Aching Knee Puts Limp In Wade’s Playoff Run



MIAMI – Never let ’em see you wince.

That has been Dwyane Wade‘s mostly successful approach since suffering a deep bone bruise to his right knee against Orlando in early March. Heck, that has been Wade’s approach more or less since he reached the NBA and got busy with that fall-down-578-times, get-up-579 business.

The Miami Heat star shooting guard has had good days and bad days since initially injuring the knee. He has aggravated it, pampered it, fought it, ignored it and, through Miami’s first eight games this postseason, made peace with it. It’s not getting noticeably better, it’s not forcing him to miss significant time in the Heat’s quest to repeat as NBA champions. Stalemate.

Until the second quarter of Game 4 against the Chicago Bulls Monday night at United Center, anyway. When Bulls defender Jimmy Butler banged knees with Wade, Miami’s guy lost in the collision. The pain showed on Wade’s face and he quickly subbed out, getting some treatment and a fresh taping on the Heat bench. He returned and scored six points in the third quarter – but they were his only points of the night and Wade played just 2:39 in the fourth, compared to LeBron James‘ nine minutes and Chris Bosh‘s six down the stretch of the blowout victory.

After Wade’s 10-point performance on 5-of-7 shooting in Game 3, he and coach Erik Spoelstra reminded reporters of Wade’s adjustment and growing deference to James over the past three years. It wasn’t exactly a cover story but it was a diversion, a tale of teamwork and chemistry fit for a two-day break between games.

But after Wade’s 3-of-10 effort in Game 4, a tale of noble motives gives way to the urgency of  his injury, his prognosis and timeline for healing and his availability not just for what’s left of this series – the Heat lead the Eastern Conference semifinals, 3-1, with Game 5 Wednesday at AmericanAirlines Arena – but what’s left of Miami’s title defense.

Spoelstra got defensive on behalf of his star and friend when talking with reporters, as chronicled by the Sun Sentinel’s Shandel Richardson:

“He’s helping us win right now,” Spoelstra said Tuesday. “OK. One of these days boxscores will have your plus-minus impact and maybe eventually people will start to look at a boxscore differently and eventually a new generation of fans, the media, staff will see that’s the most important one and he’s having that impact.”

The Heat have lost just once in the playoffs despite Wade averaging only 12.3 points, nearly nine below his season average. After Monday’s six-point effort against the Bulls, he is averaging 11.3 points in the series.

Wade, 31, ranks fourth in scoring for Miami this postseason and isn’t even the top scoring Marquette product in the series (Butler, 23, is averaging 12.8 for Chicago). But that’s the sort of comparative stuff that rankles Spoelstra.

“I understand the interest level in it, but what you dislike about team sports is people lose sight of the main thing being the main thing,” Spoelstra said. “Dwyane’s proven himself as a warrior, he’s helping us win and at the end of the day we’re up 3-1 with a chance to close out. We knew going into this series that it wasn’t going to be about averages and that was one thing we had to have a discussion about before the series.”

Wade is considered day-to-day, though a guess at his status for Game 4 might be possible, based on the previous round. The Heat were comfortably in control through three games against Milwaukee, so Wade sat out the finale of that sweep. As undermanned and overtaxed as the Bulls are, skipping Wednesday’s game could be the smart option, allowing maximum treatment time before Miami faces the eventual winner of the New York-Indiana series in the East finals.

It’s not as if Wade hasn’t missed time with injuries previously or that the Heat struggle in his absence (they were 12-2 this season when he did not play). Even if his knee doesn’t heal completely in the coming weeks, he’ll do what he can to play through it.

The Bulls, however, don’t have enough firepower or depth to make a diminished Wade a serious problem. That might change in the next round or in The Finals. Also, nagging injuries can sometimes lead to the same outcome as debilitating ones, as James talked about after Game 4 Monday. Remember his aching right elbow and how much attention that got in his final playoff run with Cleveland?

“It lingered throughout the whole playoffs,” James said. “You just try to go out there and give it all you got. It sucks because you know you can do things that the injury isn’t allowing you to do it.

“I know what he’s going through.”


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  2. sanjay says:

    miami needs wade to facilitate the ball! He does not have to go to 20 points! But he is needed on the floor for at least 25 minutes! He has to take a weeks rest and come back to give some quality minutes in the eastern conference finals!

  3. LeggoHEAT says:

    Wade can’t go back to being FLASH or BIW anymore, that’s all behind him now. Yet, he’s still a vital part of the team, which is most important. What he’s achieved in the past will forever immortalize him in the books, he’s now in that stage of his career where he paves the way for the younger ones to shine by playing efficient and smarter basketball. All the great ones have been there and done it.

  4. sunny says:

    So where are those hyped up Chicago fans who thought Chicago will beat the Heat in 5 games? Lmao Chicago considers itself to be a physical team but clearly we have seen in the series when Miami brings physicality in the game then Chicago just cries and gets ejected. Then when they lose the blame the refs. Simply put out Miami is going to the finals again this year and winning it all. Pacers? Uh no they can’t beat Miami 4 games out 7. No team in the Nba right now can beat Miami 4 games out of 7. Miami is just too strong and once they get angry we know what happens. We all know what happened to Pacers last year, what happened to Boston last year and Chicago this year. I actually never get nervous if Miami loses a game because I know what this team brings after a loss.

  5. yay says:

    Go Pistons!

  6. I agree with those who say D-Wade should sit out game 5. Rest up and get ready for Indiana D-Wade, my man!

  7. Adey86 says:

    He may be 31 but he is part of the heart and soul of this team. He still commands double coverage in games and is ALWAYS a threat to score, steal, block a shot, dunk on anyone in his path. Just like any sport, people get hurt and people deal with it and do whatever they can for their team to succeed.

  8. Esteban says:

    My knees are aching all the time and all I do is lift weights and jog 2 – 3 miles 3 times a week. Can’t imagine how basketball players knees are… or feel.

  9. james says:

    Either way if wade sits out tonight the Heat will still win. next series the heat will not have a problem with whoever they play just because they have great starters and an awesome bench. Wade is wanted but not needed, and im not saying anything less of him im a heat fan and wade is and always will be #1 on the Miami Heat.

  10. Alex says:

    We are going to need gim big time against Indy in ECF. They are big and they crash the boards fiercely. We’re gonna need all the help.

  11. Bob says:

    Let’s be honest here…. D-Wade is washed up and the Heat only depend on Lebron now. So this doesn’t really make a difference.

  12. Heatr#1 says:

    Wade rest all u need because if your not playing game 5 James and bosh and maybe ray Allen will play real hard and we hav home court advantage. Get well soon wade.

  13. Dwade3 says:

    Yea he needs to rest, because every time he faces the pacers he scores well. We need that from him

  14. Stu-Brew says:

    Since Wade will be out and resting it’s time for the Heat to start Ray Allen for once.

  15. CM says:

    soon as he is 100% he will be FLASH again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. GoodBasketballFan says:

    I agree @ LBJKIN6JAMES.
    Obviously Wade is the Soul and the heart of the Heat . Lebron is just an arm (or maybe both arms). But without Wade there will be no championship…
    So get well Wade.

  17. Kusse Karos says:

    Jimmy Buckets…stop hating just enjoy watching people with talent and can play basketball…your comment makes me think the only ball you ever handle were your testicles when you wash them…player rating comes from numbers so don’t say he is overrating because he won’t get a good rate if his numbers weren’t good…

  18. TD says:

    D- Wade sit it out and let it heal… Spo- shut him down and give him the opportunity to rest. Allen- this is why you the HEAT picked you up- its your time Vet! God’s Speed.The World is looking at you ALL!

  19. JTARBIOL says:

    D WADE out? no prob! JESUS SHUTTLESWORTH and MIKE M. are there 🙂

  20. Don't give a fuk says:

    Truth is he is getting older and he cant keep being a slasher. Wade you need to start devolping a reliable jumper. real talk

  21. Kobeblackhole says:

    most uneducated coment i ever heard ever came from “Basketball Expert” i think he watches golf instead of basketball, dude you are living in Jupiter lol

  22. edrian0624 says:

    Lets Go DWade, just let it heal and play again in the next series..

  23. Dennis says:

    Dwayne Wade: 48,9% with 24,7 average career points
    Kobe Bryant: 45,4% with 25,5 average career points
    Michael Jordan: 49,7% with 30,1 average career points (including his last two years in Washington, so both pct and avg are higher actually)

    Maybe numbers is just a good way to lie, but when we talk about hundreds of games and ten years of playing in the NBA, numbers here show D-Wade is not THAT overrated. Maybe not Jordan or Kobe, but still a lot closer to them than many others. Plus, his 2006 Finals MVP performance was the closest we have seen in recent years to MJ’s finals performances.

    Heat still can make it to the next round, they’re a well shaped team that’s not dependent in a high level to anyone except maybe Lebron but not as much as other teams like Lakers – Kobe, OKC – Westbrook etc.

  24. Mons says:

    The thing is, even the guy should not be on the floor because injury, it is always useful to have him on the floor for what people seems to always forget and what is one of the most important thing in basketball : spacing.

    Even if he is not 100% he is always a danger for any D.
    But now that this serie is closed, and fact that this serie was very rough, the best choice is to sideline him and get him prepared for next round, where he will be expected at his best…

    Wade, overrated ? Come on you guys, be serious…

  25. Big Al says:

    Get well soon, Wade. Rest in Game 5 if you have to; it’s not worth risking it against the Chicago Thugs.

  26. Gibson says:

    Some of you guys got your heads up your butts.. saying Wade is overrated, or Shaq carried Miami in 2006.. when did you guys start watching basketball. ? the ignorance is real .

  27. M1978 says:

    The Miami Heat are the least injury affected team in the NBA right now. Bosh, Wade, LBJ, even Ray Allen remained healthy. Other teams are battered down from injury, the Lakers had to pull in D Leauge players because of the many sidelined players. OKC lacks is biggest superstar. Chicago’s probably best player: D Rose has been injured since last playoffs, and the other players have continously problems as well. You could tell this all they long.
    One great part of the Heat’s success it’s their big luck to stay healthy.

    Wade getting injured would only mean the Heat have lost some of their incredible luck of having a healthy roster. In my wiew that would point in the direction of somewhat evening the chances.
    The other side of the story is that no player deserves to be hindered by injury because it’s not fair to the individual. I don’t wish any player to be injured no matter how symphatetic or not sympathetic he is.

  28. Rhedz says:

    Wade’s pretty banged up…he should take a rest and do some prep work for the east finals….james and bosh can close the remaininder of this series. Bosh, james, battier, allen, chalmers for starters and anderson, haslem, lewis, miller and cole for back up…and you got anthony just in case bosh or anderson gets in trouble…dunno if james jones in the rotation but if he is then he can pretty much back up battier and james and do some damage outside….seriously…heat can smoke the bulls from the outside…they do this and they’ll avoid those contact that can get them injuries…they got outside fire power…they should use it…but i say the end result would surely be 4-1 … Better luck nxt time bull fans…this is as far as you can go….maybe in 2 years time after the heat gets their 4th straight win…4peat baby!!!!!!

  29. LebronShaqfan says:

    Also, we have to remember DWade’s age. Aches and Pains will happen to us all. But this doesn’t mean that he cannot play the game and produce. DWade is a WARRIOR! He will help lead the Heat to another championship. Love you WADE!

  30. lifon says:

    I remember people saying at the beginning of this season, that dwade is done, ran out of gas etc., once again (remember his shoulder injury). And once again he has proven every disbeliever, that he not only can still play at high level, but also raise his game to higher, more productive level (remember, his shoots over 50% this season from the field averaging over 20 pts per game). Although i must admit, that all those injuries catching up to him. It would be wise to let him sit out not only the rest of this series, but also maybe couple of games (maybe more, if things go well for the heat) of the next series, too. Healing takes time, and playoff basketball being as tough as it is, there is a big possibility of aggravating the knee injury. All those, who are saying that dwade is overrated, must ask themselves, why would a nba team pay as much as they are paying him, if he is “chump”, as some have said? Simple as that. And if still not satisfied, just look at the stats. I hate when people judge players subjectively not objectively!

  31. rvman says:

    As a bulls fan, i dont think wade is overrated… but he’s getting a little beat up physically… getting older, not as explosive.

  32. Loki says:

    Looks ugly for the Heat once this series is over. Lebron may be the new face of the Franchise but wade is a vital piece of the puzzle

  33. Basketball Expert says:

    Everybody on this blog is confused. Let me remind you that Dwayne Wade is a mediocre player. He has never demonstrated he can be a star player even before the Lebron James era. Shaq carried the Heat when he was on the team. Wade has never exhibited MVP type qualities. He is more of the likes of a Latrell Sprewell. That said, the Heat are poised to win the championship again this year with or without Wade.

    • Johnny says:

      40+ @ finals and shaq is carrying the team? Shaq did carried the team when he’s in LA, he’s the mvp. Who’s the mvp against the dallas? Shaq? LMAO!

    • Pakyaw says:

      Shaq carried the heat?!dwade was averaging 35 a game in the finals(2006) of the best and highest avg. in nba history(next to m.j)..Shaquille?..really?.. Pfft!

    • Your name is a lie says:

      Damn, you’re dumb. Wade CARRIED the Heat to their 1st championship in ’06 with some crazy good play, and the stats prove it. ESPN rated his ’06 performance the best EVER in NBA history (

      He’s also been very high in MVP races, and took home a finals MVP. You’re plain stupid man.

    • eohgoeringeorngm says:

      I take it you didn’t watch the finals with shaq and wade… he pulled that dallas team apart.. people need to stop being so deluded. yeah wade is on his way out of his prime, what do you expect the dude is like 31 this is why the big 3 came together he said so himself after getting knocked out of the playoffs in the 1st round that it wouldn’t happen again.

    • Real Basketball Expert says:

      Really? you’re calling yourself a basketball expert? DId you even watch the 2005-2006 season? Did you even watch the 2006 NBA Finals? Apparently you have no clue what the hell you are talking about. Heat were down 0-2 in the series and Wade managed to avg nearly 40 ppg 8 reb 5 ast literally carrying shaq and the rest of the Heat to the championship being ultimately named FINALS MVP. He also carried the heat during the rest of the playoffs and season. Shaq was averaging near career lows during that season and missed 18 games. You are obviously the one confused. Sprewell does not even come close to DWade’s career. So please have some knowledge about basketball before proclaiming yourself an expert. It just makes you look like an idiot.

    • Mons says:

      Damn Sir, you’re so wrong…

    • DJ3 says:

      You call yourself a basketball expert? Let me remind you that D-Wade carried this team to 40 some wins year after year with scrubs. He won a championship with Shaq, but by that time Shaq wasn’t what he was. D-Wade was the main man.

    • Zeebo 24 says:

      damm just look at the stats “basketball expert” , mvp type qualities ? : 2006 Finals and especially the hole 2009-2010 season that no one seems to admit

    • jayjay says:

      Like Kobe and Penny, D Wade is the type of guard to really exploit the attention a franchise big can give a scoring guard. Although i wouldnt call D wade a mediocre player, I understand where you are coming from. He is highly skilled, and, although out of his absolute prime, he can be a major threat to any defensive scheme because of his multi-faceted game. I think the presence of Shaq, then LBJ has made DWade go from great, to all-time HOF calibre type of guy. Their presence has enhanced his abilities. Without them, he is another great talent; look no further than the all star selections to see similar players.

      Now, I am unsure what type of reaction you want out of the Sprewell comparison, but I believe if Sprewell was paired with legit superstars like DWade has been, Spree would be always included in the discussions of the greats. He had a rough career outside of bball to say the least. But Sprewell’s skill set is on par with Dwade’s. I give Latrell the nod for man-to-man defense, Wade the nod for shot blocking. Both are offensively gifted, but Wade has a mental edge, while Spree was streaky and emotional, therefore he had to be angry, determined etc to really be a game changer. Spree could slash and create, D wade works better in ISO. Spree ran better, was quicker with mad endurance, D Wade can go there too. Both have a jumpshot. Both strong. Both clutch. Wade wants to lead, Sprewell by decree; he never was groomed nor wanted to be the man.

      I don’t get when people get offended with the comparison. JVC, Thibs, Nelson, Pop all loved Sprewell and thought of him as a great player. Wade is a great shooting guard now. To me, this is a good comparison.

      • jayjay says:

        **JVG, as in van gundy, not the electronics giant hahah
        But, to conclude, I wish DWade good health. Its good to see him at 100% creating off the dribble. no matter how much you might hate the Heat, you gotta respect a talented guard showing what he can do.

  34. elyboi says:

    HEAT WILL LOSE? Get real. Miami Heat roster is deep, no Dwade no problem. We have rayray and Mike Miller James Jones too. its gon be rainin 3’s again. Norris has been great in post season, everybody is steppin up.
    a rematch with Pacers will be a good one, but they dont have granger. Paul george is proving himself he can be elite player, but still not enough to beat the heat.
    ECF: Pacers Vs Heat
    FINALS: Heat vs Spurs/Grizzlies

  35. Aussie says:

    Wade and James are everything that six about the game. Of course they are incredibly talented athletes and ballers. But egos and attitudes to boot. Look at me look at me. Me me me me me me. How about James reaction to being called for travelling in game 4. Yes Lebron. You so clearly travelled like very other trip u take to the rim. Shrugs his shoulders in disbelief and pouts.. Man up lebron. I’m not a hater before you all start. Just wish the stars of today were more baller and less celebrity.

    • Johnny says:

      Since when nba isn`t about stars? Please name an era.

    • Mons says:

      I strongly agree !

    • DWade for President says:

      Being a Ballers comes along with an instant Celebrity status….and as far as ego and attitude….and pouting…..that is the entire sports world….I have seen players argue calls in soccer…baseball….hockey….tennis….**you get my point**….but it doesn’t mean they are pouting….I don’t think I have seen a player willingly give the ball up say to the ref…..”yeah….you got me….I fouled him”….or “Yeah, I traveled…here take the ball and give it to the opposing team”…..not how the game is played…you might wanna try watching Dancing with the Stars or maybe Golf….how about Cheerleading…..something that doesn’t require the men in stripes to be around. Just Say’n….DWade….play your game and get some rest if that is what you need…..but you all will repeat this year….

    • DJ3 says:

      But I bet you think Kobe, who thinks he can do whatever he wants, get coaches fired, tell management who to trade, who to sign, is the lone superstar that’s not like that. Guess what, they are ALL like that. Atleast LeBron and Wade only do maybe 40% of the stuff you said.

  36. esmond holmes says:

    Thats why we picked up rayray

  37. Heat will lose says:

    Sorry but without Wade the HEAT will not win against the PACERS this year.. Next year the Heat will be getting more older.. No more RINGS for Lebron.. HAHAHA

  38. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    There is no doubt that Wade is the heart and soul of this team, and the chemistry that Wade and Lebron have is amazing.. but eventually someone has to ask the question of when Wade will retire and what will happen to the Heat next ? Do they try and sign Kyrie Irving or another superstar to fill Wade’s shoes? Because as much as ppl don’t want to admit it, Wade is on his way out of his prime and plagued with injury, after injury… will he soon be forced to retire ?

    • johnny K says:

      I love Wade but the Heat won’t need to sign another star when he retires.. They always draft well and over the last two years the Heat are like 35-4 without Wade because Bron actually enjoys playing like he did in Cleveland (now that he actually has one or two other shooters and a real 2nd option). Sad to see the possible end of Wade but the Heat are just fine as long as Bron stays strong (which he has for his entire career). Funny thing is that all LeBron ever needed was Bosh (wade is just gravy! very delicious gravy but still gravy..), if Bosh had gone to Cleveland then LBJ never would’ve left, but that city and Dan Gilbert scared away every legitimate star in the NBA and he had no choice but to get out of there and become a GM so he could just create his own championship team 🙂

  39. santigue ibsen says:

    DWade need to rest so he could be back for the ECF WE LOVE


  40. Wade has been my favorite player since he came out of Marquette. He needs to do what is best for himself and his team. i definitely agree that he needs to sit out the rest of the series, and find that which is inside him to push for the 3rd championship in the Conference Finals and the Finals.

  41. Anonymous says:

    The consequence of athletic play is finally catching up with wade
    Now let’s see what happens to lebron

  42. Aram says:

    Wade is just chilling, waiting for the Pacers to arrive. Oh yeah! rematch!

  43. Kobeblackhole says:

    Now wouldt it be great if wade wouldnt be able to get back due to his injury, then heat still end up as champions? lots of haters out there that lebrons gonna smack up. hahaha Look at this Jimmy BUckets comment, you sure is a hater sir, knee problems are no joke, drose, westbrook, baron davis its a career threatening injury, you surely havent even played basketball yourself, without your knees 100% you are nothing in the basketball world. insurance policy if they lose? what are you a 5 year old kid? NBA teams are professionals, they strive to win, not make up stories just so they can lose, with the way miami is playing with wade almost a nothing in this playoffs, they dont need no excuses because win or lose Miami Heat stand as a TEAM unlike your lakers who plays the pointing blaming game.

  44. @ don't you ever click my name says:

    Hahaha I feel sorry for your lakers wahahaha sweep”””!! And Kobe, he will not recover wahahahah ahaha he will be in a wheel chair wahahaha

    • Johnny says:

      What wheel chair? He’s going to retire, haven’t you heard. Kobe’s done and so did the lakers, Sorry, Fakers.

  45. D.Allen says:

    Jimmy Buckets!!!!! What!!!!! Wade overated???????????? Did you see the finals against Dallas???????????????

  46. Rockman Rex says:

    Hang in there D-Wade. Hopefully tomorrow, which Heat has home court advantage, that they will close out the series out with the Bulls and will rest up again like they did when they swept the Bucks. We will need him throughout the playoffs to make it to the Finals, and win ring #3.Go Heat!!!

  47. Imran Khan says:

    Wade needs to rest for the Heat to go to the finals. He needs to be putting up at least 20 per game for the Heat to win it all!!!
    #Wade is a beast!!!

  48. hopefully put a limp to miami’s championship run hahaha!

    • Johnny says:

      lakers fan?

      • jose says:

        Yes , this guy is always hidding down ,like a worm , like a poisonous snake and them , He or She(?)Jumps out from behind and bites;Get the F out of here LAKER looser…Go see if you Kobe finally wins his fight against his own mother ,,,since He cuold not do it against the King James…GTFO

  49. Jimmy Buckets says:

    his “injury” is just a crutch he can use to explain his poor performance and also serves as an insurance policy for the Heat in case they loose. Example: We only lost cause wade wasn’t 100%…..he has always been overrated (perhaps the most overrated of all time) and is even more so now

    • Uberbunk says:

      Wade is a proven champion and has performed marvelously as well as competitively on numerous occasions…its regrettable he is injured so reguarly in his knees

    • Dirty south says:

      Get real

    • LakersWillWin says:

      I would not say he is over-rated, but rather the longetivity of his career is in question.

      • jose says:

        Yes , that’s it : He just got old “athletically”…He’s got the will but their legs are not there…He gave us two crowns…He is our hero in Miami…but father time always catches up!!!!

    • Johnny says:

      Like Rose Right?
      Example: We only lost cause Rose wasn’t there…..he has always been overrated (perhaps the most overrated of all time) and is even more so now

    • Zeebo 24 says:

      come on man ! He is one of the most underrated you mean ! I mean look at his stat lines in the 2009-2010 season, he should have been mvp that year and the problem with Lebron’s arrival is that it ruined his stats, even though he has become more effictive and that of course the the Heat has become a better team. Still, it ruins his stats.

    • New Yorker says:

      LOL, haters r gonna hate

  50. love says:

    get better dwade man from since last year his knee been messed up

  51. mee(a)t says:

    Wade’s body is an enigma…i mean seriously, he can not perform if he’s not 100% healthy. 80%, expect like 12 points at most

  52. z says:

    wade is wisely using the collision to hide his need for rest and prep. He struggled last year against the Pacers and he doesn’t want any excuse this year. Miami will likely run him through film in preparation for the next round, while LeBron and Bosh close out the Bulls series.

  53. D from Japan says:

    I hope he comes back with fresh knees in the ECF. We will need him in clutch situations in the next two rounds.
    Hopefully they will let him sit out and rest in the next game, especially when the game is getting more physical and rough.
    Go HEAT!!!

  54. NBA@Miami says:

    Man,,, dwade is my fav player. He needs to sit out till next series. However,, I think there is something wrong with him that heat are not telling anyone

  55. Heat1 says:

    Luv u wade get better