Woodson Searches For Answers, Comes Up Empty



One of the most interesting things about playoff basketball is a team changing gears and abandoning something — a lineup or a style of play — that worked all season because it’s outmatched in a series.

The New York Knicks went there in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference semifinals on Tuesday. And it didn’t work.

With his team down 2-1 to the Indiana Pacers and shooting blanks offensively against the league’s best defense, Knicks coach Mike Woodson abandoned the starting lineup that had sparked the Knicks to 13 straight wins late in the season. It hadn’t performed poorly (plus-1 in 22 minutes) in the first two games of the series, but did struggle (minus-7 in 13 minutes) in Game 3. The new starting lineup, meanwhile, had never played together.

Woodson abandoned more than a lineup. He abandoned his team’s whole small-ball, two-point-guard, Melo-and-shooters mantra that was so critical to the Knicks’ success. Out was point guard Pablo Prigioni and in was big man Kenyon Martin, sliding Carmelo Anthony to small forward, where he had played just six minutes through the first three games.

It was a sign of desperation, and the hope was that an extra big on the floor would keep the Knicks from getting crushed on the boards like they did in Games 1 and 3. It would also allow them to run secondary pick-and-rolls (instead of isolations) on the weak side of the floor after the Pacers stopped the primary one.

The Knicks did run more pick-and-rolls, they ran more of them with Anthony as the ball handler, and they got the ball up the floor and into their offense more quickly. But the result — a 93-82 Indiana victory — was basically the same as Game 3 three nights earlier. New York got off to a slow start, trailed by 14 at halftime, shot 36 percent, scored less than a point per possession and got crushed on the glass again.

“I thought our offensive flow wasn’t bad tonight,” Woodson said. “I thought the ball movement was a little bit better, but we couldn’t make shots.”

Credit the Indiana defense. It was phenomenal for the second straight game. While the Knicks looked somewhat crisper offensively, they still couldn’t get to the basket. When they looked to attack off the dribble, Roy Hibbert and the Pacers simply shut off the paint, where New York shot a miserable 13-for-34.

“Our effort was just off the charts,” Pacers coach Frank Vogel said afterward. “I couldn’t be more proud of our defensive effort, our rebounding effort, and our willingness to share the ball offensively.”

The Knicks got some decent looks at the basket and shot decently (10-for-25) from mid-range, but you can’t win with mid-range shots. They got more 3-point attempts off then they did in Game 3, but many of them were rushed or contested.

Truly, the Knicks are in a funk, having lost five of their last seven games. Anthony and J.R. Smith have combined to shoot 33 percent in that stretch. Jason Kidd has missed his last 17 shots, his last basket coming three weeks ago. And Tyson Chandler looks nothing like the inside force that won Defensive Player of the Year last season.

It’s a bad time to be playing so poorly. And you can’t blame Woodson for trying something different. But he didn’t quite reach all the way down into his bag of tricks.

Kidd still played 16 minutes off the bench, even though his two misses looked awful and took place in the first 7:20 he was on the floor. Meanwhile, two guys who could have provided an offensive spark, Chris Copeland and Steve Novak, rode the pine until late in the third quarter and the final minute, respectively. The Knicks outscored the Pacers by 12 points in Copeland’s 12 minutes, and he and Novak combined to shoot 3-for-4 from 3-point range.

There was also the curious case of Prigioni’s playing time. The numbers have shown that the Knicks are better both offensively and defensively with the 35-year-old rookie on the floor, a phenomenon that Woodson has acknowledged often and as recently as Game 2 of this series. But Prigioni played less than 3 1/2 minutes on Tuesday, and Woodson didn’t have much of an explanation.

“Right now,” Woodson said, “I’m reaching, trying to find combinations that will work.”

Nothing has. And the bottom line is that the Pacers are the better team. The best player in the series hasn’t been Anthony, but rather Paul George. And while Woodson can’t find anyone who can make a shot, the Pacers have someone new step up every night. On Tuesday, it was George Hill, who led all scorers with 26 points on 9-for-14 shooting.

The Pacers can now close the series out in New York on Thursday (8 p.m. ET, TNT). Woodson will still be searching for answers.


  1. Reggie Miller says:

    People really sleep on the Pacers i knew they would beat New York. NY play like they just got out of jail its no hope for them its funny people really thought they could be the Heat LMAO…………………………………………………..

  2. KNICKSTAPE says:

    This series is not over, all it takes is one good game to get back confidence.

    • Rick V. says:

      I see a lot of the Knicks fans who are blaming the series on the coach or Anthony but none of them want to face the reality that Indiana’s defense is just too tough for NY to beat. When you face a team that is younger, bigger and more balanced than yours and your best offensive player cant play defense very well you have a big problem that you will not likely overcome. I had picked the Pacers in 5 early and then kind of changed it to 6 after game two. I am inclined to go back to 5 at this point. The Knicks seem to be mentally defested at this point. As for how they match up with Miami, the Pacers beat them 2 out of 3 times in the regular season. The playoffs are different though so we will just have to see how it plays out.

  3. buraot says:

    knick should let go of Stoudemire. he’s long past his prime, always in the injured list and overpaid. with that salary space, they can get a younger more reliable PF.

  4. doffe says:

    In playoffs coaches make the difference you have to have a game plan and a back up plan plus being able to adjust your game according to the other team game plan and know your players what individually they can bring to the game and boost they confidence ant get them excited and have fun which is a key of winning a playoff game .
    At this point the knicks Energy level is very low and they doubting themselves plus they not trusting each other on the play .they have to put aside what ever is going on between them and show up tonight as one team and tonight Mike woodson have to give chance every one in the bench with decent minutes so his star players can play less minutes but productive minutes they have to b ready for a very physical game if they want to survive this.Purgiani ,Novack,Copeland and richardson may be the key players on this game 5 ……Good luck knicks and mike woodson

  5. Noel says:

    Why does he keep on playing Kidd? He hasn’t contributed anything so far.

  6. Flo says:

    Pacers > Knicks
    George > Anthony


  7. martin says:

    Still believe in the New York Knicks winning and Carmelo Anthony needs to score more And J.R. Smith needs to DO something in order for the knicks to win game 5 and you can use all of your players you know that right

  8. holyspectator says:

    thought knicks would put up at least a better fight, dang flop of new york once again…carmelo gonna be one of those players who never gets a ring, sad…good luck next season ny…so indy vs miami…should be a straight up dog fight

  9. Bones says:

    I still believe the Knicks can win this series…. I blame Woodson!!!!, how does a team win 50+ games this year by rotating 10+ players all season, and then in the playoffs you only use 6 or 7. Woodson needs to play copeland, Novak, and Pablo for more offense. Trust your bench woodson like you have done all season and we can still win this series.

  10. Kevo says:

    @heat101: Arrogant talk from a Heat bandwagoner, big surprise there… I’m sure the Pacers are going to show up for that series and it will most certainly NOT be over in 5 (as you had idiotically stated). The Pacers will give the Heat a good run imo. Heat is still likely to win it all, but I’m not counting out the rest of the East just yet.

    By the way, ask D-Wade how his knee is. He’d have a bigger impact than Bosh (when he was injured last year). So your argument fails once again. Go away troll.

    • GSG says:

      go pacers go

    • IndyPacers says:

      THANK YOU!! Someone said it, I just didn’t want to be that guy!

      Indiana is going to give Miami (should the Pacers and Heat win their series) problems. If you really think that Hibbert and Bosh will match-up, you’re quite wrong. Hibbert will clog the middle, and I think West will match up with Bosh. Why? West can play away from the basket and not take away from the middle. Lance Stephenson and Manhimi will match-up with Battier. If Hibbert does match-up with Bosh, advantage Bosh. However, West will dominate Battier.

      Paul George against LeBron James will go down as one of the best match-ups of the 2013 playoffs. LeBron will have more trouble than what you want to believe, although let’s be honest, you can slow LeBron down, but you can’t shut him down. George Hill will match-up with Wade, and if Wade is lingering with that knee, he may not be a factor.

      I just don’t think Miami can win a title without a healthy Wade. They’ve been fortunate to play Milwaukee and an under manned Chicago team. I can tell you right now, Indiana will be ready. They’ve played all season without Granger, and this time around, they have a year more of maturity, they have the pain of letting the Heat off the hook last year, and they have the physicality that Miami doesn’t enjoy.

      Should be a great series, if it happens! Both teams still have to win 1 more game. If it does though, it will be wild! I can say this — the Pacers are young and talented, get used to seeing them in the East Finals for a long time to come. They could easily be the new San Antonio of the East.

      • holyspectator says:

        indy needs a few rings to be called “the spurs of the east” buddy

      • LALALA says:

        dude…wade is always a factor. If not, have you seen Ray Allen’s shooting barrage when wade was out. If I was Spoelstra I will play Andersen against him. LOL That guy is electric. Every time he scores the team responds. Same when he is blocking leading to a lebron james/ wade 1-2 punch. Lebron would dominate george. George aint Granger. Granger has the muscle and size to at least follow lebron around. But george would take a toll in his stamina. Remember Lebron is the best defender at his position. He is in the NBA defensive team for a reason. Not to mention him being able to guard all position.

        Lebron is just too much too handle nough said. Too many mismatches against him.

  11. Ian says:

    It’s like no one actually paid any attention to this season. The Knicks had the better record, but their scoring differential was +4.2 to the Pacers +4.0. So in other words there was maybe one win separating these teams. The Pacers defense is 1st in stopping points in the paint, and 1st in stopping 3 pointers. So unless you have a great roster of mid-range shooters, you are going to struggle, and even then it’s awful hard to win with mid-range shots (Atlanta happens to have great mid-range shooters).

  12. heat101 says:

    pacers are good but Miami is better. The knicks can’t spread their defense out like miami will. Bosh will keep Hibbert out of the paint, and battier will keep west out the paint. Lanes wide open for lebron and company. which will open up the 3s. Indiana caught Miami off guard last year in the playoffs, and Bosh was hurt. don’t count on that this time around. miami is fully aware of them and they will have that killer mentality next round. over in 5 this time around. the Bulls did the heat a favor by playing them they way there are. but thats bad news for the rest of the league. HEAT NATION

  13. terrence says:

    Carmelo Anthony is a low achiever who the media keeps on kitting off the hook. He need to be held accountable 4 he is lazy player. He has all the tools to b the man but he dont bring it when it really matters. He will neva b a leader or a champ just a chump wit game.

  14. los says:

    i believe the only way for ny to win is run and quit double teaming hibbert…hibbert isn’t a proven scorer. He had one good game. Because of that you double him everytime he touches the ball and you leave indiana shooters wide open. which then creates mismatches because now you can’t keep them off the boards because of floor balance. west is the only one whose a proven scorer on the blocks but even he’s prone to disappear on the offensive end.

  15. That is the main reason why if they met up w/Miami, they wouldn’t win because they live and die by the jump shot. That won’t beat Miami. Indiana is the biggest threat to the Miami Heat in the east because of the inside presence of Roy Hibbert and David West. Paul George’s emmergence will certainly help because he is not the same player like last year when they met in the 2nd round. Miami is a very small team and you have to have the bigs inside. San Antonio overall is the biggest threat to Miami to dethrone them. They are disciplined, highly intelligent, they have a top 5 PF ever and without question a future HOF in Tim Duncan who is still playing at an all-star level which means that he can be a legimate interior presence, along with outside shooting. You have to have a mix of inside and outside to beat MIA, you can’t only have one because once they start to converge on you what are your other options? San Antonio has both along with discipline, depth, and an exceptional future HOF coach in Gregg Popovich!

    • LALALA says:

      I dont really care bout the east. Miami would take it by a landslide. Norris Cole is becoming a great point guard and another good threat along the perimeter. Chris Andersen has great energy too, he has a good feel for defense. Battier, when he feels it the guy can shoot 3s all over you. Allen, the guy is a 3 point killer any1 who disagrees about that is just plain stupid. Sure Hibbert is good but all his post presence wont matter if they are being stretched out by all this shooters. Oh i forgot about James Jones, the guy is a 3 point champion, he aint getting much minutes but dont count him out.

      If they play hibbert I say
      G N Cole
      G Wade/Allen
      F Lebron/Batier
      F Bosh/ Lebron if they need the lockdown D
      C Andersen

      I’ve read an article about Miami having multiple lineups in the season. I forgot how many but my point is this line up has too much flexibility. Spoelstra have his job cutout for him.

      Indiana is good no doubt probably better. But come on… Miami got overpowered when they got a real center in Andersen and the 3 point leader in Allen. What more can you ask??

      Wake me up when the heat is in the finals and theyre playing spurs.(I hope so…) It will be the clash of the generations.

      The Big 3
      The Big 4(I always include Ray Allen haha, my opinion)

  16. Berdugo says:

    The Knicks should play Melo…and whoever, it doesn’t matter, they’re gonna drop out of the race.

  17. KobeWhiner says:

    why is the knicks always the laughing stock of the nba? they never play up to their potentials.

  18. Edo Italy says:

    NYK has to play more inside to open the Indiana’s defense. Nyk needs to play more with Stoudmire close to the basket. He’s the only player of the team who is able play back to the basket. Look, for example, Memphis offense with Randolph or Gasol that receive deep and then reopen to the guards (Conley, Bayless) that take open shoot from three points. I’m NYK fan, please try to play in this way. Is not possible to play only with the one vs one of Carmelo or with the pick and roll of Felton. And more Prigioni in the court. In Europe He played a lot of tough matches. Did Felton play other important matches in his career?

  19. SwizzFlo says:

    For me it looks like the Pacers got a better team overall then the knicks, they are more balanced, better depth at the bench right now. They won the most 1-1 match-ups in every game. And of course the defense and the effort from the Pacers right now looks terrific. they boxing out, contest them on the 3-point line and out-rebound them. i am also impressed by the effort in the pick and roll and help defense. Coach Vogel did a good job in making adjustments on the knicks offense, who after all isn’t so bad as it looks right now. I remember few weeks ago when the knicks shoot the lights out every evening.
    But now its different. It’s the Playoffs! offense wins games, defense wins championships!

  20. Los says:

    How can anyone hate the Pacers? Only team I can stand to represent the east in the finals

  21. GSG says:

    NYK is not a contender to begin with. An overrated roster of a team against a younger and underrated team, NYK should starting packing their bags and fishing rods.

    • eris says:

      The Knicks are hardly overrated. Even during their 1 or 2 successful streaks, the media was quick to remind everyone that those shooting percentages weren’t sustainable. Everyone and their mother had the Knicks’ number, and they were right.

  22. lar says:

    Should bring in Novak more. He can be an option offensively on the outside. Nick are predictable. aside from Melo, They just rely on the one on one play of JR Smith or on his drive or 3…Indiana are tall. Nick having difficulty inside. There chance is only outside shooting when they are in rhythm. Half court game is not Nick’s play esp with team like Indiana. I thought Melo maybe just focus on boxing after the series!

  23. purpleman says:

    Woodson needs to take control of the team… Too many poor shots selection..Poor shots by Mello, JR, Sumpert, and Felton.. The ball need to be moving somed more. we can still do it. Pleaase use Novak some more.

  24. Frank says:

    Hope Amare is seeing more minutes.
    He should play at least 25 and share the load with Kenyon.
    Really do hope game 5 will show a great Knicks Team Performance.

    Everybody is there. Roster is complete. So evrthn they need to do is to play Team Ball. GO NY!

  25. JimD54 says:

    Thanks Le2e, I couldn’t have said it better, the Knicks really don’t have anything, It’s no surprise they’re getting pounded by the first real team they’ve met in the playoffs…

  26. randolph says:

    Woodson started big, yet as soon as the Knicks tie the game, he went small again with JR, and the Knicks never tie the game again… as soon as Copeland made a three pointer, he took him out the game and didn’t put him back in the game until the fourth, game had already gone in Indy’s favor. Where’s the rotation, the Knicks played well during the season by utilizing more players, that’s not happening now.

    • Davro83 says:

      I couldnt agree more. In the season, woodson had the bench player on all the time and they contributed really well. Since the playoffs, ive hardly seen copeland or Novak. Stop putting JR Smith in when he is playing awful and get back to getting the whole team involved.

  27. Big Al says:

    What can one expect when only Carmelo and JR are the proper offensive players in the team. Everyone else is a combination of old, slow, unreliable and inconsistent. That’s what you get for ignoring The Answer.

  28. Kobe Sr says:

    Melo, plssssssss, dont waste time and opportunity. Dont be my Jr. Its too late when i realized that if i just played team ball w/ Shaq, and cared for the team’s success rather than individual stats, maybe we had more rings than anyone that played before. If only i build my own legacy and not chase the ghost of being Mike. siiigggghhhhhh!! …. Melo, its up to you. I just dont want to see you team’s talent go to waste, though you got the scoring champ title …..

  29. kenny says:

    The knicks rely on melo and the 3 ball too much. the best line up would be chandler,copeland,melo,pablo,jr that would out score pacers quick and often

    • los says:

      the only thing about that is they have to play defence too! and pablo can’t stay in front of george hill. we’ve seen hibbert kill chandler all series long. copeland or melo cant guard west and paul george is a nightmare for jr…you would get killed on the boards and in the paint which is the series theme!!

  30. Russell Eastbrook says:

    Man, the Knicks are painful to watch. So much isolation, so much ego from 2 single guys. They just arent running anything except when prigioni is in, and the man is 35 and way too unfit to play over 15-20 mins in playoff games. Felton doesnt run the offense, he just tries to prove to everyone that he can score more than smith and at times be more effective than melo. this is a sad team that has had 2 years to adjust and learn to like each other and play well, and they have miserably failed. The only chance Melo had for something brilliant was that year with the Nuggets when they lost the conference finals to the lakers. That team was beast and most importantly had billups running the game and making jr and melo understand how playoff success works. Apparently they’ve forgotten that, When this Knicks squad formed, I did not believe in them and the fact that they paired an isolation superstar and a clear pick n roll PF made it all the easier. I give this team a last chance if they manage to get a point guard who can get them back on roll. Someone younger than 33 who will control the ball and rid them from this absolute nightmare of an isolation they run EVERY single game. I guess itš better to lose to Indiana in 6 than get effortlessly swept by Miami and ruining fans’ expectations of a good series. Oh yeah, and someone do something about Indiana’s inexistent crowd- it’s becoming ridiculous

    • phillyboy88 says:

      Indiana’s “inexistent crowd”? First of all, what in he world is “inexistent” and secondly, what does that mean?

    • Clint says:

      I don’t know about Indiana’s crowd, I thought they were fine. But otherwise your post is spot on and 100% correct. I just posted it higher up in this same article: Carmelo Anthony will never make it to the Finals, let alone win a championship if he does not learn to be more than 1 dimensional scorer. The egos have to go, teams cannot and will not win with egos like that running around doing isolation plays on every possession trying to show off how great they are. They most play team ball and much better team defense. Carmelo is NOT a superstar, he stopped being one years ago when he showed that he would never evolve into more than a high volume shooter/scorer. Superstars do more than score a bunch of points off a ridiculous amount of shot attempts.

  31. panday says:

    it’s all about attitude, this Knick team acts like kids..anthony, martin, chandler, smith, stoudemire & felton. they are very short tempered, too many technical fouls. game face on, be a man and don’t complain..just play hard!!!!

    • los says:

      in short they are not mentally strong enough to compete for a championship. Which is what i said at the start of the season. Not enough professionals on the squad too many emotional players and it starts with carmelo. As stated melo is only a scorer he cannot and will not do anything else. His game is the same as it was 6 to 7 years ago. Which for a supposed superstar is not good enough!!

  32. KnixFan says:

    This looks like a completely different team. Who do they bring in if DOLAN cans WOODY?

  33. Gillsy says:

    George v’s James is going to be the match up of the playoffs

  34. Gillsy says:

    It is going to be interesting how the Pacer’s go from here. The Heat would probably rather play the Knicks. The pacers hit the boards hard and play good d. It should not be surprising that they are there. And by the way they are going to play physical. If Wade is going to be more of a non factor. The Pacer’s front court could make things worth the price of admission.

  35. Celts 13 says:

    I already thought that the Knicks were going to struggle in round 2 while the NYK/BOS series was still going. Knicks played just good enough to squeak out wins and Boston played just bad enough to start their summer early.

    That inconsistent play may have worked against the injured and weakened Celtics, but the Pacers are making them pay for it.

    • Snook says:

      Like the Knicks haven’t been injured all season? Please. The reason the Knicks are losing is because they can’t hit the side of a barn. Also, what the refs did to the Knicks last night was embarrasing. I cant believe all of those phantom calls in the first half and part of the fourth. How can you win when you are playing two opponents. I know there are a lot of Knick haters out there, but give me a break! If you just touch Lebron, he gets a call and even cries about it. He’s 280 for christ sake! NBA does equal no ballers allowed.

      • LALALA says:

        When defenders try to foul lebron they need to hug him cause if not he will make you pay with an AND 1. The guy is 250 pounds of pure muscle driving to the basket like a bullet train. How can you not make contact with that.

        Its sad when fans go to the refs when they see their team lose. These people have feelings too you know. Have some fing respect. You guys forget that when you’re online. Pity.

  36. Montrell flowers says:

    I’ve been saying this for so long…. play Chris Copeland. I understand Jr smith was the 6th man of the year but he hasn’t been the same since he threw that elbow. I like Mike Woodson as a coach, he should be have been playing copeland through out this series 6’8 guy who can shoot, he has proven that he can score but Woodson insist that he plays jr smith and jason Kidd.

  37. Fit4aKinG says:

    This is really crazy, I never thought Indiana would make it to 3 Wins, not that they arent good but their offense is often absent you cant believe it, I mean NY made so many mistakes and couldnt get any shot to go down and they only lost by a couple of points. I mean NY surely has a chance if they can get their shots to go down, even with turnovers. Such an interesting series I must say. May the best team win.

  38. @ Le2e-i agree, you’re def right about that-but i say ny def wouldn’t have made it out of the 1st round had the Celtics had Rondo.

  39. Wwertyetyuiijhfdfgh says:

    Mike woodson should use and rotate his bench players! They got good shooters in their bench like novak, prigioni, copeland that will provide spark in their offense. And also they should match the big mans of indiana, for center spot they got chandler and camby, for power forward spot they got kenyon martin and stoudamire.

  40. El Ueapo says:

    It’s not Woodson, it’s the Knicks ISO ball type of play. Playoffs don’t always handle the pretty side of the game and quite often it comes down to each possession in the final minutes, and unless you play smart bball, that is playing D, getting to the line, watching your fouls – then you will get beat by the team who does.
    A big market such as NY will find a scapegoat or two to try to explain what happened this year, and chances are it will be the coach. Same thing in Los Angeles.
    Who knows, maybe the NBA will restore its image if Indiana wins the East, or Memphis wins the lot…

  41. Le2e says:

    NY was lucky to make it this far. Had they not faced a rondo-less celtics team in the first round they probably wouldnt have won that series either. They dont generate enough easy high percentage shots to win 4 games against good defensive teams. Relying on the 3 ball and Melo iso aint gonna cut it

    • alp says:

      Relying on melo in the playoffs is never a good idea.

      • Clint says:

        Relying on ‘Melo is never a good idea, period. He is by far one of the most overrated players in the NBA right now. Dude is such a 1 dimensional player. He can score really well but that’s it and most of his points come off jump shots. So when he’s having a bad shooting night, he’s completely worthless to his team and actually probably hurting his team more than helping them. His cutting and driving ability are nothing special compared to other players in the league and he is absolutely awful at setting up his teammates. He does NOT make the players around him better at all. In fact, there is good evidence to support arguments that he actually makes teammates around him worse by hogging the ball and jacking up ill advised shots off isolation plays. He needs to get his head of his butt and learn to play real team ball and some respectable defense. Until he does those things, mark my words, no team he is on will ever even make it to the Finals, let alone win a championship. There is a reason this guy’s teams are quickly dispatched out of the playoffs every season…

  42. Peter says:

    It wasn’t so much as desperation coaching as it was just smart coaching. He had to changing it up. The small ball worked once against the Pacers, but Pacer’s made adjusts. He’s doing his job. He’s not folding it in and saying, “this is what we did the other games and it worked,” Players and coaches should be able to make adjustments to the team they are playing and the the reason the Pacers have done just that. The Knicks should to.

  43. baboy says:

    answer? anthony and jr smith are taking bad shots.. how can you shoot properly with bad shot selection? mike woodson’s got to draw good plays not the triple screen shoot that never ever works..

    • Pakyaw says:

      This is what I been telling to melo before, if his shot is not falling, there is no other field that he can help his team.., not like Lebron and Kobe, Lebron can make plays for his teammates and Kobe can lock you down in his defense(on his prime..hehehe)and can go to ft line…

      • Brian says:

        I lol’d when you said Kobe can locked down defense cause even Phil Jackson said He is an overrated defender nothing more but an offensive player.

    • Craig says:

      it’s been liking that all season…and they still won 50+ games. i’ve been a knicks fan since the late 80s and the way they play makes my stomach churn sometimes, but this team wins with the jump shot and you lose with the jump shot. knicks fans had to realize there was going to be some ugly nights, but 3 out of 4 (or 4 out of 4) ugly nighs wasn’t planned 🙂

  44. HonestGuy says:

    Woodson, you should’ve played Prigioni.

  45. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    Woodson is a solid coach, but this series might have just cost him his job.

  46. Usher says:

    Nice one pacers!
    Paul George is look a like of USHER..lol

  47. kilroy says:

    who would have thought that the pacers would be going to the east finals…

    • Giddi says:

      Most predicted Indiana to be the second best team in the East this season, only the winning streak at the end of the regular season, where many teams were resting players/tanking, changed the perception.

      Now we see (again) who’s the better team and I think IND could give the Heat real troubles in the conf finals.

      • alp says:

        no they can’t. the pacers had a better team last year in my opinion, WITH granger. they got unlucky and played the heat in the second round however. now that their is no danny granger who was probably the only guy on their team that could match up with lebron in terms of size on defensive is out, and lebron his going to have a field day.. paul george is simply TO SMALL for lebron and if he D’s lebron he’s gonna lose alot of energy and be flat on offensive, and he’s their go to guy… the one problem the heat wil face though is roy hibbert and i really want to see how they respond to his post presence. even with hibbert though, i say heat in 5

    • alp says:

      what do you mean? the knicks have been overhyped since they beat the heat.. they live and die by the 3, and luckily for them they’ve been living by it for this long…