Stan Van Gundy Won’t Coach Next Season

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Go ahead and cross Stan Van Gundy off your coaching wish list, NBA general managers and decision-makers.

The former Orlando Magic and Miami Heat coach told Orlando radio station SportsTalk1080 this morning that he will not return to the sideline for the 2013-14 season. His decision quashes the dreams of fan bases from Cleveland to Atlanta and several other outposts where coaching searches are in full swing.

(Listen to the full interview here)

Van Gundy said he has not interviewed with any teams, though he had been contacted by several about their vacancies.

His announcement takes one of the prime coaching candidates off of the market before things get really cranked up during NBA free agency in July.


  1. jerry says:

    yep. many teams cain’t afford his brutal truth, and bitter honesty,
    but the CHARLOTTE needs somebody like him, not a boss pleaser at all.

  2. J says:

    jeff van gundy is awesome !!!!!

    i just had to put that somewhere ha ha ha

  3. Clippersfan4471 says:

    Hmmm. I’m guessing this story came out before the news about VDN not geting re-signed by the Clippers??? SVG said he would go to a warm weather city if they had a winning team…..Sounds like he was telling everyone he wanted to go to the Clippers in the first place???? Let’s just wait and see.

    • Common Sense says:

      I’d prefer a coach with a ring if I were the Clippers. They had a great coach to get them to the playoffs, now they move up…Sloan or Shaw. Or Scott if it makes CP3 happy, but I question his ability to get a ring as a coach as well.

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  5. king12 says:

    D12 to cleveland

  6. dmh says:

    SVG wants the perfect situation. Back when he took the Orlando job he had Dwight on his rookie contract, an up and coming Orlando squad, and virtually no drama. Things did gradually change however most of that was injury. After that there was the two trades in 24 hours thing that put the final nail in that coffin. I think the only reason why SVG didn’t quit after Dwight demanded him fired is because of the contract and the inevitable dismantling of the rest of that Orlando squad. I think there the only job I could see SVG taking would have been the Cleveland job. But even that was a longshot due to the ghost of Lebron and that drama. Brooklyn most likely will go through a billion players and multiple coaches until the russian owner realizes that he cannot haphazardly buy his way to a championship in today’s CBA climate. The other teams have too many question marks as far as whether they will get better or whether they will be in salary cap or personel hell and stay the same or get worse.

  7. iivviiccaa79 says:

    omg, SVG won’t coach next year, will the sun still come out tomorrow?

  8. Mahmoud Radfar says:

    I believe Stan is losing one of the best chances in his life if he does not consider the job vacancy at NETS. The onwer of the team is desparate for someone like Van Gandy. For him next year will be too late!!!

  9. Mahmoud Radfar says:

    I believe StAN is losing a hugh chance with the NETS. The owner of the team is sparate for someone like stan van Gandy. He had better think twice before the chance is given to someone who does not deserve it!!!

  10. Patty says:



  11. pro-x11 says:

    van gundy cant play with howard, he expects IQ and good decisions, talk a lot to explain things and no way the diva howard can tolerate and understand this

  12. Ed says:

    The Cavs signed Mike Brown weeks ago, why are they even mentioned here?

  13. Clint says:

    “His decision quashes the dreams of fan bases from Cleveland to Atlanta” – Seriously?! This might be the worst line of journalism I have ever seen. The Cavs were the FIRST team to sign a new head coach this off season. They signed Mike Brown weeks ago already! Not to mention that I highly doubt ANYONE’S dreams are “quashed” by their team not being able to sign the Ron Jeremy of head coaches…

  14. hdsnake says:

    If I was running the Nets and I had a choice of Dwight Howard or Stan Van Gundy, I would go with SVG in a heartbeat. The Nets already have a top rated center in Brook Lopez. Why would they want a problem child in their locker room?

  15. Bstarr says:

    Of course he will not be coaching next season. Brooklyn wants D12 so Stan doesn’t want to sign there.

    And what is left then for him, Cavs? Bobcats? Hawks? Pistons? naaah I would have say the same as Stan.

    If you ask me it was the Nets or nothing for him. And looking at his answer you might want to say that D12 will be a Net next season……

    This smells big time guys!!