Miller Time Again At The Garden



And the network known for drama will have it all over the airwaves tonight when the Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks lock horns in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinals at Madison Square Garden (7 p.m. ET).

Famous Knicks-slayer and Hall of Famer Reggie Miller will serve as the analyst for the game, joining play-by-play man Kevin Harlan and reporter Rachel Nichols some 18 years, to the day, of Miller’s unforgettable Game 1 Eastern Conference semifinal showing against the Knicks.

You might remember that one, the game that saw Miller score eight points in 8.9 seconds to beat the Knicks. I bet Spike Lee, a regular at Knicks games then and now, remembers.

The Knicks are already down a game in this series with the Pacers. They looked listless in Sunday’s Game 1 loss, when the Pacers outworked them, per Knicks’ star Carmelo Anthony. This is the sixth playoff series between the two franchises, but the first for the Pacers without Miller in uniform.

They’ve split the previous matches evenly. The Knicks beat the Pacers in four games in the first round in 1993, in seven games in the conference finals in 1994 (Miller’s 25 points in the fourth quarter of the Pacers’ Game 5 win and taunting of Lee set the rivalry on fire) and in six games in the conference finals in 1999. The Pacers beat the Knicks in seven games in the semifinals in 1995, in five games in the semifinals in 1998 and in six games in the conference finals in 2000.

A trip to The Finals is not on the line this time. But another chapter in this storied rivalry will be written either way. Having Miller around tonight to analyze and witness the affair is just the sort of drama you might expect from this series and, especially, TNT.


  1. LMAO- “byt their own” or “by their own”-nahhh-only scored 17 on their own w/o help. I double checked & free throws actually almost evened out w/ ny w/ a slight edge on ft’s. The real problem was Celts key players-KG, Pierce, Bradley & Green-any 2 to 3 of them starters in foul trouble every game coincidentally so-mainly KG 5 fls first 2 games & 4-5 last 4 games for defensive purposes keepn KG on the bench gave ny more scoring opportunities. Even w/ that ny still sruggled to beat my Celts-LMAO-EsAwite-see you ny Trrrricks off da hoe strrroe next season when Celts crush da Tricks-gimme my $!!! 🙂
    Go Pacers!!!

  2. VG says:


  3. VG says:

    LOL @ all the Knicks haters. Period.

  4. From a Celtics fan-Things that make you say hmmm-So let me understand this from an unbiased stand point-NOW the tricks-oops-i mean knicks want to complain about the officiating in game 1 w/ Pacers busting “Dat A?!” strait up from the gut-the audacity especially after games 1 & 2 against my Celts which were practically gift wrapped to ny via stern & the league-get F!!??! real ny-nba games need to be called consistently as they have been so heavily favored for these high profile/showtime teams for a while-ny-miami-lakers, nets! If games are called consistently-teams like Pacers, Celts, Bulls, Rockets, Wolves, Nuggets have no problem crushing these high profile teams. Microphone check-Doc Rivers just got fined $25,000 for legitimately complaining about officiating for game 1 or 2-WHATS UP WITH THAT LEAGUE-WHERE’S THE FAIR & IMPARTIAL -NONE THE LESS-I’M DIE HARD CELTICS & A FAN OF THE GAME PERIOD-HAVING SAID THAT-GO ON PACERS & SPANK DAT tricks A!? HARD! 🙂

    • SDS Overfiend says:

      The C’s Got a Good amount of bad calls.. More than NY.. problem Was them bum @ss dudes could’nt capitlaize on it. you think the Weak @ss C’s scored 19pts ina row all byt they lonesome?

  5. YellowMelo says:

    I just remember how ccertain we were that the pacers would beat the Heat last year, so it’s still a bit early to be cheering.
    Game 1 still looked good though ! Hibbert got to show off his skills – now it’s Paul’s turn!
    Go Pacers!

  6. Rick V. says:

    My guess is 4-2 Pacers. They played each other four times during the regular season and split. The last time was a garbage game the Pacers didnt care about. The Pacers are too big and too physical for the Knicks to beat them four out of seven games. Like I said, I think it will be 4-2 and the Pacers go to the Eastern finals.

    P.S. I also like the phrase “Blue Collar, Gold Swagger!”

    GO PACERS!!!!!

  7. Boomerswagger says:

    There is no other sport city in the world that is as quick to turn their backs to a team than in New York.
    Half way through the game Sunday the fans were booing their own team, IN THE PLAYOFFS? It’s hard to have home court when the bandwagon breaks in the second Quarter.
    I have said it all along the Knicks are not well coached. There is plenty of talent there but do what the hicks do get a little gritty the whole team turns into prima donnas who can’t control their emotions.

    1. Hibbert did not foul Melo or anyother player on that team the law of verticality is real and in the rule book, so hush.
    2. No team will win being a primarily 3 point shooting team, you will go cold, and you won’t know whats next. Suns couldn’t do it with Nash Knicks won’t do it.
    3. Melo isn’t a 4 David West will continue to eat him for lunch just as he does Battier.
    4. Small ball does not work against the Pacers they are too long and too talented on the defensive end to outsmart.
    Pacers in 6 winning it at a gold out crowd in the BANK

    • robbycater says:

      I love how you use legit reasons to back up your facts! Hell ya pacers in 6

      • Beads says:

        I am more into Knicks but I’m afraid you guys are correct about this one. I think its 4-1 for Pacers

    • Rick says:

      There was at least one play where the Hibbert got away with a foul to Melo’s face, but otherwise I agree. We spent too much time whining and not enough time manning up. It won’t happen tonight. We’ll get it together, plus the refs tonight will call it tighter. Mark it down. Tight calls means the Pacers will crumble.

    • SDS Overfiend says:

      They Weren’t Booing in the Knicks… They were Booing the Refs when they made foul calls against indy when it did’nt matter. You obviously did’nt hear the Crowd saying “Refs are Cheating”

  8. Leon says:

    nothing but pacers fan/knicks haters with these comments. in a game where melo and j.r had horirble shooting games the pacers only beat the knicks by 7! so calm down and watch the knicks take it in six!

  9. knickslegend says:

    knicks take game 2 by 15 points . melo will have 35 point jr smith will have 25 . 15 shumpurt and chandler dominates hibbert

  10. Richard says:

    The Knicks are in a MUST WIN SITUTATION. If they go to Indianpolis 2 down , the way the Pacers are playing they will get Broomed. Nice to see Reggie miller is doing the game tonight.. Maybe him and spike lee can got at it for old time sake. The 94n & 95 playoffs between the Knicks and the Pacers was some of the best and most dramatic games the NBA has seen in a long time. we might still get it in this series but the Knicks had better step up tonight.

  11. Dru says:

    Blue Collar Gold Swagger!!

    LET’S GO PACERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. stingray says:

    pacers will win over the knicks in 5 games..

  13. Just gimme the Rock says:

    Haha I remembered when the headlines of the Newspapers in new york was Spiked! hahaha spikke was blamed for reggies 25 point 4th quarter

  14. W/E says:

    Spike is on the losing team again.

  15. Fefe (Nets) says:

    I’ve previously predicted 4-2 for the Pacers. Hope that Indiana will not waste this game 1 win at MSG.
    Go Pacers!

  16. nbapacersfan says:

    Take this game and step on their throats… GO PACERS!!!