Verbal Shots Fired In Heat-Pacers Series


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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You have to give Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel credit. He’s never changed his style. He’s confident, fearless in what he’s willing to say publicly and has the utmost confidence that his team will back him up in any fight he picks.

So when he makes what seems like a harmless statement:

“It’s exciting, but this is not about getting back at Miami. If you’re in the final four you’re competing for a championship. And they’re just the next team that’s in our way. That’s how we’re approaching it.”

… as he did late Saturday night after the Pacers clinched their date in the Eastern Conference finals against the defending champions, he knew his words would catch the attention of the Heat, and LeBron James in particular.

Verbal shots have been fired in this series and they don’t tip-off for Game 1 until Wednesday night in Miami (8:30 p.m. ET, TNT). The response was swift. James took the bait, arguing that:

“We’re not just another team. I don’t understand what he’s saying. But we’re not just another team. That’s not true. He said we’re just another team in their way. We’re a great team. If we’re just another team, you really don’t prepare for just another team. You have to prepare for us.”

The buzz over the words these men spoke reached a fever pitch Sunday and Vogel took to on Monday morning to issue a statement that somewhat recants his position, saying the following:

“Sorry sports world, the words ‘just another team’ never came out of my mouth,” he said. “Great respect for LBJ and the champs. Looking forward to [a] great series.”

But as we all know, the words are already out there.

Vogel’s mission for Game 1 is complete. This is the same tactic he used before the Heat and Pacers squared off in the conference semifinals last season, earning himself a $15,000 fine for calling the Heat the “biggest flopping team in the NBA.”

Using a trick utilized by some of the coaching greats of the past, Vogel has effectively drawn the Heat’s ire before any elbows are exchanged, before any hard fouls are delivered. That bodes well for us, the folks who get to watch these two teams battle for the right to represent the East in The Finals.

It should be noted, however, that in each of the last two times when the Pacers picked this fight, the Heat humbled them. They were up 2-1 in the conference semifinals last year and the Heat stormed back to win three straight games and eliminate the Pacers. And earlier this season, after the Pacers had already claimed two victories over the Heat, they faced off in what was supposed to be a showdown game March 10 in Miami between the top two teams in the East, and the Heat stroked the Pacers 105-91 behind 26 points from Mario Chalmers.

The anticipation is building for Game 1 and a series that promises to give us more than just words.

Vogel seems ready for the test.

LeBron and the Heat, too.

“We’re ready for whatever,” James told reporters Sunday. “I believe it’s going to be like last series. They’re going to try to put me on the floor, maybe. Be physical with me, maybe. I don’t know. Every team kind of does the same thing. They kind of read what everyone else talks about [and say], ‘You have to beat up the Heat to beat them.’ We’ll see what happens.”

Time to get it on!


  1. Ballout No NBA says:

    Heat are gonna destroy the Pacers #HeatNation #305 #Leggo

  2. Cgoodthings says:

    To all Indiana fans; it’s good to be a fan and support your team. However, the reality is that most of you know damn well that the Pacers, like every other team thus far, have zero chances of beating the Heat!! I’m going with the Heat in 4 or maybe 5. That is the reality of this series. The Pacers have about as much chances as did Chicago, and that’s about no chance at all!

  3. Ratchet says:

    Damn I c all da haters commentin but where was or is ur team o I c home watchn da heat nd if u recall last years finals they said okc was a tough match but look where they ended up cryin in the locker room yea da heat aint big in da post but dont sleep on birdman or bosh dem boys underrated

  4. leonard says:

    Lebron better back up his words or it will not only be bosh crying this time. and by the way if they win the trophy it will have LOS BULLS written somewhere on it.

  5. BBALL ALLDAY says:

    pff whoever says that Bulls are tougher team than Pacers… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Do you watch Basketball?? As a Heat fan i can say that they have some size ok, don’t underestimate Paul George, Lance Stephenson, David West, and especially Roy Hibbert this year!! nooo, it’s going to be a tough one for Miami, they are gonna be much moreee physical than Chicago lol

  6. ron says:

    “we are not just another team!” . Sounds like a crybaby to me.
    First of all Vogel never said this,Le Bron is overreacting to something that was never said by Vogel..
    secondly ( now the discussion is on thanks to the media and LeBron taking the bait): The Heat ARE just another team. Yes, full of huge egos, but just another team nevertheless.

  7. HeatGang says:


  8. HeatGang says:

    I hate how everyone only talks about the heat like their the only team in the NBA . Heat get all the calls ? Have you watched a laker game ? All they do is cheat for Kobe ,but back to my point . The Miami Heat are taking the NBA by storm . What more do they have to do to prove themselves ? 27 game win streak , 66-16 for the season , and most likely repeat champions . There not only the team to beat but obviously the team to hate on . They cant be stopped . Either way depending on Wades health and whether the role players can all get going the Heat will either Win in 4 or 6 .There bench is. Much deeper then 3 players , Norris Cole ,Shane Barrier , Birdman , Ray Allen , Rashard Lewis ( If he can get going ) and don’t forget Mike Miller . He still has a fantastic shot from 3 point range . Our perimeter shooters and the big 3 all together will shut down the pavers . Im actually gonna say Heat in 5.

  9. Haters got no lives says:

    To these irritating haters, go complain with the referees if Ray Allen, Shane Battier, and Chalmers make outside shots, Don’t blame the refs! The Heat are playing very well right now and give them credit! Those non-calls of the refs are just understandable. Referees are HUMANS capable of making mistakes and they sometimes overlook on some plays.

    • ron says:

      We are so special, we are not just another team…..please give us some respect even though we have huge egos and feel we are above common people…….whine, whine, cry , cry.

      • NBAFAN!!! says:


    • hipster says:

      There’s nothing lamer in the entire world than calling someone a “hater.”

      You know what that reminds me of?

      It reminds me of a pregnant, white trash 14 year-old on Maury Pauvich who just found out the 6 tatted up gangsta thugs she had paternity tested are NOT the father. As the crowd starts to yell, laugh and hollar at her, she stands up, belly hanging out of her tube top, her too-short cut-off jeans revealing her pale, bruised thighs, and she approaches the crowd, both middle fingers out, and yells, “Y’all are just haters. Look at this, you know you want it. Y’all are just jealous! Haters!”

      That’s about how smart you look when you use the term “hater.”

      Just because someone doesn’t agree with your opinion or doesn’t bend over for LeBron doesn’t make them a “hater.” Like LeBron all you want, I don’t call you a “Lover” or perhaps “LeLover” would be more appropriate.

      Look, LeBron is a great basketball player. He was given all the physical tools necessary to become one of the greatest, if not the greatest basketball player of all time. And when he was a one man wrecking crew with his hometown Cavs, he actually seemed like a pretty likeable guy. He seemed pretty down to earth, humble. I actually rooted for him. But as he’s continued to show his other personalities- LeBaby (ake LeWhiner), LeFlop, LeEgo, LeQuit, LeBadSport, LeDecision, his act is wearing thin. His crybaby antics and inability to win until he conspired to form a secret team of SuperFriends has a lot of people disliking LeBron. The reasons you Love LeBron are no more legitimate than the reasons many of us dislike LeBron. People can agree to disagree without having to resort to using the “hater” word. It’s such a worthless word.

  10. Kevo says:

    I lost all respect for LBJ after this. The baby has to put words in other people’s mouths and then “fire” back at them. You’re the defending champions, act like it. You don’t see Battier, Wade, Chalmers, or any of the other players responding. The guy needs to cool it and just play the damn game. If LBJ is so butt-hurt about Vogel’s comments, respond with action, don’t waste your words (now he just comes off as a guy who is easily riled up; they thought the Bulls were bad? Wait till face off against the Pacers).

    I hope the Pacers give the Heat a good run, but being realistic, Heat in 6 or 7.

  11. Go Pacers-Spank Dat heat A?! real hard & send them home crying!!!

  12. alove2kill says:


  13. Rhedz says:

    Bulls strategy offensively and defensively are way better than the current pacers roster.

    Simple break down:

    * bulls play good defence and offence and they can stop or atleast limit transition points from the opposing team.
    * pacers are fast and have the size but they don’t play good defence like the bulls…offensively they are average.
    * spurs play good offensively but they are bad in stoping transition baskets made by the opposing team.
    * memphis got size and play good defence but they don’t have a deep bench.
    * heat plays good transition basket, plays good offensively and they have guys on the bench who can step up with 3s
    Further more, heat are fast offensively and can match any team with young legs. The only thing that they don’t excel at but are good is the inside. You have andersen, haslem, anthony and bosh….they a good enough but they don’t have that advantage…i could say that they are just about at 50% compare to memphis and pacers who are above 60% when it come to inside presence

    so there you go…a simple break down on my opinion..on what every remaining team got.

  14. Geiffrey Sorkin says:

    1 People trying to say the NBA players now are better than in the 80s and 90s are crazy
    2 Are they faster, yes
    3 Are they stronger (from a pure weightroom point of view) mostly
    4 Are they weaker (in terms of leverage, core strength, lower body strength) yes
    Are they worse at using angles and taking advantage of lapses in defenses, yes
    5 Do most of them lack basic fundamentals on defense and the ability to understand offense beyond Isolation and Pick and Role, yes
    6 Are they softer (react more to lesser hits, care more about getting calls and tricking refs into calling flagrants) YES
    For the apparent gold standard of the new NBA (Lebron) 1,2,4, 6, and 6 are definitely true. Sorry to Miami, but with how much he acts he’ll be in Hollywood sooner or later

    • ron says:

      and….let’s not forget. Todays players like Le Bron are cry babies, full of sense of entitlement, and think they are above regular people. ( we are not just another team!, we are so special….yeah, whatever)

      • NBAFAN!!! says:


  15. oliking says:

    more than ever.vogel will be very disapointed to see LeBron unstoppable….they will focus on the king’s unstoppable movements and forget the whole miami team,their not on the same level,,,go heat go..we’ll lead all the 5 first game…looking for the tropphy again,,

  16. bigboy11 says:


  17. bigboy11 says:


  18. bigboy11 says:

    people tend to forget that when MIAMI was on that 27 games win streak they got every team best game . they said they marked that date on their calendar when they were going to play the heat even the worst teams played them hard only the bulls broke it they did not expect them to play them like bullys and they tried it again that 1st playoff game and it worked till the heat start to bully back , every team in the league got beat in the streak and after the streak it was just preparing. them for the playoffs, people tend to forget that MIAMI played India without bosh in the playoffs last year, how is it the refs are making them win maybe they are taking them 3 points for RAY SHANE MILLER AND NORRIS its not all about lebron whenever they are taking over a game it starts with the 3s a lot of them so if those guys dont make them LEBRON gets double team a lot

  19. Rahnod says:

    Huh? Wtf did he say wrong? Is Lebron high?? He said “And they’re just the next team in our way.” Not “They’re just another team.” Big difference. Stop putting words in other peoples mouth and just play ball Lebron….

  20. Brian says:

    I think everyone is for getting the San Antonio Spurs who have more NBA then both the Pacers and Heat. Go Spurs Go

  21. Non Delusional NBA fan. says:

    I’m still stunned that some of you “fans”…or what you like to call yourselves…think that he said something offense when this was placed on the front page just because *****THE NBA DOESN’T HAVE ANY OTHER DRAMA TO TALK ABOUT*****. Oh my god…

  22. GP says:

    Pacers talk too much. The Celtics would do much better if they were healthy this season.

  23. Jimmy Buckets says:

    Lebron is a little touchy

  24. "d" says:

    Pacers in 6..

  25. Brian says:

    He never said that miami is “just another team”, he said they miami is “just the next team”. Pretty big difference

  26. What's up? says:

    This means war. Heat in 6 to face the Spurs in the Finals 🙂

  27. NBAFan says:

    I can’t believe this is even news. Drama created out of a simple response.

  28. NBAFan says:

    Vogel didn’t say anything inappropriate and don’t understand why Lebron is even wasting his time responding. He should just let his performance on the court talk. However, I do think the Heat will beat the Pacers and think it will be a Heat vs. Spurs finals.

  29. canadian says:

    Calm down, Vogel hit James right into his ego… and yes the Heat are just an other team with great talent! Annoying journalism here aha

    Pacers are a focused team not whinning about calls. In the other hand , Miami are a focused team and whine too often about calls, like the Knicks used to do!
    Pacers will probably own Miami’s frontcourt and that will cause some major problems for the heat … So don’t count the Pacers out they are a real test! Pacers in 7

    Pacers vs Grizzlies in finals would be really interesting to watch basketball wise!!

  30. wmd says:

    The heat are a cheap shot artists. Thy foul going to the basket, especially LBJ, pushing off with one hand and they never called for such fouls. LBJ, only had 3 fouls in the last
    series against the Bulls. Think about it folks. The reefs called fouls against the heat when the games are well decided, to make up & even things up.

  31. kay says:

    Yo im wit all yall on the heat refs and im a knicks fan. Yo those refs will cheat u right out the game. Its not even funny how bad they want the heat to win.

  32. travis says:

    no respect but, for pacers, they are not a dominating team like MIA. 4-1 for MIA, or even sweep. IND against ATL 4-2, against NYK 4-2. what makes anyone think they can win against MIA? which is better in pretty much everything offence and defense.

  33. Gillsy says:

    The difference with the Pacer’s from other teams, they don’t care if James and co push and flop, they have some big bodies and will push him back just as hard.

  34. MasTER says:

    Waoo, here there s only heat and pacers Fan!!! well, and a spurs fan, and many people said that Menphis is better that the spurs… and what happened in the first game?? everybody knows!! so dont underestimate a team, or you are going to go home!! miami is supposed to win this series, but they are not going to sweep Indiana so be realistic please.

    PD: i dont like Miami, but they are the best east team, i think is gonna be nice to see both series!!

  35. Gillsy says:

    I can see an upset happening especially if Wade is not playing well, as his knee is bothering him. The Pacer’s will be physical and get a lot of boards they have more options than people think I will go for Indiana in 6.

  36. D says:

    Heat in 4

  37. El Stone says:

    LeBaby is at it again crying and lying.

    Last week he said he’s not a flopper, yet his flopfolio is one of the most extensive in the league

    Now he throws a hissy fit because apparently he either can’t read or his ears don’t work because he misquoted Vogel a total of 6 times.

    WTF does LeBron want Vogel to call the Heat? The Chosen Team? The greatest team of all time? The Heat are just a bunch of chumps who couldn’t win anything on their own so they conspired to join a team of Super Friends to make winning easier.

    That’s why I and nearly everyone I know roots against the heat.

    For as big and strong as LeFlop is, he is quite the sensitive little girl.

  38. EyronFigures says:

    Let’s Go HEAT! prove to all the heat haters that they are wrong.. just respect the heat and lebron..this is a tough series ut i hope and pray to God that the heat will win this thing..Heat in 5.. we know that our team is very strong and talented..let’s prove to all the haters that they are stupid and idiot.. just respect every fan,dont underestimate them or whatever.. Go HEAT!

  39. Peter says:

    Roy Hibbert is gonna posterized the Heat frontcourt…

  40. Gowan says:

    “But as we all know, the words are already out there.” by that did you mean that these words, “they’re just the next team that’s in our way.” are out? To clarify that is a lot different to “just another team.”

  41. fvdfv says:

    you heat bandwagon fans sicken me.

  42. noam says:

    Pacers have 0 chance. if knicks had won it would be 1 out of 10

  43. David says:

    Lebron is arrogant you dont call your own team a great team thats up to others to say! They have only won 1 championship!
    Hopefully Indiana make a series of it!!

  44. Jugular says:

    Well the ball is round lets let them walk their talk and talk their walk..the hungrier team will win this

  45. g says:

    i dont agree that chi town is a tougher opponent then indiana… with the team healthy maybe,miami is favorite but this series can go both ways its all about who shuts down who and which bench plays best. that stephenson guy was charging the whole game, cant believe new york wasnt smart enough to play along, he just kept drawing fouls drove in shoulders first.
    we ll see what happens when he collides with battier or allen.

  46. Jimmy Galvez says:

    I agree with coach they are floppers. Like Lebron James when he got pushed by Chicago and literally threw him self back man everyone knows Lebron is a 265 pound man all muscle that man is a work horse and a simple push was able to knock you over “come on man” lol he should of fell for trying to push you over Lebron I’m just saying man let’s get physical it’s playoffs baby

  47. Non Delusional NBA fan. says:

    This obviously the media trying to spin something into “fighting words”. For LeBron to think his team “is not just another team” shows that he’s lacking humility on a simple concept. The concept of which I’m referring to is that of advancing to the next round.
    Let me break down what Frank Vogul said:

    “It’s exciting, but this is not about getting back at Miami. If you’re in the final four you’re competing for a championship. And they’re just the next team that’s in our way. That’s how we’re approaching it.”

    Its not about “revenge” or any other negative emotion you can emphasize towards the forthcoming series, its about defeating your next opponent and moving on. Miami is a great team. Yes. An invincible team. No. Do you want Frank Vogul to “praise the Heat”? He’s coaching a different team within a different organization with different bosses. He surely doesn’t have no requirements at all to “praise the Heat”. Though, the thought of doing so shows humility the minds of some.

    What LeBron is taking a so called offense to is absolutely nothing. I don’t see anything there…at all. If he thinks everyone has no choice but to praise him and like his team for being great, he doesn’t know the real world at all.

  48. Sports Fan says:

    I think if Chicago went against anyone in the East except for Miami, they would have made it to the next round. Chicago was exactly what Miami needed to get to the next level. Miami will lose 1 game if any in this series against the Pacers.

  49. Jesse says:

    Who really cares what Le bron thinks the Pacers coach is entitled to his opinion.

  50. SnB says:

    War of words? Vogel didnt say anything inflammatory people! Press asked how they were approaching the Miami game and he said like any other team that’s in their way. There ain’t nothing wrong with that! Sports writers remind me of little sisters, “Mommy, mommy! Look what Tommy said!” Everyone needs to get a grip. Especially James. Does he expect the Pacers to bow down? Everyone’s so damn touchy feely nowadays. Be a man everyone…of course except for you ladies.

  51. Nheonemo says:

    Don’t under estimate the outside shooters of Miami… Maybe they can’t find a hole every night.. but when they needed it.. Someones stepping up like a bubble… e.g Norris Cole, and the other Man on the bench. I wish that Pacers that wouldn’t make any worst history in their franchise like chicago did.

  52. Green Nation says:

    Is Lebron High? Frank Vogel just said this is the next team to beat…obviously. Lebron and his Super Sized Ego need to take a seat

  53. Dan says:

    4 -1 heat wins this series

  54. Grid says:

    Uh-oh, You just made Lebron angry. Don’t make him angry. Or else he’ll switch teams again and play with several superstars to win yet another ring. Or he will ask for more superstars to help win rings so he can be at par with Michael Jordan. It’s his only way! When he gets his sixth ring, he’ll be on his sixth team!

  55. religiously says:

    lets go michel jordan beat them

  56. real090009642 says:

    The NBA is set up spurs is a old time vs the grizzlys thats a good team but spurs has the upperhand not by skill but by NBA commissioners and NBA stock/owners rather see heat play spurs. Heat had the easiest teams to play in playoffs. They sweeped the unorganized bucks team, beat the injured bulls team now they have to face the Pacers without one of there stars in Danny Granger this is what people don’t understand heat are a good team yes never take that away from them but there not a great team because if they didnt have LeBron bosh or wade no one will like them on the other hand grizzlys is a good team the have no superstar in there team yet they beat the clippers beat the thunder and now facing the spurs now yes the grizzlys have good players but they don’t have superstars in there team. And ok you might say what about Marc gasol. Ok name a center besides howard that can play defense no one also no one suspected gasol to win defensive player of the year award I sure didn’t I thought it was LeBron or Howard maybe even ibaka. But see were I’m going with this NBA is setted up for the most favored/popular team to win it all. Me personally I prefer to see the grizzlys vs Pacers just because there an all around basketball team but ofcourse that won’t happen. So there really is no reason to watch NBA till the finals cause we already know the outcome of the next two seasons

  57. P Wood says:

    are some you guys forgetting this is the ECF ? this is a very good series that could go to game 7 !

  58. Adam says:

    Brave comments. Long live the Queen!

  59. mikmaks says:

    Bottom line, i don’t think any team right now can beat the Heat 4 times. Heat in 5 or 6!

  60. Isnel says:

    For me I don’t think Indiana mean something to my team cuz I know my team can beat any team any were any place it’s matter wat they said its Dont mean nothing to the best team in the nba so it’s wat ever

  61. Should be an interesting series, let’s see if the officials are fair w/ the Pacers & show no favor to the heat as was the Pacers/ny series called pretty fair!?!?!?!?!????????????

  62. RoosterUSA says:

    Not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 🙂 love u heat haters enjoy the games its sweet to be able to sit back and watch history being made 🙂 cant wait till the MJ fans finely will say LJ is the best player to ever played the game… ?? Roosterusa cleveland ohio…… 🙂

  63. alp says:

    lebron SONNED these all-talk clowns last year when they tried talking trash and tried getting physical… it back fired in their face and it’s why larry bird stepped down, they are one of the softest teams in the league and paul george is gonna get man handled tonight now…

  64. CHiTown says:

    This is so petty. Every team is ‘just another team’ in someone’s way. smh. MEDIA BS.

  65. Pacers Fan says:

    pacers in 6. all they need is one win win at miami and they can easily demolish them at home. also, the refs. they always favor the heat. look at last series. every game the foul total was a lot to a little favoring the heat by a HUGE cushion and lebrons flopping was just hilarious.

    • damian says:

      Hmmm, yeah i see your point, not sure if you’d call a 46 to 18 free throw count a “HUGE” cushion too, or not?

  66. Freida says:

    Then I guess NY was screwed by the Referees. All the calls were on NY and few called on the Pacers. Anyone who says the referees are on Miami’s side is stupid. It evens out. Vogel riled up LeBron. How stupid can he be. LeBron is ready to show the Pacers just who the Miami Heat are!! You don’t rile up the best player in the world. LeBron is going to kick butt in the first game. I have Miami in 5, possibly 6. There is no way a young team who have never won a championship or even got to the Eastern Conference will win. You saw what happened to OKC last year in the finals. The young players made stupid mistakes which cost them a championship. GO MIAMI HEAT!!! Anyone who thinks the Pacers are going to win is dreaming and delusional.

  67. PACERS says:

    PACERS will win the series, this is the team as compare with the heat, Miami is just like another team NY.

  68. Jason R. Smith says:

    LeBron is scared of Indiana?? PLEASE Indy barely beat the Bricks…. They do not have enough scoring to beat MIA… MIA all day, don’t hurt ’em BronBron !

  69. Orlando native says:

    I feel like Indiana might beat the heat they have a really good chance and have the necessary tools to beat them they have a great inside game and are a good rebounding team and play physical just the formula you need to beat the heat

  70. sanjay says:

    There is no verbal duel there. Seku is just trying to make a story line out of thin smoke! Come on now!

  71. fabrice says:

    ohhh ” you didn’t said that we are great team” ohhh ooh no

    lebron is such a DIVA too much ego

  72. sanjay says:

    what you guys heard that I did not hear? james was totally respectful to the pacers team and he said, ” we are ready for challenge and see what happens. we will try to be ready the best way we possibly can”
    That is the right way to do it.

  73. reynaldo says:

    In James mind he is the greatest thats why he’s too defensive about the comment. You may be the MVP but you still
    have to prove to yourself that you can win a title w/o Wade, Bosh and the NBA’s best bench. You knew to yourself that you can’t win, play w/the other team and see what will happen. Remember the Cavs?

  74. Ltiguere says:

    Why is it so hard for people to embrace greatness, and stop being sore losers, enjoy the game and let the best team win,
    Let’s go HEAT #6 all day

  75. blaz says:

    Strange comment out of LBJ’s mouth. Vogel said typical words as for any coach in the league. That they do not treat playoffs as “beat Miami contest”, but quest for the championship, where Miami is not the last stop. They of course are getting prepared for Miami, but if that was, let’s say Boston, they would also just be preparing for series against opponent not “THE Boston”. LBJ feels need to get people convinced of his team’s greatnes with words on conference? Shouldnt the BBall court rather be the place?

  76. Kendrick says:

    I wish Danny Granger was playing.. It will be a better series!

  77. amigo says:

    pacers will win this in game 6.i don’t like heat because only pat riley will be benefited if they win this series.think about it!!!

  78. Ryan Bradley says:

    Shut em down Bron, go Heat!

  79. heha says:

    sorry lbj, vogel just won round one in the mind game, this is definitely going to be a 7 game series, anything is possible

  80. Mistercalvo says:

    For all u haters that think Miami will lose to the Pacers I have bad news for ya. Miami will dismantle the Pacers in 5 games sorry for u all.

  81. sanjay says:

    lebron is never a thrash talk guy. IF some body dared to say anything like this during jordan era, they would be refused handshake at the tip off period and not only that, they would have to face the verbal thrash talk wrath of jordan with smiling pippen standing by. And my maaan, Dennis waiting to sweep the opposition to the floor, which was ridiculously scary back in those days!
    lebron is a great player, he will keep focus on winning championship this year!
    This is nothing he has not heard before, he is just keeping his team also up!!!
    It is cool, cool, Daddy got his back!

  82. Wade Smock says:

    Let them play and the Pacers can derail the Heat. You never know when destiny’s child may break a leg, on his way to the HOF. Lance may want a little payback for last years cheep shot. Make it a hard one too Lance just as hard as you got. Remember the filling and rev it up a notch.

  83. kristjan says:

    Miami gets all the calls?Look at the last game NYK vs IND are u kidding me???? Pacers had 46 free throws .NYK only 18
    I watched that game and i felt really sorry for NYK. Some of the calls were just insane.
    It will be dough series between Heat and Pacers,but remember there was no Chris Bosh last year ,and no Ray Allen,so we will see.Good luck to both teams (Heat fan)

  84. Grid says:

    Most common phrase from Queen James and Heat fans: “I am not a Heat or Lebron fan, but…” (then gives a lot of positive comments about the Heat and the Queen). Come on, get real! They have to pretend they’re not Heat or Lebron fans to get their comments noticed, as if to make it unbiased.

  85. sports fan says:

    If Danny Granger was healthy this could be a 7 game series going either way. Without him the Heat will win in 6.

  86. Isaac says:

    If you’re going to insult the Heat, learn to spell. It makes you look meager if you can’t even spell ‘Foul’. I’ve read a good portion of the post and of all the morons spewing hate toward the Heat, you spelled ‘Fuol’, Faol’, ‘Faul’.

    Good stuff guys, thank god for workers comp. or all you idiotic buffoons with a keyboard would be out panhandling to buy your hot pockets.

    I like the logic here though. Since your favorite team didn’t get LBJ, you’re going to try and insult him but in reality, you insult yourselves because you can’t spell something as simple as ‘Foul’ and you call yourselves basketball fans? What a joke.

    The best players and best teams always get criticized in one way or another. It is part of the game. I’m sure Ill be hearing all OKC fans ranting that the Thunder would have stood a chance against the Heat but the truth is that Miami would have smoked them like they did last year. The thunder lose one player and they can barely beat the Rockets, an 8th seed team? Just goes to show how poor their team is. LBJ and the Heat could easily have won without 2 of their all stars. (Dwade and Bosh).

  87. Tyga says:

    LOL .. LeBron shouldn’t have really picked offense in what Vogel said. He’s a coach trying to uplift the morale and mindset of his team, so whatever he said, whatever means, techniques he uses is just right.. as long as it accomplished its desired effect. The Heat should just go and prepare and come out like the good team they are and try to put the Pacers and Vogel to shame (If they can).

  88. Anthony Sydnor says:

    The truth is none of those teams see’s it coming but there coming. Go heaters

  89. Mikey says:

    If this if that…Derrick rose could’ve played if he wanted to, no excuses it’s te nba

  90. OKC says:

    I am really impressed with all this haters giving all their excuses why the HEAT won the championship last year. WOW!
    I am not a Heat Fan, and I watched my team got streamrolled by the Heat last year in the finals, and to be honest with you, there were calls given to my team that I thanked the referee for giving it to us.

    Come on man, the Heat will always get fouled because they are a slashing team. I mean, that is a basic philosophy in basketball, if you are aggressive you will get the calls. Especially when you have Dwade and Lebron on your team.

    I hate Russell Westbrook, but that is the job he does for the Thunder, penetrating to draw fouls. Rose does that as well, but the advantage of a Heat team is that they have at least two players that penetrate to the basket and get fouls.

    I am a Jordan fan, I watched almost all the playoffs games that he played, and I see him does that as well. The difference between him and LeBron is that Michael is not just powerful, he is graceful as well, while LeBron is a swingman Shaq.

    I hate LeBron very much because he burned us last season but man I cant deny that he really is a good player. Maybe to much hyped, maybe a little bit overrated (I will say that because some people tend to say that he is better than MJ), but men he really has good basketball skills. Great vison, speed and power. Great defender. Heat is a great team, they might have weak bigs, but they are athletic. If you wont counter what they want to do and what they want to impose, you are in big trouble.

  91. David says:

    To win, you have to face the best teams, and take them as it aproaches, trying to put your game on the floor and prevent your opponent of doing that. So, it’s like any other game/series, maybe harder, and maybe Pacers are the underdog, but I don’t see any problem in Vogel’s words, I think he’s just saying that they are in the ECF and when you get there, you start to seriously think about the title, and in this road to the glory, the Heat are the next team to beat. Don’t see the problem or some kind of mindgame. Just, a fact, Heat it’s just another team to beat, because if you want to win, you have to beat them. I think he’s not disrespectful nor too agressive. Just, that, stating a fact. Heat are the main contenders, of course, but you can’t lay down your arms before the series start.

  92. Giuseppe1312 says:

    the pacers and the bulls (healthy) are the only teams that can beat the heat. They have the size advantage and are better physical both bulls and the pacers

  93. patrick says:

    the pacers in 6 in a upset

  94. MCee says:

    Obviously for those chicago fans that are saying there was no rose or deng in the line up, you didnt see the playoff series of 2011 when miami took chicago 4-1 with their mvp, noah, and deng fully healthy. and hinrich is not a difference in a series vs miami, nate robinson actually makes more of a impact than him. indiana is still on the other hand a good team, way better than the bulls this year anyway, so its just gonna be a interesting season.
    oh and fyi dwyane wade is still playing with an injury (limited miinutes)

  95. Chris says:

    The Pacers coach has got a big mouth and Lebron will shut him up. The Heat don’t get calls, actually watch more than two minutes of a game. That is a lame excuse all teams the Heat beat use. We beat the Thunder last year fair and square. We won the series 4-1 by the way and the last game of that series at home, the thunder got way more calls than the Heat. Most teams get all the calls against the Heat and still can’t win. It is obvious the refs don’t want the Heat to repeat if YOU ACTUALLY WATCH THE WHOLE GAME!!

  96. no hater says:

    1. A lot of comments off topic
    2. Allways beware of reporters diging dirt out of nothing -LBJ bought it this time
    3. Karma will get us all haha

  97. Adrian says:

    I feel that Miami’s overconfidence, showboating and estimation will be their downfall. Last year’s ECF wouldn’t have been a 7 – game series if Miami showed respect for their opponents.

  98. acon125 says:

    Author accusing Vogel of trying to start something????? Please…this is the worst article ever written and should be deleted off of this website.

  99. jeffrod says:

    Pacers in 6

  100. Hannah says:

    I lOVE YOU LeBron you are the bomb…I am your biggest fan! I am writing you a letter 😉 I love you with all my heart LBJ ♥♥♥

  101. LS says:

    The media tries its level best to stir up stuff and make a big deal out of nothing. Hopefully Vogel and his Pacers will ignore this petty, high school journalism and focus on the job they have ahead. I hate the media!

  102. Grid says:

    You think Stern is going to let Indiana win? You get a lot of views when you get Miami in the finals. It’s all fixed.

  103. MR_Hill says:

    This series it’s all over Hibbert, and what is capable to do, and if he is capable to hold a high regular defensive-ofensive intensity. George Hill and David Lee are showing that they have the level to beat every team in front of the Pacers, but they need to be sure that Hibbert is doing his job at the paint. Miami it’s a wonderful team, but are not the best at the paint. It will be one of the best series if the Grizz doesn’t get up from first spurs game lose. Let’s GO PACERS!!

  104. Elijah says:

    Lebron is so egotistical the pacer coach wasn’t trying to start anything he was just saying that his team wants to get to the championship and he’s not going to stop for anybody… Even the heat. We need more coaches like this in the NBA we need more David and Goliath stories and I think this series is going to be one of them. Thank you Frank Vogal you have my support. GO PACERS!!!

  105. gucci says:

    Heat all day the only reason the pacers won two last years playoffs was because of danny granger he was they best scoreing in paul is jus the new melo so if anybodie really think the pacers will win because of size think again in even the bulls will tell u that heat in 5 at the most cause its no. 4 to 0 I. Say miami in first too pacers in game three cause there great at home in miami takes the next two

  106. Chris says:

    Pacer Pride! This is the Pacers series to lose, not the Heats to win. Pacers can match them & beat them.

  107. Rob says:

    Spolstra said it perfectly:, and I quote:
    “The game is between those four lines” let the series begin
    White Hot Heat baby 🙂

  108. Rob says:

    Spolstra said it perfectly:, andi quote:
    “The game s between those four lines” let the series begin
    White Hot Heat is my baby 🙂

  109. Julius says:

    i don’t understand how frank vogel’s comments are offensive at all. that’s the mentality a team has to have. he never went out of his way to criticize lebron or the heat in his statement. lebron just needs to grow a pair.

  110. stingray says:

    some comments are right that miami heat now is a flopping team..the referee’s are always favored them especially lebron..if the series will be even to 3-3, sure it will be miami who will win in game 7 because it was a business as and lebron is a big market..NBA is not just a sport, it was a BIG BUSINESS..

  111. stingray says:

    why lebron james is complaining too much about the physical game? this is basketball and it was a conference finals, he has been there for 5times or more, correct me if i’m wrong…everybody wants to win and play in the championship game and every team wants to beat the heat and dethrone the miami and lebron, so he has to understand..if he don’t want to get hurt, play another kind og games, like CHESS..le bron james thinks he is the center of all the success in miami, without his team mates, he is nothing..just like when he was still in cleveland..before he came to miami, miami heat was already a champion lebron, just shut your mouth and play the game so those people who pay and watch will get get what they’ve pay for..

    • Really? And MJ and Magic would have won those titles without there teammates?I dont think so. Michael didnt complain about fouls? Go look at some video sweetheart. Maybe you should go play chess because you do not know anything about basketball.

  112. sylvester says:

    Pacers have no chance they will be swept…that’s a guarantee…Lebron james looks bored and I think he knowing that it is Indiana….Almost thinking that he wished it was the knicks

  113. George Jobson says:

    I think frank is on a mission… when he says its just another team, he means that there is another obstacle in their way to the winning a championship. and its true and the same goes for the heats, pacers is just another obstacle in the way of winning a championship.

  114. Steven says:

    If you look at the talent nobody should beat the heat the only teams that could are OKC and the Knicks because they have the dept and talent the pacers don’t have a super star that can play good defense on lebron and still drop thirty plus points in 48 min and you need that all-star like player in the playoffs

  115. Shiver says:

    A bunch of star who takes & practicing flop.Miami Heat…
    No respect fot the Heat,Yes call me a hater.Im still believed this is NBA…

  116. Objectivity says:

    Why would you give LeBron extra motivation? As if he wasn’t already good enough playing without anger.

  117. nba wannabe fans are clucking already says:

    all you kids and morons worried bout he said, she said, this game is bout actions not words, words don’t put in points ,its the action cry babies. too many wanna be nba fans already yapping , for crying sakes if clucking is what most of ya’ll do stick to watching soap operas.

  118. littleteapot says:

    Jeez, when did everyone get so sensitive?

  119. Bill says:

    Wow. Talk about trying to make something out of nothing. What a lame article.

    As for Miami being a great team, I am not on that bandwagon. Of course, it depends on what you think makes a great team. No one seems to dispute that LeBron is the best player in the NBA at this time. Wade and Bosh are also both great players so that is a heck of nucleus. But after that, what is left? What other player on their roster 4 – 12 has any trade value? How does a guy out of the league, birdman, come in and get so much playing time for a “great” team? Who have they beaten in the playoffs this year? Milwaukee shouldn’t have been in the playoffs with a sub .500 record and Chicago was so impacted by injury it was a shame. Now they face Indiana who doesn’t have even one superstar on the roster.

    It remains to be seen if they win it all this year but they may. If they win, you have to say they are the best this year. But as far as their place n history, I see them as the best team in a league with no great teams.

    I miss the days when there were multiple great teams in the league and even super powers like the great Lakers – Celtics rivalry of the 80s (which also featured a great Philly team and the Pistons).

  120. KB says:

    Why is everyone taking what Vogel said out of context? Having lost to them last year, he wouldn’t call the DEFENDING CHAMPS just another team. What he actually said was the Pacers are aiming for championship and that the Heat is a team in their way in doing so. That’s all. Making a story because Lebron reacted is pathetic.

  121. Me says:

    This is why I can’t stand Lebron crying about physicality … Did he see how the bad boys treated Jordan? Or how the 08 celtics mobbed Kobe… Lebron has the heart of a snake…

  122. Indiana in 4. Heat will get killed on the boards….

  123. Bearclaw says:

    Vogel did not insult the Heat…he was professional. Isn’t it professional for a contender to say that Miami is the next team up, so we’re going to work to beat them? While I cannot be sure, it sounds like they were trying to bait him to attack Miami in the first place. He said this isn’t about getting back at Miami. He was trying to downplay the controversial aspects of it. I don’t know how the media phrased the question to James.

    No one said Miami is “just another team”. Vogel knows that. We all have evidence of that from a 66 win season from a defending champion. Vogel downplayed the drama of playing the Heat by emphasizing that to him, Miami is just the next obstacle to a title. What else do you expect a contender to say? “We’re playing by far the best team in the NBA. All right, time to get steamrolled.” Granted, he didn’t say how big of an obstacle Miami is, but still.

    And his words imply that, as another final four team, Miami is also competing for a championship. This is not outrageous.

  124. kobe says:

    would love to see the over/under total in Vegas for how many fouls LBJ has called against him …dude WENT LIKE 35 GAMES WITH NO FOULS CALLED ON HIM..HAHAHAHA..

    • Silence I'll kill u says:

      Very simple. He’s not fouling them, just a good defense. Dnt be s2pid. U will be asked, how u avoid accident? U can answer dat simply. Or maybe, are u a fool? U can answer that simply. Thats the logic

  125. SHWAGGERT says:

    My issue with LeBron is he is a major flopper and the NBA almost never reviews his flops and penalizes him. How is it that guy who is coming full speed can get hacked hard and still go the rack and get the “And 1” and also set a screen that knocks players on their A$$. Yet if someone barely taps him on screens or in a congested area he falls like a little girl.

    I love LeBrons game. And someone said it best earlier. You hate him when he plays your team because he is so dominant, but as basketball fan, you respect his game tremendously.

    • Wade Smock says:

      Maybe the greatest physically gifted player ever, but please build your team the right way. I am Old School the Pacers are not blessed with large amounts of money. Yet the build a great team even if it takes them years. That’s why its so very special for their fans when they do floor a team such as this one is. Remember Reggie, drafted. Smits drafted. Double “D” Dale Davis drafted. Antonio Davis drafted. Still we added McKey Schrimp and Jackson. None as big as Bosh or James but you get the picture. If we had more money we would have done the same more than likely.

  126. Jordan says:

    Ofcourse Lebron gets a lot of calls. They always beat him up when he goes in the paint. ANd the Pacers are much better than the Bulls right now. It’s not going to be an easy series, but the Heat DEFINETLY will beat the Pacers

  127. jordan says:

    there’s nothing significant about what Vogel said about the heat. its just common sense. no “mind games” or “shots taken”.

  128. fair fan says:

    theres no such thing as an easy way in the nba, champions are destined to be champions. this is pro sports and thats why they spend a lot of money to build a competitive franchise. a team loaded with talent wont win it, kobe, shaq, karl malone and payton once teamed up,can you be more formidable than that? and yet they got beaten by the pistons…hating is for immature people, at the end of the day these players earn millions wich most of us do not have. just enjoy the game and appreciate the skills these players showcase

  129. OctoPPus says:

    INDIANA for sure STRONGER this year than Bulls – great games ahead ))))))))))))))

  130. Kyle B says:

    Just another thug expecting the opposing coach and team to be intimidated. What a narcissist.

  131. ESamp says:

    Easy series win for the Heat. Just gotta play their game with high energy and efficiency. Talk is just talk…play ball! Miami should keep quiet in media and be completely merciless for 48 minutes every time they take the court. The Pacers big men look good – on par with Chicago’s, if not better; with much better guard play. The Heat tendency to lose focus and become lax in their play will likely be exploited even more by the Pacers than Chicago. Miami has the talent, tools and mental fortitude to Blow Out any current NBA opponent, but they have to be clocking on all cylinders. They did it for 20+ games during the regular season, but the NBA Playoffs is not regular, and the competition is just as hungry if not hungrier; even if they have less talent on paper. All said…I like the Heat in 5.

  132. Matt says:

    and what i meant by fixed, ask the writers of about it, they know all about it

  133. fan28 says:

    I see people on here talkng about respecting greatness. been watching NBA over 20 years, and at no point has a person been coddled like Mr. James. Its crazy to see the “strongest, fastest, MVP ever”constantly flail arounf when “tapped”, then usually awarded flagarant free throws. duded winning in the most depleted league ever. Nobody should expect Indiana to win. Just be real. If these games were called strait up, Indiana would have won last year.

  134. Knuckz says:

    It’s easy for a coach to make an asinine statement because he will not have to back it up. Just like last year. Hey Vogel, the game is play on the hardwood not the podium!!

  135. Micheal Hadson says:

    He said the Heats were the “NEXT” team not just another. LBJ is trippin

    • Kelli says:

      The reporter misquoted Vogel when asking for a response from Lebron. In either case, the reporter did his job. This is much ado about nothing.

  136. bryce says:

    Heat in 5. Indiana will prob steal an early win, and losing just 1 game will light the fire under miami and they will win out. Dont forget they lost what 3 games in the last what, 40 games they played? I know im not exact on the stats there but you get what i mean.

  137. Futuristic Cybertron says:

    Lebron haters are cool. They make these excuses and stupid things when all they need to say is they wish Lebron was on their team. I’m a huge Bulls fan. Have been my whole life. I am disappointed at Lebron because of his weakness and his pride, but he’s the best player in the game right now. not the best power forward of small forward. Best player and his team this year, the Miami Heat are full of young versatile guys that are all spectacular. I hope they lose but with their skills and rough play they will win the east for sure. I still like the Spurs in the finals. Great experience and coaching. Go BULLS!

  138. Know It All says:

    Let’s face it, we all know Lebron flops around and spends a lot of time on his back. He did it last year, he’s done it this year, and he’ll do it some more before the season is over. The pacers have their work cut out for them if they intend to beat that kind play.

  139. cye says:

    too much haterzzz.. before you say something.. leran to appreciate the greatness of a person 🙂

    • Kyle B says:

      “appreciate the greatness of a basketball player”…What? I’ll stick to appreciating the things that matter in life. Were not “haterzzz if we see all things else as insignificant

  140. Denver says:

    thats a bad move u did frank vogel, shouldnt get on lebron nerves. now his level will be high n his team will back him up!!

  141. The gambler says:

    Whoever has a strong market will be favored by the officials. History; the lakers was always favored… Rockets 94-95… Michael jordan era of the bulls(well he’s michael jordan)…. Btw, seen the grizz and thunder? Durant gets fouled all the time but just get no calls?

    I believe indiana has a shot if the officials will be fair. But I doubt it.

  142. Look out for the bleh bleh bleh says:

    Pacers in 6. The Heat have no answer for big guys or fast, small point guards.

  143. lebrik says:

    Never liked lebrick. He took these comments too far.

  144. dustin says:

    If i were coach spo, i wouldnt even start lbj, pacers starters cant play a whole game and their bench is horrible. Miamis bench will mop the floor with them. Indiana has to rest their starters when lbj rest so spo can rest lbj alot and keep pacers starters out of it. Its gonna be an easy coaching series for spo. No one is gonna beat the heat in a seriers without a powerful bench. (just like they havent yet)

  145. ronald lozada says:

    LBJ the best player in the planet right no doubt…ONE of Five!!!
    he can guard in different position(5 position).. I think nobody can do that except LBJ..

    • Matt says:

      information taken straight out of NBA 2k13, these people will come and talk about basketball FACTS it’s hilarious

  146. Alex says:

    Guys (Heat), he said “It’s just the NEXT team” not “ANOTHER” team. Please do not make a big deal out of it, just play the way you always do. Good luck!

  147. ronald lozada says:

    tested and proven..all the teams who are over confident against the heat eventually they lost like the bulls…

  148. ronald lozada says:

    well heat in game 6…no doubt

  149. KDlover says:

    Lebron is just being a beech

  150. John says:

    It’s the same story over and over and over again. Lebron haters so green with jealousy they look sick. None of your words on any blogs will stop the 4-time MVP and the defending Champs from demolitioning any team that stands in their way. Down 2-1 to Indiana, 3 straight wins to finish off a relatively irrelevant team. Down 3-2 to Boston, 2 straight wins and one of the greatest playoff performances in NBA history from LeBron James. Down 1-0 to OKC, 4 straight games to end any talks that LBJ is not the greatest player in the world and the Heat the scariest team in the NBA.

    Word of advice: you will be much happier rooting for Lebron James than you will be hating on him.

    • Grid says:

      Switching teams to be with other superstars for an easy way to win an NBA crown, is that the mark of a superstar? And he’s the greatest player for doing that? not.

      • Wade Smock says:

        Why didnt Commisioners office file tampering charges against all three players for arranging this while off season. Should not be legal. Team owners can not do it. Why can players?

      • bigwes95 says:

        he wasn’t handed people like Jordan, Magic, Bird, Durant, and others.

  151. Grid says:

    Vogel has got some UGLY children – Tom. Tsk, tsk. When Heat fans run out of reason to defend their Queen James, they resort to cheap and below the belt comments like this. These kids are not part of the premise at all. What this article brings is how much Sekou Smith loves Queen James and the Heat that he got hurt by Vogel’s statement, which I don’t find anything wrong at all. But your comment is just too shallow. Leave the kids alone Tom, people like you make me sick.

  152. lets be real says:

    Lebron is taking a page from the mj kobe book,normally he wouldnt be offended by this at all but this is the playoffs he’s looking for any little thing to get his blood pumpin,any little remark or gesture to tick him off to go out their and preform at his highest,anger and adversity along with determination wins chips

  153. Blah Blah says:

    Both teams are playing better than last year. Advantage: Heat

  154. HEATersGONNAHEAT says:

    “HATING is an EMOTIONAL DISEASE. So for those who hate the HEAT and KING JAMES, I hope you GET WELL SOON.”

  155. Grid says:

    He could have retired 2 years ago before the trade to Miami and he still would have made the HOF. – really? if Queen James didn’t go to Miami, he would still be a nobody. He had the support he needed when he was in Cleveland, but he wasn’t patient and decided to go for the easy way, team up with other superstars to win a crown. That is NOT what superstars are made of. That’s why he’s not there yet. Never. How many superstars does he need to win an NBA crown? not one, not two, not three…

    • N.B.A. Fan says:

      Had the support he needed in Cleveland? LOL. Name a player he played with in Cleveland that has been a key player on a playoff team. Mo Williams (Jazz missed playoffs, Mo barely played this year) JJ Hickson (Not good enough to play in Sacramento, now in Portland, missed playoffs) Varejao (Still on non playoff Cavs, always injured), Delonte West (in court more than the playoffs) Antawn Jamison (Did a great job helping the superstacked Lakers get swept in the first round after almost not even making the playoffs) Closest you can get is when they brought the old Shaq that did not have much left to mostly sit on the bench next to Lebron. Remember when they said no to Amare or Kidd because they wanted to keep Hickson, lol. BTW Hickson was traded to Sac for a guy who never plays and did not even earn a spot in Sacs rotation, lol.

      • victor says:

        Mo Williams was an All-Star

      • Kei says:

        Get real victor. Mo played on any other team and he’s just a scrub. If I played with Lebron James I might be an all-star too. Side show and Mo was a joke @ cavs.

  156. Edoardo says:

    Did anybody realize that Vogel said “they’re just the NEXT team that’s in our way” and not “just ANOTHER team” ?? What’s the big deal in saying they’re the NEXT team on their way?


  158. Tom says:

    Vogel has got some UGLY children

  159. K says:

    Haters, haters everywhere.

  160. Moe says:

    Everyone quit your bitching about this. Let the balling do the talking!!!!

  161. usbuck says:

    Question, why are so many Heat Haters dissecting every word that comes out of Bron’s mouth? Could it be fear? Jealousy? Madness? We are being given such a rare opportunity to WITNESS basketball history being made right before our eyes! Enjoy, have a nice time, sit back and relax! But Stop The Madness!

    • Loki says:

      Because people are attracted to the drama more than they are the games themselves. That and obsessive behavior in regards to either loving the guy or hating. The haters are ridiculous, but the hardcore fans sound just as bad, just the thought of anyone beating him makes them want to choke people. This is why I enjoy the middleground

  162. Jay says:

    This article is written by Sekou Smith…who seems to have been most offended by Vogel’s comments. This whole article is trying to hype up nothing, Vogel is just expressing confidence in his team and his comments are just saying that the heat are the next team in their goal, everyone’s goal to win a championship. All these heat fans have to calm down too, sounding like little kids, heat in 3, heat in 2, heat in 1……it’s not saying a lot about heat fans….

  163. nbapacersfan says:

    This is silly… Frank Vogel never called the Heat “just another team”… he said, “…just the next team that’s in our way”. Look… Pacers were up last year against the Heat, then got their a** kicked! Of course the Indiana Pacers respect the Miami Heat. Now, having said that, the Pacers in no way fear the Heat. Lace ’em up!


  164. BRonBRonHeat says:

    LOL WATCH OUT PACERS…LEBRON IS ANGRY and we all knw what will happen when hes angry.

  165. RM says:

    IMO, LeBron looks a little foolish here (although I’m sure many will disagree).

    Vogel has taken a subtle shot at the Heat, but it’s subtle enough that LeBron’s reply is making him look over-defensive.

  166. Willy says:

    Grid, exactly right! LBJ thinks he is smarter than he really is, very funny dude. He tries to speak so correctly, this time he blew it! haha! I like the Linebacker comment! Miami and San Anton rely heavily on the 3 if it aint fallen they can be beat. Indiana / Memphis final! Boring I know. I will watch the WNBA if that final happens! LBJ

    • Brian says:

      Excuse me but I have been watching spurs basketball for the better part of 22years and not once have we strictly relied on the 3 ball. You havent paid attention to our leading scorer, a slashing to the hole point guard with a beautiful tear drop shot and 3 rings on his fingers….his name is tony parker. So please get your facts straight before you lump the spurs in with other teams that just rely on a 3 pointer! Remember Tim Duncan is the greatest power foward to ever play the game and couldnt outscore David Robinson! 1 thing I guarantee…when the Heat and Spurs meet in the finals the Heat will respect the Spurs! The Spurs arent just some run of the mill team that hasnt won50 or more games only 3 times since 1989!

      • bigwes95 says:

        They do rely on it a lot though, not what they rely on the most, but hitting their 3’s is what will get them to win Memphis. they can’t take the paint so they have to rely on the 3 ball. they rely on parker to get open looks for 3’s, not to shoot them himself. and don’t point to past records, like Miami has won 2 championships in the last 7 years compared to the spurs 1, and Miami has a chance to make it 3 in 7 years because this year still isn’t over. I love the spurs, but don’t point to past records that reach to the time tim Duncan came. how about we do when LeBron came to Miami compared to the spurs since then?

  167. Tom says:

    No way the NBA will let the pacers win this series, an Indiana vs Memphis/SA final would set record lows for ratings.

  168. Francis says:

    First of all, Vogels is not a great coach… yet. He has done a good job so far, but this is not a smart move given that it didn’t work the last time he tried it…. Miami in 3

  169. Look at the future says:

    “Queen James is just being a brat. Remember, if he didn’t move to another team and without Wade and Bosh, he won’t be able to win a championship. Don’t be too proud Lebron, you’re not there yet.” – Grid

    This is the most uneducated comment to ever be written on Lets break this down “without wade and bosh he would never have won a championship” What NBA team has ever won a championship without a great supporting cast. none or almost none. Kobe played with Shaq, Magic & Kareem, Jordan & Pippen, etc.

    My favourite quote to pull though is ” Don’t be to proud Lebron, you’re not there yet”

    What does that even mean, He has won a NBA title, a olympic gold medal yea I think he got there already. He could have retired 2 years ago before the trade to Miami and he still would have made the HOF.

    Grid must be a user name Skip Bayless uses

  170. nba fan 12 says:

    lebron is already a 4-time MVP on his tenth year in the league. dude, wake up, he is THERE right now!

  171. fedizzle says:

    How is it a shot at the Heat to call them just another team? As a coach that’s what you say even if you’re playing the best team. No one says, ok guys now we’re going up versus the best team with the best player tuck your tail and hope not to get raped… Props to Vogel, it’s just another team that the Pacers can compete with and win if they play their game. I expect a good series

  172. Grid says:

    Queen James is just being a brat. Remember, if he didn’t move to another team and without Wade and Bosh, he won’t be able to win a championship. Don’t be too proud Lebron, you’re not there yet.

    • mike says:

      The Queen is just an arrogant loud mouth dbag. The coach for Indiana didn’t say anything wrong and he is right you just go and play basketball and the queen makes it like the Heat are Gods. I hope they don’t win just based on the superiority complexes of the players on this team.

  173. Duv says:

    People, people, people. You are missing the point of the MIND GAMES being played. It’s like the lead up to a big prize fight. Each competitor is trying to get in the other’s head. Vogel obviously doesn’t want his team to feel non superior to the Heat and LBJ wants the Pacers to feel like his team is an unstoppable force. LBJ’s not whinging, he’s just making a point to scare the Pacers, who aren’t buying it. I’m not a fan of either team but I’m excited about the intriguing battle of contrasts. The difference will be Bosh and to a lesser extent Chalmers. If they can step up and support LBJ and Wade at the times they need help it’ll be a big difference. For the Pacers, they need strong, consistent play from their bigs, George to contain either LBJ/LeBron at key moments and for Stephenson to step up the way he did against NYK. I predict Miami in 6 very competitive games.

  174. Matthias says:

    Why would that make Lebron mad? It was a simple statement, no direct insults. If Lebron cannot handle hearing that, then he must be more insecure than I thought. People say things, sometimes not so nice things and sometimes things you don’t want to hear, get over it. I think Lebron would break down and cry if he had to spend a day in a room full of his haters. Lebron lacks mental toughness, something that Jordan never lacked.

    • Ilovelebronjames says:

      I’m from cleveland ohio and when lebron came to cleveland and played against us the whole room chanted “Akron hates you” so long and so loud. Lebron took it very well, ya he looked hurt but if he were to cry it wuld of been at tht moment so shut up bout it and stop hating on him. The truth is he does care what ppl think and what they say so who cares

  175. MadCity says:

    Gotta love the HEAT haters. Always blame it on the refs. In an sports, haters will always blame the refs. lol get a life.

    • Loki says:

      I’m sure if the heat lose this series people will blame the refs. I’m from LA and the 2002 western conference finals had ref stench all over it in favor of the Lakers. If I can admit that about my hometeam I’m pretty sure I’m not just crying when I call out the heat, cause when I watch recaps of last years finals they were just as shady as the Lakers 2002 wcf

      • bigwes95 says:

        not that shady, the way Portland and Sacramento were screwed was quite possibly the worst thing to be shown. no one was ever that favored by the refs, seriously. even the Sacramento coach of the time said you can just feel the Lakers getting all the calls. the coach was Adelman, a coach who doesn’t use excuses for anything, but you know if he’s saying something was wrong, especially in the 4th quarter (he said it was only the 4th that they got al the calls), then something is definitely going on. if scott brooks isn’t blaming the refs, then it’s no where near that bad, that was just shameful to watch.

  176. Loki says:

    Game hasn’t started, media is just anxious to write about Miami. I don’t like Miami, and I favor the pacers over any team in the east but they’re making too big a deal about this. Lebron may have overreacted, but why did anyone ask him his opinion? Because they knew he’d overreact, and it’d get them the juicy drama they want. This is the NBA, stop turning it into a frickin reality show.

  177. Esteban says:

    LeBron’s still very weak, mentally. He responded to that common NBA statement like somebody told him he’s not a good player. But I don’t blame him that much. The Heat revolves around him, so if you put yourself in LeBron’s shoes, you would understand the preasure it means to be the greatests player in the world.

  178. Truth Teller says:

    They won the season series between them and the heat this year. But this is the NBA Playoffs! And they are going to come back focused, ready, and hell bent on beating Indy. And the heat are going to play hard too. 8 on 5 for sure! Watch! It’s so sad!

  179. Truth Teller says:

    I feel sooooooooo bad for Indy! They worked so hard to get here and it’s going to be pitiful. That 8 on 5 press is going to kill their spirit, the scoreboard, and then the tv ratings. It’s almost as sad as these heat fans acting oblivious to the truth. It’ not basketball anymore, it’s a movie…..

  180. JUNPINOY says:

    Let’s get it on. Miami Heat is way better than Miami Heat last year! Let’s go Heat!

  181. ease08 says:

    While I am a Heat fan. i have top admit that the Pacers will be a tough match up. Let’s face it, the heat haven’t played their best as of late, they struggled against a bulls team without rose, hinrich, and deng for the majority of the series, that is inexcusable. If D wade gets healthy and the heat play like we all know they can, then this won’t even be a series, but if not, watch out…

    • Ilovelebronjames says:

      Wade misses alot of shots to begin with so even if Dwayne is hurt no worries

  182. Rick V. says:

    Lebron comes off like a spoiled brat that gets his feelings hurt over a non issue. Does anyone on the Heat think they need to bow to the Pacers just because they are the next team they must beat to get to the Finals? The answer to that question is NO. Do the Pacers need to bow to the Heat just because they are the next team they must beat to get to the Finals? If your name is Lebron James the answer to that question is apparently YES.. He should just have his mommy change his diaper and play the game and stop crying that he got his feelings hurt.

    • Ilovelebronjames says:


  183. Strawhat says:

    Thats true pacers starters can match up heat starters but the thing is they connot play 48 mins this is the key y the heat had and advantage over the pacers they have the better bench..birdman birdman heat in 5

  184. darqqing987 says:

    The Pacers have no bench and their staters can’t play 48 minutes. They are a -32 points per 100 possessions when their bench in on the floor. I’m gonna see how they’re come up with the offense to keep up with the Heat. Being the bigger team is not such a big advantage as people think. They heat have proven times and times that you can out rebound them by 20+ but you still get blown out.

  185. Grid says:

    Sekou’s hurt because someone said something bad about his favorite Miami Heat and his love Queen James…

  186. 4-0 4-0 spurs says:

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    • Ilovelebronjames says:

      Wow get a life and I can’t wait when Miami beat the spurs cuz liek always spurs will get hurt or they just get too tired

  187. Tushar says:

    You all should know that LeBron and the heat don’t give a ********* on the bad stuff you say about them.
    ( Not a heat Fan, CELTICS FAN)

    • Ky says:

      That’s seriously true, i so agree.

    • Ky says:

      I am definitely, a all around Miami Heat fan. Regardless of the bad and negative remarks and comments, they will still show up to show out no matter if LeBron (favorite) choke or have a bad game. His team we will be behind him throughout the way.

  188. Deo says:

    Idiana is probably the only team in the east that has the defensive tools to stop the Heat offense, but can their offense go up against the Heat defense? I don’t think so, the pacers will certainly make the series interesting because of their big man’s and Paul George guarding James, but overall, the Pacers just does not have enough offensive power to out score the Miami Heat.

  189. Gaz says:

    Another typical case for less media-sensitive people to fall for it. No one heard the interview with Lebron, how the reporter asked Lebron about this, none of us audience knows the context when this was asked. Then here you go the haters, calling a player ‘cry baby’, whatever. The media is 2nd to your banking system that fools most of the population, to the tiniest matters in daily life.

  190. Your MOM haters! says:

    It would be the same last year! And these haters will shut on giving comments when the heat grabs another trophy.

  191. Troll says:

    Heat in 3

  192. iivviiccaa79 says:

    so, he pissed off Heat last year and lost,
    now he is doing it again?
    wow, smart guy, really..
    Heat in 5, max 6.

  193. Jack says:


  194. Kevin says:

    Heat in 4 or 5…. enough said

  195. Jay M. says:

    The title is a little miss leading, the statements are not nearly as dramatic as the title made them seen. This will be a very interesting series I think The Heat will beat the Pacers in 5, and I think the Knicks should’ve beaten the Pacers; The Knicks played with too much offense, not enough defense, and missed way to many shots.

    • Andy Blacksmith says:

      They missed all those shots cuz they were playing the number one defense in the league. Give indiana credit.

    • Wade Smock says:

      The fact is the Sicks I mean the Knicks lost and whinning to the refs didnt work for Mello. It shouldnt work for Lababy either but he is the MVP (Most Vulnerable Player) so the refs at COMMISIONERS orders will of course give him the series. (Notice I use my real name on post. Nothing to hide behind or need to be afraid about here). Look me up in Indy lets play a game or two. Old School out.

  196. W/E says:

    lol. Heat can sweep this team if they play hard, they got way more talent. And regular season games mean nothing, they will own them like last year, same story like with the poor Bulls.

  197. Ethan Cua says:

    I’ll give Indy 1 game, I’ll give them game 3.

  198. i_love_LBJ_haters says:

    these haters keep calling LBJ a cry baby…however, they don’t hear themselves whining about bad ref calls, blah, blah, blah…whatever…i guess they’re just jealous bcoz their teams never came this far…hahaha!!! yeah! that’s right! just go watch tv with Kobe or D-Rose…ok?! enjoy the rest of the playoffs! hehe…lol

    • thisguy says:

      of course their teams came this far, its just probably the fact that they got knocked off by Miami is why theyre so mad… cant stand when people say Miami gets calls,and that the refs favor everything for MIA.if that was the case we wouldve had and 82 game winning streak.

    • rad676 says:

      why is d. rose got metioned? oh yeah i remember when the bulls swept miami 2 years ago during the season thats what miami cried for and snap the 27 straight win this season with out rose? wonder why miami fans hated the BULLS a lot? coz only the BULLS i mean the CHICAGO BULLS can only set a record or let say can history in NBA..not the miami heat..

      • rad676 says:

        *can make history in NBA*

      • MCee says:

        Uhh, iguess you didnt watch the playoff series of 2011 when miami beat the bulls 4-1, which is more important with two teams in a versus match…….. a playoff series….or a season series…..uhh ithink its a playofff series because that leads to a nba title if you keep winning. and what round has the bulls made it to since MJ left? Most deff not the finals, or conference finals…..matter of fact have they got to the second round without MJ…..? ohh yeah it was in ’07 when Wade and Shaq were out of defending champ team Miami. then what happened?… Aww they lost to detroit.

      • Ilovelebronjames says:

        Hahahha too bad Derrick rose is mentally messed up

  199. Chuck says:

    I’m a Miami fan since Mourning, I loved them more when Wade came along and during this new era it’s been even more exciting. LBJ is the best player in the game right now, and as most marquee players, he gets a start treatment call-wise, there’s no denying that, but people can’t also deny the talent, IQ, effort and unselfishness he brings to the game. That being said, James totally over-reacted to Vogel’s comments, the coach has every right to think “for us they are just the next step” and it’s a respectable approach, not the smartest if you’re facing Miami but I completely understand, no bad intention behind in my opinion.

    • Johnny says:

      You are a fan since Zo but you got no love for the king of double cross over?

      • asdfghjkl; says:

        i like it when real Heat fans say that they are the fan of the team for this long so people don’t call them bandwagon haha

      • Game Time says:

        He never said anything to imply he did not like Hardaway. Does he need to mention the whole roster from then till now to make a simple point of how long he was a fan? No, but that’s what you expect is for people to prove to you they aren’t bandwagon fans, and even if they are what is it to you. Go cry about it somewhere else.

  200. george says:

    All this talk just prepares the ground for an exciting series.Difficult match up for the Heat.Let’s see if Miami is going to play big(Bosh Birdman) significant minutes in order to win the boards. Wade is a key factor for the Heat to win, as well Pacers’ bench contibution in minutes and points. Heat in 5-6!

  201. spin says:

    Heat in 3, or even 2.

    • Wade Smock says:

      The Heat can have 2 or 3. We (the Pacers) will gladly take the other 4. Oh yes it does still take 4 to win. Even the refs at least know this fact.

  202. Guyschillout says:

    Heat in 3

  203. jake says:

    Miami in 3 games. Oh yeah….that means I don’t even have to watch game 4 because it will be over. There is no need to watch the last game which will be a blowout…hahaha. Just wait for the NBA finals.

  204. Ralph says:

    LeBron James is a fool. You have to prepare for ANY NBA team. He should just keep his mouth shut and play ball. He can do that.

    • KunJay says:

      So he’s a fool for responding to a comment directed at him and his team, however here you are in a public blog responding to a comment that has nothing to do with you, meanwhile nobody is calling you a fool. So where’s the logic?

      • Wade Smock says:

        Comments directed at the reporters. Let’s keep it on level, dont he have the right to answer how he see’s fit? Press just sturring the pot a little. Another sign Lababy and his boys are worried if he reacts like this ovrr nothing really. COME ON MAN PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  205. celtics forever says:

    Lebron wants the Pacers to respect his team? you don’t demand teams to respect you. You should earn their respect. Lebron’s becoming too confident and i hope that overconfidence of him will lead to their downfall just like JR Smith

    • KunJay says:

      Uhhh the biased Celtic fan…who knew. We have a stranglehold on the East, as long as this Miami Heat core is together nobody else is getting through. Specially the Celtics.

      • aaaaaa says:

        Really? You really think that? With the competitive spirit of Paul, KG and Jet; Avery’s elite defense, Rondo’s and Sullinger’s return, and Jeff Green’s emergence as one of the soon-to-be best players in the league, the Heat are doomed next year. Look at last year, the Celtics were missing Jeff Green (all season for that matter) and Avery Bradley, and had a severely injured Ray Allen, and we almost won that series (would’ve if Game 2 wasn’t stolen from us, but that’s another story for another day). The Celtics are a better team than the Heat, just got off to a slow start, which was expected with 2 players returning form heart surgery and basically a whole new team besides the starting 5, and got slammed with injuries, but injuries are a part of the game and something we just have to deal with for now. Bottom line, be careful what you say about the Celtics, because next year, we’re coming at the Heat and we’re coming hard.

      • sick says:

        celtics is just another team… Lol

    • Tommy says:

      How can you even start to compare J.R. Smith to Lebron? 1 Championship and 4 Mvp’s later? As for demanding respect, The Heat won how many games in a row? Dominating each game, how have they not earned respect? I do agree that the Pacer comments weren’t trash talk at all. The key to beating the Heat is to shut down Lebron’s support. Eliminate the perimeter scoring, limit fast break points, and take away all rebounding. You cannot stop Lebron, but Lebron isn’t going to score 90 pts a game to beat the Pacers. Pacers in 6 if they have any chance, if not. Miami in 5.

      • celtics forever says:

        it’s their overconfidence that i’m comparing not their talents and it seems that Lebron’s accocpishments are not enough to get the respect of the pacer OR the pacers’ goal is to win the championship not just beat the Miami right?. that’s what your outlook to the series should be. i think most of the people thinks that every team in the east’s goal is just to beat the heat but not the pacers.

      • sick says:

        Heat will not want the respect of anyone… They want championship.. IDIOT

    • Game Time says:

      “Earn respect…” do you mean like winning a championship, and being the number one team in the east, and having the 2nd greatest winning streak ever?

    • Ilovelebronjames says:


  206. Boban says:

    Frank did’t insult anybody this time so James is way off..he’s so full of himself lately

  207. ism says:

    Haha: All I see is the media asking LeBron about Vogel’s statement, him answering honestly and to the point, but probably not as aggravated as the media portrays it in the aftermath. And everyone gets heated up about it. Or says ‘LeBron is a cry-baby’. I haven’t seen him say it on video, but I guess he was quite calm. And if someone says ‘ You’re just another team’ and you are asked (by the media at the conference) to respond to that…you take side for your team. Come on, there’s nothing really new here, move along.

    • Damn. says:

      Exactly, Lebron didn’t even really understand what Vogel meant. Of course he knows they’re a great team, but they’re coming with the mindset that they can beat anyone, which is a good mindset to have. Of course the media is going to hype it up and try to make everything more exciting, but there’s really nothing here.

    • Neil says:

      He didn’t say they were just another team though, he said they were the next team in between Indiana and a championship, which is a completely true statement. At no point did he say the heat were just another team, he knows the heat are a powerful and tough team. LeBron either overreacted or hasn’t seen Vogel’s interview and just heard somebody paraphrase what Vogel said.

    • Game Time says:

      I’m glad someone else could see through this. Of course writers are going to try and generate a buzz to get people ready for the game.

  208. hecklerandkoch says:

    Heat in 4

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  210. Shawn Kemp No. 1 says:

    what a baby, what did he find disrespectful and offensive about that? shut up and let your game do the talking

    • LS says:

      LeBron (the linebacker that was scared to play in the NFL) is such a baby. He’s insulted by everything “oh, they’re fouling me, not fair”; “we’re the Heat, how dare he say that about us”. Whimper and whine. Vogel had every right to say what he said and I don’t see the need to make a big deal about his comments nor for LBJ to respond. Vogel is just expressing how he wants his players to approach the game, which is part of a coach’s job.

      • Oh Yeah says:

        Lebron’s scared. Period. He senses the coming nightmare of Indiana. Only the refs can save him now.

      • kaizer101 says:

        if lebron is a crybaby, then how should we call Tom Thibulls, or a pissed off guy like you??? cryman or crying cow?

      • Johnny says:

        I like how y’all already give yourself excuse before the game. only ref will save you? So is Indiana doom from the start? Speaking of ref’s love and stern’s plot, Don’t you think Lakers is the obvious one? I mean even the ref is writing a book on how the call goes on the kings lakers series, portland series. Should we take away shaq’s and Kobe’s rings?

      • TrueNBAFan says:

        Dont be stupid Johnny, the League already did their miracle favor for the Lakers by getting them into the Playoffs in the first place. Even the refs couldn’t cheat the Lakers to a championship without Kobe. The Heat are the cashcow right now, so they’re going to make sure the Heat make it to the ECF regardless of whether or not the Pacers are better.

      • TrueBalls says:

        yeah johhny, because that lakers was playing great basketball when you watch them during that time. greatest 1-2 punch ever. miami’s “lebron goes rampage, unstoppable” play can’t compare. and yeah, lebron is very ugly compared to kobe and shaq.

      • sick says:

        oh don’t cry laker fans.. see you next season Lol

    • Common Sense says:

      Good point. All he said was they were the “next team” on the road to championship. All hes saying is they need to treat them as the next team on the road to their goal. Their goal obviously was not to play Miami! Their goal was to win!

      • Drich says:

        Thank you. What did people expect him to say, “We are finnaly were we wanted tp be, playing MIami. I think they will beat us up and will hold I own but they have a good chance to eliminate us.” I mean come on any good coach will say that. If the Eric equipment manager said it than no one would complian. Just another example of the egos of the heat. Go pacers

      • Ilovelebronjames says:

        He’s letting them pacers know that the MIAMI HEAT are not just another team. It’s the truth there the champs for a reason and winning 27 games in a row for a reason. They ARE THE TEAM

    • Ilovelebronjames says:


  211. choi says:

    owsssssssssssss are you sure!! stupid man

  212. Anthony says:

    Miami heat is nothing but a cry baby,the refs allowed James to get away with too much offensive fauls by bull dosing his way to the bucket with out blowing the whistle Well the flip flopping
    law is in effect, Come on refs blow the whistle . My prediction is Indiana will win in a seven game series

  213. RR says:

    I know the Pacers will be abused by referees bad calls, that is what makes the difference, Bad calls by the referees is what the difference when you play Miami Heat Referees all loves Miami.

    • heat_champs says:

      oh really?then buy your own referee..stupid!

      • Heatcago Balls says:

        Yes, Hibbert will be in foul trouble since James and Wade are attacking him by drawing fouls.

    • S3S says:

      Yeah yeah, gezz it’s sad this is all the Heat haters can come up with. Although I guess when you’re talking about such an amazing team there’s not much you can pick on. Refs may win plays here and there but they don’t win series.

      • MCLa25 says:

        You would be surprised, look on YouTube about the last nba finals against the thunder. Refs don’t win games, but last year they very much helped Miami win that championship. It was almost sickening. Without the crummy calls at the end of each game during critical moments, that series could have been much different.

        Miami puts the points on the board while the refs help them do the rest, it’s all collaborative. Why do you think David stern got booed during last years nba draft? It’s not just “Miami haters” who think this, I guarantee you that much.

      • aaaaaa says:

        I can hate on the fact that Chris Bosh is the extent of their frontcourt, that they rely on LeBron to do everything, that their bench goes as deep as Ray Allen, Chris Anderson, and Norris Cole, or that their average team age is the second highest in league behind the Knicks. This team will be nothing in a few years. Regardless of all that, enough “plays here and there” do change a series. They take away possessions, momentum, and morale. You try playing a game where every call isn’t going your way, Miami fans wouldn’t understand. We here in Boston understand, and now Chicago understands, and I feel for Chicago. You just wait, soon enough Miami will get slaughtered by one of these teams and all of the sudden there will be no more Heat fans, because they’re all, dare I say, bandwagoners.

      • Yup says:

        You would truly see why people complain about Miami getting the favor of the referees so much if you actually looked at the number of foul calls they get compared to any other team in the playoffs. It’s ridiculous and it goes to show how the most popular teams with the biggest markets get favored over the other, smaller market teams.

      • Game Time says:

        MCLa25 you are just like every other person who dislikes Miami. Conspiracy theories and excuse to discredit any thing they do.

    • GSG says:

      you said it boy. miami plays are all calls. stern must also award one of their officials too with MVR (Most Valuable Referee).

      • Mga Kupal Kayo says:

        MIssed/bad calls from the refs go both ways, not just Miami’s. The refs are not perfect. If you want calls to be accurate, instant replays should be allowed all throughtout the game like in football. Unfortunately, those are not the rules. Live with it.

    • Erlo says:

      Oh please. I don’t think the heat get ENOUGH calls. Yea they get a lot of calls, but they are warranted. Just because fouling Lebron everytime down the floor isn’t going to be called 100% of the time doesn’t mean it’s not actually a foul.

      • Brando says:

        Yeah, because LeBron “nine steps in the paint” James and the Heat don’t get the favor of the refs in every series…Come on, man.

      • Erlo says:

        Everyone gets nine steps in the lane … don’t try to pretend like the traveling calls are not ignored for other players. It’s just a fact of the game and has been for a very long time. Don’t be jealous. Just hatin’ on Lebron because your team probably didn’t make the playoffs. I am peronally a Celitcs fan and hate the dude when we play him, but I can at least respect his skills.

      • Okckd35 says:

        Agreed! See Memphis holding Durant EVERY play, because they know the official will not blow the whistle every play, otherwise there would be no game flow and it would take 5 hours per game. Just a shame some teams abuse this and call it “physical play”

      • N.B.A. Fan says:

        This is ridiculous. Arguing a series has been favored with bad calls before it starts, lol. Who ever takes 9 steps in the paint? Paint aint that big. It takes you nine steps you must have the shortest legs in the world, lol. Think actually a lot will not get called throughout the game because IND plays so physical and no ref wants players fouling out in the 3rd. then in the 4th the calls will come and everyone will cry because fouls that were let go all game will be called.

      • Anonymous says:

        Travels are called far less on stars because fans don’t want to see them get turnovers….

    • Matt says:

      here’s an idea, i too think the nba is fixed but don’t tell me all these calls they get are not warranted, don’t tell me that every mediocre player ould try to hack lebron wade or bosh to prevent a basket and get the crowd behind you it’s all you can do t stop the heat foul hard and cry later because the fouls got called, stupid people…

      • Matt says:


      • MCLa25 says:

        The point is that people are tired the way the nba operates nowadays. I miss the good ole days wen refs had little to no effect on the game as they would just let them play. The nba today is soooo soft, bunch of babies crying over contact. Lets watch bird, Michael, and magic play during their tenures, back in the days wen they team who was the toughest, played the hardest while not purely being the most skilled, and persevered through numerous amounts of adversity won the title. Those types of teams were legendary.

      • Game Time says:

        People who compare the 80’s style of play to today are stupid. The vast majority of NBA players were under 230 lbs and I mean even the 7 foot guys. Imagine today letting some of these guys that are 250+ foul players like in the 80’s. There would be no NBA.

    • kenny says:

      I totally agree look at last years finals they gave the heat every call because LBJ can’t go with out a championship and the pacers thunder can’t have a championship because there to small of a market everybody that watched last years finals has to say that the heat got the most calls out of the two teams and the thunder still gave them a great matchup

      • Jordon says:

        But yet Durant shoots more free throws a game then lebron and he doesn’t even drive as much as lebron shut the hell up I seen plays to that got called n thunder favor like when charmers ran past stefola n they called a foul cuz he missed the lay up when charmers didn’t even touch him then when harden dove into wade back n they called a foul on wade stop crying

    • Emad Mahmoud says:

      You sound like an idiot!!!! Watch more games of Lebron and you’ll see the man gets fouled about 95% of the time he takes the ball to the hoop. Most of the calls are never made because he’s such a BEAST and a freak of nature that the fouls don’t even really effect his shot anyways.

    • mintball says:

      bulls fan…lol

  214. bhimz says:

    The difference between the two conferences is that the west admitted to respecting the capabilities of the opposing team, while the east disregards the opponent as just a team. History dictates anything that catches Lebron’s ire, Lebron will respond big on game time.

    • dhk says:

      Like all that rubbish about him in 4th quarters? that took a season to rectify

      • Game Time says:

        If you had watched James play before Miami you would know he’s had a good amount of clutch 4th quarter shots. One of the most notable being one to bury the Pistons in the ECF. Besides from what I remember his clutch performance helped them get past Boston and Chicago that 1st year in Miami. He then had a terrible series vs Dallas, and because it was the finals no one remembers those other too great performances.

  215. basketballfever_fromTurkey says:

    Here we go.

    It’s gonna be much more physical than the Spurs- Grizzlies series I guess. It will be the greatest test the Heat would face so far.
    On the west coast, Spurs getting through a similar test, through Memphis, a very similar team to the Pacers.

    By the way, I think there is no need for Lebron to react to the press conference of Frank Vogel. He could be playing some mind games but he didn’t insult anyone and he’s absolutely right, Miami is the team to beat before reaching the finals. He knows how difficult it would be but he just wanted to state that Indiana can match with anyone and they are playing for a championship.

    • sally says:

      Yeah, I think that’s what they said last season just before Miami ran over them and yes I would say Vogel is playing mind games., and no, it won’t be the greatest test the Heat have faced so far….Chicago was. Miami will cruise right by Indiana….not a problem.

      • Another Heat Fan says:

        Agree, chicago probably was harder to face than the pacers.
        Lebron’s not scared. I’m not either.

      • What are you talking about the bulls was the tougher team to face? the bulls didn’t have deng, rose and hinrich….if those three were present the series would be a lot different…don’t under estimate the pacers

      • Okckd35 says:

        Chicago if rose,dengue, Heinrich, and Noah were healthy. Indiana is a much much better team then the injury ravaged bulls

      • Clint says:

        What are you talking about? A banged-up Chicago team is little compared to this Pacers team. Chicago didn’t have three of their five starters (2 All-Stars) for most of the series. Deng is one of the best defenders in the league-especially against LBJ while D-Rose is D-Rose. Pacers have played as a cohesive group without Danny Granger for the whole year and are the 2nd best defensive team in the league to the Grizzlies. The Pacers also match up extremely well against the Heat, as in Pacers can pound the low-post offensively and are also fast enough to run/get back in transition..

      • that guy says:

        Your High As Hell If You Honestly Think That The Heat Will Run Past The Pacers. The Wat They Are Playing…I Won’t Be Surprised To See The Heat Go Home After This Series… Indiana Is The Team To Be Afraid Of This Playoffs…Bye Bye Heat Congrats Pacers .

      • Ibaka says:

        yeah, this coach is making things hard on his team for his own pride. He might be prepared to coach, but his players might not be ready to play. Now LBJ is really going to bring it since hes taking it so personal. Pacers players have no idea, nx time they realize is they’re down, thx to the coach.

      • Another Heat Fan says:

        The Bulls team we defeated, banged up as they were, would have defeated the Pacers.

        They played with unmatched heart and physicality. They were down 2 all stars, but nate and noah stepped up and played like superstars.

        It’s not about the names. It’s about how you play. Offense and Defense. And those bulls went all out, and they made us stronger for it.

        I don’t see the Pacers putting up the challenge Thib’s Bulls did.

        My prediction is Heat will take this in 4 or 5 max.

      • aaaaaa says:

        Paul George is a scary matchup for LeBron. He better watch out. Also, is David West and Roy Hibbert are on their games, this series is over, the Heat frontcourt is nothing compared to the Pacers’.

      • dhk says:

        I believe they are saying that the bulls were the toughest team as they are trying to justify that game one upset. Delusional! Once the pacers win a game all the fans are going to be saying that the pacers were a harder match up.
        The level of bias shown by NBA fans is insane, particularly from Miami and the Lakers. Grow a brain

      • chris says:

        D rose is mentally weak right now. He hasn’t come back from his injury and not due to his body but because of his mentality about it. He would have been a liability for the bulls because of this. Dont believe me? Adrian Peterson came back from the same injury in less time and had a tremendous year, but Peterson also was mentally stronger. The bulls missed deng to injury and thats the only person I feel would have made a difference because of his tough defense. Indiana is a good team but their best playerb(Paul George)has to go against the nba’s best player (Lebron) right now. Anything can happen but I give it to miami in 6 games. The heat can knock down threes and spread the floor to give lebron way more space then he truly needs to make plays going to the basket. Whether scoring or kicking it out. Will be a great series though. Lots of physical basketball.

      • tonio says:

        Indiana will be the greatest test they face more all around and the best defense in the league statistically,chicago were good bt nt pacer good.