Playing Hard Simply Not Enough For Robinson, Bulls Against Heat


CHICAGO – Nate Robinson unwrapped yards of elastic bandages from around his left shoulder, the bandages finally revealing and releasing a large ice bag on his left shoulder. Robinson had taken a hit from Mario Chalmers or Norris Cole or one of the other Miami Heat players who landed on top of him as if — like Robinson’s Chicago Bulls teammates — he might ride the tough little point guard through what was left of this series.

Robinson winced then and he winced now, nearly an hour after Chicago’s 88-65 loss in Game 4 Monday night at United Center. There were all sorts of miserable franchise playoff records set by the Bulls’ discombobulated offense — fewest points in a game, fewest in a quarter (nine in the third), lowest shooting percentage (25.7 percent) … sputter, gasp, fizzle. Robinson himself was a hot mess: an 0-for-12 night, including 0-for-5 from 3-point range. He had four turnovers to go with four assists, never got to the foul line and played 32:04 without scoring.

The instant-offense backup Chicago had turned to so many times this season and particularly this postseason was, this time, the battery in need of a jump start. No one else had the spark, either, so as their Energizer bunny ran down, so did everything the Bulls hoped to accomplish offensively.

You hold a team to 88 points — 34 in the second half — you ought to be able to win a playoff game. The Bulls never got close. They trail 3-1 in the best-of-seven series, with Game 5 Wednesday night in Miami.

Robinson, the crush of cameras and reporters finally gone, his sore shoulder finally freed, wadded up the elastic bandages and from the chair in front of his dressing stall, fired them hard to the floor. Well, at least he hit that. He dropped his head into one hand and kept it down for a while.

“Couldn’t make shots,” Robinson said. “You go out there and try to execute, you try to shoot shots that you make every day — every day — and it doesn’t fall, it takes a toll on you. Then you don’t want to feel like you’re hurting the team by shooting the ball, and that goes not just for me, I could see it on other guys’ faces.”

The Bulls trailed 11-2 in the first five minutes. They fell behind by 10 early in the second quarter and then, in the third, the bottom dropped out. They took 13 shots and missed 11. Robinson went 0-for-6. The nine points they did score stirred ugly echoes of their 10-point quarter against Miami in a 2011 East finals game that didn’t go well either.

By the end, their half of the stats sheet was whack-a-doodle: Twelve assists, 17 turnovers, 19 field goals. Miami had nine steals, blocked nine shots and contested or cut down angles on just about everything else. And the focal point of it all was Robinson, who got the sort of treatment normally reserved for Derrick Rose.

“All day,” said Bulls veteran Richard Hamilton, dusted off in desperation after being warehoused for 2 1/2 months, more or less. “I told him that in Game 1 against Brooklyn, but Brooklyn didn’t do it. You’ve got to expect them to trap you. When you’re a scorer and you’re going against great defensive teams, they’re going to do everything possible to take you out of the game. So now you’ve got to figure out different counters and read their defense and find different openings.”

Said Robinson: “They did a good job defending, of course. But I had a lot of open shots that I missed. Floaters that I usually make that I missed. Can’t make every shot. But at the same time, you’ve got to know when it’s not your night.

“They’ve got so many athletic guys who can make up the space between two guys and guard two at once. They do a great job of trapping you on the pick-and-rolls. You’ve got to find out who the open guy is. … They’ve always played me with traps and got the ball out of my hands. But that’s cool – that’s the beauty of basketball, you’ve got to make adjustments.”

There isn’t much left to adjust. As plucky as the Bulls were in bouncing Brooklyn in seven games, as impressive as they were in slapping Miami awake in Game 1 of this series, the reality of their monumental chore is at hand.

Without Rose, without Luol Deng, without Kirk Hinrich, they are trying to stop a locomotive with a butterfly net. Drained by the physical demands, drained by the emotions of it all, they are weary of chasing the moving finish line for Rose’s tease of a return, dangled and constantly snatched away. They are weary, period.

“They’re kind of putting screws and bandages everywhere,” forward Taj Gibson said, “And it’s frustrating every night. Every day. We’re just trying to fight through it.”

None of them has fought harder, battling uphill throughout, than the 5-foot-9 Robinson, the coach’s dream-slash-nightmare-slash-dream. He’s scoring in bunches and, with his play on this stage, earning himself a big contract somewhere (though not with the luxury tax-phobic Bulls).

Still, as noted by Hamilton, “You can’t just play hard. Playing hard is great and everything, but you’ve got to execute. You’ve got to make shots. You got to defend. You’ve got to get to loose balls. You play hard, you’ll stay in the games. But that doesn’t always win games.”

It takes execution and talent, energy and numbers, and the Bulls are scraping bottom on all fronts. The Legend of Nate Robinson is going the same way … ending with a thud in a thicket of Heat defenders’ arms and legs.

If Game 4 was the Bulls’ final home game of their long, maddening season, free agent-to-be Robinson — the source of so many thrills and newfound respect — went out in the worst way possible. Not that he’s done yet.

“There’s a lot left in the tank,” Robinson insisted, while surrounded by doubters. “The thing about it, it’s like, you never know when that beautiful story’s gonna happen. Down 3-1, you never know. Take ’em to Game 7, we end up winning, it’s going to be a beautiful story to tell. I’ll tell my kids someday.”


  1. Bird33 says:

    Hey ThreePointer….why no mention of the Griz? Sorry lady…but I just believe that your team will lose to a bigger team, now that the bigger teams know how to take Miami out of their game…the paint. The Pacers are another year older too. And the Griz are beasts too.

  2. KATHY says:

    I’m reading all these comments and I have lots to say but I’ll condense … I’ve been a Bulls fan since the Jordan/Pippin era. The Bulls have always played with heart. Chicago fans don’t tolerate “celebrity” attitudes. I have watched the unnecessary thug play of Miami since Shaq and The Bulls played playoffs when we had less talent than what we’re playing with now. Miami pays for a stacked team. You have talent so there’s no excuse for the Birdmen of the NBA to slam players into the stands, a typical tactic of James Posey in the past. Maybe I’m watching a different game than you but rarely do the Chicago player initiate hard foul drawing behavior. I for one am proud. How many teams make it to round two with a pieced together third string team and for the most part hold their own ? With all the talent of the Miami team, they should have swept us by now. Say what you want but we’d be having a completely different conversation if Chicago was playing on all cylinders with all players… All heart AND talent ? That’s what a healthy Chicago Bulls team has. Miami may have talent but they will NEVER have heart… Take your store bought win…. I’ll still be proud to say I’m always going to be a Chicago Bulls fan

  3. TT says:



  4. Decay says:

    Trail of tears –

    That is what the Heat are – – Queen James gets calls no other player will or ever has gotten – Magic, Bird, Isiah, MJ, the list goes on and on , are still great than the Queen. Queen James gets to charge on every play with no foul.

    the Heat are the best in the legue currently and the champs until someone beats them – not the bulls this years, but maybe next.

  5. Bird33 says:

    Can’t wait for the little Heat to meet the Big Pacers or Griz…..then lets see how many points they get in the paint….NO LAYUPS LOL They will get physically pounded….their only hope is that the refs keep them on the foul line (like most games).

    It will be nice to see a banner in Indy or Memphis…way to go !

    • ThreePointer says:

      Weren’t the “Big Pacers” up 2-1 last year with a double digit lead in game 4 at home and then ended up watching the finals on their couch? They tried to pound Heat last year and failed. Heat took 3 straight – 2 of them in the Pacers building. I’m sure Indy fans will use the excuse they didn’t have Danny Grainger when they lose to Heat.

  6. ThreePointer says:

    So sick of reading posts from Bulls fans who blame officials for their performance. Here is a stat since the refs have not given you any calls. Thru 4 games Bulls have shot 107 free throw attempts, while Heat have shot 105 free throw attemtps. I guess the refs were the reason Bulls shot 26 percent last night and only scored 65 points.

  7. bringtheheat says:

    Hey Bulls fans you know what killed your game ??
    it wasnt lebron
    it wasnt the refs
    it wasnt rose
    it wasnt deng
    it wasnt game 3 and 4
    it wasnt the cheap shots you make

    IT WAS FREE THROWS !!!!!!!!!


  8. Setting LeBron record straight says:

    I. Elite e there are 3 groups that you can put people in when it comes to LeBron

    The lovers, the haters and the folks who critize him for his actions. I’m in the last group. I criticize him for HOW he left the Cavs…I don’t criticize him for leaving though. He was a free agent and that is what free agency is about. Ray Allen left the Celtics but He didn’t take any real heat (pardon the pun) for his departure because he did it in a professional manner. I don’t think anyone can say that LeBron left Cleveland the “right way”. If you do say this, then you belong in a 4th group…people who have lost their grip on reality. I think almost everyone agrees that the “decision” was a bad decision. To make matters worse, he didn’t “man up” and apologize when he had the chance to.

    So….I don’t like the guy because of his lack of character. Yes…he has the greatest ability on the planet. However I like to cheer for people who also have at least some character and intergrity. If that didn’t matter, then I guess I’d be cheering for LeBron, JR Smith, etc. Instead I’ll save my applause for Tim Duncan, Mark Gasol, KG, and Kobe. I believe even Kobe, with his ego, would have manned up a d apologized. And that’s saying a lot…I’m a life long C’s fan.

    So there you have it…now I’m just waiting for the idiot response that he was a free agent and can go where he wants. LOL. I’d say there always one in the crowd but unfortunately, on this 3 yr old topic, there are many people who’s little minds just can’t grasp the difference. Lets wait for one to show up ha ha.

  9. strawhat says:

    this all i can say..bulls fans prepare your fishing gear cause your goin fishing soon with shaq,kenny,ernie and chuck

  10. Jeody says:

    Where are those Bulls fans now? They suddenly kept quiet?! Cat got your toungue?!

  11. leonard says:

    this is all so silly. sports follow a cycle. you rout for your team and enjoy watching them play. it is not like heat will always be able to have their way one day they will be at the bottom too and whart do you do abandon them fo rth ewinning team.

  12. James says:

    And once the Bulls fans quit crying they say those famous words all Chicago sports fans get to say every year. There’s always next year!!!

  13. Pete says:

    Booools Booools booools

  14. JRRSmith says:

    Alright Bulls fan, would ya like to sign up for bandwagon form requesting transfer over to Pacers? lol

  15. Let's go Heat! says:

    After Bulls took game 1, I forecasted Heats in 6. Sorry, I overestimate Bulls. Heats will win 4 games in a row. Bulls, please prepare to get burnt back to Miami, our HOME COURT.

  16. mj says:

    MIAMI HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WWWHHHOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  17. Nick says:

    Big thanks to the Chicago Cows. The series is good practice for the Heat.

  18. chitownlove says:

    yea i bet if wade james and whoever else were hurt u heat fans wouldnt blame it on that stop living in a fantasy world dude if we were all 100% MAYBE we wouldnt beat u guys but be damn sure it wouldnt end with no 4 to 1 we ar playing with nothing but backups but like i said im sure if u guys had three of ur stars out u would not blame losing at all on that….

  19. AJ says:

    This will b 2011 repeate when heat defeated bulls and eventually lost in finals…just keep on guessing who will be this time to defeat HEAT… hahahaha…think again

  20. BW says:

    Well – in reading these comments, it’s obvious that around 25% of Heats fans on this board are above the age of 9. At least I would hope that is the case given most can’t spell or write coherent sentences and the ones that can are talking about Noah’s face. You all sound like that belligerent drunk bimbo caught on camera at the game the other night – miami representing…

    The Heat should roll through the entire Eastern Conference given how weak it is this year. The 7th seed was a whopping 1 game over .500. I think the Indiana match-up would give them a bigger test heading into the finals than a series with NY. The way the Western Conference is playing right now, I don’t see the Heat having too much trouble with any of those teams either (maybe SAS if they can get their act together).

  21. Noit says:

    The Heat are not responsible for this loss. The league and refs are the victors here over the Bulls, they took away the fight from the Bulls, it’s sad what they have done to fans worldwide. More people were happy when the Bulls won than the Heat.

  22. Lei Yu Lin says:

    This playoff will be mrore interesting if Rondo, Rose, Bryant, Lee and Westbrook were not injured.
    Go HEAT!!!

  23. ImJusSayin says:

    Please stop showing that 4 steps after the whistle continuation call it makes me sick. No the Bulls could not have won if called fairly but at least it should be. My problem is not the games but the media, James praise is overbearing and now he is being compared to guys who did not get these crazy calls I mean why even dribble anymore.

    • Denzo says:

      Completely agree with you. The “hype” sells jerseys and helps support the ludicrous pay packet for these basketball players. MJ earned his, like Magic and Bird etc.. these guys have $$ out of college before they even won a championship. Why? Because they know if they have an elitist athlete who can be claimed to be the chosen one like MJ (who earnt it) they will make mad money.. if the teams are fair like they should be given the talent pool now, NBA teams don’t get mad rich anywhere near as quick.. the business model with MJ worked because MJ deserved it.. LBJ.. Seriously? Flopping being rewarded now? Out of a superstar!?!

  24. says:

    remember one season when miami won only 16 games. that’s the reality of sports. the best story for this whole season for me was the fighting spirit of the bulls they are champions in their own right .even the the great plays od a star studded miami cnannot match that. in fact they shouldn’t even be here in a sries with miami

  25. says:

    its always interesting how the landscape can change. lets see what happens next year. it could be the starters of miami injured and the bulls are in full force. dont’t mention injuries then.

  26. Du says:

    Why do you people compare the 2011 games to the 2013? thats 2 years apart and this teams are completely different now. there are new players its just a matter whose team is complete and whose not. people are not using their heads. geez!!!

  27. Fractured Life says:

    No wonder people hate on Heat fans. Many are sunshine supporters, lets follow the sure thing. 1 or 2 have something interesting to say. Those are the one’s who will know that with a healthy roster, Bulls have a chance and the Heat would have to play their level best to go through. I say fully healthy its a 6 or 7 game series and then it comes down to who can execute offense, defend the hardest and rebound the ball. 75% of the time it should be a Heat series. But the Bulls could do it under the right circumstances.
    This post-season, with the pieces the Bulls have they have done admirably. Yes the Bulls couldn’t score last night, but still they kept the Heat to under 90 shorthanded. Game 1 they came in smacked Miami in the face. You knew it wouldn’t happen again. So chin up Bulls. Do your best to take another game before the season ends. Once its over you can look back and be proud, then get ready to go again fully fit next season. Heat fans, you need to respect that you are being given a good test – hard physical basketball that will stand you in good stead for the Pacers and later maybe the Grizzlies.
    Just pray your MVP never goes down to a severe injury. You think with no LBJ that Wade and Bosh would put the work in like Deng/Noah? Not a chance. No LeBron. No Heat.

    No Rose, No Deng, No Kirk (he defends wade like few can), No problem. Next man steps up, Thibs keeps them fighting, and the Bulls can surprise teams (for good and bad!). Thats Basketball.

    • HEATovaBulls says:

      he keeps them fighting, thats for sure… too bad this is basketball and not UFC or even NHL… Noah deserves to get clocked straight in the nose for his attitude and “annoyingness”… clapping when chalmers and bosh are arguing? Come on, wtf is that, he’s a little punk…

    • ugproduction says:

      Where were you when the heat eliminated the bulls with an health freshly minted MVP Derick Rose and heathery boozer and deng plus…?

  28. Pat says:

    Chicago thought they did something smart when they ended the Heat’s 27-game-winning streak. But in fact, what they did is that by beating the heat they were digging their own grave. Now they getting buried alive. look at all those low records the bulls are putting, that’s a shame

  29. sam says:

    Please if you think the bulls really beat miami in game 1 when anybody could have seen miami didn’t even play their best that game your dilusional. Miami could have easily sweeped this team if they had played like they are now in game 1

  30. On to the next says:

    All I can say is that, Haters gonna hate no matter what. Always finds excuse and someone to blame to (like the refs). As great as the record setting 72-10 bulls were, this bulls team are also setting records (franchise lows) :p

  31. Quimico says:

    Flop That… Go Heat!!!

  32. W/E says:

    Lets get real,its a miracle that this Bulls team full of role and bench players managed to get past round 1, they play as hard as they can but they lack talent,they cant score they are just a bunch of bench players doing their best playing hard while their former allstar fake mvp “superstar” Derrick Lose watches scared from the bench. Ppl expected too much from this Bulls team but it was obvious no matter how hard they play, injuries, the lack of skills and talent from those left werent enough against the Heat.

  33. Shawn says:

    Let’s be real.without there three starters (including their superstar), playing against the champs, and the best player in the world right now, the Bulls have performed admirably! The players in the game gave it there best, and had a fighting chance. Yes Miami is too strong to beat, in spite of the hard work, absent there best players. But, for the fans, the Bulls gave us inspiration. Many of us are underdogs, and these guys rose to the top. No they are not number one, but Kings they have proven themselves to be. Nate stepped up, helped them get in the playoffs, and win the first round. So, i would not look at his / the Bulls last game as a failure, or anyone else that played or was excused due to health reasons. Nate is not the superstar of the Bulls, but for most of the playoff he played like one. We appreciate his energy and contributions! And wow the game before last, Nate the shortest guy on the floor, blocked Lebron’s shot, lebron style. that was fantastic! You are doing your best and that is all we expect, win or lose, you gained much more respect for the effort. HOLD YOUR HEAD UP!

  34. acryn says:

    First of all thanks to Miami Heat and they won the game last night, why Is that when a team lost there’s a quantity reason, obviously fair game to miami heat,chicago unlike foul to the game, the defense did the Miami heat last night to victory,that’s simple

  35. Vannisher says:

    LOL …. There is only bull fans because of Jordan….Stop living on an old legend…the time is now and now is LBJ, WADE,BOSH & Miami….

  36. Heatdabest says:

    If D Rose doesn’t win a championship in his first 5-6 with the bulls I think he will leave Chicago like LeBron left Cleveland

  37. Germany says:

    The Bulls gave it a good shot. I’m glad the Bulls beat the Nets. This series is a better preparation for Miami moving forward to the Pacers and the Finals. Nothing is easy in winning an NBA Championship. What you see here is the importance of depth, role players/bench. The bench, the depth will win it this year for the Heat. Allen, Birdman, Battier and Mr. Cole. The Bulls just didn’t have the depth. With Heinrich and Deng they still lose 4-1. With Rose they lose 4-2. Without the one week break the Heat had the Bulls lose 4-0. The Bulls tried to paint an illusion that they had a chance after the first game win. Rose coming back, Rose not coming back, just a smoke screen. The trick always is not to get to high and not to get to low. Take one game at a time, Maimi knows this. Miami is simply the better team a better all around team, mentally and physically. You see the role players, depth and bench shining for Miami. When the Bulls don’t address this problem (depth) for next year the outcome will be the same until they do.

    The Heat will beat the Pacers 4-2 in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Heat will play either the Grizzles or Spurs as Charles Barkley wanted it to be, making for a more exciting Finals. Miami wins the Finals 4-3 with home court advantage and the right adjustments against Gasol and Z-bo. 66-16, it pays off to have the home court advantage. The Spurs would be good though, then Lebron can have revenge for the 4-0 Finals lost when he was with Cleveland.
    Ducan told him back then; in the future the league would be his (Lebron’s) and it is 4 MVP’s and counting. He will have the most MVP’s in NBA History (7)!!!!

    Peace Up – A-Town

  38. BOxstOppEr says:


  39. jack23 says:

    @Christiano; i started to like your comment but in the latter part, you still reffering to DRose absence, Loul Kirk being out, when in last ECF, they were complete lineup but produced thesame result dont you remember that? so dont make that excuse again my friend because isnt so obvious that they can not beat Miami?..Ever?…even if you putback Drose ill tell you as you maybe expecting difference with Rose in the line up. Excuses excuses, and dont ever mentioned that “organizations that had so much faith in them” thing because we all dont know what was Gilbert had in mind after they lost to Boston in that ECF finals, in which in my opinion, if i am LBJ, i would choose the path wherein i can be more excellent and be succesful, do u get my point?..LBJ did the right decision, not like you most HATERS until now can not move on to new life, have change people, respect!

    • TazManianAngel says:

      No, that was two years ago and a different cast =|. Remember when you guys lost the championship two years ago?? Things change, and that was a different bulls team who executed during the season but had trouble finishing a game in the playoffs. It’s obvious this wasn’t the case this year as it was flipped. Had the bulls been healthy, it would definitely be a story. Only the starting FOUR plus gibson have faved the heat. Why did the heat win last year? Because they put people on the squad, that’s how sports go. I can’t believe you just said we tried it TWO YEARS AGO! You’re a beach bum, stick to volleyball, and let the real jocks stick to basketball.

  40. basketballfan says:

    i’d like to comment on how chicago fights miserably against the champs but i would only waste my time pointing the obvious. The prediction was heat in 6 but i guess 5 games would.

  41. @ Christiano-i totally hear what your saying & i totally agree. In fact i was going to comment the same recently on another article & figured it would fall on deaf ears. Seeing since you’ve commented exactly what i was thinking-no deaf ears here because it is factual comments. Not that Bulls make excuses, because they don’t-but we real fans of the game can recognize where an under maned team overachieves as the Bulls have all season. miami out to be ashamed because as great as a team as they’re supposed to be-on paper they should have swept the Bulls-but i knew the Bulls wouldn’t let that happen, not under coach Thiiiiiiibs!!!_My Celts ex-defensive coach. BigUps & serious props to Thibs/Bulls a resilient under maned team-way to go!!!
    I don’t have time to hate, lebron is a good player but i don’t remeber Russel, Wilt, Cousy, J. West, Dr. J, Bird, Robertson, Reed, Magic, Kareem, Mchale, Pippen, D.J, Parish, Shaq, P. Hardaway, Stockton, Malone, Barkley, Cheeks or current day KG, Pierce, TD, Parker, Durant & maybe a very few others complaining in post game interviews of the physicality of a game-in fact these current day players when asked have just simply said, “It’s part of the game” & the old school legends never gave it a second thought. But james & his biased heat fans agree w/ his post game, “i thought i came to play basketball”-“those aren’t basketball plays” comments-LMAO-yeah okydoky pal-outside of literally throwing a punch or elbow-aka jrsmith-that’s the way bball has been played long before lebron was born & me myself who’s older. & Oh-GeeWhiz-i wonder why Doc Rivers gets fined for post game officiating comments-ny gm 1 & i don’t see anybody else getting fined-coaches or players-hmmm-why is that? Anyways……..
    BigUps Bulls-Go Get It-One Game @ A Time!!!

    • OOORAH says:

      Stop wasting ur time writing essay here and go do ur hw lol

    • jose says:

      All that is Last minute crying , Cristiano….
      Get real man!!!
      I recommend you to by a ticket for Wednesday game , since it is going to be the Funeral of your Bull………………….
      El Torero,El matador HEAT is going to nail the bull in a final sword strike…
      Go Heat Good Bye Bullies………………….

    • HEATovaBulls says:

      Does it make you salty that no matter what happens tomorrow, your season is over? And since you want to mention people in the past, when was the last time any of those (YOU MENTIONED) got medically cleared to ball, and still decided to sit out? #RoseIsWeak. Dont hate on one of the most impressive repeat seasons.

  42. HeatFan says:

    just respect the will and determination of chicago, right now heat is the dominant team in the league….

    go HEAT!!!!! dont flame me, im a fan since wade and shaq won the championship

  43. When Rose is the MVP they are complete and no injuries at all but still Miami Beat them.. no excuses Miami is the best today..

  44. sam says:

    feel sorry for bulls…..this the effect of not playing competetive games, instead they just want to hurt key players….karma is digital now……poor bulls…

  45. mintball says:

    bulls can win as shown in game 1 i guess the problem was in the coaching staff not being able o adjust as oppose to the adjustments made by the coaches of miami after losing game 1.

  46. JUAN DELA CRUZ says:


    Heat are defensive champs for a reason. Lebron is the MVP for a reason along with having a 27 game winning streak, They execute especially at late. You can’s just say the Miami is winning because Bulls doesn’t have Rose or their star players. That’s just a lame excuse try to look deeper, on a different side.

    Bulls organization has already given up the day they decided Rose will not play. Man they were lucky to survive Brooklyn. Why would they risk Rose if they will end up losing.

  47. FAN says:

    The Bulls have already done more than it was expected from them. To miss your three best players and still be able to win a game against Miami, that’s incredible. I can’t imagine Miami winning a playoff game without their BIG3. Anyway, for those of you who are interested in becoming real online sports directors of a basketball team, I want to share with you this interesting project:

  48. spybreak says:


  49. Benson says:

    hahahah bro that is a joke! You play a semi against whoever is there. Whether it is Rose or Robinson, whether it is Deng or Butler. Lebron James is obviously not the best player of all time as Jordan was the greatest. But Lebron James at the moment is the best player in the league and that can be supported by his statistics. He now has 4 MVP awards which is just a compliment to how good he is playing this year. Lebron James is more athletic and stronger than D. Rose. However you want to put it, you need to understand that Lebron has been scrutinised since day 1 and I believe that he has been playing some good ball.

  50. gerald29 says:

    nate just woke up ,,,,this is the reality now,,,

  51. juarsha says:

    hahahaha….. sorry BOOOOOOlllllssss fans…. Let’s just hope that chicago team will still have enough gas on their tanks to score again atleast 65 in game 5….. Miami will now knock out the bulls in that game… Now, Noah.. get something to cover up your face… LBJ will now squeeze the fire extinguisher on your FACE…. the billboard will go either way…hahahaha….HAYAG na ang Miami!..

  52. Cedric says:

    Mr Tom, Mr Joakim what are ur reasons for losing this 4th game??? Well obviously the referees gave u all things u were complaining about(calls, free throws) but stil u guys managed to score less than 70 and put shame on ur franchise for a 2nd time by setting up some records noone would be proud of.
    Congrats to u bunch of whinners…

    • Nikolay says:

      If you think this performance puts a shame to the franchise you are plain ignorant.
      Imagine how would heat look if they had Lebron Bosh and ray Allen injured persay.

      • Silence I'll kill u says:

        Smh! There’s an IF! Sorry for u but they were healthy. Just stfu and go fishing!

    • Johnny says:

      Do you understand what a last name is?

  53. HEATersGONNAHEAT says:

    Nate may have stopped LeBron from scoring a basket in Game 3 wiith the block, but the Heat stopped Nate for the whole Game 4!…, 0-12 FG LELZ…,

  54. Christiano says:

    @HeatfansinceWade – First and foremost, What dignity lies in not giving 100% every game? Irrelevant of the circumstances, the Chicago Bulls have done so and irregardless of the outcome have proven to be an exemplary team and the blueprint of how to win in this league when talent might not be on your side.

    Is the real story how poorly Miami is performing in relation to the standards they have set and the proclaimed best player in the league? James is an amazing player, his side kicks are very good as well. Perhaps while 7 or so championships short of the initial goal LeBron set. Their abandonment of organizations that had so much faith in them has been a tad disheartening but at least the Heat is winning against a team without their former MVP. Without their top 2 point guards. Without their top all-star forward. Injuries, ejections and sickness taking its toll. Miami is at least winning against that.

    • Romeo says:

      Heat already beat the Bulls in playoff before: even with the presence of the latter’s former MVP, top point guards or forwards. Even if the Bulls are perfectly healthy, they cannot beat a much-improved Heat. Besides, the Bulls have only themselves to blame for their injuries. That is what they get for playing dirty.

      • Darryl Hines says:

        Uh, that was two years ago. It’s like saying that because Dallas beat the Heat then they can still beat the heat. No one knows what might have happened with a healthy Rose, Deng, Hinrich.

    • aron says:

      Yeah like when Miami won against the Bulls in 2011 led by a healthy Rose and his fearless bench mob. Heat destroyed the bulls in a not so exciting 4 games to 1. Back when the Bulls had the best regular season team, recently crowned MVP, and also coach of the year Thibs. Rose couldn’t have done anything to salvage this series against the heat even IF he was 110% healthy.

      • many says:

        if Derrick rose, Deng, and henric was playing Nate, Boozer and that kid defending lebron would not play as well as their are doing now. When guys go down the next guy step up and thats what the bulls are doing.
        on Heat last regular season games james wade and bosh were all out and Miller and lewis scored in bunch its unreasonable to say that Miller and lwis would play as well with the big three in the lineup.
        the bulls do not move the bull as well as the heat and the will loose for that reason.

    • ball-is-life says:

      mr. excuseman!lol, you are funny!

    • mang kepweng says:

      @christiano just face the reality dude .. your bulls is done!!

    • LBJ says:

      It is a rather lopsided game. The Heat won’t give mercy to the Bulls just because they’re injured, short-handed, and unable to make good shots. This is NBA Playoff. If you lose, no shame, just disappointment. Playoffs are tough, because that’s where the best teams in the NBA gather. And someone has to lose. So even if the Bulls lose, they still lose with dignity. And sportive Heat fans will also respect them

    • @Christiano – enough with the injured excuses! Even with the 3 main guys of Chicago playing they still do not stand a chance with the heat. Have you seen the 2011 playoffs? Rose, Deng played and not to mention Chicago still has Korver, Brewer back then and what happened (4 – 1).

      • TazManianAngel says:

        Executing in the season and exectuing in the playoffs are TWO COMPLETELY different things! Only REAL sport jocks know that, how many times have wild cards won championships? Lots, so stop trying to sound smart when really to all the people who don’t do anything but have watched sports all their lives stick with the real knowledge of sports.

      • AM says:

        @TazManianAngel What the **** are you talking about? He didn’t even mention the regular season!

    • HeatfansinceWade says:

      @Christiano, You seem bitter! Too bad your MVP refused to face my MVP. Too bad your team are a bunch of Fake Tough guys. Too bad you Hate Lebron for leaving cleaveland( Free agents can do that). Too bad The Heat have dominated since shaking the rust off. Too bad you thought the Bulls had a chance lol.

      • Nikolay says:

        Too bad you started watching basketball two years ago…
        Maybe heat fans would be able to see their team win two in a row for the world shattering 3rd franchise ring… LOL
        Take it easy, Bulls still have the greatest player of all time, and a bright future agead of the current team.
        Too bad you wont be able to see that ever in your team 🙂

    • 888 says:

      You can’t blame it on the injuries either. Doing that is like blaming Rose for injuring his foot last year. The Heat took care of their health this season and as a result they get to play with around 90% capacity in the playoffs. Look, I have family in Chicago and I know all about the pride and loyalty they have in their team and in their city, I get all that. But it’s time for the Bulls to admit that this simply isn’t their year, they don’t have enough to win. I told my cousin I believed that Rose will win AT LEAST 2 rings in Chicago.. But I also told him it won’t be until the Big three era ends.

      • Darryl Hines says:

        Injuries are by happenstance. If you ever played ball you’d know that an ACL, torn Achilles, ankle sprains and the like have nothing to do with a team taking care of its health. It’s part of the game. It happens to everyone and eventually will happen to some of the Heat’s key players. Maybe not this year but it will happen and what will you say then when they lose? Oh, they were injured. Remember the pendulum swings.

    • Vip81 says:

      Wake up Christiano the nightmare for the Bulls is almost over, only one more game and they can enjoy their summer haha

    • LOL@u says:

      BS reasons! go call your mom if you want to cry for the bulls. LOL@u

    • OOORAH says:

      Stop crying dude lol

    • Bird33 says:

      LOL well said! You forgot “at least LeBron is not collecting many fouls” that must be a positive for them also.

    • LALALA says:

      if i remember correctly Christiano your bulls are one of those teams trying to woo! lebron out of Chicago. If he went there you’re probably gonna end up cursing a guy saying the exact words your saying right now.

  55. Toro says:

    Stop the refs talk, and calling Bulls shorthanded, they were like this whole season and everybody understands that. Chicago was chocked once more at home by the Heat, and this series is over – like Rip said, you can’t win it all by just physical game, it’s a shame that Bulls turned this way.

  56. HeatfansinceWade says:

    Sorry Bulls Fans, Can’t blame the referees for this one. The refs don’t make you shoot 25% or scor 65 points. Now wake up and stop being delusional! The Bulls are done! loose with dignity and respect the Champs!

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      Chicago fans please be quiet now…Derrick Rose should be blamed, not the referees

      • Denzo says:

        But the refs awarded game 3 – ad that was a momentum shifter big time. Then you lose game 4 and the series feels like its over. But are you heat fans proud? We beat you one game, we played you hard for 2 more. And we are missing 3 starters!

        Please, take off Wade, Bosh and LBJ and see how you go against us. Punks. Bandwagon superstar fans. Wait till Deng, Kirk and Rose are back. They wont be happy with you Heat fans. Bulls 2014. You read it here first.

      • Johnny says:

        @Denzo Even with Deng, Kirk and *Rose* back it won’t make much of a difference. See the year when Rose got crushed? BUT I really admire what Bulls did, they put up a fight without their best player and starters. They got heart and had a rough game much like the pistons in the 80s. I really like your bulls as well if they are not facing the heat. #Respectdabulls
        P.S. Not all heat fans are bandwagons. Some of us like the heat when Rice is around, cried with joy when we got Pat, Zo and Tim.

    • The Worm 91 says:

      the refs doesn’t need to.

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      This was the second game the bulls didnt play “dirty”
      Game 1 was clean, and this game was clean, the rest wasnt basketball

      Fouling as ur main defensive strategy isnt basketball
      Trying to psych out your opponent with emotional and mind games is not basketball

      Credit to thibs where it’s due, for encouraging the bulls to push so hard. But when it reaches the point of literal pushing, it’s not basketball anymore. Those bulls need to practice their shots more than anything now (especially boozer).

    • ugproduction says:

      Good point.The Bulls are considered done and must admit that the heat is #1 in this league for a reason.#best luck next 2019