Hot List: Top 10 Unrestricted Free Agents

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Only eight teams remain in the playoffs, meaning the fans of 22 other teams have turned much of their attention to the offseason and the free-agent summer of 2013 in particular.

We will encounter a familiar name there, one Dwight David Howard of the Los Angeles Lakers, who along with Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers, will be at the center of all things come July 1 (when free agency kicks off in all of its usual craziness).

There are a dozen teams, most notably Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Utah, Cleveland, New Orleans, Detroit, Charlotte and Washington, with the cash to spend and the flexibility to significantly tweak, and, in some cases, totally remake their rosters. All these teams need is a free agent willing to give them a chance to make the proper sales pitch.

For the top-level free agents — and this summer that list it two truly elite players deep, Howard and Paul — the list of potential suitors will be exclusive. Only those franchises with championship potential need bother.

But that’s what makes the summer, the scramble by a large number of teams for the same small group of big-time free agents. We have more than seven weeks to before free agency goes into complete crazy mode, but why wait until then to get the party started?

The full list of this summer’s available names is around, as always, courtesy of our Free Agent Tracker. And if you’re looking for the top restricted free-agent picks, they’re right here.

Here are our top 10 unrestricted free agents for the summer of 2013 …

Dwight Howard, C, Los Angeles Lakers

Status on July 1: Unrestricted free agent
What he’s selling: A three-time Kia Defensive Player of the Year and five-time rebounding champ, Howard is a seven-time All-Star and, when healthy, the NBA’s most dominant big man. When your down year sees you lead the league in rebounding and still help power the Lakers to a playoff spot in an absolute train wreck of a season, you’re worth every penny a team throws at you.
What he’s not saying: He still a putrid free throw shooter and has been known to struggle with decision-making.
What he’s worth: A max contract, worth approximately $118 million over five years.
Who might be buying: The Lakers have no choice but to beg him to stay, with Kobe Bryant on the mend from Achilles surgery and no one else on the roster capable of carrying the mantle as face of the franchise. Houston, Atlanta and Dallas will launch all-out assaults to sway him.
Likely landing spot(s): Lakers. They can offer $30 million more than anyone else. Howard will have a hard time walking away from that kind of cash.

Chris Paul, PG, Los Angeles Clippers

Status on July 1: Unrestricted free agent
What he’s selling: A six-time All-Star and culture-changer (see Clippers before and after his arrival), Paul is the best in the business at his position, a gold medal winner and an All-Star Game MVP. Toss in his work as a pitch man (Cliff Paul comes with the package) and it’s easy to see why he’s one of the most recognizable players in the game today.
What he’s not saying: He has to stay healthy. He’s not getting any younger and he has to get to winning in the postseason, the one glaring hole on his so-far sparkling NBA resume.
What he’s worth: A max contract, worth approximately $108 million over five years.
Who might be buying: The Clippers are desperate to hold on to him. But they have coaching issues to resolve before that can happen. Houston, Atlanta, Dallas will all make pitches in hopes of prying Paul away.
Likely landing spots: Clippers … depending on what happens with Vinny Del Negro. Like Howard, Paul would have to walk away from extra cash if he decides to go elsewhere. But he’s hungry for a title, wherever he goes.

Josh Smith, F, Atlanta Hawks

Status on July 1: Unrestricted free agent
What he’s selling: An absolute game-changer when he’s focused, Smith makes plays only a few players in the league are capable of on a given night. For all the drama and criticism thrown his way, he helped power the Hawks to six straight playoff appearances.
What he’s not saying: His shot selection and motor remain issues. After nine years in Atlanta, his next spot needs to be an ideal fit, because this is likely Smith’s last big deal. He has to make sure it’s in a place where he can thrive.
What he’s worth: A max contract of approximately $95 million over five years doesn’t fit here, not from the only team (the Hawks) that can offer him that much. But a deal worth approximately $75 million to $85 million over five years is doable. Smith turned down a $47 million extension offer from the Hawks, so he’s obviously looking for a starting salary of $16 million-plus.
Who might be buying: The Hawks say they are interested in keeping Smith, at the right price, of course. Houston, Boston, Phoenix, New Orleans, Philadelphia and the Lakers will all investigate this situation.
Likely landing spots: Houston is the frontrunner and is the ideal fit and a place Smith would be comfortable.

Andrew Bynum, C, Philadelphia 76ers

Status on July 1: Unrestricted free agent
What he’s selling: A championship-winning big man who has shown flashes of being dominant when healthy.
What he’s not saying: Those knees … healthy or not? Spotty decision-making off the court (bowling on bad knees, dancing on bad knees in Spain after not playing a second in Philly this season, etc.)
What he’s worth: Even without playing this season in Philly, Bynum should still fetch a contract of approximately $75 million over four years. That’s precisely is what he could earn from a team with cap space that takes a gamble on those shaky knees.
Who might be buying: Teams thirsty to become relevant don’t usually allow anything to interfere with their plans when it comes to talented big men. The Sixers have to do their diligence here, if only to see if they can recoup something from the $17 million they wasted on Bynum this season. Houston, Dallas and Atlanta all have cap space to work with and will be landing spots if they strike out with other free-agent targets. Every team with cap space will poke his tires and see if there is anything worth investigating further.
Likely landing spot(s): Mavericks. Owner Mark Cuban believe in high-risk projects and Bynum certainly qualifies.

David West, F, Indiana Pacers

Status on July 1: Unrestricted free agent
What he’s selling: A two-time All-Star, West is one of the league’s most underrated players and leaders. An absolute culture-changer in Indiana, his presence in a locker room increases his value. The deeper he leads the Pacers into these playoffs the more valuable he becomes in Indiana and beyond.
What he’s not saying: There is no “upside” here … what you see is what you get with West. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s a fact. He is already the player he’s going to be for the foreseeable future.
What he’s worth: A clear notch below the top-tier free agents, a contract worth approximately $55-60 million over five years is a good place to start.
Who might be buying: Pacers. They know better than anyone what West can do for your team, on and off the floor. They cannot afford to lose him at such a critical juncture for the franchise. The Rockets are looking for the right fit at power forward to complete their starting unit.
Likely landing spot(s): Pacers. He’s the perfect leader and cornerstone for a franchise rising up the ranks.

Al Jefferson, C, Utah Jazz

Status on July 1: Unrestricted free agent
What he’s selling: An elite scorer at his position, “Big Al” demands double teams in the post that routinely open up the floor for his teammates. He’s also just 28 and in the prime of his career.
What he’s not saying: He’s not an elite athlete at his position and is only going to fit with certain teams. If you’re getting up and down the floor, he might not be your man. And he’s not a great defender or shot blocker for his size.
What he’s worth: A new contract in the $70 million range over four or five years is investing on the high side, but a sound investment for a player who has been productive everywhere he’s been.
Who might be buying: If Atlanta, Houston and Dallas strike out on their top targets he could definitely be an option. The Washington Wizards and New Orleans Pelicans (near his native Mississippi) are also interesting options.
Likely landing spot(s): The Wizards or Hawks.

Manu Ginobili, G, San Antonio Spurs

Status on July 1: Unrestricted free agent
What he’s selling: The man’s a winner and a champion and has done it all over the globe in the professional ranks and in international play. Even at this advanced stage of his career, he gets it done (as he did in that double-overtime epic Game 1 win in the Western Conference semifinals against the Golden State Warriors).
What he’s not saying: He’s not getting any younger and he has the wear and tear on his body to offer up as proof. The man nicknamed “El Contusion” by former teammate and current NBA TV analyst Brent Barry, Ginobili been a pro since 1995 and has some serious mileage under his belt. He’s an injury risk at a well-worn 35.
What he’s worth: He’s no longer in the $14 million a year range, but a shorter-term deal (three years, $28 million) is realistic.
Who might be buying: The Spurs, if they think their core has enough left in the tank for two or three more years. The Cavaliers need quality veterans to support their youth movement and Manu would be a great mentor for Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters and others.
Likely landing spot(s): Spurs. It’s hard to imagine Ginobili finishing his career anywhere else.

Andre Iguodala, G/F, Denver Nuggets

Status on July 1: Unrestricted free agent (Early Termination Option )
What he’s selling: An All-Star and Olympic gold medalist, Iguodala proved this season that his numbers in Philadelphia translate to the altitude and the Western Conference in his lone season in Denver. A versatile swingman and excellent defender, Iguodala plays consistently at the highest level. He played great (18.0 ppg on 50 percent shooting) in the Nuggets’ six playoff games.
What he’s not saying: Miscast in Philly as a No. 1 option in his final two seasons there, he’s better as a No. 3 on a top-tier team.
What he’s worth: A five-year deal at approximately $75 million is the going rate for a player of Iguodala’s caliber and character.
Who might be buying: The Nuggets want to keep him but the Hawks have a need at his position and will spend whatever it takes to keep him. The Jazz and Hawks also have a need for player whose versatility and work ethic is his trademark.
Likely landing spot(s): Nuggets.

Paul Millsap, F, Utah Jazz

Status on July 1: Unrestricted free agent
What he’s selling: Arguably the most underrated player at any position in the entire league, Millsap is a no-nonsense worker bee whose production and consistency has never been questioned. He earned his stripes as an energy guy off the bench early in his career before becoming a frontcourt staple for the Jazz.
What he’s not saying: He’s always going to be a bit undersized against some of the bigger power forwards and centers he has to deal with around the league. The Jazz are going to go younger with Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter in place of Millsap and Al Jefferson for a fraction of the price.
What he’s worth: A five-year, $45 million deal is a slight raise and the multi-year deal Millsap is looking for, anything more is a stretch.
Who might be buying: Dallas, Atlanta, Houston have to put him on their list of second tier options. But he’s an ideal fit in a place like San Antonio, where system guys thrive. The Pacers would have to take a look as well if West gets a huge offer from someone else.
Likely landing spot(s): Atlanta. A productive grinder who will be great in the locker room and provide stability on the court.

Monta Ellis, G, Milwaukee Bucks

Status on July 1: Unrestricted free agent (Early Termination Option)
What he’s selling: Ellis is an elite scorer for his position, even if he is a bit undersized at shooting guard. He has proven himself capable of producing within whatever system and alongside whatever running mates a team throws at him. He showed this season that he could play his game for a playoff team and did it with another volume scorer (Brandon Jennings) starting in the same backcourt.
What he’s not saying: He’s a career 46 percent shooter and has averaged more turnovers (2.8) during his career than you want from a player who doesn’t facilitate (career 4.7 assists) any better than he does. He’s not a franchise player, but wants to be paid like one.
What he’s worth: Anything in the $50-55 million range will get the attention of Ellis, an eight-year vet with a younger man’s bounce in his game.
Who might be buying: An elite team in need of a specialist who might fit better as a Jamal Crawford-style sixth man will have to take a hard look at the analytics and see if Ellis is passes the cost-analysis test. The Kings, Jazz, Bobcats and Hawks all have to poke around as well.
Likely landing spot(s): Dallas needs firepower around Dirk Nowitzki and a replacement for the role Jason Terry vacated last summer.

THE NEXT FIVE: Tony Allen, Memphis; Kevin Martin, Oklahoma City; Jose Calderon, Detroit; Jarrett Jack, Golden State; J.J. Hickson, Portland.


  1. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    If this is possible, the Thunder need to try to make this happen this offseason:

    C – Al Jefferson
    PF – Serge Ibaka
    SF – K. Durant
    SG – R. Westbrook
    PG – Chris Paul

    Westbrook is still considered a “hybrid guard.” A guard that can equally play PG or SG. If CP3 wants to go to the NBA Finals multiple times, he should join the OKC Thunder. I know CP3 likes playing with the likes of K.D. and Russ. The team chemistry would automatically be great. I don’t know if OKC has much cap space, but I know Jefferson and CP3 want to win really badly. The Thunder team should collectively find ways to “share the wealth” so that money is not an issue. Cause come on. A starting lineup like that would be unstoppable and would dominate the NBA for years.

    Just imagine Paul dishing to Durant all day while Westbrook plays “off the ball” on defense and gets a lot of steals leading to fastbreak dunks.

    Forget Andre Igoudala. He’s great and all, but if OKC has that much cap space, then aggressively go after Chris Paul instead of Iggy.

    A team like this would be extremely fun to watch and the optimal fit for Chris Paul. CP3 and Westbrook could pace themselves over the course of a season and share PG duties. Less pressure equals less likelihood of injury.

    I’d love to have Josh Smith as well, though he is probably too expensive (unless he’s willing to sign low to win Championships with the Thunder).

    If the Thunder can only afford to get one free agent, then they need to pursue Chris Paul, first. They also should be able to re-sign Kevin Martin at a bargain price. We still need that 6th man off the bench; we have to re-sign Martin. Hopefully, they can also obtain Al Jefferson, even if it means replacing Kendrick Perkins (which would free up even more cap space).

  2. NWA says:

    I will laugh if Josh Smith re-signs with the Hawks since everyone is so sure he is leaving.

  3. ABC says:

    Warriors should sign al jefferson

  4. LAfan says:

    How about Lebron, CP3, Howard, Bryant, Nash all on the Lakers. DREAM TEAM!

  5. Posyomismo says:

    I don’t know how the situation in Memphis (cap salary related, I mean) is gonna be; but could someone tell me if bringing back Tony Allen and signing Calderon is a real posibility? I mean, if the Grizzlies are able to mantain the core and add Calderon as a reserve it would a great addition, I think. A solid PG, not a star, but a real efficient player to backup Conley, and even play in the two position at certain moments.

  6. Dwight says:

    I don’t want to go anywhere and I will bestow, make myself king, of LA and bring y’all championship. I used to be nice and I now see how people take advantage of me for being nice to them and showing gratitude toward them. No more, I will never be nice on the court 🙂

  7. Dub says:

    I am quite certain that 75% of the people here have no idea what a salary cap is or how it works.

  8. rudeson says:

    josh smith to the lake show he would be a great fit with dwight kobe and nash

    • Never says:

      Josh Smith will be a great swing at the 4 & 3 spot, but I think the If Dwight stays in LA, they should first look to get Andre Iguadala

  9. dasfonzie says:

    I’d really like to see Andre igoudala land in Cleveland.Starting at SF and maybe taking a few extra minute when Dion Waiters is on the bench. I think that would put the cavs back into theplayoff picture pretty quick

  10. Tiago says:

    Montana at Lakers, will help kobe and Gasol.

    Anyone imagine D12 in Indiana??

    Sure Iguodala ´d be perfect in OKC,

    And Miame need´s someone to help bosh on te reb, Al Jefferson can be te one.

    Dallas with CP3 and iguodala it´s good too

  11. HoustonRockets says:

    Rockets need to sign josh smith and chris paul!!

    pg:Chris Paul
    sg: James Harden
    sf: Chandler Parsons
    pf: Josh Smith
    C: Asik

  12. paoabrantes says:

    cp3 will stay on clips. the best way to win chip on clip is to get better coach. iggy on

  13. mickael says:

    to all little children that posted comments (all of the above /- a few), you are all stupid! stop commenting that “he – a player needs to go here or there” because you forget a very important thing : CAP SPACE!!!

    Stop beeing STUPID!

  14. 2much says:

    D-How would be a beast also in H-town. But leave the attitude at the door.

  15. 2much says:

    Smith would fit perfectly with Houston! Homeboy needs to stay inside the 3 though.

  16. Jonathan says:

    Bosh at the end of his career? He’s 29!

  17. jah217 says:

    igudola and howard to washington help the brother wall out lol

  18. Gillsy says:

    I would like to see Josh Smith big Al go to the C’s

  19. 2L's says:

    CP3 is going to stay on the clippers but he needs help ! , we juss need to get rid of Odom , billlups , turiaf & yea and vinny del negro

    Andre Iguodala to the Clipp’s ????

  20. chris says:

    Dwight and chris Paul go to Orlando and also resign anderson, lewis. Now thats a chapionship team. Thats what will happen

  21. Faruque Khan says:

    It would be cool if West goes to Houston Rockets. I like Rockets franchise and it would be nice to have David West there but don’t see Pacers letting West off the hook. It should be a good battle. I don’t think West would stay with Indiana if they do badly in the playoffs. So far Indiana is doing good as it is beating Knicks but if they lose easily to Heat, I could see West going to Rockets. It would immediately put Rockets into a contender mode. Because in terms of guards Rockets are set in Lin and Harden.

  22. Doc says:

    Dwight doesn’t need anything to validate him anymore. He will destroy the league next season in LA, hopefully, and many more times in the future:)

  23. joah says:

    Lebron used his illuminati on the bulls for fear of losing to them in the playoff. Evil

    • Doc says:

      Too much hate on Dwight NBA. Jealous that he is in LA? Dwight is now the new Kobe post Shaq 😉

  24. Deng says:

    Players like Tony allen, Ibaka, and others are the other great defensive players in the League.

  25. voting system says:

    Dwight not named in the Defensive team? Ridirkulus.

  26. CavsOVO7 says:

    honestly i feel houston would much rather and i believe in there intreast to go after a big like howard or big al or even paul millsap and im supprised that the cavs were not mentioned in that josh smith deal because smith could be on a team tht has an upside as high as lebrons hair line … kyrie irving a young star in the making great city clevland young guns dion and tristion cap space over 33 mil and multiple picks in first and second round when you do the math all i see is championship movement kyrie and dion back court smith potentially at the 3 or 4 either way , 2 first round draft pick one of them being a lottery pick ( 1 round 3 pick anthony bennet ) beautiful pick tht can complment smith if hes on the cavs an early 20 late teens draft pick (mason plumee or kansas center) 2nd round 2 high picks (tim hardway jr and someelse) then you have anderson v tristion that can start or play strong off the bench and a good coach in mike brown ….. NBA watch out

  27. Renato Costa says:

    Dwight should go to boston cause he’d be an ultimate force with the celtics more than with the lakers or the magic and josh smith should go to dallas because i hear that the mavs are searching for new blood to rebuild another championship team so Dwight to celtics and smith to dallas = perfect fit

  28. Anthony says:

    The Charlotte Bobcats got plenty of space to sign multiple game changing free agents this summer. Michael Jordan however don’t have the guts like Mark Cuban to even attempt to go after one of the top tier free agents. He will go and sign some non talented low tier free agent that will keep the Bobcats at the bottom of the NBA standings.

  29. jAkl says:

    Can Somebody Give me a Scenario in which the Raptors would be in talks with the likes of Dwight or Monte or even Al Jefferson?

    • Jeff says:

      Howard would never want to play in Toronto, too cold. Maybe in 10years after he’s won rings.

  30. Derrick says:

    If Dwight Stay in LA, LA should do a sign and trade for Iggy-Iguodala from Denver ASAP. Then Ty Lawson from Denver or any PG.

  31. Kevin says:

    Teams will continue to foul him every time he is in the paint.

  32. Kevin says:

    Dwight should also go for the MVPs from here on for the rest of his career. He’s the only player in the league who can go 20 for 25 a game, defer shots in the paint, rebound every ball in defense and offense. He just need to improve in his shooting not only shoot @ the start of the season, but at least 5 shots a game just because players loves hanging on his shoulders.

  33. lmao says:

    Dwight should shoot 25 field gold a games throughout the season. The game has always been about buckets.

  34. lol says:

    Now that he’s been in LA, we’ve all seen his ugly angry side. That’s why he need to be a great leader. No the Dwight who always slime all the time and doesn’t say or yell anything on his teammate.

  35. lol says:

    Nobodies in the league can guard Dwight in the league. That is why he gets 3 to 4 or even 5 players on him.

  36. lol says:

    Dwight should go to Dallas. Mark Cuban will make it happen plus they have a champion in a coach, a great 7 footer shooter in Dirk, they have caps, big city, no state income tax. They already have guards and I would love to see him play with Iguadala at the two, Smith combo 3 & 4, trade for Anderson from New Orleans to come off the bench.

  37. Brady says:

    D12 and IGGY to BOSTON YEAH BUDDY!!!!! PG Rondo SG IGGY SF THE TRUTH PF Garnett C D12

    • jhon says:

      They want Dwight, but Dwight elbowed the entire team last time the played in the playoff. There might be some hatered still between them and Howard. Plus Howard doesn’t like Boston.

  38. CG_17 says:

    sign J-Smoove to Celtics
    it’s gonna be a rim-wrecking game for Boston! (w/ Jeff Green & Josh Smith)
    by this line-up

    C-Kevin Garnett
    PF-Josh Smith
    SF-Jeff Green
    SG-Paul Pierce

    the C’s will gain multiple Championship Titles!
    this gonna be a tough team to beat!

  39. Jeromy says:

    Dallas could go with calderon, smith and jefferson. That would give them calderon, carter, smith, dirk, and jefferson as a starting 5. It wouldn’t be a fast team, but they would be good defensively, and they would be pretty efficient. None of those guys are injury prone either. Not a Dallas fan, but just a thought. Dallas may only be able to afford two of these guys, so a combo guard like Ellis might work, but he doesn’t distribute, and I don’t see that working with Dallas’ offense.

    Also, take a look at Iggy and millsap to Houston. Starting 5 of Lin, Harden, Iggy, millsap, and Asik. Much better defensively, and that puts Iggy in a good spot scoring, and allows millsap to do what he does best with rebounds and blocks, with asik covering his blind-side. They could even play small moving Millsap to the 5 and adding Parsons to pick up the pace.

    Atlanta could swing Ellis or Iggy, with a player like West, that would be great. Again Ellis doesn’t play well with others, but he wouldn’t be handling the ball. Their team would be faster, with two quick guards in Teague and Ellis, then you add a solid veteran swing man like Toney Allen for toughness, paired with West and Horford (or Hickson). Not a bad combo. They would be undersized, but could use their speed, much like Golden State and the Clips have done.

    I could see Bynum going to Washington, but I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole.

    Manu, Howard, Paul, and West stay put.

    I am curious to see who grabs Hickson. He is young, and talented, not a good defender, maybe he goes to Washington or Atlanta, he could start for a team who needs a big man, probably will get overpaid.

    • jhonny says:

      Bynum could never, NEVER, be a star in this league. He is just tall and that is all that is good about him. When healthy, his height helps him to rebound, weights about 300 lbs good post present, young. I mean he is like Bosh as a center but less offense, slow, weak.

  40. Jennings and Josh smith to Raptors
    Monte Ellis to Bulls
    Dwight Howard to OKC Thunder

  41. LUIS says:


    • jhonson says:

      Great championship team, could see this happen and it will be even better for CP3

  42. Magic fan says:

    How is Magic’s cap space? Will they be able to sign an all-star?

    • jhonson says:

      The only NBA team in recent history to produce superstar and never winning a championship. I still can believe they lost Dwight

  43. CornHole says:

    amnesty Kobe, let him take a year to recover.. sign D12 & CP3 then when kobes 100% let him come back for some small 1 year deals until he gets a few more rings & wants to retire.

    • Dawn says:

      No need for CP3. Trade for PG from Denver, Phoenix, Dallas. CP3 has too much ego, not humble enough to play with the great Dwight Howard. I think Ty Lawson from Denver will be a great fit and Denver will want Pau, Nash, or Clark.

  44. Anes says:

    What about Detroit ?? They will have a lot of cap space this summer….
    Maybe for two of this players…
    They can go after Iggy and Smith
    The Moose

    that would be awesome !!

  45. KEVIN DURANT says:



  46. B2D2 says:

    Chandler to LAC cp3 wants him Tyson for dj in a heart beat

  47. Rocket Junkie says:

    As a Houston fan I would rather sign Howard, then do a sign and trade w/Asik and a pick or two to get Jefferson. Everyone keeps bringing up Josh Smith for Houston, but I live in Atlanta so I KNOW that’s a horrible Idea for my team. That boy is as dumb as the earth is round. Don’t let the highlight dunks fool you, this dude is overrated horribly. He makes way to many boneheaded plays, losses focus 50% of the time, is not easy to coach and has an atrocious attitude. I feel that Jefferson, being a low post scorer, fits what Houston needs better than anyone. He can also hit the midrange jumper when Howard is in the post doing work.

    J Lin
    J Harden
    C Parsons
    Al Jeff
    D Howard

    That is a scary team. Hell this team is a championship team.

    • jhon says:

      Dwight is a superstar, and I don’t see him playing with these rising starts because they don’t know how to play and still have a growing ego, just like Kevin Durant who thinks he is the best player in the league. Could be a championship team if they let Dwight led the way, but I don’t think Harden would want to give Dwight the ball or even want to listen to Dwight.

  48. villos says:

    u all need a life

  49. Jalen Steve says:

    Even if Indiana gets by New York and into the Conference Finals, they will/should offer David West no more than $40 mil over four, $33 mil over three, or $24 mil over two years. If West doesn’t jump at either of those offers; they will make a big play for Paul Millsap. West is great for/with the Pacers, no doubt; but he’s 32 with a damaged knee. Those would all be good and fair offers for West, who is a model pro.

  50. Axel says:

    Houston’s lineup just need a pf to be completed. J. Smith or Millsap would be great.

  51. J says:

    Josh Smith to Miami..
    they dont need a guard coz they have dwade and james…
    Chalmers, wade, LBJ, Jsmooove & Bosh..

    2nd unit allen, battier,miller, birdman, coles, lewis & Haslem.. NEAT!!

  52. Mos says:

    Lakers should go after Jeff Teague. Young pg who is quick and can score, they’d finally have youth!!
    Bulls don’t need iggy with butler, the exact sg rose has needed

  53. Lakersfan says:

    Not too sure if this can happen but lakers trade nash, for cp3? possible? or no?

  54. chad says:

    i think HOU will try to pitch for just three players..J-smoove, D12, Millsap..if those names wont workout they will go to thomas robinson a rookie who they got from the kings.if CP3 is going to new york you will probably see a sign and trade with the clippers involving felton again and maybe amare if there isnt any “no trade clause” included in STAT’s Contract.iggy needs to be a consistent scorer to be a bull.he maybe a all around player but scoring consistently is the problem of the bulls we all saw that during game 2 of the heat-bulls semi conference finals this year..everyone can throw the ball towards the hoop but not everyone can throw thru the hole in a consistent basis.mark cuban will try to mix up but there is a slight chance of getting top two fre agent in the market.bobcats will play the waiting game because they dont know whether to rebuild thru draft like OKC or thru free agency like MIA and NYK did . 🙂

  55. Rocket fan says:

    I would love the rockets to sign d12 but I don’t think he is going to leave the lakers but im predicting j smith. Imagine harden at the point his true position parsons at the2 smith at the 3his true positition he just to lazy to play d against 3s but with some motivationit could work the lottery pick we stole from sacramento and asik at the 5 perfect end game squad but jsmoth also good at the 4 if the young player does not pan out

    • rocktesss713 says:

      i also think it would be awesome if the rockets could sign howard, but its likely that wont happen. but as for j smith…. i really think hes a bit overrated, mostly inconsistent. i would be much more comfortable with paul millsap, help asik with the boards, and provide decent one on one defending against good PF’s. if he does not resign with memphis, i think we should also try and go for tony allen, hes a good one on one defender that can give some elite ball players a hard time, maybe back up for parsons.

  56. kb24 says:

    lakers wont win anything with dantoni as their coach they can sign anyone they want dantoni worst coach in nba history

  57. Chris says:

    Aw man as a Dallas fan i sure hope they don’t get Bynum or Ellis, those are the type of players that really won’t get you anywhere and only damage the mentality and cap space of a go-hard team like the Mavs. I’d love to see Mayo (who I’d have put on this list as well since he opted out) team up with Iguadala and Calderon for the first good backcourt since the injury of Butler, but I’m afraid that isn’t realistic at all.

  58. Heats & Piston Fan says:

    CP3 and D12 to the Pistons

  59. ryan says:

    Dwight to Clippers Along with Kevin Love ( Clips renegotiate and sign both to basically MAX contract).
    P Gasol,Bledsloe,Butler,Odom to TWOLVES, Griffin and Maybe D.Jordan to Lakers. Future picks from Clips and TWOLVES to Lakers. Clips to obviously try resign CP3

  60. Johny says:

    Iguodala to the lakers !

  61. TG says:

    I’m hoping the owner of the Nets shocks the NBA and snags one of the bigger names. We don’t have any cap.. but a billionaire owner willing to pay the extra money!

  62. Joatmon says:

    Josh Smith to Rockets
    Iggy to Bulls
    CP3 to Knicks (avoid Stoudamire)
    Al Jefferson and Ellis in Dallas

    • scott says:

      the only accurate comment I’ve seen all day. I agree with all of those. except I was thinking Bynum, not Jefferson in dallas. and then Jefferson to re-sign

  63. dd def says:

    I don’t understand why anyone wants to put up with blight howard. and how did Bynum make top ten FA’s? alls I can say is whoever signs howard will be up to their heads in diaper expenses. Bynum < Greg Oden.

  64. Uhr---Pacers Bad Boy from Turkey says:

    Is it possible both igyy and j smoove going to Rocket ? (from cap space and player fee point )

  65. PistonsFan#3 says:

    Detroit will have 33 million but no one will sign with us smh …

  66. RepLAC32 says:

    The Clippers will resign Chris Paul, and DeAndre (who has a huge salary) might possibly leave. So you can expect to see the Clippers in the running of a big man such as D12 if this does happen.

  67. Guga says:

    so… trade Pau and Nash, cut Kobe (amnesty), bring back Howard, and add Paul plus Monta Ellis and reboot the whole team 😀 Too bad is not a video game…

  68. HAMZA says:

    i hope lakers get lucky in 2013 2014 season

  69. Real_talk says:

    if Lebron J still hot for the next 5 years those players are garbage

  70. Alex says:

    Howard and CP3 on houston with harden??? is that possible

    • Coolbr says:

      u know its just too financially impossible I wish it would happen but u now it wont

      I would like to see something more realistic like josh smith and iggy would be a possible out come if they get rid of lin (I like lin but he is just too over-priced) so if we get rid of lin our line up will most likely look like this if it were to happen

      PG, Aaron Brooks
      SG, James Harden
      SF, Andre Iguodala
      PF, Josh Smith
      C, Omer Asik

      it can be realistic and it would be a great outcome

      Aaron Brooks will open up the floor a lot more than lin and will set up our guys for more open 3’s and that’s what the Rockets are all about they are a perimeter team

  71. Luis Júnior says:

    Why not Trade Gasol to reduce the cap, TRADE NASH (If possible to amend the trash) and get CP3 once for all?? Or just hire Jennings and get Nash to the bench until he decides to leave!

  72. Alemao says:

    Chalmers is the worst starter PG in the league.

  73. Awesomejohn says:

    Everyone in the NBA, the fans, the coaches the owners and players–“Everyone” is tired of hearing about Dwight Howard’s problems..

    he has to start playing ball, love his teammates and the game and just put all of this stuff behind him…

  74. hanjoonsuh says:

    CP3 wants trophy, not money.

    He will sign with Miami.

    • scott says:

      MIAMI CANT AFFORD IT. it doesn’t matter what he wants. theres no way he will sign a 2 million tender which is all they can pay. he get’s 10 times that. he want’s both. he doesn’t want to be a poor champion.

  75. Josh says:

    Do you think they Heat are interested in picking anyone from this list up,if so who?

  76. Willy says:

    Are you kidding me? Bynum is on this list? He will go nowhere! Houston will be better than ever next year, doesn’t matter who they get. Don’t really need the DHoward unit, stay in LA and cry.

  77. Lakers Fan says:

    CP3, D12, J-Smoove, Iggy and Ellis to Lakers. Get rid of Artest, Gasol, Jamison, Duhon. Develop Meeks, Jordan Hill and amnesty Nash if not relegate him 2 bench.

  78. TROLOLOL says:

    CP3 to Miami Heat it would be a olympic team to see CP3, Wade, Bosh and James with the Birdman

  79. KobeBryant24 says:

    Lakers should get D12 back then also get CP3, but yeah the Lakers would be over the cap. But the organization will do anything to bring back Good ol’ Lakers

  80. CHINA MAN says:

    Paul howard and smith to lakers or monte howard and smith or andre

  81. NotGivnAFk says:

    If Howard would get over himself, he could be a great addition to ANY team as well…

  82. NotGivnAFk says:

    I Really love the thought of Igoudala with the Bulls!!! He would be a great fit, I think.

  83. grampabball13 says:

    First off… people seem to forget, the Bulls will be able to free up a ton of cap space with the release of an aging, injury riddled Deng, and the amnesty of the questionable, non defense playing Boozer. Thus, allowing them to pursue a top level free agency acquisition. I could easily see the likes of Iguodala and West coming to the Bulls. But that is just my initial thoughts. The Bulls need a solid 2 guard, and a premier big to make this team work more efficiently. They will also need a back up Center… ( one that will not turn 100 next year…LOL ). So, time will tell.

  84. Carlo says:

    Dwight Howard to PHX or Monta Ellis to PHX

  85. marco says:

    I am intrigued with the idea that Chris Paul may very well end up w/ Lakers. Amnesty Nash not Kobe.

    • marco says:

      That WAS the idea b4 big brother interfered

      • scott says:

        they would have to get rid of d12. which wont happen. plus, chris paul will either play for the clippers 99% or the knicks 1% he’s made that clear.

  86. Robert Billones says:

    i’d like to see howard play for ROCKETS….
    it will look like this:


    it will be awesome…right??

  87. BLAST says:

    LBJ to Cleveland 2014.. big three of heat will be crack on that year maybe if lebron stays as a heat then bosh has to go..

  88. OC says:

    CP3 to Heat

    D12 to Clippers

    • scott says:

      the heat can barely afford the players they have now.. they couldn’t afforc cp3 unless they got rid of either wade, or LeBron.

  89. DiZarTicleSakZ says:

    J.R. Smith needs to be on TOP 10. Many writers are obvious in disliking NYK. When NYK wins, its the opponents fault, its either the opponent did not do well on defense, or its either the opponent has been calling an untimely timeout! Bwahahahahaha

  90. Mdeezy says:

    We got some grade a idiots potsting on here talking about Cp3 to the heat or D12. There is absolutely no way

  91. Rohit says:

    I think as a rudy gay fan if dwight howard went to toronto they could start a little lob city with lowry at point move ross to 2 starting derozen to 3 gay can play the small ball 4 and howard at 5 just imagine the athletisism!!

  92. Sam says:

    Howard, LeBron, Durant, Chris Paul, Steve Curry, Derick Rose to Dallas…that will be a decent team.

    • Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

      You dont understand basketball. Guys like that thrive when there are people there to do everything else?

      And you honestly put Dwight Howard in that category as those other players? D12 is garbage. He was ok at the magic when he was surrounded by shooters and he just got tip ins and dunks and had a great team around him.

      But you could see it this season, without being surrounded by well coached, well drilled, highly skilled players – he was garbage at best. I dont get the hype with D12. Terrible.

      • scott says:

        actually, YOU don’t understand basketball. d12 without a doubt is still the best center in the game. he’s putting together a team. starting with d12 at center. he is better than steph curry. you obviously know nothing about basketball. plus he was making a joke. so go away.

  93. K2 says:

    Andrew Should Go back to L,A, again

  94. D12 yooouuu knooooow, says:

    Where’s JR. Smith? He should be in the Top 10.

  95. Isiaah1842 says:

    I hope the Rockets get Smith and Howard

  96. Karlo Garcia says:

    I like Ginobilli but have 2 take into consideration of his age. I would sign him for 1 year.

  97. Karlo Garcia says:

    I am a Jazz fan & hope we don’t trade both Jefferson/Millsap. Hopefully we keep one of them.

  98. Karlo Garcia says:

    I hope Chris Paul signs a new contract with the Clippers. He changed the culture of the Clippers. Be a shame if he got traded.

  99. Jimmy says:

    I think Smith or Howard to the Rockets is just a plain scary thought. Imagine either a Smith + Asik or Howard + Asik combo down there. Would any point guard want to penetrate the paint against them? They would become an elite defensive team, plus they have some major offensive firepower in Harden, Parsons, Lin, and Delfino. Then, you throw in a solid bench in Beverly, Brooks (If he can shake off his Sacramento rust), Delfino, Robinson, and you have a surprise top 4 team next year.

  100. Me says:

    This amuses me. Not that it would happen as the Hawks already have Horford. But this article is saying that its likely that Millsap and Jefferon (Jazz starting frontcourt) will both go to and be on the same team again…

  101. Lakerman23l32 says:

    CP3 to LAL… We’ve needed a true point guard ever since Magic. If that won’t happen, than Howard better return or I will not give him the respect of a big man…. I loved looking at him before he came to my Laker place but if he walks out…. Bye bye.

  102. saud alsubaie says:

    Bynum is going to be in okc

  103. next lakers says:


  104. sebastian says:

    Paul to mavs… some one decent running plays and dishing to mayo and dirk

  105. jonez says:

    howard and josh to atlanta then the hawks trade draft picks for rondo!

  106. Anthony Abalos says:

    Jefferson, Iguodala/Ginobili to Dallas? WOW.

    I would prefer these to top 5 quality players: Paul, Igudoala, West, Jefferson, Jack and Hickson. The Dallas or Houston should pick any of them…Very consistent players…

  107. Troop says:

    chris paul to the knicks

  108. feelazone says:

    How disappointing LAC defeated by MEM. I watched the replay of LAC vs MEM, clearly poor coaching. LAC should fire del negro this summer, or else CP3 should go somewhere else.

    LAC should build a super team next season to get a title. FIRE DEL NEGRO, and get a good coach. Get rid of DJ 4 center (no help @ griffin) and get D12 or KG.

    Hey CLIPPERS, next season is the TIME!!! Don’t waste any chance if u want a title, so that LAL will stop bullying U!

    — CP3-BG fan

    • Mdeezy says:

      Haaaaa lac will always be a joke LAL will always own that market. That’s why clippers get booed at dodger games lol stop kidding yourself

    • Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

      Should build a super team? What do you think they have no>?! U stupid?

  109. Loki says:

    Iggy to the Bulls, Rose’s Scottie Pippen!

  110. camry daud says:

    dwight howard and igoudala like to trade by celtics…and cp3 go to L.A…

  111. PDXMatt says:

    I hope for the sake of the Mavericks that Cuban doesn’t try to sign Bynum. I’d be happy with him signing anyone else on this list besides him.

    Anyone remember the Odom fiasco?

  112. mark says:

    Tony Allen may not be in the top ten, but he should be on most teams’ list of unrestricted free agents to target. I hope the Rockets go after him.

    • john says:

      Yeah tony allen is a great player and should have been on this list well before Bynum.

      I was hoping the Celtics would try and get him back, without KG and Pierce, It would be a smart move, Please Celtics I can deal with any move you make, but if you go after Bynum or Howard I will have to leave you as a fan. After getting rid of Tony Allen you can ill afford to make another mistake.

      I always felt tony allen is A huge Bang for the money spent.

  113. GINEBRA says:


  114. AWESOME BRIAN says:

    paul to knicks. knicks starters anthony PF chandler C paul PG shumpert SF felton SG

    but they have to get rid of stoudemire

  115. Sakee123 says:

    Howard resign with the Lakers so he can redeem himself and show people he don’t leave every time it gets hard . Oh yeah , Josh smith and James Harden on the same team that would be beast !

  116. Stephan Bryant says:

    the thunder GOTTA pick up Al Jefferson!

  117. if the rockets get dwight howard and josh smith…imagine that lineup!! damn!!

  118. sharwin jaric says:

    Dwight Howard and Chris Paul to the HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    resigned Josh Smith

    • Isiaah1842 says:

      Ah No!!!!!! The Rockets need to get Smith and Howard and could you think of what the Rockets would be with Lin, Harden, Smith and Howard they would be the Heat of the West!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mdeezy says:

        You know nothing about basketball

      • I Do you nut!!!!!!! And I play Pf and am a allstar and know a lot more about money then you do !!!! And if you live in a blue state that’s why you know nothing cuz all the blue states can do is $ out hello the red states are why the USA has made it this long!!!!!!!!!!

  119. chris says:

    Howard to Miami. Bosh to LA

  120. Nba Fan 25 says:

    Ellis and Bynum to Dallas. Mark Cuban please sign!!!!!

  121. Scott says:

    What about Detroit? Are they not going to have a shot at any of these free agents?

    • Lakers Anyway! says:

      uuuuuuuh? No! They have to draft a chance first. Once they become a team and create some hope then players will consider them.

  122. Randolph says:

    Am I the only one who would want to see Howard go to Houston? Him along with Jeremy Lin and James Harden that would be a hell of a team.

    • Chris says:

      What about Asik though? He’s a solid center. Just get a good power forward and hopefully Lin dedicates this summer to improving his shot

    • I think they would be very good and I would like to see Smith there to and if I was The Rockets I would be trading my 1st round picks for Blake Griffen and Davis the 2010 and 2012 1st overall picks

  123. emmanuel rodriguez says:

    or andre iguodala

  124. emmanuel rodriguez says:

    josh smith or monta ellis to knicks= unstoppable-ness

  125. S.T says:

    Chris Paul should really think carefully before resigning with the Clippers. If he does sign, he will basically spend his entire prime in a franchise that has never ever been close to winning a championship. If CP3 wants to win he should forget about squeezing every last dollar out of a contract and instead sign with an elite franchise with a track record like the Lakers.

    The Lakers will have a clean sheet next summer which means they can build everything around CP3 and D12.

  126. hilarious says:

    Whenever I need a laugh, I go to a NBA free agency discussion. “Cap Space” is my favorite punch line, but none of the posters ever seem to get it.

  127. Rodram says:

    The Clippers have to leave Vince del Negro. … Shortly team leader for long. The team has all the necessary positions, plus good quality players as substitutes. I think the team is too big for his capacity.

  128. Greg says:

    Monta Ellis and Josh Smith to Celtcis???? Or Iguadola and Jefferson??? What are some other great combinations because we need s hooting gard, possible a shooting foward, and a center.

  129. Hasib says:

    The salary expectations of this writer are totally off.

    15 million a year for Iggy yet only 10 million a year for Ellis? Both players will get around 12 million a year.

    Al Jefferson is worthy of a max deal but he’ll get slightly less. Millsap on the other hand is definitely also worth 11-12 million a year, he was arguably the best bigman in Utah before this year, only downside is he’s a PF only not a C. Who cares, if I had the cap space I’d give Millsap the same money David West would get.

    And the writer apparently forgot David West’s age too. 11m a year is totally worth it for west but giving him any more than 4 years at that rate would be a big gamble.

  130. A says:

    I wish people would stop commenting stupid things. If you didn’t know, some teams can’t sign people that require higher paying contracts because they have a lack of team money. For example, the Miami Heat CANNOT sign Chris Paul because they don’t have enough money to pay Chris Paul.

  131. starsleeper says:

    Howard and CP3 in Dallas! They want to play together didn’t they? And with a real vet like Dirk it’s a fantastic trio.
    Iguodala and Smith to Houston! C’mon, together with Harden and Asik it wil be easy peasy for Lin.
    Ginobili stays in San Antonio. Consistency all over the place.
    Texas deadly triangle to his fullest!

  132. Frankie says:

    Where is jr smith? Jarret jack and calderon are mentioned..Why isn’t jr smith? He will probably leave nyc (an other one like jeremy lin..all mercenaries)

  133. jakac93 says:

    Is it just me or would Josh Smith be great in LAL replacing either metta or gasol?talk about defensive boost if howard resigns which im sure he will if Josh comes to the team,they are really good friends if im not mistaken.

    • Rich says:

      I don’t think LAL can sign anyone other that D12 for a max deal, they would have to trade gasol and I don’t think Kobe wants him traded

  134. Somebody necessarily lend a hand to make critically articles I would state. This is the very first time I frequented your web page and so far? I amazed with the research you made to make this actual submit extraordinary. Great activity!

  135. Amused says:

    Josh Smith should go to the Rockets, who should then sign a bench-player sharpshooter such as Jamal Crawford or Kyle Korver. A team adding those guys and retaining James Harden and Chandler Parsons will be a top-five team in the West, even if Jeremy Lin is nowhere near the point guard they thought he would be.

  136. Dew says:

    Lakers need a pg like Fisher who can spot up and shoot. Someone basically not like Nash. Not many PGs on the market, but I am sure one can be found somewhere to fit that role. Bynum and Ellis/Iggy to Dallas would make them competitors again. I like the Josh Smith and/or Chris Paul scenario to Houston to team up with Harden. Instant contender and probably top 5 in the west. Paul not undoubtedly staying in Lob City, but Smith would be great for them as I think Lin/Beverly are good enough at their point to get it done with Harden handling late in games anyhow. Lineup already featuring Lin, Parsons and Asik with either Smith and/or Paul would be great for Houston.

    • Chris says:

      I agree with the lakers bit. I like Nash but he should be coming off the bench at this stage of his career, less minutes = more quality play before he sits down, otherwise he burns himself out too fast. I’d say Jennings would be a good addition but not sure how he’d mesh with Kobe

  137. Grang Tapes says:

    Wine’em, Bynum, 69’em

  138. melvin says:

    PAUl stays in Ccclipers but if not deffinetly to the Knicks

  139. Matt Davis says:

    Who in their right mind would pay David West $55-60 million over 5 years?!?

  140. Peter says:

    Send Ellis or Iguodala to Bulls. We really need a all around shooting guard.

  141. NBA Fan 35 says:

    Kevin Martin to Portland.
    Portland + sixth man/decent bench = PLAYOFFS!

  142. Chris says:

    I have a feeling Smith will be a rocket. They have the salary cap and a glaring weakness at the four that Smith could fill well

  143. Toronto baby says:

    I really hope Toronto raptors get lucky… Come on nba give me some love !

  144. Gary says:

    Remember guys, Lebron and Kobe should not play with a true Point Guard, we all see how bad it went for Nash when he’s playing with Kobe. Im not saying they are bad, but just their style of play is not good with a true PG.

  145. Badgers says:

    I really want to see Josh Smith and Iguodala on the same team, defensive beasts

  146. johnny dawson says:

    For Dwight to redeem his reputation as being other than an glory hog he should sign with Miami for one year at the veteran’s minimum.

    • starsleeper says:

      If he does that I stop believing he’ll ever be capeble to carry a team again. He’ll disapear like Bosh into a quality role player.

    • Lakers Anyway! says:

      If he does he would cement himself as the worst businessman ever! That was a dumb comment… Scary dumb…

    • Random Guy says:

      This Heat fans just don’t quit.

    • Kristie says:

      Disrespectful. Dwight is a great player in this league. He defeated Lebron every time they met, check the stats, and even knocked them off in the play off in 2009, a team loaded with talents. His situation with the Magic is costing him a lot in his career. Now that he is in LA, he’s developed a different side to him which is good, better, great, for his success in the league. His learning from first Nash who possess a heart of a warrior, 2 Kobe baby zen master, 3 Pau nasty soft stretched champion. With these attitude, He should now learn to never want to please people and to just do what is right or good for him.

  147. adam says:

    if paul goes to the knicks that would be one scary team

    • Tiggo says:

      no cap space, they would have to get rid of stoudemire to be able to pay him

      • celtic533 says:

        They don’t need Stoudemire anyways.They can trade him for to picks and role players.If they trade him to the Bobcats or something they can get and almost guaranteed a top five pick.

      • Random Guy says:

        @celtic533: Stoudemire’s trade value is not even worth trading for role players. I mean, he has a max contract of almost 16M a year. It would take a miracle or some dumb luck from other teams if they pull the trigger on such deal.

    • Damian Batista says:

      Nah it would be better if CP3 goes to the Miami Heat

  148. Chris says:

    I would love to see Igoudala join the Clippers. I think that would create a dominant big 3 with Griffin, Paul(if stays), and finally Igoudala. Clippers need another all rounded player, and should get rid of Butler…. Igoudala fits the position much better.

    • Randy says:

      With what cap? After CP3’s max deal, the Clippers will be $8 million over the cap.

  149. Eric says:

    Josh Smith to Cleveland Cavs and Dont Forget About Brandon Jennings to Miami Heat…… LETS GO HEAT

    • Chris says:

      That’s a joke right? Chalmers may not be the most consistent but when he’s hot he’s hot. Than they have Cole at the position as well who is looking to be a solid young player

      • marco says:

        It seems pretty clear to me that Chalmers is the next to go. If anyone. He has kind of been holding that position until there was enough money again

    • TheStarMiddleschooler says:

      All you heat fans need to go take a lap…

      • Eric says:

        Yeah!!! I am but Im saying the Heat need a dominate PG….. Mario C. only shoot 3’s and Norris Cole can still be a backup…… we got Ray Allen and Mike Miller for that SO Yeah….. MIAMI HEAT SHOULD GET BRANDON JENNINGS

    • Kristie says:

      Nobody wants to be in CLEVELAND. Jennings should never consider going to Miami because Miami don’t need guards, they need big mans.

    • Corey says:

      I’m sorry but one team can not have more then 3 stars, they would be taking points, votes, awards etc. of each other, & for Miami Chalmers in the backcourt with Dwade is fine, you have 3 ball handlers for the Miami Heat (incl. Lebron James) as well as having Cole coming up the ranks, Miami is an all-round solid team & should be leaning forward to sign a big man if anything (as Bosh is coming close to his retirement). As for Cavs there is no problem with the starting line-up, they have a young, strong starting team & if Varejao can hold up they are an upcoming power team! If Maresse Speights takes his player option he can take over the role of Varejao after his times up.

    • Corey says:


      The Miami Heat have enough stars for the meantime & do not need another guard as you have Wade, Chalmers, Cole & certainly Miami don’t have the cap space for Jennings, with Bosh approaching the end of his career the heat need a big man for the future, with Haslem also coming close to the end of his career they need young big men for the next few years to become back-up & learn from the much experienced front court. Udonis is still a strong rebounder but is a very weak scorer, with this you have Lebron, Wade & Bosh to create points for the team. Chalmers is a strong player & struggles to become a very good player under the role as PG with Wade & Lebron who can both bring the ball down the court. Cole has very good potential for a late round 1st pick. A solid first round pick for Miami contributing off the bench will see Miami still be a strong team for the next couple of years. Every team has to rebuild after their stars have ended their careers & for Miami in the next 5 years will see them rebuilding along side the experience of Chalmers & Cole running the back court.


      With the front court set for the Cavs, a strong back court is whats lacking for the team. Thompson is a strong rebounder & has good potential while Varejao is struggling with countless injuries & can’t see him being what he was back at the start of the season (leading the rebounding before his injury.) Smith can bring both points & rebounds & is an overall team player. ATL haven’t been creating from what they have with Smith / Horford in the front court & the Cavs with a young team Smith is a fantastic overall player for them to have. If they do acquire Smith I can see them being strong representatives for the Eastern Conference.

  150. Tok says:

    I really really really hope that paul millsap stays with the jazz. Best all around player we have(had if he leaves).

  151. Damian Batista says:

    Imagine if CP3 goes to the Miami Heat then it would be awesome

  152. Dean says:

    I’d like to see KOBE take the Veteran’s Exemption…so the Lakers can sign D12 and CP3

    • pasryck says:

      I remember Magic’s last contract he took a pay cut to keep the team intact. I agree I wish Kobe would do the same thing. It would help cement him as one of the greatest Lakers of all time!

      • luis says:

        Dwight should GO TO BROOKLYN it was his first choice IMAGINE
        Deron Williams
        Joe Johnson
        Brook Lopez
        Dwight Howard
        Gerald Wallace

    • Kristie says:

      Lakers don’t need CP3, any point guard is fine. He go outplayed by Conley in the playoff.

    • luis says:

      Dwight first choice was Brooklyn imagine
      Deron Williams
      Joe Johnson
      Brook Lopez
      Dwight Howard
      Gerald Wallace

  153. Abdul says:

    igoudala to the bulls

    • Bullet Rose says:

      Iguodala is the Perfect fit for Bulls organization.
      A defensive mentality swingman that can score and defend well.
      Pg = Rose
      Sg = Iguodala
      Sf = Deng
      Pf = Boozer
      C = Noah
      it’s gotta win a Championship if Healthy, Trust me

      • scott says:

        that would be crazy! iggy is one of my favorite players and i’d like to see him go to a championship team, he deserves it

      • Kristie says:

        I want Igui-Igudala to play with Dwight Howard wherever he plays next season.

      • flykidd says:


  154. Jimmy says:

    Dwight Howard should stay at LA.If he’s leaving,than go to a better team like Miami,OKC,San Antonio,Clippers(ifCP3stays),Bulls,Celtics,NYK.

    • Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

      I don’t think any of those teams have cap space though

    • JJ says:

      And wheres the cash to do that? Last time I check those teams don’t have much cap money to sign D12

  155. dmh says:

    There is no way that Milsap goes to Atlanta if Horford is still in town. They do not need another pf. There is a reason why the Horford/Smith combination only took the Hawks so far. I would say that either Igoudala (sf/sg) or Jefferson (c) would be way better fits in Atlanta than Milsap.

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  157. D says:

    I’d go for a Howard/CP3 sign and trade

  158. LabMonkey says:

    Bynum and Ellis in Dallas? Let Cuban sign this ASAP!