Blogtable: Heat’s Game 1 Stumble

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Week 28: Favorite playoff underdog | Heat’s stumble | P.J. and Vinny

What do you make of Miami’s Game 1 trip? What’s ahead in this series?

Steve Aschburner: Rust. A dearth of games with urgency not just in recent days but recent weeks. And an adrenaline-charged Chicago squad. Those things conspired against the defending champs in Game 1. I expect that Miami will snap back to form — most talented, most dangerous team in the NBA — and advance in no more than six games. I just hope it’s earned on the floor, not with a parade to the foul line. Also, the Heat’s stars need to be careful, because whining about no-calls and even winning too gleefully might cast them as bullies again against the plucky-underdog Bulls, just when we all thought the “hate Miami” theme had run its course.

Fran Blinebury: The Bulls, the layoff, the fact that despite the absurd standard to which the Heat are held, really nobody wins them all. Come in off the ledge. Miami in six, maybe even five.

Jeff Caplan: I attribute it to a remarkable effort by the Bulls’ players and coaching staff. Miami had a long layoff and didn’t bring the proper focus and determination to get the job done against one heck of a stubborn opponent that is going to bring physical play and hard effort as long as it’s on the floor. I certainly expect the Heat to bounce back, understanding that Chicago — and I’d give the Bulls more of a chance if it seemed at all that Luol Deng will be healthy but it does not — is going to mentally and physically exhaust them for the full 48. In a seven-game series, the more talented team is going to come through and I fully expect the Heat to advance in six games.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Well, stuff happens. The Bulls played like a team on a mission — as Tom Thibodeau clubs do — and the Heat played like a team that has had opponents aiming for them every night since November. It was wrong to think they would go undefeated in the playoffs. It is not wrong to think they will regain control of the series and win.

John Schuhmann: It was pretty obvious that the Heat were out of rhythm after an eight-day layoff. That put them in a grinder of a game with the Bulls, a situation that no one wants to be in. They still had a chance to win, but Dwyane Wade forgot that he’s one of the worst 3-point shooters in NBA history. I expect them to win the series in five or six games and it wouldn’t surprise me if they win the next two by 15-plus.

Sekou Smith: The cause for the Heat’s Game 1 performance was a nasty mix of the Chicago Bulls, the long layoff after the first round sweep of Milwaukee and a classic case of fat cat syndrome. Heat star Chris Bosh was the only guy willing to say it out loud. But the Heat couldn’t get the car out of cruise control against the Bulls. All the trainingcamp style practices in the world cannot prepare you for a physical and feisty opponent like the Bulls coming at you from opening tip to final buzzer. The Heat thought they had things under control late but miscalculated. I expect them to be fully prepared for what comes next in Game 2 and the remainder of this series, which I predicted to go six games with the Heat advancing.

Lang Whitaker: The thing about the Heat losing Game One wasn’t that they weren’t prepared — they got the shots they were looking for, including a bunch of those corner threes that Chicago defends so preciously. They just didn’t make a lot of those shots. Also, defensively the Heat can (and will) make some adjustments, such as using LeBron in a way that he’s not just standing around on the help-side and instead will be actively defending the ball.


  1. ginebra heat says:

    now look at game 2 the Real Miami Heat just destroyed the Chicago Bulls big time. Even Lebron James did not score in the 2nd half. the Heat is wide awake

  2. Shikshin says:

    i am also a fan of heat.. but in my point of view, the bulls are more hungry, more will in game 1.. they already giving all out… the heat need to reflect on what happened on game 1.. this is gonna be good series.. lets all enjoy the game!

    Godbless ya’ll

  3. Delman says:

    I’m a big time heat fan but got to give the bulls credit. They are playing with lots of energy. Nate and Noah are playing pretty damn good. Heat are a better team and will probably win the series but it wont be easy. Heat need to be aggressive c’mon Bosh,Chamers and Haslem get aggressive play like Cole ,Batier and Birdman. WAKE THE HELL UP!!! GO HEAT!!

  4. Bulls should get some credit, but i watch the Heat play every game all year and the way the played in game 1 was one of the worst performances ive seen by them all year. They had no energy, urgency, determination, or will. Seemed as if they forgot it was playoffs. I expect way more energy tonight.

  5. Du says:

    i hope the bulls win the series so that those who gives their prediction gets smack in the face.

  6. Kevo says:

    The Heat will likely prevail. I’m not afraid to admit it, even as a Bulls fan. The Miami Heat are such a deep and talented team, it’s no wonder they went on that 27-win streak and posted one of the best regular season records in the NBA. They have all of that star power and the best player in the NBA as well.

    However, I will say that the Bulls are NOT going to make it easy for the Heat to advance. After all, the defending champions are the ones with something to lose; the Bulls don’t, so they’ll keep on fighting (no matter how battered and bruised they all are).

    Prediction as a realist: Heat in 5 or 6

    Prediction as a Bulls fan: Bulls in 4 (yes, I said it; I can always dream, lmao).

  7. resty gomez says:

    They will win tonight, wanna bet? I mean the Heat will prevail, believe me!

  8. To me Knicks and Bulls are doping. Here are my argues:

    I ve seen the matches of both teams and the willpower that they have to run and to be absort in the floor seems they are giving in more than they are able to.

    • sang126 says:


      You must be being sarcastic…im not arguing that there is no way theres no doping in the nba but you pick out two teams that might give your team (i’m guessing heat) some problems and say theyre doping? come on man you’re ridiculous. and no offense but your reason for why you think so is pretty bad. If the bulls and knicks are doping then so is every other team in the nba.
      The heat lost because they looked real rusty at least throughout the first half and the bulls came out with energy and motivation the heat lacked. I’m a bulls fan but I don’t expect Lebron or the heat to play this flat for the rest of the series and ill say heat in 6 would be the best bet.

    • collar50 says:

      If the Bulls were doping, Derrick Rose would have had his recovery expedited and would have been back by now. The Bulls don’t get tired because Nate Robinson only has to carry a 5’7″ frame, and Jimmy Butler is 23. And also because Joakim Noah is a legend.

    • Chris says:

      you’re dumb, thats really all that can be said. if you are going to say something so ridiculous have some solid facts as to why. besides the fact that it took me a couple minutes just to see what you were saying should have been my first clue that you have no idea what you’re talking about. do us all a favor and keep your “talents” in south beach and off the internet.

  9. Who Are You? says:

    Wow! So called experts predicting Heat with an easy win.

  10. Vanessa says:

    Heat in 5!!!!

  11. zhiggi says:

    The heat will bounce back…they have been in these situations before….no panic….just more focus and playing harder would make this series more compelling….

  12. intuit91 says:

    wow, no one willing to give credit that the bulls are actually a pretty damn good team. of course as a bulls fan i’m naturally somewhat biased, but c’mon, everyone could see that both teams were putting forth top-notch defensive effort so as far as the shots not falling for the heat I don’t want to hear bs about it JUST being a matter of rust. It’s going to be a tough series. The Bulls didn’t get the memo that they’re “supposed” to lose to the Heat.

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      good comment. I’m a big heat fan and i think we’ll win it in 5, but still I wouldn’t bet everything on the heat advancing.

      I would’ve thought atleast one writer would predict the bulls taking the series.

      • Chris says:

        thank you for acknowledging the bulls. im getting sick of everyone saying the only reason they won was because the heat had a week off. if thats the excuse then the bulls should have been dead from playing a 7 game series with Brooklyn. the bulls may not win the series but i bet they make the heat very uncomfortable for the next week. either way, its a good series.

  13. acryn says:

    the bulls win becoz the heat shooting was poor

  14. Winston says:

    If a team is perfect I would imagin they would be 106 to 0 for the year. This is the playoffs and good teams are going to leave thier mark. The cream will rise to the top that is why we have the playoffs