Bulls’ Deng Still Ailing, Weakened

If there’s any player participating in the Eastern Conference semifinal series between Chicago and Miami who could afford to lose 15 pounds in a week, it might be the Heat’s Chris Andersen. And even then only if it was all ink.

Instead, it was Bulls forward Luol Deng reporting that sudden weight loss — just one of the ill effects of his battle first with illness and then with complications of a spinal-tap procedure performed last week to rule out viral meningitis. Deng, a two-time All-Star, has not played since Game 5 of the first round against Brooklyn, his condition worsening and requiring multiple trips to the hospital after his body was found to be leaking spinal fluid from the initial diagnostic procedure.

He underwent a “blood patch” treatment to stop the leak but told reporters at the Bulls’ practice facility in north suburban Chicago that he had lost 15 pounds and still was suffering from headaches as his body heals from the ordeal. As Mike McGraw of the Daily Herald reported:

Deng appears to be on the mend, but his body is low on spinal fluid, which surrounds and helps protect the brain. There’s really no telling when he might be able to play basketball again.

“I wish whatever you take out, you could put it back in,” Deng said. “It’s just your body’s got to make the fluid back up. I’m doing everything I can. I’m staying hydrated. The biggest thing is, really, eating. I’ve got to try to get my appetite back and eat as much as I can.”

Coach Tom Thibodeau called Deng’s status day-to-day, but there’s no chance he’ll play in Friday’s Game 3 against Miami at the United Center. After that, the teams will get two days off before Game 4 on Monday, and even that seems unlikely for a return.

Not having Deng – an all-purpose player on whom Thibodeau leans more even than a healthy Derrick Rose – is just one of Chicago’s manpower problems. Rose remains out — despite countless rumors, criticism and backlash defenses — from the knee injury he suffered April 28, 2012. Rose’s replacement, Kirk Hinrich, had a second MRI exam on the calf bruise that has sidelined him since Game 4 vs. the Nets.

Then there was forward Taj Gibson, who was waiting to hear if the NBA would further penalize him after his ejection from Game 2 at Miami Wednesday. Gibson probably will be fined for his profane outburst at referee Scott Foster and slow departure from the court but it’s possible the league could suspend him for a game.

The Bulls’ suffered the worst playoff setback in franchise history at AmericanAirlines Arena Wednesday, falling 115-78 as the defending champion Heat pulled even at 1-1 in the best-of-seven series.


  1. m10 says:

    you guys do realize the bulls have a way better bench this year than when the heat beat us two years ago? with a healthy bulls roster, this would be the best bulls team for the past 10 years, and we play with heart, something Miami doesnt do. if miami was as unstoppable as all you claim them to be, they wouldnt have lost to a bunch of third string players in game 1.

    And lets be real, i doubt any of you were Heat fans 3-4 years ago. I stand up for my city. Been a Bulls fan since the MJ era through thick n thin in not making the playoffs. Not like you so called “Im a lebron fan” heat fans lol

  2. rondo says:

    Just call up Michael Jordan. Then the bulls will win.

  3. Jay says:

    Bulls lost cuz of bad callin from da refs we was gon lose neways but not by dat margin bron so hollywood it s ridiculous i hate lebron cuz it takes him to play wit da best to win a ship sad kobe did it mike did it duncan did it.

  4. Guiller says:

    D-Rose is a crying baby, get back to the court and leave that fear to get injured again your knee its ready, the bulls never gonna beat miami heat without you in the court, so get back and play your game, dont let your team lose without you on the court, the team gonna improve so much if you return to the game 3

  5. Strawberry Preserves says:

    Loul Deng + Dirk Nowitzki = Dallas Duo

  6. Strawberry Preserves says:

    I hope Luol Deng gets traded to Dallas.

  7. Dwade says:

    NORE are you nobe….Injuries…..Health problems? … u dont know basketball even…
    when Drose is healthy …. MVP….. and the cast were healthy…. Heat beat them in 5 games… aren”t they? can you still remember.?..
    Even u get all the great players in all teams in the NBA to face heat for an exhibition game…. for sure Heat will win… This is their time…. let it be.. IMAO
    Fans of bulls…. Find your time after Wade’s era done…

  8. LOLakers says:

    LOL!!! Now Blew-all Dong has decided to join the fake MVP Derpderp Blows in cowering before the Heat!!! LOL!!! That’s okay, I’d be afraid to face them too!!! Dong, Blows, and Hiney are the only smart player on the team!!! The rest of them are a bunch of idiots who will be humiliated!!! Heat by 50 in game 3, by 60 in game 4, and by 70 in game 5!!! The Bulls***s will wish they had never joined the NBA!!! Some of them are already quitting!!!!

  9. pattycake says:

    Chicago can beat Miami. What they have to do is concentrate on playing their game and NOT let Miami get them mad and take them out of their game, because Miami loves to do that, which is another way they also win. Chicago, please play your game and take Miami’s down and end the hacker LeBron chances of winining again……..

  10. Du says:

    Can’t even call this a series. miamis roster is in full swing while the bulls are short handed. still miami fans think they’re a better team. geez!

  11. Jhopson says:

    To D Rose play if your heart is in it, I would like for you to team up with nate, I know the
    both of you will run the out of chicago.

  12. DJ BJ says:

    get well soon, and remember – its just a game!

  13. smiley says:

    We miss you Lu! Get well Ironman! Capt Kirk you too! Derrick we need you to play even 10 minutes starting today in game 3 in your hometown…Chicago! Come on DROSE we know you will be rusty and we don’t expect Superman performance but we need you to QB the offense!!!!
    GO BULLS!!!! Very proud of you guys this year even if we get swept from here on out by the Heat!

  14. Bulls Fan says:

    BULLS, just keep playing as your last game of the season and good things will happen. We are already proud of you. Get well LU and come back as soon as possible.

  15. MJ says:

    @funnynba, you are a moron and probably a band wagon heat fan like most people are. If the bulls weren’t plagued this year they would’ve been the 1 seed again and they would beat miami in 5 games. The Bulls will still win the series it will just take 6 or 7 games.

    • NBAFAN!!! says:

      @MJ It looks to me like you are the moron. The Bulls have nothing and they never will.

  16. Steve says:

    It was probably a doctor npaid by LeBron. Lu guards him too well and LeBron couldn’t handle it. Hope he makes a safe recovery.

  17. Ralph says:

    Instead of admitting game official’s error, Sterns policy is to eject, fine and suspend anyone who protests an unfair call. These players’ jobs are being controlled by an unfair task master and tyrant (STERN) who is ruining the image of the game of basketball. Would someone please get him out of that office before there are no fans left?

  18. rudy says:

    get well soon! looks like someone should get their medical card… itll help with the eating & certain pains

  19. Bullsfan says:

    It’s so nice to see even Heat fans cheer our injured players on. Let’s have a great series! Go Bulls

  20. Lakers Fan says:

    Get well Luol Deng and God bless, hopefully you can still play in the post season.

    As for D-Rose, what are you waiting for?

  21. Bird33 says:

    Get well soon Loul!! We’re cheering for your recovery!!

  22. payek says:

    get well soon LU!
    lets go HEAT!

    • Kusse says:

      Jan you stupid even with the bulls healthy miami will still win. miami beat you the year before last year when you all have rose, deng, henrich, noah, gibson, boozer, you want to keep going…so stop that bs miami will win because the bulls are not healthy…miami did not win that year but they knocked out the healthy bulls in the second round and then they lost to dallas…try based your comments on facts…this year healthy bulls or not healthy miami will win again so as next year…just remember this…BIATCH!!!lol

      • funny nba says:

        Thats the best explanation but sad the Bulls fans will never understand that .. Excuse overused numero-uno —Derrick Rose is not effin healthy

  23. Jan says:

    I am a Bulls fan and seeing them play short-handed hurts. It’s time like these, where I wish Derrick Rose to step up, if he is somehow able to. If Joe can fight through the play-offs the way he did, there should only be a serious excuse behind not playing, which I am no more certain off in the case of D.Rose, regardless of how much I like him and would give him whatever time he needs. If Isiah Thomas could play on one leg and help his team win, I am sure Derrick could play also…

    Then again, I am no doctor, only a fan who is sad to see the team looking like this and yet I admire the fighting spirit with which the Bulls are playing right now. Shame game 2 turned into a slaughter fest, which didn’t help the Bulls at all..

    Good luck to all the injured guys, hope you all get well soon 🙂

    It’s why Miami will win the championship this year, again… sadly… it’s not b/c they are “that good” don’t get me wrong, they are good, but nowhere championship quality, put them vs any good team of the 90’s and they would have 0 rings still.. It’s lack of competition for that team. I seriously believe, right now, it’s only Healthy Bulls who could be a challenge for them… Sad… Championship rings are worth the same as plastic rings from cereal boxes these days…

    • funny nba says:

      You’re right, you are a biased Chicago fan and still can’t move on about the 90’s Chicago Bulls Era… Heat aren’t a championship type team? Where have you been in the past 2yrs? Theyre the defending champion and been in the finals for 2 consecutive years

  24. Watson says:

    Get well, Lu, and get well quick. Despite all the injuries, illnesses and any other adversities, I do still believe we can beat the Heat in this series. Go Bulls!!!

  25. funny nba says:

    He just having Derrick Rose symptoms because of the Heat.. He’ll be OK

  26. R M says:

    Sounds like a scary ordeal…I thought my Celtics got hit hard this year, but there must be something in the water in Chicago!

  27. I just wanna more exciting games says:

    Even if it were 200:0, you still can not make it 2-1. I like the way Chicago plays, let’s teach the Heat some lessons!

    • funny nba says:

      What lesson? Like losing more than 38pts?

      • Rodrigo says:

        Like playing with heart all the time, we’re shorthanded and even thou we were able to win at road, a thing that Miami cannot do if they lose LeBron for instance.

        We’re a team, Miami is a bunch of guys that depends on LeBron to get anywhere. Bulls team is more than capable to win if we give them time to rest, it was clear on the last game that they were missing easy shots because they’re very tired, we have too many men down and this affects the rotation.

  28. Karlo Garcia says:

    Get well soon LD

  29. Patty says:


  30. Garifuna says:

    Very sad to hear. I was wondering what happened to him. I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

  31. Heat super fan says:

    I am a Heat fan but i would of liked these playoffs with all the Bulls players healthy so at the end we dont hear all the bull form the bulls fans. Anyways get well Lu you are missed also from real Basketball Fans!!

    • Nore says:

      As if you would really prefer to play against a lineup of:

      C – Noah
      Pf – Boozer
      Sf – Deng
      Sg – Bellinelli
      Pg – Rose

      with a Benchmob of:

      C – Mohammed
      Pf – Gibson
      Sf – Butler
      Sg – Hinrich
      Pg – Robinson

      All healthy?? C’mon not even the Heat by themselves would want this to happen – its really sad that they are doomed by their injuries because if they would be all healthy i really believe Miami would loose this series!!

  32. holyspectator says:

    dont like the bulls, but hope deng gets better, cant imagine what hes going thru but get well sir

  33. Mohammad says:

    Hang in there Lu! I love ya man…As a Bulls fan I am soo disappointed that this team has been plagued by injuries and were still fighting, clawing, trying to hang on and beat Miami right now. But that’s why I love the Bulls, coach Tibs and all u guys for what u stand for and how you play. Get well soon!