Injuries Had Warriors’ Bogut Once Considering Retirement


OAKLAND – Warriors center Andrew Bogut was so frustrated around midseason over the lack of progress from a maddening ankle injury that he began to contemplate having to retire, he told on Thursday. That seems long ago now that his successful recovery continued to play a major role in the improbable playoff heights for Golden State.

Bogut said he “was getting close” to having to give it serious consideration, but that he was not at the point of having to make a decision. The plan, he said, was to try and finish this season on an encouraging note, work during the summer to return to peak condition and aim for a healthy 2013-14. If that went bad, all options would have been on the table.

“I didn’t get to that point,” he said before the Warriors practiced in advance of Game 3 of the second-round series against the San Antonio Spurs on Friday night at Oracle Arena, “But it was definitely [something] I started to think about. I never got to a point where I thought, ‘This is it. I’m done.’ But I thought, ‘If this goes on for a year or two, there’s definitely a chance that I think about that.’

“I was really bad. The physical part of it is one thing, but the mental part of it’s the other. It was a tough time in my career. You always just start questioning yourself, and whenever you do that as an athlete, I think it’s probably not a great thing. When is this going to subside? When am I going to feel better? Am I going to be back to the same level I was playing at before the injury? How long is it going to take? Why is it taking so long? [I am] medically cleared to play, but am I being soft? Am I not going hard enough? Am I going too hard? Too many questions in your mind. I was frustrated.”

Asked if he ever thought his career could seriously be in jeopardy, Bogut told, “I never got to that point, but I was starting to get there. [I] come back at the start of the season and it doesn’t respond well, [so] I had to take three months off. It just becomes monotonous doing the same rehab every day and not seeing results. I’m doing the same thing every day. People don’t know, practice is at 11 [a.m.] and I am in here at 8:30 doing my rehab for 2 ½ hours and strength and conditioning and conditioning and getting my shots up, getting my rhythm and seeing no results — I was real frustrated.

“The goal was to try and get to the summer and then work on my body and see how it is next season. But, obviously, now I’m starting to feel much better. My body’s starting to respond a little bit better. It’s a positive sign. My goal was in the playoffs to no matter have a good playoff campaign and kind of forget about the season. It’s kind of worked so far.”

Yeah. Kind of.

Bogut, after 24.6 minutes in 32 games during the regular season, is at 29 minutes in the first eight postseason games — the six in the first-round victory over the Denver Nuggets and the first two of the Western Conference semifinals now tied 1-1 against the Spurs. Even though clearly less than 100 percent – Bogut and coach Mark Jackson won’t estimate how close Bogut is to full strength – he is the defensive presence Golden State long desired, a facilitator for the offense being led by perimeter players and a vocal leader. The playoffs have been his response to anyone who questioned the trade for Monta Ellis in March 2012.

“I think he likes the fact of winning and finally feeling good, physically,” Jackson said. “I think at the end of the day, no matter who you’re talking to, with the question marks were around the trade and all that, he has to have a chip showing folks it made sense. It’s well-deserved for him and great to see because if we had to do it all over again, it was unanimous.”

Jackson was asked about the trade Thursday, in the context that moving Ellis created a clear path for Klay Thompson to blossom at shooting guard along with adding Bogut.

“It helped change the culture,” Jackson said. “Obviously, it was easier to pull the trigger because we knew what we had in Klay and it was time for him to be a starting two-guard. And he does everything right.”

How did the deal change the culture?

Jackson paused four seconds.

“It helped change the culture,” he finally said.

Anything specific?

“You know.”

He meant addition by subtracting Ellis. Jackson said it without saying it.


  1. Miaminfan2 says:

    The Warriors are going to trade Bogut to Miami for a ham sandwich on white bread, a handfull of kettle chips, and a pickle with a bite out of it. My dad knows Bogut and this rumor is 100% confirmed.

  2. Tyrone says:

    Bogut would be the best all-around center in the league if he were healthy. High IQ, more athletic and mobile than most 7 footers, plays with heart, etc. He’s like a more offensive-minded Tyson Chandler or a more athletic Marc Gasol.

  3. Schoowow says:

    Why Bynum ? “When Healthy”, Greg Oden is my number one pick for a center. Not to mention Shaq. Come on guys. Bynum is a lazy guy, got everything one can ask from mother nature, and gets involved with JJ Barea. a hood.
    At his best, When Healthy. Please limit yourself to centers contributing in 12-13.
    Healthy for a few months, Varejau of Cleveland had the greatest numbers for a center, with overall contributions 3rd only to Lebron and Durant. When Healthy, Dwight was a top 5 including THOSE 2 and maybe Kobe, Rondo and Duncan. Healthy most of this season, Noah has contribution, 2nd to Howard, and Marc Gasol is a factor there as well.
    Let’s face it, there are no real star centers in the NBA right now. Bogut is a nice guy when Shaq and Olaguwon and Wilt and Careem are not around. Will anybody in his wits put Bogut in line with those? a #1 he is.
    Let’s try secondary line, where you find Ewing, Parish,
    Bill Walton had chances of becoming one of those iconic players. Got an injury I don’t wish my worst enemies. Bogut with no Injury would not have had a chance to become a Walton. Neither of the Gasol brothers would.
    Marc Gasol, Varejao, Bogut all belong to the lines to follow, those of Alonzo, Webber, Kemp. Not that it is anything bad to be compared with these. To stay even there, they must keep healthy.
    Moving down the corridor is easy. Ask Bynum and Oden how easy it is…
    was Bill Cartwright a great center? I think he was also a #1 pick, and he won some C’s with Jordan. But was he great?
    Bogut could be a reasonable C for a team “dominated by peripheral players” oh yeah. And playing next to Lee, sure. Carl Landry, Harrison Barnes and Jarret Jack are great “texture” players to add to this stew. Ezzely could easily become their #1 center on behalf of Bogut. know what, with these 2, Warriors have no worries about position #5, but C will not be their dominant position, not if they get a chance for a C. It will be “despite” having these C’s.

  4. JCsavior says:

    My top 6:
    D12 (arguable definitely), Andrew Bynum (if he plays), Marc Gasol, Brook Lopez, Roy Hibbert, Al Horford, Joakim Noah, Demarcus Cousins.
    Some people might think I’m crazy to rank Hibbert so high, and Bogut not on the list. I love Bogut. But personal opinion, if your minutes get diminished to no more than 20 min per game, you are a role player.

  5. ko0kiE says:

    ellis is overrated anyways.. he may be a volume scorer at times but he does it very inefficiently. I take Klay Thompson over him anyday.

  6. MikeMcee says:

    Andrew Bogut have it all!

  7. Nick says:

    Bogut would be in the top 3 centers healthy at the moment. Gasol, Howard, Bogut. If Cousins ever wises up he could the best of the lot.
    As people have said above, the 2010 season Bogut had finally hit his potential, was averaging nearly 20 a game towards the end of the season, was dudded in the all star game with horford getting the spot, and then amare nudged him and that was it. The bucks would have made the 2nd round of the playoffs or even the conference finals if Andrew was healthy that year. In fact had he been healthy every season for the bucks, in the weak Eastern Conference, they would have been playoff bound each year. But I think it was good for him to get away from the Milwaukee climate, Skiles, Jennings etc. The warriors have a proper team environment where Bogut is a leader and finally getting the attention he deserves. I think he just needs to start shooting the jumper more to open up the lane to the basket. When playing for the boomers, he has been able to hit 3s, and at the bucks he showed he could drive to the basket. So this summer, he should work on getting his confidence back on offence and work on his free throws which since the injury have gotten worse. I think he could shoot at least 65 percent from the line.

  8. […] Bogut says that he grew so frustrated earlier this season with a nagging left ankle injury, that he contemplated walking away from the game. Bogut has since gotten healthier, and helped the Dubs make an impressive and […]

  9. NBA EYE says:

    Bogut was arguably the best center before his freak accident. Imo he was the best, better than Howard just because he was unstoppable at the post at that time. He was one of the leaders in blocks as well then. He has lost some of his touch but I think he’ll get it back some time next year if he keeps getting healthier. People forget of the run Milwaukee had before his injury. They were beating the likes of Boston and Phoenix at their peak.

  10. tommy says:

    The center on Orlando is pretty good, too. I wouldn’t say he’s a top 5 center, but top 5 rebounder? For sure. Had an outburst of 29 rebs against Miami! This guy can ball. I think if the Magic get the top pick and Noell turns out to be great in the NBA as a super defender or more possibly, the Magic will have a bright future. If, however, Vucevic goes to Miami, they will win so much and it wouldn’t even be close.

  11. NBAfan says:

    Imagine Dwight Howard with the same body type as Bogut, Brook Lopez and Pau Gasol…I’m confidently sure that Dwight will barely make it to the best center conversation.

  12. Bird33 says:

    Go Andrew!!! Great to see you getting healthy and rockin the block again!!! Also awesome to see one of my favourite old school players from the past is now one hell of a coach.

    Mama….there goes a future Coach of the Year.

    Way to go Mark!!

  13. AussieGuy says:

    He provides outstanding and sound leadership, particularly on the defensive end. Watch him organise their structure during the game. Watch the way he constantly attempts, and often does, tap the ball out to a teammate on the offensive boards. When required to score he can, however he gives up his offense knowing there are absolute pure gun shooters on his roster. Just an intelligent player adding value…. I wish he can stay healthy, and wish he followed the BLUES back home.

  14. Max says:

    Darko Milicic is the best centar in NBA.Bogut is ridiculous compared to it.

    • BringbackLarry says:

      Max…. your surname wouldn’t be Milicic would it?

    • NBA fan says:

      Bogut is definitely top 5! I am just part agree with Max. 🙂 Darko Milicic just need to focus on Basketball and will be one of the best C in NBA. Great potential! Much to say bat this is enough for now! Cheers ( ZIVELI ) Pozdrav

  15. Keats says:

    As an Australian, I’m obviously biased, but I’ve always thought Bogut was a top 5 center when healthy. He’s never had much of a chance to show it, seeing as he pretty much maxed out his potential in that 09-10 season with the Bucks, but then got that horrific injury. I’m glad he’s really blossoming in a positive environment, and that the whole league is taking notice of him. Excellent defender, solid rebounder and scorer, although I think he’s found the perfect fit with this Warriors team.

    I can’t believe many people didn’t like that Bogut-Ellis trade back in 2012. I mean sure, no one knew Curry would take over like he has, and Bogut was essentially an unknown quantity after this many injuries. But with Monta as a leading man, that team never gets past the first round of the playoffs, at best. You automatically make that team better by trading Ellis. As Jackson intimated, addition by subtraction.

  16. josh says:


    I live in Australia and do infact know the Bogut family. Your rumor is all lies!!!

  17. quitplayin says:

    i know it is kinda of topic but right here right now M. Gasol is the best center in the nba and not that dude from LA

    just had to be said

  18. Jerome says:

    LOL! Bogut for Joel Anthony & James Jones…just…LOL. Nice try, kid. You keep working on those fantasy trades.

  19. Giraaaf says:

    When healthy, Bogut is properly top 5 and he is a good Center anyway. But top 2? Marc Gasol has better offense and you can´t forget Bynum as arguably the best Center, if healthy. I don´t like Cousins, but he is in the Conversation as well. Howard anyways.. like him or not.

  20. Sam J says:

    That arm injury totally screwed him. People forget how well he was playing up to then, and he was shafted by missing out on an All-Star berth behind Al Horford. Hopefully he makes it through the playoffs and has a positive off-season, he and the Warriors as currently constituted could do big things.

  21. LeBoDwy says:

    just wished he would never get injured. He could have been the next best center in the NBA, next to Dwight Howard.

    • Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

      Dwight Howard dbest centre in the NBA? The guy hasnt changed the outcome of a single game this year.. and you have him at number 1?!?!?! You are joking. Hes terrible. Gets stripped to easy, has no post moves.. easy to fake out, has NO SHOT, cant make Free Throws.. oh yeah hes the greatest centre ever.

      Marc Gasol, A Bogut, A Bynum, Kevin Garnett (even as a PF), Noah, Chandler, Ibaka – all are better BASKETBALL players.

      • kc says:

        what are you talking about? dwight isnt 3 time defensive player of the year for nothing! he just recovered from a back injury and i promise you next year you will eat your hat

    • Forrest_24 says:

      Theres a reason Dwight CARRIED the magic to the finals against the Lakers a few years back.. Hes the top center.. Bynum didnt even play this season. And Dwight put up the same numbers a Joakim Noah this season playing along side Kobe. Theres a reason hes a 3x DPY

  22. TJA says:

    Miamifan – You have no idea what you are talking about. The warriors are NOT Trading Bogut for Joel Anthony and Jone – are you kidding, what do the Warriors get out of that?????
    And I could not see Bogut wanting to go to the Heat. He is entrenched in the Warriors culture now, and he will honour that. He is not a flashy guy – he is a TEAM player.
    I agree with other comments – when fully fit – he is a beast. He is owning the paint at 80% atm, he needs to get his shot back, but that will come and has already been more involved in playoffs so far. If he can get back to 35-40 min/game, the Warrios will be a real threat next year if they keep this team intact.

  23. Chinese guy says:

    And of course ur name is miamifan

  24. AussieGuy says:

    Bogut is arguably the 2nd best centre in the league when healthy. A 09-10 he was all NBA 3rd team. If not for the injuries I think he would be a 18-10-3 block player. Hopefully he can get a few injury free years and show why he was the #1 pick

  25. Andrew says:

    Bogut has a dogged Australian win at all costs mentality. Love his hustle and energy. At full strength definately top 5 in NBA.

  26. miamifan says:

    My brother is friends with Boguts dad in Melbourne Australia and his dad told him that he is going to the Miami Heat next season for a trade for Joel Anthony and James Jones. Apparently the deal is already done and they are just waiting for the end of the season.

    Maimi new lineup:


    Miami champs for sure!!!

    • XJaMeSzX says:

      haha as nice as that sounds im pretty sure it wont happen, for starters boguts getting 14mil for the next season and i really doubt james jones and joel anothany can make up that 14mil, even if you did add UD it still sounds very farfetched

      • Andy Blacksmith says:

        They would have no bench and then what happens when bogut gets injured? Its a risk Miami wouldn’t take coming off two great seasons. Bogut going to Miami makes no sense, and your dad is lying.

    • xothekicks says:

      STFU you douche hes staying right where he is at nothing is done until papers are signed dummy

    • lkj says:

      This is the dumbest thing I’ve read in my entire life. Seriously, congratulations, you literally just posted the dumbest thing I have EVER read in my life.

  27. LBJ says:

    lol Jackson just dissed his former player.

  28. lalala says:

    bogut top 5 center