Heat May Thank Bulls Later For This One


MIAMI – However far the Miami Heat go in defending their championship and chasing down another one, they will take a piece of the Chicago Bulls with them.

Probably some blood spatter too.

If the Heat players don’t look back at some point in the next month and appreciate, reflect and build upon what it was they got from that undermanned Chicago team, they won’t just be ingrates. They’ll be ingrates gone fishin’.

A niggling bad habit of the Heat at various times this season showed itself again in all its unnerving glory in the middle two quarters of Game 5 Wednesday at AmericanAirlines Arena.

What started out as a cool and stylish South Beach club party got spoiled by a bunch of Chicago guys hogging the bar stools and throwing peanut shells on the floor. The Bulls outscored Miami 56-39 in those middle 24 minutes and … wait, that doesn’t quite capture what went on.

Try this instead: After digging themselves a 22-4 hole midway through the first quarter, the Bulls beat the Heat the rest of the night 87-72. Left for dead early, they sat up as surely as Michael Myers, spooking Miami with thoughts of what might have been.

“You give a team like this life, anything can happen,” said forward Chris Bosh. “It’s kind of like watching a horror movie or something, and it happens in slow-motion. You go to Chicago [for a Game 6], their crowd is waking back up again, they’re excited again and now you’re in a dogfight. They come back and win that game, now anything can happen in a Game 7.”

Anything nearly happened in Game 5.

Let’s face it, on talent and depth, the Bulls who ended this season would have been, over 82 games, a lottery team. No Derrick Rose, who went wire-to-wire in his knee surgery rehab, but no Luol Deng or Kirk Hinrich over the final two weeks, either. Chicago still had All-Star center Joakim Noah and forward Carlos Boozer, but the remaining collection of role players and reserves were asked to do a little too much.

And still it worked. Oh, not overall. But often enough through Game 1, for stretches in Game 3 and over the final 41 minutes of Game 5 to grab the Heat’s attention.

“They made it to the second round – you have to be a good team to make it to this part of the season,” Bosh said. “A lot of people were counting them out. They had extra motivation throughout the whole season because Derrick was out and they had been dealing with injuries all year.

“We knew coming into it that, no matter who they put out there, it was going to be tough. That’s just their brand of basketball.”

Miami, headed to the East finals for the third time in as many years, had tried sporadically through this series to get there by staying “pretty and shiny,” as Bosh calls it. The Heat played and lost that way in the opener and they clearly wanted to win Game 5 that way. They scored the first 10 points of the night and 18 of the first 20. They were hitting inside and out, putting up points with each possession, getting stops and in control of what figured to be all validation and congratulation.

At 22-4, the fans in the white-out shirts and the team in the white uniforms were ready to tell the Bulls, “Here’s your hat. What’s your hurry?” But Miami veteran James Jones, from his bench seat, knew not to believe the scoreboard at that point.

“We knew, Chicago, they run their system regardless,” Jones said. “They can be down by 40 or up by 20. They’re going to play every possession hard. They run their stuff. They’re well-disciplined and they’re aggressive. You have to give those guys credit. I don’t care who’s up, who’s down, who’s playing. You know whoever pulls on that Bulls jersey is going to give it to you.”

And so the Bulls began to grind away. You’d have sworn you could hear coach Tom Thibodeau exhorting them with each clawed-back point. Then Jimmy Butler hit his second 3-pointer in a span of two minutes in the second quarter and the gap was gone.

It got worse before it got better. Nate Robinson, after his oh-for Game 4, hit a pull-up from 25 feet for a 53-47 halftime lead. After three quarters, Chicago was up by eight.

Miami had to play harder, grittier and more completely — beyond Dwyane Wade‘s late heroics, bench guys scored 15 of the Heat’s 25 points in the final quarter — than it had all night. It had to match and then surpass the Bulls.

No one got ejected. No one was whistled for a flagrant. But the resiliency of the team from Chicago touched a nerve in Miami that it will need soon enough.

“We learned last year that you can’t win this thing without going through some adversity. The Bulls threw adversity at us,” Shane Battier said. “A lot of times it wasn’t about basketball, it was about surviving the physicality, No question we got our noses bloodied a few times in the series. That’s good.”

Said Jones: “It was great for us. We haven’t really had a serious challenge, outside of Chicago, for the last month or so.”

Neither the season’s end nor a first-round matchup with Milwaukee held drama for the Heat.

“You can’t grow unless you compete,” Jones said. “They challenged us in some areas where we needed improvement. They humbled us in Game 1, and then progressively through the series we started to make the adjustments and get better.

“Tonight was just a gut check, where we got out with all the emotion and then they ground back and took the lead. We had to fight for it in the clutch. We had to put together an effort, and that’s the first time we’ve had to do that in a while.”

If a victor’s exhaustion is the best tribute a fallen opponent can have, the Bulls did themselves proud. “I have no energy left,” James said. “I need at least 24 hours.”

In time, the specifics of this series will fade. It will be remembered as taking only five games — wake-up call followed by a sweep. The cumulative score, 487-421, works out to an average spread of more than 13 points.

But the Bulls know better. The Heat know better, too, and they’re the ones who still can do something about it.

“They definitely sharpened us,” Battier said. “You look at the Nets and the Hawks, and how they were battling for the 4-5 spot. If the Nets or the Hawks had won that series, they wouldn’t have been as beneficial to us as playing the Bulls. We needed to get our noses dirty. An Atlanta or Brooklyn series probably would have been a little more about basketball and a little more free-flowing, and not as physical.

“This was what we needed right now.”


  1. blackmamba38 says:

    heheheh sori duncan21 but ur idol is getting older and older, they already had their time before, they were the best team b4… but now its time for the HEAT to shine… with additional presence of allen and andersen, heat is getting harder and harder… pretty clear that the miami will still have the championship this year… lets jst find out

  2. benjie says:

    The Bulls gave them physical but unnecessary fouls.They like to intimidate Lebron.Bulls fan your saying the heat won because Drose is not playing that BS. Wade is not 100% and mostly past the ball.
    I think the bulls want to break miami which is good.But dont tell me they have a chance to win with derick rose.Again thats BS.cause we all know Derick rose will never be thesame again with an ACL injury.And for deng well that didn’t stop miami from holding him scoreless in 2011 during the playoffs when james guarded him.
    Miami will still win 3 or 4 more championship.And remember Norris cole is deadly in outside 3s and penetrating dunks now.

  3. duncan21 forever says:

    to all heat fans.shame on you if your miami heat beat by the pacers or knicks in the east finals. after jordan bulls era, the western powers like spurs and lakers are the team on top! and no eastern team can win back to back nba championship. LA and san antonio combine for 9 nba championship in 14 seasons FYI. thats why they call it “The Western Powers” ok!!!

  4. MJfanDROSEfan says:

    Bull’s need to get some exciting player that can be a combo for Derrick Rose when he gets back, one that can finish above the rim my type of player that has the same hype like Rose we need to get Doug Anderson- combined Jordan’s Flight and Wilkin’s Human Highlight!! I want a bulls to be a tough one, not with a team full of injuries!!

  5. kobeballhog says:

    this author knows nothing about basketball, most biased writer that I can’t even understand why the NBA still needs him here, he is just a hater not even near a true basketball fan.

  6. Shawn says:

    When the game started, Lebron looked at Robinson like a nuisance. They stepped on his face, piled up on him and bullied him through the entire series. Then Nate the great, did a spectacular block of Lebron’s attempted dunk that was unforgettable. That block goes down like sone of MJ’s spectacular plays such that we can still envision him flying in the air. No one who watched this, and the Bulls serie,s will ever under estimate Nate again. At the end of the series the Heat doubled up on the shortest player of the league. He is not the “superstar” of the Bulls, but when the going got rough, guess who stepped up!!!!!

  7. Mark says:

    If Robinson doesn’t come back next year, the Bulls front office needs to start thinking more. He did amazing and gave a lot of depth at point, which will definately help in 13-14 to make sure of less injuries. I really can’t wait to see a healthy season for the Bulls because with a lineup like this along with Derrick being in the mix will be spectacular. Fingers crossed that they decide Robinson is worth a decent contract this summer.

  8. Dollar Man says:

    Very impressive effort from Chicago. Butler is a star in the making. If healthy, the Bulls should be very good next season.

    GO HEAT!!!

  9. 6,3,1 says:

    Who is Steve Aschburner going to root for now that the Bulls have been eliminated? We’ll have to wait to find out whether he’s biased against the Heat or just for the Bulls. Yes Steve, the Heat will send the Bulls a thankyou letter after winning the championship for all that they did to help them win. The Heat never show all their cards at the beginning. They strategically calibrate their game and adjust to the level of the other team. There was no wakeup call here. The Bulls played a really good series considering their injuries but they were never a true test of what’s ahead for the Heat. Any team on any given day can play outstanding to beat the Heat. No question. To do it for a 7 game series takes alot more than what the Bulls could offer this year (even with Deng and Heirich).

  10. 537bwoy says:

    How was the Heat tested exactly? This was one of the most one sided playoffs ever lol Heat made Bulls break every “worst playoff game” record they had… Bulls got their lowest playoff ppg in franchise history in one game, got beaten by the largest margin their franchise playoff history in another… and they got swept after a lucky win.. lol

    Yeah this was a really tough test for the miamians lol

  11. Bu says:

    People may like to watch super stars squash teams but I like watching the efforts of the Bulls. Sweat, blood, clawing…. never give up. The Heat won with a stacked up team. E

  12. duncan21 forever says:

    dont under estimate the western powers, just wait the spurs in the finals in God`s will. they are not losing in the finals FYI! 4 of 4 in the finals. even though they are old and not like your miami`s high flying and showtime team, spurs heart and team first attitude is always there. thats why i love my spurs eversince until now since timmy enter the league in 1997-98. just look at his carrer and stats. and the spurs history. im a diehard spurs and duncan fan. for me there will be no great teams like san antonio next to the bulls and tim duncan is the greatest player next to micheal jordan. so all of you miami heat fans and spurs haters just wait and we`ll see in june.

  13. Prince Villas says:

    Watch at the replay of the game 5. Taking you back at the last seconds of the play, where butler attempted a 3-point shot. Look at Shane Battier battling for position against boozer and the refs are unaware that Boozer shove Battier to fall to the ground, This should have been a foul, but no one of the refs noticed. Bad officiating… Esp. when the 3-point of Butler went in. Credits to Battier!!! Salute you man! Sacrificing your body all these series. Just shows how good defender he is and a valuable piece for the miami heat repeat! Keep it up man!

  14. Heat Fan says:

    Learning is a two-way street. The Bulls should take away from the Heat that the Heat have solid leadership on the court in LeBron James and DeWayne Wade. Further, Thibs should note that Coach Erik Spoelstra didn’t let pride keep him from playing the right players at the right time. Hint: Rip should have played more. No excuses.

    On another note, the synergy between Rose and Robinson will be something to watch for.. If Robinson stays and is humble, no problem.

  15. usbuck says:

    Way 2 go Miami! Dwayne did a great job in the 4th quarter and inspired us to win! Moving forward, however, LeBron needs to stop deferring to his teammates so early in the game and just play–Just Play! I don’t mean go one-on-five, like in Cleveland, but simply play within the flow of the offense! When LeBron is aggressive on both ends of the floor, Miami is better, more explosive and difficult to beat! And finally, Charmers needs to change his attitude or look to be traded in the near future. His attitude is painful to watch and is, detrimental to our repeat aspirations. Go Heat!

  16. A Bulls Fan says:

    After reading these comments I’ve noticed a lot of sulking Bulls talking about what could have been.
    I will gladly congratulate the heat on a well played series, without looking back. As much as I love physical play, Nazr’s shove and some of our T’s were unnecessary. We had a great season, but lets not take it away from the heat. They played extremely well games 2-4. Game 5 was a toss up and better teams win those.

    Good luck to the Heat.

    Congratulations to the Bulls on a well played season.

  17. holyspectator says:

    we starting to see some life from the flash…pacers beware he gonnna put it to yall on a bad knee just like last year…no way pacers movin on…..i say its gonna go 4-2 miami..and then its miami vs spurs/grizz and miami wins in 6 games or even 7

  18. W/E says:

    The Bulls simply have not enough talent, VERY WEAK OFFENSIVELY but i give them credit for putting all that effort on defence, its so obvous that Heat are such a better team on both ends, imagine Tom Thibidoe COACHING THE HEAT! The guy managed to get this battered Bulls team full of bench players to the second round, if he was coaching the Heat…oh boy this guy forces his players to play 110% the Heat would be INVISIBLE.

    • Pakyaw says:

      If coach thibs will coach the heat, the big 3 will be injured for the half of the season…

  19. Hank says:

    Kusse, so you are saying if Lebron and Dwade get injured and dont play the Heat will win?

  20. sha'keiya says:

    i am so proud of the heat my favorite team

  21. sanjay says:

    chicago is the most physical team. But miami has to start shooting better( battier/ray/chalmers et all). They missed so many open looks this series. And that has to be addressed asap. Indiana are not as physical as chicago but more athletic which might well work in miamis favor, especially wade if he can get back some more energy in his knees!
    Lebron also will pound the boards more this time. Hopefully the open looks start falling!

  22. xSTNG says:

    The Bulls really did Wake up the Heat. But Indiana is not a problem for Heat. We just need Wade to Get on fire like last year. But remember we didn’t have Bosh, Haslem step his game up then. The Heat Should take every game from now on Serious.

  23. The Heat deserves this win. Lebron James once again playing like an otherworldly guy

  24. Mckwezi says:

    There is one thing I have noticed watching Heat Ball the past three years, they adjust very well in playoffs. Point taken from last Season, after the first loss against OKC, they adjusted – the Chi vs Mi series, against the Bulls with their FULL loaded Team with Rose healthy and all the others they lost the first game too and then made the adjustments. They do that very often, its like they are always taken by surprise and need that reality check to wake up. They also needed the Celtics and the Pacers to take them to the brink for them to come back roaring. Its like a pattern, anyway my point is that all those who are saying the Heat won only becaue Rose, Deng & Heinrich were out is only partly true, even if they were there, the Heat would still have got a away to match the fire power, they ALWAYS do. And besides, if Rose, Deng and Heinrich were there, I have a feeling it would have been less chippy because the Bulls played like that because they knew they could ONLY win like that since they didnt have enough talent &, Nate & Bulter wouldnt have come out of their shells to show us how good they can be. So all in all, this play of the Bulls as afformentioned by the writer here did indeed prepare them for the Pacers, but between you and me, if you can get past the Bulls heartfull toughness, the Pacers wont be a problem. One only needs more of Talent with the pacers because they are a deeper team. The Grizzlies are like that too, if the match up vs Miami happens. I enjoyed the series, even if they were over in 5 games, but being a Heat fan, I cant complain.

  25. LS says:

    The HEAT have been very fortunate for the last two seasons in that the teams that would normally be serious, deadly opponents (Bulls and Celtics specifically, perhaps NY this year) have been plagued with injuries. The Bulls showed some serious toughness and competitiveness to grind it out as long as they did. I have a lot more respect for Nate’s game. Great job Bulls.

    • Game Time says:

      The beat the Bulls with a full lineup two years ago, but Celtics were injured with Rondo, then they beat the Celtics with a full roster last year (except Green), and Indiana. Give it up already.

  26. miamichamps says:

    when the bulls won over the nets, they were praised so much. now that they were beaten by the champs, they’ve got so many exuces. sorry bulls fans!!!

  27. sleeplessbull says:

    nice one steve… you pointed things out nicely!!

  28. on3_mor3_tim3 says:

    If deng or rose were playing??? gtfoh, the outcome was the same 2years ago when the bulls had a deeper bench and a healthy rose, still lost 4-1, so all that b.s. can stop, no one stopping the heat from repeating, period. indiana will suffer the same fate as last year, they can’t score enough and when it’s down to the wire, the heat have go to players. Heat vs. Grizz finals heat win 4-2. case closed you ho’s.

  29. Kusse Karos says:

    Sam and Jack you two don’t sound you ever play basketball or any sports in life…lol a team is a team someone gets injure next person steps up…too bad the next person was not good enough and your coach did not play all the players that were healthy enough to play…lack of confident might as well don’t bother signing them to your roster…he knows rose was hurt he should had played other players during the season to prepare them for the playoffs…but he lack of confident and then playoff came and more injuries and got stuck…Sam and Jack you’re welcome to watch the heat win again otherwise go do something useful to your lives til next season and just remember the heat will win again this year and next year….

  30. Kusse Karos says:

    stupid writer,stupid chicago bulls fans on this blog…stop saying heat won because of rose and others did not play…win like a man lose like a man…when you say those that even hurt the players that played their butt off during the season and all the playoff games…you discredit their effort…it doesn’t matter who is on the court they are all professional players and it’s a team sport…so now all you stupid chicago bulls go do something important in your life til next season starts or you can enjoy watching the heat win again…lol

  31. Elijah says:

    The bulls next year will be even better next year because they will have d rose back and not I mention deng and Heinrich. I wasn’t exicted for this series because the bulls were so hurt so if you ask me if the bulls were fully healthy they would have won

  32. Kusse Karos says:

    neal alan kaufaman…you are the idot stupid person i know…stop making excuses…two years ago bulls had deng, henrich, rose, boozer and other great players and miami beat them so stop showing you stupidness on here…go do something useful in your life and stop living on government’s help…

  33. the wade says:

    oh the Bulls forgot to pay Aschburner again.. lol

  34. Aram says:

    well said dude

  35. Allen Iverson says:

    I would like to congratulate the Miami Heat for advancing again to the Eastern Conference FInals.

  36. PEAFUNK #6 says:

    super game heat all the way.the king and his merry men come up big again.peace

  37. Sedrick says:

    I like all these guys. So beautiful the way they play. Very beautiful mayne

  38. acryn says:


  39. jack23 says:

    good point there mr. Steve, i like the idea that we had just witnessed, they make the HEAT even more sharper, stronger by puting such big fight coming from the Bulls, physicality, defense oriented and very disciplined team, they brought out the best of Miami, they made Miami even tougher, and we Heat fans should be thankful for this, to Coach Spo, i know you will not stop there, continue to motivate each every player you have to continue what you had just learned in playing such team like the Bulls, salute to Chicago for a well job done, see you next season with healthier line up.

  40. sam says:

    no comments/critics allowed or why is my post deleted?
    Here again:
    ridicoulos it was a nice job from stern and the refs, why are u so blind too see it?thats the reason no one will put lebrick the same stage as mj:look at the series, how many fouls he get?how many fouls the refs didnt call against the heat and how many cheap calls they got?if this is the best team why they dont show it?all i see complaining after every foul call against same, and maybe the refs are bored to call fouls against same ,but this is not a great team, win without helb from the refs and without complaining and taunting. i play also bball and a situation like andersen on robinson, i had kicked him, he have to get away quickly , but there he just want to demonstrate i am bigger little boy, so noah was right how he reacts.
    nba is WWF now!!! hope

  41. sam says:

    ridicoulos it was a nice job from stern and the refs, why are u so blind too see it?thats the reason no one will put lebrick the same stage as mj:look at the series, how many fouls he get?how many fouls the refs didnt call against the heat and how many cheap calls they got?if this is the best team why they dont show it?all i see complaining after every foul call against same, and maybe the refs are bored to call fouls against same ,but this is not a great team, win without helb from the refs and without complaining and taunting. i play also bball and a situation like andersen on robinson, i had kicked him, he have to get away quickly , but there he just want to demonstrate i am bigger little boy, so noah was right how he reacts.
    nba is WWF now!!! hope

    • LOLblaming the refs is just weak says:

      LOOOOOOOL your actually dumb go check back on how many free throws Lebron had Nate had more Wade had 4 freethrows in the entire series and bosh only had 8 and to add the Heat had 26 more fouls called on them then the bulls in game one your just a mad bulls fan.

  42. Tony says:

    5 star for bulls players, for lebron james i call him king joker

  43. Tony says:

    thums up for bulls, feel sorry for lebron, now i call him joker king

    • 6,3,1 says:

      Tony, your comment is a bit confusing. Perhaps you didn’t get the memo. The Bulls lost last night. This means the Heat advance to the next round of the playoffs (not the Bulls). If you want to feel sorry for someone, try your 2nd grade English teacher.

  44. bobskie18 says:

    in this series of game we all know that Chicago superstar Derick Rose was injured but still they are trying to play the game but playing tough against Miami is not uneasy task. Better luck next time Chicago and bring championship trophy again.. And congrats to the BIG 3…. D-WADE, KING JAMES & BOSH….

  45. Toro says:

    The Bulls were the only real obstacle on the way for chmpionship. I’m little worried by combined 3 treys for 11 by Shane and Ray, hope on betterment.

  46. Julian says:

    So what about the Pacers? they have kind of like a similar style to the Hawks and that’s why they played each other in the playoffs. I don’t see Indiana very physical but at some point in the series it might get that way. Indiana is a fast running team as well as Miami which will not be easy by any means but it should be fun. Forget about New York already, they’re doomed.

  47. 2MK says:

    Well Said….. Bravo Miami Heat… !!! 2 Stage down, 2 To go…….!!!

  48. Khalil says:

    Great article Steve! I know that most, if not all, Heat fans agree with what you emphasized, the Heat will be thankful indeed. Conference finals will be against the Pacers and the Heat need every blood drop to carry on to that series, the Pacers were and still are the biggest threat to the Heat in the East! Heat against Grizzlies in the finals! Now that/s gonna be an even more grueling series than the Bulls and Pacers! I want to congratulate the Heat and all their fans and I hope DWade recovers smoothly and quickly, King James never seizes to amaze us as a whole player and reigning MVP, the coolest dude in the world, Chris Bosh, is playing better than ever and if he keeps going on like this, he’s surely gonna be a huge Finals MVP prospect (when they finish the Pacers and meet with either Spurs or Grizzlies). Norris Cole and Ray Allen are the X factors in terms of scoring along the big 3 while Battier, UD and Birdman should hold the defensive pillars! Heat Nation all the way..

  49. As under maned as the Bulls were, why couldn’t such a great team as miami sweep them-because on paper miami should’ve. Now i’m not haten but miami should be ashamed that they didn’t sweep Bulls. If the Bulls stayed consistent in this series, they could have pushed it to 7.

  50. Art says:

    Bulls didn’t have talent except Noah & Boozer? What about Butler? Was not he the best player in this series except James?
    And what talent Miami has? Only LeBron is in his prime. Wade & Bosh both declined. Last 4 years their scoring & Bosh’s rebounding decreased each & every year. Maybe Miami receive rings this year but it will be the last time they win. In 3 years they are lottery team.

  51. Hats off to Thibs & the Bulls-what a hell of a season!!! Great comeback to make the game very competitive & if it wasn’t for a couple last minute Bulls mistakes-the series would be headed back to Chitown for game 6. It wasn’t heat talent that won this last game 5-like i said, a couple Bulls mistakes that cost the game. None the less Big-BigUps to the Bulls!!!

  52. LB45 says:

    Bulls fan reporter? HE COVERS THE BULLS – of course he’s going to be a bit bias. He is around the Bulls team the whole year.

  53. Every Minute Counts says:

    Steve, LeBron was not acting. You are an idiot. I suppose when you see a hand about to hit you in the face you don’t react and you just let it happen. Meanwhile, in the real world, people try to move their heads to avoid it. LeBron pulled his head back, and probably saved himself a poked eye or bloodied nose. That’s just normal human reaction. Don’t be a tool.

    • KunJay says:

      I second that.

    • bryce says:

      Yeah steve is a bit of an idiot for calling out lebron…. A bit stupid to think this series was going to be a challenge for the heat, it was going to be a dog fight physically, but miami is a much better team now than when they beat the bulls in 5 in 2011…

      • Game Time says:

        PERFECTLY SAID! We all knew the Bulls would not win, but no one expected them to come out and play that dirty and it’s the only reason they took one game. Miami adjusted right after and their tactics never worked again. So pfft to Steve and his bias against Miami.

      • mike moore says:

        heat won the first round by sweeping the bucks and chicago got a 7 game win from nets that is why when they got to play the bulls, the heat was rusty thus the lost in game 1. chicago was physicall when the heat lost the winning streak and in this play off they know that the bulls will be more physicall. hence dwade retape his knee. impo i like to have the heat have a continous game rather than get a rest like what they are going to have now in waiting for the next round. it keeps them flame from burning, adrenalin going rather than resting. i see the heat like a diesel engine when it is at rest it is hard to start but when it goes it never stop.

  54. Robin Gerald says:

    Mr. Steve is such a sore loser… You’re so bias old man..

    • rvman says:

      the author just wanted to state that though the bulls lost, their physical play and discipline would be beneficial to the heat because they would encounter more of the same from indiana and grizz or spurs. if the heat battled the nets it would probably be a sweep. as much as the heat hate the bulls for being a tough and physical team, im sure theyre thankful they played the bulls.

      • Rhedz says:

        I couldnt agree more….bulls gave heat some reality check….bulls made the heat realize that playoff series shouldnt be played softly…good job bulls and ofcourse..well done heat…you got tuf games coming your way so brace your selves….

      • can you imagine what would have happened to the heat if the bulls only had deng and henrich but also had rose they would have lost 4 straight no congrats in store the pacers will kill!!!!! they have also established themselves as goonies not basketball players especially james and his flops crying dirty play!!!!!!!! go mohammed great push he deserved it!!!

      • The Worm 91 says:

        LeBron James, Shane Battier, Chris Bosh and other Heat players acknowledge what they have learned from playing the BULLS. They were thankful for this series…how can a Heat Fan not understand that.

    • mintball says:

      the guys from chicago what do you expect. .. and he has a valid point in which you’re missing

    • Its true the author was stating the facts. And the Heat would be stupid not learn from it. But judging the way Steve wrote, one would think hes got personal issues with them. He doesn’t need to point out the obvious. You can clearly see some underhanded insults, like his past article in this series. Can’t he just congratulate the HEAT. I give credit to the Bulls players (not their coach), but its like this author can’t stop romanticizing them, how undermanned the bulls are, how the Miami heat are better on papers yet are having a hard time winning, even when praising Cole he compares him to Robinson. Cant he just praise and leave it at that. Authors like him just adds to hate bandwagon the Miami doesn’t deserve. They are a great team, they’re a Championship team, and they dont need anyone telling them what to do, except for their Coach who have been doing such a tremendous job.

      • Game Time says:

        I agree. Steve is a sore loser just like the commenter said. I’ve been reading all his articles for this series and not one time does he give Miami it’s dues without having some negative side remark.

    • Polite Platypus says:

      Well you’re quite the intelligent one. Even the Heat players themselves said that it was beneficial to them.

  55. Congrats Heat.. Talents vs Toughness?that’s the question before the ECSF begins.. but now, we had the answers, Talents win.. nice series for the Bulls and Heat,every fans enjoy it..even here in the PHILIPPINES:) but still the HEAT SURVIVED! congrats HEAT! Get well soon D-WADE,thanks to your very big and efficient effort.. also i would like to extend my congratulations to KING JAMES and BOSH the BOSS and to all the Heat players and Heat organization..

    Let’s Bring it On the Heat! YEAH!

    • Saeed says:

      Toughness always wins talents without toughness. The problem is that the HEAT just became as tough in games 2~5 and therefore their talent closed the Bulls out.

      • AL says:

        perhaps game 1 was just the heat being rusty . sure the bulls competed but lets not forget they were blown out twice by huge #s.

      • bigwes95 says:

        I think you’re trying to say something like “hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard”? maybe you are, I don’t know. but the heat worked hard in game one and there really wasn’t anything really too physical with that as the other games. the heat were mostly rusty and unprepared for it than it was the bulls just played harder. the bulls did lose on an average of 20 I think.

      • AL says:

        Let’s hope the Heat come out ready in ECF from game 1. They have to take advantage of the home court specially against Pacers, their most likely opponent, the pacers have won all their playoff games at home & defeated Miami there twice by double digit #s . It is one of the toughest series in their attempt to win a second title.[ GO HEAT] WINNING THE 1ST TWO AT HOME IS CRUCIAL .then the Pacers start getting a little nervous & next thing you know Heat will be back home for game 5 ,3-1 up. However if they split the 1st two games the pacers will become ever more treacherous.

    • chalice says:

      Watched the game last night and I think the Heat got away with a HUGE mistake. I know rebounding is not the greatest on the Heat, however, when the Heat were up by 3 at 21 seconds to go, they didn’t foul. Why? If you foul, the most the Bulls could get is 2 and then you have the ball. They were lucky that the Bulls missed the next two 3’s and Hamilton was late in shooting the last three. Unless you are not confident in getting the defensive rebound why not foul and have free throws the rest of the way???

      • kde019 says:

        What if they did foul and the Bulls made 2 free throws, and then the Bulls fouled Miami back and they missed their free throws, and Chicago got the ball back and made a basket?

        Clearly, you don’t play basketball and you know nothing about the game. LOL.

      • chalice says:

        Obviously kde019 you don’t know anything about basketball. Try watching Charles Barkley talk all the time about fouling when you’re up by three. Furthermore, the reason you foul is so that they CAN’T hit a three and tie the game. They have been doing this tactic for years. Besides, they have to hit 2 free throws just like Miami.

        Clearly you are very ignorant in every sense of the word. I think you should think before you write. Ask people who know the game.

      • Pakyaw says:

        @ chalice, really?.. U listen to Charles Barkley?.. Bwahahahaaa. 21 sec still a lot of time, if under 10 sec and no timeout, those tactic can work…but really? Barkley?.. Wink!

      • turopitosauros says:

        barkley knows the game a lot better than any of us. his arguments always have a solid basis. i think chalise has a point, cause miami should want to have the final attack. i think they should not let this game depend on whether bulls got a 3, but instead take at least a 1 point margin and the final attack