‘Final’ Vote On Kings Comes Today


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The long wait is almost over … well, we think it might be over.

We could know before nightfall where the Kings will play in the future: Sacramento or Seattle.

The NBA’s Board of Governors meet today in Dallas with an expected final vote by all 30 owners on the Maloof family’s relocation proposal that would move the Kings from Sacramento to Seattle, where a group led by hedge fund manager Chris Hansen and Microsoft executive Steve Ballmer is set to purchase the franchise for a record price.

The formal recommendation two weeks ago from the committee of owners formed to study the relocation plan was a resounding vote for the Kings remaining in Sacramento. But the Maloofs have made it clear that their desire is to go with the Seattle group’s generous reported offer of $406.25 million and flee California’s capital city.

It’s not as simple as that, of course, what with the lawyers involved and the league waist-deep in a back and forth between two cities that are both desperate to keep a team, in Sacramento’s case, and regain a team, in Seattle’s case.

That’s the short version. The long version, in complete detail courtesy my main man, TNT’s David Aldridge, who is going to be on the scene in Dallas today, is much more complicated.

The Seattle group has covered all of its bases in trying to complete this deal. They’ve reached an agreement on that secondary deal, which they want enacted in the case that the Board of Governors reject the relocation proposal today.

That deal would include the Maloofs selling 20 percent of the Kings to the Hansen-led group for $120 million, and that’s based on a franchise valuation of $600 million. The Kings would stay in Sacramento for the 2013-14 season with the Maloofs as the owners. The Hansen group is also willing (and able) to pay an unprecedented $115 million relocation fee, a payout of approximately $4 million for every owner, if the owners allow them to purchase the Kings and move them to Seattle next season, raising the stakes yet again in this hundred million dollar exhibit in the business of basketball.

Sacramento Mayor and former NBA star Kevin Johnson is using the Kings’ history in Sacramento and the NBA’s loyalty to a fan base and city that has supported the Kings fervently, through good times and bad, as his trump card in this saga. The Sacramento group does not seem at all interested in some bidding war for the franchise that’s made it’s home there for last three decades.

Sort through the minutiae as best you can, but the bottom line is one set of fans will wake up tomorrow relieved that they finally have some answers about their team while another group of fans will wake up to the nightmare that their team is either leaving or not coming to town.

Again, the long wait is almost over … we think!


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  2. Sonics says:

    It is really a sad day in the NBA… Let a Team stay in a city that has a huge potential to go bankrupt or move it to a city that has a wealthy ownership team….. To say Seattle could not support a team before is far from the truth. Clay Bennett did exactly what the Hansen group is doing today. It was ok then so why isn’t it ok today. Except the Hansen group let everyone know the intentions up front unlike Clay Bennett …. Bottom line here this would NEVER have even been a discussion had Clay Bennett been up front with Seattle fans. Thank you NBA for not being consistent with your decision making

  3. Aaron Flores says:

    I would be shocked if the Kings don’t move to Seattle. California has 4 teams too many right now. The NBA season and the Playoffs are so fun too watch and I can’t believe the city of Seattle is missing out. If they stay, the Kings would continue to be terrible. If they leave, the Sonics would have a greater chance to reach the Playoffs. GO SONICS GO.

  4. Marin says:

    The Kings should remain in Sacramento, because they have a very loyal fan base that is going out of the way to keep Sacramento kings in Sacramento.

  5. ken says:

    i think they should go to seattle cause california already has 3 teams altogether

    • geo says:

      There r 4 teams in cali…2 of which r in LA! The kings have a great fan base, but i think seattle should get a team…it is a bigger city w potentially more money making power. But thats just me…go Lakers!

  6. Renato says:

    I want seattle to have there basketball team back

  7. JTW says:

    If Seattle couldn’t support and keep a team before, what makes you think they can keep and support a new team now???

    • Samuel Penalba says:

      Same goes for Sacramento. we are offering more money. The one with most money usually wins majority

  8. Vance says:

    Unfortunately the Kings will stay. Stern and Clay Bennett have made sure of that. The vote will be 29-1 to stay. My guess is the Blazers will be the only one in favor of the move.

  9. Martin says:

    they should go to seattle washington! 🙂

  10. Mateo Caballero says:

    When will the vote be announced?

  11. Sander says:

    Not that it matters… But I think “Sacramento Kings” sounds alot better than “Seattle Kings”

  12. Mike Bibby says:

    your one of those 44,000 bogus season ticket holder. better get your money back. Sacramento kings are staying.

    • Henry Bibby says:

      Son, I’m the season ticket holder. By the way, I’m about to purchase another seat next to mine… let me know!

    • Martin says:

      Mike they are going to seattle

      • Mike Bibby says:

        awww. you need to get your money back!!! sleepless in Seattle. sorry. maybe next year. whoops.

  13. joseph says:

    California has .4 teams and only 2 of them make enough to pay there rent and roster without the entire history of dipping from the NBA cookie jar, Washington has a newier arena a fan base big enough without dipping into the pool of cash to support them . Sac town needs to stop being greedy, let another state have a team, if your so gung ho invite the clippers to town

  14. Seattle Season Ticket Holder says:

    Hi. I already have season tickets for the returning Seattle Sonics for next season.

    … So, I don’t know why all this commotion, people.

    … I guess that means ex-Kings fans should start looking at airfare from Sacramento to Seattle for games ?

    • Tim says:

      You’ll find out what all the commotion is about in a couple of hours. You will get a refund on your season tickets.

    • Stephisbeast says:

      Why all the commotion? Haha you’re in for a bit of a surprise in a few hours.

  15. Ed Gibbs says:


    If the offers are of equal value. Then Sacramento .Fans and their city who have supported the Kings.

    though good an bad 25+ years deserve simple RESPECT. Vote should be 29 to 1 that reflects. STAY.!!

  16. ragahana says:


  17. john says:

    I think the kings should go to seattle because they havent had a team for 4 or 5 years. But I also feel bad about them leaving sacramento. Well see

    • Jack says:

      So you think it’s right John to just take teams from city to city and screw the loyal fans of Sacramento? Seattle is bigger but has 2 other major league professional sports teams.

  18. Michael De Faveri says:

    Should head north and go to Vancouver or somewhere else in Canada

    • skrutz says:

      I’m in Van… I’d love a team back! Or at least, a team within reach, like Seattle! It’s very lonely for basketball fans here.

  19. Meco's says:

    Bring the Kings to Seattle.. Guess what the County is called in Seattle? KING COUNTY ! Its destiny hahaha ! GO SONICS !!

  20. smiley says:

    I hope the Kings stay in Sacramento!

    They have 1 of the best fan bases in the NBA!

    I have seen it personally when I lived there 6 years ago, now live close to Chicago.

    The new arena downtown in Sacramento is very much needed for the Capitol of California!

  21. Justin says:

    Jax can barely support its football team.

  22. Schnuppermeister says:

    #FTM and #HereWeStay

  23. Brendan says:

    The vote no on relocation is a foregone conclusion at this point. The Super Committee has already sent the less informed owners what they should vote and I’m sure they will follow suit. This whole thing was never about who can bid the highest. It’s about whether Sacramento did everything they could to keep the team. The key was the arena, track record, and strong ownership to replace the maloofs. Now that NBA and Sacramento knew what the Maloofs selling point was if they could match, get an arena deal approved with partnership with the city the NBA could not say no to that. If they change their mind at this point it would look extrememly bad for the NBA. The Kings aren’t moving and the Maloofs have to sell. Since Chris Hansen’s deal involves the team moving to Seattle their bid will be denied or diminished when relocation is voted down. Therefore the Maloofs will most likely sell to Sacramento after this is all said and done.

  24. Jamal celestine says:

    the king should go to jax FL.