Thunder Getting Desperate To Provide Durant Help


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Late in the first quarter Kevin Durant wanted a foul on emerging nemesis Tony Allen and put up an awkward shot that bounced off the backboard and triggered an Allen breakaway. To prevent a layup, the retreating Durant leaped and fouled Allen on the way to the rim, came down, punched the air in frustration and told referee Ken Mauer of his possession at the other end: “That was a foul, man.”

All the while Allen shot his free throws, Durant pleaded his case. On the ensuing inbounds pass, Allen blanketed Durant and he fell to the floor. During the quarter break, Durant, with a towel draped around his shoulders at mid-court, continued to address Mauer.

Durant pounded the chest of struggling forward Serge Ibaka after he missed a free throw. After a near-steal by Memphis’ aggressive team defense, Durant animatedly jabbed at the sky with his index finger and urged second-year guard Reggie Jackson to throw the ball higher when he’s backing down his man.

Durant, asked to bang with burly Grizzlies center Marc Gasol on the defensive end, took an inadvertent elbow from the big man square in the jaw, doubled-over and covered his face with his hands.

As Game 3 was ticking down Saturday evening to a Memphis Grizzlies 87-81 victory for a 2-1 series lead, Durant crouched down and planted both hands on the floor, tired and realizing that it is up to him to pick up this fight, to keep the season going, in 48 hours. With Allen now hounding him for chunks at a time, Durant finished with 25 points on 9-for-19 shooting after starting 6-for-8. He had 11 rebounds and five assists. He logged 45 minutes, 44 seconds, which might or might not have contributed to him going 2-for-5 from the free throw line in the second half.

He had two points in the fourth quarter. In the last two fourth quarters, starting with the final 3:18 of the Thunder’s Game 2 loss at home when the hard-edged guard Allen truly started to stick to Durant, the three-time scoring champ is 1-for-7 from the floor and 0-for-2 from the free throw line.

“Tony’s great man,” Grizzlies teammate Zach Randolph said. “Tony’s a dog, man. He’s in the mud.”

Welcome to KD’s world. The reality of All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook — Allen’s more natural counterpart –being shelved is in full effect and it’s not pretty. The Grizzlies are doing all they can to grit-and-grind their way to making life as uncomfortable as possible for Durant, forcing his teammates to step up, and especially late in these games, each of which have been up for grabs in the final three minutes.

“I’ve said it before, when a guy has the ball and has to score like that it takes energy, and the more you make him work, that’s the best you can do,” Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins said. “You can’t stop Kevin Durant, he’s a great player, but he played 45, 46 minutes and he’s asked to carry a huge load for them. As the game goes on other people for them, they start taking the load away from him a little bit, but I don’t think that we can stop him. I’m not attributing it to us.”

Thunder coach Scott Brooks said Durant’s heavy minutes were not a factor in going 3-for-11 after his great start and 1-for-4 in a second consecutive poorly executed final few minutes.

The 24-year-old Durant continues to say he can shoulder any load. But, he has to have help. Ibaka is a mess offensively, clanging 11 more shots in  Game 3 — unfathomably including two dunks and a 1-foot hook, and running his series shooting percentage to 33.3 percent. This from a man who shot a career-best 57.3 percent in the regular season.

Since Ibaka missed that difficult put-back under the rim at the end of the Game 4 loss to Houston, his shooting has plummeted from 22-for-38 to 23-for-66. Durant acknowledged that Ibaka’s mind is a mine field.

“We have to get him confidence,” Durant said. “We have to get him some shots and get him going. We can’t let him put too much pressure on himself. It’s all in his mind. If he thinks he is going to make those shots, then he is going to make them. I have to pick him up and that is what I have been doing.”

Kevin Martin shouldn’t need picking up in his ninth season, although this is the first pressurized postseason of his career. No matter, he is nearing bust status when his team needs him most. He, too, missed 11 more shots as his 50-point, two-game breakout to close out Houston and to get OKC off to a 1-0 start against the Grizz appears more like a mirage. His shooting stats in the last two games: 8-for-28 from the floor and 1-for-5 from beyond the arc.

In this series, Durant is averaging 32.0 points on 33-for-66 shooting from the floor. The rest of the Thunder are 62-for-172 (36.0 percent). They’ve struggled to score against Memphis’ gritty defense, averaging 85.6 points — 20 below their season average. Yet they’ve been right there, in position to snag the last two games.

Game 3 was theirs to take. They outrebounded Memphis, limited their turnovers, held Randolph to eight points and one offensive board. OKC was unusually spotty from the foul line (12-for-19) and awful from beyond the arc (5-for-18), but Derek Fisher’s 3-ball tied it at 81-81 with 1:58 to go. Much like Game 2, they wouldn’t score again.

Durant and Brooks both reiterated that they won’t change their approach offensively. Durant won’t play hero ball. He’ll continue to look for teammates in the structure of the halfcourt offense, which Durant said is working fine. They just need to make shots, he said.

“We missed two dunks, we missed three or four layups in the paint, we missed some wide open 3s,” Durant said. “We’re getting the right shots. We’re getting shots that our offense gives to us. We just have to knock them down.”


  1. OC says:

    Thunder won’t win the Finals anyway. The Thunder are done, let’s just accept it.

    • ThorEatsBacon says:

      Heck no! Kevin Durant will shoot till his arms fall off. He’s said it before.

      • JJP says:

        Not enough, Grizzlies playing team ball because of deep bench and no major injuries. Even really good teams cannot avoid, unfortunately. Why is KD wearing Sonics ball cap in team shoot around for last two practice as reported ? Odd, must have something to do with the saga, kind of like watching WWE, lot drama!

  2. MJfromOKC says:

    OKC with Russell Westbrook was the clear favorite to come out of the west and the way Miami has been playing I think they could have won the title this year.

  3. ThorEatsBacon says:

    Why is everyone bring LeBron and Kobe into this? This is an article about Kevin Durant and what the OKC Thunder need to win this series! Not LeBron. Not Kobe. Not Michael Jordan. LeBron, Kobe and Kobe are both amazing players, but what is the point of adding them into the conversation? This is not an article about Kevin Durant vs LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. This is, like i said, an article about what Kevin Durant and the Thunder have to do to beat the Grizzlies and move on to the conference final. Have you LeBron bandwagoners even seen LeBron’s stats during the 2007 finals series? They were nothing compared to what KD is avaraging now. I love KD, and the Thunder and i hope they win this series. Kudo’s to the Grizzlies performance too.

  4. `Sophie says:

    Memphis is a very talented team that is simply better than OKC. Even with Westbrook, Memphis would still win. People spend time making excuses for OKC instead of excepting that Memphis is the better team.

  5. alp says:

    Serge Ibaka needs to step up.. at least kevin martin won’t hesitate on the shots he takes, last game serge ibaka hesitated on all of his jumpshots, missed almost all of them and just played AWFUL. he isn’t even looking for his shot anymore.. who knew russell westbrook had such an impact on this team… just kidding, if you thought the thunder were better without russell westbrook just stop watching basketball.

  6. Big Al says:

    All I hear is blame Martin for all this chaos. No Westbrook means Durant-only offense in the starting lineup. There’s no mention of Sefo not making enough shots. He’s a shooting guard, for Pete’s sake. No one needs 95% defense at the two. And Serge needs to be a lot more than Iblocka, plus Perk doing a lot more. The loss of Harden is inevitable; you can’t keep a budding superstar on a sixth-man role forever.

    Memphis-Golden State Western finals!

  7. peterpan says:

    memphis @ game 5!!!

  8. Ray says:

    Got to admit with all on the Harden factor too. He was Casper against the Heat last playoffs. You know if he was back with the Thunder these playoffs, he would’ve redeemed himself for sure. Still I like that he has the opportunity in Houston to be the main man there. Love the way he plays!!

  9. RocketsFan says:

    Durant, however great he is, cannot do it on his own. They should have amnestied Perkins, and use it to resign Harden next season. Anyway, OKC loss is Houston gain. Go Rockets.

  10. HCaine says:

    OKC will not be the Same without harden….Harden is a scorer and a PLAYMAKER…so sad for OKC wrong move to let harden go….tsk tsk tsk..

  11. arsicolangbayan says:

    K-Mart was traded for James Harden to fulfill that sixth man role, which he is miserably failing. The lone bright spot besides Durant is Reggie Jackson, but I still think he is not a consistent complimentary to KD. OKC needs more from the others, or else they will be done.

  12. Anonymous says:

    KD has to have his clutch time every quarter and just stop making plays like 2-3 mins before a quarter ends. OKC is doing great on the defense and held ZBo and Conley poorly on the offensive end, KD just need to fill what westbrook could do on the score sheets means he has to take more shots than usual just like the Grizz go to Marc Gasol when they needed him. Now its up to Scott Brooks how he could make plays to make KD take shots that are more comfortable and that means he should give KD double screens or let other player switch on him so that it would be easy for KD to score. Scott Brooks need to step up his game plays and make his player that an easy shot instead of having hard time getting the ball into his players hands.

  13. anonymousfan says:

    I bet the fair weather fan base of OKc are loving this. Derek “the leach” fishers flops combined with ibakas liability offense plus martins inconsistent jump shot will cost the thunder the series. Oh yea cant forget about kendrick “the slouch” perkings.Can’t knock Durant though the man is a legend in the making.

  14. He's trying.... says:

    Sad thing is KD is TRYING to get his teammates involved so that they can spread the floor and give him more of an opportunity later in the game…. but like someone else said above, they paid for Ibaka instead of Harden and with K mart only being in his second playoff series they are CHOKING when KD gets them the ball….

  15. lbj says:

    they NEED Brian Scalabrine

  16. Bill gobble says:

    Yup. OKC are done….

  17. Ray says:

    OKC just go hard until you guys elimnated. Another good season but you’re not winning a title this year. Go the PISTONS!!! 🙂

  18. karmaouz says:

    durant needs help, it’s easy, call westbrook, or his mother. i’m still terrified by the “familly is big” clip. (familly is big, kd durant is bigger)

  19. :::::))))))) says:

    Good luck to thunder

  20. Nico says:

    That’s when you see that trading Harden was a big mistake! With Harden on the team, OKC would already be 3-0. I understand that the contract offered to Harden was enourmous, but seriously didn’t he deserve it? Expecially seeing what he has done in Houston this season? OKC is now lacking a X-factor to win and K. Martin is not even a factor at all now…

  21. 80s90sBaller says:

    To all the Westbrook Haters:

    What happened to your thinking that the “Thunder would be better off without Westbrook.”??

    What you seem to not understand is Westbrook brings A LOT to the team, yes he has his flaws, but his positives outweigh his negatives 2:1.

    I actually believed that the Thunder were the best team in the NBA when they had Harden and Nate Robinson on the bench, unfortunately last year during the Finals, it actually looked like Westbrook was the only one who was ready.. too bad this year the Cobra Kai swept the Leg of the Thunder, nice work Beverly. =P’ At any rate, for those, even the self proclaimed experts that think that the Thunder are better off without Westbrook, you are obviously wrong!

    If Ibaka, Sephalosha & Martin don’t get their SHtuff together it’s over. Oh well, I’m happy for my boy Steph Curry and the Warriors though!

    • Geiffrey Sorkin says:

      Beverly made a basketball play attempting an aggressive steal. Westbrook moves like Derrick Rose. The result of that? When you are trying to make an explosive blow by and someone goes across your body injuries are bound to happen. Look at a few of Rose’s lesser injuries last year.

      • Jammin says:

        Westbrook moves like derrick rose eh. That may be the case but if you recall the injury occurred after a timeout was called. Westbrook was casually jogging to his bench. Rose and Kobe’s injury’s are unfortunate but respectful. Westbook’s was just STUPID.

      • alp says:

        the whistle was blown before beverly reached, go back and watch it.. guys do that all the time and it’s always been a reckless play. this time there happened to be an unfortunate ending to it. i really don’t know what your talking about when you say westbrook cause it, he was running to the bench and beverly lunged into his knee.. not rus’s fault at all.

    • JJP says:

      Westbrook healthy, Harden and Nate! I totally agree and it could take a couple years to get that chemistry again!

  22. g says:

    it would be easier with westbrook in the lineup but i think overall the team has lost confidence since they ve lost him everyone is so static offensively,..all waiting for kevin to be magical,…im amazed to see that at this caliber of play, guys cant get that confidence. i think that even westbrook was playing it would be tough serie memphis as been a tough team to play all year.
    and then again i know everyone forgot but this team is not the same since harden

  23. David says:

    Now he really understands the feeling of carrying a team on his shoulder. Durant is a very talent player and this situation will help him grow up more. However, no title this year, sorry KD.

  24. IMissWestbrook says:

    Martin has to knock down more shots!!!!

  25. danmacatuno says:

    KD can’t do it all. OKC needs Westbrook even if they’re lucky to get past the Grizz. They will get ambushed by the Spurs in the WCF. Sorry KD but you need to rest and get ready for next year.

  26. OctoPPus says:

    w Westbrook out – OKC turned into a “ordinary team ” and probably done for this season ….

    maybe Heat r right – is it worth to struggle in regular so hard? – Bulls last year – same story ….

    This is not only about KD, or Martin or Ibaka or anyone else – Bryant tried to prove something – we all saw the outcome –

    OKC fans want to see KD beside Westbrook ??? (i really feel for him) – watching the game from the bench togather?

    Get a real view on it – ur car goes as far as ur fuel is still on – but when it’s about to end – that’s the deal ….

    Take Howard next season – that would be a kick-a..

  27. kenny says:

    Durant needs help ibacka and martin needs to step it up Durant is doing all he can

  28. Gary Payton says:

    Too much for KD alone and not enough supporting cast… Grizzlies in 6 !

  29. theholyspectator says:

    its clearly evident durant isnt the number 2 superstar of the nba like we all thought he was, hes just one half of the dynamic duo…hes not skilled enough to take this team all the way to the finals on his back…sure he can score and great free throw shooter but doesnt have that killer instinct to win and to do it all on his own. he needs a player like westbrook by his side, looks like another bust season for OKC…grizz vs spurs for WCF should be a good one

    • ROCKETS says:

      Dude Durant’s doing all he can but his team isnt doing anything. If he replaced Lebron on the Heat he would win it all too.

    • thunderup says:

      35 PPG not enough he proofed he’ll step up other player have to.if the team keeps playing the way they are he needs 50 every game to win and thats to mush to ask for.really they shoudnt win this series without westbrook.but they still can

  30. Webbie says:

    This isn’t Kevin Martin’s fault. People shouldn’t be blaming Kevin Martin for this. We all knew K-Mart was no James Harden, and then we lost Westbrook. OKC should be expecting to lose to the Grizzlies at this point.

  31. Jean Junior BOUTIN says:

    Kevin Durant is stressed out. Like last year, Westbrook took the lead over him, he needs someone else to take it again this year. Look how he lost the 2 last free throws at the end of the game!!! He was supposed to be the one to rely on in the last minutes … but unfortunately, he doesn’t have that leadership.

    • alp says:

      nah man… i think Kevin Durant has the leadership, but i do think he’s still in the mindset of having a guy like rus on the team even though there isn’t. thats why in at least 1 or 2 quarters in every game since rus’s injury he just seems to be completely out of the loop and barely scores or maybe not at all. but also late game you can see Durant calling for the ball and reggie jackson and d fish decide it’s their time and start jacking shots like crazy.. d fish is proven clutch, but hes not KD. reggie jackson is not proven clutch and he continues to do this foolishness, trust me THATS whats gonna cost okc a trip to the WCF or nba finals.

  32. Patty says:




    • Pakyaw says:

      @ patty , u need to shut up now…your lakers is gone fishing,and your Kobe is gonna retire next season…durant is not a superstar? Pfft!

    • bigwes95 says:

      Patty! you’re annoying and should never be allowed to comment unless it is somewhat logical. Durant is a superstar. no superstar can carry a team to the finals by themselves unless their name is LeBron James. and then they get swept anyways. and without westbrook then he automatically goes from superstar to all-star? because that’s basically what you just said. without westbrook he’s not a superstar, but with him he is. he doesn’t change! his team does! and it doesn’t matter if he cried, larry bird cried after losing to magic in college after the championship game.

    • thunderup says:



      • alp says:

        finally… a fellow thunder fan or even NBA fan who realizes reggie jackson is NOT a good point guard. i’ve seen on faar to many CRUCIAL plays in this series AND the rockets series were reggie jackson decides hes going to run the show and take it for himself. i respect reggie jackson’s fearlessness but at the same time he needs to realize hes not the go to guy on this team let alone 3rd or 4th option. i think ibaka will get it together in this series but the thunders downfall WILL be reggie jacksons poor desicion making and kevin martin poor shooting

  33. mac mane says:

    let’s just give the grizz credit where credit iz due the series this is not a nba2k 13 series this is reality and may the best team wins at the end…durant is good but not better than a team that believes in themselves that’s how they got here

  34. Sonic says:

    Durant was out of gas when he missed those 2 free throws. Its absolutely horrible when you see stretch after stretch in 7 games of playoff that none of the guys show up. OKC made the biggest mistake when they kept Ibaka instead of Harden. Its been a few years now that they have no good shooter. I guess ray Allen was the last one. Before that they have guys like Dale Ellis, Ricky Pierce…..I dont remember that they ever have a good center. Perkin is simply a waste. I think Gasol himself outplayed both Ibaka and Perkin combined. Brook also made a mistake when he let Jackson control the matter the last minutes in the last 3 games. He simply doesn’t have enough experience for this kind of situation. Even the commentator said the same thing yesterday at the last minute when he was handling the ball. KD did what he can but the last few minutes he have to step up and control the ball if they want to have a chance……

  35. SloThunder says:

    They can still pull it through, but they need to make those easy baskets. Especially Ibaka, he needs to pull himself together.
    I still believe in whole team. They must win in Memphis tomorrow. Probably 4:3 for OKC.

    Go Thunder!

  36. niko says:

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  38. The thunders big men need to help also Kevin martin needs to do more offense .

  39. OKC says:

    Oh yeah who would have thought we would rely on our PG for some offense, that would be really dumb wouldn’t it Never Click This.

    Your just still pissed your terrible Rockets couldn’t even beat us without Westbrook. What did you say it was going to be? Rockets win in 6 eh?

  40. james says:

    lol at westbrook haters from okc

  41. jaoromero says:

    hey Durant, how you liking that Lebron Cleveland experience? can you imagine yourself enduring that for ten years? i know someone who did!

  42. jaoromero says:

    hey Durant, how you liking the Lebron Cleveland experience? can you imagine yourself enduring that for ten years? i know someone who did!

  43. larry says:

    its not all bout westbrook tbh i think Durant is trying his hardest i mean you have him playing like a point guard I have faith in my team because i know we will pull through buh maybe start derrick fisher that way we cn have a better chance and let Kd play his spot maybe bring in al to help ..

  44. dongbin0313 says:

    How about that time in 2007, when LeBron lead his team to the NBA Finals.
    Although his team did get swept, he lead his team to the finals by himself with no other superstar with his team having the best regular season in the league.
    If Kevin Durant cannot do the same thing for OKC, you know that he does not measure up to LeBron James.

  45. dongbin0313 says:

    How about that time in 2007, when Lebron lead his team to the NBA finals on his own.
    His team did get swept but, he carried them all the way to the finals on his own with is team having the best record in the regular season.
    If Kevin Durant cannot do the same for OKC, you know that he doesn’t measure up to Lebron James.

  46. nilemons says:


    • bigwes95 says:

      no he didn’t. he had them when was out, and then when they came back, the other went out. so at least LeBron had one for the whole playoffs. and westbrook is better than those players, bosh and wade, now. you can make the argument for wade against westbrook, but I still think westbrook because he can stay healthy the whole season and is more athletic. wade is smarter, no doubt, but he just can do as much as westbrook anymore. unless he gets hot, of course.

    • thunderup says:

      no bosh last year no championship thunder woulda have beat them.

  47. Jerome says:

    The Thunder are done.

  48. donny says:

    good article

  49. Hard if you’re relying on the ball hog westbrook for offense

    • thunderup says:

      westbrook needs to take those shots as u can see. maybe he could see it all along thats why he jacked up so moush shots.Thunder need him there not a 60 win team without him maybe 50 maybe and thats a stretech.

  50. OJSimpson says:

    I dont wanna Be Punk or stuff Like that, But for minimum contract i should Sign AI 10 days contract when they have chance, cause all i see, Memphis will beat the OKC, No doubt about that!! they need more guys to come out and scorer more, aint see noone doin THAT!!
    ps: Is shame the Knicks Playing Like that vs Pacers for sure. my heart #%$#%%

  51. MJfromOKC says:

    Yesterday I was thinking man our team not including Durant or Westbrook is pretty bad. Aside from KD our 2nd year player and 17th year players are stepping up big time but thats it.

  52. Renea says:

    Durant is the best!!!! He can’t do it all– just like lakers player Bryant!!! Every team member needs to contribute 100+ percent if the want to prevail against their opposing team. Consistency is the key; Westbrook is definitely missed; GO OKC!!!! I believe in you!!!!

  53. JimD54 says:

    This is the year of the big man, the teams with the best big men are playing well right now(Grizzlies, Pacers). They should meet in the finals, but 2 small market teams in the finals with not one TV commercial star on either team, the NBA won’t let that happen, look for the cheating to start real soon…..

  54. Darius says:

    This reminds me of the LeBron James led cavaliers. Although this team is better than those cavs, the competition is tougher too. The Thunder havn’t been blown out in these 2 losses though, if Kevin Martin could just find his stroke they’ll be back in business.

    • bigwes95 says:

      I was thinking the same thing, difference is that Lebron made players better than Durant ever could. i’d really like to see Durant make it to the finals by himself like LeBron in 2007. and then, when he has to face a team with 4 all stars and loses because he’s by himself, then be called a choke and loser and a quitter when he leaves to have a chance to win. that’s the difference, people will say it’s because Durant was by himself, but LeBron should be the next MJ and win by himself, which we all know he didn’t unless you’re stupid. LeBron had less help but made it further and was still called a choke. I don’t want that to happen to Durant, and it most likely won’t. but this is what separates LeBron and Durant. Durant can’t handle that.

  55. love says:

    what durant said last year in the finals is true you can’t have the mindset of i will get another shot at it next year, harden is traded and westbrook it gone wish the thunder organization well.

  56. W/E says:

    Shows u how valuable Westbrook is to this team, but even a fully healthy OKC team would be totally destroyed by the Heat in the finals, they got their number big time so its better for the finals that OKC wont be there, Spurs or Memphis have a better chance to beat Heat than this team, OKC frontcourt is AWFULL and Lebron OWNS Durant,thats why they got no chance vs the Heat, Mephis or Spurs in the finals vs the Heat would be a way better and more exciting matchup.

  57. gomezd says:

    Where was this Ibaka last year against us. Nooooo instead we get a beast that scored 11-11 or some bs like that.

    It is kind of sad to see OKC in this state, I think they really undervalued how great a player Harden is and now without Westbrook this team looks eerily similar to the Lebron-led Cavs.

  58. with no westbrook there is NO WAY durant should have 19 shots…he should have 30 to 35 shots at MINIMUM…

  59. acryn says:

    kevin Durant is great difficulty in playing basketball, doing what his teammates? disappeared also lost vitality westbrook, kevin Durant game, now how about thunder team if still no help his other teammates, go to without thought they make hard

  60. John Ryan says:

    I think it’s time for the basketball community around the world to get more involved with basketball decision-making.

  61. frans says:

    This series shows how vulnerable a team is that relies on two or three superstars. KD’s teammates were spoiled rotten this season with the dynamic duo – arguably the best duo in the leaugue. Because of Westbrook and Durant none of the other players had to win a game and frankly they are still playing like they don’t have to win a game. Still they have enough talent to win the series, but Scott Brooks have to push the right buttons and he is not doing that (Doc or Tom Thibo. are a better fit for Thunder). So KD will probably win one more game for the Thunder, but eventually Memphis will advance to the semis.
    Spurs and Memphis (and maybe even Indiana) are the only teams now able to dismantle Miami because of their excellent teamplay. But it is hard to beat them now that everybody there chips in every now and then. Miami is really playing balanced right now.

    • euar says:

      >>Doc or Tom Thibo. are a better fit for Thunder

      better say Boston or Chicago better place for KD. Thunder is falling. they choose Ibaka instead of Harden, time to pay the price

      • thunderup says:

        Durant in chi-town would be nice with derrik rose thats a title for sure.that will never happen.

    • NHbleedsGREEN says:

      okc cannot win 3 out of 5 games to take this series,sorry!!

  62. IhaveNoClue says:

    No, Durant needs to do it on his won just like MJ and Kobe did it. Lebron’s title has an asterisk because it was a lockout and he joined his super friends.

    So Durant has to do it on his own to prove it or he won’t be a star EVER.

    So now that I’ve stopped with sarcasm I think we can safely say KD can’t do it on his own just like nobody can. Individual greatnes will only carry a team so far.

    • Me says:

      MJ on his own, r u being serious? Haven’t you heard of Scottie Pippen, steve Kerr, Denis Rodman, tony kukoc?

    • Mecena says:

      MJ had Pippen, Kerr, Rodman, Kokoc + Phil Jackson and a good bench.

      First SHAQ had Kobe for the 3 titles and then Kobe had Gasol+the second best center in the league Bynum+Phil Jackson+lots of good role players, Odom won the sixth man, Fisher, etc.

    • Mecena says:

      Your sarcasm was right 😉

    • Patty says:

      IhaveNoClue says:


    • Rob says:

      I dont see why there would be an asterisk at the end of Miami’s title last year… every player and team should be prepared and ready to work. Just because Miami was ready last season doesn’t mean they deserve the whole astericks thing. I’d say that for any team that could’ve won…. Spurs, thunder being the main ones.

      and yeah like everyone else was saying… when chicago brought in Rodman.. he wasn’t a no-name player.. he was huge for the pistons and was top of the league for defending at his position.

      Lakers traded for kobe when they had shaq and they brought in Horry, harper… huuuge players

    • thunderup says:

      Thunder arent done yet! but if the lose the next game there finished.Kevin durant is still the second best player in the leauge no matter what happens.No westbrook is like haveing no pippin or shaq.Nobody does on the own no even Lebron when he made it to the finals with clevlend.Guys steped up and made shots when they were needed.MJ had the best rebounder of his time in dennis rodman plus and top of the line scorer in pippin.Kobe never did it on his own NO SHAQ no three rings for Kobe no Gasol and he woudnt have got the other two.Durant needs help nobody can beat a team of 12 players with one player playing effcient.Hes 50% the rest of the team like 33% that not gunna get it done.

    • Alex23 says:

      Miami’s title an asterisk??!! Having a line-up with full of superstar doesn’t guarantee a ring. Look at the 2012 Lakers. Miami team work hard to win the title. Just like MJ’s Chicago Bulls.

  63. WakeUpMartin says:

    Kevin Martin NEEDS to wake up for the Thunder.