Kobe On Retirement Rumors … Not Yet!


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Kobe Bryant‘s embrace of social media this year was one of the most interesting developments of the season. From the Facebook rant he posted after tearing his Achilles to his live-Tweeting extravaganza during the Los Angeles Lakers’ short-lived playoff run, Kobe has made his presence felt in the social media realm.

He’s been about good about setting the record straight on certain things as well. And this morning’s Twitter response to weekend rumors that a retirement announcement was imminent on Facebook should calm Kobe’s legion of fans:

Thanks for clearing that up Kobe!


  1. dee dudnath says:

    Kobe knows that 6 ring is coming soon, only 1 thing standing in his way and that’s the Miami heat

  2. Mark says:

    LOL…Dude is growing white chin hairs. We shall wee.

  3. Tim Williams. JUST WORK IT OUT!!!!! Whatever it takes says:

    DON’T RETIRE. YOU have a FEW GREAT YEARS LEFT. Atleast!!!!! I LOVE your. Game and watchin you do your thing on the court. ONE of your BIGGEST FAN. KB24 for LIFE!!!!!!!!

  4. BoogieBomb says:

    People are hilarious. Kobe needs to stay home. I doubt that he’d leave the Lakers which means he wont win a 6th ring. Considering the fact the he and people who can’t be objective have been calling him the next MJ (laughable) he wants that 6th ring…LET IT GO…IT WONT HAPPEN. Just retire, go hang out with Phil Jackson and please stay away from reality TV.

  5. J-Short37 says:

    I hope Kobe comes back strong and better as ever to compete. Seeing him play has been a treat for many fans of the game. All of the he is or not this and that is just debatable with no true end answer for Kobe or other greats. People on the blog are opinionated which is their right, but how can a man be held with high esteem by HOF players, current All Star players, be a starter on the last 2 Olympic teams, and lead his team in historical stats and be a ball hog or bust? I don’t get that type of logic. In my opinion there is no such thing as a GOAT just great players for their own era’s we cant put all of them in their primes and try and play against one another. Yes Kobe played with other HOF caliber players but what HOF player did not. Pick a great player who won and I can find two other teammates who helped them win a chip and probably hit game winning shots on their teams. Come back soon Kobe and finish out strong the NBA and the overall game of basketball is welcoming you back overall.

  6. boston the best says:

    kobe is good but never better then mj mj was an all around best in any spot on the court player just root for boston go boston best player to ever live bill rus

  7. baller says:

    kobe will probably come bac as a role player

  8. kobeballhog says:

    nothing but a ballhog, he just shoots and shoots Lakers season is a disaster because of him.

  9. fan28 says:

    Some of you guys slurp on MJ like you came out the womb. Dang! Dude hasnt played a meaningful game since 98. Most you guys never saw him play, unless you are over 30+, and if thats the case, you should be at work somewhere. Who care;s who is the greatest. i know Kobe dropped 55 on MJ old arse. Dropped 38 on him in Chi tiown in his second year in league. Get over it. Weak 90’s teams. Who exactly was Jordans rival? Dude didnt win till Magic and Bird grew old. True Story.

  10. slacker says:

    go kobe..your talents are most appreciated…dont retire yet……#team kobe all the way

  11. Kizi says:

    I do not want Kobe to return as a Laker. They are done. Do something super great for once… help the Warriors win a championship. Help a young star in Curry get a basketball ring with team play… no ball hogging.

  12. Agasi says:

    This video should have been called “Kobe Top 10 Plays” instead.

  13. Garry says:

    Based on accomplishments, Kobe is the best player in the league. If it wasn’t to be politically correct, he would have won 3 MVPs in total, but with that rape case at the time, they just couldn’t let him win in 2005 and 2006 which were statiscally his best years. There wasn’t anyone in the league that could do what he was doing back then. The fact is that at 34 years old Kobe’s game is still more exciting than Lebron’s. Besides his tomahawk dunks and his blocks his game isn’t that exciting. He does his numbers but there is that extra flair missing. As of now Kobe isn’t the most dominant player in the game, but it isn’t Lebron either for the simple fact you can’t be the most dominant player while you got Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen who are all dominant players. One thing is for sure the player that’s gonna be as good as MJ is not in the NBA yet. Screw all the stats, retiring and comin back, MVPs etc… Michael Jordan won 6 rings but what’s more amazing is he never lost a NBA Finals. He is 6 out of 6. Pick Lebron or Kobe to win a game but to be 100% sure of winnin a ring I’d go with Jordan.

  14. ejhorton says:


  15. J says:

    5 more yeeeeeaaaaaaaarrrrrssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    stupid hash tags

  16. JD Drew says:

    the fact is the mamba will NEVER think about retirement UNTIL he has that 6th ring. he will be back and when he’s all done and dusted nobody will even remember that overated bum MJ

  17. ben says:

    NBA // MJ – Yesterday – KB – Today – Tomorrow – LJ /KD / CA /DW ?????? Please advise soonest who KB will turn over the honors !!!!!!!!

  18. BigBoy says:

    #countonkobe #mambalove #GOAT

  19. 11:!1 says:

    he is in retirement mode now.. he will come back soon though

  20. sryxen says:

    cannot compare apples and oranges….Kobe and Jordan are the greatest players ever in the NBA.

  21. sryxen says:

    u cannot compare apples and oranges…..Kobe and Jordan, both are the greatest players ever in the NBA history.

  22. Kingster says:

    Well, that’s Kobe. You can count on him.

  23. MJ says:

    enough for you KB. you wont get that 6th ring. ur max is 5, and u had already 5.
    im 23, u’r 24. i got 6, u got 5. but IF you only played team ball w/ SHAQ, maybe u two had
    more rings than anyone who played this ball. but instead, you wasted your talent and
    the opportunity chasing me, trying very hard to be like mike, when you had the opportunity
    w/ shaq to create your own legacy and just be like your ownself, be KOBE. tsk9

  24. Johannes Salmasan Marquez says:

    Kobe will be more dangeropus when he return next season on court, speculation of retirement is far from reality. There is no need for him to join Miami for his 6th ring. He will return on playing court with big bang next season for his 6th ring.He is far better than Lebron, not comparable…..

  25. lakers #24 says:

    kobe deserves his 6th ring
    and wont stop until he gets it
    he is the black mamba and is the only 1 that jordan compared himself to

  26. Duv says:

    I’m not a Kobe fan but I respect him as a great player, relentless competitor, one of the greatest of all time. I wish him every success in coming back from such a severe injury, one I can relate to. He doesn’t deserve to out that way.

  27. jack says:

    he should just retire this year or the next year as he said earlier this year he wants to retire when hes still a great player but he is not as good as he was a couple of years ago and i think hes just going to get worse and worse

  28. KB got his 81 points because his opponents did not guard him, just like the admiral.

  29. I gave 3 rings to KB and PG gave him 2 rings. What KB did to me, DH will do to him. Karma time!!!

  30. not a kobe fan either says:

    Due to that injury at his age, kobe’s done. Sadly, had DH12 played at his highest level
    and stopped being a drama queen in the regular season, kobe could still have played in the 1st round.
    Anyway, even they were all healthy battling against the spurs, they’d still get swept.
    No more championships for the lakers unless kobe decides to go to south beach.

  31. Jackson Phil says:

    MJ is better than KB,if you don’t believe me ask Shaquille!!!

  32. Not a Kobe Fan says:

    Kobe is the greatest player of his time and I am not a Kobe Fan. I hated all the times the Lakers nocked the Spurs out of the playoffs. MJ was the greatest player of his time and as I hate to say it but LJ will be the greatest player of his times what a shame.

  33. EyronFigures says:

    you can’t win another ring KOBE,if ever you win it so what????..do you think you will be like mike?hell no!MJ is the GOAT!mark my word.. actually you cant even win titles without shaq,bynum and gasul and other supporting casts. after all they have done for you?be humble..there will be 2-3 years you will play in the nba.. you are a great player,i admit it..but i really dont like your attitude,etc..you re a very selfish player in the NBA..for sure D12 will leave you and your LA FAKERS..

    no offense KB,you will never be like MIKE..MJ is the REAL KING! you can beat his scoring title..but i wish that everybody knows that JORDAN only played of his entire career in the NBA in just 14 years i guess and he scores a lot than you.. you know y?becuase you almost played your entire career in the nba for almost 17years in just 30,000pts???trying hard ah? goodluck to your future kobe..respect also the other people.. you are the only player in the NBA who has a Rape Case..

  34. Kobe is way better than Jordan.

    Kobe highest points in a game:81

    Jordan’s Highest:69

    • Kobe Will Retire says:

      Kobe Never Will Retire,
      You might as well say that Kobe is 2nd best since Wilt scored 100 points in a game! If you wanna bring up that Kobe scored more in one game then Mike score more in a single season TWICE!! You missed someone’s post before yours who listed these stats!
      MJ’s best scoring season: 3041 points
      MJ’s 2nd best scoring season: 2868 points
      Kobe’s best scoring season: 2832 points

  35. LAKERFAN says:


  36. common sensei says:

    Everyone forgets that Pippen was an all star. and no one in the comments probably cant play basketball yourselves so stop comparing.

  37. Kimmy says:

    I don’t care either way. I’m not a Laker fan. And I’m so tired of hearing about Kobe Bryant, including his teeets and updates about himself. Boring!!!!

  38. Black Mambaa left out .... says:

    MJ’s best scoring season: 3041 points
    MJ’s 2nd best scoring season: 2868 points
    Kobe’s best scoring season: 2832 points

    MJ: 6-0 in finals, 6 finals mvp, 2 threepeats
    Kobe: 5-2 in finals (3-1 w/Shaq, 2-1 w/o Shaq), 2 finals mvp, 1 threepeat (w/Shaq)


    • Adam says:

      6 in finals (all with Pippen, some with Rodman, Grant, Paxson, Kerr, Kukoc, etc.) get real buddy, what’s with the w/ shaq and w/o shaq? So MJ did it all by himself with his 6 rings?

      • Black Mambaa left out .... says:

        TO ADAM:
        this is modified for you!
        of course every star can’t do it alone
        this is to show how much more a leader MJ is
        MJ: 6-0 in finals (w/MJ as the leader), 6 finals mvp, 2 threepeats (w/MJ as the leader)
        Kobe: 5-2 in finals (3-1 w/Shaq as the leader, 2-1 w/Kobe as the leader), 2 finals mvp, 1 threepeat (w/Shaq as the leader)
        you’re the one that needs to get real

  39. ronian says:

    Some of the people who commented on this blog are crazy. Who wants one of the greats to retire. It’s just stupid.

  40. Oz says:

    All you youngsters who think Kobe is the greatest and he has the most competitive players to play against, know absolutely nothing. All you youngsters know is what is presented to you via youtube, twitter, facebook etc etc. Go watch the NBA games back in Jordan’s era and you will see how different the game was back then – a lot more physical, a lot more defense, a lot more competition. Players of today could not score as easily as they do today. The game of today is made to have more offense and high scoring. They have got it easy in today’s game and that’s a fact! Today’s game is less physical and the defense is no where near as harsh as it was back in Jordan’s era.

  41. OctoPPus says:

    He tried to prove Lakers r not dead – but unfortunately it’s not only about 1 man – Lakers were dead since last year … true
    story ….

  42. gfgdgh says:

    if KOBE retires none will remember him just as a shadow of Michael Jordan even tough everyone knows that he is the best player of today …. MJ played in 1985-1999… kobe played in 2003-2013 and the type of playing is different… in my opinion they are on the same level… everyone would like to have kobe or jordan on thei’re roster

  43. umer says:

    kobe will forsure comeback bigger, faster, stronger! thats just how mamba is!!! can”t wait and if kobe doesn’t win it next year, he will probably retire!

  44. JPS says:

    Lakers fans are insane. MJ is the consensus greatest player ever, whereas Kobe got his first three rings as the second best player on his team. LeBron owns him in every statistical category except free throw percentage, despite coming into the league just as young and raw, and managed to drag a Cleveland team that was good for 25 wins without him into the NBA finals all by himself. In terms of leadership, Kobe’s greatest accomplishment seems to have been running his walk-in HOF center and coach out of town, probably costing himself several championship runs in the process. Is Kobe great? Sure. Is he in the conversation for best player of all time? Not on your life. He’s not even top ten.

  45. Black Mambaa says:

    Kobe- 5 rings, 81 points, 29-50 point games 5-60 point games
    MJ- 6 rings, 69 points, 32-50 point games, 5- 60 point games
    Shaq- 4 rings, 61 points, 3-50 point games, 1-60 point games
    Lebron- 1 ring, 56 points, 9- 50 point games, 0-60 point games

  46. sports fan says:

    There’s going to be two faces of next season for the Lakers. The first half will be without Kobe & the team will develop it’s own chemistry. When Kobe returns around mid-season then that’s when we’ll see if he disrupts the chemistry by ballhogging it too much or if he actually becomes a leader like MJ & maintains the chemistry that was already developed. Also, it’s still up in the air as to how well Kobe can play when he returns. I think he’s determined to play great next season to go out with a bang, whether or not he wins a championship. Then he’ll retire at season’s end.

  47. Foods27 says:

    Kobe will only win a 6th ring if he is traded to Miami (coming off the bench) for the coming season.
    Unless they get a key player then he will have to carry the Lakers again. Kobe will re injured himself carrying the Lakers on his back. The Lakers will this time for sure not making the playoff if Kobe is re injured. Kobe is great but if by mid season and his team is in a dismal position then that’s when he will announce that it will be his last season. Then that story, from there on, will be mention in every game, on every sports network for the rest of the season building up to the anticipation of the work watching him play his last NBA game.

    I respect Kobe and respect his talents. But he should have retired last year and going a soccer franchise by signing with an MLS club. That would have set him up nicely to return to the NBA and win two more rings as a Laker.

    But how good is the rest of the team to hold their own until he return? Remember that the Bulls was so good that the year when Jordan left for Baseball they still wen to game 7 of the Easter Conference Final.

  48. LeBronk James says:


  49. Drago says:

    Kobe should let himself be couched if he wants a longer carrier and maybe a new ring.I think he forced his game to much this year and made his team to dependent on him.He should take pointers from Tim Dunkan about how to age and still win games.His way almost cost him his career and crippled his team when they needed him most.

  50. want to be like kobe says:

    if kobe retire what’s the use of watching basketball? just saying

  51. Patty says:

    I am so happy to hear that Kobe is not going to retire.

    He has too many things to do for the next 3 to 4 years. One is particular, is to win that 6th championship.

    As every regular person knows who write in on Sekou Smith’s Hang Time Blog, Kobe Bryant is my favorite player.

  52. Chris says:

    Black Mamba Strike!

  53. Jose (Clipper Nation) says:

    My respect for Kobe went up from 80 percent to like 100 percent. Michael Jordan has my 100 percent. and a few other great players. After blowing his achilles willing the Lakers into the playoffs showed me what a great player he was. I didn’t know how much effort he was putting out there on the court. Now I do. I have no doubt he’ll be back.

    • AK says:

      tyvm. goat in my eyes

    • Patty says:




      • lakersfan4ever says:

        We need to keep Meeks, Hill and Clark we have 8 or 9 free agents and we need to get a better Players, oh and i hope DH12 resign.

  54. Luis says:

    well, it seems that PJ comments worked………………. MJ over Kobe all day!!

  55. raad01 says:


  56. Boyan says:

    30 million for legless ball hoger, that is really too much 🙂

    • bunbury says:

      kobe has made ALOT of money for the lakers. oh yes, i’m talking “net income” after his salaries. by the way, he has made a lot of money for the other teams as well. this guy has simply been the most popular basketball player of his generation. no arguments here.

    • sick says:

      @Boyan thumbs up! hahaha

  57. Sage says:

    There is a storm brewing, a Kobe storm. It shall sweep through the corridors that lie in the Western lands. It shall rip flesh from boarded earth. The mob will shake from exhilaration and that force will bend the substratum of time itself.

  58. MambaOverB**** says:

    Why the hell would Kobe retire. He is still one of the top ten guys in the league. Let me emphasize, he is one of the TOP TEN PLAYERS in the WORLD. Arguably in the top 5. To say he is a “has been” is unfair, sure he has lost some youth, but compensates for that in many other areas. At his age he is still one of the best and plays at a higher level than 98 percent of the players in the NBA.

  59. phil85 says:

    just go to miami 🙂

  60. Carlos Amaya says:

    Every one forgets the GREATEST player playing the game at the moment. Tim Duncan, and you can invest your children money on it.

    • Kurt says:

      Yeah that is a joke he is a crybaby and their team never won back to back titles

      • Jonesy37 says:

        Sure he’s never won back to back titles, but I’m pretty certain he’s happy with his four rings.

  61. The gambler says:

    I was just thankful there’s kobe bryant after the michael jordan era…

  62. BJ says:

    Kobe needs to retire. he will never win another ring. with all the other teams gaining experience this year and rolling into next year. the ring once again will be up for grabs, but Kobe won’t be getting it thats for sure.

    • bunbury says:

      “kobe needs to retire, he will not win another championship” whatadumb comments. seriously. following your senseless logic, all the bobcats players shall retire too. they’ll never win a championship, not as long as Jordan owns the team.

      enough said.

  63. Wout Kaerts says:

    In my opinion, his return was never in question.
    He want to prove that he can return from a serious injury.

  64. MasterPiece says:

    LOOOOOOOOOL what D-Howard is doing at Kobe’s top ten hahahahahahaha i guess Mamba change his mind about him he want to keep him on the team 😀

  65. Sandy says:

    The sooner the better. He always forgets he has 4 other players on the floor but he wants to be the ONE! As always…..They would not have made the playoffs even if he wasn’t out.

  66. John says:

    Good ! I’m ready to see that 6th ring ! An to see that #24 still on the floor !

  67. Gian Carlo says:

    Basketball nation,it’s amazing that we live in these era of Kobe, Lebron and maybe you got the chance to watch even the glimpse of his airness Michael J.
    What I am trying to say here is where all just spectators of their talent and hardwork, make the most out of it and embraced it instead of criticizing it.
    I am looking forward on Kobe’s return,so excited to know that retiring is not an option for this man.

    • MzLee says:

      thank GOD someone who finally post a comment worth reading. I am a diehard bulls/lakers fanand i have had the pleasure of watching his airness and Kobe and lebron play. But I am a fan of the game first. i did not start off a diehard Kobe Fan but what made me one is how he handles adversity the man has been through every drama you can imagane and has prevield through it all what makes him great. most peopl would not even want to get out of bed much less preform at a high level.. And it burns me up that people call huim and Jordan arrogant. after 17 years AND COUNTING Kobe is still the first one in for practice last one to leave he still puts in as much work today as he did in 96. and Jordan did the same so when you practice game winning shots and senerios thounds of times its called confidance because you put in the work.

  68. danny says:

    Kobe bryant Is the smartest player ever. The only comback anyone has is that he is a ball hog. Rephrase this please. Say kobe has big cahonas. The others under presssure can not play like kobe. Kobe bryan is a beast. Labron james is only good because he has the physical ability to do so. Smart? not as much as you guys think. watch his game. Kobe? smart italian player comes in with a bang. Can do anything? yes. Kobe bryant is like George saint piere. All around fighter. He can do anythign.

    • Pat Brown says:

      you could not had said it any better.

    • skrutz says:

      Brilliant? Not all the time. He can make big plays, big shots… but he also takes a lot of dumb shots, overly difficult shots.

      Not knockin’ him hard (not like it matters, can’t change peoples opinions here) but he’s not always the best decision maker.

  69. Grid says:

    What? Sekou, writing about Kobe? it can’t be…he only writes about his favorite Miami Heat and his love, Queen Lebron James!

  70. Michael Jordan says:

    if only you were not so arrogant and went to college you could have been GREATER THAN ME! you would have been a more seasoned player and had more experience outside of a da N a BEE A

  71. mayo says:

    yea!!!!!!!!!!!!! that what im talking about this men will be play like never before.

  72. Lang says:

    Kobe best ever

  73. tetsuo697_2 says:

    I guess he thinks if he keeps playing maybe that it will feel his void of always living in MJ shadow.

    • Anthony Golden says:

      he has gotten props from “His Airness” himself. Please know what you are talking about. He has made his own name by becoming the leading scorer of a franchise that can boast names like Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Jerry West, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and many others. He is the youngest player to hit the majority of his milestones, and that includes MJ who has already endorsed him as being the closest to accomplishing what he has accomplished.

      • Jorge says:

        You mean the majority of those that have not been taken from him by LeBron or KD. In any case, Kobe is a really exciting player to have around, to watch play. The crew he had this year should have been enough for a fun Lakers season but injuries plagued them and made it too hard for them to find any sort of rhythm. Also, the reason he is the leading scorer of the franchise is that he has played all his career with the Lakers, otherwise you would have to look at Kareem for highest career points for a Laker.

      • Raj says:

        U also gotta look at the competition these days. With so many upcoming new superstars during his era, he still managed to retain 5 titles. With all respect to MJ, his time was not very challenging and “who else” was an All-time Chicago MVP, Finals for that team. And you are right, unlike Wilt, Magic and many other lakers superstarts, Kobe is mentioned with them. So MJ had it easy, but he is one of the great players of his time.

      • TEE says:

        MJ didn’t have competition??? MJ had the steepest competition ever. There were probably more superstars and hall of famers in the Jordan Era than in any other Era in basketball! Barkley, Olijuwon, Ewing, Miller, Stockton, Malone, Magic, a little bit of Bird, Isaiah Thomas, Drexler, Shaq, Robinson….. Just to name a few.

      • kBALLHOG24 says:

        Lol Anthony Golden. He has, and always will be living in MJ’s shadow. MJ recongnized Kobe over LBJ because he is a st*pid biased idi*t. He said 5 is better than 1, well 11(Russell’s) is better than 6(Jordan’s)!! Heck, 7(Horry’s) is also better than 6! MJ’s game is the only thing that is credible about him. His mouth, as well as his managerial skills, are useless. And at the end of the day, the only that your beloved Kobe Ballhog made a name of is being a BALLHOG. He will always be a shadow; of Jordan, Shaq, and one day Lebron and Durant as well.

      • Jonesy37 says:

        Agree with TEE. The fact that it took MJ 7 years to win a title shows how tough his competition was. Then it endured with everyone TEE mentioned, it was just that Jordan was that much better. Oh – and he had a guy like Pippen running shotgun for him.

    • bunbury says:

      Drexler was in MJ’s shadow, not kobe.
      they played at the same time what years? 96/97, 97/98. Jordan was winning championships and kobe was just a teen.
      then 2001/02, 2002/03. Kobe was winning championships now and Jordan was just an old man.
      how many points did kobe scored against Jordan on their last game. Jordan was smiling (that’s all he could do, smile like an idiot—– that’s NOT competitive to me at all.

      • Kurt says:

        Chicago had no competition in that era that was the weakest the NBA had been ever probably in the early 80’s the Lakers, Celtics, 76ers, Detroit all would of have beat Chicago every time they only won titles because all of those teams had declined.

  74. adnaan mohamed says:

    i love this guy finally i can still watch history in the making

  75. james says:

    go back to charlotte

    • bunbury says:

      he was never is charlotte, The hornets traded their pick to the lakers for divac. the lakers then picked kobe. technically, he can’t “go back” to charlotte. he can simply “go” to charlotte.

      • Lovins says:

        Incorrect. Charlotte did draft Kobe, and then the trade was made.

      • Adrian says:

        You are right but lovins is not wrong either… Back then New Orleans was called Charlotte instead of hornets

    • kBALLHOG24 says:

      Adrian, you are wrong as well. Indeed New Orleans was called Charlotte but they were the Hornets too back then. Charlotte Hornets, now about to be New Orleans Pelicans.

      • Common Sense says:


  76. Renay says:

    ” […] one of the most interesting developments of the season […]”

    Really? Are we talking about the same game here?

    • Anthony Golden says:

      the most interesting development concerning lakernation. lol do better…who’s side are you on anyway?

  77. Trevor says:

    Thank God! I want to enjoy his playing style at least 2 or 3 years. Get that 6. ring, and reach that 38000 point 😀

    • SUper Girl says:


    • GW says:

      agree buddy. never been a kobe fan and personally I think he is overrated. But none the less respect where due he’s an amazing player and one that will be more appreciated when he retires and people realise just what they could’ve enjoyed instead spent their time hating

    • kBALLHOG24 says:

      Oh, you mean you want to see 2 to 3 more years of agony for the FAKERS? Man, I really wish D12 would sign to the Rockets instead!

  78. Erlo says:

    Just retire. Has been.

    • Anthony Golden says:

      and will be when he returns. Give the guy the compliments he deserves. THAT IS ALL…

      • AYEE says:

        Has been, dumbest remark ever, still top 3 shooting guard and still in the running for scoring title every year, and still can make playoffs every year, you favorite player can’t even say that for themselves ERLO

      • TrueBalls says:

        he is top 2 shooting guard or even possible to be the top 1 if you include all his achievements! what are you talking about kobe being top 3? who’s your top 2? wade??? please.

      • sick says:

        kobe top 130.. lol

    • Rob says:

      Has been? Just look at his PPG and his shooting percentage this past season. Now consider he is 34 and has been in the league 17 years… Nuff said!

      • kBALLHOG24 says:

        Lol Rob, if you really are gonna brag about his shooting percentage then you might as well do your research properly. Because if you really have seen him play, you will find out that he’s a self-destructing sequence that will shoot a team down to losing a game. Add up his clearly poor decision-making skills and he’s the clear definition of a BALLHOG.

    • Jerry Baylor says:

      apparently you didn’t see him play this season

  79. Kei says:

    Amnesty Kobe

    • the beast says:

      you guys need grammar

    • Patty says:


      YOU ARE A HATER!!!

    • main says:

      MJ would not come out da east nowday wit da big three in southbeach..y can’t mj hit @ least 75 points in a game…can’t hit 40 points wit a broken finger on shooting hand…everybody think because he was born before the other great players that hes the all-time greatest…he was the first and still lacking areas that Kobe mastered…vice verse…who’s the greatest…dats an opinion question…period

      • G says:

        Lol see an opinion question would mean there are no facts for the question you are asking. One of those guys has six rings, one has five. One has six finals mvps, while the other has two. One has five mvps, one has one. One has played 1072 games and has 32292 points in his career, while the other played 1239 games with 31617 points in his career. One averages 33.4 ppg in the playoffs, while the other averages 25.6 ppg. One has a dpoy, the other can only dream. I hope those were enough facts to show you that “dats” not an opinion question. It’s just you trying to justify your opinion. And Jordan had 63 against boston. That’s like 150 against Toronto.

  80. KB24 says:

    Great news!!!!!!!! When he’ll come back he’ll be even more hungry…he’ll kill his opponents all