Fighting The Odds But Keeping The Faith


OAKLAND, Calif. — After spending the last four weeks pushing credulity to the limits with some of the shooting performances by Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, now the Warriors stand at the brink.

For the first time in the playoffs, Golden State’s Cinderella story approaches the stroke of midnight with the Spurs holding a 3-2 lead going into tonight’s Game 6 at the Oracle.

But that doesn’t mean the Warriors are thinking that their time has run out.

“This is one of those games where you win or you go home, almost like an NCAA tournament game,” said forward Carl Landry. “We have to go out there and not take any possessions off, and after the game, we shouldn’t have anything left. We shouldn’t be able to walk to our cars. It should all be left on the court.”

The cold, raw numbers say that in all previous best-of-seven NBA series that were tied at 2-2, the team that took Game 5 went on to win 83.3 percent of the time. The Spurs, of course won Game 5 in a 109-91 rout.

The last time the Warriors franchise faced an elimination game at home was in the first round of the 1994 playoffs. That’s a generation ago and it means nothing to this bunch that coach Mark Jackson says has “been touched by the hand of God.”

These Warriors have not lost back-to-back games so far in the playoffs, showing an ability to regroup every time they’ve been knocked down. So even with the mobility of Curry and center Andrew Bogut limited by injured left ankles, they’re believing.”

“I’m not worried about my guys,” Jackson said. “If you would have rewound this thing all the way back to Day 1 and said we’d have a Game 6 at home in the second round of the playoffs against the San Antonio Spurs after defeating the No. 3 seed (Denver), we would have taken it.

“So we’re thrilled about where we are. We don’t want our backs against the wall, but this is where we are today. It’s as simple of putting together 96 minutes of our brand of basketball.”

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  1. myvonne yu says:

    i’m a spurs’ fan here n d asis-pacific’s ur home, b magnanimous n ur victory or humble n defeat tonyt!

  2. Willy says:

    Huge effort check for SA. If they win this one on the road very big! Defensive pressure amped up even higher today on the air ball brothers.

  3. Patty says:


  4. maddog476 says:

    Come on spurs lets finish this on the road!

  5. realist2013 says:

    Good run for the Warriors. Nice to see another competitive team come about. Think this season was all about progression which they clearly have. Unfortunately injuries cull what they can do. I think the Spurs will end their season tonight ,but it’s a win for Golden state either way. To even be at this point and in a game 6 against the machine that is the spurs is an accomplishment. They’ll be better next year due to the experience and hopefully everyone 100%.