Bulls: Rose Not Playing in Game 3

From NBA.com staff and wire reports

The Bulls are reporting that injured point guard Derrick Rose is a no-go for Game 3 of their series against the Miami Heat on Friday night:

With Kirk Hinrich (calf) and Luol Deng (complications from a spinal tap) also out, the Bulls again will be undermanned in the series, which is tied 1-1.

Good news: They’ll have Taj Gibson, who was thrown out of Wednesday night’s Miami win but was not suspended by the league.

Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said the veteran guard Hinrich underwent a second MRI this week. Thibodeau said the results were “basically” the same as the first, although Hinrich’s feeling better.

More on the series on NBA.com’s Heat-Bulls series hub.


  1. holyspectator says:

    rose is not comin back people, have some common sense

  2. marc says:

    im proud of the bulls even with all those injuries they ve been playing very ggod

  3. sports fan says:

    Rose doesn’t need to play for the playoffs, he’ll be ready next season. This Bulls squad, which is a different team from two years ago, has really grown & come together. If they can stay healthy next season then they should have no excuses for not being able to beat Miami, especially after what they’ve accomplished this season.

  4. Chris says:

    Too much Wade hate. Lebron would not have a ring without Wade, at least not last year. So all you Lebron d*** riders need to just shut up. LBJ is an amazing ball player but this is a team game, quit tryna devalue Wade.

  5. El Ueapo says:

    Seriously, amateurs? It’s the Bulls training staff/doctors who have Rose questioning the verdict. Yes, he was MVP – No, he cannot/shouldn’t play.
    Don’t do it Derek. The Bulls can’t do it with/without you anyway this year.
    I hate to say it, but this year Larry has Miami written allover it.
    Miami in 5

  6. Peter says:

    and whoever knocks out lakers win west(spurs) but i hope not cause my boy steph curry is in beastmode right now and he could easily destroy any team from the east

  7. Peter says:

    whether rose comes back or not and if the bulls get past heat it doesnt matter, unwritten rule of the nba whoever knocks out celtics wins east so knicks will win in east..

  8. knicksbaby says:

    with rose, bull will have more game plans.

    anyway, bull should hit heat hard enough so knicks will take the tired winner to heaven ❤

  9. mike says:

    Rose won’t come back because the bulls organization will save 16 million… yes I believe the bulls organization is that cheap.

  10. betTHEheat says:

    bulls WILL!!!! win this round 2! lets go bulls!!!!

  11. drose#1fan says:

    Let derrick rose play game 4

  12. baha says:

    Rose is a girl he could’ve played today but since this Miami and Chicago series is super physical he is just scared to come and face Miami!!!

  13. Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

    Perfect example of how delusional and irrational bulls fans are, they want rose back and they want him back NOW! so he gets injured again and doesn’t play n ext year. btw anyone watching this game 3? Nazr mohammed gets ejected and the crowd gives him a standing O. Another perfect example of bulls fans. LOL

    • Chris says:

      You think heat fans wouldn’t do the same if it was Lebron?

      • bigwes95 says:

        yeah, let’s cheer our best player on the team is ejected! whew! yeah! totally going to cheer for our team to lose! that’s what it would be like. if it was Rose getting ejected back in 2011 would Bulls fans still be cheering or jeering the refs?

  14. Carlos Derlei says:

    DeDerrick Rose is very much needed for the chicago bulls. Plays very expensive. Carlos Derlei – BRAZIL

  15. Dwade says:

    Shame on your all faces…. All Bulls’ fans are fighting for nothing… learn to accept me,,, LOL… Injuries…..Health problems? … u dont know basketball even…
    when Drose is healthy …. MVP….. and the cast were healthy…. Heat beat them in 5 games… aren”t they? can you still remember.?..
    Even u get all the great players in all teams in the NBA to face heat for an exhibition game…. for sure Heat will win… This is their time…. let it be.. IMAO
    Fans of bulls…. Find your time after Wade’s era done…

  16. Rob says:

    lets do it to Lebron , the same way Delonte West did to Lebron’s mother!

  17. the whole family of the bulls knows how and when they put rose in the game. they have brains???. and if rose is fit to play, why would he not. this is semis man? there are really people in this world who has no brains.. i^ll just wait for the results and eat my words afterwards

  18. Gary Payton says:

    Just win with the team on the floor tonight! GO BULLS!!!!!

  19. michael says:

    rose and lebron have mvp they both are good but lebron has a ring

  20. Aerilon says:

    I am not a fan of either the Bulls nor the Heat but D Rose needs to at least be in uniform. He is medically cleared to play then he should play, even for half a minute just for the mental boost this will give to the crowd and his team.

    Face it, it’s a boost when your star returns. Look what happened to Oracle arena when David Lee checked into the game, imagine what would happen if Rose was about to make his return. Man up and help your team, There is no shame in playing only a couple of minutes in a game even if you are the star. Just help your team win in every way that you can

    If the Heat make it to the finals again I want the Grizzlies to be there. Just to watch Gasol and Z-Bo do their thing inside. That’s going to be a difficult situation for the Heat defence to overcome and I believe that is the way to beat the Heat in a 7 game series, just like the Mavericks did in 2011.

    • Aerilon says:

      What I am saying is none expects from Rose to have a trible double on his first game back but the way the Bulls roster is depleted right now a couple of minutes rest for the backcourt players could mean the difference between winning and losing

  21. DABEST says:

    Rose is a little girl.

  22. GL says:

    Theres only two differences between a baby and the heat…..the baby will stop whining eventually and doesnt choke as much. Lets go Chicagoooooooo, keep showing that heart.

  23. bryce says:

    Bulls are gonna receive an a**kicking tonight in chicago. Why? Heat have won 41 of their last 44, and their still mad about game 1. Need I really say the true best defensive team when all the chips are in the middle in this series is miami? People talking dallas on here makes me laugh because miami had 0 depth, now they got birdman and allen, and plenty of talent on the bench. It IS miami’s time, like it or not.

  24. Bones says:

    Who cares about bulls or heat…… New York Knicks winning the whole thing holla at your boy


    isnt this common in chicago??…1st jay cutler and now derick rose!!…need i say more!!..lolz

  26. MIA says:

    im sorry regardless if rose comes back there gonna lose the heat simply have more talent ROSE should wait until next year
    and chicago needs to rebuild over the summer if the want to seriously compete against the HEAT

  27. Vannitta says:

    Even when Rose played against Heats last year, Heats still beat Bulls. Who cares if he comes back or not. Miami is still Champions!

  28. don says:

    These comments are hilarious. Great series, thus far, though.

  29. Adi says:

    At this point, bulls just need noah, robinson, and jimmy butler to step up. Put Rose back to the lineup right now will ruin team chemistry and could be advantage for heat.

  30. Cristian says:

    Derrick rose why dont you just play already I know you not 100% right now but that doesn’t mean go out and play the whole game, play but play the minutes that you feel is right for you, your team needs you!!!!

  31. gurudeg says:

    The nba has become stupid… All of these new rules, tick tack fouls and techs, superstars joining up to create domiinant teams because competition is to difficult and gets in the way of their hair and make up, superstars not wanting to play becaues they’re not “mentally ready” or they “broke a nail” all the while their team is running on fumes is making this league really boring. It’s sad that people are hungry and sick because they have no money while some of these guys get millions for sitting on a bench for a year because they don’t feel like playing. Very inspiring guys. I’m sure we can compare their effort to that of Michael, Isaiah, Bird, Magic, Kareem, etc. JMO.

  32. LebronJames MVP x4 says:

    Lebron G.O.A.T. 4 time MVP. He won those MVP’s in a five year span. In that five year span, Derrick Rose won one MVP. #HEATALLTHEWAY #2012 NBA CHAMPIONSNOTTHEBULLS

  33. Cry Baby Heat says:

    Also, Rose isn’t a star. Bulls need to get a new star to go along with Noah, because he’s the best Center there is.

  34. lebsta says:

    Bulls dont win another game this series….no bull lmao

  35. Cry Baby Heat says:

    The Heat stars aren’t real stars because they couldn’t win a championship without all coming together. I hope Lebron suffers a career ending injury tonight, and other than that who cares who wins? I will be cheering hard for Lebron to have a career ending injury though.


      Hey looser I hope you have a career ending injury too. Im kidding! but if something bad happens to you just know you wished something bad on another person so you deserved it. Now go get a life cause basketball shouldn’t make you wish pain on others, Looser!

    • Johnny says:

      LOL, another FAkers fan boy wants injury on other players since his weak a$$ Kobe rapi$t went down.

  36. Jamal says:

    I loved the Heat when Shaq was in it. Shaq was my fav player since I can remember. When he left I started following Lebron and stuck with the Heat because I loved Wade’s gameplay. I try to watch his videos for inspiration to improve my game. I almost jizzed when those 2 became in the same team! I stuck with Miami and Cleveland all those years. And til now I support Cleveland too; I just hope Kyrie gets some help! Anyways point is; I think its unfair to say a team can do so much better if their whole team is healthy or if they had this player, or if this or if that. Chicago have an excellent coach and they’re performing the way he expects them to. If anyone follows the NBA religiously, they’d know the majority of teams actually play harder when their star player is out because they can’t rely on someone.

    Think of it as psychology. When we lived in our parents’ house, most of us wouldn’t do anything in the house until our parents travelled or something, then we’d start cooking, cleaning, etc etc. Same thing with teams; when the guy they rely on the most is out, others gotta step up or they won’t be able to compete! IMHO I think the Bulls would have given a show to Miami with or without Rose, but Miami right now are playing on another level. Take the hating out; their FG% has been crazy and their bench are stepping up. They have so many clutch players they dominate nearly every aspect of the game. If this team stays another season or two I genuinely believe they can perfect themselves and beat that Lakers winning street. No other team has been as consistent as they have. The only team I think stands a chance against them are Memphis, Indiana and yes Chicago. The Bulls get under Miami’s skin. But once Miami figure out they need to just play their style and ignore the physical intensity of the Chicago, you will see that threat will go. I love Rose and Thibodeau, and respect to their talents, but its not enough.

    They are at a disadvantage because of the lack of bodies, but you can’t use that excuse when they are actually winning. However next year when Rose comes back it might be a different story since now Noah and Boozer know their potential they can step up and not be the inconsistent ogres they were couple years ago. Peace

  37. joseba says:

    cmon kriptonite!!! take ur potions and keep pushing!!!

  38. Jim says:

    What does it matter. Rose or no Rose they still lose. The Bull are just wasting money on D-Rose anyway. Just let him go and all the drama him and brother manager bring. It pretty much a ghetto move to say your 90% ready but will not play. WTF is that all about. Trade him good riddence.

  39. Jacob says:

    Rose is being a sissy if he isn’t ready to play then he needs to quit shooting around before the game

  40. B says:

    You really think that winning is all based on Rose? That whinny little punk needs to helps his team, not complain like a 2 year old that he has a boo boo. He has been cleared since before the all-star break but won’t play because he is in a little pain? REALLY? What the team needs to do is trade his pansy butt and actually get someone who will play in pain for the team. The team needs him but he doesn’t want to play because of pain, but can jump up and down on the sideline. Get rid of him and get someone that actually wants to play. This is Noah’s team now, not his.

  41. v3rbal says:

    Seriously you bulls fans are a bunch of babies, calling Rose a sellout and gutless. Even if the dude came back now they’d lose to the heat in at least 6. lol…Lebron would D up Rose and shut him down and mess with his psyche as he did last year.
    Seriously Lebron is playing like MJ right now…it’s crazy to watch him totally dominate the game to his liking whenever he wants. BULLS HAVE NO CHANCE IN HELL

  42. charlie says:

    Why cant Ms.Rose play Teague’s minutes. Does she think she can’t do better than Teague?

  43. Gus says:

    everybody think that a ACL is so easy to recovery , i am a heat fan , but d. rose is still young and they have good player is much better to him to set out of this series, plus they no have deng so i buy him to focus on is mind and not play this year . G.Hill , Penny ,T-Mac, S.Francis a lot of more good one . they don’t play like before , sometimes because they rush the proceess of recovery . Bulls fan they have to be glad that they are in the best 8 teams fighting for the champion with all the injury they have in all the player this year. this year is still heat time . house is on fire and don’t blame rose people

  44. jerry says:

    Rose needs to man up already lost a lot of respect for him as a man already.

  45. isiah thomas says:

    Well, Rose is not managing this process well. He should have said that I wont return to the court this year,whatever happens, period. Since he said he would be back when he feels ready,there’s always an ongoing discussion and I can see that some fans of basketball are growing sick of it . Even if he comes back right now,he’s not a magician or something or he won’t be playing at the mvp level that he was in 2011 so there is no reason for him to come back after all this,after his team managed to come thus far without him. It would excite the crowds only but it would definitely be a risk for him to get injured again. You are coming back from an injury without playing any minutes the whole year and you jump into the physical action against the champs in eastern conference semis ? That just makes no sense at all,no sense . It’s not about being a coward or a lil girl,its simply logic and its a choice he made so long ago.

  46. vicente14 says:

    Rose should at least try to play,,,Not 30 minutes, maybe 10-15/game.Even though he would not score many points his teammates wil be motivated and the crowd in chicago would be fired up,+ if the bulls lose the series he will not be judged cuz he tried to play even though he was not 100%.But that’s just my opinion…

    • DerrickWho says:

      I really find it hard to fathom how Chicago can nearly ride Jay Cutler out of town after his not playing through an injury (doctors AND coaches call) in a playoff game yet somehow defend Rose for not playing unless he’s 110% when his doctors cleared him to play over a month ago. Somehow Rose is still revered as a team leader? Riddle me that! The only reason he’s still on the team is that he’s a Chicago native.
      Trade the clown. Get the team some *fresh* talent who play with *heart* like the rest of the bulls team sans-Rose. Look how far the team got without him. Yes. I’m from Chicago and think Derrick Rose should be traded pronto. I’m sick of this circus.

  47. germany says:

    Hi, for those of you who don’t know anything about basketball, Rose is 100% physically, not 100% mentally. So an injury takes a toll on your mind. Next year he will be back from the beginning. If, he was coming back it would have had to happen after the Allstar Game. All the talk about him coming back is just psychological games, nothing more. He is not in game shape and has no game/ Playoff rhythm. Also, the physicality of the Playoffs would be too much for D. Rose at the present time. He has to work himself slowly back into it. If, he steps on the court (he won’t) it will only be as a moral push for the team (5 min??). The Heat lost the first game due to the long lay-off and nothing else. It was only rust. So, think how long has Rose been out?? They will win the next 3 and then it’s over. As Juan said, they are going to win this series (4-1) and the Championship against GSW or MEM. cU later Alligator!!!!

  48. Shawn says:

    I AM OFFICIALLY AN EX-FAN OF ROSE. AI don’t care how grreat an individual player is, he is paid to play, and i dont think this is ethical for his to sit out. Thanks Barkley and Shaq for giving him an out. WHAT IF EVERY PLAYER WHO IS HEALTHY CHOOSES NOT TO PLAY FOR ANY PERSONAL REASON. I heard the coach say he would be thrilled if he would play. He was cleared months ago by the doctors. His warming up, and bench sitting is nothing but a demoralizing affair.I guess we can put him in the category with DHoward, which i really hated to do, because DRose was my favorite and DHoward my least favorite player in the league. He does not think about the team, or his fans, and his mental strength is a concern. I feel sorry for him. But, Kobe has a few good years. Let the superstars have fun, send DRose to the Lakers, get Kobe and develop another Rose caliber player. Talent is a dime a dozen… Yes he is “awesome”, but guess what with all his talent, he is not in the game, and could have cost them the championship, he didnt even try since he has been cleared for MONTHS!. Look at Shumbert, he is giving the Knicks a fighting change, anc the Bulls are stronger defensively. Such a sad affair! if the back up bench / Teague could step up so can he. So, fine i may still route for Chicago, bu DROse lost a lot of respect and obviously he does not care, he is getting paid anyway. BTW, there should be a rule against this.

  49. You Must Be Joking says:

    Alot of talk about how the Heat are only winning because they are stacked with 3 good players…..Everyone one of you Bulls fans will say that Jordan is better than Lebron, Pippen is better than Wade and Rodman is better than Bosh…. Why is a Heat title this year offensive to you?? They dont even have 3 good players like the last Bulls championship team?!?! Other than Dallas in 2011, there are very few teams that win without MULTIPLE all-stars.

  50. Donovan says:

    I say that Derrick Rose at this moment will not benefit the Bulls right now. Nate Robinson is someone who is stepping up for the Bulls. You can’t depend on 1 person to win a series, you need a whole team to step up and get ready. But, Derricks situation is still going on, by now he is about 95% ready, he wants to get 100%. Hes not scared at all, MIAMI is a great team. You want just wake up one day and kick them out of the series.

  51. BBallFan says:

    I love the game of basketball, but it is being destroyed by constant updates on whether Rose is going to play or not. With every update, he further breaks the hearts of Chicago fans. He needs to go to the media, and say, ” I am done for the season” or play. Its that simple. People are beginning to dislike him, when we all started to love him for his humble personality. The team needs him more than now than ever before! He needs to step up or shut up.

    • me says:

      I completely agree, couldn’t have said it better. Reading all of these comments I have found that there are arrogant heat fans, non-arrogant heat fans, desporate bulls fans, bulls fans and basketball lovers. Those arrogant heat fans need to understand that D Rose is different to others, yes it’s his fist time with this injury and he has other players to copy to get back onto the court, but he believes that he mentally isn’t good to go. No need to call him a little girl. Despite that, others are saying to him give Chicago moral boost with evidence if he plays only 1 or 2 minuets, which would help out those desporate bulls fans and to me seems like the best option. At the time I am typing this the series is 3-1 guess who’s way. Low numbers of players just make it seem very difficult Chicago MUST be given credit MUST. 100% effort every game. However with those tired players won’t be able to do a 27th March 3 times in a row. Sorry Chicago no way out. But the bulls***t on D Rose’s return shouldn’t be said till never.

  52. Ralph says:

    Fined Taj for speaking the truth on a bad call. Get that money commish. Keep your foot on their throats. They are not men. Do to them what you will. As Malcolm X said: You should be begging for forgiveness (for your ref’s bad calls). But no, you use your billy clubs, water hoses etc. (your techs, fines and suspensions) to keep them down. (paraphrase.)

  53. Rhianna says:

    Rose is one of the best players the bulls ever had ; just because hes hurt doesn’t make him any less good. He obviously will recover from it again. The bulls in my opinion are the best team win or lose. They’ve come this far haven’t they ? They still do good without Rose ; they may be better with him but they’re good without him. No, it’s not the same without him but he obviously will come back & the bulls are trying at least give them that. & to everyone saying that he’s a baby & blah blah you need to go somewhere because he’ll come back when hes ready & yes they do have a chance against the heat so all of you need to stfu. Like I said win or lose they’re still one of the best legendary teams & if you think otherwise, you are dismissed.

  54. quis says:

    rose need to be back deng need to be back and deng need to be back and also hinrich because rose will probably play limited minutes and the bulls need all the help they can get

  55. Ty says:

    I love how people are looking to the past at how the Heat beat the Bulls in 5, but this is basically a brand new Bulls team aside from the starting 5 (though the sg spot has been changed), and they are much stronger than they were in 2011. With everybody on the Bulls healthy they would be a considerably dangerous with a lot of depth.


    maybe Hamilton

    The depth of this Bulls team is actually pretty scary.

    • DerrickWHO says:

      Imagine how much MORE depth the bulls would have if they TRADE ROSE for two or three younger fresher more inspired players who would actually PLAY the game if given the opportunity. Rose is a bench warmer, I can’t stand this waste of space. What good are his skills when he is too selfish to play the game? He might get injured again? So what about the rest of the team who IS currently injured yet still playing??

  56. JmAsK says:

    WITHOUT ROSE THEIR NO Chicago Bulls.

  57. David says:

    they dont have any chance against Miami im sorry for them

  58. Bullsfan says:

    I don’t see why D Rose can’t use his brain and play 10-20 minutes? Who said he needs to come and be the MVP that he was? At least he’ll be effective at that time.

  59. Stephen says:

    Bulls will not encourage Rose to come back. Series has taken physical toll on Bulls and they do not want Udonis Haslem, Birdman, and the Heat taking shots at Rosé. The Bulls will let Nate Robinson take the pounding, but Rose is the franchise, and the Bulls know he is a wuss and is hesitant to come back this year. Will he really make a difference? No! Fun for the crowd. The Heat are still pissed off about how physical they were with Lebron ending 27 game win streak.

  60. Sunspots says:

    Rose is a baby. Can’t play even when he is healthy. smh

  61. jamal says:

    Id rather rose sit out honestly, bulls need to learn to score without him. can’t win if your only option is 6 3 and weighs 180

  62. Bo says:

    I dont blame for Rose for not playing. He is still young has has plenty of years to try n get a championship. Why risk his career or another injury trying to come back soon after his injury?! EVERYONE needs to quit crying about Rose not coming back and focus on the players playing now!!!!!

  63. silentq says:

    the heat’s physical response will end the bulls playoffs run, the same way bulls ened the winning streak. Bulls play with with an admirable effort, they’ll probably win another game, with or without Deng, Hinrich, but that’s all

    Heat in 6

  64. Romeo says:

    Rose is the biggest COWARD and DIVA this league has ever seen, he might be back 2 years from now; he will always be remembered for being gutless. What kind of man lets his team lose, if he was a real man, win or lose he would be there. I don’t think if he played and didn’t do as good it would be a disappointment, it would be normal, this though; is straight up him being a COWARD. D-Rose 4 MVBP. #mostvaluablebenchplayer

  65. scooby says:

    rose is back

  66. Dell says:

    Forget Rose, look how far they’ve come without even a minute of his help on the court. I know MJ would be fighting Jerry to get on the court a long time ago!

  67. myqello says:

    Chicago Bulls should sell Derric Rose because as you can see injury is too serious. I think Chris Paul is what Bulls need to build a championship teem. Chicago should give a gentle Derric let him seek another bench. Sorry

  68. MJfromOKC says:

    I hate how this is being milked based off of flawed logic “Well he hasnt said hes out yet, so theres still a chance!”

  69. Kevo says:


    Last I checked, when the Bulls lost in the 2011 Finals, none of the games were blow-out victories. So “choked” is completely wrong in that case.

    Secondly, I will agree that Rose has issues mentally that are keeping him from coming back. But unless you have been through a debilitating injury like an ACL tear, please don’t speculate as to the guy’s toughness or heart. He was crowned the youngest MVP for a reason.

    Finally, I’m calling the Heat to go all the way (like practically everyone else). Their roster is just too complete and dangerous for other teams to keep up with. I am a Bulls fan, but even I’ll admit that this era is the Heat’s right now. Either way, great basketball being witnessed and I, for one, am enjoying it! I wonder who will win the West though…

  70. ThreePointer says:

    Rose not playing? Wow………That’s “BIG NEWS”…….Give me a break. Who cares? Bulls fans have amnesia and fail to remember the year he was MVP and Heaters took them out in five. This guy is just too scared about getting hurt again. Bulls just don’t have the offensive fire power to win series. In six playoff games this year they have only scored over 100 once and that was a multiple OT game.

  71. Chico says:

    Rose is not 100% prepare to come back. This is playoffs that we are talking about, this isn’t just a regular season that he can just go there and play. The only thing that he can do right now is to wait until next year season. And they are facing heat, so even he comes back he can’t give any guarantee that he can win with heat.

  72. Jim says:

    Just shut him down already it’s obvious he won’t and doesn’t want to play this season.I’m not judging him and I can see where he’s coming,he’s the face of the franchise and the bulls can’t afford to not have him healhy so just shut him down already and end this fiasco

  73. King David says:

    In reading the comments made, you all have to understand mental stability. If I were D-Rose, I wouldn’t step in either. Now that doesn’t mean he’s worried about re-injuring his ACL. In his mind, D-Rose does not feel ready to play. If I recall correctly, he was having minor complications in that knee. He’s playing it safe or he’s waiting for an opportune time to step in. Don’t blame him, for he’s more concerned about what his older brother thinks than what’s best for him. His humility shows it, which makes him polar opposite to D-Wade and LeBron James. And I do agree that D-Rose should play here and now. And now is that time for him to rise up.

  74. Rose says:

    so whats gonna be? lol like 2 or 3 years from now prob with the way Wades health has been. Wade is awesome, one of the greatest no question, but his career is already starting to wind down and when that does happen itll be Bulls dynasty. Miami prob have your repeat titles, you might even 3 peat, but you can’t hold off the Bulls forever, eventually the Heat will get swept in the confrence finals by Chicago 4-0 just like what happened to Detroit in 91 then Rose wll lead Chicago to the 7th championship and Chicago dynasty under Rose will win at least 4 titles. The Heat beat the Bulls in five in 2011 cuz Rose still dosen’t have a guy like Scottie Pippen like Lebron and Wade got, they still need somebody whether through the draft or free agency to be Rose’s shotgun rider, the Bulls should go get James Harden! Harden and Rose would own the NBA for the next ten years and would be the new Michael and Scottie!

  75. TRUTH says:

    I know this! JORDAN would have NEVER sat on the bench like Rose did in game 2 and watch his teammates get MUGGED like they did. DUDE should be ASHAMED of himself!

  76. vince says:

    rose won’t play big suprise –‘

  77. Johnnyboy says:

    NO, Rose will not come back this season! Would you put in a guy who has not played ALL sesaon and expect him to preform well in a playoff game?! No way! he can practice all he wants but like they say, you can never simulate a playoff game. He will be rusty and will hurt the team if he comes back now. Robinson showed he can perform in playoff competition so just let the man play point and tell everyone what they need to be told, ROSE IS NOT COMING BACK THIS SEASON

  78. mike says:

    I mean they put lebron on rose last time and it was over…so with or without rose, they cant beat them

  79. The Oracle says:

    Can Ms Rose now officially rule herself out for the rest of the seaon please ? I’m tired that that girly dude. “Oh I’m afraid of playing again because I might be rusty and not be the same in the first few games oh oh ohh”.
    Well Ms Rose, whether you play the first few games now, or any other time in the future, you’ll still be rusty and have to work your way in.
    Sometimes, one feels the NBA could be better off if they introduce pay-when-you-play type of contracts. If you are not playing and entertaining fans, then why are you getting paid?

  80. Paola Mendez Soto says:

    The Bulls are not Rose dependant, I´m not saying the Bulls would have in 2011 but if the Heat beat them in 5 games was due to the refs,

  81. dwade_over says:

    arent they? lol wade cant even get his heat to the playoffs without lebron. and thats a fact. he wouldn’t have one without shaq either. he is a great player, but not that great. heat will win because of the simple fact that the bulls dont have 3 superstars in their lineup. let lebron sit and let see if the heat can beat the bulls.

  82. F-ROSE!!! says:


  83. badbrad71 says:

    It looks like CHI has the built in excuse to lose in this series with so many out. If you look at the pieces they are missing wings and backcourt players. They still have Noah, Boozer and Gibson still having a slight edge inside. The Heat hold the edge on the wings in the backcourt anyway. I expect MIA to come out focused and win this game by possibly putting the Bulls away early. But I do expect the Bulls and Heat to return to Miami next week 2-2. This still has the makings of a long series. Could be very long.

  84. nba fan1234 says:

    At this point I think its unfair for his fans and unfair for the bulls organization that D-rose isn’t gonna play. Just think of how much money their paying him this year for doing absolutely nothing and just watching on the sidelines. I swear even Rose knows that him not playing right now is 99% mental and 1% the actual knee. People should also stop comparing Rose to Jordan because no matter what injury Jordan would also try to play because he knew fans would pay good money and viewers would watch just to see him

  85. bigguyyy says:

    I can’t wait for next year rose jimmy buckets and the rest of the crew healthy oh man that’s the smell of an nba championship team to me

  86. matthew d says:

    you dont need rose to win the bulls got themselvies here now they can finish it but it will be a imanitae struggle and they need multiple plaiers to step up like boozer noea gibson robbison and more they need to finish like a team that is healthy rather they are or not they need to pull togeather because they are probly one of the only teams that can beat miami

  87. capt'n crunch says:

    guess boozer needs make an impact in this series and what’s up with richard hamilton?

  88. James says:

    Bulls need everything they can get… may it be the drama of Rose coming back… and other guys steppin up big time… coz the HEAT has woken up from a long rest…

  89. OctoPPus says:

    Boozer and Noah must be super-aggresive at the rim – BIGGEST advantage of the Bulls !

    (neither Bosh , nor Haslem are a match for Boozer)

  90. todra r. says:

    LETS GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This series is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. OctoPPus says:

    It’s not only about Rose

    Nate needs (Teaque – just too young) – to rest – he can’t carry all by himself

    Butler – also – holding James – not so easy at all

    Heat got a lot of backup , Bulls …. not really ….

  92. CM Holden says:

    Can’t believe Rose betrayed his boys like that.

  93. famman says:

    Really sick and tired of all these players missing games. Rose, Deng, Hinrich, Hamilton. Whats with are medical staff, can they get anyone back on the court sooner than expected.

  94. Chris says:

    How is this even news? You guys out of things to write about or something? Who actually believed Rose would play tonight? Save the Rose news for when he actually plays

  95. JCsavior says:

    A lot of people here are highly critical of DRose (I’m guessing a lot of them are not Bulls fans), bc of the high expectation they had for him. They simply want to enjoy watching the game and get their money worth. Nothing wrong with that.
    But what makes you think the former MVP, after he was in crutches for a long period of time, out of the rotation for a year and did not engage in full-body practices , would help the Bulls? He wouldn’t be in sync with the team, won’t have the dribble penetration because of the lack of the explosiveness he used to. Simply put, if he comes back right now, he’s NOT going to help the Bulls by much. So why risk further injuries and messing up the current team chemistry. Nate Robinson is handling the point position very well.
    If you were a Bulls fan and still complain about lack of production of Rose (which isn’t the majority I believe), I wonder how you’d feel if he gets traded. I’m sure there are lot more fans out there that will appreciate him more than you do.

    • jetpoy says:

      I agree. Next season will be the right time for D.Rose to get back. Being a leader to this team he has to take his time. So sad it’s just not the right time now. BULLS FANS, let us support D.Rose he knows this whole situation for a reason and for the city of Chicago. Go Bulls!!!

    • DerrickWHO says:

      Simply put, if Jay Cutler did what Derrick Rose is doing, the police STILL wouldn’t have found his body. I’m a Chicago native and die hard Chicago sports fan. Derrick Rose needs to be shown the door.

  96. Bulls says:

    Put Nate Robinson in more often, he’s a beast and we NEED Deng and the rest!

  97. You are a muppet mate ^ says:

    A fluent bulls team with all roster healthy and on point can challenge any team, the point is the challenge you present to the heat, and the competition between each match up. Right now, it is nowhere near balanced, kudos to the bulls for the heart they have shown, but the heat are currently the most ruthless team around. That being said, a before, i believe a maturing, recovering bulls squad like few others. And in any such hypothetical playoff situation, this series would have been tight. Alas, this is not the case, the bulls are short handed, they’re superior team ethic and attitude will not carry them through. Now to address the above. Wow, you think your bitchboy team operates in the Dwade Era. You must be deluded. Lebron is the glue that holds this team, consistently. The heat are an average team without his power, persistence, court vision and game IQ.

  98. Damian says:

    Honestly the way Robinson has come through for us in the playoffs he deserves to take rose’s place. If rose comes back he’ll try to have a 30+ point game, which will cut back from boozer and noah scoring who again have come through big time for the bulls. The Bulls chemistry is great right now with robinson’s energy they need that bad to provide momentum for this game 3. Lets Go Bulls

  99. Mike says:

    Rose is smart because he knew that he makes no difference entering the game. Who care is the right words. Nate is the Bull’s true hero although he is aged and limited…..

  100. SandyDanny says:

    LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Co. need to stop crying!! This is P.L.A.Y.O.F.F. BASKETBALL do you expect anything differently from the Bulls other than PHYSICAL play. Just STOP crying DWade and LJames, BABIES.

    • LebronJames MVP x4 says:

      That’s why they won the championship last year, and Lebron has for MVPs and he got those MVPs in a five year span. The Bulls are garbage

  101. David says:

    Kobe will be back before Rose. I liked the guy but he’s soft at this point. Kobe would never do this in a similar situation.

  102. cesar says:

    bulls want physical to play miami? now whose losing physicaly now …hehe

  103. Patty Is Dumb 2 says:

    #SMD Rose is a beast and the Bulls need him in order to win #Simple

  104. Dwade says:

    Injuries…..Health problems? … u dont know basketball even…
    when Drose is healthy …. MVP….. and the cast were healthy…. Heat beat them in 5 games… aren”t they? can you still remember.?..
    Even u get all the great players in all teams in the NBA to face heat for an exhibition game…. for sure Heat will win… This is their time…. let it be.. IMAO
    Fans of bulls…. Find your time after Wade’s era done…

    • neutral says:

      but the mavericks beat the heat..do you remember?? lol

    • alex says:

      youre tim won and title and that will be the last title they ever won in this trio era stupidos

    • AMM says:

      Heat are overrated. Lebron couldn’t win a championship in Cleveland so he had to go to Miami.Jordan didn’t have to move teams nor Kobe to get their rings.


        AMM guess what, Lebron has a ring Rose doesn’t. Durant doesn’t. Stop hating! Lebron made the best choice because now he has 1, probably 2, maybe 3,4 LOL. couple that with atleast 4 MVPs and you haters look stupid.

    • D Rose says:

      If D Rose is there, then the bulls will be unstoppable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • W.S. says:

      Wade’s Era?!?!? D Wade has never had an ERA!! Are you kidding?!?! He didn’t have an era when they won it in ’06 because he needed Shaq to do that, and the proof is how they got killed all season in ’07. As much as I hate to admit it, this is LeBron’s era, NOT Wade’s. Be honest with yourself bro

      • hfgjfghg says:

        Lebron is way overrated, Wade is and will always be the captain of the Heat. there is know Lebron Era!!!!!

    • dwadeisstupid says:

      wade era? i remember lebron carrying them… and before they were not as well coached as before, with drose at mvp they would beat the heat in 7, but deng would have to be healthy as well

    • Drose says:

      Obviously you know nothing because two years ago you were beat by the mavs and you had wade so wade does not have an era they are on and off it is all mind set that determines who wins if you believe you will win and everyone on your team believes you will win then you will win you just cant have a doubtful bone in your body.

    • Wade is Done says:

      Wade is just riding Lebron’s coattails. He is past his prime.

    • Dakotah says:

      Dwade is old and will be done after next year he aint sh** anymore stop talking


        Wade has two rings! Dumb Bulls shut up! Wade is a future hall of famer, Finals MVP and Scoring Champ. Who cares what Rose D**K riders say, he only won league MVP cause it was “hate Lebron year”. Plus hes scared of Miami, actually hes scared of the NBA period.

    • rayforthree says:

      amen to that

    • Bulls_rule says:

      dude you need to stop drinking the coolaid and pick up a book and learn to spell. Or at least make sense in what you write. labron belongs in hte circuis…that’s all he is a circuis act.

    • Mln08 says:


    • bb186 says:

      Dwade I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

      You beat a team 2-3 years ago who is vastly different in all aspects of their game.

      And Wades era is done. Where has he been at most of this season? Can’t even dunk half the time now.

    • Dave says:

      Ur the idiot, Wades time was over 2 years ago when they lost to Dallas. Now its Lebrons time, Wade is just along for the ride. (Not unlike Bosh)

    • Jimmer says:

      couldnt agree with you more….

    • hu? says:

      Wade era? the f.. when was that? he (wade) was heard of again when Lebron went to Miami,, lolz!

    • pff says:

      cool story bro

    • justin says:

      lol you are dumb. you mean after lebrons era is done right? wade is sorry and the only reason he has 2 rings is bcuz of legends on his team. look at last years playoffs…. lebron carried that washed up sorry excuse for a star player to another ring. what kind of stuff is that. i turn on the game and wade is going 2-9 from the field…… “wades era” lololololol

    • tommy says:

      wade’s era? lol. are you aware whats happening in the nba?

    • Bandwagon says:

      shut up you bandwagon

    • KingJames6 says:

      dude if rose was cleared to play 4 months ago why isn’t heat playing

    • TG says:

      “Dwade” lmfao i’m sorry but you say “this is their time” speaking in regards to the Heat, you sound foolish! Just two years ago the Mav’s beat them when EVERYONE thought the heat were going to win. Wade is losing some quickness and leaping ability….. Bosh as never been truly comfortable/dominant with his role. I’m a Nets fan.. but i’d still take a healthy Thunder team over a healthy Heat team anyday. Imagine Lebron was out for a month or two? they would be incredibly average.. if that. They are one of the best teams in the league… but this by no means is ‘there time’. As a matter of fact, they won’t win the championship this year and that i’d bet you.

    • Bullsfanforlife says:

      They beat the Bulls in 5 games with Rose and a different roster. They never played a Healthy bulls squad this year with Rose, Belinelli, Robinson, Nazr,..ect all in the game. The Heat are OVERRATED just face it. If Bulls have EVERYONE healthy they would take it all.

    • James Harden says:


  105. Esteban says:

    Can you please stop already the “undermaned” thing. The Heat beat the Bulls with Rose already in playoffs. Did you already forget it? Nate is playing like Rose to be honest. Remember how he choked against the Heat. There’s no such thing as an undermaned Bulls team. They are extremely dangerous.

    • Chris says:

      Bulls are a much stronger team than they were back than. They’re giving us quite a show while “undermanned.” the reserves have figured something out, whatever it is it works. Just imagine if they played like this to the fullest with the entire team (not just rose) healthy

  106. Ron says:

    lets go bulls! lets get it done!

  107. max says:

    Rose is OVER! Got several millions and will not take a chance of getting even a worse injury. Rose just does not have the “mojo” to enter the arena of the roughness of the NBA basketball games. Too nice! A mental issue.

  108. patty is dumb says:

    who cares if rose comes back? patty ur stupid. we need rose to win. simple as that. he is “another player” and needs to “Step up” dont talk unless you know what your talking about

    • Mookiejam says:

      well they got to playoffs without Rose; beat Miami’s streak without Rose; Won round one without Rose; also tied the series of round 2 without Rose. They dont NEED him, they just have less to worry about when he’s on the court. You can stop ridin’ Rose’s nuts tho.

    • juan says:

      the heat is gonna win the series regardless if rose comes back. and the truth is they are going to win the championship again with ease.

    • Gabe says:

      and you are so gutless to create your own userid instead of using one to insult ‘patty’?
      we are so tired to Rose making a decision. whether he plays this season or not but he should just say it.
      Enough already, it’s not like he is 15 yrs old, he is a grown man. If he does not have the confidence to play, fine just speak up!! so everybody, especially his own team, is aware of what to expect!

  109. silencio says:

    That little girl rose not playing? is that news?

    • Dallas says:

      shut up, he got hurt and then came back and got hurt again. DONT CALL HIM A LITTLE GIRL FOR BEING CAREFUL NOT TO RUIN HIS CAREER ANY MORE.
      you should be silenced…

    • sasa says:

      Halftime game 3…i’m tired of watching NBA tying to make new MJ of LeBron. He gets calls from officials like none else,yet he is acting like a little girl when he faces Nazi or last year Tyson Chandler.Hi is just king of acting.Two fouls on Butler and one on Belinneli are gift to Heat.

  110. Patty says:


    • Matthew says:

      @silencio: man dude shutup ok d rose is being smart about not returning he would rather be 100% than 80%

      • #dontcommentifyoudontknow says:

        theres only one way to get that extra 20% guess what that is????

        GAME TIME!!!

        perfect example IMAN SHUMPERT


      • Mike G says:

        Not 100% ? I don’t understand how that’s possible. Iman Shumpert had the same injury, same time, and he’s been back since January. Granted, not all players recover at the same pace, but even the bulls medical staff has cleared him to play since Feb. Personally, I think he has lost his confidence and is afraid to play.

    • NEAR says:

      are you stupid? did you ever think the bulls will make it this far without rose with all the injuries they have had and still come in to game one and beat the heat? no you didnt no one did. and if rose is added to the picture they easily knock out the heat

      • #dontcommentifyoudontknow says:

        not even close bro. hes rusty, not in game time shape and I wont even mention that he wont be able to match the playoff intensity. he hurts the team by coming back. if they win its going to be with out him.



        You are crazy! Rose cannot sit a year and come back to playoff basketball! Bulls fans are delusional, you couldnt beat the Heat with a healthy Rose and now you think you can beat the Heat after a 37 point blowout LOL. Wow wake up dummies this series was competitive at best but we all know what the outcome is gonna be. Heat in 5 or 6 Max!

      • funny nba says:

        Had you have a brain surgery and forgot what happened on 2011 ECF? Rose was in his MVP mode and with his best healthy players but yet they lost to a newly grouped Miami Heat. Your D.Rose is as much as useless as his endorsing shoes becz its all just hype and illusions. Bulls fans always delusional about D.Rose coming back to save them