Report: Clips Part Ways With Del Negro

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Vinny Del Negro‘s future wasn’t so secure after all.

The Los Angeles Clippers parted ways with their coach this afternoon, as first reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, despite helping orchestrate the finest regular season in franchise history. The Clippers won their first division title this season, but were bounced in the first round of the playoff by the Memphis Grizzlies.

Speculation about Del Negro’s future with the team has raged on for months, long before they faltered in the playoffs. With free-agent point guard Chris Paul still undecided about his future in advance of the July 1 free agent free-for-all, where Paul will be as sought after as anyone on the market not named Dwight Howard.

It should be noted that a Paul favorite and a man familiar to Los Angeles, Byron Scott, was on NBA TV’s airwaves Monday night and is available after being fired in Cleveland. The Clippers would be wise to think about coaches that could connect with their superstar point guard while pursuing Del Negro’s replacement.

There’s also the Phil Jackson factor to think about. If he’s interested in returning to the league in some capacity, but not as a coach, maybe the Clippers consider bringing him back and having him select the next coach.

In addition to Paul, the Clippers will have to take Blake Griffin‘s temperature to see what works for him moving forward. Because if Paul bolts in free agency, Griffin becomes the sole face of the franchise heading into the 2013-14 season.

This opening instantly becomes the hottest job on the market for coaches looking for work, especially if Paul remains with the franchise. And you should expect a whose who of candidates to be associated with the rumors in the coming days and weeks. Former Clippers and Suns coach Alvin Gentry, Scott, Golden State Warriors assistant Mike Malone, Indiana Pacers assistant Brian Shaw and even Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins will all be targets.


  1. justsaying says:

    Phil… Phil… Phil… Phil…
    Do it. C’mon man.
    How about for a Scooby Snack AND a Klondike Bar?

  2. W/E says:

    Was about time, Chris Paul can now take the coach job officially for his team, unless he decides to leave cause his team has no chance for a championship anyway, he should leave the Clippers.

  3. Kamote says:

    if they can get coach K, that would be great.

  4. I’m a die hard Celtics fan & i have to say-where’s the GM’s & organizations loyalty to the good coaches these days? Thank goodness Ainge stayed loyal was patient to Doc even after a year of worst record to a ring the next & all organizations can’t expect everyone to do that-be patient as i read someone else say!

  5. Jonah Ballows says:

    “And you should expect a whose who of candidates”

    you should expect a WHO’S WHO of candidates. Whose is the possessive pronoun.

    Simple stuff, Sekou 🙂

  6. Shawn Kemp No. 1 says:

    CP3 will never win a ring unless he’s under Popovich to teach him who’s boss. He’s not a leader, he’s a cancer to anyone who signs him and good luck to the next coach who will have to put up with his giant ego. Such a pitty too, he’s a fantastic player.

  7. Willy says:

    CP gets VDN fired and then he leaves in free agency. Nice. The players need to step up man, it aint right. These players these days cry way too much for the money they are making, usually more than the coach in most cases. Ya, correct, CP was the coach anyway. Let him go and get two or 3 more guards.

  8. Game Time says:

    I’m a long time Clipper fan and I’ve been happy just seeing us get to the playoffs the past two seasons, but I am happy to see Del Negro go. He seems like a great guy that wanted to connect with the players only he doesn’t gain their respect with his coaching tactics. He’ll find something new, but more importantly for the Clippers is finding a coach that can work with a cast this talented. Sloan, or Brown would be two guys I’d like to see. I hope we don’t get Van Gundy or Adelman.

    • droseinjuryfaker says:

      yeah cuz he only brought them to the playoffs with franchise record win seasons so sure lets fire him and get mike brown really dude think before you talk

  9. Rigo says:

    Hence, Bryan Shaw.

  10. dd def says:

    if they don’t hire a coach with a good offensive set this is a completely useless move. but I think VDN is a solid enough coach that he’ll find his way to a team soon. since I’ve seen a few comments referring to FT shooting I just gotta ask: how the hell are there so many nba players who can’t seem to grasp the basic of basics, like shooting a free throw? there is NO excuse for that, especially if you’re getting paid any amount of money for it, let alone the bajillions they make.

  11. Aram says:

    Thing is Phil Jackson needs to build up a younger coach who thinks like him. Pat Riley did this to Spo.

    • Common Sense says:

      not sure how much Sterling is willing to spend, but hiring Phil and putting Byron underneath him, would be a pretty solid move. Byron knows Phil well, considering his Lakers had to face the Bulls when he was winning all his rings. But I’m not sure Byron is a playoff coach without Phil. Sloan is a playoff coach. Shaw is a playoff coach. And what about Phil in the back office with Shaw has head coach. That would be interesting!!!!!!

  12. Hamedan Express says:

    Excellent idea… He was the worst match for this team… Not letting Grant Hill play against Memphis till game six !!!!!wow…Grant Hill was the reason Clippers defeated them in Memphis and got home court….Please, Pleeeeeeeeaaaaase bring Byron Scott as the next Clippers head coach…

  13. Phillyfromg says:

    Definitely the right decision – Vinny will make his way. Now first thing to do: Make Paul stay and Deandre Jordan hit his damn freethrows. Second: Get rid of Odom, Hollins and Billups. Third: Pray that Phil Jackson returns to L.A.

  14. BoogieBomb says:

    You know, The Clippers didn’t do this alone…they had a great season and Del Negro was a part of that. I’m sick and tired of everyone acting like if you don’t get a championship RIGHT NOW, you’re not worth keeping. Get some patience already, give people a shot to build….of course, this is the Clippers franchise, not exactly known for doing smart things

    • Game Time says:

      Keeping a coach that got a team bounced in the 1st round and never had a close game after their 1st win would be smart? Boy I tell you the only people that want to see Del Negro stay with the Clippers are probably Laker fans or Blake Griffin haters. Basically they know a GOOD coach can help push this team to their real potential.

      • Common Sense says:

        A good coach can help push a team further but not many coaches can get a team to where a simple push can get them a ring. He made the bulls a playoff team and Rose got the credit. He made the Clippers a playoff team and Paul gets the credit. Now that they lose in the first round VDN gets the blame. I agree that if Paul and the rest of the TEAM don’t think they can win with him, they shouldn’t bring him back, but give the guy credit where credit is due!! He got them their first Banner EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They beat every record EVER, Home wins, road wins, total wins, consecutive wins…
        Please, don’t dare say things bad just say the truth. He’s an amazing coach for getting a team into the playoffs. The clippers, BECAUSE OF VDN, are now ready for a playoff coach. THE END.

      • Game Time says:


        The Bulls only became 8 wins better when he came and stayed that way the following year. Under Thibs they reached 1st place in their 1st year. And you think Del Negro made them a playoff team?

        The Clippers did not make the playoffs Vinny’s 1st year. Then with the addition of Paul and Billups they were more of a force. Had nothing to do with Del Negro’s coaching because a HS coach could have done the same with the talent they had.

        I respect Vinny but he’ not the kind of coach you want when trying to build a contender team and yes the Clippers are trying to do that for once. They will make mistakes along the way, but letting go of Del Negro will be the best decision they made to date.

  15. Clippsss says:

    Clippers will never win with VDN

  16. gerry dittmann says:

    The clippers season came down to two factors…free throws and player rotation…..ditch deandre for a center that has better numbers for a cheaper salary…there are about 8 free agents right now that can step in and do the job for less…..get jerry sloan to replace del negro

    • Anthony says:

      DeAndre had the highest FG % in the NBA this year @ 64.3%. He just needs to work on his freethrows…hes still so young. Hes getting better. I watch all the Clippers games, so no don’t ditch DeAndre.WRONG

  17. Right move for the Clippers–VDN’s offensive schemes were too simple. In the playoffs where you see a team over and over again, the Clipper offense was insufficiently flexible and creative. If they want to move forward from where they are, they need a better X’s and O’s guy who can do more to develop Jordan and Griffin’s interior games.

  18. teo says:

    reatain cp3 hire an experienced and defensive coach…the clips will go deeper in the playoffs

    • kei34 says:

      Jerry Sloan would be a good coach for this team. He can help them develop an half court offense which is sorely lacking on such a talent laden squad.

      • jm13 says:

        I’ve been saying this for soooo long. Jerry Sloan is the best p&r coach you can get and when you have an amazing p&r team like the clippers, well that’s a deadly combo I think we would all like to see.

      • Angelo says:

        Get Jerry Sloan and recreate the Stockton to Malone-era with Paul and Griffin… Blake, please improve your jumpshot. you’ve been in the league for 4 years and you’re still a 1 trick pony. 3 month training of nothing but face-up jumpshots and free throws fundamentals will make you a monster and not a liability on crunch times… it’s time to learn new moves and not rely too much on athleticism alone and become less predictable. that would separate him from being a good player to a great player at the PF position such as barkley, malones (karl, moses), duncan, garnett.

      • droseinjuryfaker says:

        to bad they dont have lebron on the team he does all the coaching for miami anyway but they do have cp3 if he stays ha

  19. dewwwww. says:

    Chris Paul was the coach anyways, so much potential on a team wasted on a coach like Vinny.

  20. johnny dawson says:

    In the NBA coaching a team to its best record in franchise history is not good enough. Go figure!

  21. A.J. says:

    Yeah, great idea, Byron Scott as the next Clippers head coach. Apparently John Lucas and M.L. Carr are unavailable, and Bill Musselman is dead.