Miami’s Most Important Player? It’s Bosh


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — LeBron James spent the better part of the past four days making headlines for “flopping”, according to Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau. Dwyane Wayne‘s curious wardrobe choices are more interesting than anything he’s contributing on the court right now, what with that nagging bone bruise in his right knee slowing him down.

And then there’s Chris Bosh, the man who Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra insists has been his team’s most important player for quite some time. Yeah, Spoelstra’s right. Bosh might not look like the stand-alone star he was in Toronto, but he has become the Heat’s X-factor. His nightly performance often pushes them over the top and allows the Heat to “play our game,” as the coach explained earlier in this postseason when he was trying to describe Bosh’s role in Miami.

LeBron is a machine who gives the Heat everything you’d expect a four-time MVP to give in the playoffs. And no one is suggesting that Bosh is challenging LeBron as the Heat’s most valuable player. But Bosh’s steady presence at his position is what  unlocks the box for the Heat, who need to be able to spread the floor and attack to play at their best. He’s made Bulls forward Carlos Boozer the invisible man in a battle that is as one-sided as the Heat’s 3-1 series lead.

Bosh struggled in the series opener, finishing with just nine points and six rebounds as the Bulls shocked them at AmericanAirlines Arena. Since then, he’s schooled the Bulls routinely. He dropped 13 points, five rebounds and three assists in that Game 2 blowout win, 20 points, 19 boards, four assists and two blocks in that grimy Game 3 win at the United Center and another 14 points, six rebounds and four blocks in Monday night’s Game 4 rout.

Even more impressive than the numbers, though, is Bosh’s presence and the way he has stressed the Bulls. Wade has been a shell of himself in this series, which would provide an opening for teams good enough to still be participating in the playoffs. But not when Bosh is the threat he has been in this series.

Wade has been a warrior and should be lauded for the adjustments (in his ego and in his game) he’s made to accommodate both James and Bosh since they joined forces in Miami. But at this stage of their careers, you could make an argument that Bosh is more important to the Heat’s bottom line than is the beloved Wade. The Heat don’t get past the Bulls without Bosh playing at a high level in support of LeBron.

And it’s clear a single superstar will not be leading his team to a championship anytime soon. Just ask LeBron, who learned that the hard way in Cleveland, or better yet, Kevin Durant.

All that brings me back to that little stir Bosh created earlier this season when he told Fox Sports Florida that already a lock for the Hall of Fame.

“Hell, yeah, of course. I’ve been a Hall of Famer like four years ago,” he said. “And I say that very serious, though. I’ve talked about it before with my friends.”

I’ve talked it over with a few of my friends as well, and, to a man, they disagree with Bosh. They still have a hard time seeing him as a true Hall of Famer. But I’ve come around to Bosh’s side over the last two seasons. I remember the Heat wobbling last year while he was injured in the playoffs and the boost both he and Wade provided when they got healthy and helped the Heat put away the Oklahoma City Thunder in The Finals.

The Hall of Fame isn’t a far-fetched notion for a player with Bosh’s credentials: career averages of 20 points and nine rebounds, eight All-Star nominations (and counting) and who knows how many championship rings he ends up with during this run with the Heat.


  1. PEAFUNK #6 says:

    was bosh a factor tonite. yes he did he’s part.and they won.they all did what they had to do to win they are a great team.and when they are hitting threes they are hard to go heat go heat.come on Ind

  2. Ronald Holland says:

    I always said that Bosh is what makes this team. LeBron can have a great night and Wade can have a great night, but if Bosh is off Miami can be beat. I’ve seen games when Wade was off and even LeBron struggling but Bosh played well and they win. We all know LeBron is the man on that team, but Bosh is an important part. Check out the stats in a Miami win and he has a great shooting average and a legit amount of rebounds. Look at the opposing teams big man’s box scores, 9/10 Bosh has outplayed them. To beat the Heat attack Bosh. Wade & LeBron going to do them but that consistently extra 16 and 6 goes a long way.

  3. PEAFUNK #6 says:

    hello first all we all know lebron is miami star player. but don’t hate congratulate bosh. for the play he’s doing.i can understand if ur not a heat fan.and if he get to the Hof than he do so stop hating.its enough of that in the world peace an love

  4. Max says:

    Yeah I’d like to see Bosh carry Miami to a championship with Lebron missing games then. Bosh is more important than Wade but to say he’s more important than Lebron is stupid. Lebron is The Hest, he’s what allows the system to work. Lebron is the reason why Bosh gets wide open jumpers and shooters wide open 3’s. Take Lebron away and the Heat are no longer contenders. Two good games from Bosh and now he’s MIP when Lebron has been consistently great all year long? Quit your day job you overweight fat idiot. I think the bacon grease is starting to drop on your small brain.

  5. Omar says:

    Lets look at bosh’s real numbers
    When wade was injured last season for 16 games, the heat when 15-1 and chris bosh averaged, 26.7 andd 11.5 rebounds….nuff said

  6. Heat BIG 3 says:

    Bosh is the key factor to Miami’s success in the post season. I am not talking regular season i am talking post season when the game slows down Bosh forces the BIGS out of the key. When Bosh is hitting the mid range jumper it opens up the driving lanes for wade, LBJ, Cole, and Rio. The Heat can attack the basket because of Bosh’s ability to hit the mid range jumper. Bosh has also improved on his 3 point percentage, Think about that for a sec a BIG hitting 3’s now BIGS covering him have to contest the shot opens up the driving lane. All that doubt Bosh will see how crucial he is for the Heat if and when they match up against the Pacers in the Eastern conference finals.

  7. karmaouz says:

    i hear lebron played a golf with jordan and chuck last summer, last hole, lebron tryed a flop

  8. Miles10 says:

    First thing I have to say is that the blog title is simply an obnoxious way for the writer to give credit for CB1 for his numbers to make Heat gain 3-1 lead. Being HOF candidate would definitely take a very meticulous process, nevertheless, no one could really take him out of the equation. He plays his versatile role, improve from time to time, keep their game system intact and most importantly, win games. I dont like to compare Bosh to any of his teammates. Doing so is like comparing which among all sports is best. It all boils down to every fan’s pallet. Period.
    One great thing I like about Bosh is his charisma during interview. This is one example:

  9. Gibson says:

    I just read a comment that said Wade never had success by himself .. wtf you on dude? when Shaq came to Miami, he was already done. thanks to Wade he had another ring . after winning the championship in 2006 , Wade got injured, how many games did Miami win without him #15.. get your facts right #Peter

  10. OMG says:


  11. Bigsmooth14 says:

    Step is an idiot

  12. Heat says:

    No better powerforward or center can match with Lebron and Wade

  13. Chigchig says:

    to those saying bosh doesnt deserve to be in the HOF… like i get you in that you want the HOF to be harder to get in.. but the dudes a beast and he is the franchise leading scorer for toronto.. just saying.. i get the raptors aint a historicly good franchise but i feel like if you are the leading scorer for any franchise and a top 5 PF in the league from the day you come in (career aves of 19-9), you have HOF credentials

    seeing as the HOF is how it is and they let anybody who has been an all star in the hall, he is def a HOF player.

  14. Luke says:

    How does this article make any sense? How could Bosh be the most important player? Take away Wade and James, they are no longer a championship contender. Take away Wade and Bosh and they are still championship contenders. I think that makes James the most important player.

  15. Gladys Tally says:

    All teams in the NBA need to improve. I have seem some games that become so boring that I take my remote and turn it off. Bad too bad for the way I love

  16. Some Guy says:

    Miami’s Most Important Player? It’s LeBron James… Stupid title to a pointless blog. Everyone keeps saying oh Bosh is the MIP of the team, EXCLUDING LBJ. Is LeBron not a player of the team now? Without Bosh, they may not have gotten this far, but without LBJ there is no Miami Heat. Should have titled it “Miami’s X Factor” or “Most Helpful Sidekick”, but again this blog just states the obvious fact that he’s good in his role.

    Also Bosh saying he was a shoe-in for the HOF 4 years ago is beyond ridiculous. I’m not saying he’s not on his way, but please check yourself. You are and always will be THAT THIRD GUY on the Heat. No one names you before LBJ or Wade so STFU with this nonsense. You have no place among the all time greats… at least not yet.

  17. Heat1 says:

    Bosh is MIP but James is 4 time MVP big difference get a life bros bosh is a D MAN NOT OFFENCE

  18. Chris Bosh and Birdman are gonna be very important if we go against the Pacers in the ECF

  19. Jerrell says:

    “And it’s clear a single superstar will not be leading his team to a championship anytime soon. Just ask LeBron, who learned that the hard way in Cleveland, ”

    … Does anyone not remember the 2011Finals??! Dirk (as the single superstar) with the Mavs won the championship againts 3 super stars…

    • realist2013 says:

      Dirk had peja a career 40% 3 point shooter of what 16-18 years. Terry another spot shooter. JJ Barea an attacker and spot shooter and a team of defenders and mid range sho oters he had balance. Lebron had none of that in Cleveland. The east has always been the weaker division his work horse drive made cleveland lo ok good when they werent. he facilitated his teammates and made them look decent. You need one game changer and solid role players that can execute and if you think peja was a peon you need to look him up. I laughed every time they left him open. He was a beast when he played with Webber. Old or not all dirk had to do was draw the D and kick it to a shooter….kinda why lebron surrounded himself with a ton in miami. He took notes

  20. Tj says:

    Typical nba fans concerned with flash I bet u all think the grizzlies would have no chance against gsw

  21. RED says:

    It doesn’t matter if he is replacable or not goin to the hall of fame Bosh is the most important player. He is the key player for the Miami Heat team. Everbody has a role.

  22. NBAfan says:

    I don’t know about being a hall of famer, but Bosh is definitely a good player. Sure he’s not your traditional PF, but he contributes to the team in many ways. If he isn’t your third best heat player at least, then you’re just a hater.

    If anything, with how Wade has been playing, Bosh is your second best player in the Heat

  23. SaYO says:

    its about time bosh is recognized!
    bosh’s stats are majorly reduced due to lebron james game style due to the fact that lebron james fights for rebounds as well
    its the same for all stars that come together
    one player keeps the stats as the others are reduced a bit
    lakers – kobe keeps stats
    heat – lebron keeps stats
    celtics former big 3 – paul pierce keeps stats
    okc with harden – durant n westbrook keep stats ( harden averaged 16 points in 33 minutes) now harden is averaging 25 pts in 35ish minutes


    Bosh > Rodman

    And it’s not even close. Bosh is already a first ballot hall of famer.


  25. Jordan says:

    BOSH. Lebron has his wor cut out for him but Bosh is key to a very sustanable and winning team. BOSH is one of the best on his team. I think RAY ALLEN should also have some credit for winning.

  26. baboy says:

    bosh can make a huge difference but his importance depends on the matchup and cant really be stated in general…

  27. Boske Taytay Tonggo says:

    most important player is always the mvp.. maybe the most important key factor that allows for a high winning prabability..

  28. Derrick Rose says:

    How are you going to tell me that the dinosaur is more important than Lebron (much less D-Wade)

  29. asdfrom says:

    Yes, I think Bosh is the heart of Heat’s game.

    My comment is about Wade.

    I don’t understand the criteria for All Defensive team. Statistically, it is Dwayne Wade, James Harden and Steve Blake who are the best with Blocks+Steals per game in the shooting guard category. Dwayne Wade has the most rebounds and Wade is in the most dominant team, 2nd in the Opponents turnover per possesion. So how come Dwade is not even in the 2nd defensive team? Is He really not popular to the coaches(voters)? Or do they even check the numbers?

  30. DoubleM_Genius1 says:

    I feel Bosh is the most important player on the team right in the playoffs. LeBron by far is most needed but Bosh helps make the offense run. They have him playing the Center, which makes other teams pull out there primary rim protector. That allows LeBron and Wade to thrive in the paint and get others open such as Ray Allen and Battier. It even allows for Rio to play off the ball and spot up. Anyone that knows basketball should have already known that Bosh was an important piece to what Miami has going on. As far as Hall Of Fame everyone has their own opinion, but I feel he deserves it. His stats on his own prove it and then being able to win it with other superstars solidifies it. As we all know, not one player can win a championship. Jordan didn’t win it without Scottie. Kobe didn’t win it without a legit Center[Bynum and Shaq], Wade won his first ring with a real Center[Shaq], before the league began using more mobile post men like Bosh, who he won his second with.

  31. W/E says:

    I agree on this, Bosh is VERY VALUABLE to this Miami team especially this year he is doing his job just fine, the miami have so many weapons, so many good players, stars,role players they got everything, am gunna be suprised if they dont get the championship again this year

  32. KIwi says:

    to be honest, i personally think the heat’s most important cannot be accredited to anyone, everybody has to chip in, which they have been doing, when chalmers hasnt been getting it done, norris cole has, when bosh hasnt (which he has) the get Anderson for that defensive presence and it works, battier, allen, its been a team effort, MVP Lebron, but most important….THE BENCH

  33. Mehr says:

    First , second or third is not important. What is important the good team work and friendship among not only the top 3 players but among all Miami’s players.

  34. realexer says:

    Bosh is really great person. Always ready to get his hands dirty, step in no matter what and put his best efforts.
    I easily can remember a lot of plays when Bosh playing clumsy, losing the ball, missing the shots, but never gives up and continues makes mistake to get his play better; never upsets; commits himself and never objects given responsibility.

  35. Frank says:

    I have just a bit more respect for CB now. Next time me and my friends clown him, ill consider how much he means to the Heat… and then keep clownin him cuz his neck is so damn long.

  36. bugzy says:

    Bosh has made LeBron better period. When Bron bron was still with the cavs the dude had to work had for every bucket getting triple teamed.People talk about his numbers but forget he plays with two ball hogging dudes who only care abt their numbers but with his few shots a game he is averaging Good numbers. if you watch the Miami games you can see that most of Lebron’s rebounds are from bosh tipping the ball he has been averaging a still and a block a game and some idiot is saying he plays no defense u got to be kidding me. Look at Miami’s fast breaks, 90% are from Bosh getting the defensive rebound. The man is always screening for LJ to get easy bucket and when Lebron can’t get his shot Bosh has to take the tough shot. I THINK THEY ARE ROBBING the man He Should be the MVP. Call him Swish Bosh that jumper of his is a killer…

  37. 6,3,1 says:

    I agree with most of this article except the part about the Heat not getting past the Bulls without Bosh. If Bosh were out, I still see the Heat advancing past the Bulls. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s still in though!

  38. Simplyput says:

    Whether hes the most important or not. The NBA hall of fame is a joke!!!
    The bobcats mascot could make it in if the writers started blowing him up.

  39. kaustubh says:

    love bosh but the dude saying that miami looses when bosh plays bad is wrong
    miami have when plenty when bosh doesn’t put up good numbers
    i would have just replied to him but the reply post is not working

  40. yo says:

    True, Bosh is Heat’s MIP.. But let’s check some facts…
    The thing many forget is also that when Lebron is playing bad, that means 24-8-8. Statistically, there’s no comparison.
    But let’s go beyond:
    This “barometer-like” seen Bosh is quite silly because you simply can’t win in this league without a good 4.
    Duncan, Lee, Randolph, Gasol (Pau), KG ecc all demonstrates how vital is to have a now modern and “switching” 4 to 5 when needed and if not, you gonna lose many. Ask Boozer, Millsap, Humphries, and always struggling Amar’e/and or Carmelo.
    Simple as that, Bosh is OBVIOUSLY Heat’s MIP because his position force him to be most fragile in terms of presence on the field, therefore rotations in D and ability in either pick n roll, post up or mid-way jumper when attacking.
    But EVERY 4 in the league is its team MIP then.
    Bosh has the chance to be highligted in a big market like Miami (Bosh vs LA Aldridge? Not sure who’s gonna win…or anyway, it is not as easy as that) when Wade is struggling and Lebron becomes human again.
    Don’t dare comparing him to Rodman.. the guy was rebounding the ball before it was even shot. His skills were unique, he was a superstar because nobody could do what he used to do. And that is HOF. Lebron is going there not because of his 4mvp (and counting) but because nobody EVER has the size of a 4 plays the 3 handles like 1 and shoots with a percentage many 2s dream of (hi kobe, see you next year?). The guy can even post up against 5s! And everybody in the HOF there contributed to the game in their own particular manner. Bosh is, right now, a role player, and he’ s not (for me) HOF material before 7 rings. Sad but true.

  41. thisguy says:

    To be honest I’d rather have a “Center’ like bosh on my team than one of the bigger guys who can only post up..yes Bosh can be more aggressive offensively/defensively and on the boards, but at the same time you gotta realize you can’t ask a dog to stop barking. In other words you cant ask someone to stop doing something thats working for them. Bosh is def one of the most important players on the heat because he has that mid range and even somewhat of a three point game. he spreads the d, making more space for the speedy, agile d wade and the freight train lebron. Without bosh we often struggle offensiveley when we lost him in the playoffs we were often forcin alot of shots and struggling to find shots. Hes showed us what we’re missing without him during the playoffs last year, and hes showed us what we’re getting with him during the playoffs this year. Bosh has showed us time and time again that he can step up when called upon(Miami vs. Spurs).

  42. BOSH IS BOSH says:

    Been a Bosh fan since the Raptors. Simply put, Bosh is a way better player now than he was in Toronto. He was one of the biggest guys while playing in Toronto hence the Higher Rebound %. The most impressive part of Bosh’s game now is his improved jump shot, from virtually anywhere, and DEFINITELY his DEFENSE! His lateral quickness has vastly improved, and while he may not be as strong(With way less hair on his head) he seems faster driving to the basket. Again, his defense is vastly improved, he roles much faster off of pick and rolls, and when he needs too, he can be the best player on the court hands down, he’s hit some major clutch shots in the last 2 seasons. Hall of Famer? Hmmmmm, that’s tough, my heart says yes but he will always be compared to the other Big 2. Bosh has some major versatility, he has the odd bad night, but his consistency is what makes him extremely important to the heat’s success.

  43. He is not yet a lock until he won more championships with the Heat, but I believe he will be a Hall of Famer when his career ends.

    I agree with Sekou and Coach Erik Spoelstra. Chris Bosh is the Heat’s most important player in terms of winning and losing games. He is the barometer of the team. When he plays well, Heat wins. When he does not, Heat loses.

    LBJ is the MVP, but not as important as CB because win or lose, LBJ is still gonna play well no matter what. Put it this way: LBJ and CB plays well, Heat wins, LBJ plays well and CB not, Heat probably lose.

    Bosh’s outside jumper and defense is useful to get opposing bigs out of their game. Opposing bigs must respect his outside jumper, keeping them out of the paint, and when his game is going great, (and the bigs are outside the paint) makes it easy for LeBron to play his game, which are slashing strong to the hoop, driving-and-kicking to 3pt shooters, and posting-up. And when he is having it easy, makes it easy for the rest of the Heat too.


  44. Germany says:

    @GameTime – agree with you in the Offence but would do it like this:

    James 1 & 2 since Wade is hurt.
    Bosh – 3
    Allen & Cole – 4
    Battier – 5
    Chalmers – 6
    Haslem – 7 (is a starter)
    Birdman – 8
    Point: The Bench/Role Players will win the Finals for Miami.

    James 1 & 2 because Wade is hurt.
    Cole & Chalmers – 3 (you forgot pressure on the ball, the penetration from the guards (Nate/Bulls) has to be stopped) in the Finals Conley or Parker have to be stopped from entering the Lane. Once the get by Bosh & Birdman – 4
    Battier & Haslem – 5

    The Defence is a Team effort – Traps are a team effort – Rotation is a team effort. There is more hanging together in the Defence than just single coverage’s.

    Bosh is very important for Miami. In the Offence spreading the floor, in the Defence clogging up the middle. This year we will see how important against the Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals. Because of Bosh Heat 4-2 – on to the Finals

    FINALS – Heat vs Spurs or Grizzles – What Charles Barkley wanted. It will lend for a better Finals, the playing against OKC. Heat win 4-3, after adjustments for Gasol and Z-Bo, and home court advantage, 66-16, was good for something.

    Go Heat

  45. Big Al says:

    While we can salute that Bosh is sacrificing his own stats for the welfare of the team, I highly doubt that he is the most important player in Miami. It can be argued that he is ahead of Wade in significance as far as the series is concerned, but LeBron is two-time MVP for a reason.

  46. Uberbunk says:

    Bosh always an outstanding and respectable interviewee

  47. kanto says:

    Bosh deserves more respect! I don’t think any player should start talking hall of fame while they still playing, kinda disrespectful to game and current hall of famers! How quick people forget his numbers in Toronto plus he stepped up against playoff teams while in TO had big numbers against almost every playoff team encountered!
    There are hall of famers with less all star appearances and with no rings! The heat need him to win period! Mike and scottie were great but they dont get those rings without the likes of Horrace and Rodman!
    Respect the mans game it’s past due!

  48. DA_TRUF says:

    Saw the heat for a lot of games in the later rounds of last years playoffs + finals, been addicted to watching their style of play ever since, watched myabe 70 of their games this year juts missed one of their playoff games. That said, i think ive seen enough to say Bosh has actually become a really unique play in this league and sekou is definately right in the sense that when bosh is hot, they can switch james to the powerforward spot on defense and still have him running point gaurd on offense since Bosh has learned to just do whatever he can as a hybrid center/pf on D.
    The result isn’t always pretty, but the point is that whatever matchup bosh has to take on D, the other guys have it way worse when the heat go on offense, forcing head coaches to either try and play through it when their team has 0 experience against this kind of offense and the heat do this every night, or make subs to play small ball which basically plays right into the heats hands of fast paced, gaurd related play.
    People already saying Zeebo and Gasol are going to torch Bosh down low. I’d like to see who the Memphis bigs are going to gaurd when the Heat put 1.Chalmers 2.Wade (or Allen since Wade is hurt) 3.Battier 4.Lebron 5.Bosh on the floor in the fourth. They pretty much the only team in the league who can play with a small lineup like that at such a high level on both ends of the floor, and its not just because of bosh. The quickness of Wade(when healthy)/Chalmers/Cole allows them to often play any gaurd straight up while battier acts as a hybrid defender allowing james to roam the court as needed. The thing about bosh is hes pretty much the ONLY BIG MAN on miami who can both play hybrid on D while not giving up anything on the offensive end. Any other big man on the heat would get beat so badly on D that their offensive production wouldn’t make it worthwhile to have them on the floor. Thats why bosh is so important (to the heat); he the only player who fills that role for them that allows them to play the unique hybrid style few teams can match (least of all the teams built old-school like the Grizzlies.)

  49. Big Gene says:

    Come on now. Bosh has clearly stepped up his game from 2 years ago (When Miami Lost to the Mavs in the finals). He is starting to play bigger. If you are watching the games, you can also notice that he is quicker then most big men and use that to his advantage both offensively and defensively. His ability to rotate allows Miami to be such a big factor on the defensive side of the court. And we have seen Bosh take over the game when needed (Game winner vs Spurs). He may not be putting up superstar numbers but look who he is playing with! LeBron is the best player in the world, and without Bosh being there to spread the court and knock down open jumpers, the lane wouldn’t be as wide as it is right now. As far as Bosh being a Hall Of Famer, I don’t see that being out of the question either because of his All Star recognition and many rings to come.

    • Lichen says:

      Great points, I dont think Bosh is a HOFer right now but 8 time all star who puts up 19 and 9 carreer avg. probably multiple time champion could end up in the HOF

      • Chigchig says:

        Chris Mullin is in the hall of fame… Chris bosh has a better current resume then that..

  50. New Guy says:

    Spurs and Heat in the finals.

  51. ! Tony R says:

    It’s about money ,Wade is hurt , the managemnt talk to him , they are paying good money and it’s time show skills .Miami is the choice for the championship , At this moment Menphis is doing a good job on the west , let’s see …

  52. Zac says:

    Bosh was abused by nowitzki two years ago.
    He will be abused by Gasol and Randolph this year.
    After the finals Game 2 and 3 you will be writing “Miami needs Bosh to step up” but he can’t. Because he is simply not that good.

    • Jake says:

      You’re right, 2 blocks game 2 and 4 game 3…. He’s horrible! now question…. Who’s gonna stop lebron and wade when they drive in the paint? Gason and Randolph will be busy guarding Bosh behind the arc leaving the the paint completely open for the two superstars. That and since when do the Heat play 1 on 1 defense. What makes them so dangerous on defense is how incredible they are at switching and swarming the ball. Bosh doesnt have to shut down gasol or Randolph because he has a variety of help defenders to swarm. Bosh plays his role perfectly.

  53. Game Time says:

    This is how I view the importance of Miami’s players.

    James 1 & 2 since Wade is injured
    Bosh 3
    Allen 4
    Cole 5
    Battier 6
    Chalmers 7
    Birdman 8
    Haslem 9
    The Rest

    James 1 & 2 since Wade is injured
    Bosh 3
    Birdman 4
    Battier 5
    Haslem 6
    Cole 7
    Chalmers 8
    Allen 9
    The Rest

    I guess Bosh is pretty much the 2nd most important player with Wade playing injured.

    • TheStarMiddleschooler says:

      Allens Defense is better then Coles…and Chalmers is better then Coles……What are you On?

  54. voxx says:

    finally, he’s getting some recognition!

  55. RAPS says:

    @ Steppx Yes, and I’m sure you know better than Spoelstra! Are you kidding me? Do you WATCH NBA? No Bosh is not a banger, he is in fact a little soft for his position, but he has far more than just an outside shot. He is a great defender and rebounder. He can score and finish in a myriad of ways and has the ability to create for himself offensively (even though he is not required to do so with the likes of James and Wade on the team). Chris Bosh is an 8-time All-Star… as voted by NBA COACHES. Are you starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together?

    • jose says:

      I agree with the statement: he is not the Best (LBJ is), but when Bosh plays well , Miami Wins…when he play bad , Miami looses. That’s true. Whe he dos nto play well, LBJ is easily enclosed and reduced…and Miami Looses.
      Miami goes as Bosh goes….

  56. steppx says:

    He is the not the most important, he is not the 2nd most important and im not sure he is the 3rd most imporant. I give it to LBJ, Wade (even hurt) and im not sure Birdman isnt third now. Bosh has a nice outside shot. He gets away with playing no defense because LBJ does that, and he has no post up game at all. Put him back on Toronto and you would quickly stop hearing discussion about hall of fame.

    • AJ Mills says:

      No matter how many times you repeat this, you’re still wrong.

      • iknowbasketball says:

        bosh was in Toronto killing it . you sound real stupid dude . bosh can ball but to me he is a little soft in the paint cause he is a finest player rather then a banger but he does it every night and gets it done. he nees to get a little tougher in the paint cause I think he can be like Dwight howard on the boards

      • HEATinUP says:

        Obviously you dont watch or follow closely NBA. Refer back to heat v spurs after bulls snapped the streak on that faithful sunday afternoon.A full strength spurs were stunned by a bosh led heat with two thirds of the big 3 on the bench… you were….as I was.

    • lol says:

      kid i hate the heat n a raps fan bosh was killin it here wat r u sayin lol avg like 24 and 10 numbers were still climbin each yr until he went to the heat my opinion bosh is top 3 pf in the game

  57. steppx says:

    Sekou should know better. Bosh is not a hall of fame player nor he is the most important player on the Heat, or the 2nd most important player, nor do I think he’s even 3rd. LBJ is first, Wade (even injured) is second, and honestly, Im not sure Birdman isnt third now. But the point is that Bosh was never a stud in toronto. He was OK, the best the Raps had. Now he is guy without an inside game offensively, but a good ryan anderson kind of outside game. He rebounds well….though against chicago doesnt count because the Bulls were fielding a D League squad. Bosh is not a banger, not an enforcer, not a post up player, nor is he a very good defender. In fact my biggest complaint is that he isnt a defender at all. He gets by because Le Bron is so absurdly good. Put Bosh back on the Raptors and I ask if he would look like a hall of famer?

    • ZZZZZ says:

      men u dont know what u r talking about …

    • Gman says:

      keep on steppin… cuz you dont know what you are talking about.

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      Bosh is a hall of famer.

      It was looking like he might be a hall of famer back when he was in toronto, but when he joined the heat i think that’s when he clinched it.

      The Big THREE. After lebron made his decision, bosh was right there. It wasnt the BIG TWO. All the media headers said the big three.

      The big miami heat three will go down as such in NBA History headlines, and he is one of those 3.

      Bosh’s stats are good enough for the cut but they aren’t remarkable on their own, the championship is pretty good too and if he gets more rings that also helps. but even if he doesn’t the deal is sealed because being part of the big 3 made him famous (or infamous) and it’s called the hall of FAME for a reason.

      • chalice says:

        I can’t comment about hall of fame but Bosh does appear to be one of the most important (excluding LBJ) players on Miami today. That said, IMHO Bosh is replaceable on the team with another power forawrd/center type of player. Bosh now is like how Gasol was for the Lakers when they won 2 times, great player, but still replaceable. Bosh does need to get more respect around the league by players and fans (like Gasol) but he’s not in the same league as LBJ or Wade (no disrespect but fact). One thing for sure, they need Bosh to have good games to get past Indiana or New York (more Indiana).

      • aaaaaa says:

        I don’t think that can be said yet. Yeah, he’s good and he’s on a great team, but at this point he hasn’t done anything that amazing. He needs to really step up his game over the next few years and win another championship or two before I think he can be called a Hall of Famer. But, I will say I do think this is entirely possible, he has the ability. All this coming from a Celtics fan, but as much as I hate him, I gotta give credit where credit is due.

      • KareemoftheKrop says:

        hall of fame is about lifelong achievement. I don’t know if Bosh deserves it. Why? Because he got his contract with the Heat in time for the Big Move? He was the best player for the Raptors but plenty of good big men will retire without a HOF place. I think maybe the number of championships he wins in the next decade might be the only thing that would get him in and I don’t think that is right.

      • Peter says:

        Bosh is certainly not a hall of famer at this point in his career.

        Firstly he has never been the #1 guy on a dangerous playoff team. Secondly he doesn’t have the individual career acheivements (statistically) of guys like KG, Duncan, Malone, Barkley. Thirdly he has never dominated nor revolutionised how the PF position.

        Bosh is a Shawn Kemp / Vin Baker / Carlos Boozer calibre player. Very good player and an All-Star, but definately NOT hall of fame material.

    • Gary says:

      Lol Man u really shouldnt watch basketball. U know nothing about it. Bosh is probably the best mid range scorer in the game. Talk about defense. Coach k who coaches Duke and the Olympics said that Bosh is probably the best at guarding guys coming off screens in the world. They couldnt run their offense the way they do without him. 6’11 and hes quicker than most bigs. Hes the ultimate team player. Watch what he does for the team not jus for himself then you will value what he does.

      • Peter says:

        Question – has Bosh ever won anything without another superstar (Lebron and Wade) being by his side? I think the Raptors made the playoffs one time and got destroyed in the first round.

        Did Wade ever have success on the Heat without a superstar (Shaq) being by his side? He never got past the first round from memory.

        Lebron carried Cleveland team deep in the playoffs year after year, and while that team was talented and deep, he never really had another superstar by his side. He is the only one of those three guys who can truly say he carried teams to success. There’s no doubt he’s the most important player on the team.

        Bosh’s impact is big yes, but it’s not because he’s Chris Bosh…it’s because he’s the only decent big on the team over the past 2-3 seasons. You could replace him with any significant big (KG, Love, Griffin, Duncan, Hibbert, Aldridge, J-Smith, etc) and the impact would be similar. Bosh’s defensive impact is also overrated – it’s easy to look like a good defender when you have two of the leagues best defenders (Wade and Lebron) on the perimeter.

    • showbaba Canada says:

      You need to go watch your volley ball you don’t belong to this basketball world. Do you even watch Miami regular season to know how MIP Bosh is? Go get a rest. For your cry it will pain you to know that, Lebron, Wade, Bosh, Ray, Howard, Battier, even I will put Mike Miller, they are all future HOF.

      • Peter says:

        Mike Miller, Howard, Battier HOF? That is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

        The only guy in that group that could even dream of it is Battier, but I can only think of two guys who have made the Hall of Fame based on defense (which is really all Battier is known for) – Dennis Rodman and Bill Russel. Maybe also Mutombo, not sure if he is in the HOF or not.

        As good as Battier is defensively, those three guys were on a whole other level of elite…and they were at that same level with rebounding too. Battier is a role player, nothing more. Miller and Howard making HOF is not even worth commenting on,

      • Polite Platypus says:

        I don’t think that’s giving Miami enough credit. Their entire roster belongs in the Hall of Fame, even the guys that are listed as inactive.

    • wtf says:

      bro when did you start watching ball?

    • Lanzzzz says:

      You dont know what youre talking about steppx. You dont watch heat basketball dont you? . Your comment is absolutely dumb. With bosh on fire during a game, miami heat is hard to beat and unstopabble. Your comment is absolutely INVALID. BOSH IS THE MIP OF THE HEAT PERIOD!

    • TheStarMiddleschooler says:

      its funny….Lebron is gonna Kick D Wade off of HIS team sometime…..and Bosh Is the key player… I said this in the 2011 playoffs…they lost because bosh was playing his A-game and LBJ wasn’t Dishing to Bosh

    • Chigchig says:

      he was BETTER at toronto lol.. you make no sense..

      since he left toronoto hasnt been close to playoffs.. in 3 different years he was 20-10 and his career is 19-9..

    • Dylan fry says:

      You’re an idiot and obviously don’t watch much Miami heat basketball

    • Dieter says:

      Bosh was a top 3 power forward in the league when playing for the Raptors, that’s why he got such a high contract. Now in Miami he doesn’t have the same stats as Kevin Love or …, but he surely is a better player and he’s a great player because he does everything the coach asks him to do. He became a team player in Miami, and that’s why they won a title last year. I don’t think he will ever get to Garnett’s level, but he’s as good as any other power forward in the league. If he ain’t a hall of famer, they should scratch alot of names from their current list.

    • will says:

      Stop hatin, u must b a bulls fan ads wipe

    • ko0kiE says:

      birdman third? lol what game are you watching?

    • PutYourNameOnIt says:

      Why does Bosh need inside game anyway… They need his range to stretch defense to create room for LBJ and Wade to drive… You think someone like DH who can’t make a shot 2 feet away from the basket is better suited on the heat? He’ll just create chances for LBJ to perform a butt-fumble bball style.. Come on man.. what are you smoking…

      Also… how is Bosh not a stud in Toronto, you sir must have never watched a single Toronto game… HE was the MAIN REASON why Toronto was any close to the word relevant.. look at Toronto now, it’s a joke.. (i’m a raptors fan)…

      If you put Bosh back to the Raptors, he’ll probably have a even better shot being a HOF (he’ll prob avg sth like 24 pts 9 rebounds).. heck even Mike James was seen like a god player when he was playing here…