlando. Dallas is a team that has attracted many players like chandler, Kidd, Marion, carter and many veterans

  192. pizzafrisbee says:

    Wolves didn’t pull the trigger on a Love/Gasol trade when he wasn’t a two time All Star. Just because he missed a season doesn’t mean the Wolves will give him up for a clearly declining and aging star. Sorry.

  193. bird says:

    no way paul george average a triple double, 20 5 5 is more realistc, i think people are getting to carry away with him, also grizzlies won’t even make it out of the west finals this year

    • Marlin rush says:

      While im not going to say he can average a trip doub, paul george realistcally could get pretty damn close. Maybe around 24-10-7.

  194. Seth says:

    I believe KD will start taking over the league in the next couple of years, so he’ll headline the all nba 1st team by then. Hopefully Curry can stay healthy. I don’t think Gasol will ever make a 1st team. No way the Grizzlies win a championship this year either.

  195. Christian Loizzi says:

    wtf the clippers would never trade paul even if it was for all those celtics. the lakers would not have wiggins or burke and even if dwight leaves it would not be to dallas. besides wheres melo? i can see dwight leaving love going to the lakers and cousins ending up in boston however.

  196. Luis M. says:

    Sekou, I love your blogs and you really let your imagination go off on this one… You only forgot to add Derrick Rose in the equation… He’s going to bounce back and be a caliber player… Also, do you really believe the Grizz can beat Miami in the finals?

  197. Johnny El Jiz says:

    Derrick Rose?

    • J says:

      come back tear acl twice more and go on playing 11 years in total only having played max of 59 games and carear averages are:

      11.9 pts
      4.0 ast
      2.9 reb
      1.9 stl
      0.1 blk
      shoot 39 percent and 19 percent and play for 5 more teams and be traded 2 times in one season

      i dont think that would realy happen just imagination

    • Paul Coppinger says:

      Carmello Anthony NBA Scoring leader what did he fall off the face of the earth LMAO!!!

  198. steppx says:

    im sorry, but this is dumb. Trey Burke might not even be a starter….god he is overrated………..and these are guys who are close now…..not exactly radical predictions. I think Hayward at utah will be an allstar….i think jimmy butler might be…..and I think iman shumpert might….and michael kidd gilchrist and kemba…..and maybe Tobias Harris and Vuevic……and eric bledsoe.

    • J says:

      how can u not love this article?

    • qucee says:

      your leaving this kind of comment and have the nerve to call other peoples opinion dumb? just listing player names doesen’t mean you know what your’re talking about…

    • Moreeze says:

      Really? Dumb? That seem the wrong choice of words.

      If you do not agree with the mix of players he has put in then this might be so. But, dumb…. ?

      Anyhow, I like this time-machine fantasy mix that’s going on there. But, with Kobe having this break now I still see it possible for him to my 3rd All NBA Team. After all its fantasy and I like to dream it up a little, too.

      Overall, a very entertaining bit.

      Nicely done!

  199. Jim says:

    Wow sekou your imagination really went on a rampage in this one