Blogtable: The Needy Knicks

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Week 30: Dwight and D’Antoni | What do the Knicks need? | Bobcats back to Hornets

What do the Knicks need to become a true title contender, and how do they get it?

Steve Aschburner, Find a way to make Carmelo Anthony your second-best player. Then find a way to convince him to accept that. Now how do the Knicks go about that? They need to acquire a proven star who has the ball in his hands as much as or more than Anthony. So I’m thinking point guard. And since Tony Parker, Derrick Rose or Rajon Rondo aren’t likely to be playing home games at Madison Square Garden anytime soon, I’m thinking Chris Paul. Done.

Fran Blinebury, First, the Knicks need the realization that they are not on the doorstep of being a true contender. Not when they had a roster of Marcus Camby, Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin, Rasheed Wallace and a 36-year-old rookie in Pablo Prigioni and could only get out of the first round. That’s a group that’s more suited to be playing chess in Central Park than knocking off Indiana, Miami and, next season, Chicago. Good luck finding someplace to dump the $45 million left on Amar’e Stoudemire‘s contract. Could they convince small market teams in Minnesota or Portland to give up potential free agents Kevin Love or LaMarcus Aldridge a year early?  That’s the kind of home run they need to hit. As currently constructed, the Knicks are going nowhere. What they need is time … and that’s the one thing you never get in New York.

J.R. Smith (Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images))

J.R. Smith (Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images))

Jeff Caplan, Welcome to the new CBA, boys. There won’t be any names in lights walking through that door this summer for a team over the salary cap, the luxury tax and the tax apron, and therefore left with little flexibility to do anything substantial. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Health is the key. The Knicks will have Iman Shumpert ready from the jump (he didn’t play until Jan. 17 this season) and that will keep 40-year-old Jason Kidd in his rightful spot coming off the bench. The huge minutes Kidd played early in the season ruined him late. Also (as Knicks management crosses their fingers and toes) Amar’e Stoudemire should be in good health for the start of training camp and hopefully coach Mike Woodson can lay out a mutually acceptable plan of attack with Stoudemire for next season.

Scott Howard-Cooper, They need to balance an offense over-reliant on perimeter play, especially the 3-pointer. They need to get better on defense. They’re just not going to be able to. Without a Draft pick before No. 24, without real spending power in free agency and without many trade options, the Knicks have few opportunities to make major gains. Their best hope is that one or two free agents deliver well beyond their contracts.

John Schuhmann, They need more balance, both in terms of offense/defense and, in regard to their offense, inside/outside. Really, they need more guys under 30 and more guys who can play on both ends of the floor. Amar’e Stoudemire and J.R. Smith are the prime examples of players who can hurt you defensively as much as they help you offensively. Given their cap situation and the age of their roster, I really don’t know how they get better this summer. Maybe they have another Pablo Prigioni they can bring over from Europe

Sekou Smith, NBA.comThey need a second superstar. They need to find Carmelo Anthony‘s Dwyane Wade or Russell Westbrook. And they need to find him now, because J.R. Smith is not that guy. Making that second superstar happen is the tricky part. The Knicks don’t have anyone of value that they could move (on his own) to get back a player of the caliber needed to help them get to championship level. The front office has to get to work and see what they can come up with, because another superstar is not going to fall in their lap. But I’m with Carmelo’s college coach, Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim, he can’t do it alone. He needs another player of his caliber, or possibly better, to take the Knicks to the next level. And there is no shame in that, not in today’s NBA.

Aldo Avinante, York is one dependable post player away from being a true contender for the NBA championship. Their small-ball approach was exploited by the bigger and more physical Indiana Pacers. David West roughed up Carmelo Anthony in the four-spot — still an unnatural position for Melo — while Paul George‘s length gave him problems. But what lacked in their season-ending series is a dependable scorer in the low-post and consistent work on the boards. Indiana simply outworked them in the big boy stats while they looked helpless when their 3-point shots weren’t falling. The postseason is a different animal: The game’s pace slows down dramatically and the defense intensifies. Tyson Chandler needs help, but other than those problems they are still a very good ballclub.

Pawel Weszka, need fresh legs and creativity. Having so many experienced veterans worked well in the regular season, but the playoffs’ physicality brought fatigue and inconsistency. Carmelo needs more support on the offensive end as the Knicks become predictable – when the Knicks top scorer does not get double-teamed on a post up play, the basketball stops moving. They need a versatile big man and Raymond Felton stepping up in running the offense, but with big bucks locked up in Anthony, Chandler and Stoudemire’s contracts, pursuits of big summer trade opportunities will be limited.

Karan Madhok, is a point guard’s league, where teams that have decent quarterbacks can help set an offense and keep the ball moving. The Knicks desperately need better ball movement to take the next step up, and currently, their two highest-paid players – Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire – cannot co-exist with both having a shoot-first mentality on offense. Felton, Kidd, and Prigioni have been half-decent but they need an upgrade at the point guard position. Unfortunately, the Knicks future looks bleak since the team of elder statesmen was built to ‘win now’. They don’t have enough financial flexibility to bring in a super-talented player next season. What they can hope for is to make a minor trade and hope to strike lucky with an underrated point guard just looking for a chance to shine.


  1. Giovanni says:

    We need to trade for Marc Gasol. its the last year of his contract, so the grizzles will probably be looking to get something for him. marc will probably be looking elsewhere after getting swept by the spurs…and also he’ll probably want to go to a big market team like his brother… Marc Gasol for Amare, Prigioni, and Copeland ???????????

  2. Jolt Nite says:

    Better replaced Mr. Woody. He don’t know what he is doin’. NYK has talents but don’t know how to utilize them. Why go for small line-up when your opponent is much taller & physical team such as the Pacers. It’s the Playoffs and you need to adjust every game and every time you face the same team.

  3. Mr Wonder says:

    The Knicks need to stop giving the players so much money. Why does Stoudemire have $20m every year??? Why does Carmeleon have $20m every year??? LeBronz is $15m a year and Knicks allow Stoudamire to take $20m per year. Who is the person that allow Carmeleon and Stoudamire to take $20m per person every year? They need to stop them

  4. Bryan says:


  5. thesportguru says:


  6. ko0kiE says:

    it’s so funny this talk about having a second superstar.. I can remember Amar’e in the MVP discussion 2 years ago, BEFORE they acquired anthony. he was supposed to be the second super star.

  7. JW says:

    IDK, maybe get rid of Chandler, JR and STAT, then try to get Sanders (from Milwaukee – is he even available?), Crawford and a mid-range shooting PF somewhere.

  8. Sintido kumon says:

    “Get melo to be the second best player” this guy must really hate melo,no disrespect but there’s not much players there who’s will be better than melo anyway…only lebron,durant,Kobe,wade,rose and Westbrook are the players I would regard as better than melo, and all of them isn’t gonna leave their team soon…plus melo has been a proven winner,he might lack post season success but he never had another superstar with him his career apart from Iverson which I thought would’ve worked if only Karl didn’t give so much minutes to boykins…and everyone knows that amare is the problem not because he’s not playing well but because he barely plays at all…if sheed was playing,I think the Knicks will be playing the heat in the conference finals

  9. Davro83 says:

    I dont understand half of you. They have a great team. All that is needed in my opinion is a big man that is young that can score and rebound. Indiana killed the knicks in the post. The knicks have great point guards and forwards. And chandler is great but doesnt score. He needs help rebounding. I would also trade JR Smith. He is too much like Melo except no where near as good. You dont need 2 players like that on 1 team.

  10. NotSureBoutThisBut says:

    i think they can amnesty stat, i believe billups only had 1 year left in his contract and hes was picked up by the clips so that amnesty is/should now be available.

    the players i think they should retain – melo, shump, pablo, cope, felton, kmart. look for a scenario where they could get cp3 to sign as a freeagent and sign and trade howard for chandler/smith.

    starting 5
    cp3, shump, melo, kmart, d12

    pablo, felton, cope

    then just fill the void with gritty rebounding bigs

    not sure if it would the knicks bill, but its just an idea

  11. Luke says:

    Cannot get rid of Melo, Chandler or Shumpert. Lose Smith and Felton to secure moola for CP3. Prigioni has been amazing this year for what you’d expect is little funds for his services. 2 yrs left for Kidd is ridiculous. Maybe give Patty Mills an oportunity in New York….? No to D12 either

  12. Jedd says:

    As for my opinion, NY Knicks’ roaster is just fine!

    number 1 position – Prigioni and Kidd
    number 2 spot – Felton, Shumpert (or maybe number 3) and Smith
    number 3 spot – Novak and Copeland (can also be number 4)
    number 4 spot – Melo and Stadoumire
    number 5 – Chandler and KMart

    Their defense is good.
    Copeland and Shumpert can be secret weapons.
    They are all shooters! (except number 5 spots obviously)
    i think they just need to move the ball around and look for the open mates for a non-contested shots… they can also put power underneath and pick-up fouls or force a double team…and when double team comes, again, look for the open man.

  13. Madison5th says:

    Lol, should have kept Lin.

  14. Jonathan says:

    Melo is not the problem. It’s been proven that he can score consistently. But we also need another scorer because Melo scoring 30+ and only a couple of other players in double digits will not get you a ring. What the knicks need is an explosive pointguard. Someone who can play like Lillard or Irving and someone who can dish like Paul. I’m not saying they will find anyone at that caliber, but the PG positions needs to be filled by a player who can be a team leader like the players named. A good man is also needed, someone who can score 10+ points and have 10+ rebounds. Chandler is a good defensive player but was nowhere to be found during the players, barely the regular season. D12 is looking like the perfect fit.

  15. dC says:

    i agree pau for amare. or pursue d12, make a sign and trade.

  16. joe says:

    Trade amare and Chandler for Dwight Howard…………sign Chris Paul

  17. Jason says:

    You should have let Lin stayed.

  18. not a kobe fan either says:

    This is a common problem in teams that took most star players but beyond their prime.
    Chandler, Shump, Melo, Copeland and Prigioni should stay.
    They have to get rid of the rest. Amnesty Amare, get Scola.
    Do not chase down Howard he’s such a drama queen and not worth it.
    Get CP3 and Jamal Crawford and they’re good to go.

  19. jason lee says:

    Another guy who can handle the ball more
    A guy with creativity
    A guy under 30
    a good poont guard
    Need better ball movement
    Tyson chandler needs help

    Lol, i think they let this certain person slip away to houston


  20. Jack says:

    First off, other than lebron and durant, who in this league is better than Carmelo? He will always be the most dominant player on the team he plays with

  21. Knick Fan says:

    The way: Trade Amare To Hawks and Bring Horford or to the timberwolvers for Love, find another natural center (Al Jefferson, Timofey Mozgov), and not more Camby, Kidd, James White, all out. Change Smith for Kevin Martin (more consistent Player), and bring another PG (Brandon Jennings,Daven Harris, Jeff Teague).

  22. Michael says:

    First of the knicks dont need to make carmelo the second option. They need to make smith the third scoring option and get a number two scoring option in chris paul who can orgastrate the offense and keep shooters off the bench so that when the bench is in run the suns offense of the mid 2000s run and gun…. Thats how they become the team to beat in the east! Carmelo scoring champ!!! Cant e a number two scoring option!

  23. lewis5472 says:

    Hear me out, the starting line-up for NYK in 2013-14:

    PG – Felton (Unlikely to trade him, he was rather good this year and the NYK budget is very limited)
    SG – Shumpert/Smith
    SF – Smith/Shumpert (they can both play the 2 or 3)
    PF – Melo
    C – Chandler

    Sixth Man – Copeland – instant offence and can create his own shot, much like JR was this year. Cope – otherwise known as Predator, from the movie predator – can come in at the 3 or 4 and Shumpert, smith or Melo can be taken out or moved around to make this work.

    7th Man and beyond – STAT. Mainly because they cannot amnesty him, he is earning a butt load of money to do something related to basketball, he needs plenty of rest, and it is VERY unlikely that they will find anyone that wants to trade for him and his health issues.

    STAT is not a bad player OFFENSIVELY, I enjoy him on the court because he is a welcome change to the standard jump-shooting Knicks, as he brings at least a LITTLE low-post offense; this is not ideal however but he can be effective at times.

    Following this NYK needs to acquire another big man down low who can consistently score, as well as another PG as Prigioni is likely to leave. If possible retain K MART as he has the kind of gritty defence that NYK needs, which cannot be found other than in Chandler or Shumpert.

    This can be done through the draft or free agency if possible, I’m apprehensive in suggesting anyone as the draft and free agency are very unpredictable and the NYK’s budget is very limited due to STAT, Melo and Chandler’s contracts. But if possible – I don’t know money wise if it is so don’t b***h at me – bring in a player like Paul Millsap or David West (the latter’s contract is up this year, but West is likely far too expensive for NYK this year and is unlikely to leave the Pacers), but someone similar who is a two way player (they play both defence and offense effectively).

    Note that I’m not saying bring in West or Millsap, but someone LIKE them, but not necessarily either of those two – but obviously West or Millsap would be good.

    If New York can bring in an effective big man who can score and play defence at PF efficiently then that’s great, move Melo to the 3, as he can score at either the 3 or 4 positions. New York is essentially one big man away from becoming a true contender, as NYK has all the perimeter scoring it needs.

    Additionally, I only say that NYK should keep Felton due to the fact that they are unlikely to be able to afford anyone better, there are better PGs out there but they are simply too expensive. If somehow New York can bring in a player like Chris Paul that’s great, it is however, as likely as Ireland winning the rugby world cup (as an Irishman who is slightly tipsy while writing this, I can dream!).

    In conclusion, I have probably left a lot out in relation to a functioning full line up for New York, and I feel I have rambled enough. I do however believe that the starting line-up and sixth man I suggested could be effective. It is not ideal, but it is however, pragmatic due to New York’s highly restrictive budget. The best case – but highly unlikely – scenario is that STAT is somehow removed from the line-up, or else he agrees to one hell of a pay cut, and then New York has the ability to sign another big name to help Melo; help which he proved was needed in the playoffs. Furthermore, a sign and trade is available as another option of bringing in other players and Camby, STAT, White and Novak are all movable pieces to be used in such a ploy.

    If you disagree I would like to hear other suggestions, but please be kind!

  24. Max says:

    The Knicks if not CP3, the Knicks can get Brandon Jennings, Nick Young, and Ed Davis. Also, O.J Mayo will be a free agent next season. I say get rid if all the senior citizens off the team like Pablo, Camby, Kidd, Novak with his inconsistency, Richardson, White. All those bums. I expect to see Anthony, Martin, Chandler, Iman, J.R., Stat, Felton, and Cope back next season. Also Andre Blatche who is another Big man the Knicks can use next season. Andre Iggy will be a free agent as well. There are more good quality players in the FA than just CP3, Howard, and Josh Smith

  25. Axel says:

    first they need to get young roster.. Second solve the highest paid player of the knicks Stoudamaire. They pay him big bucks and what do the knicks get from him??? “NOTHING!”

  26. Hawal says:

    1) Knicks used amnesty on Billups for the Chandler signing
    2) Lin left the Knicks for the Rockets for more $
    3) Get rid of Kidd and Camby, their contracts are vice gripping the Knicks nuts.
    4) Get a REBOUNDING FOWARD, someone who is willing to do the dirty work.

  27. KNICKSALLDAY says:

    Trade Amare to hawks since they losing JSmoove hawks will do anything to get new PF.
    And Get Horford in return. Also Felton for Teague.
    Good For Both teams, Starting lineups:
    Knicks Hawks
    Teague Felton
    Shumpert Lou Williams
    Melo Korver
    Horford Amare
    Chandler Al Jefferson(if they get him this offseason which they very well may)

  28. Kat poy says:

    Get better referees.

  29. KBtrees says:

    I would disagree with carmelo needing a westbrook or wade beacuse quite frankly there both better than carmelo.

  30. Flutoniak says:

    Knicks need either PG or Bigman. a real good one. Oh I remember one person…
    Are you knicks fans regreting not signing Lin? It was the insanely bad move letting Lin out just because two immature thugs(JR melo) were envying Lin for him recieving all the spotlight which were supposed to be theirs. Sorry for NYorkers but I doubt knicks win a single championship with Melo.

    • ac says:

      I regret a lot of things as a Knick fan, not signing Jeremy Lin for 15 million dollars is definitely not one of them. I wouldn’t even put him in the top 20 point guards in the league.

  31. Lynn Gamble says:

    I agree with the argument this article but the fact that no one touched on Chris Copeland and the spark he brings off the bench shocks me. Time after time he showed this season that he has what it takes to be a top scorer in this league when Carmelo Anthony didn’t play and even in game 5 when he helped the team win or even in game 6 when he shot back to back all “net” 3’s to get the team back in the game. I feel Mike Woodson should award him with more time next season and also trade for Amare cause all he’s doing is taking time and a lot of money!

    • Forty says:

      Ikr, that dude can be a GS Monte, when he was a quiet 26.2 ppg. Just melo getting all the light and overshadowing.

  32. mac says:

    1) Amnesty Amare, sign Dwight.
    2) Trade Chandler and Kidd for CP3 (this gives LAC something in return), or trade Chandler for cap space and sign CP3 outright, or anything along those lines (3 team trades, etc.) or settle for some other perimeter player alongside Melo, D12.

  33. Anthony not Carmelo says:

    What they need to do is have a more set rotation. Create more plays for chandler since most teams play small ball, and not toss it to him in the post and expect him to do iso’s and score effectively. Second, play STAT if you at least have 3-4 people on the floor who are capable of playing great defense. Also get Chris Copeland and Novak more minutes, they’re both able to score the ball really well. Especially when they needed copeland to play big minutes he stepped up. They also need to stop that small ball with 3 guards in the lineup, cause its only smart to play that if you have younger guards. ( Warriors execute it very well.). Limit Jasons and pablos minutes, use them for smarter situations individually. To have a more defensive lineup start KMart at the 4. They can improve, they just need Mike Woodson to really be a Coach Pop and have the team play like one, cause when they did they were playing some amazing basketball.

  34. NYKallrock says:

    NYK needs to do a clean up. They can either keep or dump JR Smith, he can be valuable coming off the bench anyway, just limit his minutes…dumping him might make the NYK regret it cuz JR is gonna make the knicks regret it..but if they do, they can sign Kevin Martin to replace JR SMith. They could also dump Chandler..find a player who’s great defensively and offensively (with post moves/shooting) like they can sign BIG AL JEFFERSON, they might also wana sign EMEKA OKAFOR for defense. Felton is a decent point guard, just need another decent point guard who could give intensity and energy, i suggest bring back NATE ROBINSON to NYK..but i think these deals with be impossible ayt? if then, just try to get CP3. NYK needs a leader, CP3 needs to be complimented with player like MELO…

  35. wes says:

    pau for amare

  36. ruth parker says:

    bring back jeremy, he’s the missing piece

  37. Samuel says:

    The 1st guy, Steve Aschburner, is tripp’in. “Make Melo you second best player”. Good luck, unless your talking about bringing in LeBron or Kobe or a healthy D Rose. melo is not the problem. They problem is he’s doesn’t have help. Dude, you tripp’in.

  38. Mr Monaco says:

    I see a lot of people talk about trading melo and acting like melo is part of the problem. Stop talking trash based on reputation alone, he is a lot better on defence, against Indiana was Chandler a formes DPOY put to shame against hibbert, and Melo against a much stronger West actually held is own.

    Melo is the Knicks best player and alwyas will even if Paul gets there. Chris Paul would be great because it will improve a lot of the ball movement and make everybody better, and with Paul Melo will start to put up Jordan numbers in scoring

  39. The Knicks would do well to sign and trade JR to Utah for their UFA big man Paul Milsap, pick up Shaun Livingston with a part of their mini mid level exception, and trade James White and a future second rounder to Dallas for their #13 draft pick. Dallas wants out of the draft to clear more space for another shot at Dwight Howard or Chris Paul. The Knicks could then try to package #13 and #24 to move up higher and snag one of the better PGs in the draft. Burke would likely be gone, but there are others out there who could help the Knicks play faster. After some 8 yrs in the league Felton has shown himself to be the little engine that almost could. A more skilled PG is necessary to get to the next level, and it’s highly improbable that the Knicks can clear enough cap space to bring in Chris Paul, or swing a trade to do so. Milsap would help address their need for a bruising, low-post scoring 4, a necessary commodity in today’s eastern conference; and Livingston would provide a smart, good decision making utility player who could play 1-2-3 and minimize the teams dependence on their geriatric guard corps. God bless Pablo and Jason, but it’s pretty clear that the Knicks need to get younger. My $0.02.

    • chiversblog says:

      This is spot on. As great as JR has been this season, he’s too inconsistent and so a sign and trade to bring in either a PF (like Millsap) or a PG would make sense to me. Then which ever position is remaining (either the PF or PG), try and get as higher draft pick as possible to fill that position. The Knicks were good this season but I fear that if they keep the same line up, they will get worse rather than better as there are too many old guys in key positions. Bring in some youth and freshen things up Grunwald!

      • ac says:

        I like everything about this except using the mini midlevel on Shaun Livingston. That caps out at 3million/year if I’m not mistaken and Shaun Livingston is barely both half of that. I still vote for resigning Cope with that money, he’d made some great strides this year. I like the sign and trade with JR, he’s had a great season but I don’t see him as integral to this team. Between Melo, Shump, and Cope they have plenty of wing players. They need more size and a good backup point guard. I vote for drafting Shane Larken from Miami, good strong player with great speed and offense, though slightly undersized.

  40. Dough says:

    What needs to be done is some practice of good teamwork, Carmelo need to learn how to share the rock, and create opportunities for other players to get good look shots.

  41. Knick Fan says:

    I doubt we will get CP3. They have something good there in L.A… A few more pieces and the Clippers will be a serious serious threat in the West. THOUGH the west is far more fierce than the East. Don’t necessarily need stars. Just get rid of Stoudemire(45 million can get you something better than a guy who punches fire extinguishers when losing a game; when the fans/team relies on you) and JR. Smith(get a better off the bench scorer) for better pieces. Be like the Dallas that beat the Heat. Get Bigs, Defence. and a CONSISTENT and higher IQ 6th man, the 3pt shooters are there. Also Keep some of the old guys, like J.Kidd; I really think Felton did so well this year (especially the playoffs), all that experienced Point Guard knowledge from Kidd and Prigioni must’ve helped him a lot. Not sure how the business works in the NBA, but JR. Smith is the 6th man of the year, he’s got to be worth a lot. The Stoudemire part however is complicated. Who would want that guy? Mature players (not old). Off the court is just as important as on the court in “winning”. Don’t follow the footsteps of the heat by getting stars all over. Look at the Lakers. Just get Melo to develop more as a team player, he’s doing really well this year. Not that knowledgeable in basketball, I ball, watch the Knicks, and only play NBA 2k13 so excuse somethings that I said that may sound like rubbish. Lets go Knicks!

  42. lisa d says:

    Plain and friggin simple the Knicks should have kept Jeremy Lin! To this day i just don’t understand how they let that gem get away. All we have now is Grampa Amare and Uncle Jason.

  43. KunJay says:

    They don’t need anyone new, they have good pieces they only need a better system and the players to buy into that system. You saw what this Chicago Bulls did without their best players by just rebounding and moving the ball. Woodson is not a bad coach but it’s been proven over and over again that if you live by the 3 you die by the 3. That system does not work. They tried moving the ball but at the end when things got tough they went back to old habits…aka Carmelo holding the ball for 15 seconds and shooting a contested jumper.

  44. Victor Hugo says:

    Carmelo’s fine…but he isn’t the player to bring a title for us.Everybody knows that Stoudemire will take a long time to get really healthy and play the basketball he did 2 seasons ago,but he’s not considered a star anymore.We need a point guard like Chris Paul or Rajon Rondo or center that can REALLY dominate like D12 OR involve Amar’e on a trade and get a PF like Lamarcus Aldridge,Kevin Love or Josh Smith

  45. Ant says:

    In my humble opinion, their biggest areas of concern is focus and attention to detail. When they’re locked in they’re just as good as any team in the league. The issue is keeping them locked in. There’s no excuse for allowing teams to run the same back door play many times over, there’s no excuse for not putting a body on a man when a shot goes up, there’s no excuse for losing your cool and picking up boneheaded fouls, there’s no excuse hoisting up 25 foot step back fadeaways with regularity, etc. These are things that can be worked on and don’t require extra superstar talent to correct.

    One more thing. Don’t get me wrong, Mike Woodson has done a fantastic job, but there’s been a lot of instances where his own stubbornness gets in the way of the team’s performance. I understand that he’s developed a fondness for certain players (namely JR and Jason Kidd). However, when they aren’t playing good he needs to sit their [expletive] down. TRUST YOUR BENCH, COACH! TRUST YOUR BENCH!

    With that said, if the Knicks focus on the minute details of the game, I believe they should be fine. Let’s go Knicks!

  46. theholyspecatator says:

    dont see knicks winning a title. poor melo..they got a great superstar but cant seem to put the right pieces around him…sad that he will join the many superstars that dont ever win a ring…RIP nyc

  47. Jessy says:


  48. TTKIN says:

    Knicks and Lakers are both screwed. 2 teams that loaded up rosters worth way less than they are paying and neither has a real opportunity to get better cuz of it.

    The Lakers best hope is to hope Howard leaves, tank next season and start fresh in 2014.

    The Knicks’ best hope is to stop signing guys who had an over-the-hill birthday party 5 years ago, wait out the rest of STAT’s and Chandlers’ contracts, and go from there. It would behoove them to either resign Melo for less once his is up, or not sign him at all. Sorry but im not impressed with 40% shooting in the playoffs. Ya BOS and IND were able to focus in on him, but it’s not like every shot he took was a good, smart shot. IMO, Melo and Smith made great improvements to their games during the regular season. But during the playoffs, I saw the same Melo and JR that I’ve seen for years.

    -Laker fan-

  49. Vinicius Rodrigues says:

    think the best way out for the Kincks is to amnesty STAT, and try to lure some qualified help for Melo. CP3 would be a great one. And try to add a PF that at least can be a threat at the low post, as the so much perimeter-oriented Knicks became very predictable. Just like David Lee is at GS. Why not Scola? not very expensive and very consistent down there

  50. W/E says:

    THe Knicks gotta trade Carmelo and JR for better star players. Or just rebuild the whole team they are so OLD.

  51. kobe says:

    all they do is shoot jumpshots..they will never beat the Heat Pacers or Bulls

  52. manny says:

    The knicks have enough talent all they need is a coach like great popovich to mentor Carmelo into changing his style from solo success to team success.

  53. sobral says:

    lets not get another star and transform the knicks into Carmelo and Ai Denver. The knicks have enough all they need is to find a way to win games sharing the ball and stop making Carmelo your only offence trick.

  54. manny says:

    the knicks don’t need any more stars they need a coach such as great popovich that will mentor Carmelo to change his style of play form solo success to team success.

  55. Michael says:

    They need to either buy out stat or trade him. Free up enough cap space and convince chris paul to make the move to NY or someone else of the superstar status. Melo is the go too man but they need a second ASAP!

  56. Orange&BlueSky says:

    the knicks can most likely get CP3 if we amnesty Amar’e and include some players such as ( Felton , maybe JR) but it is a GREAT possibility that CP3 is comming to the Knicks. and CP3 and Blake Griffinf dont get along so idk why someone would say bring that problem to new york. but CP3 trade is VERY possible be on the look out

    • GreenDef says:

      Sadly, the Knicks already used their amnesty on Baron Davis a couple years back. Unless they can find a team willing to take on that contract (and I doubt there is a GM out there that would), they are stuck with him. But yes, if the Knicks can get CP3, they could be a very dangerous team

    • underdog says:

      They used their amnesty clause on Billups in order to acquire Tyson Chandler… Only way they can clear Stoudemire off is if he retires. No one would trade for him. Knicks would be the new Atlanta Hawks… the roster is good for them not to lose… but still not good enough to give them enough wins for the post-season

    • Sid says:

      Can’t amnesty amare already used amnest on chauncey billups that’s why it’s nearly impossible to get rid of him he can’t be amnestied and no one wants a $45 mil contract to go with a guy who can’t stay healthy

  57. Fuuu says:

    The knicks need to change the mentality of the team, and is order to do that, they need to get rid off JR Smth, Sign and trade him, The Knicks cant have a guy while in a shooting slump instead of working is his game, just goes partying after every game.

    And get rid off STAT, his defence inst geatting any better and he isnt explosive any more. too much money for a guy who is always injured.

    I know nothing about salary caps, and i dont know what kind of moves it would be needed to bring Chris Paul to New York, but do it, In the current knick roster only Carmelo Chandler and Shump, are worth hanging on to

  58. Heatr#1 says:

    No they just need to focus on defense forget offence

    • DeChenau says:

      Kenyon was nice but we need another bigman that can play defense and score, and we need another scorer like a Jamal Crawford. I wish we could get Jamal and David Lee again. I think we would get out the second round then because unfortunately Jr Smith just has not been consistent enough.

  59. boxstOppER says:

    If i were Melo coz His a Good Friend Of LBJ i would go work with LBJ like Durant did…If you notice Pual George says FILMING is a BIG BIG help.Look the way Pual plays looks like LEBRON does…

  60. mortished says:

    You’re saying they need a second superstar … but do they really have the right superstar ??? you talk about Chris Paul i thought about it too : a trade involving melo (+bench player(s) to the clippers for CP3 and Blake Griffin would be ideal for the knicks : a proven point guard and center and of course Amare still in the mix would make a great backbone to a hardplaying knicks team

  61. LabMonkey says:

    I love the fact that you let worldwide editors chime in. About the Knicks, they need to get younger and have either a killer PG or Center. D12 or CP3, and we all know it’s not happening (ever?). I go with Steve Aschburner’s on that one. Great article as always guys.

  62. shink213 says:

    they need to swap their team for the heat straight up, thats the only way. as long as lebron is in the east, there is no way that melo will get even the slightest chance at a ring. same goes for most of the teams in the west going against a healthy thunder team….lebron and durant are on another level and as long as those players as well as their supporting casts stay healthy (unlike this year) it will be a showdown between them in the finals almost every year.