Phil Jackson Back Where His Tale Of ‘Eleven Rings’ Began

CHICAGO – Kind of quiet these days in the Windy City, as far as the NBA playoffs go. The blood and guts spilled by the undermanned Bulls team against Brooklyn and Miami got mopped and stored away with the rest of the court, making room for United Center’s ice sheet on which the NHL Blackhawks are pursuing their Stanley Cup dreams.

The Derrick Rose Watch is over for a few months. Tom Thibodeau hasn’t been hoarse for a week.

But the NBA will rev up again, at least for a night, when Phil Jackson makes a public appearance Thursday to tout his latest book, “Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success.” The celebrated coach of the Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers will participate in a conversation with Bulls beat writer K.C. Johnson as part of the Chicago Tribune’s Printers Row literary series.

The Hall of Fame coach has been making the rounds lately – network interviews on the “Dan Patrick Show” and ESPN’s “Mike & Mike,” late-night chats with Jay Leno and Jon Stewart – so it’s not know if he has any news bombs to drop back where his NBA coaching career began.

Already, in thumping his book, the 67-year-old has talked about his lack of desire to coach again, the breakdown of that brief flirtation in November to return to the Lakers and various comparisons between Michael Jordan and either Kobe Bryant or LeBron James.

He said he turned down a chance to coach the Nets and, for now, has had his vision of a management role with a Seattle NBA entry blunted by the league’s decision to block a relocation of the Sacramento Kings. Jackson indicated he would have had a front-office position of his choosing, based on conversations with aspiring Seattle owner Chris Hansen.

With a career record of 1,155-485 and those 11 championships, Jackson remains a target for any team looking to make a splash with (and willing to pay a hefty price for) its coaching hire. But he talked in “Eleven Rings” of steering away from that role due to health considerations, based on his battle with prostate cancer two years ago and the rigors of the NBA’s travel and schedule.

It’s not clear where the public conversation will head Thursday – the event is being held at the Palmer House Hilton at 7 p.m. CDT, with tickets available for $45 (including a copy of Jackson’s book), $20 individually or $100 for a table of 10. Any talk of Jordan and his rivals probably will tilt in the Bulls legend’s direction, given the home-crowd advantage. And it’s likely folks will get a glimpse into how Jackson feels, rings-wise, about his Chicago six compared to his Los Angeles five.


  1. Willy says:

    PJ Lord of the 12 Rings due out soon in a theater near you. Co starring Charles Barkley (long white beard like Hardens)

  2. johnny B says:

    @isaac2 “i don’t like the lakers. in fact, i don’t like any team.”
    Ha ha haah ha ha, best comment ever…phah ha ha ha, hu hu hi hi

  3. Tony says:

    Phil is a great coach that was in the right place with the right team to win all these championships. put him with another team and it wont happen. just like MJ when he returned with the Wizzard, things were different and did nothing to move that team to a playoffs even. so i would say to Phil not to return to coaching instead what he was thinking as an owner or a manager.

  4. J says:

    phil… i salute you 😀

  5. redsoul41 says:

    What the LA Lakers need are QUALITY players that CAN execute and not a new coaching staff.
    I’m a Mavs fan though but I understand that coaches like Sloan and Jackson had a bunch of quality players
    that can execute plays either their a starter or a bench warmer. If LA can build a team like that of the Spurs
    then maybe they can encourage PJ to come back.

  6. Hi Phil, pls coach Lakers again with D12 and get CP3 to compete with the Miami Heat who can win it again and again

  7. isaac2 says:

    i don’t like the lakers. in fact, i don’t like any team.

  8. not a kobe fan either says:

    Lakers have no chance of getting to the championship again, i guarantee it.

    • J says:

      kobe wont get another ring not with this roster prob in like 20 years when and if they have rebuilt well after the kobe era

  9. LyLHaK says:

    it’s not that Lakers Management doesn’t listen to you guys, it’s PJax that doesn’t want to coach at the moment, it’s his decision, we should respect it, and for the Lakers, they should just let go of both D’An & D12, D12 has high salary but not that efficient player anymore, D’An, i dunno what’s up with the guy why he can’t get things done

    and as for the Bulls, too young, like OKC before, just give them time and enough healthy players, then they will be like OKC 🙂

  10. too badd says:

    I guess laker management doesn’t listen to laker nation

  11. EyronFigures says:

    Just a LA Fakers fan again..dont depen on Phil’s coaching strategy to win a championship..let him decide with his own idea.. if he returns to coaching and go to your favorite team (LA FAKERS) it will be great… but for me, i hope he can try to coach other team,(CAVS,LA CLIPPERS,ETC) for sure it will change the 2013-2014 season running and standing…i really respect coach Phil, he is a legend, a HOF, a Great and a leader.. so stop talking about Phil to return in LA..just pray and hope to Coach him again..respect and dont be intimidate..

    Let’s go HEAT~

  12. forcesword says:

    Just curious,will the triangle offense work for the current Bulls team?

  13. A.J. says:

    Weak book. I read it, it wasn’t worth reading, let alone buying.

  14. Patty says:




    • TrustXC4 says:

      I agree that Phil Jackson belongs with the Lakers!

      • Denzo says:

        6 RINGS. = Bulls. And he did it their first. hes more Bull than anyone else. But Im happy with Tom actually and suits our defensive team now better anyway.