It’s Now Or Never For Derrick Rose


MIAMI – The Derrick Rose Watch is in its final hours, so all that huffing and puffing that the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat heaped onto Game 2 of their Eastern Conference semifinals series at AmericanAirlines Arena wasn’t all for naught.

It served to move Wednesday night closer to Thursday morning, which gets everything more quickly to Friday’s Game 3 tipoff, the point at which this long rehabilitative sideshow ends once and for all. Either the Bulls’ injured point guard goes for something Hollywood and steps through the darkness onto the court at United Center to a booming embrace … or he emerges again after another pregame shooting session in a suit and sits his way straight into the offseason.

Truly, it is now or it is never. There can be no middle ground.

The “never” part of that equation should have won six weeks ago but has shown itself to be a tough out. Months of daily talk shows and Twitter timelines keep alive the chatter of Rose coming back. This weekend will officially become 12 months after surgery to repair the ACL in his left knee.

The waiting game sucked most of the air out of the Bulls’ regular season – remember, the conventional wisdom suggested Rose would be back in late February or early March – and here it is, still laying claim to what at times has been a remarkable postseason precisely because of his absence.

But it all ends Friday night. Fortunately.

Neither side of the debate looks good right now. The principals and their constituencies could have, and should have, acquitted themselves much better. The ugliness and lopsidedness of Miami’s 115-78 victory Wednesday night turned the fourth quarter into a lab-perfect petri dish in which the debate could grow. Or fester, depending on your take.

Well, they’re all on the clock now.

Those who snarkily question Rose’s manhood and wonder about his commitment to teammates — who are risking pain if not additional injuries by playing through a variety of ailments — and those who appoint themselves guardians of his right to make decisions.

Those who childishly want what they want when they want it. And those content to defer gratification in a city all too comfortable with “Wait till next year” refrains.

This gets dealt with by Friday night.

If Rose is going to come back this spring, if he is going to wake up and decide that, hey, he really, really wants to play, it must be in Game 3. The Bulls need him more now than at any point since their playoff series last year against Philadelphia slipped away.

Yes, their smackdown in Game 2 Wednesday night looked like it should have counted double or triple, so dominant was Miami’s performance and so thorough was the Bulls’ meltdown. But it doesn’t. The emotionally frazzled losers flew back to Chicago late Wednesday with a 1-1 split in their duffel bags.

Now, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and the rest of them not only have to play two games in Chicago but live there for four days, too, getting back a little of what they – or at least, their crowd – gave out.

In what already is a series too chippy by half, the initial reaction to Rose’s return would rival that famous “I’m back” faxed out by Michael Jordan upon his baseball retirement in 1995. It would self-nominate for one of the city’s all-time classic sports moments. No guaranteed payoff, of course, and even a considerable risk of backfire. Still, at a time when teammate Luol Deng was the one coming off a spinal tap, Rose once again would be the guy turning the volume up to 11.

On the other hand …

If Rose has waited this long because the time has not felt right, if he’s still thinking when he ought to be instinctively reacting, then it will not be right. There is no reason to hold out hope for more perfect circumstances. The level of contact in this series is only going to increase, though hopefully the number of technicals, flagrants and ejections won’t keep pace.

(Imagine Rose being out there Wednesday in the middle of all that woofing, maybe even being sent sprawling into the photographers himself by James or Birdman Andersen. Imagine Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf and the suits at adidas all gasping and grabbing their wallets in unison.)

Others’ ACL rehab timelines – Ricky Rubio‘s March to December, Iman Shumpert‘s May to January and especially NFL rusher Adrian Peterson‘s Christmas Eve to September – shouldn’t matter at all. If Rose needs another May to October, so be it. Then, he will have eight tune-up games in the preseason in which he won’t be expected to be Derrick Rose quite yet.

Now, it all would be on him. The spotlight. The pressure. The responsibility to be the difference.

When you look at it that way in this now-or-never proposition for Rose in this postseason, now doesn’t stand much of a chance.


  1. DROSE says:

    A player cannot be expected to put the team on his back forever and the bulls are doing a nice job stepping up to the plate. Who cares if he comes back in game 4 or next season just as long as he comes back playing at the same level in which he left thats all the matters. even if he returned its not a sure win so why risk injury when he can be an essential part of the team in a few months. Just sayinggg hop off his nuts

  2. Mageek_Man12 says:

    I’m tiered of hearing ” derrick rose is questionable for this game.” He just needs to say if he will play or just come back next season. Hopefully he does come back in game three for the bulls sake.

  3. naspolseptem says:

    Even though Rose was supposed to be playing by now, and even though he hasn’t been in a real game situation much less an NBA playoff game since last year the question of whether or not Rose is going to play tonight – or play at all this season for that matter – still demands an answer. A lot of speculation has been made by reporters, fans etc. about Rose’s ability to perform after his injury, or about his courage – or lack of courage as some claim – to delay playing an NBA game for 2 months after his long-awaited supposed arrival, and finally about the prospect of him playing alongside his few healthy teammates against possibly the best team in the league. At any rate, the real question is whether Rose will be able to handle the pressure and most importantly put up the numbers needed to guide Chicago to the win. Logic dictates that his time on the court will be limited in fear of a new injury and also that his numbers will be considerably lower than what we had been used too, nonetheless one mustn’t overlook the fact that Rose’s return could quite possibly propel the Bulls tonight, but also provoke the “beast” that is Lebron James to an epic playoff performance. If Rose is ready and if he is able to bring the real “D-Rose” at the United Centre tonight, then the series (and the whole playoffs battle) is suddenly wide open.

  4. Flash003 says:

    Now or Never? Simple answer…NEVER
    Why does the media make Game 3 of this series the official deadline for Rose Pedal’s return? For many Bulls fans that still have hope he’s returning….NEWS FLASH- Don’t you think he would have played in an elimination GAME 7 vs. Nets last series…I mean if anyone still had their doubts that should have given you closure and brought reality…NEXT YEAR, lol

  5. Lillama says:

    I cant wait until derrick rose come back.

  6. KB24stheman says:

    I was a rose fan until this. Now I see that hes just a bum. How can you let someone like the Miami Heat lay a whooping on your team and be content to sit on your butt and watch. The bulls just need bodies right now, who cares if your only 99.9% get out there and stop getting paid millions to do nothing.

  7. Eric says:

    I’m tired of all of this BS make up your mind either way and let’s move on. For the money he’s being paid he should play period. You can’t tell me that he won’t be a better backup at this point than Teague is at least they have to guard him. Nobody expects him to be an all star caliber player after a year off but come on man you don’t have anyone else on the bench. Every time the players leave the bench you see hem saying I got you well it’s his turn to go to Heinrich and return the favor.

  8. onajide says:

    Derrick Rose soft? That’s just bluster on the part of anyone who says that. Everybody on the Bulls is tough, plays tough, and is trying to be smart (with the exception of the profanities we heard, or read the lips). As a Heat fan I respect any and all opponents. Reaching the “top of the mountain” is no easy road for anybody.

  9. onajide says:

    Derrick Rose soft? That’s just bluster on the part of anyone who says that. I am a Heat fan but know that nobody on the Bulls team is soft. Period.

  10. Wow... just wow... says:

    Well I had ACL and torn meniscus surgery on my right knee, I know the pain and the tough rehab process people go through. But, I got back on track with just doing therapy and exercising normally. This guy had a good doctor, has the best training facilities, the best personal trainers and still isn’t ready???? Let me tell you D-Rose has a big mental breakdown. Normally the time to get back to walking is from 5 days to 3 weeks maximum post-surgery, I spent 3 months and a half in crutches. My legs were weak, my body was rejecting the surgery. After 5 months I started to walk normally, And since day 5 post-surgery I was working out 5 times a week and gain no success. And to think that after 8 months of fighting this bad luck of mine I’m back in the court. Mr. Rose, there are worse people with bad experiences when having ACL surgeries, I’m one of them, but I proposed to myself that I would come stronger than ever. If I was in your place, I would let your brother have your suit and get myself back in the court to support the team. SMH

  11. Riley says:

    You know I think Derrick Rose should come back because if he doesn’t we will have a higher risk of losing to the Miami Heat.
    He’s been practicing so I think he’s fine, but he might not be the all-star he was back in the last season.
    Derrick Rose…..WE want you back please come back!

  12. DCleveland says:

    Saying that the bulls can defiantly beat (w/ rose) the heat is so utterly stupid. It seems so stupid, Mario charmers is a great defender and so is dwade. If rose came back and was supposed to provide valuable miniatures off bench, he would get locked down. Firstly, there will be no need to double team rose because he defiantly will be hesitant in the first few game, also having dwade makes it a lot easier to guard rose if he were to play and having lebron as a strong defensive presents. With rose out of the picture, joachim noah is making it hard for himself, he is purposely trying to stur lebron up but is only making it worse for him self and his team. Everyone seemed to care about the rivalry between lebron and Noah. Lebron is the best player NOW and his game has developed heaps. Lebron is a perimeter threat as he can constantly shoot the ball, let alone improving his high post game. He has become more clutch and anyone who would say that he hasn’t is a fool. Yes maybe it will be hard to defend rose but the bulls have their own problems defending lebron and wade. No one thinks that even if bulls double lebron or wade, Chris bosh is a great option near the ring and with his elbow jumpers let alone how well ray Allen is playing. I’m not saying that the bulls will win, I’m merely saying that people who say bulls can easily beat heat are either a fan that doesn’t know about the game and goes for the bulls or hates lebron/heat. There is still so much to go on about but, I’m not going to rule out the bulls have no chance because they do , Nate is playing great which is a huge part of their success. Heat are to strong and can exploit to many parts of the already lacking bulls.

  13. shutupignorantpeople says:

    All these people calling rose a coward don’t know what they are talking about. Every injury is different. Obviously his acl injury is more severe than adrian peterson or iman shumpert. I think he knows his own body and he doesn’t want to come back too early and reinjure his knee. That could end his whole career. I would love to see him come back and be successful but he is thinking about the next ten years of his career. Anyone who calls him a coward is actually a coward themselves and probably has never trained or competed in their life.

  14. Dean says:

    You forgot to include the “he’s probably making a logical choice” types like yourself. The reason other ACL injuries, and Rose dunking, do matter is because there is no more chance of Rose being hurt today than after the summer in preseason. Spotlight doesn’t cause injuries, and a superstar can handle it. Stoudemire is playing 10-15, why not Rose too? he doesnt have to start, he really doesnt have to do anythjng. what if he suits up, plays 5 minutes each half and the energy is enough to help the Bulls win a playoff game against the Heat and go up 2-1. No real logic could find a reason for that not being a GIVEN move, baseline. Why Rose sitting is an option to anyone is beyond me, and if he sits, he’s the new nba villain, and im buying some lebron shoes, screw drose and screw Adidas, hows that for a backfire.

    Also, last year the Bulls were THE best team in the East hands down and probably the best in the league due to their grit. So its not like this team is bad, they have championship pieces, most of whom werent on the court for game two. If lebron and wade sat and the Heat got smacked ppl wouldnt think the Bulls were a better team. Deng and Heinrich are Chicago’s one and two.

  15. I honestly feel this series will go to a game 7 and if LeBron sleeps bulls will upset heat

  16. DCamp says:

    DRose ! ignore all the haters (fake #%$# heat fans !) …take your time bro. When you come back like a true chitown baller tuck your shirt tail in so all these so called bandwagon fans won’t have anything to hitch onto !

  17. lego11 says:

    People are saying drose is soft, no he aint! every injury is different. If he aint mentally 100% ready, then he is more likely to get injured again. He still has a whole career ahead of him, why risk it and get injured. I say its a smart choice, but if he plays that means hes ready. I dont think they will beat the heat tho, would be kool but will be pretty dang hard!

  18. uncommonlife says:

    Well , hate to bust everyones bubble , basketball is a team sport , with that being said who ever brings the intensity and the will to win , will win the series . Rose is a mvp player if you follow his numbers you will see that he was consistent across the board , I honestly feel this series will go to a game 7 and if LeBron sleeps bulls will upset heat , I have spoken .

  19. mohak says:

    This article cotemplated itself about his injury….well yea ofcourse, either rose is going to come back or not…I really missed the point of this whole article and the writer put a little TOO much thought into this….

  20. karmazz11 says:

    then never he said ! and he wants a hot chocolate, candys, and his mum to tell him a story before to go to bed.this and 100 000 000 dollars to act like a diva

  21. 100% correct that rose should not rush things out. all nba fans who have brains knows that. bulls are facing the best team..james ,wade,bosh,allen who are all veterans and the rest of thier teams are shooters against new players of the bulls but still they manage to win over the heat with out rose..the only team that could hurt the heat. in my opinion, if deng and henrich are back? bulls will have a chance. am not a bull fan but i love thier line ups.

  22. Heat1 says:

    He will not return

    • Bullsrock says:

      Heat1 even if he doesn’t return bulls still got Robinson and boozer to help out.

  23. Jason says:

    haters.. make me laugh. Obviously you guys haven’t torn your acl and played for the nba and were expected to come back and lead a team. Once you guys have that happen to you, then you guys can complain to me.

  24. Corey Yuen says:

    Mr Rose….It is possible that you may never get back to the playoffs again, just like it is possible that you may injure yourself again, however, top teams are only getting stronger, if you come back for game 3, fans will go nuttttts, it will give your TEAM the best chance to win with the crowd behind you. If you can beat the heat, your chances of winning it all improve dramatically. If you don’t beat the heat you still gain valuable playoff experience. Look at it this way, what do you do when you feel like there are no driving lanes available during a game?… get aggressive, drive and force the action. So, if you don’t feel naturally ready, you need to play and force the action. CY out! Another movie in the making!

  25. bigwes95 says:

    Rose should just stay out now. it’s been too long and he can’t come back into the most intense games of the year so far. he should have came back around early to mid march to shake a little bit of rust off. limit his minutes to around 15 then to 25 at the highest. but it’s all too late. he would get slaughtered out there with no game experience this year and missing all the playoffs last year. he has been practicing with no restrictions for the last 2 months after all, and I’ve seen him doing some really nice dunks during warm ups. he should have came back earlier so he can get into shape and get used to dunking in games, which is a lot harder than practice.

  26. Corey Yuen says:

    Mr. Rose….No Retreat, No Surrender! The time is now!

  27. sergiu says:

    Maybe Chicago is not so talented without Rose on the floor, but they are really tough guys, not like those girls of the “heat” team. About Rose being overrated and not being a warrior – just look at those 3 divas from the heat.

  28. xyz says:

    Rose is an outstanding talent, but I agree with Chuck and Shaq: He won’t come back and he should’ve done it after the All-Star game. Shumpert and Rubio came back a lot quicker after their ACL injuries and they couldn’t wait to jump into the action. The 2011 MVP “isn’t mentally prepared” to play, apparently not even in the playoffs. He let his team play a game 7 on the road against the Nets, on the verge of being eliminated. I think this speaks a lot about the “character” of Derrick Rose. Even if he does mirraculously comes back, it might mess up with the Bulls’ chemistry and he won’t bring an edge to the Bulls after not playing for such a long time. Miami in 6

  29. mjbull23 says:

    To paraphrase Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid movies, “Win or lose no matter. Must not lose to FEAR “.

    If he’s able to go, he has to step on that court tommorow and face his demons.

  30. johnny dawson says:

    I say bring him in off the bench for 5 minutes.

  31. Chandler says:

    The bulls had said that they aren’t expecting to make it to the finals, so even if Rosé doesn’t make it in during the playoffs, Well, then they won’t be too surprised

  32. Keith Horne says:

    If he comes back now it might not be best for the team considering they’ve gelled without him however since you don’t have Deng and hinrich you have to strongly consider playing him

  33. HeatSince95' says:

    I agree with what Chuck said at halftime yesterday. Its too late and he should have started playing a little before the playoffs
    started to get a rhythm going. Side note: the Bulls made the Heat very angry, you wont like them when theyre angry. lol

  34. Gene says:

    If Rose does return Friday the very least it would do is to afford a degree of ‘talent’ to the Bulls side. Talent they are obviously lacking, and which is clearly displayed by their style of play.

  35. As Bad As LA Fans.. says:

    You all are too funny in this wanting Rose to comeback, it won’t make a difference as it has been proven years past.. You all just need to leave the dude alone, he owes you nothing.. He wants to be as healthy as possible when he returns..Longevity is what he’s looking for after an injury…Why play? Because fans think you can win them one game against the Heat?? Due to the fact that the Bulls set the tone of the series with hard fouls why would he wanna come back?! To get fouled hard and possibly get hurt again right? He knows just as all of you do, they can’t beat the Heat in a series, in the playoffs!! You can have all the regular season wins you want against the heat.. You all can’t get the job done when it’s serious business.. Even with your whole roster being healthy like in 2011..Still the same team with who extra? Nazr, Lil Nate, Belinelli? LMAO! James really shoulda had 5 mvp’s I agree..

    • As Bad As LA Fans.. says:

      No knock against Rose, I’m a fan of his too.. The best thing in Chi since MJ hands down. With that being said, I think you guys are going to begin to feel like others did back in the day when MJ really started killing it.. You will be on opposite sides this time around.. Miami has the best dude in the League, world now since MJ. So you all will feel what Miller and Pacers felt, Partick and Knicks, Mourning and Heat, if you aren’t beginning to now. Unless he comes there, I think it will be awhile..

  36. Like A SomEbooDEE says:

    D rose needs to come to lakers for d howard.

  37. Vidagr8 says:

    If the decision is on him he should play or want to play nothing should keep him out players these days lack heart the will of a champion could not be KOBE

  38. Emmanuel says:

    Rose returns will have for sure a positively impact on the team, his teammate will play better, and right now for Game 3, it will be the perfect time, because those guys don’t like surprise. Spoelstra will have to think about other strategies. But the question is: Rose’s really ready to play? like physically and mentally? because, if they hope to beat the heat he have to be at least 95% of itself. Otherwise, its better for him to wait till he’s really ABLE to play. Anyways, this decision is not that simple as we think guys.

  39. K says:

    Not a fan of the Bulls, but D Rose should just wait untl next year. Why risk it? Not worth your career potentially.

  40. W/E says:

    D.ROSE DOnt get out of the bench, stay there until Lebron retires!! u were right theres no point coming back ur team has no chance anyway!

  41. Michael B. says:

    I loved how the Heat played an all around performance yesterday, Lebron played at a new level and went on beast mode, he totally managed to played in the paint as much as he could and found every single perimetral option, Wade made his cut plays look good and attacked with more agresiveness, while Bosh grabbed those rebounds boxing out perfectly Noah, they totally broke Bulls morality, rebounding options and played a very tight and hard well done defense, I dont see Bulls winning, if they are willing to accept the challenge I say they might take one more game before the Heat may finish them up, but it will be convenient to get miami into 6 games so they dont cool too much, prove on what we saw in game 1. I dont think he might play Rose unless Nate injured, but I still doubt it, lets wait and see in game 3.

  42. Lem says:

    Heat are advancing on finals. nuffsaid

  43. DRoseIsKing says:

    LOL and if he doesn’t play everyone will put their pens to paper about how Game 4 is the perfect time to come back. Come on man…

    • Dean says:

      Nah hes right. Think for a minute man. Take two in Chicago and you go up 3-1. That’s heavy.

  44. Matt says:

    If rose came back Friday night and led the bulls past the heat, that would be, in my opinion be one of the best injury comeback stories I’ve ever heard. Coming back after not playing a single in-season game with a an ACL tear and beating the team that is, sadly to say, absolutely 100% going to win this years nba championship, no doubt. To me that would surely be nothing short of incredible, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my absolute favorite basketball player ever since he entered the league. Overall, in my mind, this whole thing ain’t happening as much as I would like to see it so.

    • Dean says:

      Nope he’s not leading a team anywhere. Who wants that? Anyone asking for that? Get on the floor man, just stand there in shorts. That’s all anyone should ask for, and for him to refuse that, absurd.

  45. Rest Now! says:

    Remember when Jameer Nelson got injured he was an All-star and injured his shoulder and didn’t get back to the Finals and threw a wrench in the Magics playoff run. Derrick would do more harm than good. Why comeback when you are not ready he hasn’t played all year and everyone expects him to comeback at the elevated intensity of the playoffs. It will disrupt team chemistry. Everyone will focus on how rose is playing every time he falls if someone on Miami hurts him. Not to mention this game is played on reaction not thought. He needs to be free to react. If he returns now you will not see the Rose that everyone is used too. It will be a letdown for you for your team and for him. He knows that give him a break this is not the time to make rash decisions this is the time for the Bulls to finally close this chapter of hoping Rose will return, and figure out how to beat the heat without him

  46. lalala says:

    If lakers would of won against spurs, you’d see bryant right now playing in crutches or in a wheel chair. And lebron should of been 5 time mvp, not 4.

  47. Touch money Red says:

    last time i belive in the bulls we jordans was there now they got nate and ross bull turn it up take the heats out

  48. Touch money Red says:

    d ross coming friday and going to turn it up #TMT

  49. holyspectator says:

    that spanking bulls got was just nasty last night, we all know drose wont play? cmon and then you really think tibs would just throw him in there? it be one thing if rose was just an average player, hes the star player of that team, an entire offense and defense runs around him, hes an integral part, its better he doesnt play at this point..

    • Dean says:

      Huh? Nothing runs around him. He’s in a suit. Why would the whole team transform? Makes no sense man, you guys gotta think harder.

  50. Luis says:

    There’s no ratiocination with the media. In fact to be more spang about it , he should comeback when he wants.

  51. Unkle Daddy says:

    Rose needs to not worry about coming back now, he should have can back at the begging of the playoffs to have the first series to shake off some of the rust, which I’m sure there is a lot of. Without Westbrook on the court for OKC there is no team in the NBA remotely close to stopping Miami from getting title number two.

  52. TYfly23 says:

    Its funny to read all these comments as if you all know D. Rose or anything about the ailment he has. A torn ACL is a very sensitive injury but it can be bounced back from. The great thing about being a human being is that we all are different and some of us heal differently then others. Simply put who knows when he will be back and how he feels and if he is at 100% or if he can help his team win… NO ONE BUT HIM!!!…He has been medically cleared, but being an athlete and a fan of this game of basketball, that i truly love. We have all witnessed the heart of this young man and the will and determination that he has. But evidently you will always have doubters, haters, and naysayers no matter what you are doing, done and going to do. I say if you can come back D. Rose come back to help your squad, and if you cant then continue to train and get better daily for your return next season.

    • Dean says:

      Yeah he seemed real hyped actually about how good he’s gonna be next season. Too bad some people like me won’t be watching him. Used to watch ball FOR drose, now I’ll avoid it to not support him. Done messed up and y’all would too i guess?

  53. Basketball Jones says:

    Wow, great comments and great points. I am not sure if he should or should not but I agree, if you are going to do it, you have to do it Friday.

  54. Freida says:

    I think if D. Rose comes back, he will be slammed. The Bulls are the one who like to play rough. Well I am so glad that Miami came back just as rough as the Bulls. If Rose comes back, they will clobber him. I think he needs to wait until next season and then we can see how great the team is. Go Heat!!!

    • Dean says:

      They’ll clobber him next year too. People don’t seem to get this, there is absolutely no greater chance of him getting hurt now than next year. Also, this is not NASCAR, you don’t die if you hesitate. You know what tore his acl? Hesitating. Wait no, it was making nasty cuts like a superhuman. That’s more likely to have you a SERIOUS injury than being a step slow.

  55. Edward Edwards says:

    If Miami was sloppy after eight days of rest, imagine how Rose will be after a year of rest. Shaq is the only one that said it like it is, he said before game one, be careful Miami don’t lose this game one. The level of play in the play offs are so high that if Rose were to try to come back not only will he make the bulls worse he can aggravate his injury and make a bad situation worse. Rose and the Bulls are just using Roses return as a strategy to try to make Miami practice for Rose then plays with out Rose. The bulls would piss on a spark plug if it would help them win this series that they know they can’t win.

  56. shink213 says:

    derrick rose, although a great player, is letting the entire basketball world down by not at least attempting to play in any games yet. i understand the uncomfortable feeling after knee surgery because i had it myself…..but when you are gettting paid 15-20 million $/season to play bball, the least you could do is come off the bench and give it a try. even if it was for 3 min, just to get a feel for how his leg actually feels when the stakes are high. i personally think that he is being a baby because there is no way that when he comes back that he can feel that much more confident in his knee just 1 day after he wasn’t comfortable so it is all mental. i lost a lot of respect for him by doing this…..even dwight howard was playing through an injury and he is a pu$$y. rose doesnt have to come in and start elevating and trying to dunk on people like he was accustomed to, he can drive and dish until he gets used to playing again, but when you see videos of him practicing and dunking 1-2 months ago, its proof that he is being a baby. go heat.

  57. leston says:

    like i said you always roast a bull with heat.,. but its not over yet though,..,. lets go heat!!!!!.,., why are all these bulls fan hoping and praying for rose to come back.,.any sports fan knows this.,.once you have been out for as long as he has.,. u r bound to be out of your element .,.so look at it from that point of view will him returning be a plus for his team or more of negative at this point of the season given the obvious responsibilities they are going to place on his shoulders right away.,. but you never know.,. may be he comes back and is the mvp we know.,.but what is clear is that miami has the the best player in the world presently and has him while he is at the peak of his greatness.,..dont even get me started on the stellar supporting cast.,.lets go heat!!!.,.

  58. 2fst2ctch says:

    You guys are quick to judge and bash Rose. But you are not the ones on the court, I would be nervous and worried more about my health then making people happy. I agree he needs to be out there to get over the mental hump but that’s something he needs to conquer alone with no pressure.

  59. hector says:

    No, No, No, No and thousand times No. It will be a disrespect for all his teammates who carryed the team to the PO, won a series, and now are 1-1 with the champs, all that happened without D.R, and is back will only mean a disrespect and a total gaffe

  60. Duanne says:

    cmon guys, i watch this playoffs last 2011, bulls win in game one

  61. EMM says:

    With Rose or WIthout Rose the Bulls have no chance against Miami, see the game yesterday Lebron did not play with a High level just 19 points but the Heat burned out the Bull with more than 20 pts. Rose will be just a motivation as David Lee on GS bench for crowd and for the players if he will be in the basketball court.

  62. AGE23 says:

    WOW I really don`t care anymore if Rose is coming back or not. The only thing I care about is that the Bulls get to finals and win that championchip. He does come back, fine, if he doesn`t, well see you next year. Lets just pray for the Bulls. AMEN

  63. Chalmers attempts to Injure Best Bull Player says:

    When you grab the other team’s best player by the neck and swing on him this is malitious and intentional I want to see what the NBA does if a Bull goes for Lebron’s neck

  64. Gian Carlo says:

    You have a heart Derrick,go for it, I would rather say this match Bulls vs Heat , is the championship match for Bulls, all basketball nations already conceded 2013 season to Miami Heat, what more could be sweeter if you prove them wrong.
    Goodluck Rose.

  65. Eject Chalmers says:

    His foul on Joakim was terrible last night…. Any time a player goes deliberately for another players neck the should sit down for a week. My Opinion… People die in random fights all the time.

  66. IslaMajeures says:

    These articles are always difficult to read through. Just use plain English without trying to write a novel.

  67. Dave says:

    The Bulls have NO chance against Miami and definitely do not have any chance to win two more series after that. It’s been a great year for them and they’ve learned a lot about many of their players. Keep Rose in street clothes until November. There is no sense in upsetting what is working to the best that it can work, nor risking additional injury to him in what is already a lost cause.

  68. derrick rose will be back and he going be great when he comes back

  69. derrick rose is the best and always would be the best and its all unto him and he the only one who knows that he is ready or not. So its best to just to leave it up to him..

  70. Marielle says:

    Not a bulls fan, but D. Rose shoul once and for all make the decision to play now or not all for this season. Once his decision is announced, everyone can accept it and move on.

  71. DenRock says:

    People here who are saying DRose is a coward because he doesn’t want to risk an injury CLEARLY have never had an ACL Rupture on them. So if you haven’t felt the pain or gone through the rehab then you all should STFU. The physical aspects of coming back isn’t the problem. It’s trusting the knee again. It’s the mental aspect of it that makes players hesitate on returning to the game. I myself loved playing basketball. Driving to the hole against bigger guys was never a problem. Blew my ACL and I became a jumpshooter. To this day, I still worry if it’s going to give out and blow it again.

    • Gabe says:

      then you and D-Rose should rent a room and cry togehter. He is having the best doctors anyone can get. Rubio and other players have had the same injury, what’s the difference? they are not like you and Rose. so you STFU!

  72. adrien says:

    He’s not coming back because he’s scared…I used to like D-Rose but he has no heart of a champion…

  73. sanjay says:

    this is not a good time for him to back as he cant ease in the this intense physical confrontation! He should have come back a month ago where he would have had chance to get his rhythm back, get some strength on his legs and also have some regular games under his belt! The legs might not be able to handle sudden pounding!
    But you never know!

  74. Dalametyr says:

    Well for me i think that rose should come back because the heat is a tought team.But its not up to me its up to derrick rose, hes a tough competitor.He has to be 110% and i think now hes 100%.

  75. Gabe says:

    He won’t return…if you think about it.. Bryant, Westbrook were upset and mad when they got injured because they love the game. Rose cried..give me a break!
    the doctors have cleared him out since March, now he is just too old is he again?
    he won’t be the same player anymore….

  76. MJfromOKC says:

    Does this guy really want to come playin this physical series? His first taste of game action would be a highly physical and heated series. I see him sitting the rest of the season.

  77. Hurp says:

    When Rose does come back, all of the bandwagoners are going to flock from Clippers/Thunder and over to Chicago, claiming that they’ve always liked the Bulls and that they’ve been a fan since Michael Jordan played there.

  78. AGE23 says:

    Wow I don’t even care no more. As a bulls fan all care about is the ball heading to the finals.If Rose comes back well good but if doesn’t I DON’T CARE!!!! Just gotta wait till next year.

  79. HEATFAN says:

    lawl..thats foolish..even if D.Rose didnt got injured and still Heat and Bulls still face each other..D.Rose cant carry the Bulls Remember James can guard any position so guarding D.Rose is not a problem for him..Remember the 2011 East Finals where the Heat owns it..D.Rose stats are not as MVP stats he is well guarded by James..

  80. TD says:

    He should and will not return- He should and will wait till next season. The truth of the manner is the Bulls will not see a NBA Final the way they are structured, espically with LBJ, Wade and Bosh in Miami. Next Year- All the NBA Fans will see what has become of Rose after surgery.

  81. NBA Fan 35 says:

    Bulls now + Rose and Deng = Bulls beat heat.
    Logic: In the lockout shortened season, the Bulls had the best record in the Eastern Conference until they lost Rose. I see no
    reason they couldn’t beat the Heat if Rose came back, especially because they already SPLIT the season series without him!

  82. Mihael says:

    I still believe in DRose!

  83. Aldous Jacob B. Villalobos says:

    Derrick Rose if you see this comment PLS. Read it. You have been practicing full speed and you say you want to go play but why won’t you is it because your scared of playing again or is it your afraid that your legs are gonna fail you when you play. PLAY ON GAME 3 YOUR TEAM NEEDS YOU!

  84. Fefe (Nets) says:

    I like here how a lot of people talk as if they knew what is in D-Rose’s mind or as if they knew what they were talking about.

    Saying “coward” etc… makes me laugh how people forget. D-Rose clearly deserved to be the MVP.
    I don’t see the point for him to come back too fast for a series that the Heat are clearly favored to win.

  85. GoBulls says:

    If the doctors say his knee is ready to go then it’s ready to go. It really is just a mind game for Rose right now and there are probably two things that are holding him back. One thing is the possibility that he might blow his knee again. Truth is every nba player is susceptible to injury at any point and players live with that risk every time they step on the court. No one knows when it happens, it just does. So just PLAY. Rose may also be thinking that if he does return he won’t be playing at that high-level he used to be. First games coming off injuries will more often than not turn out to be sluggish games. Be it Game 3 or next season, that first game will be a struggle. He has got to make that first step sooner or later. So just PLAY.

  86. James O'Meara says:

    give me a brake to judge D. Rose for not playing is so stupid let him come back when he his ready what happens if the same thing happens again then what you lose him for another year i am sure the Bulls do not want that to happen so let D. Rose come back when he is ready to play no sooner then that

  87. jamiitata says:

    Does anyone remember when fans, players & coached Brandon Roy back? Different injury but the effect was the same, they trail blazers were not a better playoff team. Andre Miller who was playing like a MVP had to take a seat back to one heroics of Roy in Game 4 of the 2011 playoffs. Then the superstar went on a tear for a total of 14 combined in Game 5&6. He was trying to play superstar when the team clearly needed him to be a role player after not playing with the team for an extended period of time. Same thing applies here. Rose should be expected to come in and play 40 mins a game in the playoffs when the hasn’t played a game all session. in addition, without building up chemistry with teammates knowing their strengths & weaknesses & the team knowing his he will just be a liability playing hero ball like Roy, possibly sacrificing his whole career for 1 playoff season.

  88. The Heat had a 10 day layoff before game 1 with the Bulls and look how badly they played. Rose has been out for over 6 months and is not in game shape nor will he be in sync with his teamates. The only thing his suiting up will do is provide an emotional boost for the Bulls. He will need at least 10 games to get his sharpness back.

    Given the physical nature of the series thus far, why risk further injury to your franchise player for minimal on court gains.

    I say he sits out till October. The consequences could be catasrophic if he comes back and reinjures himself.

  89. NewYorkKnicks4e says:

    Also look who he would be playing with, a rag tag team of hurt/sick players, they have a very little chance of winning this series. 10% chance they will win this series. I don’t think they will win another game in this series personally.

    • David says:

      agree, and if he returns its like throwing dirt on his career, im not saying he is not ready but at that phase he better stay until next year

    • Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

      They have as much chance of winning this series.. as any team in the NBA. The HEAT are the defending champions, and incase you didnt notice – they managed to pick up Bird-man, Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis. So now they are even better.

      Im a hardcore Bulls fan, but saying the Bulls are this and that.. is stupid. You have no idea how good a team has to be, to be missing starters, and beat a higher ranked seed, like Brooklyn or even Game 1 against the Heat. Amazing team and effort.. and forget Rose for now (although I pray to god he comes back), give me Kirk and Deng and I will be happy!

  90. LA Cane says:

    The Heat are going to decapitate Rose every time he drives to the basket. Hard physical fouls, just how the Bulls like it.

    • Garifunag says:

      I agree. With the way the Bulls play I don’t think the managers or Rose would want to play in this series. Lebron is taking some hard fouls and Nate too, so Rose coming back will most likely reinjure himself.

  91. NewYorkKnicks4e says:

    Anyone who criticizes this man for not playing yet is ridiculous. He is a great impact explosive player who needs his legs as much as anyone in the league because of his pure speed and leaping ability and if there is something going wrong in his knee who are we to say that it is time for him to come back. Just because he is cleared doesn’t mean his knee is completely fine. It isn’t all about his knee anyways its a confidence thing as well. As an unbiased fan why would Rose come back and play bad because he has no confidence. He would be playing scared of injury and without confidence and with players he hasn’t played with in seemingly forever. If he comes back with confidence that would be great. He shouldn’t have to come back until he desires to though. End of story.

  92. NBAFAN!!! says:

    I want Rose to come back on game 3 so Miami can beat them with their best players. I vote Miami in 6 or even 5.
    Let’s GO HEAT!!!!!

  93. Edson says:

    I’m not a fan of people just raging arount Rose. An ACL tear injury is quite dangerous to a sportsman, the rehabilitation is long and painful and once u get to play again, you’re not even sure the transplant will hold especially with a sick “attacking the rim” play like Rose’s. He better not return now if he doesn’t feel confident in his knee and be back in October with full power.
    I don’t call this selfishness, I call this intelligence which is pretty rare in a player this young and may avoid him finish his career entirely banged up.

  94. andres says:

    I dont see a point of him coming back this season. What for? He will not be the same as before. Do you think he is going to be better than Nate? Not now. He can always come from the bench when Nate needs a rest that’s true. but his comeback won’t change the fate of this team on this playoff and I don’t think his ego would allow himself to be in that position.

  95. Bobby McCrae says:

    it all depends on if Rose is ready to jump from an injury in a playoffs game, to now back to a very competitive series. if Rose is prepared for this big jump and his coaches support him, then by all means he should come back. Any way it goes though, Rose is still a great player and should consider doing what he feels best.

  96. Yordan Enchev says:

    Mr. Ashburner, you really should consider turning the writing down a notch. People have difficulties following it. But english is a foreign language to me so what do i know anyway…Other than that, i really enjoyed the article and in my humble opinion think that the now or never time has slightly past for D Rose… Except for a fan‛s entertaiment , i really don’t think that he could be a difference maker at this point, considering he would probably eas his way back at about 12 to 15 mpg.

  97. Kevin says:

    This article was basically impossible to read… it was so overwritten

    • Jimbo says:

      Dear Steve Aschburner,

      Will you please rewrite this article so that all of the Miami Heat fans can comprehend what you are tying to say?

  98. The Oracle says:

    So much for the “i love basketball so much” statements these players rant off every time in an interview. If you love basketball so much, then you return as soon as possible.
    I once played basketball on broken, swollen ankles when I was younger. i loved the game that much and I wasn’t getting paid, and I was great at basketball. perhaps not NBA ready but I was a street legend, in 7 districts.

  99. NaYTuFF says:

    I am a moron. The Heat won’t lose this series.

  100. Redemption says:

    hey Naytuff… its “if the Bulls LOSE” not “loses” Is the proper grammar LOL

  101. Big Al says:

    Judging by Game 2’s result, the Bulls have awaken a sleeping giant. It’s much like Pearl Harbor Attack; the Japs got the upper hand but ultimately lost the war. Without Rose, Chicago will pretty much be a walkover for South Beach. They’re just too good for anyone, and I don’t think that any West team has a chance to beat them. But Windy City can, but a depleted lineup can only do so much. If I’m not mistaken, they’re the only team that beat Miami twice this season, not to mention ending their 27-game winning streak.

    Rose will have to commit himself to Game 3 and beyond as there is a lot at stake. I strongly believe that whichever of these two teams wins will take the crown altogether. With Thibodeau’s remarkable effort to bring his squad to where it is now, he should have clearly been coach of the year. The judges obviously voted too soon. There is always going to be a risk for another injury no matter how careful you are, but the opportunites for a ring rarely happen. The West will certainly be much stronger next year, so the chances for Chicago to bring it back to MJ-like success can’t be any better than now. Derrick will just have to try, even for just a few minutes, so long as he doesn’t do nothing (double-negative intended).

    • jose says:

      Kobe plays for money , at least .That’s OK bt then , he CAN’T SHARE IT WITH HER MOM.

    • jose says:

      Well , if you want to use that comparison , you should start by saying that the Bulsl are the Japs, who , woke up the HEAT ,in this case USA , who ultimately won the fight.(The HeAT smashed , busted , masacred the Bulls, just like USA decimated the crimpled Japs)
      Don’t you think that like that , the story you are trying to sale makes more sense?

    • Well... says:

      I’m pretty sure the Knicks won 3 times against the Heat this year.

  102. Clone says:

    When i see the intensity of this series and the lake of rotation at guards positions for the bulls…
    Add that to the “i fear, dont wanna re-injure myself :x” and the pressure he will have to be back in the middle of a playoff serie instead of offseason-nobody-cares-games.
    Not to add the fact that he haven’t play a game in a year, he is not in the rythme and wont be.. no miracle. Remember Orlando the year they reached the finals with Dwight: since allstar break, they were almost unbeatable with Rafer Alston at PG.. but when they got in the finals, Nelson who didnt play since november decided that he was rdy to play, a miracle happended,etc.. being SVG boy, he got back his 30+min.. played not rly well and the Magics lost1-4.

  103. Shawn says:

    All of the fans know that Derrick Rose will not be 100%. But the bigger point is that all players are expected to do their best. THis is what makes Chicago great… But, the leader of the team must be an example. So win or lose, you played the game, and of course you have to be in it to win it. Once you are healthy and cleared, than there can be no excuse. Like any job n America, you are pardoned when you have a doctors note. Or you don’t get paid. For Derrick if he doesnt play this year, he will let his coach, team mates and fans down. They believed his decision will be one of integrity… And, so I know he will be back. Let this nightmare be over! And if he does not play, and the Bulls lose, the fans will not be so happy with him next year. Miami will be just as vicious and another team mate could get hurt… NOW IS THE TIME!

  104. Oooooo plez, with rose or without doesnt really matter to heats becuz they will win this series bet u on that…….. idk y these sports writers and bulls fans think rose can make any difference in against the heats is so estupid….. After Miami went hardcore on bulls they just chickened out and got their face smashed in the ground in game 2…..

    • Pakyaw says:

      This remind me of a pacer series last year,the heat gave what they want(physical game) and they fold…

  105. ReaperChief says:

    Rose is a loser.. He is a disgrace to Chicago and the Bulls franchise.. If it was Jordan instead of him, or even guys like Kobe or Durant, they’d play to death if not for the reaputation, at least for the amount of money they earn(Kobe especially). At least do it for the guys who have overplayed the whole season so that the Bulls could get in the playoffs. There is nothing he could lose by playing for his team and his fans. To me, he is getting 15-20 million dollars this season with a seat at every Bulls game.. pretty convenient.. But, hey, it’s a business and he could lose contracts and reputation earned with that MVP title..

  106. 0_o? says:

    i wonder what his teammates think, the one who plays while feeling pain and illness while DRose sits and watch… he should at least try, but if it really doesnt feel right while he’s on the game, then he can stop.. at least he tried…

  107. John B. says:

    I really hope that D Rose will return. The Bulls have a good chance to defeat Miami, but they will need him, as well as Deng and Hinrich. The other guys have already done more than it was expected from them. By the way, has anyone seen this innovative basketball venture, which offers basketball fans to become real sports directors of a professional team

  108. allen4celts? says:

    If the bulls will need him to step up in a critical moment, im sure he will come back

  109. Apollo says:

    The article was a tad verbose, have to agree with Ethan.

    Rose was return – Why? – because he is selfish. He has inflicted mental anguish on his team mates and coach, and whatever they do, they would have done better without his posturing.

    He has betrayed fans. He had betrayed himself. He is selfish. When he learns, and he will as he ages, that selflessness will lead to success, then he will continue to be an abject failure.

    I won’t say “worship”, but I used to adore Rose before this latest bout of incredulous monkey man games, now he has fallen closer to the gutter. What a sad story for such great potential.

  110. bullsfan23 says:

    As much as I would like to see Rose come back, The team has made it this far without him. I think they should finish the year without him.

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  112. Bruce says:

    You said “We encourage you to add a comment to this discussion”

    I said “blah blah blah”, yet, my constructive comment was not posted.

    Any explanation forthcoming kinder student in a suit and tie? perhaps boardiea now days, that’s what I wear to work.

  113. Marko_czp says:

    Think how much it would shake up the Miami team, they would have to make defense adjustments. Rose would open shots for Belineli and others + Robinson would be more fresh to do the same…But yeah, most likely he wont suit up

  114. mySportCentralDotCom says:

    Well, Rose is a MVP but he is not the Most Valuable Player, he is the Most Valuable Pig. How can he sit and look at his team blown out by Heat like that if he is MVP. Look at David Lee of Golden State; he can’t play but he dress up and make the crowd go crazy. That is the MVP type of players. How about Rose???

  115. Tim says:

    Steve Kerr better SHUT UP and go watch the series as a Bulls’ fan not a TNT broadcaster.He had tons of stupid one sided comments during the game.

    • Pakyaw says:

      @tim, I agree..i watch that game,Steve Kerr shouldn’t do any heat game sided commentator so biased…put Chris webber next time…

  116. W/E says:

    lol it makes no difference if rose comes back or not,he should stay on the bench FOREVER!!! The Heat are a WAY BETTER TEAM, they creamed the crippled Bulls on game 2 and thats what is gunna happen in the next 3 games as well, the Heat will go 4-1 most proobably, anyway get real people, THERES NO WAY the bulls can win this series the Heat got way more talent and the Bulls just CANT SCORE!

  117. James says:

    I agree with Ethan. I get the point of the writer but the article is difficult to read…too much use of slangs and clichés.

  118. NbaTurkey says:

    To Mr.Rose,everbody is hopin for the Hero to save the Bulls,don’t bother what’s going around you at the end of the day you could say at least i fought for my team when needed most.I am sure Derrick Rose will play for his team tomorrow.He will step up for his town.He even cried when he got his MVP! award.He is not the kinda guy you will see sitting in the crowd when his team is losing.Please Mr.Rose play for your team,town and all the fans you got all around the World(like me:D)

  119. I bleed Red says:

    In an effort to write a great piece that would be linked to the grand return, this was over written. Keep it simple, trust me we enjoy and appreciate it simple.

  120. give me a break says:


  121. tragedy says:

    it’ all about Rose’s salary.if he returns now all his past season budget has to be paid by bulls if not insurance company has to pay it.that’s why he does not do not hope him to return this season.

  122. rosesRed says:

    Derrick Rose will comeback.. when the bulls reach the finals.. he wont bother playing if not in the finals

  123. Prodigy B says:

    Its been quite a long time since injury but DRose has no sign. Just comes and shows up in practice session and then ends up in the suit sitting near the bench players. # Annoying. This is the time when his team needs him the most and its the game which caused him some time back against Heat. Time for some vengance against the Heat. So its time Drose has a wake up call and steps up to the court and does some damage that he usually does. Otherwise, he can watch his team lose in this playoff again. Look at Kobe he has played with so much of pain. Its time D rises up!!

    • Jimbo says:

      Yeah, look at Kobe he “played through so much pain” look where he’s at now. You popcorn munching armchair GM’s think you know what’s best. D-Rose probably would end up getting hurt if he came back now. Let him have 6 more month’s then let him slowly dive back in. You can’t just throw a rehabbing knee in to a intense playoff series and the bulls to all of the sudden be in prime form.

      • Joeinhendo says:

        Yea, look at where Kobe is at right now…….WITH 5 CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS ON HIS FINGERS…..
        Because apparently, unlike D.Rose, he has the heart and drive of a champion. I am far from a Kobe or Lakers fan, in fact I have loathed both several times in the past when they’ve beaten my Trailblazers, but I do have a newfound respect for Kobe’s dedication to his team and fans after watching a healthy D.Rose sitting on the bench. D.Rose makes Kobe-type money, which is ultimately paid for by D.Rose fans, he owes it to his fans and teammates to at least play for even just a few minutes a game at this point. It could be just the spark the Bulls might need to get past the Heat (never know if you don’t try). Never thought I’d ever write anything positive about Kobe, but D.Rose is proving to be a good dividing line between the divas and the studs of the NBA.

  124. spin says:

    Honestly speaking, Bulls with the current line up have no chance on going forward. So they need D Rose.
    Personally i would not risk a 99% ready to go player, thrown in at the most physical games of the year.
    In addition, any player with an absence of one year (!), could not play right away in the level that he was before.
    So i think it is a good idea to bring D Rose next year.

  125. Haha says:

    He might not come back.Anyways the bulls are doing fine on their own too. But I dunno if it’s enough to beat the Heat. ^^

  126. M1978 says:

    90 percent sure that he won’t return. If he returns he might score 8-10 points not more. He is not in play hasn’t play a game a year long. It would be really suprising to see Rose perform at a high level…

  127. MikeR says:

    I think it would be probablt better for Rose to return on 100% in the next season. Too bad tough as he’s one of the best players in the league.

  128. KR450 says:

    Nothing against Rose, but I don’t care if he comes back this season! Just so sick of the constant talk about it. Health reasons aside, he won’t come back in this series because it’s a lose-lose situation for him. If he returns and they lose to the Heat (which they will regardless) then he’ll cop the blame for upsetting the balance and rhythm of the team. If he sits out and they get beaten (which they will) then he’ll probably cop flak for not suiting up and trying to save the Bulls’ season. If he comes back and aggravates the knee, then he’ll be blamed for coming back too early, most likely by the same people who are now saying he should be playing already. Spare yourself the thanklessness, Derrick. As noWayOut said, see you in October. Hopefully fully healthy and ready to fire.

  129. chi boogie says:

    Luckily, part of being a grown man is making your own decisions or mistakes. Let him do just that instead of living through him. We made it this far, we can make it past the heat.

  130. Stefano says:

    Suspect that there’s more than “It’ my body” issue… what if it were fear? I’m not judging, since I’d be the first to be really scared after an injury like that, I’m only asking if a Win or Go Home (fishin’, Inside-the-NBA-style) playoff series with the Defending Champions is the right occasion for a comeback…

  131. RealKeeper says:

    Steve – this article is taking a deep swipe at Derrick Rose and in a very unfair manner. That is if i am understanding it correctly. What exactly are you trying to say? Rose should man up and choose now to make his entrance? For what purpose, dramatic effect, to ‘save his teammates’ ? I would love to see him come back and so would a lot of sports fans, but let’s be honest, if it’s going to end up with him getting injured it’s certainly not worth it. Heck, if it ends up with Rose playing anyhing less than his MVP level when they lost to the HEAT anyway, what point is it? Take a chill pill and give D-Rose a break.. he’s a humble, talented young man. The best years are still ahead, no need to take stupid chances based BIG MAN call outs.


    • Jimbo says:

      I agree, Steve’s article is nothing more than a cheap shot to Rose, a kick him while he’s down scenario. Rose won’t be able to play at high level (period) this spring, If I were Rose I’d do the same thing and take 6 month’s more to finish rehabbing before jumping the gun just to get a few cheers from fans.

  132. MCS says:

    i want him to return…. D-ROSE is needed by bulls…..

  133. MCS says:

    post my comment…..

  134. Jimbo says:

    Strong words Aschburner… I don’t think D-Rose would be very effective even if he did come back this spring. I’d like to see the Bulls win one or two more just to wear down the Heat a little. Then we’ll see what Indiana and Memphis can do to them.
    Good luck D-Rose, you da man!

    • Mecena says:

      I agree with you. I don’t thing he’ll be very effective either, he did not play an official game in almost 12 month. The team has to adjust, he has to adjust.
      If he dresses up and play that will bring confidence to his team (maybe) and it will ignite the fans.

    • jose says:

      You are not very smart !!!!!
      Is the other way around fool!!!!You see how the HEAT lost the first game for been rusty!!!!.
      The more games we play with the Bull, the better we get….and then ,you will see what happens to NYK or Indiana when time comes….I want to get rid of this brave Bulls in 6 nor in 5…to get even more HOT
      Heat champs : no 1 , no 2…no 3 no4…..etc

  135. Bulls for life says:

    I am a bulls-fan.

    But this is taking too long!
    Like they said above in the blog, it’s now that he must choose!
    I am a big fan of Rose, but the way he let’s his teammates down, dissapoints me.
    The doctors told him that he could already play in February-March and it’s May wright now.
    It’s like he doesn’t want to come back.
    Other big players also have had bad injuries, but they returned so soon as possible and yes with the chance of falling back in that injury, but mostly that didn’t happen.
    I had a huge respect for D. Rose, but it’s slowly fading with each day.

    BUT I keep believing in him and in the bulls and I hope he makes his choice wise and whatever choice he makes it wouldn’t matter to me. He is the one to live with his choices.

    • jose says:

      Every injured player has a different process of healing.
      Shumpert looks OK , so far , but K-Love is worst than a year ago.
      .Stop saying that non-sense “the sooner the better to avoid getting fear”…….
      Actually , The longer it takes , the more time of rehabilitation , the better it gets……
      .DR might be thinking about the other 10 or 15 years he has ahead on his career.
      Smart guy tha he is.

  136. HarryPBUK says:

    I can’t help but feel that Rose’s confidence has been damaged along with this injury. He used to play so explosively so maybe he’s just scared that he could re-damage it so easily. If he’s been given the all clear then it must have something to do with that.
    Or maybe he simply isn’t the player we all perceive him to be. All Bulls fans know is that they need their MVP point guard to step up and help them take on Miami!

  137. kieth says:

    Come on D.Rose…..

  138. Dave says:

    DRose…….I liked him until this nonsense he’s pulling.

    He’s not “Mentally Ready”??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You are a PROFESSIONAL! You get PAID to play, the FANS PAY huge dollars to see him play. This “I might be back” nonsense is along the same lines as LeBron’s Decision.

    This guy has no heart…..I’m going 180 on this fool. If the bulls get past the Heat…I hope they trade him next year. They obviously have a good enough team without him.

    DRose should go see a shrink…….

  139. max says:

    I hope Rose can overcome his mental phobia of getting hurt again and PLAY! If not? the longer he puts it off (if that is the reason) the more scared he will become. I know Airline Pilots that have been in a terrible crash in the military are immediately made to fly again, otherwise, they would lose their nerve to ever fly again. I am sure this is Rose’s problem, hopefully with mental help he can overcome that FEAR! Even for just a few minutes each game could possibly build back up his self confidence.

    • John says:

      Max, you hit the proverbial nail on the head with this one. Well said.

    • Don't give a fuk says:

      as someone who has tonr their ACL, you are 100% correct. His problem is mental now its no longer a physical obstacle.

  140. David says:

    i don’t think he will play this season…he will get his $17M plus endorsements money whether he play or not so what’s the point of playing if they’re against the miami. i am a very big Bulls fan and big SHOUTS to the players who plays their heart out every game even they’re hurting and recovering from (minor)injury…DRose is a great player but i don’t think resting for a veeeerrry long time is also good for his game….anyway, i still hope that my Bulls beat this Miami team without DRose and be the champion…Besides we have a $17M cheerleader so let’s beat the Heat…

    • Jorge says:

      D Rose has done as much for the Bulls this season as Bynum did for the 76ers. You are in good company Mr. Rose, go and dance some flamenco.

  141. Roy says:

    Too bad Derrick Rose is a coward. This PROVES why he didn’t deserve an MVP award. A truly valuable franchise player would have been back 1-3 months ago preparing for the play off’s. He won’t return, he’ll crumble under the pressure.

  142. ky says:

    Rose has been waiting for the most epic moment to come back, Now is that time.

  143. TT says:

    Heard Gregg’s putting up Ginobili for sale. Bring Parker along for Rose and they can live happily ever after.

  144. CP3 to BUlls says:

    D-Rose wont return, doesn’t have the heart of a champion.. If he does, he should have played in first round’s game 7..

    • John says:

      Every blown out your ACL? I have. You’re lucky to even be able to walk. There was absolutely no way in h*ll he would have physically been able to play in Game 7 last year.

  145. Play Now says:

    D.Rose should play now for the following reasons:
    1. Erik Spoelstra is keen observant to the previous game, and creates his strategy based on it. If they make D.rose, as a surprise weapon, Miami will be off-balance because they are weak on surprises. Surely, they did not formulate a defense involving D.Rose. And if D.rose was not sleeping in his rehab, by now, he would infuse his game with range.
    2. Resting in the hope that it’ll be better next season is too uncertain. The time is now, there is no other opportunity but this moment. True, on can simply say, D.rose well rested and ready for next season is better than D.rose rusty in the playoffs. But that notion is no guarantee that he won’t be injured next season. His style of play suggests otherwise, in every game, the risk of repeating his injury is always present, so why wait for an uncertain tomorrow, when the present is an opportunity to win.

    • jose says:

      DRose in implies NR out….and I don’t think that you want to bet on that !!!!!
      NR and Noah have been the only scoring sources for the bulls …
      You dont want to break the chem so far created.
      I you want to make thing easier for us HEAT, bring in DR and rest NR a little bit.

    • justobserved says:

      I totally agree for D-Rose to come back on game 3. However, that does show how he didn’t deserve the MVP that they handed out to him. NO WILL OF A WARRIOR!!!

    • Ilovelebronjames says:

      Are you kidding miami weak with surprises?! Have you watched then play? There the only team in years to have won 27 in a row and also the only team in a very long time to come back and win a game after down 30 points!

    • Jtwon20 says:

      He’s not coming back

  146. R31_Croatia says:

    I agree definitely with “…if he’s still thinking on a basketball court….” He has certainly a good reason for not going into game, either he feels that he would prolong his injury in high intensity game or he thinks that he in his current shape is less help then other available players. If he felt that he can play he would, his will to win and to be the best is probably highest in NBA. Only thing that is certain is that there is no room for some silly pregame shooting sessions, either he knows that he is ready to play and than show up in pregame warmups and then PLAY with 110%(since he waited this long) like always , otherwise he should be with the crowd watching the game.

    • Jtwon20 says:

      Thumbs up for that statement!! And He shouldn’t be playing full court Scrimmage with the team during practice. If he can play hard core full court Scrimmage in practice with the team, then he shouldn’t have any excuse to not play a couple of minutes in the game.

  147. tic tac toe says:

    D Rose should take notes from Iman Shumpert who made highlights in his game 2 off a rebound slam.

    • jose says:

      When drafted , he did not want to come to Miami …he wanted the Bulls : Bad Fate DRose.
      .I am sorry for him , but he is done.
      At 6.1 and requiring his cotinuous changes in speed an directions he is not capable to play as before.,

    • Bobby brown says:

      You realize Rose has to come back and be the all star he was before, Iman shumpert came back good and threw a monster putback slam but he will never be as good as Drose… Drose has to fill shoes Iman shumpert didnt

  148. noWayOut says:

    He’s not going to come back, I want him to come back so hey can layeth the smack down, but he wont 😦
    see you in oct buddy

  149. NaYTuFF says:

    if the heat loses this series i’m going to be laughing so effing hard!

    • HeatfansinceWade says:

      When the Bulls Lose you’re going to cry so effing hard! lol

      • John says:

        The Bulls have beaten the Heat more than once this year….without Rose. That being said, I’m happy they won’t be swept.

      • Ilovelebronjames says:

        Did you watch the game lastnight? I hve watched every single Miami game since Lebron has been there and they just keep getting better. They are not losing!!!!!! That first game was luck and they sat for 8 days. Even the spurs lost lastnight. Go heat!!!!!

    • teo says:

      the heta roasted the bulls last night what t__ f__ are you saying

      • Jordan23 says:

        Teo …The Heat only roasted the Bulls because mostly all their star players are hurt. Its basically bench players playing against an entire starting lineup in the Heat! If the Bulls had everyone back and 100% healthy …Deng back, Hinrich back, and Rose back and better than ever. There would be no blowout I guarantee that!

      • Garifuna says:

        And the Bulls only won one because the Heat rested for a week.

    • jose says:

      Last nights score could have been even worst!
      our bench-guys did not play well ;they were sloppy ,they did not score and they made 9 errors.
      On the other hand Radmanovic made all his 4 threes!!!!!
      were not for that , the score could be well about 120-70

    • Bullsboy120195 says:

      lmao ditto go bulls!

  150. lol says:

    he wont return

  151. Ethan says:

    Good insights but this piece is freakishly overwritten. Really hard to follow.

    • I agree…but on the other hand…imagine if the bulls win the title without derrick rose…what will happen to them next season

      • NHbleedsGREEN says:

        same thing that would of happened tot he FAKERS.
        win the title? hahahahahahahaha did you see last nites game bro?

      • Dear Fans, D. Rose will not be playing at any time this year. He will play next year ( LIGHTS OUT) if you see him
        warming up or sitting on the bench in uniform it is only a tactic being used by the Bulls coach to get under the MIAMI HEAT coach and players skin, while at the same time letting the Bulls players know what he is doing so they still are
        on the same page as a TEAM. You always have to use anything and everything you have to win in the play off’s.
        Can you image just how much practice time Miami will be using up and just how much it would effect the players
        on Miami just thinking if the REAL D. ROSE came out in game 3 or 4. They have to prepare for that which takes away
        and creates a distraction for Miami. However Miami still wins in 6 games. Thanks for listening, John Weeks ( San Diego

    • New Zealand fan says:


      Rose needs to return if the Bulls are to eliminate the Heat.

      • Erien says:

        Bulls have no chance with or without Rose. They never will going forward so long as Lebron is around. Rose is overrated and will not be anywhere near his level of game since the injury. The guy is just too soft.

      • NHbleedsGREEN says:

        I gotta agree with Erien 100%

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        100 % AGREE
        Rose Did not Deserve the MVP in 2011. He is over rated, and he is now being exposed for how soft he is.
        He’s not like a Kobe who will play thru injury after injury until his Achilles pops! Rose is not a true warrior

      • Heat fans are fairweather says:

        You believe that last night when oh right the bulls that are suffering from illness and injury, who lacked two of their best players, lost. I mean without Deng or Heinrich they stood no chance in that game when they stopped the heat’s win-streak. So when they come back they have just the same opportunity as the heat do to advance. With or without Rose.

      • NyJaia says:

        Same here agree with Erien. Let’s go HEAT!

      • Garifuna says:

        Bulls had Hinrich when they broke the streak. Not that it really matters, because regardless Bulls would have won playing the more physical game on Miami. You can see that the Heat have had enough of the rough stuff now and are battling back. Now it’s Noah and Taj crying about fouls.

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      I feel like the bulls really don’t stand a chance without rose.
      In game 2 you saw the real, non-rusty Heat come out.
      If you still think after that game, that the bulls can beat the Heat again 3 more times just like they did in game 1, you got another thing coming.

      They need 3 wins. Not 1. Not 2. 3 more wins. I admire and applaud this bulls team, but they will not get 3 wins as they are. They might snatch another win, and if Deng returns they might even get one more, but that’s it they won’t get another win after that.

      I don’t know how healthy Rose is, or how prepared he is. I don’t know how much he practiced, or if he will help the Bulls or slow them down at this point. But just saying it how it is, the bulls have 0% chance of winning the series without Rose, whereas if he comes back those odds might go up from 0% to something else (0.1%? 1%? 10%? I don’t know but better than 0%).

      Besides, I don’t see how his coming back would hurt. If he wants to be considered a part of this bulls team and their accomplishments this season (so it drives them for next season), he SHOULD step on the floor, even if its for 2 minutes coming off the bench waving to the crowd then sitting back down.

    • Mett says:

      Rose is just an average point guard without his incredible explosiveness to the basket. This makes his ACL recovery different than others. To regain the level of explosiveness he had before the injury will take about two years, and if he comes back too soon and does more damage to his knee, he could be in for a slow drip end to his career like Grant Hill.

      Nate Robinson is playing well above what you would expect from and average point guard, so why would you sit him down in favor of Rose who will simply be average without his ability to blow by people and get into the paint?

      The REAL missing player that could help Chicago is Luol Deng. If Deng misses the next two games, Chicago is through.

    • Allen says:

      Read it again…it’s very well written. I had to re-read it as well. Everything you could ever think of pertaining to this moment is included. Scholarly written review.

    • Nadav says:

      True !