Dwight, D’Antoni And The Lakers’ Big Rift?


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — For months it appeared the Los Angeles Lakers’ free-agent summer plans would hinge on the relationship between two men, Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant.

The Lakers’ two biggest stars had to find common ground if this multi-million dollar experiment is going to bear fruit in the future. They had to be on the same accord going into the summer for Howard to ignore the other options he has as an unrestricted free agent and stick with the Lakers after a tumultuous first season in Hollywood.

Not everyone is convinced that the Howard-Bryant dynamic is the linchpin to the Lakers’ plans, though. Another man, Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni, could very well be the central figure on the Lakers’ side. Perhaps it’s his relationship with Howard, and not Bryant, that holds the key to the future between the All-Star big man and the franchise known for Hall of Fame big men.

As folks in Orlando can attest, this could be the start of Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak‘s very own Dwightmare!

While Howard hasn’t so much as spoken a word publicly about his future, there are rumblings in Los Angeles that he plans on entertaining free-agent pitches from the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks, as well as the Atlanta Hawks and Cleveland Cavaliers, instead of simply agreeing to the $118 million offer the Lakers have planned for him on July 1 when free agency opens.

Howard’s rationale for listening, however complex, apparently has as much to do with his murky relationship with D’Antoni than any of the other factors, according to Dave McMenamin of ESPNLosAngeles.com:

According to sources with knowledge of the situation, part of the discussion between Howard and Kupchak centered around Howard’s frustration with D’Antoni — particularly how the center felt marginalized as the coach looked to Bryant and Steve Nash for leadership and suggestions and discounted Howard’s voice.

Every player was afforded the opportunity to meet with Kupchak individually after D’Antoni left the room, but few spent as much time as Howard and Kupchak did together. Antawn Jamison also had a separate meeting with Kupchak without D’Antoni present, but that was because of a scheduling conflict.

Kupchak left the meeting with Howard undeterred, telling reporters he was “hopeful” and “optimistic” that Howard would be back with the Lakers next season and beyond, yet there have been several developments in the last couple weeks that could have an effect on Howard’s decision.

D’Antoni chose not to retain assistant coach Chuck Person, a Howard confidant, on his staff for next season. Also, Lakers assistant coach Steve Clifford, who was with Howard in Orlando for five seasons before both of them came to L.A. last year, has become a hot head coaching candidate, interviewing with Milwaukee and receiving interest from Charlotte.

One source described the potential departure of Clifford, coupled with the loss of Person as “removing the buffers,” between Howard and D’Antoni, “which is a bad thing.”

Howard’s relationship with Bryant seemed much healthier at the end of the Lakers’ season than it did at any other time throughout the season. He visited Bryant at the hospital after he’d had Achilles surgery and Bryant spoke glowingly of Howard during his exit interview.

Bryant is going to do his best to mend fences and rebuild bridges this summer for the Lakers in what is truly a colossal summer for the franchise. The NBA’s social media king took to Twitter to spread that message to the masses:

But if there is a rift (spoken or not) between Howard and D’Antoni, even Kobe might have a hard time fixing it. Especially with all of the other options that will be presented to Howard in about six weeks.

The Lakers cannot afford to enter the 2013-14 season with Bryant still on the mend from that Achilles injury and only Nash and Pau Gasol as headliners in a Western Conference that could be as deep as it’s been in years. Having Howard on board would keep the Lakers among the playoff crowd. Without him, there is no telling where the Lakers land.

While the situation seems dire to some, Kupchak believes he has a better grip on things than the rest of us think. More from McMenamin:

Kupchak did not seem worried about any potential rift between player and coach.

“I think Dwight likes winning, he likes performing at a high level,” Kupchak said. “I think he’s fine with Mike D’Antoni, but I’m not really concerned if players like a coach, so I don’t ask that question. Our coaches are evaluated by wins and losses.”

Kupchak was further pressed about the possibility of a coaching change being dictated by a player.

“This organization has a precedent with that kind of a situation and I think we learned our lesson,” Kupchak said, referring to when Paul Westhead was fired in the early ’80s and the decision was tied to Magic Johnson‘s wishes. Whether that was the real story or not, both Johnson and the Lakers organization took a hit for how it was perceived.

We’ll know better in six weeks just how big a rift there is, if at all, between Howard and D’Antoni.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your latest Dwightmare!


  1. jack moore says:

    Several posts list greatest centers of all time while the subjects of leadership and team chemistry are also important factors.

    The greatest team sport player of all time and best center is Bill Russel! He lead quietly by example, both on and off the court, with a group of team mates who define the term “great team chemistry.

    As for the group of players Lakers that comprise the team, chemistry and someone with special leadership qualities beyond individual talent is the key to the teams future success. Even with a healthy Kobe an DH12 (both great individual all stars), that special leadership quality is currently missing. The right point guard and coach are needed to coordinate the talents of whichever players are with the Lakers next season. Can Kobe and DH12 play in a system like that?

  2. hipster says:

    The Coach Killer is at it again.

    Wah, coach made me fweel (misspelled on purpose) marginalized!

    Put on your big boy britches Dwight!

  3. Coach Ace says:

    Dwight Howard = Overrated

  4. Wilson says:


  5. J says:

    rockets or nets or cavs take em to the next level!

  6. wabby says:

    Let Dwight go and get DeMarcus Cousins! Sub 7 foot centres are the way to go these days as they are less injury prone,

  7. spin says:

    Teams for the next 6-7 years that will make the mistake paying Howard big money. The amount his getting is for what he could have been as a player and not for what he is.
    That means struggling the team waiting for a horse to deliver. Maybe he will, maybe not.
    Sure thing he does not deserve teh money he is getting, especially this last Laker year.

  8. bullseyelawns says:

    ROFL — So Dwight got mad because Mike chooses to listen to a two-time MVP & 5-time Champion over him? Straight out of High School and into the pros makes him think he actually understands the game. He knows nothing of leadership or team chemistry. He needs to shut up and be led right now.



  10. laker head says:

    Forget Wat Yall saying Kobe coming back better than ever and him n d12 gone do they thang Go Lakers

  11. ella says:

    my 2 bits?!?! dwight, go to dallas… can/should do better than lakers, anyway… anytime…

  12. Tim Williams. JUST WORK IT OUT!!!!! Whatever it takes says:

    Whatever it takes!!!!GET IT DONE. A DEVOTED FAN!!!!!!!!b

  13. ShaqNDwight says:

    Sekou is such a biased non-Laker fan and a Dwight hater.

  14. Jose (Clipper Nation) says:

    Shaq gave free valuable advise too that I would use. Dwight is a paycheck man or will he be a legend forever remembered with the other greats centers? I don’t like the vibes from DH. Kobe I know where he stands and I know he will literally kill himself for SPARTA! Just kidding I meant for the fans and the Laker organization. Magic Johnson I knew he would give it his all. DH ??????? I don’t know.

  15. Jose (Clipper Nation) says:

    Sir Charles usually on D money. I would take his free valuable advise and use it.

  16. Bill L says:

    Being neutral and not a hater. Seeing what had happened so far, I doubt it is a management problem… An employee needs to be able to live up to the employer’s expectations, if not, he is either not up to the job or in the wrong career path.

  17. tony says:

    Celtics !!!!!!!!!!Dwight Howard is the best center in the League. He actually should have won his 5th consecutive Def. Player of the year award. No direspesct to T. Chandler and Mark Gasol but they are flat-footed with no lateral movement. Haters, leave Dwight alone!!! I’m from Boston and Please, Please, pretty please with ice cream on top Dwight sign with the celtics. Please Dwight come to Bean Town. We have the best Lobster and chowder and pretty good chicken wings with corn bread. Think about this starting 5
    Dwight -center Garnett- p. foward Green- s. foward Pierce- s. guard and Rondo- p. guard. Guaranteed we will win 3 championships. Plus Coach Doc Rivers. We would dominate the league and end the season with a 73-9 record!

  18. Adam says:

    Sekou Smith – the ultimate Laker and Kobe hater. And the ultimate Heat and Lebron lover.

  19. sean shelton says:

    If the lakers want to win they need a new coach they to gud of a team to be the 8 seed fire dan Tony n get.phill back

  20. SoFlaFan says:

    Not Howard again?? And again with a coach issue?? Clearly has NO clue what it is to respect your coach and paly as a team.

  21. Geiffrey Sorkin says:

    Watch the Lakers sign Andrew Bynum and have him be an All Star again
    With the money they save they can sign Chris Paul, and when David Stern’s head explodes the entire league will be happy (besides Blake Griffin who will be revealed for what he is Amare Stoudemire minus the ability the score in the high post)

  22. KingKong says:

    Cry Baby will be a Rocket

  23. George says:

    Dwight is trouble, wherever he goes! Kick him out, and Lakers will be playing well again!

  24. jah1z says:

    Houston makes the best sense for Howard. A four year contract at 88 millions, in a state with no income tax, compared to L.A. ridiculous state tax, he’d save close to 10 million for 4 years. While L.A. can offer him an additional year of 30 millions, you have to factor in the tax which comes out to about 15 millions. So, 118 millions for 5 years isn’t that cut and dry as L.A. make it sound.

    Howard would make more and save more playing in Texas with the Rockets. The cost of living is much cheaper in Texas than L.A. The weather is literally warm weather year-around….same with L.A. As far Endorsements, Houston has the China markets, thanks to Yao Ming, and with Lin on our squad, Howard need not be concerned the money he’s leaving behind in L.A.

    He’d have Dream Olajuwon to continue to mentor him and shape his game. He can’t get that with Abdul Jabbar hahaha. The decision is a no-brainer and the easiest decision he can make given the circumstances.

    Howard already stated the Rockets is high on his list. No need to turn this into another circus atmosphere. Get on with Houston, Dwight. Take your time but be clear that the Rockets is the best situation for you and we all can move on with clarity, bro.

    Houston does things different. We’re a smaller market, team-orient and need a Big Man like hell, bro. That’s always been our identity. It’s Texas that own the Big Man names, not L.A.


    got NOTHING on our storied history of Big Men:

    Ralph Sampson
    Yao Ming

    ….and then YOU, bro.

  25. Robert joji says:

    I want Kobe his the leader for la laker

  26. Nelson Vega says:

    I wonder if phil jackson would come to sacramento for a front office job there with the new owners and arena deal…

  27. Jackson Phil says:

    DH will only sign if KB is amnesty or ship to Raptors, and MA is given VanGundy treatment.

  28. BigMike says:

    I am a Lakers fan, and may not be popular with my thoughts here, but if I was the GM of LA I wouldn’t actually re-sign Dwight. I appreciate he was still not 100% (coming back from back surgery), but to me there are more negatives than positives. We all know his free-throw liabilities, but the guy is only a very mechannical offensive big man in the post, and generates quite a few turnovers from having the ball slapped away. His attitude and off-court antics are also not great. Yes he is a strong rebounder and shot-blocker, but I still wouldn’t be happy to offer a max contract to this guy considering that most of the plays being run for him are alley-oops, and the amount of glaring negatives which seriously impact your team.

    There are some useful UFA out there that would be a better fit. If you must have a new centre, and you want to focus on offense, then go for Al Jefferson. Much less $. However, if it was up to me, I would keep Pau as centre and make a big play for Josh Smith. I think this guy would fit in real well as a do-it-all stretch 4 with some energy/impact, all qualities the Lakers sorely need. Pau can be effective as a low-post threat, and Josh can play his inside/outside game and be a great complementary fit.

  29. anthony says:

    dwight please stay in l.a. its the best organization their is u will be the face of the franchi sfor many years to come

  30. Kobe’s going to keep Howard on the team and Chris Paul’s going to try to come to. LA can bid Phil Jackson to be coach and if Howard doesn’t resign which I doubt LA can sign Al Jefferson or Josh Smith. Lakers has a history of elite centers nd Howard wouldn’t want to mess that up every time he would go to LA the crowd would kill him if he don’t resign.

  31. Milton says:

    How can anyone say bring back Phil Jackson? Let the man enjoy his semi-retirement. I’m glad this season was a failure, so Laker fans could wake up and see how much work is needed throughout the organization. D’Antoni is a joke and so are these hobbled old guys fronting as a legitimate lineup. It’s time to rebuild and management is taking its sweet time.

  32. Joe says:

    LA should not re-sign D. Let him play and team up with LJ in Miami. Then Miami should let go of Bosch.

  33. Johnny Wadd says:

    To bad for Loss Angeles, they are done! Kobe cant do it all

  34. Ren says:

    Getting the right coach is way more important. That’s why you see a particular college team can dominant for a long period of time. For NBA, the players just complain too much thinking they know how to coach the came. It’s the coaching that matters the most. The coach needs to have a bigger saying in stuff. Look at Phil and Pop….

  35. joe blow says:


  36. Chris says:

    I think Dwight should be traded to the mavs. Even though I am a mavs fan, I have thought about his other destinations. Sure the Lakers can give him an extra 30 million dollars, and houston has young players and some cap space. But that 30 million doesn’t really matter. California does income tax, while the state of Texas doesn’t. I forget the actual numbers, but it isnt that much more than what Dallas can offer him. I don’t see any attraction to Houston, besides James Harden.

    It helps that Shawn Marrions agent is the same as Dwights, I think Dwight will feel comfortable and at home with Dallas. He gives that defensive presence that Tyson Chandler gave them during their championship year, and I also think Coach Rick Carlisle and him will get along very nicely

  37. Lakers' fanboy says:

    i dont get it….Phil Is basically in the Buss family….why is jimmy so butt hurted….just because he is tapping ur sister behind ur back and also behind ur sister’s back(hehehehehehe see what i did there)

  38. ImJusSayin says:

    For once and only time ever I hope A coach gets fired to appease a player, I have hated every time a team has given in but I hate to see another team ripped up by Antoni. Might as well hire Isiah as GM to really gut the team of resources.

  39. Dwight in the 'No' post. says:

    Dwight’s offensive game is horrid. He is a great defender but he’s not crafty in the post and won’t win a championship as a focal point to a team cause he lacks consistent offense and is one dimensional. He needs a lot of help he could find it elsewhere cause the Lakers are old and rebuilding. Lakers aren’t going to be relevant for a few years. Jeanie should run basketball and Phil should GM. His name alone will bring other names to LA.

  40. site your source says:

    “According to sources with knowledge of the situation”… that is the point that I stopped reading this article. there is such loose accountability these days it is a shame.

  41. ZULU says:

    What ever the Lakers do will have too start at the top. It’s evident or obvious that Buss, Jr can’t put together and old version of the winning Lakers nor does he have the basketball aptitude or vision needed to reinstitute “championship” caliber basketball. His sister needs to take over and put beau Phil Jackson in control of everything basketball. Next toss Dantoni out. He has been ‘around’ top flight players after several stops but he blows it every time. Nice guy but not and NBA Head coach. Dwight Howard needs to be told you either commit or start looking for a condo somewhere else. He didn’t lead a squad of good players in Orlando to a title. Lakers had better start rebuilding for a much different style of basketball than any of the present Lakers can play on a sustained championship level. What is this mess a LAKER team playing to “get into the playoffs?”

  42. J-Short37 says:

    I think Howard should go to Houston and play ball, even though I know Dallas will make a strong push. With that said I think that he will stay in LA, and my Lakers will entertain the thought of trading Pau and Amnesty MWP, and get more pieces. If He goes I think that the FO of LA will not even blink they have a plan in Pau for the immediate future, the Nash thing, I think he should be a backup and we go out and sing a bigger 6’3/6’5 veteran guard to start. The Morris deal that young guy cant even seem to be able to dribble the ball let alone shoot. I don’t think my Lakers really start over until my man Kobe retires after the next two years. But we have never really be a lottery type team.

  43. BOBMAN says:

    I dont think Phil is really looking for a team that c an pay him the most. Phil has alot of money, i think he is just looking for a good team to coach

  44. FrankL2010 says:

    Whereever Dwight would be next season (hope not with the lakers), that team will experience the same the lakers did.

  45. sanjay says:

    unless LA can dish out 25 mil per season to phil, he wont give it a look! 11 rings come on!!!

  46. BOBMAN says:

    If Phil Jackson came back to the lakers he could utilize Howard in a way D’ Antoni just cant. They would be playoff contenders even without Kobe;. With Kobe coming back they would be champions.

  47. 16going417 says:

    I’m a long time Lakers fan, but there is nothing going on to make me think any change over the off season will bring in Championship aspirations.

    D’Antoni is the wrong coach for the Lakers Period. He loves run and gun and that is not how the Lakers are built. He also does not use his rotation effectively. Morris and Goudlock barely played in the regular season. Then main players go down and D’Antoni is forced to play them and they are nowhere near ready to handle the demands of the playoffs.

    Dwight has a huge attitude problem and as mentioned in the video is not even half the player he could be. His overall game is very weak for the position he plays. And he has bad basketball habits (i.e. he always brings the ball down after a rebound and the smaller guys knock the ball out of his hands). He tries to bully his way through the low post and is always called for offensive fouls. His game is weak.

    As of now, I just do not see things being much different next season. I think it is time to wipe the slate clean and start over. Let Kobe retire after next season and then start the rebuilding process. Otherwise it will be more of the same. We all know the definition of crazy right????

  48. mj says:

    Dwight go to Brooklyn there that is your team

  49. mj says:

    Dwight go to Brooklyn, there is your team

  50. unknown says:

    At some point you have to look in the mirror and start working on yourself. Lack of leadership, mental toughness, poise, motivation….And it doesn’t stop with Dwight, same can be said about Pau. I wish they would stop blaming refs, coaches, and call themselves out to push harder and strive for the same goal.

  51. tony says:

    Dwight Howard is the best center in the League. He actually should have won his 5th consecutive Def. Player of the year award. No direspesct to T. Chandler and Mark Gasol but they are flat-footed with no lateral movement. Haters, leave Dwight alone!!! I’m from Boston and Please, Please, pretty please with ice cream on top Dwight sign with the celtics. Please Dwight come to Bean Town. We have the best Lobster and chowder and pretty good chicken wings with corn bread. Think about this starting 5
    Dwight -center Garnett- p. foward Green- s. foward Pierce- s. guard and Rondo- p. guard. Guaranteed we will win 3 championships. Plus Coach Doc Rivers. We would dominate the league and end the season with a 73-9 record!

  52. Vinz Vox Oliva says:

    If i were the Lakers GM, I would initiate a sign-and-trade deal involving Dwight Crybaby Howard. Sign him and then trade him to either Atlanta, Indiana, or Bulls. D12 plus Steve Blake for Pacers Roy Hibbert and George Hill; or D12 and Blake for Hawks Al Horford and Jeff Teague; or D12 and Blake for Bulls Joakim Noah and Butler. By getting another big man, LA will still have two towers patrolling the inside, while either Jeff Teague or George Hill will give the team a defensive presence in the backcourt which the team currently lacks.

  53. ultra says:

    he should join the Heat!!!!

    • J-Short37 says:

      Good try man but Kobe is a Laker for life, and a player still a major factor, if he was half of the player he was prior to the injury then maybe a huge maybe, but the money and team chemistry is not right for Kobe in Miami. Plus they already have the big three, if Kobe is such a horrible player as many have said ” not me I know better and respect Kobe and other greats games”, why would the Heat even entertain the that thought.

  54. Tim Duncan says:

    Hey Kobe, take a paycut I like did this year if you want your team to be intact and stay ‘competitive.’ I bet the Lakers FO is dying to hear it from you.

  55. GREG says:


  56. LazyBoi says:

    If D12 wants to learn how to win and be a champion he needs to stay in L.A stop crying like a baby shut up and listen and learn from one the leagues greatest players ever Kobe Bryant although I don’t think he can teach how to be Truely dominate “Big Man” but the winning part he can. In my opinion The lakers need a few pieces 1. D’antoni just needs to go we need Phil 2. They have got to get a good dishing point guard who has got have lock down defense 3. If D12 stays he Pau need to find a away co-exist in the post

  57. celtics fan says:

    I just wish Howard stays with the Lakers forever. That way they can bring the new coach every few month cry about Phil era and be absolutely irrelevant as a basketball team.

  58. Faruque says:

    I actually agree with Howard here. Mike Dantoni is the worst coach there is. Lakers are not going to go far with him as the coach. Lakers need a new coach and if Howard turns out to be the bad guy let it be. Its better then not making it in the playoffs or exiting after the 1st round.

  59. Me says:

    Real Lakers fans don’t want to see Howard back in LA we like winners not whiners

    • aldrin pimentel says:

      He cant make free throws he is a liability in the free throw line. If he truly wants to be a great player he should be great at all levells

  60. Loki says:

    Crybaby or not you can’t deny the mans talent. Dwight in Cleveland would be frightening. Irving is already the point guard of the future, you pair him with a superstar center and even the heat might cringe. From there they can develop the rest of their young talent into solid role players and trade as needed. I think varejao if he plays anything like he did before his season ended this year would do great off the bench. I wonder if that would lure Lebron back to Cleveland, lawl

  61. theholyspecatator says:

    d-12 wont win a ring anytime soon, neither will kobe.

    • Mike o says:

      Mr. Sekou, first off this is a terrible post by you. Trying to cause turmoil between Dwight and the team whereas none of this is true, why is that? You afraid a healthy Laker team will be unbeatable so lets break them up and give the heat more wins? Most of the things said about Dwight might be true, however its because of him that the Lakers even made it to the playoffs this year. Even with his serious back injury he took control of his game and gave it his best. I couldnt put Dwight in the mega superstar category any longer cause of his injury. Kind of reminds me of a certain fella by the name of Andrew Bynum, we thought he would go all the way, even with personal coaching with staff likebKareem, he just didnt make it that far and i think its because of his injuries.
      Your right cant compare Dwight with Bynum, but hey Dwight put alot of effort in Orlando and all it got him was big injuries. So now hes with a team that has lots of potential, if he goes elsehere he will never meet expectations because he is not the same Dwight people think he is.

  62. dallas says:

    TEAM DALLAS!!!!!!! OJ MAYO, D12, DIRK, build around. = GREATNESS

  63. Patty says:



  64. dwight has to many excuses he will nvr get a ring always being the one wit excuses put your big boy pants on sound familiar smh get it togeather smh

  65. MiamiChamps says:

    Phil Jackson is the best fit for LA lineup not D’Antoni

  66. MiamiChamps says:

    Go to brooklyn dwight!

  67. ryu says:

    well, if d12 really wanna have rings on his fingers then why can he just join miami? d12 had problems with checmistry with his teammates and the whole system. He doesn’t need a team with an old coach that simply tells him what to do. I think d12 better go to another LA team and that is the clippers. He needs an up tempo kinda game. The clippers needs a strong defender in the paint and that is d12. d12 in LAC will make history, no doubt and no second thoughts. D12, take my advice and thank me later…..

  68. Willy says:

    Oh ya? Fire Mitch Kupchak as

  69. Willy says:

    According to sources who have knowledge of the situation? What? Come on man! Get a real job!

  70. Michaelp says:

    Phil Jackson is the ultimate coach. If he will coach dwight, coach Phil will surely utilize dwight’s fullest potential. Howard is not really a competitor within the context of a hall of famer. When he plays the game, we could never truly say that he lays everything on the line just to win. if he plays like Kobe, Dwight could even play for a very bad team and still accomplish feats well beyond the team’s limits. Just a thought.

  71. Come on cuh says:

    He wants a championship and he only can win it with the lakers not with the rockets, dallas, caveliers or hawks.

  72. Patrickmarc says:

    “ Howard needs a go to move”
    seven special “dwight go to move“

    They should find the right teacher..

  73. Jordan says:

    It’s hard to make a better pitch then what the Hawks can offer. They can sign Howard and Chris Paul to max deals. I team with Paul, Horford, and Howard is insane.

  74. Juan says:

    Howard Good Player…But I Think The Pressure Of Bein In Da Shadow Of 3 Hall Of Famers…3 Different Decades…Chamberlain…Abdul-Jabbar…Shaq….Intimadated Rattled Dwight…REMEMBER Dwight WANTED “BIG MARKET” L.A. Iz A BIG MARKET…As Part Of Da NBA’s Original “BIG 4 (BOS, NYK, CHI) “…If He Wants To Run To A Small Market Team…Same Result Will Happen…Wanna Ask Orlando Dat…

  75. Michael says:

    Dwight wont get signed at cleveland, they will be saving there money for when LBJ goes back there in 2 years!
    He knows Wade is getting old, and Bosh is a spud, Cleveland has Kyrie, and that combo would be excellent! (would still dislike, not hate, Lebron)

    • stpki says:

      Another sad Cleveland fan. I doubt Lebron will ever go back, and he knows that “old” Dwane wade and “spud” Chris Bosh are some of the best in the league. He wants rings, not short seasons.
      Hopefully my spurs will still beat him

  76. tenshinhan says:

    if he goes to Houston, the rockets will have a greater probabilitty of winning the nba championship next season.. If he land there in houston then houston might give up parsons and asik,,

  77. Potomitan says:

    Man up, Dwight!! You are not even half way through your potential. Your future is now. Make the best of it. Do something with it, you big cry baby!!

  78. SYDALE says:

    He should go to Houston… That’s the team with the most upside…

  79. Duv says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing Dwight at Atlanta. Could you imagine a team with him, Horford (switching to his natural Power Forward position) and J-Smoove (if he resigns) playing at his natural 3 position. Teague, although troubled at times with his decision making, is a good enough point guard to run this team and fill-in a few savvy role players, especially a veteran, and you would have a beastly team. True Beasts of the East!

  80. Duv says:

    Although Arky, don’t you recall Moses Malone, Yao Ming and Ralph Sampson also played for the Rockets. Certainly Olajuwon was the greatest Center of all time (and my favorite player of all time…the reason I am such a big basketball fan) but Dwight would not be in Hakeem’s shadow. They are two totally different styles of players although Dwight could learn a few more tricks from Hakeem still.

    • GW says:

      please never mention Hakeem The Dream Olujawon and dwightmare in the same sentence ever again. TY

  81. Duv says:

    I’m a Houston fan but Arky makes a good pitch for Cleveland. That would be pretty funny if Dwight ends up there. It won’t happen though. My guess is it will be the Nets provided they can clear cap space. Houston really need a strong post-scoring power forward. Dwight is more of a pick and roll guy and Asik, unless McHale dramatically helps him work on his game (wouldn’t that be awesome…McHale was one of the best post players of all time…Barkley always makes sense) is a pick and roll guy too.


  83. lakersfan4ever says:

    Shaq is right, DH12 if he wanted to stay he wouldn’t be playing the waiting game he would have just sign.

    • justsaying says:

      Many criticisms of Dwight are overblown. He played through a painful rehab without making excuses, which shows toughness. He gets labeled a crybaby for complaining about fouls, yet LeBron gets worshipped when he, and most of the league, do the same thing. And nobody ever says Magic Johnson didn’t compete hard enough because he was smiling out on the court. If anything I want to see more players unafraid to show they love this game.

      But the fairest knock on Howard is that he doesn’t know what he wants, and knowing your own mind is critical to success at the highest level. I’ll be interested to see how this plays out and whether he can regain his focus.

  84. ezequiel says:

    i said for the lakers take manu ginobili and josh smith +kobe+d12+

    by pau

    • DJ3 says:

      How? You can’t trade 1 player to two teams, and you can’t force the team(s) to accept. I doubt SA will trade anyone, and I doubt Danny Ferry would trade J Smith.

    • GW says:

      Ginobilli isn’t going to leave SA. End of convo

  85. Zac says:

    D12 will go to texas. hopefully Dallas. With Nowitzki and Howard, old man Shawn Marion and draftee Dennis Schroeder, it will be an exciting season, but no championship.
    then 2014, nowitzki will go to vets minimum and dallas will sign one of the top free agents, making the mavs contenders again.

  86. david says:

    Dwight howard is a big cry baby. he has the worst hands of any big man in recent history. he will never win a championship no matter where he goes. selfish little boy in a big body.

  87. Arky says:

    Forget Houston, Cleveland needs to pitch to Howard.

    Like Houston, they have a young All-Star to pair with Howard who is both a playmaker and a floor-stretching shooter. But Irving is still on his rookie deal (more cap room for recruiting others) and he’s the 3 point contest champion (Harden is merely a good 3 point shooter by comparison). They also have a couple of lottery picks who look good and are also still on rookie deals (Waiters, Thompson) which Houston doesn’t have. Bringing in Howard lets them slide Varejao to his natural power forward and turns them into an even bigger rebounding machine than Memphis; Houston would probably have to trade Asik if they brought in Howard.

    But above all, in Cleveland Dwight can be the man who did what no-one else had done, what not even LeBron James could do, and that’s bring a championship to Cleveland. He can’t do that in Lakerland where he’s merely the latest star big man in a long line. In Houston he will be in Olajuwon’s shadow. In Cleveland he can be immortal.

    If Cleveland want to hire me to make the pitch, I’m listening!

    • Clint says:

      I live in Cleveland and the Cavaliers are my team. If I had read this 2-3 seasons ago, when I was still a pretty big D12 fan; before he spent 2+ seasons being nothing but a cry baby waste of space, I would have been overly ecstatic at the thought of bringing in Dwight Howard to pair with young draft talent. But the way Howard has acted and played for over 2 seasons now is pathetic. PLEASE keep this bum (and any cry baby superstars) away from the Cavaliers! The Cavs do not want nor need a cry baby superstar like Dwight Howard running around causing drama and BS every where he goes. As much as it pains me knowing that the Cavs will make a big for Lebron next season, I’d rather never see another “superstar” player on the Cavs again. Us Clevelanders are soooooo sick of “superstar” player egos and attitudes thinking their the greatest things to ever walk the earth while they milk their teams for millions of dollars and play games about whether or not they even want to play on that team. Dwight Howard needs to do some SERIOUS growing up. Stay the hell away from the Cavs Dwight! We don’t need you and we certainly don’t want you here in Cleveland.

      • Erlo says:

        If you want to win you need a superstar. Don’t hate just because your last superstar didn’t like the way the team was run and skipped town for greener pastures.

      • Denzo says:

        Best record in the NBA for a while there.. nothing wrong with that. Only ONE team wins it all.. Cmon now. You cant sack 29 other coaches and players.. some years it just works out better for you than others..

    • Clint says:

      Oh and I’d like to add that you have really great points Arky. It was a great post, I’m not trying to discredit your points at all. You are completely correct that Dwight Howard would be a great fit for the Cavaliers and vice versa. If only he wasn’t such a D-Bag…

    • DJ3 says:

      I agree with your points Arky, but I would rather see Dwight in Houston and Cleveland try to get someone like Cody Zeller, especially since they have Tyler, he would be interested in playing there. Dwight would cause a problem for Cleveland, because Kyrie would be the main man, which he doesn’t want. In Houston, he can take over the Rockets pretty quickly if he plays well. Plus, not having Dwight on the roster would give the Cavs a chance to sign some better role players, which would make them even deeper than they are now.

  88. Bstarr says:

    Hahahaha D12 visited Kobe in the hospital and Kobe sends some friendly tweets……this is starting to look like a comedy show! I really don’t buy this one guys nice try. You are just doing the right thing here but don’t mean it at all. It’s just fake!

    D12 is out of LA! Nets or Rockets will have him next season.

  89. W/E says:

    D12 go to Houston with James Harden and the rest of the young guys there, Lakers are gunna enter rebuild mode any time soon cause they have no choice, they are done since their last championship in 2010, they going downnhill since then, its only gunna get worse cause Kobe got injured and he is 35, D’antoni is an AWFULL coach and its stcuk in LA, gotta get outa there ASAP.

  90. DeBrosh says:


  91. ism says:

    Howard is missing success and respect from others. He’s gotta earn it himself. I have yet to see him be determined enough. He sure has the talent. He might still become a top 10 center of all time if thinks work out really well for him. But that doesn’t matter, first of all he should bring some seriousness to his game, in my humble opinion.
    To me, he was most convincing when he did that Charles Barkley-impersonation. And that says a lot about a potential franchise player of the Lakers.

  92. G says:

    Dwight’s a distraction on any team if he is not the main guy!

  93. John Mark says:

    Phil Jackson will be a better coach for Dwight if he decides to stay with the Lakers.

    • Jeremy Tubbs says:

      Bring Phil Jackson back to Los Angeles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ibaka says:

      totally agree. Phil knows how to use Gasol and Howard as twin tower and make them look good. D-Antoni has to put aside either Gasol or Howard. He doesn’t know how to use them. The Lakers management spends so much money but get stingy on coaches after they made the wrong decision. Phil is still interested bc the Lakers is the closest to his home next to his fiance. At his age, he doesnt want to live anywhere cold like the East coast and have to work hard. He also doesnt need money so thats not a factor. He likes to coach a good team closer to home and the Lakers are right at home!

      • Ibaka says:

        and Phil will get to make up his whole roster comes 2014 when all the contracts all up. He can rebuild around Dwight. So Phil is definitely still interested.

      • spurs champs says:

        lol phil almost agreed and maybe still will to go to toronto and said he wont coach again.. you idiot

      • DJ3 says:

        He is not interested in coaching at all. He said he wants a front office job like Pat Riley, which is why he is helping Toronto with their coaching staff. He wants to be able to be apart of the NBA without having to travel alot and attend every game since he has a bad back. I’d say he should talk to MJ, or MJ should talk to him about being GM or President of the Bobcats (stb Hornets). That way he could do what he wants, in a relatively warm area, and be apart of a rebuilding project.

      • PJax says:

        How many times does Phil have to say he’s NOT INTERESTED IN COACHING but Is LOOKING FOR A FRONT OFFICE POSITION, until you fools actually listen?

        Bring back Brian Shaw as head coach. A Laker, young, patience, experienced, AND he knows The Triangle. You know I’m right.

    • tony says:

      Dwight Howard is the best center in the League. He actually should have won his 5th consecutive Def. Player of the year award. No direspesct to T. Chandler and Mark Gasol but they are flat-footed with no lateral movement. Haters, leave Dwight alone!!! I’m from Boston and Please, Please, pretty please with ice cream on top Dwight sign with the celtics. Please Dwight come to Bean Town. We have the best Lobster and chowder and pretty good chicken wings with corn bread. Think about this starting 5
      Dwight -center Garnett- p. foward Green- s. foward Pierce- s. guard and Rondo- p. guard. Guaranteed we will win 3 championships. Plus Coach Doc Rivers. We would dominate the league and end the season with a 73-9 record!

    • ROBIN ROBINSON says:

      Bring phil jackson to mend thr fences and start the parade for a championship season it shall b written and it shall b done – amen