Shaqtin’ A Fool: Worst Of First Round

Shaq takes a look back at the worst of the first round of the playoffs, which includes JaVale McGee, C.J. Watson, Kosta Koufos, Derek Fisher and Kevin Martin.



  1. Trevor says:

    LOL C.J Watson open dunk fail! That is embarising!

  2. Javale says:

    Where is Javale?

  3. johnAbruzzi says:

    FYI Shaq was a pretty good foul shooter during his time.

  4. Don Juan says:

    Synchronized Double Flop Result
    Judge 1: 10
    Judge 2: 10
    Judge 3. 10

    It’s a perfect score!

  5. Kobe Bean Bryant says:

    Luckily Dwight wasnt there

  6. Aaron says:

    LOL! Asik just couldn’t believe it. haha!

  7. KIN6 JAMES says:

    wow 2 guys flop amd they dont get fined the nba r so dumb

    • Andy says:

      Fisher did get fined. Martin didn’t because nothing got called, the refs called it for Fisher.

  8. karmazz11 says:

    fisher like to be on the floor like a good snake. reincarnation baby !

  9. korea says:

    Mcgee is mine~

  10. bodjee says:

    No flop, that’s charging!

  11. mo says:

    flopmaster fisher and student k mart.

  12. eddie says:

    shaq is awsome!!!! these are the funniest nba videos ive seen since itsreal85

  13. Anish says:

    Pants on the ground pants on the ground, walkin like a fool with yo pants on the ground

  14. Anurag says:

    hahahah mc gee air ball alley oop i thought he was gunna jam it shaqtin fool the best video to watch

  15. philiiphatch14 says:

    SYNCHRONIZED FLOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. lebron james says:

    shaq and charles are the best

  17. Kryptonate says:

    Derek Fisher and Kevin Martin synchronized flop. Haha. I give it a 10. That wuz hilarious.

  18. bbb says:

    The double flop makes Asik like superman. Flop master Fisher has new student.

  19. dwayne says:

    it ain,t shaqtin a fool without JAVALE MCGEE

  20. Blazers>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LA. Loosers says:

    Come on Javale!

  21. Blazers>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LA. Loosers says:

    Typical Okc, flopping

  22. Synchronized flopping should become a sport. I think Martin and Fisher are lobbying for it. Stay tuned…

  23. eris says:

    lmao poor KMart! it would’ve looked legit if Fish didn’t decide to flop right next to him

  24. Beavis says:

    how did fisher get fined and not martin? haha

  25. Keith says:

    K-Mart’s wasn’t much of a flop. He went down easily like most charge takers but he did actually get hit. Fisher made that hilarious though!

  26. Ro says:

    Haha Shaq this stuff is absolute gold! All season long, solid entertainment.
    Kevin Martin didnt get fined for flopping as far as i know. I think he actually took the charge. If you watch closely, you’ll see Fisher looks like he basically jumps backwards after getting minimal contact. I think Martin just took it the right way. Fisher, tool. Wouldnt mind seeing some Shaqtin a fool from the summer leagues? Im sure there are some good quality JaVale moments coming from there! End of season award for this segment has to be the ‘JaVale’

  27. HAMZA says:

    a realy koofis disgusting

  28. Charles says:

    The looks on George Karl’s face…. every time.

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      That missed dunk cost a good coach his job…Really it’s watson that should be out of a job…

  29. arsicolangbayan says:

    Denver was really a joke in the first round. >.<

  30. andrej says:

    d fish and martin – a 10 for the synch 😀

  31. Joseph says:

    Oh forgot Serge Ibaka missed game winning layup against Huston and then he collapse lmaoo

  32. Plaka Laka says:

    JaVale ale ale aleee

  33. jonas says:

    Man, i had a lot of laughs on this specially the synchronized flop! Nice one Shaq!

  34. Yasar says:

    This is exactly why they gave Karl Coach of the year award… for bearing Mcgee

  35. LMAO-double flop-just when you thought you’ve seen it all-now do they get double fined for that?

  36. Juza says:

    So JaVale has a shirt on (under jersey) in the close up but no shirt when making the freethrow?

  37. tophercheese says:

    lol why can’t i vote for both of Javale’s?

  38. pg14be says:

    That double flop was genious ! 😀

  39. why didn't says:

    Kevin Martin also get fined?

  40. MikeR says:

    Double flop looked hilarious!

  41. David says:

    Beautiful, as always. 🙂

    Shaq, it’s really wonderful to still have you lodged well into the NBA part of our lives even after retirement.
    Can’t imagine the NBA without you.

    Thanks for everything.

  42. 1 says:

    yes it was this flop

  43. Shaq'd A Fool says:

    *He got all net though…….Just missing some rim.* ahahahahah

  44. 3ptdagger says:

    Was that the same Fisher flop that earned him a $5K fine?

  45. Ahahaha says:

    hahaha synchronized double flop!!!