Heat Not Lulled By Bulls’ Inactives


MIAMI – As usual, the Chicago Bulls are undermanned, so they should have the Miami Heat precisely where they want them.

Only the Heat are wise to that game. As far as the defending champions are concerned, the Bulls not only have Derrick Rose, Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich available for Game 1 and each subsequent contest in their Eastern Conference semifinals series, they might as well have Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Norm Van Lier.

“We don’t play the personnel, we play the jerseys. We play the team,” Miami guard Dwyane Wade said, avoiding any discussion of specific absent Bulls players. “This team proved that no matter who’s in the lineup, they’re going to be competitive and they’re going to do the little things that’s going to give them the opportunity to win games.”

With Rose (knee surgery) a constant all seasons and Hinrich (bruised calf) a game-time decision, Deng is the most pressing and serious. The illness that led to his precautionary spinal tap led to a complication that sent him back to the hospital over the weekend. Deng’s plan, after the Bulls’ Game 7 first-round victory at Brooklyn Saturday, was to meet the Bulls in south Florida for the start of the Eastern Conference semifinals.

But he was not in Miami Monday for shootaround sessions and Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said he didn’t know if Deng would travel in time for Game 2 or await the series’ shift to Chicago.

That wasn’t anything that the Heat players were willing to engage.

“No change,” forward Chris Bosh said when asked about Deng. “It’s all the same. I’m tellin’ ya, that’s how you get beat. You think that just because Deng’s not playing, you look at the other guy and change your mindset. That’s when things start to go wrong. So we can all learn from Brooklyn’s mistake.”

With Deng, with Rose, with Hinrich, with whomever, Bosh said, Miami is approaching the series as if all Bulls are ready to hit the streets of Pamplona.

The All-Star power forward did watch Game 7 of Nets-Bulls, however, in which Chicago produced one of the great upsets in recent NBA playoff history. Star-laden teams never get the chance to know the exhilaration of giant-killing quite like that.

“Yeah. I mean, my days in Toronto I know what the underdog feels like but we never had a chance to win a playoff series or anything like that,” Bosh said. “Honestly, I don’t want to be in that position.

“It really just comes down to playing the game. You can’t really worry about who’s the underdog and who’s the favorite. If you sleep on those guys, if you think you just have to show up to win the game, you’re wrong. Chicago has a work ethic. They’re going to play together, they’re going to make it tough. And if you underestimate them, you will get beat.”

The Heat and the Bulls split their four meetings this season. Miami last played on April 28, and it’s eight-day layoff is the longest between series of its three-season run since Wade, Bosh and LeBron James joined forces in 2010.


  1. Mln08 says:

    In 27 snap the heat si not interesting moment, if we see the game obvious that the bulls make some dirty move & now heat down in bulls 1 win, that is the only & last win of the bulls this season! Anybody know how strong & dangerous have heat right now. Its just like last 2011 bulls-heat east finals with derrick rose, got won in game 1 but in the next 4 games heat will hot! I know how strong the bulls but is enough to beat miami heat!

  2. rigor mortiz says:

    what a playoff match up we have in the Eastern Conference, 4 good old rival teams, square off, Bulls VS Heat, then Knicks Vs Pacers,.bring back the 90’s LOL

  3. zeero says:

    no one is begging for your respect “underdog”

  4. zeero says:

    bad loss for the heat,but thats just game one….we’ll figure things out,you’ll see……

  5. The Underdog says:

    You should realize by now why the Bulls cannot be taken for granted. They do not win wars but battles. No matter where this series is going, we knew that they are this season’s showstoppers. They’ve won great games. They owned NBA’s highlight games. They have my respect the Miami team can never have. KUDOS! See Red.

  6. JKey says:

    My initial thoughts of this series was Miami winning 4-1 with Chicago winning at least one at home. I was not expecting to see a win on the road from the Bulls. It changes my view somewhat now that I’m thinking it could be pushed out to a 6 or 7 game series…depending on who wins the next 2 games. Go Bulls though (my teams are not even competing so I’m not fussed!).

  7. RAPSFAN22 says:

    Bye who?? Yup, Bye Haters! This Bulls team totally takes Lebron out of his element, he tried to do it all himself but they are not afraid to beat him up and send him to the foul line. Lebron and DWade, how you let Jimmy Butler drop 21 on you while stopping you at key moments??? This was a bad game to lose, this gave the bulls the confidence they needed to take one on your homecourt. The already confident and hyped up team just multiplied by 100, and it would not shock me if Rose pulls a David Lee and throws on a jersey game 3 in Chicago. I love watching Bulls defense, but it’s even better to watch when they are shutting down the best offensive players in the game today. BTW anybody else see Lebron not chase Nate down at the end of the game letting him run around until he was finally fouled??? Yup that was him going back to that Cleveland/Boston series, QUITTING. Nobody else showed up and he’s crying about it lol. The Bulls have been involved in the best games this playoffs and I cannot wait to see more. Love this rivalry!

  8. Don says:

    Well, that takes care of that. Bulls win game one!!!!! Go Bulls.

  9. Andrea says:

    The HEAT just got their butts BEAT lol

  10. Go Bulls says:

    Hmm, it feels so good to come back here and read all these heat fans comments…

    You all must be feeling pretty stupid right now…

  11. JimD54 says:

    I guess Lebron doesn’t like it when the other team plays football too..

  12. mee(a)t says:

    lol the whole crowd is just O_O..

  13. Bespoken says:

    Regardless what happen tonite, bulls down 2 with 10 mins to go. Butler was defending lebron well. Go underdogs!

  14. "PAtoy says:

    bye bulls see you next season….

  15. Jimmy Buckets says:

    You can tell that Miami DID NOT want to play Chicago and are not looking forward to it… Im excited to watch
    1. Noah do his thing
    2. Lebron try to push boozer around only to realize Boozer aint moving (than whine like a girl about it),
    3. JIMMY BOIIII just shut down the big two on D (And dunk over bosh again)
    4. Teague run the offense (isn’t he on atlanta lol)

    Anderson WHO?
    Wade come back from his 2010 retirement…o wait

  16. islander says:

    Chicago will try to play physical. They will go hard like the last game in Chicago, where they were able to upset Lebron with hard fouls, borderline flagrant. Mainly Gibson was in charge for that. Miami will change strategy for sure to face that. Gibson will receive a taste of his own medicine. For sure. Heat’s team demolition will be ready.

    • Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

      Are you silly or what!?!?! LeBRON DID GET A FLAGARANT FOUL!! Dirty foul on Boozer. In that game, he also fouled DENG on his dunk (blatant) and no whistle. And He also fouled Boozer on his drive in the 4th and no foul.

      He also goal tended a shot when it was going in and didnt get a call for it, a technical or anything for grabbing the rim and swinging from it before the ball went in!! Talk about rubbish calls.. and to cap it offf, in the 2nd quarter, Mario Chalmers draw a touch foul on Nate – literally for nothing. Please dont try and say LeBron was hard done by just cause he was played with good fair defence, especially when LBJ has already given Nate stitches this series.. its a JOKE how Heat fans see the game.

      To top it off.. who do you see com paining to the refs AFTER EVERY SINGLE PLAY. Hint: its not the bulls.

  17. LOLakers says:

    It’s not enough to sweep the Bulls***s we need to HUMILIATE them!!!! Beat them by 40, 50 and even 60 points!!!! Make them cry back to their mommas and make the fake MVP Derpderp Blows quit the NBA for good!!!! There’s no room in the league for losers only winners!!!! Goodybye S***cago!!! You will wish you had lost to the Nets!!!! LOL!!!!

    • Go Bulls says:

      You really have know idea what you are talking about. Heat will win in five because of injuries. Each game will be close, and the bulls will definately not be humilated like you have stated. Noah will fight through, and have one or two monster games. Boozer will be solid, and if the Bulls have any chance to win, they really need Jimmy Butler to step up. And I really think he will.

    • GoBulls says:

      Humiliate? Have you watched the game? There’s your humiliation. A depleted bulls defeated the best team on their home court. What a joke. Watch out for more.

  18. hoes down g's up says:

    bye heat, thanks 4 tryin! u can watch us anytime anywhere.

  19. holyspectator says:

    its not so bad, theyll be on sportscenter highlights…lebron dunkin on boozer or nate robinson gettin stripped by dwade..bulls do have some purpose in this series..

  20. Chitown Messiah says:

    Bye heat. Lets get it chitown!

  21. bulls may have snapped the streak says:

    but they can’t win 27 in a row, so if that excuse of just one game(out of many) breaking the streak flys better than a 27 win streak then I think we all know who will win in this series =)

    • KobeWho says:

      Bulls snapped the Heat’s 27-game winning streak and again today snapped their 13-game streak. If all other teams, especially those with healthy all-star starters, learn to play D the way the Bulls 2nd/3rd stringers do against Miami, the Heat would be a 41-41 team at best.

  22. THE HARD FACTS says:

    Bye bulls, thanks for trying! you can watch us in ECF!

    • Colin says:

      It’s never wise to underestimate the Bulls, even with so many guys injured.

    • lol says:

      with the help of the refs

    • W/E says:

      I feel sorry for guys like Noah, Deng,Gibson,Nate, am predicting Noah getting crippled in the series, the guy is playing very hard while hes injured i hope the Bulls players dont kill themselves completely in this series it aint worth it, MIami will dominate big time this handicapped Bulls team.

    • HDM says:

      Another one counting the Bulls out before the series starts… Maybe you should go join the Nets on their fishing trip…